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. Caught on Camera - Chapter 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Interqueen, Mar 12, 2019.

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  1. Interqueen

    Interqueen Well-Known Member Member

    I picked up the phone. It had buzzed again, the umpteenth time it had chirruped and announced a new video message. Each time it had been like someone stabbing some rusted, ragged blade into my heart. This time was no different - Alice’s hand, wedding band gleaming, covering her bare pussy. Slowly the hand was pulled aside, revealing her sloppy wet hole ... sperm oozing out of it. A lot of sperm. More than one man could have produced. Giggling could be heard off camera then female fingers appeared, slipping easily into my wife’s cunt. One, two, three then four, a tucked thumb and I was watching my wife’s cum-filled vagina being fisted by, I imagined, my ex-wife, Melody.

    Another clip, just showing Alice’s pretty face, smiling serenely into the camera. Then, out of nowhere, blast after blast of sperm splattered all over the left side of her face. She just kept smiling at me, even as the seed dripped down her cheek and down onto her chest. Another jet of spunk hit her from the other side, her face getting messier and messier. Still she smiled like nothing was happening. Over and over, more and more cum being plastered all over her beautiful visage until she was completely, totally covered in it.

    A third clip,a longer one this time. Alice was nude outside a changing room in some shop.

    “Hi, honey,” she said. “This shop is awesome, they have some really great clothes but, you know, best of all ... they help you with the fittings. Like ... well, you’ll see.”

    She swept back the curtain of one of the fitting cubicles and there stood a naked black man. Naked except for some kind of name badge hanging on a cord around his neck. She grinned at me / the camera and entered the cubicle. The person holding the camera tried to follow, but Alice shook her finger reprovingly.

    “Now, come on ... a girl’s got to have privacy while she gets changed, right?”

    The curtain was swept back and, seconds later, all we - myself and the camera person - could hear was the sounds of Alice screaming and grunting with pleasure, the black man obviously fucking her hard inside the cubicle.

    Another clip followed it up, showing the cubicle curtain being thrown aside, the black male walking out, Alice standing against the wall behind him, sweat covering her body, pussy leaking sperm, chest heaving.

    “Enjoy yourself?” Melody said from behind the camera. Alice merely grinned and nodded.

    “Round Two, cunt!” a loud, male voice bellowed and a new man, cock stiff as rock and just grotesquely large, entered the cubicle. This time they didn’t shut the curtain and the video ended with the man fucking Alice while holding her up in the air, hips working hard to pump my wife’s pussy as hard as he could while bearing all her weight on his muscular arms.

    “Oh yes, you black ... mother ... FUCKER!” Alice screamed as 12 inches of cock slammed into her stretched pussy again and again. “Oh Jesus fucking ... feels so fucking good ... getting fucked like this ... just ... gonna ... make me ... fucking CUM AGAIN!”

    I could see her eyes roll back in her head, her mouth a silent O as the man continued to batter her pussy with ruthless thrusts. Her whole body was spasming and bucking against him, but he didn’t let up for a second. Unintelligible sounds - grunts, squawks, screams and more - poured forth from my wife as her orgasm turned her into one seething mass of pleasure. And it went on and on - I’d never seen a woman so utterly consumed by such feelings and sensations before ... but there she was, my lovely wife, turned into a ... I don’t even know how to describe it.

    Consciousness and awareness finally returned after a while and the man, satisfied, thrust himself to the balls and growled. I could see clearly that he was cumming deep inside my wife ... and I foolishly thought that was it. Oh no ... he just grinned at my wife, who was smiling in a bleary sort of way at him.

    “Round three...” and started fucking her again. He’d just cum and he was still, clearly, solid as rock! Even in my fragile state, I had to admire the man for his stamina! I’d have been out for the night if that were me ... and he was going again instantaneously!

    “Oh God, yes!” Alice shouted. “Ladies ... ladies ... you’ve got to fuck ... get fucked by a black guy. Do it ... please ... do it today! Do it as soon as you can! See ... oh God, I can’t ... another FUCKING ... AAAHHHHHHH!”

    As I listened to the incredible sounds of my wife cumming again, so soon after her last orgasm, Melody changed the view. Turning, she showed me that there was a group of women watching my wife getting screwed! Some were just standing there open-mouthed, some were clearly aroused - nipples visible through thin material, that sort of thing - and some ... some were stuffing hands into underwear, literally masturbating at the sight of my wife getting ploughed.

    I heard various fucks, holy shits and oh my gods from the women as Melody continued to film them. Then Melody shouted something.

    “Hands up who wants to get fucked by a black stud!”

    Glances at her, at the camera, between women ... then every fucking single one of them thrust their hand in the air! The world was collapsing around me - everyone was going crazy! Some clearly had wedding bands and rings on, but that seemed not to make any difference. Melody gave a whistle and suddenly the whole place was filled with naked black men and then all the women were getting naked and cocks and cunts were being flashed and the sound just became this shrieking cacophony of women screaming and men grunting and then Melody shut off the camera feed, leaving me stunned to the point of catatonia. What the fuck had I just witnessed?

    All was explained a few hours later. I was sitting on the balcony, almost catatonic. A drink I’d prepared lay untouched on the glass tabletop next to me, my eyes fixed on nothing ahead of me, just staring into space, mind trying to comprehend the events of the last few days. Things I’d ever expected to see or to feel again - betrayal, jealousy, inadequacy - all were waging a winning war on my consciousness. I remember being floored with depression when Melody had acted as she had, ruining my first marriage. All those same feelings were back with a vengeance, except this time my wife was engaging me in the whole process. It wasn’t ... remote like the last time. Alice was rubbing my face in it, taunting me with video after video of her debasing herself with those men (and women).

    I heard the door to the hotel room slam and Alice was soon with me. She put her hands on my shoulders, kneading them gently, but she said nothing at first. Eventually, she sighed and I knew she could feel me tense up as she began to speak.

    “Things are getting a bit crazy,” she said, though I didn’t think she meant that in a negative way. “I never thought I’d be getting fucked in public with an audience of shoppers watching big black cocks stuff themselves into ... well, Melody suggested that I’d get a thrill out of showing other girls how amazing black men are after I shut myself away that first time ... and yeah, it really turned me on, all those women watching me then all those other men coming in and there was just this big fucking orgy! In a high street shop, can you believe it? I think the manager must have closed the place for a bit, I don’t know ... who cares, it was a fucking awesome experience.”

    She stopped for a second.

    “I made quite a few new friends today. There was Rosie, she’s like nearly 50 and in a marriage with this guy who is never around. She hadn’t realised it, but she really needed a good, hard fucking. Which is what she got today! Then there was Sarah, who’s single but now says she’ll only date black men from now on. Um, let me see ... oh yes, Jennifer, Heather and Harriet, three girls from Manchester. They were here with their boyfriends ... but they said they were going to dump them literally today after what happened! Just amazing, all this...”

    “Wonderful, I bet all those men deserve to lose the loves of their lives to random strangers...”

    “Well, if they’re so inadequate in bed, do they deserve to keep those women?”

    “I guess I don’t deserve to keep you then, considering I am so incapable of satisfying you...”

    “Not really, no,” she said and that, at last, spurred me into action. I spun in my chair, shaking off her hands, looking at her standing there, hands on hips.

    “You mean that? Really? This is it, over between us? Because of ... all this?”

    “No, I don’t want that, but I have to be honest. You can’t cut it physically, you just can’t. Your dick hard is like smaller than the smallest black cock I’ve seen when it is flaccid. I mean, come on ... do you think I’d be happy with that? Seriously?”

    Enraged, I pulled off my wedding ring and slammed it down on the table. “There. It’s off. I guess you are happy now. You and Melody, ruining me for a second time.”

    “Put it back on,” she said. “I don’t want a divorce. Didn’t you listen to yesterday? I want us to be together platonically ... with Melody there too. To raise our children.”

    “You know I can’t ... it’s too much to ask. She nearly destroyed me and now all this? I can’t do it, Alice.”

    “You can and will,” she snapped. “You haven’t got the balls to do anything but OBEY me in this, James. You will do it and be happy with it. I’ve had enough of your snivelling. Man up.”

    “I can’t believe you’d say that to me ...”

    She looked me and then, for some reason, grinned.

    “You know, this has just given me a great idea. Oh fuck YES! What an idea, it is so fucking wonderful, I ... stay here. I mean it, stay right there.”

    She scooted off back into the room, closing the sliding glass door behind her. I looked through and saw her rummaging through a handbag and pulling out her phone. After a while, she began to speak to someone, but the glass muffled the sound of her voice. I only caught a few words.

    “...come over ... tonight if possible ... worth it ... life-changing ... really? Fantastic! See you tonight! ... both ... bring her too ... trust me ... won’t regret it.”

    She put the phone down and joined me once more.

    “Right, I have a little surprise for you later, James. And I meant what I said. You, me and Melody, a happy family. Deal with it - two women that love you, why is that something to reject? You get more than most men get, just without the sex. Anyway, I’ve got to go do something for the surprise. Just do whatever it is you want and I’ll see you in a few hours.

    ‘A few hours’ turned into the next morning for reasons beyond my understanding at the time. I didn’t see Alice at dinner, but I did get a message as I was returning to my room from Melody.

    “Alice with me, taking 13 inches of cock. Don’t wait up!”

    I groaned and meekly replaced the phone in my pocket. Sleep eluded me for a long time, my imagination running wild. One thought continued to replay itself - the thought of accepting all this. I knew that other men were happy in marriages such as mine - cuckolded, but still happy. Could I be one of those men? It was a straight choice between that and losing everything, I realised. I just couldn’t bring myself to accept that I’d never be able to touch my beautiful Alice ever again. To think I’d been within seconds of entering her, of making my own baby in her womb ... the thought was agony to me.

    Sleep did find me eventually, though my dreams were no less painful. My life had become a constant nightmare from morning until night, broken up with humiliating messages from wife and my ex. What had been an idyllic getaway had turned into a hellish experience for me. And there was this ‘surprise’ to look forward to ... I dreaded to think what that was, though I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was.

    I hadn’t really even done anything for the past day or so. I’d envisaged Alice and I going on sunset walks, enjoying some fine dining, going on excursions ... but instead she was spending every moment of her time with Melody and assorted men that weren’t her husband. I was just coming back up from breakfast when I saw Alice and Melody standing outside our hotel room. They hadn’t spotted me yet (I’d come up the stairs instead of using the lift because, yes, it was a way of eating a bit more time out of this wretched holiday). I ducked back round the corner, thinking I could overhear them surreptitiously, maybe find out more regarding this ‘surprise’.

    “... got a call, they’re about ten minutes away!” Alice was saying.

    “Oh wow, I’ve not seen them in, like, forever. I wonder how they’ll react to seeing me ... maybe I shouldn’t be here, just in case.”

    “Hmm, perhaps. Did you get on with them?”

    “Oh yeah, they loved me. But still, with everything that happened ... break me to them gently, I think. And I think you’ll be just as good at me at turning them anyway.”

    “I learned from a master, Melody,” Alice grinned and took my ex-wife’s hand ... then began to kiss her. They melted into each other's’ arms, tongues entwined. I watched in both horror and arousal as the two loves of my life snogged away in front of my room. At one point, an older couple (mid-50s or so) came past and, eyebrows raised, avoided them ... though I did see the wife’s eyes linger longer than the man’s. God, was every woman sex-crazed in this place? Maybe there was something in the air...

    Finally they broke off their amorous entanglement. Alice checked her phone. “Oh wow, they’re here. Downstairs ... um, let me go talk to them and then ... I just want it to be a surprise, a total headfuck for James when he sees them. I’ll see you later, Mel.”

    “Definitely,” my ex said, getting into the lift. Alice tapped away at her phone for a second and I thought this the best time to appear. She looked up at me and for a second the smile she gave me was the old Alice. It warmed my heart and ... well, I’ll mention that smile later. Such a small little thing, but ... again, that’s for later.

    “Oh, James, there you are,” she said. “I had another wonderful night with ... I can’t remember his name, but anyway. He had an amazing cock ... so thick and ...”

    Her phone bleeped.

    “Ah, your surprise is nearly ready. Just go into the room and wait for a few minutes. When I knock, answer and ... well, I hope you enjoy it.”

    As she got into the lift, she winked at me.

    “I know I will.”

    The doors closed and I entered the room. Sighing, I splashed some water on my face and took a deep breath. Whatever it was, it ... they were ascending in the lift right then. I barely had time to towel myself dry when the knock came. I took another deep breath and opened the door...

    ...and my heart sunk yet again.

    Alice was grinning at me from behind two women.

    My mother.

    And my sister.

    I looked from them to Alice ... and then I knew what Melody and Alice had planned.

    They were going to do to Charlotte and my mother what Melody had done to Alice.

    They were going to make my sister and mother into black cock sluts.
    I felt like collapsing to the floor. Indeed, I had to reach out to steady myself against the wall to prevent it happening.

    “James! Surprise!” Charlotte beamed at me, that radiant smile of hers lighting up the entrance. “Bet you didn’t expect to see us here!”

    “No ... I ... “

    “Alice called and said she really wanted us to come along, said you’d pay for everything as she had a big announcement to make,” my mother (Ophelia) said from behind her. “Can we, um, come in? I like the decor in the corridor but ... you know.”

    I realised I was blocking them, so I stumbled aside, letting them in, Charlotte bounding past, all enthusiasm and energy as always.

    “Hey, nice view”, I heard her say from behind me. My mother moved past me too, leaving just Alice, still grinning that evil grin at me. As she glided through the door, she whispered in my ear.

    “Isn’t young Charlotte going to look so divine bouncing up and down on a big, black cock?”

    I shuddered and glared at her, but she was already past me. I had to fight this - I couldn’t let them get Charlotte or my mother. But how?

    “So, Alice, what’s this big announcement then?” my mother was saying as they made their way out onto the balcony, Charlotte already being out there.

    “Well, I don’t know how to say it really, but ...” she glanced at me and looked nervous, though I knew enough about her to know it was an act.

    “I think I’m pregnant.”

    Open mouths from mother and sister then squealing, shrieking, celebratory hugs and all that.

    “Oh my God, that is so cool, wow, I’m going to be an aunt!” Charlotte was saying.

    “I’m so happy for you both,” mother laughed, tears in her eyes. “I need to get used to being called granny then, I guess!”

    “Thankyou, thankyou,” Alice said. “I don’t know for certain yet, but ... I feel it. I mean, I know it is a good time for me to conceive and I’ve been having a looooot of sex over these last few days!”

    That shocked them. Embarrassment for all except Alice, my cheeks flushed with shame. Dare I say the sex wasn’t with me? It might have ended this charade early ... but naturally I said nothing.

    “Um ... well, I guess that’s one way of making certain,” said my mother, trying not to look at me.

    “Yeah, I feel like everything is just, like, tickety-boo at the moment! Hey, let’s go for a walk on the beach, unless you want to get settled in first?” Alice said.

    “I might go do that, but Charlotte, if you want to go with Alice and James, I’ll get all our stuff put away and so on,” my mother said, placing her hand on Charlotte’s shoulder.

    “Are you sure? That’d be great.”

    “I know how untidy you are, darling,” my mother chuckled. “Definitely best I do it if we want to find anything while we’re here!”

    “Let me just get changed, guys, and I’ll be with you. I’ve got this amazing new summer dress, I’ll just go put it on.”

    The two of them left and Alice grinned at me. “I know what you’re thinking. You’re like an open book.”

    She walked right up to me, pressing herself against me like she used, arms around my neck, lips inches from mine. I tensed, knowing my prick was betraying me. She chuckled.

    “There’s not a chance in Hell of you stopping me corrupting those sweet women, you know. Maybe they’ll not do it now, but I bet you at least one of them will be ...”

    “No, they won’t. I know they won’t...”

    “You thought I wouldn’t either, James,” she laughed. “And I’ll make you a promise ... hmm, make it a bet. I bet my life fucking black men that both of those women will fuck at least one black guy before the holiday ends. If they don’t ... I’ll be faithful forever and ever and ever. Deal?”

    She saw the hope in my eyes, but she seemed unconcerned.

    “... and if they do fu... er, if you win?”

    “We’re going to tie you to a chair with a chastity device on your little dicklet, right in this room ... and you’re going to watch as all four of us get nailed by a room full of black studs.”

    I gulped.


    It was my only chance to win Alice back. I had to do it. I had to take the risk.

    “Beautiful,” Alice said. “I’m going to get changed now. I got this new swimsuit I’m going to wear on the beach. It really is scandalous ... almost transparent and is essentially just a tiny triangle and two little circles. I bet Charlotte will love it.”

    She winked at me and skipped off. I took a deep breath. I had to stop Alice at all costs. I couldn’t fail. I just couldn’t.

    A few minutes later Alice emerged from the bathroom wearing the promised swimsuit. She hadn’t lied - it was literally two bits of of circular cloth, just about covering her nipples, and one triangular piece that covered her pussy about as well as a napkin would cover a whole table. It was obscene, but technically legal so there was nothing I could do ... not that she’d have listened anyway.

    “You like?”

    I would have done a few days ago, but now it sickened me. I said nothing.

    “I’ll take that as both a yes and a no,” she giggled. “The black guys on the beach will like it and that’s all that matters to me.”

    There was a knock on the door and she beat me to it, throwing it open to reveal Charlotte. She was indeed wearing a short summer dress, the hemline about midway down her thighs, the whole thing covered in a floral pattern with black straps over her naked shoulders.

    “Hey guys, you all ... oh my God, Alice! What the Hell are ... ?”

    Charlotte’s jaw dropped when she saw my wife in her ‘outfit’.

    “Yep, all ready. What, you don’t like? I think it rather suits me.”

    “Uh ... just ... I mean, I guess ... I don’t think ... wow, I wish I had a body like you. I’d never be able to wear anything like that!”

    “Nonsense! I bet the boys are all drooling about you, Charlotte,” Alice chuckled. “Actually, you know ... I’ve got some more swimsuits like this if you want to try them on? Come on, it’s a holiday, live a little. They’re not like this, but they’re still pretty cool. Don’t be shy!”

    Alice grabbed my sister’s arm before she could refuse and dragged her into the room. They stood by the closet, Alice handing Charlotte a few bits of clothing (none that substantial) and then hustling her into the bathroom.

    I was just a bystander here, of course. I could hear them giggling and chatting excitedly inside until, 20 minutes later, they emerged. Alice was still in her pitifully inadequate ensemble, but Charlotte wasn’t wearing her summer dress any longer. Now she had on a flimsy black thong bikini that, while not quite as minimalist as Alice’s, wasn’t far behind.

    “What do you think, James? Isn’t Charlotte just scrumptiously sexy in this?”

    I could tell she was embarrassed by the question, her own brother being asked to rate her body and outfit. I mumbled a bit, also not wanting to engage in this.

    “Oh please, you guys, so prudish!” Alice said. “Well, don’t mind him, Charlotte. I think you look absolutely ravishing and all the boys on the beach ... well, they’ll be all over you, I’m sure.”

    “I ... I have a boyfriend at home, Alice...” Charlotte said. “I’m not sure ...”

    “Ah, is he going to know if you flirt with some guys on holiday? I ...”

    “I think Charlotte is right,” I said, finally finding the courage to speak. “If she has a boyfriend, she shouldn’t be encouraging these ... men like this. I’m sure she doesn’t want them to bother her...”

    “A girl always likes to be appreciated,” Alice said. “And a girl as sexy as Charlotte, I bet she likes the attention really.”

    “Well, I ... I’m not used to it, but ... I guess it is nice that people think I’m ... er, well ...”

    “...that you’re as hot as a volcano?”

    “Er, well...”

    “You are, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, Charlie,” Alice said. “Anyway, let’s go ... the men won’t wait forever ... and neither will the women!”

    I shared a glance with Charlotte, who looked confused, but I shrugged and nodded towards the door. I didn’t want her to go, but I couldn’t make a scene. All that would happen would be Charlotte going out angry, perhaps more easily influenced by Alice. So we followed Alice through the hotel, gazes and dropped jaws as we went. At first, Charlotte looked nervous, but she seemed to get used to the attention quickly until she’d caught up with Alice by the time we hit the beach, leaving me traipsing along behind them. Alice gave me a quick glance over her shoulder and winked, licking her lips as she did. I knew that she was going to start working on Charlotte right then and there. I walked faster to catch up with them, but Alice had already started her ‘work’.

    “So Charley, tell me about this boyfriend back home,” Alice said.

    “His name is Ben and he’s 19. I ... well, we’ve only been together for a few weeks really. He asked me out on my 18th birthday three weeks ago, which was kinda cool...”

    “He fucked you yet?”

    “Alice, oh my God! I can’t believe you said that!”

    “Yeah, but ... has he fucked you yet?”

    “Um ... well,” Charlotte said, glancing back at me. “I ... yes, I guess. Well, no ... we tried, but ... oh God, this is embarrassing.”

    She lowered her voice, but I could still hear her.

    “He couldn’t, you know, make it work. It was all, like, floppy and ... kinda gross. Are all men’s things like that? I’ve never ... I mean ...”

    “You mean are all men incapable of getting an erection? Oh no, just the ... can I be blunt, Charley?”

    “Um, okay?”

    “Only the white ones can’t,” Alice said. “Your boyfriend, I bet his little thing wasn’t even very big, like what, four inches or something?”

    “I don’t know ... I never saw it full ... er, as it were.”

    “Hmm, and yeah, like James,” she said, glancing back at me. “His prick is like six inches at best, probably less, I can’t remember. And he’s not had a proper hard-on for ages. Blames stress, but ... well.”

    Charlotte looked at me, shocked, but said nothing. I was blushing with shame and rage. Momentarily, I forgot why I was there, to stop this corruption of my sister. I started to wallow in my own self pity again, dropping further back again.

    “But you say are all men incapable? Uh-uh ... the black ones? Hoo-boy, they are most definitely capable. Trust me...”

    “Trust you ... but ... are you saying ...?”

    “Have I seen a black man’s cock? Honey, I’ve seen lots of them!”

    “Oh my goodness,” Charlotte squeaked.

    “Oh yeah, quite a few ... and you know, they really are absolutely fucking wonderful.”

    “Wait ... you’ve had ... you’ve made love with a black man?”

    “Black MEN, Charley,” Alice smiled. “Plural.”

    “Oh my ... but you’ve been with them, made love with them?”

    “I wouldn’t call it making love ... I’d call it getting fucked to Heaven and back.”

    “Fuck...” Charlotte said. I think that was the first time I’d heard my little sister swear or use that word specifically.

    “And James knows about this?” she continued. “About you being with some other men before him?”

    “Before him? I’m just talking about this holiday, Charley!”

    Charley gave a yelp of surprise and looked back at me. I looked down at the floor, utterly shamed.

    “What ... I mean ... you’ve had sex with other men, like, this week? Here? On holiday?”


    “Multiple men?”

    “Oh yes.”

    “And ... they’re black?”

    “Every single one.”

    “Oh my God ... every single one? So ... more than two?”

    “I don’t know how many really, I’ve not been counting. Counting, stuff like that ... it’s a male thing ... but if I had to guess ... um, maybe 10 or so?”


    “Yeah, give or take a few either way. Probably more than that...”
    “Jesus Christ, I mean ... and he doesn’t mind? James doesn’t ...?”

    “Oh, no, he hates it, I think,” Alice laughed. “But ... it’s so fucking good, I’m not going to stop. Honestly, sex with a black man, with such massive cocks filling me up so, so nicely ... it is mind-blowing. You know that expression, ‘once you go black...’ ... it’s completely true. And James’s ex-wife, Melody, she’s the one who turned me onto all this.”

    “Melody’s here? Wow, I’ve not seen her for years.”

    “I told her you were coming and she is really, really looking forward to seeing you and your mother,” Alice said.

    “Oh, I guess it’d be good to see her again. Bit weird, after the divorce and everything ... we still don’t know why they split up...”

    “It was because she was fucking black men on the side,” Alice said in forthright fashion.

    “What? Seriously? Oh my God... and now you ... my God, James is really unlucky ...”

    “Ah, it isn’t just bad luck. It’s nature - women should be having great sex, right? I mean, why shouldn’t we? And great sex basically means big cocks and black men - they have the best cocks. Yeah, I know there’ll be exceptions, but percentages - why waste time looking for the few white guys with satisfying boners when you can just find any random black guy and have at least 9 inches for your delectation?”

    I noticed that Charlotte wasn’t as uncomfortable as she had been a few minutes before.

    “I guess ... hmm, that does make sense.”

    “The world is changing, Charley. Women, we want more out of life, out of everything. And sex is part of that. So ... I’m sorry to say that James, he’s not going to cut it. So ... yeah, I’m only fucking black men from now on.”

    “Wow,” was all Charlotte said. For a moment, nobody spoke. I should have interjected and was just about to, to try to pour some cold water on Charlotte (metaphorically) but just as I was opening my mouth, Alice continued.

    “So you were saying ... this Ben of yours ... he’s not fucked you?”

    “No, he hasn’t,” Charlotte shook her head. “As I say, we tried a bit, but he just couldn’t get it hard. I didn’t even really want to touch it, it was all sort of floppy and small and horrible ... he was kinda angry because he said I could have got him hard, but ... I said no. I didn’t want to touch it like that.”

    “I think you made the right choice, Charley.” Alice said. “I’m going to be blunt again, okay? Now, tell me if I’m crossing the line, right?”

    “Sure, I mean, okay.”

    “Charley ... I want to see you get fucked by a black man.”

    Charlotte didn’t reply, but I could see that she had kind of expected this statement.

    “I ... I don’t know what to say, Alice. It is all ... I mean ... sorry, I just don’t know.”

    “Do you think black guys are sexy?”

    “Um, kinda, I mean, some are? As much as other guys? I do tend to find myself attracted to white guys more, I have to say. But if he was nice, a sweet guy ... yeah, I could go out with a black guy.”

    “What about if you just wanted your pussy stuffed to bursting point?”

    “Um ... I’ve not thought about it ... er ... then I guess it would be, er, fine? Sorry, I don’t know how to really answer these questions!” Charlotte laughed nervously.

    “Ah, you’re doing fine, Charlotte, just fine,” Alice said, reaching out and taking my sister’s hand in her’s. “Hey, just a few days ago I was this little housewife, completely ... ah, innocent with regards to all these things. I just didn’t know how good sex good be. I thought it was good already ... then I got fucked by a black stud and book, my eyes were opened forever.”

    Charlotte looked up at Alice and I was distraught to see a kind of reverence in her eyes, some kind of respect or admiration for my wife.

    “Charley, I really can’t stress it enough, how amazing it is ... and it turns you into a new woman. Seriously, I’ve done things that I’d never have ever dreamed I’d do.”

    “Like what?” Charlotte said instantly. I saw Alice grin, flick her eyes back at me.

    “Oh, like fuck more than one guy in a session, that’s for starters,” she said, nonchalantly. “That’s really fun, like one guy gets tired and the other just picks up right where he left off and on and on, never letting you rest. Mmm, so good ... and, of course, that’s just the start, darling ...”


    “Oh yeah, I mean ... if you can have two black men fuck you ... why not three? Or four?”

    She grinned wickedly.

    “Or, like, fifty.”

    Charlotte’s jaw dropped.

    “But that’s for the future, hmm? I’ve not done anything like that ... yet. But what else ... oh, I’ve been swallowing spunk, never really did that before. Definitely developed a taste for black cum, I tell you. Can’t get enough! And then there’s anal ... I’ve not done it yet, but I really want to. I’ve seen other women take those big sticks up the ass but not me yet. Soon, for sure. And girls ... I’ve even been with some girls since this all started.”

    “Girls? Are you serious?”

    “Hey, wouldn’t like about! It’s really cool, real fun to like taste pussy, especially after its been fucked full of sperm and is all like stretched out and gaping. I really fucking love to get my tongue right up in a girl’s cunt and just like clean her out, you know?”


    “You thought about girls ever, Charley?”

    “Me? N... no, never,” she said, but even I could tell she was lying.

    “Mmm, something tells me that’s a fib, little miss...” Alice chuckled. “But hey, if you get a chance, dive right in, so to speak. Gobble up a cunt, it tastes so fucking good...”

    “Oh my...”

    “But my favourite thing at the moment,” Alice continued. “It has to be feeling a big black cock just right up to the fucking balls inside me and hearing the man roar and knowing he’s just like cumming like right into my womb, all that cum just being pumped right into me ... god, that makes me so fucking horny even thinking about it.”

    “Oh my God, Alice ... you let them cum ... I mean, you let them finish inside you? But what about getting pregnant? Oh ... but I guess you and James already ... I see, that’s why you let them. Okay, right, I get it.”

    Alice looked at Charlotte, bemused.

    “Er, who said James was the father?”

    “But ... I mean ... you, earlier, you said ... you said you two were having a baby...”

    “Uh, no ... I said I thought I was pregnant. I never said limpdick back there was the father. In fact ... I don’t know who the father is. Just that he’s black.”

    Charlotte gaped, spluttering out half-sentences as she tried to comprehend what Alice had just said.

    “I can’t believe ... you mean ... oh fuck, I don’t know ... wow.”

    “Alice, Charlotte, I ...” I said, at last feebly trying to rein in the situation. They both ignored me.

    “And you’re happy about this?” Charlotte finally strung more than three words together. “This is what you want?”

    “Oh yeah, completely. We came here to get pregnant, James and I ... and I am, I think. Hell, even if I’m not, I will definitely be by the time we leave ... because I’m not stopping. I’m still going to get fucked by loads more men in the few days we have left.”

    “Oh my God...”

    Charlotte’s face was flushed and I could tell she was extremely aroused by all this, even if she didn’t mean to be. Alice obviously knew this too, continually pushing, upping the ante.

    “But you seem interested, Charley,” Alice said. “I mean ... what if a nice black guy came up to us on the beach, would you be ... you know ...”

    “Um, what?”

    “You know ... be interested in him fucking you?”

    “Alice!” Charlotte gasped. “How ... I can’t believe you even suggested that.”

    “Why not? Fucking hell, woman ... look how horny you are! Your nips are like fucking bullets sticking up against that bikini ... and I bet your pussy is fucking drenched!”

    “Alice, no, I .... oh fuck, what are you doing!!??”

    Alice had suddenly stepped right up close to Charlotte and thrust her free hand into her bikini bottoms. Charlotte froze, as did I. I couldn’t believe, even now, that this was my wife publically fondling my own sister!

    “I knew it,” she said, removing her hand. It came away literally dripping with clear fluid. “You are so fucking wet, Charley ... and you are all feigning innocence and oh no, don’t be so crude and everything. You know what you need, girl?”

    Alice leaned forward, her face inches from Charlotte’s.

    “A big fucking black cock right up in that little white pussy.”

    Charlotte said nothing, too shocked to speak. Alice waited for a second then pulled away.

    “Well, suit yourself, your loss.”

    I saw Charlotte look after Alice, clearly a whole whirl of emotions churning about inside her. I seized my chance. Stepping forward, I reach for her ... and just before I reached her she burst forward, unaware of my presence, and rushed to Alice.

    “No, wait, Alice, please ...” she yelled. “I ... don’t ... it’s true, I am really horny right now. I’ll admit that. I can’t really hide it ... and, um, I kinda liked it when you put your hand on me. I should be offended, but ... no, it was kinda cool.”

    Alice smiled at my sister, pulling her close and hugging her. I saw her right hand descend sharply and give Charlotte’s ass a firm squeeze, causing my sister to yelp.

    “Ah, Alice! Naughty!” Charlotte giggled as they separated. “Look though ... I can’t deny that all of what you said made me ... excited, but ... it is scary. I’m a virgin and you talk like these guys have like big trees in their pants ... I don’t know if I’m ready for that ...”

    “I think you’d surprise yourself,” Alice said. “I know I did. Just think that all I was used to was James and men like him ... then suddenly I had 12 fucking inches or so in my pussy! If can do it, you definitely can.”

    “God ... but it’s scary ... I don’t know ... I mean, just with some random guys as well? That’s just ... I don’t think it’s me.”

    “Well, I won’t force you, just think about it,” Alice said. “Let’s go get something to drink at this little place I know, chat some more, okay?”

    “Can I ask ... why do you care so much?”

    “Because ... and I think a lot of girls are like this when they go black ... I don’t want you to waste your life with inferior sex. You deserve the best. We all do. And the best is black, simple. Now ... drinks!”

    The ‘place I know’ was that very place where Alice had first met Melody, not somewhere I’d ever wanted to go again. It was fairly busy and I noted with disgust that the vast majority of the clientele was white, young to middle-aged ... and female. It again made me wonder just what the fuck was going on here - were all these women taking black dicks? Were they are all betraying men like me? I tried not to think about it ... but of course Alice and Charlotte made that a fruitless endeavour.

    “So, see any guys you like?” Alice was saying.

    “Alice, we’ve barely sat down. Do you expect me to have rated like all the guys in here already?” Charlotte chuckled. “But ... I guess that guy coming towards us, he’s quite attractive.”

    It was the guy who had spilled the drink on me, Shaun. He grinned greedily at Alice and I saw that, this time, there was none of her previous ‘nice’ behaviour. She actually licked her lips as he approached.

    “My my, what a pleasant surprise,” he said. “I am very glad to see you again, sweetness. And my goodness, what a delightful friend you have here. She might just be the prettiest girl I’ve seen grace our tables for a long time. Ladies, I have to say also - I love your outfits.”

    A chorus of thanks from the girls.

    “...but, if I may say, I think there is just one problem with them. I mean, they just cover too much up, don’t they? I can’t help it, I am a male, I have certain crude, unenlightened desires and I like to see female flesh ... and those costumes, they’re just too conservative!”

    “But .... we’d be naked if we showed any more!” Charlotte spluttered.

    “Why ... of course,” the man grinned wolfishly. “That is precisely my point.”

    “We can’t do that, not in public,” Charlotte said, blushing bright crimson. “I’m feeling self-conscious enough with this on ... and what about the police? I mean ...”

    “The police? We don’t really have rules about this here. If a girl wants to show everyone the gifts God gave her, who are we to deny her? I certainly wouldn’t deny her. Or you, my dear.”

    “No, I can’t ... I’m sorry, this is too much for me as it is...”

    “Well, I’m going to!” Alice said and what tiny fragments of material she had on her were cast aside a second later. My wife was now totally nude in this very public place. For some reason, I had to interject.

    “So if I were to strip too, that would be okay?” I sneered.

    “Motherfucker, nobody wants to see that,” Shaun snarled. “Why are you even here?”

    “Yes, James ... why are you here? And he’s right. NOBODY wants to see your tiny, shrivelled little dicklet,” Alice laughed.

    “I ... I came to ... um ...”

    “You came to stop me telling Charlotte the truth.”

    “Yes, damn it, I won’t let you corrupt her the way Melody corrupted you.”

    “Corrupted? Please. Liberated, James. Liberated. And Charlotte is 18. She’s an adult. She can make her own decisions,” Alice growled. I looked at Charlotte and to my horror she was looking at me, daggers in her eyes.

    “You want to control me, James? Who do you think you are? God, I’m sick of men just thinking they can tell us what to do. Newsflash, brother, I control my body. Not you. I can do what I want with it.”

    She looked up at Shaun, who was grinning at me, arms folded. “And if I wanted to ... to fuck this man or any other men ... I would. It is up to me. And ... and ... oh, fuck you, James.”

    With that, she stood and literally tore her flimsy bikini off, hurling the shredded fabric away.

    “There! Happy?” she yelled. I felt many pairs of eyes staring at us and I shrunk back into my shell. I dropped my head and said nothing.

    “Fucking wimp,” I heard Shaun say. Neither of the women corrected him. “Anyway, now that you fine ladies are appropriately attired, I’d like to suggest ... “

    He reeled off a number of drinks options and they picked some, Alice taking my wallet without asking and paying for them. I did nothing. Shaun went off to get the drinks and the two girls started chatting.

    “He’s right, you know,” Alice said. “You really are so gorgeous, Charlotte. If one thing happens with all this, I’d like to think I can help you realise that. You’re a goddess, girl. Use it to your advantage. Take what you want ... and don’t let men like James think they own you.”

    “No, you’re right, Alice,” Charlotte nodded. “Really, I feel ... more confident already. Not like you, but ... yeah, I do. Thanks.”

    “Don’t mention it ... and don’t thank me yet.” Alice leaned over the table, taking Charlotte’s hands in hers. “Thank me when you are cumming all over a big fucking black cock.”

    Charlotte blushed again, not answering this time.

    “Ah, here’s Shaun again,” Alice said, letting her go. “Mmm, this tastes delicious!”

    I noticed that Shaun had brought a third drink with him. For a second I thought maybe he was going to give it to me, but then he sat down with us and started to sip it himself.

    “Don’t mind if I join you, ladies?” he said, pointedly not bothering to ask me what I thought ... not that I’d have done anything about it. To my annoyance, it was Charlotte who answered.

    “Please, do,” she said, eagerly.

    “I think you have an admirer there, Shaun,” Alice snickered. Charlotte blushed yet again.

    “Don’t be shy, miss,” Shaun said. “We’re all adults here, we can talk about things like this, right?”

    “I guess...”

    “About how beautiful you are, about how beautiful your friend is ... about how much I’d really love to fuck you.”

    Charlotte spluttered on her drink, choking slightly. “Sorry, I ... can’t do that. Not yet. I ... think I’ll just be okay with flirting and stuff for now, okay? I’m not ready for anything more.”

    “Don’t forget, I can see your pussy,” Shaun said, eyebrow raised. “I can see how excited you are ... and how I’ll have to clean that chair when you are done soaking it with your, ah, excitement.”

    “Oh my God...” Charlotte said.

    “Hey, I do that shit every night, girl,” he said, waving a hand dismissively. “Maybe we’ll get dickless here to clean it for us.”

    I dropped my head lower.

    “Um, he is my brother. I know he was wrong earlier, but I don’t really like him being insulted like that,” Charlotte said. A spark of hope flickered within me. If she could resist them here, perhaps I could help her in more subtle ways. Perhaps by drawing their ire, I would make Charlotte reject their views. I stayed silent.

    “Ah, he’s a big boy, he can take it,” Alice said, my wife springing to my aid as usual. “And it really is so small, he might as well not have one. I bet some women have bigger clits than his little pecker.”

    I still struggled to comprehend how this was my wife talking, the woman who just a few days ago had been loyal beyond question to me, as I was to her. Now here she was demeaning me mercilessly in public to my own sister!

    “Still ... I’m not comfortable with him being abused like that,” she said.

    “So you’ve seen his dick then?” Shaun said. “I bet you have at one point.”

    “I ... yes, once. He didn’t know I was there, he was in the bathroom and I’d come in, not knowing it was occupied. He was ... uh, stroking himself.”

    I audibly groaned. I had had no idea about this!

    “Ha, and tell me, how big was this monster weapon of his?”

    “Um, well, I don’t know. He had his hand on it and ... I couldn’t really see it exactly. His fist was almost completely covering it up.”

    Alice and Shaun laughed.

    “But that’s normal, right? I mean, you go on about black men, Alice, but even if they’re bigger, they can’t be so much bigger,” Charlotte said. Alarm bells were ringing in my head. No, Charlotte, don’t ... it’s a trap!

    “Oh, not bigger, huh? Is THIS bigger?” Shaun said, standing and pushing down his shorts. Out sprung a flaccid cock, but Charlotte’s squawk of surprise told me everything I needed to know, even before I saw it for myself. It was hanging halfway down his thigh (and he was a big guy, remember) and it wasn’t hard at all. Chances were it would get significantly bigger when it got hard.

    “Oh my fucking God!” Charlotte whispered, eyes fixed on the enormous penis in front of her. “I ... oh my fucking...”

    “I bet it didn’t look like that, did it?” Alice said.

    “No... not like that...” Charlotte said, mesmerised. “I ... that can’t be real. It can’t be ...”

    “Hey, I’m not shy, girl. Touch it and see.”

    Before I could say anything, she reached out and took hold of the bulbous head.

    “So heavy...”

    “Ah, but that’s enough for now, Charley,” Alice said and Shaun, with a glance at her, pulled up his shorts. I heard Charlotte whimper slightly and felt my heart sink. God, no, they were winning...

    “You said you weren’t ready,” Alice said, stirring her drink with her straw. “A shame, but there it is.”

    “Yes ... not ready ... so big ...” Charlotte said, dreamily.

    I saw Alice flash a grin at Shaun. “Oh well, I better get back to work. You ladies give me a call if, ah, things change, hmm?”

    “Oh yes, we will,” Alice said, getting her phone out of the bag I was being forced to carry around and handing it to Shaun, who tapped away at it for a second before handing it back.

    “You two be cool now,” he said, nodding, ignoring me. “Next time, don’t bring the cuck, he just gets in the way.”

    I glanced at Charlotte, but she wasn’t defending me this time. She was still staring into space, mouth hanging slightly open. No question what she was thinking about. Finally, she spoke. To Alice, of course.

    “Are they all that big?”

    “Well, I can’t speak for all black men, of course, but ... all the ones I’ve been have been around that sort of size. In fact, I reckon Shaun’s is actually smaller than most.”

    “Smaller? Oh, you can’t be serious! That thing was ... unbelievable!”

    “And it wasn’t even hard, was it?” Alice smiled.

    “Jesus, no ...” Charlotte said, obviously trying to picture that huge tube of flesh fully erect. “You can’t fit that inside, surely? I mean, the average depth of a ... a pussy is, like six inches or so...”

    “You’d be surprised what you can do if you put your mind to it,” Alice chuckled. “And, well, the more practice you get, the more you can accommodate, obviously...”

    “I don’t think that’s true ...” Charlotte said, but she didn’t look ready to believe her own statement. “Well, it doesn’t really matter, there’s no way I could take all of that, even if I wanted to...”

    “Two corrections there, Charley - one, you DO want to. We all know that. And two, I bet you can take it ... and more. But I guess we’ll see, won’t we?”

    “I’ll admit, I’m ... excited, but that’s all. I don’t know why you are thinking I’ll just spread my legs for any man because he has a ... big ... “

    Alice smiled. “Okay, have it your way. I’ve got a date tonight with a couple of black studs. If you want to tag along, I’m leaving at 8pm.”

    She stood and Charlotte followed suit, me a few seconds later, all my energy having been sapped by the demoralising events of the past hour or so.

    “Oh, and why would I expect you to spread yourself, Charley? Because you are nude with a dripping wet pussy in public. And you were the one you tore off your clothes, girl. Come on, let’s get back ... and I hope your mother sees you like that.”

    Charley blushed, but knew she had no choice. They had no way of covering themselves and, as we traipsed back along the beach, eyes both male and female drinking in the sight of these two beautiful women naked among them, I saw that maybe Charley wasn’t too bothered by it all. Even in the hotel, where eyebrows were definitely raised, she seemed comfortable.

    “Here, you can borrow this,” Alice said when we were back in the room, handing Charley one of her dresses. Charley nodded and took the garment, though appeared reluctant to put it back on. Sighing, she did and then made to leave.

    “Remember ... 8pm,” Alice said. Charlotte looked back at her from the doorway. “You won’t regret it.”

    Charlotte said nothing, just closed the door behind her. Alice sighed then went into the bathroom, still nude herself. I stood watching her for a second, until she finally deigned to look in my direction.

    “You want something?”

    “I think Charlotte won’t go along with your plans. I know my sister. She will reject you.”

    Alice laughed. “Oh, but I was your wife. You knew me, didn’t you?”

    “I ... I guess I didn’t,” I said, meekly.

    “Don’t worry, I didn’t know myself either,” she said, continuing to liberally apply make-up. She didn’t usually put much on, but was obviously ... making an effort for her ‘date’. “But I do now ... and you think a girl will get naked on the beach like that and be prudish enough to say no to cock when it is offered to her?”

    “I ... she knows better.”

    “Better? That’s precisely why she’ll come with me!”

    “What shall I do tonight if you are off again without me?”

    “Whatever, I don’t care,” she said. “Go get drunk again, maybe prepare yourself for when you’re tied to a chair watching us all get fucked.”

    “That’s not going to happen. And you’ll be mine again, like you promised.”

    “We’ll see,” she chuckled. “Go get me another drink anyway.”

    I did as I was told and then we both went out onto the balcony together. I realised that she wasn’t going to put on any clothes at all for this date, so I guessed it wouldn’t be a restaurant one - just go to some room and... I didn’t want to think about it...
    Even so, I was feeling more confident. We even chatted a bit about home, about non-sexual things for once. It felt a bit like the old days when Alice was my wife, not some slut opening her pussy up for all comers. I almost forgot what she was waiting for until she checked her phone and sighed.

    “Well, it’s 8pm and your little sister has let me down,” she sighed. I suppressed a grin, but I was over the moon. I said nothing. “Don’t think it’ll stop me tonight, James. I’m still going on my date, don’t worry. In fact ...”

    She picked up the phone and called someone.

    “Hey, Melody, it’s me ... no, she’s not here yet. Give her time, I’ll keep working on her ... I know, gives us less time with the mother, yes. Anyway, seeing as I’m disappointed, I thought ... yes, you got it. Bring the lube, I want someone to take my ass tonight.” She looked at me, but I’d expected this. Alice had come so far, it was obvious she would try this too. I’d always wanted to try it, but she’d said no all the time, saying it would hurt too much ...

    ... and now she was going to take a cock more than double my size into her butt. Go figure.

    “Right, I’ll give her ten more minutes than head over. Keep the bed warm for me. Love you!”

    I winced as she said those last words. Love? Seriously? Urgh.

    “Okay, so do whatever it is you want to do, I’m off,” she said. “And think about what I said - all of us together under one roof.”
    I nodded, but I knew that she was losing this battle. I relaxed in my chair for perhaps the first time in many days.

    “Okay, I’m going no...”

    A loud knock on the door. I sat bolt upright and scurried over just as Alice was opening it. There was Charlotte, her cheeks flushed, her chest heaving ... her body utterly nude once again. She ignored me, looking straight at Alice.

    “Alice ...”

    For a moment nobody said anything. Then Charlotte spoke again.

    “Oh fucking Hell .... I NEED COCK!”

    Alice stepped out into the corridor, pushing Charlotte gently back against the wall. Before she (or I) could do anything, Alice had pressed her lips against my sister’s. I stood dumbfounded as I watched the two kissing passionately - it didn’t take long for Charlotte to overcome her surprise - outside our room. Finally, they came up for air.

    “One second...”

    Alice dug her phone out of her bag and made a quick call.

    “Melody? Better get some more men, there won’t be enough to go around.”

    She hung up and took Charlotte’s hand.


    “I can’t fucking wait,” Charlotte groaned and Alice turned to look at me.

    “One down,” she said, slamming the door in my face.
    I don’t really know how long I stood there, staring at the closed door that my wife and sister had just slammed in my face. A few minutes, probably.

    “No...” I whispered. “No, no, NOOOO!”

    I flung the door open and rushed into the corridor, looking both ways. They were gone, obviously. I cursed my inaction (yet again) and put my hands to my face, seething with impotent rage. Then it struck me - my mother. She could stop this, but which room was she in? Nobody had actually told me this yet, so I had one option - reception. I ran to the elevator, hammering at the button impatiently until, after what seemed like hours, it dinged open. As if to rub salt into my wounds, a beautiful white girl was inside with two black men flanking her. They all looked at me, then each other, then sniggered to themselves. Ignoring them, I got in, pressing the button for the ground floor. I heard them whispering, not entirely subtly.

    “...gon’ do, baby?”

    “Hmmm, I can think of lots of things to do,” the girl giggled.

    “Like suck them little titties?”

    “That sounds like fun,” she sighed.

    “Maybe lick that little pussy too.”

    “Oooh, yes please ... and don’t forget my little ass. It doesn’t like to be left out.”

    “Don’t worry, baby, I got the feeling that little ass gon’ get a big workout tonight, you know?”

    More giggling.

    “You gonna work both my holes, right? You know I like it like that...”

    “How ‘bout both of us work that pussy together then we both work that ass together?”

    “Oh my God ... don’t tease me, honey ... you both going to FUCK...” she stressed that word for my benefit, I’m sure, “my little cunt at the same time?”

    “Damn fucking right...”

    “Maybe we call our nigga Steve-O ... and he can take yo’ ass while we do that...”

    At that point we reached the ground floor and I exited as quickly as I could, but not before the girl said, “Fuck yeah, I don’t want drinks anymore. Call Steve-O and get him to my room ... NOW!”

    The doors closed and I caught a glimpse of one of the men sliding his hand into the girl’s pants, the other mashing his lips against hers. I shuddered, knowing that my sister may well be doing this sort of thing right now. With renewed vigour, I hastened to the front desk where a blonde woman was working.

    “Yes, can I help you, sir?”

    “Hello, yes, I ... can you tell me where Mrs Ophelia Phillips is staying? I’m her son, James. She forgot to tell me where she and my sister were going to be and I’m supposed to ... tell her something.”

    “I’m sorry, sir, I can’t give out that sort of information,” the woman said, shrugging her shoulders.

    “But ... I’m her son. It is really important, it could mean ... um, it’s just important. Please?”

    “I’m sorry, we’ve been told to be strict on this, especially when the customer has a flag on their file.”

    “A flag?”

    “Yes, when they were booked in, there was a special request made by a ... let me see, a Mrs Alice Fox.”

    “That’s my wife, she arranged everything for them.”

    “Oh, I see ... so you are her husband then?”

    “Yes, that’s me,” I sighed with relief. “So she would have let me have the information.”

    “Oh, on the contrary,” the woman laughed. Why was she laughing at me!? “In fact, she has flagged this account because, and I quote, ‘Under no circumstances is that little cuck allowed to know where his family is staying.’”

    Yet again, my wife’s behaviour staggered me, but the woman wasn’t finished.

    “They will be getting fucked by black studs and he will not be allowed to interfere.”

    “You can’t be serious,” I said.

    “That’s what it says,” the woman grinned. “And, if I may say so, sir ... I think she made the right call.”

    “What? How dare you? You can’t talk to me like that!”

    “Is there a problem here, sir?”

    I turned to see an enormous black man in an expensive suit looming over me.

    “Yes, this woman has ...”

    “There’s a special note on his mother’s room,” the girl interrupted me. “Says he isn’t allowed to know where she is because she’s too busy getting screwed by black men. His wife was the one who had us flag it up.”

    “I see,” the man said. “That does seem final, doesn’t it? And you want to know where she is staying, I presume?”

    “Yes, I ...”

    “I’m sorry, sir,” he sneered. “No can do.”

    “Where’s the manager, the person in charge? I need to speak to him. This is outrageous!”

    “I am the person in charge,” he growled. “I suggest you go back to your room and forget about all this, sir. Your wife clearly wants to ... let your family indulge in their hobbies without you interfering. I suggest you respect her wishes.”

    “But .... but ...” I spluttered, but I knew I was defeated. My shoulders slumped, I headed back up to my room, the elevator empty this time. Just as I was waiting for the doors to close, I saw a large group of black males, casually dressed, head up to the front desk.

    “Yo slut,” one said to the girl behind the counter, who giggled and grinned at him.

    “Yes, sir, may I help you?”

    “Got a date with a few fine white honeys, name of Melody Buchanan. Something like that. What room she in?”

    “Let me just get that information for you, sir,” the girl smiled. “May I ask, what will you being doing on this, um, date?”

    “Fucking three white bitches,” another man said. “One a virgin too, so she say. Got Big Mac here to take her cunt for the first time. He a specialist at ripping white girls’ pussies open, making them cunts only fit for black cock after that. How big you at now, Mac?”

    “‘Bout 16 inches long, 8 inches round, sum’ like that,” a huge man at the back of the group boomed.

    “Oh my,” the woman said. “That sounds amazing!”

    “Hey, why don’ you come up, join the party?”

    The girl’s eyes lit up and she looked to her superior, the man who had dismissed me.

    “Can I? Please?”

    “Go ahead, I can get Raoul or someone to fill in for you,” the man chuckled. “Just so long as I get a piece of your pussy later on, okay?”

    The girl’s grin widened and she looked back at the men. “Okay, boys, the party’s going to be in room...”

    Then the doors shut. I suddenly realised that I could have found out where my sister was. I hammered at the door open button, but the elevator was already on its way. Screaming with frustration, I beat at the walls of the elevator. I got back to my room eventually, utterly dejected, and crashed onto the bed, weeping. I didn’t notice my phone buzzing away furiously outside on the balcony.

    I lay there, wallowing in self pity, for a long time. My tears dried then a fresh surge of emotion flooded my face again. Then, suddenly, I sat up. Oh my God, how could i have been so stupid? The man had said they were in Melody’s room. I knew which room that was! I could have gone straight there, of course. It made sense. I was looking for my mother to stop them, but if I’d just gone to her room, I could have stopped all this myself.

    But ... wait a second. No, I couldn’t. I’d have ended up out on my ass again like last time I was there. And knowing the room made no difference - it was my mother who had the only chance of stopping all this ... and I still didn’t know where she was. That instant of hope had been extinguished almost as quickly as it had flared up. I finally heard the phone buzz and retrieved it sullenly. I already knew what was coming, but like a fool, I scrolled through the messages until I got to the first new one, sent just a few minutes after I’d had the door slammed in my face. The first clip started with Charlotte standing in front of Melody’s door.

    “You ready for this, Charley?”

    “Yes, I mean, I think so,” she said, nervously. “I really want some cock inside me, real bad ... but ... I’m still a bit scared.”

    “Don’t be, I’m here, Melody is there ... and the men will be as rough or as gentle as you like.”
    “Okay... so ...”

    “Yes, so you’re ready. You want to tell the world what you are doing here today, like we agreed?”

    “Oh, of course, yes,” Charlotte grinned. “Hi everybody. My name is Charlotte Fox and I’m about to go into this hotel room to ... to lose my virginity to a black man.”

    “Did I hear that right? You’re a virgin? And you want a big, black cock to take that away from you? Wouldn’t you want a nice, sweet little white boy to be the one to do that for you?”

    Charlotte shook her head. “No, not a chance. The only cocks that’ll go inside my body will be black.”

    “So you’ll never fuck a white guy?”


    “Wow, that’s so cool,” Alice laughed. “I wish I’d been like you when I was younger! So, shall we go inside?”

    Charlotte looked at the door then back at the camera, biting her lip.

    “Fuck it, yes, let’s do this,” she exhaled, nodding. Alice pushed the door open and the sound of grunting and yelling grew louder as the camera took in the scene inside the suite. Melody was sucking the enormous cock of a black male, her lips wrapped around the head while one hand pumped furiously at the shaft. Behind her, a man was pounding her pussy, his freakishly long dick being thrust from tip to root in and out of my ex-wife’s stretched cunt. Each brutal push was met with a muffled squeal of pleasure from Melody, the man grunting too with each effort.

    “Ah fuck yeah, that pussy so tight, gonna fucking nut right up in there soon!”

    Melody tore her lips from the slippery cock in her hands and grinned back at the man nailing her.

    “Yes, fucking do it, go on, I want every fucking drop of that black cum in my fucking uterus!”

    “Ah shit, you dirty whore, hnnnnngh oh fuck yeah!” the man growled and yelled, his cock balls-deep in Melody, obviously letting loose his sperm into my ex-wife’s gleefully willing womb.

    “Oh yes, you ... ah, Charlotte, Alice! Come in, join the fun!”

    Melody stood, the man’s cock oozing out of her, followed by a big glob of sperm that splattered on the floor between her legs, some more sliding down the inside of her left thigh.

    “Guys, this is Charley, my ex-sister-in-law,” Melody said, moving to my sister and taking her by the arm. I could see that while she was dragged into the room, her eyes were glued to the cocks of the two men.

    “So ... big ...” she said.

    “Girl got greedy slut eyes, look at her all fixated ‘n shit on our junk,” one of the men chuckled, Charlotte unaware of his teasing. She did truly have eyes only for their slick, stiff cocks. “Which one gon’ break her, though ... or maybe ... maybe we have a special surprise planned, huh?”

    “Mmm, yes, we do,” Melody said. “But first...”

    Melody stepped in front of Charlotte and my sister looked up at my ex. Melody moved close, pressing the front of her naked body against Charlotte’s, their breasts mashed together, skin to skin. Charlotte whimpered, her mouth opening slightly and Melody leaned forward, embracing her former sister-in-law and kissing her gently. Lips parted, tongues entwined and arms locked each other in a passionate embrace. From behind, Alice appeared, kissing and licking at Charlotte’s neck, the phone passed to one of the men. Moans and whimpers and groans emanated from the three girls as they writhed in each other’s arms.

    “Damn, that shit sexy as fuck,” one of the men was saying. “Still, we ain’t get ours...”

    A strong, male arm reached from from behind the camera and took Alice by the shoulder, my wife grinning at the man and nodding.

    “Come on, Charley,” she said, taking my sister’s hand. “Come watch how his cock stretches me open.”

    Alice and her upcoming lover moved to the bed, followed by Charlotte, who was told to get on her knees. The man lay back and Alice straddled him, Charlotte’s face inches away from the proposed union of cock and cunt.

    “Guide him into me, Charley,” Alice said and for the first time, my sister gripped a black man’s phallus.

    “Holy shit, it feels so ... like, throbbing and warm and really fucking hard...”

    “Mmm, put it in me, honey,” Alice was saying, unable to control herself.

    “I could look at it all day...”

    “Good ... but not now, okay? I want to get FUCKED!” Alice said, forcefully. Charlotte chuckled, calling my wife a ‘real slut’ and proceeded to help the man enter my wife’s body. She was so wet that it slipped in easily, despite its girth and length. Soon, the man was balls deep in my wife, Charlotte’s mouth an O of amazement.

    “God, you’ve got ALL of it in you, Alice,” she gaped. “It’s amazing... so sexy... so fucking hot!”

    The man began to slowly screw my wife, who lay forward, forgetting Charlotte, and began to kiss her lover.

    “Lick his balls, Charley,” Melody said. “Or lick her ass ... just put that tongue of yours to good use!”

    “Really? I ... yeah, I guess that’s right,” she hesitated before shrugging and tentatively lapping at the man’s nuts.

    “Come on, you can do better than that,” Melody laughed. I saw Charlotte hesitate for a second then redouble her efforts, slathering the man’s balls with her tongue, occasionally sucking one into her mouth gently while Alice ground her pussy down on the man’s pubic bone, taking every inch of that enormous cock into her cunt.

    “Don’t forget that ass, girl,” Melody said, encouraging her to start feasting on my wife’s unoccupied hole. This time Charlotte didn’t hesitate, beginning to lap and kiss at Alice’s rear entrance with glee.

    “Mmm, fuck yes, Charlotte,” Alice moaned as the man, freed from the attentions of my sister’s tongue, began to plough my wife’s pussy harder now. “Ah shit, you dirty little slut, licking my fucking ass ... and the cock ... so fucking big ... I love it!”

    “Girl need to be sucking some dicks now,” a male voice said from off camera, a burly arm grabbing Charlotte and pulling her away. Charlotte fell to her knees and I saw two massive cocks present themselves to her. She had her mouth open in awe, eyes flitting between them both ... and then one was stuffed in her mouth. They were so big, she struggled to get either one in, but she did her best, slobbering over one before turning her attention to the other.

    “That throat will need fucking later, guys,” I heard Melody said, “but she’s new, break her in gently, hmm?”

    I saw Charlotte shiver with excitement. Obviously the idea of taking footlong cocks down her throat was an exhilarating one for her!

    “Maybe she’s ready for it now?” one of the men said as Charlotte tried to force more of his cock into her mouth.

    “We don’t want to wreck her, let her get used to it all first,” Melody said. “I, on the other hand, can show her how it’s done!”

    With that, Melody joined Charlotte on her knees, taking the saliva-slick cock from my sister’s mouth. She gave my sister a wink then, in one action, took the whole of his massive prick into her throat. Charlotte gasped as she watched the huge erection disappear so quickly - then she laughed and grabbed the other man’s cock, swallowing as much as she could herself!

    It was mesmerising, the sight of these two women sucking and swallowing such big cocks, the only sounds that of their slobbering and moaning, interspersed by screams and cries from off camera as Alice continued to get railed by her own black lover.

    Eventually, the man in Charlotte’s throat pulled out. “Time for this beauty to get her fucking cunt broken.”

    “So romantic,” Charlotte laughed. “I always hoped my virginity would be lost on my wedding night ... but fuck that, I want to lose it right fucking now on a big fucking black dick!”

    “Fuck yeah!” the man said, dragging Charlotte to her feet and throwing her on the bed next to Alice. “Spread those fucking legs, girl. You gon’ get FUCKED!”

    “Hey, wait up, fool,” a new voice thundered from the entrance of the room. “That’s my fucking job!”

    The camera zipped to the entrance and there stood a huge black man. He must have been bordering on 7 foot tall, there or thereabouts, and even with his big trousers on, a significant bulge snaked down towards his knee.

    “Holy shit, I didn’t know you were coming, Mac!” the man who had been poised to fuck my sister said, apologetically. It was the man from the lobby, his three friends behind him. A flash of white flesh and some giggling showed me the receptionist who had fobbed me off was with them.

    “Don’t worry about it, Mo,” the man chuckled. “You can have her fucking ass later, promise. I just get that virgin pussy, wreck it good. No fucking white boy gon’ use that shit ever again.”

    Big Mac entered the room, making a beeline for Charlotte, who was sitting up on the bed now, legs pressed together, hands on her knees. Alice was still getting fucked, too lost in her own lust to care about the newcomers. Melody was ushering the three other men into the room, along with the receptionist. From the conversation I could hear in the background, her name was Emma and, I saw, she too was naked now.

    “You got something big in there for me, mister?” Charlotte said, pointing at his pants. Big Mac just laughed.

    “Pull them pants down and see, little girl,” he smirked.

    “Okay, if you say so,” Charlotte shrugged. “These guys are pretty big, I can’t imagine you’ve ... HOLY FUCKING CHRIST!”

    The eyes of everyone in the room, even Alice and her lover on the bed, turned to the 18-year-old and what was now pointing at her face. Her hands were to her mouth, eyes bulging in shock as a 16-inch cock stuck out like an iron girder from the new male in her life. Veins throbbed up and down the grotesquely engorged shaft, a head as big as her fist topping it all off. It was as scary a thing as Charlotte had ever seen, but her expression wasn’t one of fear. Not entirely, anyway. In her eyes, I could see more than that - a deep, burning desire for this man’s appendage.

    “Jesus ... now THAT is a cock!” Melody laughed. “Holy shit, girl, you are going to lose your virginity in a fine fucking way!”

    “That’s my specialty, ma’am,” the man called Mac said, his gigantic cock hypnotising all the women in the room, those with dicks in their pussies and those without. “I rip open a girl’s cunt and make sure no tiny dick, white or whatever, will ever get near satisfying it.”

    “You ... that’s never going to get inside me!” Charlotte squealed, eyes still fixed on the monstrous phallus. “It’s just not...”

    “Nah, girl, it’ll fit, trust me,” Mac smirked. “Every fucking inch, your pussy gonna swallow it up. I ain’t gonna hurt you, we’ll work it together. Your little cunt’ll make room for it, because it’ll want to be fucking filled up.”

    I wasn’t sure if that was how it worked, but the girls didn’t question it.

    “But you get fucking wet for me, baby,” he said. “That little snatch needs to be lubed up to fuck.”

    “Allow me!” the woman called Emma said, stepping forward. Charlotte’s eyes flickered to the new woman, her sleek, lithe frame kneeling gracefully between my sister’s legs, hands placed gently on her thighs then, slowly, deliberately, lowering her mouth to Charlotte’s pussy. She gave a gasp as Emma’s tongue worked her clit, dipping occasionally into her dripping hole and feasting on the tasty fluid flowing forth.

    “Ah sh... mmm, that’s so nice,” Charlotte said, stroking Emma’s blonde hair as the woman lapped up her nectar.

    “Play with my dick, slut,” Mac said, moving closer, poking Charlotte in the belly with the big, bulbous head of his prick. My sister giggled and placed both hands on the swollen shaft, stroking it slowly up and down.
    “Don’t forget about those balls,” he said. “Yeah, that’s it, those little hands look pretty sexy on that big dick, huh?”

    Charlotte grinned at him, nodding, her pussy still being devoured by the receptionist.

    “It’s so ... so hard,” she breathed, the tongue on her clit clearly having an effect. “And big... so fucking big.”

    “Uh-huh, gon’ rearrange that cunt of yours, no little dicks, white or black or whatever, for you, girl, no ma’am! Now put that cock between those titties.”

    Charlotte gasped then giggled, guiding the enormous phallus onto her breast bone, sliding it between her tits and, reluctantly, letting go so she could press her breasts around the shaft. As the cock slid between them, she extended her tongue, licking the apple-sized head as it ascended towards her mouth.

    Elsewhere in the room, I could hear squeals of pleasure and grunts of masculine effort, so I know both Melody and Alice were getting their fill of black cock, but the camera’s attention was solely focused on the young virgin with the 16-inch cock on her chest.

    Charlotte was moaning loudly now, the receptionist’s efforts bringing her to a crescendo. She gasped and I saw her eyes rolling back in her head, her body shaking as the woman drove her over the edge, her orgasm obviously strong and surging through her at that moment.

    “Hmm, I bet that little pussy is wet enough now, don’t you think?” Mac chuckled as Emma got out from between Charlotte’s quivering thighs, face covered in her fluids, make-up smeared all around the big grin she was sporting.

    “Prepped her nicely, I think,” she said, grabbing Charlotte’s face and planting a wet, sloppy kiss on my sister’s lips. “Like the taste of your own cunt, little girl?”

    “Mmm...” was all Charlotte said, her tongue running over her lips, savouring the flavour of her own orgasmic juices.

    “Enough talk, time to fuck you, girl,” Mac said. Charlotte turned her bleary eyes back to him and nodded.

    “Where do you want me?”

    “Get on the bed, we’ll do this properly,” he said, watching as Charlotte climbed on. I caught a glimpse of Alice being fucked from behind up against a wall, Melody sliding up and down on a man’s big cock while stroking two others, then the camera was fixed on Charlotte again. She was on her back, head resting on the pillows. Her legs were spread, her pussy - looking far too small to be penetrated by Mac’s monster - glistening with all kinds of juices.

    “Are you ... are you sure it’ll fit? I don’t want to get hurt...”

    “We’ll make it fit, together, won’t we?” the man said, surprisingly tender in his manner. Charlotte smiled at him, nodding again.

    “Yes... we’ll make it fit,” she sighed contentedly. “I want all of it inside me, to be a ... a fucking slut for black men like Alice and Melody.”

    “That’s the spirit,” Mac said. “Now ... let me see you play with that pussy a bit, I love watching girls get themselves all worked up before I fuck them.”

    She obeyed, her hands doing their work on her sloppy cunt, rubbing her clit, fingers sliding in and out. She was ready, I could see. Ready for that brute of a man to take her virginity, to tear her open and ‘ruin’ her for men like me, for any future man who wasn’t packing a baseball bat in his shorts.

    “Spread those legs as wide as you can,” he said, on the bed with her now, his enormous bulk looming over the petite, pearl-coloured frame of my little sister. His cock lay on her pubic mound. It just looked obscene on her, beyond belief that any woman could take that all the way ... but it was starting. He grabbed his shaft and began to rub the big head of his cock against my sister’s clit, running it up and down her slick opening, getting it all lubed up with her flowing juices.

    “Oh... oh Jesus...” she was moaning already. Suddenly I realised all the other sounds in the room had stopped and the camera, as if sensing my realisation, showed me that everyone was clustered around the two potential lovers, watching as Mac began to gently push the big head against my sister’s labia. We all watched entranced as her sex started to part, slowly opening up at the pressure. Impossibly, her body was opening up to accept this beast. Charlotte gasped and I saw her hands clutch the sheets beneath her as her pussy opened up more than I could have thought possible.

    “It’s too big...” I heard her say, but the man soothed her.

    “Oh, you’re doing fine, girl, nearly got the head in, just relax. Soon you’ll be cumming like a fucking demon all over my dick, girl ... just focus on that.”

    She nodded, though she still looked nervous. She suddenly screamed and I saw that, finally, the head of that massive phallus had plopped inside her impossibly stretched pussy.

    “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck...” Charlotte was saying, her chest heaving as she hyperventilated. “Oh God, I can’t ... I can’t...”

    “You can!” the man said, leaning forward to cover her with his body. He silenced her with a kiss and their bodies entwined. I saw Charlotte’s toes curl as he push more of his cock into her. Breaking the kiss, he put all his weight on his arms, looking down at her.

    “Got a few inches in there now, girl, how does it feel?”

    “Like ... crazy stretched out... but it doesn’t hurt... it feels... weird ... kinda cool...”

    “It’s gonna hurt when I break that hymen, okay? You ready for that.”

    She looked down, seeing just how much cock was still outside her body.

    “Yes, I’m... I’m ready.”

    Mac nodded and I saw him thrust aggressively, a few more inches disappearing sharply into Charlotte and the speakers overloaded by a scream of pain from my sister. Mac held himself in place, letting her calm down.

    “Fuck ... you did it... ow, that hurt like shit ... but you did it, I’m not a fucking virgin anymore!” Charlotte, tears running down her cheeks, was laughing up at him. “Wow, it still burns, but ... put more in me, please. I want all of it... please!”

    A few more inches slid in before she cried out again.

    “Ah fuck, you just hit my cervix!” she said, wincing.

    “Still got a whole lotta cock to go, honey,” he said. “But ... let’s get you cumming on this dick ... then your body will rearrange itself, make room for the rest.”

    With that, we all saw him slide his cock out so just the head was left inside ... then slide it back it, covered in her virginal blood and vaginal fluids. Slowly he made love to my sister. This wasn’t the bestial fucking I’d expected - not yet, anyway. They kissed and embraced each other, her legs spread wide, pointing at the ceiling.

    “Oh fuck, that’s so good,” she said, looking into Mac’s eyes, hands cradling his face. “I don’t feel the pain anymore, just ... mmmm, just feels good. Oh fuck yes, that’s it... harder ... more cock ... fuck me!”

    I could see she was pressing her hips back at him with each thrust now, taking his monster as much as she could ... even though half of it was still untouched by her pussy.

    “Oh God .... so good ... Jesus fucking Christ! Gon... gonna .... GONNA CUM! UNNNNNH FUCKKKKK!”

    She wrapped her legs around him as best she could, arms also pulling him close to her, as she came for the first time over a man’s cock. As she came, I saw that more of the cock had slid up inside her. Only six inches or so was left outside. My little sister had ten inches of the thickest cock imaginable stuffed inside her pussy ... and she was creaming all over it!

    “That’s it, girl, gonna make you cum over and over until you got every inch inside you ... then you gon’ get properly fucked then!”

    “Oh yes... oh fuck yes!” I saw Charlotte’s face now, eyes bleary from the powerful orgasm she’d just had. “Please ... I love it ... I fucking ... love it so much ...”

    “You like that big black cock, Charley, huh?” I heard Melody say, though her own voice was punctuated with grunts and moans of her own pleasure, an off-screen lover plundering her pussy for all he was worth.

    “YES!” Charlotte screamed. “I do! I fucking love it! It’s so fucking big ... tearing my little cunt ... I want ALL OF IT!”

    “You gon’ get it, slut!” Mac snarled and I saw that he’d somehow managed to cram another inch in there. Only a third of his cock lay untouched by my sister’s insides ... then suddenly none of it was inside. He’d pulled out sharply, eliciting a piercing squeal of surprise and shock from Charlotte.

    “What ... what the fuck?” she stammered.

    “Fuck, look at that cunt gape,” Mac was laughing. “But it ain’t stretched enough!”

    With that, he thrust back inside, another scream coming my sister’s lungs, forced out by the power of the man’s penetration. Again and again he did this and I could see my sister’s battered hole wasn’t closing up quite as quickly each time. Finally, it stayed opened for a few seconds, Mac grinning at his handiwork.

    “That’s better, girl’s stretched to fuck now,” he said. “Maybe she can take two fucking cocks up there later, huh?”

    That only drew a squeal of delight and fear, mixed in equal measure, from little Charlotte. Surely they couldn’t force two up inside her? I had no time to think about that just then as Mac was back inside her, his thrusts anything but gentle now. Then I realised something.

    Every inch of his cock was inside her now. I saw his balls slapping hard against her skin and, roaring, he yelled: “Ha, you fucking took it all, you little cunt! How does ... it ... fucking ... FEEL?”

    Brutal thrusts were met with semi-human gasps and moans from Charlotte, her face contorted with pleasure.

    “Fucking .... oh fuck ... can’t .... so big ... FUCK YES! FUCKING ... FUCK FUCK FUCK CUMMING CUMMING!!!!!”

    I watched my sister’s entire body spasm and shake uncontrollably, an orgasm of incredible force obviously flowing like a torrent through her whole frame. Sounds continued to burst from her mouth, but they were bestial, guttural shrieks and yells of utter, primal ecstasy.

    “Fuck yeah!” Mac was laughing, his thrusts ruthless, mercilessly fucking my little sister despite her continuing climax. “FUCK YEAH!”

    The whole room was now just one ghastly orgy of white and black flesh, cocks entering juicy cunts, naked bodies writhing together in lustful, wanton abandon. As the camera passed around the room, no longer merely focused on my sister, I saw my ex-wife, my current wife and the beautiful receptionist impaled on magnificently big cocks. They weren’t as ‘good’ as Mac’s, but must still have put 99% of the world’s male population to shame nonetheless ... and all four women in that room were having no problem taking them all deep down inside their vaginas.

    The camera focused on Alice now, a lover underneath her, cock stabbing violently into her stretched pussy, every thick inch disappearing inside my wife with each thrust. Alice turned her head and blew a kiss at the camera then a second man appeared, planting his lips on hers. He whispered something to her and I saw her visibly shudder, a long, low moan escaping from deep inside her. She nodded vociferously and I saw the man disappear for a second, reappearing behind her. His massive cock was slick with the juices of at least one other woman, so needed no lubrication ... which was fortunate as he began to press it against her virgin asshole!

    “Oh fuck, James,” Alice squealed, looking directly into the camera, directly at me ... as the man pushed and I saw her ass start to open up, the huge cock stretching her open until the bulbous head. “Oh yes, it’s going in, James! Fucking YES! I’ve got a fucking cock in my fucking ass, James? Do you like seeing it going in, stretching my ass out? I bet it looks amazing ... it feels amazing ... oh yeah, stuff more in there! I want both of you stallions up to your BALLS inside my holes! God, I feel so fucking full ... so ... fuck.... Fuckkk FUCKING AAAAHHHHHH!”

    I watched in horror as my wife came all over two cocks for the first time, her body shuddering uncontrollably as both men started to fuck her. There was little rhythm, but Alice didn’t seem to care.

    “Holy fuck, that was good,” she gasped eventually, her eyes bleary, chest heaving. “God almighty, I’m never going to fuck just one guy ever again! Fuck me, come on, HARDER! I want you to pound the fucking SHIT out of my white ass! FUCK ME!”

    Now, I want you to cast your minds back a while. At one point I said I saw my wife look at me with an expression that gave me pause. I said it would become important later on in my story ... and now I saw it again and I knew.

    I knew my marriage was over forever.

    I saw it on her face as she looked at the man beneath her, the one stabbing up into her pussy. I saw it on her face as she turned to kiss the man thrusting his entire length up her ass, their tongues meeting, sloppily mashing their mouths together before she broke off to cry out with pleasure.

    It was the look of love, of devotion ... and Alice was clearly no longer devoted to me. That might sound ridiculous given what had happened up until now, but that look ... it was the final straw. My love hadn’t died, but her love had. She was devoted to whatever black man could put a huge fucking dick in her holes, who could give her the satisfaction she now desperately craved.

    She didn’t love me anymore. She loved black men, big black cocks and getting fucked by them in any hole she could take it.

    The camera turned aside and for a while I watched, numb, while whoever happened to be holding it at the time focused on the women gasping, groaning, screaming and cumming in that sordid room. Tongues flicked over clits while cocks crammed themselves into stretched vaginas, assholes and mouths. I saw the receptionist sucking at my sister’s hard nipples while Mac continued to thrust every inch of his monstrous meat into her body. I saw my sister’s eyes rolling back in her head again and again as Mac made her cum over and over, her voice becoming increasingly incoherent as her lover ruined her for ‘lesser’ men forever.

    I saw Melody making out with Alice before making my wife eat her pussy, which I could see was overflowing with sperm. Alice lapped up the excess with glee as the two men fucked her at the same time.

    I saw combinations of men and women fucking each other senseless until it was all just a blur.

    Then a voice snapped me out of my reverie.

    “James? Have you seen Charlotte? I’ve not seen her for hours. Have you ... what are you doing with that phone?”

    My mother had entered my hotel room and I’d not noticed her come in. I yelled involuntarily in surprise and fumbled with the phone, trying to turn it off. Instead, it slipped through my fingers and bounced on the floor, ending up right at her feet. She picked it up before I could do anything.

    “Were you watching .... watching porn, James?” she said, brow furrowed. Then I saw her eyes open wide, her mouth drop open, gaze fixed on the screen.

    “CHARLOTTE? What in the ... I mean ... what’s going on? James, what the FUCK is going on?”

    I whimpered, unable to respond. She was just starting at the screen.

    “Baby... oh my God, look at the size of that thing!” my mother screamed. “How ... James? You’re ... watching your sister having sex with ... wait, who’s .... is that ALICE? And ... she’s getting ... two guys? And Melody? What is going on? A fucking orgy? James, what the fuck is going on here?”

    I mumbled something about Melody and Alice, but she was just shaking her head.

    “No, this isn’t happening ... where are they? Tell me, James. You know, I know it. Which room are they in?”

    I told her and she stormed off. Groggily, I picked up the phone and, a few minutes later, I saw my mother storm into the room. There was shouting, screaming and gesticulating, ending with Charlotte being wrapped in a blanket and bundled out of the room. The feed cut out then, but I noticed that Alice didn’t come back to me. Despite the break in the girls’ rhythm, they wouldn’t let this stop their orgy.

    Well, I guess I’ll fill you in on how the rest of it went down. I barely saw Alice for the rest of the holiday. She’d come into the room occasionally, get some stuff then leave without a word. All that talk about me living with her and Melody, just words. My marriage was over and I knew it, she knew it. I spent most of the time with my mother and Charlotte, who was being kept on an incredibly short leash by my enraged mother. Other than the brief visits, I didn’t see Alice or Melody again.

    When it came time to go home, I learned that Alice was staying with Melody’s rich friend. How did I learn this? She sent me a video clip of two men fucking her at the same time from his house, Melody narrating the action and explaining their stay here would be extended indefinitely. So I left on a plane with my mother and sister, went to home, got as much stuff together as I could and then moved in with my mother.

    About a month after that, I started to see a psychiatrist. He helped me work a lot of things out, I won’t go into the details, but after a while I start to feel like I could get my life back together again. After two failed marriages - I still hadn’t heard from Alice at all since we parted, so while I’d not started divorce proceedings yet, it was inevitable - I felt I needed to take some time away from women. My mother was supportive and my sister seemed surprisingly to have accepted everything that happened as a holiday whim.

    Happily ever after, right?

    Well, this isn’t quite the end of my story...
    The final bit of my story is perhaps the worst of all, but we’ll get to just why that is in a little while. As I mentioned in the previous chapter, I’d left Alice and Melody to their carnal adventures with the rich man, escaping to the relative sanity of my mother’s house, the house where I’d grown up. It was full of happy memories and was a comforting place for me to start repairing my psyche. Most importantly, it was far, far away from my two wives, ex and current, and their burgeoning army of lovers.

    I was able to find some work in my home town after a little while, settling into a new life as best I could. I never forgot about what had happened, but I was moving on slowly. It didn’t last, of course. Nothing does, but the ‘break’ was nothing unexpected. It was a phone call from Alice, telling me that we needed to sort out some details of the divorce I had filed for. She didn’t want to do anything complicated, just sort it all out amicably and with a minimum of fuss.

    While the sound of her voice pulled at my heartstrings and took me into some places mentally that I didn’t want to go, it was good that she wasn’t being difficult. She could have been, but at least both of my wives had parted without kicking and screaming. There was one thing I couldn’t do, however. She wanted me to go back to our home to sort things in person. I told her no, I wasn’t ready to see her again. Everything was still too raw, too painful. She said she understood, so maybe I could send someone in my stead. She suggested my sister, but I was fearful of what they might do with her - she’d been tempted (and clearly had a whale of a time) before, so I refused to countenance this idea.

    So Alice then said it would have to be my mother. I agreed instantly. My mother was strong and had shown she couldn’t be corrupted by the sexual smorgasbord Alice and Melody had used to corrupt my sister. Additionally, she wouldn’t take any shit if Alice did try to pull a fast one. I drove her to the airport happy with how things were going.

    Later that evening, my mother called me. She said she and Alice (and Melody, as she was now living with Alice, which I’d half-expected would be the case) would be going to dinner, Melody’s treat, at a local restaurant that I remember spending many happy evenings with Alice at. I gulped, but said she should enjoy herself. I worried that Alice and Melody would try something, but I had faith in my mother. She was attractive, spritely and in very good condition for her age, but she also had an iron will. She wouldn’t ‘break’ like the others.

    When she came back a few days later, I have to admit that - despite my faith - she would be acting strangely or be preoccupied, perhaps a sign that my wives had worked their ‘magic’ on her. But no, she acted normally, was happy to see me and said that everything had gone very well. I sighed a huge sigh of relief, feeling better than I had for a long time. The nightmare was almost over. Perhaps I could even move on with my life properly now.

    About a week afterwards, I came downstairs in the middle of the night and noticed the light in my late father’s study was on. Curious, I approached, the slippers I was wearing making my tread whisper quiet on the carpeted floor. The door was ajar. Inside, my mother stood, facing away from the door, talking quietly on the phone. I was going to announce my presence, but something made me stay quiet. Instead, I listened.

    “... no, it’s all fine. I’ve not changed my mind ... yes, trust me, I’m ready to go ahead whenever you’re ready ... tomorrow? Wow, you guys are really keen! Poor little guy ... no, I’m not going to back out! Stop asking,” she laughed. “Yes, I’ve spoken to Charlotte about it and she’s in too. Ha, yes, she’s been champing at the bit ever since ... I just wish I hadn’t ... mmm, don’t, I’ll not be able to sleep tonight. Okay, good. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

    She hung up and I pulled away from the door, confused. I didn’t have any idea what she was talking about, so I just shrugged and went into the kitchen to get some water. It was Charlotte’s best friend’s birthday soon and I had heard them discuss a surprise party for her. It could have been about that. When I went back up the stairs, the light was out in the study. My mother had retired for the night, so I did so myself, content as could be.

    The next day I woke up late, around 10am. It was the first time I’d had a nice lie in for a good long time, so I got up, stretched, had a shower then went downstairs. There was nobody around, which was surprising. My family has always been quite proactive, but there was nothing pressingly urgent that needed our attention today. Maybe it was to do with the phone call last night. Shrugging, I opened the fridge to get some milk for the cereal and noticed a bowl covered in film. It had a note on it:

    “James, Charley and I have gone out to run some errands, but I fixed you some breakfast and did one of these smoothies you like so much. Enjoy!”

    I took the bowl and the big glass of green sludge next to it and sat down at the kitchen table. There was a newspaper on the surface so I settled down to eat. After a few minutes, I began to feel ... tired, drowsy ... woozy even. I tried to stand but my legs gave way, depositing me hard on my rump on the chair.

    “Wha ... what’s happening?” I mumbled. My vision was blurry now, swimming and foggy. I heard the front door close then a figure appear in the doorway.

    “Muh ... mu... mother?” I stammered, barely conscious. I saw the figure move towards me, taking my arm just as I collapsed sideways from my chair and fell entirely into unconsciousness.

    I don’t know how long I was out, but scraps of memory remain from that time. I must have risen in and out of consciousness a few times, because I vaguely recall many voices talking. I think I was sitting in a chair, but I couldn’t move. Silhouettes passed in front of me as I struggled to regain my wits, failing time and again until, at some point later that day, I came to. It was dark in the room, but I soon realised I was sitting in the middle of our main lounge room, the fireplace behind me, the flames of a substantial inferno blazing away and providing the only light in the room. From the shadows a figure approached.

    “Alice? What ... what are you doing here?”

    It had been about six or seven months since I’d seen my wife. She looked as beautiful as ever, as innocent as ever ... except for the fact her belly was bulging against her clothes.

    “You... you’re pregnant?”

    “Uh-huh,” she grinned. “Twins!”

    I groaned, knowing that I had about as much idea of who the father of Alice’s babies was as she did.

    “God, why ... hey, why am I tied up?” For the first time, I noticed I was tightly bound to the seat, unable to move any of my limbs. Completely helpless.

    “I bet you are wondering why I am here,” she said, ignoring my question. “Well, that’ll become apparent very soon, believe me. But first ... I want to tease you a little, dear husband.”

    “Haven’t you done enough to me, Alice? Why do you persist in...”

    “Shut. Up. Cuck.”

    I shut my mouth as instructed, both shocked at her tone and her severe expression.

    “After you left, I spent week after week...” she said, putting her hands on my arms and leaning in close, “... getting fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked. All day, every day. Cocks in my pussy, cocks in my ass, cocks in both. It was wonderful, incredible. I never wanted to leave ... but I had to. Because of you. Because of what we are here to do today. I’d made a promise and I intended to keep that promise.”

    I gulped.

    “Melody and I, we couldn’t let it go. Your mother taking Charlotte away, denying her her right to sexual adventure as a woman. All that jazz. So we came back and here I am.”

    “I still don’t know...”

    I stopped talking at Alice’s glare. I was in her power now, completely. She stepped away and began to undress.

    “See these tits, James? You’ll never get to kiss or touch them again. Does that make you feel sad? Mmm, I’m always so fucking horny now, like all the time. And they’re getting bigger now I’m knocked up too, more sensitive. I love black guys sucking on them as they pound my holes. Feels soooo good.”

    She threw her top aside and slid off her skirt.

    “And my little pussy ... it isn’t little anymore, James. I bet if your little boy’s clit entered me, I’d not even feel it!”

    She exposed her naked pussy to me, running a finger up and down the dripping wet slit.

    “Taste my cunt, James,” she said, sliding her wet finger into my mouth. “Bet you like it, huh?”

    She stepped away, turning around to show her ass. Spreading herself, she showed me her rear entrance, playing with it, sliding fingers up her cunt and then into her ass.

    “I loooove getting my ass fucked, James,” she said. “I never thought I would, but ... it makes me cum so fucking hard when I’ve got a big black dick up there. And ... I’ve got something special planned for today, honey. Something I’ve been putting off for a long time that I’m going to do tonight. Just for you, cucky.”

    She laughed at me then, without another word, left me alone. I was still trying to process all this when Melody appeared in my field of view.

    “Poor James. You know, I still think she loves you, like I do. It might sound strange but...”

    “Nobody who loved me could do this sort of thing to me, Melody,” I snarled.

    “Well ... I guess we’ll see about that, won’t we?” she said, cryptically.

    “What ... what do you mean?”

    She sighed, shaking her head. “You’ll see.”

    Melody then too began to strip, less seductively than Alice, but I still felt myself hardening at the sight of her naked body. Even after all I’d seen since the holiday, I couldn’t deny my body’s reaction to my two wives. They were beautiful, so beautiful, and I knew why other men wanted to be with them.

    “I wish I’d never encouraged you, Mel,” I said. She smiled sweetly.

    “I’ll always be grateful that you did, you know,” she said. “In some ways, all this ... you enabled it. Kinda annoying for you, huh?”

    I groaned.

    “Well, I’ll see you again in a little while. Enjoy your ... surprise,” she winked.

    As she left, Charlotte came into the room.

    “Charlotte ... please, let me go,” I pleaded with her.

    “You know I can’t do that,” she said.

    “But why?”

    “Because I’m in the same boat with Melody and Alice, James,” she chuckled.

    “But ...”

    “The last few months has been hell for me, you know,” she said. “I’d had my taste of sex and wow, what a taste it was ... and then to be taken away by mother and you, brought back here and kept from going near black boys? It was agonising, knowing I had these urges now, burning desires that I couldn’t satiate.”

    I watched in horror as my sister began to strip too, casually speaking about her carnal lust as she did so.

    “Charlotte! Please, I ...”

    “You watched me getting fucked on your phone, James, don’t be prudish now,” she said, slipping off her panties and standing naked in front of me. “You think I’m sexy, brother? I can see your little dick is hard in there, so don’t deny it. I bet you’d love to fuck me, wouldn’t you, huh?”

    I groaned again.

    “Yeah, I’m right, aren’t I? Bet you beat your tiny little shrimp dick all the time fantasising about me ... but it’ll never happen. Not just because you’re my brother ... but because I only fuck black guys with massive cocks.”

    I cried out as she grabbed my crotch, feeling the hardness contained within.

    “God, it is so fucking small? Remember that guy who took my virginity? Your’s isn’t even like a third as long as that! Pathetic!”

    “Please ... Charlotte ... stop this ...”

    “Yeah, I don’t want to touch it anyway,” she said, wiping her hand aggressively on my trouser leg. “Just wanted to tell you that what Alice said on your holiday, about you watching us all get fucked in person, no more phones and shit ... that’s happening today.”

    “Please, just let me go...”

    “Uh-uh, bro,” she chuckled. “You haven’t seen your surprise yet.”

    “Wait ... wait,” I shouted as she made to leave. “Alice said she’d only do that if you AND mother were to ... you know, so ... just you three, she’s breaking her word.”

    “Ha, breaking her word? She’s knocked up with twins, James! Her word? What about her wedding vows? Doesn’t mean shit when up against the power of a black cock, James ... and anyway ... she’s not breaking her word, is she?”

    Another figure entered the room and my heart sank. It couldn’t be. Not this.

    “Oh God, no ... it can’t be ... please, this is all a bad dream, it can’t be happening.”

    “It is happening,” my mother said, stepping in front of me.

    “But ... you ... “

    “You should have gone yourself, James. You shouldn’t have sent me into Melody and Alice’s hands. You should have been a man and sorted this yourself. Instead, you sent me ...”

    She leaned forward.

    “...and they made me into a black cock whore, just like them.”

    I was weeping now, tears flowing down my face. Everyone I loved had betrayed me. But my ordeal had just begun.

    My mother was removing her blouse, exposing her breasts to me. I tried to look away but she grabbed my face and forced to look at her.

    “Don’t turn away, boy,” she said. “This is all for you today, for your ... pleasure. Well, no, it is for our pleasure, but you need to learn. The men that’ll fuck us - they’re real men. You ... you can’t satisfy women the way they need to be satisfied, James. Accept that. I’ve spoken to Alice. She’ll take you back. You’ll live like a cuckold’s life for her, for Melody ... and for Charlotte and me.”

    “No, please...”

    “You’ll work hard and provide for us all, you’ll make sure we get everything we want ... and, most importantly, you’ll help look after all the fucking black babies we’re going to pop out.”

    “Ba... babies?”

    “Oh yes, my womb is ripe and ready to carry a few more children, I think.”

    “Mother, no ... this is insanity!”

    “No, this is nature. Survival of the fittest. Soon you’re going to be a brother all over again, James ...”

    “...and an uncle too,” Charlotte said, appearing out of nowhere, rubbing her naked belly.

    Melody and Alice also came back in, hands on their bellies, swollen or otherwise.

    “This isn’t real...”

    “Oh, it’s real, wimp,” a deep, booming voice bellowed from the entrance to the already quite crowded room.

    “Oh my God...”

    It was the man who had deflowered Charlotte at the hotel, the one with the 16-inch cock, the same cock that was rock hard right now, sprouting from his muscular, naked physique as he stepped into the room. The women all cooed and sighed, moving to surround him, hands playing over his skin, stroking his enormous weapon, cupping his balls and generally worshipping him.

    “They all had the tests yesterday. I can testify to that, saw the results myself.”

    “But ... why?”

    “‘Cos I’m the fucking father of each fucking baby! Only right I’d be there to see my girls.”

    I was speechless. He’d fathered all the children? How was this possible?

    “Seems they liked my performance with Charlotte, wanted some of what I have to offer. So be rude not to give them what they wanted.”

    At this, he gave my mother a sloppy, tongue-filled kiss, all while the other three women were stroking and fondling him in various places.

    “You ready to get knocked up today, cunt?” he said after the kiss ended, looking deep into my mother’s eyes. She shuddered and moaned.

    “Fuck yes,” she hissed seductively. “I want every drop of your fucking cum in my womb.”

    “You been taking those fertility pills like you agreed?”

    “Like clockwork,” Mother said, her hand straying to her pussy, fingers finding her clit. She gasped as she began to masturbate herself.

    “So you know they help a lot, right? Chances are you’ll get bred today ... but maybe it won’t just be one child ... maybe you’ll have two or maybe three fucking babies in you after tonight, huh?”

    “Oh fuck! OH FUCK!” she yelled, hand furiously thrashing at her clit. “Yes, fuck yes, I want your fucking babies inside me, as many as possible!”

    “...and what happens once they’re born, huh? You done then?”

    “No! Never! As soon as I’m ready, I want you to fucking knock me up again! And again after that! Oh fuck, gonna cum ... gonna c...”

    The man slapped my mother’s hand away and she shrieked with frustration.

    “No fucking cumming until I say you can!”

    She seemed ready to explode, but then nodded unexpectedly.

    “Yes, Daddy,” she said.

    “That’s right. Now ... if you want to cum ... tell your wimp son what’s gonna happen tonight.”

    He spun her round and pushed her towards me. She leaned over, her breasts inches from my tear-stained face. Her hands were on my arms.

    “Son ... I’m going to get fucked right now by ... by that big fucking strong man. A real man. Not like you. Then ...” she shuddered, “...then I’m going to get fucked by a lot of other big, fucking black men. Some are going to fuck me up the ass ... then ... Oh fuck, it’ll be so good ... two of them are going to fuck me at once. Two will fuck my pussy, two will fuck my ass ... then ... oh Jesus ... THREE are going to fuck me at once. All for you, James. All for you.”

    “Mother, please... it’s not too late. Please ... don’t...”

    “Too late, fucker,” the man yelled, thrusting his enormous cock into my mother’s vagina. She screamed, but not in pain. Each thrust sent her rocking forward towards me, slapping me in the face with her dangling tits. I tried to move away, but I was stuck fast.

    “Oh fuck, it’s ... it’s even better than I thought!” Mother was yelling, her eyes rolling back in her head as the orgasm she’d been cruelly denied began to explode inside her. She began to just scream incoherently, body spasming and jerking about in the man’s vice grip, but he didn’t let up. I knew he was slamming every inch of his cock inside her, 16 inches of male flesh stretching her obscenely. And she loved every second of it.

    “See, James? That’s what a woman looks like when she’s having a real orgasm,” Melody said, putting her face close to mine, whispering in my ear. “You’ll never make anyone look like that or feel like that ... just accept that we’re black only from now on. That you’ll see all four of us cumming like that tonight, over and over as the black studs that are on their way just fuck us and fuck us and fuck us ...”

    “There’s nowhere to run too now, James,” Charlotte grinned at me from the other side of the room, her fingers toying with her pussy as she watched her own mother getting shamelessly fucked in front of us all. “No mommy to cry to now. God, she looks so fucking sexy having that amazing cock just punched into her pussy, doesn’t she?”

    “Just like you did, honey,” Alice laughed, moving to embrace my sister, their mouths meeting, tongues entwining, hands exploring each other.

    “You sluts are off the chain,” the man fucking my mother laughed, not breaking his rhythm at all despite the distraction. “Hey, momma, you like watching your fucking daughter doing that shit?”

    “Fuck yes!” my mother gasped, her body shuddering with the effects of her orgasm. “I fucking love it. I wasted too much time realising what I am, I don’t want my daughter to waste another fucking second pretending she isn’t a complete fucking whore. I’m just sorry I stopped her in the hotel. I should have let every fucking one of those beautiful men fill her cunt up with spunk. I should have joined in too ... I ... I ... fucking cumming again!”

    “That’s it, bitch!” the man yelled as he rammed himself home to the balls, every single inch of cock buried inside my mother. I could see his balls working and knew, as they both roared and screamed with pleasure, that he was inseminating my mother. After a while, she collapsed off of him, his cock still rock hard, something I just couldn’t understand. The laws of nature didn’t seem to apply to this stud. He didn’t soften at all, Melody leaving her post by my side to begin worshipping this mighty rod, covered in the combined juices of his spunk and my mother’s own cum. It must have tasted like nectar to Melody as she lavished the thick meat with her tongue, moaning and groaning away.

    “My ... fuck... incredible... Jesus...” my mother was mumbling as she lay on the sofa next to the man and Melody. I watched with horror as my sister giggled and broke away from Alice, moving to my mother’s splayed form, her pussy gaping wide with sperm oozing out... and my sister then beginning to lick and lap at her mother’s hole.

    “Shit, I’m getting some of that teen’s cunt now while she eats her momma,” the man laughed and seconds later he was slamming his godlike cock into Charlotte’s eager cunt, my sister’s yelps of ecstasy muffled by my mother’s cunt.

    “Dear God,” I said, tears running down my face as my family engaged in such wicked acts right in front of me. “Please, somebody stop this. I can’t ... just ...”

    I was literally weeping now, unable to staunch the flow. My life was crashing down around me yet again ... and yet, just as I thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did.

    “Fuck, homie,” I heard a gruff voice say from the doorway. I turned to see a young black man standing there, arms crossed, a smirk on his face, looking at the scene in front of him. “Couldn’t wait for us to turn up, huh?”

    “You know it, son,” the man buried inside my sister said. “Plenty of pussy to go around, though.”

    “Hell, don’t have to tell me twice. Which of you bitches wants to take my dick first?”

    “Leave some for the rest of us, brother!” another voice shouted over his and I watched through my tears as a group of men poured into the room. To my horror, the whole room was filling up with black men of varying ages, but as they began to undress, they all had one thing in common - massive cocks. Greedily, Melody and Alice got on their knees, devouring each and any dick presented to them, surrounded by male members in seconds. I saw through the crowd that one man had squatted over my mother and she was busy sucking his balls, the gigantic cock flopping over her face as she did so.

    “What’s with the white loser?” I heard one say.

    “Just some fucking worthless cuck, I think,” another replied.

    “He’s ... my .... oooh shit ... wimpy brother!” Charlotte gasped.

    “Damn, that’s cold, cuckolding your own brother!”

    “Just ... wait ... until ... he sees me take a cock in my ass as well!”

    “Fuck yeah! Then don’t let the poor sucker wait, girl!”

    The man fucking her lifted my sister’s lithe frame up as if she was weightless, carrying her back to the sofa and sitting down. She positioned herself on top of him, letting herself slide down onto his prick, every inch buried inside her cunt. She groaned with pleasure as she did this, a look of bliss on her face. Then the second man approached, his cock slick with the saliva of one of the other women.

    “Ready, slut?”

    “I’m always ready to take a black cock, master,” my sister said, flashing a grin back at him. He grunted in appreciation and pushed her forward. He pushed the head of his dick into my sister’s virgin rectum, causing her to grimace slightly, but she took it like a champ and it wasn’t long before her petite frame was being assaulted by both men, vicious and brutal strokes of each cock slamming into her.

    “Holy fuck, look at that little slut!” another man said. “Hey momma, your little daughter can do it, so can you!”

    “No! No!” I heard my mother said, taking a cock from her mouth.

    “Hey, you got all this dick and you don’t want it up your ass? Damn, I’m in the wrong house!”

    “No, that’s not it, I’d LOVE you to fuck my ass ... but I want two in my fucking pussy first!”

    “Hell yes, I love these bitches!”

    So when I thought my mother had been struggling to take her first black lover earlier, I was now proved incorrect as two similarly sized beasts crammed themselves into her appallingly stretched cunt. The sounds of her wet, sloppy pussy, already pumped full of semen earlier, were grotesque to me, all squelching and squishing as her juices flowed and the two men pounded her as hard as they could. This was the same woman who had birthed me and there was that same pussy being savagely fucked by two random black men.

    “Like what you see, cuck?” a man yelled in my face.

    “That’s ... my ... mommy” I whimpered, but all I got was laughter.

    “Your sister and mother? Hahaha, fucking hell!”

    “And we were both married to him!” I heard Alice laugh.

    “Damn, you havin’ a bad day, fool,” yet another man guffawed.

    “This isn’t the end, we’ll be doing this all the time, we can’t get enough of your wonderful cocks,” Alice said, stroking a couple of the dicks with both of her hands. “And I personally want both of these inside me right now.”

    “You got it, slut,” one of the men said. “And how about you?”

    Melody took her mouth off the cock she was sucking, grinning at the man.

    “Two cocks sounds good to me,” she said.

    “Where do you want them?”

    “In my ass.”

    “Both of them?”

    “Oh yeah, both of them,” she said, visibly shuddering with excitement. By this point nothing was surprising me, even the sight of both of my wives, ex and otherwise, fitting two gigantic penises into their holes. I was essentially forgotten now, all four women too lost to their lust as multiple men thrust cocks into the stretched holes, forced dicks down their throats, swapping partners over and over as each woman was driven over the edge of their pleasure thresholds, allowed to recover for a few minutes then plunged back into the depths of depravity.

    I saw my sister lapping up sperm from our mother’s pussy, I saw the roles reversed with cum spewing out of my sister’s freshly butchered asshole. I saw my wives take on two men in various configurations, screaming with ecstasy as the male lovers gave them everything they got. Each woman’s holes were stretched and gaping so much that they didn’t snap back quickly now. It was grotesque, obscene.

    Eventually, I just slumped in my chair, head facing the floor, eyes closed. I’d cried out all my tears in the cacophony of sexual noise, screaming and grunting. I didn’t notice when things had come to a conclusion, my mind broken by all that I’d seen. When someone finally untied me, I just slumped to the ground. I must have fallen unconscious at some point because I woke up the next morning, the room empty and back to ‘normal’, as if nothing had happened.

    I stumbled to my feet and went upstairs. I had to get out of here, though I didn’t know where I’d go. I pushed open my bedroom door, but stopped when I saw Melody and an unknown black male sleeping my bed. I went to my sister’s room and she was there, flanked by two males, and in my mother’s room lay Alice and my mother, cuddled up naked together, sound asleep.

    I couldn’t get my stuff without waking them, so I resolved to just leave the house. I grabbed some food from the fridge, stuffed into a backpack and made to leave.

    “Uh-uh, cucky,” a voice said, a vast black hand clamping down on my right shoulder as I reached for the knob. “You ain’t going anywhere ‘less you’re allowed to.”

    I was spun around and found myself looking up at the man who had impregnated all of the women in my life. I shrunk in front of him, his raw physicality intimidating me.

    “I ... I was just ...”

    “Don’t lie to me, cuck,” he spat. “You worthless motherfucker. Just gon’ run away like that. You never fought for yo’ girls, did you? Just whinged and let it happen. Pathetic. They right, you ain’t no real man. Get your fucking clothes off.”

    “Wh... what?”

    “Do it or I’ll rip ‘em off. You think I want to see your wimpy body, huh? No, Momma just told me to bring you back up. They ain’t done with you yet.”

    I whimpered but did as I was told. I stood naked, hands in front of my shrivelled penis, covering myself.

    “I can see why your wives left you, man,” he smirked. “Now, get your skinny butt up those stairs. Go to Momma’s room.”

    I did so and found my mother sitting up in bed. The shower was running, so I knew Alice was in there.

    “Ah, James,” my mother beamed at me. “My, what a little wimp you are, look at you. I didn’t realise quite how scrawny you were and...”

    The big man had come up behind me and gave me a push, sending me stumbling into the room. As I did so, I threw out my hands to steady myself, exposing my ‘manhood’ to my mother.

    She laughed.

    “Oh my goodness, how utterly ... pathetic.”

    I blushed, moving to cover myself again, but the man slapped me on the back of the head. It was obvious I would not be allowed even that slight bit of modesty here.

    “Even your father had a bigger dick than that, James, and he wasn’t exactly endowed. No wonder Melody and Alice strayed. Oh dear, I feel so sorry for you...”

    As usual, I didn’t know what to say to this. I was as emasculated as a man could be. The sound of the shower went off as I stood there and Alice walked back into the room, towelling her hair, naked body dripping with water.

    “Mmm, feel much better now, invigorated, ready for more sex!”

    “You do look as gorgeous as ever, my dear,” my mother said to her. “I bet our resident stud here would be happy to give you what you need.”

    “Mmm-hmm, and all with my darling hubby watching too,” she winked at me. “Poor James, look at you in comparison to Moe here. Sorry, that’s not fair - there’s no comparison at all. He’s a man and you, dear James, aren’t.”

    She climbed back into the bed and lay on her back, holding her legs up high and wide, exposing her pussy.

    “Come on, lover ... my cunt needs to be super-stretched out again!”

    Moe chuckled, pushing past me and getting on top of Alice, sliding his enormous cock into her, right to the root, in one easy movement.

    “I’ll never get tired of seeing - or feeling - that, James,” my mother said, eyeing the two lovers next to her greedily. “And you won’t either. This is your life now, James. You serve us, our black lovers, our children when they come out. You understand me? You have no choice.”

    She was right. I had no choice.

    Behind me, I heard Charlotte and Melody enter the room. They pushed past me too, a few black men following them. Soon, they too were getting fucked in front of me, Melody on the softly carpeted floor, Charlotte getting nailed from behind as she lapped at my mother’s pussy.

    I had no choice. I might as well accept my role here.

    I felt my little dicklet get hard and began to stroke myself. I came within five seconds of touching myself, my pitiful load dribbling out all over the floor. Nobody noticed.
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