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. Black time traveller chapter I

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by eriksweden, Nov 1, 2016.

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  1. eriksweden

    eriksweden Member Member


    Black time traveller I - Vikings


    -What do you think, have you ever seen such a strange man before?

    Disa pushed some blonde strands of hair away from her blue eyes as she looked at her sister Ylva where they stood at the well. They were both clad in ankle length shift. Over their shifts they wore a shorter length woolen skirt-aprons suspended by shoulder straps, with the neck closed by brooches, Disas depicting the Midgårds snake biting its own tail. Ylvas broche was an intricately ornate with a pattern of serpents; it had been her grandmothers and had been given to her on the old woman's death some years ago.

    Ylva filled the wooden buckets with clear and fresh water that would be carried to the sauna where a fire was already burning and heating the stones making it hot and sweltering. But she needed more water for the large wooden bathtub that was outside the sauna.

    The older girl shook her head, like her one year younger sister Disa. She too was blonde and tall for her eighteen years. Both girls resembled their mother Embla, wife of Horsa the red, and they both shared thick honey colored blonde hair and dark blue eyes, they had both slim figures and full breasts that made men and boys look at them. But Horsa hand a fierce reputation so few where those who had actually made any advances.

    -Never before, his skin is so dark, like that of...of... she fought for words but didn't find any suitable ones to describe him.

    Again the girl's mind drifted to the tall dark stranger and Disa felt as if her eyes were locked upon his muscled body when she first had laid eyes on him. His arms and legs were thick with muscles. But it was his skin color that made her star.

    He was so dark, black!

    She, or anyone else for that matter, had seen anything like that before! Not even Hjorulv who had sailed to the west as far as Ireland for plunder had seen anything like that. But old folks had told tales about people in the great city of Miklagård, where the emperor resided and where many vikings served as his bodyguard, that there was people that had pitch black skin.

    Perhaps the tall black stranger where from Miklagård? Or was he from some other strange and far away land?

    He had come to the village in the company of Erik from Utgård, a farm that lay near the forest.

    Erik had wowed himself for the dark stranger and told both Horsa and the other men in the village that the dark tall stranger was an honorable man and passing through. He was now a guest of Erik and that no harm would befall him so long as he stayed as a guest of Erik.

    Whatever hade made Erik to make this commitment to someone that was so clearly of neither kin nor blood was a matter of debate. But Ylva had heard her father say that Erik was a man that had a thirst for gold or fine wares so perhaps that was the answer, the dark man had paid for Erik's friendship so he could stay under Erik's protection?

    The stranger spoke their tongue too, perhaps not good, but still he spoke it and that made matters only more puzzling. His name was equally puzzling and strange, and very hard to pronounce. Jamal Deshaun. It sounded like he came from the western islands of Ireland or England but again, his dark color made that impossible.

    Neither Disa or Ylva knew, but both girls where intrigued by the stranger. There was something that was strange with him, not only his dark skin, but something else, something that neither girl could put their fingers on. But whatever it was, it made them both curious.

    Ylva lifted the buckets and made her way to the sauna.

    Perhaps the mystery of the dark man would be explained when her father and her brothers returned from the Ting? The menfolk where gathered there at the Ting to resolve disputes peacefully without taking to edged weapons and cause costly blood feuds. It was better to discuss matters that concerned the village and to resolve them in peace among wise men, although sometimes feuds would spark up as fast as fires, counseling and discussions at Ting or not. But have to wait for almost five days before their return seemed too long.

    Ylva wanted to know who the man was and where he came from.

    Erik, she knew was a man that it could be foolish to trust, or so her father had said, but neither she nor her sister or mother had never had any reason to distrust Erik.

    Ylva pushed the sauna door open and a wave of hot, steamy hair blasted out and the girl raised one bucket to pour on the hot stones in order to make it even hotter. The door swung open and before she could draw it close, she saw him and the tall, willowy girl froze.

    The stranger!


    He was sitting on one of the benches in the sauna, his dark muscled body glistening like he was oiled in. Rippling muscles that ran like thick ropes underneath his black skin and... and...

    Ylva starred between his legs.

    The light spilling inside the windowless sauna gave enough light for her to see.

    By the Gods...!

    His manhood was as dark as the rest of his body, but... but... it was huge!

    She stared at it, an immense black trunk, veined and dark and heavy black balls. But it was immense all the same. It looked like that thing belonged between the hindquarters of a horse, not on a human!

    Ylva felt how she blushed as she realized that her mouth was open and that she was staring at his cock.

    She raised her eyes and looked into the black strangers face. He was smiling at her, a knowingly smile that made her face burn even redder and she knew she ought to dump the water on the hot stones and be gone. But she couldn't leave.

    -First time you see one? He teased. He spoke her tongue but his accent was foreign and strange as if he had difficulty of forming the right words. But that didn't matter. His words hit their mark.

    Ylva straightened up and put down the bucket with water.

    -Not the first time, she said and forced herself to hold his eyes, trying not to flinch away from his stare.

    She was determined not to act as a little girl, she would show this stranger that she was a grown woman! A daughter of the north, a pure and unsullied Viking girl!

    -I'm sure you have, but this big...? He looked at her, he smiled teasingly and she felt a sudden wave of anger.

    What did he think? That she didn't know how a man was built? She had seen her father and brothers naked many times, even heard her father and mother have sex in their bed. She had even spied on her brother Björn as he bedded the serf girl Åsa. Before Ylvas eyes the memories flashed by. She couldn't stop the images from filling her head and she swallowed as she remembered her brothers cock thrusting in and out the passive and gasping Åsa. She thought that her brother's cock looked immense, a massive pole of flesh that any woman no matter how experienced would be split in half. But her brother's cock was a mere worm compared to this black dragon before her!

    Ylva became aware that his manhood was thickening, stiffening and slowly rising like a third arm. She could see the black skin tightening, the veins stood out and she could see that his foreskin was cut away, leaving the purple head bare and gleaming. She could see the tiny slit at the top and a clear drop of fluid that leaked out of it.

    The nineteen year old Viking girl felt her pulse pound hard and her mouth go dry.

    The black cock was gigantic! Underneath the black pole she could see his heavy balls and knew that they were filled with sperm and if she weren't careful, all that sperm could end up in her and make her with child, a black child!

    There would be no denying as who the father might be!

    But she couldn't move.

    It was like a strange force had seized her body and frozen her in place. The black man made her knees go weak and something primitive had awoken in her body and Ylva knew she was quickly losing the battle she knew that she ought to fight.

    Suddenly he stood before her, towering a full head above her and she could feel the heat and raw power from his strong, black body.

    -I... I..., she Nordic girl stammered and tried to draw back, but the stranger caught her in a strong grip.

    -Don't fight it, he said in his deep voice and Ylva knew she should resist, but she couldn't.

    His lips met hers and the blonde girl moaned weakly in surrender as he pushes his tongue into her mouth.

    This is witchcraft! Her mind managed to say as the black stranger slid of her shift. My father will kill me if he finds out...kill the black stranger too...!

    But in some strange way, that didn't seem to matter anymore.

    Her bare full breasts swayed as the garment fell away.

    His hands undid her belt and started to slide down her skirt.

    I mustn't do this...

    The brown piece of garment fell down in a heap around her ankles and bare feet.

    By Odin...I must fight him...

    His hands cupped her ass and squeezed the firm flesh and he kissed her again. Ylva stood on her toes to reach his lips and she gasped as he touched her young and firm body. Every thought of resisting him was now long gone and the girl gasped as she felt his manhood press against her flat belly. His black cock felt huge! Enormous and the blonde Viking girl shudder involuntarily as she wondered how that thing would fit into her, into any woman!

    She would be split in two!

    The naked blonde trembled for a second as her hand sneaked around the massive shaft. Her fingers dint even reach all the way around it!

    She broke their kiss and looked down on her white hand that held the swollen and hard black cock.

    She jerked her hand up and down, marveling as well as fearing its size and thickness.

    Suddenly he grabbed hold of her, lifting her up as if she was a small child and she yelped in surprise as he lay her down on the smooth and warm floorboards. Here it was cooler but she scarcely noticed. The black towering man knelt as he spread her long white legs apart, she could feel the air rush in at her exposed pussy and before she understood what was happening the black man, Jamal, had his head between her legs.

    -W... what are you...? She stammered and the next instance she felt his tongue and lips at her moist sex.

    -By the Gods...! She gasped in shocked surprise. For an instant she tried to get away from him, but he held her down in an iron grip as his tongue found all her sensitive spots. Ylva gasped as he licked and kisses her. Never has she heard that a man could use his mouth on a girl or woman! Never!

    -Don't...! she managed not really meaning it. She gasped out again and moaned as his tongue made her body feel as if her muscles where made of warm oozing honey. She gasped again and felt how her hips moved beneath his mouth. One of his strong hands were holding her hips, the other glided over her flat, taught belly, and up to her gently swelling breasts, finding one hard nipple. He pinched it lightly, earning another gasp of raw pleasure from the aroused white girl lying naked on the floor.

    Ylvas head was spinning and she was gasping and moaning as the black man, Jamal, was kissing and licking her hot, wet flesh. Never had she experienced anything like this!

    Her hands went down to his shortly cropped hair, and held and caressed his head while he licked her. By the gods! She thought as his tongue seemed to know its way to the outmost pleasures.

    Suddenly he stopped.

    Ylva lifted her head from the wooden floor and looked at him with glazed eyes. She instinctively knew what was to come next and a small flash of fear went through her body.

    -B... be gentle..., she stammered as Jamal took hold of her shaking legs and spread them. He came on top of her, grasping his immense black cock and aiming it at her defenseless blonde pussy.

    -By t...the G... Gods..., she stammered again in fear as he almost bent her legs double, his cock pressing directly against her swollen pussy lips as a battering ram and Ylva knew now all too well that she had no defenses left. Her surrender would be complete and she would be conquered by this black stranger.


    Ylva cried out as Jamals swollen black cock forced its way into her tight, narrow pussy. She could see his face, a mask of raw animalistic lust and his eyes gleamed with triumph as his massive black shaft slowly forced its way into her pure and unsullied Viking pussy.

    She screamed again and her hips bucked in a vain and instinctive attempt to evade the plunging aggressor, but it made it easier for the black man to slip into her tightly restricting pussy. With a grunt he drove into her, his massive black cock filling her soft, hot pussy and the Nordic girl screamed out again has he filled her narrow pussy with hard, black cock.

    For an instant they were both still. Ylva could feel his throbbing cock fill her almost to the bursting point and she gasped out in pleasure filled pain as she realized she had taken all of him inside her. She looked up at him through eyes misty with tears. He was like a black God and she slid her hands over his massive arms, thick and hard with muscles that moved under his pitch black skin.

    -By O... Odin..., she gasped as he drew his massive cock almost halfway out before thrusting it back in. Then she dint say anything more as Jamal started to fuck her with his black cock.

    Were where she?

    Disa felt irritation bordering on anger. Her big sister had been gone for all to long now. Had she forgotten that there where many buckets of water that needed to be carried to the bathtub? Of course not, not Ylva. Disa had no wish to do Ylvas chores, she had enough of her own, especially now when the menfolk were away.

    The eighteen year old girl frowned. Better go and see what was keeping her.

    The tall blonde girl moves silently on her bare feet towards the sauna. She could see the wooden hut come into view and again she frowned. The door stood open, letting all the heat out and... and...

    She froze when she realized what she saw... and heard.

    For an instant the blonde girl just stood there and gaped, her mind not fully comprehending what her blue eyes saw.

    It was the black stranger, Jamal, and he was on top of a naked female...Ylva!

    Disa stood frozen and felt her mouth go dry. Her eyes saw the black cock that was slowly going in and out of her sister's pussy that was stretched out like a pink round circle around that enormous black shaft. She could see his cock shining with her sisters juices and she could hear Ylvas moans and gasps as she was being fucked. Disa could see how Ylvas hips moved and danced under the black man as he fucked her.

    Ylvas long, slim legs were wrapped around Jamals black waist, her wrinkled bare soles were shaded from walking barefoot on the grass and her toes curled tightly as the big cock thrust in and out of her pussy.

    -By the Gods..., Disa gasped and felt a sudden excitement run through her body.

    She had never expected this!

    But here it was, her sister being... fucked by the black stranger!

    Disa could hear her sisters almost desperate moans. Her hands gripped the black muscled body tightly as the massive black shaft drove in and out of her stretched pink pussy. Disa could see the big black balls slap against her sisters humbly upturned ass as his thick veiny shaft fucked in and out of the tight pussy. Disa heard her sister cry out, her fingers digging into the black flesh and her hips move and gyrate as she climaxed.

    Whatever she felt, it must be more than her mother did when she and father shared the same bed. Disa had, as Ylva, heard her mother moan and gasp when father fucked her, but it was nothing like this!

    Disa watch fascinated as the big black cock seemed to twitch and jerk and the blonde girl suddenly know that her sister was being filled with the black mans seed.

    He grunted and drove is spurting cock almost all the way into the moaning blonde Viking girl as she lay pinned down on the wooden floor.

    His cock unloading jet after jet of potent, sticky sperm deep into her unprotected Nordic pussy. Millions and millions of sperm was now racing out in thick jets of semen into Ylvas waiting womb. There the aggressive African sperm would start its hunt for the waiting and defenseless white egg and soon they would find it and start their assault on it., penetrate it and impregnate the white Viking girl.

    Ylva had no thought of what was happening, she was still in the afterglow of her life's first real orgasm. She felt the large cock still hard as he slowly drew himself out with a wet noise from her cum filled pussy. Her swollen pussy, open and pink was filled with cum and it oozed out of her. The cock was now semi hard, coated with a film of her juices and streaked with cum, some strands were hanging from the head of the cock and Ylvas freshly fucked pussy.

    Disa watched her sisters as the black man drew his immense and long cock out of her.

    How could she take all that? The girl wondered. And not only take it but like it as well?

    She felt an itching, burning feeling between her legs and she became aware of how stiff her nipples were. But not only that. She was wet too.

    She could hear her older sister Ylva moan and saw how she sat up, her blonde hair tussled and her face flushed.

    Suddenly Disa saw the black man, Jamal, he was looking at her. He made no effort to cover up and again her eyes fell upon his massive cock. It wasn't hard yet but she could see it slowly stiffening as he watched her. The young girl blushed and finally turned and ran.


    -By the Gods...

    Disa lay still on the bed she shared with Ylva and listen. The sounds coming from their mothers and fathers bed were unmistakable. The soft sounds of flesh on flesh, the moans and gasps from her mother Embla, all told the tale to well that their mother was being fucked but it was not their father, it was Jamal, the black stranger!

    Disa felt again the aching hunger in her young firm body as she lay there listening to the sounds. At first she had heard soft footsteps as the dark man moved towards her mother's bed that stood between the sturdy beams of the longhouse that they all shared. Then she had heard her mother's weak and insincere protests as the black man slipped beside her in the bed, casting aside the fur covers. Then more low protests as if her mother were afraid that someone would interrupt them, and then Disa had heard gasp and heavy breathing and soon saw Emblas white woolen shift she used as a nightgown being cast on the wooden floorboards.

    "She is naked!" Disa remembered thinking, then she heard the sound of kissing, her mother's whispering voice that the black man must promise to pull out, not to put his seed in her belly since she was fertile now during this part of the moon turn.

    The black man has answered something Disa couldn't hear and then... they started fucking!

    Embla was gasping and moaning, calling on the Gods in a whispering, hoarse voice as the thick, black shaft filled her hot, wet pussy. The black man was on top of her, his strong black body against her soft and white, her legs spread wide apart to give him full access to her submissively offered pussy. Never had her husband fucked her for so long or giving her this much pleasure! Never!

    Again the black man drove his huge cock deep inside Emblas hot pussy, making the mature woman gasp out again in raw, animalistic pleasure. Her full breasts moved and jiggled as he drove himself in and out of her, making her moan and gasp, her legs sliding up and around his hips and she locked her ankles together as he fucked her. She knew that her daughters both saw and heard her by now, but Embla was beyond caring. Her thick blonde hair was spilling out in a golden halo around her head on the feather cushion and she bucked up with her hips against his massive black shaft.

    -Odin! She cried out as she came. A huge wave of pleasure that exploded through her body in a way she never before had experienced. Jamal grunted and drove his cock in as far as it would go, all the way in to Emblas cervix. The blonde Viking woman was unaware in her bliss that the first jet of baby-making sperm shot straight into her fertile and unprotected womb.

    Jamals cock twitched, jerked and another jet of sperm left his cock, stronger this time and sending millions of African sperm into the waiting Nordic womb with its fertile egg.

    Soon it would be penetrated by the strong African sperm.

    Disa looked over at her mother's broad bed. In the dim light that filtered down trough the open smoke hole in the slanted thatch ceiling she could make out the two figures in the large bed. Her mother was on her back, her white legs on either side of the muscled black form of Jamal. His body was moving back and forth as she had seen him do with Ylva that lay awake and listening at her side. Disa could see her sister caress her large breasts under her white woolen shift and she could clearly make out her older sisters stiff nipples that were straining against the fabric. She could her hear mother cry out for Odin in a hoarse voice that told of her intense pleasure.

    -She is coming..., whispered Ylva and looked over at Disa, her blue eyes gleaming in the dim light. Disa swallowed and her hand glided over her own breasts, longing for the touch of the black stranger. She could hear the wet slaps as the black man drove his large cock back and forth in Emblas sperm filled pussy and she could hear her mother moan again as he fucked her. Then the wet sucking sound of a still stiff cock being withdrawn from a freshly fucked and sperm filled pussy. She could see the black man stand up, his eyes on her and she felt both fear and lust as he slowly walked over to her, his black cock hard and ready for her, shining with her mother's juices and his sperm.

    Disa gulped and felt a shiver run through her body as he climbed into hers and Ylvas bed. Her older sister moved over so that Jamal could lay between them.

    By the Gods, she thought, he is going to take me! Then she realized that her body had made the decision for her and she offered no resistance when he drew her woolen shift of and tossed it aside, leaving the blonde teenage Viking girl naked.

    She cast a glanced at her sister Ylva and saw the hungry look in her blue eyes as she watched Jamals naked body and his hard cock that were pointing at Disas virgin pussy.

    Jamal grasped Disas ankle and drove her legs apart, the young girl gasped in fear and lust as she felt the cool air against her pussy. She could feel her sister grasping her other ankle and holding it so that her legs were spread for the black man. Then, as Jamal released his grip on her other ankle she could feel another female hand grip her firmly.

    -Mother..., Embla gasped as she stared up at her mother's flushed face.

    The older woman said nothing but stared down at her daughter, her eyes looking straight at the black cock that was now aimed at her own virginal daughter's pussy. Jamal pressed his sperm slick cock against Emblas golden haired pussy and slowly pushed. The blonde Nordic teenager gave a short cry as the massive black cock slowly forced its way into her wet and virginal young pussy. Jamal gasped as he felt her hot tightness. He gritted his teeth, grunted and slowly drove his cock into the moaning Viking girl, hearing her cry out as her virginity gave away and he slowly sank into her incredibly tight little pussy.

    He held his cock still for a moment, enjoying the feverish tightness from her pussy. He looked at Embla and took the older woman's hand and placed it on her daughters shivering and heaving breasts. He showed her how to play with the girls stiff nipples, making the newly deflowered Nordic virgin gasp out in surprised arousal.

    He leaned over and kissed Ylva as she held Disas ankle, her tongue was hungry and demanding against his.

    He kissed the beautiful blonde girl, her breasts gleamed in the dim light of the great hall.

    Then he took hold of her golden thick hair and forced her reluctant head down too Disas soft, pink and wrinkled sole.

    -kiss it, lick it..., he demanded. The girl hesitated for a moment before Jamal saw her wet gleaming tongue slowly glide over her younger sisters naked sole. He could see the pink tongue lick the wrinkled flesh, kissing it and licking it.

    Then he started moving his cock, slowly at first, listening to the moans of pain and pleasure that came from the young Viking girl under him.

    He knew that those moans would change, soon she would be in the throes of passion just as her elder sister and mother had been. And like them, he wouldn't stop until he had filled her unprotected and fertile body with his African sperm.


    -So you mean that this student, Jamal Deshaun is working with Professor Goldman?

    The head of faculty, dean McLaughlin looked skeptical on the two white haired men that sat opposite him on the leather couch.

    -And..., he continued, looking down into the papers that they had given him,... and that Professor Goldman's theory of wormholes in time and space is correct? That you can open such a wormhole and sending someone back in time?

    McLaughlin's voice betrayed that he didn't believe a word of it. Goldman's theory of opening a wormhole was just a theory, no, not even that, a hypothesis, nothing more. An unproven one too. He looked over at the two distinguished gentlemen; they shifted uncomfortably in their seats. Dean Richardson cleared his throat before speaking.

    -Well, we think he might have sent someone back... this Jamal Deshaun, a black young man from..., he looked over to his colleague, Dr Franklin.

    -...from the west coast, Los Angeles I believe, we have asked some friends there for more information and it seems this Mr Deshaun is quite an... unscrupulous person. Franklin cast a glance at Richardson.

    -Well we believe that Goldman had a reason for it, we have found some emails that he din't erase on his computer before taking leave and he speaks about sending back a black man in time to... well to seduce and impregnate women.

    He blushed slightly and looked quickly over to Dr. Franklin who was studying his fingernails, obviously embarrassed over the whole absurd situation.

    -But... but why on earth would he do such a thing? Demanded the dean and looked at the two men.

    -Well, Goldman has this obsession that if there is no pure white race to preserve there is no cause for racism or preserving it so called purity, think of the Nazis.... He cast a quick glance at Dr. Franklin but got no support from him.

    So Dr. Goldman took it upon himself to correct this mistake by letting Mother Nature has her way so to speak. He would send back a black man in time, a selected one..

    -Selected? Inquired the dean.

    -Yes, selected for his ah, well sexual prowess...

    -I don't believe this, muttered the dean. Dr Richardson blushed again and shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

    -Well this Desahun has been taught ancient Nordic, said Dr Franklin.

    And we found some objects in Dr Goldman's room, artifacts in wood and textile that under normal circumstances is very perishable and is very rarely found except under very special conditions...

    -Yes I know, said dean Richardson, in oxygen deprived conditions and such. Stone and clay wares are much more durable, as is bone.

    -But these artifacts we found looks like they were made yesterday! We have made all the test we can on them and have got the same answer, they are over a thousand years old! Here, look...!

    He opened his briefcase and unfolded a piece of finely woven cloth dyed blue and green in a jagged pattern. Dean Richardson could feel it in his hand, soft and rich and it felt like something you could by in any handicraft store.

    -Are you sure about this? He asked after a pause.

    The two men nodded.

    -The tests show that these piece of cloth that you old is over a thousand years old, there is no doubt about it. Dr. Franklin leaned forward, his voice excited.

    The dean leaned back, his head spinning.

    -And Dr Goldman...?

    -Gone, said Richardson, and this Deshaun is... is, well wreaking genetic havoc. He will impregnate as many Nordic women he can while going back and forth in time. We have reason to believe that he also has instruments for artificial insemination with him, and wares to trade, I mean things we consider cheap today like ordinary drinking glasses bought in Sears or Walmart is considered objects of great value if traded during the Viking age. And he is most likely armed too! He must seem like a God to them with his firearms and god knows what else he has! And to make matters worse, we have found mails that seems to indicate that Dr goldman is going to send more black men back through the wormhole, Deshaun was just the first test pilot so to speak.

    Dean Richardson felt a chill go down his spine.

    -What now? He asked, his voice shaky.

    -We must find Dr. Goldman, only he knows how to open the wormhole, and stop this madness before it changes Scandinavia forever! If this Deshaun does what we think he is doing, history will be altered!

    -But where do we find Dr Goldman? Asked Richardson, looking at the two men.

    Neither of them new what to answer.


    The kings youngest daughter was naked and chained to the stone altar that stood in the middle of what was once been the Temple for the now cast down gods of the old. The blonde girl writhed in fear making the heavy iron chains rattle as the black man approached her.
    The men, women and children that filled the temple where watching with fearful eyes filled with awe at the sight of their new master who now had several companions, all with pitch black skin that stood out in sharp contrast to the naked and chaines viking princess white skin. The black men, clad in their green clothes held those strange looking sticks of iron that send thunder against any man that would dare to try them in combat. And like the hammer of Thor, any man would be struck down dead by the frightening thunder like sound from the iron rod.

    Now they had made her father the king bend his knee and fearfully swear his loyalty and fidelity to this new master and his companion the black men.
    The viking princess could see her father at the end of the temple surrounded with what remained of his guards, those who had survived the black men's iron rod that spit fire, thunder and death.

    The chained virgin princess looked at the black man with wide blue eyes as he removed his clothes. His thick black cock sprang into view and the frightened girl gasped. Soon that immense black shaft would be deep inside her and he would spill his seed into her young and fertile body, making her belly swell with child like so many other girls.

    She spread her legs as the black man approached, she was a Viking princess after all and she was determined to act as one despite her fears.

    He came on to the altar, spread her legs and she blushed in shame as her pussy was for all to see, then he aimed his gigantic cock straight at her virginal pussy and the princess felt a wave of fear and panic.

    -N... no..., the Nordic girl gasped before her protest ended in a sharp cry of pain.

    Jamal Deshaun grunted in triumph as his black cock sank into the virginal Viking princess pussy and he started to fuck her.
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