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. Blacked Asian Boy

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Apr 3, 2019.

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  1. White Extinction

    White Extinction Well-Known Member Author!

    Spring is here, race traitors! ♠

    Wanted to offer a chance of pace for those who love seeing cucks get feminized and fucked~

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    Blacked Asian Boy

    Jamal sneered. "Makoto, what are little Asian girls for...?" He purred, reaching between the legs of the subservient black only convert and grabbed at the plastic base of her cock cage... The tiny Asian 'clit' inside swollen and neglected. A spade tattooed just above her pathetic Asian cock. After a month of complete obedience her cock cage was loosened, previously having been on the tightest setting possible without damaging Makoto. Months of preparation... Humiliation, shaming, losing his girlfriend, and countless hours of brainwashing brought him here. Would her new owner take her 'virginity'...? The Asian femboy's cute bottom only knowing fingers and a big black toy. "Makoto... Thank me for helping you understand your place..." The evil ebony owner told the poor broken asian boy.

    Jamal was given Makoto as a present after his brother Malik stole Makoto's Japanese girlfriend away. The night stupid Makoto stood up to the man groping his beloved, he was given a beating and made to watch as Malik fucked his beloved to a drooling and begging mess... Each thrust of his hips making her fall deeper into love and submission to him while each thrust made just a little more of her love for Makoto die.

    Makoto shivered as he heard that question and answered, his voice had long been changed...it sounded feminine and not forced anymore. "Asian girls are to be used by strong black males..." He shivered as his cock-cage was held... He was now extremely sensitive down there, but his already small cock had probably shrunk a little bit more being forced to stay locked for so long. It was fun... The only thing the dark males made were force him to be locked in chastity and behave like a girl... But his ass was still black cock virgin. But to properly take a black cock he had to be loosened a little bit, right? Another nice touch was the fact that, without any hormonal treatment, only the presence of the black males and the obedience he was forced to take, his body was also looking more feminine. His hips slight wider than when their first met... His chest had what seemed like small budding breasts. One thing they didn't change, Makoto couldn't see himself as a gay boy... In fact... he'd say sometimes he was straight... After all black males are superior to any other male. "Thank you... for helping me find my true place in the world, Jamal...I love you."

    Wicked Jamal snickered, slowly grasping the cock cage. "Mmn... I've decided it is time we finally make you a Queen of Spades... You accepted your girlfriend leaving you forever... You lured your lovely little sister to Malik's and watched as she was converted too... Now, we're going to end any chance of you passing on your weak Asian boy genes ever again..." Her powerful owner insisted, leaning back in his chair. The toned Nubian male only wore jeans and a black wife beater. A metallic shine came from his belt buckle... A similar silver color to the metal like the belly button piercing with a spade shaped stud Jamal marked the beta male with.

    "Makoto... I want down your throat... Get me ready so I can use that tight little faggot cunt of yours..." The brutal black male told her, releasing her pathetic little caged member. The Asian femboy was wearing nothing but a cute little pink dress. The only thing that still made him a 'male' was the fact he had a cock if that thing could be called a ‘cock’. Grinding his ass against Jamal's lap a few more times before the boy stood up and turned on his heels, kneeling in front of the stronger male and calmly working his hands to free that black cock. Looking up into his dominant fark face, Jamal could see how Makoto was broken... He was a straight boy serving a straight black male... That's how nature worked, right? Leaning in, he kissed the bulge of his pants and said lowly. "Am... Am I finally going to feel what... Those girls I showed your friends... How it feels to be blacked properly?" Makoto licked his lips, kissing the bulge once again as he forced his pants open... His tiny yellow cock throbbing inside the cage, probably unable to even get hard if released.

    The black Adonis nodded, the lecherous male putting his hand on the back of Makoto's head and combing his large finger's through his silky hair. "Mhm... You'll know exactly why they see black people as gods now... Know exactly why all they want is a new black life growing inside of them. Your girl Yuki...? She already has forgotten your name... But, now...? You can forget hers... Forget you ever considered yourself a male..." The sadistic male assured as Makoto freed all 11" of thick African godcock from his jeans. It pulsated in Makoto's grip, her tiny fingers just barely able to fit around it. His first time taking it down his throat was right in front of Yuki... Her sneering at him and jeering out to him as tears poured from his eyes... Yet, the moment Jamal came down his throat it brought the semi-conscious femboy a certain level of peace... Makoto made a superior being happy.

    The pathetic Asian boy remembers that day well. It was the first time he touched another man's cock... And it felt to his horror, much better than touching the pussy of his once beloved girlfriend. At first he fought those thoughts, but after a while, he realized he was better as she, and somehow it turned easier to accept his place. Feeling that strong hand on the back of his head, Makoto leaned in and gently kissed his thick cock's tip, while his hands rested on top of Jamal thighs. He raised his ass to be in a way Jamal could enjoy the view and even watch how his tiny cocklette dangled, locked in its cage. Makoto slowly lapped along the cock... Before suddenly wrapping his lips around the tip and slurping for about five seconds...so hungry. Saying softly. "Thank you, for opening my eyes..." As his left hand grabbed the base of that heavy cock and forced it to slap his fair skinned face a few times, before starting to slurp on it once again.

    Superior Jamal growled hotly in pleasure, his dominant chocolate eyes staring into Makoto's submissive emerald ones. Makoto whined he was not gay that first time... But, with a strong backhand and Jamal gripping his hair the superior ebony male insisted, "Heh... You'd have to be a person to be gay... Only black people are people, beta..." The cruel black man told him before giving him his first taste of that dark pillar. Multiple times a day he used Makoto's mouth... The taste of Jamal's cum having become an addiction. Every guest he had he made Makoto go down on them... All of them disappointed they couldn't use the faggot's tight little ass... Makoto now passing as a very pretty girl.

    The submissive ‘girl’ simply slurped on that thick head while listening and nodding. Makoto was still in the process of losing his humanity fully... He still seemed himself as a human, not an object, but that was close to end. As he slurped and even bobbed his head while sucking that thick tip and few first inches, Makoto looked up at him, moving his lips and kissing his tip before saying lowly. "May I... Jamal, Sir...Is it today I'll finally be able to drink that special cocktail?" His eyes were full of happiness with the possibility. His little clit already leaking in excitement as his lips met those large balls, slurping on them hungrily. His whole masculine external system could easily fit into one of Jamal balls... More proof of how he was never a male to begin with.

    The black god chuckled between his grunts of pleasure, stroking the broken Japanese boy's head as he stared into his eyes. "Mmn... I brought you home a chocolate... Get me ready and we'll let you have it..." The wicked male told Makoto. These days, as part of marriage ceremonies, the inferior male was given a blue chocolate with sterilization cocktail and the female a pink one with fertility drugs at the bedding. The effects were almost instant... It was time to ruin the little chance he could hold an erection every again... Time to kill off his inferior bloodline forever...

    "Get me nice and wet... You'll need it, faggot." Jamal instructed, needing his big black cock soaked with saliva so the boy could take him.

    Despite becoming more and more like a girl, whenever he was called a faggot or reminded that he used to be a male, Makoto felt even more excited... Perhaps enjoying how much good it felt to be converted, but always wanting to be remembered of what he thought he was. With the chocolate in mind Makoto began to polish that shaft with more hunger... spitting along and lapping along it before wrapping his lips against the tip once again...extremely excited, Makoto got on all fours, pulling the cock down with his lips and slowly crawled forward, forcing it deeper into his mouth... his tight throat having a hard time but he was forcing himself forward, Jamal pleasure was more important...

    Sadistic Jamal used Makoto for a while, soon fucking his tight little throat... The boy's gag reflex long gone. Suddenly, he pulled the thick black cock from his tight throat with a loud lewd pop... How saliva leaking vulgarly from it as he stared down at 'her' drool covered lips. It was time. "All four, faggot..." Jamal hissed, breathing deeply... The muscular black male was going to ruin him. Reaching for the table beside them he opened the little drawer and pulled out a chocolate with blue filling. Holding it in front of the femboy's face he was standing over him... That hot soaked domed head pushing against his taint, ready to slide upward and fuck any semblance of humanity or pride from him.

    "Makoto... Beg me to remove you from the genepool... Thank me for killing your bloodline forever..." The evil man insisted, wanting to hear her surrender.

    Broken Makoto was shivering like he had never shivered before. Feeling that huge tip against his winking hole, he swallowed deeply, looking down at the hand holding the final piece of the destruction of his bloodline... And he was not worried, instead he seemed happy and even calm as his lips parted.

    "I beg you, Jamal, allow me to remove myself from the genepool, allow me to accept my place as the sissy faggot girl I am and never go back...I don't want to go back!" As he attempted to lick his hand and then said. "Please... allow me to shame my ancestors and give up my bloodline forever!" As he wiggled his hips like a girl begging to be fucked as well...

    Godly Jamal fed the little faggot her chocolate. As Makoto bit it and swallowed she felt the life shattering feeling of that thick domed head impaling her... Pushing passed her tight little rosebud and sinking into her effortlessly thanks to the hot slick drool she provided. Groaning out hotly, Jamal was astounded at how tight he was... A white flash going through Makoto's mind as his love... His family... His identity... His hopes and dreams... All of it was erasing... Going away forever. The chocolate's evil effects working immediately... His tiny Asian cock twitching with the last bit of life, a small burning sensation as it deflated forever... His small sack burning as his ovaries shut down forever. Just as his manhood ended Makoto would feel that pulsating ebony godcock squishing his little prostate...

    Corrupted Makoto felt that the chocolate was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. As the cock pushed into his hole, Makoto's eyes widened, the pain was intense... He was very tight after all, but the pleasure was overcoming, the sensation of becoming a 'girl' was making him so happy inside that the pain was acceptable. Pushing his hips back to help him sink...even push harder against his little prostate. His male parts burning a bit, he knew it was over... From the tip of his clit he was leaking a lot of semen, the last fertile semen his body ever produced. As his balls burned...he was still able to cum, but now completely sterilized gooey... More similar to a female's juice than male's cum... As his prostate was being teased he kept leaking like a girl... His moans were loud... True... As he was helping the male to impale the faggot on his cock.

    The dominant black male slowly pushed forward... At last, their hips meeting. Those heavy dark balls resting against his sterile tiny Asian ones... It was done. Makoto was now completely ruined. Giving the girl's ass a stinging slap with his powerful hand his hips began to roll again... Harder now as he growled hotly, planning to give the little faggot a real fucking like his girlfriend got. Each and every day he would be used like this... Makoto's only purpose now to pleasure her ebony gods. The chocolate would make her chest form A cups... Her cock shrunk even more... His voice lost all bass and masculinity... Old Makoto was dead, snuffed out by a Nubian Lord. New Makoto was better... Had a real purpose...

    Throbbing against her prostate, the wet underside of the ebony pillar rubbed back and forth against it, squishing it...

    Poor Makoto’s moans were full of lust and pain... The pain of losing his virginity, like any girl. His eyes full of tears of lust and pain, but no matter what he kept rocking his hips back, trying to help the strong male to have his pleasure with him. The slaps yanking yells of pain from the faggot who couldn't stop moaning... His prostate being squished... Smashed by the thick cock... But it worked almost like the clit of a girl, the more that thick cock rubbed it, the more pleasure the sissy felt. His tiny balls and cock dangling pathetically... Makoto did not even feel the need to touch himself as he was being fucked anymore... The penetration alone was being the pleasure he deserved... His eyes widened as his chest was also heavier...

    "Thank you… T... Thank you, Jamal... I... The happiest day of my life... T...Thanks for destroying any illusion that I had of being male... Like you..."

    Dominant Jamal had become violent with Makoto as he was slowly approaching his own release... Stretching the tight little boy cunt to the brink as he rutted him wildly from behind, holding his head up by the hair. Each thrust killed another blissful memory of his old life, erasing more and more of it as that black tool hardened inside of him, crushing his prostate to make more infertile seed gush from him... Pushing him toward the only type of orgasms he would ever know again as his little clit would lose all ability to feel pleasure.

    Shivering above him, the ebony titan growled out as he shivered hard... Every muscle in his body tensed as he arched his back, erupting inside of Makoto and filling him with his divine seed. Heating him in such a sinful way, the cum tingled and warmed the beta all over... Makoto's mind rewiring to find that sensation a requirement for her to cum.

    Overflowing him, cum leaked from his tight ass down his ruined balls and member... Another life conquered by African gods.

    ‘Deflowered’ Makoto had never felt such a bliss when the black male erupted inside of him. The job was done... His clit and 'ovaries' were now only a reminder of what he used to be, an excuse of a male. Now he was happy, moaning like a slut for several moments until, when the male released his hair, he ended up with his face on the floor, drooling while his ass was up in the air. His whole-body trembling...as the warm sensation of cum leaking from him was just reassuring he was now in his rightful place. Being a perfect girl for the real males.
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