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. Change of Heart Part 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by aznwifeluvsbbc, Jul 6, 2018.

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  1. aznwifeluvsbbc

    aznwifeluvsbbc Active Member Member

    Warning: This is a slow story that depicts a wife slowly being stolen away from her husband by an alpha male. There will be sex, but the story is mainly about the process!

    Hi! I started writing my own story a few days ago because of this site, but I did not have enough courage to post my work until today. This story is a work in progress, and I would love to have your feedback! Thanks :)

    When Jenny came home on Monday the week after, I asked if she had told her boss everything like she had planned. My recounted the day with a glass of wine over supper with me. She had told Mr. Brown that she was seeing someone already, but did not want to jeopardize her work relations with him. Mr. Brown seemed non chalant about what she was saying. He then apologized for last week, and said that he was drunk, but it was not an excuse to touch and kiss Jenny. Mr. Brown also told her that he believed she was saying this as an excuse and would like to continue dating her, but he will go at her pace. Jenny stated clearly that she only wanted to have a professional relationship with him, and he seemed to understand.

    I was glad that she had blown him off, and we hugged each other.

    “Do you think he will still flirt with you?” I asked my wife.

    “I don’t think so. But even if he does, I’ll just ignore him,” said Jenny with determination.

    We had talked about eventually letting her boss know that she was married by making an excuse that she had a small wedding over a weekend. This way, he will really know that she was off limits and at the same time will not feel like he had been played.

    A month passed quickly, and nothing significant had happened at work with my wife. We had talked about having children, and since everything was going as planned with our budget, we decided to begin trying in the coming weeks. She had been taking vitamins and supplements to increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

    One day, Jenny came home with a concerned face. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that she had to go on a business trip with Mr. Brown for two weeks in Atlanta.

    “Two weeks? With that creep?” I asked incredulously.

    “He’s not a creep. He’s been a complete gentleman in the last few weeks,” said Jenny.

    “You think he’s not going to try anything?”

    Jenny did not respond, but told me that they had to go in order to secure this sale for the company. I reluctantly agreed eventually, and I asked her to call or text me every night.

    A few days passed, and my wife had packed for her trip to Atlanta. She went to bed early for an early flight the next day. When she fell asleep, I checked what she had packed. It seemed that she brought things that anyone woman would bring on a work trip. She did not bring anything too sexy, except for a cocktail dress which I assumed was for a work event. Everything seemed to check out until I noticed something stuffed in one of the smaller pockets of the suitcase; it was the collar that Mr. Brown had given her. I had forgotten that she still had it, and I found it weird that she was bringing it with her. I was going to ask her about it the next day.

    My wife arrived safely in Atlanta, and called me the next day. I asked her about her day, and it seemed pretty standard. They talked to the clients and had dinner with them. The clients had a few further demands before they signed anything, so Mr. Brown and her would have to draft up a few documents for head office and present a counter offer. They stayed at the Sheraton hotel for now, and would be moving to another one in a few days when they met up with the next clients. I asked her about the collar in her suitcase, and she seemed upset that I was snooping in her things.

    “I was going to give it back to him. I don’t feel right about it,” she said. “And why were you going through my suitcase? You don’t trust me?”

    “I’m sorry. I just wanted to see what you were bringing. That’s all,” I apologized sincerely.

    Jenny texted me the next night, but I had a late shift so I did not have time to talk to her. On the third day of the trip, she had called me, sounding nervous. My wife told me that they had arrived at the Hilton Garden Hotel, but that there was an error with the booking. They only had one room for her and Mr. Brown.

    “They didn’t have any other rooms?” I asked irritably.

    “No, they were fully booked,” mumbled Jenny.

    “So you’re staying in the same room as him?”

    “It’s only for two nights, and Mr. Brown already said that he was going to sleep on the couch.”

    “Where is he now?”

    Jenny hesitated, and told me that he was in the shower. I hung up the phone. She tried calling back, but I did not pick up. For the rest of the trip, I did not talk to Jenny again. She had called a few times on the first few days, but gave up.

    Two weeks finally passed by, and she arrived home before I did. When I got home, she had already prepared a nice meal for us. She seemed scared that I would be angry at her. As we sat down and ate, I asked her to tell me about her trip, and to not leave any details out. My wife asked me to promise to not be angry. I did.

    After I hung up the phone, she had gone to bed without any incidents. Mr. Brown was true to his word, and stayed on the couch. The next day, after all the meetings were done, Mr. Brown asked Jenny out to a date again.

    “What do you mean again? He asked you out again in the last few weeks?” I asked.

    “Yes, but I kept refusing his offers,” said Jenny guiltily.

    “But you didn’t refuse this one,” I stated bluntly.

    My wife was quiet for a few moments, but did not correct me. Jenny was feeling stressed and sad, so Mr. Brown brought her to the hotel restaurant, and ordered one of the most expensive bottles of wine there. After a few a nice meal and a few glasses of wine, Mr. Brown grabbed her hand and asked her what was wrong. My wife told him the person she was seeing was mad at her. Mr. Brown then comforted her.

    “How did he comfort you?” I asked lightly.

    My wife did not want to answer, but I started at her silently until she started talking again.

    “He held my hand, and told me that it’s crazy to be mad at a beautiful woman like myself.”

    Mr. Brown then took my wife out for a walk, and held her hand. She felt more relaxed so she let him hold her hand.

    “Did you have sex with him?” I asked coldly.

    “No! No, I didn’t,” exclaimed my wife. “All he did was give me a quick kiss when we got back to the hotel room. I pulled away, and told him that this wasn’t right. He understood the message and backed off.”

    My wife explained that this was when she handed back his collar to him. Mr. Brown looked genuinely hurt, but he told her to keep the collar. It was a gift, and there were no strings attached. My wife tried return the gift again, but her boss insisted that she keep it. The rest of the trip was awkward, as Jenny kept a certain distance from Mr. Brown at all times. They finished meeting all the clients and closed all the sales by the end of the two weeks right on schedule, and returned home. On the flight back, Jenny fell asleep and her head leaned onto Mr. Brown’s shoulders. He put his arm around her until she woke up, and moved away from him.

    “Are you sure that was everything?” I asked.

    “Yes, I promise I told you everything,” my wife said in a pleading tone. “Do you want me to quit?”

    “No. It’s fine.”

    After the Atlanta trip, we were more distant. We still had very strong feelings for each other, and we decided to have a child, perhaps in an attempt to close the emotional gap again. I had noticed that Jenny had been receiving texts late at night, and she would somewhat rush to get her phone. I decided not to let any of this bother me, so I did not ask her about anything.

    A few weeks later, Jenny had done a pregnancy test, but it was a negative. We had been told that it was normal, and that it could take up to a year to conceive. It did not bother me, so we kept trying. One night, Jenny told me that she was going to a work event with her colleagues on Friday.

    “I’m guessing Mr. Brown will be there too?” I asked.

    “Yes, but everyone else will be there too,” she said defensively.

    “Is he picking you up again?”

    Jenny was silent. I decided not to let my jealousy get to me, so I did not say much else.

    Friday came quickly, and I got home when she was preparing for the night out. My wife was wearing a tight red dress, revealing her smoking hot body. I realized that she had put some effort with her makeup, even putting on fake lashes, and lip gloss. She curled her long black hair, and coiffed her bangs to the side of her forehead. Topping it all off, she wore a pair of nude colored 5’ stilettos. She looked at me guiltily when I got home, and told me that she had made dinner for me already.

    At around eight, someone rang the bell. Of course, it was no surprise that it was Mr. Brown. Jenny was ready at the door, and they both waved at me before leaving. I looked out the window, and Mr. Brown had put his hand on the small of my wife’s back while bringing her to his car. It did not seem like she was pulling away this time.

    I began drinking some alcohol to not let my emotions get the best of me, and soon fell asleep on the couch. I woke up the next morning in bed with my wife next to me. She must have moved me to the bed. I asked her how her night was, and she had a very guilty expression. Jenny told me that we needed to talk. She told me that she felt like she cheated on me. I asked her to explain what happened.

    After the Atlanta trip, Mr. Brown had bought her a few bouquets of flowers. She had left them on her desk at work, but that led him to continue flirting with her. He had a silver tongue, and made Jenny feel wanted when she was with him. On some of their lunch breaks, Jenny would let Mr. Brown take her out to expensive restaurants. He would touch her hand and her thigh sometimes, but she still pulled away most of the time. Mr. Brown also sent her many text messages complimenting her in various ways. Jenny could not deny that she liked the attention. Last week, after one of their lunches, Mr. Brown held her hand while they walked in a local park. Jenny thought it would be awkward at first, but Mr. Brown made it seem very natural with his sweet words. Since then, my wife has not really resisted him when he held her hand or touched her shoulder and back.

    The night before, my wife went to a resto-bar with her colleagues. Since they already all thought that her and Mr. Brown were dating, she let Mr. Brown hold her hand when they got there. Everyone had a good time eating and drinking. Towards the end of the night, Mr. Brown was sitting next to my wife, and left his hand on her thigh, while Jenny continued chatting with her other colleagues. One of the other guys she works with at times, Pete, asked her why they never saw Mr. Brown kiss her. Mr. Brown joked that they had to keep business and pleasure apart. My wife blushed and asked him “what are you talking about?”. Pete then asked if they ever had sex at the office, and Mr. Brown pretended to get mad at him.

    Unlike the last work event, Mr. Brown did not drink too much, but Jenny did. He asked if Jenny wanted to go to his apartment for awhile before he drove her home. My wife trusted him, so she agreed. When they got to his loft, they headed for the balcony. There was a great view of the city, and he turned on some jazz in the background. They danced for a few moments together, and Jenny felt very shy and wanted to leave. This is when Mr. Brown showed Jenny her new gift; a diamond necklace. He put it around her neck, then hugged her and kissed her deeply. After a few minutes of feeling his tongue dance inside her mouth, my wife asked him to take her home. He reluctantly agreed without commenting.

    My wife sat in front of me, her head bowed down, tears welled up in her eyes. She apologized, and said nothing afterwards.

    “So, are you divorcing me?” I asked coldly.

    “No, I’m not. I’m sorry.”

    After a few moments, I said to her, “I have to say, he is giving you a lot of expensive things. Do you like them?”

    My wife’s eyes opened in surprise. Even I was stunned at what I had just said.

    “What do you mean?” she asked with confusion in her voice.

    “Well, I mean he could help pay for things. He obviously just wants some company. The man was fine not getting laid for so long, knows that you’re seeing someone else, and is still giving you expensive jewelry. I say, just take the gifts.”

    “That’s not right… we shouldn’t be accepting his gifts,” said my wife somberly.

    “Who said we’re just taking them for free? You can go on a couple of dates with him to compensate. This guy is not going to try anything on you.”

    “How could you say that? After what I just told you?” My wife seemed irritated and hurt.

    “I’m just saying it’s not a big deal if we get something out of it. If you want to stop and quit, be my guest, but we’ll have to find some other way to pay the bills when the baby comes.”

    My wife did not say much for the rest of the day. I noticed that she was still getting texts, and she was replying to them diligently.

    Another month passed, and we tried to conceive a few more times, but failed to get any results. My wife went on a couple more dates with Mr. Brown after a few work days, and I did not question her. She seemed to be more absorbed in her texts and late night calls about “work” as the days went by. One night, Mr. Brown brought her home after work, and they kissed in front of the door. Jenny did not seem to be pulling away, and let the large black man stick his tongue inside her mouth as he hugged her. When she came in, I noticed she was wearing the necklace that Mr. Brown had given her. I did not react to what had happened and went to bed. On the nights where Jenny had been with her boss, we would not be intimate, but most other nights we still cuddled and occasionally made love. My wife also got a pay increase since she started, and I had a feeling it had something to do with Mr. Brown.

    One night, she came home, and started crying.

    “What happened? Are you ok?” I asked with concern.

    “Yeah.” Jenny sobbed. “I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

    “What’s the problem?”

    “I think… I might have feelings for Mr. Brown. He asked me to be his girlfriend today,” she said quietly.

    “Do you still love me?” I asked.

    “Of course,” my wife said. “With him, it’s just different. It’s a stupid crush, that’s all.”

    “Do you mind being his girlfriend?”

    “What? Why are you ok with this?” my wife asked.

    “I don’t know. I just am. Besides the money is good, I can’t deny that. The bottom line is, if you’re still with me, you can be his girlfriend or whatever when you’re with your colleagues and his friends. It’s not going to bother me.”

    “Are you sure?” Jenny asked.

    “Yup,” I said calmly. “As long as you don’t do anything crazy with him.”

    My wife was silent for a while. She then started to explain what had happened in the last few weeks. Mr. Brown kept on flirting with her at work, and she had stopped fighting back and enjoyed his compliments. He would sometimes give her back rubs, and sneak quick kisses on her cheeks or lips during the workday. Sometimes he would rest his hand on her thighs while he talked to her, and she did not move his hands away. This evening, Mr. Brown had taken her to a club. He bought her a few drinks, and they danced all night. He grinded against her, and she could feel his hard member against her.

    “How big was he?” I asked.

    After a pause, my wife said, “big” and left it at that.

    When the night was over, they went to his car, and started kissing. He moved his hands over her breasts and she had let him. Mr. Brown went into her dress from the top and started fondling her breasts while he kissed her. My wife guiltily enjoyed the kisses. He then asked if she wanted to be his girlfriend. Jenny told him that she was still seeing someone else, but Mr. Brown told her that it did not matter to him. He was going to win her over anyways. My wife told him that she had to think it over, and he understood. Mr. Brown brought her home like a gentleman without trying anything else.

    “I can’t believe I’m asking this, but are you really okay with me being Mr. Brown’s girlfriend?” my wife asked quietly.

    “Do you want to be his girlfriend?”

    “If it doesn’t jeopardize our marriage, I don’t mind being emotionally there for Mr. Brown,” said Jenny slowly and carefully.

    “It won’t. Just don’t let it get out of control,” I told her briskly.

    My wife wiped away her tears and gave me a hug, and for the briefest moment, I saw a smile on her face.
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