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. Deke's Birthday, 2016

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by DeeAnnaMontana, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. DeeAnnaMontana

    DeeAnnaMontana Well-Known Member Member

    On my black boyfriend Deke's birthday, in 2016, my husband and I dropped by my his apartment to give him his present.

    We knocked on the door, and I heard Deke from inside, telling us to come on in.

    When we walked in, Deke was sitting around watching a surfing competition with a couple of his friends. He introduced me and my husband to his two friends, Jon and Chris. We all said hello and I walked over to where Deke was sitting on the couch, said, "Hi baby" and gave him a sexy wet kiss as his friends look on.

    They both looked back and forth from my husband to Deke and shrugged their shoulders. Not sure what they knew before that moment, but that kiss and next few minutes revealed everything they may have been wondering, about who I was and my relationship to Deke.

    Deke smiled up at me and said, "Damn, baby, that's the kind of kiss that makes a motherfucker's dick hard! Is that my birthday kiss? Come on and give me another one!"

    I gladly gave him another kiss and smiled slyly down at him and flashed my baby blues, licked my lips and said, "For your birthday I want to kiss you somewhere else!"

    He laughed and so did his friends and Tommi(my husband). He looked up at me mischeviously, "Go get us all a beer, honey, then come back and give me that birthday kiss!"

    I turned and walked to the kitchen and got into the fridge and got everyone, including me, a beer. I poured them all in chilled mugs and started serving them to the men. Deke first, then his friends.

    I went back to get the other two beers for me and Tommi and one of the guys said, "Look at that ass!" I turned and smiled(thinking he was talking about me), but they weren't looking at me. The surfing competition had turned into a bikini contest. Looked like maybe high school and/or college girls. I felt a little awkward, but nobody had noticed that I turned around at the compliment.

    When I came back in the room, one of his friends said, "Damn, those bitches' are tight!" Then he looked up at me, and said, "I'm sorry maam, I shouldn't be talkin' like that with you here." I told him I appreciated his thoughtfulness, but it didn't bother me.

    We all watched the screen, and he was right. Those young girls all had bodies that make me wish I was younger and my body looked as good as it did back when I was in college!

    I sat on the arm of Deke's chair, and he put his arm around my waist. After another comment about one of the girls "rear view" by my husband, Deke said, "Shit, dude, your wife's ass looks better than that!"

    He looked up at me and said, "Take off those jeans and show these boys what a sexy ass looks like." I think my ass is sort of lacking fluff, and I had never undressed in front of strangers like this; so I wasn't real thrilled about it. But I am also Deke's bitch, and I knew he wasn't asking me to do it, he was telling me.

    As I stood up, I started unbuttoning my jeans and bent over a little bit to give my backside some curve. Then I slowly slid my jeans down over my hips, teasingly slow, then pushed them down my long legs to my ankles, and looked back at Deke, Smiling.

    "See what I mean, motherfuckers, check that shit out!" I was thankful to hear the approving comments, but totally embarrassed!

    Since I was coming to see Deke, I hadn't worn any panties. He mentioned it, and I said, "I never wear panties when I come to see you, baby, Your rules!" I giggled and looked back at Deke and smiled.

    He told me to step out of my jeans and come over and sit on his lap. I had slipped off my shoes earlier, so I just stepped out of the jeans and left them in a pile on the floor.

    Naked from the waist down, I walked toward him and I could feel all of their eyes on me. I was suddenly so turned on I was trembling.

    As I reached his chair he reached out and took me by the hand, and I closed my eyes as I felt his other hand begin to caress my hip. I was on fire and I could feel myself getting moist.

    He slipped his hand between my thighs and I could feel the rough back of his hand, brushing my tender opening. I wanted to scream! I know he was going to tease me in front of these two strangers, and I was suddenly turned on by the thought of it.

    "Who does that pussy belong to, Dee?"

    I knew I had to open my eyes, because he always demands that I look him in the eyes when I talk to him. My face was burning hot with embarrassment, because everyone was watching.

    "It's your pussy, daddy, you know I belong to you!"

    Jon piped up, "Damn, bro, I didn't know you had it goin' on like that!"

    Felt a little sorry for my husband at this point. Poor Tommi was over there with a little tent in his trousers, trying not to look at anyone.

    Deke told me to lay over his lap and there I was with my ass up in the air, and him caressing it.

    "How old am I today, Dee?"

    "You're 46 Sweetheart, and the sexiest man I've ever seen!" I replied.

    "You ever hear of a whipping boy, Dee?" He didn't wait for me to answer, he continued, "A whipping boy takes the punishment for others. In this case, you are going to be my whipping girl. It's my birthday and in my family growing up that meant that you were getting one swat for every year." and then his hand landed on my ass, HARD!

    The sound of it brought silence to everyone in the room, except me. I cried out - it fuckin hurt! I thought, "Holy crap, if he gives me 46 of those, I won't be able to walk for a week!"

    I was shocked, because he had never done anything like that to me before. I mean he had spanked me while he was taking me from behind, and I love that, but nothing like this!

    Then I felt his hand caressing my ass. "Did that hurt, Dee?" I affirmed that it did, very much, and a second later, then next one landed. I cried out, again.

    My mind was racing and I was petrified because I didn't know what to do. I love Deke, but he had never done anything like this before and I wasn't sure how it was going to go. He started to caress my ass, again, then smacked it, again!

    "How many is that, Bitch?!! Count em' off!"

    Then he put his hand on my ass - which was, by this time, really tender and I'm guessing it was probably red and maybe starting to form a couple of welts. He began to softly caress my ass, and I was a little jumpy every time he moved his hand, because I didn't know when the next blow would land.

    I was crying and my breath was caught in my lungs. I couldn't get a deep breath and I was whimpering in and trying to make sense of what had just happened. The man who had been so tender and loving to me for almost two years, had me crying and begging him to stop hurting me!

    I'm not saying there wasn't an element of arousal, I like a man who takes control; I had just never experienced that with Deke before.

    His fingers were suddenly in my pussy. I was soaking wet and he slipped a second finger in, then a third...

    "Damn you're wet, Dee!"

    I started moaning and squirming on his fingers, as he invited Jon and Chris over to feel my legs and ass. For the next few minutes I got the best six hand massage a girl could dream of! Their hands were all over my legs and feet and ass, fingers in my pussy, probing my tight opening and rubbing my clit.

    Heard Deke say, "Go ahead"; and the next thing I know there is a tongue licking my ass then pushing inside of me. At that moment the fingers in my pussy were thrust deeper and I came so hard I was flailing like a fish out of water, squealing like a cat in heat and left trembling in Deke's lap, as my whole body seemed to be alive with pleasure!

    Then, just like it started, there I was laying over Deke's lap, with him caressing my ass and suddenly fear struck me and my body tensed as I thought about the spanking I was going to get - 41 more to go! Yikes!

    He asked me if I was ready for the rest. What was I going to say?!! I didn't want to be spanked anymore, but I had also just cum harder than I had ever remember cumming in my life! I was torn. "Yes, Daddy, I'm ready" I replied and then flinched a little when he moved his hand.

    "Spread your legs" he ordered, and I complied. He then started spanking my pussy from the back. Not hard, just slapping it with his finger, sort of like a golf clap. He told the guys to count...

    "Six, seven, eight, nine, ten..." It felt GOOD! I started laughing because I was so relieved to not be getting the hard spanking I got before. "...forty, forty one, forty two, forty three, forty four, forty five AND forty six!" And he yanked out four or five pubic hairs and handed them to my husband.

    "I'm ready for the Birthday kiss now"

    I smiled and licked my lips as I looked at the bulge in his pants. My husband had watched me suck his dick many times, but I had never done it in front of anyone else.

    He stood up and I knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants and slid them down. He hadn't worn his boxers, either! I slid his pants off of his feet, then looked up at him. It was his birthday and I wanted to be extra naughty for him!

    I kissed his dick which was already half hard and kissed his balls. Not using my hands, just nuzzling my face into him and kissing him while I smelled his intoxicating scent.

    As I started sucking him, he threaded his big fingers into my flowing long hair and told me "Suck that black dick, baby!"

    As I continued to suck, he told my husband to put the pubic hairs he had given him into a keepsake jar on the coffee table; as a momento of this day. Telling everyone that every time any of us walked into his place and saw that jar, it would remind them of his 46th birthday!

    Everyone laughed and cheered as they did a toast to Deke and wished him Happy Birthday!

    Except me - I was busy blowing out my black daddy's candle, and wishing him happy birthday in my own special way; and preparing to drink the nectar I so often crave from him!

    To Be Continued...


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