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. Coconuts And Cream

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Ferret, May 15, 2008.

  1. Ferret

    Ferret Member Author!


    Tammy and I arrived in Jamaica for our week long stay and I wasn't surprised to see her flirting with the first guy who picked up our bags. As soon as we'd gotten past security she removed her wrap skirt showing off the see through lacy boy shorts covering her public nudity only by a narrow pink silk thong that you could plainly see underneath the white panty style shorts.

    I was a little embarrassed at all the looks she instantly got so grabbed her elbow and i rushed her to a cab as quick as I could. Even then, there were at least three smiling cabana boys offering everything from dancing to massages, the best hotel and the best swimming hole. I was a little relieved when she brushed them off with 'maybe later' and we got our bags in to the cab. As we pulled away from the curb, I didn't mind that I was even in the back seat and Tammy was in the front with the driver giggling and pointing out the window at her first island sights.

    Before long we arrived at the bungalow I'd rented and much to our surprise a second cab pulled up containing the three young men we'd seen at the airport. The least shy one, rushed to the back of our cab and chatting away asked Tammy if 'could this now be later mam?' Still giggling from the bumpy ride, Tammy went over to the boys while I followed the cabby to get the keys and check out the hut. When I came back Tammy was all smiles and was talking to the men, 'now remember, all week.' The boys were all smiles, laughing and watching me closely as Tammy approached me as if she were shy, mouth slightly pouting, I noticed she'd pulled up the front of her thong as she sometimes does to show off her pussy lips. They were naturally puffy, and when she tugged silk between them, a deep fold would show through. Instantly I knew I was saying yes to whatever she asked.

    I was surprised that she asked me to tip the men in advance and even more surprised by how much I was tipping them. It seemed to me she was treating this as a very exclusive agreement whatever it was.

    It was getting late and Tammy gave the boys some instructions, I heard something about how they should set up on the beach in front of the bungalow, they were to have a fire every night, music whenever they wanted, food and drinks available most of the day and I was a bit surprised when Tammy walked toward the hut wishing them all a good night after some quick hugging and sensual bumping as one of them already had out his boom box laying down a sensuous island beat.

    Tammy wasted no time pushing me down on the bed and removing my shorts. I'd been half hard since getting off the plane and the pre-cum was dripping as she gobbled my dick down her throat and made me cum in her mouth in less than sixty seconds. She swallowed every drop and my leg cramped up as my balls throbbed for like the tenth time expelling the last drops of juice. I almost knocked her off her knees and she bit down a bit on my softening member as I tried to shake out the cramp.

    This is pretty much what went on for the rest of the night as she'd alternately suck me and then fuck me waking me up every time she could get my dick more than half hard.

    The next morning Tammy was up early and I slept a little bit later coming outside to see Tam and 'Ton-ton' as she called him embracing over a fishing pole as they cast a deep blue lure far out into the surf only to retrieve it together, in an entwined swaying motion so that you couldn't tell who was doing most of the work. I noticed Ton-tons dark ebony skin glistening with beads of perspiration next to the my wife's pink cream completion and I winced when my hardening dick pinched from the pain of soreness from the night before. Tammy seemed none the worse for wear and after a while, at Ton-ton's urging allowed 'Littlesam' to cover her with a coco-butter massage. Tammy hadn't seemed minding sharing a sweat with Ton-ton and I made my dick a bit more sore, hardening up when I noticed Littlesam mixing Ton-tons' sweat that was still on Tammy, his own sweat and cocoa butter covering her body nearly every inch of it. While he made out as if he could, he never quite did touch the tips of her breasts or the folds of her vagina. I couldn't help but not watch and nobody seemed to care that I did either.

    The rest of the day was pretty much what you'd expect on a beach all day as we alternated hiding in the shade, chilling with drinks, telling a few jokes, dancing to a bit of music and cooking out on the coals. Day soon turned to night and after a while, as i grew tired, Tammy again led me into the hut and ravaged my dick until I just couldn't get hard any more. There was more than one time when I nodded off to sleep as she mouthed my limp dick and shriveled balls making sexy cooing talk about how much she loved my cock and how she wished she could stay on this beach forever. I couldn't help but continue to enjoy the sex even as it grew more painful on night three.

    I slept a couple hours extra the next morning and I arose to see Tammy and the boys coming back from the jungle with a basket of fruit, berries and a couple of coco-nuts. The boys spoke to me asking me if Tammy was taking care of all my needs and if I needed anything special. Littlesam gave me a massage at the direction of Tammy and I slept another couple of blissful hours awaking the four of them dancing in the shade. I noticed that they were a little more free with their flirting and Tammy started lengthening her touches an they turned more in to caresses and pats on the boys firm bodies and tight butts. Later after dinner, in a private moment, I teased her asking her if she'd picked anything more than a few berries and fruit while she was in the jungle. She giggled back, 'no, but I squeezed some a bit to see if any of if it was ripe enough.' I asked her if she thought it was and she said, 'indeed it is all very ripe' with a smile across her pretty face. She was starting to get tan and I noticed how bright her blue eyes stood out and I could tell she was just beaming at the idea of being loved on the beach by three young men with her worn out husband watching.

    We'd had 'the talk' before we got here. I sort of knew where this was going but I wasn't sure if I actually believed it still or if this was more of our fantasy. I'd been explaining to her that I didn't think I'd get jealous to share her with other men, i just didn't want everyone in our home life to know it, and that it was more for her than me, knowing how much she enjoyed sex. It would be her treat and I would support and comfort her as far as she wanted to take it.

    That night, as the usual bed time approached Tammy invited the three young men in to our hut. She stood me at the end of the bed, pulled my shorts down and showed the boys my sore looking dick and gently prodded and rubbed me, thankfully with a soothing lotion, to my full and throbbing six inch length. I was almost relieved when she let go, as I knew I barely had enough cum left to pre-cum even.

    It was Ton-ton first who removed his shorts and I was surprised to see that his dick was as large as mine yet totally soft. Tammy stroked his and made me stand next to him, getting down on her knees and sucking Ton-ton's dark meat until it was what looked like a full ten inches and about half as thick as my dick. She would flash her eyes at me, smile and make soft gagging noises as she glanced between Ton-ton and I. So here it was. It finally was happening and neither of us seemed nervous or unsure at all.

    The third man, I still don't remember his name, began to finger Tammy's pussy lips and she instantly responded by spreading her knees and sitting down on his wrist. I could see her wet stained crotch and extra long wood brown fingers rubbing between her panty slit.

    Littlejohn removed Tammy's breasts from her halter top and massaged them from the other side of me. I noticed the head of a very large dick flopping around near the bottom of his thigh length short pants. Tammy saw what I was looking at and began playing with Littljohns dick by sliding her hand up under his short leg. She was squeezing and reached her hand all the way up to her elbow and it looked like she was finding the shaft of his penis.

    Tammy reached her other hand up Littlejohn's other pant leg and it looked like she was cupping his balls and she thanked him for saving up all the juicy fruit for tonight. The boys laughed at this joke and said 'four days been a long time to save up da juicy fruit mam.' I got to thinking how horny they must be after all this time and how sore my dick was from the first three nights of all night fucking and sucking action from my overly horning wife.

    Through with the foreplay, Tammy stood up and asked me if I'd be a dear, and bring her drink. Dusk, I walked out to the fire naked and grabbed the half a coconut ice filled creamy liquor drink from the cooler. Tammy was still standing so I handed her the drink and she quickly drew down on the straw till you could hear that slurping sound knowing that all that was left were a few ice cubes.

    The third man was already completely naked, and sitting on the bed and he gently grabbed Tammy's shapely hips and slid off her panty shorts and thong, dropping them to the floor I could tell they were wet and heavy with her scent. I picked them up and smelled her sweet spunk and held them tightly and brought them to my nose from time to time. He seemed to have a dick bit larger, certainly thicker than mine and he tugged on Tammy's hips till she eased back on his dick, giving out a little gasp as she felt his width stretch her wider than the night before. It wasn't long and Tammy was humping his dick faster and faster and finally she stood up, grabbed the coconut drink, flinging out the straw, placed it over her pussy and screamed out, 'it's hot so good, it's hot soo gooood, so hot, so good, hot pussy good.' I don't remember her first lovers name, but I'll never forget what she said. She bent over the bed this time, her breast nipples brushing the sheets, her pussy exposed, fat wet and spreading. She motioned the fat dicked man to come around behind and began to pump him up from the bottom as he pushed down from the top. It wasn't long and I could tell he was going to cum. He was going to cum his man seed into my hot, horny, sex starved wife and I was enjoying it and even wanted him to cum in her hot fat pussy lips. He tensed, his butt cheeks quivered and he stood up on his toes and made grunting sighing noises for what seemed like a full minute. As long as it normally took me to get hard AND cum he seemed to cum the whole minute. As a thin stream ran down her leg Tammy reached around with the coconut and placed it over her pussy as he pulled his dick away. 'So fucking hot, hot so fucking gooooood', she said as she pushed cum out of her pussy showing us boys how much cum she had inside her. I was very surprised, and I gagged a little bit as I saw that enough cum was in her creamy coconut drink to make the ice float. It was like one third full.

    Tammy stood up, put the vessel to her mouth, wet her lips with the liquid and slowly spread with her tongue, a thin layer of cum over her lips. She passed me the drink saying 'put this on ice' and I did.

    When I came back in it was Ton-ton who was with Tammy and I was rather surprised to see them going at it missionary style. Tammy grabber her ankles and took the entire length of Ton-tons' dick without even a struggle. It wasn't long and Ton-ton began to long stroke her at full speed. Tammy's tight belly made a wet flapping noise as it bounced near the base of his Ton-ton's dick and his balls slapped up against her glistening ass button. It wasn't too long and after a while Tammy again asked me to fetch her drink. I could tell Ton-ton was about to cum and again another man was going to empty four days worth of seed into my hot wife. Tammy took the nut and pulling herself so that her ass cheeks just at the bottom of the bed, said to me, 'catch that cum from my ass cheeks, catch it all for me. Catch my hot fuck honey.' And I wedged the coconut under her ass cheeks and I felt her spread as I moved the mouth of the vessel under the crease of her butt cheeks just as Ton-ton began to cum. I couldn't believe how much cum he had. His first few pumps were massive as it soaked my wrists and my hand and Tammy's thighs with slippery goo. And he kept cumming more than I've seen any man cum. Tammy could tell she was getting filled and I could here her squeal with joy saying 'fill me up, fill my belly hot, catch that love juice honey' and I did.

    By the time Ton-ton was through I looked down and her drink was refilled, with cum substituting for cream. Tammy grabbed the coconut, looking at the contents with a smile and said, 'why there's no room for rum' it's a shame to waste it and she put it to her lips and began to drink the cum of two black beach men while her husband watched. There were ounces of liquid and Tammy took a couple of good chugs, like she was gulping a half melted milk shake. She smiled at me and I could see some cum clinging to her lips as she licked the goo first with her tongue then cleaning up with her fingers and she passed me back the vessel telling me to 'put this on ice hon,' and I did. I noticed it was half empty, she'd consumed one massive load of cum and left the other so I though it was the right thing to, I added a couple ice cubes.

    Littlejohn was just massive. Tammy was sitting on the bed looking at his dick in amazement and called me over asking me if I though she could take the whole thing. I hung down half way to his knees and it looked totally floppy, without hardness, much, much larger around than my fully erect dick and easily twice as long. 'It doesn't get much bigger, honest mam' said Littlejohn, 'just harder' he added.

    'Feel this hon' said Tammy as she guided my hand to Littlejohn's dick. I squeezed as she guided me, he was correct, his dick was soft and very warm.

    'Come sit beside me hon, I want to show you how I suck this big black cock' and Tammy sat me down beside her on the bed. I watched as she stretched her mouth over the head and swallowed half his cock without even a gag reflex.

    'Help me hon, help me with the big black cock so I don't swallow too much of it hon' and she directed both my hands to cover the base of the shaft like a baseball bat as she began to bob back and forth on the black cock man meat that extended beyond my grip. I could hear her slurping, I could smell his balls. I pulled my bottom hand off the base of the massive dick, still clutching Tammy's wet soaked pantys and covered my nose with her scent patch, then Tammy's nose as she sucked Littlejohn's massive black cock. She seemed to suck harder and faster breathing her own hot scent.

    I moved my panty holding hand back to the base of the massive dick but minus a finger. Feeding Tammy another half and inch. Tammy took it, came up for air and went down again for more. I fed her another finger and she pressed on pushing against the side of my hand with her lip covered teeth forcing me to turn over more of this black muscle shaft to her hungry throat. I could tell that she was deep throating by now and so I fed her yet more as she would come up for air, only to plunge back down on the dick till there was only one of my hands holding his black shaft.

    Tammy was sword swallowing at least eight inches of his dick with ease. Her lips were totally stretched around his girth as she bobbed him. Tammy came up for air long enough to communicate to me that it was time to get her creamy drink. Returning quickly I could see Tammy furiously pumping his entire shaft back and forth, milking it like it was the last dick she'd ever see. Tammy had me hold the nut-cup between her breasts and I could tell she intended to jack him off her tits. I think even Tammy was surprised on the first gush of cum. A thick, wide and steady stream just squirted out of the pee hole and bounce off Tammy's tits splashing her hair, her chin, her neck, covering the entire slope of both of her beautiful c-cup breasts and began to fill her love cum-cup that I graciously held out for her massive pumping man meat. It was obvious on the third gush that her cup would flow over and Tammy hungrily engulfed the head as Littlejohn pump yet more of his black man seed into her eager mouth. Tammy drew me near, saying, 'help me' and forced about four inches of throbbing, gushing man meat in to my mouth before I could back away I found myself swallowing as if I was drinking from a hot fountain. I didn't have even a chance to gag as I took three full swallows and Tammy yanked the meat pole away covering it with her mouth intent on not losing a swallow. Again before I knew what was happening, Tammy plunged more man meat in my mouth and I found her feeding me just as I was feeding her. I could feel his dick going way back in my thought and I thought to just relax, not fight it and remember to swallow as I could feel a last hot stream bounce off the back of my throat I knew he was still cumming. More and more I could feel Tammy forcing my head forward and more I relaxed my throat as she stuffed Littlejohn's dick deeper and deeper down past the back of my tongue. I realized he stopped cumming but Tammy kept feeding and eventually, after my tenth gasp for air she seemed pleased with my progress as she proclaimed Littlejohn's dick 'fully deep throated'.

    Tammy looked at me and smiled her sexy smile as she brought the exotic drink to her lips and wet them again and again, sipping, slurping and finally gulping as she worked on consuming the love juice mixer.

    I was glad my dick wasn't sore. I was glad that Tammy shared her coconut cum delight with me on some steamy Jamaican beach house. I was glad that Ton-ton the unnamed fat dick man were stroking their still hard dicks for both Tammy and I while Littlejohn took a break.
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