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. Corrupting Adele

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Apr 3, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    A few days after Claire put Thomas into his leather hood for the first time, she met up with Adele. She checked the girl's credentials, really, she was really only twenty! She had the sweetest peaches and cream complexion, a perfect complexion at an age when acne could so often blight the skin. Her hair was harvest blonde, her mane lustrous and well looked after. She had pretty jade green eyes and a figure that could have got her work on the catwalk. At first, Claire was minded not to accept the call, but the girl intervened quickly, explaining that Lulu (Luther's sister) had recommended her. Adele was serious. Adele was interested in 'the life'. She said quietly, but firmly on the phone,

    'I know that you bitch your husband. I know that you are Luther's bitch. I want to live that way too.'

    Going with strong and very virile black guys was a fashion thing these days. Claire supposed that most girls, if they were honest, really wanted a black boyfriend. But it was quite a different thing giving yourself to one to such an extent that you joined the mission to put down white boy masculinity as well. Becoming the black man's bitch, involved a commitment too. You had to make the white boy also rans realise that they had no hope. You had to commit to the breed programme. Fucking hard, beneath a black alpha, coming hard on his ramming cock, always led to that place...the maternity ward. Claire wondered. Could someone so young as Adele, really begin a life of such terrible judgement, finding and using white males to augment the proper sex that they enjoyed with superior black guys? If the answer was yes, then may be Adele had three or four decades of making white men feel very inadequate indeed.

    'Come over to the penthouse next Friday afternoon, around three' Claire had said finally, 'I'm not promising anything. I'll need to check out some things with you. You're not a journalist are you?'

    Adele had confirmed that she was a psychology student. She was going into educational psychology. She wanted to help people learn better. Claire smiled. What better?!

    Before the visit, Claire checked out Lulu's take on the girl. She was young, yes, but she was a feisty little vixen. She had been privately educated and spoiled rotten. She had an attitude about also rans of all kind, but especially those that didn't use the opportunities afforded them. Adele had a white boyfriend called Spenser. But Spenser, well, Spenser was a wet week. Daddy was well off, that was a plus, but Spenser's spine had yet to firm up. There had been an idea that he might do three years in the army like daddy had done, but well, no one really believed that he would survive the officer training at Sandhurst. Lulu smiled, there was too she said a young black guy called Raphael. She wasn't sure whether he and Raphael were fucking yet, but it was pretty clear what the svelte young Adele wanted. Claire asked whether Raphael had prospects? Thug black guys with few brains weren't part of her cause. She wanted pretty white girls being bred by the biggest and the most successful black guys. Lulu wasn't sure. Raphael came from a school of hard knocks, but he certainly had street intelligence and attitude. He wanted to get on in life.

    Claire met Adele at the security gate of the pavilion. She didn't want to divulge the access code. The girl was waiting in a figure hugging black dress and a little black leather biker's jacket over the top. It was a chic combination and backed up by immaculate grooming and make up too. Adele looked very self possessed, and quite the prospective madam.

    'Thanks for seeing me' Adele said as she followed Claire back towards the lift and then the penthouse. She thought to herself. Yes, you get fucked hard. You walk like someone who knows what it means to be properly fucked.

    After reaching the penthouse, Claire decided to shock the girl. They dropped by into the nursery where Thomas sat feeding the twins using a bottle.

    'This is where it leads' she told the girl. 'In the end, the black guy, he wants you pregnant. He wants the white guy turned into that.'

    They didn't linger there. It was enough to have Adele clear about what this was really about. It wasn't a cute game. it wasn't a sport. It was about changing the world so that a new elite emerged.

    'That was your husband?' Adele asked as she accepted a glass of white wine from her hostess in the lounge.

    'That is my slave' Claire answered casually. The girl had to understand this, the norms of life this way. She had to understand that a bitch judged. One of the first things that she would have to learn to do was to cripple the self esteem of any white male who pretended to her boudoir. If the white male was going to become her bitch, the glove for her black guy's cock, then he couldn't think of himself as a man for very long.

    'So tell me about Raphael then,' Claire started, deciding once again to put her visitor on the back foot, 'is he fucking you yet?'

    The girl blushed. She didn't know that Lulu would have shared quite so much.

    'Not yet...we pet. He fingers me.' she confided.

    'Does Spenser know about that?'

    'Not yet' Adele admitted, 'I haven't told him that I need to be with Raphael. I haven't decided what to do with Spenser. Then I spoke to Lulu and she said that it wasn't automatic that you binned one male for another. You might make him serve you.'

    The girl didn't flinch. There was no nervous look in her eyes, no quick glance away as she reported this stuff. She didn't seem shocked that a man could be enslaved so as to enhance what you shared with another man. Youth. Values, attitudes, lifestyle choices, they advanced quick step before everyone.

    'Would Raphael be strong enough to own Spenser?' Claire interrogated. Adele paused, clearly thinking about her beau.

    'Yes' she said.

    'A bitch cripples a weak male and then she gives him to her lover to rule...you understand that?' Claire wondered.

    'I imagined it would be that way..' her guest responded. 'I imagined that a woman would want her lover to control things.'

    'That sound sexy to you?' Claire asked.

    'Yes...its very sexy....it's sexy as it should be, but we've been told it is dirty'.

    Claire wanted to smile. That was how she had thought upon meeting Luther. It was how she had felt when Luther had started to dominate her interests. It was a sincere thought, a candid thought and it promised much.

    'Do you let Spenser fuck you?' Claire wanted to know.

    Adele blushed. 'Yes' she admitted.

    'It has to stop, he has to be told that you won't allow that.'

    Her guest nodded.

    'Spenser lick your cunt for you?'

    Again the girl blushed. The inferred and the accepted answer was not yet. But this was it wasn't it? This was how you dominated the weaker man. She had guessed as much.

    'I think you should try it. I think that you should feel how it is.' Claire whispered the words. Another challenge. If she was going to mentor the girl then it had better be worth while. A bitch who didn't know how to make a weakling lick nice was no use at all. Black guys liked watching them do it, bitching the also ran male.

    To her surprise, the girl nodded.

    Claire raised her eyebrows, shooting the glance across at the girl. Really?

    'Yes' said Adele.

    The guest watched as her hostess rose from the sofa and walked slowly, sensuously back towards the room where she had seen the man feeding her beautiful babies. She guessed that she was going to make him 'do it'. her heart raced. As she swallowed, thinking about it, her mouth suddenly felt dry. Her mouth felt so dry!! Perhaps she shouldn't have come. Perhaps this was a mistake? But she was here. She was here and her period was just about over now. She shivered, waiting, staring out one the parkland of the pavilion, out towards the river Thames. May be sex had always been part of the city. May be people had always fucked their way, sensuously, their way. Dirty sex seemed desirable sex. She needed dirty sex, she wanted dirty sex, she wanted Raphael to fuck her and for Spenser to be made to watch. She had dreamt about that!

    When the man, Thomas, was brought out of the nursery, Claire led him. He wore a leather hood. There were no eye holes, only an opening for his nose and his mouth. The man walked hesitantly, but Claire led him apace. Claire beckoned her to rise from the sofa. The man, her husband, her slave, what did you call him, he couldn't see her.

    'Push him down in his knees' Claire said casually, letting go of the man and watching with interest whether the young woman would have the nerve to proceed. She watched her guest take hold of Thomas's hand. She didn't just grab his head and force him down. Instead, she took his fingers and bent one inwards until Thomas yelped. It had been a grip she had learned at school, for when she was grown and if men were proving 'awkward'.

    'Down!' snapped the girl, an imperious command like Thomas was a dog at a training school. Claire saw him wince with the pain in his hand and drop immediately down onto his knees.

    'I put the hood on him...he is Spenser. Imagine that he is Spenser' said Claire calmly.

    The girl nodded. She lifted the hem of her dress daintily and revealed a pretty little red thong. Her pussy was very pretty indeed! She hadn't trimmed her cunt so she smelled full on. She smelled of arousal and the recent period. Claire signalled with her eyes that it was best if the thong was removed. Making a man lick deep, making him eat at your cunt, it was simply sexier without the thread of a thong in the way. Adele followed directions and then taking the strap on the top of the leather hood, she pulled the man's face to her sex. She waited a moment wondering what next. Claire wondered whether Adele had an instinctive understanding of the need to make the cuck inhale the intoxicants first, but she guessed in truth that the girl was nervous.

    'You have to tell him...you are his mistress now' Claire whispered gently.

    'Lick my cunt' said the the visitor. Her voice quavered. This was terribly strange, finger tingling exciting, but it was so difficult to do.

    Thomas started to lick her. Just with the tip of his tongue, little wriggling motions in a fashion that was designed to please. The girl, she must smell so fucking hot and sexy, thought Claire. Imagine all the young women you will help train to become selfish, demanding little bitches!

    'How does it feel?' Claire asked her.

    'It tickles' admitted Adele.

    'Pull his mouth against your cunt' suggested her mentor. She watched as Adele followed the instruction. 'How does it feel now?'

    'Sexy' admitted her visitor.

    'Thomas is trained. He will start with a tease lick, progress to something deeper and sensuous and then if you give him permission, her will suck your clitty' Claire explained. When she thought about it, she was rather pleased with Thomas's submission. 'Spenser will need slapping, disciplining until he licks the way that you want him to.'

    The girl nodded, closing her eyes now as the laps of the cuck slithered tantalisingly up her crease. That was really nice.

    'You have a cunt, it has a smell and a taste, and you train your weakling to need it. He is allowed to lick when he does all that you require, he goes without if he does not. Is that terrible do you think?'

    The girl was having to concentrate on her words now. The licking was proving more sensuous than she had eve dared imagine.

    'No....no, it isn't.....why shouldn't I have my cunt licked?'

    'Why not indeed!' smiled Claire.

    The girl gasped as Thomas opened his mouth against her. When she looked down, it looked as if the man in the leather hood was snogging her sex. It was such a powerful feeling, such a feeling of absolute control.

    'Notice how he has his hands behind his back. He must NEVER feel that he has any control in this act. He must always realise that he is being used. Push your cunt against his mouth. Move your pussy against his face. Think of him as a pussy wipe.'

    Her visitor started to move. Her eyes closed, her mouth gaped open in sweet sensations of ecstasy. This was so beautiful.

    'Lock his head in place...back, twist, gyrate, make his mouth follow your cunt' said Claire. 'Clamp is fucking face on your sex!'

    The girl did as told and Thomas had his face forced where the young woman wanted it. She was bucking against his face now, groaning softly, abandoning herself to the bitch hard cruelty, the selfishness of the moment. Thomas licked. He swallowed. He licked some more and his nose brushed the young woman's clitoris. It was impossible for her to control her response.

    'Fucking hell!!!!' she gasped, bucking brutally against his face and wiping her glistening sex against his tongue. 'Fucking lick it will you!' she demanded.

    'Yes, good girl, you're using him beautifully' encouraged Claire. 'You fuck his face, you fuck it until he drowns in your squirt'.

    'I need to come...' gasped the girl.

    'Then do so' Claire encouraged.

    'I can't!' exclaimed the girl. it was just too dirty wasn't it?!

    'That's what is face is for...for you to use' Claire said nonchalantly.

    The girl groaned. She groaned so loudly, thrusting her sex up and down Thomas's face, covering the leather covering with her juices.

    Claire clicked Thomas's leg and he thrust his tongue into the young woman's cunt like a lizard reaching for prey. Up his tongue swept and straight over her pulsing clitty.

    Adele squirted. She squirted copiously! Her body shuddered with the force of it and she stared down, wide eyed, open mouthed as her ejaculate hosed agains the cuck's hood. There, streams of it were trickling down the leather and into his tongue. She watched the man's tongue reach out, curl upwards and drawn it into his mouth, that which she had sprayed against him. Now, now, the girl was gasping.

    'Spenser will learn to come to cunt when you tell him' Claire instructed, 'he will lick whenever you need pleasure or a temporary release. He will lick Raphael's spunk out of you'.

    The girl jolted again, her twenty year old body convulsing against the leather covered face of Claire's cuck. More little squirts. They sprayed intensely against where Thomas's eye holes might ideally have been cut.

    'OK, push him away...you've done with him' Claire suggested. She watched Adele discard her husband.

    Her visitor was heaving with the lustful explosion of that. She heaved and her mouth sucked down the air. Alright. That was so sexy. It really was! It would be good to ask Luther to fuck her....to fuck her hard so that she was good and ready to ride with Raphael.

    [An 'Intimacy of Three' add on story. The novel is available print and download from Amazon. Lutheran Maid]
  2. AllenJ

    AllenJ Well-Known Member Member

    What a great way to elaborate on the training of a slave while introducing a possible new story line as Adele begins her journey - love it.
    Lutheran Maid likes this.
  3. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    I have to conclude that Claire is an instinctive bitch. She is going to teach Adele so much!!
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