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. Christmas Party

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Vivian, May 13, 2018.

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  1. Vivian

    Vivian Member Author!

    All the latest news about Bill Cosby and him using date rape drugs to have sex with all those women has jogged my memory. I remember the day before well: cleaning, shaving and choosing my attire for that nights company Christmas party Saturday 12/22/2007. It has been 10 years and only now am I able to remember bits and pieces of the party but not the rest of the night. All I know about the events that happened later came from the video. As with any get together either party or business meetings my husband wanted me dressed to kill showing off his model wife’s beauty. A little about me I grew up on a small ranch which since a child working the ranch kept me slim and healthy. I was always a pretty child and grew up to be a very beautiful woman. I lucked into modeling when I was 14 even then I was very pretty and had already developed a very sexy 5ft. 4in. 34B 22 34 figure, blond hair and blue eyes. I was at a beach with friends and family and there was a photo-shoot going on and I stopped to watch. The photographer was irritated at several of his models they were acting like prima-donnas and others didn’t have the look he wanted. It was then he spotted me in the crowed watching and called me over, thinking I was older he asked if I wanted to model. I told him I would but when he gave me the release form I found under aged I had to get parents signature. At first my mother said no but when the photographer told her how much we would get paid my mother relented and signed the form. My father was against it until mom explained to him that this could help with some of our money problems at the ranch. So I did the shoot modeling several sexy bikinis and was thrilled to later see my pictures in several famous magazines. Soon after we were receiving calls for me to model, with mom acting as my agent I was never used for any jobs that were demeaning and bikinis were as risqué as I would get. Soon the money problems were gone and a sizeable amount of money was available for my education by the time I was ready for college.

    At twenty four I met my husband Dan in college, he was a year older and was the male catch of the school being handsome and coming from a wealthy family. Myself I was the female catch of the school blowing away the cheerleaders with my beauty and still modeling while attending collage, I was heading for a supermodel career. Accounting was my major, mom always stressed the need to handle money since by then I was making quite a bit at each gig. It wasn’t long before Dan asked me out, engaged then married he was quite charming and being rich didn’t hurt. Modeling and school work thru both high school and college took up a lot of my time and I had not dated a lot so I went to the alter knowing only a few lovers. I did have to sign a prenup which gave me no rights to anything he owned or inherited but after having an attorney look it over and added the same for him we were married. Dan turned out to be very different when after college we returned to his home. At school Dan was the man in control with self confidence but once home back at the family business I saw a side of him I never knew existed, he returned to being the mama’s boy. My mother-in-law, a widow then ran the entire show, she was a big fish in a small pond and with the business she seemed to control just about everyone especially Dan. Without his mother he had nothing and nothing was his own even the house we lived in was in her name and the cars we drove were company cars. Yes the house was big and fancy and as him I was given a Mercedes to drive but they were not ours.

    The night of the party I was 29 still the beautiful blond with blue eyes but had grown to 5ft. 8in. 135lbs. 36C 26 36. I still modeled which boosted my husband’s ego some but did not go over well with my mother-in-law, she didn’t like the fact that her son’s wife worked. I sort of irritated my mother-in-law by working but more so by putting off having a baby. Because of that prenup and the fact that nothing was titled in our names and more so that I found out that Dan wasn’t the man I thought he was I felt that I should build a little nest-egg just in case. Unknown by my husband I had by then acquired and invested a tidy amount being I had no rent or bills to pay. I also inherited a large settlement the previous spring when both my parents were killed in a car accident. I had done alright myself financially but sure missed my parents. Dan did know about my inheriting my parent’s property but not the monetary amount, I had been spending some time at their house fixing it up to sell.

    Call it vain but having a baby would most likely end my modeling and I did want to finish building that nest-egg first. Putting off having a baby really pissed my mother-in-law off; from day one of us coming to live there she had been on Dan’s ass to give her an heir. The constant meddling didn’t do much for my attitude towards her either and it was getting very annoying. This put Dan in the middle and I’m sure he wanted to please his overbearing mother but he also didn’t want me to be angry at him either. To me he should have acted more of a man and stood up to her a little and these last years had me wondering if I wanted to stay in this little triangle. For medical reasons my doctor had me go off the pill for a while and in doing so I limited sex with my husband at only very safe times and made him wear condoms or he would get nothing. When this news got to her, my mother-in-law stepped up her meddling which then got my husband more on my case, this made me more determined not to give in.

    Party night I was in my most fertile period and Dan had again asked about having a baby, by then he knew my cycle well. I simply told him no I still had a few good years modeling and didn’t want to mess them up. Dan gave up but did ask about my dress for the night he wanted me extra sexy this time to show me off. When I came down he was not disappointed wearing a low cut light blue almost see-thru blouse, no bra my C’s still perky showed a lot of skin, a blue mini that barely covered my ass, underneath a thong and matching heels. I could almost pass for a prostitute not the bosses wife but he wanted me extra sexy, I thought he would make me change but he loved it. Dan always had this thing about me showing off what a good thing he has and occasionally I didn’t mind dressing a little wild. I was happy that night and could relax; his mother never attends these parties she thinks it is beneath her.

    The party was the usual get together of employees and management staff. Entering the building there were three of the black employees, one with a camera making a video of those coming in. Dan stopped to talk with them a bit I waited at the stairs, then he came and up we went to the party. Looking back on the stairs I noticed the light on the camera pointed to a naughty up-skirt of me. I figured that is what Dan told them and I’m sure I was also not the only female they did that to. In the party they continued to make a video, Dan conferring with them often, always out of earshot from me. I figured it was just business and paid it no mind then later in the party they came over and joined us.

    I felt this was a little out of context for my racist husband Dan. Although he doesn’t show it in public Dan would rarely talk to “as he would say” niggers much less hang out with them. That night however was different and we spent most of the party with them. Dan would often send one or more of these three black men for our drinks and other times he would go with them. I didn’t mind I was having a good time and unlike my husband I have worked with a lot of blacks and didn’t mind talking to them while he was getting our refills. Only recently do I remember after drinking most of the last one, I was on my way to the restroom when I over heard one of the blacks say to Dan when she finishes this one she will never know what happened tonight. I still remember nothing after I came out of that restroom.

    The next morning I woke up woozy I was nude, the bed a mess and in places wet. I looked between my legs and cum was still oozing out of me; my pussy was sore and looking at my husband sleeping in a giant wet-spot next to me. My first reaction I was pissed Dan had gotten me drunk and took advantage knowing I was fertile. I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up fuming over what he had done. At the time my pussy feeling well used and sore I thought he must have fucked me all night. Taking advantage of me being drunk I thought he tried to put as much cum in me as he could to get this one chance of making me pregnant. When he woke he too was woozy and unlike me he didn’t really wake up well, I started giving him hell about taking me like that knowing I did not want to have a baby yet. I cussed him and told him what I thought of his taking advantage. Dan could only say he was sorry but he had been drinking too and guess he just couldn’t resist. After a shaky walk to the bathroom he returned and got in bed and fell back asleep.

    Damn I was pissed and the asshole still half drunk couldn’t stay up long enough to listen. I made me some coffee it was around 11:00am I was drinking it as the phone rang. The man on the other end told me only if I wanted to keep my reputation and marriage to meet him at this doughnut shop then hung up. That was very unnerving and not knowing what to else to do at least it was a public place I dressed and went. I got to the doughnut shop when I walked in I saw those three black men from the party Maurice, James and Will. I went to their booth in the back and sat, I asked what is this all about? I ordered a coffee and they told the waitress that we were discussing business and to leave us alone unless signaled, they wanted privacy.

    Maurice just handed me the camera and said take a look and then we will see just what it is worth to you. I ran the video it was the one from the party, they started it late around where I had that last drink. The video then stopped and went to a room I guess somewhere in the building. It looked like me but details were not good on such a small screen, I saw the three black men undressing me again at that time it was assumption. I was very cooperative I allowed them to do as they pleased. There on that tiny screen it looked like a porno as the three of them took turn turns fucking me and fucking me several times each always ending with them cumming deep inside my body. I was appalled and getting a little sick to my stomach, these men were large I’m sure all were between eight and nine inches and were pumping my fertile white body with nigger seed. I shut the video off I didn’t want to look at more, I was praying it wasn’t really me and wondering just how could that have happened with Dan there.

    Maurice I guess their leader said: is it worth twenty grand to you? Upset I took a drink of my coffee to settle down, before they could say anything more in walked four police officers taking a break. Looking from them to the cops I held the camera and thought fast, I need to take a better look at this. In a whisper I said: on this screen I can’t tell if it is me and I ain’t paying shit for a fake or double. I’m not saying anything to them angling the camera at the cops, I’m afraid you have copies but do need to know for sure if it is me. I said that I would call them and got their numbers then taking the camera with me I walked out of the shop.

    At home I hooked it up to my forty inch TV, I watched it over and over where those three nigger rapists fucked me again and again. Yes it was me and the quality was excellent including close-ups of my face and cream-pie oozing pussy. Over and over I watched first in disgust and then later with arousal as those long thick black cocks in my mouth as I sucked them, something I rarely did for my husband and then pounding my hot white pussy. At times as they changed the camera angle I would see a flash of my husband sitting in a chair watching the action. This angered me greatly that my own husband would have had to of set me up so he could watch as black men fucked me at a time so risky. I was aroused in the video too I was so wet when telling them over and over to fuck me and I remember none of it. They fucked me again and again; twice each those three black men planted their sperm in my womb. With me telling them to fuck me I thought I could never use this as evidence. It was then I decided to look over the whole video and see if there was anything at all I could use to get out of this.

    I ran the video back to it’s beginning and saw the entry scenes mostly up-skirts of women on the stairs, myself included with several like me wearing thongs giving a nice ass shot. I used the fast forward to get rid of a lot of dead time showing various people at the party. I stopped the video, seeing theses scenes of the party with all the breaks let me know that this video was the original. Had they edited it I would not have had this copy and seeing this made me pretty sure that they were in such a hurry no other copies may have been made.

    Restarting the video there were many scenes of me and Dan as the more we were with them. I was watching the video at that time just to find something I could use against those niggers that raped me; Will laid the camera on a countertop forgetting to turn the thing off. Then my stomach turned in disgust as I watched the next scene where my husband Dan put the drug in my drink. I stopped the video, I couldn’t believe it, that son of a bitch husband of mine drugged me. I found out later he had been arranging this for over a month when he overheard these niggers telling of other women they drugged and fucked. I found out later that Dan’s plan was to drug and fuck me making me pregnant to please his mother. With me figuring we were both drunk would call it just one of those things.

    I restarted the video, Maurice and Will was with my husband, as Will kept Dan busy telling him how to mix and the effects of the date rape drug I saw Maurice put something in Dan’s drink. It wasn’t long after that I saw myself drinking the spiked drink then go to the restroom, it was then the drug took effect and I remember nothing after. In the video as I came back Dan passed out, I was there when he collapsed and those black men helped get him out of the party and into a back room. It was in this room the rape of me had occurred; it was then that they started making their private porn video of me.

    The rape I watched again, for some reason it no longer made me sick but watching the sex scene of me taking and enjoying those large black cocks aroused me again. It seems that the more I watched the segment of myself getting fucked by those three large black cocks the more aroused it made me. Then they went back out to the party I think I must have passed out for a while. The video showed they shot more of the party and of the last of those at the party leaving.

    These black men then took us home; they tossed Dan in a chair by our bed. They then just stripped me again and pulling the sheets down tossed me on the bed and again had their way with me. Knowing I was fertile they kept talking to me saying they were going to breed me black, telling me to say give me a black baby and I would repeat it back over and over, that was the drug making me very open to suggestion. The whole time they fucked me in our marital bed the video portrayed Dan sitting in that chair almost like he was watching the show as I begged them to fuck and knock me up. Without the scenes showing them drugging his drink or of him collapsing one would think Dan had orchestrated the whole thing then watched as these black men impregnated his wife.

    As much as I hated those black men it never would have happened if Dan had not tried to drug then impregnate me to please his mother. For that I could never forgive my husband or my meddling bitch mother-in-law. This had me so pissed off I had more hate for them than those three black men that actually raped me. It was at that time I started formulating my plan; with this entire video I could prosecute those black men if I wished however with their help maybe I could make Dan and my bitch mother-in-law pay big-time.

    First I called Maurice and told him about seeing where they had drugged me and Dan which proved that it was them and that they raped me. That scene he seemed to have missed and after that he sounded genuinely nervous, I told him to do and say nothing about what happened or the video to anyone and I would get back to him with my decision. I told him I may let them off the hook if things go my way but if anyone hears anything they were going straight to jail; Maurice agreed and said he would tell the others, I then hung up. I now had only to wait and see if they had actually knocked me up that night.

    Later that day and the rest of the week I was all over Dan’s ass for getting me drunk and having his way with me as if I had never met those three or seen the video. A few weeks later no period and a trip to the doctor confirmed I was pregnant. I then contacted Maurice and the others then told them that they were to do and say nothing until I say then I would give them an edited video to give my husband. This video would show only Dan giving me the drug and him watching as those black men fucked me. If they did as told the original video would be destroyed and their involvement would only look as if it had all been arranged by my husband. If they didn’t do as I said the police would get the original and all concerned would see prison, encouraged by me letting them off the hook it was a no-brainer they agreed.

    Unknown to any others I was indeed black-pregnant but I let on that it was Dan’s and was I pissed and let my husband know it every chance I got. I also let him prance around the proud father “to be” telling everyone that he had gotten me pregnant. Icing on the cake was my mother-in-law being so happy she made the announcement official by putting in all the papers that Dan and I were expecting a baby.

    I then waited almost seven months; I was well beyond being able to abort the baby. My plan called for playing my very racist mother-in-law and husband. Figuring I would put the baby up for adoption sometime after delivery. During that time I watched that original video many times and I have to say watching those black men fucking me made me hot constantly. Seeing those black dicks penetrate me, pumping in and out, seeing my pussy stretch and how soaking wet I had become around them. From that I knew I could handle men of that size. Being the forbidden black also made things more exciting, especially knowing they knocked me up. I also watched other interracial sex videos the subject now intrigued me. If I wasn’t on a scheduled plan I would have had sex with a hung black, I really was curious to actually feel what I did not remember.

    Also during that time I continued to remind my husband Dan every chance I got about my displeasure of him for getting me drunk and knocking me up, and of course he kept prancing around the proud father. All was good, I gave Maurice the edited video and my instructions, he then gave it to Dan and made like he was going to blackmail him. It was at that time the shit hit the fan.

    NIGGERS!! God-damned dirty NIGGERS!! I screamed at the top of my lungs, I was leaving the house so all of the neighbors would hear and see. Dan had given me the edited video a half hour earlier and I watched it, his mother had come with him to help cool things down and she wasn’t pleased with Dan. My mother-in-law was the biggest bigot of all; she had a loathing of blacks like no other person I knew. She had believed her son when he told her he was drunk and didn’t remember and just assumed he was the one that had sex and made me pregnant. He sure as hell didn’t want to tell anyone he drugged me but that came out with the video.

    After seeing that video I laid it on thick, I took the video then grabbed a suitcase and packed some clothes and other things. All the time I swore that I was going to put his drugging ass in prison. Yelled that it was rape and that he was responsible and that in prison I hoped that all the niggers made him their bitch and constantly raped his ass. Out in front of the house where all the neighbors could hear I again laid it on thick and yelled you drugged me and let NIGGERS knock me up you no good son of a bitch. I got in my car and drove off.

    I drove to my parent’s old house; I did stop for some groceries I had to make it look like this was unprepared. As expected waiting there was my mother-in-law, she looked haggard and terrified; she knew I had her son dead to rights with that video. I walked in with my groceries first then went back past her to get my suitcase, both times she tried to talk with me and both times I brushed her off. She walked in behind me, I ignored her until she said please don’t put my son in prison I’ll pay you, she hesitated then said I’ll pay you a lot what ever it takes.

    It worked I just looked at her I had to play this right or she may catch on, this woman wasn’t a tycoon for being stupid. I had tears in my eyes I played the used, abused and raped wife well. I continued to lay it on thick especially the fact that I now had a nigger baby growing in my body; this had a very strong effect on her. Her bigotry and extreme hatred of blacks made her believe this had to be the absolute most hated and degrading thing that could happen to any white woman. I just said no amount of money could change my mind that common bastard has to pay for what he did to me. I got a nigger baby growing in me and he is responsible for that, I want him in prison and his ass raped by niggers just like he had me.

    My mother-in-law scared and desperate that I was going to do it knew she had only one offer so she made it big, much bigger than I expected. The amount genuinely surprised me it was in the millions, so there was no acting here I just couldn’t speak. Finally I just said are you serious, she was relieved she knew it was enough to reach me. My mother-in-Law just said yes I’ll have it transferred into your account by tomorrow; just don’t put my baby in jail.

    I told her that she was to arrange an immediate divorce, she agreed. Within days she did as she said and I didn’t care that the divorce was out of state, I gave her the video and I now had more money than I needed to completely retire at age thirty. I may have let those three black bastards get away with raping me but now I’m rich and so what. I did however sort of anonymously let those other county police departments know that if they were looking for black men using date rape drugs who they may be and where they may be found. The three of them yeah I’ll call them niggers after all they are rapists and deserve no respect at all. They were arrested a short time later and were prosecuted for several other date rapes and are now in prison for a long time.

    It is years later, I’m very happy to be buying Christmas gifts for my daughter. Yes I did keep her, how could I give her up she is so beautiful with many of my features and my mothers emerald green eyes. Her skin well it is a little darker more like a Hispanic, must have been the lighter skinned black that knocked me up. That video did have a lasting effect on me, ever since I have had a burning desire for big black cock and have been dating and having sex with only black men since.

    You see my ex husband and mother-in-law are the racist not me, I just never had a thought about sex with black men until I actually saw myself with black cock fucking me. The racist hatred I portrayed was just an act to take my ex mother-in-law. She never recovered financially, I was paid in July 08 and then the economy crashed. She had paid to me just about all of her liquid cash and she lost her ass with property loans and stocks. I lucked out having not yet invested in the market and still had most of my money in CD’s and other safe short term accounts. I doubt that I could ever trust a man again to marry but I do love being able to play the field and having sex with many black men.

    NIGGERS *lol* can’t believe the bitch actually bought it, maybe I should try acting
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