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. Breeding the Campus Snowbunny

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Aug 9, 2018.

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  1. White Extinction

    White Extinction Well-Known Member Author!

    Hello, Race Traitors! ;)

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    Breeding the Campus Snowbunny

    Emily Myers was the new snowbunny on campus and had a growing reputation among the black guys at Pacific State University. Apparently, she can always be counted on to help a nigga out in a time of need. Maybe a buddy gives you her number, or you see it scribbled on the men’s room wall. So, need a little action? Want some help emptying those big black nuts? Emily's got you covered. She's every nigger's booty call. Just be appreciative of her good nature. A simple ‘good girl’ and a promise to sing her praises to your black friends is all she really needed.

    Emily was a product of the Zulu Brotherhood's social programming that had been at work in the media and government for several decades now. Now she'd caught the attention of the Zeta Beta frat.

    Darius stroked Emily's head as he led her into his room. As the President of the Zeta Beta chapter at PSU, he always had first rights use white girls. Her conversion was slow... A freshman year of being convinced by her handsome classmate Darius to attend Only Black Lives Matter (OBLM) meetings and social justice gatherings... The white girl's mind easily capitulating to accept black men and women as superior in every way. White guilt was a powerful weapon... And, one night as the frat cheered, they watched Darius give the blonde girl her first blacking on the sofa.

    Darius moved his hand from her hair to her shoulder, no words exchanged as he pushed her to her knees firmly...The carpeted floor cushioning them as his dominant dark eyes stared down, her cue for her to undo his belt and begin pleasuring him with her tongue as he spoke.

    "Mmn... Good job getting the barista job on campus... Are you going to be a good snowbunny and spike every white boy's drink with the sterilization cocktail...?" He cooed, that large black hand on her dainty shoulder moving to stroke her lovely face. She was their pet now.

    Corrupted Emily slipped down onto her knees without the slightest protest or hesitation. She knew her place and her purpose. Growing up in a liberal city where diversity and tolerance were preached constantly and any kind of white pride was demonized as hateful and racist, she was well on her way to being a servant of the black race. Her white guilt was deeply embedded in her psyche and easy for the Zeta Betas to manipulate. She looked up at Darius with pure adoration in her eyes, rubbing her face against the back of his hand. Her hands were already going to the front of his pants, unbuckling his belt and unfastening his pants. She giggled as she tugged them down and his big, fat black cock popped out, hanging in a large dark arch. She made a soft purr of delight. "Of course, I am. Tyler already gave me a case with 100 doses. By the time I’m done, every white boy in 10 miles will be sterile and useless." Her left hand cupped his big heavy balls, softly rolling them around, while her right wrapped around his thick shaft. "Your cock is so beautiful. I just love it. Can I suck it, please?" She asked as she started to slowly pump it.

    Darius growled hotly in pleasure... His sack swollen and heavy with hot cum... His length throbbing in her dainty little white hand, her fingers barely able to fit around the impressive 11" of thick pulsating ebony flesh. Staring sown at her with those dominant chocolate eyes, he spoke huskily to his white prize. "Mmn... Down your throat, white girl..." Darius insisted, his fingers coiled into her silky blonde mane of hair. She was the frat's now... Their house crest with a black spade tattooed just above her cute pink cunt with the house letters. Her belly button had a silver stud piercing to join it... Emily even watched as a white boy who dared to keep flirting with her was severely beaten by Darius and three of the brothers. She almost came watching.

    They were her purpose now... Her gods. Darius was the most important to please.

    "Mmn... If you do a good job... I'll get you get off birth control..." He promised. All black cocks that entered her were bareback, but the frat promised to give her a black baby when she proved herself. She was well on the way to erasing her white bloodline forever.

    The blonde smiled brightly with delight when he gave her permission and some encouragement to do a good job. She considered being allowed to suck a black dick as a privilege, but they chance to be bred... She shuddered at the thought. It was her dream to be given the gift of a black child in her belly, hopefully several if she earned it. She wasn’t about to waste this opportunity to prove herself. She leaned in and nuzzled her face into his heavy dark sack. The musky scent on them was overpowering, the pheromones they produced having been enhanced to drive white girl’s wild was lust. Her nose pressed into the crease between his sack and thigh, while her warm, pink tongue bathed his balls and her lips on them. She rubbed her whole face over his balls and then started licking her way up his shaft, exploring every bump and vein.

    Her pussy was soaking wet and aching to be touched, but she knew better. Her priority was to concentrate on his pleasure, not her own. She could always masturbate later, if given permission. She reached his big, domed head and swirled her pink tongue around the ridge while looking up at him, then swiped a big glob of sweet precum from the tip, before pushing her soft pouty lips over it and rubbing her tongue against the underside as she continued stroking him.

    Her owner watched as a thick bead of precum formed at the tip to reward her... A steady flow beading slowly down the tip to the underside as he watched her becoming aroused at the thought of her little white tummy beginning to swell with her first black baby... Her conservative parents' white bloodlines ending with a single eruption of African godseed, blackening it forever. In the fall, her little sister would be a freshman on campus, the frat making the little blonde convert swear she would offer them her little sister to the frat. Each day, about a dozen big black cocks used her hot throat, wanton pink sex, or her tight little ass... Made to go down on black goddesses like Fatima at the black female frat or entertain the frat with a 'show' as she pleasured another white snowbunny...

    The mantra in her dreams now... Black is better... Black is better... Black is better. She was not allowed to get herself off without chanting it...

    Obedient Emily sucked on the just the tip for a minute and then got to work. A big fat black dick like this needed more than just the head sucked on. She began to bob her head on him, working her way deeper as her spit and his precum was smeared all over his shaft, making it nice and slick. She used her hands in conjunction, playing with his balls and stroking the lower portion of his cock. Her pouty lips were stretched tightly around its thickness and it was soon bumping against the back of her throat. That didn’t stop her though. She knew she was expected to do better. She started pushing deeper, even as it made her gag and choke. Every time she struggled to push her lips a little farther down as she slobbered messily on his ebony pole, slick goo hanging from her chin and his balls.

    Her ebony master continued to use her, hot saliva leaking down his dark swollen sack as he stared down with sadistic glazed eyes. His hand assisted, firmly pressing down to make her take more and more... Knowing she was barely able to breath. At last, she arrived at the base... Her cute nose pushed against his neatly trimmed mound of pubic hair. Freezing a moment, he stared down to see if she would panic... Balk as she was denied air... Or, would she submit and accept going unconscious...? Just as she looked faint he suddenly pulled out of her tight throat, a loud lewd wet pop being heard as he let her catch her breath. Pushing her down again his hips would begin to roll, eager to fuck that tight little throat of hers as he growled hotly... Snarls of pleasure coming from him as he bathed her tongue in more and more precum.

    Little Em moved her hands out of the way as her mouth reached farther and farther down. She placed them on his thigh, but never once pushed back as she stuffed his black cock down her tight throat. That was a beginner mistake and was long gone after so much training. She offered no resistance as he used her in the way she was intended. Why fight nature? This was how it was supposed to be. The simple fact that he was black and she was white, meant he had every right to use her however he wished while she had no rights at all. As her nose pressed into his pubes and he held her there, she simply looked up at him with her watering eyes, her hands dropping from his thighs to her own to show she had no intention of struggling. He might keep her there until she passed out...or until she suffocated. Her fate was in his hands. After a good long time, her vision starting to blur, he yanked her yank, coughing and gasping as air rushed into her lungs. They relief was only a few seconds though and then he was back in her mouth, holding her head still while he fucked her face with long, deep, thrust. Her nose bumped his lower abdomen every time, his pubes tickling it, while his balls smacked her chin, slobber and snot and tears running down her face.

    The ebony Adonis used her tight little mouth and throat for ten more minutes... The toned black male evolved from shivers to violent shaking, preparing to release... Growling... Snarling... Grunting... Her African lover stared down into her beautiful eyes, knowing he saw her as nothing but a living toy. This was her fate and would soon be her little sister's... Soon all white girls. Emily was becoming the perfect little race traitor as her nose pushed against that toned six pack... Those heavy balls draining as he erupted in her hot little mouth. Shot after shot of hot cum coated her throat, mouth, and tongue... It was her duty to swallow it all or risk Darius's displeasure as he held her lovely head, enjoying her teary doe-like eyes. That thick musk... So addicting... Rewarded her with an overwhelming amount of it as he breathed hard.

    There the little race traitor knelt, accepting the heavy face fucking, trying to breathe through her nose when she could, without the slightest sign of complaint or even dislike. In fact, as she looked up at him with her bright blue eyes, the expression on her face was one of gratitude. She felt alive and filled with the kind of happiness that could come from fully realizing your place in the universe, your purpose. This, right here, right now, was why she existed. To please black men. It was her calling, her duty, and she felt lucky that they had seen fit to bestow it upon her. Without them, she would be nothing, useless. Then, when he was ready and not a moment before, he graced her with the greatest gift of all, his potent seed. She felt it approaching. His thrusts became more urgent, his grunts more animalistic, his cock swelling even harder. Then he crammed himself down her throat and groaned loudly as his cock began to throb. Hot, gooey ropes of thick, sticky nigger jizz blasted into her throat.

    She dutifully began gulping, taking it down as fast as she could, but the torrent soon overwhelmed her and backed up into her nose. She coughed once, and globs trickled out of her nose and ran down over her upper lip. His orgasm seemed to last a minute or longer, her cheeks puffing out as her mouth filled with backed up cum. When he was down, she sucked on her gently, milking out any remainder. He slid out and she tilted her head back, mouth open so he could see the creamy pool of spunk in her mouth. She didn’t swallow though, she gurgled it, slurping up what spilled over her lip as she waited for permission.

    At last, he gave it… The little blonde letting out a heated moan as she swallowed.

    Obedient Emily had served Darius well... Served the Zulu Brotherhood well... Served the Zeta Beta House well. Her tight little throat used exclusively over the last month as her birth control was wearing off. After three months of full time service to the cult her grades were beginning to sink, but her job as a barista had likely sterilized close to three hundred white males. Her classes were where she tended to doze off... Being used nightly as a party favor by the cult, her pretty little mind completely wired to please Darius... To please the men of the superior black race.

    The nubile blonde found herself prepared... Fatima from the black sister sorority combing her hair and helping her with her pure white lace lingerie. She was eager to watch... Her boyfriend Darrell was one of the three men of the 'breeding party'. It was a ritual to reward obedient white girls... By that point they wanted nothing more than to be black bred and carry an ebony god or goddess inside of them. She would never know the true father of her child, but it did not care... She was merely a vessel for them to bring more black lives into the world. Only black lives mattered.

    Her body was already decorated... Her ears having spade shaped studs, telling all on campus who she belonged to. Above her hairless little cunt read the beautifully tattooed words 'Black Cock Only'... Upon her lower back was her beautiful black spade, marking her devotion. Fatima led her blindfolded into a large room of the frat house... The girl would be able to tell dozens of people were there. Led to a round mattress in the center of the room the blindfold was removed... Nubian lords and ladies... White girl pets in various stages of pregnancy... And, some broken SJW white boys stared with grins on their faces. Darius, Darrell, and Malik entered... Each ebony god standing before her at the edge of the round bed staring at her with sneers. It was her job to remove their robes and kiss their ebony godcocks as part of the ritual...

    Little Miss Emily Myers was literally trembling with anticipation. She had worked so long and hard to get here and could hardly believe she had finally earned the right to be bred. It was a great honor and one that was not bestowed lightly. A white girl had to show enduring loyalty and devotion to the cause. She had to put the wants and desires of all black people ahead of her own and that of other whites. School, work, family, friends.... They all paled in comparison to her duty to serve the black race. She had to take pride in being a traitor to her race and an instrument of its destruction. Emily had done everything asked of her and more. She had drained the balls of every black man in the room and others numerous times with her mouth, ass and pussy. She had lapped at the dark pussies of all the black girls and even some white girls when they were filled with black seed. She had led countless white girls like herself to conversion and she had sterilized hundreds of white boys. And now, she was to be rewarded with the gift of a black baby in her belly.

    As the blindfold was removed, she blinked a few times as her eyes adjusted to the light. Surrounding her were the three Ebony Studs who would bless her body. Beyond them, the room was filled with over a hundred witnesses along with cameras, lighting and sound equipment. The event would be videoed and live streamed to members who couldn’t be present.

    Emily's heart beat heavily in her chest. Her nibbled were as stiff as pencil erasers and her pussy was so wet her nectar was hanging from it in little strands. It had been completely ignored for a whole month and only her mouth and ass used. Kneeling on the mattress, she rose both her arms up and bowed her head in recognition of her superiors. After a few moments, she lifted her head back up and began speaking loud and proud. "Honored Nubian Masters, I come before you today to humbly seek The Blessing. I understand that as a white inferior, I can never truly deserve such an honor. But, my purpose is true. My intent divine. I only seek to perpetuate the Supreme Nubian Race while aiding in the riddance of the vile white filth that plagues the world. I give my body to the cause, forsaking all else. I exist only to serve. I beg you to use my body as a weapon in the struggle. I pledge myself now and forever as your devoted servant."

    Emily slowly rose and moved to Darius. "My Lord, I humbly beg and thank you for the gift you bestow on me today." She slowly pulled at the belt around his waist, untying it and letting his robe fall open. Her soft, delicate hands slid up his chest and over his shoulder, pushing the silk robe off. Then she dropped to her knees and lightly kissed first his cock head and then each of his heavy nuts. Pulling back, Emily looked up at him and then bowed her head before standing and moving to Darrel to repeat the entire procedure for him and then for Malik. Finished, she returned to the center of the mattress and retrieved two items, holding them up for everyone to see. "Witness, my unused pack of birth control pills and my ovulation test. I present myself as fertile and ready to breed."

    All three men grinned impishly at the little race traitor, staring down at her as she worshiped them... Each man gasping slightly at her kisses upon their divine tools. Darius was her owner... His right to breed her first. Climbing onto the bed, he moved on his knees behind her... Mounting the little white girl as he had done hundreds of times before. He had claimed her like this when he stole her from her white boyfriend... Fucking her violently from behind on their bed after kicking him out of the room when things became heated between the interracial pair. How, his powerful rough hands found her lovely hips... Pulling the back a Darrell moved up, his 9" of ebony cock throbbing and beading precum... He was not as long as Darius, but a tad thicker. Her dainty wrist was taken by Malik and led to his 10" Nubian godcock... Pulsating with life as Darius rubbed the domed head of the giant cock up and down her tight little cunt...

    Her owner was so cruel... Her throat and ass being used exclusively, and her little cunt neglected. She only had two orgasms that month... Darius edging her daily before halting... He was putting the finishing touches on re-wiring her pretty little mind. Soon she would be offering up her own little sister when she visited campus in spring... They would take everything from her. Now...? She was given the first of her rewards... To be a vessel for black life.

    Without another word, he thrust those powerful hips and impaled her tight little white cunt... Growling hotly, her sex has returned to form a bit from the month of neglect.

    Darrell licked his dark lips, pushing the domed head of his cock to her painted pink lips... The black god thought nothing of making her, having slapped her before when she hesitated to go down on him during a party. The moment her mouth opened to let out a sound from Darius filling her he grasped the back of her head by her luscious blonde hair and forced the domed head inside of her little mouth... Her tongue was pierced months ago and given a silver stud to better pleasure her lovers orally.

    As Darius moved towards her, Emily dropped down onto her hands and knees, his preferred position. She knew he liked to take her like from behind, like an animal. He could drive as deep and hard as he liked in this position. As she felt him get behind her, holding her hip with one hand while the other rubbed his cock head along her slick, pink slit, she looked up to see Darrel moving towards her face. He loved to shove his cock in a white girl’s mouth. It was the best way to ensure she received no pleasure while emptying his balls. Today, he would have to use her pussy to dump a load in her, but not until she had brought him almost to orgasm with her mouth. While he moved up and smacked his cock on her face, prodding it against her soft, full lips, Malik put her hand on his ebony shaft to get her stroking. Her fingers wrapped around it, turning her eyes to glance at him as she began to pump him, using her thump to smear around the drops of precum oozing from his tip.

    Then, without warning, Darius jammed forward into her, burying over half of his thick cock in a single thrust. Emily grunted loudly, and Darrel took advantage of the opportunity to stuff his cock into her mouth. The two of them began to rock her back and forth as they held her hips and head respectively, fucked the warm wet hole their dick was in. Darius had his cock buried balls deep on the third thrust and began to fuck her with a vengeance, pounding into her pussy while yanking back on her hips. Emily would have grunted and yelped with each slam, but her mouth and throat were packed full of Darrel's raging black dick. He used her almost as brutally as Darius was. He had no concern for her as he shoved deep into her throat, relishing the way she gagged and retched. Emily's eyes watered and slobber drooled down her chin and his balls. It was hard to concentrate, but somehow, she managed to keep her hand stroking Malik's coal black dong.

    The two black brutes spit-roasted her, impaling her from both ends... Darrell thought nothing of pushing her cock town her tight little throat. His girlfriend Fatima sneered, jeering out. "Fuck that white girl's throat, babe!"

    "Heh... Aah... Love the taste, white girl...? You're going to look so cute... Aaah... Fuck... Swollen with my nigger baby..." The lewd Darrell told her, Malik snickering and grunting as she stroked the semi-erect length... Her grip and strokes of the godly ebony girth bringing it to life. Darrell pushed down on the back of her head hard, wanting her to make him to the base...

    All the while, Darius was growling hotly as he thrust... Making her take him inch by inch, loving the sensation of her tight cunt squeezing at him... Begging him for his cum. Giving her ass a stinging slap, he pushed passed her cervix and entered her vulnerable fertile womb... Countless generations of European ancestry about to be erased for good. Throbbing inside of her, his tip kissed against the wall of her womb as their hips met... His giant sack swollen with African godseed hit against her swollen pink pearl... Bucking against her, he gave her little time to adjust to his length and the violent blacking she would receive. She was told if she fainted they would not stop... Her being a moaning wanton whore or a dead weight - it didn't matter.

    Countless white girls in the room were lapping at black cunts, stroking black cocks, and rubbing their own swollen little pussies.

    Malik and Darrell growled at one another as Malik grasped the back of her head pushing Darrell's hand away. Darrell pulled out of her throat with a loud lewd wet pop... Giving her barely a moment for half a breath Malik forced his own thick ebony monolith into her hot saliva leaking mouth... A bead of drool still connecting her lips to the tip of Darrell's soaking member.

    Emily felt on the verge of throwing up every time Darrell forced himself into her throat. It only got worse as he crammed her head down, trying to make her mouth and throat line up straight. His pelvic bone smashed into her nose and his nuts smacked her chin as he blissfully used her. Her eyes were watering so bad, she could barely see, snot and slobber running down her face. Meanwhile, Darius was pounding into her little pussy with everything he had. His hips slapped loudly off her ass, his hand coming down to add more sting. His nuts smacked at her mound, tickling her clit just enough to be tantalizing, but not even to get her off. It was a rare event when a white girl was allowed an orgasm. It was far better to tease and edge them constantly, keeping them in a perpetual state of eager horniness and sexual frustration that made their minds easier to bend and manipulate.

    Suddenly Darrel's cock was pulled for her mouth and Emily gasped for air. But it was a short-lived break as Malik quickly shoved his dick in to take Darrel's place. He wasn’t quite as rough as Darrel, but he could hardly be called gentle. He simply fucked her mouth at a slightly slower pace and pulled it out every so often to smack it on her face and smear the slobber around, then jammed it back in.

    Darrell grabbed at one of her dainty wrists and brought it to the saliva soaked cock for her to stroke... She deserved no rest. It was taught to Emily early in her cruel training by Darius that she was an object for their pleasure and a womb for their offspring. Denying her routinely helped drive that notion home... Her sexual frustration making her rare orgasms so intense that in the daze afterward they could whisper to her and practically re-write her little mind... Her personality of a sweet generous prude girl was deviated to a black cock hungry slut that was sadistic to white men. It was as if each thrust of Darius's hips when he used her erased a little more of the old Emily Myers... Each thrust forging a new one. The once fragile blonde was now able to take so much cruelty from them...

    Darius's pounding was harsh, but he was far from the cruelest. Tensing up a few minutes later, he was approaching his climax... His black toned body glistening with sweat as the crowd began to chant...

    "Breed her... Breed her... Breed her... BREED HER!" They all called out in unison, almost loud enough to shake the walls as Darius erupted inside of her fertile womb, defiling it forever for white seed... Flooding her body with millions of little African warriors. Gasping, he held there a minute longer... Letting her wanton white girl cunt milk him of every drop before pulling out... A gush of African cum leaking profusely from her little stretched sex.

    Darrell greedily took his place, mounting her from behind and grabbing the back of her blonde hair again... Tugging her head back, he forced her in the cruel posture as Malik fucked her little mouth... Darius breathed deeply, his semi-erect ebony pillar slowly coming back to life... Grasping her wrist, he'd lead it to his cum covered member...

    At that moment Darrell's hips thrust forward, impaling her tight little cunt much more easily than Darius... The little blonde already stretched and gaping. Pulling her hair, Darrell was already fucking her as violently as possible in less than a minute, bruising her cute round bottom with his hard thrusts. He had used her ass two months ago as Fatima fucked her cunt with an oversized black strap-on... Both were so cruel she was bedridden the next day.

    Malik was going to take her throat, but was more patient... Pushing more and more of the girth wanting her throat to milk at him as he snarled down in pleasure at the white race traitor.

    White girl Emily rocked back and forth between Darius and Malik, her eyes fluttering, a dazed look in them as they used her. The savage fucking coupled with the lack of oxygen, putting her at the edge of consciousness. Then, through the haze, she could make out a heavy, deep, repetitive chant. "Breed her...Breed her...Breed her...." It pounded at her mind in time with the thumping of Darius' cock. Then the world seemed to stop around her, and all her senses tuned into one thing only.

    Darius' cock swelled impossibly wide inside her, jammed deep and began to throb as he ground his hips against her ass and groaned like a beast. Then Emily felt his hot seed spurt deep into her very core. It was so hot it seemed to burn, searing away all traces of her white ancestry, washing her white genes from existence. One more white family line erased from existence. It just kept coming, one thick, hot blast after another, flooding her center, spreading out throughout her belly. With a final grunt and shudder he pulled out, leaving her twat a gaping hole drooling his spunk.

    But, it was far from over for her. Darrel took his place quickly, shoving deep and hammering away at her sloppy gash as he yanked her head back by her long, silky blonde hair. Hair her children would never have. Just like her blue eyes that looked up at Malik as he smirked down at her, working his ebony pole in and out of her mouth. Darius was hardly done, picking up her hand and making her stroke him to bring it back to life. Each of them would be good for 3 or 4 orgasms before they took their first break. For the next 72 hours, she would be available to them only to use as much as they wanted. The only condition on them was that they only came inside her quim. They could reach orgasm any way they wanted, even using another girl and only sticking their cocks in Emily at the last second to cum in her.

    Darrell bucked violently, giving her swollen bottom stinging slap after stinging slap... White girls deserved this treatment. Darius's mantra he made her chant when she came during their first 'conversion' sessions...? "White girls are for breeding... White boys are for disposal!" She chanted again and again... Saturating her pretty blonde head and penetrating her psyche. White lives were worthless to her... Disgusting... Staring in the mirror ashamed of her white skin, blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes... The thought of them being erased by a torrent of African cum so thrilling...

    "Knock that white bitch up, Darrell...! I want a baby..." The evil woman hollered, eager to be a mother to the black child he'd fill Emily with... The white DNA would be replaced making the child as coal black as him. The cruel couple would likely be the owners of her little sister Ashley soon enough... Darius eager to break her and sell her when she visited her big sister, unaware of her dark conversion.

    For over ten minutes he used her cum drooling little pussy as Malik and Darius took turns with her mouth... The white girl made to taste herself on Darius.

    With Darrell's body tightening his black godcock became hard as steel... Suddenly flooding her once again and overflowing her womb with more fertile black spunk to erase her white heritage forever. The mantra repeating in her mind... White girls are for breeding... White boys are for disposal.

    Pulling out, he gave a high hive to Malik... The brother doing something different. Laying on his back, he pulled the meek white girl on top of him, feeding his godly monolith into her... Darius's hand went to the back of her neck, making her lay her blonde head upon Malik's chest as he mounted her from behind once again... That thick domed head of that resurrected ebony tool rubbing against her tight little ass... More than enough cum and saliva made the penetration easy, sinking inside of her as Darrell took his spot in front of her mouth... She would have no relief as he forced into her mouth, anticipating her crying out from the anal penetration. Malik was already inside of her to the hilt... Darius half way... Their grunts and growls of pleasure a chorus of real men...

    Darrell seemed to be able to fuck forever. He took a special pill that helped him hold off his orgasm extra-long so he could enjoy ravaging her pussy for longer periods before dumping his load in her. Darius had just cum, ensuring he wouldn’t be quick to cum from her mouth either. Malik simply pulled out of her mouth and let Darius have a go if he felt himself getting to close. The three studs used her continuously never giving her any kind of break. The assembled crowd watched, took pics and video with their phones, or fed their cocks and pussies so the other white girls in attendance. Several girls already had cum all over their faces or dripping from their twats. As time passed, others arrived and some left. White male servants, all in cock cages despite being sterilized served refreshments.

    After what seemed the longest and most savage fuck of her life, Darrell erupted inside of her, adding his molten goo to Darius. Although a lot of their cum would be flushed out be the continued fucking, they were depositing it so deep that most would remain inside her to do its work. Darius had a slight advantage from going first, but as they kept going, the black baby batter in her honey pot would be stirred up thoroughly ensuring it could be any of them. Shaking violently as he emptied his nuts, Darrell finally sighed with relief and pulled out.

    Emily was so dazed by now, she barely knew what was happening as she was dragged on top of Malik and seated on his cock. Her eyes rolled around lazily as a dark figure leaned down next to her. It was Darrell with a cruel smirk on his face. In his hand he held a small but strong clip that had serrated teeth on it. Using two fingers he pulled back her clit hood and snapped the clamp onto her sensitive little button. Emily squealed in pain, her body jerking in reflex. Darrel grinned evilly and shook the clamp a little to make sure it had a good grab on her. A few seconds later, she was shoved forward, and she felt something pressing against her tight white girl ass. All she could think about was the tearing pain at her clit with every little movement as it was grounded against Malik's pubic bone. She winced and groaned as a fat cock was forced in, stretching her tight, sore little ass. Her head was lifted and pulled onto a third cock that tasted like pussy and cum mixed together.

    Now she had three cocks in her at once, airtight, shoving her back and forth as they plowed into her, her pussy grinding on Malik making the clamp dig painfully into her clit. The white girl chanting in her mind… “This is my purpose... That is what I am... This is my purpose... This is what I am!” The words kept rolling through her mind. “White girls are for breeding....White boys for disposal...”

    That was when poor Emily drifted toward unconsciousness…? Her last thought…? The joy of giving Ashley to sadistic Darrell. The cruelest men were the most attractive to her… Secretly, she hoped she would have his baby.

    Two days letter… Semi-conscious and having taken over a gallon of African cum…? Darrell was the victor… His sadistic offspring would begin to grow in the little white girl’s tummy.
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