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. Break In Results In Some Breaking In

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Feb 7, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Break In Results In Some Breaking In


    by EroticWriter

    “Think about it Faye. You having me inside you, kissing you, fucking you, loving on your body. Will you think about it?”

    “I will,” she sighed in answer. "You would be my first, my first strange man."


    Note readers: In this first part of 'Break In,' Vic, my main character tells about two video films involving police. The stories are true. I was living in the Wichita, Kansas area at the time, late eighties, early nineties and I personally saw both videos. The descriptions of the contents are from my memory. These videos can be verified also by checking the so-called 'hoax' channels on the internet such as Snopes.

    1. Snopes has the Sheriff story but last time I checked they did not have the story about the TV personality, just a mention of the possibility of the sheriff story mutating into another story about a TV reporter. I wrote them with the details, telling them that there really was another person and tape, but Snopes never changed their story.

      This paragraph is copied from Snopes 6/6/2014. In late 1986 in the small farm town of Council Grove, Kansas (pop. 2300), Morris County sheriff Corky Woodward rented a camera and a videocassette player from the only rental store in that town.

      Woodward then made an erotic 90-minute tape of himself and his wife Dannette but inadvertently left the tape in the VCR when he returned it to the store. The next person to rent the player got the tape as well, and soon hundreds of video copies of the couple's amorous adventures were circulating throughout town.

      That is the end of the report found on Snopes.

      In those days, before the Internet, making a sex tape of yourselves was the hot thing to do, and if no one managed to obtain the VCR copy, you were relatively safe. If it was stolen, however, it would immediately be passed around and copied by numerous parties.

      Often, by the time someone else got to see the tape, it might be a copy of a copy of a copy. The two videos I saw might have been just first copies, because the quality of both was quite good. Then, with no internet, the only way something got around was by word of mouth and physically passing it on. The film might only be seen by the locals, as I suspect these two films were.

      I got to see both these tapes because my neighbor worked at Boeing Aircraft Wichita and the whole plant apparently had copies. Today, with the 'net, those films would have been all around the world, in high quality, immediately. Somewhere out there, probably around Wichita, Kansas, there might still be copies of these films. I'll bet there is a copy of at least one of them in the Wichita Police Dept. safe. I'd sure like to see them again, or have a copy.

      And now our story: Starting 45 minutes in at 11:30 P.M.

      “Now you suck it. Go on, take your turn.”

      As she was on her hands and knees in the doggy, Virginia shivered as she heard the man holding the gun give directions. She saw, out of the corner of her eye, the other man move in close with the camera. She knew that just moments before, that man had been back there, filming her ass and pussy as it had been exposed to their view.

      He, they would have been seeing and filming her inner lips opened and exposed and seeing up close how they dangled, something that she felt was embarrassing but to the men, looked very hot.

      Her uncle Howard's very thick cock was just inches from her face. Her aunt Faye had removed her mouth and was holding that cock in place, and as Virginia leaned forward, Faye aimed it towards Virginia's mouth.

      This was it! Uncle Howard's magically warm-feeling cock totally filled her mouth as Virginia enveloped it. There is hardly any room for my tongue to move around, Virginia thought. Still, she sucked, doing the best she could, and Virginia sensed her uncle sort of shiver and maybe groan at how much pleasure he was feeling.

      Virginia loved both her aunt and her uncle, and if they had to go through this, she wanted, in some way, to make it as pleasant as possible for them. One way to do that might be to make this a good blow job for her uncle. She experimented with her tongue, going all over and exploring the head.

      At one point Virginia even pressed the very tip of her sensitive tongue into her uncle's pee hole, and because his cock was larger she was surprised to feel that her tongue seemed to go much deeper into it then it would on her husband's cock.

      She wanted to go up and down, fucking this cock with her mouth in the way her husband seemed to enjoy, but there was no way that she would be able to fuck this cock with her mouth like she could do with her husband. This cock was just too big around, so Virginia stuck to just working that fat head. Then her heart fluttered rapidly. 'One of those men is feeling my ass!'

      The camera was still beside her head, so she knew it had to be the older man, the man who was holding the gun who was feeling her ass. She felt the hand slowly, gently roam over her smooth ass cheeks and then, inevitably, onto her bush. 'Oh no, please don't do that,' she thought. I don't want to be raped by the two of you.'

      Frantically, she sucked harder on her uncle in a vain hope that the hand would go away. But instead, a finger penetrated her tight almost virgin hole, and Virginia groaned. Despite her attempted denial of what was happening, the finger felt good! Instead of trying to move forward and away from that penetrating finger, she sort of moved her pussy to the rear, meeting the finger more than halfway and allowing full penetration to occur.

      “Now both of you suck it at the same time. Go on, there's plenty of room for both of your mouths on that cock!”

    2. Her aunt Faye joined her as Virginia sort of pulled her mouth partially off to allow Faye room to also wrap her mouth onto that thick head, the head on a cock that Virginia was also now wrapping her fingers around. Yes, there was room below that head on the shaft for both of their hands.

      Their tongues touched. Shocked at first, Virginia pulled her tongue away and tried to keep it on just one side of her uncle's cock. But as time went by, and they sucked, their tongues kept touching one another, and now both of them, Aunt Faye and her niece Virginia, were not only sucking away, but willingly swapping tongue action.

      Uncle Howard was groaning and squirming his hips. Virginia was wondering, 'His cock has gotten so hard. If Uncle Howard starts to come, should I try to swallow it? I've never even swallowed my husband's cum.' That finger was now fucking her pussy at a moderate pace, and she could feel her lips clinging, clutching and clawing at that finger as it moved back and forth.

      'Yes,' she decided. 'If Uncle Howard cums, I'll swallow it so I don't hurt his feelings.'

      The beginning. 10:45 P. M.

      Peering through squinted eyelids, Vic spotted a place where he could safely pull his car off the highway and easing off on the throttle, Vic stopped his Ford and turned off the headlights. He left the engine running.

      "What are you doing," asked Jeff, his younger companion?

      "I'm allowing my eyes time to get used to the dark. The moon is full so we'll be able to see O.K. The road we are going to turn into is just ahead. As you go up that lane, there's a bend in the road and some trees, but you can see the turnoff into the road from the house so they would be able to see us coming if they happened to look out their front windows. So I plan to go up the lane a little ways with the headlights off."

      Jeff quietly accepted that, and said nothing. They waited maybe a full two minutes, and as Vic's eyes became totally adapted to the dark, he checked his rear view mirror to make sure no car was coming and then put his car into gear and slowly drove forward about 50 yards, turning into a gravel road on the left. He drove another 100 feet or so and turned into a clearing between several trees.

      "I checked this out in the daylight, and figured that this would be a good place to park. No one going by on the highway will see my car, and it can't be seen from the house either."

      Shutting off the engine, Vic just sat and listened. Jeff kept quiet. He had spent a lot of time with Vic, and he knew that when Vic was thinking, it was best to leave him alone. You could hear the sounds from the car as it cooled down, the clicking of the engine and the exhaust pipes.

      Another minute went by, the windows were down and now you could hear the sounds of nature from outside. It was silent at first, and then a cricket could be heard, then two, and finally an entire symphony. Fall was in the air. It would be getting cooler soon, and then the crickets would no longer be heard until next spring.

      Vic opened the door, stepped out and pulled on a light jacket. It was warm enough not to need it, but it was convenient for carrying objects. Then he reached under the seat and pulled out a small pistol. "Hopefully we won't be needing this," he said, looking over at Jeff.

      Then Vic bent down and pulled something else from under the seat. Jeff sort of grinned when he saw the handcuffs. "Planning on taking prisoners," he joked? Unseen in the dark, Vic smiled. "This is just in case. Never know when you might need them." Nodding his head, Jeff followed Vic's lead by climbing out of the car.

      Going up a slight incline, it was a little over one hundred yards to the house. They slowly walked upgrade, trying whenever possible to walk in the grass which sometimes poked up through the middle of the lane, or off to the side. The grass was quieter than walking on the gravel.

      They kept their eyes alert as they scanned for anyone who might be out and about. It was unlikely this late at night, but you could never be sure. "They don't have any dogs to bark, so that's good," Vic said quietly.

      Drawing close to the house, they paused to study the layout. It was dark, with no sign of life from inside. Vic led the way around the side. He smiled. It was Indian summer. The temperature was still warm enough, but not so warm that you needed air conditioning. As a result, some windows in the house had been left open. "Stay here and listen," Vic told Jeff. "If you hear anything going on inside, like voices, come on quietly through the window. I might need you."

      Vic had just turned 30. He was handsome and intelligent, but had started out in life badly. At the age of 17 he had been arrested for car theft. His truthful claims that he was only "joy-riding" and planned to return the car had fallen on deaf ears. He had been treated as an adult and served six months in a county jail. As a result, his college hopes had fallen through. His mother had re-married and the new husband refused to act as a father.

      Since then, Vic had worked in an auto body shop, eventually becoming senior foreman, and despite paying child support for one daughter to his ex-wife, he had saved enough money to open his own shop this past fall. Somewhere along the way Vic had taken the time to obtain his G.E.D. equivalency to a high school diploma. His body shop was doing well, and it would not be long before Vic had paid off all his debts.

      Jeff was just 22, had been working for Vic for the past two years, moving with Vic when Vic had opened his own shop. Jeff's plans and hopes included college "someday." He had gone through several girlfriends, but nothing serious. His good looks allowed him to pick up younger girls fairly easily, and for now, he was just looking to have fun.

      Jeff looked up to Vic as a father figure, and just about anything Vic suggested, Jeff went along. This included after work, when they sometimes went bar hopping. Neither man drank a lot, but on four occasions they had taken girls home to Vic's place.

      These "pickups" in the bars had mostly been accomplished because of Vic and his good looks. Jeff was decent looking, but not the polished sort of talker with mature women that Vic was. Vic was skillful in plying women with alcohol to loosen them up, but he never allowed them to get to the point of being 'totally soused.' His motto was, "She's gotta be sober enough to enjoy it." If females went home with Vic, or with Vic and friend, they did so knowingly and willingly.

      On two of these pickups, they had together shared one woman, and during the other two they had been with two women. By mutual agreement beforehand, Vic and Jeff met in the kitchen after an hour, then each guy went into the bedroom where the other man's woman was waiting for his return. It had gone smoothly. A little protest perhaps from one or two of the women, but in the end both Vic and Jeff had ended up fucking both women, both times.

      But tonight was different. They were going to "make some easy money," according to Vic. Jeff watched as Vic crept silently up to one window on the side of the farmhouse. Vic had assured him that there would be no trouble. Still, Jeff's heart was pounding. What if the people inside happened to wake up, and had guns?

      "This is going to be easy," Vic thought as he removed a screen and carefully tested and then opened the unlocked window on the first floor of the secluded farmhouse. He nodded to Jeff and using his powerful arms, lifted himself up and over the sill. Dropping silently into the dark room, he paused to listen for almost 15 seconds, then snapped on a small but powerful flashlight and surveyed the surroundings.

      After gaining an idea of the layout, Vic pulled out an old pillowcase from inside his coat. Moving quickly to the buffet, he found a drawer full of expensive antique silver ware, which he quickly looted of its booty. Despite his best efforts to be quiet, the silverware made the inevitable clinking sounds as he piled spoons on top of knives and forks. Over the desk, a billfold was emptied of all credit cards and two hundred dollars in cash. "Not bad for five minutes work," he said half out loud, while getting ready to leave by the same way he had entered.

      Then suddenly, the sudden flash of a light being turned on and the sound of a man's voice interrupted Vic! "Who's there," the man yelled? Frozen for a second, Vic looked over his shoulder to see a man of about forty-five standing in the far doorway.

      The man looked as surprised as Vic was. Fortunately for Vic, the man was unarmed. "Hey," shouted the man, "what are you doing in here?" Now turning to face him, Vic reached into his pocket and produced his snub nosed .38. "Hold it right there pal," Vic said with a snarl, "don't move and nobody gets hurt!"

      Coming up behind the man, Vic could see the outline of a woman who asked, "What's going on Howard," while peeking over his shoulder?

      "Get over here lady," Vic ordered the woman, "both of you, and get those hands up!"

      Faye and Howard Wells both slowly lifted their arms and walked over to the middle of the now brightly lit dining room. Vic took notice of Faye's ample bosom, nicely outlined and revealed when she raised her arms. She was wearing no bra under her nightgown. 'This woman is a real looker,' thought Vic.

      "What are you going to do with us," asked an obviously shaken Howard Wells?

      "Come in here!" Vic ordered loudly enough for Jeff to hear from outside.

      Almost by magic, Jeff immediately appeared in the doorway behind Vic. He had entered the house from a window in the front room. Both family members looked shocked at seeing still another intruder. They exchanged glances as they realized that they faced not just one but two men, who might do who knows what?

      Ignoring his or her questions, Vic asked, "Anybody else in the house?"

      "No," answered Faye a little too quickly!

      Vic looked the two of them over for a minute, trying to decide what to do with them when Faye pleaded, "Just go, we won't say anything!"

      Vic ignored her and looked towards Jeff. "Go and see who else might be in the house. Check the bedrooms first. If there is anyone in bed, don?t scare the heck out of them, just wake them up gently and get them out here."

      "What if there's more than one," asked Jeff?

      "Check all the bedrooms before you wake anyone up. If you see two or more people in separate rooms, keep quiet and let me know." Jeff nodded and headed off on his mission.

      As Jeff left the room and headed down the hallway, Faye glanced at her husband, and he shrugged his shoulders.

      Vic took notice. "Looks to me like you might have someone else in the house. We'll see soon enough."

      Three minutes went by and then another voice, a soft and lovely voice, echoed through the room, "Faye, what's going on?"

      Standing in the doorway, followed by Jeff, was a girl about twenty years old. She was wearing a blue robe, tied at the waist with a belt that matched the robe material. Looking over at Faye, Vic smiled. "No one else in the house' you said? Honey, I think you lied to me."

      He turned back to the girl and said, "Say hey cutie. Come on in and join the party!"

      The lovely young woman, now grasping the situation at hand, joined her uncle and aunt in the middle of the dining room.

      Pleased by what he had found, Jeff grinned. "I checked all the rooms. There was no one else except her. She was in the back bedroom, lying in bed asleep. I turned on the light and she didn't stir. When I woke her and told her to get up, she didn't want to move and kept the covers pulled tight. I waved the gun at her and she got up. She was naked, so I let her put on her undies and the robe."

      Vic smiled at Jeff, "and kept a close watch on her the whole time, right?"

      Jeff laughed, "You can count on it." As he laughed, everyone looked at the young woman. Her face had turned red.

      Vic turned to the two older people. "Any more surprises?"

      "No, she's just our niece, here to visit. Please leave her alone," cried out Faye as she held her niece tight!

      "No sons or daughters," Vic asked?

      "We have a son and a daughter. They're both off to college," Faye answered.

      "That might be a good thing," Vic smiled. He went on; "Well, I've already heard your names," said Vic, as he glanced first at the man. "Your name is Howard, and her name is Faye," he said, glancing over at Faye. "So I might as well know your name too young lady. What is it," he asked, looking at the young girl?

      Again Faye answered for her. "Her name's Virginia. And she's recently happily married to a very nice young man."

      Vic shook his head. Was the fact that Virginia was recently married to a 'very nice young man' supposed to make some kind of difference?

      Faye began pleading with the two men. "Could you just take whatever it is you want to steal and leave? We won't call the police until you have a good chance to make a getaway. You have my word." She paused, then added: "You can cut the telephone wire on the side of the house if you want to."

      "Yeah sure, lady," replied a more than skeptical Vic! How could he make sure that they could never finger him, that was the problem!

      Looking the three of them over, Vic smiled, because he had come up with a plan!

      "Got any cameras or a camcorder," Vic asked?

      This time, the husband answered after his wife had failed to respond. "A 35mm and a video camcorder. They're in the family room closet if you want them too."

      "Get me the video camcorder," Vic told Faye, "right now, and no tricks! You go with her," he indicated to Jeff. As Jeff and Faye headed down the hall, Vic yelled, "If they have a blank tape for the video, bring that!"

      Followed by Jeff, Faye practically ran into the family room, returning with the camcorder, a battery pack and a blank tape..

      Taking the camcorder from her, Vic opened the camcorder, which was empty and inserted the blank tape. He turned on the camcorder and while he was waiting for the camcorder to warm up, he pointed the .38 at them and said, "Everybody strip, all your clothes, off, now!" His tone indicated that he was allowing no time for argument.

      The two Wells and their niece looked at each other and back at Vic. Both women had their mouths open in disbelief at what they were hearing.

      When Vic waved his gun back and forth, pointing it at each of their faces, they slowly began removing their pajamas and robe.

      "W-w-why do you want us to take off our clothes," asked Faye, fearing the worst?

      "Just do it," snapped Vic, who now had turned on the camcorder and was filming them!

      All three slowly stripped down, and Faye was nude on the top half, having worn no bra to bed. Virginia opened her robe, revealing a bra that covered only the bottom half of her breasts. Her nipples almost showed. Then she slowly pulled the robe off her shoulders and looking around, laid the robe on the edge of the couch. By coincidence perhaps, both women were wearing pink panties. Faye was trying to cover her breasts with her arms.

      Vic looked at Virginia, who had stopped undressing and was looking around. "Get the bra off, now!"

      Faye seemed extremely distressed because her niece was being subjected to this, and in front of a camcorder at that! "Do we have to, please?"

      Virginia paused. She had just started to reach behind and undo her bra.

      Vic ignored Faye, looked at Virginia and repeated his command, but this time his tone was a little softer. He nodded his head up and down as he looked at Virginia. "It's alright honey. Get the top off."

      Virginia turned her back to the camcorder and reaching behind herself once again, undid her strap. From the rear, Vic not only saw a great ass but he could readily see that she was built on top by the way her breasts appeared from the rear side view. When Virginia turned around, she was covering her breasts with her arms in the same way Faye was.

      Howard was wearing boxer shorts, and nothing could be seen in the way of a bulge under the shorts. With the eyes of two strange men leering at them, the faces of the two women reddened.

      "The rest of it, now!"

      The faces on the two women reddened even more. "You want everything off?"

      "That's what I meant, and you too,” Vic ordered while looking over at Howard. “Now do it!"

      Jeff looked over at Vic, as even he could not believe what was happening. This was not what Jeff had been expecting. A quiet simple robbery and they would be on their way; that was what Vic had planned. And now this, and Jeff was excitedly anticipating whatever it was that Vic had in mind. Those two women were damned fine-looking!

      All three bent down to remove their bottoms, but both Vic and Jeff's eyes were on the women. Jeff had already seen the younger of the two. Though Virginia had done her best to hide her body under the sheet, Jeff had gotten a fairly good look at her breasts and pubic hair as she had quickly jumped out of bed.

      In her bedroom, Jeff had stared intently because he had not known that he would soon be seeing her undressed again. Virginia had noticed how Jeff was doing his best to see all, and from then on she had tried to hide her body by keeping her back turned and sort of bending over as Jeff had watched her pull her underwear on and slip into a robe.

      The two women were trembling as they removed their panties. Without enough hands to go around, they tried to hide their nudity from Vic and Jeff, and in Virginia's case, from her uncle as well. It was no use trying to cover her nudity for Virginia, because her uncle was on one side of her, Vic was straight ahead with the camcorder, and Jeff was standing over to the other side of her.

      With no way to hide everything, the women slowly lowered their hands from their breasts and pubic area and stood silently. You could see that they were confused, not knowing whether to hang their head in shame, or to stare at the two burglars defiantly.

      Vic had noticed that Howard sort of turned his back to his niece as he pulled his underwear off, but not as far as he could have. There they were, three very naked and embarrassed members of a family, and Vic knew that two of them, a man and a woman, had never seen each other naked.

      Vic glanced over at Jeff, and saw that Jeff was smiling as he took in the sight of two very attractive women in the buff. Jeff already had a head start in seeing Virginia naked, but Vic was catching up fast. Jeff's eyes met Vic's, and they smiled at one another. Jeff didn't know exactly what Vic had in mind, but this robbery had suddenly taken an unexpected, very exciting turn.

      At the same time, the two women had seen the exchange of looks and the smile between the two men. They both trembled at what might be coming. Maybe filming them nude was to serve as a blackmail so they wouldn't call the cops. If there was to be more, rape was the obvious thing, but Howard was also being made to strip naked. Why? The camcorder was running, and their nude bodies were now being recorded for posterity.

      With all three now naked, Vic kept the camcorder running and took his time in checking out their bodies. He was the man in charge, and Jeff silently waited.

      Faye, even though she was in her forties, had kept herself in good shape. She was five-six and maybe only ten pounds overweight at most. She had long dark curly hair both top and bottom, large brown nipples on fat 36D tits that drooped only slightly, a waist that curved noticeably inward, a plump butt, and nice, if not slender legs.

      All of that, combined with a pretty face made for a very attractive woman indeed! Outside of a few lines barely starting to show on her face, and a few stretch marks from childbirth that barely showed on her lower abdomen, Faye looked as good as and maybe better than any women out there in the same age group.

      Vic wanted to get all three on tape and talking and animated as they stood nude facing the camcorder. "Faye, for a woman your age, maybe turning 40? I'd say you look pretty good." Vic estimated her at being maybe a little older, but was playing to her vanity.

      Faye must not have been thinking about herself being recorded naked and speaking on tape as she raised her head, higher than normal and answered defiantly, "I'm 43, and I've tried to take care of myself."

      All three men took notice that as attention had been called to her, Faye had also straightened up and pulled her shoulders back slightly, raising her tits to a level even higher than they normally hung. As a matter of fact, with her shoulders pulled back, Faye's tits could have been placed on a 20-year-old and looked right at home.

      Vic was surprised at Faye's answer, especially since he had the camcorder on her. Besides admitting her age honestly, it seemed like she wanted his approval. She not only got Vic's approval; she received more when Jeff chimed in. "I'll go along with that. She's the first older woman I've seen naked, and she looks just as good as the young ones I've seen. As a matter of fact," he added; "She looks better than most of them as well."

      He paused, and everyone was silent, perhaps in shock at the comments coming from this young man. Then he added, surprising everyone including Vic; "I like her face too, but those tits are really nice."

      No one had a comment to come back with immediately and Jeff added; "You look as good as any young one, except for maybe your niece here. I have to admit, it would take a lot of woman to top the way she looks. But in my young eyes you come pretty close."

      Faye trembled. The comment from the older man, followed immediately by several from the younger man had placed emphasis on how naked, exposed, and vulnerable she and her niece were. Faye and her niece might have received compliments from these two, but that might indicate bad things to come.

      Howard, being a farmer, had one of those dumb farmer tans that looked ridiculous when he was shirtless. His arms, and his neck down to where a shirt would begin, were tanned dark reddish brown. The rest was almost pure white.

      He was however, tall and heavily muscled with just a slight paunch hanging over a nice sized dick, a fat-looking dick that dangled, curving down over his tightly drawn up balls. He was circumcised, and the big head was wide, wider then the shaft. Even if the head didn't get any wider when pumped full of blood, it was already as thick or thicker than most men and the kind of head that would make a woman gasp upon entry.

      The shaft looked thick too, but the head sort of overwhelmed it. He had a lot of pubic hair, and very hairy balls, but it was easy to see that his balls were quite large. At the moment Howard's balls were drawn up tight, probably due to his nervousness.

      Howard had resumed standing front, no longer with his back towards his niece, and Vic couldn't resist zooming in for a closer shot where the cock and balls almost totally filled the lens. He kept the cock front and center for a few seconds, then zoomed back a little and began commenting on Howard's penis to see what the reaction would be from the two women, especially Howard's niece.

      On the video, a future viewer would be staring at that fat cock for several seconds while hearing Vic's voice commenting. "Nice sized dick uncle. That's a fat motherfucker cock that looks like it might grow real nicely."

      'Uncle,' and not Howard or mister. Vic had deliberately called Mr. Wells 'uncle' to add emphasis to the fact that he was now naked in front of his niece.

      Vic had quickly zoomed back with the lens and gotten Virginia framed in his shot. It worked, because Vic noticed and got on film that Virginia stole a quick downward glance at her uncle. Ah yes, suspense. The pretty young niece just stole a look at her naked uncle's cock. Now the thought of that was hot, and Vic hoped to get more.

      Vic figured it didn't matter all that much about Howard's wife since she had seen his dick many times, but he figured that referring to the dick as a 'fat motherfucker' was appropriate under the circumstances.

      Jeff saw his chance to make a joke, and leaped at it. "I guess you could call that dick a 'fat motherfucker' since he has been fucking 'mommy' here with it." As he was speaking, Jeff looked directly at Faye, and she blushed.

      It was now becoming obvious to Faye, and the rest, that whatever was coming was going to be entirely sexual in nature. The 'F' word had now been added to the mix.

      They were talking about his cock. Mr. Well's tried to keep his face impassive, but Vic detected what might have been a glimmer of pride in his eyes. Also, in case either woman happened to glance his way, he seemed to suck in his tummy, and his shoulders pulled back, just a little. He had felt, rather than seen, Virginia steal that quick glance at his penis.

      Vic took it a little further, mainly because he wanted to keep the subject of Howard's nakedness front and center where the man's niece was concerned. He was shooting a video, and was already laying out his script. "You've got a good-sized set of balls too, Uncle Howard. I'll bet you shoot some pretty heavy loads with those. I'm surprised your wife has only had two kids." Vic was being crude in his remarks, but he had his reasons, all of them being the niece.

      Interestingly enough, it might have been an involuntary reaction, but Vic noticed in the corner of his viewer that Virginia had not only stolen a quick glance at her uncle's cock the first time, but she had taken still another, and longer peek after he had mentioned the balls.

      That glance she made was what Vic had been waiting for. Vic wondered; did Virginia sneak a peek because she has never seen her uncle nude and is curious, or maybe it is because she has never seen any adult male naked other than her new husband? Or, the third possibility, she had stolen a look after hearing the phrase 'nice-sized dick' because she has never seen a big one.

      And then of course there was the fourth possibility. Virginia might already be thinking of the possibility of being fucked in front of the camcorder by that 'fat motherfucker.' It was possible, but Vic figured it unlikely that she was thinking that far out and getting it right as to where Vic planned to take this. At the moment, both women were thinking that they might be raped, but not that Howard would be involved.

      Vic wanted her uncle to know that Virginia was reacting to his crude comments and he wanted it verbalized on the tape. He looked directly at Howard and grinned. "I caught it out of the corner of my eye. Your niece stole two peeks at your cock, uncle. I think she finds it to be interesting."

      His revealing comment worked as planned when both parties glanced at one another at eye level and then quickly looked away. Virginia's face was now reddened as she tried shaking her head 'No', in false denial.

      Now it was time for Vic to bring it all right out in the open. "Sweetie, I caught you peeking, even got it on the tape. It was a natural thing for you to be doing. So while we're all thinking about your uncle Howard's dick, why don't you just go ahead and take a good long look at it?"

      Virginia hesitated, and after waiting a few seconds Vic spoke again. “Go on honey. Take a long look at your uncle's dick. You know you want to.”

      Faye was surprisingly silent as Virginia slowly and shyly turned her head downward and did as she was told. She stared at Howard's penis for several seconds, then looked away. Her face was still red.

      "Did you get a good look at it," Vic asked teasingly?


      "And how does it look?"

      Virginia looked confused, then tried to give multiple answers, hoping that one would be the expected response. She realized that she was caught in the middle. If she said her uncle's penis was ugly or disgusting to indicate what she was thinking about this situation, she might offend her uncle. But if she said it looked 'really good' or something dumb like that, the two men might think she was going along with some kind of sex play.

      Also, what Virginia was most concerned about was what her aunt might think if she shows too much interest in her uncle's cock.

      Virginia was hesitating a mite too long and Vic spoke up before she could reply. “If you can't decide for sure, you can keep looking at your uncle's dick as you describe it for us.”

      Virginia reddened even further, but she turned her head to once again gaze upon her uncle's cock as suggested.

      And of course her aunt was there and listening. Virginia tried to answer in the middle, an almost impossible task. "It looks nice." Hoping that was enough, Virginia turned her head to look at Vic and then back to Howard's penis.

      "Go on Virginia. Tell us more. In what way does it look 'nice?' Vic was working on building a sense of suspense between Virginia and her uncle as to where this might be going.

      Virginia made her decision. Why not speak the truth since it was so obvious for everyone to see?

      She paused, then added, "It's big, especially the head, and the rest of it is big too and hairy looking. I'm not sure what you want to hear."
    "How does it compare to your husband's cock Virginia? I am sure you've already compared in your mind."

    Virginia blushed. "I'm not sure if I should say, but..." she hesitated, Right now it looks to be a lot larger."

    Then Virginia paused and sort of giggled, "It could use a tan though."

    Vic and Jeff laughed, and Virginia sort of giggled again. Faye was silent, but when Vic glanced over at her, he thought he could detect a little glint of humor in her eyes. He quickly looked at Howard, and sure enough caught a quick grin that faded as soon as Howard realized Vic was looking at him.

    Vic noticed something else, and he was pretty sure that Jeff and Virginia and probably Faye had seen it too. Howard's prick looked like it had grown, not a lot, but enough that it had lifted and was now pointing a little ways out instead of lying over his balls.

    Most definitely, Howard's cock was growing slightly since it was up and off his balls. The shaft looked to be a little thicker as well. Vic wondered, has it grown because Howard is aware that his fat cock has been talked about by and in front of his niece and she had looked at it and still is?

    Even though it had gone up a little, Vic decided to let the subject lie and not mention it again. Besides, if he mentioned that the cock had grown because of the niece looking at it and talking about it, it might not sit too well with Mrs. Howard. There would be plenty of time later for looking at Howard's cock.

    Howard had thoughts of his own. His niece had looked at his penis and declared that it looked 'nice.' Then to add icing to the cake she had added, 'It's big', then gone on and added 'big and hairy.'

    But best of all, she had said it looks a lot bigger than her husband's. Her description of his penis he would accept. Virginia could have said worse. He too could feel his penis trying to grow and was doing his best to think of other things so that no one, but especially his wife, would notice.

    Both women had taken notice that his cock had started to rise. Faye was confused by this and was wondering if the enlarging penis had been because they all had been looking at it, or maybe there was more, like Howard was excited because his niece was talking about it. In any case, her mind was racing ahead, and she feared what might be coming next, and it was to be sexual in nature.

    Faye knew now. Whatever might happen, her husband was to be involved.

    The two men were looking them over, and the best, especially for Jeff, was last! Virginia, the twenty-year-old niece was a knockout! She was about five-five and slim with what looked like B cup tits topped by small pink nipples.

    Her slim figure made her cups look large enough to pass for a C probably and they were enough to fill a man's hands for sure. She had lovely blue eyes on a beautiful face, which was framed by blonde hair. Because she was slim, her legs had a gap between them even though she was standing with her legs together.

    Vic and Jeff could see a good portion of her snatch, even from their position of standing opposite her. Her thin blonde bush couldn't hide her pouty pussy lips, which were hanging down a little past her hair, and in the rear she had a tight little ass. Her legs were not to be forgotten. They were long and slim and developed just enough in the thighs and calves to give any man an instant woody!

    "Well Virginia, I've commented on your aunt and uncle, so I don't want to leave you out. Niece type girl, you look damned good. Those titties are perfect on your little frame. I love your ass and legs too. My buddy and I can't help but to see your cute little pussy lips hanging down past your pubic hair. That is really a turn on!"

    That crude comment, of course, resulted in the expected reaction as Howard dared a stolen peek downward while Virginia tried to close her legs even tighter together. From his angle beside her there was no way that Howard could have seen those lips, but he tried as best he could without being detected.

    Virginia shocked every person in the room with her verbal reply, especially after having tried to hde things by closing her legs tighter. “You really like lips that hang down? I'm kind of self-conscious about them,”

    “Honey, let me tell you about those hanging lips. Those are your inner lips, or called by doctors your labia minoris. They would have been your testicles if you had been born a boy, and that clitoris you are hiding above them would have been your penis. I'll bet you didn't know that.”

    Virginia blushed. She sort of looked down at herself but from her standing position with legs closed there was no way she could see herself. “I...I never really thought about it that way. But you don't think they look bad, my lips I mean?”

    “Hell no baby. I've made love to a woman once before that had lips like yours, and I found that they make good handles to hang onto when you want to pull a woman open, like when you're ready to slip your cock in or better still, when you are eating her.”

    Virginia's face was still red, but her eyes looked to be a little happier. “Oh, I see. Thank you.” Inwardly, her mind was thinking ahead, of having her lips being pulled open while she was being eaten or fucked.

    Vic decided it was time to get down to business. He made an attempt at a joke. “I suppose you all are wondering why I have gathered you here.”

    He got a giggle from Jeff, and maybe a smile from Faye before it faded. “What I plan to do with this camera is get some action of the three of you having some...fun. That way you won't get any ideas about calling the cops on us now that you have seen us.”

    Faye was the first one to speak up, and she looked concerned. “You want us to...to have sex with one another on camera?” As she finished speaking, Faye's mouth remained open and wide.

    “Of course! Just knowing that you are naked on video might not be enough. With sex in the picture, you'll keep your mouth shut for sure.”

    “Howard spoke up. Till now, he had been silent for the most part. “And why would that stop us from calling the police?”

    That was what Vic was waiting for. “I knew you would ask that. Let me tell you a little story, a true story of what happened up in Wichita a while back. There was a woman named Mogie. She was a beauty contest winner, and later on she got her own show, well, a show on TV with a guy named Mike. So it was 'Mike and Mogie' and everyone watched it, sort of a talk show.

    One day Mogie was with a man, I don't know if it was her husband or a boy friend, but I saw the video so I know this story is true. Mogie was in the bedroom, looked like some kind of apartment in the shot, and her man was filming her naked.

    First she sucked his cock, and it looked to be about average in size, maybe slightly on the thick side. Then she started getting all hot and bothered as he was shooting her pussy. She was on her back and had her torso in the air and started pushing her pussy up into the lens of the camera with her legs spread wide, and she was moaning like she was about to come.

    That camera was no more than maybe a foot or two away from her opened pussy. She did this for a few minutes and you could tell from how wet and shiny her pussy looked that she was really exited and not acting. Then they moved to a bed.

    He sat the camera down. climbed onto the bed and got between her legs. I think he was in a hurry at this point because he didn't take any time for foreplay and the way it had looked, she didn't need any. Then he got on top of Mogie and began fucking her kind of rough-like while she wrapped her arms and legs around him.

    The camera was placed on a dresser or something at the foot of the bed but it was fairly high above them and pointed towards their feet on the bed but off to the side so you could see her face. I guess he was really turned on because he only pumped for a minute or two and then you could hear him groan when he started cumming.

    Poor Mogie. Most people watching the video might not have noticed, but I did. He came, and she didn't. He was too fast for her after all that buildup and left her hanging. You could see her staring up blankly at the ceiling as he laid on top of her for a minute or two, and then she sort of sighed and patted his ass just before he got off.

    For the next several minutes the camera was pointed to the left down a hallway and you could hear them talking about her TV show while they get dressed. That confirms for anyone not sure of how she looked who she was.

    Faye frowned. “Why are you telling this story and in such graphic detail?”

    “Detail? One, to prove the story. Two, to make you aware of what might happen if you call the police.”

    Faye frowned. “I don't understand.”

    “Not officially of course, but it was the police that made the video public. Mogie and her man left the tape in the machine apparently after watching it and a burglar got in and took the machine. I don't think the burglar even knew it was in there but when the cops caught him and recovered the tape player, there it was.

    I never saw anything official about it, but the facts are obvious. The entire station saw it, copies were made, and pretty soon most of Wichita was seeing it. I had a buddy that worked at Boeing Aircraft and he let me see his copy.

    Poor Mogie was so embarrassed that she quit the show and left town for a while.”

    'I get it,” said Howard. “We call the police, they find you, find the video, and it gets out all over the place. Is that what you are saying?”

    “That's about it. So the idea is, we make the tape and you DON'T call the cops. This video will be our insurance.”

    Vic decided to throw in another story, just for fun. “It works against the cops too. There was a sheriff named 'Corky' in another town in Kansas, Council Grove. He shot a video of himself and his wife fucking, nothing really exciting about the sex act, just normal sex and using an average size cock.

    Then he left the recorder sitting on something and aimed at her in front of a big closet while she stood there naked for part of the time and tried on several different dresses like she was trying to figure what to wear when they went out."

    Vic was surprised when Faye asked, "Was her body nice?"

    "Yes. Yes it was. Nothing spectacular, but I wouldn't kick her out of bed, that's for sure."

    Vic heard Jeff laugh, and Vic smiled and winked at Virginia, who blushed and lowered her head.

    Vic went on. "Anyhow, this idiot sheriff forgot to remove the tape from the machine he had rented, it went back to the video store and it got out all over the place. So you see, a tape can be very embarrassing, even if you are a cop.”

    That apparently was enough to convince them because Faye sighed and said, 'What do you want us to do?”

    Vic laughed. “First off, we need to get your husband hard, so why don't you start off by giving him a blow job?”

    He looked over at Howard and grinned. “I don't think Uncle Howard will have much trouble becoming erect with two such lovely females here.” Howard looked embarrassed and tried shaking his head 'No.'

    Faye looked horrified. “You want me to suck my husband in front of our niece?”

    “Of course. She has to be in the video too since she is here and has seen us.”


    “No buts. She's going to be in the video, so don't argue.”

    Faye and Virginia exchanged glances, then Faye asked, “Can I go to the bathroom first? I have to pee.” She looked embarrassed and added: “I needed to go when I woke up.”

    Vic smiled and nodded. “OK, and my buddy goes with you to make sure you don't pull a fast one, like make a call or grab a gun.”

    Faye frowned. “In the bathroom with me?”

    “Of course. But maybe he'll look away while you take your pee.”

    Faye apparently really had to go because she turned without another word and headed down the hall, with Jeff right behind her. Vic yelled out, “We'll be right here, waiting.” He glanced over at the other two and saw that both Faye's husband and niece were staring with some concern in the direction both Faye and Jeff had gone.

    “Don't worry Uncle. He won't bother her.” Vic could see that Howard especially looked a little concerned, but his words had seemed to help.

    They were inside, both of them as Jeff closed the door.

    “Will you please not look,” Faye asked? Her red face could be seen because Jeff had turned on the light.

    “What is there to see, more so than now,” Jeff asked? “You're standing here completely naked and I've been seeing you this way for several minutes.”

    “But I've never gone in front of another man. I rarely even do it in front of my husband.”

    “That's what will make this a further part of an adventure. You sit and pee. I watch and listen, and when it is over with we will have shared something.”

    Faye needed to go, now, and without another word, she quickly sat down and turned her head away. Jeff smiled as he heard the sound of her tinkle and shocked her with his next comment. He sort of reached down and pretended to be grabbing his crotch. “When you're done, I'll need to go. Hearing you affected me that way.”

    Faye had nothing to say, instead exhibiting a red face as she finished taking a pee and looking further embarrassed, grabbed some paper and started wiping. She looked up and saw that Jeff was staring down at where she was doing the wiping.

    She knew that he could see her lips as they were opened and being wiped, but still, she had to do the wiping the proper way. Faye used one set of folded sheets, and then another. Then being cleaned up, she pulled on the handle and flushed the toilet before standing. As she was standing she moved aside as Jeff stepped forward, and as he unzipped, he brazenly asked, “Want to aim if for me?”

    Visibly embarrassed, Faye turned red. Never, never in all her years, either as a child, a teen, as an adult and as a wife had she never been in a situation like this. Sitting and urinating in front of a stranger, something she had rarely done even in front of her husband, and now this stranger has his penis out and wants her to aim it for him.

    Jeff fully had his cock out of his pants now for her to see. It was perhaps half-hard, and looked to be dangling down five inches or so. Faye could not resist taking a quick peek and saw immediately that his cock was uncircumcised and that the skin was still almost completely over the head.

    Jeff saw her staring and smiled. “Come on Faye. Aim if for me. I would really enjoy that and I think you would too. Besides, he added with a stern face, “if you don't aim if for me I'll pee all over your seat and the floor!”

    “You would do that?”


    “I'll do it, but just in case...” Reaching down, Faye raised the lid.

    Five seconds later, as Jeff sort of turned his body so that she could take it in her hand, Faye reached out timidly and touched the first adult penis other than her husband that she had ever touched in her lifetime. She sort of pulled on it and aimed it towards the toilet bowl when Vic once again, asked her to do something daring.

    “You need to pull the foreskin back.”

    “Oh. Yes, I never...” Faye used her thumb and two fingers to tug his foreskin back, and as she did so she marveled at how different his penis felt compared to performing a motion resembling stroking on her husband's cock.

    "As I suppose you couldn't help but notice, my husband is circumcised so doing this is new to me."

    Jeff chuckled. "For someone new, you're doing it just fine."

    "Is that far enough?” She had tugged his foreskin all the way back and was studying the now exposed head, which looked shiny smooth in the reflected light of the bathroom. The fact that it was smaller in width than her husband's cock head did not affect her level of excitement at touching another man's penis for the first time.

    “Yes, now aim it.” As she did, Jeff let fly, peeing a mighty yellow stream into a toilet that could still be heard filling up from since the pee Faye had taken.

    Jeff's stream was still flowing. “Now for fun, aim it all around the bowl.”

    Faye sort of giggled, thinking Jeff could not hear, but he heard as she held his cock between her right thumb and two or three fingers and started aiming his flow, going in circles all around the edges of the water inside the bowl.

    “See” Jeff laughed? “Doing that, we men can write words in the snow with our dicks.”

    Faye snickered. “I guess that would be fun.” She aimed it for him until the flow was finished, and before she could release his cock, he added, “Now you have to shake it off, the drops.”

    “I've never done this before, aimed a...a penis while the man pees.” Faye shook his cock, and then Jeff added; “Now sort of squeeze it and stroke it down like you are milking it. That will get any drops out that might be waiting inside.”

    Faye squeezed and milked him down, and in effect, was performing a masturbation movement. She gave him another shake without being told and said, “I think that's all of it.”

    But Jeff was growing hard now that his pee was finished, and his cock was gaining in size quite rapidly.

    Faye continued to hang on, though now her shaking had changed to stroking. Yes, she had willingly continued to hang on and had started stroking his cock as she felt and watched it grow. Her eyes were bright, but Jeff didn't see them because he was watching her hand on his rigid penis.

    She spoke, and her voice was soft. "It's kind of magic when this happens, how a man grows..."

    For some reason she could not fathom, Faye was getting excited now. She was holding her first strange cock, and it had grown hard in her hand. It was obviously not as large as her husband's, but it still excited her.

    “It's really hard, just like that!”

    She squeezed. “It's like a rock!” Faye's voice was soft, but her excitement was obvious. "And it's so easy to stroke the skin, back and forth..."

    “Yes Faye. And the best way to get a rock hard cock to go down is to get the rocks off.”

    “You mean you want me to...to jack you off?”

    “I'd like that, but everyone's waiting. And besides, I don't want to waste it that way. I'll wait and see what happens out front.”

    She was still holding his cock, only now with all her fingers and the thumb, and stroking slowly as she stared at it. “You plan to rape us? Is that why you broke in?” For some reason, the prospect of rape was not as bad as before to Faye now that she had established a kind of connection with one of the men.

    Jeff answered defensively. “Heck no. Far as I knew we just came to sneak in and get some money or whatever. We didn't plan to have anyone wake up.”

    “And now? Do you plan to rape us now?”

    She was still holding his rigid penis, and Jeff was very very attracted to this woman. “I know this much, I'd sure like to fuck you. But I wouldn't enjoy it if it was a rape. I can only speak for myself, but I don't think my boss would rape anyone either.”

    “Your boss? Is he your boss?”

    “Well, I work for him, yes, but you're not going to find out where. Now, about me, like I said, I won't rape you, but I sure would like to make love to you.” He sighed, because Faye was still holding and slowly stroking his cock.

    “Make love? I think you mean have sex with me, to screw me.”

    “I thought women always liked the term 'make love.'”

    “Only when they are in love with someone.”

    “Oh. OK, so I would like to have sex with, or screw you.”

    “Why me? I'm over twice your age, I think.”

    “I've always been attracted to older women, and I think you are very attractive. Besides,” he grinned as he looked down, “you're still holding onto my cock!”

    “Oh!” Faye, blushing now, quickly released her tight hold on his hard cock.

    "Would you like to suck it, just for a few seconds, to see what it's like?"

    "If I do that, you'll for sure want to fuck me when you two decide to rape me, or us."

    "Faye, it won't be up to me. But if it happens, I promise you that you are the one I want."

    "Well, in that case..." Squatting down quickly, Faye held his skin back and without hesitation, before she lost her nerve, enveloped his penis with her warm mouth.

    "Oh fuck yes Faye. That feels so good." He gently placed his hand on the back of her head and tugged forward, but only slightly as she took him deeper. He felt her tongue go into action and shivered.

    To Jeff, it felt like his pre-cum had started flowing.

    To Faye, it felt like he was filling her mouth with his fluid. It seemed to have no taste, so she allowed it to trickle down her throat as she sucked with even more feeling. Jeff groaned.

    Faye gave him another ten seconds and quickly pulled away. "Your penis is nice, but we'd better get back." Then, licking her lips as she swallowed some more, she stood up and released his hard prick with her hand.

    “Thanks for that. Now I need to put it away...” Jeff made a big production out of stuffing his rigid cock back into his opened fly and then zipping up. “I always hate to waste a good hard on. Not much room in there,” he joked.

    "Please don't tell anyone we did this, even if things start to happen out there. Please promise me." Faye looked into his face, almost pleading.

    "I promise Faye. Don't worry. To me you're special and I want you to like me and keep liking me, hopefully a lot."

    Faye was still worried. It was obvious that sex was intended, and how far she did not know. “Look mister I don't know what your name is. If it comes down to anyone being taken against their will, will you promise me that it will be me and not my niece?”

    Jeff laughed. “Why? Are you saying that you would rather be the one that gets me and not her?”

    “No. I am just trying to protect my niece. She is just visiting for a few days, and this shouldn't be happening. Besides, she is almost a newlywed. She got married just a couple of months ago and I happen to know that she was married as a virgin. So I want to protect her. So, will you promise me that you'll leave her alone and just...just make love to me?”

    Her eyes met his, and she tried to look sad, even pleadingly, but the excitement in her eyes could be seen as well.

    “I like your wording, 'make love to you,' but yes, I promise, but I can only promise for me.” He stared into Faye's eyes. “Wow, just think about that. You and I could end up fucking one another.” As he was saying it, Jeff could feel his heart pounding.

    She nodded. “I have been thinking about it, ever since we all were told to remove our clothes.”

    Jeff saw a chance to use a line he had heard. “Well, what's worth having is worth waiting for. Now, let's go back out there. No, wait! I want to kiss you first.”

    Time had passed, and rather than argue about it, Faye gave in. Besides, though this man was only one of two, she wanted to ensure that if it came down to rape, that she be the target, at least from this man.

    She allowed Jeff to move up against her, and as her erect nipples were flattened against his chest, their lips came into contact. She was trying to save time, but to Jeff, she was turned on to him, and very.

    Faye tried to break it off, but then Jeff placed his tongue against hers. That did it. First she had felt his cock grow in her hand and had stroked it, then she had sucked it, and now, it was his tongue. Faye moaned, feeling some sexual desire mentally other than just physical for the first time of the evening.

    As they were kissing, Faye leaned back with her naked ass against the sink.

    Sensing her acceptance, Jeff reached out and fondled her left breast. Then, as his fingers found her nipple, Faye moaned. Then, to make it worse for her because she wanted to deny him the pleasure of knowing she was enjoying this, Faye felt his finger penetrate her vagina after his hand had moved down, and again, trying to suppress it, she moaned.

    His finger was met with wetness and Jeff didn't miss noticing how she was holding onto him tightly with her free hand. He could feel her body trembling.

    The kiss and the fondling, or maybe better described, the finger fucking, lasted for 30-40 seconds, and then Jeff smiled as he stared into her obviously very red face. At that moment, two people very much wanted to be able to finish the act. If only there was time.

    “Think about it Faye. You having me inside you, kissing you, fucking you, loving on your body. Will you think about it?”

    “I will,” she sighed in answer. "You would be my first, my first strange man."

    “Good! Just so you know, you are the one I really want. Now we can go back to the living room.” Jeff had waited to flush the toilet the second time so that if the people in the living room could hear, they would think that the time had been used taking a pee, or maybe by two. He pushed down the handle as Faye opened the door.

    Faye did think about it for the ten seconds it took to go down the hall and into the dining room. 'He wants me over my beautiful and young niece!' But even after the kissing and fondling, now that she was away from Jeff, Faye still thought that she might enjoy the older man more.

    “Bout time you guys came back. What were you two doing in there, going at it?”

    Jeff laughed at Vic's joke, but he looked away from Howard when their eyes met. “We both took a pee, and I let her aim it for me.”

    It was a shocking thing to say in front of her husband, but Vic made light of it. “How the hell can you pee through a hard on?”

    Jeff laughed. “I managed to get it out before I got hard, but barely.”

    Howard looked rather sternly over at his wife, and seeing his look, Faye sort of shook her head 'no,' like Jeff was just joking. Faye also happened to glance over at Virginia and saw a look of either shock or surprise on her face.

    It was time they got started, and Vic came up with the first phase of his plan. “Let's start off by having Faye do a little sucking on her husband to get things warmed up, and then Virginia can give her a hand.”

    A few minutes later, at 11:30 P.M.

    “OK Virginia, now you suck it. Go on, take your turn.”

    As she was on her hands and knees in the doggy, Virginia shivered as she heard the man holding the gun give directions. She saw, out of the corner of her eye, the other man move in close with the camera. She knew that just moments before, that man had been back there, filming her ass and pussy as it had been exposed to their view.

    He, they would have been seeing and filming her inner lips opened and exposed and seeing up close how they dangled, something that she felt was embarrassing but to the men, looked very hot.

    Her uncle Howard's very thick cock was just inches from her face. Her aunt Faye had removed her mouth and was holding that cock in place, and as Virginia leaned forward, Faye aimed it towards Virginia's mouth. Uncle Howard's magically warm-feeling cock totally filled her mouth as she enveloped it.

    There is hardly any room for my tongue to move around, Virginia thought. Still, she sucked, doing the best she could, and Virginia sensed her uncle sort of shiver and maybe groan at how much pleasure he was feeling.

    Virginia loved both her aunt and her uncle, and if they had to go through this, she wanted, in some way, to make it as pleasant as possible for them. One way to do that might be to make this a good blow job for her uncle. She experimented with her tongue, going all over and exploring the head.

    At one point Virginia even pressed the very tip of her sensitive tongue into her uncle's pee hole, and because it was larger was surprised to feel that her tongue seemed to go much deeper into it then it would on her husband's cock.

    She wanted to go up and down, fucking this cock with her mouth in the way her husband seemed to enjoy, but there was no way that she would be able to fuck this cock with her mouth like she could do with her husband. This cock was just too big around, so Virginia stuck to just working that fat head. Then her heart fluttered rapidly. 'One of those men is feeling my ass!'

    The camera was still beside her head, so she knew it had to be the older man, the man who was holding the gun who was feeling her ass. She felt the hand slowly, gently roam over her smooth ass cheeks and then, inevitably, onto her bush. 'Oh no, please don't do that,' she thought. I don't want to be raped by the two of you.'

    Frantically, she sucked harder on her uncle in a vain hope that the hand would go away. But instead, a finger penetrated her tight almost virgin hole, and Virginia groaned. Despite her attempted denial of what was happening, the finger felt good! Instead of trying to move forward and away from that penetrating finger, she sort of moved her pussy to the rear, meeting the finger more than halfway and allowing full penetration to occur.

    Now Vic made obvious to both Howard and Faye as to what was happening to Virginia. “She's got one tight hole, no doubt about that judging by the way her pussy is hanging onto my finger.” And it was timed perfectly as if, in answer to Vic's remark, Virginia moaned.

    “Now both of you suck it at the same time. Go on, there's plenty of room for both of your mouths on that cock!”

    Her aunt Faye joined her as Virginia sort of pulled her mouth partially off to allow Faye room to also wrap her mouth onto that thick head, the head on a cock that Virginia was also now wrapping her fingers around. Yes, there was room below that head on the shaft for both of their hands.

    Their tongues touched. Shocked at first, Virginia pulled her tongue away and tried to keep it on just one side of her uncle's cock. But her eyes had met her aunt's, and Virginia wondered if Faye was thinking the same thing she was.

    As time went by, and they sucked, their tongues kept touching one another, and now both of them, Aunt Faye and her niece Virginia, were not only sucking away, but willingly swapping tongue action.

    This of course, two tongues that felt so enthusiastic was invigorating, and Howard was groaning and squirming his hips. Virginia was wondering, 'If Uncle Howard starts to come, should I try to swallow it? I've never even swallowed my husband's cum.' That finger was now fucking her pussy at a moderate pace, and she could feel her lips clinging, clutching and clawing at that finger as it moved back and forth.

    'He's going to make me cum, and I shouldn't, I don't want to, not now.'

    Virginia was close, but Howard was even closer. Virginia had been correct in sensing that her uncle was close to coming. He tried to warn them by speaking to Vic. “I'm getting close. If they don't stop they're going to get a mouth full!”

    Vic laughed. “That's the idea uncle. Let it go and let's see if between the two of them they can gulp it all down.”

    With that, Howard closed his eyes, and pushing up slightly with his hips and driving his cock deeper into two mouths, he began groaning.

    "I want it," Virginia said hastily, and nodding, Faye moved her mouth out of the way.

    Faye knew what it would do, and Virginia was now finding out as she felt her Uncle Howard's cock head magically grow even thicker as it hardened as his orgasm began.

    “Mmmmmmpfff!” That was Virginia as she felt her uncle's hot load shooting into her mouth with powerful bursts that went to the back of her throat. At that particular time she was the one who had her mouth over the area of Uncle Howard's pee hole, and she was now taking his load.

    It was more than she had expected, and Faye saw Virginia's body quiver as she took the first two shots, then more.

    “Let me help!” Faye used her hand to sort of pull Howard's cock out of Virginia's mouth far enough that she could cover the head with her own mouth. She was almost too late, almost, as she received the final two spurts from her husband's thick cock.

    Howard appeared to be completely out of it as he laid with his eyes closed and mouth open. He could be heard to be breathing hard as he was enjoying the best orgasm in years, if not ever.

    Things were sort of quiet as two men joined by a third watched as two women lovingly worked their mouths over and around a cock that had softened a little and was still draining come down the side of the shaft. It was obvious that both women had done their share of swallowing.

    Vic laughed. “Virginia, It sounded like you ended up getting the biggest part of your uncle's load. How did it taste?”

    Virginia gulped as she tried to get the final thick blob to go down her throat. She did not care all that much for the feel of the come, but the taste was not too bad. Then she said something that would make her uncle proud.

    “I'm still tasting it. I've never done that before, swallowed come. But it didn't taste bad I don't think. I have nothing to compare it to.”

    “Well, in that case,” Vic laughed, “We can say that your uncle's come is the best you've ever tasted.”

    Virginia almost laughed at his joke, and caught herself just in time. Virginia was saved from further embarrassment when Vic changed the scenario. “Now you guys all switch around. Faye, get on your back and Virginia, let's see you eat her pussy for a little bit.”

    Both women looked shocked, but Faye more so. “No, not that. That's sick, making one woman eat another, but especially two persons who are related.”

    Vic laughed. “Faye, remember? We need to have all three doing something, and I think, I suspect that Virginia might find that giving you some lip-service pleasure is almost as much fun as doing her Uncle Howard.”

    Vic looked at Virginia. “What do you think, honey? Want to do a little licking on your aunt? We need to get her warmed up a little more so she'll be more into this whole thing.”

    Everyone stared at Virginia, and red-faced at having so much attention being given to her once again, she nodded. “I'll do it.”

    “That's it Faye, open wider so she can get right on in there.” With a pleading look of denial at Vic, Faye slowly opened her legs as wide as they would go in her position of lying sideways on the couch and watched with wide eyes as her niece moved in between her legs.

    Virginia was trying to lie on her stomach and Vic made a correction. “Get your ass up in the air. That's right, on your knees. Now we can stare at that lovely pussy of yours.”

    “Ooooh!” Apparently it looked and sounded like, Virginia had gone right to it, hitting the exact spot and manipulating it perfectly for it was just seconds before Faye had moved her right hand onto Virginia's head and was holding it up against her pussy.

    Everyone not involved, including Howard, watched with wide eyes and perhaps little smiles as they saw what was happening on that couch. Vic was operating the camera, but he still was able to come around and give Virginia some tender loving caresses on her pussy, sticking out there and looking so...fuckable. He slowly worked a finger in, and noticed three things.

    One: Virginia was wet, very.

    Two: She seemed to move her pussy back to meet his finger.

    Three: Fuck she is tight, almost like a virgin. But then, he had felt it before and knew that.

    From here, the obvious thing would be for Vic to pull his cock out and make an insertion. Virginia was waiting for it. As a matter of fact, as Vic stroked into her pussy, back and forth, she was now looking forward to it.

    After two to three minutes, came the command that was to shock the three family members.

    “O.K. Howard. It's time you got over here and did some fucking on your niece's tight little pussy.”

    This of course, was more than Faye wanted or could take. She did not want her husband to be fucking her niece, yes, but more so, she wanted to protect her precious little Virginia, whom she had been watching grow up from birth. Now this.

    “Please don't make him...them do that. Please. Have my husband do it to me and film that. That should be enough on film if you don't want us to talk.”

    Vic laughed. “You can take your choice Faye. On this video, everyone gets fucked. That means that Virginia gets fucked, either by her uncle or by the two of us. Which will it be?”

    Not wanting to have her aunt make a decision like that, and for her, Virginia spoke up. “It's alright Aunt Faye, I'll do it, with Uncle Howard I mean.”

    12:10 A.M. Virginia is Uncle Fucked

    Faye sighed. While Virginia, her niece was eating her, her husband Howard had just been told to fuck Virginia doggy style. Despite the pleasure she was feeling, this was a never-ending nightmare for Faye. Almost anything you could dream of had been asked of them, and now, there was even more. This man wants my husband and my niece to perform incestuously on camera.

    Thank goodness Howard and Virginia aren't related by blood, Faye thought with a slight feeling of relief. And another thought hit her. This could have been my virgin daughter, home from school, and not my niece. Somehow, that seemed to make it a little better, but not by much.

    'Fuck my niece? He just told me to fuck Virginia, and everyone knows that I can't refuse.' Now almost on automatic pilot, Howard dropped to his knees behind his niece's cute little ass. Her cunt, glistening with moisture, was unbelievably beautiful! He couldn't help but to think that Vic had been the first to finger her and had gotten her so wet..

    Mr. Howard had admired his niece's figure from the time Virginia had started to develop even before she had turned thirteen.

    She and her mother had visited several times and Howard had seen Virginia nude by accident one day when he had come home early and gone into the one bathroom that had a shower. Virginia had just stepped out of the shower and both of them had been extremely embarrassed when Howard had seen her full-figured nudity from the front.

    It had been a quick glance, but long enough for Howard to see her firm breasts with the pink nipples and the soft luxurious spread of her pubic hair, with the water from the shower still dripping. He had walked in just as she was stepping up slightly and through the shower door, and her legs were spread just enough to see her pussy parted, and those lips, already dangling at that age.

    Howard had apologized and immediately backed out of the bathroom, but he had seen her figure, and it was truly nice, even at the age of fifteen. Since then, Virginia had really grown into a woman. He had never forgotten that quick glance at her dangling lips and had always wondered if he had actually seen what he thought it was.

    Tonight, when the man with the gun had mentioned them, it had confirmed in Howard's mind what he had been remembering.

    Well, Virginia is not a virgin anymore. She is now married, he is being told to fuck her, and there is no one to accuse him afterward. Howard might never have done this under normal circumstances, but these were not normal circumstances. He was being careful not to meet his wife's eyes with his for fear she might see his excitement.

    As he got behind Virginia, Howard's penis became rock hard. He was going to have to prepare his niece for his big dick. Unconsciously he thanked Vic in his mind. 'Thank you Vic, for having me come first.

    Now when I stick my big dick into my little niece, I'll be able to hold back, or make it last.' He knew that Virginia might be intimidated by the size of his penis.

    Virginia was looking from his face to his hard cock and back again. She looked worried if not downright scared. "I'll try to be gentle, honey." Until now, Howard had never touched his niece in a sexual way. A hug, a handshake was all that had ever transpired between them.

    Faye shivered. She had just heard her husband say those words to her niece: "I'll try to be gentle, honey.' It had sounded like, from the tone of his voice and the words he chose, that my husband wants to fuck Virginia. Oh God, I hope not.'

    Inwardly, Howard was trembling with excitement. For his first sexual touch on Virginia, he planned to make it with his cock. Howard didn't plan to touch her with his hands until his cock had touched her first. But Vic changed his plans as he moved in closer with his camera.

    "OK Howard. Use those lips to open her in order to make some room for that thick cock of yours.”

    It was then that Howard, for the first time, made a comment that indicated he was now an active participant. "I need to make sure she is wet first.”

    Taking his cock in hand, he slid it up and down her lips, teasing her with his big head. Virginia pushed back at him, as if asking Howard to fuck her. He was just as surprised as Vic had been when she had welcomed his touch. She wants this? Howard tested her by pulling back slightly.

    He was delighted when Virginia followed him by moving her ass to the rear. Yes, she wants me to fuck her! That is obvious from her movement to the rear. And better still, Faye won't know that Virginia wants my cock. He wondered: Maybe her movement to the rear is in order to help us get this whole filthy business over and done with.

    Isn't she scared of my dick, and how thick it is? I guess maybe she trusts me to be gentle and somehow not allow it to hurt as I penetrate her. Baby, he thought to himself, I promise you, I'll try to be gentle, and in the process, maybe we can both enjoy it.

    His thoughts perhaps evilly, went a bit further; and if my dick feels huge to you and seems to be stretching you almost too far, that's even better.

    Out of the corner of his eye, Howard could see the camera being held almost next to his body. Everything he did would be on tape, close-up and personal. Still, what could he do about it? Boldly now, since Virginia had appeared to be inviting him, Howard reached down with both hands and touching her with them for the first time, opened his niece's lips, tugging them outwards in order to fit his thick head inside.

    'Yes,' he thought to himself, 'these hanging lips do make nice handles to hang onto.'

    He was touching her intimately with more than just his cock head. By touching her there with his hands, it seemed to be even more forbidden, yet more erotic. But she would know and understand what he is doing. At least this way he can get a start on going into her without dragging her inner lips along for the ride. If the lips were caught on the inside as he slid in, it would make the fit even more tight, and perhaps uncomfortable for her.

    Vic was in close, filming the action close up. Every detail of the uncle's fingers opening the niece's lips was close-up, and would be spectacular on screen. Vic could hardly wait to see the filmed results, even though he was seeing the live action at the moment it was happening. What Vic was seeing now was through a little image in a viewfinder. Later, this entire episode would be visible on his 40 inch TV screen.

    Vic had a suggestion; "Howard, why don't you use those love handles to open her and lick on her pussy for a minute or two first?"

    Exactly! Howard had been having the very same thought. He wanted to lick on Virginia first, to taste her, to smell her, to make her desire for him all that much stronger. There was no hesitation. Howard kneeled instantly pulling her pussy open with her handles, his mouth and tongue went to work.

    Virginia groaned audibly loud, and Faye moved her head to one side in order to see what Howard was doing. When she saw, she sort of smiled and closed her eyes again. Both she and Virginia were being eaten, and Faye wanted to come. She wanted to come, but she also wanted this to last.

    For Faye, all the barriers were being broken down now.. Her husband was eating and soon to be fucking her niece. Her niece was eating her. And soon, she might have to eat one or both of these men, and maybe fuck them both.

    Faye wondered, which one do I like, if like could be used properly as a word under these conditions? Which man do I like the most for the purpose of fucking? Of the two, the older one appealed most to her although the younger had certainly expressed his desire for her.

    The younger man had already taken liberties in the bathroom and felt her breasts and rear. She had kissed him, and towards the end of the kiss, all of the kisses, he had fingered her vigorously and she had felt some arousal. But she still had no real desire for him. If Faye had to fuck, she hoped it would be the older man, although he seemed to be more threatening if something went wrong.

    If she were to fuck the older man, there was still a question unanswered. 'What is his cock like?' She had wrapped her hand around the younger man's cock and felt it grow and then she had stroked it. That had been fun and his hard cock had felt really good in her hand.

    She could hear Virginia moaning softly as her husband licked at Virginia's pussy.

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. In the meantime, Uncle Howard, having gotten his fill of Virginia's tasty pussy, could not wait any longer. While only being vaguely aware that his actions were also being recorded from close up, he used his fingers for one last look, tugging and opening her wide and studying her intimacy from three inches away before standing up and assuming the position.

    This is unbelievable! The girl that I have dreamed about for years is now in the doggy position before me. Her pussy is wet and begging me to enter it with my big, thick cock. At least Howard thought that was what his niece was thinking.

    With her being in the doggy position, it seemed to allow her pussy to open in such a way that he could get a better look down deep inside her than had been visible when she had sat on the chair and pulled her lips apart.

    Howard felt his heart pounding as he placed his head between her now opened lips and pushed forward again. If he did not have a heart attack in the process, this was going to be the best fuck of his life! Finally settling over her tiny hole, which for some reason now looked to be down to the size of a dime, Howard had a thought.

    Her husband must have a really small dick. Then. with that happy thought strong on his mind, Howard slowly eased forward and began sinking his head into her crack. Virginia let out a loud moan as her uncle's huge pecker slowly forced it's way into her tight cunt. This was another first.

    For the first time tonight, she had seen it. Uncle Howard's cock! She had seen it soft, and they had talked about it. She had seen it hard and they had talked about it. She had seen Faye suck it, and it had been talked about. Her mind had been on one thing, feeling it inside herself as she had felt it shoot a mighty load.

    Maybe later, I'll get to talk about that.

    And now the best of all! Now it is entering my pussy, and it is far larger than my husband's penis. She tried to hide her slight discomfort and pleasure as Howard eased in, deeper, still deeper. Virginia tried, and failed as she moaned once again. 'OH GOD UNCLE HOWARD'S THING IS HUGE.'

    She wanted to say it out loud, but was too embarrassed. Instead, it came out as a ragged whisper, almost like she was thinking out loud. Regardless, everyone heard. Then she sighed and perhaps others sighed with her. The head was finally past her lips! Virginia was neglecting her pussy eating duties while the cock was being introduced to her pussy.

    In her head, Virginia was remembering doing this doggy position with her husband, and how different it is now. She began letting out little gasps and moans. For the moment having her pussy ignored, Faye expressed her concern by speaking out; "Virginia? Is your Uncle hurting you?”

    Vic didn't give Virginia time to answer. "Do you hear that Faye? Her Uncle Howard really had to do some pushing and stretching, but he's got the head in, and your little niece seems to like that big dick opening her up. Faye, I know you can relate to that, can't you?"

    As Faye stared at Vic in disbelief as to what he is saying, Vic went on. "I am sure you have vivid memories of how it felt the first time he shoved that thick meat into your quivering little pussy. Isn't it nice to be able to share it with your little niece?"

    Neither one responded vocally to Vic's comments, but Mrs. Howard raised her head to take a peek, even though she had said she preferred not to. It was then that Virginia answered. Her voice sounded sad, but her excitement was obvious. "It's alright Faye, don't worry."

    She raised her voice. "Uncle Howard? Be gentle the rest of the way. I think I can do this now." Howard seemed to be intent on looking down at his dick as it penetrated Virginia's luscious cunt.

    Now two inches past the head, with a ways to go, Mr. Wells was experiencing a level of tightness that went beyond belief. He could barely move his penis within her; the fit was so tight. Besides, he was in no hurry. He suspected that Vic wanted this shot to last as long as possible on film, and he was more than willing to oblige.

    Maybe at that moment, in the process of being 'forced' to fuck his niece, Howard should not have been
    saying anything, but what he was feeling, it seemed all should know.

    "Virginia's really tight. Very much so and I have to take it slow and careful."

    But Howard was being more than just careful to not hurt his niece. It seemed to him that this video, if it was being made, should be as revealing as possible. Anything he did to enhance the viewing of this video, would also be giving him more pleasure, and perhaps his niece, while they are performing.
    1. Howard was even being careful to keep his body back and away from Virginia so that his penis and her pussy were more easily seen on camera. It might be going too far for these burglars, but it sure was a nice view for him.

      Staring down at her beautiful lips all stretched tightly around his big dick, Howard reached out and placed his hands gently on her ass cheeks. He started guiding her ass, pulling her gently back and forth at the same time he was easing his hips back and forth. Staring intently at the way Virginia's lips were being tugged in and out, Howard was making the most of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

      This is my little niece, the girl I have had so many sexual fantasies over. She married another man, and that man was the lucky one who got to take her virginity. But now I'm into her, or getting there, and I am larger than her husband is. She has said it, openly admitted to others and on tape that I am larger.

      Obviously she was fascinated with my penis as she held and licked on it. And she swallowed my come. And now she is taking me inside her tight little body. Baby, if nothing else, I want you to enjoy this and never forget this night.

      Wanting to prolong his entry as long as possible, Howard took slow strokes, going deeper and being careful not to hurt her. He felt his way forward into her gingerly, being careful not to jab. He was so afraid that if he touched her on the end, she would cry out in pain. But the cry never came.

      Howard was surprised once again when he finally bottomed out. His belly was up against her ass. His dick was all the way into his niece's tight little cunt! He had not had a pussy that felt this good since before Faye had given birth to their first child. Faye had been very tight in the early days of their marriage, just like Virginia is now.

      Pressing deeply into her but not pulling as well, Howard held still, not yet starting his pump as he gave Virginia time to adapt.

      'Feel that dick Virginia. Feel it and think about how much bigger and hopefully better it feels than your husband's puny little dick. Think about it, enjoy me, and maybe come back for more visits and some more fucking.' That was what Howard was thinking, but of course he did not speak out loud.

      Vic knew what Howard was thinking as he watched Howard staring down at his penis, buried to the hilt and now holding still. "Faye? Your husband now has his dick buried all the way into Virginia. He's holding it still at the moment, and so far she has managed to take it just in case you are wondering."

      Howard held still for a few moments longer in order to give Virginia time to adapt to the thick long meat that was almost 8 inches into her body. Howard was over eight inches long, but a man can never get that final half inch or so actually into the hole.

      You need a little meat left on your dick in order to bridge that gap. Vic saw and motioned with his hands, indicating for Howard to pull Virginia backward onto his cock. Howard complied, not only pulling but also pushing, and forcing Virginia as far back onto his cock as possible before other body parts stopped the movement. Now he really was all the way into her, as deep as possible.

      Vic couldn't resist talking to not only the camera but to Howard, Faye, Jeff and especially Virginia, in case she had not been aware, which hardly seemed possible. "That fat cock is all the way in, Virginia. You've got it all. That's your first strange cock, and it's a big cock. Enjoy it."

      Virginia answered with a soft voice, just one word. "Yes."

      More excited now, Vic went on. "Feel how it is stretching your tight little hole. Feel how your uncle's body is pushed up against yours, and the length of that long prick is buried as deep as possible. This is your chance to enjoy some adventurous good fucking before you have to go home to your husband and his smaller cock!"

      Vic was attempting to spice up this film with talk of how Virginia is taking a strange cock and emphasizing the difference in size between the two men she has been fucked by. He noticed that both women had turned their faces and were looking at him.

      'What are they thinking,' he wondered? He laughed inside. They probably think that I am a perverted son-of-a-bitch, probably. Howard also was staring at him, and of course Jeff was, and Jeff was grinning ear to ear.

      Jeff decided to speak. He took it further, ever being the ornery one. "Virginia, in the future you will lie under your husband while he pumps away, and you can be thinking of how good your uncle's dick felt that time you went down to visit with your aunt."

      Virginia responded, surprising them all. "Oh yes, I'll never forget how this feels!" That cinched it. Vic had always been fascinated with the concept that women wanted to try a man who might be larger than the man they are involved with, marriage or otherwise.

    2. This he felt to be true especially if the woman has only been with one man who is average or small, or so few that she could be considered to be inexperienced.

      He had voiced those thoughts for all to hear, and interestingly enough, everyone who heard believed him. Virginia was taking a fat cock into her pussy and she had already said that it was bigger than her husband was. They all knew that she was supposed to have been a virgin when she married, so in effect, Howard was taking her virginity for the second time with his large penis.

      Interestingly enough, Howard had allowed her body to ease away slightly, then used his hands to pull her tight against him once more at the same moment Vic had been saying 'feel how his body is pushed up against yours, and that prick is buried as deep as possible.' Howard was going along with the conversation, as if he was an actor in a movie script, and it was all being recorded.

      Vic was doing his talking for him, saying the things he was thinking but dared not to say. Vic once again, was placing emphasis on the very forbidden aspects of this incident. All was on tape, all that he was saying, and it would be a very hot tape for his viewing later.

      When Howard finally began pumping, taking it very easy, Virginia surprised everyone present by letting out a little groan, and then saying, "Howard, don't feel bad or guilty about this, it's not your fault." As Vic filmed Howard was fucking his niece, still babying her with gentle two-inch strokes,

      Then Virginia spoke again. "You don't have to be so gentle Howard. It's not hurting."

      Everyone listening could hardly believe his or her ears! She is asking her uncle to fuck her harder it sounds like! It was easy to see that Virginia was working at staying erect on her knees because of the pressure the tight fit between her pussy and Howard's cock was generating. If she did not push back while Howard pushed forward, she would fall forward onto her face.

      But then Virginia said something else, and her admission, the fact that she actually said it with more emphasis than moments ago, surprised and shocked everyone present. "As a matter of fact, it feels really, really good." With that, the penetration having been accomplished, Virginia again resumed her licking of her aunt's pussy.

      Virginia had her reason for saying what she had. She had let Howard (and her aunt) know that now, she is enjoying this and for him to not be worrying about what she might be thinking.

      Vic was delighted. He had filmed this young gal being penetrated, with all the details of her lips being stretched close up on film, but having her words of pleasure expressed on tape was the icing on the cake. She had said 'you don't have to be so gentle.'

      That is another way of saying, 'fuck me harder!' And then she had said, 'it feels really, really good.' What a hot film this is going to be!

      Vic pushed it, not really expecting to get an answer, and was surprised when she did in fact answer and make an admission. “Does your uncle's big cock feel better than your husband's?”

      The excitement in her voice was obvious to all. “Yes, most definitely.”

      He glanced at Jeff, who was watching him, and they both pursed their lips into a 'whew.'

      A very happy and proud Howard had thoughts of his own. The fit between us is really tight. I actually have to use a certain amount of strength to push as well as pull with each movement back and forth. Is Virginia really enjoying this, or is she just saying things trying to lessen the guilt that I might be feeling?

      Howard looked embarrassed and glanced over at Vic, and Vic winked at him. Howard tried not to respond positively as he looked away, but the look in his eyes was one of glee.

      Somehow, the video camera seemed to be dictating that they needed to carry on a conversation about the action being filmed. Howard was glad when Vic picked up on what he was seeing and feeling and then spoke out loud. "I can tell by the way her lips are hanging on that it's really a tight fit between you two. Also, I can tell by the way your dick is bending a little that you really have to push into her and pull out. She must really feel good!"

      Vic of course, was trying to spice up the tape by getting comments from Howard and maybe, if he was lucky, Virginia. Virginia surprised both of them by speaking first. "Your eyes are not deceiving you. It's really a tight fit between us. It feels like he is stretching me as far as I can go, but it feels good too. Howard, don't be afraid to pump all the way in and out. I'm beginning to really like it."

      Vic turned his head to look up at Howard's face. Grinning, he asked Howard, "Howard? You heard your niece. Do you have anything to say? Howard looked sheepish and almost grinned. "I guess I had better start pumping." With that, he increased the length and speed of his strokes, going deeper into Virginia but still not quite bottoming out.

      Virginia moaned in response, and both men could see as she tightened her fingers into fists and released them again. Vic motioned for Jeff to move in with the camera, and as Jeff filmed, it was very evident as to how much Virginia's lips were being tugged in and out by the thick log of flesh that was plundering her.

      As Howard fucked his niece, he wondered who, besides her husband, might have been in his niece's pussy and taken her cherry. He was pretty sure she had been innocent up until marriage, but you never know. Was it actually her husband who had taken her cherry, or someone before? . Family or not, Howard wanted to have the biggest cock his niece had ever been fucked with.

      He couldn't resist, tape or no. "Virginia?" Virginia seemed to be concentrating on his moves and did not answer right away. Perhaps the fact that her uncle, so deep within her was speaking did not register at first. Howard asked again. "Virginia?"

      This time she answered. "Yes, Uncle Howard?" The joy in her voice was obvious. As Howard stroked into her, it sometimes made her voice answer unevenly.

      Howard needed to be sure. "Were you a virgin when you got married? I mean, is your husband the only man before today?"

      "Yes. He was the only one."

      Then she decided to reveal a secret. "But we did it before we got married. Just a few times, usually in his car. Why do you ask?"

      "I was just wondering, Howard continued, "I know this must be pretty, well, significant for you, having to do this with someone else when you're married and all."

      She answered immediately. "It is. I never, well, I never dreamed that anything like this would happen. I always figured on my being faithful to my husband all of my life, but I always knew there would be temptations."

      Howard and Jeff were listening with disbelieving ears. They are talking like there is no one else around, including a camera. Howard had thought of something that might lessen any feelings of guilt Virginia might be feeling.

      "Actually Virginia, because you...because we are being forced to do this, it means you are still being faithful. Will you tell your husband about this?"

      Howard went on. "I hope you don't."

      "Oh no. I would, could never say anything about this to him. He would never understand. Even if I told him it was a rape, that we were forced into it, he might not want me to visit here ever again because he would know that you and I, that you and I."

      She allowed her voice to trail off. Vic laughed and finished for her. "That you two were fucking and enjoying each other and how your uncle's big prick stretched your little cunt? I can understand that.

    3. If your husband knew you had been fucked while several people watched, that's one thing and bad enough. But to have it be your uncle, and you taking his big fat cock into your little pussy and enjoying it, I don't think he would like that at all!"

      Vic laughed again, and Jeff joined in. Again, all was caught on the tape. Vic added, "No Virginia, you do not want to let your husband know, not ever. No man likes the thought of his wife being fucked by a man with a larger dick and thinking, knowing or wondering if she liked it better than the dick she married.

      Even if his woman, wife, girlfriend, whatever, says the 'big dick did nothing for me,' he will never really know if she is being truthful. It's best you keep this a secret, something you can fantasize on when you're getting fucked by your husband and he's not taking the time to please you like he should."

      Everyone was silent for a moment, and then Virginia said, softly, "I'll never tell him, never. This will be our secret so that I can keep coming back and visiting." Vic almost threw in, 'keep coming back,' with emphasis on the word coming, but he kept quiet this time.

      Howard also was glad to hear that. She would never tell her husband. That was a problem he had not wanted to be faced with. And Virginia had just said that she wanted to keep coming back and visiting! Now that left open a lot of possibilities for the future, but of course there could be one problem, my wife. Again, the sex talk had seemed to spice things up. The air was charged with sexual electricity.

      Howard had started his fucking with slow rhythmic strokes, gradually increasing the pace as he went on. By now all three family members were in a state of sexual frenzy! Faye was moaning and bucking her hips forward trying to get her niece's mouth to suck even harder, and Howard was using his own niece as his own personal fuck doll!

      Before long, Howard threw 'caution' to the winds and he was slamming his meat clear to the hilt with piston like strokes! You could hear his body hitting hers. With little 'Uuhhs' and 'Ooohs' Virginia was taking him full length and full force.

      Vic knelt down with the camera and filmed from behind and underneath. From here, Howard's dangling balls could be seen swinging back and forth each time he slammed forwards and back, and that dick and pussy could be seen clinging to one another as if they had always belonged in that position.

      'Wow, what a porn tape shot this would be if it was being played in slow motion. First his dick bottoms out when he goes forward and then his dangling balls catch up and slam against her clit. What a sight!

      Virginia for her part was wild with lust, and she couldn't get enough of the hot cunt in her mouth, and the feeling of getting fucked doggy style by her own uncle was sending her over the edge! Virginia had never dreamed, in her wildest imagination that her Uncle Howard was equipped like this. My aunt is so lucky.

      "Damn," said Vic! "They're really into it. He's banging away and she's taking it all and begging for more, the way it looks." Vic panned in for tight close ups of the quickly moving crotches, focusing on Virginia's cute little pussy and the thick meat that was shiny with her fluids as it pistoned in and out.

      Faye was the first one to go when she screamed, "Oh Virginia. You're eating my pussy so good and I'm cumming now, now in your mouth!"

      Faye nearly smothered Virginia when she reached up and grabbed the back of Virginia's neck to pull her tight against her pussy lips! Hearing her aunt cum, Virginia's cunt started spastic contractions around the tube of fuck flesh deep in her pussy. Her best ever orgasm was deep and long, the result of a pussy in her mouth, a big dick deep inside of her and several minutes of conversation!

      Howard heard and felt his niece coming around his shaft. He looked down and could see Virginia's asshole contracting rhythmically along with her lips. Because his dick was pumping in and out of her, her contractions were not as easy to see around her lips.

      But her asshole, not just her asshole, but the entire area around her anus and vagina, extending into the sides of her inner thighs could be seen jerking as the intense orgasm racked her body. This orgasm was prolonged, going well beyond the duration of an average orgasm.

      Vic moved in close as he filmed the action between Howard's cock and niece's pussy. He would not know it until later, but even the sound of their genitals in contact would be audible on the tape. He wasn't sure, but Howard thought he had heard Virginia say that she and her husband were talking about having a child.

      She might not be on the pill, and he had not thought to ask. Now it was too late! Although he was pretty much gone by now, Howard had the good sense to pull his cock out of his niece's pussy when he got close to coming.

      He almost did not make it, and could be heard groaning as the first shot of his load hit her asshole as he came out and aimed up. The remaining several shots sprayed all over her pretty little ass and even reached the small of her back. As Howard slowly stroked his penis and drained more juice onto her back, his cum began running down the crack of her butt and over her vaginal lips!

      Howard knew there was a danger here of impregnation, with his semen in the general area of her entrance. Still, Howard could not help himself as the eroticism, the very idea of seeing his come running down through his niece's pussy lips was happening before his eyes.

      He began running his head up and down through her lips, spreading his come around including making it soak all through her pubic hair, and enjoying the feeling of how it tickled his prick. Jeff of course, was getting it all on tape.

      Virginia surprised everyone present once again. "Oh Uncle Howard, when you groaned and your cum started hitting me, I got so excited. I could feel you coming all over my backside. Your come really felt hot." Both relatives could not believe their ears. Their niece, their formally innocent little niece, was talking like some kind of...slut. Vic, for his part, was grinning.

      This filming was working out way beyond his expectations. Who would ever have believed how this would come out when he had first told them to undress? These guys were porn stars, first class, and with no training.

      Howard's voice trembled as he spoke. "I thought of something and pulled it out at the last second because I didn't know. Are you on the pill?" Virginia seemed genuinely apologetic when she answered. "Oh Howard, I'm so sorry. I didn't think to tell you that I am on the pill. You could have left it inside me!"

      Vic didn't mind. It was a lucky break. Because Howard had not known if Virginia was 'safe' and had pulled it out, Vic had a come shot equal on tape to any he had ever seen in a porn flick. And this one was real, and not scripted, with indifferent actors just playing the role for money. He had gone to Virginia's face with the camera when she answered, and now returned his lens to their genitals.

      Just in time too. Now knowing that he wouldn't get her pregnant, Howard could not resist putting his still erect penis back into her quivering cunt. As it penetrated, some of the slippery come followed along. He held it there, staying as deep as possible, prolonging and enjoying his niece for what would probably be his last time, ever.

      Surprisingly, Virginia did not protest, even though she must know that Howard supposedly had performed as he had been ordered. She knew, and he knew; going back inside now was taking some more pleasure, and without being told. Faye did not know what was happening because she could not see from her angle. But if she had, she probably would have been very upset at seeing her husband reinsert himself.

      She might have been further upset if she had seen Virginia push her body back and forth, and how it encouraged Howard to begin pumping again. Howard responded, fucking back at her, and it looked like his penis was going to stay hard. Vic glanced over at Jeff, whom he had almost forgotten.

      "Do you want some," he mouthed silently? When Jeff nodded yes, Vic spoke loudly, "Got it all, got it all on tape, but now we want a little more. Girls, both of you get on each side of the bed and sideways on your knees and suck on Howard's cock."

      After Howard had lain down and the girls were back into a position they had been in before, both Vic and Jeff removed their shoes and dropped their pants. Vic took the time to set the camera on a dresser nearby, with it pointed in the general direction of the sofa.

      Then he took a position behind Faye and motioned for Jeff to get behind Virginia. Even though they had shared women before, those times it had been darker and they had been lying down. This time Jeff was standing, and Vic had a good look at Jeff's penis for the first time.

      Fully erect, it looked to be about the same size as his own, six inches, maybe a little more, and medium thick. 'My head is bigger than his though,' Vic thought proudly.

      Jeff was thinking about how he had sort of promised Faye while they were alone in the bathroom that he would not fuck Virginia, and now it was about to happen. Well, things are always subject to change!

      Their entry into the two women was almost simultaneous. Neither woman protested, and Virginia let out a little groan. It was like they were expecting to be raped by the two men, and they were willing to go along.

      Vic took note that Faye felt reasonably tight, which was surprising considering whom she had been fucking for years and also her having two kids. If she had been as faithful as Vic suspected she had been, he knew that this moment was a first for her.

      Faye was having her first strange cock. Vic hoped that he had enough to make if feel good for her. Each woman sucked on Howard's cock as if it was made of candy. They took turns passing it back and forth as strange penis's pumped into their pussies, over and over. They both wanted to orgasm around the strange cocks in their pussies, but if they did, what would Howard think?

      Before Jeff could climax, Vic motioned for him to come over and change places. Jeff seemed disappointed, but he said nothing at having to change from the young one to the older one. Vic took a moment to open the lips and admire the little pussy on Virginia before he entered her. The little thing still had a hole the size of a dime, even after her husband, then Howard and then Jeff had fucked it.

      Amazing, Vic thought, as he pushed into a very wet and youthful pussy. He glanced over at Jeff, who had entered Faye with his cock and no longer seemed disappointed at having to switch. Yes, thought Vic, Faye's pussy is pretty nice too, I can attest to that. Vic watched Jeff until Jeff's eyes met his. Jeff smiled, and Vic returned it. They were finally doing some fucking of their own, and both these women were first class pussy!

      If either woman was surprised by having had a switch go on behind them, they gave no indication. Vic was not sure if either woman knew which of the two men was currently inside her. Virginia was starting to fuck back at him, moving her hips rearward to match his forward strokes. Vic decided to put his two-cents in. This should be great on tape, especially if he got the response he hoped for.

      He looked over at Faye, whom Jeff was busily fucking, and said, "Faye, I want you to know, I really enjoyed starting out with you. You felt so good that I thought I was going to lose it, so I switched places. And your niece is one great fuck too. I don't want to embarrass her or anything, but I suspect she kind of wanted this, once we got going."

      He paused while the two girls sucked on a pole below big enough for two and the two above fucked into holes nice enough for two very deserving individuals. Because the camera was running, Vic couldn't resist commenting further. Maybe it would disgust her relatives, or possibly arouse them to new levels.

      "Just like that Faye, Virginia went from only ever having one man, to having had four inside her. Her pussy feels so good. I might not have been the first tonight, but she still feels tight enough to almost feel like a virgin. You know, virgin, the first half of the name Virginia." He watched their faces. Faye looked pained, but Howard was looking to be maybe aroused.

      Vic spoke to Howard directly. "Howard, as you now know, your niece's pussy is so warm, and so wet. It's going to be hard to call this all to a halt tonight and leave." Mrs. Wells had started crying. She looked into her niece's eyes, and Virginia saw. Virginia suspected that like herself, Faye was enjoying this but could not say because Howard was right here.

      Faye needs reassurance, and I'm going to give it to her. "It's all right Faye. Don't worry. I know we have strange men inside us, but mine feels good. Try to enjoy your guy too, if you want to." She paused and moaned a little as Vic fucked her.

      Then she spoke again, "If it feels good, Faye, don't be afraid to show it. I am sure Uncle Howard will be understanding. He himself had an orgasm, only a minute ago. I could feel part of it inside me, and it was a strong orgasm."

      Both Vic and Jeff looked over at Howard, who was switching his dick back and forth from mouth to mouth as he watched the two men fucking his women. Howard realized that they might be waiting for a comment from him, or that either of the women might.

      "It's all right Faye. Don't be ashamed. We're both in the same boat, doing something we didn't want to do, but we can't ignore the sensations. I guess if I had a climax, it's only fair that you do too."

      Vic laughed. "Actually Howard, you had two climaxes, so you're ahead of the women." Then he thought of something else.

      "Faye? We mentioned a while ago that Virginia had suddenly gone from only having one man to four, and I guess almost the same thing now applies to you, you having gone from having one man to having had three. I assume you haven't been with any other men besides Howard?"

      Faye nodded, looking sad perhaps. "I've been totally faithful, right up until tonight."

      Feeling that he needed to give Faye some 'justification' in front of her husband, Vic looked solemn. "Faye, you're still being faithful to your husband. What's happening tonight doesn't count."

      Jeff, being young, blew his nuts first, and Faye let out a little moan as she felt him throbbing. Jeff pulled out and his cock, now going down a little, dripped all over the carpet. Laughing, Vic decided not to come just yet and told Howard to fuck his wife while Virginia continued to take care of him.

      Howard still had a full erection, despite all that had just happened, or perhaps because of what had just happened. After Faye had lain onto her back, Howard climbed between his wife's legs and lowered himself into her.

      Seeking comfort, and also turned on to some degree by all the illicit sexual activities, Mrs. Wells immediately wrapped her arms and legs around her husband. She whispered it, but all heard. "I love you Howard." As her legs came up, her pussy lips could be seen as they wrapped themselves around the thick shaft of her husband. Faye had finally, after years of marriage, seen what another man might feel like, not just one, but two.

      Faye had felt two strangers inside her, for a little while, and there was a difference. It was more than Vic could take. His self-control was going. Seeing Faye take the big prick, combined with having his own dick in this nice young pussy was destroying his control. But he wanted Virginia to suck his cock. When Vic reluctantly pulled out of Virginia and when she turned around to see why, he offered up his dick to her lips. His dick of course had recently been wet with juices from her aunt's pussy.

      Now Vic had some more juice for Virginia, because his prick was slippery and shiny from her pussy. It did not seem to deter Virginia in the least, because she seemed to take to his dick like a duck to water. Vic used his free hands to feel Virginia's breasts. When he touched her stiff nipples, Vic felt her tongue go into working overtime around the head of his cock. Wow, for being a newly married woman, she really knows how to please a man.

      Vic did not know if Virginia had ever sucked dick much before tonight, but she was good, very good. At the same time, he could see that Faye appeared to be enjoying her fuck. Despite all, she was turned on.

      "Wait, Virginia. Take it slow. Your aunt is getting fucked and I want to watch her for a bit before I drop my load. Take it slow." It didn't take long. Faye reached her orgasm in record time from when her husband had first entered her.

      She had been aroused for quite a while, and her orgasm was intense. Faye even groaned loudly, despite her audience. Howard lifted off his wife, and his penis was still erect. "You took care of your wife, now get on your niece and fuck her while she responds anyway she wants," Vic ordered.

      Vic had been planning on coming into Virginia's mouth, but now had another plan. He wanted to see, and get on film, how Virginia would react to being mounted by her uncle and his big cock. Now that they would be facing one another for the first time, will they kiss, and will Virginia wrap herself around her uncle?

      Virginia did what she had to do as she laid flat on her back sideways on the couch. This is great, she was thinking. Now I can feel my uncle using his big penis on me while I'm lying on my back. Howard wasted little time in getting between her legs, and as he entered her, Virginia moaned and also wasted no time in wrapping her legs around Howard's waist.

      A minute went by, then two. Howard had just begun to get Virginia aroused when Vic had another brainstorm. "Let's all go into a bedroom where we can be more comfortable. I can see that those two (pointing at Howard and Virginia) don't have enough room on that couch to stretch out and go at it."

      Without complaint, Faye led the way, going into the bedroom that her daughter used whenever she was home from college. Vic took note of the brass bed, complete with several tubes in the back that formed a headboard.

      That gave him an idea, and Vic pulled his handcuffs out from his back pocket. "Jeff, take these handcuffs and put one side on Howard's left wrist while he lies in the middle of the bed."

      The three relatives looked worriedly at one another as Jeff moved towards Howard, who was standing beside the bed. "No fear, folks. I have an idea and just want to make sure old Howard here doesn't try anything, like grabbing a gun or making a call while we take his wife into another bedroom and give her some good fucking where she doesn't have to feel self-conscious about it."

      Faye suddenly looked scared, and before her husband could say anything, Vic added; "And while you're getting laid in the other room, your husband will be cuffed to his niece in the bed and having his way with her." Strangely, this seemed to calm Faye somewhat. The handcuffs had now been explained, but now she had the prospect of taking on two men in the other room.

      Vic knew what she was thinking. "No Faye, it will be one man at a time for you. He winked and grinned at her, "unless you decide that you want to try two at once. And Faye, while we take turns with you, the other man will be making movies, going back and forth, maybe, room to room."

      As Howard lay upon the bed, Jeff cuffed his left wrist to the center rung of the bed behind his head. Then they bid Virginia to climb into bed, and Jeff cuffed her right wrist to the other side of the cuffs, which Jeff ran around behind the center post. Now they were side by side, naked, and very close. They looked comfortable in this position, even with one arm each above their head.

      "That looks good, Jeff. Now Howard can play with her body with his right hand, and she can fondle him with her left. He can lie on top of her, and she can still put the other arm and her legs around him. That will work out great. They can fuck, and Howard can't try anything while we run back and forth from the other bedroom."

      Jeff picked up the camera. "Do you want to go first with Howard's wife, or shall I?"

      "You go first," Vic answered.

      He took the camera from Jeff. "I'll do some filming here, and check on you. When you are done, I'll take over with Faye, and then you can do some filming."

      "I'd like that," Jeff answered. "I've been wanting to have Faye on the bed ever since I first saw her get naked." As Jeff took Faye by the arm and started leading her towards another bedroom, Vic added; "And turn the lights on bright in there, so if and when I come in to film, we'll be able to get all the details." Jeff nodded and Faye looked sad as they left the room.

      Faye paused and took one long look back at her husband and her niece lying in bed together, very close, and naked. At the moment they were doing nothing other than watching and listening. "Don't worry about them," Vic laughed. You will be too busy soon to be thinking about them."

      As they left, Vic turned towards the duo in bed and pointed the camera. "O.K., you two, let's see some action. Once you get into it now, you should be able to really enjoy yourselves because Faye won't be watching." What you do together, whatever you feel like saying, Faye won't know, so you won't have to feel embarrassed or ashamed." Vic had read their minds exactly. Howard had been thinking the very same thing, and Virginia was slowly getting the idea.

      This was sort of an awkward moment. Now they were alone for the first time, except for a man with his camera. But, because of Faye and how she had seemed to be all concerned about things, this was the first time that they maybe could really enjoy one another. Howard hesitated as he moved closer to Virginia and fondled her left breast with his free right hand.

      He needed to get hard, and Virginia seemed to sense what he needed. Her free left hand moved down, and she began to stroke his penis, which at the moment was half-hard. Sensing now that he was about to begin filming some great action, Vic moved in close and began shooting them from the knees up.

      Doing their best to ignore Vic, they seemed hesitant as they explored one another. Vic decided to up the ante. "Now you get to kiss her Howard. She's your niece, but not by blood. Treat her like a first date and get her turned on. Show her what a real man can do."

      Vic noticed as he made the suggestion that Virginia seemed to smile in agreement. As their lips met, softly at first, their hands went into overtime, fondling each of the other's genitals. Then, as the seconds went by, their kissing grew more passionate. It was if they were two lovers, learning about each other for the first time.

      Vic filmed, and they fondled.

      They seemed to know that they had time, and did not hurry. After filming three minutes of foreplay, there was a loud groan from Virginia as Howard entered rather forcefully and without being directed to do so. She wrapped her legs around him immediately, and accompanied by a constant barrage of little gasps, grunts and moans from Virginia, there was another five minutes of passionate fucking, all caught on tape by Vic.

      Once in a while Virginia would speak, and say things like "I like that,” or.”do it faster." When he felt that he had enough on tape, Vic stole quietly away, taking the camera with him. Neither party seemed to notice his departure, they were so involved with one another.

      Vic wanted to see, and film, the action in the next bedroom. Faye had caught his eye, and Vic was more interested in her for himself than he was the niece. He would have preferred to have Faye all to himself, with no Jeff to share her with. But with the filming and all, this was the only way.

      He wasn't disappointed. Vic couldn't tell if they had already been going at it and were changing positions, but Jeff was just climbing over Faye as Vic entered. Vic immediately began filming, moving in close as Jeff made penetration. Surprisingly, even after all the meat that her husband had recently fed her, Faye gave out a gasp as Jeff pushed into her. Is she just doing that to build Jeff's ego?

      Vic was able to get a close-up of the entry because Jeff was up on his knees. Vic even heard a soft moaning sound coming from Faye, and hoped that the camera could catch the sound. Vic was quiet and stayed low so that Faye would not know he was in the room. He wanted Faye in action and on film, and if she knew he was there she might feel inhibited. It lasted maybe five minutes.

      Jeff fucked her good, including sometimes twisting his hips sideways, but Vic thought to himself that he could do better by her. He waited to see if Faye would come. Vic kind of wanted her to, and then again, he kind of hoped Faye wouldn't come. Vic wanted to be the one, the first one outside of marriage to make her come. The first man, that is.

      Jeff fucked, and Faye hugged. But she never reached climax as far as Vic could tell. Jeff either didn't know, or didn't care as he reached his orgasm. He bucked and groaned above her, and Faye hugged him tightly, encouraging him. She even spoke, softly. "Come baby. I can feel it. Give me all you have."

      Vic wondered if she was being sincere, or just faking it. All the while Vic was filming, and kept filming as Jeff slowly pulled out. Vic caught his dick, now going soft as it dripped come onto her pussy as it exited her hole. What a shot it was, as good as any porn movie, Vic thought.

      Then Faye made it better when she reached down with her right hand and milked Jeff, whose dick had gone totally soft. Not surprisingly, another blob of cum exited Jeff's penis and dripped directly onto her hole. "You didn't make it." Jeff asked her? Faye sighed, hugged him and attempted a little giggle.

      "No, that's alright. I liked it. You did just fine. It felt good all the while you were pumping. I'm, well, I'm just worried about the others." Then she added, "and besides, I had already came in the other room, don't forget that."

      Jeff continued to climb off, getting beside her on the bed. Not wanting Faye to see him and the camera, Vic stayed low. "Want me to go check on them," Jeff asked Faye? Faye hesitated, then spoke; "Actually, I'd like to go check on them myself."

      Vic decided to make his 'appearance' so that he could take charge of this next 'phase.' He crept quietly backwards, reached the doorway, stood up, and acted as if he was just entering.

      He held the camera down so that Faye would not know she had been filmed fucking Jeff just now and saying she had liked it. "Hi! Are you guys doing O.K.? I came in to check on you." As Vic was speaking, he stepped close to the bed. Faye seemed embarrassed and closed her legs.

      She was shiny with sweat, and her pussy had looked slippery and shiny. 'Yeah, thought Vic, it's full with Jeff's come.' Her hair was messed up some as well. Vic spoke again, looking directly at Faye. "Did I hear you say you wanted to go check on them?"

      Faye looked hopeful. "Yes I would. I'm worried about Virginia especially. I don't know how she might be taking this, being left alone with Howard. That's kind of different than being told what to do."

      "Well, we can go see what's up. Jeff," he said, looking at Jeff and handing him the camera, "why don't you go quietly and get some footage on the other two while I talk to Faye here. We'll be over at your door in a minute or two, but don't tell them that we will be watching."

      Jeff smiled. "Got it. I'll see if I can film them without their knowing I'm there. If they see me, I'll see that they stay busy.'" Vic nodded. "Don't change whatever they are currently doing so that Faye will know what they are up to on their own." He smiled, and Jeff laughed. "Gotcha!" Jeff left the room with camera in hand.

      Vic turned to Faye, who had now begun to rise from the bed. Vic was very turned on by Faye, more so than Virginia, and he wanted to enjoy her, and have her enjoy him. Part of that arousal was from knowing that her husband was in the immediate area, and Vic wanted to see if he could get Faye to come despite that fact, and her guilt. "We'll go there in a minute, I promise.

      Now lie down again, because I have been waiting for my chance to be alone with you." Faye looked disappointed, but complied. Vic was naked of course as he lay down beside Faye and took her into his arms. He spoke to her in his most sincere, romantic sounding voice.

      "Faye, you really turn me on. From the first moment I saw you, I wanted you." It was a standard line, but Vic was speaking the truth.

      "Really," she scoffed? "If that is the case, that I turn you on, how's come you pulled out of me and switched with your buddy so that you could finish'" she hesitated, looking for the proper word, "while doing it with Virginia?"

      She had a point, and Vic was ready with his answer. "Remember that I put it in you before I put it in her. I wanted to feel you before anyone else opened you up tonight. Besides, if Howard is the only man you've ever had, that made me out to be your first strange man.

      But I was thinking ahead and knew that I was going to get you again, now, so I wanted to get Virginia out of the way. And then, after I started fucking her, she felt really good but I decided not to come anyhow and save it for you."

      Faye seemed to be allowing it to sink in, slowly. Vic had been caressing Faye's breasts. Wanting to make his point, he removed his hand from her tit and turned her face towards his. Then looking into her eyes, he repeated what he had said. "I didn't come inside Virginia, really! I was saving it for you." "You really wanted me, more than Virginia? But she's so young, and pretty."

      Vic grabbed Faye and held her close enough that her breasts pushed against his chest. "I wanted you baby, from the very first. And now I have you alone, which is what I wanted all along." Faye seemed hesitant when he kissed her, and Vic looked sadly into her eyes as he pulled away.

      There would be time in a few minutes to get her into kissing. "You want to go see what they're up to now?" "Yes, I'd like that please." Vic climbed out of bed and took Faye by the hand. For the first time, their nudity became very obvious, as they stood naked together.

      He put his fingers to his mouth to indicate quiet. "Follow me." He could not help but notice how Faye stole a long look at his dangling dick as she followed him out of bed. She knew that soon he would be fucking her with it, and probably lasting long enough for her to come. Naked, the two of them tiptoed down the hall. When they reached the bedroom doorway, Vic silently peeked around the doorjamb.

      The first thing he saw was Jeff, on the floor on his knees and filming the action on the bed. Howard was on top of Virginia, and she had her legs high in the air as Howard expertly fucked her, moving his hips sideways as well as up and down. Her one free arm was tight around Howard, and she could be heard moaning softly. There was no doubt that Howard and his niece was enjoying the activities.

      Great! This was exactly what Vic had hoped they would see. It would increase his chances of having Faye welcome his advances. Vic held his fingers to his lips and pulled Faye up to the doorway. He allowed her to step in front of him as she peered around the opening.

      From behind her Vic could see Faye's mouth open as her jaw dropped. At the exact moment Faye had peeked around the corner, Howard and his niece had started kissing, very passionately it looked like. Vic pressed up against Faye's back and his penis, semi-erect, pressed against her butt cheeks.

      Vic was silent as Faye watched her husband and her niece. They were obviously enjoying themselves and fucking fiercely as they grabbed at one another's bodies. And they were kissing! Vic could not tell if Faye was being aroused, or possibly experiencing jealousy as she stared intently at the two bodies going at one another.

      Vic allowed the tip of his penis to go into Faye's butt crack as he pressed harder up against her. Being gentle but firm, his arms wrapped around her body and cupped her breasts.

      Vic was feeling her tits standing for the first time, and they felt really nice. They were larger than his hands, and he had a lot to play with. "Oh, baby,' he thought to himself, "I really want to fuck you.' He felt a sudden need to be closer to Faye and leaned forward and kissed her both on the neck and ear. Out of the corner of his eye, he thought that maybe he saw her smile. Watching the two fucking seemed to be affecting Faye.

      Faye might have been jealous, or maybe in shock, but her right hand came back, and she wrapped her fingers around Vic's penis, which now had risen to its full length. This was the first actual move, as far as Vic knew, where Faye had made a willing move to be involved with a man outside of marriage. She had grabbed his cock!

      Vic leaned forward and breathed into her ear. “Baby, you're so hot.” His lips moved around, nuzzling her on the neck, on the earlobe, wherever he could reach. His hands continued to cup and caress her breasts. Faye sighed and allowed her body to fall back against his. She squeezed his penis, and then turned around so that she was face to face with him.

      Before he could make the move, she did it for him when she raised her head up so that they could kiss. It was tender, passionate, and almost real. Or maybe it is real, Vic began thinking, because she seems to be putting a lot of feeling into this kiss. The nice thing is, she's still holding my dick!

      When they broke the kiss, Faye never bothered to turn around and take another look into the bedroom. Instead, she whispered, "Let's go." Inwardly, Vic was pleased. Faye now seemed more interested in him than in what was happening on that bed. She seemed to be aroused, and her desire might be directed at him!

      In any case, she was now giving the directions, and the direction she was taking was voluntarily 'cheating.' She reached back on her own and squeezed my cock, and then she made the first move to kiss!?

      Meanwhile, back in the other bedroom, Virginia raised her head and looked around for Jeff and his camera. "We're alone," she said to Howard, "there's no one here but us."

      Howard stopped pumping, "Do you want to stop now since no one is 'forcing' us to fuck?" Virginia thought long and hard, for at least five seconds.

      "No, keep going. It feels good and." she hesitated, we can both enjoy this now without being forced to do it." Howard resumed his pumping into her, and Virginia sighed. She smiled and wrapped her one free arm around him. "Are we being unfaithful now to our spouses, since we are doing this without having to?"

      Howard did not stop the movement of his hips as he looked into her face. "Can I be honest with you?"

      "Why yes, of course. After all this, that's a silly question, almost. What is it?"

      "That one time when you came down here, that last visit before you were married and announced your engagement, you looked so good then that I felt jealousy that Elmer was going to.get to break you in."

      Virginia looked up into Howard's face, "You had thoughts about me, like that?" Virginia sounded surprised.

      Howard had to be careful, he was treading dangerous waters. "Yes, to be honest. I thought about you in that way, fantasized about you, and what it might be like to 'break you in,' but I would never have approached you about it or cheated on Faye."

      Virginia giggled softly. "I guess now you are having your fantasy come true."

      Howard laughed back, but carefully. "Yes, but I would have preferred that it be under different circumstances.

      I'm concerned. I want to feel that you will still come back to visit us, and I'm afraid that you will stay away."

      Virginia hugged him with her one arm. "Don't worry, I'll still come to visit."

      "And you won't tell Elmer? If you do, he would never allow you to come here knowing that you have been with me."

      "Don't worry, this will be our secret. I know better than to ever say anything about this." "And when you return, how should I act? Like this never happened?"

      Virginia again thought things out. "I wouldn't mind if we continued this, what is happening, but I don't think Faye would ever permit it. We would have to be very careful."

      Suddenly Howard was feeling very happy. It sounded like Virginia was saying that if she could, that she would fuck him again at some later date.

      "Don't worry, I'll be very careful never to say anything that would upset her, or make her suspicious. My main concern is that you will come back to see us. I want everything to be cool between us, all three of us."

      "Don't worry. Now fuck me. I'm really beginning to like this."

      Surprised once again at her words Howard took it one step further. "Since we might do this again, some time in the future, can we kiss now like we would be doing it then, maybe do a lot of kissing and." he hesitated, "and maybe pretend like we are making love instead of just fucking one another?"

      "I was thinking the very same thing." Virginia looked into his eyes, and Howard lowered his head. Just like that, they were kissing, and very passionately. They had been kissing before, but that was in the experimental vein, Now they were doing it with feeling.

      Then Virginia thought of something else that she wanted to ask Howard. "Keep moving your hips. Yes, that feels really good. How do you feel about Faye being alone in the other room with two men?"

      "I've thought about that. She's being filmed getting fucked, raped possibly unless she is enjoying it, and she might even end up 'doing' two guys at the same time." Howard paused in his fucking and looked over his shoulder at the door where the two men had gone through and into the other room. "You're right. There's no one here.

      Since both guys are in the other room with my wife, she could be doing...who knows what?" His voice sounded concerned, and Virginia asked, "Are you worried, or just jealous?"

      "Both, I guess. Faye's never been with another man, and this must be quite a traumatic experience for her." He paused, "Two of them. They might even force her to take both of them at the same time, like in the front and back. She's pretty small back there, and I know that would hurt her."

      Virginia seemed to be adapting to their situation better than Howard. She actually giggled, "I don't think these guys would actually hurt her, I can sense that. But have you ever stuck your dick in her rear?"

      "I tried, but I'm too big for her." Virginia laughed, "Well if they do, they are both smaller than you and it might work for her. Don't worry, I think Faye can handle herself. There's a good chance she is enjoying this, with the other men I mean. And if you think about it, it's a good thing if she is having fun."

      Let's talk about us. Are you enjoying this as much as I think you might be?" "Yes. I know that I shouldn't say this, and I hope you don't think wrong of me, but to tell the truth I have had 'fantasies' about you for a very long time, going way back before your engagement and even more so since I knew you had gotten married."

      Virginia gripped his ass with her hands and pulled him deeper into herself. "How about that time when you accidentally saw me in the shower? That was an 'accident,' wasn't it?"

      Howard was defensive instantly. "It was an accident, I assure you! I didn't mean to see you like that. It was probably more embarrassing to me than it was for you."

      She giggled as he still continued to stroke slowly into her. "But you liked getting a peek at my nudity, didn't you?"

      "Yes. Now that we are in this situation, it seems pointless to lie about it." He paused and it looked like he was thinking back on that day, "Your body looked, well, you were so beautiful."

      "It was?" He laughed, "it still is."

      "Uncle," Virginia said, softly, "I've sort of thought about you too, ever since that time. But I never dreamed that you, well, that you are so big, so.'well equipped.' If you like, since we are alone, let's go beyond just fucking and act like we are making love.

      Let's pretend that we actually are two lovers, making love for the first time, and if you like, you can kiss me like you love me too."

      Howard looked down at her. She was fulfilling any fantasy he had ever had about her. "I'd like that. Let's not only pretend that we're lovers, but let's pretend, just for a little while, that we're really in love." He paused; "Do you want me to say it?"

      Virginia held him tight within her one free arm and legs. "Yes, say it, but make sure no one hears you say it. Let's do that. But hurry. One or more of them will be back soon."

      And then they had started fucking in earnest, with kisses and romantic talk, just two minutes before Faye had peeked around the corner to see them. Fortunately, Faye heard no 'I love you's going on at that time as they had already uttered their first passionate statements and were soon to say them once again.

      Still holding onto Vic, Faye led him back to the guest bedroom by his penis. Vic followed, feeling like a child, and yet so much like a man. This woman wanted him now, and he was overjoyed.

      Jeff saw them and announced that he was going to the bathroom. As Vic passed by with Faye, Jeff gave him a wink. He had sensed that the two needed a moment to talk. When they were beside the bed, Faye turned and looked into Vic's eyes. Now that they were out of earshot, she wanted to discuss what she had seen first, that was obvious.

      "They were, well, how should I say it, they were really doing it, weren't they?"

      Vic laughed. "I believe the proper term would be that they were really into one another."

      "Yes, she joked, my husband was really into her, that's for sure." After a little giggle, Faye frowned. "Actually, I'm kind of upset. As far as they knew, they were alone, and they were still going at it. I think they are enjoying this more than they should be."

      Vic needed to reassure her, and explain things. If not, it might mess up his fantasy of having Faye give him a good fucking. "Look at it this way. They had already been 'forced' to perform sex acts on camera. They think that right now you are in this bedroom with two men and probably in the middle of an orgy, so it's only natural for them to be doing what they are doing. There's no use getting mad about it. Just overlook it and maybe you can enjoy this yourself."

      Faye seemed to be waiting, thinking about things, like her husband and her niece having carnal knowledge of one another. Finally her will broke, and she decided to let things go and well, go with the flow. Without Vic making any moves towards her, Faye started things rolling when she moved up against him and placed her lips over his. Her hand had left his penis, but now it was back on it again, a very hard penis, and Faye gave it a squeeze at the same time their tongues began the love dance.

      Sometime After One in The Morning. Nothing Held Back

      Five minutes later Vic and Faye were really into each other and neither person was aware when Jeff walked in and silently began filming. Vic spotted Jeff after a couple of minutes and winked at him. Faye did not know that Jeff had come back into the room with his camera. Wanting to have a good penetration shot on film for his enjoyment later, Vic climbed up onto his knees, and lying over Faye, he pulled her legs up high around himself.

      “Fuck Faye you feel so good. I knew when I first saw you, especially when I got you stripped down for the camera that you would be a good fuck, but at that time I wasn't planning for this to happen.”

      Faye cooperated by raising herself even higher, and putting her hands on his ass. The she spoke and what she had to say thrilled Vic. “I wanted this too. Once we got going, my husband and my niece and I was all turned on, I was kind of hoping the two of you would join in, your friend and you. This is good and I'm glad for a chance to fuck you.”

      They both were high at the lower end and now their genitals would be easy to see from below. Vic really liked Faye, and wanted her to enjoy herself in the fullest, but he also wanted a great porn flick to enjoy later. Vic fucked and talked dirty. He said things in such a way that it encouraged Faye to talk dirty back at him.

      Fully aroused once again and unable to do anything about it, Jeff filmed while standing at the foot of the bed with an erection. He was getting the most intimate details of their coupling on tape. He moved in close with the camera, getting a two-minute long close-up of Faye's pussy and the way it was clinging around Vic's cock.

      You would never know based on the way the fit looked, that her pussy was used to a cock that was much longer and thicker. You could even hear a little slurping sound coming from her pussy. That was the sound of wetness as they thrust their bodies against each other.

      Vic was aware of the size differential between her husband and himself, and he used every trick he knew to please her. While kissing Faye, he fucked her in and out. He varied sometimes with deep short strokes. He went sideways, making her lips open wide to one side and then the other.

      Finally, he got in close and ground his body against hers. Faye had been teetering on the edge of orgasm for several minutes, but the grinding against her clitoris did it. After her orgasm, her very loud orgasm had been put on tape, Jeff prepared to leave the room.

      But there was more. Knowing that Jeff was down there, and not wanting him to leave just yet, Vic announced, supposedly to Faye but loud enough for the camera to record: "Baby, I can't hold back any longer. You are such a great fuck!"

      That was Jeff's cue. He returned to filming up close, getting it all for another two minutes. Vic, sensing that Jeff might not have caught his words on tape, repeated them and asked Faye to do the same. He was deliberately repeating her name, one, for the tape, and two, because he liked using her name.

      "Faye, I can't believe how good you feel. I'm going to come Faye, and I want you to come with me!"

      "Keep doing it just like that and I will!"

      Jeff was still filming as Vic shot his load into Faye. The come shot inside did not show, but you could hear his groan and her response of pleasure and understanding as she gripped his ass tightly. Her groan continued, and it became plain as day, Faye was coming again!

      Vic laid on her for a little while longer and then, instead of remaining inside her, Vic rose up, pulling his penis completely out of her hole. He stayed above her, with his cock pointing down and dripping gobs of come all over her pubic hair and hole below. This movement was intended for the camera, but Faye did not know that.

      Faye did something unexpected, and it could not have been written into the script any better. As before with Jeff, her hand could be seen as she reached down and milked Vic, causing more of his come to run out and fall onto her body. And then, as if to add frosting to the cake, she softly said, "You are such a great fuck too. I can't believe it. I never thought that I would be able to get all involved with a strange man and enjoy it. You made me come twice. Twice you made me come, and they were really good ones!"

      Vic was hoping upon hope that Jeff was still below him and getting her words on tape. If he was, it just might be the hottest moment on the entire flick, at least as far as Vic was concerned, it would be.

      Fortunately for Vic, Jeff was right there, in close and getting all the action recorded for posterity.

      A minute later and with a little help from Faye and her hand, Vic was erect and once again inside Faye and after a giggle from Faye was heard, they were kissing. It was obvious that Faye was so involved with Vic that she was unaware of being filmed by a camera only a couple of feet away from her face. Jeff silently captured the kiss on film, and left the room.

      Jeff smiled to himself as he headed down the hall towards Howard and his niece. He had gotten some really horny footage of his boss fucking the older chick, and he was certain that Vic would be pleased when he saw and heard the results.

      Ten minutes later, all five were once again united in the daughter's bedroom, with the brass bed. "That's it, Vic laughed confidently. "Everyone had a good time, I think." Taking the tape from the camera, Vic held it out for all of them to see. "If I ever even think you talked, you're history! I'll send this tape to everyone you know, and even some you don't know!! Be cool, and so will I!!!"

      Mr. Wells tried one plea before the burglars left. He was still handcuffed to the bed. "Is it possible that you might leave the credit cards' You have my money and the antique silverware, which you can sell or pawn, but the cards I can cancel right away, and they could be instrumental in you being caught. So you could save yourself some possible trouble and me having to get all new cards."

      Vic looked at him and grinned. "Sure, pops, I didn't really plan on using them anyhow." Vic reached into his bag and removed the cards and left them on the floor. "We had such a good time tonight, that it seems like we should be paying *you*, instead of taking your money."

      "That would be nice," Virginia answered, with a slight show of disgust as she shook her head and looked over at Faye, who nodded in agreement. Vic suspected that it was all show, and that both women had enjoyed the night immensely.

      "Now don't forget, if you report anything, you're history!"

      Howard and Virginia were still handcuffed together on the bed. "Aren't you going to turn us loose," Howard asked?

      "Oh yeah. I suppose that would be an idea. I've already planned that out. So that you don't try chasing us with a gun or car or something, I plan to put the keys to the cuffs in your mailbox at the end of your lane. Then your wife can walk out and get the keys and come back in and open the cuffs." Vic glanced at Faye, who was nodding her head.

      Vic looked at Howard and smiled broadly. "I'll tell you what, pops. If you guys don't call the cops, and I'll be watching the local news, I might consider sending a copy of this tape to you so that you can all enjoy it. It's possible that my buddie's face or mine might be showing, but by then I am sure you wouldn't try to use it to get us arrested. Besides, remember what I told you about how one sex tape got out when the cops had it. This film I am pretty sure, is going to be the hottest thing you have ever seen. So you might get a copy. How's that'"

      Faye spoke up. "How about if you just send us the original, and keep no copies for yourself' That's what I'd like."

      Vic laughed. "No can do. This tape is too hot to not keep a copy for myself. But I'll drop one off in your box one day when no one is around. Might be a few days, or maybe a week or two, but I'll give you a copy."

      Vic hesitated, then, as if he wanted to reassure Faye, he added, "Maybe I'll send you the original later, or destroy it, we'll see. Just so you don't worry, I have a big heavy safe at home, and that's where I keep all my personal items. I won't leave it sitting in the VCR like Mogie," he smiled, referring to the girl in Wichita.

      Howard spoke, "You'd better get our number first. If you leave that tape in the mailbox, we'll need to know so we can get out there and get it before the mailman or someone else happens to find it."

      Faye frowned. “You want him to have our phone number?”

      Howard shrugged. “Why not? They've been all through our house, they probably know our last name, which is listed, and the phone number is written right there on the phone for them to see.”

      Faye nodded and wrote their number for Vic on a blank envelope. Vic smiled, and their eyes met. She smiled back, but made sure the others did not see. "Bye Kiddos."

      With those final words, Vic picked up his bag of goodies and the two men went out the back door into the night. As he and Jeff rushed down the lane through the woods and reached his car, Vic looked back. No sign of pursuit, although he had expected none.

      As they prepared to drive away, Vic smiled. What a night it had been. They had made more than a haul tonight. Imagine that, there had been two women, aunt and niece. He had seen Faye fucking and sucking. He had fucked, no, *made love* to Faye. He had also been inside the niece, and had seen her fucking her uncle after she had sucked Vic. Jeff had gotten some too, from both women. All that, and what might turn out to be a two or three grand booty heist, plus he had a video that would certainly keep him warm on a cold night.

      "What are you waiting for," asked Jeff' "Oh, and you haven't put the key in the mailbox yet."

      "I'm waiting for Faye to come out and get the key to the cuffs," answered Vic. "I want to talk to her again. She won't have to walk all the way out to the mailbox, I'll just catch her in the lane before she gets down far enough to see this car. You go ahead and wait by the car. " Jeff nodded, and Vic stepped out and walked back a few yards. From here, he would see Faye when she came out.

      He didn't have to wait long. Faye came out almost immediately. She hurried, because her husband and Virginia were still handcuffed naked to one another on the bed. They had been together long enough, Faye figured, and she wanted to get this night over with. She had thrown on a robe, with nothing underneath.


      Faye jumped when Vic stepped out of the darkness and greeted her while doing his best not to scare her. "What, what are you doing here' I thought you were going to leave the key in the mailbox." Happily, Vic thought, her voice seemed to have no fear in it.

      "You know why I waited for you out here, don't you?”

      Faye was silent for a moment. “Now that I have a moment to think about it, I have an idea. You want to see me again, don't you?”

      Vic nodded, was not sure that she saw it in the darkness, and spoke up. “You guessed right. Now," he hesitated, "now that you know for sure that you and your family are safe, and that we aren't going to do anything bad to you, I'd like a chance to see you again, sometime, somewhere." His tone was voiced like a question.

      "My husband would kill me, if we, if I did anything behind his back." She sounded sad, and sort of like she wanted to see Vic. "I don't think he would," Vic answered. "All you have to do is set up a code, so that when I call you, I can hang up if he is there." "She hesitated, and her answer surprised and pleased him. "I need time to think about it, and see how I feel after tonight.

      But you can call me. When you call, do it during the early afternoons on weekdays. He is almost always out. If he is here, I will say out loud, "'No one on the line', and hang up." She hesitated while thinking. "You'll need to wait about three days until Virginia returns to Michigan. Till then, I won't be free to see you, if I decide to."

      "That will do it. I'll be careful, I promise."

      She seemed to be making plans already. "When you call, if it is safe and I've decided to see you, I'll tell you where to meet me. I'll get in my own car and drive somewhere." She seemed thoughtful. "I think I would like to meet with you, at least once. We'll see after that." Surprising her, Vic kissed Faye warmly while resisting the urge to do some fondling. Now was not the time to show a strictly sexual desire for this woman.

      Then he handed her the keys to the cuffs, and taking a bold step, said, "I'm not trying to complicate your life, but I think I might already love you."

      Faye giggled, but seemed to take his comment in stride. 'Let's not get carried away. If I agree, we can just talk, and maybe do more, but no promises. O.K.'" Vic nodded, but again was not sure if she could see him in the near total darkness. He reached out and touched her hand, a light touch. "All right. Goodbye, for now."

      Vic was surprised and encouraged when Faye gave him a quick hug before turning away. For a second there he had thought she was going to kiss him on her own.

      Vic reached his car and drove away about the same time as Faye was hitting her front porch. She went in, looked down at the key, sighed, and walked into the bedroom, afraid of what might greet her. Fortunately, if they had been doing anything, they weren't now. Having no choice in the matter, Howard and Virginia were side by side, lying quietly facing one another, and not touching.

      Now it seemed almost impossible to comprehend what had just taken place between those two. They were totally naked of course. Howard's penis was soft and dangling down, along with his testicles, which looked at the moment to be as large as his penis. It looked to Faye like her husband's genitals had seen a lot of action and were worn out, which they were. Virginia still looked to be somewhat sweaty. As they both looked up at Faye, they seemed so helpless and almost innocent, as if nothing had happened between them.

      They were naked, so in order not to make them feel self-conscious, Faye removed her robe but wasn't really sure why she was doing it. Then, with trembling hands, Faye undid the cuffs.

      Still naked, the family that had been put through an ordeal hugged each other and gathered up their nightclothes. It was three in the morning and time to go back to bed! They looked at one another, and decided there was no reason to put the nightclothes on.

      As they all moved down the hall, Virginia said that she did not want to spend the rest of the night alone. Howard looked at Faye and Faye nodded. They all three headed naked into Howard and Faye's bedroom with the king sized bed. Faye went into the bath and came out with a warm washcloth. "Come here Virginia, let me wash that stuff off your backside. I think most of it has dried. "

      Virginia spoke softly. "Faye, it's not stuff, it's come. Howard's come, and to tell the truth I'm not ashamed about...about Howard having been in me. He had no choice, but it worked out all right. I felt good about knowing that Howard was enjoying himself." She seemed to think it over, and hastily added, "His body I mean, I'm glad his body was feeling good."

      Faye said nothing, instead nodding her head as if to say she understood. She glanced at Howard, and Howard sighed and looked away. Faye wondered if Howard had always wanted to fuck his niece, and had conveniently been provided with the opportunity. She looked more intently at Howard. No, not him, my husband would never have thought of Virginia in that manner.

      Interestingly enough, as Howard turned off the light at the doorway, Faye had already crawled into bed and stayed on the left side rather than sliding into the middle. That was her normal place when they were sleeping, and perhaps she did not think in advance about where Virginia might end up. Virginia waited on the side of the bed, allowing her uncle to crawl in first.

      As Virginia got into bed last and pulled the covers over all three of them, this placed her next to Howard's naked body, and further away from Faye. Because of having to reach across Howard in order to pull the sheet up over first Faye and then the two of them, Virginia's breasts brushed against Howard's body. Her body trembling, she cuddled up against Howard.

      They had been naked together, and intimate, for what seemed like hours. Now things were changed. They were still naked and in bed together with their bodies in contact, but with only Howard's wife here, and no camera giving directions.

      "Virginia'" asked Howard.

      "Yes Howard'"

      "I recall hearing you talking about having children at one time. You did say tonight that you are on the birth control pill. Are you really'"

      Silence. Then Virginia answered, "Yes uncle. I've been taking them ever since I got married. We decided to wait awhile to see how things went, and to get some money saved."

      "I see. The reason I was asking is because those men both were..were'"

      Virginia had come a long way in a short time. Her reply, using the "f" word, was one of a woman who had 'been around.' "'Fucking' me Howard? It's OK, don't be afraid to say that word, goodness' knows it was said and done enough tonight. So if that is what you were worried about, you don't have to worry. I won't be pregnant by them."

      "Yes, and I pulled out that first time because I didn't know..."

      Virginia knew that Howard had placed his penis back inside her right after coming on her ass, but now was not the time to mention that. Still, she was not afraid for Faye to overhear her reply. Instead, she giggled, "Howard, you wanted to come in me, didn't you' I'm sorry, I didn't think about that or I would have told you." They were covering ground already covered, but it somehow needed to be repeated between them.

      This was getting a little hard to take, and Faye finally stepped in. "It's a good thing you didn't tell your uncle you were on the pill. It looked better for what those men might have been thinking. If you had said you were on the pill, they might have thought that you wanted Howard to come inside you."

      "Yes Faye, I guess you're right about that." Virginia kept to herself the fact that she had been enjoying having Howard fucking her, and she would not have minded if the other men had wanted another go at her. That Vic guy especially. He had been kind of good looking, and despite his tough talk, she suspected that deep down he might be a nice guy. Under other circumstances she might have considered dating him.

      Now Faye spoke softer. "You two' I'm pretty tired, so what say we go to sleep? I rather imagine that in the morning we will wake up and think it was all a dream, until the reality sets in. I don't know how this is going to affect our family. Can we go to sleep now and talk about this later'" Faye sounded tired, and was.

      She had been up since before seven the previous morning.

      Virginia, on the other hand, was full of enthusiasm that had not wound down. "That will be fine Faye," Virginia answered. "But I'm alright with this. I don't think I will tell my husband. As a matter of fact, I know I won't be telling him. I want to keep coming to visit you, and he might not want me to, knowing that I, well, that I was with Howard plus two other men. I do feel bad though that we lost your grandmother's silver."

      "It was beautiful silverware. But, I'm thankful that we came out of this unharmed, I mean..."

      "I know what you mean, Faye. It's alright. Go to sleep, and I love you, both of you."

      "Yes, goodnight Virginia," and raising her voice slightly, "goodnight Howard."

      Howard rolled towards his wife and kissed her lightly..."Goodnight Faye, and I love you too."

      "Goodnight, Virginia. Sleep tight."

      "You too uncle. And I love you."

      A silence lasting several seconds passed. Somehow, all three sensed that this conversation could not end that quickly. And then; "Faye'"

      "Yes, Virginia'"

      "I really need to talk about something." She hesitated for several seconds. "I...they made me eat you tonight, and you reached an orgasm." She paused, "It seemed to be a really good one too."

      "Yes," was all Faye had to say. Her voice was soft, either like she didn't want to admit it, or maybe was thinking back on it.

      Virginia then continued; "How did you, how do you feel about that, about me doing that to you'"

      Howard was all ears, but remained silent.

      "I was very self-conscious about it. Especially with you having to do it. Virginia, tell me the truth. Have you ever done that, kissed a woman 'down there' before'"

      Virginia knew that Howard was excitedly waiting to hear what she would say, and how this would all come out, because he was gripping her thigh with one hand.

      "I've never done it, had never done it, but I had, of course wondered what it might be like. Don't feel bad that I had to do it. It was easy to do, once I got started. I was very glad when you reached orgasm, but I was certainly surprised that you announced it out loud."

      Howard laughed at that, and Virginia joined in. Finally, after a few seconds, Faye did too. "It felt good, I have to admit. For someone who has never done it before, you were doing just fine."

      Howard could not wait to see what else they might come up with, and jumped in. "If you two enjoyed that and want to experiment, maybe do it again, I would enjoy watching."

      "Oh you would, huh," Faye said' She smacked Howard on the chest, but did it lightly. "I'll just bet you would like to see us doing it. And what else might you like to see'"

      "Faye, as far as I know, you have never done that to a woman, so I would kind of like to see you do it back to Virginia."

      "And of course you would want to join in, I suppose'"

      "Well, I would be pretty turned on by then. But you two, enjoying yourselves, would come first."

      Virginia's voice was soft, but they could tell she was sincere. "I'd like that too. If we both did it, to one another, I wouldn't mind if Howard were watching, or more." There was silence for a moment, and Virginia added, "Of course, anything we do in the future would be because we want to, and not because we are being forced to."

      Faye sighed, and it was hard for the two of them to tell how she was thinking. "That does change things to some degree." She yawned, loud enough for all to hear. "I'm pretty tired, we all are. We can talk about that maybe tomorrow. I don't know about doing anything more on this visit Virginia. I think that Howard and I might need to talk about some things first."

      Virginia quickly broke in. "Please don't be upset about what happened tonight Faye. It couldn't be helped. I know that you and Howard might need to discuss what happened to both of you and rather you can accept it or not. But I don't blame either you or Howard for what happened 'to me.

      Ultimately, it worked out for the better, I think. Maybe I shouldn't say this, but I kind of enjoyed having those men in me. It was something I had wondered about, how other men might feel, and I was able to do it without any mental games being played, like if I was having an affair or something.”

      Faye decided to be honest and admit something, and do so in front of her husband. “I was thinking the same thing. I thought about that sort of thing in the past, over the years, but I knew that I would never act upon my curiosities. I had put it out of my mind, and all of a sudden tonight, here it was. I kind of enjoyed it too, but I was worried the entire time about how you might be handling this, Virginia.”

      Virginia was pleased at what she was hearing, that Faye had admitted that she had enjoyed herself. Still, she knew that she should not make a big deal out of it, at least not yet, so her reply was one of being conservative. “I'm a little worried about that tape, but I really got the impression that man does not plan anything for it other than maybe his own satisfaction.

      It was obvious that when they entered the house that all they planned to do was rob us. The taping was his way of making sure we wouldn't call the police. Please don't be mad at Howard, or at yourself, or especially at me if I seemed to enjoy enjoy some things."

      Faye wanted to reassure Virginia that it was not as bad as she feared. "I'm all right with this Virginia. Don't worry. The next time you come down, if everything feels right, we might try it, try things with each other."

      Howard quickly jumped in. "I don't have to join in if you two just want to be with each other. But I would like to watch, if nothing else."

      Virginia's voice was soft. She wanted to fuck her uncle again, but she had to be careful about it in front of Faye. "We can certainly talk about it. Goodnight Faye, and I love you."

      "Goodnight Virginia, and I love you too."

      Howard decided to lighten things up. He laughed and said loudly, "and I love both of you!"

      Faye 'slapped' him again on the chest. "Smart ass!"

      Giggling, they all went to sleep. Or did they'

      Or did they?




      Howard lay still on his back for a long time. He could feel Virginia's breasts pressed up against his right shoulder. He remained as still and quiet as he could be. When he heard Faye's breathing become deep and steady, Howard turned his head to look at Virginia. There was moonlight coming in the window from behind him, and he could see her face.

      Howard was surprised to see her eyes open and watching him. He slowly turned his body to face her and continued to look into her eyes. They looked so sad, and yet so sweet. She was his innocent little niece, no longer innocent. She had been with two strange men who had raped her. Most importantly, she had been with him, and for a long time.

      As Howard continued to watch her face, his body suddenly quivered. Virginia's hand had touched him on the chest and slowly started down his stomach! As her light fingertip touch sent waves of electricity throughout his body in waves, Howard continued to quiver. Could it be possible that she wanted more, after all the time and energy they had expended?

      When Virginia's hand had gone low enough, she slowly wrapped it around his penis, his instantly erect penis. Simultaneously, their heads moved closer together. Their lips met.

      Virginia's body was trembling as she met Howard's tongue with the tip of hers and fondled Howard's penis. She still couldn't get over how exciting her uncle's cock had proved to be. It was so big, so big and hot. She squeezed it. How could anything feel so hard and yet be so soft to the touch' She slowly slipped her tongue deeper into her uncle's mouth, and he kissed her hungrily, his tongue thrusting, seeking more from her, ever more.

      She had spent a lot of time with this penis. She had sucked it, fucked it, and it had climaxed because of her more than once. But that was then. Then, they had a reason; you might even call it "permission" to be doing so. Now, they were being sneaky. His wife, her aunt was right beside them, and this seemed just as forbidden now as it would have been before this night.

      That made it even more exciting. Nothing more needed to be said. They had unfinished business. They had not told Faye, but Howard had never reached an orgasm inside Virginia's body. He had climaxed while Faye and Virginia were sucking him, and he had climaxed outside of Virginia's pussy and then shoved it inside. But during all that time when they had been cuffed to the bed, the sex had been wonderful. Virginia had achieved multiple orgasms, the first time ever, but Howard had not.

      His two previous orgasms had given him good 'control,' and he had been able to fuck her continuously, and fast, slow, or hard. Each time she had drawn near to orgasm, she had worried that Howard might come first like her husband so often did. But Howard had been there, firm, big, and ready to go on.

      Before, with the two men in control, Virginia had been 'forced' to fuck another man, and men. If she made love with and to her uncle now, it would be without the excuse of being forced. But she wanted Howard now, and he wanted her. Faye had acted unsure about the future. This might be their last time ever.

      They absolutely needed to fuck, but how to pull this off? Surely neither of them could climb on top. If Faye happened to awaken, she would know immediately.

      Virginia had to be the leader. Howard was too unsure of himself, acting as if he was afraid to touch his niece. Virginia had never done it this way, but it should work, because Howard's dick is certainly long enough.

      Virginia sort of turned her back to Howard and then threw her left leg up and over his hip. He could enter her from behind and underneath. Howard needed no further coaching as he slowly, quietly eased forward. Virginia had her hand on it, aiming...

      This time he would get to come in her. They both knew it, and were thinking it.

      It was all either of them could do to keep from groaning as Howard entered her snug snatch. Some time had passed since Virginia had been fucking and the fit was extremely tight now. Slowly, Howard eased forward, way forward. Because he was lying on his side, he did not have gravity to aid in his penetration.

      He pushed forward, and she pushed back against him. Then it was in, way in. Both of them lay silently, without moving. Howard's arms wrapped around Virginia, the left one over her waist, and the other going under her neck.

      Virginia was in Heaven. Her uncle Howard was in her, way in her and he was stretching her wonderfully. She could go asleep just like this and be happy all night, if Howard would just stay hard. She signed, and reminded herself that she needed to be very quiet because of Faye.

      Howard was grasping both her breasts, cupping them in his huge palms. Virginia sighed again, but quietly. This was the first time that Howard had really gotten a good feel of her tits. Before, one hand had been cuffed above his head. This was so erotic, yes, even romantic if you wanted to put it that way. Virginia loved her uncle, and he certainly loved her. Is this sensing of love a natural evolving in our relationship, she was thinking?'

      Howard wasn't exactly thinking of love at the moment, but he loved the way his niece's breasts felt in his hands. They were really nice, extremely firm and even lying on her side they still pointed straight out from her body. Unlike with Faye, his hands could cover her breasts almost completely. He had to keep using forward force with his hips to hold himself as deep inside as he could, but he didn't mind a bit. He pushed and fondled while Virginia smiled into the darkness.

      They waited, enjoying the moment and his deep penetration into her body. They both listened for the sound of Faye's breathing, hoping it would be steady and soft. All the while Virginia's pussy was being held open, way open, and adjusting, maybe permanently, for having big cocks inside. When that pussy found itself once again being penetrated by her husband's smaller cock, it would once again have to adapt as Virginia tells herself, 'this is what I married, this is what I must enjoy for years to come.'

      It was perhaps a five full minutes before Howard actually began a pumping action. After just having him inside her, stuffing her, that was all she had needed, just a few strokes and she was there! Virginia grabbed Howard's hand and shoved the edge of it into her mouth. She bit lightly down on his hand to aid in being quiet as an intense orgasm rolled through her body.

      Just like that, barely any movement and she had climaxed! Things had changed dramatically in her life. Now, an orgasm was just a couple of strokes away. Before, with her husband, it had sometimes been hard work to get there, and sometimes not at all. Was it Howard and his big dick' Had it been the entire situation, this night so full of embarrassment, fear and adventure? She didn't know, but this had been an awakening for Virginia.

      He knew exactly when she was coming and for how long. Virginia's body trembled visibly. Her nipples were hard as stone. She broke out into a sweat. When he reached out to touch her face, he felt wetness. Is that from tears? He felt around on her cheeks. Yes, tears. His little angel was crying. Howard hoped it was only from joy.

      It was. When Virginia had regained her breath, she twisted her head back and kissed Howard passionately. Their eyes met, and now he could see her face in the light coming in from the window. Virginia had tears in them, those tears of joy. He could see her smile.
    4. She turned her head away and Howard resumed pumping. It was his turn now. Virginia was on the pill, and he would blast a load into her that would still be pouring out hours later. Keeping from crying out when he climaxed was extremely hard for both of them.




      Two days later, Vic heard his work phone ringing. He answered, and Howard was on the line. After confirming the contact, Howard ranted, "You were supposed to come alone and after handcuffing me to the bed with my niece, the only thing else you were supposed to do was film the action.

      And then if it appeared that my wife might be a little turned on by the scene, you would maybe fuck my wife doggy style while you had the camera pointed at all of us. That way my wife wouldn't suspect it was a setup so that I could get to fuck Virginia. Instead, you bring another guy along, you fuck my niece, no, both of you fuck my niece, and then you both take my wife into the other room and gang-bang her. What's the idea'"

      Vic had been expecting this. He allowed Howard enough time to rant, and then waited until he had quit talking. Using a calm, soothing voice he said, "Howard, I got to thinking about our arrangement. You wanted a way to fuck your niece and get it on film.

      If I had come alone, I would have had to stay in the same room in order to keep my eye on you. In that case, your niece might have felt uptight fucking you because Faye was there the whole time. By my taking Faye out of the room, you got to enjoy Virginia all to yourself, and Virginia could let go and enjoy you. Think about it. It was probably a lot better, wasn't it'"

      Silence. Then Howard spoke, his voice a little lower. "I guess that's true. I did have a lot of fun with Virginia. She let go, really let herself go and got into it, and probably would not have done so with Faye in the room. But," he said, raising his voice, "You took my wife into another room and fucked her. Both of you did. I didn't especially want my wife to be fucked by one man, let alone her laying on her back and having two strange men with their dicks in her and gang fucking her, and maybe her having to kiss them too.

      I knew that in order to pull this off and make it look legit that my wife needed to be 'raped' by you, so that was part of my plan. I figured that if you took her doggy so that she would not be suspicious and wonder why you didn't rape my niece that would not be such a big deal. My wife probably wouldn't enjoy it much that way because of not being face to face with you and you would still get to come. But instead, you took her out of my sight and both of you guys fucked her. I'm not happy about that!"

      Vic waited, giving Howard time to cool down. In a moment he spoke again. "But I've seen the film Howard, and you haven't. Did you forget that we were in there with her and the camera? Let me tell you about that film." There was quiet on the line, and then Howard asked, "Yes?"

      Vic sensed excitement in Howard's tone, smiled and went on. "Wait until you see that tape. Let's talk about your niece first. You'll see how it looks with you on top of Virginia with your big dick stretching her little twat, and how she is all wrapped around you with her one arm and two legs and you can hear her making noises the whole time and especially when she is coming. You'll get an instant erection when you see and hear it. You can even see the lips on her snatch turn colors when she comes. You will freak out, that tape is so hot!"

      Howard wasn't sure, but he thought that he might have heard Howard groan. He went on, "and wait until you see your wife in action. You might find that part even hotter, for you." There was a silence, and then, "you got my wife on tape, in the other room? How does it look?"

      Vic had him now. "First let me clarify something. Your wife was not gang-raped or gang-banged. We took her separately, several minutes apart. It's possible though that she might have enjoyed being fucked by two men at once, we'll probably never know.

      Now Howard, be honest, have you ever wondered about how your wife would look and act if she was fucking other men? You wanted to fuck your niece and set this up, but there is always that possibility that your wife, after all those years of marriage, might want some spice in her life too."

      Silence. There was a pause, and then Howard began speaking. It was obvious by his voice that he was already sensing something erotic about his wife was going to be revealed. "Ahh, yes, I've wondered about it, but I would never want my wife out sneaking around somewhere. There's a difference between her maybe wanting a strange fuck and seeing some man on the side. Women are weird, they sometimes can't separate sex from love and think they both have to go together."

      Vic laughed in order to confirm with Howard that they were speaking on the same level. "I know what you mean Howard, that's why this thing we pulled off was so good. Your wife got to do a little fucking, and there was no chance of her confusing it with 'love,' like she would if she was having an affair."

      Howard sighed. "I guess you're right." He paused, then, "Now tell me about her on tape." The excitement and anticipation in his voice was obvious.

      Vic laughed audibly. "Once again, you can thank me for bringing along a buddy. He was alone with her, and she did not know I came in to tape her under him, and then he did the same while I was on her. Your wife was alone, away from you and Virginia I mean, and she kind of, well, just like your niece was with you, she got into it, and pretty good at that."

      Vic paused, waited for Howard to say "Yes?" and continued. He was spicing up the talk now, making everything Faye had done sound sexual and willing in nature.

      "After my buddy had enjoyed fucking your wife it was my turn. When I got next to her she was still all sweaty from fucking my buddy and I was ready to fuck, now! But she was all concerned about how and what you and Virginia were doing, so before we got to fucking I walked your wife back to the door of your bedroom and let her watch you and your niece for a minute.

      Your wife was naked and I was standing naked behind her as she watched you on top of Virginia. I stood with my semi-hard dick pressed up against her ass and played with her titties while she watched your ass pumping up and down over Virginia.

      Your wife, Howard, was really turned on by what she was seeing and having me standing against and behind her at the same time."

      Howard interrupted, "Oh fuck!"

      "Exactly, and what a fuck it was. At times we could clearly see your prick and the way it was opening up Virginia's little cunt. By the way you guys were kissing and the way Virginia was moving under you and the noise she was making, your wife knew then and there that Virginia was being fucked rather than 'raped.'

      Howard interrupted Vic, "Oh oh. I didn't know that you guys were there! Did Faye seem upset when she saw us going at it'"

      Vic smiled, and sensed that his smile was 'visible' to Howard at the other end. "No, not upset. She might have been but I was there with my dick pressing into her butt crack. It got her pretty turned on I think, because after watching you two going at it for a minute she reached back and played with my dick, which was now hard as a rock.

      When she saw how you two were getting it on, I think that took away some of her guilt about being with me. Back in the other bedroom and not knowing the camera was on her, or maybe she did know and didn't care, she let it all hang out. I'd say Faye got pretty excited, actually. When you see your wife on tape getting fucked, I think you will get pretty turned on, maybe more than watching yourself with Virginia."

      Vic waited. Then it came. "Did you get some details, I mean close ups of my wife, of her pussy with your dicks in her and all that?" Vic laughed loud enough for Howard to hear. "You bet."

      Knowing now that all complaints Howard had were now being washed away, Vic went into intimate detail. "We got some good closeups of our peters working Faye's warm pussy pretty good. You can see her tight lips going one way and then the other as we go side to side. There's even several seconds of both of our cocks dripping come all over her opened hole after we got a nut and pulled it out of her."

      Once again Vic paused, waiting for the expected response. "Your come dripping all over her? I'll bet that looks hot!"

      Vic smiled to himself, then commented on the come shots and for a finale, tossed in the clincher that if he were a betting man, he felt would receive a favorable response from Howard rather than one of jealousy. "Yep, you'll see our come dripping all over her sweaty pussy. During the whole thing your wife was making all these sounds, and there is no doubt she was turned on.”

      “Fuck, that sounds hot.” Howard said.

      Vic had more. “Oh, and by the way, your wife came twice in a row with me."

      A long pause while Howard absorbed the shocker, then; "She came twice in a row? Faye hardly ever does that, comes twice in one session, not since the early days of our marriage." Howard paused, then added with a soft voice, perhaps commenting to himself more than Vic; "Wow, my wife getting fucked and coming twice with a guy. That's really hot to think about, and kind of hard to believe. I never thought she would react like that. Do you just happen to know that, that she came twice, or can you tell on the film'"

      Vic laughed. "No doubt about it. You can hear her coming both times, and then she talks about it later. You are going to have film of your wife enjoying herself getting fucked that you would never have had if I had come alone. And after I got my nut, when I pulled out of her, she reached down and milked me dry. Just wait until you see it. "

      "Your come dripping all over her, and she milked you?"

      Vic really wanted to be graphic because he could tell that Howard was thoroughly aroused. "Yes. My dick was shrinking, but it was still long enough to be hanging down lower than my balls so you get a good view of it."


      "Yes, and she milked Jeff too. My balls were dangling some in that shot, but Jeff's balls, you know, he's younger, were drawn up tight. On both shots we got the same angle and the same soft but long enough prick for her to handle." There was a pause while Howard visualized that. Then, "It sounds like she might have been enjoying herself with both of you. When can I have the tape'"

      "We've already established I might give you a copy. Said that in front of the two girls. That's probably the smartest thing we did because it gave us a way to see that you get a copy that you won't have to keep hidden from your wife.

      We need to wait just a couple more days so that your wife does not get suspicious. We need to make it look like I waited to make sure no cops were called. Then, and here is what I recommend, I will call you in advance and let you know exactly when I plan to drop the tape into your mailbox. That way you will get out there and pick it up.

      This is important Howard, for you to get it first. If I just drop it off during the day and your wife finds it, she might watch it, and when she sees what is on it and how it reveals the truth about her and how she was enjoying her fucks, she might not want you to see it. Faye might destroy it, so we need to make sure it gets into your hot little hands first and not hers."

      "That makes sense. What you say is true. We talked about it a day later and my wife already has hinted about being upset because I seemed to be enjoying myself with Virginia, and she has complained about having to take two strange men while she did not enjoy it."

      "Yeah, I figured that she would keep it a secret about how she enjoyed being fucked by two strangers. But she didn't say a word about watching you two from the bedroom door either, did she?" Vic was pretty sure of the coming answer.

      "No, not a word. I suspect she wouldn't want me to know that she watched us, or especially that she enjoyed her fucks in the other bedroom."

      Vic laughed. "Yeah, she wouldn't want to admit it. Believe me, she enjoyed it. Once you watch that tape together, with her sitting beside you, she won't be able to make any claims accusing you of having fun and she didn't. And that, my dear friend, is another reason why I brought along a buddy. One filming while the other fucks."

      Vic waited, and after hearing a sigh from Howard Vic got the answer he expected. "You're right. I can't wait to see that tape. I'll watch it with her, we'll get turned on, and I'll fuck the shit out of her while we are still watching it."

      Vic laughed. "And I'll bet that your wife will have no problem coming when you do it. Of course only she and the lamppost will know what or whom she is thinking about as you and she watch the tape and you fuck her at the same time."

      Howard didn't seem too concerned as he answered, "Yeah, I'll leave the movie playing. She might be thinking of you as I fuck her, but I doubt that she would tell me."

      Vic threw something in to boost Howard's ego: "Maybe you can discuss how it was that on tape she seems to be enjoying her strange fucks from smaller dicks while you're working that big dick of yours into her."

      "Yeah, that's an idea. I'll fuck her while the tape is playing and talk about the sizes."

      "I recommend that you watch the whole tape the first time before you fuck her. Then, if you have time, get naked if you aren't already and start it up again, and ask her what part she wants to watch, or watch again."

      "Good thinking."

      Vic paused as he came up with an idea; "I think it would be cool, or maybe I should say 'hot' if you waited till or wound the tape back to a place where it shows my dick going into your wife. That would be a better place to start instead of when your peter is inside Virginia. Make the subject your wife and her visiting cocks rather than your cock in your niece, which might still be making her jealous..

      Then, as you feed your thick meat to your wife real slowly, talk about what is showing on the screen. You could ask her if she was thinking about how my smaller dick was feeling going into her pussy after having had your big cock for all those years."

      "I know you're being funny Vic, but I might just do that. I think it would actually be pretty hot if I can get her to talk about fucking you, and your buddy, and comparing everyone in such detail."

      Vic laughed softly, and added; "Don't be surprised if she says she didn't have her mind on you at that time. Women are funny that way, won't admit to some things. She might still harbor some resentment that you were enjoying fucking your niece and not want to boost your ego by saying that she was comparing my dick, or maybe I should say our two dicks to yours."

      Howard nodded and said, "I've got you on that. Know just what you mean."

      Vic went on, "And while you're at it, just ignore that answer if she gives it and see if you can get her to admit that even a smaller dick felt good. It will be pretty hard for her to deny it with the evidence right there on tape."

      Howard laughed. "Yeah, I can call her 'a natural born fucker!" He laughed, and Vic joined in. Vic knew that Howard probably felt a little more secure now since of the three men in her lifetime whom had fucked his wife, he was still the one who wielded the biggest meat.

      They had discussed the wife, now it was time for the younger. "Now, what about your niece' How is she taking it? Is she going to tell her husband'"

      Now it was Howard's turn to laugh. "No. While Virginia and I were in the bedroom and alone, we discussed her future visits and how we might get together and fuck some more. As a matter of fact, she fucked me again, secretly in bed that night after you left. My wife was lying beside us the whole time and never knew. And Virginia wants to see the tape, if we get it like you said, next time she comes to visit."

      "Faye let Virginia sleep in your bed, and then Virginia fucked you with your wife sleeping in the same bed? Fuck, That's really hot. I like the fact that Virginia was making secret plans to fuck you again on some future visit. That shows that she has had a 'change' in her life."

      Vic paused, knowing that Howard was anticipating his adding more comments about Virginia. "When you watch that tape with Virginia, there is no doubt that there is no way you will be able to watch it without your wife being there. I suggest, if you can get your wife to agree to it, that you all get naked first.

      Your wife may not go along with that, but you can try. It is possible that you just might be able to get a good threesome going, but I recommend you lay your plan out with your niece in advance when your wife is not listening."

      He paused, and Howard replied, "You're right. I think you know my wife pretty good."

      Vic needed to say more. "Oh, and speaking of Virginia, I meant to say, I almost started fucking her doggy when she and your wife were sucking your dick, and then I remembered that the plan was for you to fuck her. That's why I didn't shove my cock into her just then. I figured that you would prefer to be the first man besides her husband to go into her pussy."

      Howard brightened, and it reflected in his voice. "You have that right! I wanted to be the first to fuck her, the only one, actually. I was afraid you were going to blow it, especially when you got behind her doggy style. When you said for me to get behind her, I was so relieved."

      Vic laughed, "I figured that. When I fucked Virginia later, she was really tight, even for me and after you had worked her over, so it must have been quite a sensation when you first started stuffing your fat cock into that little hole. I'll bet you had to work at it. It sure looks tight on the tape. I can imagine what she must have been thinking having your big dick going into her and comparing it to her husband."

      Howard laughed also. "I really enjoyed that. It was nice knowing in advance that my dick was bigger than her old man's. That was brilliant what you did, getting her to admit, and on tape too, that my dick was bigger, a lot bigger she said, than her husband when she was getting ready to suck me, along with Faye.

      I was thinking of her husband and what Virginia might be thinking as I stuffed my cock into her. I was hoping that she was making a mental comparison with him. I never really cared for her husband, and kind of resented the fact that he got to take her cherry. I guess now I've made an impression upon her."

      Vic laughed again. "Yeah, a big impression. In a way, we could say that you got her cherry. You've given her something to think about for sure. Normally I would have liked to be bigger than the husband is if I fuck his wife, but I'm glad it worked out this way. You got to be the biggest guy Virginia had, and you didn't have to worry about your wife having a man or men who were even bigger than you are."

      "I guess you know me pretty well. Even though both of you were smaller than me between the legs, I was still worried about whether my wife might enjoy you, and how much." He paused, then, "Faye's never, before the other night, had another man, as far as I know, and now she's had two."

      Vic laughed, "Actually, now she's had three. That's only natural that you should wonder, or worry about rather she enjoyed us. We're repeating now but I can honestly tell you that she enjoyed both of us and me probably more. You are not supposed to know, so don't say anything about it to her until after you view the tape together. Whatever it looks like on the tape, then you will have your 'proof,' but remember, this call never happened."

      "Your buddy Jeff is younger than us. How much do you think she enjoyed fucking him'"

      Vic laughed. "I wouldn't worry about it all that much. I don't know if your wife came with Jeff. She might have. I'm not bragging, but I have a lot more experience then Jeff has, and I understand women better." He laughed again. "After you two have watched the tape, or maybe during, you might see if you can get her to admit that she was enjoying it.

      Then, after she has admitted it, if she does, you can ask her if she came with Jeff. I couldn't really tell by watching the tape. It looked like she was enjoying it while he pumped her, but I never actually heard her make an 'I'm coming' sound or saw her stiffen up. I think though that it will be pretty obvious on film that she came with me."

      "Yeah, I'll do that. While we are watching it, I'll be looking to see if she is getting turned on. She might not when she sees how much it reveals about herself. But if she is turned on, then I can probably get her to admit to things." He laughed, 'especially if I am playing with her body."

      Vic needed to get back to work and decided to start bringing the call to a close. He spoke again before Howard had a chance to add to his comments. "Sounds like a good idea. What do you want me to do with that silverware'"

      "Go ahead and sell it. I could never explain how I got it back. No, wait! Tell you what. I'll give you a couple of hundred dollars for it if you drop it off at the mailbox when you leave the tape. I'll tell my wife you found my phone number and made the offer to sell it back to me, and I accepted."

      "No problem," Vic answered. The silverware is worth way more, but I really didn't want to deal with selling off that stuff anyhow. I am happy with the money I've already got, and getting, and especially the part about getting laid. It was more than worth it."

      There was something Vic wanted to add. He knew it might make Howard a little jealous but suspected that hearing what he had to say would also arouse Howard, and that was the idea. Vic paused and took a breath, then went on in a confiding tone.

      "Howard, I know you wanted a chance to fuck your niece Virginia and you came up with a great way to do it, especially since it also resulted in you getting it all on film. But I wanted to let you know that I think your wife is one fine fuck.”

      “Better than Virginia?”

      “Yes, for me she was. She has a lot of fine body to grab hold of and Faye really felt good when I slipped my dick into her. She sort of shivered a little bit when I went in, so I think she liked the feel of having a strange man after all those years of marriage. She was still tight enough for me to really feel good. Not only that but she is a good kisser.

      Because of those two sets of lips at different ends of her body I shot a powerful load into her, maybe my biggest ever. Not only is your wife a good fuck, she is quite a woman, and damned nice looking for her age. I think she handled this situation of she and her niece being 'raped' quite well. You need to be nice to her and take special care of her."

      Howard paused, then said, "This is still a little bit strange for me, hearing another man saying that my wife is 'one fine fuck.' It's really strange knowing that you have been with my wife. Wow, I'm thinking about all that now.

      You've seen my wife naked, you've kissed her, you've felt her tits, been inside her pussy and made her come twice, and'" he paused as he realized how much the man he was speaking to had done with his wife, "and you also shot a load into her, but I want to thank you just the same."

      Vic wanted to add something to Howard's long description of all he had done with Faye. "Actually I shot two loads into her. After Jeff filmed her milking me and left with the camera, she played with my dick, we did a little kissing, and I shot another load into her."

      After a long pause, Howard asked, "She wanted seconds from her second guy' That's wild. Did she actually ask you to fuck her again, and did she come again'"

      "No. She didn't ask, but I wanted to go one more time and I think she did too. It was getting late and we had been in there for quite some time. I needed to get back to you guys in the other room so I hurried, probably too fast for her. She enjoyed it but she was pretty tired by then anyway."

      Then, "There's more I need to know. What about your buddy Jeff? Did he have any comments'"

      Vic knew now that Howard was thoroughly aroused at knowing that his wife had enjoyed being fucked by two strange men and that he wanted to hear all the details he could about it. Vic made a joke, "Oh, he thought your wife was one fine fuck too."

      "We can't know for sure how much my wife liked it, being fucked by both of you, but you can tell me how much your buddy liked fucking her. Tell me more."

      "Jeff spent more time with your wife than he did with your niece, and I never heard any complaints. On the way home he talked some about Virginia and how cute she was but mostly he kept talking about your wife's big tits and how good her pussy felt. He said that all the time he was fucking your wife that her big tits were pressing up into his chest and he could feel her hard nipples.

      Jeff said that at one point he bent his head down and sucked on them for a couple of minutes and she held his head and moaned a little. I didn't get that part on film, so sorry about that. He also commented about how your wife dug her nails into him and moaned and also sort of laughed a little when she felt him starting to come. He said it felt like at that time that she was, that they were in love. He said he dropped maybe his biggest load ever into her."

      Vic heard Howard sigh audibly, and went on. "All I could do was agree with him. The first time I fucked her, your wife got maybe my biggest load also." There, let Howard run that around in his brain, about how not just one but two men had known and enjoyed his wife in such an intimate manner.

      "There's something else I was wondering about, but I almost forgot about it with all the stuff that happened afterward. When my wife said she needed to pee, and your buddy went with her, he joked about how he had a hard on while they were in the bathroom. Can you tell me what happened? Did he say anything?"

      "I can tell you Howard, but remember, you can't repeat it to your wife because then she'll know you and I have been talking."

      "I got it. So tell me."

      "Remember your wife was already naked. Jeff said she sat down to pee and he joked about now that he had heard her peeing that he had to go. So when he took it out he asked her to aim it for him."

      "No shit? And she did?"

      "It only took a little coaxing. He had her aiming it all around the bowl and showed her how to shake it off afterward and milk it down to get rid of the last drops and of course when she did that, he got hard."

      "Then what happened? Anything? They didn't have much time."

      "He said your wife got kind of excited when she pulled the foreskin back so he could pee since she had never felt a foreskin move before so that sort of got her into jacking his cock."

      "I'm surprised he didn't come on the spot."

      "He almost did. Jess said they kissed and he managed to slip a finger into her because she kept holding onto his cock. He said he thinks that she might have fucked him then but they both were worried about people waiting for them. He did say that she made him promise that if a rape occurred that it be her and not Virginia."

      "Yes, I know she was more concerned about her niece than herself."

    5. A thought struck Vic, and he decided instantly to share it with Howard. Before Howard could interject, he went on; "Changing the subject slightly. I think the situation, with your wife and your niece, affected Jeff the same way it did me. It seemed to us to be more erotic that we were fucking your wife because we knew that she had been married for years and had only been with you.

      Plus it was the idea of knowing that she knew you were in another room and getting fucked at the same time. Also, Virginia had a husband of her own and was being fucked by you, so it seemed that your wife needed to be paid special attention to."

      Howard might have frowned, smiled or laughed, Vic couldn't tell. Howard corrected himself, "You're right. That was exactly what my wife needed, since you put it that way. But what I meant when I asked about Jeff and did he have any comments, was, how does he feel about the money he got, and all that'"

      As Howard waited for the answer, his mind was going sixty as he thought about how the younger man had also gotten to fuck his wife and not only that, but for free, or rather, had even received money as a bonus.

      "He's happy," Vic replied. "I gave him half the money, and he got laid as well. He wasn't expecting that part. He had fun, and also said your wife and Virginia were the two best fucks he ever had. I let him view the tape with me last night. He wanted a copy, but I said no, that he would have no "safe" place to keep it. So now he's not insisting on having a copy of it."

      "I can't imagine him, and maybe you if it was the first time you watched it, just sitting there and not playing with yourself. Did you'"

      Vic laughed. "Normally I would *never *tell anyone this, but yes, we jacked off while we watched it.

      After viewing the first few minutes, where we had the three of you strip naked, Jeff asked if I would mind if he played with himself, so I said 'Sure, I'll do it too.' I figured it didn't matter since we had already seen each other naked at your place and besides we were both on the tape. But," he added, "we did not mess with each other!"

      "And you came, both of you'"

      Vic sort of snickered. "Yes, we both came. Like I said, that is a very hot tape, and we are on it!"

      There was no way that Vic would tell Howard the truth about last night. He and Jeff had played with each other, just a little. At least Vic preferred to think of it as 'just a little.' After a few minutes of viewing, Vic had noticed that Jeff kept looking over at his penis, so he had invited Jeff to slide over.

      They had finished watching the tape with their hands on each other's penis. By mutual agreement, they had selected which part of the tape they would come to, and done so simultaneously. Strangely, they both had chosen the part where Faye had climaxed with Vic, and then milked him down.

      Jeff had thought that was an especially erotic view, even though Faye had done the same thing on the portion of tape where she was with him. Jeff had commented, "It's obvious she came right there, and that makes it really hot."

      Now Howard really needed to know. Would they admit it' "Did you both come at the same place on the tape, or separately'" This was an extremely important question for him. He needed to know what part of the tape turned them on the most, and was it of Virginia, or his wife'

      "I think you might already suspect which part. We wanted to come at the same time, so we both chose the place where your wife had her second orgasm and then milked me down." Vic paused; "Seeing your wife come and knowing for sure that she was enjoying getting fucked was quite a turn on, for both of us."

      A long sigh. Then, "I can't wait to see that tape!" Howard paused, there was more. "But what about your buddy, does he know that it all was a setup," Howard asked, softly?

      "Nope, not at all. Jeff never suspected a thing. That made it all the more exciting. And I brought him out in the dark, and he doesn't even know what road we were on getting to your house."

      "I feel better about that. He won't get any ideas about coming around again, then'"

      "No," answered Vic. "He's not a trouble maker kind of guy anyhow."

      "Looks like everyone ends up happy," answered Howard. As he hung up the phone, Howard had a big grin as he thought about everything he had heard and discussed with Vic. My plan worked out perfectly. I managed to fuck Virginia without Faye or Virginia being suspicious, and I will soon have a copy of it all on film. Also my wife got fucked by two men and liked it, so she can never throw it all back at me and accuse me of enjoying myself and she didn't.

      Yes, Howard was very pleased, especially about one thing. Virginia was willing to fuck him during future visits, even if they had to find a way to sneak, and his wife was none the wiser.

      Faye had been fucked by two men, that part was true, but they both had been smaller than he was between the legs so he had no reason to worry. Howard smiled as he thought it all through again. Best of all, Faye can never come back at me about enjoying my adventures with Virginia because I will have her on tape enjoying her fucks as well.

      One thing he was going to do for sure, and as soon as possible. He would make another copy of the tape for himself and sock it away in a safe place. No need to take a chance that Faye might get mad, jealous or guilty over the tape some day and destroy it.


      Faye smiled when she answered the phone and it turned out to be Vic. It was their first call, and Vic had timed it perfectly. She was free to talk, as long as Vic wanted if it came to that. Howard would be gone for several hours. "Yes, I want to see you. I've thought long and hard about it, and we can have two or three hours together either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week."

      "How about tomorrow? I can get away from the shop for that length of time. I'm really looking forward to seeing you, and making love to you." Vic added special emphasis to the word 'love'. Faye did not comment on his tone or wording, and they agreed on a time. Vic suggested a motel, and Faye said that would be fine. That particular motel happened to be near Vic's place of employment, but he did not tell her that. They would meet in the rear of a shopping mall parking lot, and ride in his car to the motel.

      Faye had one request, and she wanted to hear Vic confirm it. "I'd like it to be romantic. You are talking that way, but I really want it to be romantic. No flowers or anything like that. Just the way you and we act. I need that and want it to feel natural, even if you have to pretend. I want you to undress me and we'll act like it is our first time as we explore one another. Is that all right with you'"

      "Faye, I won't have to 'pretend'. Let's see how it goes."

      "That's nice to hear. I'm not asking for any kind of 'commitment,' just a nice little affair, however long it lasts."

      "I'm especially looking forward to this. I'll treat you good, I promise."

      When they had hung up, Faye smiled. She had made her decision, but it had not taken much thought. She was attracted to Vic, yes, but the major reason was that she had been awake when Howard and Virginia had fucked in her bed. You would think that they had already had enough!

      Faye had even been able to tell when each of them reached an orgasm. Despite all that had gone before, their being sneaky when they thought she was sleeping was pushing it. Virginia might not have known better, but Howard should have.

      Faye pursed her lips and sort of frowned as she thought of the plans she had just made. When she went to see Vic, she would have no feelings of guilt about this. Her lips softened into a smile. She thought of Vic and their time alone together. He had been good in bed, and considerate of her feelings.

      She had even climaxed with him, twice, and good ones at that. Now Vic said that he wanted to 'make love' to her*. *She smiled, yes; she'd consider that. She wanted to make love, and be made love to, and she wanted to do it all, everything possible that a man and woman could share in bed.

      Vic turned her on. He was smaller than Howard between the legs, but she had enjoyed him immensely just the same. Vic had given her two climaxes in a row. He wanted to be romantic, maybe even fall in love, and she was willing to see how things went. She had, already in a fantasy, thought of maybe trying Vic in her rear. She had tried it with Howard once or twice, but they had been unable to even get the head in.

      Faye's thoughts had even gone beyond just herself and Vic in bed. If, at some time in the future Vic was willing, she might ask him to invite his buddy along, just for fun. Faye had been afraid the other night that both men would gang up on her, and she had worried about it. Now, thinking back, that might have been enjoyable. She smiled, yes, come to think of it, a threesome with two men could be a lot of fun. A lot of years had gone by for Faye, mostly married years, and there were things she wanted to try.
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