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. Blacked Ex-Girlfriend (Audio Enhanced Story)

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Dec 29, 2017.

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  1. White Extinction

    White Extinction Well-Known Member Author!

    Hello, Race Traitors! ;)

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    Blacked Ex-Girlfriend
    Click here for audio!

    Hey sweetie!

    Your therapist contacted me and told me about your latest sessions... And, your kinks. She told me I could help you to get better. I still care about you, so of course I'll help.

    Now, before you go on listening… Get naked and tie yourself to the bed, spread eagle position… Put a blindfold on.

    Are you wearing that chastity belt your therapist told me about? I'd love to see that!

    You know I could never handle your submissive side... Well, not when we dated.

    Are you all set? Blindfolded and tied up?


    I'm recording this on a Sunday morning in bed.

    You remember our nice Sunday Mornings in bed, right? How we used to kiss... And fuck...

    I'm in bed with my new boyfriend now, sweetie. He's a bit older than me... But, very attractive... He's quite muscular. And...

    He's black.

    With a nice, hard, big black cock. Gosh, you should see it! It turns me on so much...

    Oh Daddy, you're making me wet already...

    Let me kiss your body... Starting from your chest... Down to your abs… Uuuh, your cock is growing, Daddy! Do you like how I stroke it so slow?

    Sweetie, do you enjoy hearing this?

    Are you jealous?

    Is your cock trying to get hard in the chastity cage? Is it even possible? I love stroking daddy's big black cock. It's so hard and veiny…

    Let me lick your balls, Daddy! God, you taste so good... Let me lick your cock, Daddy… Hmmm, from the bottom to the tip...

    Would you like to get a blowjob from me, sweetie?

    Do you remember how good it felt?

    But, I suppose you prefer being locked in chastity... Why else would you lock yourself?

    Your cock tastes so good, Daddy... Let me suck you now. It's so big! Just the tip now... Do you like that, Daddy? Oooh, Daddy wants me to go deeper? I'll try...

    My god, that was deep! Let me catch my breath and then I can continue…


    Sweetie, I know I only tried to deep throat you once... But, I guess I just didn't wanna try hard enough. Now that I deep throat Daddy's cock every day, I could easily swallow your whole penis.

    Don't be mad, sweetie. I bet your cock is as hard as it gets in the chastity cage. I'll tell you about other things I let Daddy do that you always wanted to do, but I didn't let you in the next few weeks...Your therapist suggested I do a bunch of these recordings.

    Ok Daddy, I'll get back to sucking.

    Oh Daddy, did I tell you I only let my Ex cum in my mouth once and then never again, since I didn't like the taste back then? I feel kinda bad, he always begged me to do it again... And, you just make me do it... You're so masculine and dominant... I wanna be a good little slut for you. Please cum, Daddy! Shoot your hot load in my mouth, I wanna taste you!

    Yes! Yes! Cum Daddy, cum!

    My god, what a huge load. You want what, Daddy?


    Ah, that was a huge load!

    That was so naughty, Daddy! Making me gargle!

    Oh sweetie, I almost forgot about you... How do you feel? Does it bother you that my black Daddy gets what you always wanted from me? Don't be mad... Embrace your submissive side... I'd let the cum dribble in your mouth if you were here with me... Yes, your therapist told me a few things you confessed to her.

    Are you getting hard again, Daddy? Mmmmhh... I could use a good hard fuck now... And get a load of your yummy cum in my pussy...

    Sweetie, I won't let you listen to that. Yet. Just imagine me being fucked by Daddy's big black cock while you are lying there with your chastity cage.

    You'll get another message soon.

    Bye, sweetie!
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2018
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