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. Craving Samuel

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Aug 8, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    It has been less than two days since Samuel last fucked me. In that time I have had James my husband lick my sex. Feeling his tongue slither over my wet sex was some relief. James has learned to lick me out in a very sensual way and I freely climax on his face, rubbing my cunt against his mouth so that he struggles to breath, but it is not fucking with Samuel. It is not the same as being pushed on your back, your legs pushed apart and your cunt penetrated by a man with an almost inhuman divine big black cock. It is not the same as coupling with your lover, feeling him drive inside you, his mouth locking against yours or else running down your bare throat as he inseminates you. It's not that at all. When your husband licks you out its delicious, but it is inferior. It is less, it is a holding operation, a need as much augmented by tongue as met by his sweet submissive kissing.

    When I first met Samuel i never dreamt that I could crave a man so much. Of course i had heard rumours about black men, i had masturbated reading stories on sites like this, watching raunchy video clips, but i never anticipated the depth of craving that one black man could invoke, by the way that he fucks you, the attitude he has around you and your husband. It is as if you previously lived 90% through your mind and that afterwards, after he has ridden you, then you live 90% through your cunt and it's needs. Its like the centre of your existence shifts from your head, its theories, feelings and philosophies and down to your sex and its instincts and appetite. The first time that Samuel fucked me I knew in an instant. I would leave James for him if required. I would go to his bed whenever he beckoned. I would fuck in the middle of the street with him if that was what was required. There I was, 28 years old, an attractive married woman, one who secured more than he share of compliments, yearning, aching, craving Samuel's attention, and most of all his cock, morning, noon and night.

    I think that James understood from the off. We had gone to a party. A wicked party. How many people were snorting stuff, drinking illegally brewed concoctions. James and I were having a very good time. I was dressed in the little back cocktail dress. Hell, it was James and my 3rd wedding anniversary, so I should have been centred properly on him. But Samuel came up to us, said that he had been watching me flaunt myself in front of James on the dance floor. He said it so simply, so casually, so confidently that James didn't intervene. 'I want to kiss you' he said his eyes intent, his teeth perfect in that smile of his. I glanced at James. i thought it would be a sexy tease for him. So I fluttered my eyelids at Samuel and he took that to mean a yes. He put his lips next to mine, drew me into his embrace with powerful arms, and he slipped his tongue inside my mouth. I could have bitten him, i could! But he seemed to know that I was ripe. I was ready for an adventure. We started to neck in front of James. We necked and Samuel put his hands down over my buttocks. Some drunken party goers whooped their approval and James stared. He stared like he was watching a force of nature. He stared like you do at an Attenborough documentary on wild life. This is just how it is. This is what happens. Once a black guy fancies your wife he will take her off you for as long as he remains interested.

    I think I sent James to fetch drinks. By the time that he returned though I had been led out into the garden, over to the summer house and Samuel put his hand up beneath the hem of my dress. He started to feel my wetness, the succulent movement of my sex lips against his fingers. I didn't resist him. i bared my throat to him. I mewed softly as he enjoyed me. My heart quickened when I felt the size of his erection against my leg. Samuel took out his cock, pressed me over the back of the whicker work cane sofa in there and pushed up my dress. My thong was summarily pulled to one side and Samuel penetrated me. It was considered, powerful, decisive and it made me gasp as he impaled me. I felt as though I was being pulled apart from my legs upwards. He pushed deeper, grabbing my hips and I whimpered on his cock. James found us once Samuel was pumping rhythmically into me. He didn't have the nerve to resist, he didn't have the gall to object. He just stood there, like a lemon, holding the drinks and watching Samuel enjoy me. He watched Samuel fuck me bareback, grunting his pleasure, snarling how much he wanted me, and then bucking as his balls released the seed. James watched Samuel bucking into me, I grunting with the passionate pleasure of being taken.

    Perhaps all women want that. Perhaps they know that few husbands are capable of it. Perhaps husbands aren't meant to take a woman like that. It's not wicked and wanton enough? At any rate. Samuel finished inside me, feeling my body shuddering uncontrollably against his. He casually pulled his slimy dick out of me and I felt his excess semen running down the inside of my thigh. It was such a sexy feeling. It was such a instinctual feeling, coupling, being ridden, being fucked whilst the weaker male looked on. Samuel pointed to my sex and to my surprise James knelt without a single instruction. My husband knelt and he licked my sex, causing me to gasp. Pussy was so sensitive down there. Whilst James cleaned me up Samuel demanded my mobile phone number and I tapped it into the memory of his. James was still licking me clean when Samuel told me he would call me tomorrow. I simpered. I smiled shyly at him, my face and neck still flushed puce with pleasure.

    The next day Samuel fucked me again, this time at the house whilst James was at work. He said he didn't care what my husband thought, he would come and see me when he wanted. There was a stern authority about him and he was blissful. In bed, he was utterly, completely, perfectly blissful. I remember clinging to him, shaking and moving and squirming as his cock explored me inside. Sometimes the fuck was hard pumping, sometimes an exquisite slow grinding as he teased my nipples with his mouth. I could feel Samuel ejaculating inside me, deep, his cock head banging upwards, his shaft gliding over my G spot, his big balls slapping against my buttocks. God, i wanted him! I adored him!! When he had finished with me he rang James. He told him that he had fucked me. James wasn't to do that any more, under any circumstances. Listening to Samuel say that on the phone to my husband, I creamed myself. i orgasmed listening to him set the rules that way. James was to cook for me now, and do all the housework (understood?). I was to become a 'spoilt little bitch' who spent all her time fucking and dating at my husband's expense.

    That is why I crave Samuel now. It's not just how he fucks, as a man, its to do with how he puts James down. I love the way that he dismisses my husband, brushes him aside en route to my body. However terrible that is, the fact that he despises my husband, that he treats him as shit on the floor, it heightens the sex when Samuel fucks me. I need it. I need Samuel to humiliate James and I will do the same, increasingly, ruthlessly, in order to get what my cunt needs. And now, now, that it has been nearly two days since Samuel has fucked me, I feel as though i might die. i feel as though my life blood has been turned off. I feel as though the oxygen is sucked out of the atmosphere. I am tetchy with James. I want Samuel to come by again and to fuck me. I want James to be shamed by the noises I make under Samuel as he owns me. I need James to suffer almost as much as I need to feel the relentless pounding of alpha black manhood between my thighs.

    'Samuel is coming over this afternoon…' i inform James curtly, 'don't forget your manners.'

    Manners. James licks Samuel's balls whilst he is thrusting inside me. I want Samuel's babies. I want four, five babies, as many babies as Samuel cares to give me. The more James licks Samuel's balls, the more Samuel spunks me. I want every drop, every last, gloriously masterful load he can give me. 'Lick them' I snap as Samuel rides me. James is beneath us, witnessing at close hand how Samuel fills me. He is centimetre intimate with our coupling, the copious spunk oozing out as he plugs his cock deeper and deeper inside. Manners, James sucks cock to order. Samuel has only to gesture down and James kneels and sucks. My lover and I kiss whilst James gets him good and erect for me, his puckered little white mouth gripping the hard expanse of muscular black cock, in and out, in and out of his mouth.

    'Samuel is bringing Carrie over too, ' I tell James. What a little bitch Carrie will become. Another of Samuel's conquests. He seduced her easily, had an inevitable outcome altercation with her father. So what if Carrie was only 18. She was going to learn to fuck right? She was going to learn to submit to black guys. Then, well then Carrie would be allowed to seduce a nice white boy. She would seduce that white boy and turn him into a slave, for her and the black lover that Samuel allocated her. God, when that little tart first appeared, i thought she might become his top bitch. It had been three days without Samuel cock that time. i was anxious. I was slapping James some. I needed to lie with Samuel and he mentioned this new skirt he had found. But no, at last, relief, she was a trainee bitch, a gift to give to a bro. I and James would play a part in her training too.

    'You lick Miss Carrie's cunt for her when she directs, alright?' I squint down at James. He is kissing my stocking tops, trying to assuage my craving for Samuel pro temp.

    'Yes' he says, and his head drops. He is so ashamed. He is so terribly ashamed that he is being taught to submit to an 18 year old girl as well as me. How far can you sink James? As far as Samuel directs I suppose. As far as he choses to push you down. I don't care. I crave Samuel. i need Samuel. I will die without Samuel. In this world of need, of body instinct, you will do whatever it takes to ensure that Samuel's masterful cock keeps pumping into my belly, making me lurch, and scream and beg.
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