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. Blacked at the Festival

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Mar 4, 2019.

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    Blacked at the Festival

    The year 2021 would see the first BlackrFest on the Caribbean island of Ebon Isle. The festival touted to be one of the most progressive music festivals for fans of rap, hip hop, and R&B in the world. The pricing scale was set in a way to 'balance privilege' giving the most disadvantaged the best prices based on race, country of origin, religion, and economic status. It was sponsored by the interracial hookup app Blackr that was taking the English-speaking world by storm. The festival was seeing the top acts on the planet leading to tickets and festival packages being sold out within minutes.

    Peter and Rebecca were both Afrikaners from upperclass families back in Cape Town. They enjoyed American 'black music', but were mainly at Blackrfest for status. They loved how jealous their socialite friends were at their luck in gaining tickets. Little did they know that tickets bought for white couples and single females were the most likely to be approved by the algorithm setup by Blackr's engineers. The couple fit the proper age range and upperclass income range for their 'conversion'. Peter was tall, lanky, and with a thick bush of blond hair. His body was slightly toned from his experience as a swimmer in college, but hardly muscular. Becky was tiny compared to him, standing at 5'2" and extremely lithe but for her thick voluptuous bottom. Pete teased her as being a 'PAWG' on Instagram - a 'phat ass white girl'.

    The two had no clue what they were in for.

    The plane ride to the larger atoll island was luxurious enough, the couple riding first class. On the plane were a couple dozen other attendees - all upper crust Afrikaners like them who 'loved to party'. Shamelessly, Ebon Airlines not only permitted smoking, but handed around a large onyx hookah spiced with guava infused spices. The white patrons could not help but to giggle and partake, each taking a long draw of the intoxicating smoke that gave them a rush and a fabulous beginning to their trip. Little did they know the hookah's smoke emitted smoke that increased fertility and was full of aphrodisiacs. However, it seemed to have the opposite effect on the white males. Becky felt wicked for once, stroking Peter's shoulder and whispering in his ear to take her to the toilet and fuck her. He wanted to appear his gorgeous girlfriend who just died her shoulder length hair a dark blue, but for some reason could not muster it in him to do so... He felt so heavy in his seat, writing it off as just the strength of the herb in the hookah.

    It would be Rebecca's first disappointment of the trip, the wanton white girl left unsatisfied... She had already began noticing the gorgeous black male flight attendance, their voices tinged with the local draw of the islands. For some reason hearing them made her rub her toned thighs together, aroused at the depth of their deep voices. Toward the last hour of the flight she went to the restroom and ended up sprawled out inside against the wall, rubbing at her swollen pink nub and biting her bottom lip to remain quiet. Yet, no release ever came... She left the restroom after 25 minutes even more frustrated, finding Peter dozing. Seeing him sleeping while she was in need made her annoyed and bitchy with him for the rest of the early afternoon.

    From the main isle of the atoll they took a passenger ship to Ebon Isle.

    Ebon Isle was a luxurious place. Countless celebrities promoted the island - especially pop divas. Their social media was often littered with photos of them on annual visits to the island with the gorgeous islander staff. Each was handsome and tall with broad shoulders and skin as dark as coal. They ranged from their early 20s to their early 40s. Becky sat in the lobby as Peter processed their passes watching out the window "Black don't crack." The girl murmured to herself, her mind already picturing one of the gorgeous Nubians she was running by with a small white girl. He had to have been one of their personal trainers, bringing the little white girl to a sweat as they ran the boardwalk.

    The slightly racist Afrikaner noticed something else rather scandalous... Her eyes fixating on a ivory white redhead sandwiched between two ebony studs at a small bar, taking turns kissing each one of them as she sat in both of their laps... Her beautiful hazel eyes vexed by the men. When Peter returned with their passes and escort to their accommodations it broke her concentration. An older black man with salt and pepper hair in his neatly trimmed beard smirked knowingly before escorting them out of the lobby and down the boardwalk.

    The boardwalk branched off to the many luxurious beach houses and condos. Yet, their accommodations would not quite be as so grand... Blackrfest attracted more people than they could house in the villas, a seat of large white tents. The couple was displeased as they stepped in - two separate cots with no AC. The two were used to festivals, but always had upperclass accommodations. Peter had begun to complain, but their escort shut him down with ease.

    "The best housing has been reserved for the disadvantaged patrons that registered... Of course, if they are not to your liking we can arrange a flight home for you tomorrow morning." The polite, but stalwart escort told them with a sly smile.

    The white couple looked at eachother. They were stranded here at least a day. Maybe they could coax somebody with cash to give up their spot in a cabin? Peter was sure he could. Money always got people like him everything they wanted.

    "That's fine." Pete said under his breath.

    The festival was to begin that evening, a giant crowd of people making their way to the beach for the opening acts. It was a sea of dark and ivory bodies. The couple had napped most of the afternoon and after a lavish buffet dinner of seafood and fresh fruit they made their way through the dancing crowd as a loud bass played. Multi-color lights illuminated the crowd along with the full moon. Over 15,000 people had to have been at Blackrfest... The steady beat had Rebecca saying her wide hips... The small girl surrounded by all of the glistening hard bodies around her. The beat was intoxicating... Just a dozen songs in and she was bucking her hips up against Peter and winking at the black men dancing nearby them.

    In a bit of a fevered passion, the emboldened white Afrikaner swayed over to the black studs, turning her head to Pete and blowing him a kiss before grinding up again them... A man on each side of her... Her hand against their hard ebony chests as she backed that thick toned bottom against them, sandwiched between the two.

    The racist Peter was staring a little annoyed... Plenty of guys have danced with Rebecca before at festivals, but those two 'niggers' were too close to his girl. And, what had him the most upset, is seeing it was giving him and his tiny 4" white cock an erection. After two songs, Becca was losing herself... Soaking wet and wanton... Feeling the Nubian lords' thick cocks pressed against her through their trunks. She was about to kiss one before she stopped herself and turned to Pete... Seeing him standing there flustered staring... She didn't care how awkward it was. Becky needed dick *now*.

    Taking his wrist, she pulled him toward the changing booths beside the boardwalk. She was kissing him hard as she pulled him along in a needy lustful stupor... Pulling him inside one of the empty booths they could hear moaning in the booths beside them, other couples getting the same idea. Little did they know they were all white girls getting pounded by ebony gods.

    She kissed Peter hard... Standing on the tips of her toes, she had him leaning to her level as her hand fished down the front of his swim suit to grab at his throbbing white member... Her thumb rubbing against the head as she squeezed the base softly. Pete grunted into the kiss, his larger tongue exploring her little mouth.

    The couple ended up with Becca with her back against the wall as Peter knelled and licked at her swollen wanton sex... Nectar leaking profusely from her. Squeezing her own small breast, she bit her bottom lip and kept her eyes closed as she joined the chorus of moans surrounding them. Her hips bucked against his mouth as her boyfriend's tongue swirled deep inside of her... The feel of those men against her... Those *black* men... She was going to cum so hard... She was...

    Suddenly, the door opened... Becca's eyes opened half-lidded, but she was too aroused to move or step. It was Peter who broke away, standing up and cursing at the tall black Adonis in the doorway. Over his shoulder were two equally intimidating chocolate stallions. All of them were grinning as Peter spat at them, poor Becca letting out a moan of displeasure at the loss of Pete's tongue inside of her... Lewdly, she was already rubbing her clit staring at the altercation.

    "What the fuck! Occupied!" He spat.

    "Heh... You think I give a fuck, white boy...? Cute girl you got there..." He insisted with a chuckle.

    "GET OUT!" Pete said, reached for the door. With no warning, the black man gave Peter such a hard open handed slap that it dazed him, leaving a red mark on his face.

    For now explicit reason, the slap made Becky let out an aroused moan and masturbate more furiously.

    "Slapped you. Like a bitch. I'd never use a closed hand on a woman." The man said before grabbing Peter and throwing him from the booth into the arms of his boys.

    "You nigg..." Peter hollered as the door closed, the sounds of him being viciously beaten able to be heard in the booth. Soon, he was begging and sobbing in a voice that was unintelligible through the door.

    His attention was on poor Becky... Who had not stopped pleasuring herself... Her eyes soaking with tears from fear and anxiety... With a touch of frustration...

    The man gently put his large back hand on her shoulder, turning her against the wall. "Put your hands on the wall, snowbunny..." He purred in her ear.

    She liked that... Being called 'snowbunny'. Before she could even think what he was saying her body was complying, turning around and showing off her ass... Her panties already around her ankle from her encounter with Peter. Instinctively, she spread her legs apart as she turned her head to the side to look at her Nubian conqueror.

    "Mmn... Hey, girl... I'm Q." The black male told her in an American Brooklyn accent. The Harlem promoter loved taking white girls away from pathetic white boys. White, Asian, and Latin girls all devolved into mindless whores around black cock...

    Giving her ass a playful slap with his hand, the firm flesh barely jiggled. Biting her bottom lip, she let out a gasp...

    "I'm Becky, Sir..." She replied. The girl knew her place... She was a toy right now, addressing her conqueror with respect.

    He dropped his swimsuit and that is when she felt it... A thick domed dark head rubbing up and down her neglected soaking cunt... A soft aroused cry coming from her as she whimpered to him, begging like the bitch she was.

    "Sir... I..." She began.

    "Daddy... That's what you call me, white girl..." He hissed, giving her ass a stinging slap and making her yelp, more arousal running down her thighs.

    "DADDY! ... Oh, God... Daddy... Please fuck me..." She said, not even asking if he had a condom. Rebecca didn't care. White girls never cared when it came to black men like him.

    "I'll make you a deal, girl... Mmnn... Heh... You be my white bitch for the festival... And, I'll give you some nigga dick, girl. No white boys... No boyfriend..." He demanded, feeding the head inside of her.

    Her entire body shook violently as her eyes tilted upward, her lips beginning to move...

    "Fuck my pathetic white boyfriend." She uttered before the stud impaled her slowly.

    With a heated wail of a cry, he took her... Gradually filling her and stretching her tight warm silky sheath. With a growl of pleasure, Q's powerful dark hips slowly pistoned back and forth... Her beautiful bright brown eyes went wide as she felt him stretching her further than any man or toy ever had. Wetness welled in the bottom of those lovely eyes as he gave her pert bottom another hard slap making her cry out.

    "You... You're taking me... Making me yours..." The aroused white girl cried out, pushing her own hips back boldly to meet him. He pushed passed her cervix with ease. The moment his large balls, swollen to the brim with African seed, pressed against her clit...? She came to the feeling of him completely inside of her, poor Pete outside hearing her have her first orgasm with her new man.

    Pete had a swollen eye and a bloody nose... Knelling on the boardwalk, the intimidating black men sneered down at him as he listened to his girlfriend getting real dick for the first time. Meekly, he listened... Despite the pain he was in from the beating he was already getting hard again to his girlfriend being stolen from him.

    Becky was slightly drooling, the depraved girl's wide hips rolling back and forth as she moaned and gasped... Sometimes begging unintelligibly as Q became rougher with her. His large dark hands sank into her flesh, holding her hips and ramming against her again and again... His throbbing black monolith buried to the hilt inside of her bareback... The Afrikaner was allergic to the pill, requiring Pete to wear a condom when they made love. However, even suggesting a man like Q should wear a rubber or pull out it... It just felt wrong.

    Turning her head once more, the interracial couple kissed hard... Her little pink tongue conquered by his larger one, the small girl suckling at it as the ebony American stud rammed violently against her... She'd be so sore from this, but did not care as she came again... Each orgasm making her mind flash white and her just a bit more submissive to the man that subjugated her so easily.

    By her third shivering orgasm there wasn't a chance she'd let a white boy inside of her ever again... Almost fainting as she leaned against the wall... Her head feeling like she was floating from the high of each gushing release... Her hot nectar running down her thighs and dripping onto the wooden plank floor.

    It was a good fifteen minutes before Q was shaking hard... Becky drooling and begging shamelessly... Feeling him become so hard she knew he was about to cum. Her head was turned... One of her bright brown eyes staring up at him in complete obedience.

    "D...Daddy... Cum in me, please... Aaah....! Cum in my white pussy..." She begged audaciously, thrusting back at him... His release inside of her... His pleasure... it was all that mattered. Her pleasure was just a byproduct of his. It was meaningless. She was learning that under his influence... At that moment, she wanted nothing more than to ensure this stranger was happy with her.

    He howled in pleasure... A torrent of hot African godseed flooding her womb... Millions of his little swimmers swarming her fertile egg and two successfully impaling her, erasing her European bloodline forever.

    The evening became a blur for a while... The hip hop playing as each of his boys then took a turn... The door to the booth opening and another one entering. The two men with him were even rougher and crueler than Q... Almost as endowed... Both spitting on her and calling her the worst names.

    The walk toward their condo was awkward... She hung on Q's arm, ignoring the quietly crying Pete who followed from behind like he was told. It was easy to threaten the Afrikaner into obedience. Rebecca's top was long gone, her flat chest fully exposed with her pert pink nipples erect. Her bottoms were on, but wet as cum leaked from her and stained her thigh.

    In the lavish condo, Peter was made to watch as Becky cried out and begged Q not to use her virgin ass... She found it disgusting before, but one good slap had her moaning and offering it to him.

    "Daddy, take my white ass..." She was finally offering.

    With a generous application of her hot saliva from a drooly lewd throat fucking, the now bright red Becky was sitting on Q's lap, slowly impaling herself down on the thick ebony godcock that was stretching her tight virgin hole. Staring forward at Peter kneeling there with her glazed brown eyes, she shamelessly rubbed her own clit as she cried in pain and masochistic pleasure. Soon, that was subsiding... Her stretched ass accepting Q as he hips began to bounce.

    Staring at her cum secreting sex, Pete's mouth was watering... The mocking black studs made him stroke his small white cock... Rebecca disgusted seeing it after being with Q. He almost dared to complain when one of Q's boy's grabbed him by his blond head and pushed his face into his navy blue haired girlfriend's sopping shaved cunt. Gasping, his tongue swirled inside of her once again, but this time he ate their cum and her thick juices obediently...With enough of this treatment, Becky would learn to be able to orgasm from anal stimulation alone.

    Soon, his girlfriend was gushing all over the rich white boy's face...Bucking her wide hips until Q filled her sinfully fully of more of that African seed she craved.

    They made Pete go back to the tent that was their room... It was made clear Becky was 'their bitch' during the festival. He saw her again and again each day... Noticeably with changes. Her nipples and tongue soon had silver studs... Two black spade tattoos decorated her - a large tramp stamp with 'Snowbunny' written neatly with the spade and a small spade above her shaved cunt reading 'Black Cock Only'. He was not permitted to talk to her and she did not acknowledge Pete even if she noticed him.

    Most of her time was on Q's arm, staring up at him lovingly as he made her do more and more degrading things... The final night? She showed up with Q at the tent. With him was a long line of black studs. Q was done using her, selling use of her to black studs at the conference and even a few of their black girlfriends and wives. The pathetic white boy was forced to sit on his cot and watch as the line wrapped around the tent and never seemed to end... As Q took money at the entrance a new black stud would enter... The night was 6 hours of ebony gods and goddesses entering the tend to fuck the filthy white girl... Black cocks down her throat, up her stretched ass, bareback inside of her wanton cum drooling pussy... Her tongue eagerly lapped at Nubian Amazon cunts and rimmed asses... In the end she was unconscious, but they kept using her.

    Blackrfest 2021 was a success, the venue planning to triple in size for 2022 and rent a larger island. The media did not mention the odd number of white males that vanished when 'going fishing'. Pete was not one of them, rolling Becky in her wheelchair through the airport. She was too sore and used to even walk... The two not speaking until they were back in Cape Town.

    Things had changed... Rebecca would never accept a white boy inside of her ever again. And, Pete...? There was a zero percent chance he could cum without the sight of a white girl pleasuring a black stallion. After accepting sterilization, Becky agreed to marry him...

    After all... Somebody had to provide for Q's two beautiful black babies, right?
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