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. Determined To Graduate

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, Aug 1, 2002.

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  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    Determined to Graduate By Titslave

    Natalie and Neil Clark were having a busy first year of marriage. Their life together started out when, already acquainted slightly at school, they ran into each other off campus in winter 2000, over Christmas. It was at a mall, and impulsively they went to a movie together and just kept on dating. After two months of courting, and a surprise pregnancy, they married and moved into a university apartment for married students. He was working on his doctorate in psychology and Natalie, who took a short time off to have the baby, was juggling the last year of undergrad work with caring for Michael, their infant son. The six month old, born last November, went everywhere with Natalie. Often she took Daniel to class with her, sitting in the back of lecture halls with the stroller or portable baby seat.

    Neil was head over heels in love with his bride. He was proud of her can-do attitude, her commitment to start a family and go to school full time. She had sparkling, otherwordly gray eyes, a winning smile, and a drive to get ahead. She wore her light brown hair short, combed back. Blonde and brunette hair mixed together in a striking way. Full of energy, she took five classes, mixing her major - also in psychology - with some electives, in this Spring semester. With the baby, she had added a few more pounds, and half of it went to her large chest. The pregnancy had turned her breasts into fleshy, impossible to miss basketballs. The DD cup-sized bust she had before she met Neil was now FF. Her boobs were very rounded, extra full, quite swollen with milk.

    Although the baby had changed her life, and his, her ruthlessness about her grades was the same. She had to keep her scholarship. So when she got an F on a midterm in her abnormal psych course, and a D- on the midterm in advanced personality testing, she decided to approach each man after class about an appointment. The two instructors, Professor Sawyer and Professor Franz, were on the top of her list of things to do.

    Exactly what was she to do about her lousy marks? She was exasperated. School, frankly, was boring her. Little Michael had tired her out, and it felt like he completely occupied much of her day - although he didn't. Combined with the fact that she was tormented by doubts about being married and having a child, and had had it with undergraduate school and wanted to take a break before she applied for a masters program in the Fall, she just had no inclination or energy to dig into the coursework required of her now.

    She had gotten a little wild in high school with two teachers, who then rewarded her for her favors. So when she got these horrible grades on these midterms she decided to be ruthless about her situation. Natalie sighed heavily and decided that some aggressive flirting was needed to maintain the scholarship and develop a closer, more intimate understanding with her instructors. She knew of other girls at college who had batted their eyes at the teachers - and more - to secure favorable grades. And they had no child and no scholarship on the line. What was wrong with a little flirting? She would come on to Dr. Sawyer a little and just flirt as much as necessary with Franz. She promised herself that since the first professor was more important to her studies, she might even neck with him. She thought about the tactic of going braless in a tight top.

    Ted Sawyer was a middle aged member of the tenured faculty, a full professor, highly respected and widely published. When Natalie approached him after the class was over that morning, everyone else having left the room, he was a little nervous. This pretty, vibrant young lady had impressed him in the last course he taught her, but she wore a very concerned look on her face now. He was not good at confrontation, and she was no doubt upset about the F.

    What was upsetting him was her body. Lecturing in this course was particularly distracting for him because if she did not have the baby with her and her husband or her mother in law was watching him, she sat in the front row of class - and Sawyer could hardly take his eyes off her amazing chest.

    Sawyer attempted to not stare when the attractive co-ed came up to him. "I need to meet with you about how I'm doing in this course," she said softly and seriously. He agreed to see her that afternoon in his office. She thanked him very much. She noticed his eyes glued to her oversized tits when he thought she didn't notice. Very glued. It made her think.

    "Do you mind if I bring my baby?" she said timidly, looking up at him as if to beg, "I have nobody to watch him." "Certainly," Professor Sawyer smiled, "see you around 2, then." "Thank you again, doctor," she said. He stared at her profile and she slowly put on her back pack as she looked out the window. "Don't get wet," he said. "Hope not," she said, turning toward him, her top straining, the garment stretching to accommodate her milk-engorged udders.

    Later that morning after Professor Franz's class ended she went up to see him as well. He was a young, handsome, and newly arrived member of the faculty, just married himself and with a brand new baby also. He was a very amiable person and seemed almost apologetic as she approached, saying softly: "Don't hate me! It's about that D, right?" He gave her a big friendly smile and fleetingly looked her over.

    Marty Franz had very much noticed her build since the first day of class and he was surprised at the almost lusty preoccupation that descended upon him. With each class came a slightly larger distraction with her. He was barely married one year, with a newborn, and he had found himself looking forward to this particular class of all his classes - because he wanted to have the thrill of seeing Natalie. She saw this and made a point of moving to the front row also after the second class. She stared at him as he lectured, while most others were taking notes or fighting to stay awake.

    This morning she stood at a right angle to him at the podium; the podium he used as a crutch until he got more confident of himself. She rested her hands in the back pockets of her shorts. The class was empty and the rain outside made a drumming sound on the windows. "It wasn't a D, it was a D-," she said, unsmiling.

    She sensed his meekness. She stepped closer to him. Her hand moved toward his. He certainly acted like a new instructor and seemed to be a pushover. Rather than plead for mercy, Natalie was less deferential than she was to his senior colleague earlier. "I don't think I deserved it," she said, regarding him intently. "I need to meet with you to talk about the course." He maintained his sunny expression, feeling a bit intimidated by this feisty young married student. "How about tomorrow afternoon?" he suggested, shifting back and forth on his feet. "How about this afternoon?" she said, her words rapidly following his. "Well...." he hesitated, scratching his head. She said: "I would think you of all people would appreciate how a child changes things. I just need to get an understanding with you about how you'll let me get through this course with the grade I deserve....Marty......" Still no smile, just all eyes. He made a no-problem gesture with his arms stretching to his sides and they agreed to meet around 4 that afternoon. Natalie reached and grabbed his wrist to look at his watch. "What time is it?" she said, holding on to his arm, turning it slightly to see his watch. Her aggressiveness made him shudder. She turned and got on her back pack, saying nothing as she left, and just stared at him hard as he grinned and called out, "see you later." His intimacy with his wife had slowed down since the baby and the sight of this very busty student upset him. And the tone of her voice when she said "Marty" had an almost erotic quality.

    On the way to do some copying at the library from two journals she called Neil on her cell phone and told him about her appointments and that he needed to pick the baby up from Dr. Sawyer's office around 3:30, between the two meetings. "I hope these help, honey, I know you're worried about it and pissed at those grades," Neil said. "Thanks for taking him for my next teacher meeting with Franz," she said. "Whatever I can do," he said. Natalie noticed a bit of a tingle in her gut at the thought of making eyes at these two professors behind her husband's back. The feeling surprised her and excited her.

    She got home and fed the baby, and chatted with her husband about his morning. Around 1:30 she got ready for the meeting with Professor Sawyer ---- she put on a purple lipstick and not too hurriedly made up her eyes. Her loving husband admired her as she did it. But what really caught Neil's attention was the red tank top that left her shoulders and the lower half of her tummy bare. Two narrow straps with bows at her shoulders managed to hold up her top. The top's fabric below her chest fit snugly. She wore no bra, and without its lift her breasts were about three inches lower. The very swollen mounds pushed out in all directions. The sight of her swollen nipples pushing against her top bothered him. "You sure have made yourself pretty...and something about your upper body looks different," her scholarly and unworldly husband commented as he looked at her leaving with Michael. "Whatever," she said offhandedly, ignoring his observation, "see you at 3:30." "If you need me to pick up the baby earlier I suppose I can do it," her husband said, "but I'm up against a deadline with a draft of that study I have to get done by next Monday." "OK, thanks honey," she said, smiling.

    She made her way to the older section of campus. Michael stirred in his chair. Males students were focusing on her chest as they walked by. She was focusing on turning the F and the D- into As.

    The psychology department was in an older, sandstone building in the "quad" area of the campus, erected circa 1900. She climbed the steps with Michael in his portable chair in one hand, and her back pack with one strap over her other shoulder. She was glad he was asleep, and noticed that he had not eaten since around 11:30. He would be hungry during their meeting. She greeted two girls from one of her classes.

    Professor Sawyer had a large, old, traditionally appointed office on the third floor, almost to the attic. It was like an apartment. For almost twenty minutes before their appointment he had found himself fidgeting at the thought of Neil's bride coming to see him. He had taken his glasses off and cleaned them several times. He had taught Natalie's husband, Neil, in undergraduate classes and had worked on his thesis with him. They were almost colleagues. And now Sawyer found himself nervous at the impending arrival of Neil's vivacious, striking young wife. She did say she was bringing the baby, and that helped a little - it would keep things maternal and proper. Yet, although the middle-aged professor was apprehensive about his own desires, an arousal that could be embarrassing for him if they were alone together, he knew he was attracted to her. He paced a bit and went out of his office to the vestibule - there were only three other offices on this floor. He turned to look up the stairs leading to the attic and saw Natalie stepping gingerly down the stairs toward him. "Hello, Professor Sawyer," she said, her breasts jiggling. She held onto the banister and bent over at the second step, setting the baby chair down on the floor at his feet and said: "Went too far up, be right back."

    As she ran up to get her book and back pack Sawyer admired her ample behind swaying in her shorts. She turned and skipped down the steps again, more bounce to her step. Her instructor sighed, mumbling to her: "sorry about the walk up here, there's no elevator. We should have met - I could have come over to your apartment."

    She bent down to pick up the baby chair and he noticed that she looked even more striking with her lips made up and her eyes enhanced with eye shadow and liner. Again she thanked him for the opportunity to meet with her. He smelled the cologne she had sprayed on five minutes before. He followed her into his office, mesmerized while she set the baby chair on a little conference table in the corner of the office, then jiggled over to a chair at his desk.

    With some seriousness she asked that she be able to work on outside research as a supplement to class work to make up for the F in the quiz. They spent about ten minutes chatting about possible topics. There was this tension Sawyer was feeling, though. This chat was irrelevant, he thought. I can sense something coming, and God help me, he thought. He was fighting the need he had to reach out and grab this young lady and put his hands all over her. What am I thinking? He asked himself what kind of outrageous jeopardy he would be in with his wife and this school if he surrendered to the impulse to kiss this very distracting woman, this bride of another student at the university, in this department, no less.

    He had to remember his office and be a teacher. "At the rate you're going," he said bluntly, "you will not pass the course. You're not being a student at all. The way you're describing your situation you want to coast through the whole quarter. It won't work. You have to put the time in, or withdraw. It's that simple."

    She felt extreme anxiety. She had to have this course under control, and she panicked. "I have never had that said to me before," she pleaded. "What can I do?" He looked at her and said: "Get on the stick. Or else." He hated to say it, but he had to. The pedagogue in him took over for that moment.

    The grass from the brownies was working on her. It got her feeling wild. "Professor Sawyer," Natalie asked softly, then hesitated, "do you mind...." He looked over his glasses, fighting the impulse to feast his eyes on her chest. She exaggerated the delicacy of what she was going to say. "Yes?" he smiled, his mouth slightly dry. He sat back in his chair to try to relax.

    "Would you mind if I nurse my baby while we talk?" She smiled at him innocently, deliberately keeping her big beautiful eyes from blinking as she looked at him imploringly. "Would you consider that awkward?" she added after a short pause.

    Good God, he thought. She must mean turning her back or something. "Do you, uh, I mean, certainly," he said. She caught the hint of nervousness in his voice. "Do you want to turn the other way while we talk about these two chapters?" he asked, then went on: "I see no reason why we can't have a productive chat with you facing away from me for privacy ----" She kept looking at him, enjoying his stumbling. "We could take a break, Natalie, if you would like to take your baby into one of the other offices....did you bring a blanket or something to put over your shoulder while you.....?"

    She made a slight grin, one of calm and confidence, and picked up Michael, and held him in her lap. She stared at Sawyer and ran her hand through her hair slowly. She moved the shoulder strap of her top off her shoulder. Then Natalie reached her free right hand into her tank top. Slowly, with a couple of squeezes, the young married student grabbed part of her very large, beautiful, milk-engorged tit. Then she reached in again and got the rest of it. Sawyer stared incredulously as Natalie yanked the breast and plopped it over her top. The fabric pushed her breast up and out.

    No nursing bra, no discretion. He was staring at the most incredible specimen of female anatomy he had ever seen. It was so big, so uncanny, so wonderfully round, with subtle veins running through it. His heart stopped with the sight of the nipple, prominent and arrogant in its display, staring at him, confronting him. She squeezed her breast again. It seemed so much bigger outside her top.

    "I always start with the left one," she said matter of factly. Natalie puckered the aureole of her tit and squeezed it, causing milk to drip in a visible stream down her hand, over her nicely manicured nails. After some more squeezes jets of milk spurted out every which way. Sawyer sat, clearing his throat subtly, utterly fascinated with what he was seeing.

    She placed Michael at the teat and the vocal baby quieted down, fastening his mouth on her and swiftly beginning to suck. She seemed very comfortable nursing in front of this middle-aged man and, seemingly ignoring the effect she was having, said: "so I was wondering if I could do a research paper on some theme from the next chapter." He looked down at the textbook, trying to concentrate. He heard her soft voice: "what do you think, Professor? I need you to help me get this course under control."

    He could not bear to look up, so powerful was the sight of her fat tit and its milk shooting into the baby's rapacious mouth. He took a stab at it: "Well, what did you have in mind? I would need you to consult at least ten independent sources for the studies discussed at the end of the chapter. Can you handle that in addition to the final and the outside research you're doing with the other students?" he asked, clearing his throat. She sensed his rising nervousness and said: "guess little Michael is not getting anywhere with the left, so I have to switch." She switched the baby to her right arm. Her left hand squeezed her right breast, then reached into her top and endeavored to bring out her other immense boob. She made no effort to put the left breast back in her top.

    She sighed and smirked, muttering: "Everybody stand back." Sawyer stared uncontrollably at the second naked tit as she deliberately let it fall with a ripple and a bounce down enticingly onto her chest. As she pulled the baby from the one nipple to the other she smiled, inwardly thrilling at his eyes locked on her tits. She looked down again and said: "I'm sorry, professor, what were you saying about the studies?"

    Sawyer felt his crotch stirring painfully, a feeling he had not had in several years. He had been true to his wife and, although the young women in his classes had tempted him, he had never experienced a feeling of lust for a student like he was now. He needed to subdue the reaction in his groin and found himself asking her about her breasts in an academic manner. His voice came out high, almost falsetto, and he stumbled and said: "I guess real mother's milk is the way to go in nursing these days, more than bottle feeding." She giggled at his voice and saw things going her way as he referred directly to her nursing. "Definitely," she said, "and as you can see I have gallons." He cleared his throat slightly. "So do you express the milk you do not give to your son in nursing?" "I try," she said. But she looked at him significantly and said, looking down at her tits: "But there's just so much. I'm kind of swollen all the time. I express as much as I can but my breasts seem to get bigger every day." Sawyer's erection increasingly pressed at his slacks. After a moment of silence he asked: "So they got larger with your pregnancy? They certainly seem larger than last year, when I had you in that survey course. They were already large then."

    "Why Professor Sawyer," she smiled, "have you been checking me out?" Her question reminded him of his place as a full professor with all the perquisites and he stiffened, "oh no, Mrs. Clark. Not at all." He returned to the textbook. They spoke of her research some more. After the nursing was over Natalie kept her breasts out, as if she had forgotten to put them back in her top. "Maybe you better get decent," he said, with some effort. He cleared his throat.

    "Oops," she said, "It just feels so good to let them out. You have no idea how cramped it feels with a top on, and a bra." He was about to say that she wasn't wearing one. He was beside himself now.

    Then the phone rang. His wife. "Oh hi," he said.

    "Don't forget to meet me at that new Thai place," his wife said to him, "around 5:30?" He said he had remembered and his wife asked about his day. She asked him if he had forgotten something. It then hit him: today was their anniversary. Natalie put Michael back in the chair, and the baby, for the first time, amazingly went back to sleep.

    Natalie's idea of necking with Sawyer was no longer enough. She had become sexually stimulated showing her bare breasts to a man other than her husband. She had become more relentless than ever but solving the problem of a bad grade in this course. As he chatted with his wife the thrill of seducing him with his wife on the phone was too great to pass up.

    While talking to his spouse Sawyer was staring at every move Natalie made. As he went on and on about how embarrassed he was that he forgot Mrs. Sawyer's anniversary, Natalie, glad now that Michael was asleep, bent one knee and rested it on her chair, her eyes on her professor. She stretched her arms behind her head. He stared in shock as she slowly walked around the desk and, her big tits jiggling, planted herself at the side of his chair. She pulled the far arm of his chair so that he swiveled around to face her. His wife was now hearing nothing and said: "Hello? Are you there, dear?"

    Natalie could hear his wife's voice rise in intensity. Natalie giggled and bent over, with her hands on her knees. She looked down and shamelessly made her tits swing back and forth and then she pressed closer, looking into his astonished face. He trembled at the sight of the young married student's breastflesh, and the wickedness of what she was doing to him. She shook her big tits some more and milk dripped steadily from one of the nipples. Sawyer stammered: "I think I have to call you back... a - uh student just walked in, two students actually..." More buzzing coming through the receiver. "I have to go," he said, shaking, "Happy Anniversary...." He hung up the phone.

    She leaned toward him and put her hand on his head and brought his face into her bosom. Both of her hands now pulled him closer. "My God," he moaned.

    She rubbed her boobs against his face and said: "You were a bad boy, professor, forgetting your wedding anniversary." His voice quavered uncontrollably, "this is evil, what we're doing." "Yeah, you're a bad boy. You want to suck my tits, or call her back?" His hands grabbed her breasts and kneaded them, and his voice, muffled as it emerged from her cleavage, whimpered: "I should." She pushed him back in his large leather chair and stood up, turned around and pulled her shorts off, leaving a thong that barely filled her ass crack, then she turned again and straddled him on the chair. She French kissed him and whispered: "you should what?" The smell of her sex and the feeling of her flesh against him was incredible. She took off his glasses and balanced them on one of her tits.

    His right hand moved down her back to her ass. This was insane. "I should call my wife back," he said. Natalie laughed and said: "How about some milk first?" She pulled a tit to her mouth and licked the nipple, then sucked on it. He sat in fascination as she put both hands on the tit and squeezed the nipple, the fingers pressing into the spongy titflesh. Milk squirted in thin, but powerful jets, in various directions. Some hit him, landing on his shoulder and his neck. She took his glasses, put them back on his head, and showered them with titmilk. She heard his excited breathing, and a little voice inside her said "yes!" She took her time aiming at him, moving closer and closer and filled his mouth with the teat. She smiled as he moaned, his eyes closed, his tongue gently licking the nipple. She pulled it out and squeezed it, making the warm, sweet liquid gush into his mouth. The tiny streams shot against his lips and his teeth.

    "Nature's perfect drink," she cooed. "Anytime you want to suck my tits after class, just let me know, OK?" His sucking was so much more gentle than the baby's, but evil feeling. She offered him one tit, than the other.

    "You know, Professor Sawyer," she said as his mouth hungrily closed over the tip of her breast to suck some more, "I have always found you very interesting, very handsome." His hand pulled her back so that her boob flattened against his face, almost hiding it. He almost leapt out of his chair when Natalie began rubbed her crotch against his. "Oh professor," she whispered, "something tells me my tits are a turn-on..". "This is so wrong," he said, "please don't tell my wife. Don't tell anyone." He was torn between his passion for her and the wrongfulness of what they were doing.

    She chuckled and knelt at his feet. She reached for his zipper and rubbed his hard prick, thrilling at the solid flesh pressing against his trousers. "God that feels good," he said, his eyes closing again. "Take your dick out, Professor," she cooed. He fumbled at his trousers and yanked his hard organ out. She looked up at him and grinned at the look on his face when she slowly stroked it with her hand. Sawyer looked down at this promiscuous girl beaming at him, her right arm pushing her big tit up and down while she ran her fingers up and down his cock. Her left hand went to his balls. Sawyer was overwhelmed by the feeling of pleasure. Then, holding the shaft, she kissed and licked him, rubbing the head of his cock all over her face. I am controlling this entirely, she said to herself.

    "So I think I'm getting a better understanding of this course," she said. Then, "what do you think, Professor Sawyer? Am I impressing you as a serious student?" She then took him into her mouth. She lifted her tits up onto his lap. "Christ yes," he said hoarsely, "oh my God." After a few minutes she stood and straddled him. "Do you want to fuck me, professor?" she asked, her hips poised over him, an inch or two over his cock. "Please," he implored her, his hands on the smooth, ample flesh of her buttocks. "Am I your favorite student?" she asked, pushing back at him so that she would not make contact with his prick. "What?" he moaned. "Am I your favorite student? The best in the class?" Her tone was a little cool. She shook her tits and then squirted him, her nipples firing milk in mini-blasts that even hit the window behind his desk. "Yes, you're the best ever," he cried. She slowly descended onto him, admitting to herself that she loved the feeling of this man's dick crossing the wet threshold of her pussy and entering her.

    The middle-aged teacher held her close as she fucked his dick, her ass rippling as it began moving faster up and down. Natalie was getting into it, her pussy soaked with love juice. It was the evil of fucking a man for grades, and knowing that her husband in about twenty minutes would be knocking on the door of this office to pick up the baby. She felt Sawyer desperately grabbing her big tits and sucking on them, playing with them. The feelings of lust in her heated her to the boiling point, and she reached behind to play with his balls. He looked up at her pretty face and noticed her eyes closed and a blush filling her cheeks. She was lost in sexual pleasure, her plum colored lips parted. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. Her tongue roamed her upper lip.

    "I should call my wife," he whispered hoarsely. She laughed and said: "Oh shut up and keep fucking me, professor.." She squirted him with her tit, over and over. He labored to get mouthfuls while she bounced on his lap. The effect was to push him to drain his nuts, until within a minute he moaned and shot his wad inside her possessive twat. He cried out with a primal sound, the pleasure like nothing he'd experienced in years. She kept him inside even as his phone rang, and she yanked the phone before he could get to it and said: "Hello?". Sawyer's wife said: "I thought I had Dr. Sawyer." Natalie smiled at the man under her and said: "This is Natalie Clark, one of his students. He had me answer the phone for him. May I say whose calling? Oh of course Mrs. Sawyer." His cock still half erect and inside this evil married student, Sawyer took the phone and chatted with his wife while Natalie pushed her big tits into his face. Then slowly she rose and put on her clothes. It was almost time for Neil to show up.

    The baby was awake and Natalie took him into her arms. Within a few minutes Natalie's husband knocked on the door and she opened it while her professor was still on the phone, going overboard to compensate for his marital transgression. "It's been fifteen marvelous years," she heard him tell her. Soon he was off the phone and attempted to acclimate himself to the surrealistic scene of this woman he had just been fornicating with chatting it up with him and her husband while she held their infant son.

    "Did you folks get something accomplished?" Neil asked with a grin, looking mostly at his wife. Natalie looked at her instructor, and made her face serious, nodding slightly. "Oh absolutely. We really did. Wouldn't you say so?" She looked up at Sawyer, grinning. He coughed quickly and looked over at Neil. "Certainly," he said. Neil took the baby and asked: "Hey you guys look like you've been jogging while you were talking." Thinking quickly his wife looked out the window at the rain and said: "we started out in front of the building cause it was stuffy in here. Then it began raining." Neil frowned. "It did? The rain just started." Sawyer and his wife started at the same time, she saying: "Well we came back in and this stuffiness got me sweating, and I had to feed this little guy. I think I also may be coming down with something." Neil looked at each of them with quickly with a quizzical look and said, "OK, I'll see you at home around 5? If Michael gets that hunger cry I'll call you on the cell." He turned to Sawyer, regarding him, then said: "Bye Ted." He turned and walked out the door and waited for his wife to grab her backpack. She turned her back to him and formed her mouth into a kiss while saying softly, "Thanks." Then louder, "can we meet again next week? And remember, nature's perfect drink. Anytime you want some." She smiled and watched Sawyer stand in his doorway tongue-tied.

    At the next floor down Natalie popped the rest of a brownie in her mouth. "I'm starved!" she said to her husband as she left him and her son. She turned to walk the short hallway to Franz's office. "Say hello to him for me," Neil said, "I don't see him and some of the others as much now that I'm in post-grad." "Well, come say hello now," she said. She grabbed his arm gently and she knocked on Franz's door, which was open. Her professor's mind was restlessly on her, so he was almost disappointed when he stood up to greet Natalie and Neil. As Franz chatted with her husband she felt Sawyer's juices flowing out of her pussy.

    Neil gave her a peck on the cheek. "Thanks honey," Natalie said. Then she followed him out in the hallway and whispered in his ear: "Wish me luck. I'm terrified I'm going to flunk out." Neil caressed her back, "you'll be fine. Franz is a pushover, I hear." Natalie made a face and bit her lip. "God I hope so," she said. "What did you mean just a moment ago when you said goodbye to him and said `nature's perfect drink'?" her husband asked. "Did I say that?" she replied. "Yeah, and you said `anytime you want some'..what was that all about?" "I honestly don't remember," she said. "Honey, you just said it," Neil protested with a smile. "Oh, he needs more calcium in his diet, and I suggested he drink more milk," she said.

    As he left the building, her husband would be pondering what wet stuff it was that was all over Sawyer.

    Up in his office Franz stared at her curves as much as he could get away with and closed the door when she returned. Natalie switched to a more serious, quietly intense mood. Marty Franz had been trying to hide his anxiety over this appointment, and now that she was there, alone with him, his compulsive smile and friendly expression were working overtime. It did not help that he and his own wife had not had sex in weeks. She was always too tired. Franz, to say the least, was hard up.

    "So, hello Natalie! How are ya?" he said, gesturing toward a place on a couch sitting across the room from his desk. The couch was in about two feet from the wall, where an old, unused fireplace suggested a source of heat circa 1910, retired from service.

    She sat at one end of the couch, crossed her smooth, fit looking legs and said nothing and sat half facing him. He was at a chair near the couch, to her left. Her shorts showed off her somewhat tanned and nicely shaped legs. He sat uncomfortably; his fingertips tapped at each other and Natalie wanted to smirk at how uptight his locked-in smile looked. He had on khakis and a polo shirt. She sighed, reaching behind to rub her neck with her hands. Then she sat up straight and pressed her knuckles into the small of her back.

    "So how are you?" he asked again, compulsively working to fill the silence.

    She had a good buzz now with the brownies she had eaten. She looked out at the oak tree branches at the window. Slowly and with studied solemnity she said softly: "My back is killing me. I am getting zero sleep with the baby. I am up till all hours feeding him and studying whenever I can. I'm walking around with these ten gallon jugs and guys look at me like I'm a freak." She looked down at each of her breasts. Her knuckles remained pressed into her back "And," she added, "Neil hasn't touched me in weeks." This was untrue - - they had sex as often as she permitted it.

    She faced the window, straight ahead, and then her eyes flashed over to him. She refused to smile as she gazed at him, unsmiling. She got out her lipstick and put a fresh coat on her lips.

    He moved around in his chair, captivated by how attractive her body was, almost afraid of her. It was all he could do to avoid gazing at her body, which seemed incredible to him. She WAS scary. She was braless, good God! They're gigantic, how can breasts be so big? The slightest movement made them jiggle.

    "Well, Natalie, I'll help you anyway I can with the academic side of your life," he attempted to announce brightly. "I am sorry things are not going well, but tomorrow is a new day." He changed his position twice more, then went on: "We can go over the midterm, I copied your paper ------" he began to get up to get something from his desk, a bluebook, she saw, but she said: "I need you to be more sensitive to my situation. You have a child at home. What if your wife were in your class? Maybe you would be a little more understanding if you looked at it that way." He was standing up, more out of his rising libido than anything else.

    "Natalie," he said with sympathy welling up in his voice, "I really want to help you anyway I can." She looked up at him and made her next move: "You could start by acting like I matter to you. Like you care about me." She held the bottom of her tank top and pulled down. His eyes drifted to her bare tummy. "Oh, Natalie, I care about you. You're one of my favorite students, despite your midterm performance, which," he laughed nervously, "was not one of your better efforts."

    He went to the desk and handed her the midterm essay section, and he sat down at the couch. She placed the test on her lap and she sat very erect. "My shoulders are killing me, and my back is so stiff." She again reached around with the arm nearest him and rubbed the small of her back, as she arched it as much as she could. "You men are lucky you don't have boobs," she said, looking down at hers. The thrill she got from teasing and enticing Sawyer was even stronger with this man. Her mind was running fast.

    "It must be very uncomfortable," he said softly, and Natalie detected more growing desire than sympathy. She took her hands and cupped her tits. "Well, I think I have the biggest tits on campus now," she said, looking at him squirm slightly, "and my spine is just not up to the job. And it doesn't help that Neil thinks I'm a cow. We haven't had sex in weeks." That was a lie.

    She went back to working her lower spine with her hands, and said, turning toward him: "I wish I had triplets, because I am totally swollen with my milk. I drip gallons." Then: "So are you going to stop ignoring me?" With his relentlessly chirpy disposition, he said: "Natalie, I'm sorry if you perceived that ----" She interrupted him and said, "whatever, Professor Franz," and stood up and walked toward him. That seemed to speed up his compulsively amicable conversation. "I know things get a little crazy when you're attending classes full time and a baby comes along, and I am sorry to hear that Neil and you are -----"

    He stopped talking as she planted herself on the arm of his chair, her back to him. She noticed the lightness of her brain from the brownies. Her head turned and her eyes looked down at his crotch. "What..?" he said, backing up to give her room. Her round butt puffed up and hung over the chair. "Could you dig your knuckles into my back, right in the middle? You have the hands for it." Not waiting for him to say or do anything, she pulled her shoulder straps down. He sat frozen, the smooth skin of her sculptured back inches from him. Her shoulder blades looked so fine. She rested her hands on her knees and looked back again, saying coyly: "Do you mind?" She smiled to herself when she felt his nervous hands on her skin. "Knuckles," she commanded softly, and grabbed one of his hands and pressed it against her back. He made fists and slowly pushed them into her spine. "Like --- this?" he asked. He was dying to touch her everywhere.

    The touch of his hands was arousing. She sighed as he massaged her and she wanted to turn him on more and more. "God that feels great" she said softly.

    After a few minutes she stood and stepped so that she was in front of him a little to the right, leaning slightly against his chair. She grabbed his right hand and put it on the small of her back. "Push in," she said, reaching around and guiding his hand. She grabbed his left hand and placed it on her stomach. Her breast was even with his head. He leaned forward as he rubbed her skin and she moved closer to him. She held her neck with her hands and their eyes met. "This really helps," she said. He wanted to feel her tits, to grab and mash them into his face. His dick was hard and his balls, brimming with semen, itched and simmered. She turned and sat on the floor in front of him and rested her hands on his legs. Her back was flush with his chair. "Now my shoulders and neck," she said. As he bent over his erection hurt from its high tension. He stared, fascinated, at the sight of her cleavage and sprawling bosom. She had her knees brought up into her body and her tits were partly squooshed, pushing the tops of them upwards.

    She heard him sigh and calculating that the time was right she pulled her boobs up over her top. She took his hands off her shoulders and slowly his trembling fingers glided down onto her breasts. Franz became so excited he cried out. He began kissing her cheek and neck and stared hypnotized at the sight of her abundant charms. Natalie, her skin delighting in his touch, ached for fucking. The brownies amplified her desires, and she found herself more excited now than with the sexual encounter with Sawyer.

    Franz lifted her spongy, smooth boobs, one, then the other. She pulled his hands off of her and turned. She knelt before him and played with her hair, then shook her breasts. "My God you're beautiful, Natalie," he said hoarsely. She still would not smile. She pulled her shorts down to the floor at her knees and leaned into his crotch, kissing the fabric of his trousers. Her fingers snaked along his hip and then to the stiff organ raring to go, pent up in his groin, in agony. "But," he said with a tone of forced prudence in his voice, "you have a husband, and I have a wife. And you're a student...." But he was too overwhelmed with lust. He unzipped himself and eagerly took his dick out. Natalie was struck by how thick and long it was and began kissing it. Her tits rested on his thighs. She licked his cock from the head to his pubic hair and took him in her mouth. The feeling of yet another man's cock in her mouth in the same afternoon got Natalie's heart racing. She looked up at Franz and saw his eyes closed, his head leaning back. She worked his bull cock back to her throat, and slowly forced it down. He heard her breathing vigorously through her nose and the sound of students talking loudly just outside his office door seemed so surreal to him.

    She grabbed her monster tits and wrapped them around his fully erect prick, then began to fuck his meat with her boobs. Her elbows rested on his legs, and she stared at his rock hard dick poking in and out from her cleavage. His hand caressed her hair. For a few moments she stuck her tongue out and tried to lick the cockhead. Then she looked up at him and asked sweetly: "Do you care about me? Really care about me?" He gasped: "Of course I do." She pulled on his pants and forced him to scoot upwards in the chair so that she could pull them and his underwear down to his feet.

    She grabbed her boobs and squirted milk on his cock. The sight of her hands pulling at the squooshy titflesh, with the darkened, prominent nipples shooting titjuice all over his body made him groan. "Jesus," he almost yelled, amazed and lost in sexual desire. He was perspiring and blushing like a beet. The stout tip of his cock was almost purple. She laughed and aimed one of her huge boobs at his face, squirting up with one breast and down at his dick with the other. She gloried in his crazed reaction. "So you can understand why I didn't deserve that D- on the midterm?" she asked. "What? ...Well," he hesitated. She took his shiny, milk-soaked dick into her mouth and kept taking him in until her nose nestled against his pubic hair. She tickled his balls while she sucked him, then tongued each of his nuts, cupping them and stretching her tongue to bathe them with her saliva. She shot more milk all over his dick and his crotch.

    "I don't know," he muttered, still alert enough to not say yes to removing the D-. She stood and turned around and stepped out of her shorts, then walked slowly over to a black leather armchair near a window facing out onto the campus quad. She knelt on the chair so that she was facing the window then looked back at him. He stared in awe at her fat tit hanging down enticingly, its nipple dripping steadily onto the chair. She put her hands on the back of the chair and shook her upper body back and forth so that her boobs swung back and forth and her naked ass danced obscenely. "I do," she said, confident that she was going to get her way. He stood and walked almost in a trance to her, and slowly, exquisitely, entered her. The sensation of his generous slab of meat inside her pussy delighted her. Her twat, awakened by Sawyer's fucking, was hungry for more dick.

    Soon he began stroking in and out, bringing his cock out to her pussy lips, then pushing it in all the way. She reached back and pulled on her butt cheek wider to get as much of him as she could. It felt wonderful. She looked out the open screened window and saw her husband just below, sitting on a bench, rocking the baby, and talking to another student. Far from making her ashamed, the sound and sight of him thirty feet away pushed her over the edge, and she felt the onrushing waterfall of sexual release. Her cunt grabbed more forcefully at Franz's cock and she turned to him and cried: "Play with my clit!" He found it, and she guided him to the exact spot she wanted. He was amazed at how wet she was. He fucked her harder than he had ever fucked his wife. Weeks of pent- up thirst for a woman were racing within him. His fingers increased their rhythmic rubbing of her clitoris, and she gyrated her ass against him frantically now, moaning and cursing in savage intervals. Then she came, with a scream, yelling about his big cock, calling him a motherfucker.

    Neil heard their commotion and looked up, then looked around to see if the sounds came from somewhere else, and when his wife screamed again in ecstasy he stood up. He began to say goodbye to the student and take steps toward the building she was in. Franz, eyes closed, then came explosively, his dick emptying what felt like buckets of semen inside this scheming, horny married student. "Shit!" he was repeating. He half collapsed against her back.

    He backed off the chair and, gasping for breath, she reached down. Her cupped hand caught his copious injection of cum oozing back down, falling out of her womb. She looked back at him grinning and wiped his cum on her face and on her tongue.

    "Well, Professor Franz, I guess you do care about me. You do have some sensitivity to my situation," she said. She got off the chair and pulled him close to her. She was still craving sex. He looked guilty at what had just happened, and he stood and stared, almost submissively, at the sperm on her face.

    "Natalie," he began, "I don't...". He wanted to say something serious, express some remorse, but his eyes fell to her massive tits. She cupped them and said, "Professor, any time you want to support me in my academic program, let me know." He almost wore the expression of a young boy who was over his head...his mouth gaped open, his eyes stared, absorbing what had happened. "And," he stammered, regretting the compromise he was making but too overwhelmed by her sex to do otherwise, "we-we'll adjust that midterm grade." She gazed at him intently. "To an A," he fumbled. He looked at her turn her back to him, her hands in her hair, her tits bulging out from her sides. She walked over and reached down for her clothes, then looked back at him, almost coldly, he thought. "I know," she said.

    Neil had been knocking softly on the door. Franz almost tripped over himself answering it after he and Natalie frantically got their clothes on. Neil with the baby in tow walked in. "Hi!" Neil said cheerfully. Franz watched incredulously as Neil's wife threw her arms around Neil and gave him a juicy kiss. Neil came up for air and exclaimed: "Wow, what was that for!" "Nothing," his wife said with a big grin, and she looked at Franz with a wink.

    For the rest of the quarter, Natalie did virtually no studying and instead of attending classes met with her professors one-on-one to have penetrating conferences about the courses. She applied the same techniques to her other instructors, fucking all of them regularly and getting straight As. Both Franz and Sawyer became obsessed with her nursing them while they had sex. She also spread her influence by seducing the dean and sucking him off at least three times a week. She tried to schedule back to back meetings so she could get plenty of dick in an afternoon.

    She was determined to succeed, and she did suck seed.

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