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. Distinguished Service

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, May 30, 2018.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Distinguished Service

    Growing up in a small hometown in Michigan it never occurred to me I might be ‘called to duty’, to provide a service to the military but such is the innocence of youth that there were many things of which I had no inkling that were to befall me.

    I was christened Veronica by my parents (although Daddy often used to call me ‘little Miss pretty blue eyes’) but I can only remember ever being known as Roni by everyone and anyone else, a name which has stuck ever since the day someone had the idea.

    Looking back I guess I had what might be called an ideal childhood. I lived in small town bubble with surrounding countryside and fields as my playground. School was a delight and I breezed through without achieving any great academic distinction but that didn’t distract from my being regarded as a popular student by my teachers and most of my peers. Yep, life for that young girl was pretty good.

    I suppose I paid more attention to boys than my books and a key to my popularity was being more interested in the opposite sex rather than listening to my teachers. There were a few boys who caught my interest but it was Robert who seemed to be forever as we went through Junior, Puberty and Senior High together. Growing up and beyond I found he was just as fascinated as me by the whole sex thing and we became very close as we explored things that grown-ups were reluctant or too embarrassed about to tell us.

    He was a bit of a ‘bad boy’ but it was Robert (or rather Bobby as he was always called) who became my fuck of choice and we used to spend many an afternoon when we should have been revising or doing some other school-related activity getting to know his 6” cock instead. I suspect that his mother knew what was going on but he was such a ‘Momma’s Boy’ that nothing was ever mentioned by her and certainly she would never hear of a word being said against her dear boy so he was allowed to get away with doing exactly as he wished. It was pretty much the same with his younger brother but at the time I didn’t have too much to do with him; that came later!

    Bobby wasn’t a particularly imaginative lover, indeed his fucking technique was just as shallow as the rest of his life and he really didn’t make much of an effort. However, at the time I didn’t know any better as his was only the second cock I had let into my pussy. I never did tell him about that previous time, a hurried, fumbled affair under the bleachers which for me didn’t exactly count as being the significant moment when the bubble of my virginity was burst by a little prick.

    Somehow Bobby and I became an item and in my naïve mind I had notions of romance and a conviction that we could be a ‘happy ever after’ married couple. I was never ever sure what went through his laid back mind but shortly after graduation I had a pregnancy scare so we hurriedly married to fend off any ensuing scandal and moved in to share house with his parents. (I had my period shortly after!)

    Neither of us had given much thought to ‘what happens next’ and the reality of his lack of qualifications and the wherewithal of getting a good job became a bit of a shock and, dare I say, we both had thoughts that had we spent more time studying rather than fucking then perhaps we might be in a better place but these thoughts were just silently acknowledged and left unsaid. However, it had to be said that if nothing else Bobby was always the optimist and had a positive outlook that ‘something would turn up’ and he was right.

    I guess what caught his attention was that the nearby Great Lakes had the biggest Navy training base in the US and given its close proximity to us (albeit it was on the other side of Chicago) their presence was hard to ignore especially as they had frequent recruitment drives even in our small town. Indeed, the military was often toted as a career choice at school and I’m guessing that the exciting world that the Navy promoted must have stuck in the back of his mind. So it was that after another week of doing low-paid casual work that he came home and announced that ‘we’ were joining the Navy. I really didn’t have any say in the matter but everyone in the household was secretly relieved that this meant we would ultimately be moving out and so we all congratulated him on his brave decision.

    I had to stay living at home with his parents while Bobby went through ‘Boot Camp’ but it was a proud day when he finally completed his basic training and we all went to Great Lakes Naval Station and saw his passing out parade. He looked so fine in his dress uniform and for the first time I thought that we would be making something of our married life.

    After his graduation from Boot Camp we were posted to the naval base in San Diego where he worked in the logistics center whilst awaiting assignment to a ship. I don’t suppose it was the most demanding of jobs for, as I indicated, Bobby was never destined to become the brightest sailor in the fleet. However, I was happy that we had been allocated an off-base house and I did my best effort to make it a home for the two of us. Unfortunately Bobby was never going to be the home-making kind and he seemingly preferred to be spending his free time getting into all sorts of trouble with his like-minded shipmates. Looking back I should have left him then to get on with it but I loved him despite all his faults and I stuck with him and went with him to wherever the Navy sent us for the next 4 years.

    If Bobby could lay claim to any notable achievement then I guess it would have to be that he finished his service career in the same rank as he was awarded when he passed out of Boot Camp. As a consequence of his frequent misdemeanors he was eventually discharged still as a basic E-1, that is, Seaman Recruit. Meanwhile his brother who had followed him into the military (the Marines) a year later had had a stellar career and was discharged as a Sergeant, an E-5. Bobby dismissed their differences as being due to his brother being a brown-nose, a suck-up and a yes-man to his superiors; any excuse rather than recognizing that the truth that his brother was a better man than him and his own lack of progress was purely due to his own inadequacies … but that was Bobby all over, it was always someone else’s fault. Looking back I suppose it didn’t do anything for his self-esteem when I got excited to hear of yet another promotion that his brother had been awarded!

    However, my interest in his brother’s achievements and that of other men on base was not entirely an appreciation of how well their career path was going, it was more related to their interest in me and the fact that I was being ‘taken care of’ whenever Bobby was away on-ship or deployment. The reality was that I looked forward to Bobby going away for it gave me free rein to indulge in some ‘me-time’ and to enjoy the company of men more capable, more considerate, more amiable than my redneck Bobby. I mean, I was a young wife; I had feelings; I was constantly horny and I wasn’t getting the attention I deserved when Bobby was at home. It wasn’t his fault and for all his faults I still loved him dearly but I had needs that demanded to be served and it was a relief to me in more ways than one when he was sent away to do his duty elsewhere.

    So it was from the first time he went away. He never did say much about where the ship was going or what they were doing other than how long he might be away. Thinking back I think he may have been sending a signal that he knew I might be feeling ‘restless’ in his absence and that he was aware of what might happen. We didn’t actually speak about it but I took it as he wouldn’t be surprised if I felt the need for company.

    The men on the base became aware that I was available for a bit of fun whenever Bobby was detached elsewhere. From our arrival in California I soon gained a reputation of being a bit of a ‘party girl’ and would take any opportunity to go to the various clubs on base. I had a few girlfriends, young wives who for one reason or another were similarly left on their own and we would go out for evenings to relieve the boredom of yet another day of being left ‘home alone’.

    I really settled into the life of being a ‘navy wife’ and when Bobby was at home I tried to focus my attention on him and encourage him to enjoy what we had been given. We were a million miles away from sleepy Michigan and set down in a vibrant California which was great and there was a lot to do in his off-duty time. However, he was never really keen on doing much which involved socializing and when he was at home our life was one of what could only be called ‘domesticated boredom’. However, to be fair, he never objected if I said I was going for a night out with my girlfriends and so it became quite the routine for him to stay at home or maybe meet with some buddies and for me to go and enhance my newly acquired reputation.

    I was never without company on my nights out. Indeed, unknown to Bobby, I had gained a reputation for being ‘easy’ and men were always hitting on me knowing that my constant state of horniness would get them something to remember later in the evening. There was never a time that sometime during an evening of dancing and drinking that I didn’t slip out the back or sneak into the restroom with some randy sailor and give him a satisfactory blowjob while I finger-fucked myself to an equally satisfying climax.

    I won’t say things got out of control the more frequent and longer Bobby’s deployments became for I was very careful as to how I conducted myself and was aware that my ‘extra-curricular activities’ could get us both in trouble if his superiors found out. However, my need for cock dictated that giving blowjobs wasn’t enough and gradually over the weeks and months whenever Bobby was away I would let a sailor of choice go all the way and give me that delicious relief of sliding his stiff fat condom-covered cock into my welcoming pussy. Sometimes it would be me holding up my dress while standing against the wall; other times it would be on the backseat of a car; the best time was when there was a beach barbeque party and my anonymous lover and I slipped into the dunes.

    For a while that was enough to keep me satisfied but as I became more comfortable with life on and around the base and seeing how things worked with neighbours and such I began to look for a little more comfort when socializing. So it was that under the cover of darkness I would take my admirer back to our house and for a couple of hours be properly fucked on either the marriage bed or our couch. It was wonderful and, best of all, nobody got hurt.

    However my wonderful life nearly came to an end before it really got started for Bobby in his usual fashion managed to really screw things up. I only heard the true story secondhand as, once again to hear Bobby tell the story it ‘wasn’t his fault’, but apparently he was on guard duty on the bridge of his ship when it was anchored in the bay. Somehow he managed to start the engines and the ship moved forward and crashed into the dock. He should have been Court-Marshaled for ‘gross negligence’ and slung out of the navy but his Chief who he got on with very well argued his case and he was demoted and got away with just a severe reprimand.

    It was shortly after that incident that he was reassigned and he joined another ship which was being deployed to Subic Bay in the Philippines for a few months. A good outcome for him (for reasons I had not even suspected) but an even better one for me as I now didn’t have to try too hard to keeping things discrete in my satisfying my constant state of being horny.

    It was shortly after Bobby had sailed away that another stroke of good fortune happened as Davey, his brother, had after another promotion and was posted to El Toro, the Air Marine base about an hour drive away. From his first visit I was to discover how much more of a man he was than his older sibling. He had always been bigger and better built than Bobby; more intelligent (that’s for sure!) and, dare I say, better looking. However, the one thing that stuck out more than anything else (pun intended) was his 10” cock. Oh my God, I had never seen anything like it before and, even better, he knew how to use it. It was little wonder that Bobby felt inadequate in his brother’s company for he must have known he was inferior to him in every department.

    Davey used to come down every weekend when he wasn’t on duty and stay over. He loved to fuck me almost as much as I loved to be fucked and my itch was well-scratched by the time he returned to his base. I learned so much from him and found out how to please a man in some very imaginative ways. I never did manage to get all of his magnificent stiff fat cock into my mouth but, by god, it wasn’t for the lack of trying. I just loved to lick the pre-cum off of that fat plum and spread his juice around the head of his cock before attempting yet again to suck as much of his length as I could into my wet mouth. He was a patient lover and he would let me do exactly as I wanted for as long as I wanted before he would warn me that he was about to cum. I had no problem with letting him shoot his spunk into my mouth (indeed, I looked forward to it) and when I gauged the time was right I would begin to cup and stroke his balls as he continued to face-fuck me and then, ah the blessed relief, he would groan and spurt after spurt of his warm seed would flood my willing mouth.

    And then came the best part for Davey, unlike my husband, would not lose an inch of stiffness after he cum and he would lay me on my back and then slip that magnificent tool covered in my spit and his sperm into my wet pussy. It was glorious to be so completely fucked by someone who knew what he was doing and just how to pleasure a woman; as I say, I learned a lot and I was always sad when the weekend was over. However, the time spent in his absence wasn’t entirely wasted for I was able to put into practice what he had taught me by continuing with my nights out with the girls and to enhance my reputation with a string of new admirers.

    All good things must come to an end and for me it was, sad to say, when Bobby returned home after his 6 month deployment. I resumed being the dutiful wife and Davey knew better than to spoil things by maintaining his weekend schedule. It was at this time that the first inkling of Bobby’s preferences became apparent and why he wasn’t particularly fussed about fulfilling his manly duties toward his wife. Other wives had told me not be surprised if it should happen after a long deployment aboard ship and ‘it’ clearly had happened, Bobby was obviously gay, maybe always had been, and had been getting what he preferred from his like-minded shipmates.

    Was I shocked when I came to the realization? I’m not sure what I thought but even if he hadn’t actually ‘come out’ and admit it to me it did explain a lot and I realized that maybe was why he was relaxed and even seemingly encouraged me to have sex with other men; it was all because that way he didn’t have to!

    His 4 year ‘service contract’ came to an end and even though he would have liked to have signed on for another few years service his record counted against him and I think the navy was happy to see him go so we left sunny California behind and came back to the chilly North where we set up home just outside of Chicago. The naval base where it all started for us was close enough for Bobby to get a job that employed his few skills and experience and, being a ‘veteran’, we had various benefits that allowed us to use the commissary and, more importantly, the many clubs on base. I figured that perhaps civilian life might not be so bad after all.

    Bobby surprised me by how much he settled and calmed down, losing many of his wild ways as we both adapted to our new life. Indeed, despite his predilections he would occasionally ‘scratch my itch’ and it was a surprise to both of us when I fell not once but twice and we became a complete family with two beautiful daughters. For a few years I was content to be the perfect Mom and my nights out were put on the back burner as I got to grips with all that being a parents entails. Bobby, for all his faults, was an equally doting dad (no faulting him on that score) but along the way of happy parenthood I had lost my spark and we fell into a no-fun rut. Bobby completely lost interest in me sexually (although I suspected he was getting his jollies elsewhere) and the more I thought about it the more frustrated I became and we used to have rows.

    Something needed to change and so one day when I gauged the mood was right I summonsed up the courage to say something along the lines of, “for a change, I really would like to go out to a club and do what we used to do.” (In truth my longing was not what ‘we’ used to do, more like a fantasy of what ‘I’ used to do that I had in mind.)

    He must have recognized what was happening to me and I was a little surprised when this time in response to my bugging he raised no objections to the idea. I also sensed, although he didn’t come out and actually say it, that he would not be against me taking my needs and finding someone to fuck. That was the furthest thing on mind for despite all his faults I loved him; I was his wife and I didn’t want to do anything that would hurt my marriage. I just wanted to get out of the house and have a little fun.

    So it was that the following Friday night we arranged sitters for the kids and went to the base and the NCO’s club where they had music and dancing. As soon as we went through the door my spirits lifted at being back in a familiar environment. It was a world away from where I had been for the past few years and it felt good. We made our way to the bar and found a couple of empty stools which gave us a good view of everything going on around. I wasn’t sure what Bobby was looking at but I certainly had plenty of ‘naval eye candy’ to keep my imagination working at full-speed ahead.

    The band was quite good but with Bobby not being the dancing kind I was resigned to just tapping my feet. It was after a few drinks when I had another surprise when he said, “Go dance, I’m sure someone wouldn’t mind picking you.”

    Looking back, that was the moment when I got my Hall Pass and became an enthusiast of Black Cock.

    I slid off the bar stool and even before I had a chance to smooth my dress a hot-looking 30 something appeared from nowhere and asked me to dance. I looked at Bobby for his consent but he was more interested in his drink than anything else and he said, “Sure, go ahead.”

    Had he had lifted his head he may have noticed that my requester was a hunk of a Black man but he didn’t and so I went off to the dance floor with Rodney.

    We danced to 2 maybe 3 songs when Rodney held me close and whispered in my ear, “I want you to suck me off.”

    I should have been shocked but I wasn’t; I was thrilled at the suggestion. All the memories of the times in San Diego came flooding back and I just nodded and said, “Oh yes, let’s do it.”

    We left the dance floor even before the music ended and walked by Bobby who was still absorbed in looking at the bottom of his glass. As we passed him by I said, “We’re going outside to get a breath of fresh air. Get some drinks in.”

    We went out the back entrance and Rodney lead me to the side of the building where he kissed me. Then gently but with authority he pushed down on my shoulders till I was on my knees in front of him. He said, "You know what to do."

    I unzipped his pants and pulled out a good-looking stiff 9 inch BBC. The memories came flooding back as I kissed and tried to get my mouth around him but I had to undo his belt and tug his pants down before I could really do anything. As I sucked his cock he held my head and began fucking my face. I used all the skills that I had learned from my days in sunny California and was gratified to hear him let out a grunt, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming.” With that he let loose and although I tried to swallow what he gave me it was too much to deal with and I knew there would be cum on my face when we went back to the table.

    So it proved and when we went back inside to have our drinks my worthless piece of shit of a husband didn't say a word.

    It was that evening that opened a sort of floodgate and Friday nights at the club became a regular feature. Sometimes Bobby would go with me but more often than not he would stay at home and let me have my fun on my own. Indeed, he even encouraged me to do so and it was clear that he knew what was going on. I figured that he was relieved that he didn’t have to provide for my needs when someone else was doing the job for him. For my part I was delighted to be given free rein for I had become obsessed with finding another black cock to service my constantly wet pussy and to have my husband with his red-neck attitudes looking on would have been awkward to say the least.

    Over the months I became very comfortable and satisfied with how things had turned around. There were even a few occasions when I was able to have a long weekend away with one of my new friends and Bobby made no objections. However, just how little attention Bobby had been paying to what I was doing became apparent when one day he realized that nearly every one of my new friends was a Black man and were usually about 10-15 years younger.

    That day was the beginning of the end and my patience with him and his stupid ways and attitudes began to wear thin. I realized just how thick he was when during one of our many rows he said that he thought the short dresses and skirts with heels I wore for my nights out was for his benefit; where that idea came from left me speechless.

    The final break came when Kevin, another sailor and my latest conquest, came and rang the front door bell. Bobby opened the door and was confronted by this handsome Black man who looked over the shoulder of my husband to ask me if I was ready to go out for my night of fun!

    I smiled and very pointedly told Bobby as I stepped out of the house not wait up as I was going to be out for quite a while. He didn’t say a word. He didn’t need to, his face said it all.

    Kevin, like all the black men I had come to know and love, knew just how to pleasure a girl with that big black cock and I had the best of evenings. First we went to the club where he wined and dined me, then after we ate we had a very convivial time of flirting and making out as we sat either in the booth or on the dance floor. Late in the evening when I was squirming with frustrated anticipation we left to find his car in the parking lot when we had a glorious fuck on the back seat. I was in my kind of heaven and when he suggested going back to his quarters for a nightcap, well, what’s a girl supposed do?!

    The rules say that under no circumstances are single enlisted men allowed to entertain females in the barrack blocks; yeah, right. It was a rule that was overlooked so often to the point of being meaningless and with no one around to make an official objection we went to Kevin’s mini-suite where we got friendly with a bottle of Jack Daniels and with each other. (We didn’t really need Jack’s company to enhance our good time but he came just the same and after a few sips I was once again in the mood for cumming myself.)

    Kevin demonstrated both his imagination and his stamina as we fucked and sucked each other in every position that his small bedroom would allow. I lost count of the number of times I felt an orgasm shudder through my body but I did note that Kevin managed to cum twice without losing an inch of stiffness from that magnificent 11 inch cock.

    We must have been going at it for a couple of hours when things got even better. There was a knock on the door and Kevin answered it to find a buddy making a mock complaint about the noise that was going on. Kevin invited him in and introduced me to Wayne a black man just as formidable and dressed in just sweat pants and a tee-shirt. I suspected that the situation may have been a little pre-conceived for Wayne didn’t need any further invitation and he quickly stripped off to reveal that he had a penis the equal to his friend. I was so buzzed that I didn’t make any reaction other than reaching out to take him in hand and to feel if his cock shared the same delicious features as Kevin. I was not disappointed.

    I have no idea just how long I stayed in that little room being pleasured by either one or the other. Indeed there was a final fuck where they both gave me my first double penetration. (There had been a few times in the past when I had enjoyed anal but, wow, this was something else.) However all good things must come to an end and in the wee small hours Kevin drove me back to my house where I very gingerly made my way to the front door. I gave him a wave and blew him a kiss as I put the key in the lock and then reality punched in when I found Bobby waiting inside.

    What can I say other than we had a big fight when all manner of nasty things were said and accusations were thrown at each other. I recognize that I didn’t help my case by having the evidence of cum still stringing in hair but I never denied what I had been doing and he for his side admitted that he had almost encouraged me to do so. What came out to be the final straw was his argument that he didn’t realize that I had been going out with black men. It was clear that he was more outraged by my preference for black cock rather than going for ‘my own kind’.

    I told him to pack his shit and leave.


    That was all some years ago and it was another turning point and a final break with being the dutiful housewife. Bobby left and regressed back into being the slob I once knew, living the life of a loser. We divorced shortly after he took my advice on that fateful night and for me (once the girls had full grown and done the college thing and left home) soon after I was a free agent with nobody looking over my shoulder to comment or condemn my behavior.

    However, I became the model citizen and flung myself into my new work and role as a councilor with the social affairs office on the naval base. It was a fulfilling task and I took a lot of pride in my ability to consol and confide in the young recruits who passed through their basic training and had trouble in coping with being away from home. Lots of them were away from their families for the first time in their lives and for some I became a kind of surrogate mother who could give them all sorts of consolation to ease their distress.

    I used to take particular care with the black recruits whom I sensed were particularly upset at being away from home and there was many an evening when I would invite them to spend a few hours at my house when we could explore their problems and find a resolution. Needless to say the solution to their worries was for me to encourage them to pull down their pants and allow me to pleasure them by fondling, stroking and sucking their big black cocks. It was a marvel how all their problems seemed to disappear as they spurted their delicious creamy cum into my open mouth or my pussy.

    I also became more involved with the NCOs’ club and most nights when I wasn’t ‘working’ from home I could be found tending the bar where I would meet all kinds of interesting people. Inevitably my talents were called into play as the evening progressed and it became generally known that if anyone fancied a blowjob with the prospect of maybe something more afterwards then Roni would be happy to oblige! The club became a very popular place to visit and I was delighted to a part of their success.

    So it was that I found myself being officially recognized as being a pillar of the navy base establishment. I was at my desk in the social affairs office one morning when I received the summons to go to the headquarters building where there was to be an awards ceremony. I was a little uncertain as to whether this was some kind of set-up or a joke being played but no, there was my name on the list of recipients. I took my place on the row of chairs set before a small stage and podium and waited for my name to be called.

    The base commandant a large black man with graying hair smiled as I approached the podium and he held out his hand which I shook, still confused as to what was going on.

    He continued to hold my hand and embarrassed me by making a speech of congratulation saying, “Roni, this is a thank you and recognition of all the good work and unstinting assistance you have given to the men and boys who have passed through these gates over the years.”

    He continued, “The duties as a councilor you carry out have been exemplary and the fact that you choose to provide solace to our young boys in your own time, has not gone unnoticed. The executive officially recognizes your devotion to duty and it is through such efforts you have contributed in no small way to the continued high state of operational readiness of the US Navy.”

    He then handed me a framed certificate and an envelope which I later discovered contained a gift voucher. I really didn’t know what to say other than, “The pleasure was all mine.”

    The commandant gave me a wink as I stepped down from the Dias, “Carry on the good work,” he said with a knowing smile.

    I took the presentation home and selected a prominent place on a wall where it could be hung and seen by any passerby. Content with its position I stepped back to admire my gift and the citation.

    In beautiful Copperplate writing it stated, ‘To Roni with grateful thanks for providing a ‘Distinguished Service’ to the US Navy.”

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