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. Caught on Camera - Chapter 1

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Interqueen, Mar 12, 2019.

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  1. Interqueen

    Interqueen Well-Known Member Member

    Alice and I crashed down on the beach towel, laughing our heads off. For a second, I just drank it all in. The warmth of the sun heating our cold bodies, fresh from the ocean. The sight of my beautiful wife lying next to me, golden hair cascading out haphazardly like a silken corona. Her heaving chest as she and I recovered our breath. Just ... everything at that moment was perfect. Of course, nothing lasts forever but if I could go back to any moment in my life, it would be then. Everything was ... right. Yes, right. Things would change for us in the next few weeks, but then ... yeah, that would be my time.

    “That was ... fun!” she breathed, turning her to look at me. There were other people around, a few other holidaymakers revelling in the Caribbean sun, but for me there was only Alice and myself. She rolled onto her side, looking into my eyes.

    “I do love you, you know,” she said, smiling in her innocent way. She ran fingers down my chest, rubbing my stomach. I winced slightly, knowing I’d put on a bit of weight recently and embarrassed by it. Alice didn’t seem to mind - she had a model’s figure and, indeed, I often encouraged her to try doing some. Tasteful stuff, of course. I didn’t want anyone else to share my wife’s assets, as it were. They were mine and for me alone. Old fashioned, maybe ... but I loved her too much to share her. There was another reason for my possessiveness too, but I didn’t want to think about ... her. About my first wife, Melody. No, I wouldn’t let those memories intrude and spoil these precious moments.

    I smiled back, saying the words back to her. She sighed happily and turned back to stare at the blue sky.

    “Halfway through the holiday now,” she mused. “Time does fly, doesn’t it? It feels like we only just got here!”

    “I know,” I said. “It’s been so nice to get away from work and all that. It’s been so stressful ... well, you know about that. No shop talk! I promised myself!”

    “I know, honey,” she said and I saw her glance down at the lower half of my body. “Perhaps ... well, later on ... we can try again.”

    “I’ll do my best,” I said, trying not to worry. In recent months, we’d been trying to have a baby. We’ve been married three years now and we’re both secure in our jobs - Alice works as a lecturer at the local university and I’m an architect. We’re pretty well off for money, as you can imagine ... but stress can hit anyone, no matter their circumstances. Just after we’d decided to try for a child, I was suddenly hit with a tonne of work that has had a deleterious effect on my mental and physical health. I used to hit the gym all the time but now I’ve just not been able to find the time.

    I won’t go into all that, but my body has ... er, filled out a bit in the wrong ways and, most agonisingly, I’ve started to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Just when I needed to be at my best, I was laid low. No matter what, I just couldn’t maintain myself long enough to do the deed. A vicious circle formed - my desperation merely fuelled by lack of ability and the stress of work just piled on top until ... we had to escape. I knew those on high would be unhappy at me taking time off at this crucial time in the projects, but they were also understanding enough to know that if I collapsed, they’d have to waste a lot of time getting someone new in to take over and keep all those plates spinning.

    So they let me go for two weeks. We’d decided not to pressure me for a little while, let it all happen naturally ... but I guess even Alice’s remarkable patience had worn thin. She wanted sex, she wanted a baby and I was going to try to make it all happen for her that night, it seemed. At least, I was going to try to try, if that makes sense.

    She sighed again, but I noticed that this time it wasn’t happily. The problem was that every time I realised I was letting her down, it just exacerbated the problem. I’d considered using performance drugs, but my doctor had strongly advised against them because of a heart condition I have. It isn’t threatening, but ... some medical thing, I don’t recall the details. Essentially, they were a no-go. I had to do it the natural way and for once in my life, I was failing.

    “How about we go get a bite to eat, honey?” I said, trying to change the subject. “I saw an interesting local place down the beach a ways, perhaps we could try that out?”

    “I guess,” she said, still sunk in thought. She sat up, took one last look at the ocean, before joining me. I took her arm in mine and she smiled at me. She knew she was putting pressure on me and I forgave her for it. All unspoken. We were that close, you see. I could read her thoughts and she could read mine.

    Getting to the place, we sat outside and waited for a waiter to come over. Finally one did, an enormous black man, easily 6 foot 6 inches, dressed casually and sporting a rather dishevelled notepad. He looked me up and down then spoke ... to Alice.

    “What can I get for you today, sweetness?”

    I flushed slightly, unhappy with how he was looking at her. She didn’t seem to mind though ... or she just didn’t notice. The man took our orders, barely glancing at me the whole time.

    “I’m not sure we should stay, honey,” I said when he’d slunk off. “I ... I don’t like it.”

    “Come on now, it’s fine,” she said, touching my hand. “Men will look at me, you know. It is the way of the world. I’m sure women look at you sometimes too. I just know you’re all mine and so what if other people look? You’re not going to run off with anyone else, are you?”

    She laughed as I looked shocked. “No! Of course not, I would never...”

    “Relax, come on, he’s already got the drinks.”

    The waiter was indeed returning, brandishing two cocktails on a tray.

    “For the prettiest customer I’ve served today,” he said, gingerly placing my wife’s glass on the table. “And your one too.”

    He didn’t take any care with mine and some of it even sloshed out onto the table. I flushed again, but didn’t say anything as he walked off again.

    “Okay, well, that was probably uncalled for,” Alice smiled. “At least they’re efficient. Come on, let’s not let him spoil anything. See, the food’s here already too!”

    I had to give them that, they were remarkably quick. We tucked in and, halfway through, the waiter came over again with some more drinks. As he put mine down, I swear he deliberately let it fall and completely soak my shirt.

    I stood up sharply, knocking my chair over, glaring at him.

    “Oh, I’m so sorry,” the waiter said, though I didn’t think he could have been less apologetic. “You can change in our restrooms if you want.”

    It was fortunate indeed that we had purchased some spare beach shorts earlier that day and I grumpily walked off with them to the toilets. Returning a few minutes later, I was dismayed to find the waiter sitting next to my wife, chatting to her. There were other customers about, why was he wasting time with her? Unbidden memories threatened to flood back in again, but I pushed them aside. I strode purposefully back to our table and coughed. Then coughed again as neither of them noticed me.

    “Oh, hi dear,” Alice said, spotting me at last. “Shaun here was just telling me about this wonderful restaurant in town we should go to later. He says it is one of those places the tourists don’t really know about, so it is nice and traditional ... but it isn’t like a dive or anything. It is really nice. His uncle runs it.”

    “Did he now?” I said, suspiciously.

    “Yeah man, you should definitely go check it out,” the waiter said, standing and looking down at me from his lofty perch up in the clouds. My goodness, he was tall. “Tell Uncle Sammy that Shaun sent you, he’ll give you a nice discount.”

    “Er, yeah, sure, we might do that,” I mumbled, sitting back down. Suddenly, my appetite wasn’t what it was, but at least I’d got that man away from Alice. That was something.

    I was just raising my glass to my lips - the waiter had brought me a new drink - when I heard a woman shriek behind me. I jumped and almost spilled my drink again, but what I saw when I turned to see who it was chilled the blood in my veins.

    It was Melody!

    “James! James! Oh my word, it is you, isn’t it?” my ex-wife bellowed as she came over to our table. “My God, how long has it been? Five years? Six?”

    “Er, yes, about that. Hello, Melody,” I said, glancing at Alice, who was looking at us, slightly bemused.

    “Sorry, Melody? Are you... THAT Melody?”

    “For my sins!” she chuckled. “Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard lots about me from ... you must be Alice, right? Our James is such a charmer, managing to get himself two gorgeous wives in one lifetime. My, my, James, you fell on your feet with her.”

    “Er, yes, thank you,” Alice said, frowning slightly. “But no, James hasn’t told me much about you. I respect his privacy with this, I know it was a difficult period in his life. I know that there was ... another man, I think he said. But no, I could see it wasn’t something I should press him on.”

    “Ah, dear sweet Alice,” Melody said, sitting with us despite not being invited to do so. “But no, it wasn’t a man ... it was men, plural. And women. Lots of them. Really quite a lot indeed...”

    She grinned at me and I shrank into myself.

    “Me... Men? Women?” Alice’s turn to look flustered.

    “Oh, don’t worry, this isn’t really the time or the place, is it?” she said, reaching to put her hand on Alice’s. I watched with cold fury as she left it there just a hint too long, looking at my wife.

    “But yes, anyway,” she said, leaning back in her chair. “I am amazed to find you two here! This is one of my favourite little places on the island, they do such lovely food.”

    I hadn’t thought it was particularly special, but I wasn’t an expert or anthing.

    “And, of course, there are some ... extras on the menu here that a girl just can’t get enough of!” Melody said, eyes twinkling. “Oh... dear Shaun, how good to see you again. My, you are looking buff as ever!”

    He bent over to hug my wife, much to my surprise and then - as Alice and I watched in shock and horror - proceeded to French kiss her for at least a minute! Right in front of us both!

    After what seemed like forever, they removed their tongues from each other’s mouths and carried on as if it hadn’t happened.

    “I’ll see you later, I think, if you’ve got any more of that ... local sausage you keep back especially for me...?”

    “We got plenty of that, ma’am,” Shaun grinned at my ex-wife and then looked at Alice. “For whoever wants it.”

    Alice shuddered slightly, but I wasn’t sure what the man was trying to say.

    “Er, yes, thank you, Shaun,” I said. “I think we’ll probably be going now. We’ve got a tour of...”

    “Oh nonsense!” Melody interrupted. “Look, you can’t expect a girl to come away on holiday without going shopping, right? I remember you, James, you weren’t one for shopping sprees ... and I think little Alice here, she likes to indulge occasionally, am I right?”

    “Well, I do like it from time to time,” Alice admitted. I wasn’t happy where this was going.

    “Hey, so, why don’t I take lovely Alice here on a big shopping binge, get souvenirs, clothes, all that stuff ... and you go play golf. You still play, right?”

    I had to admit the idea was tempting. Golf always relaxed me, regardless of how well I played. Maybe it would help with ...

    “Okay, sure, I can do that. I’ll ask at the hotel, see if there’s anywhere I can go play.”

    “Fantastic! Oh, we’re all going to have such a wonderful time, aren’t we, Alice?”

    “Er, yeah, I guess? You sure you’re okay with this, darling?”

    See, if I’d had as much skill reading my wife as I said earlier, I’d have seen she was looking for a lifeline, a way to back away from this overpowering women that had entered her life and rejoined mine. But I was distracted by the golf idea and so I missed this cue. I look back on it now and ... yeah, I kinda wish I’d spotted it.

    So off I went back to the hotel, my wife tagging along meekly with Melody, who was talking and using her arms expressively as she did so. You know, I said before that I wouldn't ... but now I guess I should probably tell you about her, now she has entered my tale. I first met Melody in the local library of all places when I was 22. She was 19 and enrolled at the university. They had a far superior library, of course, but she said that she liked the feeling of the local one in our town more than the big place on campus. I guess I could see that and one thing led to another and we went on a date.

    This might surprise you, but she was really shy. And really bookish. She was pretty, but she did it behind loose clothing, conservative hairstyles and so on. Still, there was something about her that attracted me - other than me not having had a girlfriend for quite a while at that point. I’d like to think I helped her out of her shell and, over the time we dated, she started to become more confident in herself.

    Eventually she graduated, but she didn’t want to go home. She wanted to stay with me ... so we married. We were both so happy and I marvelled at the confident young woman my Melody was becoming. However, as can happen with this sort of thing, the girl I’d first met was growing to become someone else as she blossomed. As I’ve said, she started to wear more ... confident clothing, stuff that showed more flesh than I was comfortable with. One day, I came home and found her sunbathing on the balcony of our flat in the nude!

    I didn’t say anything because I’d always wanted her to be confident in herself, to be bubbly and outgoing ... but this struck me as maybe a bit too much. I resolved to keep an eye on her. I didn’t have to wait long for the next incident - again I came home and found her nude on the balcony... but this time her friend Janet was there. And she was naked too! I cried out in surprised when I saw them and Melody raised her sunhat from her eyes, saw me, smiled, then put it back in place. Janet didn’t even blink, just continued lying there, soaking up the sun.

    For an hour I paced up and down in our bedroom, running crazy thoughts all through my mind. Was she a lesbian? Was she having an affair with a woman? Was she just so comfortable now that she didn’t care about people seeing her body? I remember the first time I saw her naked, it took a long time to get her to that point. And she kept instinctively covering herself! And now she was lying outside with a random woman!

    Ironically, it was me that was becoming more introverted, more shy. I ended up not confronting her about it, afraid of upsetting her or jeopardising our marriage. I think she took it as an acceptance, but maybe she didn't care. I mean, she had every right to do what she did ... that time, anyway.

    Not the next time, however. A week later, I came home and she was in our lounge, clad only in an almost negligible bikini ensemble, chatting with two men! I’d never met them before, but Melody introduced them as Clive and Roman. I was uncomfortable, but she didn’t pay any attention to that. She said they were her “new friends” she’d met in town that day. Well, I mumble a hello and then disappeared with the groceries into the kitchen. She made no move to help me.

    I was packing away the things when Roman came in. Bold as you like, he opened the refrigerator and helped himself to a beer. Cracking it open, he took a big gulp then, noticing I was looking at him, turned to speak to me.

    “Ah, I think you are being ... James, yes?” he said in an eastern European accent. “Yes, I remember name ... you are Melody’s ... flatmate? I think she say that.”

    I raised my eyebrows in surprise and was just about to reply when something stopped me. I don’t know what and maybe it would have been better had I corrected him. Instead, I said nothing.

    “Hmm, yes, your friend Melody. Very nice girl, very nice. She came to our bar - we run bar in town - today and said she wanted ... oh, I forget words... sorry.”

    I shrugged, not knowing what to say.

    “Yes, I remember now,” he said, raising his beer and taking another swig. “She wanted to meet more men in neighbourhood. Make friends, yes? She very friendly. We say we be her friends, but she also want ... er, camera? Yes, make video.”

    “A video? What of?”

    He ignored my question. “She said we do video later this week. We just come round to ... do measure for angles and stuff.”

    “I’m ... I’m confused, sorry. Why did she go to a bar to ask to make a video?”

    “Ah yes, apologies, she ... girlfriend of Melody tell her we also make videos for people, it is good money. She already pay us good money, so we make video, yes?”

    “Wait... money? Why... nevermind.” I was bemused. I was still starting out in my career and she didn’t have a job at the moment, so blowing money on ... videos? That was very unusual. Reckless, even. I couldn’t just ignore this ... but also, how could I even broach the subject?

    “Yes, we bring the people she wants here next week in morning. We do video, clear up, everything done nice and easy.”

    “Er, yeah, sounds good...”

    “Yes, I go back in now. Will see you later, flatmate man, I am sure.”

    He left me alone and, slowly, I packed the rest of the stuff away. What the hell was going on? I decided (again) not to mention it to Melody, instead hatching a plan to discover what was going on myself. She didn’t mention the video once, but I had to think she was unconcerned as to whether I knew about it or not. So would she be angry if I were to come in and disturb whatever was happening? Maybe it was a surprise for me? I cudgelled my brains for a few days thinking about what I could do and then it hit me - I would video the video.

    I’ve always been a dab hand with electronics, so it was simple to install a couple of hidden cameras in the flat while Melody was out. I had them all recording and feeding the captured footage through to my computer, which I would monitor remotely from my office. I tested it a few times it worked well.

    All I had to do then was wait.
    So I waited and, at the time appointed, my patience paid off. Kind of. I went to work early on the appointed day and cleared all the important stuff I had to as quickly as I could, meaning I could watch the feed from my home in relative peace and quiet. I look back and think about how crazy this all was - spying on my wife and so on. But back then ... I had to know what was going on. It was probably innocent, but my mind wasn’t letting me rest.

    I was sitting at my desk, idly flicking through work emails when I saw my wife enter the lounge area of our apartment. The cameras I’d installed were very good quality so the image of her was clear. I ignored my work and focused entirely on my other screen. Melody was tidying up a bit, it seemed, which wasn’t particularly interesting viewing ... except for the fact she was entirely nude while she was doing it!

    I watched her go about her business and, for a second, just marvelled at this beautiful person I’d been lucky enough to saddle myself to. I heard the doorbell ring off camera and my heart sunk as I saw Melody exit the room ... and then return with the two men from the other day. They were carrying camera equipment and all sorts ... and she was entirely comfortable, it seemed, standing there with them in her birthday suit.

    God, what was going to happen here? Were they going to ... no, it didn’t seem like they were. The men just busied themselves with the equipment and Melody left the room. For a second I’d thought ... but that was just absurd. No, she wouldn’t have sex with men on camera... this was a girl who’d barely been able to speak to me a few years before ... going from that to being a porn star? Crazy... and yet she was naked... there was no getting away from that.

    She returned in about 30 seconds arm in arm with a third man, someone I’d not seen before. He was wearing a baseball cap and a t-shirt with some random logo on it. Very casual looking, but he was grinning from ear to ear from what I could see. So was Melody...

    “Okay, right, let’s get going soon,” the man said. Was he a director of some kind? He seemed to be in charge. “Why don’t you sit there, Melody, and we can have a little chat before we kick off.”

    She did as she was told, sitting with legs together, hands on knees, innocent and sweet ... and naked in front of three men. The eastern European guy was focusing on her with a handheld camera now and the ‘director’ began to ... well, interview my wife. He introduced himself to ... I don’t know who really and then Melody came in.

    “Hi, yes, my name’s Melody Chapman and I’m so excited to be here today, really. I’m reeeally excited!”

    “Wow, great!” the director said. “Not nervous at all? Most girls are when they do this for the first time ... and this is your first time, isn’t it?”

    “Oh yes, yes, it is,” she nodded, smiling. “But no, not nervous. Not really. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and ... maybe a while ago I’d have been nervous. I used to be so shy, but now ... my husband helped me crack my shell and ... okay, here I am, out of it, I guess! Not sure you can get much more extrovert than doing this!”

    “No, I think you might be right. So how old are you?”

    “I’m 23, just turned it a few weeks ago.”

    “And you say you are married?”

    “Oh yes, to a really nice guy,” she said, making me swell with pride despite the bizarre scene I was watching. “Yeah, here’s the ring to prove it!”

    She held up her gold band to the camera, which showed it in close up before she took her hand away.

    “I know our viewers will take extra pleasure in knowing that you’re going to be wearing that today.”

    “I’m pleased to please them!” Melody giggled.

    “I think they’re going to love you, Melody,” the man said.

    “I hope so! I’m hoping I can do a job for them.”

    “Your husband doesn’t know about this, I assume?”

    “No, no, I’ve not figured out how to tell him ... but what the hell, I want to do it so ... just do it, yeah? Why wait? Nothing will change.”

    “What if he objects to ...?”

    “Ah, he probably will ... which is why I guess I’m just doing it anyway. A girl has needs ... and he just isn’t going to satisfy them, sadly. If he could, maybe I’d not be doing this ...”

    “What sort of needs are these then?” the man said, obviously knowing the answer already. Melody’s face lit up at the question.

    “Why ... the need to get my pussy stretched out by a massive black cock, of course!”

    If I’d been drinking anything, I’d have spat it out all over my screen in surprise. I guess I’d known something like this was going to happen ... but a black guy? And that she was so brazen, so un-Melody-like about it? And had I really been instrumental in all this, helping her overcome her shyness ... to get THIS in return? A slut for a wife?

    “Kinda like this?” the man was saying. I then saw a big, burly male enter the room, naked as my wife was. My eyes opened even wider than before when I saw what was sprouting from between his legs - and I saw that Melody was licking her lips in anticipation!

    The penis that erupted from his loins must have been 12 inches at least in length and thicker than I thought humanly possible. It was like an elephant’s trunk, dangling obscenely from him ... and it wasn’t even hard. It would get even bigger when engorged, I realised ... and then I also realised it would be entering my wife’s petite body soon! And I was sitting here, utterly helpless and impotent, as my wife gleefully eyed this monstrous cock!

    “Oh wow,” she said, eyes glued to the dick in front of her. “What a beauty! I mean ... just wow! And is this all for little me?”

    “Uh-huh,” the brute grunted. “All for your sweet, white cunt.”

    “Oh dear, I just hope it’ll go in me ... all the way in me ... oh fuck, just FUCK ME NOW!”

    Clearly the men had been expecting more preamble, more setup ... but my wife’s libido had other ideas - she wanted that man inside her that instant. I watched in horror as she spread herself, her pussy clearly dripping wet ... and then I watched a man other than me enter her body. To my amazement, she took it all - every single gargantuan inch of it - into her pussy. She groaned and gasped and winced ... but she took it. And then the man really let her have it, nailing her twitching, writhing body with brutal, vicious strokes until I watched my wife cumming in ecstasy all over his massive cock.

    She cursed me over and over, continuously praising this hulking stud for being more manly than me, for being able to make her feel like a “real woman” while he pounded her incessantly. He took her in a large variety of positions, bending her about the place while always being able to slam himself home to the balls in her juicy cunt. I’d have been hugely aroused had this been a random porn girl ... but it wasn’t. It was my wife and she was humiliating me in front of ... well, a few men here but I shuddered to think what would happen once this was released. Would people know this was my wife, this rampant slut begging for this black man to fill her womb with “that baby-making cream”?

    And he did, of course. He growled and held himself in her and she screamed with joy that he was cumming inside her. Then she collapsed back, her pussy stretching and gaping, and held herself open for the camera to get a good, long look at the sperm oozing out of her slit. It was grotesque yet she was loving it. Then came the kicker.

    “That was some scene, Melody!”
    “Holy fuck, I loved it! It was even better than I expected. Seriously, it was the best sex ever by, like, a million miles. I’m never fucking a white guy ever again!”

    “Not even your husband?”

    “Never! I mean it, I’m not settling for less than that ever again.”

    “Wow, a true black convert!” The black man could be seen nodding approvingly. I wanted to hate him ... but I couldn’t really. He was doing his job, it wasn’t personal. But still...

    “Oh yes, for sure ... and I want more! Really ... more, more, more!”

    “Damn, girl,” the black man laughed. “You gotta give me a little while to recover, you know...”

    “I don’t mean you ... I mean any black man. You got some friends with big cocks? Get them over here and they can all fuck me! I’ll do them all - on camera, for free. No more money - just film them gangbanging the fuck out of me!”

    Everyone - including me - was stunned. Then phones were pulled out and calls were made. I really should have switched off the feed ... but I kept it on, my work ignored ... and twenty minutes later, more black men began to enter my apartment and all hell broke loose.

    I won’t dwell on that ... carnage anymore, but suffice to say a lot of men fucked my wife that day. Some were even bigger than the first man, if you can believe that. I did finally switch off after two hours of watching my wife get fucked by a group of studs ... I don’t know why I watched it that long. It was mesmerising.

    I didn’t go home for a long time that day, for obvious reasons. When I did, it was as if nothing had ever happened. All sweetness and light, a scene of domestic bliss with the unknown wrinkle of a wife who seemed to get off on taking big dicks inside her and a husband who knew about it but had no idea how to approach the subject. So he didn’t. Yet.

    I also don’t know why I left all the cameras and such up and running. I told myself repeatedly it is because I couldn’t find the time to do it surreptitiously ... but then I’d found the time to set them all up so ... no, I think - deep down - I wanted to see if this was a one-off. Was Melody just getting something out of her system (by putting lots of big things into it) or was she as wickedly depraved as that day had illustrated?

    Anyway, nothing happened for a little while. To all intents and purposes, we were a fully functional couple. We went out to restaurants, met friends, visited family and so on ... all the while there I was knowing she had this alter ego. Of course, she could have been going off to places to see her ... er, male friends, but I was sticking to her more often than usual and I didn’t know if she had the time to do this. Except when I was at work, of course. Not much I could do about that.

    And so it proved that, yes, it was while my work occupied my time that she ... strayed. About two weeks after the first incident, I sat down at my desk and, while busying myself with reports and so on, tuned into the stream being piped from my house. And there she was, lying on our marital bed, a big, black man already fucking the shit out of her. Melody’s legs were spread wide, toes pointed at the ceiling, as the burly man slammed his clearly enormous penis repeatedly into her vagina. I had to marvel at her efficiency ... I’d only been gone about 45 minutes or so and she was already getting screwed!

    I tried to concentrate on my work, but there she was in my peripheral vision, taking cock in my own fucking bed. And naturally it wasn’t just one cock - soon it became apparent that there was more than one man present ... and I realised there were no cameras there this time. This was purely a ‘I want to get fucked and so I will’ session from my wife. I had a meeting to go to and, when I returned, two hours later, she was STILL getting fucked! Whether they were the same men, I don’t know. Whether she’d taken a break ... no idea. All I knew is she seemed to be as enthusiastic as when I first tuned in.

    As I sat down, heart heavier than ever, I saw a man holding himself inside her, head thrown back, my wife’s hands clawing the bed underneath her. He was obviously dumping a huge fucking load deep, deep into her body. From the way she was squirming, I imagined the head of his cock was smushed right up against her cervix and he was almost literally pouring his seed directly into her womb.

    When he finally finished, the enormous cock that slid out of my wife made my jaw drop open ... and her pussy didn’t close up, gaping wide and oozing sperm and juices.

    “Holy fuck,” I heard my wife say through the headphones lying on my desk. “You motherfucker, how much cum did you fucking dump in me? And all you guys fucking know I’ve stopped taking the pill ... ha ha, if that doesn’t knock me up, I don’t know what will?”

    For some reason, I’d thought that she couldn’t shock me much after all this ... but this was beyond ... well, beyond. You could say it was the final straw but to hear her gleefully going on about becoming pregnant by one of these men ... something snapped in me. I had to confront her about this. Getting pregnant was ... how could I explain a black child away? I wouldn’t want to raise another man’s baby!

    Then the situation spiralled even further out of my control. It all happened in the blink of an eye - from stage left entered a gorgeous black woman, skin the colour of dark chocolate, naked as the day she was born. Without any preamble, she knelt between my wife’s legs and started lapping up the ooze flowing freely from her stretched pussy. So she was into girls now too?? Could this get any weirder? Just how many people were in the apartment with her?

    I could see my wife was loving the attention from this woman, a lustful smile on her face as she oohed and aahed as the woman tongued her to Heaven. A man appeared, offering his King Kong-esque cock to Melody, which she gleefully accepted into her mouth. ANOTHER girl appeared - this time a white one - and she began to feast upon Melody’s breasts, sucking and teasing each nipple in turn while caressing her stomach with one hand. I heard her say something about black babies growing inside my wife, making my stomach churn.

    Then came the denouement.

    Melody broke away from the cock, slowly jacking it off with one hand ... and turned to face the camera directly!

    “Mmm, yes, how do you feel about raising some black kids, husband? Guys, say hello to my peeping tom of a hubby up there...”

    She pointed at the ‘hidden’ camera and all actors in this particular drama turned to look right at ‘me’. My heart sank even further. The white girl even waved.

    “I hope you’ve been enjoying watching me getting fucked by all these studs. I know you could never give me this ... satisfaction, so don’t worry... but mmmdhfgfdgh!”

    She was cut-off by the cock being thrust back into her mouth.

    “Shut the fuck up, cunt,” the man said, gruffly. “Fuck that white sissy, he know the score.”

    I saw Melody glance back at the camera, shrug and resume her oral ministrations. At that moment, another black man replaced the black girl and thrust what must have been 14 inches of black dick into my wife’s pussy in one single movement!

    At that moment, I had to switch off. My mind was awhirl and I knew we’d be discussing this when I got home. I didn’t want to go home ... but I had to. This was my sham of a marriage, after all.

    And when I did finally return, it was as pitiful an ending to a marriage as you could imagine. There was no anger, no plate-throwing or clothes-burning or anything. Just ... resignation from me and matter-of-factness from her. She was going to keep fucking black men and any women she fancied, no matter what I did or said. To think this was the almost pathologically shy woman I’d first met ... it was mind-boggling. She laughed at me and said that yes, I’d created a ‘monster’ by helping her out of her shell.

    So that was that, basically. I got some things together and I had to wince as, even while I was packing clothes away, she stood in the same room as me, phone to her ear, calling some ‘friends’ and telling them I was leaving ... and asking if they wanted to come over and fuck her all night? She even said that she would ‘celebrate’ by letting them fuck her ass for the first time.

    And that’s that. I barely saw her after that, except to collect more of my things and to finalise divorce proceedings. I didn’t fight anything, just let her have what she wanted - which, to be fair, wasn’t much. I moved into a small place near my work and buried myself in that side of my life. Eventually I put the whole sordid thing behind me, as much as I could - though it was still in the back of my mind, wounds like that never truly heal. Then I met Alice and everything has been wonderful again.

    Melody had crushed me temporarily, but she wasn’t a bad person per se. She was just addicted to a certain lifestyle that didn’t sit well with me. I had no idea how she had supported herself all these years, though I imagine she made money from doing lewd videos and maybe other things like that. I didn’t want to know.

    But yes, back to the present. The hotel had pointed me to a fine public course I could go to nearby, so I drove over there in our rental car, hired some clubs and got a really quite satisfactory nine holes in. I was even tempted to go round again, so I went to the little bar they had there, settled down for a little bit and got my phone out. There were quite a few messages from Alice. Lots of them were little snaps of her and Melody holding up clothes - “Do you like this on me?” and so on. I was pleased she seemed to be having a good time.

    Then the kicker.

    After a few of these, there was one where this handsome black man was standing between Alice and Melody, the latter of which was taking the photo as a kind of selfie. They were all grinning at the camera. The next message was a video from the same scene.

    “Hey hubby!” Melody shouted into the camera, laughing. “Alice and I are having a great time, hope you are enjoying your golf! We thought we’d give your credit card a rest for a bit and dumped our new clothes and stuff back at your hotel. This charming young man here is a tour guide, he said he would show us some of the sights we might not have read about in the brochures!”

    I didn’t think I liked the sound of that, but it seemed it was already happening. This message was from 30 minutes ago, after all. Another video message followed. It was Alice talking this time.

    “Hi honey,” she smiled. “Melody is ... very lively! I’m not sure about this tour guide thing, but I’ll ditch her if it gets weird. I know you worry about this sort of thing because ... well, don’t worry. I’m not her, you can trust me. I promise.” She gave me that adorable smile of hers and signed off. I slumped in my chair, relieved. I loved her so much. Inspired, I went back out for another crack at the course and, buoyed by that last message, I did much better than last time. I even got a few birdies, which pleased me. Maybe I could even start playing again when we got back...

    So it was getting on a bit by the time I casually sauntered back into the hotel lobby and made my way back up to our hotel room. I chuckled when I saw quite how many new clothes and items the pair had bought. What the hell, it was a holiday. If this made Alice happy, I was all for it. There were more ... skimpy garments than I would have expected, Alice not really going in for that sort of thing usually, but again, holidays bring different things out in people. And Melody was probably egging her on to be ‘wilder’. I looked through a few of them and I felt my cock stiffening as I imagined my beautiful wife wearing some of these clothes, dancing for me, showing off her ... I pulled down my shorts and looked at my raging erection. Fuck yes, I thought. That’s more like it. I looked left and right and took one of the bits of lingerie into my hand, wrapped it gingerly around my dick and began to masturbate with it. It felt so good and I pictured myself being inside my wife tonight, cumming inside her and making our dreams of pregnancy come true.

    “James!” A cry came from the door to the room. “What in God’s name are you doing?”

    I yelped in surprise and saw my wife standing there ... with Melody! Frantically, I hurled the lingerie away and tried to pull up my shorts, but it was to no avail. I saw Alice there, staring in shock - though Melody was just smirking, the bitch.

    “I ... I mean .. I ... “ I spluttered, my cock all shrivelled up again.

    “Melody ... I’ll see you in a little bit down at the pool. I ... think I need to talk to James.”

    “Of course, dear,” she said, patting her shoulder. “I’ll be waiting...”

    The door closed and ... well, I won’t bore you with the details of our little chat. Suffice to say my cheeks were burning with shame and Alice, while stern and disappointed, did come to understand why I’d done it. She sat next to me on the bed and we held each other. She promised that my visions of us together would come true that night and I apologised (again). I had just been so happy to be ... well, you know. She then asked if I wanted to come down to the pool, but I said I had been in the sun on the course quite a bit. I could do with some time on the room’s balcony in the shade. She nodded thoughtfully then left. I was pleased I’d repaired the damage and, glancing at the offending lingerie, shook my head and took my place on the balcony after fixing a stiff drink from some of the booze we’d picked up the day before.

    I could see the pool from where I sat and I spotted Melody lying there, wearing a swimsuit that was barely describable as clothing. From where I was sitting, it looked like she was naked except for two circles of material over her nipples and a similar small patch of something over her groin. I couldn’t see any straps or anything, but I was quite far away. She’d get a good tan, at least. And it seemed that other people around the pool were admiring my ex-wife as much as I. I felt a pang of something as I looked at her lying there, sunglasses covering her eyes, black hair wrapped up tight in a silk scarf-y thing. Sorry, I don’t know the correct term.

    Anyway, Alice hadn’t joined her yet, but she wasn’t alone. Sitting next to her was a coal black male who, as I sat there watching, brazenly slipped his hand into her underwear, fingers clearly penetrating her pussy right in front of anyone who cared to watch! She was even spreading her legs to let him get better access.

    Suddenly, she grasped his wrist and literally pulled him out of her. I saw why - my wife, Alice, was coming closer. From her angle, she wouldn’t have been able to see the man finger-fucking Melody. She was wearing a conservative swimsuit, which pleased me, and I could almost sense her shock as she sat on the lounger next to Melody, observing my ex-wife’s attire for the first time. The man was still there.

    Melody had indicated the man, who nodded to my wife and extended a hand, which she took gingerly ... the hand that had seconds before been inside Melody! I thought about yelling down, but they’d probably not have heard me anyway. Alice didn’t seem to notice anything amiss anyway, chatting to this unknown male quite happily. Everything seemed above board, so I closed my eyes and relaxed, happy in the knowledge my wife was a sensible, conservative girl who wouldn’t ... I didn’t want to think about that.

    When I opened my eyes again, I realised I’d dropped off for a little while. Groggily, I checked my watch and yes, I’d been asleep for about 30 minutes. I looked over the balcony again and saw that Alice was, to my surprise, still talking to the man. More than that, a second man was on her other side. She was lying back on the lounger, legs stretched out, feet crossed over. Her hands were in her laps and she looked at one then the other as a conversation went on. Melody was, I saw, in the pool some distance away.

    Then one of the men put a hand on my wife’s naked leg ... and she didn’t do anything. I would have expected her to shake him off or do anything ... but instead she ... she smiled? Well, it wasn’t too bad, I guessed. Not as bad as ... oh, he was stroking her leg now ... and the other man had started to stroke her other leg! Fuck, what was going on?

    Alice seemed oblivious to what they were doing, still chatting away. She even laughed at something one of them said. One of them subtly moved his hand slightly up her leg, bit by bit, until he was stroking her thigh ... no, not her thigh, her inner thigh! This was getting crazy, I thought. How could she be letting them ... oh fuck, oh fuck no!

    She had spread her legs for them! The other was stroking her thigh too. Still she remain impassive while those two giant hands caressed her. Then she nodded and one leaned forward and ... oh God, they were kissing. The other had stopped being subtle and was touching her pussy through her swimsuit! Oh my God! I had to get down there to stop this!

    I sprang up from my chair, overturning my glass which shattered on the hard floor of the balcony. The sliding doors into the room were shut and, when I tried to open them, they remained so, despite my struggles. They were locked! Oh my God, I was stuck here! I stumbled back to the ledge and looked down again, hands clasping the railing.

    She was actually getting fucked by one of them now! He was on the lounger and she was bouncing up and down on him, her swimsuit tossed aside! The second man was behind her, his cock bigger than it had any right to be. He whispered something into her ear and she nodded vigorously ... then he thrust his cock to the balls in her ass! Both men were hammering away at my wife and I was stuck here! I screamed and screamed, but nobody noticed. I leaned over, screaming more for them to stop and overbalanced. And as I tumbled helplessly over the edge, I saw my wife look up finally and ... and laugh at me!

    I sat up bolt upright in my chair, sending my empty glass smashing to the floor of the balcony. I was drenched in sweat, looking frantically about to get my bearings. It was a dream ... it had been a nightmare. I wiped sweat from my brow and tentatively looked over the balcony.

    My wife was there, talking to two black men. My heart thumped in my chest ... no, surely not... but she was just talking and, as she did so, Melody emerged from the pool and moved to the trio. Dripping wet, she towelled off, speaking to all three of them. I saw the men nod and stand, Melody saying one last thing to Alice. My wife put her hand to her chest and shook her head. Melody shrugged, said something else then walked off with both men. I sighed with relief as my wife sat there alone, watching Melody disappear back into the hotel.
    After swiftly clearing up the glass fragments on the balcony, I took my seat again and relaxed. In the back of my mind had obviously been a subconscious worry that history would repeat itself, that Melody’s reintroduction to my life would have heartbreaking consequences. But I had erred, not trusting Alice enough. I would make it up to her later, I grinned, when we tried to make the baby we both so wanted. I felt good, relaxed and ready to go.

    Life, however, has a way of kicking you in the shins then chopping you on the back of the neck when you double over in pain. When Alice finally came back upstairs to dress for dinner - the hotel had an excellent in-house restaurant that we had decided to make full use of - she seemed distracted. I was ebullient and effervescent, more so than at any other time on the holiday, but her reluctance to engage in conversation beyond perfunctory nods and affirmations brought me down bit by bit. During dinner, I fiddled with the stem of my wine glass while she sat deep in thought.

    She kept checking her phone as well, digging it out of her handbag, looking at it for a few seconds then thrusting it back inside with a purpose ... only to repeat the trick a few minutes later. She even yelped in pain at one point as she’d been chewing her lips furiously and drawn blood. Something was clearly on her mind - even a man who didn’t pick up on signals like me could determine that. Finally, I decided to see if there was anything I could do.

    “Is everything okay, honey?” I ventured. “You seem ... preoccupied.”

    “Um, what? Oh, sorry, yes,” she said. “No, I’m fine. Don’t worry, I was just ... thinking about something Melody said today.”

    Alarm bells.

    “Er, what did she say?”

    “Oh, nothing really, just she was talking about ... doing something together again tomorrow and, yeah, I was just thinking about that. She’s ... interesting.”

    “Ha, yes, she is definitely ... different,” I said, relieved. Clearly my wife was just overwhelmed by Melody’s company and was wondering how to tell her she’d rather spend time with me.

    “I still find it amazing to think about what you said, that she was almost pathologically shy when you first met her? She’s so ... brazen now. Very, um, forthright with her opinions on things and ... life.”

    “Yes, but I’d rather not talk about her tonight,” I said, trying to subtly remind my wife about our bedroom plans for the night. “There are other things I’d rather think about than her.”

    “Oh, yeah, sure,” she said, not apparently taking the hint.

    “And anyway, we can avoid her if we want to, if being with her upsets you,” I continued. “I presume you want a way of ditching her so we can do things...?”

    “Oh, what?” she started, looking up at me finally, a strange expression on her face. “No, not at all. I ... no, I like her a lot. She’s very ... interesting. You think I want to avoid her?”

    “I ... well, I don’t know, what you said...”

    “Sorry, no, I was just thinking about what we were going to do. I’ve already said I’ll be going out with her tomorrow, just ... I’m trying to decide what to do. She gave me plenty of options to consider. Lots to think about...”

    “Oh, I see,” I said, deflated. “I guess I’ll be okay by myself tomorrow then...”

    “Please,” she said, slightly annoyed. “You know since we married and moved, I’ve not managed to find many female friends in the area. Most of them are just ... and I like Melody, so ... trust me, okay?”

    “But I know what she’s ... you’re right, yes. I do trust you. I’m sorry for that. You go and have fun. Don’t worry about me, I’ll think of something. We’ve got our whole lives together, one day won’t make any difference,” I said, trying to put a brave face on it. “You go and have fun, go wild, let your hair down.”

    Something flashed across her face just then. I can’t describe it. As if something clicked in her. She grabbed her phone again and looked at it for a whole minute then gently put it away and we spent the rest of the evening conversing and acting as normal. As if nothing had been said or happened.

    We got back to our hotel room and fell onto the bed together laughing. Everything was going smoothly, I was ready for action, at full mast. We kissed and got naked, enjoying each other’s bodies as we writhed together on top of the sheets. It was a hot, balmy night so we saw no need to get underneath. Slithering down, I devoured her pussy with a fervour I didn’t know I had. Even Melody had said that I ate a good pussy, so I gave Alive everything I had and it made my heart soar to see her gripping the sheets and gasping with pleasure as pushed all the right buttons with my tongue.

    She came hard and slumped back on the bed, grinning wearily up at me. My dick was hard as rock and I moved into position, ready after all these weeks to finally fuck my wife!

    “Oh fuck, I’m so ready for this,” I breathed, looking down at my gorgeous Alice. “I love you so much...”

    She smiled, still enjoying the feelings I’d drawn from her with my tongue. Her pussy was wet, my cock was hard and pressing against her labia ...

    ... and then someone started hammering on the door!

    “Oh my fucking God!” I yelled, rolling off my wife, grabbing my dressing gown and hustling towards the noise. Just my damn luck! Of course, at that moment I expected to quickly dismiss the intruder and get back to rogering my wife all night ... but little did I know that that moment when I was a mere second from entering her ...

    ... that would be the last time my penis ever touched my wife.

    I threw open the door and there was Melody. She held a big champagne bottle and two glasses. She looked me up and down then chuckled and pushed past me into the room before I had a chance to object. I spun round and saw Alice sitting up in the bed, still nude and not covered in any way.

    “Hey sexy,” she said. Not to me, obviously. “Oh, did I interrupt something?”

    “Er, kinda,” Alice said, dreamily. “We were going to try to make a baby.”

    “Alice!” I blurted.

    “Oh, come on now, James,” Melody said. “I used to be married to you, remember. I’ve seen all there is to see and know all there is to know. I’m sorry, I didn’t realise, by the way. Still, plenty of time for that sort of thing - but this champagne can only get drunk right now! It’s a rule, apparently. I made it up, but it’s a rule. Come on, girl, get over here and let me pour you some. No, don’t bother dressing ... I prefer you like that!”

    I stood in the doorway, aghast, as my wife shrugged and padded naked over to my ex-wife, gratefully taking a glass and downing it one go.

    “Mmm, I do love champagne,” she said, licking her lips.

    “You seem ... did he eat you out just now?”

    “Yeah, he’s pretty good at that,” Alice said. I couldn’t believe my ears! I guess the ‘sex buzz’ was still in her and this was why she was behaving like this. I must really have turned her on! That made me feel quite proud.

    “Can I have some too?” I said.

    “Nope, only two glasses for us girls!” Melody said, clinking hers with Alice’s refilled receptacle and grinning wickedly at me. “But hey, I think if you go down to reception, they’ll give you another glass...”

    I shrugged and agreed. I do really enjoy champagne too and it wouldn’t take long to get another glass. As I left, Melody was refilling my wife’s glass for the third time. 10 minutes later I was back with my glass and an additional bottle. I’d get rid of Melody then my wife and I could get blissfully drunk and get back to fucking again.

    When I entered my room again, I saw both women were out on the balcony. The glass doors were closed, but I could hear Melody speaking.

    “...all of them like fucking horses, I’m serious.”

    My wife gasped and then giggled at that.

    “Wow, sounds incredible. And you really did three at once?”

    “Oh yeah, all the time! Sometimes I take three in one hole all at once! But then my other holes get jealous and I like to share the ... oh, he’s back.”

    They turned when I opened the sliding doors and I noticed immediately that Alice was still nude ... and that Melody was as well. I trusted Alice, but this was going a bit far, no?


    “Hey, put that other bottle down, we’ve finished the first one already.”

    “In ten minutes? Wow...”

    I set the bottle down and they filled up all three glasses. The girls were obviously getting pretty drunk now - or were on the way, at least. It seemed like they were more subdued in my presence, which upset me. Melody butting into my life like this certainly wasn’t welcome.

    “Are you going to, er, go back to your room soon, Melody? It is getting a bit late...”

    She looked at me, eyebrow raised.

    “No, not unless Alice wants me to,” she said. “I enjoy her company. Don’t you?”

    “It’s not that, it’s just...”

    “...you want to fuck her and knock her up... or try to, anyway.”
    Both women looked at me and I blushed deeply.

    “Er, well, I’d not have put it like that, but ... I did want to spend some time with my wife in, er, that way, yes.”

    “Well, if Alice wants me to leave, I will and you can ... well, try your best.”

    I looked at my wife, who flitted her wonderful, deep blue eyes between us ... then crushed my hopes.

    “Hmm, we can do that another night, honey. Let’s just drink and be merry. I mean,” she giggled. “I got off already, so I’m happy enough for now.”

    “Girl gotta look out for her own self, hubby,” Melody laughed, snapping her fingers in imitation of someone somewhere I didn’t know about.

    “Right... okay,” I said meekly, sipping my drink. I didn’t even want it anymore, I was pretty despondent and only got worse as the two girls continued to swill down the fluid at an alarming rate. At one point, they staggered back into the room, Alice stumbled and sent both of them flying onto the bed, a mass of tangled limbs. Tangled naked limbs, of course. For a moment, everything froze, their naked skin pressed against one another ... then Alice laughed and rolled away.

    “Hey, hubby!” she chuckled. “Go get us another couple of bottles!” I wasn’t amused by how she was treating me right now, but she was drunk. I could excuse it. So I did what I was told. I could probably have rung room service, but my mind wasn’t really in a good ideas place right then. So I stupidly left my naked wife drunk in the presence of a very forceful, very persuasive woman.

    When I returned, they were making out on the bed, tongues in each others mouths and hands roaming freely. Melody was on top of Alice, steering proceedings how she wanted them steered.

    “Alice! My God!”

    Melody broke the kiss and both turned to leer at me.

    “Hubby, why not watch us? All men love their wives going lesbo on them, don’t they?”

    “Alice... please stop, I ...”

    But Melody was right. My cock was stiff as rock again, body betraying mind as I sat down near the bed and watched the two women explore their Sapphic sides for far longer than I really wanted. It seemed like hours later that the two women, orgasmic explosions having drained their energy, flopped next to each other on the bed. Alice rolled onto her side, facing me with one leg draped loosely over Melody’s. She used her free hand to tease one of Melody’s nipples.

    “Mmmm, that was really, really awesome, honey,” Alice said, that same dreamy look in her eyes that I’d given her before. “Thanks for letting me do that.”

    “I didn’t have much choice really,” I muttered.

    “No, you didn’t,” she said. “I think ... I think ...”

    But she didn’t think. She had fallen asleep in the middle of that sentence. Melody extricated herself gently and patted my wife on the ass gently, before turning to me.

    “Your wife is hot stuff,” she said, coming close to me. “The second I saw her, I wanted her. There’s other things I want for her, and you know me...”

    She leaned in close to whisper.

    “I always get what I want.”

    I watched her pick up her clothes and, without a look back, exit the room. Still naked. I looked at my wife and was genuinely worried about what that harlot had in store for my sweet, innocent (well, relatively) wife. I had to console myself with the fact that she was drunk tonight. She wouldn’t be tomorrow or in future days, so Melody’s plans might not work out. Alice was sensible, if obviously capable of being silly when the drink was on her. But everyone made mistakes, gave into temptations every so often.

    And it had been really hot for a while to watch her cumming like crazy under Melody’s soft touches.

    I just hoped that my trust in her wasn’t misplaced.


    The next day Alice woke up and, to my surprise, didn’t really look like a woman who’d drunk way too much the night before. She was spritely and chipper again. Perhaps the encounter with Melody had helped smooth out some inner demons she had about her sexuality. I was kind of pleased that I had assisted - indirectly - in letting her free herself emotionally. I told myself that, anyway.

    She chose a billowy summer dress and some neat little sandals to go out in today, a big sun hat on to complete the look. She could sense my nervousness and said that the night before had been fun, liberating even ... and she wouldn’t rule out doing that sort of thing again ... but it was with a girl, it didn’t matter so much. She said she would never cheat on me with a man. At least, she said she could “never imagine a situation where she would cheat on me with a man.” That’s slightly different, but I took it as the former at the time.

    So I tried to be cool and calm when Melody showed up at our hotel room. At least she wasn’t brandishing champagne this time.

    “Ready to go, lover?” she grinned at Alice, who had the decency to blush a little and flick her eyes towards me when she said it.

    “Um, yes, I think so.”

    “Great! We’re going to have a blast today, I just know it,” Melody said. “What about you, hubby? You going to head off to find some senoritas and give Alice here something to worry about?”

    “Oh dear ... no, I hadn’t actually thought about it. I might go to the pool, read a book. I’m here to relax, after all, because ... well, just because.”

    “Well, whatever, we’re off for a big girls day out. Those local boys had better watch out now a bombshell like Alice is loose and ready to party!”

    Alice saw my expression and slapped my arm gently.

    “Come on, I told you so many times,” she smiled at me. “Trust. Me.”

    I gave her a quick kiss goodbye and then busied myself preparing for a relaxing day by and in the pool. I pondered the idea of finding a senorita for a second then chuckled to myself and carried on with something realistic - finishing the book I had with me. I grabbed my phone too, just in case Alice wanted to contact me.

    The sun was pretty hot that day, but there was a nice, gentle breeze too, balancing things out. I settled into my lounger - may even have been the same one as Alice had sat on yesterday - and turned on the Kindle. Immersed in a detective novel, I soon lost track of the time and counted myself fortunate I had had the foresight to erect a sun umbrella and also liberally applied sunscreen to my pasty white skin. Colour and me were strangers and if I didn’t protect myself, well, I looked more like a lobster than a human being.

    After an hour, I settled my device in my bag and decided to have a dip in the pool. There weren’t many people about, which I prefer, so I almost had the place to myself. The cool liquid felt divine and I just let it relax me even more. For a little while, I hadn’t a care in the world. It was just me and the water.

    Reluctantly, I got out and towelled off, sitting and checking my phone to see if Alice had sent a message. She had, a video message, so I settled back to watch it. Alice and Melody were sitting in a car, driving along. I couldn’t see the driver as the two women were in the back.

    “Hey honey,” Alice said, smiling at the phone. “We’re just off to the house of one of Melody’s friends. Apparently he has this big place in the hills, really lovely views and all secluded. His own pool - he even has servants, apparently! I couldn’t say no to that really, so yeah, we’re on our way there now.”

    “Oh, and honey ... just because Melody keeps telling me to tease you...”

    With that, she and Melody began to make out, all tongues again, for the camera. I groaned as I saw the two girls going at it. It wasn’t long and Alice was laughing at the end.

    “Don’t worry, that’s all I’ll be getting to today from her,” Alice said, that radiant smile just for me this time. “Oh, apparently we’re almost there. I’ll send you some more messages later!”

    For all my groaning at what she had just done, it was obviously just a tease. Perhaps not what I’d expect from my wife, but Melody did seem to bring out that side of her. She had also implored me to trust her, so I did. Even if she tested that trust like that.

    Time for lunch, I thought. A quick walk away from the hotel and I picked up some street food, which I picked at as I strolled about the place. A lot of places I go on holiday I really like, even to the point where I wistfully check property prices just in case we get a big windfall somehow and can buy a holiday home. I didn’t feel that way about this place - there was something unsettling about the whole thing, but I wasn't sure it was the place. It was probably just Melody reappearing in my life that had soured it all. That was it, actually. While something in me still cared for her - first loves ‘n all - I didn’t like being reminded of her betrayal.

    Sighing, I dropped the remains of my lunch in a bin and dusted my hands down. I wasn’t going to play golf today, but they did have a mini golf place nearby I could try out. Wild man etc. I was walking there when my phone buzzed again. It was Alice with another message.

    “Hi honey,” she said again, blowing a kiss at the phone. “Just look at this place!” She spun the phone around and showed me an admittedly impressive building, looking like one of those old colonial mansions you saw in pictures. The views it commanded of the sea and the town below were indeed spectacular. The place was opulent with a capital O.

    “It is so wonderful, I’d love to live in a place like this. And look, they do have servants, even a butler!”

    She showed me a man in a pristine suit, standing patiently near the door to the house. Back to Alice.
    “Gardeners, pool guys, maids, everything. This guy is loaded. I still don’t know exactly how he knows Melody. She disappeared off with him a little while ago, leaving me to send you this message and have a look round here. Oh, here she is now!”

    The camera now showed Melody walking towards Alice with big grin on her face, followed by a very tall black male in a ridiculously expensive suit. Weren’t these guys hot in this weather? Must be used to it, I guess.

    “Hey, Lissy,” Melody said. Lissy? “Our host, Mr Marley, has kindly agreed to give us lunch here. He’s already shown me some of the, ah, fare he can provide and I have to say it is mightily impressive.”

    “Sounds good to me! Oh, bye, honey!” Alice said, ending the video message abruptly. It wasn’t long before a new one buzzed in my inbox. Alice was sweeping the camera over a luxurious dining table, covered with fruits and nibbles.

    “This spread is pretty impressive, like she said. Melody said there’d be some big sausages too, but I don’t see any. Maybe they’ll be served up later. Anyway, I’m going to tuck in now, hope you are having a fun day!”

    I sent her a quick response, saying I was mooching about in town, that I might buy some souvenirs. I considered getting a gift for her and thought that sounds about right, so I busied myself looking for things my darling, faithful wife would be happy with.

    About 30 minutes later, I got another video message. It started with Alice holding the phone facing herself, her expression ... confused, agitated even.

    “Honey ... I ... look, something has ... er, happened. I’m fine, so don’t worry, but ... look, I was thinking over dinner last tonight, you saw me ... and I had made a decision ... but now, I don’t know ... look, call me. I need to say something really, really important to you. I need you to ... tell me something in return. If you don’t call ... then I will ...”

    Suddenly, my phone was snatched from my grasp by a youth, who laughed in my face and sped off down the crowded street. Momentarily stunned, it was a second or two before I shouted and began to give chase.

    I’m not the fittest person in the world and knew my chase was futile, but I was fortunate that the youth tried to turn down a side street and crashed straight into a rather rotund gentleman who sent the kid sprawling, my phone skittering off away from him. Seeing his prize had eluded him, he ran off, leaving me to puff, pant, bend for my phone and breathlessly thank my unwitting saviour.

    When I’d recovered, I noticed that the battery had fallen out. Cursing, I dusted it off and put it back in but ... no, nothing. The phone was gone. I asked about and someone pointed me in the direction of a phone shop that, when I arrived, had closed for lunch. Alice’s message had seemed very urgent and yet here I was unable to do anything about it. Would she think I was ignoring her?

    The proprietor came back 20 minutes later and helped me out with a replacement battery, though it was another annoying period of time before it was charged enough to allow me to turn the phone on. By this time, it had been at least 45 minutes since Alice’s pleading message. As I suspected, another message was waiting for me. My heart sank when I loaded it up.

    “Why won’t you call? Why ... do you not care? Oh my ...” I could see tears in her eyes. “Do I ... what are you doing that is so important that you can’t answer ... Melody, wait, I ... “

    I saw my ex-wife appear over Alice’s shoulder, placing a hand on her.

    “Are you ready now, Alice?”

    “I ... but James ... I don’t know...”

    “I think you do, Alice, and he hasn’t called,” Melody said, giving her shoulder a squeeze. “And ... it isn’t about him, Alice. It is all about you, what you want, what you need...”

    “But ... I promised ...”

    “I know ... but if you didn’t feel something about all this ... if you didn’t want to do this, you wouldn’t be here. You knew what this was all about ... and you are here. You’re ready. I know you are ... and believe me, this will be the best thing you ever do.”

    Alice looked back at the phone, closed her eyes, nodded slowly.

    “Yes ... yes, I know. I ... I’m sorry, James.”

    The message flicked off. I didn’t know what to do, I was confused and in my stomach a feeling of utter dread grew and grew. Melody ... she was doing this and ... if she was involved, it could only mean one thing.

    My phone buzzed and another message appeared. I shouldn’t have done, but I opened it. I gasped in shock as the screen was filled with a close-up shot of a huge black cock driving mercilessly into an obscenely stretched, dripping wet white pussy. I could see the large balls bouncing against the ass of the woman being fucked, showing that no matter how big that cock was, it was being driven balls deep inside her. I could hear a man grunting with each merciless stab of his cock and a woman answering in kind, squealing and yelling as her pussy was pummelled.

    And I knew, even before the camera moved to show her perspiration-covered face, her eyes glazed with lust, her chest heaving ... I knew it was my Alice that was getting fucked.

    She looked into the camera, face contorting with pleasure.

    “Oh honey ... I’m sorry ... oh, fuck, no, I’m not! I’M FUCKING CUMMING AGAIN!”
    Nothing seemed to exist outside of me and the phone at that moment. The video was only a handful of seconds long, but I watched it over and over again in the street, stricken with horror, the scene of that huge, thick black cock ramming home into my wife, my Alice ... it was horrifying. My nightmare come to life in a 15 second clip.

    I was tempted to hurl the phone to the floor, but I didn’t. Instead, I put it away in a daze. I don’t remember how I got back to the hotel, just that I did so, went to our room and lay down on the bed. I was too stunned to even cry, but I must have drifted off, because the next thing I knew a hand was shaking me gently. I looked round and saw Alice looking at me, a range of emotions flitting across her features.

    “Are you okay?”

    The question was so ... no, I can’t even describe it, not even now. It was ... how did she expect me to be at that moment? I just looked at her, unable to speak. She met my gaze, not looking away.

    “I’m not ashamed of what I did,” she said, finally. “It was ... well, you saw a little bit. It was ... amazing.”

    I merely stared back.

    “You know ... you never should have let me go off with Melody that day. The second you were gone she said I needed to go black. I mean, that girl is obsessed ... and now, I can see why.”

    I think I groaned.

    “She asked me straight out if I’d ever fucked a black guy. I said no, then she said I had to. I scoffed, saying that why would I want to? I had you, a loving husband and everything. That I’d never betray you. She said that, in the end, I would because when confronted with a black cock - a huge one - I could never say no. It was only natural to be curious and, well, once I’d partaken, I’d be hooked.”

    “This was ridiculous to me, but I admit something about how earnest she was, how completely convincing she was ... something sparked in my mind. But I love you, so I ignored her. So we went shopping and took our stuff back here. Then she said she had something to show me, so we went back to that place on the beach where we met her ... and she took me in the back and that waiter ... she pulled down his pants and sucked him right in front of me.”

    “I was appalled at what she was doing, but she met my eye while she ... went to work and I couldn’t move. I just looked at her and, slowly, just at the cock. It was huge, like she’d said it would be. It was ... an amazing sight, lathered up with her saliva, her tongue worshipping it ... the contrast of its dark colour with her pearly white skin. It was beautiful.”

    “She asked if I wanted a taste, but I said no ... though I did kinda want to. She shrugged and a few minutes later I watched him cum in her mouth. So much cum, I’ve never seen a man produce so much! And she swallowed it all too, obviously.”

    Alice looked away for a second.

    “For a moment, I wished he had cum in my mouth ... just to see how it tasted, how it felt to have such a huge load sprayed in there... but then I thought of you, James. I thought of you and pushed that temptation aside.”

    “She asked me how I was feeling and I struggled to answer. I’ll tell the truth - I was conflicted. We’ve not been having sex - good or otherwise - for a while now and ... yeah, what I’d just witnessed had made me really horny. Especially as the cock was so big and, amazingly, he was still rock hard despite being milked dry...”

    “But it wasn’t to be then. I managed to get out of the place and took some deep breaths while standing in the sand outside. I felt Melody behind me and told her, without turning round, that I wouldn’t betray you. Then ... she said it was inevitable that I would. She could tell, she said, that ... that ... I was a black cock slut deep down.”

    “I scoffed at this, sneering that that was impossible. She shrugged her shoulders, saying that I was gorgeous and deserved the best. I said I had you ... she laughed. You know she says she still loves you? Just not in the way you’d expect ... and she also loves what she gets from her black partners more. She said I deserved more than you could give me. Again, I scoffed ... but she’d struck a nerve - because of your problems recently. Still, I remained firm.”

    “Then later we were by the pool and she engineered a situation where I was talking to these two guys, black guys ... and they were cool, gentlemanly and so on ... but they were very forthright. They said I was amazingly beautiful and they’d both like to fuck me. I said I was flattered, but spoken for. They said that hadn’t stopped all the women before me ... and, of course, that intrigued me. ‘All the women?’ I asked. Surely married women didn’t just drop their panties and let strangers fuck them like that?”

    “They said that just the night before they’d been invited up to the hotel room of this woman, tall redhead with a big ass they said, and they were asked to fuck her at the same time in front of her husband, who sat in the chair watching as the two men just nailed her for hours. They told me about numerous occasions like this ... and what got me thinking was how often these tales involved multiple men. We don’t talk about our kinks much ... but I do have this fantasy about being with more than one guy, so what they were saying ... yes, it turned me on.”

    “But I kept saying no, I was spoken for. Then Melody came up, knowing what was going on, and said I could borrow her room if I wanted to fuck them right then and there! I said no again ... but I’ll admit I hesitated for a second. I did think about them and ... well, I said no. I didn’t want to betray you.”

    She sighed. “But I did betray you. Because you didn’t answer. I think ... I think it was silly, you could have had any number of reasons for not calling me back ... but I was really feeling ... I just felt like I needed to try, you know? To get it out of my system ... and when you didn’t call, I couldn’t resist any more ... Melody was insistent, our host was quietly insistent ... I just thought I’ll do it, get it out of my system then come back to you. But ...”

    I looked at her. She looked at me. I felt a little tear run down my cheek as she continued.

    “... but, oh fucking hell, everything changed when he put that huge fucking cock in me, James. I didn’t expect it. I thought it would be cathartic, be ... exciting, yes ... but this was unbelievable. I’ve never felt anything like it, being soooo full up with cock ... and the orgasms, my God, the orgasms. I still feel, like, sort of blissful even now, hours later. I can’t really explain how they were ... you have to be a girl to really get it, but ... yeah, wow.”

    I groaned again.

    “I’m sorry, I just want to tell you, to be open about this. I’m here, aren’t I? I’m not going anywhere. I’m with you. I had a little dalliance and now we’re back to normal.”

    “Really?” I finally managed, trying not to sound like I was whimpering, pleading with her. “You promise it was just a one-off?”

    “Let me finish my story,” she smiled. I should have really noticed that she didn’t answer the question. I just took the smile as an answer ... but it wasn’t. It really wasn’t.

    “Anyway, the men and Melody tried to pressure me, but I resisted. She then shrugged and said that if I didn’t want them, she’d go upstairs and fuck them herself! I didn’t know what to say, so I just watched them go off together. A while later, while I was changing for dinner, she sent me a text. Well, a few texts and photos. Do you want to see?”

    Before I could answer, she got her phone out of her bag and messed about with it for a bit, eventually showing me the screen. As I’d expected, it was a series of photos of my ex-wife getting fucked by the two men, the final image her with sperm all over her face, two enormous, still rigid black cocks flanking her, Melody grinning from ear to ear. Then some text - “See what you just missed out on, sweetie? Come with me tomorrow, give you another chance. Holiday treat. You know you want to.”

    “These were what I was looking at through dinner that evening. I remember you asking if I was okay and something clicked in me. I knew then I was going to get fucked by someone else the next day ... or I thought I was. On the way over and in the morning, I got cold feet, kept thinking that no, it was wrong. I just needed you to push me back a little and I’d not have done it ... but I did do it and I am glad I did.”

    I sighed and stood, heading to the sliding doors opening out onto the balcony, rubbing the back of my neck in thought.

    “I just want you to say it is over, that it was just a one-off ... that we can have a normal holiday now, okay? No more Melody.”

    She came over behind me, sliding her arms round my waist and hugging me.

    “I know I betrayed your trust today,” she said. “I’m sorry. Can we just sleep now, get some rest?”

    “I’m not tired, it is still quite early...” I said.

    “I’m ... er, quite tired, after my, um, exertions. I’m going to turn in. Please, go down to the bar or something ... and, you know, maybe if there’s a pretty girl, maybe forget about me for an evening, get your own back. I won’t mind this once.”

    I turned to look at her.

    “No, I couldn’t do that. You are the only one for me, Alice.”

    “Oh, James,” she said, a note of sadness in her voice. “I really am sorry...”

    So I went downstairs and drowned my sorrows. I definitely lost track of time and when I finally checked my watch, I saw I’d been down her for four hours. Hiccuping and clumsily handing over a few notes to the patient bartender, I wobbled towards the lifts, standing for a second to clear my head before entering and ascending to my floor. I stumbled into our room, trying not to make noise, but failing. In fact, I tripped over something and collapsed on the floor, groaning.

    “So... sorry, honey,” I slurred, finally getting up onto my hands and knees. “I ... I think I had too much to ... honey?”

    Alice wasn’t in the room. In fact, the bed hadn’t been slept in. It was still immaculate. Then it hit me ... she’d lied to my face. She’d smiled and cooed and caressed my ego ... and she’d fucking lied to me. Suddenly I knew where she was.

    With Melody.

    Getting fucked by black men.

    I struggled to my feet and, cursing, found my way out to the corridor. I didn’t even know which room she was in, but I was going to find out. At reception, they refused to give me the information, but I said that my wife was with the occupant and had forgotten her phone. I just wanted to give it to her - I held up my own device as false evidence - and they finally told me she was in one of the rooms right at the top, one of the fanciest, most expensive ones in the building.

    I hammered at the button to call the lift, cursing at how slow it was. I had to get up there, had to stop ... whatever was happening. How could she just lie to me like that? I had to stop her, put an end to this nonsense. She was my fucking wife! Mine! I beat the walls of the lift in a rage as it slowly ascended, yelling at nothing in particular.

    Finally, the doors pinged open and I lurched out. I saw that Melody’s room was down the corridor to the left and I approached, my hands balled into fists. I was just about to hammer on the door when I realised what I was doing. Did I mean to beat my wife up? To beat Melody up? And what if there were a bunch of studs in there? I’m not bodybuilder and an image of me, bloodied and battered at the hands of muscular black males, flashed through my mind.

    I stopped myself and listened. Nothing. No screams of pleasure, no exuberant praising of the sexual qualities of black men, nothing. I had to know, but instead of hammering I just knocked gently. After a few seconds, the door opened and Melody stood in front of me, clad in a diaphanous silk gown, eyebrow cocked.

    “James? To what do I owe the pleasure?”

    “Where’s ... where’s Alice?”

    “She’s in here with me,” she said, not trying to deny it. “We’ve been talking.”

    “Oh, I see, trying to poison her mind against me? Get her to leave me? What did I do to you to make you try to ruin me like this?” I blurted, my control ebbing away.

    “James, please, come inside. It isn’t like that,” she said, soothingly.

    “You mean she’s not in there getting .... get ... getting FUCKED?”

    “Why should she be? Didn’t she say it was just a one-off?”

    “But she said she ... tired... sleepy. Something ... let me in.”

    “Sure,” she said, moving aside. I stormed in as best I could and saw Alice on the balcony, sipping a drink. She smiled at me and waved.

    “Alice! Oh God, you’re .... you’re not ... I thought ...”

    “Thought? You ... you thought I was going to be with some men, didn’t you?” she laughed. “Oh, James, you’re silly. I told you, it was just a one-off.”

    “No ... I ... why are you with her again? She’s going to poison you ... she already has.”

    “Come on now, James,” Alice said, putting her glass down. “I said I wouldn’t and I meant it.”

    “But you weren’t in the room, you said you were going to sleep!” I said, frantically. “How do I know there aren’t men hidden in this room?”

    “What? That’s ridiculous! You’re drunk, James. I think you need to go sleep it off.”

    “Oh yes, so you two can let the men back out and they can fuck you and then you’ll leave me and I’ll lose everything again and...”

    “JAMES!” Alice yelled, furious. “Stop. Now. I explained everything earlier and I know you are upset, I understand. But I said it was over. And...”

    But I was crazy, I’d lost control. I span round and saw a big walk-in closet. I rushed to it and opened it with a yell, but there was nobody concealed within. To the bathroom and I rushed inside, but nobody was there. I checked under the bed. There must be men here somewhere. There had to be...

    “James, for God’s sake!” Alice said. “Will you stop? I said...”

    “No,” I screamed, pushing her away as she tried to calm me down. “You fucked a black guy! YOU FUCKED HIM! I ... I can’t deal ... you fucking slut!”


    The sound reverberated around the room and I fell onto my ass, shocked. Alice stood there, fuming. I’d never seen her look like that before.

    “Don’t ... call me that,” she said. “Don’t ... that’s it. Go back to the room and cool off. I’m going to stay here tonight. I don’t ... I don’t want to be near you right now, James. How dare you ... just go.”

    “I can’t ... you can’t stay here. I ... she’ll turn you against me. She will ...”

    “James, the only person turning me against you is you right now,” Alice growled. “You need to leave before you say something you really regret.”

    “But she’ll make you fuck black men! She’ll make you!”

    “Right, that’s it,” Alice said. “Get the fuck out of here! NOW!”

    I got to my feet groggily, touching my face where she’d slapped me. She’d really hit me quite hard, I realised.

    “James, the only fucking person who’ll decide if I fuck black men is me, okay? And right now ... you’re making the choice fucking easy.”

    “No, Alice, please, I ...”

    Alice shook her head. “No, you fucking said it, James. I’m a slut, am I? Well ... Melody? You got the number of those two guys from yesterday?”

    “Sure, I’ve got it,” my ex-wife said, grinning.

    “Fucking call them. Get them over here right now...”

    I stared at my wife, aghast.

    “...and tell them they can both fuck me. I’m a slut, so why not, James? Let me be slutty. I’m going to let those two fucking studs use me all fucking night. You fucking asked for it, James. Get the fuck out now and let me be the slut you think I am.”

    She shoved me in the chest and I fell back through the door into the corridor. The door slammed shut and I sat there, mouth agape. What had I done?

    What the fuck had I just done?
    I sat in the corridor for a while longer, stunned by what had happened, what was going to happen ... and what I had done to make it all happen. I couldn’t believe what was going on, couldn’t fully take in the grotesque scenario playing out around me. Only when I looked up at the ping of the lift and saw the two black men from by the pool step out, clad casually as if they were just heading to the beach rather than into a woman’s hotel room to fuck my wife. They gave me a glance as they walked up to the door, but that was all I got. Two heavy knocks and it opened, Melody standing there. Naked. Behind her I could see my Alice ... also naked. I groaned as the two men entered. Melody looked down at me, shook her head ... then let me see what was happening inside.

    Alice was standing there, the two having instantly gone to her. One was kissing her neck, hands roaming over her naked body. The other had his lips on hers, his left hand between her legs. I groaned as she spread herself for him and I saw two fingers penetrate her wetness ... then her eyes opened and she looked right at me.

    Then Melody shut the door.

    I stood, ready to pound on the door, scream to be let in ... but then I slumped, head pressed against the wooden surface, defeated before I’d even begun. It was no use. I trudged to the lift and, eventually, ended up back in my own room. I fell onto the bed, the bed I had hoped to share with my wife that night ... and wept, alone.

    At some point, I must have fallen asleep as the next thing I knew I was blinking at the sunlight gushing into the room through the sliding doors. My head felt like a bomb had gone off inside it and I downed a couple of headache pills to combat this. Alice had not come ‘home’, as it were, just as she’d promised. I sighed, not knowing what to do. Should I go to her? Leave her to cool off? What?

    I was paralysed by indecision, but the rumbling of my stomach made me realise I’d not had any food for a long time. My supper had been of the liquid variety the night before, so I badly needed sustenance. Perhaps a good breakfast would let me ponder what to do next with regards of my wife and her recent behaviour. Smartening myself up a little, I changed into fresh clothes and descended to the dining room of the hotel.

    It was quite busy inside and I spotted a free table towards the back end of the room. As I approached I heard female laughing and I saw that two black men were eating breakfast with two attractive white women.

    Melody and Alice.

    I stood there, the general hubbub of the room shielding me somewhat from their view, and felt that gnawing emptiness inside - and this time it wasn’t the food. In some ways - even knowing that she’d been fucked by both of those men the night before (I assumed) - this was more of a blow to the gut. I know I’m not built like the studs she was letting use her body ... but this? This was ‘real life’ and yet here she was with them, with Melody ... instead of with me. Again I felt the urge to go over there, to rage at the situation and at her, but I also knew that the men would probably lay me out cold if I started something, plus then shouting would occur and someone would probably yell to the whole room that my wife had been nailed by two men the night before. I was already ashamed enough without that happening.

    So, as usual, I chose the coward’s way and stood there, motionless, mouth gaping like some of fish impersonator. Is that a thing? If it is, I would have been a pro at that moment. I watched as they laughed and chatted. Alice was between the two men for some reason, Melody to the left in the semi-circular booth area. One took a sausage from her plate and fed it to her. She giggled and took it into mouth, pretending to suck it before biting off the tip. The man said something and Alice put her hand to her mouth, stifling an embarrassed laugh, nodding while she did so.

    From where I was, I could see under the table slightly and it was plain for anyone who chose to look that the men had other hands stroking and rubbing my wife’s legs and thighs. She had even spread her legs to allow them greater access. It was obscene, completely out of character for her to behave like this ... yet there she was, letting strange men grope her in public.

    I noticed that a table nearby had just been vacated, so I lowered myself down surreptitiously, keeping my eyes glued on the scene ahead of me. From this angle, the groping was even worse and I noticed she didn’t even have any underwear on! One of the men’s big, dark hands slid all the way from her knee, along the pale, white skin of her inner thigh to her pussy, fingers rubbing her clit roughly.

    I saw Alice start and her left hand claw at the table slightly, mouth open slightly in surprise ... then it turned into a sultry smile as the man continued to stimulate her. I glance at Melody and saw that she was looking right at me. Grinning. She flicked her eyes towards Alice, back to me ... then turned to Alice and said something.

    Alice spotted me and I gulped as she met my eyes. The men looked at me too, then at the women. Melody said something and they chuckled, not stopping their caresses of my wife. Alice, too, said nothing to stop them. In fact, the man not rubbing her clit slid his own hand along her other thigh and I watched in horror as he began to thrust his fingers in and out of my wife’s wet pussy right in front of me.

    I was frozen in place, unable to do more than watch as these men molested my wife in front of me ... though it seemed she was a more than willing participant in these molestations. Yet again, I was a mere spectator as events unfurled around me. Alice was clearly deep in heat, her eyes glazed over, biting her lip hard to avoid screaming out loud. Then she was clawing at the table’s surface, eyes rolling back in her head, mouth hanging open. She was clearly cumming hard as the men worked her pussy over. Finally they relented and she slumped back in her seat, chest heaving, eyes partially shut. Melody just nodded to the men and the three left together. I took that, finally, as my cue.

    Gingerly I sat myself next to my wife, listening to her breathing, wanting to reach out and hold her ... but I didn’t know if she would want me to. My heart felt like breaking.

    “Black men ... so ... fucking awesome ... feel so good,” she was muttering, perhaps not knowing it was me that was with her. I tried to ignore her words.

    “Honey ... it’s me, James... do you need me to get you anything?”

    “Wha... who... James?” she said, groggily opening her eyes and seeing me for the first time. “You ... oh.”

    She seemed to be recovering herself slowly.

    “I ... I’m sorry,” she said, her cheeks flushed with (it seemed) both shame and inflamed passion. “I just ... look, can we go back to our room? I need to just lie down for a sec...”

    I helped her up, legs wobbling, and finally we made it back to our room. I still hadn’t eaten, but I just wanted to reconnect with my wife. This could be my big chance to win her back from the brink. I repeated the words “Don’t blow this” around in my head as we ascended in the elevator.

    Slumping on the bed, Alice lay on her back, gazing at the ceiling. I fixed her a glass of water, which she guzzled down before collapsing backwards again.

    “Oh James ...” she said, but didn’t continue. I was patient, waiting for her to take the lead here. Finally, she did.

    “James, you really fucked up last night,” she sighed. “I mean ... really. You know, one black man, Melody’s friend ... it was amazing, but I could come back from that. But two? Two at once ... all night ... my God, James, you fucked up ...”

    I gulped, hating where this was going.

    “As soon as you were shut out, they were all over me. Hands, lips, cocks pressing against like these big fucking sticks of meat or ... and Melody too, she was helping them. It was startling, like three people trying to pleasure me in so many places at once. I’ve never felt so much ... going on inside me at once, so many sources of stimulation. It was crazy trying to keep track of it all. But it wasn’t long before I was on the bed with a cock ready to enter me.”

    “For a second I thought about you, whether you were still in the corridor ... then the second that mighty fucking dick slipped inside me, stretched me so amazingly ... fuck, I couldn’t even remember your name after the first orgasm!”

    I felt tears running down my face already. My wife was just calmly describing how these men had turned her from me so completely ... how was I supposed to react?

    “What do you want me to do, Alice?” I said, summoning some form of courage in the face of this emotional onslaught. “Be happy that my wife is ... was getting fucked by some strangers last night? Don’t you remember? It was supposed to be me making you feel that way, me inside you ... us together ... us ...”

    “Oh honey,” she smiled sadly, getting up and coming over to where I sat. She knelt before me, stroking my cheek with her hand. It felt good, it gave me hope that there was concern for me in her eyes.

    “Oh honey, you could never, ever make me feel like that,” she said, squashing some of that hope. “You ... no, there’s just no way you could make any woman feel like that. I’m sorry, but we have to face facts here. You’re just not up to it.”

    “How ... how can you say that?”

    “Come on,” she said. Her expression was friendly, but there was pity too. “Just look at your little dick. It’s ... look, even if you can get hard, it is about half the size of the black guys I’ve been with. At best. And they just know how to use those cocks ... oh boy, how they use them...”

    She shivered as some memory of the night before caused a rush of pleasure in her body.

    “I do love you, James, I really do ... but things have changed. You have to accept that. Sex just isn’t going to be the same anymore.”

    “My God, what has she done to you?” I mumbled, thinking of Melody. “But ... what about kids? Do you ... I mean, you’ll have to suffer my presence to get them.”

    Bitterness tinged my voice, but she didn’t rise to the bait.

    “Hmm, I guess...” she said, though her eyes flickered to the side when she said so.

    “...and we can go back to normal when we go home. I ... I can deal with this if we can just leave it as a holiday fling, some craziness you got up to when we were away ... right?”

    She smiled, standing, hands on hips.

    “Oh, no, I’m afraid not,” she said and I whimpered. “You think I can get fucked like I did last night and then never do it again? Oh my sweet James ... you said it yourself. I got angry, but I did come to realise something ... again, it was you, sweet James, my husband, that was the catalyst behind all this. You didn’t answer your phone and I broke that first time. You called me a slut last night when I was just having a chat about all this with Melody.”

    “And you know what? I was saying how that one time was it. I was done. It was wonderful, but I couldn’t do it to you again ... then you come in and start calling me a slut and a whore and ...

    “I never called you a whore!”

    “ ... and whatever. You said I was a slut and something snapped in me. I’m a slut, am I? I’ll show you what a slut really is ... and that was my realisation. As the second man entered me, as the full weight of what I was doing hit me ... yeah, I am a fucking slut.”

    “Oh my God...” I groaned.

    “...but I’m not going to blame you. I’m going to thank you because you’ve given me the greatest gift a woman could ever receive ... a sexual awakening. I finally felt what it was like to have just fucking mind-blowing sex. Out of this world sex, you know? Just something I’d never dreamed possible. Like every fibre of my being just screaming with pleasure as those orgasms kept on and on coming.”

    “And at breakfast ... that was so wrong and yet, I couldn’t help myself. Memories of you saying that to me ... I wanted to humiliate you, show you that things have consequences. You call me a slut, I am a fucking slut. And you’ll get used to it, James.”

    “No ... not again. I can’t ... not at home, please. Just ... just for holidays ...”

    “Yes, I’m sorry, but it’s going to happen. You should be happy ... a happy wife equals a happy life, no?”

    “Ha ... happy? That my wife ... my second wife is fucking other men?”

    “Yeah, so? I’ll be enjoying myself ... but I’ll always come back to you, James. You think I’d throw away what we have just for sex?”

    “Melody did...”

    “No, you did,” Alice said. “She wanted to stay with you. You just aren’t remembering things the way they really happened. You pushed for the divorce, she didn’t want it. She wanted to stay with you. She loved you ... no, she LOVES you. Even now. She just needed something else you couldn’t give her. A wild sex life. Everything else, you can provide. Love, devotion, everything ... just not good sex. Surely you can understand that?”

    I looked at her, mind still all over the place.

    “I ... I guess...”

    “Even now, I bet if you asked Melody to come back to you, she would. Don’t you think that’d be pretty hot? Two beautiful women living with you, giving you affection, love ...”

    “...but not sex?”

    “Never. I’ll never have sex with you again, James.”

    She was blunt and I was stunned.

    “But ... children ... I thought...”

    “James ... I am going to have children,” she said, sighing slightly. “Just they won’t be your children.”

    I gaped at her.

    “Who ... but who’ll...”

    “I don’t know who the father will be. I just know he’ll be black and have a cock like a truncheon.”

    I was almost literally floored. I tried to rise, but my legs collapsed under me and I fell to my knees. I felt sick to my stomach and struggled out onto the balcony. Gripping the railing, knuckles white, I let out a yell of anguish. How could this all be happening again? How could TWO wives end up as sluts for black men? Thoughts of suicide flashed through my mind, but even then I was too much of a coward to go through with it. I slumped down, back to the wall and wept.

    “James,” I heard Alice say. “Here, drink this.”

    She handed me some water and I sipped at it, sobbing away.

    “You can’t feel bad, please,” she said, sighing again. “It isn’t anything you’ve done. You can’t help who you are, what you have. You just do the best with it and carry on. You’ll be a wonderful father, no matter if the child is yours biologically or not. You’ll be a wonderful husband, you are a wonderful husband. I just ... I just can’t go back to vanilla sex again. I can’t. Don’t ask me to or you’ll lose me forever. Did you know that Melody’s friend with the big house asked me right then and there to ... what did he say? It was something like “Ditch the white boy and stay here. I’ll fuck you every night and you’ll never want for anything.” But ... I would want for something.”

    I looked at her.

    “I’d want for you.”

    “But ... oh God, I can’t lose you, Alice. I can’t. Please, don’t leave me.”

    “I won’t ... but I want you to accept me for what I am ... and I want you to accept Melody, to forgive her ... and to take her back. I want her to live with us. To be a family with us.”

    “I ... it’s all so much to take in.”

    “I know, I know. Just ... I won’t compromise, James. It is this or lose me.”

    “I ... I can’t lose you, Alice ... but I wanted to be a father. I can’t believe you’d take that away from me. You want me to be a father figure to a child I know isn’t mine? That doesn’t even look the same as me in any way?”

    “Why does that matter? People adopt all the time”

    “But ... it’s different. Everyone would look at us, two white people pushing a black baby around ...”

    “Fuck other people,” Alice said, growling. “I didn’t think you cared what others said, James. You always say that to me, just be yourself, don’t let people’s opinions rule you ... and yet you care about this? Why would anyone not just think that we adopted a baby?”

    “But ... I still don’t get why you need to do this. Sex isn’t everything...”

    Alice sighed, shaking her head. “You know, I used to think like that. Ask me a few days ago and I’d laugh, I’d say you were off your head about all this, that I’d become ... like I am now. But I can’t deny what I’ve gone through, the things Melody has shown me ... I’m not the same woman you married, James. You have to accept that. I’ve ... grown. Become something more. Maybe I’m being selfish, maybe I’ll change my mind ... but ... no, fuck it, I won’t change my mind.”

    She shook her head. “No, not going to happen. I’ve gone beyond just being some housewife with no concern for my own pleasure. I know what real sexual pleasure is now. So few women do, I think ... but now I do, you expect me to give up all that? You only live once and I plan to make for lost time.”

    “What are you saying?”

    “You know what I’m saying, James. I see a sexy black man, I’m going to ask him if he wants to fuck my pussy. Your boss, Mr Olsson ... I bet he’d be fantastic in bed. I bet his cock is like an anaconda.”

    “What? No, Alice ... you can’t ... think about what it’ll do for my career, my work. Every time he’s around me, all I’ll be doing is thinking about him ... inside you.”

    “...and I bet he’s got lots of black friends he’d share me with. And you’ve got some black friends. Moe, Johnson, that guy ... Paolo, yeah. Mmmm, some of them are pretty sexy, I can’t wait to get back home and give them all a call. Maybe we could have a little house party, just me and all your black friends.”

    “Alice! My God!”

    She just laughed at me. “I told you, James. You’ve got to get used to the new me. After all, you were the one that made me into a whore...”

    “No, I just said one thing, you can’t pin this on me. It was Melody, she got you interested in all this. It’s not my fault...”

    “You’re right, but it doesn’t change the fact I’m where I am now. Nothing’s going to change it. So, I ask again ... are you going to accept me or should we file for divorce as soon as we get back home?”

    I just shook my head. “I ... give me some time. This is all just so much for me ... after Melody, I didn’t think I’d ever be dealing with this again. I prayed I’d never have to ...”

    She had her hands on her hips, looking down on me. “Well, you do that. In the meantime, Melody and I are going shopping again. You stay here and think, let me know your decision when I get back.”

    “How long will you be?”

    She grinned, a devilish expression on her face. “Oh, I don’t know ... depends.”

    Somehow I knew that Melody wasn’t the only person she’d be sharing the day with.
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