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. Dominant Sperm Donor: Ch 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by BottomBoyToy89, Apr 2, 2018.

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  1. BottomBoyToy89

    BottomBoyToy89 Well-Known Member Member

    Cody and Alisa where surprisingly nervous to have Andre over for dinner. They had hung out frequently enough, and while it had been over a year since their last threesome, he had topped Alisa a couple of times for some bondage and flogging, just no sex. Alisa, in particular was almost manic now in her desire to be impregnated. Ever since she found out Cody was sterile she had fantasizing daily about Andre and his bick black dick pumping load after load of virile cum into her pussy. She loved dominating her husband, but Andre just made her feel so submissive, and when she was in that headspace she was such a cumslut. Until they were trying for a baby she almost always made charles cum in her hands or onto himself and he had to lick it up. But with Andre she had to control herself when he came not to be too greedy as she licked up his delicious seed. If everything went right tonight she would soon get to feel that seed filling her up, breeding her. She was wet as she had ever been, and practically shaking as she set the table while Cody finished dinner.

    Andre was pretty pumped as he drove over to his friends townhouse. He had plenty of partners to hook up with, a hot black dom was quite the commodity in the local kink scene and it seems like just about everyone wanted his dick inside them, and was willing to do whatever he said to get it. Alisa and Cody though, they were more than fuckbuddies, they were a couple whose kinks lined up so perfectly with his. Alisa was the sort of petite redheaded pin-up he loved to play with, and loved to watch her pale pink pussy stretch around his dark rod, and she came paired with a submissive faggot husband who took dick as well as he took orders. It was fun to take control of the white couple and to make them scream, to make a woman beat the snot out of her husband for a chance to feel his dick inside of her, He was getting a hard on just thinking about it. It had been over a year since they’d last hooked up and Andre was hoping that Alisa was finally knocked up so they could play some more.

    Cody was anxious as he worked on dinner. Finding out that he couldn’t give Alisa children had been a kick to the stomach. He felt like a failure as a husband, as a man, and even as her submissive, knowing that he was impotent. At the same time he was worried about what they were going to ask Andre. The tall dark dom was their friend and one of the only guys he felt comfortable topping Alisa. He was considerate of their dynamic, and knew just how to push both of their buttons. He could play them like a fiddle, letting Alisa get off on her submissive side without lessening her dominance towards Cody. He bustled around the kitchen wearing just his apron and cage, noticing suddenly that he was straining the confines of the micro cage Alisa had fastened onto him after coming back from the Fertility specialist. It was the smallest cage he had, and locked his dick down to a little nub. Impossible to get out of since it locked through the prince albert piercing he had once gotten in order to stimulate Alisa more, now it just served to keep his cock out of her pussy.

    The doorbell rang and Alisa called for Cody to get the door. He pulled the chicken out of the oven and went straight to the front entrance in nothing but the lacy apron. Andre smiled as Cody opened the door in almost nothing.

    “Welcome Master Andre.” the little twink chirped.

    “I could get used to coming home to the smell of dinner and a sexy maid just dripping to taste my dick.” He joked as he stepped inside.
    Closing the door behind him, Cody blushed and Alisa called from dining room. Cody would be happy to suck you off before dinner if you want. Cody went crimson as his wife offered his mouth up like that. He knelt to take off Andre’s shoes and then felt the man’s strong hand on the back of his head.

    “That is awfully generous of you Alisa.” Andre replied as he unzipped his trousers with one hand a guided the blond head to his crotch.

    Cody shuddered as he caught a sniff of the powerful musk of the man before him. He well remembered that Andre was hung like a pornstar, his thick cock was bigger than any of the strapons Alisa pounded him with, or forced him to deepthroat. He obediently opened his mouth as the hardening black cock emerged through the open zipper.

    Andre felt the warm wet mouth envelop his cock as Alisa came over to greet him with a kiss.

    “We had planned to have dinner first, before any fun and games, but I don’t know if either of us could wait that long.” She said and dropping to her knees beside her husband and sucking Andre’s big black balls into her mouth. The white couple kept at it, skillfully working his shaft and trading places until it swelled and jerked as Andres started cumming. He was a heavy cummer and soon both Cody and Alise had two or more streaks of the sticky white stuff on their faces. They kissed and made out until they had licked each other clean.

    “Wow, I guess you two missed this as much as I have. I take it there is some good news.” Andre knew as soon as he’d said it that he had put his foot in it, both his friends looked a little downcast, Cody looked somewhat ashamed.

    “I’m sterile.” He said.

    “I’m so sorry to hear that, I know how much you two wanted kids.”

    Alisa lead them into the dining room. “Actually, that is kind of why we asked you here.” She explained as Cody went to fetch dinner from the kitchen. “ We were wondering, if you would be willing to be a sperm donor for us?”

    Andre was taken aback. There was no way he could have predicted this. “I would be honored, but why me? The baby wouldn’t look anything like Cody, I’m sure there would be questions.”

    “We talked about that, but even if we could afford a clinic there is a chance the baby wouldn’t look like mine.” Said cody as he set down a plate of sumptuous food. Andre sometimes though Alisa must have married him for his culinary skills.

    “That’s the other part.” Alisa interjected. “We can’t afford to pay for in vitro fertilization, so we wanted to do it the old fashioned way.”
    Andre just about choked on his dinner. “You want me to what, Fuck you bareback until you get knocked up!”

    “That is exactly what we’re asking from you.”

    “Please, get my wife pregnant for me Andre, it would mean a lot to both of us if you did.” Added Cody.

    “When do we start?” Andre said with a laugh.

    Dinner was all smiles after that as the threesome worked out the details. They would each get a thorough std testing and exchange that info before they started having unprotected sex. Andre had a lot of partners, but none that he was fluid bonded to at the moment. He was going to have to be exclusive to Alisa and Cody until she was pregnant, but he had some demands of his own. First of all, he needed them to be available to get him off at least daily if he wasn’t fucking any of his other partners for the duration. They agreed he could stay over whenever Alisa was ovulating to maximise their chances, and that one of them would be able to service him every day. Cody worked from home as a graphic designer and Alisa volunteered his mouth for all of Andre’s needs. Andre also wanted assurance that if he was going to put time into breeding Alisa, there would be no chance that the baby would be anyone but his. Without even consulting Cody she took the key to his chastity device off her necklace and handed it to Andre.

    He smiled “Cody, you’re not going to get unlocked until my baby is born.” and both of the dominants in the room laughed as Cody turned bright red.

    After dinner Cody mixed everyone drinks and then did the dishes like he always did. The faint murmur of conversation from the living room had turned to moans. Alisa was sitting astride Andre’s lap, her face buried in his strong neck as he fingered her roughly.

    “Get the lube and condoms boy.” Andre ordered without stopping.

    When Cody returned with the items both andre and his wife were stripped naked. Alisa was on all fours with her back arched towards Andre as he smacked her ass.

    “Take of the apron and get down next to your wife boy.”

    “Yes Sir” He said as he knelt facing the same way as Alisa.

    Andre smacked Cody’s pert white butt a few times before worming two thick lubed covered finger into the whiteboy’s ass. With his other hand in Alisa’ throbbing cunt he began to fingerfuck them in time with each other, enjoying their gasps and moans. He easily found Cody’s prostate and worked it mercilessly while the little buttslut groaned and almost cried.

    “How long has it been since you’ve cum Cody?”

    “Ah Oh, five weeks.”

    “Yeah, was that the last time you failed to impregnate your wife?”

    “Aaah, Yes Sir. That was the last time I tried to get her pregnant.”

    “What are the chance you think that you’re ever going to to cum inside her again? I meant it when I said I was wasn’t unlocking your little prick till after the baby comes, and I know she wants a big family. Don’t you slut?”

    “Yes, Sir. I want to have a lot of Babies.”

    “I know you do. You want to have my babies don’t you?”

    “Uhuhuh-Uhhh Yes sir I want to have all your babies.”

    “You hear that Cody? I think you’re going to be cumming in chastity from now on. Now beg me to knock up Alisa for you, beg me to fuck your wife.”

    Andre punctuated this by roughly massaging the whiteboy’s prostate. Cody Could feel the hot pressure building inside of him. His useless cock was completely limp, but a damn was breaking inside him. His Cum started pouring out of him as he begged Andre to take his Wife.

    “Please Sir, Take my wife and fill her with your babies. I want you to give us all the children she wants. I don’t ever have to fuck her again if that what she wants.”

    Alisa’s cunt clamped down on Andre’s fingers as she came hearing her submissive husband give up any claim to her womb. Cody was sobbing as he finally stopped spurting his cum on the floor. One of the biggest puddles he’d ever made, if he had any sperm left, that load might have actually done the job, but instead Andre had fucked it out of him and onto the floor.

    Andre backed off for a second as Alisa held and kissed her husband. He calmed down a bit in her arms and they declared love for eachother. It was very sweet, but Andre wasn’t done yet.

    Cody looked up at the built, hung, black man standing fully erect over him and his wife. He felt completely drained, yet at peace, grateful.

    “Thank you Sir.” He said meekly, tears still staining his face.

    “I’m not done yet. Get me a condom. I’m still going to fuck your wife tonight, while you lick up your mess.”
    Cody did as he was told. Stroking and kissing Andre’s huge black cock before rolling the magnum condom on. Alisa was on her back with her legs spread, rubbing her clit while she watched her cute, twink of a husband play with the larger man’s cock. Once the condom was on Andre Positioned himself between her legs. Latex wrapped cock rubbing her swollen clitoris.

    “You know, this is the last time I use a condom in this pussy don’t you?”

    “Yes Sir’ She released a breathy gasp.

    With that Andre pushed his cock into Alisa’s sopping cunt. She groaned loudly as she was stretched to her limits. Andre slowly and insistently continued pressing was felt like a yard of black cock into her. Cody was kneeling off to the side reluctantly licking up the cooling puddle he had made on the floor of the living room. Andre Leaned down as if to kiss her, but instead took her nipple in his teeth, biting down gently until she cried out. She felt the tip of his cock deep inside her, slowly it kept pressing in until it tapped her cervix. She felt an electric burst of deep sensation, pleasure and pain, almost too intense to handle.

    “Ohh Holy-shit” Alisa looked down and saw that Andre still wasn’t quite all the way inside her.

    He began to withdraw and then pressed back in hitting that deep spot once more. Alisa shook uncontrollably as her body reacted to the invasion. Andre started to fuck her in and out as she screamed. The pleasure built like tidal wave and started to overwhelm the pain.

    “OOOh Oh God. Give it to meeee!” she screamed.

    When she felt Cody’s warm tongue start to circle her clit in time to Andre’s thrusts it broke. She started to cum as hard as she ever had before. Harder, she shook and squirted as her whole body convulsed with sensation. She felt a heat inside her as Andre’s cum filled the condom, and she wished she was feeling that hot spunk spurting into her womb.

    Andre took Alisa in is arms, kissing her and working his cock inside her as his orgasm subsided. Cody sat back on his heels feeling pre-cum dribble from the tip of his cage. He felt a twinge of jealousy as his mistress wife kissed the man who would father their children, but he couldn’t deny that it was the right decision for them.
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