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. Don't Ask - Don't Tell

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Sep 18, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Don't Ask-Don't Tell

    by RLM

    Gordon's cock felt fantastic as it sensuously moved back and forth inside my widely stretched vagina. His very thick, 8-inch pussy pleaser was hitting against my womb on every trip down my gushing, soaked sex hole. Every time the head of his sex gun hit bottom and pushed my womb even further back to provide more fucking space for his shaft, I heard my own deep groan of female pleasure again erupting from my wide open mouth.

    I couldn’t believe how great Gordon’s cock felt
    stretching my cunt and sliding over my
    G-spot and clit. I just loved it!

    "Ooohhh what a cock! No matter how many men fuck me, you're still the best. No man can make me explode like you do... and no matter how many times you fuck me with your wonderful cock, I never cease to be amazed by it. AAAhhhh... yesss... fuck me faster, Honey. I'm about to cum." Instead of fucking me faster, Gordon slowed his strokes leaving me teetering on the naked edge of an intense orgasm.

    "NO! NO! Please... Don't Stop! Oh please, Honey. Don't tease me... fuck me... FUCK ME HARD. I need to cum!"

    "I'm not as good a lover as Luis Mendez... the stud from Santiago who essentially turned you into a hot, mindless sex slave."

    "Please, Darling. Don't bring that up again. I've apologized so many times. Please... just fuck me... let me cum."

    My husband's huge cock seemed to grow even larger inside my already widely stretched vagina. His hips rammed forward and drove it into my womb hard. After that, it seemed like I was attached to a powerful fucking machine. Again and again, he rammed me until I exploded in a hard, throbbing climax.

    As my vagina and clitoris spasmed, Gordon's ass went into overdrive slamming one hard thrust after another into my convulsing sex tunnel. A second orgasm erupted right on top of the first.

    My ankles, which had been locked over his ass, flew apart allowing my legs to rise high in the air... wide apart... rigid... my feet curled back... toes clenched. The huge cock pounded my ass deep into the mattress.

    A nearly unrecognizable, tortured cry spewed from my mouth: "GGGHHHAAAAAAAAAA!! UUNNGGGGGG!!! GGGHHHAAAAA!!" Another climax surged through my body... then another one. My mouth was now stretched wide open... eyes clenched shut... tongue out flicking rapidly over my top lip.

    Just when I thought it couldn't get any better... any hotter... any wilder... it did! First two... then four fingers stretched my asshole open and surged into my rectum which immediately began to throb around them.

    With Gordon pounding me hard and steadily, I was having near continuous climaxes, which kept my body rigid with the intense spasms racing through me. Every fourth or fifth time his cock thudded into the bottom of my pussy, a sharp, short shriek of pleasure would shoot out of my open mouth. Other than those regular cries, the only sounds in our bedroom was the rapid squeaking of the protesting bedsprings and the sensuous squishing sounds emanating from my cunt as Gordon's hard shaft pumped me.

    Sweat was now dripping from Gordon's body onto mine where it joined my own sweat and ran in rivers off of my heaving body onto the bed sheets. Finally, he could hold back no longer. "Oh god... I'm gonna cum, Paula. Can't stop it.... ooohhhh... fuckkkk... here it comes!!"

    "YES! YES! YES! Cum in my cunt, Honey. Shoot in meeeeeee!! FUCK ME FULL, BABY." I cried out.

    I felt my husband's cock explode in a series of incredibly hard contractions as it emptied his load into my cunt... just where it belonged. Every contraction sent another thick stream of sperm-filled jizz into me. Once more, my ankles locked tightly about his pounding ass, pulling him into me as deeply as possible. My vagina was still contracting in throbbing pulsations even after his ejaculation ebbed.

    Gordon's weight collapsed onto me as his breath came in tortured gasps. Considering the way he had fucked me like a runaway express train for a full 10 minutes before exploding his load into my hot hole, I was amazed that he hadn't fainted from lack of oxygen.

    My hot husband fucked me like it was our wedding night
    instead of having been married for over 10 years.

    The aftermath of our coupling was delicious. My pussy was still slowly throbbing around his twitching penis, which, amazingly, was still semi-hard. My breasts were crushed against his heaving chest, but I didn't mind in the slightest. I loved the feeling of my sexy stud gasping for breath atop my body after giving me the hardest fucking any man had ever given me.

    It never ceased to amaze me how Gordon could ring my bell over and over and over no matter how long we had been married. It's one thing for a handsome, sexy, big-cocked stud who's fucking me for the first time to make me cum 15 or 20 times. It's quite another for a man who's been in me thousands of times to be able to do the same thing, as well as add deep love to his incredible fucking of my hot pussy. I locked my arms and legs even more tightly about my man and held him close.


    Fifteen minutes later, we were cuddled closely together, touching, stroking, and kissing each other. I hefted Gordon's now flaccid penis in my hand... stroking it lovingly. Even though it was now soft, it was still more than five inches long and thick. Closing my hand around his rod, I slowly jacked him. "Have you given any thought to where we might go for an erotic vacation this year, Darling?" I asked. I felt his penis twitch at the sexy thought.

    "Some, but not a lot. We've already been to a lot of the really erotic places... Vegas, Jamaica, Cancun, Paris, Reno, on a swinging cruise. I suppose we could revisit one of those places. I've heard Hamburg is a really hot place... or maybe Amsterdam. Have you given the vacation any thought?"

    "I have, Darling. In fact, I've been giving it a lot of thought."

    "Great! So where should we go?"

    "I have very different idea for our vacations this coming year... or maybe this coming six months, I should say."

    "Well, don't keep me in suspense. What's your idea? I'm sure it will be wonderful."

    "Don't be so certain of that, Honey. It's really off the wall."

    "Ok. I won't be so certain. What do you have in mind for us?"

    "Be a little patient with me, Honey. Let me work up to this gradually. If I just spring it on you all at once, I think you'll reject my idea. In fact, you may do that anyway, and I want you to know that if you think we shouldn't do it, we won't. We're not doing anything unless we both think it will be a lot of fun and exciting."

    "Fair enough. Take your time. I enjoy being in bed with you."

    "I know. Your cock's already getting hard again. When it's hard, I want you to put me on my knees and fuck me doggy while I tell you about my ideas.

    "That's my devious wife! Get me hard... get me inside that awesome pussy of yours, and what man is going to say no to anything you suggest... right?"

    "Shit... and I thought I was being so clever. Yeah. That's right, but I still want you to fuck me doggy when you're hard again. Before I tell you my idea, I want to promise you something... I will never... ever see Luis Mendez again... so I don't want you to ever worry about him again... promise me you won't."

    "I don't worry about him, Honey. I just said that his cock was bigger than mine. He has more staying and recuperative power, and can make you cum more than I can. So when you said I'm the best you've ever had, I know that's not really right... even if you never see him again."

    "All those things are true... but you're still the best I've ever had. I feel loved and secure when you're fucking me. I feel deliciously wicked and good at the same time. I feel like a powerful woman who can drive you wild. With Mendez, all I was felt was sexual excitement and disgust at being nothing more than a piece of female fuck meat for him. So... I'm giving you one warning, Darling: If I ever hear you denigrating yourself because of Mendez again, you're sleeping on the couch for a week... well.. make it three days. No sense in cutting off my pussy just to make a point."

    We both laughed at my little joke, and the tension was broken. "Ok. Now I want to tell you my sexy idea."

    "Just a moment, Honey. I'm hard again. Get on your knees and stick that hot, sexy ass up in the air."

    "No recuperative power huh? That must have taken you all of 10 minutes. Come on, Lover. Fuck your slutty wife while she tells you about her idea for a sex-filled vacation for both of us."

    I turned over onto my knees, lowered my head toward the bed, and raised my hips. Gordon moved behind me, and, using his hands to spread my buttocks, swabbed his stiff shaft through my sex slit.

    "Mmmmmm... that feels good. Put it in me, Darling." Gordon centered his cock against my opening and slowly... sensuously pushed into my pussy.

    "AAahhhh... oh yes! That feels so good. Go deeper, Lover."

    I gasped with the delicious sensation of being filled with hard, throbbing cock and then grunted when it thumped into the bottom of my cum-slickened hole. Gordon began fucking me, and I was having a hard time doing anything else than humping back against him. "Mmmmm... fuck me hard, Stud. Aaahhh that's feels so damn good!"

    My husband slowly withdrew his shaft from my pussy and using it like a club, thumped it against my ass. "Go on, Paula... tell me about the vacation plans."

    "Put it back in me," I wailed.

    "Like this?" His hips snapped forward sending all eight thick inches of dick into my waiting cunt.

    "AAAGGGAAAAAAAAAA!! YES! YES! JUST LIKE THAT!" I howled. "Oh fuck it... fuck it... fuck it!" My fingers clawed at the bed covers and then twisted them into tight balls as Gordon's thick shaft sent one hot ripple of pleasure after another through me. Just as I felt my vagina beginning to pulse in the initial stages of another climax, he pulled out of me again.

    "If you want more... then talk, Paula.""

    "Oh please, Honey. I'm so fucking close. Finish me... please. Then, I'll tell you every thing, but I need to cum. Please... don't torture me, Lover. Fuck me! Finish me!"


    My sexy husband was driving his cock deep into my cunt on every stroke. Electric ripples of sensation surged through my widely stretched vagina. Each time Gordon's cock hammered into my womb, my whole body shuddered. It only took a minute of hard screwing by his big dick to send me over the edge. I howled and screamed as my vagina and clitoris erupted in an intense climax.

    Gordon kept his throbbing shaft buried deep inside me while my orgasm continued to erupt and my vagina contracted around him with each delicious spasm.

    "Oh fuck! That was good," I moaned when I regained sufficient control to speak. Then, I felt Gordon's hard dick throb inside me. "Oh my god... you didn't finish, did you Darling?"

    "Not yet."

    Pulling my knees beneath me again, I arched my ass and moaned. "Fuck my hot hole, Baby. Fuck me and fill me!"

    Gordon ignored me and slowly pulled his raging, iron-hard cock out of my hot hole. "Oh I intend to, you sexy witch, but later. I want to be hard and hot when you tell me about your idea. If you still can't convince me when I so hard it hurts, then we know your idea isn't a very good one. Agreed?"

    Turning over onto my side, I stared with undisguised female lust at my husband's huge, throbbing penis. It was dripping with the juices from my pussy, standing nearly straight up... rigid... iron hard... fluids seeping from the tip. "I want to suck it," I moaned.

    "Not until you tell me your idea. Please hurry, Paula I'm so hard, it's very difficult to wait."

    "With your cock that hard, you're still willing to wait to give me the best chance to convince you... god... Have I told you lately how much I love you... and how much I love having your cock inside me?"

    "Not lately. It must have been at least 15 or 20 minutes. Tell about the vacation idea and then you can show me how much you love my cock by fucking my brains out."

    "Ok. My idea is for us to take separate, secret vacations, one at a time."

    "Secret vacations? What do you mean by secret."

    "I mean that ALL of the details of each of our vacations would be secret, both before, during, and after the vacation. When I'm having my vacation, you won't know where I am, where I'm staying, who I'm with or even if I'm with anyone, and you won't know what I did during the vacation. You don't ask before, during, or even after I come home, and I don't tell you or even mention my vacation. In other words, it's our version of "Don't Ask - Don't Tell." When you're having your secret vacation, the same rules apply. I don't get to know anything about what you’re doing or with whom. What do you think so far?"

    Gordon just pointed at his engorged shaft which actually seemed to have gotten bigger and harder. "That's such an erotic, hot idea, I feel like I'm going to cum without even touching myself."

    "Don't you dare!" I yelled, meaning every word.

    "I'll try, but no guarantees. I am a little worried about your safety, and for that matter, my own."

    "We both know how to be prudent and not take ridiculous chances. As enticing and sexy as it sounds, I promise not to do anything stupid like go by myself to some biker bar and let two dozen strangers gangbang me. And you promise the same."

    Gordon nodded, and then I added, "But as an added measure of caution, whichever one of us is not on vacation will stay close to home and always be available via cell phone to lend needed help or assistance at a moment's notice if there's trouble... like calling the police or flying to the rescue... whatever. I think the probability of anything like that happening is remote, but we'll take that precaution anyway. Ok?"

    "Yeah... if we're both careful and take that precaution, we should be fine. But to tell you the truth, I don't think I could stand the pressure. First, a week of total uncertainty, worrying about you, and going to bed alone every night. Yuck! And then, after you come home, I never, ever get to know what happened. I don't think I could stand the pressure. I just don't."

    "I haven't told you the best part of the plan yet, Darling," I said with a grin. "After both of our vacations are completed, we will take a week's vacation together, which we'll call "Show and Tell Time". During each day of our exotic "Show and Tell" vacation, we will each describe all the details of the corresponding day of our separate vacations. Just think about it, Honey. Seven days of constant, incredible stimulation hearing about what your slutty wife did. Seven days of turning her into a hot slut begging for your cock when you tell me all the erotic things you did. It will be a unique and fantastic vacation no matter where we go. So what do you think?"

    Gordon's cock soared to unheard of size and hardness. "I think that monster cock just answered my question. I've got a hot honey hole to take care of your problem, Lover. Want to use it?"

    "I believe you said you wanted to suck it. Do it!"

    "Oh fuck YES!" Gordon stood by the edge of the bed. His cock thrust forward ... a huge, swollen, pussy-pleaser. It had my pussy flowing with anticipation. Cupping my tits for Gordon's viewing pleasure, I slipped my mouth over the head and moved an inch down the shaft... just barely covering his prominent cock ridge.

    I moved closer... another two inches of hard meat pushed into my mouth hole. Since Gordon couldn't see my tits in this position anyway, I moved my hands to his balls, cupping and hefting them. His groan of male pleasure made my vagina throb. I took another inch of cock into my mouth.

    With four inches of Gordon's dick inside my mouth, he couldn't keep his hips still. At first, he humped my face slowly... sinking just a little more of his cock into my mouth with each thrust. When the fifth inch was inside, I could feel his bloated head pressing against my throat. I relaxed my mouth and throat around his shaft, a move I had learned many years before. With my throat relaxed, Gordon's next thrust sent seven inches of cock into my mouth with two or three inches down my throat.

    With my mouth fully plugged with cock, all I could do was grunt and gurgle around my husband's shaft. "UUUMMMmmmmm... aaahhhhhhh... ooopppfffff"

    Holding my head in place, he pumped me again. This time, his balls slapped against my chin and all eight inches of cock were inside my mouth and down my neck. The erotic sensation of his cock throbbing and pulsing deep down my throat had my clitoris throbbing.

    I held onto my husband thrusting ass as he mouth fucked me. Again and again, his thick rod pulled out of my throat for a moment only to be driven back on the next thrust.

    "Ohhhhh fuck. That feels fantastic, Paula. Have I told you lately what a fabulous cocksucker you are?"

    "OOmmppppfff... gghhaaaa... ooommppffff."

    "What's the matter, Honey? Can't talk?"


    "That's ok. Don't worry about talking, Darling. Just suck my big prick."

    My clitoris was throbbing so hard there was no way I could resist slipping my hand between my thighs and pleasuring myself while I sucked my husband throbbing shaft. After five minutes of sucking him balls deep and being mouth fucked, I felt his cock swelling inside my mouth. A moment later, it began to jerk spastically. Gordon rolled over onto his back and pulled me with him. Somehow, we didn't miss a single stroke of his cock in and out of my throat.

    "Here it comes, Paula. Suck my load out," my husband hissed. A moment later, he began to grunt and shriek as his load poured out of the end of his dick into my mouth and throat in one huge gush after another. I managed to swallow some of it, but there was just too much. Each time his dick contracted and shot in another huge jet of semen at least half of it gushed out of the corners of my mouth, down his throbbing dick and onto his belly. Halfway through his ejaculation, he pulled out and creamed my face. When I finally pulled away, my face was covered with Gordon's load and long strands of semen swung erotically from my tongue, cheeks, and chin.

    Gordon’s load drenched my face.

    Although I had cum once while sucking my husband's cock, I needed more... a lot more. While Gordon was still gasping for breath and his prick was still twitching, I rolled onto the bed on my back, spread my legs and thrust my fingers frantically into my overheated, throbbing pussy. Almost immediately, my cunt erupted in a hard climax. My fingers continued to move over my throbbing clit, and very quickly, I was rising toward another orgasm. At that point, I felt my hand being pulled away from my pulsing hole to be replaced a moment later by my husband's hot tongue.

    "OOohhhhhh.... yessss... suck me, Darling. I'm so hot... gonna cum... Lick meeeeeeee!!!"

    Gordon sucked my clit into his mouth and lashed it with his tongue... again and again. Each swipe of his hot tongue sent shudders through my body. Two fingers entered my vagina and found my G-spot. "AAAaaaaaaahhhhhh ... I'm cumminggg," I wailed in helpless ecstasy. My hips pounded up and down on the bed in wild fuck motions. Two fingers plunged into my ass, and my hips rose a foot off the bed and stayed there as the orgasms surged through me. I squirted spastically all over my lover's face.

    Repeated climaxes continued to surge up and down the length of my vagina when Gordon mounted me. My knees came up automatically and locked his hips deep inside my sex saddle. Eight inches of hard dick sliced into my throbbing hole. I groaned. Gordon hit into me with a rapid series of hard thrusts that had me howling in an even more intense orgasm.

    "Oh god... you're so fucking big! I love it. Bang me, Honey. Bang me hard... deep."

    My hot stud turned me onto my side and pulled my leg high in the air. His body descended and pressed my leg back against my tit opening my pussy completely. He rammed his cock deep and held it there as he ground it hard against my womb. My whole body convulsed when I felt my husband pumping thick streams of semen into my cunt.


    Later, as we cuddled together with Gordon's softening penis still inside my cum-filled vagina, I asked, "Does that fantastic fucking you just gave me, Honey, mean we can do my Don't Ask - Don't Tell vacation plan?"

    "You already made your plans for your separate Don't Ask - Don't Tell vacation, haven't you?" Gordon asked.

    "You know me too well, Honey. Of course I've already made my plans... but I haven't made the arrangements yet because I wasn't sure you would agree."

    "And I guess it's useless for me to ask what they are... right?"

    "Right... Don't Ask - Don't Tell. At least not until we have our Show and Tell vacation together later on."

    "Just tell me one thing, Paula. Why can't we do whatever it is that you have in mind together?"

    "Because, Darling, it's something that I don't think you would handle well, if at all. I'm virtually certain that you wouldn't enjoy it, and if you didn't enjoy it, there's no way I could either."

    "I guess I don't really understand why you think that."

    "Honey, don't you have some secret fantasies that you've never told me because you're certain they would make me think less of you as a husband... as a lover... or as a man? Come on... tell me the truth. Don't you have a few such fantasies?"

    "Yeah... I guess I do."

    "Well, our Don't Ask - Don't Tell vacation is a perfect opportunity for you to turn one of those fantasies into reality. I won't be there to interfere with your enjoyment of your wild fantasy."

    "I guess I see what you mean, Paula. It's just going to be very difficult for me to be without you for an entire week and not have the slightest idea where you are or if you're all right."

    "Ok. I'll send you an e-mail every day. If anything is wrong, I'll remind you to water the roses in the back yard. That will be your cue to go to the safety deposit box, find out where I am, and either come rescue me or call the police or both. Ok?"

    "Every thing will be in the safety deposit box?"

    "Yes, but you are not to look unless you get the SOS message about the roses. Promise me you won't look. I promise you that I won't look at your information either when you're on vacation."

    "Ok. I promise. At least tell me one thing... do you think you'll be fucked during your vacation?"

    "Absolutely not since I plan to spend my week's vacation as a nun in a convent. I've always had a secret desire to see what life as a nun would be like."

    "That's hard to believe," Gordon whispered.

    "Ah Ha! You're cock's getting hard inside my pussy. Now I know one of your secret fantasies... you've always wanted to fuck a nun. Well, come on, Stud. Fuck this hot sister."

    Gordon rolled onto his back taking me with him. A moment later, I was mounted on his raging cock. Again and again, we rammed our bodies together burying his sex gun deep inside my pussy on every stroke until finally, my vagina erupted around his shaft, and his gun fired sperm bullet after sperm bullet into my hot hole.

    Paula's Vacation Plans:

    Gordon was absolutely right when he concluded that I had already made my Don't Ask - Don't Tell vacation plans. Actually, he didn't know the half of it. The whole idea of a Don't Ask - Don't Tell vacation was, in a way, the direct result of my plans. Of course, I had no intention of telling him that... at least, not until our Show and Tell vacation.

    It had all begun a month previously. As Chief Project Engineer and Vice-President for Engineering, Gordon had to make out-of-town site visits from time to time. Since he could delegate most of these visits to his subordinates, there weren't as many as there had been prior to him reaching his present position. Nevertheless, about once every two months or so, he had to be out of town.

    My husband had left on Wednesday with the intention of returning either Friday afternoon or on Saturday depending on how long the job took. For many years, we had enjoyed the benefits of an open marriage, so there was no cheating involved if and when Gordon enjoyed another woman during one of his trips. When he came home, he would tell me about it, and we would enjoy a hot sex session in our bedroom. Of course, I enjoyed the same freedom. In fact, one of the big benefits from seeing another guy while my husband was away was telling him all the sexy details later, which always led to my getting a fantastic fucking from his thick, eight-inch sex shaft.

    With this in mind, I decided to go out "trolling" Wednesday evening to see if I could hook up with a sexy guy. As every fisherman knows, if you want to catch big ones when you troll, you need to use the right bait. Likewise, every woman who has trolled for men knows that if you want to hook a big one, you need the right bait. Fish like juicy, delectable morsels on the hook. Men also like juicy, delectable bait. It took me an hour in my bedroom to prepare the bait properly.

    After an hour's work, I was looking in my full-length mirror checking out my bait. A fisherman's bait often is adorned with flashy, bright spinners and colorful feathers to attract the fish's attention. My bait was adorned in a very short, white dress that just barely covered my ass, even when I stood straight up. Standing with my back to the mirror and using a second, hand-held mirror, I checked carefully to be certain that the bottom edge of the dress almost exposed my ass. I was pretty certain that it was enough to attract some male attention.

    Since the dress almost exposed my ass even when I was standing perfectly erect, if I bent over at all, a lot more of my ass was exposed, and naturally, my tiny, pink thong didn't cover any of my ass. So if almost exposing my ass wasn't enough to attract a sexy male, I could easily increase the attractiveness of my bait.

    To make sure that my trolling adventure would land a "big one", I arranged the top of the dress so that a lot of cleavage was on display. My nipples weren't exposed, but they almost were. With so much of my tits revealed, my bait was going to be effective whether the fish approached from behind or from the front. In either direction, the bait would be waving in their face.

    The really successful fisherman using adds an additional touch to his lures... such as a colorful stripe or multiple hooks. I did the same by wearing a hot pair of pink-colored heels with straps and four-inch, stiletto heels. The way they arched my body really showed off the definition of my legs and raised my ass to eye-level of seated males. In addition, when I danced with a guy, instead of his hard cock grinding against my mound, the four-inch heels made it pretty certain that his shaft would me mashed hard against my pussy.

    After touching up my lips with some light-red gloss and doing my eyebrows and lashes, I put a touch of rouge on my cheeks and combed my long, blonde hair so that it cascaded deliciously down my back with a few strands over my shoulders caressing the exposed tops of my tits. I was ready, and I had no doubts that my trolling trip would land a big one. However, to be perfectly honest, I had no idea just how big he would turn out to be.


    All that was left was to choose my "trolling" spot. Every fisherman knows that choosing the right spot is critical. The same principle applies with trolling for hot guys. The best fishing spot in the city was undoubtedly Richard's Club.

    Gordon and I had gone there countless times, and I couldn't remember a single time that I hadn't been hit on by several attractive men, even when I was with my husband. That was rule one at Richard's Club... men could ask married women to dance or hit on them, even when they were escorted by a boyfriend or husband. The second rule was that if the woman said 'no', that was the end of the discussion, and the third rule was that if the woman said 'yes', that was also the end of the discussion as far as the boyfriend or husband was concerned. Boyfriends and husbands who couldn't handle Rule Three knew to stay away from Richard's Club.

    I could remember five different occasions when I had been fucked either out in the parking lot or in one of the very dark alcoves surrounding the dance floor at Richard's. In each case, I was with my husband, but it didn't matter... randy guys still tried their luck. And on five occasions, they had gotten lucky. Since I would be unescorted tonight, I thought my chances were good to excellent. In fact, if I came up empty, it was going to be tough on my female ego.

    When I entered the club, I politely declined the Maitre' D's invitation to find me a table. Instead, I went directly to the bar. I could feel the male eyes and some female eyes following me as I approached. Although several seats were available, I elected to stand facing the bar while I waited for the bartender. When he came over, I bent over the bar and asked him to bring me a bloody Mary. He nodded and moved away. I stayed bent over the bar. I could feel the cool air on my exposed ass and could almost feel the lust of the dozen or so males who were staring at it.

    The bartender brought me my drink and lingered to give himself time to check out the large expanse of my tits that I was showing. I bent over a little more to give him an even better view knowing that in doing so, I was exposing over half of my ass. Since everyone at Richard's knows the three rules, every person, male and female, knew I was available and advertising that availability openly. I wondered how long it would be. My bet was less than five minutes. In fact, it was no more than two.

    Even though I expected it, the deep, confident masculine voice surprised me. "Good evening, Gorgeous. Your ass looks delicious... one of the nicest I've ever seen. Please face me so I can see if your face and tits match your awesome legs and ass."

    When I turned to face him, what I saw took my breath away. He was about 6' 2", maybe 185 lbs. His dress was casual... a skin-tight sweater that molded every rippling muscle in his powerful chest and biceps. His sweater was molded more tightly to his body than the sheathe molded mine. His jaw line was strong exuding masculine power and confidence. His face wasn't Hollywood handsome, but it was extremely attractive. His eyes were dark... penetrating... they seemed to strip away my clothes and leave me exposed. His lips were full... sensuous. I realized that I wanted to feel them against my lips... above and below... I wanted them covering my now engorged clitoris. The man just oozed virility. My pussy throbbed.

    "Well, what do you think? Are my tits and face a match or not?" I whispered, hardly able to talk.

    "They're both awesome. Gorgeous, sexy face and the best, most perfectly formed, large tits I've even seen. I can hardly wait to see your pussy and clit. By the way, I'm Ramon, Ramon Burdett."

    "What makes you think you're going to get to see them, Ramon?" I challenged even though I knew very well that he would soon be looking right at them. "And by the way, I'm Paula, Paula Baxter."

    "Don't be disingenuous, Paula. We both know that I'm going to be fucking you... many, many times. Tonight, it will be both you and my wife. Later we will be alone. At other times, there will be many more. But for now, I want to see your tits. Take them out."

    As I reached up to pull down the top of my dress so Ramon could see my breasts, I had the weirdest feeling of déjà vu. It seemed to me like I had already had this same conversation at another time in another place. That thought, however, was interrupted by Ramon. "Do it. My shaft is already extremely hard. I must see them. Now."

    His abrupt, decisive order sent shivers through me and my feelings of déjà vu grew even stronger. I pulled down the bodice of my dress completely exposing my left breast as well as the nipple and most of the other one.

    "God! They're are even more beautiful than I thought. But one of them is still partially covered." Ramon's hand moved boldly to my dress and removed my heaving tit. Cupping them both, his fingers flicked my hard nipples. When his fingers closed around each nipple and squeezed, small gasps of pleasure erupted from my lips. At least a dozen other men were watching this man turning me on.

    As Ramon led me out onto the dance floor with both of my tits fully exposed, he whispered, "Every man in the room is staring at your gorgeous tits, legs, and your slightly exposed ass. They all wish they were in my place... no matter... I am here, but they are not. Feel my cock, Paula. See how hard you have made it. It rarely gets this hard, this quickly."

    When I turned to face this awesome man to begin dancing, I first moved my hand between our bodies to his crotch. His erection throbbed hard against my exploring hand. When I tried to move it, I couldn't. It was like a rigid, steel shaft... hard... incredibly hard! It was also thick... so thick that I knew that it would be difficult or maybe impossible for me to get my hand around it. Its length was just as awesome.

    "My god! It's so fucking hard and so damn thick! It has to be over 10 inches." I gasped, partially in amazement, partially in fear, but mostly in hot excitement as I imagined what this huge cock would feel like inside my pussy.

    "It is, and you probably won't be able to get your hand all the way around it. Feel how hard it is."

    "Yesss," I hissed, my breasts and chest now heaving with excitement.

    "It will make you cum as soon as it enters your pussy. Now, let's dance and you can feel it with your pussy. Lower your panties so you can feel it against your bare cunt."

    “Oh my gawd… right here with a dozen men watching… I can’t do that,” I moaned. But even as the words left my mouth, my fingers were lowering my thong down around my upper thighs.

    “Now raise your dress. Expose your cunt to my cock.”

    My entire body was shivering with excitement when I did it.

    As we danced, Ramon ground his steel-hard cock into my crotch moving it over my mound and against my clit. His hands covered my bare buttocks... lifting and pressing my soaked pussy and engorged clitoris against his throbbing erection. My body suddenly shuddered. He worked his prick against my erupting pussy harder intensifying my orgasm.

    "Cum, Paula. Press your pussy against my cock and cum," he whispered.

    The tremors shooting through me grew stronger. I felt my vagina contracting sending my cuntal secretions down my thighs as it tried unsuccessfully to contain them. Ramon pressed me firmly against his steel-hard body to keep me on my feet. It was a full minute before my orgasm subsided sufficiently that I could support myself. Again, we began to move sensuously about the dance floor with Ramon's thick shaft grinding into me.

    I suddenly realized that Ramon was the American version of Luis Mendez from Santiago. Ramon had made me cum just as fast and just as hard as Mendez had done on the flight to Santiago. Their cocks were both huge... hard... rigid... unbending. Both were confident beyond reason, and both were sinfully handsome and virile. Both men had simply informed me that they intended to take me many, many times and that I would climax uncontrollably each time. No wonder I had had this overwhelming sense of déjà vu.

    Briefly, I wondered if Ramon were rich like Mendez... not that it mattered. I didn't care about his money... I wanted his body! And as we danced, he was making certain that I was feeling every inch of it. Before we left the dance floor, I was dizzy with excitement. My vagina was a swamp, and I was panting in sexual heat.

    Ramon had essentially gotten me naked right
    out on the dance floor at Richard’s.

    Ramon escorted me over to his table where a very attractive, sensuous, brunette was waiting patiently for us. She was sitting with her leg crossed high on her thigh showing off a large expanse of her attractive legs. I was more than a little nervous about meeting the wife of a man who had just made me climax on a public dance floor while she watched, but, to my surprise, she smiled at me as we approached.

    "Hi, I'm Janet, Ramon's wife."

    "I'm Paula," I replied matching her smile. "Listen, I'm really embarrassed about what happened out on the dance floor, Janet. I hardly know what to say." As I spoke, I pulled up my thong and adjusted my dress so that my breasts were again covered.

    "You don't need to say anything. You had a marvelously hot climax. That says it all. Every guy here enjoyed watching Ramon getting you off. Me too, but I wish you hadn't covered up your breasts and pussy. They're just gorgeous."

    "Really? You enjoyed it?"

    "Of course. I love watching my awesome stud husband making sexy women cum, whether they want to or not. I'm bi... so I guess that explains it. So are the two of you going to sit down or just stand there?"

    Ramon pulled a chair out beside Janet and took a seat on my other side. I was again surprised as I had expected him to sit between the two of us. A moment later, I understood a lot better when I felt Janet's hand on one of my thighs and Ramon's caressing the other one.

    "Did Ramon tell you?" Janet asked.

    "Tell me what?"

    "That he's going to fuck you many times tonight."

    Again, I felt my face flush deep red. I nodded. "Yes... he told me that," I said in a voice so soft I could just barely hear myself speak.

    "Did he also tell you that we're both going to have sex with you? Have you had sex with another woman before?"

    "A few times."

    "As sexy as you are, I'm not surprised.

    Janet's hand moved up my thigh. "Spread a little wider, Honey." she whispered. I was shocked to see myself opening my legs as if I had been given an order. Janet's hand moved higher. When she reached my thong, I felt her pull it aside to bare my pussy.


    "Oh, Honey! You won't believe how wet and soaked her pussy is. Her lips are swollen and gaping open. Her vagina is slick and hot. I think she's about to cum again... Are you about to cum again, Paula?"

    Janet's fingers were moving erotically over my swollen clitoris when she asked the question. I couldn't keep my hips still in my chair. She rubbed me harder causing my ass to rise off the seat. Her finger slipped inside my vagina and moved to my G-spot. My ass rose higher and began to hump.

    "Answer me! Are you about to cum again?"

    "Yessssssssss... oohhhh god... yesssss!!"

    Abruptly, the finger withdrew from my vagina and her hand moved away from now throbbing clitoris. "I think we'd better take Paula home, Honey, before she disgraces herself and a dozen or more of the men here start fucking her."


    We left my car in the parking lot of Richard's Club. Ramon drove while Janet and I sat in the back seat. We hadn't even gotten out of the parking lot when she moved close, pressed against me, and once more slipped her fingers into my pussy. Immediately, my ass slid to the edge of the seat. She got no resistance from me when she pushed my legs apart and jerked my sheathe up around my waist. Ramon had hardly pulled onto the highway when my pussy and clit exploded around Janet's hand.

    I was still in the midst of my climax when Janet thrust her head between my thighs. Her mouth and tongue took possession of my pussy and clit. It felt like my clit was bursting when she sucked on it hard. My hips flew off the seat and humped wildly against her face. When her tongue began licking up the side of my clitoris and then over its sensitive tip, I completely lost it.

    "AAaaahhhh God! You're making me cummmmmm!"

    "Oh yeah, Honey! Cum!" I did... several times.

    "Do you two hot sluts have any idea how hard you've gotten me?" Ramon growled from the front seat.

    "I know exactly how hard you must be, Darling, but Paula doesn't know for certain yet. You need to get us home so you can show her just how hard and huge your big prick is."


    We hadn't been inside Janet and Ramon's home for more than a couple of minutes before Ramon had my sheathe bunched around my waist. My black thong was lying uselessly in the corner of the room, and I was on my back on the bed with Ramon's powerful body between my spread thighs.

    The head of his big, throbbing cock pressed against my labia. Even though the lips of my pussy were swollen, wet, and open, his cock was just too thick to slip easily between my lips. He worked it up and down the length of my slit... slowly pushing inward and stretching me more and more open. The sensation of was electric. My hips surged up off the bed in an attempt to help Ramon get his cock into me.

    Without warning, my labia spread sufficiently to allow the big head to slide into my sex trench. Quickly, Ramon located the opening to my cunt and thrust against it hard.

    "OOhhhhh fuckkk! You're so damn big!"

    "Feel good?"

    "Fantastic! Shove it into me!"

    Ramon shoved his hands beneath my ass and held me in position. Once more, his hips thrust forward, and I felt my opening being stretched.

    "Oh Gawd Damn! I'm gonna cum!" I wailed.

    I felt the big shaft pull back a half inch and then drive inward. Another half inch entered my throbbing hole. I wailed even louder. Ramon pulled his shaft all the way out, centered the head right at my opening, and thrust into me again. The big head entered followed by two or three inches of thick shaft.


    As the orgasm ripped through my pussy, my vaginal opening throbbed about Ramon's dick. Each time it released its grip, he thrust into me even deeper. By the time he had worked eight inches of his cock into my pussy, I was having one orgasm after another until it seemed like I was having one huge continuous orgasm.

    "Cum, you hot Bitch, Cum!" Ramon shouted as he drove two more inches of meat into me. "I told you that you'd cum as soon as I put it into you, didn't I?"


    "Not yet. Still another inch of dick to go, Paula."

    "Oh put it in, Ramon. Please. STICK ALL OF IT INTO MEEEEEEEE!"

    His hips jerked backward and then powered into my widely stretched, gaping hole. The thick shaft raced down my vagina and thudded hard against my womb, which was jarred back. The last inch of dick entered me. His balls slapped erotically against my ass.

    "He's all the way into you, Paula," Janet yelled. She was lying on the bed watching her husband's cock pounding in and out of my convulsing pussy.

    "You're in her, Ramon. You're in the hot slut balls deep, Baby. Turn her over and let her feel how good it is to be fucked doggy by your huge cock."

    Following his wife's instructions, Ramon pulled out of me, quickly flipped me over onto my belly, and then pulled my ass up in the air. "Put my cock into her, Janet!" I heard him order. I felt Janet's hand on my ass spreading me. A moment later, she stuck her husband's hard cock into my now widely gaping hole. Ramon's big dick stretched me even wider as he filled me, his balls slapping against my swollen, hard clitoris. I groaned in ecstasy when his thick shaft began fucking me.

    "I'm about to shoot, Paula. Are you on the pill?"

    "Yeah! Shoot it into me, Ramon. Cum inside my cunt. Give it to meeeeee!!" I howled.

    "Pity. It would be ten times hotter if you weren't on the pill. You'd be amazed at how much harder your orgasms would be. Get ready, you hot Slut. HERE IT COMES!"

    The intense contractions of Ramon's dick were enough to make any woman cum. I was no exception. He was contracting and throbbing so hard inside my vagina, I came when he did... then I came again before he finished emptying his cum load into my waiting cunt.


    Ramon fucked Janet and me several times each. After he had ejaculated into us six times, I assumed that he was would be finished for the night, but he wasn't. While Janet went down on me, I pleasured her pussy with a vibrator. Ramon kept moving around the bed to get the best possible views of us having sex. Amazingly, he jacked off the entire time.

    By the time we had gotten each other off, Ramon's dick was again raging hard. He had Janet and I kneel side-by-side on the bed with our butts high in the air. First, he fucked his wife's asshole. I couldn't believe how easily she took his shaft all the way to his balls.

    After Janet had climaxed, he withdraw and turned his attention to my ass. Ramon went much more slowly with me than he had with Janet. In addition, before he even started, he lubricated both my anus and colon with copious quantities of Astroglide and then did his cock the same way. When he finally pressed his cock against my anus, I pushed back against him. His big cock entered me with surprising ease and not much pain. Even so, it took him almost ten minutes before he had his entire shaft inside me.

    Ramon gave me ample time to get used to his thick shaft before he began fucking me. After that, it was just awesome. I couldn't ever remember feeling so totally filled with cock. Within five minutes of steady thrusting, I was having an orgasm.

    Having stretched me, Ramon began playing musical asses with our butts. Switching back and forth, he had us both moaning with pleasure and then protesting with loss when he switched holes. At one point, we were both cumming at the same time. I never did understand how he did that, but neither of us worried about it... we just enjoyed the incredible fucking he was giving us.


    Thursday was a sensuous repeat of Wednesday night, except for the fact that Ramon spent most of the day as well as the night with his cock buried in us. At one point, he was having anal sex with me in reverse cowgirl position while Janet stroked and licked my clitoris. The two of them had me screaming at the top of my lungs. before Ramon filled me with his seed.

    After Ramon unloaded, Janet took over. She finger fucked my ass while she stroked my pussy and clit. It only took her a few minutes to make my clit convulse in another orgasm. My vagina was still throbbing when she scissored her legs with mine and pressed our wet pussies together. As soon as her hips began grinding her sex against my pussy, I came again. A few moments later we both howled as we climaxed at the same time.
    Janet made me cum on her fingers and then she used
    her pussy against mine to get us both off.

    Of course, Ramon was wild to fuck us having watched us doing each other. We took turns sucking him until his huge cock was iron hard again. I was secretly relieved when I saw that Janet could no more get her hand around her husband's dick than I could.

    Before we finally fell into an exhausted sleep around midnight, Ramon had cum nine or ten times into one of our holes. It seemed like either Janet or I was having an orgasm most of the time. I hadn't cum so many times in one day since I was with Luis Mendez in New York.

    The fucking started again almost as soon as Ramon awakened Friday morning. I was still asleep, but when I felt his cock entering my ass, I came awake very quickly. Nevertheless, by the time I became aware that I was being ass fucked, Ramon's cock was already halfway into me. He pulled four inches of dick out and thrust again... this time sinking eight inches of prick into my ass. I jerked my left leg up into the air to open myself to him, and his next thrust buried his entire 11 inches.

    Ramon reached around my hip and searched out my clitoris as his dick pumped me. I didn't last very long after that. Every time he thrust against me, I shoved my ass back against his plunging shaft. His fingers were dancing over my throbbing clitoris when I erupted in my first orgasm of the day.

    He continued to pump my throbbing hole until my climax had subsided. Then, he turned his attention to his wife who was already on her back with her knees bent and up in the air. When Ramon moved between her raised legs, she moaned, "Fuck me, Lover. Screw me hard!" I watched as his hips snapped forward. I couldn't see the penetration, but I didn't need to. Janet's body arched upward, her mouth stretched wide, and a hot wail of female passion burst from her lungs. "OOHHHHHHHH YEAH! STICK THAT MONSTER DICK INTO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!"

    As Ramon screwed his wife, I moved closer and caressed his balls as they bounced against Janet's upturned ass. As she got closer to her orgasm, I could see her anus opening and closing. Just as Ramon thrust his entire length into her throbbing hole, I pushed two fingers into her ass. She squealed wildly. A moment later, her vagina erupted in hard spasms and her rectum squeezed my fingers each time her pussy throbbed. In the midst of her orgasm, Ramon ejaculated. With my fingers deep inside Janet's ass, I could feel every contraction of his prick. I could even feel the gush of the semen firing from his dick. It was so hot, I got off again on my fingers.

    I had to get home before noon since Gordon was due back so, reluctantly, we all got out of bed, took showers, and dressed. Janet and I were in the kitchen fixing breakfast when Ramon came in wearing nothing but his jockey briefs and a T-shirt. The sight of those skimpy briefs trying to contain his penis had me hot again almost immediately... and he wasn't even hard yet.

    After we finished eating, Janet and I cleared away the dishes, and while she was putting them into the dishwasher, Ramon bent me over the kitchen table and fucked me for the second time that morning... this time, he used my cunt and this time, he did cum inside me.

    An hour later, we were having last cup of coffee before Ramon drove me back to Richard's Club to pick up my car.

    "Did you enjoy your one day and two nights with us?" Janet asked. "I mean really enjoy them."

    "I think you both know I did. I must have cum 50 times or more. Naturally, I loved Ramon's big dick and his bedroom skills, but I also really enjoyed having sex with you, Janet. I hope we can manage to do this again."

    "Good. Because that's what I want to talk to you about, Paula. Ramon and I are planning a week-long vacation to Jamaica and Hedonism III in the early spring before it gets too hot. There will be a few other singles and couples joining us, and we would love for you to be our guest. Will you?"

    "I'd would love to, but I don't think my husband can get away that long. When do you plan to go? Maybe I can work something out."

    At this point, Ramon spoke up. "When's your period due in May, Paula?"

    "Let's see... around May 2nd or 3rd."

    "Ok. We'll leave for Jamaica two weeks from that date. Can you get away? I have frequent flyer miles so you won't need to purchase a plane ticket, and we'll share the cost of the room."

    "That's sounds good. I'll see what I can do. Hopefully, I can let you know within a week."


    As I was driving home from Richard's, I knew I wanted to go, but I also knew that Gordon would see the amazing similarity between Ramon and Luis Mendez immediately. And when he saw Ramon's huge cock, he would think Ramon was Mendez's clone. If that wasn't enough, when he saw how crazy I was for Ramon's monster cock and how hard and often he made me cum, he would freak out just like he did with Mendez.

    I was certain Gordon would agree to the vacation at Hedonism III ... probably eagerly, but when he saw Ramon and his huge cock, and then saw me cumming 30 times a day as Ramon fucked me, he would be miserable with worry for the entire week. I just couldn't subject my husband to that kind of torture again.

    At first, I thought I would have to decline Janet's and Ramon's invitation. But then the idea of Don't Ask - Don't Tell vacations occurred to me, and I thought I had the perfect solution. Gordon would never know about Ramon until I told him later during our Show and Tell vacation, but then, Hedonism III would be over and he would know that he had nothing to worry about. It was perfect. Now, all I had to do was convince Gordon to try my idea.

    Paula's Don't Ask-Don't Tell Vacation:

    It was a Friday morning in mid-May, almost exactly two weeks since my last period. My bags had all been packed the previous evening. I had $1,000 in American Express traveler’s checks and another $500 in cash hidden in various places. Of course, I also had my credit card with me.

    Gordon had been on pins and needles for the previous two days. Several times, he had started to say something and then stopped. I didn't have to be a mind reader to figure out that he desperately wanted to know where I was going, what I was going to be doing, and with whom. But I had to give my sexy husband credit, he kept his word and didn't ask.

    On Thursday evening, we went over all the secret code words we had developed to convey trouble in our e-mail messages. The real red-flag warning remained, "Remember to water the roses".

    On Friday morning, just as he was leaving for work, he kissed me hard and passionately. When his lips left mine, he said, "I'm going to go absolutely crazy this next week, but don't worry, I'll handle it. You just have a great time."

    After packing all my bags in my car, I waited for an hour and then called my husband's office. Gordon answered on the first ring.

    "Is every thing Ok, Honey? Any problems?" he asked the instant he picked up the phone. His obvious love and concern made me feel a little ashamed. I had called simply to be certain he had gone to work and was not hiding somewhere waiting to follow me. I did the best I could to cover up the reason for my call.

    "Every thing's great, Darling. I just wanted to hear your voice one more time before I left and tell you how much I love you for being willing to try this."

    "You knew I would."

    "I did, and I love you all the more for it. Honey, if you get really lonesome, why don't you give Art and Tracy Bonner a call. I told Tracy about our Don't Ask-Don't Tell vacation plans, so she knows you'll be alone all week. She asked flat out if I minded if she spent some time with you this coming week. I told her to go for it. So, call Tracy. Ask her if she would like to have a threesome with you and Art or whatever. Ok?"

    "Sounds to me like you're feeling guilty."

    "I guess I am... at least, a little."

    "Don't. I think your idea is incredibly erotic. Have a great time."

    When I hung up, I was certain I had cleverly covered up my real reason for the phone call. Ten minutes later, I backed out of our driveway and headed toward Ramon's and Janet's house. My Don't Ask-Don't Tell vacation had begun.


    As soon as Ramon saw me dressed in jeans and a sweater, he said, "That outfit won't do for this vacation, Paula."

    "I know, but I thought I would change when we get to Hedonism."

    Just as I said that, Janet came out of her bedroom wearing a much different outfit than mine for the plane trip. Her tight, black mini-skirt and low-cut red blouse made me look more than just a little dowdy. "You might have warned me, Janet, that you were going to dress hot for the trip," I pouted.

    "I should have. I'm sorry," she said.

    "Not a problem, Paula. Just get out of those jeans and sweater and put this on. No bra... just the pink panties." Ramon tossed me a skimpy yellow print dress that hardly covered anything. I was giggling when I picked it up and headed for the bedroom.

    "Put it on here," he ordered.

    I pretended to be mortified, of course, but the truth was that I want to strip in front of Ramon and get his big cock hard. I must admit that I did make quite a production of it, and by the time I had the yellow dress on, Ramon's dick appeared to be fully erect judging by the large tent in his tight pants.

    "Well, is this better?" I asked as I struck what I hoped was a seductive pose.

    "Oh fuck yes," Ramon growled as he squeezed his cock. "The two of you will be lucky if you're not gangbanged on the plane."

    Ramon hurriedly loaded all the luggage into the back of their van. When every thing was inside, he led us both to the van with his hands underneath our outfits and covering most of our naked asses.


    Except for the fact that half of the men in the airport terminal and a large number of the ones on our plane could hardly tear their eyes off of our half-exposed tits and our long exposed legs, the trip to Jamaica was uneventful. It was almost funny to watch the men making trip after trip to one of the bathrooms at the front of the plane, even though the ones in the back were free. Each time they passed us, they took advantage of our seated position to stare down into our cleavage. On the way back to their seats, they checked out our naked thighs. A few lucky ones got a glimpse of our panties when we uncrossed our legs just as they were passing.

    When we were boarding the shuttle to Hedonism III, the young, black bellhop who was loading our luggage and the black driver of the shuttle gave Janet and I much more than our fair share of their attention. The bellhop even handed us his card containing his name and call number. "If either of you fine ladies need any special attention, please ask for me... just tell the bell captain that you would like to see Moray, Number 17. I can serve you anyway you like, and I always give great service," he bragged.

    Since Moray's cock was already tenting his pants, Janet and I had a pretty good idea of the type of service he hoped to be providing during our stay. "He's not bad looking," Janet whispered to me.

    "I agree, and I'm sure you checked out his package... looks impressive... not as big as your Sweetie, but impressive anyway."

    "Yeah... it is. And it's black! I've always had a thing for black cock, Paula. How about you?"

    "I'm getting wet just thinking about it."

    "Where does Gordon think you are this week, Paula?"

    "He has no idea."

    "You just told him that you were leaving and that was it??"

    "Not quite." By the time the 30-minute trip to Hedonism was completed, I had filled Janet in completely on our Don't Ask-Don't Tell vacation plans.

    "Oh god! That's the hottest vacation idea I've ever heard of. I've just got to get Ramon to try that as soon as possible. I hope you don't mind if I steal your idea."

    "Not at all. Imitation is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery."

    Janet grinned and said, "Where do you think Gordon will go on his half of the Don't Ask-Don't Tell vacations?"

    "I don't have a clue. In fact, I don't think he's decided yet. I did promise that I would send him an e-mail each day to let him know that I'm Ok. I brought my laptop, so that won't be a problem."

    As we drove through the grounds of Hedonism III, I was amazed at the decadent opulence of the place. The swimming pool was huge and beautiful. Even from the shuttle bus, I could see that most of the women in and around the pool were topless.

    While Ramon took care of seeing to our luggage and registering at the desk for our reserved deluxe room, Janet and I enjoyed a drink at a nearby bar. It wasn't like any other bar we had seen before. It was every bit as exotic as the rest of the place.

    We hadn't been at the bar more than a minute before two guys, whose accents identified them as being from the New York area of the states, joined us. They wasted no time in hitting on us.

    "God! You two must have just arrived right?" one of them asked.

    "We did," Janet replied. "But how did you know?"

    "Easy. Haven't seen you before and there's no way in hell I could miss seeing two hot foxes like you. I'm Steve... this is my partner Briton. And you two are...?"

    "I'm Janet and this gorgeous blonde is Paula. But, as you guys can see, we're both married."

    "I noticed. That just makes both of you even hotter. Love fucking married women. Briton and I are also married."

    "So where are your wives?" I asked.

    "They went to one of the nude beaches with a couple of local black guys they picked up. My guess is that at the moment, both of them are being royally screwed. How about your husbands?"

    "Mine's busy with the luggage and checking into our room. Paula's is at home. She a free spirit this week."

    "Oh yes!" Briton groaned. "I hope we can spend some quality time together."

    "Maybe," I replied with a seductive smile.

    "Oh man! I have to see them. Let me see them," Steve groaned as he stared at our tits.

    We both laughed, and Janet said in a mock whisper, "I think they like our tits, Paula. Shall we make their day?"

    "Why not," I said as I lowered my dress to my waist. "Is this what you guys just have to see?" I teased.

    "Oh my god! How big are they?"


    Briton was licking his lips staring at my tits when Steve said, "Your turn, Janet. Show us those big beauties."

    "Now I'm embarrassed," she grinned as she pulled her top open to reveal her chest. Her tits were thrust up and out by the tiny push-up half bra she wore. "Paula makes me look like a boy."

    "They're just 36D."

    "I'm never seen a boy with fantastic tits like that, Janet. You're both luscious. Let's take this up to our room. It will hours before our wives come home."

    "I'm sure that's right if they're both getting laid by hot black studs, but we'll have to take a rain check. My husband will be waiting for us. But don't worry... we'll be here for a week. Plenty of time for us to enjoy each other."


    As we were eating dinner in Hedonism's four-star main dining room, Janet said, "Ramon, Paula told me she loves big, black cock... BBC. And I think Moray... the bellhop who was on the shuttle with us has one of those. Let's call him after dinner and watch him fucking her. Sound like fun?"

    "MMMM... a lot of fun. Let's do it!"

    "Hey! Don't I have a say in this," I protested, but not too much.

    "Only if you have a better suggestion," Ramon replied.

    "As it happens, I do. How about you fuck me when we get back to our room, and then while you screwing your hot wife, I'll call Moray and he'll join us."

    "I like that plan even better," Ramon announced enthusiastically.


    We hadn't been back inside our room for more than a few minutes before Ramon had me naked except for my 4-inch, black heels. Spreading me out on the large, king-size bed, he moved his face between my open legs and slowly raked his tongue through my soaked slit. Pausing for a moment at the opening to my vagina, his tongue fucked into me for several minutes while Janet sucked my nipples and pumped two fingers in and out of my ass.

    When Ramon's tongue began flicking over the tip of my engorged clit and then circled the throbbing organ, my vagina whooshed air. I was so hot from a full day of teasing and having dozens of men stare lustfully at me, there was no possible way to delay my first orgasm.


    Ramon continued moving his tongue over my clitoris until I was once more hunching my pussy hard against his mouth and tongue. Abruptly, he moved away. "Your turn now, Paula. Suck me!" he ordered.

    I had forgotten just how huge Ramon's dick was. Stretching my mouth wide open, I worked the big head inside. Almost immediately, my pussy throbbed strongly in anticipation. The precum oozing from Ramon's cock was both sweet and salty at the same time. Pushing my head downward, I took more of his thick organ into my mouth.

    It took almost five minutes for me to work Ramon's cock into my throat. His cock was warm, pulsing. Every time I felt his dick jerk and throb inside my mouth, my clit throbbed in response. It almost seemed as if his cock was connected directly to my clitoris. I relaxed my throat and let him slide deeper. My excitement mounted as he pushed further and further down my throat.

    At this point, I began to allow Ramon to mouth fuck me. Pulling back, I allowed his dick to slide almost out of my mouth before taking it back into my throat. In a few moments, I had set up a regular rhythm in which I was swallowing the full length of his huge organ on every trip down his cock.

    "Oh fuck, YES! Suck his dick, Paula. God... you're taking all of it. Fantastic!" Janet gasped as she watched and finger fucked my pussy.

    The harder Ramon throat fucked me, the higher my excitement and pleasure rose. The hot thrusting of Janet's fingers into my cunt were going to make me cum very soon. Suddenly, my body convulsed in another orgasm, and as it did so, the pressure of my mouth and throat around Ramon's cock increased causing him to grunt with hot masculine pleasure. Pulling his powerful prick partway out of my throat, he blasted the first thick jet of sperm-filled semen into my throat. The second spurt filled my mouth and then dribbled out the corners and ran down my face. After he ejaculated a third stream into my throat, he jerked out and creamed my tits with the remainder of his load.

    Ramon had no sooner finished cumming than he shoved his dick back into my mouth and ordered me to get him hard again so he could "fuck my hot cunt hole", as he put it. I wanted his monster dick up my pussy so badly, I sucked his cock like it had been years since my last blowjob. I had him hard again in less than five minutes. It was hard to believe his recovery powers.

    "Get on your back, you hot Bitch! Big cock is gonna fuck your hot pussy."

    He loomed over me, his huge tool fully engorged and throbbing. Precum was again dripping from its tip. He teased with his cock for a moment. "Did you stop taking your birth control pills like I ordered?"

    "Yessss!" I groaned as thrust my hips upward trying desperately to impale my cunt on his huge dick.

    "Good!" he hissed as his thick shaft began to enter me. Automatically, my ass arched upward to accommodate his cock. Pushing forward, he easily slid into my highly lubricated sex tunnel. The fantastic pressure his dick exerted on the walls of my pussy set off still more erotic sensations that surged up and down the length of my stuffed vagina. When his cock began sliding deliciously over my G-spot, I howled and soared toward a huge orgasm.

    It only took him a few more strokes to send me into ecstasy. My whole body vibrated with sexual delight. My clitoris was dancing spastically in and out of its protective hood. He power fucked me right through my orgasm as his powerful hips hunched again and again, each time thrusting his enormous penis into my waiting cunt. I came again... and then a short time later... again. Soon, I was having near continuous orgasms.

    I don't know how long that awesome stud fucked me. I think I must have briefly passed out from the intensity of my climaxes. When I finally regained my senses, I found myself straddling Ramon's legs while Janet slowly pushed me downward as she guided her husband shaft back into my drenched pussy.

    Once more, my orgasmic frenzy soared. My clit hardened and grew in size until it felt like a swollen grape about to burst. Being on top, I could now control the speed and depth of the fucking so that I could govern when I would have a climax. My swollen breasts swung wildly as my hungry pussy pounded his iron-hard pole.

    Suddenly, I felt Ramon's hard fuck stick surge even further into my pussy. Then, it exploded sending torrents of his potent load deep into my wide open womb. I came again.

    I took all 11 inches of Ramon’s huge cock down my
    throat and then he fucked my brains out.


    I took a quick shower and washed my pussy as I didn't know how Moray felt about getting sloppy seconds. After putting on a pair of thigh-high, black, patterned stockings and matching black five-inch heels, I debated with myself about wearing a tight sheathe or just bra and panties. In the end, I settled for a black, push-up bra that covered none of my tits.

    When I came out of the bedroom, Ramon's cock was back in action again. It appeared to be just as hard as it had been the first time he had fucked me that evening. Janet's cries filled the room as he screwed her in missionary position. As soon Ramon saw me in my slutty outfit, he started ramming his wife even harder. Janet’s legs flew straight up in the air as she shrieked with pleasure.

    The bell captain picked up on the first ring. "Service Desk. How may we help you?"

    "Hi. This is Paula Baxter in Room 724. Is Moray, Number 17 available now?"

    "One moment and I'll check. I'm going to put you on hold for a moment."

    About 30 seconds later, the bell captain spoke again. "Yes he is. What do you require Ms. Baxter?"

    "Just the personal services of Mr. Moray... nothing more... at least not now."

    "I understand. He should be there in about five minutes."

    The knock on our door came in less than four minutes. When I opened the door, I found Moray wearing a tight-fitting T-shirt and shorts. He was obviously already hard, so much so that it looked like his cock might rip his shorts apart.

    "Wow!" we both said at the same time with me staring at his hard erection and him staring at my naked tits and pussy.

    It didn't take much effort to persuade Moray to come inside. As soon as he entered, he saw Ramon and Janet lying on their sides on the bed with Ramon behind her in spoon position. His thick shaft was sinking in and out of her soaked pussy. Moray couldn't take his eyes off the connection of Ramon's huge dick and Janet's wet, squishing vagina.

    "Oh Man! That Dude's huge... just fucking huge," he moaned.

    With one swift motion, I pulled Moray's shorts down. He was naked beneath them... his cock a swollen, hard shaft of uncircumcised man meat. "You're not so small yourself, Honey," I hissed in his ear as my hand wrapped about his dick and began to stroke its full length. I jacked him faster and moaned, "In fact, you're huge... how big is this thing anyway?"

    "Ten inches, Honey. You ever had black cock?"

    "Yeah...loved it."

    "Ten inches of black cock?"

    "I don't think so, but I have the feeling that I'm going to get that much tonight... right?" I grinned just before sinking to my knees and sucking his black shaft into my mouth. Instantly, Moray's sighs of pleasure mixed with Janet's wild squeals of delight and Ramon's grunts of male satisfaction to fill the room with the hot, sensuous sounds of sex."

    "Oh shit... suck it, Girl! Suck my black cock, Honey!" Moray groaned.

    After sucking Ramon's monster down my throat, it was easier to get Moray's smaller 10-inch dick all the way into my mouth. He was grunting wildly when his balls began slapping against my chin on every thrust.

    I assumed that Moray would shoot off down my throat, but he had other plans for his first load. Slowly, he pulled his rigid shaft from my mouth and carried me to the bed and pushed me onto my back beside Janet. Climbing between my legs, Moray used his cock like a club to thump my clitoris... again and again and again.

    "OOoohhhhh yessss.... do meeeeeee!" I moaned in hot pleasure.

    Moray centered his thick black cock at my opening, stretched it open, and sank into my cunt. Very quickly, five inches of dick filled my pussy on the first thrust.


    Moray jerked his cock almost all the way out of my throbbing hole and then instantly, rammed it back inside me. Ten inches of dick raced down my vagina... surged past my cervix... and slammed into my womb.

    As my ass surged upward to receive the black cock, Janet reached over and covered my breast with her hand and my nipple with her mouth. Moray began fucking me even harder... faster until both my nipples and clit were throbbing as my pussy contracted around Moray's driving shaft. Janet moved her hand from my breast to my ass. A moment later, as my ass surged upward again, three of her fingers sank into my asshole.

    "GGhhaaa... aaahhhh.... do meee... oohhh god... suck me... fuck me... my cunt... my ass... fuck meeeeeeee!!"

    "Oh Honey," Janet gasped to her husband. "Moray's big cock is fucking Paula's cunt like a jack hammer. I can feel him throbbing and jerking inside her. Fuck me again... while he's fucking her. Hurry! Stick it in me!"

    Our shrill cries soon filled the room as their big shafts repeatedly filled us ... each thrust ramming to the very bottom of our erupting holes. Both men grunted with hot male pleasure as our vaginas throbbed and pulsed helplessly around their cocks. Their grunts deepened and increased in volume as both cocks began jerking spastically with their rapidly approaching orgasms.

    "Oh Man! Can't hold it," Moray shouted. "Gonna fill her cunt with my load!!" he screamed.

    "DO IT! Shoot it into her... I'm about to unload in Janet's cunt too."

    "Both of us at the same time... Ready?"

    "Yeah. SHOOT IT IN! NOW! I'M CUMMING...SHOOTING IT IN!" Ramon screamed as his organ detonated deep inside Janet contracting hole.


    Moray's hard throbbing penis pushed me over the edge again. As he shot cum jet after cum jet into me, my pussy erupted around his shooting dick. All four of us were grunting and moaning in the throes of our orgasms.

    We took a break and enjoyed some snacks and a drink from the wet bar in our room. As the men prepared our drinks and food, Janet and I continued to lie side-by-side on the bed, our legs wide open with semen slowly seeping from our swollen and stretched vaginas. Neither of us closed our legs while we enjoyed the drinks, and neither man took his eyes off of our cunts.

    "Enough of eating cheese and crackers," Ramon ordered. "Get on top of her, Paula. Mash your cunt over her mouth and put yours over her pussy. Eat each other out... clean each other's pussy and cum. Moray and I want you cleaned out and your holes throbbing before we mount you again."

    I giggled as I mounted Janet in a 69 position. She got her tongue into my cum-filled hole before I got into hers. As a result, I forgot about licking her and began to writhe and moan on top of her body. My moans were abruptly cut off when Ramon pushed my head between Janet's thighs and into her swampy cunt. After that, we were both moaning and grinding our pussies onto each other's mouth.

    I came first as Janet stroked her tongue over my swollen clitoris. She exploded soon after that when I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and lashed it with my tongue. Her juices spurted drenching my face. The second time she got me off, I returned the favor by flooding her face.

    After we had each cum twice, the men couldn't wait any longer. This time, they switched partners. Janet bent over Moray and sucked his black cock deep into her mouth.

    I was right beside Janet bent over her husband and sucking his huge organ deep inside my mouth.

    Both men were grunting as they thrust their dicks down our throats. After a minute or so, one set of black balls and another set of white ones were mashed against our chins each time they shoved their cocks into our throats.

    "Oh fuck, Man. Your wife is a fantastic cocksucker."

    "Yeah...so's Paula. You ready to fuck her?"

    "Oh yeah!"

    "Bang her missionary the first time...she likes it hard and deep."

    "Got it! How are you gonna fuck Paula?"

    "Reverse cowgirl... you can watch her cunt swallow my cock."

    Janet couldn't stop screaming as Moray pounded his cock into her throbbing hole. While Moray fucked her, I mounted Ramon's monster dick. He centered it, and I lowered my hips until the big head pried me open and entered my cunt. Dropping my ass, I took Ramon's entire 11 inches up my pussy.

    Both men were grunting as they thrust their rods deep into our pulsing holes.

    When Ramon and Moray weren’t screwing
    us, Janet and I did each other.


    Moray spent the night, and the four of us shared the huge king-sized bed. Neither Janet nor I got much sleep. Before Moray left the next morning, we had both been fucked countless times as the men switched back and forth between our holes. I couldn't be certain, but I thought that the two of them had shot seven loads of cum into me during the night. I was sure that Janet had received that many or more.

    Back at the Homestead:

    I was having trouble working. I was also having trouble sleeping and concentrating on anything. All I could think about was Paula. Where was she? What was she doing? Who was she with... another woman?... a man? a group of men? It was driving me crazy.

    If it hadn't been for the three e-mail messages I had gotten on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, I would have been frantic. Each of them was terse, but they did let me know that my wife had arrived safely as was having a great time. The message on Sunday evening told me not to worry and to give Tracy and Art a call if I got too lonely.

    I was lonely... no doubt about it. But, I was having a lot of difficulty bringing myself to call up the Bonners. I kept running possible conversations through my head:

    "Hi, Art. Gordon here. As you know, Paula's off somewhere on vacation... No, I have no idea where she is, but I'm lonesome... how about sending your wife over so I can fuck her?""

    If not that, then maybe:

    "Hi, Art. As you know, Paula's off somewhere on vacation... No, I have no idea where she is, but I'm lonesome. Would you mind terribly if I come over and watch you fucking your wife? Maybe I could jack off on her while you screw her?"

    Of course, perhaps Tracy would answer the phone:

    "Hi, Tracy. Yes, I've heard from Paula. She's having a great time. I don't know... maybe she's getting fucked... maybe not. Can you sneak away from Art tonight so I can fuck you?"

    I did consider a more subtle approach:

    "Hi Tracy. Yes, I've heard from Paula. She's having a great time. I don't know... maybe she's getting fucked... maybe not. Would you and Art like to come over for dinner tonight. I would just love to cook dinner for us. No, I'm not joking. I love to cook for lots of people... what's that? ... Of course, I don't have any ulterior motive."

    In the end, I didn't call them. Instead, I tried to watch some old movies on TV. Every time there was a sex scene or even so little as a passionate kiss, I lost track of the movie wondering if Paula was kissing someone... or if a cock was up her cunt... or two cocks... or maybe three.

    "This is ridiculous!" I said aloud to myself. "After all, I did ask Paula if she was going to be fucked on her Don't Ask-Don't Tell vacation, and she was definite in her answer. I could still hear it: 'Absolutely not!' she had said. I remembered that distinctly. She had said something about spending the time relaxing in a convent somewhere."

    We had never concealed our sexual adventures from each other. The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that she might not even be with a man at all. I doubted that she had checked into a convent, but she could very well be enjoying swimming and dining with one of her married female friends. And then during our Show and Tell vacation later, she was probably planning on having a great laugh telling me how innocent her vacation was.

    By 10 PM Sunday evening, I was convinced that it was unlikely that my wife was getting laid at all. I turned my attention back to the TV.

    Parties at Hedonism III: The Cock Bar:

    My entire body was trembling as the stud's massive pole was disappearing into my widely stretched pussy. If Ramon and Moray's cocks hadn't already had me stretched, it would have taken him 10 minutes to get all of his shaft into me. As it was, after about a minute of slow thrusting in and out of my pussy, he had it buried in me to the root.

    Now, he started working his dick back and forth inside me... fucking me... causing my ass to arch upward to take his huge girth. At first, he fucked me with firm, short strokes that ground the base of his cock against my engorged clitoris sending shivers of pleasure up and down the length of my vagina. Gradually, his thrusts became longer until he was pulling eight inches of his thick nine-inch sex spike out of my hole before ramming it back into me. His hands held my ass in position as he fucked me steadily. After just a few minutes, the steady pressure of his thick cock on my G-spot and the grinding against my clitoris had me right on the edge.

    He knew it. His fingers penetrated my ass as his dick slammed into me hard and fast hammering against my womb with authority.

    "OOooohhhhhhh.... fuck meeeeeeeeee," I groaned as my orgasm erupted.

    He added a second finger to the one already pumping my ass and drove his shaft into me even harder and faster. My body shook and thrashed wildly on the bed. The stud hadn't cum, and when my orgasm finally abated, he continued to screw my limp body, each stroke driving my hips deep into the mattress.

    In less than a minute, my legs came up and locked behind the guy's thighs. My hands gripped his thrusting butt and tried pull him even deeper into my throbbing pussy.

    "Oh fuck yes! Give it to me... aaahhh... god! You're fucking the shit out of meeee! AAahhhh... harder, Honey... harder... fuck me ... fuck me... fuck me," I babbled.

    The stud began driving into me like he was hammering in railway spikes. All I could do was lock my legs around him and hang on. With my mouth wide open, saliva was dribbling out of the corners and running down my chin. Suddenly, my vagina went into hard spastic contractions around his deeply embedded shaft. I heard myself screaming as another massive orgasm erupted inside my tightly plugged hole.

    The guy rammed three fingers up my ass, slammed his dick deep inside my cunt, held it there, and drained his balls into me.

    Earlier in the evening, Ramon had taken Janet and me to the "cock bar" in one of the party rooms at Hedonism. The place was exactly what the name implied. Instead of selecting drinks from a wide assortment of whiskeys, scotches, cordials, brandies, and wines, we selected cocks from an assortment of men who were displaying their sexual equipment. Although the selection wasn't as great as that for drinks in a bar, it was still impressive.

    ---------------------------------The Cock Bar--------------------------------------------

    Ramon had told us to each pick out two cocks to pleasure us that afternoon while he checked out the other pussies at Hedonism. I had picked out David and Carl. Both of them had great looking cocks. David was really thick and eight inches in length. Carl's dick wasn't as thick as David's, but he had 10 inches. Best of all, both of them had muscular, beautiful bodies that had my pussy dripping when I watched their muscles ripple every time they moved.

    Janet selected two black guys Fred and Max. Both of them were really thick. Fred's cock was advertised to be nine inches while Max was 10-inches. As thick as Max was, his shaft looked like a battering ram.

    "So you like black meat, huh?" I had teased her.

    "I like them all, but those guys look awesome. I just have to try them out."

    The six of us had practically run back to our hotel room where David had just finished bringing me to four orgasms before he had unloaded inside my hot hole. As soon as he rolled from between my thighs, Carl mounted me. Just running my hands over his smooth, beautifully toned, and muscular body had me shuddering with anticipation.

    "I thought I was going to shoot off just watching David fucking you, Paula. Can't wait to feel your pussy around my cock. How do you want it?"

    "I want you on top first... fucking me like a wild bull. I love your body... so fucking sexy. Now put that 10-inch dick into me, Lover."

    I moaned as Carl's long shaft began sinking into my cum-filled hole. My vagina had already adjusted to Dick's big cock and my cunt was full of his load and my fluids, so Carl entered me easily and drove all 10 inches deep into my vagina.

    "Oohhh god! That's feels fantastic...so damn big... fuck me, Stud. Fuck me hard!"

    For the next 15 minutes, Carl gave me a hard, deep fucking... his strokes slamming in and out of me faster and faster as he screwed me. I began to cum... and then had one orgasm after another until he finally screamed and pumped his load into me. In the middle of his ejaculation, he pulled out and creamed my tits and face.

    By this time, David was hard again. "Get on your knees and bend over, Paula. I want to fuck you doggy this time."

    He didn't have to ask me twice. I flipped over, pulled my knees beneath my body and arched my ass high in the air. He moved behind and me, and I couldn't suppress a hot moan of pleasure when he swabbed that incredibly thick shaft up the length of my sex trench.

    "Ooohhhhhh.... yesss!" I groaned. "Put it in my pussy, David. Fuck my hot hole!" He did. When his thick phallus sank into me, I grunted. He pulled it out and fucked it back into me... hard, fast, and deep, I shrieked. As his thick dick pounded me, I couldn't stop moaning and shrieking each time he entered me.

    "Cumming... oohhhh yesss... I'm cumming," I gasped. His cock hit into me like a sledge hammer. "GGGHHHAAAAAAAA!!" The huge prick pounded me harder. "GGGHHHAAAAA... FUCK MEEEEEEE! I'M THERE!!"

    David pulled his cock all the way out of my throbbing vaginal sheathe bringing desperate moans and protests from me. He put it back into my hole, and I sighed with hot pleasure. He pulled it out again, causing me to whimper with the loss. Again, he entered me. Back and forth... again and again... until I was begging him to fuck me.

    "I want your ass," he grunted.

    "Then fuck it! FUCK MY ASS! Just put it back inside me and fuck me!"

    I felt the head of the thick shaft pressing against my ass. I relaxed my sphincter, and his huge dick entered my ass. Six inches sank into me bringing hot moans of pleasure from my mouth. Automatically, I arched my butt and thrust my hole back against him causing the entire eight inches of cock to enter my rectum.

    "Oh god yes! Ass fuck me, you hot, big-cocked stud. FUCK MY ASS!"

    David rammed himself into me repeatedly until I was howling in another orgasm. At that point, he pulled out and turned me onto my back. His hands grasped my legs and shoved them up and back to expose my gaping asshole. My hot screams filled the room as he slammed his organ back inside me and began screwing me like a machine. We both came at almost the same time.

    David fucked my ass like he was driving in railway spikes.
    I couldn’t stop cumming on his big dick.

    Back at the Homestead:

    By Monday night, I was getting hard every time I thought about my wife. Her e-mail messages continued to arrive daily letting me know that she was fine and enjoying her vacation, but there wasn't the slightest hint of what she might be doing. Since we both like to discuss sex, her failure to say even the slightest thing sexual or even hint that she might be playing around convinced me that she was enjoying a relaxing holiday with one of her female friends.

    Even so, I hadn't been laid since the previous Thursday night, and I was horny and hot. It seemed to me like my cock stayed hard 60% of the time or more. I considered looking at some porn and jacking off, but I decided to wait until Paula returned home on Friday. We would then have a sex-filled weekend. My plans were to keep her naked the entire weekend.

    I had just fixed a light dinner comprising a salad, some homemade potato soup, French bread, a piece of cheese cake and coffee when the phone rang.

    "Gordon speaking," I responded.

    "Hi, you sexy man. This is Tracy."

    "Hi, Tracy. Good to hear from you, and thanks."

    "For what?"

    "For calling this lonesome guy a sexy man. I needed that. Paula's gone on a vacation for a week."

    "I know. She told about it. That's why I'm calling. She said it would be all right. I'm guessing you're getting pretty horny by this time."

    "True... all too true."

    "Would you like some company tonight?"

    "To tell the truth, I've been thinking about calling you several times in the last couple of days."

    "You have... well, why didn't I get a phone call?"

    "Because Art's a good friend, and I couldn't bring myself to call."

    "For your information, Gordon, when I asked Art two days ago what he thought about my spending a night with you, he got hard. And I mean, really HARD! Since then, he's asked me three times when I'm going to spend the night with you. Does that sound like Art is jealous or has a problem with us having a little sex together?"

    "I guess it doesn't, but I wouldn't feel right."


    "I'm pretty certain that Paula is somewhere with a female friend of hers swimming, dining out, relaxing on a beach maybe. I don't think she's with a man. She sends me an e-mail every evening and there hasn't been one word of anything sexual or even a hint that anything sexual might be happening."

    "You've got to be joking, Gordon," Tracy said, giggling as she said it.

    "No, not at all. I asked Paula before she left if she was going to be having sex on her vacation, and she said 'Absolutely Not!' in just those words. She even joked about spending a relaxing week in a convent."

    "She was teasing you, Honey. Take my word for it. Your sexy wife is being laid more times than she can count this week. Now, what time would you like for me come over tonight?"

    More Parties at Hedonism III:

    After enjoying an excellent dinner in one of the restaurants at Hedonism, Ramon escorted Janet and I to one of several after-hours night clubs at the exotic resort. Unlike after-hours clubs in the States, at Hedonism, the level of sexual eroticism is several times higher.

    A topless waitress with huge breasts took our drink order making certain that she leaned over in front of Ramon so that her tits would be in easy reach. He hefted and squeezed both of her dangling globes. "Very nice," he said. Almost as large as my two ladies have."

    The waitress took one look at Janet and I, smiled, and said, "Lucky man. Your women are gorgeous." Both Janet and I beamed with pleasure.

    Ramon took a swallow of his scotch and soda, looked at us with undisguised lust, and asked, "So, were the two studs each of you selected good... or not? Janet?"

    "Fred and Max were great... two big cocks... lots of stamina... what's not to like?"

    "How about your two guys, Paula."

    "The same. David and Carl both fucked me twice. I think I got off eight times."

    "Good. And how did you find Fred and Max, Paula?"

    I smiled and said, "Are you asking me? Those were Janet's studs."

    "Sure they were, but are you going to tell me that those two randy studs didn't switch and fuck both of you before the afternoon was over?"

    We both laughed. "No, we're not going to tell you that, Honey," Janet answered. "They did switch. All four of those guys fucked us both, and they were all good... not as good as you... but good nevertheless."

    "I'm delighted that the two of you had a fun afternoon. So did I."

    "Really?" I said somewhat doubtful. "What did you do that was so much fun? You could have joined us those other studs. You would have been better any two of them."

    "Thank you, Paula. I just thought a change would excite all of us. While each of you were getting laid by those four guys, I was banging three sexy married ladies... not all at the same time, of course, but before I joined you, I had gotten into three very wet, very eager, and very hot pussies. I grant you that three is not as many as four, but it's harder for a man than for a woman... so in this case, I think three is at least equal to the four cocks you two enjoyed. Agreed?"

    I was surprised... no, actually, I was stunned. "Are you telling us that in four hours, you met, seduced, and fucked three different women who weren't together? So you had to individually seduce each one of them. All that in four hours?"

    "About four hours... yes. It isn't that difficult. If I had been trying to set records, I might have fucked four or five... but I wanted to take it slow and enjoy every second inside their eager cunts."

    I thought about what Ramon was saying and was having more than just a little difficulty believing him. "Ramon, you're sinfully handsome and have one of the two most awesome cocks I ever had, but still, I'm having trouble believing that you can meet, seduce, and screw a woman you've never seen before that quickly and that easily."

    "Ok. How about a little contest with a bet at stake?"

    "What kind of bet do you have in mind?"

    "Well, I haven't given it much thought. How about this? You and Janet pick out any woman here in the club... either escorted or by herself... doesn't matter. I'll bet you that I can meet her, persuade her and her escort, if she's with one, to join us, and within an hour, be fucking her. How's that?"

    "Frankly, that sounds impossible. What are the stakes?"

    "Oh... If you win, I pay your share of the hotel bill for the week. If I win, you agree to be part of the Cunt Bar and Bondage Party later this week. Is it a bet?"

    "What's a Cunt Bar and a Bondage Party?" I asked.

    "The place where you picked out the studs you enjoyed this afternoon was a Cock Bar. It's a place where studs here at Hedonism... some employees... some guests... make themselves available. A Cunt Bar is the same thing only the men select the cunts they want instead of the other way around. Understand?"

    "Yeah... so if I lose, I have to make myself available for selection at a Cunt Bar. I think I know what a bondage party is, and I'll be one of the women in bondage, right?"

    "Right. Want to chicken out of the bet," Ramon grinned.

    "No. Win or lose, it sounds like fun."

    "Ok. Why don't you and Janet make a quick tour of the club and select a woman... either alone or one with a single escort."

    After looking over all the women in the club for next 15 minutes or so, the choice was essentially a no-brainer. This gorgeous brunette, about 28 years old or so, was with her husband. I figured the presence of a husband rather than a pickup lover would pretty much do Ramon in. However, when I pointed out our choice, he just smiled and then laughed softly."

    "What's so funny?" I asked. "Are you going to concede the bet?"

    "Hardly. I was just laughing at your selection. This is going to be a slam dunk. Come on. We'll all go over."

    Ramon let the way to the couple's table, and standing right beside the brunette, he said, "I hope you don't mind my being so forward, but after all, it is Hedonism. I'm Ramon and these two attractive ladies are Janet and Paula."

    The man spoke first. "Well, we're delighted to meet the three of you. I'm Harvey and this is my wife Rita." He extended his hand, and Ramon shook it, but never took his eyes off of Rita. However, instead of staring at her half exposed tits or the wide expanse of thigh she was showing in her short skirt, he looked directly into her eyes. For a moment, she returned his gaze and then her eyes lowered to take in the huge bulge of Ramon's erection. It grew even larger under her gaze. I saw her tongue flick out and lick rapidly over her lips.

    Ramon stepped even closer to Rita so that his bulge was no more than a few inches from her eyes. "I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous your wife is, Harvey. Janet and Paula are interested in both of you. We have a large, private table in the back of the Club. We would love for you to join us."

    Rita spoke for the first time. "We'd love to." She stood up, moved closer to Ramon, and slipped her arm through his. "Lead the way, Ramon," she whispered softly. As she stepped away from the table, her large breasts brushed across Ramon's arm.

    When we reached our table, Ramon sat next to Rita, and Harvey took a seat on the other side of his wife. For her part, Rita was essentially ignoring her husband. For ten minutes or so, Janet and I talked with Harvey making certain to lean over enough to give him a good view of our cleavage. However, even as we did so, we were both stealing glances at Rita and Ramon. His right hand was beneath the table, and from the motion of his upper arm, I could tell he was moving it back and forth over Rita's leg. I wondered if he had his hand on her pussy yet.

    Although I had my leg pressed against Harvey's, he seemed far more interested in what Ramon and his wife were doing than in playing sexy games with Janet and me. Slowly, Rita's body began to slide lower in her chair as her ass moved closer and closer to the edge of the chair. The movements of Ramon's upper arm were becoming more rapid and pronounced.

    Rita's eyes closed at the same time as her mouth opened slightly allowing her tongue to slide sensuously over her lips. As Ramon continued to work on her, her body began to undulate. Her mouth opened wider. She began to moan softly. "Aahh... aahh... aahh... aahh"

    "My God, Rita!" Harvey exclaimed urgently. "What are you doing?"

    Rita's only answer was to moan. "ooohhhh... ooohhhh... ooohhh aaahhhh."

    "What's happening, Rita? My god, Rita, we're in a public place. What are you doing?" he repeated.

    Rita's eyes opened and she turned to face her husband. "Keep your voice down, Harvey. What's happening is what you've been trying to get me to do for the last year. Ramon's finger fucking your wife and rubbing her clit. But I know you want to watch, don't you?"

    "No...no I don't."

    Rita laughed. "Bull. You've been after me for a year to tease guys while you watch. Ramon, my husband wants to see what you're doing to me."

    "Not a problem. Sit on the table facing me, Rita."

    "Oh yes, you sexy man. Do me right in front of my husband. Let him watch."

    Quickly, Rita mounted the table facing Ramon. He pulled his chair closer, and she jerked her dress up to her hips and opened her legs.

    "Harvey, your wife seems to have forgotten her panties. Did you ask her to go out tonight without any?" Ramon asked as he pushed Rita's legs even further apart so that we all could see her naked cunt.

    "Yes, I did, but I didn't mean for her spread her legs like that. My god... dozens of men can see her pussy."

    "They can, and they're all loving it. Your wife has a delicious looking cunt, Harvey. In fact, it's so delicious, I'm going to eat it ... right here. Have you ever fantasized about seeing your wife cumming as other men watch?"

    Rita answered for him. "He has. Dozens of times. Pull your chair closer, Darling, and watch this hot stud make your wife cum right here on this table while everyone watches. Hurry, Ramon... do it to me... Make me cum!"

    Ramon thrust his head between her thighs and captured her excited pussy with his mouth. Even though I couldn't see, I knew from experience that his tongue was sliding up and down the entire length of Rita's slit... probing into her vagina each time it moved to her opening and then caressing her clit when it reached the top of her trench. Her hips arched up off the table as a hot moan escaped her lips. Men moved closer to our table.

    "Oh fuck yes, Ramon! Lick meeeeeee... Ah Ah Ah Oohhhhh... do it to meeeeeeeee," she howled.

    We could all see Ramon's head moving between the moaning brunette's thighs. Her hips humped spastically. Then, her ass rose off the table top and she hissed as her vagina and clitoris convulsed in an intense orgasm.

    "I'm about to cum... ooohhhh god... aaahhhh! Don't stop, Ramon... ooohh... don't stop... finish meeeee! AAAHHHH!! CUMMING... NOW!! I'M CUMMING!"


    After Rita had come down from her explosive orgasm, she moaned, "Fuck me, Ramon. Fuck me!"

    "I intend to, but not here. Let's go to our room."

    The five of us hurried to elevators. Once inside, Ramon had Rita's tits out and her green dress up around her waist. By the time the elevator doors had closed, she was leaning back against him with one of his hands cupping her tits and the other one stroking her throbbing clitoris and sliding in and out of her pussy. Harvey couldn't take his eyes off of Ramon's fingers as they invaded his wife's vagina. We could easily see his pants moving as his dick throbbed inside his pants.

    Once inside our room, Ramon got Rita onto the large bed and began stripping off her clothes. We did the same to Harvey on a large sectional couch that faced the bed. His five-inch penis was absolutely iron-hard and rigid. He was too busy watching his wife being stripped to do the honors for Janet and me... so we removed our own clothes, except for our heels, of course.

    With a gorgeous, willing, and naked woman on each side of him, you would have thought that Harvey would lose interest in watching his wife. Not so. He even leaned forward on the couch to get a closer view of the action on the bed.

    When his naked wife began to remove Ramon's clothes, Harvey gasped, "What are you doing, Rita? We agreed that you would just flash and tease the men, not fuck them."

    Without taking her eyes off of Ramon's monstrous 11-inch, thick cock, Rita replied, "I never agreed to that, Darling. That was your idea... just like it was your idea for me to go without panties wearing a short skirt. It's always been your idea that I went along with just to please you... that is, until tonight. Now, it's my idea to please me. But look at the bright side, Honey. You're be able to watch what you've been fantasizing about for years."

    "Are you really going to fuck him?" Harvey moaned.

    "Come over here, Harvey. Just look at Ramon's huge cock. Have you ever seen anything so huge and so beautiful?"

    "My god," Harvey gasped when he saw the size of Ramon's dick that his wife was now licking.

    "Oh yes, Honey. It's just huge. It's 11 inches... that's more than twice the length of your little penis. And just look at how thick it is... at least twice as thick as yours."

    "Ooohhh fuck... that cock is twice as big as mine," Harvey moaned.

    "Oh fuck is exactly what Ramon and I are going to do, Honey... and he's not twice as big as you... the sheer volume of Ramon's shaft is eight times more than your small penis. Just look up the formula for the volume of a cylinder, Dear."

    "You're really going to fuck him?"

    "No... Of course not, Harvey. I'm not going to fuck Ramon... Ramon's going to fuck me... he's going to fuck my brains out, and you can watch him doing it. If it gets too stressful for you to watch, I'm sure Paula and Janet will do something to take your mind off the fact that your wife is getting the fucking of her life."

    Ramon rolled Rita onto her back, lifted her legs, and moved his hips into her sex saddle. She moaned and tilted her pelvis to put her vagina into position for Ramon to insert his hard shaft. When the big shaft pressed against the entrance to her vagina, she gasped with a mixture of fear and hot pleasure Ramon exerted even more pressure forcing the lips of her pussy to spread and allow the bloated head to slip between her labia.

    "AAAaaahhhh god... You're just fucking huge, Honey. Go easy with me at first.... Please."

    Ramon backed his cock out of her sex trench and took a bottle of Astroglide out of the drawer of the side table. After first squirting a generous amount over his cock, he lubricated Rita's labia and vaginal opening. Next, the neck of the small bottle was pushed inside her pussy. Ramon squeezed the bottle three more times.

    "You're more than ready now, Rita. Don't worry... the pain, if any, will be very small and once I've got my cock buried deep inside your cunt, you won't stop cumming."

    Again, Ramon mounted Harvey's wife and worked his cock between her pussy lips. This time, there was virtually no resistance. Centering his cock at her opening, he pushed and three inches of thick cock stretched Rita's pussy open and slid smoothly into her depths.

    "AAAhhhhh Fuck! What a cock! So fucking big!!" she screeched as she thrust her hips against the invading prick.

    "STOP! STOP!" Harvey screamed.

    "Shut up, Harvey," Rita growled. "If you can't stand to watch what you've been trying to get me to do for a year, then leave."

    "But he's not wearing a condom. You know you're fertile at this time of the month, and you're not using any birth control measures since I've had a vasectomy."

    "I want to feel Ramon's naked cock up my cunt, Harvey, and he wants to feel my pussy throbbing and contracting around his dick. Come on, Lover. Forget him. Fuck me... fuck me hard and deep."

    "At least tell him to pull out before he shoots so you won't get pregnant," Harvey pleaded.

    "That's up to him, Dear. Ramon's in charge of the fucking. Now shut up or leave. I don't want to hear another word out of you. OOOohhhhhh fuck! It's going in deeper, Honey... I love it... I LOVE IT! FUCK ALL OF IT INTO ME... HARD AND DEEP."

    It took Ramon no more than a minute to work all 11 inches of cock up Rita's throbbing sex hole. Her entire body was already shuddering in a climax from the exquisite sensation of having her cunt stretched by the huge dick.

    "UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! Oh Fuck it... fuck meeeeeeeeeee!!"

    Janet and I began sucking Harvey's cock. He was only five inches and not very thick, but he was hard as iron. He was also so turned on from watching Ramon's monster cock disappearing inside his wife's pussy, that he shot off in Janet's mouth in less than a minute. Rita's husband didn't have much in the cock department as far as size went, but he had great recovery powers. His dick didn't even get soft after he had cum inside Janet's mouth. She moved away, and I began sucking him.

    My view of the bed was cut off once my face was buried in Harvey's groin, but I could hear the bed springs squeaking loudly every time Ramon thrust his cock into Rita, and each time it thudded into the bottom of her hole, she shrieked loudly in hot pleasure. Very quickly, Ramon's thick shaft made her cum again. When she howled in the throes of her orgasm, Harvey's penis jerked wildly inside my mouth. He managed to hold back his orgasm until his wife cried out in another orgasm moments later. This time, his dick jerked spastically shooting out several thick streams of semen.

    When I pulled away from Harvey after swallowing his load, Janet immediately took over. His eyes were still on the bed where Ramon now had his wife in doggy position. Three inches of Ramon's cock was sunk into Rita's pussy with the rest slowly disappearing from sight as it entered her.

    A moment later, Ramon's balls slapped against her clitoris... then he began to fuck her with hard, deep, rapid thrusts. Her tits swung back and forth in response to the hard cock being driven repeatedly into her vagina. Her hot grunts of passion filled the room.

    "Oh my god! I'm cumming again, Ramon. Ram me, Baby. Oh shit... I can't stop cumming on your cock... I LOVE IT! SCREW ME, LOVER!" she howled.

    For 10 minutes, Ramon continued to fuck Harvey's wife. She came again and again. Her fists clutched the bedcovers and twisted them into tight balls each time her clit and vagina convulsed in another orgasm. Finally, Ramon leaned over her body and whispered, "I'm about to shoot, Rita. Can't hold it much longer. Shall I pull out. Your choice... but tell me quick!"

    "Shoot it up my cunt, you big-dicked stud. Pump me full, Lover. Aaaahhhh god... I'm gonna cum again... never, ever had it like this.... Don't you dare pull your dick out of me... SHOOT IT INNNNNNNNNN!!"

    "Oh shit... he's gonna cum inside my wife's pussy," Harvey moaned. "He'll get her pregnant."

    "Very pregnant, Honey... very pregnant! Watch his ass, Harvey. When you see him fucking her with hard, short strokes and his buttocks clenching, you'll know he's shooting his huge load up your wife's cunt... getting her pregnant... watch now, Baby. He's about to cum!" I whispered hotly in Harvey's ear.

    Ramon rammed his cock all the way into Rita's hole and planted right up against her womb. His buttocks contracted hard.

    "Oh my god! He's cumming in my wife's pussy... He's shooting inside her... getting her pregnant!" Harvey screamed in a shrill voice.

    "Watch his ass, Honey. Every time it contracts another huge gush of sperm-filled semen is shooting into your wife's cunt."

    Ramon fucked Harvey’s wife until she was convulsing in
    one hard orgasm after another. As Rita’s pussy and clit
    throbbed, she screamed for him to
    cum inside her cunt.

    After what looked like a dozen ejaculations inside Rita's pussy, Ramon slowly pulled his spent sex gun out of her widely stretched hole. It closely partially, but not completely. Rita remained in doggy position. She was still gasping from her intense, repeated orgasms. As we watched, a thick, viscous stream of Ramon's semen poured out of her cum-filled hole, ran down her slit until it covered her clitoris. From there, it formed a long cum-rope that extended toward the bed.

    Ramon kept Rita in bed for another hour, fucking her twice more and shooting loads into her pussy each time. After that, she said she was exhausted and needed to leave.

    To his credit, Harvey had gotten it up twice more and had fucked both Janet and me. Although his dick was only five inches, it was hard as a rock, and he knew how to use it. Every time he pumped it into me, he kept it pressed against my clit. Before his load filled me, I had cum three times. After a short rest, he did the same thing to Janet.

    The Cunt Bar:

    The next morning, Ramon fucked both of us before calling down for a room service breakfast. Naturally, he asked that Moray be our server. Unfortunately, he was occupied with someone else. When the Bell Captain strongly recommended Felipe, Ramon said, “Send him up.”

    Felipe arrived no more than 15 minutes later with a delicious breakfast and a very hard dick. After he had laid out our elaborate breakfast on the dining table, Ramon took a seat and began to enjoy the food. When Janet and I started to take a seat at the table, Ramon stopped us and had both of us bend over the back of the chair facing the table. Neither of us got a bite to eat until Felipe had finished giving us both a very hard and very thorough fucking.

    At 10:30 that morning, we were relaxing beneath a large beach umbrella on one of the two nude beaches at Hedonism. Ramon demanded that Janet and I lie on our backs with our knees steepled and our legs open so that everyone had an excellent view of our clean-shaven and naked pussies. He took a position between on his back with his 11-inch erection thrusting upward.

    For an hour, several dozen men enjoyed the sight of our exposed pussies. At least that many women came over to check out Ramon's monster dick. Most of them moved close, spread their feet apart, and sensuously stroked their clits in an open invitation. Everyone of the women gave Ramon their room number.

    When we returned to our hotel room around noon, we were all so turned on that we didn't make it down to lunch until after 2 PM. Ramon was a machine screwing us again and again. When he did unload inside one of us, he would use his tongue to pleasure us until he regained an erection, which never took him more than 10 minutes. Ramon fucked me so many times in those three hours that I again had the feeling of déjà vu ... I was again back in Luis Mendez's bed in Santiago being fucked senseless by that raging satyr.


    Having lost the bet the previous day, Ramon was insistent that I volunteer to be part of the "Cunt Bar" that evening. Naturally, they were delighted to have another pussy to display. I was assigned a number and went backstage to find my cubicle where I was expected to display my body to all the interested men and women in the audience. Anyone interested in enjoying me that evening would place a bid with the "Bartender", and at 10 PM, the successful bidders would be announced. After paying the "Bartender" for their purchase, they could collect the woman for whom they had successfully bid.

    Not surprisingly, there were fewer women in the Cunt Bar than there had been men earlier in the week at the Cock Bar. Consequently, with fewer women available and more buyers interested, the bids were substantially higher for the women than Ramon had had to pay for the four guys Janet and I had enjoyed.

    Before we entered our assigned booths, we were all checking out our competition wondering which one of us would fetch the highest bids. Whoever did, won first prize, which was 25% of the total bidding pool. The second place finisher received 15%. The rest of the money went to Hedonism.

    ----------------------------------The Cunt Bar----------------------------------------------

    Jasmine was a dark-skinned Indian woman with an awesomely beautiful body... long sexy legs and very nice 34C breasts. She wore sexy thigh-high stockings, 4-inch heels, a green G-string around her hips and over her pussy with a matching push-up bra that shoved her tits up and out. Her G-string was so small that it was obvious that she either shaved or had only a very narrow strip of trimmed bush on her mound.

    Laura was a redhead. She wore an outfit very similar to Jasmine's. Her thigh-high stockings were matched by stilettos with five-inch heels. She wore a black thong without a bra. Her breasts appeared to be about 34C, like Jasmine's, but her biggest assets were her hot legs and shaved cunt.

    Maxine was somewhat overweight, but a lot of the men loved her voluptuous look. She just seemed to ooze sex. Her teddy, skimpy thong, matching dark hose and garter straps that framed her full ass, and her spike heels had some of the men staring.

    When Maxine bent over exposing her big, hot ass, I could see some of the men stroking their dicks.

    I thought my stiffest competition would be from Helen. All she wore were patterned dark, thigh-high stockings with five-inch, platform heels and a pink thong. Her big 36D tits were naked. Her thong was so tiny, her shaved pussy was essentially exposed. I had no doubt that once inside her cubicle, she would remove her thong and show off her sexy ass and pussy to all the men.

    The last booth was mine. At the start, I was wearing a fishnet bra that exposed both of my nipples, a matching, cream-colored thong, black garter belt, fishnet stockings, and black, platforms with five-inch heels.

    Halfway through the Cunt Bar exhibition, I planned to strip naked and show off my body. Unless the other women also stripped, that should give me enough of an edge to win.

    From 8:30 PM until 10:00 PM, I alternated between posing in my see-through, fishnet outfit and posing naked except for my heels. To enhance my chances, every time I saw a man checking me out, I smiled, opened my legs even wider, and spread my pussy for his viewing pleasure. Most men squeezed their cocks in return. If one or more of the men continued to check me out, I slowly slipped a finger into my pussy for them.

    At five minutes past 10 PM, the door to my cubicle opened, and two handsome black men were standing there beside the man acting as "bartender" for the resort. "Well, Paula, congratulations are in order. You've won the competition and 25% of the amount bid has been added to your account with the bursar's office. You can collect it when you check out."

    "Can I ask how much it will be?"

    "Sure, but I'm not allowed to tell you. Just check with the bursar tomorrow, and they will have the figures. I can tell you that it will be about $1,000, but that's the best I can do. Now, these two gentleman are Ray and Dexter. They placed the winning bid for your services tonight, so I'll leave the three of you to get better acquainted."

    Both black men were strikingly handsome. Ray was about 6' 3" or so with a slender, but well-built body, and an attractive face. His smile was half friendly, half lusty. Dexter was shorter, maybe six feet even with a very muscular body. Tats adorned his upper biceps, and every time he moved, muscles rippled across his chest and arms. Although not as classical handsome as Ray, he was exuded masculine confidence and virility. The two of them hadn't said a word yet, but my pussy was already getting wetter.

    "Shall we go?" Ray said.

    "Whatever you say, Honey. The two of you are in charge. Do you want me to change into something less revealing? Where are we going?"

    "Back to our hotel suite. We're both dying to get you into bed."

    "Sounds like fun to me. Do you mind if I call the couple I'm with and tell them where I'll be so that they won't worry?"

    "Of course not. Our suite number is 608."

    Ramon picked up on the first ring. "Hi, Paula. Congratulations. I hear you won. I really didn't have any doubts. Is every thing all right?"

    "Oh yes. I just called to tell you that I'll be in suite 608 entertaining the two guys who placed the winning bid on me... I'm not sure, but there are two of them and they're already hard if their bulging pants are an indication... Don't expect me back until tomorrow morning sometime." Ray and Dexter both grinned when they heard me tell Ramon that.


    I had hands all over my butt, my tits, and between my thighs all the way up to their suite. In the elevator, Ray was kissing me while Dexter humped his erection against my ass and squeezed my tits. As soon as we were inside their suite, things moved very fast.

    "God, I love that outfit you're wearing," Dexter said in a near groan. "Turn around and bend over, Paula."

    Grinning, I turned my back to the two men and bent over at the waist. "Further," Dexter ordered. "Rest your head on the bar stool and reach down and grab your calf. Arch that hot ass, Baby. Let us see it."

    "What an ass! God! Your legs are incredible. Hoist one of them up on the bar stool and shove that hot ass back this way, Honey," Dexter growled. With my skimpy thong lodged between my ass cheeks and deep inside my cuntal slit, both men had a great view of my ass and pussy when I assumed the position Dexter wanted.

    "Oh fuck!" Ray gasped as he and Dexter rapidly stripped out of their clothes. "Turn around, Paula. Pull your thong aside and rub your clit, Honey. Make it throb for us." I obeyed and was close to an orgasm in less than a minute.

    "Ooohhh fuck, Ray... I'm about to cum," I moaned as my fingers rotated over my engorged and throbbing clitoris.

    "Don't!" Dexter shouted. "Don't cum on your fingers... we want you cumming on our cocks, tongues, and fingers."

    With difficulty, I removed my fingers from my throbbing clit. Immediately, Ray moved forward and replaced my hand with his own. As his fingers sought out my erect clit and began masturbating me, Dexter moved behind me and jerked down my bra releasing my tits. Once he had my bra down, his hand moved back up and captured my left nipple. At the same time, Ray leaned forward and closed his mouth over my right one. I shrieked with hot pleasure.

    Dexter yanked my bra off and tossed it into the corner. Black hands covered both of my tits, squeezing and twisting the nipples. "UUnnnggg... aaahhh... fuckk... not so hard... aaaahhhhhhh!"

    "Get on your knees, Bitch. Jack us both off. Lick our dicks," Ray snapped.

    Kneeling between them, I hefted Ray's huge 10-inch dick and then sucked it. A moment later I turned to Dexter and pumped his eight-inch thick shaft. Holding both organs, I moved back and forth between them... sucking and licking them in turn.

    "Stand up , Paula," Dexter commanded. I obeyed without a moment’s hesitation. "Now, bend over and suck me!" he ordered. "Stick that hot ass up in the air for Ray to use."

    I held his thick eight-inch dick around the base as best I could and lowered my mouth over his throbbing shaft. "OOOohhhhh fuck yes!," he hissed. "Suck my dick, Baby. Suck it, you hot Slut!" I knew I should be insulted by them calling me a slut or a bitch, but all it did was make my pussy throb even harder.

    "Get her panties off, Ray," Dexter moaned as he pumped his prick in and out of my mouth. Behind me, I felt Ray kneel and begin working my thong over my ass and then down my hips. When they were around my ankles, I raised my heels, one at a time, and Ray removed my panties. An instant later, they were in the corner of the room along with my discarded bra.

    After posing exotically for my two hot black studs,
    Ray and Dexter stripped off my bra and thong
    and had my cunt throbbing on their fingers.

    Dexter was now ramming his cock down my throat as saliva poured out the corners of my mouth since it was impossible for me to swallow with his thick shaft plugging my mouth. Behind me, I felt Ray rubbing his big cock up and down the length of my slit... Then, he centered it... I gasped... pushed back... moaning. He swabbed up and down the length of my trench again bringing even more groans from me. Once more, I felt the big head against the opening to my cunt. Frantically, I hunched back against him trying to get his cock into my hole.


    "MMmmmm uummppfffff!!"

    "I think she's trying to say 'yes'." Ray held my hips and drove his 10-inch cock into me. "UUnnngghhhh... ooommmpppffff!!!"

    "Fuck the hot Bitch," Dexter yelled as he mouth fucked me harder and deeper.

    I felt my hips being jerked backwards as Ray rammed forward. All 10 inches of cock surged up my eager hole. "Fuck! She's taking it all... all 10 inches!" Ray grunted in amazement. As he watched his big cock sliding in and out of me all the way to his balls on every thrust, his dick jerked hard inside my hole... growing larger and thicker.

    ""Oh shit...what a cunt! Man, you won't believe how tight and hot she is, Dex. Just wait till your get your johnson into this fuck hole."

    I thought that Dexter would cum inside my mouth, but Ray's recommendation about my pussy persuaded him to use my cunt for his first load. "You gonna shoot a load into her, Ray?"

    "Not yet... enjoying it too much. You want to use her cunt hole now?"

    As Ray pulled out of me, he said, "Turn around, Baby. Arch that sexy ass and let Dex get his whang into your pussy. Suck me while he's fucking you." I turned around and took 8 inches of Ray's cock down my throat. He was pulling back for his next thrust when Dexter impaled my pussy with his sex spike. He wasn't as long as Ray, but his thickness really stretched the walls of my vagina sending electric shocks of pleasure ripping up and down the length of my tightly plugged vagina. I began to cum... one throbbing orgasm after another.

    Again and again, the two black cocks fucked me. Ray's prick was now all the way down my throat, his balls slapped my chin on every thrust. Dexter was burying his thick rod into my widely stretched pussy each time he entered me. Between the two of them, I was surging from one orgasm to another.

    "Oh fuckkkk... can't hold it... gonna shoot!" Dexter howled. I felt his big dick swelling even larger. It began to pulse inside me. His buttocks contracted twice in rapid succession and two thick loads of semen belched into my hole filling it to capacity. "I'm cumming in her! Shooting her cunt full of my load!" Dexter screamed... half with hot masculine pride... half with the intense pleasure of feeling a throbbing vagina milking his balls. Dexter's prick continued to ejaculate until a pool of semen covered the floor directly beneath my ass.

    As soon as Dexter pulled his still semi-hard dick out of my pussy, Ray also withdrew his shaft from my throat. He quickly moved me over to a large sectional couch and put me on my back. "Pull your legs up in the air, Paula," he growled. Bending my legs at the knee, I pulled them back until my knees were just outside my tits. Ray still wasn't satisfied. "Higher, Damn it! Get your legs all the way back against the back of the couch so I can see both your cunt and ass holes," he ordered.

    As soon as I was in position, Dexter moved beside me and slapped my face with his cock. I had just wrapped my hand around it when Ray moved his hips into my gaping sex saddle and thrust nine of his ten inches of meat into my hole.

    "UUggghhh! Oh shit... that's so fucking big!" I moaned.

    He pulled back and rammed me again. This time, all 10 inches thudded into my womb. My vagina throbbed helplessly around the invading shaft. "Jack my dick," Dexter groaned. I tried to follow his instructions, but it was very difficult to do with Ray monster organ pounding relentlessly in and out of my erupting pussy.

    "Oooohh yessss... fuck me, Ray. Ram me with that big black cock, Lover. AAAahhhh... yessss....Yes! YES!!"

    Ray had not yet had an orgasm. Without being told, I knew when he came, he was going to flood me. Suddenly, his cock began to jerk. It throbbed hard. His buttocks clenched, and his load fired into me. Gush after gush of semen poured from the end of his dick against my womb, coating it, and again filling my vagina.

    "AAahhhh fuck! I'm about to cum... keep fucking me, Ray.... just a little more... please... Please... don't stop... don't stop, you hot bastard!"

    Ray's dick continued to shoot small jets of semen into me as his dick pounded my ass deep into the couch. My body began to shudder... I screamed. "OOHHHHH FUCK! I'M GONNA SQUIRT.... PULL OUT OF MEEEEEE!"

    Ray jerked his rod out of my erupting hole. My vagina contracted in an intense spasm as my juices squirted straight up into the air. One hot spastic contraction after another surged through me. I couldn't stop moaning and wailing. Shortly after I had squirted in hard contractions, Ray's huge load began to flow out of my pussy in a wide river of thick, white semen.


    After resting for a couple of hours, we got onto the bed with the men on their backs, and me bending over their cocks. Jacking one guy off, I sucked the other cock until the entire shaft was buried in my throat. Alternating back and forth, it only took me five minutes or so to have both of them hard as rocks.

    I was sucking Dexter thick prick when Ray decided it was ass fucking time. Pulling his dick out of my hand, he moved behind me and planted his feet on the bed just outside of my hips. Rising up over me, Ray bent his dick down until the head was lodged against my sphincter. My highly lubricated ass opened easily to the pressure of his cock allowing the head to sink into my bowels.

    "AAaahhhhhh... You're inside my ass, you hot Stud."

    He pushed another five inches of his rod into my rectum bringing howls of pleasure from my lungs. "ooohhh god... you're so fucking big. Have I got it all," I asked hopefully.

    "Hell no, Baby. There's another five inches of dick still to go."

    "Ooohhh... I don't think I can take... OOOEEEEIIIIIIIIII... GGHHAAAAAAAA... YOU'RE FUCKING IT ALL THE WAY INTO MEEEEEEEEE!!!" I howled as 10 inches of black cock entered my ass.

    Ray fucked me like a hot whore for five minutes. I came explosively when I felt his balls slapping against my pussy. "The hot Bitch is cumming," Ray announced. "Her pussy is throbbing like crazy."

    "Let me get into her cunt. Lay on your back, Ray, with her ass sitting your cock. Then pull her legs back, and we'll fuck her cunt and ass at the same time." When I was mounted on Ray's body in reverse cowgirl position, he pulled my legs back to expose my cunt.

    Dexter moved between my thighs and centered his sex gun right at my vaginal opening. When I felt the cock head touch my pussy, my ass arched high presenting my cunt to him. He nailed his cock into me. Masculine grunts of pleasure and sensuous female shrieks filled the air.

    Both Ray and Dexter screwed me seven or eight times
    that night. After my 15th orgasm, I lost count.

    A Beach Party:

    It was 9:00 AM before I returned to our hotel room. When I entered, I saw Janet's legs high in the air where they were jerking back every time Ramon rammed his cock up her pussy. She was shrieking with hot pleasure, and Ramon was grunting almost as loudly.

    After he had brought Janet to another climax, he rolled from between her legs and said, "Get naked, Paula!" It didn't even occur to me to protest. A couple of minutes later, I was as naked as Janet, and the two of us were lying side-by-side on the bed with our legs wide open. Ramon kept us both naked until well after 1 PM. I don't know how many times he shot off inside Janet, but by the time he let us out of bed, I had three of his loads inside me... two in my pussy and one in my ass.

    After having lunch in one of the restaurants, Ramon took us back to one of the other nude beaches on the island. Reaching this particular beach required that we take a motor launch to the area. We were each wearing a beach robe, but Ramon insisted that we take it off during the boat ride. Since we were naked underneath our robes, the three-man crew of the launch were all treated to a sexy show on the trip.

    With both Janet and I teasing the crew unmercifully, one big, heavy-set guy had had all of our cockteasing that he intended to take. He took me aft and told me bluntly to lie down on the rear deck and spread my legs. When I continued to tease him, he said, "Either lie down and spread Bitch or I'll toss you overboard." I didn't think he would actually do it, but my pussy was throbbing at the thought. In a flash, I was lying on the deck with one leg up on the railing, the other dangling over the side.

    "Damn... you are one hot-looking, sexy woman," he gasped as his face plunged between my thighs. His tongue speared into my sex trench and moved upward to my clitoris. The guy wasn't much in the looks department, but he knew how to eat a woman's pussy. He had me howling in less than a minute and cumming in less than two.

    After he had gotten me off twice, he moved his hips between my legs, socked himself firmly into my sex saddle so that there was no possibility that I might dislodge him, and drove his thick, six-inch cock up my cunt. I was still throbbing from my second orgasm when he entered me, and I screeched with hot pleasure as his thick shaft spread my hole open and thrust into me. I had another orgasm almost as soon as he entered me, and then one more when he was cumming.

    After reaching our destination, Janet and I spread out our beach towels while Ramon set up the two, large beach umbrellas. For thirty minutes, we sunned ourselves making certain to give Ramon and the launch crew excellent views of our bodies.

    The three guys on the launch crew were all hard. Whenever I "accidentally" spread my legs, they began stroking their cocks. Janet was getting every bit as much attention from the crew and from other men on the beach as I was.

    I was surprised that Raman managed to contain his lust for 30 minutes before mounting one of us. He had spent the night inside Janet's holes, so decided to fuck me first. Shoving my legs back, he entered my pussy and brought me to an intense climax before pulling out and pushing his dick into my ass. It took him several minutes to work his entire length into me, but once he was buried, he gave it to me hard, fast, and deep. I came again before he pumped me full.

    After Ramon had moved over to Janet's beach blanket and started licking her pussy, the two guys who had not fucked me on the launch took their turns inside my pussy and ass. Each man used both of my holes. One shot off inside my vagina, the other in my ass.

    When both men had finished screwing me, I fell asleep. It must have been nearly an hour before Janet's deep moans awakened me. I assumed that Ramon was fucking her, but it was a couple of the guys from the launch crew and a black guy who must have already been here on the beach because I didn't recognize him. When I looked over, the black was mounted on Janet driving his long phallus in and out of her pussy while the two crew members were jacking off as they watched and waited their turn.

    The black guy had Janet's legs shoved up and back. The position put her cunt into perfect position for him, and he was taking full advantage. I couldn't take my eyes off his thick, black shaft as it pumped her pussy. Janet was moaning continuously. Every time his cock drove hard into her womb, she emitted a high-pitched, passionate shriek of hot pleasure.


    The black stud’s ass started hammering her cock into Janet’s pussy like he was driving nails. Janet howled even louder. Her lover began gasping as his buttocks contracted.

    “I’m cumming in your cunt, you hot Slut. Take my load!”

    “Oh Yeah! Fuck it into meeee! Aaaahhhh!” Janet screeched as the man’s load fired into her throbbing hole.

    As soon as the black guy withdrew his wet, semi-hard shaft from Janet’s pussy, it was immediately filled by one of the two guys from the boat crew. The black lowered his powerful body onto my blanket and stared at my large breasts and naked cunt from with a small stream of Ramon’s semen was still seeping out. As Janet gasped and moaned in the background, the black stud looked at me, smiled and spoke in Spanish.

    “Hola, Miel. Soy Carlos. Usted es increíblemente atractivo. Voy a joderle.”

    “Hi Carlos. I’m Paula. That’s about all I could understand. I don’t speak much Spanish.”

    “Hello, Paula. I just told you that you’re very sexy and incredibly attractive and that I’m going to fuck you.”

    “So soon after you just finished fucking Janet?”

    “Sensuous naked women with freshly fucked cunts always get me hard very quickly.”

    Carlos moved over me, and with no conscious thought, my legs opened to receive him. The second member of the boat crew sank his cock into Janet’s pussy at the same time as Carlos filled mine.


    A half hour later, Carlos had finished screwing me and left while his load was flowing from my still pulsing vagina. Sitting up, I scanned the beach for Ramon. It didn't take long to locate him. He was kneeling in front of a couple who were enjoying the sun and white sand under their beach umbrella about 100 feet down the beach and maybe 50 feet further from the water than Janet and I. Even from my position, I could see that Ramon's cock was fully erect. The man's wife was staring at it, obviously mesmerized by its huge size and iron-hard rigidity. She grasped it, and I saw the shock spread across her face when she realized that she couldn't encircle its girth.

    From my own experience when I first saw Ramon's dick, I knew that her pussy was throbbing and wet from the sight and feel of his throbbing, hard cock and that her clitoris was fully erect and swollen. I had to get closer so I could hear what they were saying.

    The woman's husband was so intent on watching his wife and Ramon, he never noticed me when I approached, spread out my blanket and laid down 25 feet away from them. The woman was oblivious to every thing except Ramon's huge cock. She was now licking it and still trying to get her hand all the way around his shaft when I heard her husband pleading with her.

    "My god, Lou Ann! What are you doing? He's a complete stranger. Stop feeling of his penis, Lou Ann. For god's sake! We're on a public beach. Why are behaving like this?? Stop it!"

    "Oh Honey, please don't be like that. Come over here... come closer... yes... that's better. Just look at the size of his cock, Phil! Have you ever seen a penis as big as this... oh my god, Phil. Look! My hand doesn't come close to going all the way around it! Ooohhh fuck... Isn't it just magnificent!"

    "Yeah... it's big, and no, I haven't seen one that big before, but so what? It's just a cock. I don't like you fondling another man's penis in public like that. It's ... it's... just not right."

    "Please, Honey. He's a stranger... No one will ever know. We'll never see him again, and you know how we've always fantasized about you watching a guy with a huge dick fucking me. Well.... he's got the biggest, most pussy-wetting dick I've ever seen. Come closer... watch me try to suck him."

    "NO! Don't. Please don't suck his dick, Lou Ann... Please! ... ... Oh my god! You're sucking his cock... oooohhh god."

    I heard Lou Ann’s gurgling groan as she vainly tried to engulf more than a few inches of Ramon's throbbing shaft. As she tried to force her mouth further down his big shaft, her fingers were working frantically over her clitoris. "MMMmmmppppffff... ooommmpppffff... aaahhh god! I can't suck more than a few inches of his cock, Phil... I can take all of your five inches, but I can't get more than three inches of his dick in my mouth."

    "All right... you've sucked him. You can say that you've sucked a huge dick. Now please stop, and let's go, Lou Ann."

    "I can't ... I just can't go, Phil. I want him... please... I'll make it up to you. I promise. You know how you're always begging me to let you cum inside my mouth and to let you have anal sex... If you let him fuck me, I promise that I'll never say no again. You can fuck my ass and cum in my mouth anytime you want... Please, Honey. Can I fuck him?"

    "My god, Lou Ann! Be reasonable. He'll stretch your pussy so much you won't even be able to feel me inside you afterwards. I don't want him to fuck you. Let's go."

    Lou Ann wasn't listening to Phil any longer. She rammed her mouth back down Ramon's shaft and this time managed to suck in six inches. From the bulge in her throat, it was obvious that at least one inch was down her throat. Her thumb worked her clit in hard, rapid strokes as two fingers plunged in and out of her throbbing vagina. Suddenly, she exploded in an intense orgasm. She jerked her mouth off Ramon's prick. Instantly, her passionate wail filled the air.


    "All right... you've cum ... now can we go? Please, Lou Ann."

    I grinned when I heard Ramon speak. "That's nothing compared to way she's going to cum when my cock is inside your wife's cunt, Phil."

    "AAhhhh god! Aaahhhh god! Did you hear that, Phil... and my pussy is still throbbing like crazy, but its nothing compared to the way his big prick is going to make me cum!!! I've got to have it, Phil. I'VE JUST GOT TO HAVE IT!! If you can't handle watching, then take a walk down the beach for an hour or so. After he's finished fucking me, we can go."

    "You're really going to fuck him?" Phil gasped in disbelief.

    "No, Darling. He's going to fuck me... and he's going to make your wife cum harder than she's ever cum. Please stay and watch him screwing me. We'll have so much fun fantasizing about this later in bed. You know you want to watch this monster cock fucking me. Your cock is as hard as I've ever seen it. It must be close to six inches now. Watch him fuck me, Darling. Jack your cock and shoot when he cums inside me."

    Lou Ann laid back on the blanket raised her legs. Ramon moved closer. She spread wide open and pulled her pussy open with her fingers. Her ass was already hunching in hot fuck motions. A stream of precum hung from the tip of Ramon's raging cock. The big purple head was bloated with lust for Lou Ann's hot hole. He moved between her thighs. Automatically, Phil changed his position so he could see Ramon's dick entering his wife's vagina.

    "UUNGGGHHH! OOHHH MY GOD! HE'S HUGE! Go easy, Lover. I want all of it, but take it slowly. Yess... oohhhh fuck... yesss.... He's in me, Phil. Get closer so you can see his big dick stretching your wife's hole... aaaahhhh ... fuck! It feels fantastic! Put more cock into me now, Lover... slowly ... please."

    Ramon pumped the gasping woman a few times sinking only three inches into her on each thrust. "OOOHHHH MY GOD! I'M CUMMING ON HIS COCK, PHIL.... AAAHHHHHHHH... SHIT... I'M CUMMINGGGGGGG!!!"

    In spite of himself, Phil was now jacking off frantically. I doubted that he would last another minute. He must have realized it too, because suddenly, he stopped the motion of his hand and pressed his thighs together to prevent an explosive ejaculation. Ramon fed another inch of cock into Lou Ann's climaxing vagina.

    Lou Ann's face was now contorted into a mask of hot lust. Her hips rammed upward to receive the male shaft every time Ramon gave it to her. Each time the dick entered her, she howled with delight. Again and again, her ass hole opened and closed in response to the hot throbbing of her tightly plugged cunt.

    Ramon was now sinking seven inches of cock into Lou Ann on each thrust. "Is it all it, yet?" she gasped as seven thick inches again thrust into her eager vagina.

    "Not hardly, Lou Ann. Still four more inches of cock to go."

    "Oh gawd damn... oohh gawd damn... fuck it into meeeeee... give it to me... I'm almost there... Can you see his big cock in me, Phil. Look how it opens me up... and he's still gonna put four more inches of that thing into my hot hole... aaahhhhhhhhh.... I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! I'M GONNA CUM!" she shouted.

    "She's cumming! HE'S MAKING MY WIFE CUM!" Phil shouted as he pumped his penis hard and fast, never taking his eyes off the big dick sinking in and out of his wife's cunt.

    Ramon continued to work his prick deeper and deeper into the screaming woman. Finally, his balls slapped against her ass and 11 inches of cock filled her hole. Her womb had been pushed up and back to make room for the huge shaft that now had Lou Ann screaming continuously. Ramon drove his cock all the way into Lou Ann on every stroke. She gave a loud grunt every time he bottomed out.

    As soon as he started to fuck her hard and fast, her arms and legs came up and gripped him. Her ass humped frantically trying to get him as deep as possible inside her vagina. Lou Ann was gasping in near continuous orgasms. Phil's prick exploded in his hand and shot thick streams of semen all over their blanket and surrounding beach.

    Suddenly Ramon pulled his engorged, throbbing shaft out of Lou Ann’s cunt. Instantly, Lou Ann’s pussy contracted in hard, repeated spasms. Each spasm made the howling woman squirt a thick stream two feet into the air.


    "Get on top of me, Lou Ann," Ramon ordered. "Reverse cowgirl so your husband can see my cock stretching your throbbing cunt hole."

    Lou Ann straddled Ramon's thighs. "Stick my cock into your cunt, Lou Ann," Ramon commanded.

    Lifting up, Phil's wife adjusted Ramon cock at the opening to her vagina and slipped it into her widely stretched hole. The huge rod slid into her easily and when she lowered her hips, all 11 inches of dick disappeared inside her sex channel. Phil's dick got hard instantly. A moment later, he was jacking off even faster than Ramon was fucking his wife.

    "I'm about to cum inside your wife's cunt, Phil," Ramon grunted. "Hold back your load for a moment and then we'll both cream her at the same time. I cream the inside her cunt. You shoot your load all over her face and tits. Ok?"

    "Oh fuck yes! YES! I've always wanted to cream her face and tits. She would never let me."

    "She will now, Phil. You ready? I'm almost there."

    "Yeah... I'm ready... SHOOT THE LOAD INTO HER CUNT!"

    Both men pumped stream after stream of hot semen inside and outside of Lou Ann's body as she climaxed several times in rapid succession. With each orgasm, her body jerked and shuddered as the hard, spastic contractions of her vagina and clitoris sent electric shocks of pleasure throughout her body. Phil’s iron-hard dick exploded several times, and each explosion shot a monster gush of semen over his wife’s face and tits. By the time Phil finished ejaculating, Lou Ann looked like she had been the center of a circle jerk of 10 men.

    After shooting his load up Lou Ann's pussy, Ramon dragged his cock out of her cunt and presented it to Phil. "Clean me off, Phil. Then, kiss your wife." I wasn't the least bit surprised to see Phil eagerly shove his mouth over Ramon's cock and then use his tongue to lick him clean.

    When Ramon escorted me back to the launch for the return trip, he nodded toward the foredeck where his wife had her legs straight up in the air as one of the crew was busy vigorously ramming his cock in and out of her vagina.

    "The hot bitch never gets enough," he whispered to me.

    "That's the way women get when they're around cocks like yours, Lover. You keep all of us hot and horny all the time."

    On the boat trip back to Hedonism III, Ramon spent the time screwing two other wives on the boat while the three crew members took turns fucking me again.

    A Bondage Party:

    The bondage party that evening was certainly not my cup of tea, so to speak. But having lost the bet to Ramon, he was holding me to it, and I had to go and agree to be one of the women trussed up in obscene positions for use by the men in attendance.

    I knew a lot of women enjoyed sex in bondage. Some were subs or "bottoms" who liked the feeling of helplessness and got off on it... usually with extremely powerful orgasms. Other women liked it because it gave them an excuse to have sex with multiple partners for hours. The idea was that they really didn't want to do such outrageous things, but they were bound, often blindfolded, and helpless. So they weren't responsible for letting a dozen or more men fuck them during a single evening. There was also a third group of women who did it because it turned their man on and made sex with him ten times hotter and more erotic later on.

    Unfortunately, I didn't fit into any of those three categories. I really wasn't a sub. I much preferred to be an equal with my partner. The exception was in the case of incredibly sexy, handsome, and virile men like Mendez and Ramon who were very dominant and hugely hung with awesome staying and recuperative powers. When a Mendez or a Ramon came along, I was just totally helpless to resist. Of course, this was the entire reason for my suggestion of Don't Ask-Don't Tell vacations. I knew that Gordon would never be able to handle my sexual slavery to Ramon, even if it was for only a week.

    After dinner that evening, I told Ramon I wanted to do a little shopping and would see him back in our hotel room around 7 PM so he could take me to the bondage party. Ramon nodded and warned, "Don't be late, Paula. Remember, you lost the bet."

    "I know I did, Honey. I'll be back by 7 PM... promise."

    Instead of going shopping, I headed directly to the entertainment office for Hedonism III and spoke with a Mr. Raoul Diego, the Director of Entertainment for the resort.

    "What can I do for you, Mrs. Baxter?" he asked cordially.

    "To get right to the point, Mr. Diego, I have to volunteer to be one of the women put in bondage tonight at the party because I lost a bet two days ago."

    "That is most unfortunate. How can I be of assistance?"

    "I really don't mind all that much about being put in bondage, but I don't want dozens of nameless and faceless men having sex with me when I'm bound and helpless. Can that be arranged?"

    "Of course. At Hedonism III, our goal is for every guest to have a fabulously enjoyable time. The last thing we desire to do is subject a beautiful woman, such as yourself, to something unpleasant. If you wish, I can instruct the men handling the bondage party that you are to be placed in bondage so that you will be fulfilling your obligation having lost your bet, but under no circumstances are they to permit any of the other men or women at the party to engage in sexual relations with you for the duration of the party. Would that be satisfactory?"

    "That would be perfect, but can you keep these instructions confidential?"

    "I will so instruct the employees that my instructions on this matter are to remain in the strictest confidence."

    "That's wonderful! I'm very grateful to you Mr. Diego."

    "I assure you that it is my pleasure. But I feel that I must warn you that while my employees at the party can ensure that no one will have sex with you while you are in bondage, there's really no way they can prevent the other people present from feeling your body or caressing you. They would have to watch you every second, particularly considering how beautiful and sexy you are. Is that acceptable? You will be stroked and caressed."

    "All right. I understand. Touching, stroking, caressing... I can handle that but I don't want men to use me when I'm bound and gagged and helpless to stop them."

    "Fine. Now I must protect the resort from a law suit. I would need for you sign a document to the effect that you have requested that no intercourse of any kind be permitted while you are in bondage at the party. Otherwise, I would open the resort for a lawsuit that we interfered with your right to enjoy the same pleasures as the other women in bondage. Agreed?"



    As Ramon and Janet escorted me to the bondage party, Janet grinned and asked, "So tell me, Paula. How many different men do you think will fuck you while you're bound and helpless?"

    "I really have no idea... several, I would imagine."

    Ramon laughed. "I'm certain it will be a lot more than just several. Shall we make another wager?"

    "No. I've already lost one bet with you. I've learned my lesson, Ramon. When does the party end?"

    "At 1 AM. The party starts at 8 PM. For two hours, the men mingle and chat with the women who will be put in bondage. They're free to make suggestions to the bondage master as to what type of restraint should be used on each of the women. At 10 PM, the bondage master and his assistants will put all of you in some type of restraint, and the sexual part of the party will begin."

    "Will you be present?"

    "No... Janet and I have a date with another couple. We're going to a club and then later, the four of us will have a delightful evening of sex together. I'll come by around 1 AM to get you."


    For two hours, two dozen or so men hit on me and felt me up. By the time 10 PM arrived, I was panting in sexual heat and would have been more than willing to have sex with most of the men at the party, but only if I had a choice. The idea of them just using me when I was helpless didn't appeal to me at all.

    Promptly at 10 PM, the bondage master and his assistants began placing all the female volunteers in a variety of different types of bondage. On sexy blonde had her arms bent at the elbows and her hands tied behind her head. The ropes securing her forearms were attached to an overhead pulley so that she could be hoisted onto tip toes. Nipple clamps with weights were attached to both nipples.

    When she was in firmly secured in position, men began inserting their cocks into her mouth or asshole. One of the women who was essentially naked but not in bondage, pressed her butt against the woman's mouth and made her lick her asshole.

    In a different part of the room, another attractive, totally naked blonde was tightly bound with ropes around her tits, her forearms, and her wrists. Additional ropes around her right ankle allowed it to be hoisted high in the air forcing her to stand on one foot. A naked man stood behind her thrusting a large dildo that was attached to a long pole in and out of her exposed cunt. She wasn't gagged and was moaning continuously.

    Another woman's head and wrists had been placed in a stockade that forced her head almost all the way to the floor. The position elevated her ass which was fully plugged with a large dildo. I couldn't see the woman's face, but her body looked attractive.

    A dark-skinned brunette was on her hands and knees and bound firmly to a fucking bench. Her head was secured to the bench as were her legs. Her ankles were tied together. Her wrists were also tied together behind her thighs. With her knees beneath her body, her ass was thrust high into the air and available for use. They had just finished tying her to the fucking bench but already three men with large and very hard cocks were waiting in line to fuck the woman.

    Two gorgeous brunettes were wearing sexy, thigh-high stockings. One was tied in a bent over position with a spreader bar holding her legs apart. The second woman had her ankles and wrists in the stockade, but instead of the traditional stockade position, this one had the brunette lying on her back on a bench with the stockade locking her wrists and ankles high over her head so that her legs were straight up in the air fully exposing both of her sex holes. Already a large black male had his very thick cock buried in the brunette’s rectum. She gasped and moaned as the stud fucked her.

    At 10:15, the bondage master got around to me. I was stripped naked and placed on my back on a table that was similar to the examination chair used by gynecologists to perform pelvic exams. Below my ass, the table separated into two extensions for my legs that could be moved together or apart, as desired. Two straps bound each of my thighs to the extensions, a third bound my calves, and a fourth on each leg kept my ankles secured tightly to the extensions. My wrists were tied together and pulled over my head where they were tied to the table. Two more straps bound my torso to the table and another held my shoulders against the table.

    In addition to the straps, the bondage master told me to open my mouth, and when I did so, a bar gag was fastened in place. It was very similar to the bit in a horse's mouth. Finally, a fucking machine was wheeled into position between my wide-spread legs. After lubricating my vagina and rectum thoroughly, a thick dildo at the end of the machine's fucking piston was inserted into my vagina, but true to his work, Diego had instructed the men not to turn the machine on so I would not be fucked against my will.

    As dozens of men circulated past me, each of them stopped, moved close, and examined my tightly plugged vagina, my erect and hard nipples, and my engorged, turgid clitoris. My chest heaved with excitement as they looked me over. Almost every man used his fingers spread my pussy lips and fully expose my slowly pulsing clitoris.

    As Diego had warned me, they all felt me up. Some squeezed my nipples or pulled and twisted them until I was moaning through the gag. Other men rubbed my exposed clitoris after separating my lips and pulling back its protective hood. When they did this, I grunted through the gag and tried to hunch my hips against the restraining straps. A few men slipped fingers into my slippery asshole. As they finger fucked me, my hips hunched in response.

    On two occasions when the men started to pull the fucking machine away so they could get between my thighs and fuck me, the bondage master stopped them and told them cordially that it wasn't allowed. Of course, they were disappointed, but with so many women available, they just moved on to another one of the available women.

    Although the restraining straps prevented me from turning my head to watch the other women, I could hear all of them. Some moaned as they were pleasured by multiple cocks. Others were shrieking with the intensity of their orgasms. The women who were not gagged were urging the men to fuck them harder… deeper… faster while they repeatedly moaned and gasped with pleasure.

    By 11 PM, I was panting and sweating profusely. My clit was hard, erect, and throbbing. It felt like it was on fire. My vagina contracted spastically around the dildo, but with no movement inside my pussy, I couldn’t cum. I was getting desperate.

    Now, as the men spread my pussy lips and rubbed my clitoris, I was grunting and making unintelligible sounds through the tight bar gagging me. Frantically, I tried to thrust my hips up against their fingers in order to get myself off, but the straps were so tight, I had almost no freedom of motion. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't cum.

    The dildo of the fucking machine was socked firmly into my vagina with my legs wide open. The straps kept me in position, unable to move more than an inch. I had never realized how torturous it would be for a woman's pussy to be fully penetrated and filled for over an hour with no movement inside her vagina while her nipples and clitoris were continuously teased by multiple fingers and tongues. It was driving me crazy.

    At 11:30 PM, I was almost in tears I was so desperate to climax. Of course, the men knew it, and every one of them seemed to delight in torturing me. They pinched and squeezed my nipples until my screeching became nearly continuous... then they would stop. Some of the bastards spread my pussy lips and gently blew on my engorged clitoris. Making it throb and pulse but not giving me enough stimulation to get me off.

    Then the women started. They were even worse than the men since they knew much better how much they could stimulate me without letting me cum. Their fingers would stroke my swollen clitoris so lightly that my vagina would contract over and over, but not hard enough to permit me to orgasm. Lips sucked my nipples until they burned, but always they stopped short of allowing me to cum.

    By 11:45 PM, I was shuddering each time a hand touched me anywhere. Finally, the bondage master came over and noticed that I seemed to be in great distress. Worried, he removed my gag and asked if I were all right.

    "Oh god no! I need to cum! I need to be fucked!" I screeched. "Please... turn on the fucking machine and let me cum... please!"

    "I would like to, Paula, but I have absolutely strict instructions not to permit any man to have sex with you or to allow anyone to fuck you with the machine. My understanding is that you demanded this."

    "Oh god... Please. You fuck me. Take the dildo out and fuck me... Ohhhh god... I need to cum. Just put your cock in me for a minute or two. Let me cum... I can't stand this!"

    "I can't, Mrs. Baxter. About all I can do it stroke your clitoris, but I can't force you to cum. I can stroke you lightly like this." His fingers touched my engorged and throbbing clitoris and lightly rotated over its tip. I howled with delight.


    Instantly, the man stopped. My hips sagged against the table as my body quivered right on the edge of a huge orgasm. "This is awful... please just rub me a little harder... let me cum... oohhhh god let me cum!"

    "I can't permit that, Mrs. Baxter. I have my orders. If I violate them, I'll lose my job, and I can't afford that. My family needs my income. I'm sorry."

    "Please... go get Mr. Diego. He can change his orders... Please... go get him."

    The bondage master nodded, replaced my gag, and left. It was almost 15 minutes before Diego arrived. By that time, I was whimpering with my need for sex. When he arrived, a woman was slowly sliding two fingers in and out of my lubricated ass. She was laughing at my futile efforts to climax.

    Diego removed my gag so I could speak and asked, "I understand there is a problem, Mrs. Baxter. How can I help?"

    "Please... rescind your order to the bondage master about not letting anyone have sex with me or bring me to an orgasm. I can't stand this. I'm going crazy. Please... change your order and start the machine," I pleaded.

    "I can do that Mrs. Baxter. It is not a problem, but I must warn you that after teasing all the men here for about an hour and a half, they are all wild to have you. If I change the order, you will be fucked by every man here at least once, and I have no doubt that many of them will use you more than once. Shall I change the order or not? This is your last chance. Once changed, I will not reverse my orders again. Do you understand?"

    "Yes! YES! Please, change the order and start the machine. I'm going crazy. Please... Hurry!"

    Diego nodded. A moment later, he spoke to the bondage master who nodded and passed the new orders to his subordinates. Suddenly, the fucking machine roared to life and the dildo began plunging in and out of my overheated, soaked, and pulsing pussy. It only took a few strokes to bring me to a mind-blowing, shattering orgasm. I screamed and howled so loudly that I was soon surrounded by ten men who were all stroking their bloated, very hard cocks as they watched me shuddering again and again in repeated orgasms.

    After I had had several orgasms, the bondage assistants released me from the fucking machine and bound me on my back with my wrists tied and stretched over my head. Ropes circled above, below, and around my tits binding me to the table. More cords circled my thighs and ankles insuring that my legs remained wide open.

    The first man to fuck me stood at the end of the table and drove his hard cock in and out of my throbbing vagina. At the same time, he pressed the business end of an electric vibrator against my swollen and sensitive clitoris. I never did stop moaning the entire time he was screwing me.

    When that man had ejaculated, another took his place. This time instead of the vibrator on my clit, it was some woman's mouth and tongue. The two of them worked together ... her tongue lashing my clitoris as his cock pumped my vagina. I came twice before the guy's load filled my vagina.

    I think four or five men had fucked me before the bondage master ordered my position be changed. This time, I was hoisted into the air my wrists and ankles with a spreader bar attached to my ankles. The bondage master made certain that my cunt and ass were at the proper height for fucking. I lost track of the number of men who used my pussy and my ass while I was in that position. I also lost track of the number of times they made me climax. By 12:30 AM, the semen dripping from my vagina and rectum had made sizable puddles on the floor.

    Toward end of the party around 1 AM, I was tied spread eagled on a bed with my wrists bound above my head and my legs hoisted high and spread wide open. A steady stream of men were using my mouth and either my cunt or ass. Most of the time, I was being double penetrated as several men and women gathered around to watch. Sometimes two or three white cocks were in me. At other times, the cocks were black. Most of the time, both white and black cocks were fucking me. The women who were watching were either masturbating or being screwed from behind as they rubbed and sucked on my nipples and clitoris.

    I lost track of the number of men who fucked me. Even though
    at first I didn’t want anyone to screw me while in bondage,
    before the party was over I had experienced dozens
    of orgasms and loved everyone of them.

    By the time, Ramon picked me up a little after 1 AM, I was totally exhausted, but very, very well satisfied. Of course, that didn't matter to Ramon. Before morning, he had fucked me four times. In spite of being very tired, I never failed to climax at least once.

    Before the randy stud allowed me to sleep, he showed me a list the bondage master had given him. It contained the names of the men who had fucked me at the bondage party. I didn’t recognize any of the 13 names.


    Our last day at Hedonism was spent mainly in our hotel room partying with several couples. After dinner, Moray and four of his friends joined us. The six men screwed us repeatedly.

    After the party ended around midnight, the three of us showered and then went to the pool area to enjoy relaxing in one of the large public hot tubs. One other couple and three single guys soon joined us. It didn't take the men long to begin fondling the naked women. Before we returned to our hotel room, the man's wife, Janet, and I had all been laid by each of the five men.

    Our return flight left at noon the next morning. Before we dressed and went down for breakfast, Ramon had both of us one final time. At 10 AM, we were on our way to the airport.

    Our plane had been airborne for 15 minutes when I took my carry-on bag and went to the restroom. Once inside, I relieved my bladder, did my make up, and finally, opened the secret compartment inside my carry-on where I had kept my birth control pills hidden from Ramon. Of course, he had searched all of my luggage to ensure that I wasn't secretly taking any birth control pills, but had not been able to find the secret compartment. I smiled as I swallowed my daily pill.

    As I examined my reflection in the mirror, I really liked what I saw, primarily because I was confident that Gordon would be elated when he saw me.

    Once I was back in my first-class seat, my thoughts turned to the erotic seven days I had just enjoyed at Hedonism III. The memories quickly had my pussy dripping, but they also had me worried. By my count, I had had sex with 37 different men during the week, and I couldn’t even begin to estimate the number of times they had fucked me, much less the number of orgasms I had had on their tongues and cocks. I had no idea how I was going to explain this to my husband when we had our Show and Tell vacation.


    As I expected, Gordon was pacing the floor when I entered our home. I hadn't even set my suitcase down before he had me in his arms kissing and hugging me. Even with as much sex as I had had during the previous week, my husband had my pussy throbbing before his first kiss ended. I moaned when he scooped me up in his arms and carried me to our bedroom.

    Gordon was a wild man. He couldn't even wait long enough to remove my clothes. He just shoved my skirt up to my waist and tore off my bikini panties with one jerk of his powerful arms. Somehow, he managed to get rid of his pants. When I saw that he wasn't wearing any briefs or shorts, I began to shudder. He mounted me and pressed his iron-hard erection against my mound. His lips covered mine again. Between kisses, his organ moved sensuously over my belly... an incredibly rigid, sex spike that was even longer than his usual eight inches and, I was sure, even thicker.

    "God, I missed you. You can't believe how worried I was, and how much I missed you," I moaned.

    Spreading my legs, I raised them and bent my knees. "Fuck me, Darling," I whispered in his ear. My husband's large cock thrust into me forcefully... entering me fully on the first thrust. I gasped and then hissed with hot pleasure as the thick organ stroked over my G-spot and ground into my clitoris.

    "OOohhhh yes," Gordon moaned as began to move inside my pussy. "You feel fantastic. I love being inside you... feeling you pulse and throb around me."

    "Aaahhhh... shut up and fuck me, Darling. Fuck me hard."

    My sexy husband gave it to me hard and deep. Every time his cock filled me, I could feel it throbbing and pulsing inside my vagina. His mouth continued to rain kisses on my face, my mouth, my neck. The electrifying intensity of his passionate love making had me cumming within minutes. As my body shuddered, Gordon fucked me even harder... even deeper. I came again... and then again. After my fourth orgasm, I wrapped my arms and legs around him and just held on for dear life as he power fucked me to orgasm after orgasm.

    His hot masculine shrieks of pleasure when his first load filled me had me purring with pleasure. Even after spurting inside me a half dozen times, his cock remained rock hard. Less than five minutes later, he was fucking me again. Again, I climaxed several times before he shot off deep inside my erupting vagina. This time, it was about 10 minutes before Gordon was again thrusting his cock in and out of my eager pussy. After cumming a third time, his strokes slowed and then stopped. Even then, he kept his semi-hard rod buried inside my quivering vagina.

    "That was amazing," I gasped. "How can you do that, Darling."

    "With you, it's easy. Don't even think about trying to get up. I don't want to take my cock out of you."

    "MMMmmmm... I love that!" Once more I was stunned. Ramon's huge 11-inch cock could make me cum repeatedly any time he decided to fuck me, and I did love it... every second of it. But even after he had given me a dozen orgasms, I never felt as loved or as satisfied as I did when my husband had finished fucking me. I squeezed his body with my arms and legs even more tightly, and caressed his penis with my vagina in a way I never did with any other man.

    "So, have you decided where you're going on your Don't Ask-Don't Tell vacation, Darling?"

    "Not yet. I don't know what to do or where to go. The fact is that I'd rather be with you than anyone else."

    To say my husband's comment pleased me would have been a gross understatement. I just beamed with pleasure. "Thank you, Honey. But I really want you to do something that you're reluctant to do if I'm around. Think how much fun it will be when we have our Show and Tell vacation together."

    "All right. I'll try to think of something. Any suggestions?"

    "Oh come on, Honey. How can I suggest what your most secret fantasies are? Maybe you want to seduce some 18-year old virgin and spend a week in Bermuda fucking her 10 times a day."

    "Why would I want an inexperienced 18-year old virgin when I've got my cock in the hottest cunt I've ever had in my entire life?"

    "Oh Baby! You really know what to say to light a woman's fires. And speaking of lighting my fires, I think your cock is getting hard again."

    "It is."

    "Are you going to fuck me again?"

    "Do bears live in the forest?"

    "Oooohhh... it's getting harder.... pump me a little with it, you hot stud."

    "Like this?"

    "OOohhhhh god yes! UUUmmmmm... Ok... the 18-year old virgin idea wasn't very good. Maybe you would be interested in having sex with a bi couple? Or maybe you'd be interested in being a sex slave to a female dom for a week. Oohhhh Honey... your cock is getting hard as stone. Fuck me with that big sex gun, Lover."

    Gordon finally let me get out of bed long enough to empty my bladder, but as soon as I had relieved myself, he had me back in bed, this time in doggy position. Again, he fucked me like a raging bull.


    As we enjoyed breakfast the next morning, I asked him again, "Did you decide what you might do on your vacation, Darling?"

    "I think so. I'll work on it this week."

    "So... don't keep me in suspense. What did you decide?"

    With an enigmatic smile, he replied, "Don't Ask-Don't Tell".

    [To be continued.]

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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