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. Crippled and Bitched Ch. 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Frobisher, Aug 7, 2018.

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  1. Frobisher

    Frobisher Well-Known Member Author!

    Crippled and Bitched (Part Two)

    “How are you feeling Mr Thomas?” the nurse said.

    I awoke with a start. The pain in my ribs was intense and I felt woozy. I glanced at my surroundings. I was in a bed in a hospital room. My wrist and my right foot were in hard plaster. I had a bandage on my head and another round my lower back and buttocks. A tube was attached to my cock so I could piss into a plastic bag.

    “You had a lucky escape,” the nurse continued. “You’ve got five broken ribs, your right wrist and pelvis are both fractured, your left fibula is broken and you have concussion.”

    I stared at her blankly. That didn’t sound like a “lucky escape” to me. I felt like shit. But when the memories of those “Rainbow Forum” messages started flooding back, I felt a hell of a lot worse.

    “When can I get out of here?” I said.

    “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine over the long term,” she said. “Your recuperation will take at least six months. You’ll be in a wheelchair for three or four of them.”

    I didn’t have my phone with me in the hospital, so I had to make do with the TV. It was permanently tuned to a sports news channel, half of whose output seemed to be devoted to discussion of my shitty football team, whose winless streak had now stretched to 23 matches. I couldn’t even turn the damn thing off.

    Despite my pain, my cock gave an involuntary jerk when Leah visited me the next day. I hadn’t had sex for months. My hot wife always dressed sexily, but the scorching summer heat gave her skin-tight yoga pants the appearance of being painted onto her body, and her high heels made her arse jiggle as she walked. The pain medicine was making me high, and soon I had a full scale erection.

    “I’m so sorry to see you in such pain Harry,” my wife said. “But it will all heal, don’t worry. You’ll be allowed home soon. I’ll set you up with a bed downstairs. It’s lucky we already have a downstairs bathroom. That will make life a lot easier.”

    “Listen Harry, I’m sorry I’ve been a bit distant recently.” Leah continued. “I know I can act like a bitch sometimes, but I do care about you, honestly, you know that babe." She sat down on the bed, leant over and gave me a tight hug, her large breasts spilling against my chest. “You’ll be back at work before you know it Harry.” she said.

    I started to sob silently. I still loved her. Perhaps my suspicions were unfounded after all. Perhaps everything was going to be okay, I thought. God, my wife was so gorgeous, I thought.

    Over the next few weeks Leah continued to visit me regularly. Although I was happy to see her, it was incredibly frustrating to stare at her in the sexy outfits while my injuries prevented me from masturbating. Still, it seemed that the sight of my broken body had softened her attitude. The icy-cold bitchiness had gone. Leah actually seemed sympathetic to my plight. Soon, I hoped, we could talk sensibly about our relationship. Surely, I told myself, she would never carry out the threatened bitching with me in this reduced state.

    Even so, on day I was due to return home, I felt a little apprehensive. A hospital porter pushed my wheelchair to a waiting taxi and together, Leah and the porter managed to lift me into the back seat. Once in the taxi we started driving home, my sexy wife sitting next to me. Leah was fixated with her phone, tapping in a message. She was dre1ssed in a tight dress and heels, and appeared to be breathing heavily, as though she was sexually aroused.

    “I know I’m a bit of a handful at the moment babe,” I tried to joke as the car exited the motorway. “but I’ll do my best to make a contribution to the household. I’m not completely useless. I have one free arm, and I can still do stuff. But it’s tough for me right now, I’m still in pain. Will you manage to help me get out of the cab when we get home babe?”

    “My friend Jen is over, she’ll give us a hand at the other end.” Leah replied. She was still engrossed in her phone, tapping out another message as the cab turned into our street.

    I stared at her. Something flickered in my mind. Jen...

    “Jen?” I said. Who’s this Jen, do I know her?”

    “I don’t know if you’ve met her babe she’s a new friend.” Leah said. “Don’t worry about it." She crossed her sexy legs and started to check her make up in a vanity mirror.

    Jen… surely not that evil rainbow forum whore Jen4black, I thought. No way.

    The cab halted at our house. Stood outside my front door was a shapely brunette of about 40, wearing tight black jeans, almost obscenely tight, and red spike heels. She wore a T-shirt depicting a black fist emblazoned with the words “Black Power." She strode towards us and opened the door of the taxi. “Hi Harry I’m Leah’s friend Jen.” she said. “Come on Leah, let’s help him out."

    All of a sudden I wanted to go back to the hospital.

    Leah got out of the cab and started unfolding my wheelchair. Then both girls began pulling me out of the car and into the chair. I started to panic.

    “Scuse me mate, I might need to go back to the hospital.” I said to the cab driver.

    “Sorry pal. I’m off duty,” he said as he drove off.

    “Oh, there’s something I forgot to tell you Harry...” Leah said after the cab had vanished and I was sitting on the drive in my wheelchair. “My other friend is moving in for a bit. Hope you don’t mind”

    “What? I said. “Which friend Leah?”

    “He’s called Darnell. Actually I’ve been having a bit of a fling with him. He’s a black guy.” my wife said nonchalantly, as though she was commenting on the weather.

    I gawped at her. I was speechless. How could she be so evil?

    “Fuck you Leah you bitch!” I spat. “Take me back to the fucking hospital right now!”

    “But Darnell wants to meet you babe” my wife said, breathing heavily, as though in anticipation. I saw that her nipples were visibly erect under her thin cotton dress.

    I snapped and lashed out, trying to punch her on the side of the head with my one free arm and missing by a mile.

    “Fuck you bitches, both of you!” I said. “You can’t do this. It’s my home.”

    “Our home babe and I do what I like now.” Leah said. “Shut the fuck up Harry."

    I started to panic but I was helpless to do anything. The two women began wheeling me up the drive. They opened the front door and wheeled into my house. Once in the lounge I couldn’t believe my eyes. The place was a mess, with overflowing ash trays, junk food wrappers and beer cans everywhere. And two muscular, tattooed, intimidating-looking black men were sitting on our sofa.

    “This is Darnell and Lance babe.” Leah said. “Lance is Jen’s boyfriend, and Darnell is mine.

    “We’re their bitches.” Jen added

    “Fuck you! Both of you!” I yelled again

    Then one of the black men, who I later learned was Darnell, walked up to me and simply slapped me in the face, hard.

    “Welcome home bitch.” Darnell said. “Now shut the fuck up!”

    “Owwww” I cried. “That fucking hurt you bastard”

    “Serves you bloody well right Harry.” my wife said “Slap the bitch again Darnell.”

    Darnell smacked me once again around the head, even harder this time. Then continued to bitch slap me, backwards and forwards.

    Owwww” I cried. “Please, please, stop. Don’t. I just want to leave."

    “Shut it white boy.” Darnell said.

    “Please, what do you want from me? I said. “Can’t I just leave?”

    “Your job is to fucking do as you’re told.” Darnell said, slapping me even harder

    “Pleeeese” I begged

    “Shut the fuck up wimpy wheels?” Leah said, staring at me, her hands on her hips. “Darnell rules the roost now. Get used to it. You will do as he says. Got it?”

    Then Jen sidled up to me and sat on my lap. God she was hot. Despite my terror, the feeling of her arse on her cock made me rock hard.

    “Harry, you need to realize that hot girls like Leah are always attracted to alphas.” Jen said, her face inches from mine. “The bottom line is, hot women are hard wired to breed with strong black men. Not weak ones.“

    “And certainly not useless cripples like you." Leah added

    Then Jen whispered in my ear: “Leah wants a baby Harry,” she said. “And these two big black men are going to demonstrate their strength by picking her up and carrying her round the house like a hot bitch, even up the stairs, with her bouncing on their big black cocks all the while, while you sit here, crying, in your fucking wheelchair. What do you think about that?”

    “Actually, I don’t want him to be sitting on his lazy ass all day.” my wife said. “Oh no. I want him cleaning the house.”

    I stared at her. Did I hear my wife right?

    “The entire house is a mess, and I want Harry to clean it” my wife said matter-of-factly.

    “What the fuck, Leah, I’m in a fucking wheelchair!” I said. I could hardly believe her words. “Baby??”

    Leah then stood back and stared at me imperiously, her large breasts thrusting outwards under the thin material of her dress.

    “You said you’d help with the chores Harry.” she said. “You may as well start right now. Make yourself useful. Go on~”

    “I want this room cleared first." Leah said, pointing her arm sweepingly across the room.

    “It’s fucking filthy. Look.”

    “Then I want you in the kitchen” she said, as both black men started pawing her. “I want the oven spotless. Then you can start on the bathroom."

    “You heard her you whiny bitch!” Jen said. “Get to fucking work!”

    “Yes, get to work, wimpy wheels!” Leah said. “And no slacking or you’ll get a slapping to remember.”

    So that was what happened. I was given a trash bag and forced to clean my own fucking lounge while sat in a wheelchair, using my one free hand to both wheel myself around and do the chores, emptying the ashtrays into a trash bag, collecting the beer cans and pizza boxes and moving them to the kitchen. Have you ever tried to maneuver one of those fucking chairs? It looks easy doesn’t it, but it’s not – especially when you only have one functioning arm. To say I made slow progress is an understatement.

    “Come on! Move it Harry! Faster!” Leah said as Darnell got grabby with her big boobs..

    As I worked, the two bitches began to get even more amorous with their lovers. I had to watch from the corner of my eye as the two hot women began undressing their big black studs, peeling off their T-shirts right there in front of me as I redoubled my efforts. I was terrified of receiving another bitch slapping. At the same time I realised that the smell of female arousal was pungent in the air, as the women began juicing up for their men. My cock was rock hard.

    “Get the fuck in the kitchen and start working in there white boy!” Lance said as Jen was unfastening his jeans. Darnell then stood up, grabbed the back of my chair and wheeled me into the kitchen. He then tipped me over backwards, dumping me unceremoniously onto the floor.

    “Floor needs doing.” Darnell said and threw a wet cloth down beside me. “Better be spotless in half an hour or I’ll take a fucking belt to your ass boy." He slammed the door.

    I was in agony but had no choice but to begin wiping the floor as best I could, wriggling and writhing on my belly. Soon, the sounds from the next room told me that the black fucking that Leah had been craving had begun. Remembering Dannell's threat to take a belt to me, I began scrubbing in earmest.

    So this is how it feels to be bitched, I thought.
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