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. Come to cunny when told

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Dec 5, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Do you remember how it was John, the time when at last you began to lick me? I had said that you would come to my sex all in good time. After all, it had been a terrible shock. Lucas, the man whom you assumed was simply a family friend had become my lover. The affable, talkative, physically powerful Lucas was fucking me. I knew that at Claire's wedding you had seen him kiss me. Not a peck on the cheek, not even a slow closed lip kiss between old friends. No, it was an open mouthed kiss wasn't it, away from the bustle of the wedding reception. He took me aside, pressed me against a quiet hall way wall in the hotel and he lingeringly kissed me, open mouthed, running his hand up and down my thigh, and then in between my legs. I remember shuddering at his touch, the movement of his fingers up beneath my cocktail dress. I remember the breathless excitement as they pushed beneath the gusset of my panties and on into the soft, moist, wetness of my sex. I know that it was you that watched me from behind the huge potted plants a little way down the hall. I know that it was you who studied us, wide mouthed. Yet I didn't stop. I let Lucas enjoy me and i ground against the ball of his hand. In truth, I had always wanted him. Always wanted him more than you. When we became engaged, I was playing second best with you. I accepted your proposal of marriage because you were a good friend of Lucas's and being married to you would keep me in his circle. I am honest there was even a little frisson thrill of knowing that you witnessed his seduction of me. I knew what you did not. That he had by then already fucked me once, casually brutally, and that however, wherever, whenever he chose to fuck, that I would go with him. I would go with him no matter what you thought, said or did. He was always so much better than you, bigger, more obviously masculine in a way that women like. He was always first, you were always last, you were always the compromise, the 'it will do for now relationship'. Do you remember how I climaxed on his fingers, clinging to him, wide eyed and awed by his physique? Do you remember how I bucked and writhed on his hand? I did so, because of who he was and what he did. I did so because he was such a splendid contrast to you and your efforts.

    That evening you confided to me that you feared you had a migraine coming on. Usually I would humour you wouldn't I? I would pander to your neurological weaknesses. I would play act mama to your sickly child. But that evening I had had enough of such theatricals. I told you didn't I? That this was probably because you had seen Lucas kissing me. It was because you had seen the effect that he had on me. I said it calmly and coldly, and your face drained white. You looked even more pasty than normal. Then I told you didn't I. I told you that you had better get used to it, because Lucas entranced me. I couldn't say no to Lucas. After all those years as a friend he had noticed me, wanted me, took me. Do you know something John, I think it started because of that Cartier Ruban watch you gave me. It was chic, smart, expensive, wasn't it? I think that it made me look a spoilt little bitch to Lucas and that was the kind of woman that he wanted. So he took me. He took me on the back of a signal that you gave, that I was really rather too posh for you. The watch John, you see it didn't look like a a gift of love, it looked like an act of worship. That was how Lucas read it in his Caribbean mind and that was what helped make him decide to fuck me until i begged for mercy. Once he had fucked me, once he had made me gasp and moan, my legs wrapped up around his arching back, you were lost. You were always lost, the contrasts too obvious, the comparisons too brutal. I remember that I left you speechless! John, the academic, speechless!! I said to you, didn't I, that you had better not make a fuss about all this. If you did, then I would ask Lucas to hit you. I would ask him to bloody your nose. A quick reminder, an absolute reminder, that when a lady choses, then the man dismissed, has to show adequate contrition. Never good enough John, you were never good enough.

    Once I had told you that way, i honestly thought that I would leave you. The decision would seem so inevitable, so final. I didn't think that you would walk away, you were always too needy at heart. But I thought that I would kick you out. I told Lucas that i had informed you about my preferences. I told him that I had given you the ultimatum not to interfere with our affair. I thought that he would say, 'bin him' but do you know what, he said something that I understand now, but I didn't then. He asked, slowly, simply, whether I had enjoyed 'putting you down'? I took a moment or two to comprehend what he had just said. But I answered honestly, after a pause for thought. I said yes John. I said yes I had enjoyed putting you down. He smiled, he nodded, and said that I shouldn't kick you out. Our sex, his and my sex would be so much hotter, so much more intense, because I was hurting you. That was the way of the world, or at least, the wild. Women make choices and sometimes people like you get hurt. Sometimes you exist simply to get hurt, to be the contrast to our own finery. That was how Lucas suggested things were. He said, 'give him time, and then have him come to your cunt. Have him kneel and lick it, when you're all smeared and wet from me.' He said, you would come to me that way, after I'd stop letting you fuck me, after I'd pushed you out of our bed. You would come to me, ready to treat me as your mistress, a supplicant, begging to support the bitch that had got out from within me.

    Do you remember that Sunday afternoon John? That Sunday when I went to Louise's wedding with Lucas rather than with you? Shaming wasn't it? Shaming that you had been passed over that way. Shaming that a few close girlfriends knew that Lucas and I were already an item. Shaming that they guessed how cold and alone you felt, because I cow eyed Lucas? That afternoon, I dressed in that lovely cream cocktail dress and the matching stockings didn't I? I was rolling up my stockings and clipping them to my suspender belt. You were staring John. You were really staring at me. I knew that it was almost your breaking point. You were almost broke into a pussy boy. You came over silently, without being called, your gazed transfixed by my sex. I pulled up the hem of my dress and showed you it. 'Do you see how I have it trimmed exactly the way that Lucas likes John?' I whispered that to you didn't i John. I said, 'Do you see how my cunt has been pulled open…you know why don't you….John?' You knelt quickly, down onto the bedroom carpet. I'd never seen someone breathe as such before, never as such noticed it, you know. But I noticed then. I noticed how you sucked down that breathe, your nostrils flaring as you inhaled. There, you could smell my cunt and you could smell Lucas on me. I smelled so much of Lucas didn't I, his cock and what it did to me? My perfume, my expensive perfume, heady, intoxicating, mixing with the smell of his semen. Then there was the scent of my cum too wasn't there John, you recognised that. Even as you took down your second breathe you recognised that I smelled of hard sex, the coupling and grinding of our bodies whilst you waited ignorant some place else.

    I remembering murmuring, 'you may, if you lick nicely' and opening my sex lips with my finger tips. I showed you the peachy moist interior didn't I? I showed you the thick sticky globule of Lucas's spunk from when we had laid together that night. You hesitated. You fought the urge to submit, to lick your mistress didn't you. I could see you struggling with it. I soothed, ' Lucas will let you, you just have to tell him that I'm too good for you. You just need to thank him for fucking me.' You shook your head, you grimaced, but your face was so close wasn't it John? I almost felt the brush of your nose against my clitty. That lovely bulbous button that stood so proud of it's hood now that Lucas was servicing me. 'You're not good enough to fuck are you?' I taunted, 'So lick me out. Lick me out and accept things'. I enjoyed hurting you that way John. I enjoyed it. You had to be dragged down, pushed down and spat on. You had to lick cunt, what Lucas took again and again, from a position of complete humility. I whispered, 'I always come on him John'. It hurt didn't it? It hurt a lot because you had never given me a climax. Not even a pretend one. You had never made me feel like a woman, really. You fought it. You sobbed and I tired of waiting for you to worship what Lucas owned. There would be another time. I was going to the wedding with Lucas.

    I broke you the next Friday night didn't I. What was it, that terribly short and terribly tight little black leather skirt? Was it that I was dressing that way to beg for even more cock from Lucas? Was it that I felt sensuous, raunchy, hungry for a good fuck? I'd never seemed like that with you had I? I'd never seemed a hot bitch. Well, that was the truth of it. You never made me want your cock. You were all pleases and thank you's John. You were terribly polite rather than terribly horny. It was the first night that Lucas collected me from our house wasn't it. He collected me in front of you, kissed me slowly, admired my attire and then saw me into his car. I waited for Lucas having to hit you but I was disappointed. I shouldn't have been. I know you don't I John. I know your persistent little self doubts, the guilt and the hang ups. So I watched your head drop when Lucas talked to you. Lucas the master. It made me wet John. It made me wet that he was so dominant, do you know that? After we had danced, dined and fucked, we came home and Lucas came in for coffee. I knew he was going to stay over and you did too didn't you. You hung around in the background. A tiny balled spirit that crept out of the woodwork and then crawled back in again. Lucas petted me on the sofa didn't he. You could hear the noises he made with his fingers up my cunt. Then you came to me. You came urgently, silently and knelt on the rug in front of the fire before me. Lucas smiled and nodded. I pulled the hem of my tiny skirt up, and there it was my cunt pulled into a spunky mess. The scent of coupling that evening must have been huge, i was dripping with his spunk, but do you know what, i think it was easier to lick up his semen when it was warm and fresh than when it was sticky and matted in my pubes. I'd not wanked you in over a week and you were trembling with the need weren't you. You needed to lick mistress's cunt, to show master that you worshipped what we did? There! What a good boy you were! You licked mistress's cunt and showed master that he was the alpha over you too.

    'That's a good boy!' I soothed. Do you remember how I stroked your hair. Do you remember how I shuffled further down the sofa, widening my legs so that my sex could drain into your mouth? I liked the way that your tongue lathered my botty hole too. You went from resist to rush in one eager step. A leather skirt huh John, a leather skirt and knowing what Lucas was shoving up beneath that? Lucas said to me, do you remember, 'he licks nice, he'll be fine'. I was so turned on John. Showing Lucas what I could make you do! Showing him the power that my cunt had over you!! It was so raunchy! He put his fingers down and eased open my sex lips didn't he John. He eased them open and you had to lick the wet slimy bits within. It was delicious and i just had to kiss with my man while you did that. In times to come you would be just as sensuous, just as eager, but perhaps a little less urgent. I'm pleased that we have our little code, if I wear my Cartier beneath my wrist, then mistress requires you to lick her out at the first discreet opportunity. You com to my cunt irrespective of whether I am wet and warm from Lucas or whether I am beaded with his sperm from some hours previous. You lick when I tell you. Lucas pushed your face against me didn't he, so that your mouth opened like a clementine against my cunt. It was like you were snogging my sex, your tonguing running in big wet sweeps across its tingling surface.

    'Lock his face there' Lucas directed guiding my fingers to your hair. i knotted your hair and pulled hard. You were not allowed to unhook your mouth from my cunt until I bucked through what I deserved so much. It was the hottest, the sweetest moment. I pulled your mouth against me until you could barely breath. I pushed and gyrated against you, staring wide eyed at my man. 'I'll ruin him, humiliate him, hurt him, dump him….anything' i breathed huskily, embracing Lucas's gaze with my own.

    'Just use him, treat him like white shit' said Lucas and I almost twisted your head off didn't I John. You whimpered, but it was no good. My body was lurching, bucking against you and my pussy was so hard, so sharp, squirting my womanly pleasures. Goodness John, do you remember. Do you remember that sudden capitulation? You must have realised then, in a skirt like that, with a well drilled cunt like mine, i would always make you humble. I would always shame and use you. Back you fell, gasping, your face wet all over from my cunt. Lucas studied you.

    'You lick when the lady says, understood' he warned.

    You nodded.

    Now, here we are again and i have allowed you for once into the master bedroom. Can you see my belly moving with Lucas's baby? Can you? Next month my sweet, next month and I will have Lucas's baby. I will have it and my breasts will engorge with milk for that lovely lovely child. Will you beg to see me suckle my baby John…will you? Why don't you lick mistress's pussy now. Lick it so I have pleasure, something to counter the birth pains to come. There, that's nice isn't it? I know, sticky, gluey spunk, but you clean it up like a good boy. Lick and suck, there, that's a good boy.

    'Are you going to fuck him Lucas darling?'


    'John, be a good little boy and put your arse up for Lucas, whilst you lick mistress, that's a good boy.'
  2. AllenJ

    AllenJ Well-Known Member Member

    What a hot sexy way to tell the story - imagining hearing it from my wife as she awaits her lover taking my cherry
  3. 3ballz

    3ballz Member Member

    Lovely story again Lutheranmaid, what an honour it must be for John to taste that sweet, creamy nectar from his Mistress' honeypot.
    AllenJ likes this.
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