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. Blacked Schoolgirl - Too Hot For Amazon!

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Feb 3, 2018.

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  1. White Extinction

    White Extinction Well-Known Member Author!


    Hello, Race Traitors! ;)

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    Blacked Schoolgirl

    Bridget McNeil was a cute teen at Malcolm X High School. The little freckled white girl grew up surrounded by the new black-centric culture. Black culture usurped white culture and whites were a dying minority. Everything from children’s shows to college curriculums were designed to emphasize white guilt, white inferiority, and the superiority of the alpha race. By adolescence it was practically impossible to be attracted to a meek white male, the teen routinely masturbating to extreme interracial videos. The shy teen was so docile… Her black teachers and ebony classmates thinking nothing of groping her. The tiny girl was only 4’11”, her beautiful sapphire blue eyes so radiating behind a pair of round steel rimmed glasses.

    The white girl grew up next door to Francis… The weak white boy neglected by his mother the moment she ousted his white father and accepted her new black owner into her home. Francis had six other black half-siblings, none having an ounce of respect for him. Lucky for him, Bridget was always so kind and sweet to him. They were childhood friends and began secretly dating a few months before. He was not much taller than her and was the routine target of black bullies who thought nothing of spitting on him.

    Sweet Bridget cared about Francis, but found herself disgusted by him when thinking of him sexually. She felt pity for him, letting him be her ‘secret boyfriend’. In reality? She could be found on her knees taking Francis’s cruelest bully Marcus down her tight little throat behind the school. The thought of cheating on him with the sadistic boy was so erotic to her, using it as fuel when she touched herself.

    Yet, Marcus would not get her maidenhead. No… That would be claimed by Principal Theodore Garvey. After he caught the teen staring at him in the hallways again and again he summoned her to his office, deflowering the teen while her naïve Francis waited for her afterschool. Francis wished he’d be a quarter as intimate with her… Bridget disgusted at the idea of even touching his pathetic 4” white member. The idea made her sick to her stomach.

    Francis was becoming suspicious of how often Mr. Garvey was summoning Bridget to his office, the older black man needing to empty his balls multiple times a day. The 50-year-old man was not in great shape, his body hairy and with curly salt and pepper hair… His belly round. But, that 11” black godcock…? That was all he needed to make the teen addicted.

    Two months into breaking her in, he arranged for himself and two other teachers to enjoy her in his lavish office. The deviant act was being filmed, soon to be distributed freely online and in their community to advertise the black race’s latest conquest. The camera stood on a tripod, observing them all undressing… The soaking wet Bridget needing to taste those black cocks and have them inside of her nubile little white body.

    On her knees, the frantic teen stared up at her ebony gods grabbing each thick tool to lick, mouth, and stroked… Drool running down her pretty face and from each of the black monoliths before long. With little effort due to her training, she pushed her head down on Mr. Garvey taking him to the hilt… The teen knew how to get him to cum quickly, staring up with her beautiful blue eyes as she enticed him to cum. With a heated growl, he unloaded into her wanton willing mouth.

    Mr. Garvey was grinning impishly as he stared down at her pretty face just as she swallowed his hot thick cum without hesitation. Licking his lips, his semi-erect member was hardening again as she stroked the two other teachers' black cocks. All of the Nubian men stared down lecherously as their thick ebony cocks throbbed in her grip.

    "I want to fuck this little white whore and teach her a lesson about being a little slut in my school... Bridget, beg me to fuck you and breed you like an animal." He hissed, grasping her hair and making her stare up at him. The teachers just chuckled, amused at her situation as the camera rolled.

    The young woman licked her lips a little, swallowing down the rest of her principal's hot cum. She blushed as his dark cock was already getting hard again. She was expecting the other teachers to take her, feeling them throb in her hands, but it seemed the principal was going to be taking more. "I'm sorry for being such a slut in your school. Please, punish my white pussy with your big black cock. Breed me like dirty animal I've been. Please, pump me full of your seed." She begged him, looking up to him with wet pleading eyes. "Make me your whore."

    The men pushed her on her hands and knees. One of the teachers kneeled in front of her and grasped her hair, trying to force his 10” ebony monolith cock into the teen's mouth as precum drooled from the tip. Kneeling behind her, the old unattractive Principal Garvey mounted her. Grasping the base of his black cock, he rubbed the domed tip slick with her saliva up and down her little pink schoolgirl cunt.

    One of the teachers grinned, moving in on one side of her as the other man did on the other. They held her shoulders up, leading her little hands to their aching and throbbing African members as they violated her.

    "I bet she is going to have my baby..." One of the cruel teaches said.

    Chuckling, the other gave her ass a hard slap. "Mn. Good little white whore is going to have mine."

    Little Bridget shuddered as she was moved to her knees. Her baby blue eyes widened a little as he forced his large jet-black cock into her little mouth, slurping around it noisily as precum began drooling out into her mouth. She shuddered as he rubbed the tip against her little schoolgirl cunt. The white girl was becoming lost in the fog of pleasure and desire, starting to pump her hands around the two teachers. When the spoke. she mumbled against the thick black cock in her mouth, shifting a little so she could talk.

    "I'll have the principal's baby." She chimed in with a grin, trying to please the man that was getting ready to pound her cunt.

    With her sinful words, he rutted his hips forward, impaling her with his thick twitching onyx member. Inch after inch of his thick cock stuffed her tight little entrance. Filling her, his hips began to thrust hard against her. The man in front of her pushed more of his own hard cock down her tight hot throat, pushing her to the hilt of his member as the camera rolled and filmed her depraved behavior. Bridget would become quite the interracial internet starlet!

    All of the men were a chorus of groans, growls, and lecherous grunts. Bucking their hips they all called her names. "Whore." "Slut!" “White cunt!”

    "I am going to fuck you every day after my class until you're swollen with my black baby..." one teacher hissed.

    "Heh... I get... Aaah... First shot today..." The demented principal uttered as he used the schoolgirl.

    Little Miss McNeil moaned out noisily as he rutted his hips forward into her, shaking with pleasure as she was impaled on that thick, twitching godly member. Heated moans vibrated along the teacher's cock in her mouth as the principal continued to thrust himself deep into her. Her tongue teased and massaged along the cock in her mouth, squeezing her lips tight around the teacher. She shivered excitedly at the series of groans, growls, and grunts that filled the air, listening as they called her names.

    Corrupted Bridget moaned out again, doing her best to talk with the cock in her mouth. "The principal can fuck me at any time really… Aaah! He could just call me to the office whenever he wanted my pussy." She moaned out, trying to instill a bit of jealousy to make them crueler to her.

    Her taunting worked - they were rougher with her. The principal's cock was almost fully hard again, swelling inside of her as he banged against the wall of her fertile little womb. His large balls slapped against her clit full of more seed for her. They all sneered down at her, the teacher in her mouth raping her tight slick throat. They slapped her cute ass hard and bucked their hips violently. After a few minutes each of them were gasping...

    Twitching... All of them on the brink. The one in her mouth was first... With a loud hiss of pleasure his muscles tensed as he unloaded in her hot little mouth. Just as he was about to finish he pulled out, the final shot covering her face.

    Noisy moans sounded from her again as the principal's cock swelled within her, shuddering heavily as he began banging against the wall of her womb. Pleased cries tore passed her lips at the feeling of his balls spanking against her clit, squeezing tighter around the older black man. Her lips squeezed tight around the teacher fucking her throat, slurping and gulping around him roughly, tongue continuing to batter his shaft. Her hands continued to pump the other two squeezing and massaging them steadily. Her eyes widened as the one in her mouth began unloading, doing her best to swallow down his cum, a little leaking from the corners of her mouth, shivering as he splashed a shot of his cum against her face.

    The principal was so close... The other teachers grunting like beasts. As she squeezed at his cock within her, he slapped her cute teen ass. "Aah... Heh... Going to knock you up, white girl... Mmn... Going to pass me in the hall... Aaah... With my black baby in you..." He snarled, violently fucking her and prepared to leave her bottom covered in bruises with how rough he was. Both ebony wands she grasped were prepared to release too. They tugged her head back as all of the men growled and belittled her in their own pleasure - their lecherous eyes glazed with pleasure.

    Mr. Garvey continued to taunt her. "Beg for my cum... Beg for me to breed you..." The principal howled in pleasure.

    Suddenly both teachers came at nearly the same time. Shivering, their hot thick cum battered her pretty face.

    The young woman panted and moaned as the principal's cock throbbed and twitched inside of her. "A-Ah... Yes... Fill me up... Give me your baby." She whimpered, back arching as he fucked her so violently, pussy squeezing and milking his cock as it slammed into her, juices drooling out and drenching that thick shaft that plunged into her depths. Her hands continued to pump along the two cocks, squeezing and massaging them steadily. She shivered as her face was splattered with the teachers’ cum, moaning out as she fell deeper into that primal lust.

    "Please, cum inside me! I want to have your black baby so bad. Breed me, I want you to breed me. I want you to breed me as much as you can." She panted, bouncing her nubile hips back against him.

    Grabbing her red hair, the principal pulled her head back and rutted against her violently. His swollen throbbing black godcock twitched inside of her as he arched his back. Muscles tensing, he let out a loud howl of pleasure as he erupted inside of her. Shot after shot of thick hot fertile cum pumped inside of her from the old perverted black man. A sharp cry sounded from her again as he took her so violently. Her pussy clenched around that throbbing black cock, milking it hungrily as he drove into her again and again. Her toes curled when he finally erupted inside of her, feeling that perverse heat splashing into her, filling her up with the old man's fertile cum. She panted heavily, slumping forward a little when he released her. All of it on film... Would they have the conception of her first child on video?

    Pulling out of her he slapped her round white freckled ass before the next teacher mounted her from behind and impaled her with his semi-erect member. The principal's cock was then forced into her mouth to clean as all of the wicked men sneered.

    She moaned when the next teacher impaled her on his dark member. Her lips wrapped tight around the principal's cock, slurping and bobbing her head a little as she got him clean. "I really hope...I have your baby..." She mumbled against the principal's shaft, completely dazed from everything that was happening as she stared up at him with glazed eyes.

    The principal sneered, his ebon cock beginning to slowly harden in her mouth she was rutted from behind like a bitch in heat. The other two black gods awaited their turn, grinning evilly at her. The lecherous old perverts craved to use her... Corrupt her... Before long she would be pregnant as no black member would ever enter her without a condom ever again.

    "Bridget... I invited a special guest today... I told him to be here and he should arrive any..." Mr. Garvey said before a knock at the office door interrupted him. One of the teachers stood up and slid on a robe before going to the door as the other teacher and the principal used her.

    Suddenly, her weak boyfriend Francis stood there watching her. Tears leaked from Francis's eyes. "H... How could you...?" He whimpered.

    The principal chuckled. "Sit down, white boy... Aaah... I'll show you how your girlfriend likes to be used... Aah... Heh... Tell him who's baby you're going to have, Bridget... Aaah... How much you want it!" He demanded, his ebony cock almost fully hard again for a third time as the old black male teacher stretched her little pink pussy - so slick with the previous man's African godseed.

    She slurped hungrily as the principal's cock as it hardened in her mouth again, lips squeezing tight around him as she bobbed her head up and down his pulsating dark shaft. Bridget moaned out against him as the teacher continued to pump himself into her tight teen pussy.

    Her gaze shifted a little when Mr. Garvey mentioned inviting a guest, wondering if it was another man. Though when she saw it was Francis, she was caught off guard! A small pang of guilt welled up within her, but her mind was still too lost to all the pleasure to really realize just what was happening. When the principal spoke again, she pulled her lips off his cock with a lewd wet pop. She nuzzled into the old man's ebony shaft, kissing and licking along it as she spoke. "Ahh...I'm going...I'm going to have the principal's black baby. He pumped all of his cum into me. I want him to knock me up so bad. It's okay if I keep trying, right Francis?" The red-head panted lewdly, popping his thick cock back into her wet mouth, noisily slurping and gulping around it, moaning against him as the other teacher pounded into her.

    The teacher became more violent with her, excited by the depravity. The young teenage boy sobbed defeated, his shoulders sinking. "Mmn... Maybe you need to watch...? Isn't she a great cocksucker, Francis...?" The principal teased, knowing she never sucked his cock thinking it was 'disgusting'. Besides... His little white cock was not worth sucking. The principal's turgid tool was buried down her throat.

    The teacher arched against her and let out a throaty groan of pleasure. More hot bursts of seed began to pump directly into her unprotected womb. Soon, he pulled out and the next teacher mounted her. The boy was about to run out before Mr Garvey squeezed his shoulder. "Kneel and watch or we'll make sure you fail out." He grunted out with a sneer.

    Francis whimpered, watching. They had to have drugged her to act this way, right?

    Her muffled moans came out more forcefully as the teacher pounded into her, causing her to drool all over the principal's cock, strands of saliva connecting her lips and chin to his shaft. She continued to noisily slurp, deep throating the cock in her mouth again and again, filling the air with the sounds of her swallowing down that turgid tool. Her toes curled again as the teacher began pumping his African seed into her womb, moaning out noisily.

    "I'm... Getting so full." She groaned, shaking heavily as the next teacher mounted her. She kept lavishing the principal with attention, looking over to Francis when she noticed him trying to run. "Ah, you'll stay right, Francis? You said you'd be there for me when I needed you." She told him, her voice muffled as she didn't bother to pull off the ebony cock this time.

    Sinking to his knees, Francis watched... His little Caucasian dick throbbing under his jeans. He was so shamed, but it was so hot seeing her being defiled. The new teacher was just as violent as the next... His black cock fully swollen and wet from her saliva, all of the men’s cum, and her own nectar leaking obscenely from her. It was going to make a lovely video.

    "Francis, you're not allowed to ever have sex with Bridget... She's ours. Meant for real men's cocks... Bridget, tell him he isn't allowed to have you that way ever again." The principal insisted with a sneer. The principal grinned down at her, pushing into her throat.... "Thank me for knocking you up, Bridget..." The principal ordered, staring down at her lecherous eyes.

    The sweet Irish American girl smiled around the thick black cock in her little mouth, watching as Francis sank to his knees. "Thank you, Francis. You're the best." She mumbled against the ebony tool, praising her meek white boyfriend while simultaneously belittling him with another man. She moaned out noisily again, shaking heavily as that swollen cock slammed into her, feeling her nubile pussy stretched wide. "Ah, sorry Francis… I guess that's the way it is. We'll keep being a couple though. I just won't be able to have sex with you... Ever… I need a real man's cock for that. A black man’s…" She panted in her lusty daze, slurping at the principal's cock again, looking up at him reverently, "Thank you for breeding me. I hope you'll continue to pump my womb full of your cum, Mr. Principal. Make sure you really knock me up." She looked up to him with needy blue eyes, lips locked tight around him, swallowing his cock hungrily.

    The obedience to her ebony gods completely buried the same of being caught by her pathetic white boyfriend.

    Both black men rose to release... Their old faces bright flushed as they approached their orgasms. Their heavy balls hit against her full of so much fertile black cum... Cum from perverted old men as they fucked the teen violently. The principal was the first, staring down and locking eyes with her. Pushing her head down he growled out viciously in pleasure - thick hot cum pumping down her throat... Coating her tongue... "Swallow it and tell the boy to kiss you..." Evil Mr. Garvey told her, breathing hard as he pulled away. Grabbing her hair and pulled her head back the other man neared his orgasm. He wanted to see Francis kiss her as he finished... Accept his place. Her boyfriend stared with broken eyes. Their ebony cocks meant more to her than he ever could... Yet, he still loved her. It was little wonder why whites were going extinct.

    The young woman shook heavily as their heavy, old balls hit against her, feeling them churning with that seed that bubbled inside of them. She shuddered as the principal began pumping his thick cum down her throat again, swallowing it all hungrily, throat squeezing and milking him dry as he unleashed his orgasm.

    Bridget drank it all down and pulled off with a noisy wet pop. She looked to Francis, smiling sweetly to him as he stared at her with those broken eyes. "Francis, come kiss me please. I really want you to kiss me." She motioned him over, begging for a kiss from her meek white boyfriend, all the while covered and filled with the old black men's cum.

    Francis hesitated... Even as cum covered her pretty face. Meekly, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers, tasting the superior men... Likely one of the ones that were going to impregnate his teen girlfriend. She eagerly kissed her boyfriend, forcing her tongue into his mouth. Bridget kissed him deeper than she ever had before, that wild lust driving her to be a bit aggressive with him. She let him get a taste of the men that were pounding her, smiling to him when the teacher pulled her away. The teacher was so pleased… So hot at seeing his capitulation. With a loud groan of pleasure, he erupted inside of her too... Shot after shot of hot virile seed pumping into her as she kissed her white boy. Pulling out, cum lewdly leaked and dripped from her sex...

    A teacher grasped her fiery red hair and pulled her from the kiss. Francis watched her, his own eyes glazed over from all of the feelings flooding him. The principal laid on the ground as the men lifted her over him... They seemed to have planned the order... Lining her up he sneered up at her, directing the tip of his semi-erect member inside of her used cunt once more... Ready to fill her one last time. Poor exhausted Bridget gasped as she was guided onto the Principal's lap, feeling his cock lining up with her again. She moaned out happily as his member was impaled into her again, pussy squeezing hungrily around his cock. "Yes, please breed me again." She panted heatedly, wiggling her hips against him.

    Easing her down, they impaled her on the old African cock. She would suddenly feel a slick hot black tool smothered in KY jelly against her tight little rosebud. Pushing forward one of the teachers began to fill her tight little ass with a harsh grunt. Her eyes widened a little when she felt that slick tool pressing against her backdoor, back arching when her tight little ass was stuffed full by the wicked black accomplice.

    Both ebony men grunted as they filled her... Their hard black pillars filling her and throbbing at each inch they pushed inside of her. The teacher only took her tight ass once before... Rubbing her clit as she leaned over his desk while he took her in such a sinful way. It was her punishment for choking and not swallowing every drop of his cum after a forced blow job.

    Thrusting violently against her, the principal would pull out as her teacher drove in. Then, as he pulled out, principal would slam her down on him.

    Francis stared blankly, his heart hurting... It was going to be hard for him anyway as she swelled with another man's baby. Every woman in his life abandoned him for the black race… The principal promised that every single morning he was going to pump her full of his virile seed before she began class... Before any teachers could get to her...

    Loud moans sounded from the girl as the two men filled her, feeling those hard cocks throbbing and pumping into her depths. She shook heavily as her teacher ground into her tight ass, feeling the nearly virgin territory being stretched wide as it had been only once before. Her holes squeezed tight around the cocks as the worked in and out of her one after the other. The squeezing caused an intense friction, feeling them grinding along her walls mercilessly.

    Bridget looked to the men using her, smiling lewdly in her daze as she took the last one into her mouth, starting to hungrily slurp and suck at him before popping free a moment to moan wantonly. Her head bounced up and down, milking him steadily, calling out to Francis.

    "You should come with me in the morning, Francis. I want you to see when I get pregnant, just in case I'm not pregnant now." She muffled out.

    Francis just nodded, the old black men all bucking roughly into her. Only a few minutes passed before the spent men were on the edge of climax... All of their balls heavy with seed. Pounding her violently, the teached stretched her tight little ass, the lecherous old pervert using her in such a degrading way... The principal Mr. Garvey thrusted upward, determined to be the one to impregnate her.

    All of them shivered before beginning to shake violently... Their big black cocks dripping lewdly with saliva and cum. All of them reached their apex as they taunted her... ‘Whore’... ‘Slut’... ‘Breeding bitch’... ‘White cunt’... They used and degraded her before they all hollered out and groaned hotly as they came. Mr. Garvey was first, pumping her overflowing womb with even more seed... The teacher using her anally came next, filling her tight white teen ass with his own hot cum. The one down her throat was last, pulling out and cumming all over her pretty face.

    Not too long after they all pulled away. They were spent, leaving her there in front of the camera covered with and leaking their cum... Little did she know, inside of her one of the principal's seeds impaled into her egg, erasing her white heritage forever as he sired life inside of her. Another happy moan sounded from her as Mr. Garvey sunk deep into her, feeling him pump her womb full of even more seed, feeling completely full as she was forced to take so much. It spilled out of her a little from the sheer overfilling, rolling down along her thighs as she was knocked up. Little Bridget shook and shivered as her teacher pumped his black cum into her abused ass, feeling that perverse heat flooding her tight backside as well.

    "Now... Tell the camera how grateful you are for being our white whore..." Mr. Garvey hissed. Francis watched shamefully... His own little cock twitching and painfully hard.

    The girl moaned again and again, muffled as she continued to lick the cum from her lips. Bridget was an absolute mess at this point… Covered in cum, sweat, and saliva. Her hips bounced steadily, working the teacher and Mr. Garvey's cock inside, helping milk their throbbing black cocks of every drop.

    She panted heavily, her young face caked with their cum. As they all finally moved away, she flopped onto the ground a moment. Bridget shakily sat up, panting heavily still as she stared into the camera, licking cum from her lips.

    "I'm... I'm so grateful... That I got to be your white whore today. I'm so very grateful... That I got bred by Mr. Garvey." She moaned, looking to Francis and smiling to him. "Did you enjoy it, Francis? It was lots of fun, right?"
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