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. Can I borrow your wife?

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Dodger, Oct 2, 2017.

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  1. Dodger

    Dodger Member Author!

    Can I borrow your wife?

    By [email protected]

    It was two days before my birthday and my wife called saying she had to work late the rest week and potentially may have to go with her boss to a convention in Florida because one of her coworkers that was supposed to go was out sick. I was kind of pissed because my wife had been sinking so much time into her work recently that we’d only had sex once in the last three months I had scored a Viagra from a friend at work and even though I didn’t need it I had every intention of getting as many rounds with my wife on my birthday as possible. I had hoped since my birthday was Saturday that I’d at least get some this weekend but now it looked like not only wouldn’t I be getting any I’d be alone and the reservations I’d made for us to go out couldn’t be canceled. All in all it was looking to be a shitty weekend. I told my wife I had hopes of having a nice date out and maybe a special birthday present but she just said she was sorry and she’d try to find a way to make it up to me but this weekend in Florida would really put her on top for a promotion she’d been fighting for. I tried be mad at her for thinking about her career but I pretty much moped around at work myself for the rest of the week, Friday was just the longest damn day ever.

    Friday night after work I was at home just about to sit down for dinner and my wife texted me that she was indeed going to Florida but she did find a way to get me a special present for my birthday and to please not be mad. She also told me to be ready for going out to Mariano's and to not cancel the reservation. I had no idea where she was going with this but what the hell at least I had something to do on Saturday night now.

    On Saturday night around 7 my doorbell rang and I went downstairs to answer it. As I opened the door my friend’s wife Aria was standing there with a happy birthday balloon and a red rose clenched in her teeth. I broke into a smile and asked her to come in. She stepped through the door gave me a hug and said “Ley called Jay and asked him if she could borrow me for Saturday night and he said he’d take care of the kids so sure. She then said she’d make it up to us when she got back and especially would make it up to Jay. I’m not sure what she’s got in mind for that but Jay knows you guys haven’t been doing too well recently so he asked me to be extra nice to you.”

    Aria is like a mirror image of Ley. Where my wife Ley is rail thin and barely five feet all weighing in at 105 with cut abs and a nice firm ass she’s sexy as hell and I love her even though we’re going through a dry spell. Aria however is about 5’7 probably about 160 half Filipina has all the right curves in every place Ley doesn’t. Aria’s best asset by far is her amazing rack, she’s a 40DD and is generally oblivious to how amazing she looks. I’ve joked with her at lunch before when she complained about gaining weight since she had kids and that she’s got a mom bod now.

    “Don’t worry your head girl, you’re a major MILF with great curves.”

    She just laughed and said “What the heck is a MILF?”

    I’m pretty damn sure she knows exactly what a milf is but she was just calling my bluff because she had a mischievous grin on her face when she said it.

    Back to Saturday night. When Aria came in she went upstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a vase off the shelf for the flower and turned around still grinning at me.

    “Ok so we should talk for a minute before we head to dinner, Ley said she had a special bottle of Hibiki and I could have a glass as well as a favor if I helped her out, so pour me a stiff drink.”

    Ley doesn’t let anyone drink from the Hibiki, I bought it for her for our 15 year anniversary and that damn bottle was $400. I’m not a big drinker but apparently it’s a very nice whiskey and it better damn well be for $400. I grabbed a glass and poured about an inch in the glass and handed it to Aria.

    “Oh no, keep pouring if this is the only time I get to drink this I want a big damn glass of it.”

    I filled the glass about half way and she said “Keep going” so I filled it about two thirds of the way before she said “When”.

    She took a sip and made a face.

    “Damn that’s strong, and I can’t say I appreciate it as much as Ley does, but it’ll do what I need it to do” and she slammed the entire rest of the glass.

    Now I’m no professional but I’m pretty damn sure you don’t just slam a 21 year old whiskey. Took a couple deep breaths and let out a squeak.

    “Oh my god that burns, I feel like I just drank fire. Would you mind helping me with my coat?” And she turned her back to me.

    I reached up and helped her out of the long coat she was wearing and immediately saw she was wearing an open back black dress, very very low cut in the back and there was no chance in hell she was wearing a bra.

    Aria then said “Close your eyes.” I did and I noticed the she dimmed the light in the dining room.

    “Ok now we need to talk, keep your eyes closed”.

    “Your wife and my husband brokered a deal that I’m supposed to take her place for the night but nobody was very specific as to what that meant.”

    Jay in his typical way said, “Do whatever you want, I know D likes to compliment you but we’ve talked before and he only does it because he knows you’re safe and that you’d never take him up on his compliments”

    Ley said “You can do anything you want, it’s his birthday and I feel bad that I’ve been neglecting him. Treat him as nice as you want and when I get back and work settles down I’ll return the favor so you get a night off from Jay.”

    “So we have some negotiation to work out. I’ll let you in on a little secret, Jay’s been fantasizing about Ley and I caught him looking at one of her photos you sent over of her in the very short schoolgirl skirt. When I asked him about it he just got all quiet and embarrassed. So he’s defiantly got it in for Ley and I’m ok with that, we’ve all been married for 15 years and as far as I know nobody’s strayed”. “So how far do you want to go tonight, since you’re the most reserved one of the bunch I’ll make you a deal, whatever you want I’ll do. But remember Jay gets the same thing from Ley when she gets back, so open your eyes and tell me what you want.”

    I opened my eyes and Aria was leaning with her back against my dining room table. The front of her dress really wasn’t there, it had a V down to between her awesome breasts with nothing a gold chain connecting V that cut down the front of the dress clearly no bra. I was stunned. I’ve seen her in some pretty revealing Halloween costumes but damn this was a buffet of breasts I was absolutely staring at a loss for words.

    “Good god, you’re beautiful.” was the first thing that came out of my mouth.

    “Good start” Aria said with a huge cat’s out of the bag smile on her face. “So I know these are quite a bit larger than Ley’s and I know you take a peek every chance you get. Why do you think I don’t bother with a bra when you come over to visit with Jay? I enjoy teasing you as much as you enjoy teasing me. Don’t forget I’m a what was it, MILF?” Good lord she remembered I said that over a year ago.

    “Err, I wasn’t trying to be rude when I said that, I was just trying to make you feel good and you never seem to realize how hot you are.” I still hadn’t looked up at her face since I took her coat.

    “Ok so here’s the deal, we don’t have any limits but the ones you set pretty much whatever you’re up for I’m game.”

    “I want to see how far you’ll take me or if you’re nothing but empty compliments.”

    “I don’t have to pick up the kids until tomorrow night.”

    “I told Jay I wouldn’t be home because I drove over to surprise you and I intended to get drunk so I’d be spending the night.”

    “I’m in your bed or the spare bedroom but that is completely up to you.”

    “Uhm, how about we start slow and see how it goes?”

    “Ok I know you’re being Mr. Noble and trying to be nice at the same time but let me tell you this, Jay is probably at home going crazy fantasizing about your wife right now so you probably should start living your fantasy's out right now, because tonight is your one chance for all of this no repercussions but you better make it worth that glass of whiskey.”

    I just stared for another moment and thought to myself, what the hell you’re getting a freebie with a girl that’s down and it won’t cost you a damn thing. And if your wife had been holding up her side of the marriage vows you wouldn’t be horny as hell right now on a months long dry spell. I stepped across the room and put my arms around her waist and looked her right in the eye.

    “Do you have any idea how many times I’ve fantasized about you?” She smiled and I went in for a kiss. I started with just pressing our lips together and they were every bit as soft as I expected, she melted against me and put one hand against the back of my head and suddenly we were in a lust filled frenzy of kissing and exploring. I could feel the heat of her body through our clothes as she started to grind her hips against my crotch instantly causing a near painful erection.

    Aria broke from our kiss chest heaving and said “ooh what do we have here?” as she reached down and gave my dick a squeeze through my pants.

    I just pushed my dick into her hand pinning it between our crotches and grabbed her by the back of the neck with both hands and dove back in to those soft lips of hers. Our tongues darting all over the place as she dry rubbed my raging hard on. I slid one hand down and slid it over her left breast feeling her hard nipple through the thin material of her dress, it felt odd so I broke off our kiss to take a peek. I slowly pulled her dress aside and realized that the gold chain I thought was part of her dress was actually attached to a pair of nipple clamps. I damn near came in my pants right there, Ley would never wear anything like that and here I had a woman who was telling me I could have every dream I’d ever had about her come true and all I had to do was take what I wanted. I gave her nipple a little squeeze and then cupped her whole breast and gave it a squeeze too. I was in heaven, for 15 years my lovely wife’s A cups were all I ever got my hands on and here were an amazing set of DD’s. I now know the joy a dog feels when chasing a squirrel pure unfiltered joy the would could end and I wouldn’t give a shit because I had my hand on a perfect pair of tits.

    Aria started kissing my neck as I fondled her breasts and played with the nipple clamps. I’d seen them in porn before but never in real life. There was a little horse shoe shaped loop with a screw on the side that pushed a little ball trapping Aria’s nipple in the shoe. Years ago when she was breastfeeding we were sitting on the couch watching TV while she was feeding and when she switched the baby over she didn’t bother to cover up and I saw that she had perfect aureole about three inches across with very large nipples. I thought after she was not breastfeeding anymore that maybe her nipples wouldn’t be that size still but with the clamp I could see her nipples had to be an inch long and still a perfect chocolatey brown color. Little bumps dotted her aureole like stars in the sky and even though she was practically on fire I could see goosebumps all over her magnificent chest.

    “Do you like my little toys? I brought a couple different ones just in case you didn’t like these. Go get my purse for me and I’ll show you.”

    I picked up her purse from where she had laid it down on the couch and turned around, she had the front of her dress open and was squeezing her own nipples.

    “Ever since the kids stopped breastfeeding my nipples have been a constant turn on, I never knew you could have an orgasm from breastfeeding but I miss it all the time, I’d sit on the couch feeding with my legs crossed and just keep kicking my legs working myself from one orgasm after another.”

    She reached for her purse and pulled out a little wallet looking thing and flipped it open. Inside were several different sets of rings some were loops with balls on the ends that would pinch in from the sides, others were smaller circles that she could push her nipples through, but the ones she took out were little stars about the size of a quarter with jagged teeth pointing towards the middle.

    “Come here and help me with these” she ordered.

    I came over and started to reach for the clamps.

    “Wait, don't take them off yet, pull on the chain first.”

    I took the chain in my fingers and pulled it towards me, her breasts came together and her nipples stretched towards me as I pulled.

    “Right there” she gasped. “Jiggle them, but try to not pull the clips off I can probably cum just from you doing that”.

    I started jiggling the chain up and down, then pulled it to one side and then the other, then up as high as it would go. The whole time those breasts were swaying to and fro, I was mesmerized. Aria’s breathing was getting ragged and she was leaning back against the table with her legs spread. She grabbed my cock again and started squeezing and then letting go then squeezing again. I kept playing with her nipples for about 30 seconds before she clamped down on my dick and her legs started quivering.

    “Oh fuck, oh fuck, pull them harder, oh fuck yes!”

    “When I say cumming rip them off!”

    She kept shaking for another few seconds and I slid my hand down her side softly slowly down her thigh and then up under her skirt fully intending to start rubbing her clit to see if that would put her over the edge but as soon as I touched her bare thigh she grabbed my hand and looked me straight in the eye with the most amazing lust filled look.

    “Cumming, NOW!” she growled.

    I pulled the clips slowly as hard as I could. Her breasts pointed towards me like rockets, her entire aureole and nipple were stretched out and with a snap the right clamp broke free. Aria moaned and mewled as I continued to pull on the clamp that was attached to her left nipple. Finally the left one snapped free and Aria fell back against the dining room table, legs spread breasts spreading out as she collapsed on her back. I leaned forward and scooped up both breasts and dove in. I wrapped my lips around her left nipple and sucked like my life depended on it. I ran my tongue around her aureole feeling every little bump before flicking her nipple with the tip of my tongue. I then moved over to her right nipple and gave her a little bite, this drove her wild and she grabbed my head and held me against her boobs.

    “Oh holy shit, cumming again!” she whispered, as she started quivering again.

    I kept kissing and kneading her breasts until she came down from her orgasm.

    “There’s more where that came from, but if we don’t leave soon we’ll be late for dinner. Now which rings should I wear out? The little ones go around the base of my nipples and makes them stand out, the stars are the kinky ones, every time my boobs move the pinch a little which when I’m in the mood really gets me going.”

    I didn’t know this side of Aria and I was already thinking this was the best fantasy ever, here was a woman with no hangups just enjoying being sensual without jumping through 50 hoops for a few minutes of pleasure then asking “are you done yet”.

    “Lets go with the stars then, I’m absolutely loving this side of you and don’t want to wake up from this dream EVER!”

    I tried to slip the star over her nipple and couldn’t quite get it until she took it and pushed it against her nipple then she pinched the tip of her nipple and pulled it through the hole. She made little mewling noises as she did the same on the other nipple. When she was done the middle of her aureole was a quarter sized silver star with an inch of nipple protruding from the middle. She then tucked most of her breasts back into her dress which still left her cleavage visible all the way below her breasts. Standing beside her you were definitely getting the whole eye full including under boob. I grabbed her coat and helped her into it, as I did her breast swung free of her dress and she just smiled at me and pulled her coat closed and tied it at the waist.

    I don’t know how I drove to the restaurant without crashing because as soon as we got in the car she opened the front of her coat and her right breast was in plain view. I could see her nipple and a flash of her silver star ring every time we drove by a street light. Somehow I got us to the restaurant and she closed coat for decency’s sake as we went inside. The reason I picked this place is it’s an old Italian restaurant that’s pretty dark inside with red candles on the tables for lighting. We were met by the host and shown to our table, as we got to the table he asked “May I take the ladies coat sir?” I froze, not sure what state Aria’s dress would be in but she just smiled and said “Thank you” and turned her back to the host. As the coat came off of course her breasts were out of her dress but she quickly adjusted the dress to cover herself as she slipped into our booth. As she was sliding around to the back of the booth one of her breasts sprang free again and the host simply smiled and said “Your waiter will be with you in a moment, I trust Daniel will aid in any way necessary to ensure the sir has the breast birthday evening possible” and with that he turned and walked away.

    “Did he say breast birthday evening?” Aria giggled.

    “I believe he did, do you think he meant tit?” I cracked a grin at my lame pun.

    Aria adjusted her dress to hide the girls and Daniel arrived to take our drink orders, we went with a bottle of house red and Daniel returned quickly presented a sniffer which we agreed smelled delicious and he poured for us, as he was pouring Aria leaned forward showing a glorious amount of cleavage and said “Thank you Daniel”. The man was obviously a professional because he managed to both ogle Aria’s rack and not cover the table in wine.

    We ordered our meal and Daniel returned with a plate of oysters which we had not ordered and noted that they were compliments of the house.

    “Well if you have those to get you going I have this if you think we’ll need it” I said as I fished out the Viagra I had. I had my hopes up and was keeping my fingers crossed that she didn’t shut me down.

    “Do you need that? It didn’t seem like it before when we were at your house.”

    “I definitely don’t ‘need’ it, but if I get one night with you I want as many memories as possible. I haven’t had sex in 3 months and we’ve only had sex twice this year. You don’t know how horribly desperate I am at this point.”

    “Aww, ok you down that and we’ll see how many rounds you can pull off. I tell you what, it’s 8pm now, I don’t have to be home until 6pm tomorrow, I’ll take care of you as many times as you can get it up between now and then. We’ll fill your head with the breast birthday we can”.

    Ok so we’re now tied for horrible puns and I think she may actually have taken the lead.

    Aria went crazy over the oysters and the evening flew by along with her drinking 80% of the bottle of wine she was feeling no pain on the way back to the car. When we got to the car she took off her coat and threw it in the back seat and climbed into the passenger seat. I hopped in and enjoyed the view.

    “Take the scenic route home along the ocean” Aria said. This path was dark through the palisades and had no street lights along PCH and would easily take us almost an hour to get home.

    As we I was driving Aria kept kissing my neck teasingly and would reach over and squeeze my dick through my pants. Once we got through town and out onto PCH she leaned over and whispered in my ear.

    “Drive slow, keep your eyes on the road and whatever you do don’t crash.” as she unzipped my pants and fished my dick out of my pants. My eyes damn near rolled up in my head as her soft lips wrapped around the head of my dick and I could feel her tongue licking my shaft. Jay had always teased me about her blowjob skills since Ley has never put any effort into hers. She hadn’t even bothered to try for the last 8 years or so and that’s a long damn time in anyone's book. Aria took my member and buried her nose all the way in my crotch. Holy shit, Jay wasn’t joking she’s got no gag reflex what so ever. I’m not huge but 7 inches is respectable enough so I never felt self conscious but I was wondering a little to myself “shouldn’t she at least flinch” but nope balls deep was this girls style. I was driving about 20 miles per hour and there wasn’t a headlight in sight. I never wanted this drive to end.

    “Hold my hair, it’s getting in the way” Aria said as she came up for air and pulled her hair up into a ponytail.

    “Use me, show me how you like it” she said as she lowered herself onto my shaft again.

    I grabbed her hair and stroked her up and down my cock before setting the cruise control at 20mph. I held her in place and pumped my cock into her throat until I felt like I couldn’t hold out any longer then I slammed her head down and held her as deep as I could. She moaned and took it like a champ. I shot what felt like ten ropes of cum right down her throat and she just stuck her tongue out and licked my balls while I pumped her full of my nut. I now had a 10/10 blowjob and even if this was the last thing that happened this evening I would cherish this for the rest of my life.

    Aria kept sucking my cock as I drove and amazingly I didn’t lose my erection the entire drive back. As we started getting back into town she just lifted up and said “Just don’t drive by anyone we know” and kept sucking my dick. I drove through the last couple of miles to my house and thank god for garage door openers I backed into the garage shut off the car and closed the door. Aria came up and I gave her another long passionate kiss as I fondled her breasts making out in the car like a couple of teenagers.

    After about ten minutes of making out she broke off our kiss and said “you went with the ole’ snip a few years ago right, never wanted kids?”

    “Yep, neither one of us wanted kids so I didn’t want to have an ‘accident’, plus we have friends with borrow babies” she smiled at that one and reached over me to flip the recliner on my seat.

    “You know if we do this, there’s no turning back right? I’m fully aware that we’re both married and both our spouses have set us up for this but are you sure this is what you want?”

    “I love my wife, but I love sex and somewhere along the way she lost interest. I’ve been loyal to her our entire marriage and put up with a lot of tough times from her and through both of our careers that most guys would have either cheated or left. I’m not saying I’m going to leave her but at least this way she’s ok with sharing and she trusts you guys so the biggest problem I see is already taken care of. I want you so bad I can feel it in every part of my body.”

    With that she threw her leg over my lap, pulled her dress up, and pushed me on my back. She slid back and was unbuckling my pants when she accidentally leaned on the horn. That beep sounded like a thunderclap in the garage and she started laughing. It really broke the tension and she pulled my pants down and pulled up the bottom of her dress.

    “Ley said you like a clean pussy so I went and got mine waxed, Jay doesn’t even know.”

    “It feels so strange being bare down there but I’ve been horny as hell since she called and asked to borrow me for the weekend.”

    “Have you ever seen mom pussy before?”

    I looked down and saw she was in fact bare of hair. Her labia were thick and her clit was prominent. I could smell her arousal as she rubbed herself back and fourth over the bottom of my permanently hard dick. Slowly she lifted herself up and slid the head of my dick through the lips of her pussy.

    She held herself over me and said “We’re about to cheat on our spouses, if I move an inch you’ll be inside me and there’s no going back.”

    And with that she ever so slowly slid down my dick all the way to the base. She was very wet and even though she had her kids years ago I had never had sex with a mother before. On some strange level I was wondering if she would feel different from the other women I’d been with but nope hot, wet, and tight just like my dreams.

    She bottomed out and leaned forward to kiss me. Her hair draped over my face and she whispered “you’re fucking your friends wife at the request of your wife, who is going to fuck my husband.

    “We’re all sorts of twisted now. “

    “And you know the best thing, I don’t care.”

    “Fuck me, fuck me any way you want but fuck me hard.”

    I slammed into her as hard as I could and she grunted “you’re bigger than Jay” which caused me to hammer her again. I kept stroking into her pulling almost all the way out then slamming as hard as I could up into her hot cunt. This went on for about ten minutes before I reached up and pulled off her nipple rings. She clamped down on my cock when I did that and started shaking. I grabbed her by the tits and bit down on her nipples sucking and pulling on them with everything I had. I could actually feel her pussy convulsing and that threw me over the edge. I dug in and held my cock as deep as it would go and sucked as much of her tit into my mouth as I could get and started firing off spurt after spurt of cum. It felt like my balls were going to explode, I’ve never cum like that before and I swear I could feel my cum surging out of my balls with every twitch.

    “Oh fuck, that’s it baby fill your MILF, fill that pussy with your spunk!”

    I kept mauling her breasts and kept fucking her, my erection not fading even though I just came. Aria was going crazy with me biting on her nipples while pounding away at her pussy. After another five minutes I shot yet another load of cum into her and it felt the same way.

    Aria finally came down from the orgasm roller coaster she was on and said “Ok lets get into the house, I want you to bend me over your wedding bed and fuck me from behind, you’re going to pull my hair and then you’re going to throw me on my back and cum all over my tits. Every bit if angry you have with Ley for neglecting you I’m going to fix. You’re going to fuck me like a whore and I’m going to enjoy every second of it.

    I chased her up the stairs to my bedroom and she threw off her dress and stood bent over my bed with my two loads of cum already dripping down her leg. Her cunt was a sloppy mess and as I approached her she left out a loud queef and a river of cum joined the line that was already dripping down her leg.

    “Fuck me!” she yelled.

    I slammed my cock into her from behind as hard as I could, her ass rippled with every impact. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head off the bed.

    “Pull my goddamned hair, pull it hard, slap my ass, beat my pussy up like the whore you need”.

    I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could pulling her hair as she grunted with every impact. Every time I pulled back more cum came out of her cunt. She had cum running all the way to her ankles and I could feel another load building.

    “Turn over and take it!” I yelled.

    She flipped over her back against the bed legs spread and another loud queef as a puddle of cum ran out of her onto the carpet next to my bed. She grabbed my ass and buried my cock down her throat. She took me with long strokes about ten times before I started to tense up. The first jet she took in her mouth. Then she let me go and grabbed her breasts and held them together offering them to me.

    “Cum on me, paint me with your nut.” She yelled.

    I shot four thick ropes of cum across her tits, one landed on her face covering her from forehead to chin, then she latched on to the head of my dick and took the remaining three ropes in her mouth. As I stood still in front of her looking down at the most amazing sex I’d ever had in my life she let the cum ooze out around my cock to pool down on those magnificent breasts as she kept sucking my cock.

    We fucked through the night until we passed out from exhaustion.

    The next morning I woke up to Aria sucking my cock and draining the first load of the new day straight into her stomach.

    We showered together and had breakfast. After breakfast we proceeded to fuck in every room in my house. After I was finally fucked out she told me to go get my camera and get some pictures to remember my birthday by.

    I got pictures of her red swollen cunt that still had my cum oozing out of it from the hours of fucking we’d participated in since sunrise. I got horny enough for another two loads one all over her face and before that had even dried I came all over those fantastic tits a second time. I snapped well over a hundred photos before she finally said she had to get going.

    I kissed her and gave her probably the saddest goodbye hug of my life.

    It definatley was the breast birthday present ever.
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