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. Connie Remarries – Part 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, Aug 22, 2005.

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  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    Tom Barton awoke for a third time and sat up in bed, convinced in his groggy state that he must have been imagining things when cries and moans invaded his dream- filled visit with Morpheus. He dreamt he and his wife Connie were back in Paris, not on their recent honeymoon, but there as curators at the Louvre. It was an odd dream, and the voices of museum visitors mingled in his mind with the murmurs that had awakened him. He stood up, looked instinctively for his bride next to him in their California king bed, then peered over at the digital clock. It was past midnight, and he headed in a stupor to the restroom to relieve his bladder. What were those noises? Where was Connie?

    Downstairs, his still gasping son knelt over behind Tom's promiscuous wife and wiped his slowly softening cock against her moist blonde hair and her face. Still hard, his friend Jason held his prick like a club and slapped himself against her stomach and her cum soaked pussy hairs. The two youngsters smiled at each other.

    To Jack, it had been a struggle to reconcile what he and Connie were doing, with his relationship with his father. But his sexual attraction to her had almost exploded the day he met her. He was not pushed to have sex with her because he had resentments or unresolved hatred toward his father. He just wanted her "affection." At first he had felt weird flirting with her and touching her, but his shameful desire had grown and grown to a point that he could not help himself. She was just too hot, and she had teased him, posed for him, and let him know she liked his stares.

    In the light of the floor lamp near where she lay, her eyes closed in the afterglow of this filthy encounter with the two horny young men, boys more than men. Connie was heedless of how she would look if her new husband were to see her. Part of her had thrilled at the experience of him sleeping upstairs while here she was, lying contentedly, hungry to give Jack and Jason more of her special brand of maternal affection. Tom was just a floor away while she nurtured the two muscle-bound teenagers, relieving them of their stresses. She knew that she had taken her mothering to extremes, letting herself be hammered by the two pricks now milking the last of their love juices on her cheeks and exposed crotch.

    The clump of clothes bunched around her middle. What would Tom say if he saw her hands obscenely fondling Jack's and Jason's sinewy thighs and firm boy flesh? She noticed the boys staring at her big tits and she wanted to mother them again.

    Tom coughed as he passed water, and its bark-like sound penetrated the stillness downstairs. The three all heard it, and it was like a shotgun discharged. Their languishing - what was certain to be a recharging of their wicked loins for more fucking - snapped to an end. With the sound of the coughing, Jack started. "My dad is up." he whispered sharply. He backed away from his stepmother and Jason looked around for his shorts. Within seconds the boys were standing and dressing. Panicking at the thought of being seen like this, Connie practically knocked Jason over and scampered to the first floor powder room.

    As she splashed cold water on her face and hastily ran a washcloth over herself, she felt sperm seeping out of her and oozing along her inner thigh. Then the jarring sound from down the hall that went right through her: "You guys still up? Where is my lovely wife?" Oh God, she thought, Tom was on the first floor!

    Shaking, she reached and closed the door of the bathroom quietly, and returned to the mirror. She attempted to straighten her hair and put her overalls in order. She took a deep breath and walked with studied nonchalance out of the powder room and down the hall to the family room. She put a smile on her face to mask her remorse and terror. In her haste Connie ignored a sizeable blob of semen splatted on her tank top and the overall strap stretched over her left breast.

    His face lit up at the sight of her. "Did you fall asleep?" Tom asked her warmly as he yawned. He was in his pajamas, standing in front of the large black leather couch facing the enormous entertainment center. A thick cushioned ottoman behind the big couch faced Connie. It seemed like a good place for her to rest her left knee and lean, to compose herself before getting closer to her husband.

    Jack's son had crashed into the half leather couch to the left of the one facing his dad and Jason was plopped down in its twin to the right. Jason and Jack had hung out since third grade and, and the shaved headed, powerfully built youngster had grown up around Tom Barton's house.

    Connie cleared her throat and stretched. "Sure did, even with these magpies jabbering away about fantasy sports teams." She pointed her hands at the two young men, and smiled, shaking her head. Her proud husband reached toward her, longingly. She grinned at him and stood, walking slowly, her face reddening with each step.

    As she reached him and his arms enfolded her, her husband said: "So I can't sleep and you couldn't stay awake." He whispered in her ear: "I have an idea how we can get back to sleep together." He looked into her eyes with a grin. "Love to." she murmured. "Though now I'm kind of out of it from my nap." Her husband's eyes drifted down to her overalls and he noticed a stain of a cloudy, mooshy liquid on her clothes. "You spilled something." he said. "What?" she smiled with effort, then looked down at the cum, cum that also was on his pajamas after their embrace.

    "Uh, must be hand lotion I was using in the powder room just now." she said, pulling away. As she turned to get a Kleenex she said: "Got some on you too, hon." She walked back to him with the Kleenex box and turned away again, mumbling: "I am going to get some bed clothes on. I need to throw this outfit in the wash." Tom wiped at the sperm on his bedclothes and said: "I'm glad there's some skin cream in the hall bathroom, I have dry hands." Her insides lurched a bit as she walked upstairs; there was no skin cream in the powder room. "I'll bring some down!" she called. "No." Tom said, on his way to the hallway and the powder room, "if it's good enough for my lovely bride, it's good enough for me."

    Jack walked over to his friend. "Well, what did I tell you?" he whispered as their palms smacked a high five. "Is she hot or what?" Jason looked up at him. "I want some more of that." he said, his face growing intense. Jack followed Jason's eyes, which were regarding Jack's father. Tom was frowning slightly, and stepping to the foot of the stairs called up to his bride: "Honey? Did you say the moisturizer was in the downstairs john?"

    Connie swallowed hard and then walked a little too briskly to the top of the stairway. "You know what? I needed it up here and threw it in my pocket." she said, smiling at him. "I'll be right down." Tom said: "Well, throw the bottle down, my hands are as dry as sandpaper." She stumbled, the lie getting more convoluted. "Just a sec." She ran to the bathroom and grabbed another bottle. She raced back out to look down at her husband, who was smiling and looking confused. "Catch!" she said. He cupped his hands around his mouth and said: "Why don't you throw you down and I'll catch you - or better yet, I'll come up."

    Jack quickly said: "Hey Dad! I got The Two Towers on DVD - the extended version! Forty five minutes of footage not seen in the theater!" He wanted his dad to stay down here and fall asleep on the couch. And he knew his father was an avid Tolkien buff. Still looking lovingly at his bride Tom said: "Really? You have it?" Jack said: "Yeah, so before heading back up for bed, how about fifteen minutes of Lord of the Rings?" His father looked at his voluptuous wife, hungry for lovemaking with her. He had fallen for her just a few months ago and could not believe he had won her.

    Connie's heart was beating erratically, and guilt was gnawing at her, competing with her perverse maternal urges toward Jack and Jason. She knew she could not make love to her husband tonight.

    Watch the movie, Tom, and fall asleep, a voice inside of her spoke. Watch the movie and fall asleep.

    And she wanted to escape to somewhere else. Perhaps take a walk, or get in the car and drive. She was shocked that the wine and the wicked night air had pushed her into this dirty act of adultery in her house, the house she shared with a man she had married only weeks before, and who had been snoring away in the master bedroom overhead while she had sex with not merely another man, but with two, at the same time, two teen agers, and one of them was her stepson.

    After hearing Jack carry on about the movie, her husband turned to walk toward the entertainment center where his son was firing up the DVD player. "The extended version? With the scenes of Boromir and his brother? Really!" Tom said.

    Connie darted into the bedroom and pulled off her clothes, grabbing modest, baggy pajamas. She scampered into the bathroom and washed her body, beginning with her crotch. She was obsessed with presenting herself as cleansed of sin. Her face was flushed from the red wine and her embarrassment.

    She had grabbed pink, flowery print pajamas to put on. They were comforting and hid her prominent curves.

    After ten minutes of fixing herself up she sighed, anxious to relax. She was getting nervous again, the way she was before Jack and Jason came in the house, and the trouble started. Standing in front of the mirror she closed her eyes, and two feelings reasserted themselves inside her.

    The tipsiness from the Merlot, the warm, vertiginous sensation in her belly, seemed to smile at her with a leering expression. It reminded her that it was still working its diabolical magic. And it would not let her try to forget the afterglow of her lovemaking. If she let herself, she vibrated with the feeling of Jack's and Jason's mouths sucking her big tits, their fingers playing with her asshole, and their thick, hard cocks hammering away at her hungry twat. "Good God." she whispered for the fourth time, touching herself, "what have I done?"

    Then a soft, repetitive knocking from behind her. "Honey, are you OK?" Tom asked tenderly. She opened the door. His smiling face could not conceal his puzzled expression. "I have been tapping gently for several minutes." he said. Then: "Planning on going to bed?" he asked with a frown, taking her in his arms. "Yeah, I guess." she said. "Come downstairs and rub my shoulders." her husband said. "I seem to be more tired than I thought." she said. He murmured suggestively. "Connie, that nap should have recharged your batteries. We're going to watch twenty minutes of the Lord of the Rings and then come up here for some fun."

    How could she turn him down, after the circumstances? Remorse drove her to say yes, and when he insisted that she change her bed attire to something more "yummy." how could she deny him? "Put on that long white, snug T shirt that stops halfway down your thighs." he whispered lustily, "and don't wear a bra." "But." Connie chuckled nervously, "it says 'YOU WISH' at the top of the front of it in big letters! Have you forgotten? And if I don't wear a bra my monster boobs will really be out there." "I know, precisely." he said, pressing his groin against her. I can't do this, she thought.

    He added to the tense situation: "Oh, and nothing on below your waist either, except those thigh high white lace stockings you bought in New York." Her eyes were wide as saucers. "What!" she exclaimed. He put his hand on her generous buttock. "I'm feeling romantic." he whispered.

    "But Jack and his friend are here." she cautioned, holding her husband's face with her hands, "what about them?" "No big deal. The family room lights are going down, so we can watch the movie." he smiled confidently, "and, knowing Jack and Jason, they're too immersed in the adventures of Frodo Baggins and orcs to notice anything else, even a lady as gorgeous as my very sexy, very well endowed bride. And how about some fresh lipstick and something that makes you smell even sexier?" She looked up at him with a pleading look. "Tom, don't you think your son and his friend are going to notice? It's awkward. My chest will be very conspicuous. They'll see 'em." Her husband kissed her passionately and said: "I'll see 'em in five minutes. Hurry up."

    He turned to go back downstairs, and added, as she stared at him, resigned to changing her clothes: "God, I can't wait to see your breasts and your fanny filling up that T shirt."

    Enthusiastic about the movie and the vision of his well endowed wife that awaited, Tom sprawled on the big couch. Light from the large screen TV flickered on the leather as his maneuvering to get comfortable made the leather grunt quietly. His son handed the special edition DVD box to his father as they chattered away about the Ring trilogy. Jason sat back staring at the ceiling, his crotch savoring what it had just tasted, and yearning for more of it. He stirred as his friend's father asked that they wait a moment: "Your mother's coming down to join us." Tom said. Jack smiled. "Yeah, she is my mom, I guess. Not just my stepmom." "Are you OK with that?" Tom asked nonchalantly.

    "Sure." Jack said. "I like her a lot."

    Jason chimed in. "Your stepmom is awesome." he said with alacrity, "she made me feel real welcome this evening. She's got great maternal instincts." "Glad to hear it." Tom said, using one of the remotes on the oak table before him to dim all the lights to virtually zero in the family room and vicinity. "Well, Connie will be down any second." He called up to her. Then: "Hey Jack, get the movie goin'." The gargantuan TV screen flickered and within a minute the three were watching the beginning of "The Two Towers." chatting back and forth. The images gave the room the faint glow of a movie theater. Jack was standing to the left of the TV and turning back to his right to say things to his father. Each time he did, his eyes darted to the stairway from the second floor. Equally horny Jason did not want his lust to appear obvious to his friend's father, so he tried hard to resist doing the same constant glancing. He used his friend's facial expressions as a mirror, knowing that Jack was as impatient as Jason for the return of the big-titted, dick-hungry, "motherly" housewife.

    After a moment Jack's glance in the direction of the stairs became a stare and a grin. "There she is! You're just in time for the after midnight movie!" he yelled.

    The two youngsters and Jack's dad turned to look. Connie skipped down the stairs. Her immense boobs jiggled deliciously through her shirt. She strolled through the hallway and into the family room. Although the light on the first floor was sharply reduced, track lighting in the vestibule leading to the family room from the stairs made Connie's hair glow. She had brushed it and shaped it to look pretty for her amorous husband. She seemed to wear a halo. Her huge looking bosom dominated the upper half of her body. She turned off the light in the vestibule, and the first floor was dark but for the light from the movie and the counter lights in the kitchen.

    Jack and Jason could barely conceal their delight. The TV radiations cast blues and yellows on a snug, full length T shirt that stopped halfway down her thighs. It had thin straps and left her arms, shoulders and upper chest bare. Her fingers nervously petted her collar bone.

    "Hello again." she said softly, her other hand reaching down and holding the hem of the garment that slid upward along the stocking with each step she took. The boys' passions immediately spiked with the sight of two incredible tits, confined only by the T shirt. No bra pushed and flattened them inward. Connie's boobs spread over the top half of her chassis and bulged out impossibly at the sides, against her arms. The fabric between her breasts stretched tightly. Her nipples were hard to miss. Her charms were so enticingly big and arousing. She avoided looking at her lovers' hungry expressions.

    Her husband drank in the sight of his voluptuous wife and pulled her down to him for a kiss, without giving her the time to sit. She bent over clumsily as Tom planted his lips on hers, then said softly: "God you're gorgeous."

    At the instant the top half of Connie's body dipped forward into her husband's arms, Jason's eyes almost left their sockets. As her husband pulled her to him her big ass jutted out in the horny young man's direction. The shirt sat above the weave of the tops of her stockings and slid a little bit higher, and a little bit more as Tom squeezed her.

    Her ass was just a foot from Jason and the taut shirt wrapped around her saucy round flesh was breathtaking. As Tom clutched her, Connie's bubble butt cheeks pressed and stretched under the T shirt ---- making it yield and forcing it to ride up even higher. Jason could barely contain himself, his hands practically reaching for the ample buns.

    Exasperated that her ample behind was about to be exposed, Connie tried to move to a sitting position, but failed --- Tom was at the edge of the couch. She could not move anywhere but more bent over. Her husband had no idea that his need for wifely affection was causing her to flash Jason.

    Jack mumbled something about sitting and tiptoed past them, and he sat down silently next to his buddy. He had almost grabbed her emerging butt on the way to the sofa. Jason stuck out his tongue and put his hands out in front of him, as if kneading and licking imaginary ass cheeks. Jack looked at her and his lips mouthed "whoa." The boys were hypnotized by her completely exposed thighs, and the bottom of her butt protruding from under the hem of her rising shirt.

    Tom kept chatting with his wife as she was trapped, bent over for his kisses. "Let me sit next to you, honey." she said, giggling slightly. But Tom held on to her, and pulled on her right leg, making her bend a knee and rest in on the arm of the couch. The T shirt had slid up to reveal half of her ass and her blonde pussy lips. "Thank you for dressing up the way I requested." Tom said, "I love seeing my bride show off her body for me." "My pleasure." she said, disguising her somewhat frantic mood, "can I sit now?" "Sure." he said, "after you get me a scotch with one ice cube." To the boys' chagrin she stood up and sighed, relieved that she was not half bare. "Your favorite." she smiled, "coming right up." Connie pulled the hem down to cover herself.

    She knew she had to offer the boys something to drink so she turned to them and asked. Jack put the movie on pause.

    "Oh Mrs. Barton." Jason said, "you are such a great mom. Thanks, I'll just have water." Tom said: "Jason, please. Call her Connie." Jack just stared at her tits and asked for the same.

    "When I grow up, Mr. Barton." Jason continued with poise and intent sincerity, and a small pause for emphasis, ".I sure hope I find a woman as nice as your wife." Tom looked up at him, beaming: "Hey honey, did you hear what he said?" She grinned with ambivalence and walked toward the kitchen, her full buns jiggling deliciously under the T shirt. "No really." Jason continued, "your wife is just great. You have great taste in women. And she makes me feel like part of the family. If you don't mind my saying so, for all the years I have been hanging out with Jack, this house has never been more welcoming." Tom told her to turn around and come back toward the three males. Her husband took her hand. "Thanks, Jason." Tom said, "I bless the day I met her. She is a perfect life partner."

    "Hey Connie!" Jack smiled, "Dad says you're a perfect life partner! I'd get that in writing if I were you!"

    Then Jason said to Connie: "I feel like a son to you already. Could I give you a hug?" She instinctively leaned back on the couch, away from him, and said nothing. Anxious to get her assimilated into his son's world, Tom looked up at her, "oh go on, after a testimonial like that.." She walked over to Jason, who had stood up, and Connie put her arms around him as Tom looked on approvingly. "Very nice." Tom announced, almost paternally, then turned to look back at the movie, which was playing again. Jason pulled her closer to him and as his hand roamed under her shirt and over her chunky ass he whispered, "VERY nice." She broke free and said, "you guys watch the movie, I'll get the drinks."

    Connie sighed as she opened the cabinet in the kitchen and got down the Johnnie Walker Black bottle and a new bottle of merlot. "Did you hear me?" Jack said warmly, now standing in the door to the kitchen, Jason behind him. Her eyes closed for a moment and without looking she said: "What can I get you two? Water? I'll bring it in."

    Her pulse raced as she looked up with a sigh. To her surprise Jack, now standing next to her, was rubbing his crotch. "You look awesome in that shirt." he said, "and it's got Jason and me very anxious. Right Jason?" Jack's eyes never left her huge looking boobs. "Oh yeah." Jason sighed. Connie stared at her stepson in disbelief. "Jack." she whispered harshly, her eyes widening and her head shaking, "your father is lying on the couch in the family room. What are you doing?" She pointed toward the family room but her eyes darted to his hand rubbing his shorts. Jason's hand wandered to his groin and began caressing his fat cock.

    In an instant Jack popped his hard prick out of his shorts. It sprung upward, pointing defiantly at Connie. He was leaning against the kitchen breakfast table, perpendicular to his stepmother. Their eyes met. Jason and Jack were grinning. Their hands rubbed and squeezed her big tits.

    Connie inhaled sharply, almost crying out. The sight of Jack's stiff prick was even more shocking and incredible with her husband two rooms away. She put her hand on her mouth when Jason's erection, as purple as his friend's, poked rudely through his open zipper. "We can't do this!" she exclaimed through her clenched teeth. Her eyes were frozen, locked into the sight of the youngsters' oversized boners. The boys just grinned, staring intently and boiling with passion as they watched the horny woman's eyes staring trancelike at their dicks. She tried to avoid looking but it was in vain.

    "Hey, let's get the movie, and those drinks, GOING!" Tom Barton yelled from the couch, "are you guys talking her ear off again?" "Coming!" his wife called out, just before Jack grabbed her and planted his open mouth on hers. He rubbed his fully exposed tool against her bare thigh. He planted kisses on her neck and cheek, confident that she would only resist in a token fashion. Following his friend's lead Jason ground his cock against her, the cool skin of her body arousing his hot package even further. His hands swiveled her head to his and his tongue invaded Connie's protesting lips.

    "I was grabbing something Jason and I really want!" Jack yelled back to his father as he pulled her T shirt up to her waist and fingered Connie's crotch. Then he turned to face the door out of the kitchen.

    "What's that?" Tom said. "Doritos!" Jack said, reaching to the counter and clutching a bag of chips after tucking his hard-on back in his shorts. His father good- naturedly ordered him to get his butt out to the entertainment center with the Doritos and the scotch "on the double." Shaking the glass so his dad could hear the ice in the glass, Jack hollered "yes sir!"

    He turned to Jason: "Get you and me some cokes, dude." he instructed his very aroused friend. Jack looked down and chuckled at the sight of Connie's hand almost unconsciously stroking Jason's rock hard love shaft. "I told you Jason appreciates your hospitality." he said softly to his stepmother. Her face jerked up from staring and she pulled her hand off of Jason. She took the merlot in her hand and walked slowly out of the kitchen. She turned back and said: "Cokes are in the fridge, Jason." managing to sound cheery and homey.

    Her emotions were a wreck: one second she was ashamed and scandalized at what she had done, terrified that her husband would suspect, or learn, the worst. But then, as the minutes ticked by, she was overwhelmed by the desires that had led her down this depraved road. She was reeling at the sight of the two youngsters's rock hard peckers, shoved against her, finding their way into her hand. The brazen offering of these two young, veinous, rock hard cocks was making Connie very conflicted. She was a little terrified of the excitement inside of her.

    Five minutes later things were more relaxed, sort of. Jack stood off the right of the big screen on which orcs on the wolves of Eisengard fought it out with the men of Rohan. Jason, Tom, and Jack traded occasional comments of wonder at the quality of the DVD and the bits of movie that the extended version of The Two Towers featured. Tom was lying on the couch facing the movie, his knees bent, his head in his wife's lap. She stroked his hair and occasionally sipped from her wine. From time to time Jack moved his eyes from his father to his father's voluptuous wife. At first her eyes pleaded with Jack's, but then seemed to yield to them. She found herself glancing at his muscles, then his crotch.

    Jack had placed the chips in a bowl on an end table that he had slid over to the couch near the end Connie occupied. Jason stood up and grabbed a few Doritos, lusting at the sight of Connie's curvaceous legs, decorated in white stockings. He stood next to Connie, out of Tom's sight, and she turned and looked at his crotch as well. She did not bother with his face. Excited at her interest in his groin he moved his one hand to his dick and massaged it as he stood. "I can't wait to see the battle of Helm's Deep." he said, "your sound system is just awesome." Jack and he smiled at each other as Jack grabbed his dick under his shorts. When Tom turned toward him with a smile Jason calmly but quickly hid himself and moved his hand to his stomach, scratching the bare skin. "It's like being at the movies." Tom said, sipping a big gulp from his glass, then putting his head back in his wife's lap.

    Connie kept trying to take her eyes away from Jason's body. He pulled his hard cock out of the open fly of his shorts and took two steps closer to her. He quivered at the sight of her brilliant blue eyes, glittering through the blonde bang hanging enticingly in her face. The boy's exposed brazen tool, standing more up than out, made Connie squirm a bit. He slowly stroked it a few times then put it back.

    "I think Connie is enjoying what she sees." Jack said, his own stiff cock wetting his shorts. Tom muttered something then said: "Is that true, honey?" Over the strident sound of men preparing for battle from the soundtrack, he repeated the question. "Oh." she said, clearing her throat, "this is fascinating. I haven't seen any of the Ring movies."

    Two minutes after Jason went back to his chair Jack stepped over to the table, leaning over to grab some chips, and scooted the table forward. He knelt on the ottoman that was back to back with the sofa his stepmother and dad were occupying. Connie felt his presence directly behind her, and half craned her neck to see him. She looked gorgeous, upside down to his face. He grabbed her and helped himself to her tightly closed mouth, stabbing at it with his tongue. Then, to her added astonishment, he reached over her and slid his hand under her T shirt. His invasive fingers squeezed one of her huge, firm knockers. Because his stepmother's boobs were so large Jack's wicked grabbing only got a hold of a piece of her ample, cool feeling titmeat. Connie could not immediately react, with her husband right there on her lap, but after a few seconds with a frown she shoved Jack's hand away from her breast.

    Jack stood up and hovered around the snack chips, bantering with his father and Jason about the movie - - - and stroking his naked dick while staring at Connie. To avoid the excitement it caused her she shifted her eyes to the movie, but something made her eyes return to Jason. He was now standing, out of Tom's line of sight, and Connie could not stop gazing at his hefty prick. It was poking outrageously through the open zipper of his shorts, and he was jacking it lazily while his hungry leering burned holes in her big tits. He even had the nerve to pull his nuts out of his shorts, which made his genitalia look even more impressive. Her tongue unconsciously scooted around in her mouth.

    "I have to ask you a huge favor." Tom said suddenly, twisting half-way to almost face Connie. "My neck and shoulders need your special touch. I am going to lie down." he continued, propping himself up. Jason nonchalantly put his tool away. Tom sat up straight and gulped more scotch. "But you were so comfortable." Connie said quietly, her little girl voice barely audible to Jack and Jason.

    "Could you kind of get behind me on ottoman, just for a few minutes, and give me a rub?" Tom stretched out on the couch as she slowly rose. Sensing her fatigue he said enticingly: "There's an amethyst necklace with your name on it that I am ordering directly from Tifffany's, if that'll motivate you." How could she say no to him, after what she had done just a half hour ago? She stood and knelt on the ottoman so that she was looking down at her husband's head and shoulders.

    "Work your magic." Tom said to his wife, half watching the movie. Half eyes closed.

    Connie bent over and placed her right hand on his neck, then reached down to his shoulder and caressed it tenderly. "That's a good start, " her husband murmured. He turned her way slightly and said: "do you need to reach more? Get closer." "OK." she said tentatively and leaned over as far as she could. Suddenly Tom's hands sprung from under his chest and he locked them onto hers. "I've gotcha!" he snickered. He heard her laugh as he released her hands.

    "Hey dad, I'm going to try some of that scotch, OK?" Jack said, standing up and heading toward the kitchen. He lingered so that he could behold the sight of his stepmother bending over the couch, her pretty toes hanging off the front of the ottoman. Her bubble butt was something to see, its bottom expanse again on the verge of losing the cover of the T-shirt. Jack was right behind her now and put his hands on her wide hips. She flinched but Tom grabbed her wrists again playfully and she could only look half back at the horny young stallion.

    Jack looked at Jason, who was standing up. "Can Jason have a taste also?" Jack asked his father. Tom said: "Yes to both of you. You're old enough and under my supervision, or should I say Connie and my supervision."

    Connie's one hand freed itself from Tom's playful grasp and she swatted at Jack's probing hand. Jack pulled her shirt up but she pulled it back down. In the flash that he had revealed her ass, her pink pussy lips were again visible through the darkness. Jack needed some of that maternal comforting real bad.

    Before he stepped away, Jack pulled up on her shirt again, and she pulled it back down, glaring his way imploringly. Tom murmured: "everything all right up there? Rub my neck so more." He was savoring the pleasant sensation of her hand on him and bantering with her randomly about how they met and the honeymoon.

    Jason had watched what Jack had done and could hardly stand it any longer. He rose to his feet and, on the pretense that he got a better view of "The Two Towers." stood right behind Connie. She half trembled at what he would do.

    "The sound system is awesome right here." he said, as his hand reached gently to between her smooth, bare thighs. Tom playfully grabbed her hands again with another "gotcha!" and she was helpless at the touch of Jason's rude fingers working their way to her pussy. Despite her apprehension and shame her juices were flowing again. Jason smiled to himself.

    Tom let her loose and she struggled to get Jason's hands off her. He grabbed her one free hand, locking it firmly, and pulled her shirt up. His fingers massaged her clitoris. She resigned herself to the physical realities of her situation and tried to freeze her body and ignore this crass behavior. Tom acted like he was getting up to see where the boys were so Jason stood, pulling her shirt down. Tom engaged him in chatter, but it sounded like Jack's father was running out of gas. Jason sat back at the sofa on the right and nervously bit on his thumbnail, laughing at Tom's wisecracks but staring impatiently at Connie. Her hot ass pointed so beautifully upward in that pose.

    And as she half listened to her husband and felt the presence of the muscle-bound youngsters hovering over her, Connie found herself less guarded. And losing her control. The images of "Lord of the Rings" danced over the ceiling and her skin, and Connie found herself excited at the next feeling of a hand on her butt. The evil thrill of enjoying the perverse but thrilling attention to her ass - while she was bent over caressing her husband - was growing.

    Connie listening to her husband and giggling at his remembrances. She took her right hand and reached behind her, staring back at Jason. Then she replaced her right with her left behind her. She returned to hanging over the edge of the couch, her fingers working her husband's shoulder and back. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

    Jack finished pouring the two scotches and came out to the hallway from the kitchen. He turned the corner and entered the family room.

    Connie's shirt was now high up on her waist. Her mouthwatering, plump, completely bare ass was staring at him. She herself had obviously made the bottom half of her voluptuous body naked.

    Jack almost threw Jason's scotch at him and hastily thanked his dad again for the boys' Johnny Walker treat. He stepped over to the chips and set his drink down, then knelt behind his stepmother. Jack sighed and gently put his hands on the awesome bare skin of her wide hips. Her smooth buttocks felt delicious. His face was an inch from the dark crack of her ass. He began to kiss her cheeks and rubbed her butt in a slow rhythmic motion. Connie sucked in air slightly and squirmed a bit but managed to chat with Tom as Jack worshiped her exposed behind.

    "Remember the riverboat we took on the Seine?" Tom asked his wife, and she gripped his neck when Jack's hands parted her ass's middle and his tongue began rimming her tight asshole. His two fingers caressed her pussy, then gradually worked their way inside her. They bathed in the two juices that welled in her twat. His tongue bathed her anus as his fingers worked her clit. He moved one of the soaked fingers to her butthole and gently but firmly pressed against it. Instinctively she reached back to stop him but his free hand imprisoned her. Then she hastily yielded and moved her hand back to her husband's neck.

    The horny youngster pushed her shirt up past her tummy, making it bunch up. It loosened the further up he pushed it. He impatiently exposed more of her body until one of her heavy, huge boobs plopped out. The erect nipple told him she was aroused as he played with her twat and ass with her husband right there.

    Connie's reaction to the finger returning to her asshole surprised her. It had been a while since a man had shown her anal area such loving attention. She gave up resistance and as his finger worked its way deeper into her body she slowly began to rub herself against Jack's face.

    Responding to her pleasure, and raring to go, he rose to a bent position behind her and took his stiff monster out. Connie felt it enter the space between her thighs and poke against her pussy lips. She bit her lip. He pushed inside her pussy slightly and took it out, then pushed the head of his stiff prick against her anus. He played with her clit.

    "We have to get a case of that Vouvray we drank at Le Meridien, that place by the Sacre Coeur, you remember that place? The third night we were there?" Tom said. "Sure do." Connie said. "Hey, you're using more elbow grease now on my shoulder babe." Tom said appreciatively, "keep it up." "We aim to please." Connie almost gasped.

    She felt Jack's finger leave her asshole, only to be replaced by two pussy soaked fingers. He was tender but persistent. At first Connie was disturbed by the feeling. But the wine and the sinful desires within her were taking control. The more Jack rubbed her clitoris, and larded her plump ass cheeks with kisses and excited licking, the more interesting the pain in her rectum. She relaxed her anus. And she wanted more penetration so, as Tom seemed to doze a bit, she reached behind with both hands and spread her ass wide. She heard Jack practically panting in his crazed excitement. He began to ram his two fingers in and out of her butthole, turning them to the right and the left. Her insides felt warm and nasty.

    Finally his almost painful erection insisted on satisfaction. Jack almost stood up and once again pulled out his sizeable meat. She was disappointed that the young man behind her had stopped finger fucking her butt. But she almost bit her tongue when he grabbed his big dick and thrust it up into her twat. She felt snug again, even after the aggressive, half hour fucking she had taken less than an hour ago. His hand moved to her huge feeling tit and pulled it sideways so he could see it. He mashed his groin against her ass.

    "You OK?" Tom asked. "Ah, there are those vigorous hands of yours. You are really giving me a rubdown." "Oh this movie is something." Connie said, "I never saw the first one." "Scaring you?" Tom asked, reaching for her hand as if to protect her.

    Jack closed his eyes while savoring her tight-again vaginal muscles enveloping him. His prick moved slowly, back and forth within the wicked wife's pussy.

    Connie jumped slightly when Jack's finger pulled on her aroused nipple, then grabbed some of her smooth titmeat. He let it flop down and dangle, and in his increasing passion he swatted at her watermelon boobs.

    "I can't sit when I see this movie." Jason said, rising from his sofa, his cock stiffening like never before as he watched his friend fuck Connie. Jason shook with excitement seeing Jack plow deep into his oversexed stepmother. Her head lay on its side on the back of the couch. Her heavy tits hung halfway to her knees when Jack wasn't playing with them. They swung with the secret screwing Jack was giving her.

    She managed to sustain a dialogue with her husband below her. Tom was increasingly dozing now more than talking, but waking a minute or two each time after his eyelids lowered. When Jason stood up Tom opened his eyes and said: "What's that? You can't sit? I don't blame you. This is a wonderful movie." Then he said: "Hey Jack, where are ya?" Jack's concentration seemed impossible to break, but he groaned: "I was on the floor doing my nightly fifties." referring to fifty pushups. He pulled his prick out of her and stuffed it with unspeakable frustration back in his shorts.

    He walked around to chat with his dad, who had only half heard what his son had said because of the older man's in and out dozing. Connie was facing in the direction of her husband but her lust-filled eyes were on her stepson. Meanwhile Jason turned around when he stepped behind her and impatiently planted himself under Connie's crotch, so that he was facing out toward the hallway and the kitchen. He pulled her buns down so that her pussy was in his face, and he hungrily went to town on her clit, licking it just firmly and rapidly enough to drive her insane. Three of his fingers sampled her soaking cunt.

    Tom waved at Jack. "Go and stand behind me by Connie if you get a better effect with the sound. You and Jason are the purists when it comes to this stuff." "Do you mind?" his son said, his bursting nuts anxious to get him back inside her. "We ought to reconfigure the furniture in this room for the big movies." Tom said, chuckling. But his words came slowly and he dozed again.

    Jack stepped carefully to the where the action was, praying that his dad would remain asleep. There were Jason's bulked out arms at the sides of Connie's ample hips, his fingers dug into her ass cheeks. Her butt moved up and down against his busy tongue, a wicked serpent that was driving her toward sexual climax while it fucked her pussy.

    Her stepson took out his dick and knelt on the ottoman to her left, his hand reaching underneath for her big tits. The sight of the pendulous fleshy teardrops and the squooshy sensation of fondling them almost made him ejaculate. He was advanced in his sexual years and managed to stay on the edge and then control his excitement.

    Without looking back Connie reached in the direction of his crotch, and when she found his cock she immediately began to stroke the fully aroused monster. Jason's slurping away at her cunt was driving her insane. Jack moved his hand to her back, then her big ass, and then returned to her anus. His two fingers entered her and began stroking in and out of her body. After about a minute he added a third finger, well wetted from taking a turn with Jason's fingers inside her pussy.

    Abruptly the sensation of the boys' fingers and the faster and faster licking of her clit took Connie over the cliff and she buried her face in the back of the couch as she fell into an uncontrollable spasm of ecstasy. Instinctively she pushed Jason away from her clitoris. Tom stirred and said in a stupor: "Huh?" Jason slid up so that he was leaning against the couch near the top of its back. Connie's head was now over his. The boy was frantic for fucking and steered his hard tool into her pussy. He bit her breasts. He was dying for it.

    She was too far gone to be careful any more, and the feeling of this young hunk ramming his meat up into her in powerful strokes, while Tom napped just a few feet away, was something she could not deny. There was a forbidden nastiness that virtually all wives would have nothing to do with. Connie realized that she was plunging in with every sexual cell in her body. To her, it was not really sex. She was showing maternal love to young men who needed some intense mothering.

    Jack's fingers probed her asshole. He gave Connie a wet kiss and shuddered while she stroked him. The sound of Tom's snoring joined the chorus of their concealed moans. Jack's hand rested on her ass crack. Her butt bouncing now, Connie's cunt began to fuck Jason's deep penetrating dick. Jason panted as her cunt wrapped around his cock, and she let him almost all the way out of her, then almost slammed down on him so that her skin smacked when it hit his thighs. He stopped stroking and let her big ass rise and fall wickedly over him. She licked his forehead and offered him one of her huge looking tits. Jason pulled it to his face and rubbed the fat smooth melon of flesh back and forth over his mouth and cheeks.

    Jack grabbed the other tit, stretching it to the side. His fingers stubbornly clung to her bubble ass while it bounced against Jason. Jack's hand thrilled at the lewd exploration of her warm rectum. The bases of his fingers pressed outward against her anal ring, expanding Connie's tingling butthole.

    She was no longer hiding her moans, and they bounced off of her husband's snoring that in slow tempo emanated from his half open mouth. The pain of Jack's earlier finger-fucking gradually subsided inside Connie's butt, or it more and more felt good. Good in a nasty, forbidden way. He sensed her liking it and his fingers moved in and out of her ass more rapidly to keep up with the faster humping she was giving his friend. She jacked away on her stepson's king-sized meat.

    As Tom's snores settled in as rhythmic, loud evidence of dozing turned to sleep Connie's ass smacked harder and harder on Jason's cock. Her head was turned toward Jack. Jason sucked on her nipple with her boob mashed against him. Her intensely lustful stares at Jack's prick burned through her disheveled blonde bangs.

    She leaned over and thrust her open mouth at his. His hand beginning to steer her off of Jason's furnace-like groin, Jack gasped at his friend: "I gotta fuck her." He stuffed cushions along the ottoman's edge for their back support. Then he sat next to Jason and took her arm, scooting her on to his cock. She reached down and steered his log into her wicked twat. Jack rubbed himself against her clit, then moaned in deepening pleasure at the feeling of his cockhead ramming past her pussy lips and as far into her nasty body as it would go. She yelped as he fiercely fucked her, his dick pushing against her insides, hurting them for an instant. Jason knelt at her right side and clamped her fingers over his dick. Up and down the shaft her hand began to fly. Tom's snores chugged along.

    All reluctance about fucking right behind her husband was completely gone now. The horny young men were making Connie feel so damn good that she was ruthless about getting as much fucking out of them as she could before her husband woke up. Jason reached for the remote discreetly and turned up the volume on the movie. "The Two Towers" competed with the louder cries and curses coming from the ottoman.

    Jason's hand squeezed her ass cheeks and explored the crack in between. Like Jack he wanted to probe that sexy rear end of hers. His balls brimmed with his juices and felt to him like they contained gallons of sperm. She pulled at his dick and Jason arched his chiseled body so that her hungry hand could explore his testicles. She cupped them while he lifted his crotch toward her naughty fingers as much as he could. Jason's fingers worked into her asshole and the painfully wonderful intrusion took her over the edge to a second orgasm. She bit her lip and embraced Jack tightly. He felt the tremors overtaking her sweat saturated body.

    Connie was now bouncing on Jack's prick. His hand competed with Jason's for the warm, hidden mystery of her rectum. Three of his fingers alternated with four of Jason's, stretching her asshole wall further. Connie pulled her ass cheeks wide to give her lovers better access. They took turns finger fucking her. A little person in her wondered at the dirty wife inviting, and enjoying, this penetration. This was wrong. But Connie was long gone with physical delight overwhelming her.

    Jack grunted and said: "Jason, stand up." The other boy did and Jack pulled Connie and him - his dick still in her - down horizontally on the ottoman. He pumped his cock in and out of her twat. She leaned forward. Jack pulled her ass cheeks apart and looked at Jason, kneeling near her ass. Jack's eyes stared at Jason's face, and when he caught his eye he said: "want to?" Before she could comprehend what was happening Jason, his groin on fire, got on his knees behind her and raised himself slightly so that his rock hard prick was aimed at her anus. Jack slowed down his fucking to the point where his many inches of inert dickmeat parked in her slutty insides, the walls of her vagina gripping and spasming. Connie lurched toward Jack with the feeling of Jason's dick sopping itself with more of her juices, then pressing harder and harder against her asshole until half of the head managed to break past her ring.

    "No." she said, jerking, "no." Connie squirmed as if to get out of this situation but Jack held her fast. Her protest to Jason might as well have been a green light. He pushed himself further within her, his hard dick tasting the very tight, forbidden deliciousness of her ass. "Stop, I can't do that." she said, loudly enough to outdo the soundtrack of the movie. But Jack increased his stroke within her and pulled her closer to him. "You have such a sexy ass." he whispered hoarsely. The boys sandwiched her and humped her. She cried as Jason worked his dick all the way into her butt. He began to fuck her slowly. He was beside himself with sexual desire.

    With each stroke Connie moaned and gasped. After a few minutes of the slow fucking with Jack and the quicker strokes from Jason she shocked herself with the very wonderful, taboo feeling of the two going at her like this. Jason moved his cock back into the ring of her anus and forward into the open space of her rectum. Suddenly Jason's balls filled with heat and his contracting insides sent what felt like pints and pints of jizz into Connie's fat behind. His body slammed against her as her anal muscles enveloped the dickmeat it surrounded.

    Jack felt Jason come to rest against her and then almost tumble off them, landing on one foot on the floor and then lying on it, struggling to get his breath back.

    Ruthlessly hungry for the same satisfaction, Jack pulled out of Connie's cunt and pushed his cock against her expanded asshole. More as an animal than a woman, intent on getting him inside of her butt she swiveled around so that her ass was facing him. She squatted over his fat prick and almost screamed as Jack pushed himself slowly into her anal chamber. Part of Jason's considerable cream seeped between the shaft and her asshole. Tom's snoring continued on and she was so happy that was true.

    Jack fucked her like this for about five minutes. She could not take the last few inches of him but wanted to. She told him, almost desperately, to get up off the ottoman. She lay down on it and pulled her legs up over her head. One slipped back and Jason caught it with his strong hands locking both of her legs. She stared with intense longing at Jack's dick, coated shiny with the juices of their wicked fucking. He swiftly aimed his rod at her now gaping asshole and slid himself inside, then began to fuck her so that his cock came almost all the way out, then probed her and took its evil prickhead to her hilt. His hands rested on her curvy thighs. Connie's eyes closed with the thrill of his fucking.

    Jason rubbed his dick against her face, and she turned her head toward him. Her big tits pancaked and plopped to her sides, the enticing nipples staring at the sex-obsessed young men. Jack took her leg for leverage and Jason's hand went to her boobmeat. The feeling of her extra large knocker in his hand got his dick to harden. Connie licked his cock and balls. He was hypnotized at the sight of her whole body shake in one big ripple every few seconds.

    Jack's body was moving faster. He felt like he was full of jizz, and that it was demanding to shoot into her. He had never felt such pleasure. He watched her breast jiggle wildly, and Jason's mauling of her other tit. He jammed his man sausage in and out of her asshole. Connie's hand pulled on his thigh. As the minutes went by his strokes became more powerful and deeper. His groin slapped against her soaked skin.

    Then, amid her moans and his cries of carnal hysteria, Jack let loose inside her with shot after shot of hot semen. His ramming turned into rapid jerks. He stayed in her butt, and pulled her legs toward him. He kissed and licked her feet and her legs. His perspiration rained on Connie. Jason put his fingers on her clit and began to jack her off. Her eyes closed, Connie lay back on the ottoman.

    They were reassured by the snoring. Jason gradually sped up his manipulation of the top of her labia and her clit, enjoying her licking and sucking of his cock. Then, she surrendered to another climax, Connie's cries muffled by the semi-hard prick stuff in her mouth.

    After a moment the three rearranged themselves just as the snoring tapered off.

    "Guess I fell asleep." Tom said in a stupor. Jack and Jason were where they were when he was awake and enjoying the film. Connie once again had retreated to the powder room, then returned and extended her hand to her husband. She had found that her mothering could happen, even if he were a few feet from her. Connie could make young men feel better about themselves and get over their late adolescent anxiety, just by using a little maternal affection. And having Tom nearby added a little thrill to her mothering.

    Connie and Tom loped up to bed. "You can see the battle of Helm's Deep tomorrow." Jack said as they left. "That sounds like a plan." said Connie's husband with a big yawn. "Right now I am going to sleep."

    Connie got in bed with him and noticed how sore she was. This will have to be a little secret, she said. Tom was asleep in a minute and Connie tossed and turned for about ten minutes, wondering when she could next be a super stepmom for Jack and his friend. Then she fell asleep, physically exhausted.
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