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. Change of Heart Ch. 03

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by aznwifeluvsbbc, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. aznwifeluvsbbc

    aznwifeluvsbbc Member Member

    Warning: This is a slow story that depicts a wife slowly being stolen away from her husband by an alpha male. There will be sex, but the story is mainly about the process!
    Hi! I started writing my own story a few days ago because of this site, but I did not have enough courage to post my work until today. This story is a work in progress, and I would love to have your feedback! Thanks :)
    We started to have a lot less date nights in the coming weeks, as I let my wife and Mr. Brown spend more time together. She had started to bring home more jewelry, and she was already getting paid a very high salary for her position. On the nights when she was not with her boyfriend, we still worked on having a baby.

    A few more weeks passed, and Jenny seemed to be a lot more comfortable with Mr. Brown. On one of the weekends, my wife had asked me whether it was okay to stay over at his apartment. I agreed and she only came back on Monday night. I asked her to tell me what had happened when she got back. She was very reluctant.

    “I don’t think this is a good idea,” said Jenny nervously. “Why do you want to know?”

    “Just tell me,” I said.

    Jenny started talking about her experiences with her new boyfriend. Mr. Brown and Jenny had their first sexual encounter. He first gave her an hour long massage with relaxing music, removing her dress slowly until she was only in her undergarments. He then took out his cock, and it hardened right before Jenny’s eyes. He was about 8’ inches long, and quite thick.

    “How do you know he’s 8 inches?” I asked.

    After a short pause, Jenny nervously said, “I measured it the next day.”

    “Did you have sex?”

    Another pause. “Yeah. I made him wear a condom.”

    “Did it hurt?”

    “At first, yeah, but it was fine afterwards,” she said in a waning voice.

    “What do you mean it was fine?” I asked nervously.

    “It means it was fine. It didn’t hurt afterwards.”

    “Did it feel good?”

    My wife paused. “Brandon, I don’t know what you want me to say.”

    “Where did he cum?”

    My wife paused again. “He had a condom on. He came in the condom of course.”

    “Did you cuddle afterwards?”

    My wife looked away, and did not answer me.
    I did not have the heart to ask her more questions that night, but I knew that their relationship had gone to a whole new level. There was no backing out now. I had to give it to this guy and his persistence. He continuously worked on my wife for about six months, but he finally got what he wanted.

    “You don’t look okay with this whole thing,” said Jenny with a tone of panic in her voice. “I knew this was a bad idea. If you want me to stop, I’ll stop.”

    “And what will you stop?” I asked.

    “I’ll stop seeing Jerome.”

    “You would give him up for me?”

    “Of course, you’re my husband,” said my wife with sadness in her eyes.

    “I’ll think about it.”

    Thinking about it turned out being simply inactivity. My wife continued seeing Mr. Brown and coming home late a few days out of the week.

    A few more weeks passed, and Jenny still tested negative on her pregnancy test. At least it seemed that she made Mr. Brown use a condom every time. I sometimes wondered how many times they had sex already, but I could not bring myself to ask her. Jenny asked me whether she could bring Mr. Brown to our home over the weekend along with some of her colleagues. I asked her if she wanted me to leave, but she wanted me to stay. I imagine it was because she did not want to feel like she was kicking me out. Of course, I had to move all my stuff to the guest room, or else it would look strange that I slept in the same bed as my supposed sister. We moved all our pictures into the basement, and I moved my clothes out of the bedroom closet.

    “Is he going to sleep here?” I asked.

    “Probably. Unless you mind,” said Jenny uncomfortably.

    “It’s fine,” I said simply.

    It was a wine and cheese night, and Jenny wore a casual blouse with a denim skirt. I noticed that she wore a pink velvet choker with a heart dangling down the middle that I have never seen before. Mr. Brown arrived first to help her prepare. We had some meaningless small talk, and brought out the wine and cheese. I felt awkward in their presence, especially when he put his arm around my wife or when he rubbed her back. Jenny probably felt the same way, as she was averting my gaze. Mr. Brown joked around a lot to lighten the atmosphere. He was a personable and charismatic guy, and I can understand how he got to his position in life. When Mr. Brown wanted to see Jenny’s room, I went to the guest room to give them space. I could hear them laughing and talking through the wall. It got quiet from time to time, and I could hear the sound of their lips mashed together.

    Her colleagues arrived at around nine in the evening. They had all brought wine or cheese with them, and were dressed casually. Most of her colleagues seemed to be couples, and some were single men. We all introduced ourselves, and started have a few drinks. It was not long before my wife sat on Mr. Brown’s lap while chatting away with the others. I could see him rubbing her crossed thighs with one hand, and resting on the side of her waist with the other. I felt like the stranger in my own home. Towards one or two in the morning, Jenny’s colleagues left, leaving us alone. I was in the kitchen and I listened to what they were saying to each other.

    “Are you okay to drive?” asked my wife.

    “Yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry about it,” said Mr. Brown in a relaxed tone.

    “I think it’s too dangerous, you should just sleep here.”

    “Your brother won’t mind?”

    “No, I spoke to him already.”

    “Okay, I won’t say no to some sweet booty tonight,” laughed the large man.

    “Mr. Brown! Stop it!” said Jenny.

    “Why do you still call me that sometimes? You’re my girlfriend now. Call me Jerome.”

    “Whatever you say, Mr. Brown,” said my wife with a laugh.

    I went to the guest bedroom without saying anything. I turned in my bed several times, and could not fall asleep. I could somewhat make out what my wife was saying to Mr. Brown. I tried not to pay attention and just go to bed, but my curiosity got the best of me. I leaned against the wall closest to our bedroom, and could hear them quite clearly.

    “Your brother is a nice guy, but is he always so quiet?” asked Mr. Brown.

    “Oh, yeah. But I think it’s because he’s not used to you.”

    “He’ll get used to me alright. Especially when I become his brother in law,” said the large man in a serious tone.

    “Jerome! Don’t say stuff like that,” complained my wife. “You can’t just say stuff you don’t mean.”

    “Who said I don’t mean it? I want you to know I’m serious about you.”

    “We’ve been only dating for a month or so. How could you say that?”

    “Remember what I said when you told me you were already seeing someone? That I wasn’t going to give up on you just because of that?” Mr. Brown asked confidently. “Now you’re my girlfriend and you stopped seeing the other guy. I mean what I say. I just want you to know that I want to marry you one day, and I think the feeling is mutual.”

    “Jerome! I can’t agree to that right now,” murmured my wife.

    “I’m not asking your hand in marriage now. What do you take me as? That’s so not romantic!” laughed Mr. Brown.

    For a moment, there was only the sound of them kissing, then it was silent. I was about to move back to the bed, when I heard Mr. Brown mumble.

    “Oh fuck, you really know how to suck cock.”

    Then I heard the distinct sucking noise of my wife’s lips being puckered on Mr. Brown’s cock.

    “I want to blow a load inside you, babe.”

    “Jerome! You have to wear a condom. I’m not on birth control,” I heard my wife whine.

    “Oh come on babe. You know I would take care of the baby.”

    “Jerome… I’m going to go on birth control then.”

    “If that’s what you want, but I’m serious about taking care of the baby.” His voice sounded stern and confident.

    I heard my wife sigh. “Fine, I’ll take plan B tomorrow and I’ll start my pills again.”

    It became silent again, until I heard the rhythmic rocking of the bed springs, and the sound of the couple kissing. I felt too much angst, so I went back to my bed and tried to fall asleep. I could hear the bed rocking on and off for several hours, as I drifted in and out of my slumber.

    The next morning, when I woke up, it was already ten. Mr. Brown had already left, and my wife made me a brunch. I did not bring up the topic of what I heard last night, but I simply asked Jenny if she still wanted to have a child.

    “I’m not sure it’s the right time anymore,” she said. “I think I’m going to go back on birth control. I think having a child will really complicate things for now.”

    I agreed with her, and told her to get her meds. I did not question her.

    In the next few weeks we still made love a few times, but I felt like she was always forcing herself a little. I could definitely feel a difference. My wife seemed more distant, and talked a lot less about her days or her feelings. When she talked about Mr. Brown, her eyes often lit up, and had nothing but good things to say about him. I suspected that she was getting stronger feelings for him, but I did not want to ask her about it. We left our photos in the basement in case Mr. Brown comes over, so we did not have to move things around too much. My wife asked me if this bothered me, but I told her I was fine with it.
    One night, Mr. Brown took my wife out dancing while I was at home drinking. Jenny brought him home without asking me at around midnight. They both seemed to be drunk. She was wearing a sexy tight fitting black dress with 5 inch heels, and her back was revealed down to her pelvis. I had no doubt that it was her boyfriend’s gift for her. They shot a quick “hello” to me and went straight to the bedroom with Mr. Brown’s arm wrapped around her shoulder. I decided to head to bed at the same time, and turned off all the lights. I could hear them laughing and giggling from the guest bedroom, and they eventually quieted down. For whatever reason, I decided to sneak outside to see what they were doing. There was a carpet in the corridor to the bedroom, so moved out slowly without making any sounds. The bedroom door was slightly ajar, but it was too difficult to see what was going on inside. I sneaked up to the crack and checked inside. What I saw immediately made me cringe. I saw my wife in lingerie that I have never seen before on her knees. She was wearing pink lace see through thongs and a matching bra, while keeping her heels on. Mr. Brown was sitting on our bed and was moving my wife’s head up and down on his cock.

    “Oh, fuck yeah. Suck that cock,” he mumbled.

    He stroked her hair from time to time, then pulled her hair up in a ponytail and pumped her head faster on his cock. I could hear Jenny gurgling and choking at times, but she dutifully kept her mouth on his cock. She rubbed the length of his cock with both of her hands at the same time. I had no doubt that she was telling me the truth about Mr. Brown’s size; he was easily 8 inches long and had a thick girth. My wife’s saliva made his black cock glisten in the moonlight.

    He eventually pulled her up from her knees by the hair slowly, leaving a strand of saliva oozing from her lips to his cock. He then gave her a deep open mouthed kiss. Even while he was sitting down, I could appreciate the size difference between the two. My wife was almost half his width, and seemed to disappear when he put his arms around her.

    “You ready to take my cock baby?” the black man asked.

    Jenny nodded, and lied down on the bed. Mr. Brown pulled aside her pink thong, and stuck the head of his cock inside her slowly. She put a hand on his chest to slow down the entry, and he took his time slowly pumping himself in. I was surprised that she was able to take in the thick and long cock quite easily, but then I remembered that they have fucked quite a few times already. Jenny was starting to stretch to his size. The large man seemed to have bottomed out on my wife, and started to push in and out faster.

    “Oh fuck baby, you like that?” panted Mr. Brown.

    Jenny started moaning, and answered, “yes, sir. I like that big cock, sir.”

    “Good girl.”

    Mr. Brown held onto her and pushed inside my wife with power and determination. I could hear his balls slap into her ass as he pounded into her. After a few minutes, he picked Jenny up, and she instantly wrapped her legs around his waist. They kissed as the large man bounced my tiny wife up and down his shaft. It was not long before he started to groan, and shoot his load inside Jenny. They both collapsed onto the bed, and Mr. Brown pulled out of my wife slowly. I could see cum ooze out right away into her underwear. I slowly got up and went back to the guest room.
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