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. Deke's Birthday, 2016 Ch. 02

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by DeeAnnaMontana, Jul 11, 2018.

. Deke's Birthday, 2016 Ch. 02 4.6 5 5votes
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  1. DeeAnnaMontana

    DeeAnnaMontana Well-Known Member Member

    Naked on my knees I looked up at Deke and began to suck. Hundreds of times I have been in this position with him, but never with his friends watching! My husband, yes, friends - never in my wildest dreams, did I think I would be doing this...

    A few years ago, I met him at the grocery store. Just out getting my weekly list of fresh vegetables. I was in the produce section, checking the freshness of the lettuce, when to my right I felt like someone was looking at me, then out of the corner of my eye I saw movement and looked over to see the most handsome black man staring at me.

    He smiled when I looked up at him. "Do you shop here often?!" I responded that I did, and he explained that he was a quality control manager for the grocery chain, and he traveled around to make sure everything was up to par.
    "And what is your assessment of my favorite store?!" I asked, smiling
    "Everything is beautiful here!" He replied. Then he winked at me. He did wink, right? Did I just see him wink at me?

    Suddenly my breath caught in my throat and I couldn't speak. Was I trembling? I started talking so the moment would not become awkward. I asked questions about the produce and where it came from and how they decided what farmers or corporations they would trust, and how they made sure that everything was fresh? Of course, I knew that was why he was here, but I need to talk.

    When I looked at his hands, it had triggered something in me. I have always admired a man with strong hands, and I was just rebounding from the affair I had with my first black boyfriend.

    Less than six months before, I had been seduced by a 30 year old black man. It was the first time I had sex with anyone other than my husband. We had mind-blowing sex and he had shown me a sexual side of myself that I didn't even know existed before then! Our affair lasted for a few months and during that time my husband and I learned about the "Lifestyle" and what a cuckold is, a hot wife, bull, etc. Up until that time, we were ignorant of all those things.

    But then, standing in the vegetable section at our hometown market, I felt my body respond to this stranger flirting with me, and resisting the urge to do a closer inspection. I looked him in the eyes, smiled, and told him, "We have a ranch not too far out of town, and I would love to have you over for supper - If I can tempt you with a home-cooked meal?" He smiled and I, again, marveled at how handsome he is, and said, "That sounds lovely, maam! I don't have any plans and I'm about to get off work." I wrote down our address and gave him instructions on how to get there, and went off to finish my shopping.

    Now, a year after that encounter, I'm on my knees in his living room, sucking his dick in front of my husband and his friends, Jon and Chris. He has been an incredibly sensitive and tender lover this whole time, with only a few times when he would be more aggressive and demanding, but today he is all demanding!

    "That's it, bitch, suck that black dick!" He held my head and pushed more of his cock into my mouth. "Look at your wife's mouth stretched around my dick, Tommiboi!" Strangely, I was loving it! I did have my jaw open wide, and it was aching from the strain of trying to accommodate his thick cock, and I felt my gag reflexes kick in at he pushed his dick against the back of my throat.

    "You guys have to check this out, This bitch loves black dick and she also loves to suck black dick, Don't you honey?!"

    Well, I did say I wanted to be naught for him for his birthday, right? "Yes, daddy, I love to suck black dick!" I was fighting a herd of feelings. I had not dealt with pain and humiliation with Deke before, I had not been treated like a slut; and there had never been any indication that he wanted to do anything by have out nice little affair. We got together a couple of times a week when he was in town, and sometimes he stayed the weekend.

    Jon was suddenly on the right of me and Chris moved around to the left. Jon unzipped his pants and pulled out his long, uncircumcised dick. I gasped! He laughed and stepped closer to rub his dick across my face.

    "I love you married white bitches that can't get enough black dick. Open your mouth you pretty motherfucker!" I did and looked up at him and he worked his half hard dick into my mouth. I began to suck and it wasn't long before he was completely hard and I licked and sucked my way down to his balls and began to lick.

    Just then, I felt Chris push his hard dick against the back of my head. "Don't forget about daddy Chris, baby!" I turned my head and he was already rock hard and head of his dick was HUGE! It was just inches from my mouth and I leaned forward and started to lick it. I didn't know how I was going to get that in my mouth. I wrapped my hand around as much as I could of his dick, and began to suck on the tip.

    He looked down at me and smiled, "Damn, I love those pretty blue eyes" Then he got a very serious look on his face, "You ain't no stranger to suckin' black dick you little slut, open your mouth and get to suckin'! Start suckin', BITCH!"

    His open hand connected with the side of my face and I heard a deep ringing in my ear as the pain of the sting covered my left cheek.

    I opened my mouth as wide as I could and stretched my lips around his dick, and thrust my head forward as the first few inches of his dick filled my mouth and made me open wider than I think I ever have!

    He high fived Deke and laughed, "I told you she would be able to do it! These nasty white wives love being treated like whores!"

    Tears were running down my cheeks, but I couldn't deny that I was more turned on than I had ever been! I had never been with more than one man at at time, but right now I knew these three black men were all going to fuck me, and I found myself looking forward to it. No, let me be honest, I was craving it. My pussy was wet and I was aching to be used by these three gorgeous black men.

    Chris was so strong he picked me up and carried me back to Deke's bed. He had my husband put a couple of pillows on the corner of the bed, then he laid me on the pillows, with them under my hips. So I was on the corner of the bed, with my legs draped to either side of the bed, with my ass up in the air. That way, Chris could just step up to the corner of the bed, and my pussy was right there for him!

    "Guide this black dick into your wife's pussy" I heard his deep voice and it struck something deep inside of me - it was SO stimulating, and the fact that he was giving orders to my husband made it that much more erotic to me! I didn't lift my head to look back, until he told Tommi to "suck it first and get it good and wet, so I can slide it right in!"

    By the time I looked back, Tommi already had his mouth around Chris' dick and was sucking! I giggled at that point, thinking he must have learned from what happened to me, and didn't want to chance being slapped by this big, strong man!

    Except that moments later, Chris slapped him anyway, and told him to "Stop sucking white boi, and put that dick in your wife's pussy, where it belongs!" I LOVED the sound of that!

    I arched my hips, not sure how much of his big dick I was going to be able to take.

    When he pressed the head of his dick against my opening from the back, I knew that his dick was thicker than any I had ever had before. I know this is an overused term, but it felt like it was going to literally split me in two! I lifted my hips and spread my legs a little wider.

    He pushed forward and I felt my whole body move up onto the bed a little, that familiar tingling start, and the huge head was suddenly inside of me!

    I screamed so loud I thought surely somebody was going to call the cops! I've had four children, and thought I could probably handle anything he had to offer, but when the head of his dick got into my pussy, I knew that's all I could take.

    Chris said, "Fuck this bitch is tight" and I screamed again as I came all over the head of his magnificent cock! My body was betraying my efforts to not reveal how good this felt to me. I pushed back to take more of his dick into me. "That's it, honey, you love this black dick, don't you?! He slapped my ass, hard. "Don't you, bitch? Tell me how much you love this black cock!"

    I was whimpering like a crying puppy and all I could get out was, "PLEASE FUCK ME!"

    He began to fuck me as he help my hips and worked a little more dick into me with each stroke. I was in a pool of pleasure, drifting away, as the waves of my orgasm continued. He kept it up for what seemed like an hour, but it was a pleasure-filled hour. I came, again and he pulled out, got up on the bed, lifted my head by my hair, and shot the first stream of cum on the side of my head before stuffing his dick in my mouth and telling me to swallow "Every fuckin' drop, bitch!"

    Before I finished sucking him, I felt some rough hands on my ass and another dick stirring at the opening of my pussy. I heard Jon make a comment about how much he loved my ass, then he began working me with his dick. He didn't start with short strokes and work it in, he just slid it in, ever so slowly, but kept pushing, pushing, pushing, until he was in to the hilt. All the time he was doing it, I was moaning because he is big and LONG! I think he might be 10 or 11 inches! Deke is a little over 9, so I had never had anyone that deep inside of me before.

    I was stretched open, and impaled on his cock and he just held it there. Then he began stirring it deep. by now, Jon had pulled out of my mouth and was stroking my face with his fingers. Chris' hand landing on my left ass cheek surprised me! Immediately after, he spanked my right cheek, hard! I moaned and a shiver ran through me! If there is one thing that I absolutely love, sexually, it is being spanked while being taken from behind.

    He pulled out of me, slowly pulling back until maybe an inch or two was still inside of me. He spanked me four of five times on my right side, then slid his cock slowly back into me. I was on fire, again! "Oh god, Chris, give it to me baby, damn this feels good! Take my pussy, honey! Pleeeeeze!"

    He began to fuck me in long, deep strokes, spanking me, holding my hips, pulling my hair. I could hear his deep grunting and feel his flesh slap against my ass with every stroke.

    I came after about 10 minutes of this, but he just kept going for at least another 10 minutes. Finally, he laid his strong body across my back and nuzzled his lips against my neck. He kissed me there, and I felt chills run through my body, and my pussy was getting sore from the deep pounding it was getting. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and held me tight against him and I felt his body heave one last time and he panted in my ear as he unloaded deep inside of me.

    His body convulsed a few times, then he whispered in my ear, "Damn you feel good, Dee! You can have this dick any time!" I felt my pussy grip his cock one last time, before he pulled out and left a stream of cum all over the pillow and down my leg.

    I looked around to see if Deke had heard and saw that Tommi was sucking his dick. Must have been doing it for awhile, because it wasn't more than a couple of minutes later when Deke threw his head back and came in my husband's mouth.

    Deke was looking at me when He came, and smiling. "This motherfucker is almost as good as you are at suckin' black dick, baby!" I laughed. "Yeah, but he doesn't have tits or a pussy, so I think my place is safe for now!"

    (To be continued...)

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