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. Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 3, p.m.

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Oct 4, 2017.

. Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 3, p.m. 5 5 3votes
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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    We seemed to spend the rest of the day arguing and bickering until eventually we went to bed to have an afternoon nap. We lay back on the bed as far apart as we could manage and I spent a fretful couple of hours replaying the morning’s events. Even when asleep all I could see in my mind was Sally fucking Grant, the manager, and the pleasure written over her face as he took long hard thrusts into her. That, and the fact that having got my own back – my revenge and satisfaction - when I had engineered Leon’s dismissal that in a very short time she had turned the table and was once again in control; the bitch.

    I woke and saw that the sun was setting; we had slept all afternoon. I was feeling hungry and in need of some food. Sally woke moments later and turned over, her naked body so close to mine. She looked at me with bleary eyes and asked, “What time is it?”

    I replied, “Late, we have slept all afternoon.”

    Sally got up and headed towards the shower. As she turned to step into the cubicle I could see Grant’s dried cum on her thighs. She glowered at me and firmly closed the door. I got the message and turned my attention to what I would be wearing tonight.

    My turn in the shower and after the welcome flood of water I got dressed in the bathroom. I could hear Sally was singing lightly as she got ready and when I stepped into the bedroom I was confronted by the delicious sight of Sally bending over doing up her sandals, She was wearing a very short white mini skirt that showed her legs off to the fullest, and a tiny white thong, a white top which revealed she was wearing no bra beneath. I was thinking how much I would love to bend her over the bed and just fuck her.

    Sally looked back at me seeing me looking at her bending over and she wiggled her ass. I moved toward her but paused when she giggled and reminded me, “Sorry Marky, none of this is for you.”

    I shrugged my shoulders and tried to hide my crushing disappointment by nonchalantly replying, “Didn’t think it was for one moment.”

    We walked along the sea front towards the large restaurant, I nearly jumped as Sally slipped her hand into mine, I looked at her, she moved closer and I was thinking, “Here we go again with more teasing.”

    She moved to her tiptoes and kissed me, “Mark, I do love you, but I need to really make you suffer like I did.”

    I mulled the remark over and over in my head wondering how long this torture was going to last. I accepted that I had done her wrong and that revenge was sweet but I wasn’t sure if what she was doing to me was really a balanced response to my straying. What I also thought to myself was that I was secretly finding the whole thing extremely erotic and I had never felt such a high level of horniness before. The sight of her and those black cocks fucking her white cunt was just so exciting to see .. but I wouldn’t be admitting that to her, not just yet.

    We ordered dinner and drank a glass a wine as we waited. Sally smiled at me across the table as we made small talk. I asked, “What do you fancy doing tonight?”

    She replied with a guilty-looking grin, “I feel a little sore after this morning, maybe we could go back sit outside and have a drink together.”

    I smiled at the thought of having her to myself, “That would be so nice.”

    Our dinner was a very nice and after coffee and a liqueur we walked back hand in hand laughing and it felt like old times. As we turned the corner and took the path to our cabana we heard a loud booming laugh. I knew straightaway it was Leon as did Sally. She turned, screamed and ran off towards him, “LEON.”

    He turned round holding out his arms as Sally jumped into them. She ignored that he was standing with a friend. They kissed, long and lingering, their tongues deep in each mouths. I was left thinking, “So much for a quiet drink outside together.”

    Leon’s friend let out a little cough; Sally eased her lips from Leon and turned to notice him for the first time. His friend asked, “Who is the lovely lady?”

    Leon replied, “This lovely lady got me reinstated today.” He graciously didn’t mention the circumstances as how he lost the job.

    Leon introduced his friend to Sally saying, “This is Rufus.”

    Sally smiled, “Nice to meet you.”

    Rufus enquired, “How did she get you reinstated?”

    Sally blushed, replying, “It was easy really. I just had a word with the manager and said there had been a misunderstanding.”

    Rufus looked quizzical but let the subject drop.

    Leon ran his big hand down her back giving her firm sexy ass a light squeeze. Sally giggled as he asked, “So what are your plans for tonight sexy?”

    Sally replied, “Not a lot, we’re just going to have a quiet drink on our veranda; nothing else is planned.”

    My head dropped hearing her share that as we all walked off together; I suspected that now the evening would not be the quiet one I had anticipated.

    The path was narrow and Rufus walked alongside me and asked, “How you enjoying Jamaica?”

    I replied, “Yeah, ‘it’s been good so far,” not wanting to let on what I was really thinking that, actually, it had been far from good from my point of view.

    Leon and Sally had dropped back a little behind us. I turned to see her slip her arm into Leon’s. “They seem to get on well,” Rufus said with a look on his face that told me he knew what they were up to.

    I looked at Rufus, “Well, I’m guessing it’s his job to make the ladies feel good on vacation.”

    Rufus laughed, “Yeah, right.”

    We waited by the walk way to our cabana for Leon and Sally to catch us up; they were laughing and seemed to forget we were there.

    I was hoping they might get the message we wanted to be alone but Leon and Rufus were having none of it and stood there continuing to laugh and chat with Sally, not me!

    “Let’s have a drink,” she said. The guys liked that idea and she opened the door and pointed to the veranda. Already she had forgotten about me and I blankly followed them to go and find a seat on the sundeck.

    Sally sat on a lounger and with “that smile” turned to me and said, “Mark, are you going to offer our visitors a drink?”

    I knew it wasn’t a request; it was her sending out the message that I was there to act the subservient. I made to establish that was not my idea of what our evening was all about and went over to her and said, “Are you crazy? What if Grant finds out you’ve invited not only Leon but his friends back here?”

    She smiled and said, “He’ll do nothing; remember, I video’d everything on my phone. I’m sure he wouldn’t like his wife to find out what he gets up to with the hotel guests! Now will you go and get the drinks.”

    I glared at her but she missed my response as she had already turned back to continue her flirty chat with her admiring guests. I left them to go back into the living room and found a bottle of rum and four glasses from the cocktail cabinet. I poured the drinks and as I passed them round Sally, who was once again completely ignoring me, smoothed back her short skirt and subtlety raised up her thighs and parted her legs giving Leon and Rufus a view of her small white thong that only just covered her pussy.

    Rufus couldn’t take his eyes off her. His eyes roamed up and down her legs catching a view of her white thong. Sally noticed asking, “Like the view, do you?”

    “Sure do lady,” Rufus replied.

    Leon egged him on, “Move closer man; get a better view.”

    Sally eased back parting her legs a little wider; her short skirt was now up round her waist.

    Rufus looked at me to see my reaction. When it was clear that I was not going to do anything or stop him, he got up from his chair and moved so he was sitting alongside Leon. The pair of them, now side-by-side on the sun lounger, smirked and both licked their lips at the view they were now enjoying of the charms between Sally’s parted legs.

    Sally looked across to me to see if I was aware of what they were doing. She smirked before returning her attention back to Leon and said in a dismissive fashion, “Mark, get us another drink.”

    Like a wimp I made no comment but just got to my feet and poured another four glasses of rum and passed them round. Leon downed his in one; I followed suit not wishing to seen any less of a man.

    Rufus clicked his glass with Sally as he told her that she should likewise take their drinks in one swallow. Sally tipped her glass and straightaway starting coughing as the 40 proof hit the back of her throat. The guys laughed, “Not used to the strong stuff yet,” they joked.

    Sally caught her breath, sat forward and lifted the arms of her sun lounger to release and lower the back. She settled back on the flat bed and lay with her knees bent and her legs spread. Rufus moved a little closer his black hand now slowly moving up her lightly tanned leg.

    I slumped back in the chair knowing I was about to witness Sally again making out with a black man. Leon looked over to me saying, “God, your lady really must have a thing about black guys.”

    Sally heard him and not waiting for any reply from me giggled, “I sure do.”

    His hand slipped to the top of her leg and found its target; his fingers began lightly stroking her pussy against her small white thong. Sally sighed and then bit her bottom lip as he eased her thong to one side as he lowered his head.

    He eased himself downwards and Sally reached for his shaven head and visibly pushed him so that his mouth was lightly touching her thighs. I watched as his tongue darted out and moved towards her smooth freshly shaven pussy.

    She stretched her legs as far apart as they would go, her feet firmly planted on the ground either side of the sun bed. Now having the easiest of access to her pussy, he placed his fingers inside the waistband of her thong and eased it over her hips. I held my breath as I watched her lift her butt helping him to remove it.

    Rufus dropped the thong beside the sun lounger as his tongue run slowly up and down the lips of her pussy; he slipped his hands under her ass lifting her slightly upwards off the sun lounger.

    Sally had her pale hands on his black shaven head pulling him even closer to her. Rufus now probed his tongue in and out of her pussy; Sally slowly moved her hips fucking his tongue letting out little sighs of pleasure.

    Rufus sure knew how to use his tongue as he flicked it over her clitoris and Sally’s moaning become louder as she moved herself a little faster against his tongue. Rufus had her placed just where he wanted her and clearly at that moment she wanted to be nowhere else.

    Sally lifted her top over her head and dropped it onto the deck to join her thong. Her breasts were free for her to caress and as she did so she let out long sighs of pleasure.

    Her legs started shaking as she arched her back, “Yesssss, nearly there, oh don’t stop.”

    Rufus flicked his tongue harder and faster on her clitoris and Sally screamed out, her body shaking as her climax hit. She suddenly went still and rigid before slowly sinking back onto the bed with a beatific smile on her face.

    Rufus moved his face away from her sopping cunt and stood in front of her. He removed his top letting her see his full muscular chest and a stomach with the perfect six pack, a toned body that I would love to have had. Sally looked up at him, smiled and getting to her feet she, uninvited, reached out and slowly eased his shorts down.

    She kept her eyes fixed on his as he stepped out of his shorts, the outline of his large bulge being held in place by his white boxers. Running her hand over the obscene swelling she began teasing him, her face telling him she was impressed.

    Sally slipped her hand inside the waist band of his boxers and with their eyes still fixed on each other she slowly eased them down. The shorts momentarily caught but in a sudden movement his large black cock sprang free and the large brown end of his cock bobbed only inches from her face.

    Sally eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped seeing the size of him, “Oh god, I will never get that fully inside me,” she gasped. Rufus just smiled and placed a hand on her head, his large fingers running through her blonde hair easing her closer.

    Sally grasped her hand round his large cock but there was no way her hand could wrap fully round it; it looked to be as thick around as it was long.

    With her other hand she caressed his hanging large brown balls, squeezing them lightly. Her mouth opened and her tongue began flicking over the tip. She stroked it gently as her tongue moved up and down along his large cock. He eased the tip into her mouth as he held her head in place, easing a little more into her mouth.

    Leon was watching the show unfold and smiled as he poured himself another shot of rum. I declined his offer to fill my glass; I didn’t want anything to distract from watching to see how much of this monster cock she would take into her mouth.

    Slowly Rufus moved back and forth, each time his black cock slipped deeper into her mouth. She coughed as she let the saliva dribble from her mouth down over her chin and I was amazed when she succeeded and most of his black cock was buried in her mouth. Her cheeks deflated as she began to suck hard making obscene slurping sounds.

    Watching them I became aware this was not going to be just a quick fuck session. She was being so tender to him and he was appreciating her attention and seemed to be in no hurry to stop her from what she was doing.

    She continued caressing his hanging large balls as her head bobbed on his cock letting him fuck her mouth and then she tilted her head and looked over to me, her mouth full of his cock and winked.

    God, how I hated her doing that; it seemed she was making a habit of sending me a signal that she was enjoying herself at my expense. I didn’t react; I wasn’t going to let her see in my face that inwardly I was seething; that she had broken her promise to me of having a quiet evening just on our own; that she was sharing herself with someone else and not me.

    Her gaze moved upwards and she saw that Rufus looking down, smiling.

    Sally let his cock slip from her mouth and running her tongue down his cock she opened her mouth and began sucking one of his hanging balls into her mouth, Rufus moaned lightly as he run his fingers through her hair.

    She tired of this after a few seconds and returned her attention to his pulsing black cock. She took him back into her mouth and with her hands gripping his ass pulled him forward. Soon she was deep-throating him seemingly over her doubts of taking such a monster. Clearly, now used to his large cock in her mouth, she continued to bob back and forth but although there was still at least 3 inches to go she didn’t try taking it all.

    He helped Sally to her feet then laid her back on the sun lounger. His large black hands parted her legs as he knelt between them and his thumb found her clitoris rolling it gently, Sally arched her back, arms over her head, moving her hips, eyes closed she moaned, “Mmmm, feels so good.”

    Leon’s eyes were now firmly fixed on them, watching the show unfolding before us. I watched as Rufus slipped his large finger into her slowly; Sally opened her eyes wide, “Oh fuck yes, just like that, push it deeper into me.”

    Rufus eased his finger back, looked at Sally’s face as he slipped back into her a little deeper. She lifted her butt letting him go deeper; all the while she was biting her bottom lip, looking at him.

    Rufus started finger-fucking her, his finger working back and forth, his thumb still rolling her clitoris only faster, “Oh fuck yes,” Sally squealed out, “keep going; just a little more, don’t stop.”

    Sally’s whole body was now shaking; any thoughts she had shared earlier of how sore her pussy felt was totally forgotten. Rufus slipped a second finger inside, the lips of her pussy now stretching round his large fingers. She moved her hips a little quicker pushing down on them, “Mmmm, that feels so good,” she told him.

    Rufus eased his fingers from her and slowly moved over her. Sally wrapped her arms around his neck, their lips came together; his thick lips covered her lips; their lips parted and their tongues probed deep in each other’s mouths.

    His hands moved down caressing her firm ass lifting her so slightly off the sun lounger so that the tip of his large erect black cock touched her pussy. She moaned with delight as he began to run the tip between the lips of her pussy rubbing it against her clitoris as their kisses got more passionate.

    Rufus slowly moved his cock up and down trying to find the opening of her pussy. Sally grasped his cock and guided him and with surprising ease the bulbous knob of his large thick cock entered her.

    He held still for a moment then pushed a little more into her; she moaned letting him know she was enjoying it and wanting more. He thrust a little deeper and with a squeal she bucked her hips upwards giving him even better access to her welcoming wet pussy.

    Her fingers dug into his back as he went deeper into her; they broke their kiss as he slipped another inch into her, “God, you’re so tight, I love it.”

    Sally gasped and smiling her own appreciation looked over toward me and making sure I could her say, “It’s all yours."

    Leon smiled on hearing that and patted my thigh as he continued drinking his rum. I was confused and wasn’t sure where to look; my cock was straining inside my shorts, my heart was pounding and with a tear in my eye I looked away for a moment only to swivel my gaze back when I heard Sally scream out, “Oh fuck, yes.”

    I looked round and saw that Rufus had pinned her arms over her head their fingers tightly interlocked. He was now rocking back and forth into her each time pushing more of his large black cock into her. Sally was looking at me once more smiling as she moved her hips in perfect timing to his thrusting into her. At that moment I both hated her and loved her for what she was doing.

    His large body covered hers and she looked so tiny under him. Her legs were spread wide and he started to thrust forward. His balls were now brushing against her ass with each shove and as if it wasn’t obvious, he informed her, “You have it all now.”

    Sally, rocking her hips faster on his cock, responded, “Mmm, I think you are inside my womb .. and I love it.”

    Sally looked at me once more, “If only you .. urg .. could do this, I .. urg ... wouldn’t be here right now.”

    Leon choked on his rum hearing that then let out one of his booming laughs the echoed down the quiet dark beach. He squeezed my thigh with his large black hand as if he was sharing a joke. I tried to make my grimace appear as a smile in response but inside I was seething for I knew she was telling the truth.

    Rufus was now thrusting harder into her, “Oh God yes, you’re stretching me so wide.” She made sure Leon heard that and I realised now she was out to torment us both as Rufus fucked her, his large black cock hitting home fully inside her.

    “I’m cumming,” she screamed, “keep going, fuck me with that big black cock.”

    Rufus responded and slammed harder into her; the sound of their bodies’ slapping together must have been heard by the late-night strollers on the beach.

    Sally was shaking uncontrollably, her legs wrapped round him tightly. He bent his head to kiss once more as his large hands covered each breast. Sally responded and placed her arms back round his neck, telling him, “Fuck me, Fuck me ... I’m yours.”

    His large cock pumped faster into her pushing her body upwards on the sun lounger.

    “Here it cums bitch,” he told her and with one hard thrust he held still. She gasped and with them both moaning into each other’s mouths his ass cheeks clenched together telling both Leon and myself he was flooding her womb with his black seed.

    Leon looked at me, “Well man guess he’s just filled her good.”

    I didn’t know what to say. I just gulped down the last of my rum from my glass thinking how everything was going so wrong for me but, clearly, so right for her.

    They broke their hold and as he eased his softening cock from her large blobs of cum leaked from her and pooled beneath her onto the sun lounger. He stood looking down at her, her legs spread wide; she looked up to him smiling saying, “Thank you, I needed that.”

    Rufus pulled his shorts back up and sat back on one of the chairs, poured himself a rum and took a long drink. Sally stayed where he’d left her lying on the sun lounger, legs spread letting us see the cum dribbling from her.

    Leon and Rufus simultaneously drained their drinks, got up and gave each other a high five. Rufus said with a smirk, “My work here is done. Let’s go.”

    They both laughed, as Rufus added saying to me, “Thanks man for letting me fuck your wife; hope you enjoyed watching it.”

    I ignored the pair of them as they left feeling so humiliated but also not wanting to admit that I was so aroused at what I had witnessed over the past couple of days; relatively unknown strangers fucking my own wife.

    Sally got up saying, “I need a shower.” She wasn’t actually directing her remark to me; just stating a fact.

    20 minutes later we were in bed and she was asleep within moments leaving me to lay there with an aching erection and the images of her fucking another black guy running through my mind. It didn’t take me long to cum over my hand as I jerked off listening to her soft snoring.

    “So much for me getting my own back,” was my thought as I drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

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