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. Change of Heart Ch. 01

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by aznwifeluvsbbc, Jul 4, 2018.

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  1. aznwifeluvsbbc

    aznwifeluvsbbc Member Member

    Warning: This is a slow story that depicts a wife slowly being stolen away from her husband by an alpha male. There will be sex, but the story is mainly about the process!

    Hi! I started writing my own story a few days ago because of this site, but I did not have enough courage to post my work until today. This story is a work in progress, and I would love to have your feedback! Thanks :)

    My wife, Jenny, had recently lost her job as a secretary to a small medical center. She had made a few mistakes in one of the files, and the clinic was sued over it. The whole event took a toll on her, and she decided to leave the medical field. We had just recently purchased a new home, so our budget was extremely tight. It was not long before I started to slowly pressure her into looking for a new job. She had earned a decent living before, and we needed something that would be on par in terms of pay. She looked for a corporate job for a while, but to no avail after almost 2 months.

    Jenny is an American born Chinese, and was beautiful and fit, but was on the short side at 4 feet 11. We had been married for three years, and I have been dating for seven years. As we got more desperate, I suggested that she take off her wedding ring when she went for interviews.

    “What? Why would I do that?” Jenny asked incredulously.

    “Companies look for people who will work for long periods of time without turnover. A young woman like you approaching her thirties raises lots of red flags.”

    “That’s ridiculous!”

    “You know it’s true.”

    Jenny remained silent, and hardly spoke to me for the next few hours.

    The next week, she got an interview at a fortune 500 company in the sales department. She decided to take my advice and left her engagement and wedding bands at home. Jenny had also cleaned up her social media to make it seem like she was single, although it pained her to do so. She removed most of her friends so that they would not notice the change.

    When I got home and saw her face, I was not encouraged. She told me that there were a lot of other candidates applying, and that she was almost sure she would not get this job. There was another interview that she would have to pass tomorrow, and it was with her potential boss. I told her it was too early to throw the towel, and comforted her for a while. I also suggested she dressed the part for tomorrow, by wearing a business skirt and high heels. My wife did not like wearing heels in general, but she did not seem to be against what I had said.

    The next day, Jenny called me and told me that she got the job. She sounded happy, but also worried that she was under qualified. I asked her what her job description was, and she told me that she was basically an assistant for her boss who is in charge of many overseas files. She also said that she may have to travel from time to time, but her new boss explained that it would only be a few days at a time, and that she would be well compensated for her time. Everything sounded alright to me except for the travelling part. I told her that we should celebrate.

    My wife started her first day the week after. She wore a similar attire as she did for her interview. It seemed that everyone working at her company was dressed up. It was a good thing her job involved sitting at her desk for most of the day. She hesitated on whether she should wear her wedding band, but I convinced her that it was better to pretend she was single at least until she finished her probation.

    She already started to do long shifts her first week, and she came home exhausted. When I asked her how she liked this job, she told me that it was alright for now and that she was just learning the ropes. Her boss was nice to her, so it was not hard to work for him. I asked her what the work environment was like.

    “It’s very professional. I have to call my boss Mr. Brown, and I work in the same office that he does. I have a desk at the side of the room.”

    “Mr. Brown. Is he a white guy?”

    “No, he’s black,” my wife said non-chalantly.

    “How old is he?”

    “I don’t know, maybe in his mid forties? It’s hard to tell with black people. They often look quite young. He looks like he’s in his late 30s.”

    “Is he attractive?”

    “What? I didn’t even think about that,” said Jenny, getting irritated with me.

    I dropped the subject and talked about some other mundane subjects.

    My wife went shopping a couple of weeks later for more business attires. She was not used to wearing heels, so she had to get comfortable ones that looked nice. The problem was that those were the most expensive heels.

    A few more weeks went by. My wife left for work at 7 in the morning and got home at 9 in the evening. She was too tired to do anything at home. Thankfully she brought home a good salary.

    One evening, Jenny came home and told me that she had to go on a trip to Vegas to see some clients with her boss. She said that she would only be gone for a few days and that the whole trip was paid for. I was not very happy about it, but I did not say much.

    The days went by quickly, and she returned home safely from the trip. The night she got back, I realized that she was avoiding my gaze significantly more than usual. I asked her if something was on her mind.

    “Promise you won’t get mad at me first,” my wife said.

    “I won’t.”

    Jenny took a big sigh, and continued. “Mr. Brown flirted with me during the trip.”

    “What? Did he do anything?”

    “No. I kind of didn’t react to him flirting with me, but he continued in a really low key style. He said things like how I looked nice for the meetings and such.”

    “Okay, well at least you didn’t do anything,” I said calmly.

    “Yeah. The problem is, we managed to close the deal, and he wants to take me to dinner tomorrow.” Jenny seemed more anxious as she told me this.

    “And what did you say?”

    “I refused him at first, but he asked me why. I didn’t say anything, so he told me that he wasn’t going to take no for answer.”

    “So you’re going to have dinner with him?”

    “I was too stressed out so I didn’t say anything. I’m kind of… afraid of him,” said Jenny quietly.

    I thought about the situation for a moment. Of course if Jenny got fired now, it would be considered sexual harassment. However, this could be fought about in court and it would be detrimental to Jenny’s new career.

    “Just go eat with him then.”

    “Really?” Jenny asked hesitantly.

    “Yeah, it’s not a big deal.”

    “But he thinks it’s a date.”

    “I’m aware. Just make it so that he doesn’t want another date.”

    Jenny thought about what I said, and seemed to agree. She also seemed to approve when I told her that she should dress up a little for tomorrow, at least to show her boss that she respected him.

    The next evening, I got home and waited for my wife to return. I expected her dinner to finish by seven or eight, so I had some frozen food for supper. I watched a TV show, but kept looking at the clock. Soon it was almost midnight, and my wife still had not come home. I paced back and forth, and wondered if I should call her. I checked out the window, and saw an expensive looking car park in the drive way. It was Mr. Brown, and he got out and opened the door for my wife. He was around 6’’4’ and looked like a giant next to Jenny. She looked stunning in a red dress and high heels. I quickly hid from view, but continued to spy on them. They walked to the front door, and Mr. Brown started to play with my wife’s hair. She seemed to look away from him while he kept talking to her. After a few minutes of chatting, Mr. Brown gave her a kiss on her lips. Jenny seemed reluctant, so he did not force her and walked back to his car with a grin on his face.

    When she opened the door and came inside, she seemed surprised that I was waiting for her.

    “You brought him here? He could have seen me!” I exclaimed.

    “Yeah… I kind of had to make up a story about us. I told him you were my brother, and that we were living in the house our mom left us.”

    “I see. I guess that will do for now,” I told my wife.

    Jenny hesitated a few seconds before asking, “did you see what happened?”


    “I’m sorry you had to see that. I really did try to blow him off, but he just came onto me.”

    “I know baby. Don’t worry.”

    My wife seemed relieved and came over to hug me. I asked my wife what really happened in the last few days. It did not take a rocket scientist to see that there was more going on between Mr. Brown and her. We sat down and she told me about the weekend and her date.

    Mr. Brown was a gentleman and never harassed my wife. He flirted with her on a few occasions before, but she never reacted to it. Over the weekend trip to Las Vegas, he had asked Jenny to have dinner with him. She felt that it would be very awkward to turn him down, so she agreed hesitantly. He brought her to some of the most expensive restaurants in town, and really went all out on the wine bottles. He touched my wife on a few occasions on her arm and back briefly, but did not linger. Of course, people assumed that they were a couple on a date when they saw them together. One of the waiters even called Jenny Mr. Brown’s wife, and she was too shy to correct him. Towards the end of the weekend, Mr. Brown tried to hold her hand when they were walking back to the hotel from a meeting. My wife pulled away, he laughed it off and said she was playing hard to get.

    Mr. Brown acted no differently tonight. He was not pushy and acted very courteously again. He talked a lot about work, his values, and his dreams over dinner.

    “Did he make you laugh?” I asked her.

    “Well, sort of. He said a couple of funny things,” Jenny answered uncomfortably.

    “Did you talk about yourself too?”

    “Well, yeah. I mean he was asking me questions about myself.”

    “Did he seem to like the answers?”

    Jenny looked at me guiltily and said, “I wasn’t trying to attract him. Honestly.”

    He tried to touch her hand once towards the end of dinner, but she moved her hand away. When they had finished their meals, Mr. Brown asked my wife if she wanted to see his place. Jenny told him that she was feeling tired and that she had to go home. He did not pressure her any further, and drove her here.

    “Are you okay? Do you want me to quit?” asked Jenny.

    “Yeah, I’m fine. No, you seem to have it under control.” I did not want to push the case of the kiss a few moments ago. She genuinely seemed uncomfortable with it.

    A few more weeks passed by, and Jenny’s probation was about to end. She was still putting in many hours of work, and came home late every night. During the last week of probation, my wife told me that Mr. Brown had asked her out again to celebrate the end of the probation period that Friday.

    “Do you think I should go?” she asked.

    “He seemed alright the other times. In my opinion, stall him again today, and tell him that you started to see someone after. If he finds out it’s me and fires you for it, you’ll be in your right to sue him.”

    “I’m not sure about this,” she said.

    “Do whatever you want.”

    Jenny agreed to go on the date. That evening, when I got home from work, she was already prepared. She wore a fancy tight fitting black dress with a pair of 5’ high heels. I noticed that she was wearing a collar choker with what seemed like a real diamond on it.

    “Where did you get that choker?” I asked incredulously. It looked expensive.

    My wife hesitated a second, then said, “Mr. Brown wanted me to wear it for tonight. He gave it to me today as a gift. Do you want me to give it back to him?”

    A part of me wanted to tell to her to return it and blow this whole thing off, but the other half of me was greedy.

    “It’s alright, it looks like it’s worth a lot. Just keep it for now.”

    Just then, someone at the door rang the bell. Jenny rushed to open the door in her high heels as I watched. Mr. Brown came in, and saw me right away.

    “Hi, you must be Brandon. I’m Jerome, nice to meet you,” he said in a deep and calm voice.

    “Hi, nice to meet you too,” I said as he shook my hand.

    “Are you ready, Jenny?” Mr. Brown asked.

    “Yeah. We can go.”

    He put his large hand on the small of my wife’s back and led her out to his car. She pulled away slightly, and Mr. Brown sensed her discomfort. He immediately dropped his hand. My wife gave me one last guilty look through the passenger window before they drove away.

    I had a couple of beers and waited for my wife to come back, but I soon fell asleep without realizing it. I woke up the next morning at 5 am, and I tried to climb into my bed expecting my wife to be there. To my surprise, she had not returned. I checked my cell phone and realized that she had texted me, telling me that Mr. Brown was too drunk to drive, so they called a cab to his place. This was 2 hours ago, and she still wasn’t home. I called her, and after a few ring tones she picked up. My wife was already in another cab on her way home.

    When she got home, she looked almost exactly the same as she had left. Her makeup was still on, and her hair was well coiffed. I asked her where she had been. She must have heard the tone of impatience in my voice, so she sat down with me and explained everything that had happened.

    Jenny went to the dinner expecting them to be alone, when in fact many of their colleagues were there too. They had been invited to celebrate her officially becoming part of the sales team. My wife was a lot less anxious due to this, and loosened up. She had not really spoken to any of her colleagues for long periods of time, since she was with Mr. Brown most of the time at work. They all thought that she was dating Mr. Brown.

    “Did you correct them?” I asked.

    Jenny hesitated. “I didn’t really know how to answer. I mean, it was true that I went on a date with him. I also didn’t want to embarrass him in front of everyone.”

    “So they actually think you’re dating?”

    “Well, I didn’t really clarify anything,” Jenny told me while looking at the floor.

    “Fine, continue.”

    The gang got quite rowdy as the drinks were being downed. Jenny was not drinking as much as the rest of her colleagues, but still felt a little tipsy. Mr. Brown seemed alright, but suddenly got drunk quite fast after drinking a few shooters. He put his arm around my wife a few times, but she pushed him away gently without causing a commotion. At a certain point, Mr. Brown put his hand on Jenny’s thigh and chatted away with another colleague. Jenny was a little drunk too, and left his hand on her thigh for a while.

    “You left his hand on your thigh?”

    “He was drunk. Besides, it was just a few seconds,” said Jenny plaintively.

    When it was two in the morning, a lot of their colleagues began to leave. Mr. Brown was clearly too drunk to drive, so their colleagues asked Jenny to call a cab for him and take him home. It was obvious this was the best course of action, since they assumed that Jenny was dating Mr. Brown. My wife felt obligated as well, so she decided to help Mr. Brown back home. When the taxi got to his address, Jenny was impressed by the his apartment downtown.

    “What do you mean impressed?” I asked.

    “Well, the apartment was a suite at the top of a tall building. It looked like an expensive hotel room,” she said slowly.

    Mr. Brown leaned on her lightly as she was bringing him to the bedroom, and he gave her a kiss on her lips before collapsing on his bed.

    “He kissed you again?” I asked angrily.

    “Please don’t be mad. I tried to push him away, but he was too big and heavy,” Jenny said with fear in her eyes.

    “Did it last a long time?”

    She waited a while, and said, “a few seconds”.

    “Did he stick his tongue in your mouth?”

    Again some hesitation, then she nodded.

    Mr. Brown told her congratulations again, and looked forward to going on more dates with her. Jenny tried to bring up the subject of her marriage then, but realized that he might be too drunk to remember afterwards, so she decided to put it off. He continued on, saying that he thought she looked very sexy with the choker on, and could not wait until she got comfortable with him so that they could do more intimate things. He also said that he will by her more jewelry when they go on other dates. This is when my wife left for home.

    “You left just like that?” I asked with doubt.

    “Well… I had to agree to go on more dates with him. He was asking me to stay with him, and I figured he was drunk so I just said anything to leave,” Jenny murmured.

    “Did you he kiss you again?”

    My wife hesitated for a little longer. “Yes, but I pulled away and left.”

    “I thought he was on the bed already. How did he kiss you again?”

    “He got up and hugged me,” said my wife slowly while looking down.

    “What? Did he have a boner?” I asked.

    My wife looked at me with chagrin. “Okay, that’s enough detail,” she said.

    I decided to abate my questions for now, as it seemed that my wife was in some emotional torment. We both went to bed, and I spooned her as we fell asleep.
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