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. Cuckolded Over His Wife's Cellphone

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Jun 5, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Cuckolded Over His Wife's Cellphone

    by EroticWriter

    Dick eight and one half.

    “Ohh gawd that cock feels good. I'm so glad I went for this.” Jackie turned her head toward the phone, which was by her right ear. “You hear that honey? This is really fucking wild. His cock is driving me crazy with lust!”

    Then, to rub it in, Richard picked up the phone as he raised his body from Jackie and got higher onto his knees so that he could look down at his cock as it was stretching another man's wife.

    Hear that, Jerry? Your wife is crazy with lust for my big fucking cock. I'm going to ask your wife now in front of you if she'll tell me what size your cock is.”

    The day before.

    Jackie was packed and ready to leave. “Milly will be ready and waiting,” she told her husband.Jerry. “I just called her.”

    Milly and her co-worker were going out of town, a short 45 minute plane trip to Louisville, Kentucky where they were to stay in a luxury hotel while attending a seminar related to their work. All paid for by the company of course.

    This would be Jackie's first time away from her husband of three years, and for Milly, also the same, first time away and married for seven years.

    “I'm surprised that the company didn't book you two into the same room to save money,” said Jerry as they drove over to pick up Milly.

    “I wouldn't have minded,” Jackie replied, “but I'd rather have my own room, you know, waiting to use the bath and all that.”

    “You'll have two nights and three days there. What do you plan to do in your off time.”

    “Why, go out and get laid by all the men in Louisville,” Jackie replied, laughing. “Isn't that what husbands think their wives do when they are away from home?”

    “I don't know baby, ever thought about it?”

    Jackie frowned at his unexpected response. “You really think I might do something like that, cheat on you?” She sounded concerned that her husband would imply such a thing.

    “Well, I know that you have never been with anyone else, and I had a couple of girls before I met you as you know, so I was thinking that you might be curious about other men, or thinking that in order to make it even you should have another man.”

    “You wouldn't mind?” Jackie did not really want to do such a thing, but now, she was testing her husband just like he is testing her.

    Jerry took her question to mean that she might want to, rather than she was just wanting to see how mad he might get. Jerry felt a knot in his stomach as he went deeper into this. He didn't really want his wife to fuck somone else, but if she ever does, he wanted to be in on it.

    “I'm not tellling you to do it, but I'm just saying that if you ever do, you could call me. I'd prefer to know and not have you doing it behind my back. When wives cheat in secret, they sometimes start an affair, and that can be dangerous to an otherwise good marriage. If she just has a...just fucks a man for fun, one time, it's not the same as having an affair.”

    Jerry was looking over at his wife now as the car drew to a stop in front of Milly's house. Jackie knew she had to come back with a quick reply because Milly was coming down the walk with her suitcase.

    “Real quick. If I did anything like that, you would want me to call you, in advance?”

    “Yes, in advance and maybe I could listen in on the phone.” He smiled at her.

    “Silly man! As if I'd ever do such a thing.” That was all Jackie had time to say as Milly was at the car and Jerry got out to help her with the suitcase.

    Their flight, arrival at the hotel and check in went smoothly. They had a late lunch and took a tour of the conference room and adjoining rooms they would be using the next day. Then, after a quick walk over to see the river, back to the hotel.

    The first night, both women retired to their own room to relax, because tomorrow the conference was to start and they did not know how demanding it would be of their minds.

    The conference was not the hard work they had imagined, but more like fun. There were men there of course, men from their company but from another branch, in another town, and during breaks both women felt those vibes coming from some of the men. They wanted to fuck, both Jackie and Milly could tell, but the men did not dare come out with it for fear of sexual harrassment claims.

    The first day of the conference ended without consequence. Another night, then a half day tomorrow and they would be flying home once again.

    Time for some excitement

    Jackie was ready for some innocent but away from the husband action. “Milly, let's leave the hotel and walk down a ways. I saw a neat looking bar a block from here when we passed it in the cab. Let's go give it a shot.”

    Milly was almost the direct opposite of Jackie in looks. Both lovely, but Milly was a tall blonde with a fairly sizeable rack and a nice ass when seen in a tight fitting dress. She was married to a man named Fred who was on the quiet side, a lawyer, and he made good money. In bed, good, but not great. His six inch medium thick cock did the job, but lately they hardly ever made love.

    Fred had told her she could just remain a housewife ig she chose, and if she wanted, they might start on that baby. Milly had said that before conceiving she preferred to put her degree to work first, and work for a while.

    Milly had been wondering about other men, more so than her best friend Jackie, but so far had never strayed.

    Jackie was short, brunette, B cup and a lovely face, even prettier than Milly. Her husband Jerry was more manly than Milly's husband, being a blue color worker who managed a trucking company, but from the shop.

    Because he had been there a long time, Jerry's income was about equal to Fred's, and the two couples were fairly close and even had barbecues together in their respective yards when they weren't going out for dinner.

    Jerry's cock was on the small side, just five inches and slim. That was one reason why Jerry had placed the idea in his wife's head, it might be alright if she tries another man and just once, maybe enjoy a larger cock if it turns out that way.

    It was his fantasy, one Jerry would rather have Jackie do in his presence, but this trip, coming out of the blue, had set his imagination to soaring.

    Now Jackie and Milly had entered a bar, dimly lit, and nicely dcorated. It was a bar with a dance floor, and room for a band, but at the moment, this being a week night, only recorded music was playing.

    Unsure as to what to do since they had never gone into a bar without their husbands, the women stood looking around, and then decided to take a round booth over in the corner.

    “There's hardly anyone here Milly,” said Jackie as they took a seat. “Must be a slow night.”

    Just then a waitress came over and took their order. Milly asked; “I know it's a weeknight and it's early, so is this about the size of the crowd that will come in.” she asked the waitress?

    The waitress nodded, “It's a Wednesday night, probably our slowest night, but more men will be coming in if that's what you are looking for.”

    Milly blushed, unseen in the dim light. “Oh no. I didn't mean that. We're from out of town and just wondering.”

    “Yeah, I could tell you're new. I'll get your drinks.” And off she went.

    Several minutes passed while Jackie and Milly finished one drink and started on another. The music being played was slow and romantic, and Jackie sighed. “Too bad we don't have our husband's here to dance.”

    Almost on cue, and man came up from out of nowhere and overhearing Jackie, said, “No husband with you? I can take care of that. Care to dance?”

    He held out his hand, and almost automatically since Jackie was used to sometimes sharing a dance with Milly's husband, she took the hand and stood up.

    He was smooth. Tall and good looking and maybe five years older than Jackie's 25. “I saw you and your friend come in from down the street. Are you staying at the La Quinta Inn?”

    “Yes. Yes we are.” Jackie said as he took her into his arms and at first, stayed back a ways to talk.

    “How long are you in town for,” he asked with a smile while looking into her eyes. Jackie almost melted this man is so hot.

    “Just for tonight. I mean, we were here last night when we flew in, did a conference today and tomorrow it's half a day and back on the plane.”

    “I see. So anything you might want to do has to happen tonight, is that right?”

    With that, he drew her closer to him, and as her breasts pressed against his lower chest, Jackie felt his breath on her neck. He was waiting for her answer and Jackie hesitated, then out if came, out of a mouth she seemed to have lost control of.

    “Yes. Tonight if at all.”

    He chuckled with a confident air. “Let's do some dancing first.”

    Unseen to him, Jackie's eyes widened as she thought about what he had said. 'Dancing first? First before...what?' But he had her in his arms now, and with their bodies pressed together, he smoothly guided her around the floor. When the song ended, he kept her on the floor.

    The second dance was even hotter. He was bending down and breathinginto her ear and onto her neck, and Jackie was tingling from head to toe. Then he said it. “You know, don't you, that when two people are so evenly matched on the dance floor that they are also matched in bed.”

    Jackie remembered what her husband had said. To call him. As the song came to an end, she looked up into his eyes. “We need to talk.”

    He looked over to where Milly was sitting. “In front of your friend, or somewhere else for a few minutes?”

    On impulse, because she had a thought, Jackie said, “In front of.”

    Jackie was excited now, and as she slid into the booth beside Milly she came out with it. “Milly, I'm thinnking about taking this man back to my room!”

    Just like that, she had come out with it. Milly looked surprised but not shocked. She and Jackie had discussed, on occasion, what other men might be like, and her seeing Jackie on that floor with this nice looking man, she was excited about this, almost as excited as Jackie.

    “Are you going to call Jerry first?” Jackie had told Milly about that conversation her husband had started.

    “Yes. After we get outside where it's a bit quieter.” She looked at the man. “What's your name?”

    He grinned. “So you can tell your husband?”

    “No, but when we're in my room I might let him listen in if you don't mind. I sort of promised him that if this ever happens, that I would call him.”

    “You've never done this before?”

    “No. You'll be my first man besides my husband.”

    “Your first. I like that. My name's Richard, but some women prefer to call me by my nick-name, 'Dick eight and a half.”

    Jackie looked shocked and she heard Milly giggle. “That's your nick name,” Milly asked, 'Dick eight and a half?”

    “Yes, and I'm prepared to prove it.”

    Milly was grinning as she looked over at Jackie. “Oh shit Jackie. Now you're in for it!”

    Her face red, Jackie stood up and said, “I can be calling Jerry while we walk to the hotel.”

    As they headed for the door, Milly came up beside Jackie and said with a laugh, “Oh Jackie what you are about to do!”

    Jackie sensed that Milly was wishing she was the one who had been asked to dance first.

    Outside, it was much quieter, even with the noise of a few passing cars. “Need to stop or can you talk while you walk,” Richard asked?

    “I can do both, I'm ambi-dextrous,” Jackie giggled.

    She punched in her home number as they walked, Richard in the middle, and Jackie on his left.

    Her husband answered almost immediately, like he had been holding the phone in his hand. “Hi baby. How's it going? Did you go out for the night?”

    It was like her husband was a mind reader. “Ah, Jerry, I have something to ask...”

    “Is Milly still with you?”

    “Yes. For now.”

    Jerry recognized the tone of her voice. “And a man, is he there too?”

    She hesitated, then: “Yes, and he seems nice. I met him while dancing.” While holding the phone up to her ear with her left hand, Jackie reached out and took Richard's hand. “We're walking back to the hotel now, the three of us.”

    “The both of you are taking him back?”

    “No. Just me.”

    “I see.” Jackie heard him sigh. ““Have you told him your name or where you live?”

    “Just my first name.”

    “Well, don't tell him any more. You need to be thinking of your safety, so here is what I want you to do. When the three of you get outside your room, make him give his I.D. to Milly. Check to make sure the identification matches his face first, then when you take him into your room, Milly will have his identification with her.

    When he gets ready to leave, have him go outside your door, then you lock it. Then you call Milly, she might be asleep, and she slips his identification under her door for him to retrieve. That way, you will be much safer. You never know, he might not be all he seems.”

    “Unseen to her husband, Jackie nodded as she continued to walk along and hold Richard's hand. She decided to tease her husband and after she said it, wondered if she might have made a mistake for her husband to hear, but it was too late.

    “Honey, his nick name he says is 'Dick eight and a half.”

    “Oh? He says he's that big?”

    He sounded subdued, and Jackie could not tell if her husband is excited or upset. “He said that. I don't know if it is true.”

    Jerry had no choice really as he allowed this to go on. “When he drops his drawers, I want to be on the phone. But first, this is important, don't go into your room with him until Milly is in her room with his identification and her door locked.

    Then when you are in your room, call me.” He hung up, or the phone connection died, she wasn't sure.

    In the hallway between their two rooms Richard, somewhat reluctantly, gave his identification to Milly. She checked it against his face, said, “Have fun you too, and Jackie, call me when it's time. I might be asleep so you Richard, “ she said turning to look at him, “give me a minute to take the call and slip your identification under the door.”

    Then, as Milly's door closed, for the first time Jackie was alone with the man who is to be her first fuck outside of marriage. As she nervously fumbled with the card key, he took it. “Here, let me help.”

    With a shaking hand Jackie gave Richard the card, and she knew right then, he will be in charge. Inside the room he pulled her to him and kissed her, passionately and surprising her as to how different this is, turning her on instantly.

    He walked her toward the bed, removing her blouse by pulling it over her head when they reached the bottom of the king size mattress.

    “I need to call my husband first, so he can listen in,” she breathed.

    “Let's get your clothes off first so you can be naked when you get him on the phone. Tell him that you are naked, then tell him what you are seeing as I take my clothes off.”

    “Yes! That sounds exciting.” She allowed Richard to help in the removal of her skirt, brassiere, and then the panties.

    Nice baby, very nice. Even better than I expected,” Richard said as he turned her so that her back was to him and he could better cup her lemon shaped and firm breasts from behind.

    “Thank you,” she said with a trembling voice as she stood exposed for the first time ever with a man not her husband. Now wait while I make my call.” With that she stepped out of his arms so they could be facing one another.

    “Is your phone fully charged,” he said with a grin? “You might need that full battery.”

    “If it starts to go dead,” she giggled, “I'll tell him you are leaving. Then we can get back to doing what we are doing without me having to hold the phone.”

    Jackie,it sounded like, had just committed to a long fuck session.

    “Are you alone in your room with him now,” Jerry asked immediately when he answered?

    “Yes. And I am already naked and standing before Richard as he prepares to do a strip tease for me.”

    Jackie had just came out with that, but Richard, with a grin, did just that. Undoing the buttons on his sleeve cuffs, taking off his shirt, then undoing his belt and allowing his pants to drop onto the floor before deciding to pick them up and toss them over a chair.

    Jackie could already see his bulge, making his shorts point out and up. She sucked in her breath and Jerry heard it on the phone.

    “He's naked?”

    “Not yet. I'm just seeing his bulge, in his underwear. I think he's already erect.”


    "He's already got a hard on?"

    "Yes, very much so."

    “Decribe it for me baby, what you see.”

    Richard had gripped his underwear in order to tug down.

    “Wait! I need time to tell my husband.”

    She smiled at Richard, and then at the receiver before placing it to her mouth and right ear. “He's wearing the same kind of shorts you wear, and his dick is bulging so far that it's almost wrapping around his butt it looks like.”

    “Shit baby, that's hot. Tell him to take them down, slowly.”

    She looked at Richard and nodded. “My husband says to pull them down slowly.”

    "With pleasure baby. I'm doing this for the both of you."

    At first, Richard just used two fingers to pull down the top of his underwear, just enough to expose his head, a very fat looking head. Her eyes widened.

    “Now he's pulling them down. No. Wait! He's letting it hang out the bottom. Oh my gawd!”

    There was a long pause as Jackie stared, wide-eyed at what awaited her.

    "Oh my poor husband, you should be here to see this!"


    Jerry sounded excited. “His nickname is correct? Dick eight and a half?”

    “Yes, but it looks even longer. And he didn't say how wide it is. Or maybe he did, He might have meant eight and a half around.”

    “Really?That sounds impossible.”

    “I was just kidding, but it looks really thick.”

    “Is he close to you now?”

    “Yes. Two feet away and coming closer.”

    “Reach out and feel it with your hand, put your fingers around it.”

    Jackie reached out with her free left hand, and as she did so, her rings sparkled in the light.

    “They won't go around. It's too big.”

    “Is he standing right in front of you?”


    “Squat down and suck him for a little bit.”

    “I want to hold it with two hands and I have this phone.”

    “Have him hold it by your ear and mouth while you do it.”

    Jackie did as told. “Here Mister eight and a half, now that I know that's your real name.”

    Making an occasional Mmmm good sound as her husband listened, Jackie sucked, or tried to. She took her mouth off the tip. “Honey? He's so big, his head, I can barely get my mouth opened that wide.”

    “If he's that big around, how do you plan to take it you know where?”

    “Tee hee. I'll find some way...”

    “Do the best you can honey. Just make sure you are warmed up before you try it in your hot little pussy.”

    “It might not be a little pussy when he is through with it!”

    “Tell me how it feels going in.”

    Apparently Richard was content to have Jackie talking to her husband as he stood there and enjoyed the conversation between a cuckold husband and his lovely oh so lovely wife.

    Besides, though she could not take much of his cock into her mouth, she was doing a great job of running her lips and tongue all around the head and shaft while holding it with two hands since Richard was holding the phone.

    “Honey?” Jackie said into the phone. “I can't wait any longer. I want to feel him inside me,”

    “You're not scared?”

    Jackie sighed. “Maybe a little bit. But he's not being pushy and I think he'll be careful with my little never before known by a strange man pussy.”

    Jackie, in order to make this scenario all the more exciting for her listening husband, and also maybe for herself, was trying to be very descriptive to the point of almost talking silly.

    Even though the phone was almost three feet away from Richard's mouth, Jerry heard his laugh.

    Raising the phone to his mouth, Richard spoke directly to Jerry for the first time. “I'll treat your old lady good Jerry. Have no fear of that. But I'll be sending her home to you a changed lady.”

    Jerry, surprised to be one on one with the man who is soon to be fucking his wife, stammered as he answered. “D...Dick?"

    "Yes, it's me, the man with the big dick who is about to do some modifying on your married pussy."

    Dick, please. You...you'll be careful with her? With your big cock?”

    Richard laughed. “Got your dick in your hand man? You're going to be listening to some sounds your wife never made before.”

    Jerry sounded resigned as he answered. “My dick's already out. Go for it.” He hesitated. "Would you mind, I'd love to have my wife get a photo of your cock to bring home to me."

    "Sure man, no problem."

    Ooooh fuck, I'm cumming again.”

    Despite his desire for self control, Jerry's cock started blasting when he heard his wife cumming again. It was bad enough, or maybe hot enough, that his wife had orgasmed within a minute or so of having Richard getting his cock only partway inside her.

    But twice? Two orgasms in only a couple of minutes?

    Then, after Richard had waited for her groans to subside as he held the phone near her mouth for Jerry to hear, he had started working it further in.

    The second time, Jerry tried to keep his groan quiet as he came with his wife. Two times in two minutes was too much to resist.

    As he listened to his wife being steadily fucked after her second orgasm, Jerry found that his cock, though having shot a mighty load, was still hard. He couldn't resist saying it, even though that man might hear. “Honey? Jackie? I came with you!”

    “You...uuh uuh uuh...you did? Oh honey, I'm uuh glad for you. I hope you are enjoying...uuh uuh, this as much as I am.”

    “Do you still love me?”

    No answer. “Honey? Jackie? Do you still love me”?

    “Huh? Oh yes. Of course I do Jerry. You know I do.”

    Then Jerry heard his wife's voice change from sickly sweet for him to hot whore for Richard. “Fuck me Dick eight and a half, I think I can take it now.”

    The connection was not as clear now and Jerry suspected that his wife had put the phone down beside her, because her voice could not be heard as well as before.

    “Ohh gawd that cock feels good. I'm so glad I went for this.” Jackie turned her head toward the phone, which was by her right ear. “You hear that honey? This is really fucking wild. His cock is driving me crazy wih lust!”

    Then, to rub it in, Richard picked up the phone as he raised his body from Jackie and got higher onto his knees so that he could look down at his cock as it was stretching another man's wife.

    "Hear that, Jerry? Your wife is crazy with lust for my big fucking cock. I'm up on my knees over her and staring down at her tight lips being stretched beyond capacity by my cock. Fuck, each time I shove into her she grunts and digs her fingers into my back, and when I come back with my cock her inner lips cling to my prick and it looks like I am turning her inside out.

    I'm gong to ask your wife now in front of you if she'll tell me what size your cock is. Based on the way she is responding to me, I'd say your cock is smaller than she would like.”

    Richard looked into Jackie's eyes, which she had opened upon hearing what he had just said to her husband.

    “How about it Jackie? Your husband got a cock anywhere near this size?” Richard held his hand over the receiver for a moment and whispered. “Don't be afraid to tell the truth with him listening..I'm pretty sure that is what your husband wants to hear. He already came once, remember?”

    Trembling as Richard fed his eight and one half long and super thick cock to her, Jackie took the phone in her hand, and gasping, said it loud enough for her husband to hear. “My husband's cock is smaller, much smaller. Puny as a matter of fact compared to what I am enjoying now.”

    Richard chuckled. Then said it loud enough to be heard over the phone. “Now tell your husband if you have ever been fucked before tonight.”

    She frowned. “We've made love...Oh, I see what you mean. No, I've never been fucked before, not like this!” As she finished the sentence, Jackie had turned and said it loud into the phone.

    With a smug smile, Richard laid his body fully upon hers once again while being careful not to lay all his 205 pounds onto her. “Now put that phone down again and let's do some real fucking!”

    Apparently what Richard had said was true as the real fucking began. His slow entry into her while making her cum twice within two minutes or so had just been a preview. Now they went at it, and before long, as she ignored the phone beside her, Jackie was fucked and fucked back.

    Kissing became standard procedure as Richard began owning her, and somehow, Jerry could tell on the phone. “Honey? Are you kissing him? It sounds like you are.”

    No answer, but he could hear and knew the sounds. “Baby? Jackie? Please talk to me and tell me what's happening. Are you kissing him? Is he feeding his big cock to you, all the way in?”

    Finally she picked up the phone. “Fuck Jerry. He's making me cum again. Oooh fuckkkkkkkk!”

    She had almost screamed it out as he made her cream. Finally, it was over. Multiple orgasms for her, and two for Dick and his eight and one half.

    “Baby? Are you through? It sounds like it.”

    A long pause as the sound of possible kissing could be heard on Jerry's end of the line. “Jackie? Please tell me you're done now. I don't think I can get it up again.”

    Finally his wife answered him. “I'm done. I'm satisfied. Satisfied and happy. He'll be leaving soon.”

    “Honey? Jackie” Don't forget to have him outside first, and then with your door locked you can call Milly and tell her to slip his identification under her door.”

    “I will dear, and if you don't mind, I probably should hang up. The bar on my phone is showing red.”

    “OK baby. Do what you need to do with him and Milly, then plug your phone in so we can talk for just a few minutes. You know, a private talk...”

    “OK Jerry.” She sighed. “But not for long. I'm tired and also sleepy and I, we still have some conference to do in the morning, then a flight home.”

    “OK. Hang it up and don't forget to plug it in after he is outside. Bye for now.”


    Jackie was hopeful. Her husband had sounded more excited than upset. She looked up at Richard, who at the moment was standing behind her with both hand on her breasts. Then he spoke. “Before I leave, how do you think your girlfriend would feel about me fucking her?”

    Jackie looked surprised. “You're not satisfied?”

    “Of course I am baby, but your girlfriend was also looking at me like she might like to get some, and I'm man enough to go again.”

    “I don't know if she would. She's happily married, but I'll call her.”

    “Happily married, like you?”

    “Fucker. Don't talk like that. You know I have to get back into my innocent and happy wife mode.”

    Then she giggled. “I'm supposed to have you out in the hall first before I call her.”

    He was getting dressed. “ Do that baby. When I'm outside and you're safe in here, call her and ask her. I'll wait. Either she slips the identification under the door, or she opens it.”

    He was dressed. “Richard. You'd better get outside. I've got cum draining out all over the place.”

    Quickly, Richard dashed over to the bathroom, and grabbing a hand cloth, handed it to her.

    “Put this under that tight little married pussy of yours while you make that call.” Then, just like that, he had gone out and closed the door.

    Sighing with a real feeling of having been satisfied like never before, Jackie went over and picking up the house phone, dialed Milly's room number.

    “You're done, finally? I though you would never call. Is he out in the hall?”

    “Yes. And he wants to fuck you.”

    A pause. “He does? Tell me, quick!”

    “He is as advertised. Eight and one half, and what he didn't say, big around as my wrist!”

    There was no mistaking the excitement in Milly's voice. “Is he a good lay with it?”

    “Oh God yes. Do it Milly. You won't be sorry, then we can talk about it in the morning before breakfast.”

    “Was Jerry listening, when you were doing it?”

    “Yes. He heard it all.” She giggled." Jerry asked me to get a photo of that cock, so I did."

    “Oh shit. I wish I could do all that with my husband. But not now, maybe some other time. Bye.”

    Just like that, Milly had hung up, and Jackie, as she headed quickly for the toilet, knew they both would have stories to share in the morning.

    As Jackie sat draining herself on the commode, she remembered. “Oh shit. I still have to call my husband.”

    Idly, Jackie began playing with herself as she felt all that cum running out. She had laid the camera on the sink, and as she sat on the commode, she clicked that photo on and stared at it as she fingered her clit. 'Lucky Milly. Now she's enjoying what I had. Can't wait to talk about it in the morning.'

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