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. Black Time Traveller-Vikings chapter 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by eriksweden, Nov 1, 2016.

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  1. eriksweden

    eriksweden Member Member


    It was big, hard and very black.

    The massive column of pitch black masculine flesh filled and stretched queen Disa's pussy more than any other cock had done before. She moaned loudly as she laid naked on the warm summer grass in the shadow of the big painted runestone that her father, Horsa, had raised. The ornate runestone had been raised in celebration of a successful return from yet another voyage to the west, but also to tell both the world and future generations that he, Horsa, and he alone owned all the lands here. In his mind, there would be no mistaking that he and his kin where the mightiest and richest among all the clans.

    But that was before the black strangers came with their terrifying and deadly magic.

    Disa felt the fat and swollen cock fill her completely, every thought of Öystein, once her king and husband, long gone from her racing mind. She gasped and spread her long, lithe legs even further as the tall, muscular black man that laid on top of her ravaged her with his hard, strong African body. Disa's soft thighs squeezed his hips lustily and her pink heels rested on the black man's buttocks, digging in deep as her body instinctively pulled him toward her.

    Only some ten feet away her husband, the now defeated and dethroned Öystein, sat and watched as his tall, blonde queen was being fucked by one of the black men as another of the black men was holding a strange object in his hand, circling around the black and white couple. Disa had heard the black men call the object a "camcorder", but neither the word nor the object's purpose meant anything to her. She did not let her mind linger on such things, since then again, the black men seemed to have such strange objects and magic.

    Disa could feel how one strong black hand grasp around her bare naked foot as the muscular black man drew her legs apart. His massive cock was driving in and out of her pussy and Disa knew that her husband could see how wet she was and how her wetness eased the passage for the black giant that was now plowing her fertile field. In the back of her mind she knew the dangers if the black man would sow his seed in her, planting an ebony child there. But the excitement of being so skillfully aroused and fucked against her wishes and the so forcefully taken soon banished every thought of danger from her mind. What only mattered was the raw primitive lust that filled the blonde Viking queen's head as the black African cock drove in and out of her pussy relentlessly.

    By the Gods, she had never experienced anything like this before!

    Not only was the black stranger's cock so much bigger than anything she had ever had or even seen before, but the this strange and powerful black man's knowledge of how to make a woman enjoy being fucked was beyond anything she had ever known. He had used his fingers and mouth on her.

    Mouth! She had never heard of it before, that a man could do that to a woman, kiss and lick her down there, but she liked it... no, she loved it!

    That and all the other things he did to her... and to the other women of the village...

    One thing was that the black men seemed to prefer was for the women's private parts to be shaved, making them look soft like little girls. Disa had first feared the act of shaving, but the black men did it very skillfully and with razors that seemed strange in appearance but were so smooth and sharp that neither she nor any other woman had experienced anything like it before.

    Afterwards, she was as bare as a little girl down there, and felt a sense of happiness at following directions.

    Disa parted her full pink lips as the black stranger lowered his mouth on hers. She moaned as his tongue slid into her mouth, his wonderful black cock fucking in and out of her. She could feel his strong hands on her tanned legs and she willingly let him place them on his strong black shoulders, warm and hot from the summer sun and the vigorous movements of his body.

    She could feel his strong hardened muscles move beneath that black skin of his.

    Disa gasped out high as his thick black cock drove yet another inch in her. Never had her husband, the once proud king, reached so far into her body!

    Her long golden hair spread out on the grass in a golden halo around her head as she moaned, gasped and clawed at the black stranger. She was only dimly aware of the other stranger that was present and holding that strange object the black men called "camcorder", but the black men seemed to use it when one of them was taking a woman. Perhaps it was some holy object? Something that made the women more fertile?

    She shuddered for a second when she realised again that the thick, hard black cock that was fucking in and out of her might very well unload its fertile seed into her body, and that the seed might take root and spawn a bastard child. A black child...

    But was the strange object something that had other powers?

    She didn't know. But as the rumours started to spread about the arrival of the first black man, followed by a half dozen more black men, the strange tales that at first seemed to be amusing anecdotes took on a more serious tone. First Erik the Red's village had fallen for the black men. Tales of magic started to spread, deadly magic that the powerful black men held that could slay any man at great distance. Then tales of how all the girls and women in the village were made to bed with the black strangers. Many of the women's bellies had started to swell with children.

    Then the black men raided the farm of one of the king's men, that of Ulf the one-eyed. They slew those men who opposed them with their strange magic by pointing their iron sticks that spit thunder, fire and death at them.

    The conquered females were made to submit to the black men. She had heard tales of how mothers, sisters, wives and daughters had moaned and gasped in ecstasy as swollen fat black cocks thrust in and out of their pussies. It was not long before the black conquerors spilled hot sperm into their waiting mouths, pussies and even up their tight virginal asses!

    The last part she had not believed. Surely no man would do that? Not even animals did that, so why should a man do that to a woman or girl?

    But now she knew better.

    Much better.

    She shuddered for a moment at the thought of her first time.

    Her husband the king had gathered his host and marched toward the black strangers to crush that dangerous handful of men, magic or not.

    It would be such an easy victory over so few men that lacked axes, spears, bows and shields or even the slightest armour. Such an easy victory could barely hold any glory, but it would be good practice for the King's host to put these strange men to the sword.

    But it had been over before it even started.

    The survivors had streamed back with wild tales of magic that no man could stand against.

    The survivors talked about the black men that had stayed hidden in the woods, hard to spot as they were in green clothes that blended in with the surrounding forest. The King's host had let loose some arrows before charging them. King Öystein had laughed as his house guards and free men charged forward, telling them to spare at least one so that he could be sacrificed to the Gods.

    But then...

    Thunder, fire and men fell like barley for a scythe. It was like an invisible foe, a demon from Hell had walked among them, killing brave men and cowards alike in only a few heartbeats.

    Even the mightiest warrior fell without even getting close to the handful of black men that laid and knelt at the edge of the forest, their magical rods of metal raised. One man told how smoke and flashes had erupted from the sticks, and how sounds like sharp cracks of thunder had echoed. But his words had been met with sheer slaughter and the largest part of the King's host had been mowed down within a few heartbeats.

    The battle was over.

    The battle was lost.

    Her husband the King had been broken by the defeat. His best men slain before they could even get close to the black men who seemed to be able to kill at will and at great distance. The king was forced to bend his knee and his surviving men had been forced to do the same.

    Their surrender was absolute as they were forced to give up everything. Every female was now the property of the black men. Wives and daughters were now at their mercy and the black men proceeded at once to do what they had done in Erik the Red's village and at the farm - take every girl and woman regardless of station in life. Young maiden girls as well as wives, free women or lowly slave girls. All forced to submit to the black strangers.

    And now...

    Queen Disa felt the black stranger's strong hands on her body and she willingly obeyed him as her body conformed to the wishes of his. She let the strong black man turn her over on all fours, a strong hand on her back made her rest her shoulders and cheek on the soft green grass in front of the runestone.

    Disa could feel the soft, wet cockhead nudge against her swollen pussy and she breathed heavily in anticipation. She could feel the black man's strong grip on her hips and then she moaned loudly as his big, rock hard black cock slowly entered her from behind. The black man started to fuck her in a steady, hard rhythm that made her full breasts swing and jiggle beneath her. She knew that she was totally exposed, with her husband, as well as the other black man, able to see everything, especially the massive black cock thrusting in and out of her tight pink pussy.

    She knew that her husband was watching but he was powerless to intervene, just like every man there. Every white man that was. For the black men there were many females, both willing and unwilling, that they could enjoy, and enjoy they did.

    Their sexual stamina seemed endless, and they not only had cocks that were only hard and full of sperm, but they also they knew things that no one had ever heard of. Things like using their mouths to pleasure a woman, or forcing thick black cocks up the asses of the unsuspecting viking girls. They even made two or sometimes three or four girls pleasure each other with kisses, lips and tongues while the black men watched and...well there was this strange "camcorder".

    Queen Disa herself had , just like her daughters, gotten a firsthand taste of all this. She had never thought about taking a man's cock in her mouth and sucking, licking and jerking it until it filled her mouth and face with hot sticky sperm. Likewise, never before had she and her oldest daughter been made to share the same man. That changed as now, two black men could share her or any other woman or girl.

    Disa had even seen two black men fuck a girl at once!

    It had been Torstein the Bold's youngest daughter. Torstein had been slain by the black men when he charged them during the short battle. Now his daughter was the spoil of the victors. who wasted no time in taking Torstein's weeping widow to bed as well as Torstein's daughters. The mourned their father's death as they writhed and screamed in pleasure as the slayers of their father filled their virgin pussies with thick hard black cocks. As for the two black conquerors enjoying Torstein's youngest daughter, they had her young body completely filled with hard, naked black cock. Disa had even watched as another black man had entered the poor girl's ass, filling her with a second black cock!

    The blonde Nordic girl had screamed in pain and pleasure as the two black men had fucked her at the same time, and Disa readily remembered how thrilling it was. The two massive black cocks filling the girl, whose skin seemed so white in contrast to the pitch black colour of the two men. The contrast ended there, as their sperm had had the same color as all men and beasts and she saw it as it pumped out in a never ending stream into the impaled girl's twin orifices. She had felt sorry for the young girl, being forced to submit completely to the same men that had just killed her father and many of his hosts.

    Disa moaned again, bucking back at the enormous black cock that was deep inside her.

    By the Gods! She was almost there now...!...Almost...Almost...!

    Her strong, white body worked and strained against the black shaft that filled her pussy. Pure instinct had now seized her and any thought of her husband, once the king, who was forced to watch her debauchery, were long gone. The only things that existed for Disa now was that swollen black cock that was driving in and out of her wet and hungry pussy!

    She screamed out as the orgasm shook her body so massively that she wasn't aware of the big black cock buried deep in her pussy that had started to unload jet after jet of baby making semen. It flowed into queen Disa's fertile, strong body and the woman wasn't aware that millions and millions of African sperm were now where racing toward her defenceless white egg. Deep inside her body she was powerless to stop their assault on her womb. The black cock throbbed and jerked as it delivered its potent load to her fertile body, strong black hands holding her in an iron grip while the powerful black man was unloading in her, making his victory as complete as it could be and her defeat total.

    She collapsed with a sigh on the grass, her curvy body gleaming with sweat, sperm leaking out of her swollen pussy.

    The black man's ever present camcorder zoomed in on her soiled and sullied pussy where African sperm dribbled out in long glistening drops, long strands falling down on the grass.

    Queen Disa moaned and felt the black man's strong hand in her golden hair. He forced her head up and she saw his half hard cock, glistening with their juices. She knew what she had to do and she parted her soft pink lips and let the black cock slide in as she purred in submission.



    Mark Hansen looked at the screen of his PC and marveled.

    Not only was the porn movie shot in ultra clear HD, but the production value of it rivaled even the most well-made Hollywood movies.

    He cast a quick glance at the clock and decided he could look at the clip for a few more minutes before he would have to wash his face with cold water and lose his erection. It wouldn't look good if he arrived at the meeting with dean McLaughlin, Dr. Franklin and Dr. Richardson with a raging hard-on.

    The three men had called him for a meeting since Mark Hansen was an expert on North European archaeology, the viking age in particular. That was actually one of the reasons he was watching this clip a female student had sent him.

    It was meant as a joke of course, a porn clip that had such a wasted amount of seemingly well crafted replicas of viking age artifacts, whole longhouses and...He could spend hours counting the historical and archaeologically correct artifacts that the producers of this film had put into the scenes. Mark Hansen had spent several nights searching the net for more from the same uploader that went under the nickname "BlackGod". One thing he wondered about why he couldn't find any pay website associated with the clips. He would have expected it but the clips seemed to be uploaded to filesharing sites and to different video sites.

    It was not only the artifacts that drew his attention to the clips.

    It was the beautiful girls that made it so much more attractive. There must be dozens and dozens of different girls, all blonde, blue eyed, slim, with long legs, narrow hips and large breasts. In many clips he was amazed that the girls actually spoke ancient Norse!

    Where did the producers find all these girls? And where could he sign up for the job of fucking them?

    But mark Hansen knew that he wouldn't get the job since all the males in the clips where black. Muscular, tall, well built young men with enormous cocks that penetrated blonde pussies, mouths and assholes. He had watch countless of times how the most beautiful blonde girls were being fucked by those blacks. But here he saw that the producers skimped on the authenticity since some of the black men had modern tattoos showing names of rap-artists, quotes from different songs, and modern guns that didn't really fit into this otherwise seemingly perfect replication of iron age past.

    But what did that matter.

    Mark watched as a tall, buxom blonde was being fucked in front of a painted runestone. She was on her back, legs spread, her feet pointed skywards and Mark saw her pink wrinkled soles. The camera zoomed in between her legs, showing an immensely thick black cock that stretched her pussy out into a pink "O".

    He could see the woman's hairless asshole underneath and remembered that there was another clip with the same blonde beauty being fucked up the ass. By her shrieks of pain and the surprised and shocked looks on her face it might very well have been due to her first time taking it in the ass. But the black man had just held her in place and forced his thick black cock up the struggling blondes ass. Obviously he was enjoying taking her by force and enjoying her shrieks of pain and pleasure as he degraded the blonde valkyria- like woman, stretching her asshole beyond her endurance.

    But now, her body had won out and she was clearly enjoying being fucked.

    Mark Hansen could see her hips move and listened to her moans of pleasure. Then the muscular black man flipped the woman over on all fours and Mark watched her raise that perfect ass as the black man got in behind her, his fat swollen black cock sinking into her.

    For a few short seconds the camera swept over the surroundings, showing a bearded white man that was watching the whole scene. Mark Hansen could see his weathered face that showed signs of utter resignation as well as jealousy and rage. Behind him Mark saw longhouses at a distance and again he marveled at how much production value had gone into these films.

    Strange that there was no website connected to them.

    His eyes drew back to the film. The blonde white woman was now being fucked from behind. The hard black cock fucking in and out of her shaved pussy while Mark saw the black man's balls, full of semen that he knew would flood the woman's wet pussy, filling her with sperm and making their race mixing complete.

    The camera angled up and for a few seconds it showed the runestone that stood looming in the background.

    Again Mark Hansen shook his head.

    Damn, he muttered, they even painted the runestone!

    Today all runestones where just grey slabs of stone and the antiquarian agencies of the Nordic countries filled in the carved runes in red ink as to make them more prominent on the grey stone. Few outside the groups of scholars knew that the runestones once had been painted in bright colors and that those who painted them where probably highly esteemed masters like the ones that had carved the runes.

    He froze the picture and took a pen and paper and quickly wrote down the runes that showed in bold black letters on a white painted background. It was in the traditional futhark rune alfabeth. He could check it out for fun just to see at what length the filmmakers had gone. Most likely they had copied some existing text to incorporate in the movie.

    When he was done copying down the runes on paper he started the film again.

    The black cock was mercilessly fucking in and out of the pink, clasping pussy of the moaning white woman, whose moans rose to a shriek as the orgasm shook her body.

    At the same time the black cock started to unload in her pussy, his thick, black cock throbbing and jerking as he delivered jet after jet of his African sperm into the blond goddess, filling her with sticky hot seed.

    -That's right, gasped Mark Hansen as he watched the valkyria-like woman being filled by the black man's seed, ...fill her up...

    The fat half hard cock slide out of the woman's pussy and Mark saw a thick stream of cum dribble out of her. It looked like the black man had filled her up with a whole gallon of his sperm!
    He sat back and felt the excitement pulse through his body, There was something very thrilling about all this, but also something else he couldn't put his finger on.

    The screen went black and he clicked up another clip he had found just the other day. This one had actually a title.

    "Viking princess, fucked and bred" it said.

    Marks eyes drew to the small blinking envelope on the lower part of his screen. A piece of mail from Dr Franklin. Mark sighed and opened it.

    It was short, just a reminder his meeting with him, dean McLaughlin and another two scholars. Mark looked in his calendar. It was between classes so it was ok. He wrote a quick reply before returning to the clip.

    -Viking princess..., he said and he had watched it before, the young girl in that clip looked very much like the tall blonde woman he had just seen fucking in front of the runestone, but the girl looked much younger.

    Mark clicked on it and it started.

    He knew that it would be good.
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