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. Black Boss

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, May 13, 2017.

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  1. RLM

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    Black Boss
    by RLM


    Bruce and Fonda Ralston married right after Bruce obtained his B.S. degree in Finance and Fonda graduated with a F.A. degree with a major in art. Immediately after their marriage, Bruce took an entry level position as an investment officer in a large bank while Fonda did her best to get started as a free-lance artist.

    After four years, Fonda had had only modest success getting her art business started, but Bruce had worked hard and made some very astute investment decisions for the bank. At a time when many banks in the country were either failing or in danger of failing, Bruce's bank was showing record profits.

    At this point in time, the Finance Director of the bank, John Davidson, decided to take early retirement. Since most of the bank's success was the result of Bruce's decisions, he knew he was a prime candidate to take over Davidson's position as Finance Director. The appointment not only carried a large increase in salary, it was a stepping stone to an early promotion to a vice presidency of the bank. Bruce and Fonda were both elated over their future prospects.

    Unfortunately, Larry Thompson, who had graduated from college with a major in English six months previously, was still unemployed. With grades that were just barely sufficient to qualify him for graduation and with no marketable skills, no one would hire him. The one thing he had going for him was the fact that he was the only son of the bank's President and owner, Michael Thompson. As a result, Larry Thompson was given the Finance Director's position thereby closing the door on Bruce.

    When Bruce protested the unfairness of this decision to Michael Thompson, the only response he got from the president was a curt, "Sorry about that Bruce, but family comes first, you know."

    With his door to advancement closed in his face, Bruce sent his resume to several companies and investment firms seeking alternate employment. With his record at the bank backing his sterling grades from the university and the strong letters of recommendation from his professors, he had anticipated getting numerous offers very quickly. However, he had forgotten to take into account the state of the economy.

    “What are we going to do, Bruce?” Fonda asked. “I’m not making any money with my art sales. Your income is not enough for us to keep up the payments on the house mortgage and the car, not to mention the monthly bills. Maybe I can find some kind of job. We’ve got to do something.”

    “I don’t know, Fonda. I just don’t know what to do. I’ll keep trying. Maybe we’ll get lucky.”

    After a month and two dozen applications, Bruce had had only one phone call and that didn't result in either an interview or an offer. He was about to give up when he received a phone call from Dynamic Investments, Inc. He had almost not submitted an application to the new California company, but after reviewing their financial prospectus, he decided Dynamic Investments might be an up and coming financial corporation and had sent them an application. Now, the firm was calling.

    "Mr. Ralston, this Dirk Adams. I'm the president of Dynamic Investments, calling about your recent application for a position with our firm. We're very interested, Mr. Ralston. Are you still available?"

    Bruce was surprised that the president himself was calling. He was also impressed. "Yes Sir. I am. I'm finding that the job market is rather tight."

    "I admire your honesty, Mr. Ralston. We also appreciate your including photographs of yourself and your wife. That was a nice touch... made your CV much more personal. The position we have in mind is Associate Director of Finance. After taking into account the difference in the cost of living in California and your present location, the salary will just about double your present purchasing power. There are also some very attractive perks. If you're still interested, we would like for both you and your wife to come out for an interview."

    "I'm very interested, Mr. Adams. When do you have in mind?"

    "Monday of next week, if that's possible. You should count on being here for four or five days. We like to conduct very thorough interviews. All your travel expenses will be fully reimbursed. Just keep all the receipts."

    "We'll be there, Mr. Adams. I'm looking forward to it."

    "So am I, Mr. Ralston. So am I."

    The Interview:

    "Why do you think Mr. Ralston wants me to come with you for the interview, Bruce? He's considering hiring you, not me."

    "That's true, but some companies, particularly well-managed companies, know that the wife is an important part of the success of any employee, particularly the executives of the corporation. Since the position is for an Associate Directorship of Finance, they're as interested in you as they are in me."

    "Ok. So we need for me to put my best foot forward, so to speak."

    "If we hope to stay off welfare, that would be a big help."

    "Don't worry. We'll get the job, Baby."

    "Ok. I won't worry.

    When Fonda and I exited the security area of the airport, we saw a very sexy-looking blonde with huge tits holding a sign with our names on it. Approaching her, I asked, "Are you here for us? We're Bruce and Fonda Ralston."

    For some reason, the woman initially seemed surprised, but she recovered her composure quickly and said, "You're exactly the couple I was looking for, Mr. Ralston. I'm Susan Larsen." She turned, walked away from us for a few steps, and then looked back over her shoulder at me. She grinned when she caught me inspecting her ass. "If you and your wife will follow me, Mr. Ralston, I'll take you to your hotel."

    As Fonda and I followed the woman, our eyes were locked onto her undulating ass which seemed to swing and bounce with every step. My intense concentration on the blonde's hot ass was interrupted by my wife.

    "I think you like that slut's ass even better than you like her huge tits."

    "Just casual male interest," I responded.

    "Yeah.. right! I guess that's a casual male hard-on in your pants."

    "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you, Fonda."

    "Why are you sorry? I wouldn't want to be married to a man who wasn't interested in a hot woman like Susan. I think it's pretty obvious why they hired her."

    The trip to the hotel took 20 minutes in traffic, but the time wasn't wasted as Susan used it to give us the details of our interview schedule. The formal process was to start in the morning with the entire day spent visiting with various directors and vice presidents. On the second day, we would be meeting Mr. Dirk Adams, the President and CEO, along with his wife, Coleen. "After that," Susan said, "It's up to Mr. Adams."

    When we arrived at the Anatole, I busied myself making certain that the porters had all our luggage. As I was doing so, I noticed Susan having what looked like a very serious conversation with Fonda, at least it seemed serious judging from the look of concern on my wife's face.

    When I walked toward the front desk to register, Susan stopped me. "That's not necessary, Mr. Ralston. Everything is already arranged. You're registered and the bill has been paid for your stay. If you have a meal in the hotel, just sign for it. If you and your wife decide to eat out somewhere, you will need to pay the bill yourself, but just keep a receipt and the firm will reimburse you in full. Shall we go up to your suite. I want to make certain that the hotel has provided the accommodations we requested."

    When the bellhop opened the door to our room, which was a large suite, I was stunned.

    "Yes, this will do," Susan said, "if it meets with your approval and your wife's."

    "It would be hard to object to these accommodations," I replied. "Impressive, to say the least."

    "We think it's always best to strive for an excellent first impression," she replied as she stared at my wife.

    When we were finally alone, I asked my wife what the conversation with Susan was all about.

    "She was just giving me some advice."


    "Just girl stuff, Honey."

    "Come on. Give. What did she have to say. You looked really concerned."

    "All right. Remember, you asked. She wanted to know if I really wanted you to get the job of Associate Director of Finance or if I was hoping that you wouldn't get the job because of other plans I might have."

    "That's a strange thing to ask. What did you tell her?"

    "I assured her that we both hoping that you would be offered the job because your present position essentially had no real future, and we were having difficulty making ends meet financially. She seemed pleased with my answer. That's when she gave me some advice."

    “What was it?”

    "She said she understood that the clothes I wore on the plane were primarily chosen for comfort, but if I wanted you to receive a job offer, I needed to dress differently for the interviews. When I asked in what way, she told me that all the high-level executives of Dynamic Investments are men."


    "That's exactly what I asked. She just looked at me for a moment and then said that I didn't look that naive. After saying that, Susan just bluntly told me that you probably wouldn't be offered the job unless I impressed the executives as a being a woman they would like to bed."

    "Was she serious?"

    "I don't have any doubt about it. She just flat told me that if I wore something like I have on now, you wouldn't get the job offer. She finished by telling me that she had been in personnel for a long time and knew how the executives operate."

    "What's wrong with what you're wearing?"

    "Oh come on, Honey. Just look at this outfit. Does it get your cock hard like Susan's hot dress did? Does it make you want to fuck me?"

    "I always want to fuck you, Fonda. In fact, I want to try out that big king-sized bed with you before we go to dinner."

    The next morning my wife was up a half hour before I dragged myself out of bed. I had showered the night before to save time in the morning and was in the process of getting dressed when Fonda came into the sitting room naked except for her calf-high black boots.

    "What do you think, Honey? If I wear just my boots, do you think the executives will want to fuck your wife?"

    "God. They'll hire you and forget all about me, Fonda. You look luscious."

    Turning around, she leaned over the desk thrusting her sexy ass in my direction. "Do I look good enough to fuck, Baby?"

    "Oh shit! You're getting me hard, and we have to leave soon."

    "I take it that means yes! Which hole would you use, Lover?" She reached back, spread her buttocks and rotated her ass in invitation.

    "Christ! I've got to fuck you! Now! Get on the bed... just like your are with that sexy ass up in the air."

    "I thought you said we don't have time, Bruce?" she teased.

    "Get on the bed!"

    "Mmmmmm... I think my husband is about ready to rape me. I like that. Which hole are you gonna use, Lover? My pussy? It's very wet this morning. It has to be if I'm gonna turn on all those executives. My ass? It's very tight... maybe you should use my ass so it will be ready for executive cock later today."

    Fonda climbed onto the bed, grinned at me, and then assumed the doggy position with her ass up in the air and her head on the bed. She spread her knees wider, arched her ass, and hissed, "Mount your sexy slut, Bruce. Fuck her the same way all those executives are going to want to fuck her."

    "Hot bitch1" I growled as I pushed my engorged cock into her waiting pussy.

    "AAahhhhhh... fuck yes! Bang my cunt, Lover. Bang me!"

    "Take it, you hot slut!"

    "MMmmmmm.... yesss... I'm taking it... ooohhhh yes... hammer it into me, Stud. Have to spread wide and take it when a hot-cocked stud mounts me... aaaahhhh... harder, Baby... HARDER! I'm almost there. Ram meeeeeeeeee!!"


    "Oh fuck yes! Cum inside my hot cunt, Lover. Pump it into meeeeeeeeee... ummmmm... cumming.... I'm cumming.... shoot it innnnnnnnnn!"

    Later, after taking a quick shower, I dressed in a business suit for the upcoming interview. When I entered the spacious sitting area of the suite, I found Fonda dressed in a halter top that exposed some of the tops and inner slopes of her small breasts and a very tight black micro-mini skirt that just barely managed to cover her ass. Her legs were bare and her four-inch come-fuck-me heels had my cock springing to life again. . Her halter was such that I could see that she wore no bra. With her very firm 32B breasts, a bra really wasn’t necessary.

    “Damn! You look fantastic, Honey,” I exclaimed meaning every word.

    “MMmmm… I like that response. Do you think I look good enough to make those executives want to fuck me?”

    “Easily. The executives or any other man.” After some hesitation, I added, “You’re just teasing me, aren’t you?”

    “No, I’m not just teasing you, Honey. I’m trying to judge your reaction. We need this job, Bruce. If you don’t get it, we’ll lose the house and the car. My art business will certainly go belly-up. We won’t have to worry about paying out bills because we won’t have any house, car, or anything else that would lead to bills. Susan was trying to help us with her advice. Do you want me change into something less provocative, or do you want me to help us get this position? I need to know now.”

    It wasn’t necessary for me to ponder the question at length. “You look great. Let’s go get the job.”

    Our guide was again Susan Larsen. She was now dressed in a different outfit, but is was no less sexy and revealing than the one she had worn to meet us at the airport. Her grey and black spotted sheathe fit her like a second skin. It exposed over half of her tits and just barely covered the tops of her matching, dark, thigh-high stockings that ended at her black, four-inch, stiletto heels

    As soon as she saw Fonda in her brief halter and black micro-mini skirt that exposed half of her thighs and her matching four-inch heels, she grinned approvingly. Although she whispered, I overheard her when she told my wife, "Much better. That outfit is going to get their attention."

    Our first meeting of the day was with Hal Edwards, the vice president in charge of bonds, stocks, and equities. Susan knocked and opened the door for us when Edwards told us to come in.

    "Mr. Edwards, this is Mr. Bruce Ralston, the candidate for Associate Director of Finance, and his lovely wife Fonda. Bruce, Fonda, this Mr. Hal Edwards, the firm's vice president in charge of all bond, stock, and equity investments."

    Hal Edwards was an imposing figure of a man... maybe 6' 3", black, powerfully built and somewhat intimidating. However, his smile was warm and friendly as he moved from behind his desk to shake my hand.

    "I've heard some very good things about you Bruce, and I'm glad to meet you. Hope you don't mind my addressing you as Bruce. We're very informal at Dynamic Investments. Please call me Hal."

    "Thank you, Hal. And I'm more than just a little delighted to be here and meet you. Good jobs like this one are very difficult to find in today's economic environment."

    "I hear you, Man. I hear you! Dynamic Investments is trying to do something about that. Make some money for folks so we can get out of this economic slump. I spent the weekend going over your record at your bank. Basically, as I read the situation, you saved their financial butts. They gotta be nuts to let you get away. Listen to me... going on and on and on while ignoring this gorgeous lady you have with you."

    Hal turned his attention to Fonda. Smiling even more broadly, he looked her up and down and said, "Bruce, I was impressed with you before you came through the door, but I gotta tell you, I'm even more impressed now than I was. You must have a lot on the ball to attract such a beautiful wife. Hi, Fonda. I'm Hal."

    My wife smiled warmly as she leaned against a working desk off to the side of Edwards' spacious office. "Hello, Hal. I'm really delighted that Dynamic Investments invited me to accompany my husband on the interview trip. I'm having a wonderful time and hopefully, I'll be a help to my husband's chances to obtain the position." As she said it, my wife braced herself with her hands behind her on the desk top and seemed to be arching her body outward as if presenting it for inspection to the black vice president.

    Whether my wife was presenting herself for inspection or not, Edwards took his time checking her out. After at least a full minute, he smiled and replied, "I'm sure you will be a huge asset to your husband's chances, Fonda."

    While Edwards busied himself examining my wife, I noticed that Susan had remained in the office after making the introductions. She had taken a seat on one of the high bar stools beside Edwards' wet bar. Sitting as she was with one hip on the seat, her right heel hooked on the rung of the chair, and her other leg still on the floor, her dress had hiked up almost to his hips exposing the entire expanse of her right leg. Holding that erotic pose, she gave me a seductive smile as the tip of her tongue caressed her upper lip. My cock began to harden.

    At that point, Hal turned his attention back to me. "Have a seat, Bruce. I want to get your views on various bonds, stocks, and equity investments. Basically, I need to know what your positions would be if you were to join our executive team as the new Associate Director of Finance. First, tell me your secret. How in hell did you make so much money for your bank when all the other banks were going belly up?"

    "Well, a solid knowledge of how financial markets work, some good judgment, lots of homework, but I guess the most important thing was that I always liquidated our positions too soon."

    "You always sold too soon? Damn! You make that sound so simple, but in fact, selling too soon is something most managers simply cannot do. Tell me more!"

    The next 45 minutes were filled with discussions of good, bad, risky, and conservative investments and the benefits, if any, of each. Every few minutes, Edwards' eyes would shift from me to a point across the room where I knew my wife was waiting. When Edwards went to retrieve some papers from the bottom drawer of his desk, I took the opportunity to turn and look at my wife.

    Fonda was now seated on the desk. She had her legs crossed and her short sheathe had hiked far up her thighs... almost to her ass. In fact, all of her thigh was on display. If she uncrossed her legs while Edwards was watching, there wasn't any doubt that he would get a great view of her panties. As that thought crossed my mind, I felt my cock responding. When I realized that I didn’t know if my wife was even wearing panties or not, my cock got even harder.

    Fonda saw my expression and winked at me. I licked my lips in return, and she spread her legs to give me a sexy view of her panty-covered cunt. The view quickly produced a full erection, but I was surprised to realize that I was disappointed that she wasn’t flashing her naked cunt.

    As soon as she saw Edwards straightening up, she recrossed her legs and shut off the enticing, cock-hardening view. The rest of the time I was discussing finance and investments with Edwards, I was doing so with a very hard erection. To make matters worse, or better depending upon your point of view, I noticed that I could see my wife's reflection in the glass front of the filing cabinet just to the side of Edwards' desk. Her image wasn't as clear as it would have been in a mirror, but it was good enough for me to see what she was doing.

    Over the last 15 minutes of my interview with Edwards, Fonda uncrossed and recrossed her legs in the opposite direction three times. Each time, her legs stayed open long enough for me to get a brief view of the tight crotch of her panties hugging her pussy. I knew if I could see that much in the poor reflection in the glass facing of the filing cabinet, Edwards could see much more as he was looking directly at my wife. I wondered if his cock was as hard as mine.

    As our interview was drawing to a close, my wife slid off the desk allowing her sheath to rise all the way up to her hips. When she was standing, she quickly smoothed her dress to shut off the erotic view. As I was shaking Edwards' hand, the reflection in the glass revealed my wife standing behind me cupping her tits. Even though her tits are only 32B, they looked much larger with her pushing them up and out.

    "Your lovely wife has been very patient while we've ignored her talking about nothing but boring investments, Bruce. If you don't mind, I'd like to show her the magnificent view from the balcony of my office. You'll have one just as nice if you're appointed Associate Director of Finance. Do you mind?"

    "Of course not. I'm sure Fonda would love to see it."

    "Oh yes! I would," Fonda responded. She quickly moved to Edwards' side and slipped her arm through his to allow him to lead her out onto the office's balcony. When Edwards closed the door leading to the balcony behind them, they were lost to my view.

    "I think your wife has gotten the idea," Susan said from behind me. "She's going to be a huge asset to you in getting the position."

    When I turned toward the wet bar, I saw that Susan was now sitting on the bar's surface with her legs folded beneath her. "What do you mean?" I asked.

    "Your wife was teasing Edwards the entire time the two of you were discussing investments. He was loving it, and now she's out on the balcony alone with a very handsome, virile, and sexy black man."

    "So? It's broad daylight outside. Anyone looking their direction can see them."

    "You can't, and that's all that really matters, Bruce. But I think Dynamic Investments needs to be fair about this. If Edwards is going to enjoy being alone with your wife, you should enjoy being alone with me." As Susan was saying that, she was raising one of her legs and steepling her knee. The wide open position exposed her black nylon panties that snuggly hugged her pussy. The panties were so thin and transparent, I had no trouble seeing the enticing slit of her shaved pussy.

    "Jesus, Susan. Close your legs."

    "Don't you like seeing my pussy? I know you can see it through these thin panties I'm wearing."

    "Of course, I like seeing it. You're gorgeous, but my wife is right on the other side of that door, and you've already gotten me hard."

    "You don't have to worry about your wife for another 15 or 20 minutes. Edwards will keep her entertained at least that long. I want to show you my big tits and wet pussy, Bruce. Would you enjoy seeing me?"

    "Yes, but I can't. My wife will come back into the office any moment."

    "No she won't. She's been with Edwards out on the balcony for five minutes now. It will be another 15 or more before she comes back." With one motion, Susan lowered the top of her sheathe exposing both large tits. "They're 36DDs... like them?"

    "God yes!" I moaned as my hand moved automatically to my now rigid cock... squeezing it.

    "Oh Honey. You're really hard now, but I bet you'll get even harder when I pull my panties aside."

    My hand began slowly stroking my shaft when Susan hooked her fingers in the crotch of her panties and pulled it aside. Her pussy glistened with her moisture. "See how wet I am, Bruce. Your wife is even wetter right now with Edwards feeling her up."

    "He's not feeling her up," I protested.

    Susan arched her hips and whispered, "Of course not. They're just admiring the view and the scenery. Come over here and feel my pussy, Honey."

    For the next 10 or 15 minutes, I stared at the luscious blonde as she erotically rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy. When we heard Edwards saying they should get back to Bruce, Susan adjusted her panties, pulled her sheathe down, and stood up. She slipped from the room as Edwards led my wife back inside.

    Susan was waiting for us outside when Edwards accompanied us to the door and again shook my hand. He grinned broadly when he told Fonda how much he enjoyed meeting her and hoped he would have the opportunity again.

    "So do I, Hal. So do I," she had replied.

    As Susan led us to Mark Paxton's office, I took the opportunity to ask my wife what in the hell she was doing. She smiled seductively. "Turning you on, Lover, and at the same time, helping make sure you get the job offer. Ok?" I smiled and nodded.

    When Susan opened the door to Paxton's outer office, we saw his secretary with her dress hiked up to her hips busy adjusting her nylon stocking. Susan cleared her throat by way of warning and told the woman the candidate for the Associate Director of Finance was here with his wife to see Mr. Paxton. Paxton's secretary looked up and gave Fonda and me a warm smile but didn't bother to pull her dress down.

    "I think he's expecting you, Mr. Ralston. Let me check his schedule." She swiveled in her chair causing her legs to spread as she reached for Paxton's schedule. She took her time examining the list with her legs open. With no panties beneath her dress, we all had an enticing view of the woman's cunt. "Ah yes! Here it is. He is expecting you. Please go right in." Once again, I felt my cock swelling.

    Susan knocked on Paxton's door, and we heard him yell, "Hold on a moment. I'm on the phone."

    While we waited for Paxton to finish his phone conversation, I asked Susan, "Who's the secretary?"

    "That's Ann Morrison. Her husband's is in the firm's PR department."

    "Does she usually forget to wear panties and then accidentally spread her legs like that?"

    "Ann doesn't forget to wear panties, and she doesn't accidentally spread her legs. She does both intentionally so her incompetent husband can keep his job. Didn't you like seeing her pussy? Most men think she's attractive and very sexy."

    "You can add my name to that list, Susan," I whispered so Fonda wouldn't hear me. At that moment, Paxton called out for us to come in.

    Mark Paxton was the Personnel Director for the corporation, and like Edwards, he was a trim, black man who began checking out my wife as soon as we entered. Again, I noticed Fonda smiling seductively at him and pulling her shoulders back. Paxton didn't try to conceal his interest.

    Since Paxton's area of responsibility did not deal with investments and finance, our conversation was short. He spent half of the time inquiring about my views of living in California. The other half was spent inspecting my wife. This time, there was no glass case that allowed me to see what she was doing, but whatever it was, it was certainly keeping Paxton's attention.

    While I was unable to see what my wife was doing to attract Paxton's attention, I could see Susan sitting on the couch on the side of the office. After 20 minutes, she had shifted her position enough to cause her dress to ride up to her hips allowing me to see her V covered by her black panties. With Paxton's attention fully riveted on my wife, I was the only one enjoying Susan's show.

    When Susan took us to see Jerome Thompson, the VP for accounting and oversight, we caught him just as he was going out to lunch. The large black vice president was leaving his office with one arm around a sexy platinum blonde and the other one around a brunette. The tits of both women bounced freely as Thompson led them toward the elevator. Obviously, neither was wearing a bra.

    "Oh damn! I forgot the interview with Ralston. Sorry about that Susan. Bring him by this afternoon. Joanne, Betty, and I are hungry. We're going to take an extended lunch hour." As the three of them passed and headed toward the elevators, I saw that one of Thompson's large hands cupped the ass of the blonde while the other was hidden from sight beneath the brunette's short dress.

    "Who are the women with Mr. Thompson?" my wife asked Susan when the vice president and his two women were inside the elevator and heading for the lobby.

    "The blonde, Joanne, is the wife of Bob Jaymore. He's our new entry-level accountant. The brunette is Fred Williams' wife. He was hired two months ago. He's in finance. So if your husband is hired as the Associate Finance Director, he'll be Williams' boss. Let's get a new time set up for you to meet Mr. Thompson."

    Fonda and I stood in the doorway while Susan asked Thompson's secretary for a meeting time for us that afternoon. The woman looked at us, smiled, and consulted her boss' appointment schedule for the afternoon. She spoke quietly with Susan for a minute or two occasionally turning back to her computer to check something and then later swiveling in her chair to again look at the appointment schedule. Before the two women finished discussion the issue, the secretary's legs were open. However, unlike Paxton's secretary, she was wearing panties.

    "That slut is flashing her legs and panties at you, Bruce," my wife hissed hotly in my ear.

    "I know. I seems like all the women who work for Dynamic Investments have an exhibitionist streak."

    "I think it's expected as part of their job responsibilities."

    "Is that why you're showing off for all the executives we meet?" I asked.

    "Don't be an ass, Bruce. I'm just being friendly so you will have a leg up on getting the position. This is the only positive response you've had after sending out dozens of inquiries for the last two months. We need this position."

    "I know... I know."

    Since the interview with Williams was on hold, Susan took us to lunch at a nearby up-scale restaurant. While we waited for our food to arrive, the two women visited the ladies room. It was at least 15 minutes before they returned.

    When everyone was again seated, I asked straight out, "The two of you have been in the ladies room almost 20 minutes. What was going on?"

    "We were just talking," Susan replied.

    "About what?"

    When Susan hesitated, Fonda answered for her. "We were talking about Joanne Jaymore and Betty Thompson. Susan told me that they're not having lunch with Thompson... they're having sex with him."

    "Really?! How do you know?"

    "He's not really secretive about it, Bruce. At various times, I've seen Thompson fucking both of those women. By the way, your appointment with him has been moved to 3:30 PM."

    "What about his secretary?" I asked. "She flashed her panties at me while you were arranging a new meeting time with Thompson."

    "She did? Well, I'm not surprised. Lisa likes attractive men, and you certainly qualify."

    "Does Thompson fuck her too?" Fonda asked.

    "Of course he does. She wouldn't have the job otherwise."

    After lunch, Fonda and I returned to our hotel suite to relax before our 3:30 meeting with Thompson. With Susan having kept me hard most of the morning and during lunch, I wanted to ravish my sexy wife.

    "Let's go to bed and fuck, Honey. We got over an hour."

    "I want to get in that bed probably more than you do, Bruce. I'm so hot, I'm having trouble breathing normally, and my pussy is a swamp. But an hour isn't enough time for me, because I'll have to clean up afterwards and redo my hair and make up. I'll never make it in time for our 3:30 interview with Thompson."

    "Ok. I understand. We'll save it for tonight."

    "You'd better believe it, Baby. I'm going to destroy you tonight."

    "Promises... promises... promises. Tell me, what did you do with Edwards while you out on the balcony? You were out there over 15 minutes. Maybe 20. Did anything happen?"

    "Nothing of any real significance, Bruce. Don't worry about it."

    "I'm not worried about it."

    "Then why all the questions? We went out to the balcony. He showed me the view. He liked the way I looked and told me that. Are you really worried?"

    "No. I'm not worried, I'm hard... really hard and turned on by it, and I hoped that you would share."

    "I told you that I'm just trying to help you get the job, Bruce. That's all."

    "All right. I won't ask again."

    I took off my shoes and sat down to look over the evening paper supplied by the hotel. I had been reading for perhaps 15 minutes when Fonda spoke.

    "Do you really want to know what I did with Edwards out on the balcony?"

    I felt myself getting hard before I even answered my wife's question. "I would love to know, but if you would prefer to just let it go, I can handle that."

    "The view from the balcony was wonderful, but that had nothing to do with why he wanted to take me out there. Edwards stood behind as he directed my attention from one point to another. In less than a minute, he had his arms around my waist pressing me back against his erection. My mind just stopped listening to what he was saying about the scenery, Bruce. All I could think about was that huge, hard cock grinding into my ass. I knew if I stopped him, we could kiss the job goodbye.”

    "Oh god... that's hot," I moaned.

    "I know... I know! It was making my clit throb. I was so excited, I could hardly breathe, much less think. Before I knew it, Edwards had my dress unzipped and was pulling it off my shoulders. I told him to stop, but of course, he ignored me and pushed my dress down my legs. Now his cock was working my panties into my ass crease as he thrust it against me. While this was happening, his hands were working my bra down. I heard myself moan when he got my tits out. Did you hear me moaning, Honey?"

    "No... I didn't... but I wish I had," I gasped. I now had my cock out jerking off. "Is that as far as it went?"

    "Oh god no! He kept fondling my tits and squeezing and twisting my nipples right out on the balcony where who knows how many people were watching us. I was going crazy."

    "Once he had my tits out, he wanted to see and feel my naked pussy. When he started pushing my panties down my thighs, I knew I should stop him, but I just couldn't... I was so hot, Honey."

    "And we need the job. Go on! Go on! Tell me," I growled as my hand flashed up and down my cock.

    "With my panties down around my thighs, he turned me so that I was facing him. I felt his huge hands gasping my ass cheeks... pulling them apart... exposing my holes. His big black cock was grinding into my pussy and clit now. I couldn't keep my ass still. His hands... his cock... and the thought that you were only 30 feet away had me on the edge of a climax.

    "He kept grinding that huge shaft into my cunt until I began to shudder and tremble. At that point, he whispered in my ear... 'Cum, Bitch... Cum on my black cock!' I did... oh god... I came so fucking hard!"

    “Did he fuck you?”

    “I was sure he was going to. I couldn’t have stopped him after my explosive orgasm. “Feel me. Feel my hard cock, Fonda," he whispered hotly in my ear. I couldn't stop myself, Honey. I wrapped my hand around his dick and jacked him off through his pants."

    "Did he cum?"

    "He was about to, but he made me stop and take it out. It was huge! Just HUGE! Thick. At least 9 or even 10 inches long. Oh god... what a cock he has, Baby. My pussy just gushed when I saw it."

    "Did you jack him off?"

    "No... he ordered me to suck it. He made me suck it, Bruce... I had to suck that huge, black cock right there on the balcony. When he told me a lot of men were watching me suck it, I had another orgasm."

    "Did you suck him off?"

    "YES! OH GOD YES! I sucked that big cock and jacked it until he shot his load all over my face and down my throat. Your cock is so big and so hard, Honey. You're gonna cum aren't you? You're jacking off hearing about how slutty your wife was with Edwards and it's making you cum!"


    A moment later, my cock exploded its load high in the air. Spurt followed spurt. I was so turned on, it seemed like my dick would never stop shooting.

    At 3:15 PM, Fonda came out of her bedroom wearing a different outfit than she had worn at the morning interviews. This time she had chosen a conservative, tight, white top that covered her tits but left an inch or two of her belly showing. Her tan, micro-mini skirt left most of her thighs exposed and just barely managed to cover her ass. The coup de gras, however, was her thigh-high fishnet stockings supported by narrow black garters, and a pair of black and silver sandals with five-inch, spike heels.

    "How this, Honey? Do you think I look all right for the interview, or is it too slutty?"

    "You look great... really hot. At Dynamic Investments, I'm beginning to think that there's no such thing as too slutty."

    "It seems that way to me too, and considering the fact that Thompson apparently loves married pussy, I thought something hot and slutty would work best for us."

    "You're probably right. And if that skirt and those hot stockings and heels don't do it, nothing will."

    At 3:20, Susan arrived to escort us to the interview with the accounting VP. After scanning my wife's new outfit, she grinned and said, "Going for the slutty whore look, huh? Thompson's gonna go nuts over that, Fonda. You guys ready?"

    Thompson met us at the door of his office. He seemed to be all apologies for forgetting our meeting earlier in the day. But even as he was expressing his regrets at his oversight, his eyes were roaming over my wife. I was reminded of a black panther eying new prey. His pants were already tented before we were even inside his office.

    Thompson motioned me to a chair in front of his desk as he took a seat just to the side so the desk would not be between us. I thought that was a nice gesture on his part. As usual, Susan sat off to the side while my wife leaned up against the wet bar and struck a seductive pose with her back arched. I wasn't surprised when Thompson positioned his chair so that he had a good view of Fonda.

    Thompson opened our conversation by saying, "Well, Bruce, as you know keeping the corporate books and doing the accounting is my area of responsibility. Basically, my job is to make sure you guys in finance are doing things on the up and up with no funny stuff going on. Are we communicating here?"

    "I hear you loud and clear, Mr. Thompson."

    "Please call Jerome. If you get the position, we're both going to be executives with Dynamic Investments."

    "Thank you, Jerome. I can assure you that you won't have any problems with my being involved in under-the-table deals or other shady negotiations. I know how to make money for the firm without doing that kind of stuff, which can easily blow up in our faces."

    "Now that's what I want to hear! Up front... straight from the shoulder talk. No B.S. Just the straight facts. I've read your resume... very impressive. How come your bank didn't promote you?"

    "The Owner and President's son wanted the job. As Michael Thompson explained it to me, 'Family comes first.'. So, I'm looking for another position where decisions are made on a different basis."

    "There are pluses and minuses in every job, Bruce. That's just the way the world works. Same is true here at Dynamic Investments."

    "I understand. I'm sure I can handle it."

    "How about your beautiful lady over there? Can she handle it?" he asked while smiling at Fonda.

    "I think so," I replied confidently.

    "How about that, Mrs. Ralston? Can you handle the ups and downs ... the ins and outs... of corporate life at the top?"

    When I turned to hear my wife's answer to Jerome's question, I saw that she was now facing the bar as she fixed herself a drink. When Thompson addressed her, she leaned over the bar supporting her head with her elbow and turned her face toward him. In her bent-over position, her ass was thrust outward, and her skirt was riding high on her buttocks exposing the crotch of her panties. When I looked back at Jerome, I saw that his eyes were locked onto my wife's ass and exposed panties.

    "My first name's Fonda, Jerome. I'm very good at handling hard problems. I don't think I'll have any difficulties handling things no matter how hard they are. I'm also certain that Dynamic Investments will love having my husband's genius working in their behalf."

    Thompson hesitated briefly before replying. Finally, he said, "I believe everything you say, Fonda, and I hope that our CEO gives Bruce the job." He stood up and extended his hand indicating that our meeting was over.

    After shaking hands, I followed Susan to the door. Just before I left the office, I heard Thompson say, "Would you mind staying just a moment, Fonda. I want to give you my wife's cell phone number. You might like to give her a call. She would be delighted to show you around the city."

    When I stopped in the doorway to wait for my wife's response, I saw she was now squatting right in front of the bar with her legs wide open. Even from the doorway, I could see her pussy slit through her thin panties.

    "That would be very nice, Jerome. I would love to see something of the city."

    I started to say something, but Susan took my arm and pulled me out of the office shutting the door behind us. "What are you doing?" I asked.

    "Just giving the vice president who has major input about whether you get the job or not some time to get better acquainted with your wife."

    "What's he going to do?"

    "I don't know, but probably just get acquainted while enjoying the enticing view she's providing."

    "I hate leaving her alone with a man who's already fucked Joanne Jaymore and Betty Williams today and probably his secretary, Lisa, as well."

    "That just means you have even less to worry about, Bruce. Thompson probably doesn't have enough juice left to get it up for your wife. Relax. She'll probably be back in a few minutes.

    I shook my head in disagreement, but just stood there with Susan waiting patiently for Fonda. About 10 minutes or so later, Thompson opened his office door, and my wife emerged. "Thank you, Jerome. Please tell your wife I'll give her a call later in the week."

    "I'll do that, Fonda. You guys have a great day, you hear."

    My wife flashed me a great smile and winked at me. Turning to Susan, she asked, "Are we done for the day?"

    "We are. The two of you are on your own until tomorrow evening at 7:30 PM. At that time, you'll be the dinner guests of the CEO of Dynamic Investments and his wife, Dirk and Coleen Adams. Dress for the evening is casual, but take my advice, Fonda, and wear something really eye catching. Tomorrow night is the make or break time for Bruce getting the position. Mr. Adams will talk with his VPs and Directors tomorrow before your meeting with him in the evening. He will be making his decision the following day."

    When I went down on my wife that night in bed after spending 15 or so minutes kissing and fondling her, she had an intense orgasm as soon as my tongue swiped up the length of her soaked sex trench.

    "Oooohhhh gawd damn!! .... don't stop, Lover... aaaahhhh... fuckkkkk. I'm cumming!! Ooohhh shit... I'm cumming!!" ... suck on meeeeeeeeee... my clit ... damn you... suck on my clit!"

    Fonda continued howling as her sharp fingernails dug into my shoulders and her ass rammed her convulsing pussy hard against my mouth.

    Moving my tongue and mouth upward, I found Fonda's clitoris already protruding from its protective hood as it contracted in hard spasms. With each spasm, my wife's ass arched off the bed as her legs shot straight out to the side... rigid with her toes curling back. When I captured her convulsing clit between my lips and slashed my tongue over its sensitive tip, her vagina pulsed hard as her cuntal secretions bubbled from her hole and streamed down her trench and over her ass. Four-letter words and uncontrolled shrieks spewed from her mouth.

    "Oooohhh GAWD DAMN! I'm cumming so fucking hard! Suck on it! AAAAHHHH! Use your tongue,,, DO IT TO ME! MAKE MY CUNT THROB!""

    Removing my mouth from her dancing clitoris, I asked, "What happened with Thompson when you were alone with him this afternoon?"

    "Don't stop, Damn you... don't stop. Please... I'm about to cum again. FINISH ME!"

    "Tell me," I demanded.

    "Suck me... please... oohhh god... suck me... please!"

    Again, I covered her pulsing clitoris with my lips and sucked the throbbing shaft into my mouth.. Fonda screeched. With my tongue raking up and down her clit while I suctioned it with my mouth, it only took 30 seconds to make her explode in an intense orgasm.

    "AAAAHHHHEEEEEEE!! OOOHHH GAWD... SUCK IT... SUCK IT... SUCK IT... AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" This time she convulsed so hard when she climaxed, she squirted all over me and the bed covers.

    "Now tell me!"

    She was panting hard as she gasped, "OOhhh fuck... that was so good... I had my legs spread when you left... mmmmmmmm.... lick me some more, Lover. Mmmmmmm... god, but you know how to lick a woman's cunt and clit! Jerome got really close and asked me to move my panties aside so he could see my pussy. When I said no, he took out his 9-inch cock and asked me if I didn't want it up my hot hole."

    "Nine inches?" I questioned.

    "At least. His cock seemed to get even bigger when he said it. I told him he had a gorgeous dick but you were right outside and I don't cheat on you. MMmmmmm... keep licking my hot pussy, Baby... He told me I wouldn't believe how good it would feel inside my box, and then he started to pull my panties aside so he could sink his cock into me."

    "What happened then?" I asked as my cock got so hard it felt like an iron rebar.

    "I pulled away, smoothed down my dress, and left. He put his shaft away and followed me to the door. You saw the rest."

    "You hot, teasing slut! I'm gonna fuck your brains out," I roared.

    My wife jerked her legs straight up in the air and hissed, "Ram it into me, Stud!"

    When I gave it to her hard and deep, she groaned, "OOohhh fuck... you're hard as stone! GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEEE! FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE!"

    Fonda and I spent most of the next afternoon shopping for outfits for her. There were two Victoria Secrets stores in the city, and we visited both of them. It wasn't that Fonda couldn't find anything she liked. The problem was she liked every sexy outfit she saw. By the time we returned to our suite, she had five brand new outfits... every single one of them sensuous and sexy Now she had to decide which one to wear to meet the firm's CEO and his wife.

    After trying on all five outfits and modeling them for me, I suggested she wear the black sheathe. I was somewhat surprised when she agreed with my selection. Although not the sexiest of the five, it was still cock hardening. The black sheathe was form-fitting and ultra short... just barely managing to cover her ass. The top rose to a high collar around her neck but left her shoulders bare. Even though none of her tits showed, the sheathe molded them like a second skin since she wore no bra. Her open toed, black sandals had a four-inch, stiletto heel that showed off her bare legs.

    The dress was so short, Fonda had to wear panties. She chose a matching black, nylon thong that was nearly transparent. Her trimmed bush was easily visible through the material.

    "Do you think Mr. Adams is going to like this dress, Honey? It doesn't show any of my cleavage.

    "I think he's going to love it. It may not show any of your tits, but it shows all of your legs, and if you bend over just a little, it's gonna show a lot of your ass. It's so short that you're going to have trouble keeping your panties concealed when you sit down."

    "What makes you think I'm even going to try to keep them concealed, Bruce? The idea of this interview is get you the position of Associate Director of Finance, remember? Frankly, judging from what I've seen so far, I think success or failure depends more on how the executives like your wife than is does on your ability to make the firm money."

    "I'm sure both are important, Fonda. If they conclude I can't make money for the firm, it's over no matter what you do. And if they think you're an unapproachable ice queen, it won't matter how much money I can make them. They want someone who make them a lot of money who also has an exotic, sexy wife."

    "Do you think I'm exotic, sexy wife?"

    "You've already gotten me hard. Does that answer your question?"

    ` "Oh yes! It answers it the way a woman loves to have it answered."

    At 7:30 PM sharp, I rang the Adams' doorbell once. We didn't have to wait more than 15 seconds before a gorgeous black woman opened the door for us.

    "Ah! You must be Bruce and Fonda Ralston. The two of you are even more attractive than Hal, Mark, and Jerome indicated. Please, come in and make yourselves at home. I'm Coleen Adams, Dirk's wife. He's still getting dressed, but he should be down in a few minutes. Let me fix the two of your a drink while we wait."

    I was still staring at the exotic black beauty in her long, blue dress. While her dress covered all of her legs, it was having trouble containing her large tits, which appeared to be about to fall out at any moment.

    "That sounds wonderful, Coleen," my wife said as I continued to stare. "Can you make a sole gin fizz?"

    "If you can name it, Honey, I can make it. What about you, Bruce? What's your pleasure?"

    When I didn't answer her immediately, she looked over at my wife, grinned broadly, and said, "I think I know what his pleasure is."

    "Of course. He's a man. What else would it be," Fonda responded with a grin of her own. "If you want to know what he likes to drink, fix him a bourbon and soda."

    "I'm sorry," I stammered. "Bourbon and soda would be great."

    "No need to be sorry, Bruce. I like for men to be more interested in me than in what they want to drink. Besides, your reaction isn't any different than Dirk's is going to be when he sees your wife in that hot dress."

    "I hope so," Fonda replied.

    "Don't worry, Fonda. He's not going to be able to take his eyes off you. And speaking of the Devil... here is, and he's still not dressed. Button your shirt, Dirk. Want me to help you fix that tie?"

    "Hell no! I'm not going to wear the thing. I hate ties." He jerked it from around his neck and tossed it onto the back of a chair.

    "Well, at least button your shirt. Your whole chest is exposed. You're embarrassing our guests."

    "Ha! Look who's talking!" Turning to face my wife, he said, "You must be Fonda, the lady who has all my vice presidents in heat. And now that I see you for myself, I can easily understand why. You're sensuously gorgeous. I'm Dirk Adams, the CEO of Dynamic Investments. Am I embarrassing you like my wife says?"

    "Hardly. Powerful, virile, sexy men don't embarrass me, Dirk. They excite me... turn me on."

    "Really? Are you excited and turned on right now?"

    "I'm getting there."

    "Well, why don't you have a seat at the bar while I bring you your drink, and I'll see what I can do about that."

    The bar stool was high, and when my wife boosted herself up onto the seat, her legs spread causing the sheathe to slide up her hip exposing her black, nylon panties. Once she was seated on the high bar stool, there was no possible way for her to pull her dress down and cover her panties. Dirk's eyes were riveted between Fonda's thighs as he brought her the drink.

    "See, what did I tell you, Bruce," Coleen whispered in my ear. "My randy husband can't take his eyes off your wife's panties. No wonder. I can see her pussy right through that thin material. And I can tell you that Dirk loves white pussy.”

    When Dirk finally raised his eyes, he ran his tongue over his lips and spoke to Fonda. We could hear his words and my wife's clearly.

    "Your pussy's not shaved. Although I prefer them shaved, I have to admit that yours looks very erotic and enticing when seen through those thin, sexy panties you're wearing."

    "I guess I'll need to shave it then."

    "Yes... completely. Does your husband prefer it with that sexy little triangle of pubic hair?"

    "I don't really know. He's never said one way or the other. But it doesn't matter."

    "Why not?"

    "Because you like it bare, and you're the CEO and in command. So my pussy will be shaved the next time."

    "So I'm in command?"

    "It would appear so. My husband seems to be busy talking to your wife."

    "They're both watching us."

    "I know they are."

    "In that case, put your heel up on the top rung of the stool and spread wider, Fonda."

    "Like this? Am I spread wide enough now, Dirk?"

    "No. Open your legs wider."

    "Oh god! My husband is watching you making me spread my legs, Dirk. This is so dirty and so erotic."

    "I'm sure it has his cock very hard. Your triangle is perfectly shaped, Fonda, and it's pointing right at your delectable pussy."

    "Dirk's looking right at your wife's cunt, Bruce," Coleen whispered in my ear.

    "I know he is. Why don't you slip your dress down so I can see your big, beautiful tits. I love them big like yours."

    "Oh you dirty man! You want me to pull my dress down right in front of my husband and expose my tits like a slut?"

    "Yes! Take them out. Now."

    "MMmmmm.... Dirk may be in command of your wife, but you seem to be in charge of me." Slowly, Coleen lowered her dress until both breasts surged out into the open... jiggling and bouncing slightly.

    "Damn! They're even more beautiful that I thought," I groaned. I stared at them, mesmerized, but my concentration on Coleen's gorgeous tits was broken by my wife's passionate voice.

    "Bruce has your wife's tits out, Dirk. You know you could see my cunt better if you took off my panties."

    "Did you hear that, Bruce?" Coleen asked. "In a few moments, my husband's going to be feeling your wife up ... exploring her body. Do you like watching another man feeling up your wife... seducing her?"

    "I don't know. I've never watched anything like that before."

    "Oh I think you like it... I think you like it a lot, and I know how to find out how much you like it." Coleen moved into my arms and crushed her open mouth against mine. As our lips slid sensuously together, her tongue caressed mine. A moment later, I was sliding mine into her mouth... fucking her with it... as we both moaned. My moans changed to hot groans when I felt her hand wrapping around my shaft... clutching me... jacking me off through my pants.

    "Fuck!" she hissed. "Your cock's hard as iron. My husband's got his hand inside your wife's panties now, Bruce." My cock jerked in her hand. "Oh Baby... that really lights your fires, don't it... my husband's big black hand inside your wife's panties... playing with her pussy... rubbing her clit.

    "Ooohhh god," I groaned.

    "He's finger fucking her now, Baby. Two thick, black fingers sliding in and out of her wet cunt hole, Honey. He's gonna fuck her, Bruce. Are you going to fuck me?"

    "Oh hell yes!"

    "MMmmmm... but you have to lick my black pussy before you can fuck it with this iron hard dick of yours."

    And then from across the room:

    "Aaahhh yesss... like that, Dirk. Like that, Stud! OOOohhhh ... do meeeeeeee... AAahhhhh ... aaaahhhh... aaaahhh... Oh Jesus! You're on my clit... aaaahhhhhh... Take me some where and do it to me, Honey... Please."

    "Do what to you? Tell me!"

    "Take me some where and fuck me with your big, hard, black cock. Please. I want it in me... fucking me... hard... deep... please!"

    "Come on, Honey. Forget them. Your wife's in good hands. Let's sit on the couch and get better acquainted."

    Coleen was obviously not accustomed to hearing the word "no" because she didn't even wait for me to answer. Instead, she just pulled me by the arm onto the couch beside her.

    "Now isn't this much more comfortable and intimate? Do you think you're going to like being the Associate Finance Director for Dynamic Investments, Bruce?"

    "I haven't been offered the job yet?"

    "Baby, take my word for it... that's just a formality. With your track record of success in making money, and your wife getting all the VPs and directors hard, and now tonight spreading her legs eagerly for Dirk, there's no way you won't get the job offer."

    "Well that's certainly good to hear. You know, Dirk's already gotten his hand into my wife's panties, but I haven't even gotten a glimpse of yours under that long dress."

    Coleen replied with a deep, throaty laugh. "Dirk hates it when I wear these long dresses, but I think they're sexy. Besides, I'll tell you exactly what I tell him... a woman's dress can always be raised, you know."

    "Prove it. Raise yours."

    "Why don't I let you do that, Honey," she said in a half whisper. Standing up, she stood directly in front of me with her arms up, her hands behind her head.

    I didn't need any more invitation than that. Slipping my hands under the long dress, I let my hands slide slowly up her calves, caressing each as I moved upward. She moaned and moved her feet further apart as my hands reached her thighs. When I spent time stroking the inner parts of both thighs, she groaned impatiently, "Higher... go higher... please."

    My hands moved upward another three inches... almost to her pussy... but not quite there. Each time my fingers almost touched her slit, her hips began to grind and hump. Her moans grew even more intense.

    "Touch me... ooohhhh god... touch me!"

    "I am touching you."

    "You sexy, honky bastard. Higher... touch my pussy. Rub meeeeeee!"

    "Touch your pussy? Why would I want to do that when I can rub your cunt?"

    "Ooohhh... OOoohhhh... yesssss... my cunt... rub my cunt... RUB IT!"

    "Rub what?"

    "My cunt... MY CUNT! PLEASE!" Her hips were now hunching wildly as she tried to lower herself onto my hands.

    When I moved even higher and finally came into contact with the soaked crotch of her panties, Coleen emitted a high-pitched keening wail. Sliding my fingers up the length of her slit, I easily located her swollen, erect clitoris. She had a big one, and it was hard and already throbbing. I squeezed it, and she squealed with hot, female pleasure. When I squeezed it a second time, I felt her clit contract in a hard spasm bringing hissing gasps of pleasure from her.

    Abruptly, I withdrew my hands from beneath her dress. Coleen howled in frustration. "OH GOD NO! DON'T STOP! I'M ABOUT TO CUM!!"

    ` "You cum when I want you to cum... not before." Her body shuddered when I said that. Pushing her dress up to her hips, I gave her some short, terse commands.

    "Sit! Spread! Show me your panties!" She was trembling even harder as she sat back down on the couch and opened her legs for me.

    "Do you like seeing my panties, "Bruce?"

    "Of course, but I'd rather see your cunt. Pull your panties aside. Show it to me. Let me see your cunt."

    "Oh god! Oh my god! I love making it with white guys. Your cocks usually aren't as big as black guys, but Jesus! Do you ever know how to turn a woman on. You've hardly touched me, and I'm already about to explode... Oh god... you're so fucking hard!" She jerked her panties aside and arched her ass. "Do you like black pussy, Honey? Do you like my black cunt?"

    "I love it. Wet... slick... throbbing... your big clit swollen and sticking out of its hood."

    "Touch it... Please! Just touch it, and I'll cum so fucking hard!"

    At that moment, we both heard my wife howling in some other part of the house:

    "Oh fuck! It's so damn big! AAAHHH... ah-huh! Ah-Huh! AH-HUH! Oh Gawd Damn! Fuck it... Fuck it! What a cock...so fucking big... in meeeeee... fucking meeeee!! UN-HUH! UN-HUH! UN-HUH! UN-HUH! "

    Again and again, Fonda screeched and wailed as the thick shaft rammed into her. The spacing of her gasps was obviously matching the hard thud of Dirk's black cock into the bottom of my wife's pussy. And she continued to grunt like an impaled virgin each time his cock plunged into her hole.

    "My god. I've never heard my wife scream like that. What's happening?"

    "Your wife's being fucked, Honey. Dirk's got his cock up her cunt."

    "But she's not a virgin. She doesn't scream and howl like that during sex."

    "That's because she's never had a thick, rock-hard, 11-inch black dick banging her pussy before. Your wife's screaming and howling every time Dirk sinks it into her cunt. Come on, Baby. Don't leave Coleen hanging like this. Just touch my clit and I'll cum as hard as your wife's cumming."

    "I'm not going to touch it, Coleen. I'm going to lick and suck it. But this couch is too cramped. Get up on the desk. Now! Lie on your back and get your legs up in the air."

    Holding her dress up around her hips, Coleen mounted the desk. Once there, she literally threw herself onto her back. As her legs rose, she gasped, "Are you really going to eat my pussy? Lick me and suck me?"

    "Of course I am. I like to taste what I intend to fuck. Spread wider! Raise your hips... shove that hot cunt up for my tongue."

    "Black guys have big dicks... just ask your wife when you see her... but they won't eat pussy... too macho for that. Oh lord... I love having my pussy eaten... please, Lover... eat me and I'll be your sex slave."

    Taking a seat in the desk chair, I pushed her legs further back and pressed my face against her sex trench. Before I even pushed my tongue into her sex trench, Coleen was already wailing:


    Driving my tongue between the wet folds of her pussy, I stabbed it into her pulsing hole. Instantly, her hips began to hunch and thrust in hot fuck motions as she wailed. Slipping out of her vagina, I moved my tongue upward to her engorged, erect clitoris. It was so swollen and hard, I thought it might burst open like a ripe grape if I squeezed it.

    When she felt my tongue on her clit, her ass rose almost a foot off the desk and stayed there. She shrieked with hot passion when I raked my tongue up the side of her clit. When I began alternating between working the shaft with the flat of my tongue and flicking over the sensitive clit head with the tip of my tongue, she erupted in hard, repeated spastic contractions. Her vagina squirted juices all over my face.

    As her orgasm continued, Coleen screamed almost as loudly as Fonda had done.

    "Oh Gawd Damn! Suck it... Suck it! What a tongue...so fucking wet and slick and hot... on meeeeee... sucking meeeee!! GGGHHHHAAAAA! I'M THERE... YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM!!"

    Coleen's orgasm seemed to go on and on... for almost a minute... before it began to abate. As her breathing slowly returned to normal, she grinned at me and whispered hotly, "That was out-of-this-world, fucking fantastic! I can't remember the last time I came that hard... if ever. If you had Dirk's monster cock, you'd be a sex god."

    "Thank you. I'm really glad that you enjoyed..." My words were abruptly cut off by Fonda's high-pitched, shrill scream.


    "What's happening? Dirk's hurting her!"

    "Calm down, Bruce. He's hurting her a little, but not much... sorta like a virgin being fucked for the first time. It hurts a little but that passes and then it's only pleasure. He's fucking your wife's ass, Honey."

    "We've had anal sex. She moans a little, but nothing like that!"

    "That's because you're not sinking an 11-inch, huge black cock into her ass. Dirk is. Don't worry... he always uses plenty of lube and goes very slowly at first. It never takes very long before the woman starts begging him to fuck her harder. Just listen."

    I did listen. My wife continued to moan and occasionally grunt, but the high-pitched, frantic shrieking had stopped.

    "Oooohhhh fuck! I can feel your balls slapping my pussy, Baby. You've got that monster all the way into my ass. OOoohhh... so damn big....aaaahhhh... move it a little, Honey... fuck me slowly."

    "See... She likes it," Coleen whispered in my ear as her hand searched out and found my throbbing cock. "Oh god! This thing is big and hard as stone! Jesus... hard and thick ... I didn't realize you were hung like this. You're not as big a Dirk, but this one big, huge dick! Let me get you naked so I can suck this rock-hard, thick cock."

    As the two of us worked to get me out of my clothes, Fonda's screams had now clearly changed to hot cries of pleasure. "OOohhh fuck meeee! Fuck me with that huge cock... Ram it into me! Fuck my ass, Lover... fuck it hard and deep!"

    Coleen was now kneeling in front of me licking my balls and hefting my shaft. "OH YES! Big, hard fuck stick! I love it. I'm gonna suck it, Stud!" A moment later, I felt the wet warmth of her mouth around my dick. She managed to get about half of my thick shaft into her mouth before she gagged a little.

    "Damn. I can usually deep throat an 8-inch cock. Having trouble with your thick shaft, Lover."

    "You're not hearing any complaints from me. That feels so damn good... suck it, Coleen... SUCK IT!"

    "It's your turn to get on the desk and lie back. I need to try a different angle."

    "No need. I love this... just love it!"

    "I got on my back when you told me to. Get on the desk on your back, Stud. After I suck you, I'm gonna ride this big sex spike."

    "I love the way you explain it to me," I said as I got on the desk and moved onto my back. My cock was rigid and sticking almost straight up. Just before Coleen took me back inside her mouth, we heard my wife's passionate cries.

    "OOoohhh... I'm cumming... Fuck me harder, Dirk. Fuck my ass! I'm cumming... oh my god! You're making me cummmm!! UUunnnnnnn.... more... more... fuck it into mee…. UUGGHH! UUGGHH! UUGGHH! AAAHHHH! FUCK ME, STUD! FUCK MY HOT ASS!!"

    Coleen grinned and winked at me just before making my shaft disappear into her hot mouth hole. As she sucked, my ass began hunching... trying to drive my dick further down her throat.

    "I'm about to cum, Coleen," I warned her.

    Pulling her mouth off my throbbing shaft, she continued to slowly stroke me to keep me on the edge. "How long does it take you to get it up again after you shoot, Lover?"

    "With you sucking me... 10 minutes or less."

    "MMMMMmnmmm... about like Dirk. I'm going make you cum so you can give me a really long, hard fucking with this thick rod. Ready?"

    "Oh hell yes! Suck it!" In less than a minute, I was pumping a half dozen huge wads of semen down her throat.

    It took Coleen less than 10 minutes to have me hard again. The fact that I could still hear my wife moaning as she was again taking Dirk's 11-inch black snake up her cunt helped a lot.

    "Damn! You're iron hard again, Stud. Gonna ride this thing," Coleen hissed. Climbing onto the desk, she mounted me reverse cowgirl and lowered her soaked pussy onto my shaft. We both groaned as it slid balls deep into her hole. She rode me hard... ramming her cunt up and down my cock as I squeezed her tits and thrust up into her. She came quickly with hissing moans. I fucked her harder, and she came a second time. This time her juices spewed all over my dick.

    After her second orgasm, I pushed her off my cock and changed positions so I was ramming into her from behind as she bent over the desk taking cock like a bitch in heat.

    "I can't hold it much longer, Baby. Your cunt's just too hot... too tight."

    "MMmmmm... I love that. How do you want me?"

    "On your back so I can hit into you hard and deep."

    "Oh Yeah! Dick me hard, Baby. Dick your slut hard and shoot it into me."

    "Don't you want me to pull out?"

    "Hell no! All the women at Dynamic Investments take their lovers' loads up their cunts or where ever he wants to shoot it. Jizz my cunt hole, Stud. Shoot it into me!!"

    I did. I was surprised at the volume of semen the fired into Coleen's pussy considering how much she had already sucked out of my balls. As my load was pumping into her cunt, I realized that Dirk was shooting at least that much cum into my wife's pussy.

    When Dirk pulled up my short skirt and completely exposed my panties right in front of my husband, I couldn't believe how excited it got me, particularly when I could see it was getting Bruce's cock hard. But that level of excitement paled by comparison to how hot I got when Dirk slid his hand inside my panties and began rubbing my clit and pussy.

    I think Bruce might have ejaculated in his pants if he had heard Dirk ordering me to spread my legs wider so he could finger fuck my wet cunt hole... that was exactly the way he put it... my wet cunt hole. Oh god... did I ever spread myself wide open for that black stud. When he sank two thick fingers into me, he had to help hold me up my legs were trembling and shaking so hard.

    When his thumb moved onto my clit and began stroking it, I couldn't keep my ass still. Even though I knew Bruce was looking right at me, I humped and hunched my pussy onto his probing fingers like a brazen whore.

    As I humped against him, he whispered, "You're going to cum... right here in front of your husband. Cum, you hot Bitch... cum!"

    That did it. I just convulsed in one hard spasm after another. Right in the middle of my climax, Dirk told me that he couldn't wait to sink his 11-inch black shaft up my tight married cunt. My vagina throbbed even harder when he said that.

    He didn't give a moment to recover before he was working me toward another climax all the while telling me how he was gong to fuck all my holes and fill them with his huge cum loads. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer... I just had to have it. I almost had another orgasm when I saw my husband staring at me as I screamed and begged Dirk to take me somewhere and fuck me.

    Dirk took me to the master bedroom and once he had me there, I was fucked continuously. I don't think his cock was outside of my body for more than 15 minutes of the three hours he spent in his bedroom. His black cock was constantly buried inside one of my holes fucking me harder than I had ever been screwed in my life.

    We hadn't been in the master bedroom for more than a few minutes before Dirk had me naked save for my heels. When I asked him if he wanted me to take them off, he shook his head and replied in no uncertain terms.

    "Hell no. When I fuck your hot cunt, you're always to be wearing your heels, understand?"

    When I nodded, he growled, "Really? Tell me what you understand."

    "I'm always to keep my heels on when you fuck me."

    "Very good. Now bend over and show me your cunt and ass holes. Hold you ass cheeks apart so I can see them."

    "Oh god," I moaned feeling like a total slutty whore but loving every second of it. Bending over at the waist, I reached back and opened myself totally exposing my sex holes.

    When I had my cheeks open, Dirk knelt behind me not more than a foot away from my exposed cunt. He could see everything.

    "Fuck! You're wet as a swamp. You want my black cock up your hot cunt, don't you, Fonda?"

    "Ohhhhh yessss... put it in meeeeeeee! Fuck me!"

    Standing up, he told me to suck. "Suck me first. Get my cock good and wet for your pussy."

    When I turned to face him, his black shaft was right in my face. I knew there was no way I could possibly suck his entire length, but I couldn't wait to try.

    Even though my husband's dick is big and thick, it seemed small compared to the monster pressing against my face.

    "Open your mouth hole, Bitch!"

    I stretched my mouth as wide as I could and pulled his thick shaft toward me. He pushed into my open hole and buried four inches of dick. Knowing I would never be able to suck his entire length, I tried to wrap my hand around the base of his rod so I could jack off the portion I couldn't get into my mouth. I didn't manage it... first, because my hand would go all the way around his cock and second because he slapped my hand away.

    "Mouth suck only, Slut. No hands. Mouth suck only. Take as much of it as you can."

    Feverishly, I worked to get his cock down my throat, but no matter how hard I tried I could only take about 6 or 7 inches... the remaining 4 inches just wouldn't slid down my throat.

    When he saw that I couldn't get any more dick down my throat, he held my head and drove his organ in hard. Another inch disappeared into my mouth. My eyes widened when he pumped me hard, again sending another half inch down my throat.


    There was so much cock down my throat that I was having trouble breathing. At that point, Dirk took pity on me and slowly pulled his fuck stick out of my gaping mouth. I gasped for breath.

    I was still gasping when he pulled me to my feet and ordered me to put one of my heels up on the dresser. Moving against me from behind, I felt the black dick sliding back and forth between my pussy lips... up and down the length of my trench. I moaned everytime I slid over my throbbing, swollen clitoris.

    "Put my cock up your cunt hole, Bitch," he ordered. Reaching between my thighs, I grasped the thick shaft and guided the head to my opening. Once there, I worked my pussy around and over the head of his cock until it was slick with my juices. Then, I worked the first two inches into my vagina. Just that much was enough to make me squeal with pleasure. I was already close to another orgasm.

    "OOOHHH god! Fuck me, Dirk. Fuck that huge cunt spike into me!" I begged. His hips snapped forward at the same time as his hands on my hips jerked me back onto his shaft. Eight inches of cock surged into my waiting hole.

    "UUNNGGHHH! IT'S GOING INNNNNN! YOU'RE FUCKING MEEEEEE!!" Screw me you sexy black stud. Fuck it! Fuck it hard!"

    He did! For at least 10 minutes, he rammed into me like a powerful fucking machine. Every stroke rammed 8 or 9 inches of cock into my cunt. With his rod already banging into my womb on every entry, I didn't know whether to be happy or sad that the position prevented Dirk from sinking in all 11 inches..

    "OOOhhh ... ooohhhh.... ooohhhh fuck.... I'm about to cum... Don't stop. Fuck me, Baby... Fuck my cunt... make me cum!"

    "Not yet. I can't get my cock all the way into your cunt in this position, Fonda. I want you on top taking my entire shaft up your pussy when you cum. I'm gonna get on the couch so you can mount me and fuck yourself to an orgasm."

    "OH YEAH! I want all of it in me... fucking me.... hurry, Dirk. Get on the couch. Let me mount that big cunt spike. HURRY!"

    As soon as Dirk had taken a seat, I was on him... straddling his thighs ... and lowering my stretched pussy onto her rock-hard spike. I screamed at the top of my lungs when it went balls deep into my cunt.

    "Oh fuck! It's so damn big! AAAHHH... ah-huh! Ah-Huh! AH-HUH! Oh Gawd Damn! Fuck it... Fuck it! What a cock...so fucking big... in meeeeee... fucking meeeee!! UN-HUH! UN-HUH! UN-HUH! UN-HUH! "

    The more I cried out and shrieked, the harder Dirk fucked me. "I'm gonna cum... Honey...oohhh fuck me... I'm gonna cum," I hissed.

    At that moment, we both heard Coleen screaming from the den: "OOHH!! OOOHHH! OOOHHH! SUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!"

    "My husband's sucking your wife, Dirk. He's making her cum... Make his wife cum, Stud. Fuck me hard... MAKE ME CUM!"

    I had hardly finished the sentence when my pussy exploded in hard, spastic contractions around his plunging dick.


    My vagina continued to throb and pulse around his pumping cock for almost a minute before my orgasm began to abate. Breathlessly, I groaned, "That was fantastic! Now it's your turn. How do you want to be fucking me when you empty your big balls inside me?"

    "I want you on your back with your legs up around my hips so I can ram all 11-inches of cock into your hole when I shoot you full of my load. Are you on the pill? Just curious. Doesn't matter because the load's going up your hot cunt whether you are or not."

    "I'm on the pill, Lover. You can fill me and cum in me anytime you want."

    "If Bruce takes the position we're going to offer him, I may have you stop taking the pill."

    "MMMmmmmmm...so sexy... so hot. Come on, Lover. Put me on my back and fuck my hot cunt full of your thick load." A few minutes later, I was in the middle of the bed with Dirk mounted between my legs as my heels jerked back and forth over his back in time to his deep, hard thrusts. After 10 or more minutes of hard fucking, he growled in my ear that he was gonna unload inside my cunt.


    I felt his cock jerked hard inside me at the same time as he drove in balls deep and held it there. Each time his buttocks contracted, his cock flexed and throbbed as it injected another thick stream of sperm-filled semen into the convulsing pussy of his slutty bitch.

    When Dirk pulled his shaft out of my vagina, a thick river of semen poured out of my hole and slid sensuously down the crack of my ass. We were both lying on our backs, side-by-side panting... his cock still semi-hard and twitching... my pussy still slowly throbbing.

    As we lay there, we could hear Coleen screaming in climax in the den.

    "Oh Gawd Damn! Suck it... Suck it! What a tongue...so fucking wet and slick and hot... on meeeeee... sucking meeeee!! GGGHHHHAAAAA! I'M THERE... YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM!!"

    Hearing his wife having an intense orgasm on my husband's tongue caused Dirk's cock to surge to almost full erection. His hand moved to his shaft to stroke it.

    "Turns you on to hear your wife cumming on my husband's tongue, doesn't it Baby? Here, let Fonda suck that big dick and get it fully hard so you can fuck me again." I rolled on top of his body and took his shaft back inside my mouth. He was rock hard in less than a minute or two.

    "Fuck me again with this big dick, Honey," I hissed in hot female passion.

    "It's going up your ass this time, Slut. Get on your back and pull your legs all the way back... Press your knees against your tits and relax your asshole... big dick is going!"

    "I can't take it in my ass, Dirk. You're too big. You'll kill me with it."

    "You'll take it... all of it... and when you have it buried up your ass, you'll cum so many times you won't believe it. Get on your back! Knees against your tits! Raise your asshole! NOW! When I tell you raise your asshole, your raise it! When I tell you to spread your legs, you spread. Is that clear, Bitch?"

    “Yes… yes … YES!” I moaned in a near sexual frenzy.

    “Tell me! Say it!”

    “Ooohhh gawd… I raise my asshole when I’m told to raise it,” I gasped.


    “And I spread my legs and arch my cunt to be fucked when I’m told to do it,” I howled. Dirk seemed pleased with my embellishment of his command.

    I was shuddering in a mixture of fear and excitement when Dirk squirted Astroglide all over his cock. Then, he lubed my hole and for good measure, he pushed the neck of the bottle inside my rectum and squeezed it several times. When he started working his cock into my hole, it hurt and I screamed for him to stop.


    "Pull your legs back further... relax your sphincter, Fonda. Let it slide into you."

    I did as he asked and four more inches of black shaft entered my widely stretched anus. "OOOhhhh it's going in.... It's so damn big... aaaaahhhhhh fuck.... uunnnnnnn!"

    Dirk continued to slowly work his dick into me... then he would stop...withdraw and push it into me again going even deeper than before. After 10 minutes, I felt his balls slapping against my ass cheeks.

    "OOoohhh my god... you're all the way into my ass. Give it to me, Stud. Fuck my hot asshole!" Ten minutes later I had my first anal orgasm after which I just continued to climax as Dirk's shaft bottomed out in my ass again and again.

    "OOoohhh... I'm cumming... Fuck me harder, Dirk. Fuck my ass! I'm cumming... oh my god! You're making me cummmm!! UUunnnnnnn.... more... more... fuck it into mee…. UUGGHH! UUGGHH! UUGGHH! AAAHHHH! FUCK ME, STUD! FUCK MY HOT ASS!!"

    At Dirk and Coleen's insistence, Fonda and I spent the night. Although we didn't share a king-sized bed, we were in adjoining bedrooms with the connecting door open. I didn't get a lot of sleep that night. Between pleasuring Coleen with my tongue three times, fucking her twice, and then listening to my wife's passionate cries as Dirk's cock pounded her, it was difficult to sleep. When we were finally alone the next day, Fonda told me that Dirk had fucked her four times during the night shooting three loads into her cunt and the fourth in her ass.

    Even that wasn't enough for the black satyr. While Dirk was informing me that the executives of the firm would meet that morning to make the decision about the position and then later meet with me in the main conference room, he had Fonda on her knees on the couch with her ass arched high. As his cock slugged into my wife's cunt, Dirk’s hands pulled Fonda’s hips backward to make the huge shaft thud hard into her cervix. Every time his cock pounded into the bottom of her vagina, Fonda emitted a loud shriek followed by a gasping, passionate moan.

    "I guess I'd better hurry and pump my load into your wife, Bruce. The other executives expect me in the conference room in about 30 minutes. But I don't think she's quite ready to cum yet. Why don't you reach between her thighs and rub her clitoris while I finish? Between the two of us, we ought to be able to get her off before I shoot her full of cum."

    As it turned out, Dirk was exactly right. When his dick exploded inside my wife's pussy, I felt her clitoris contracting hard as she groaned in her own orgasm.

    The first day I met the CEO, he fucked me five times in less than 12 hours.

    A New Lifestyle in California:

    We were both exhausted when we finally got back to our suite. We were dropping our clothes on the floor as we hurried to the bedroom. After setting the alarm for 11 AM, we fell into bed and were asleep five minutes later.

    It seemed like we had only been asleep for a few minutes instead of a few hours when the alarm went off.

    "Come on, Honey. We need to get up and get you ready for the 1 PM meeting," Fonda urged.

    After showering and shaving, I was picking out an appropriate suit to wear to the meeting when Fonda sat down on the side of the bed. It looked like she was still naked underneath her nylon robe except for her stockings and heels. When she crossed her legs exposing a wide expanse of stocking-clad thigh, I got hard.

    "HHmmmmm... I like that. After all that black pussy last night, you still get hard when your wife shows you a little thigh. Wow! I love it."

    "I want to fuck you."

    "Good, but you don't have time, Bruce. Get dressed. We need to talk before you leave for the meeting."

    As I continued dressing, Fonda waited for almost five minutes before speaking. "I think they're going to make you a very attractive offer in addition to offering you the Associate Director's position, Bruce."

    "What do you mean?"

    "I think they're going to offer you a big salary along with a lot of extra perks."

    "What makes you think so?"

    "Just some things Dirk said while he was fucking me last night. When a man's cock gets hard and it's buried inside a pussy, his big head's not thinking, and he says things that he ordinarily wouldn't say."

    "Well, that sounds good, but there must be some catch if they're going to make some huge offer... something they think I can't refuse. Do you know what it is?"

    "They're not only hiring you... they're also hiring me, so to speak. The huge salary offer is essentially two salaries, not one. Part of it is for your services as an investment wizard. The other part is for my services... sexual services, that is. All the executives are black, and black guys like white, married pussy."

    "I'm not black and I'll be an executive if they offer and I accept the position," I countered.

    "True. You would be the first exception. The only reasons they're considering it is your wizardry with investments. It's just too much money for them to ignore."

    "You said reasons."

    "Yeah, I did. The second reason is that Dirk loved fucking me, and all the other executives are dying to do the same."

    "So what do you think we should do?"

    "Let me finish. Dirk couldn't keep his mouth shut last night he was so turned on. If you accept the position, you have to give the bank six weeks notice by contract. During that six weeks, you'll have to sell our house and take care of all our affairs at home. In addition, all investments decisions you make for the bank will be conveyed to Dynamic Investments for their use as well. They're going to start your salary immediately so basically, you'll be working for two firms at the same time, but the bank won't know that."

    "All that's going to keep us busy."

    "Not us... you, Bruce. I won't be going home with you. My job will be here... servicing black, executive cocks. Over and above that, the executives plan a complete body makeover for me... such as injections to give me fuller lips and buttocks, breast implants to greatly increase the size of my tits, some added weight coupled with body-building exercises, shaved pussy, hair color change, and who knows what else. You've seen the women here. Everyone of them have full, sexy asses, big tits, full lips, Every woman's pussy is shaved."

    "You're telling me that I won't see you for six weeks?"

    "Not unless you fly out for a weekend visit, and you'll be tied up with work, I doubt that you'll have time to do that."

    "So what's the bottom line for you, Fonda? Do you want me to turn down their offer?"

    "$300,000 a year is going to be very hard to turn down, Bruce. In addition, there's all those perks... fully paid life and health insurance for both of us and our family if we have children, lucrative stock options, a company car for both of us, and all the sexual perks."

    "Sexual perks?"

    "Of course. You'll be a very high-level executive. Every man's wife who works for the firm is at your disposal."

    "Ok. So it will be very hard to say 'no', but I have no interest in taking a job where you're going to have to do a lot of things you don't like. It's not worth it at any price. Don't worry. I'll turn them down flat."

    "I didn't say I wouldn't like it, Bruce. In fact, I loved the sex last night. I had incredible orgasms on Dirk's huge black cock. The other execs aren't that huge, but they're all big, and I'm sure I'll enjoy having sex with them. I just don't want you taking a job in which you will be unhappy because of what it involves."

    "So you want me to accept?"

    "I think we should accept, but I also think we should get a lot more out of this than just your salary and sex. After all, we have great sex without the job, and with your investment skills, we can always make money. No. If we accept, we should have a plan so that in two or three years, we have a lot more than what they're offering... no matter how large the offer is."

    "I agree. Sounds to me like my sexy wife has a plan."

    "She does. What to hear it?"

    "I'm all ears." It took Fonda 30 minutes to outline her plan. After that, we spent another half hour discussing the details. Finally, we both grinned from ear to ear, and I said, "So, we have a decision. You'd better get dressed if you're coming with me to the meeting."

    "I'm not. Mike Howerton, the Director of Finance for the firm... the guy who will be your immediate boss... is coming over at 1:15 PM."

    "He's coming here? To our suite? Does he hope to have sex with you?"

    "Well, he told me to wear a garter belt, thigh-high nylons, and heels... nothing else, and I'm already dressed." Fonda stood up, dropped her nylon robe on the bed and mounted the desk that was right in front of an open window in doggy position with her knees spread wide.

    Looking back over her shoulder at me, she said, "I'm pretty certain that your future boss plans to fuck your wife while you're at the meeting, Darling. What do you think?"

    "I'm sure he plans to fuck you? Are you going to let him?"

    "It's part of my job responsibilities, Darling."

    It was 1:15 before the doors to the conference room opened and Mark Paxton stepped out and motioned for me come in. Dirk Adams as CEO was at the head of the table flanked on either side by his four vice presidents. Hal Edwards and Jerome Thompson were seated to his left. On the right were Mark Paxton and Grant Lambert, whom I had not yet met.

    "Gentleman, all of you have met Mr. Bruce Ralston except you, Grant. Bruce, this is Grant Lambert, our vice president in charge of stocks and real estate investments. Grant and Hal are the VPs over the position you've applied for. Why don't you take the seat at the end of the table so you can see everyone without having to turn in your chair."

    As soon as I was seated, Dirk cut to the chase. "We've spent two hours this morning discussing your application, Bruce, and I'm pleased to tell you that we are in unanimous agreement that you're the man we want for Associate Director of Finance. We are all highly impressed with your credentials, qualifications, and the manner you've handled the interview. We are also equally impressed with your gorgeous wife, Fonda, who handled the interview process fantastically well. That's important because when we employ a man, we also employ his wife. I explained all this to Fonda last night, and she's informed me that she, in turn, explained everything to you earlier this morning. Is that correct, or should we go over again here?"

    "I don't think that will be necessary, Mr. Adams. Fonda and I had a very long discussion this morning."

    "She told me that you're both comfortable with the arrangements. Is that also correct?" I nodded, and Dirk continued.

    "Great! Now let's get the financial matters out of the way. We had originally decided to offer you the position at a salary of $300,000 a year, but that was raised somewhat this morning because of our desire to have you and Fonda on board. The offer is now $350,000 plus travel expenses, use of a corporation car, and stock options. Is that satisfactory?"

    "Absolutely! In fact, it's a lot more than I expected to be able to get. I was unable to even get promoted at the bank where I'm working."

    "We all appreciate your honesty, Bruce," Hal Edwards commented. "I might also add that Coleen, who you got to know very well last night according to Dirk, has told all of our wives to let us know that if we don't hire you, we'll be sleeping on the couch for a long time. So we raised the offer."

    "Well, please thank Coleen for me, Mr. Adams."

    "I think she'd rather hear it from you , Bruce. Now, we know that you have to give your bank six weeks notice, and of course, you have to put your affairs in order, sell your house, etc. We're starting your salary and employment immediately... so for six weeks, you'll be double dipping, but we're not going to say anything to the Board of your bank. I'm sure you won't either. In return, we want you to give us a heads-up on all investment decisions you make at the bank during the next six weeks. Agreed?"

    "You'll know before they do, Mr. Adams."

    "Good. Oh, we address each other by our first names. You're a Dynamic Investments executive now... our first white executive, I might add. You know that Fonda will be staying with us for the six weeks you're taking care of things at home?"

    "Yes. She's told me. She also told me that you planned a complete make over for her. Is that right?"

    "It is. Your wife is gorgeous, but we like our women more full-bodied so we going to make some changes. Is that a problem?"

    "It's a problem only because thinking about it gets me hard as stone, and I'm going to be alone for six weeks."

    "Only if you choose to be alone, Bruce. You've got at least 30 men and a half-dozen women working in your division, and you're second in command. Only Mike Howerton is over you... plus the VPs and me. So check out all their wives. If any of them appeal to you, take them with you for the six weeks."

    "What about their husbands?"

    The men around the table all laughed. "What about them?" Dirk asked. "They'll all be praying you pick their wife. It adds job security for them and often a bigger bonus."

    "And if they tell me to take a hike?"

    "Then they'll be looking for another job within a day. Remember what we told you. When we hire a man, we also are hiring his wife. His wife works for us too, and if you give her an assignment to spend the next six weeks with you, she will be happy to be selected. Now... any other questions?"

    "No... none that I can think of."

    "Fantastic. Welcome aboard, Bruce. I think you ought to give your lovely wife a call right now and give her the good news."

    "That might not be a good idea, Dirk. She's entertaining my new boss right now, Mike Howerton."

    "We know. Mike told us. And you're probably right... it wouldn't be a good idea to interrupt your boss while he's busy fucking your wife. I like a man who thinks clearly. Shall we watch and listen?"

    "How can we do that?" I asked.

    "All of company suites are wired for sound and video, Bruce. Grant hasn't seen your hot wife yet. I'm sure he would like to watch. Any objections?" When there were none, Dirk flipped a few switches and instantly the conference room was filled with the sounds of a woman being fucked hard. The large screen on the front wall gave us an enlarged close up view of my wife riding Howerton's cock. It was hard to believe it could be that thick. I wondered if my wife would even be able to feel my dick the next time I fucked her.

    "Oh-hun... ooohh... uuunn... aaahhh... aaahhhh... aaahh...OOHHH God! Fuck that monster dick into my cunt. Stud. Ram meeeeeeeee!"

    "Damn, Baby. I love your hot, tight fuck hole. Pound that sexy ass down on my johnson, Bitch. Fuck on it!"

    "AAahhh... ooohh... uunnn... aahh-huh... aahh-huh.. you're so fucking big! aaaahhh... uunnnnnnn... oh fuck me, Mike... I'm gonna cum again... uunnghh...ughhh."

    "I think you like this big black cock up your married cunt."

    "OH FUCK YES! BANG MY CUNT, LOVER! OOOHHHH... uunnnnnn... Aahhh shit... you're fucking me... aaaahhh... uuinnnn... you're fucking meeeeeee!! AAhhhhh... cumming... I'm cumming again on your big cock.... screw meeeee, Mike. Hard. AAAHHHHH!"

    "Zoom in on the cock," Edwards screamed, Dirk adjusted a few toggle switches and the screen was filled with the image of Howerton's thick, black shaft sinking into my wife's cunt. As the dick pumped her, Fonda continued to shriek and scream.

    "AAGGGGHHHAAA... OH GAWD DAMN...YES!! HUGE!! ... aaahhhh... uunnn/... uunnn... uunnnn!!"

    "Cum on my rod, Fonda. CUM!"


    "No, not in this position. I want you on your back so I can really ram it into you hard and deep when I fill your hot cunt."

    "Then do it! Put me on my back and fuck my brains out, Stud. DO IT! Do it while my pussy is still throbbing. Hurry!"

    We all watched the screen as Howerton grasped my wife around her waist and turned her onto her back without ever taking his big schlong out of her cunt. Fonda's legs came up around his hips immediately. Her ass thrust upward at the same time as Howerton rammed his hips into her sex saddle and drove his dick into the bottom of her cunt.

    Both of them grunted loudly everytime the big prick thudded hard into my wife's womb. Again and again, his hips snapped forward driving the cock into Fonda's pussy. When his buttocks began flexing, Jerome yelled, "HE'S SHOOTING IN HER. FUCK LOAD IS GOING IN!"

    "Damn Right!" Dirk echoed. "Look at that big load squishing out of her cunt!"

    The images on the big screen confirmed what Jerome and Dirk had said. Howerton's cock was coated with his churned load and a wide ring of white semen surrounded my wife's tightly plugged hole.

    When the black cock was finally pulled out of my wife's stretched, cum-filled hole, Howerton leaned back against the bed's headboard panting as the remnants of his load ran down the length of his still-hard cock. Beside him on the bed, even more of the load was running from Fonda's vagina.

    "Man! If your wife weren't on the pill, she would be knocked up for sure with that huge load!" Mark commented. I completely agreed.

    For the next two days, I was kept busy all day long filling out paper work, getting medical examinations, meeting the staff, and attending several briefings a day to bring me up to speed on the firm's current investment portfolio and their expansion plans. I also had to select my secretary as well as my companion for the next six weeks from among the wives of other staff employed by Dynamic Investments.

    At the end of the last morning briefing the day after I had accepted the job, my chief assistant, Mr. Todd Garman, asked me if I wanted him to set up interviews for me to select my secretary.

    "Absolutely, Todd. That would be very helpful. I've really got my hands full with all this other stuff."

    "Ok. No problem, Boss. Any preferences? Blonde? Brunette? Redhead? Sexy ass or great legs or both?"

    "Well, I've got a very sexy brunette wife. Why don't I give blondes a try? I'm partial sexy legs, but both would be a great bonus. What about tits?" I replied.

    "You really don't have a choice there, Bruce. All the wives of our employees have big tits."

    "All of them? My wife's tits are only 32B."

    "They won't be 32B for much longer, Bruce. By the time you return from your six weeks at home, she'll probably be more like 36DD. Every wife has had a body makeover including breast implants. It's an employment requirement at Dynamic Investments. The VPs and CEO all like big tits on the women they fuck."

    "What does your wife think about that, Todd? If you don't mind my asking."

    My assistant laughed. "You want to know what my wife thinks about having sex with sexy, virile, handsome, black studs with huge cocks? She loves it... they all love it. But when I ask her about it, she just says it's part of our joint job responsibilities, which is actually right."

    "I'm getting the picture, Todd. In fact, my wife has already used that very same line to explain why she spent yesterday morning fucking my boss. Do the wives have other job responsibilities?"

    "Some do... some don't. If they're selected as a secretary for an executive, or as an assistant, or traveling companion, or for escort duty with clients, the couple gets a nice bonus and salary raises. So, all the women you interview will be hoping you pick them."

    "What about your wife? She have other responsibilities?"

    "Yeah. She frequently has escort duties with the firm's good clients and with potential clients."

    "All right.. set things up, Todd. I conduct the interviews this afternoon after 3 PM."

    The women were all dressed hot and sexy, and all of them were attractive blondes... some were stunningly sexy and beautiful. When the women were in the lounge waiting for their turn to interview, they were all fully dressed... very erotically dressed to be certain, but fully dressed. As soon as I began conducting the private interviews that changed dramatically.

    The first woman was Jane Waymore. She came into the office wearing a tight-fitting blue sweater/skirt outfit with dark stockings and four-inch, black heels.

    "Thank you for coming to the interviews Mrs. Waymore. I'm Bruce Ralston, the new Associate Director of Finance."

    "I know," she said with a seductive smile. "I think every wife in the firm knows by this time that you're the first white executive the firm has ever hired, Mr. Ralston. The word is that you're not only looking for a secretary, you're also looking for a companion to keep you company for the next six weeks while you're finishing up your old job and your wife is busy entertaining all the VPs and the CEO."

    "Well, I wouldn't put it those words, Jane, but your facts are essentially correct. And please call me Bruce."

    "I can do a very good job as your secretary, Bruce, and I would be a wonderful, exciting, and very sexual pleasing companion for you during the next six weeks. I would love to have the assignment."

    At this point, Mrs. Waymore raised both legs up onto the arm of her chair allowing her short skirt to slide up to her ass, and in the process, showing me she wasn't wearing panties and giving me a very good view of her naked cunt, which she made no move to cover.

    "Make your cock hard, Bruce?"


    "It will get much harder when you put it in me. Count on it."

    "You're just drop-dead gorgeous, Jane. I'm amazed by all this."

    "Why? You're an executive at the highest paying investment firm in the country. Everyone wants a job here. All those beautiful sexy women waiting out in the lounge... you can fuck everyone of them... today... right here in your office."

    "You included?"

    The platinum blonde smiled and slowly opened her legs... draping them over the arms of the chair. Sliding forward so that her cunt was right at the edge of chair, she leaned back and whispered, "Fuck me! Fuck me now!"

    "Now? I have to interview all those other women. There's eight of you. I couldn't handle eight women in an hour if my life depended on it."

    "Of course you couldn't. No man could. I know we can't have full sex now, but you can slip your hard cock up my cunt... just to see how wet and tight I am. You can check out all the other pussies and see which one you enjoy the most. Come on, Bruce. Stick it in me!"

    "I'd never be able to pull out if I do that, Jane."

    "Of course you wouldn't. But now you know that I'm available anytime. Whether you pick me to be your secretary and companion or not. Just give me a call. Your assistant Todd has all my contact information. Or if you don't want to call, just come over some evening and give me a surprise fucking."

    "What about your husband?"

    "That's up to you, Bruce. You can send him away... let him watch.. .or invite him to join in and both of you can fuck me."

    I was still hard when Doris Highman came in for her interview, which went pretty much as the one with Jane Waymore had. Within five minutes, Doris' skirt was lying on the floor, and she had her shirt completely unbuttoned with her bra pulled down below her huge tits. Spreading her legs, she pulled her panties aside and invited me to fuck her.

    "I can't. I've still got a lot of interviews to conduct.

    "You fucked that Waymore bitch, didn't you?"

    "No. She offered, but I'm conducting interviews."

    "Well, I'm obviously available, and I'm sure you would enjoy spending the next six weeks fucking all my holes."

    Everyone of the first seven interviews were the same... gorgeous women all of whom were available and eager to be my secretary and fuck buddy for the next six weeks. Helen Balsinger even laid down on the floor with her legs up in female fucking position and then invited me to mount her.

    Dorothy Peters tossed her skirt onto the floor, yanked down her top to expose her braless tits, and then mounted my desk right in front of me. With her heels planted on my desk, she steepled her knees and spread her legs. My face wasn't more than a foot away from her panty-covered pussy.

    "Can you smell my cunt, Mr. Ralston? It's very wet and slick. See." She pulled the crotch of her panties aside. Feel my vagina... see how hot I am for you. All the VPs and CEO say I'm a really delicious fuck."

    Gwen Daniels and Susan Flanders both adopted a direct approach. Before we had even spoken a word, both women removed their skirts. Susan wasn't wearing any panties. Gwen was but they were crotchless. Susan kicked off heels, laid down on the couch, and spread her legs wide open in invitation. Gwen did the same except retained her heels but exposed both tits. Once spread wide with their cunts on display, both women said essentially the same thing.

    "If you're going to be fucking me everyday, you ought to try me out to see if I'm good in bed and service your cock the way you like it serviced."

    In the end, I chose Bridget Stevens. She was a hot blonde with huge tits and gorgeous legs who didn't show me her pussy or expose her tits. Instead, she said, "If I look like a woman you would like to have as your secretary, and one whom you would enjoy screwing during the next six weeks and afterwards, why don't you come by my home for a trial run tonight. My address is on the card."

    "What about your husband?"

    "I don't know? I'll leave that in your hands, Mr. Ralston."


    When I finally got back to our hotel suite at 7 PM, I found a note Fonda had left for me on the desk.

    Hi, Honey,

    I know you're up to your neck in work getting ready to leave the day after tomorrow so don't worry about being late. Sorry I couldn't wait for you. Dirk is picking me up at 6:30 for a party the firm is having in my honor. He promised to have me back to the hotel by midnight, so please wait up for me.



    With nothing else to do, I decided to take Bridget up on her offer. Since I didn't know how to find her home, I declined to put my new company car to its first use. Instead, I took a cab at the front of the hotel. When the cab stopped in front of a large home that had to have cost over a half million, I was surprised.

    "Are you sure this is the right address?" I asked the cab driver.

    "1822 Meadowbrook Lane, right?"


    "Then this is the place."

    As I gave the driver $20 and told him to keep the $5 change, I revised my estimate of what kind of salaries my staff made. To afford this home, it had to be over $100,000 a year. When I rang the bell, it was Bridget's husband who opened the door for me. Immediately, I was at a loss for words. What in hell was I supposed to say to him, "Hi. I'm Bruce Ralston. I've come over to fuck your wife and see if she will spend the next six weeks with me."

    Not having a clue as to what to say, I was greatly relieved when he spoke first. "Are you Mr. Ralston, the new Associate Director of Finance and my new boss?"

    I nodded as I mumbled something that I didn't even understand myself. "Great! I'm Phil Stevens, Bridget's husband. She said you might be coming over, but she warned me not to get my hopes up as there was a lot of competition. Please, come in, Mr. Ralston. I can't tell you how delighted we are that you decided to visit and give my wife a chance to get the position."

    As I walked through the door, Phil asked, "What would you like to drink, Sir? We have almost everything in our wet bar, but we rarely have the opportunity to enjoy it with high-level executives of the firm."

    "I'll have a bourbon and water, on the rocks, please. Tell me, Phil. Why are you and Bridget so interested in her being selected to be my secretary? Judging from this very nice home, you're already making a very good salary."

    Phil stopped in his tracks. Turning to face me, he said in a surprised voice, "You don't know?"

    "Nope. Not a clue. I was just hired yesterday. How about filling in the blanks for me?"

    "Well Sir, you just stated the reason a moment ago even though you didn't realize it. Bridget and I make a salary of $145,000 a year. That's three times what I was making in my previous job and at least three times what we could make in any other job we might find if we lost our positions at Dynamic Investments, and that's assuming we could find jobs at all. In this economy, that's far from certain."

    "I understand that. I was sending our applications for two months with no luck before I got a call from this firm. Go on."

    "It's understood that the firm is hiring both the wife and husband for the huge salary that's paid. One of the couple has a job assignment... usually, it's the husband. To continue with the firm, the spouse has to find a useful job to perform for the corporation. Being the secretary of a high-level executive is a very useful job, and as such, it's one that's highly coveted. Understand?"

    "Yes. I do. In fact, it's crystal. Thanks, Phil. Where is Bridget?"

    "She's changing into something that we both hope you like." Turning toward the hallway, Phil yelled, "BRIDGET! HURRY UP! YOU'RE KEEPING MR. RALSTON WAITING!"

    "I'm so sorry my wife is keeping you waiting, Mr. Ralston."

    "Women always take a long time to get dressed. It's in their genes, I think."

    Just as I had made that comment, Bridget entered the room wearing a black, micro-mini skirt, grey, off-the-shoulder top with an exposed red bra, dark, thigh-high stockings, and matching five-inch heels. She looked hot... very, very hot. When she sat down on the edge of the desk and crossed her legs, most of her thighs were exposed. I could already feel my cock responding.

    "What do you think of my wife's big tits and hot legs, Mr. Ralston? She's 34DD-27-34!"

    "I think you're a very lucky man, Phil." That brought a wide smile from Bridget.

    "Honey, Mr. Ralston can't see your matching red panties with your legs crossed like that. Uncross your legs."

    "Is this better, Phil? Can you see my panties now, Mr. Ralston?"

    "Oh hell yes!"

    "If you choose me as your secretary, you'll see them every day... that is, you will unless you tell me not to wear any panties. If you do that, I'll come to work everyday with nothing covering my pussy except my dress. Can you handle that, Phil? Having your wife go to work ever day with her pussy naked under her short skirt?" Phil groaned and squeezed his fully erect penis through his pants.

    "I guess you can. You're already hard just thinking about it. How about you, Mr. Ralston? Are you hard now?"

    "Like iron!"

    "Mmmmmmm... I love hard men."

    "May I see your tits, Bridget?" I asked.

    "I can certainly tell that you were just hired. Phil works in your division. You're a high-level executive and Phil's boss. You don't have to ask permission to see his wife's tits... you just tell me to show them to you."

    "In that case... take out your big tits, Bridget. Just pull down your top and take them out."

    "MMmmmmm... that's much better. You have no idea how hard it makes my pussy throb to be ordered to show myself to powerful men." It only took a moment for Bridget to pull both her dress and bra down below her 34DD mounds. They shook and bounced once she had freed them.

    "I think you need an update on the size of your wife's tits, Phil. They're even bigger than 34DD. But maybe it's just her huge nipples that make them look bigger."

    "Does your pussy gush and your clit throb when your nipples are sucked hard and bitten, Bridget?"

    "Yesss... oh god, yes! If you keep it up long enough, I'll climax just from having my nipples sucked and tits squeezed."

    "Really? I'll have to check that out."

    Phil squeezed his penis even harder as his wife groaned, "Ooohhhh yess... please... check it out and make me cum."

    "Bridget, I'm sure Mr. Ralston wants to see more. Why don't you take off your skirt and panties so he can see your pussy."

    "I don't think a powerful man like Mr. Ralston wants to see my pussy, Phil. I think he's much more interested in seeing your wife's cunt. Which is it, Mr. Ralston?"

    "Lose the skirt and panties so I can see your cunt."

    Bridget immediately begin getting out of her skirt. "See, Phil. Powerful men want to see your wife's cunt. You see my pussy. They see my cunt." Her skirt fell to the floor leaving her standing a few feet in front of me in just her panties. "Phil, make yourself useful. Pull down your wife's panties so our guest can see my cunt."

    I could see Phil's hard penis jerking inside his pants in response to that command. Kneeling in front of her, he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her red thong and slowly lowered it down her thighs. A moment later, Bridget's shaved cunt came into view.

    "What a delicious looking cunt. Set on the desk, Bridget. Spread wide!"

    The big-titted, sensuous blonde moaned softly as she hoisted herself up on the desk again. She was still moaning when she opened her legs completely exposing her cunt. The labia was flared open along the slides of her slit. At the top, her large, half-inch clit was erect and hard. I could easily see it pulsing as it protruded from its protective hood.

    Stepping closer, I slipped two fingers between her wet folds and moved them up and down the length of her sex trench.

    "OOoohhh... MMmmmmm... aaaaahhhh," she hissed as her hips arched upward trying to force my fingers into her eager hole. "He's in me, Phil. OOOohhhh god... he's finger fucking your wife while you stand there and jack off."

    When I looked over at Phil, I saw he had been unable to resist unzipping his pants and pulling out his penis. And as Bridget had said, he was jacking off his five-inch shaft as he watched my fingers moving up and down the length of his wife's slit.

    I pushed three fingers into his wife's vagina causing both her and her husband's hips to arch upward. "He's pushing them in deeper," he groaned.

    "Oh yes! Shove them into me, Lover. Shove them in deep!" Bridget urged. I did as she asked bringing hot, loud moans of female pleasure from her lips, Phil's hand moved even faster.

    With my fingers positioned directly beneath her G-spot, I jerked my hand upward lifting her ass off the desk and then abruptly relaxed the pressure allowing her hips to fall back onto the desk. Repeating the motion again and again, each time faster, I furiously masturbated the groaning woman as Phil watched and jerked off. Bridget exploded in a huge climax in about 30 seconds. Her clit and vagina went into hard spastic contractions as she squirted several copious streams high into the air.

    "Fuck her, Mr. Ralston! Fuck her!” Phil screamed.

    "I usually don't fuck a woman in front of her husband."

    "Please. Fuck her! Don't worry about me. I want you to fuck her... now.. and whenever you want, Mr. Ralston."

    When I hesitated, Bridget screamed, "Get out of here, Phil. Go wait in the basement until I call you."

    "No.. Please... let me watch," he pleaded.

    "Did you hear what I said? Go to the basement! Now!"

    Phil looked like he was about to cry when he started for the basement. I felt sorry for the guy. After all, if I was going to be fucking his wife constantly for the next six weeks and a lot even after that, the least I could do was let him watch and jack off.

    "Let him stay," I said.

    "You're the boss, Lover," Bridget hissed as she raised her right leg and planted her heel on my shoulder. "I want it! In me! In my cunt, Mr. Ralston. Please fuck me now."

    Nodding, I stepped back and removed my shirt and shoes. When I stepped out of my pants and briefs at the same time, my iron-hard cock surged up and out... eight full inches of thick man meat that was already seeping fluid from its tip in anticipation of sinking into the voluptuous blonde's eager cunt hole.

    "OOohhhhh gawd damn! You're big! Really big! Stick that thing into me!!"

    "It's not as big as the black cocks some of the executives have."

    "No... but none of them are as iron hard as you are. I mean absolutely none. Big is good... HARD is fabulous. Ram me with that hard dick, Lover. RAM MY CUNT!"

    Almost simultaneously, we all screamed.




    Phil's hand flashed up and down his hard penis even faster until it was little more than blur of motion. Bridget's huge tits jerked back and forth on her chest in time to my thrusts. Again and again, we both cried out with the hot sensations of a tight pussy throbbing around a hard plunging cock.

    "OOOohhhh god! I'm shooting... I'M SHOOTING!" Phil howled from his chair. Glancing over, I saw thick streams of semen firing high in the air... again and again... as his balls unloaded.

    For the next ten minutes, I rammed into Bridget's vagina. After just a few minutes, I felt the walls of her vagina contracting around my driving shaft as her second orgasm exploded. When she squealed in hot ecstasy, Phil began jerking off again. After ten minutes of pumping her hot pussy, Bridget had gotten off a third time and was rising rapidly toward a fourth orgasm.

    "Need to cum, Bridget. Can't hold it much longer. Your cunt's too hot... too tight. And its throbbing like crazy around my cock."

    "OOohhh god.. .I know... I know. Really give it to me hard, Lover, and I'll cum again when you shoot in your load."

    "Do I need to withdraw?"

    "NO! Cum in my cunt.... always cum inside me, Mr. Ralston. Fuck me full!"

    “I love cumming inside a woman’s cunt… so hot. I’m glad you’re on the pill.”

    “I’m not on the pill, Mr. Ralston. It doesn’t matter. Shoot inside me. Hurry. CUM IN MY CUNT!”

    I gave it to her exactly as she had asked for it... hard, fast, and deep... every thrust ramming hard into her womb... pushing it back... sinking in every inch on every stroke. Bridget howled as her ass arched up off the desk. Phil spewed his second load all over the floor at the same time as I spewed mine into his wife's convulsing cunt.

    I continued to slide my softening rod in and out of her still-twitching pussy for several minutes before I pulled out. As soon as I did so, a thick stream of semen poured from her cum-filled vagina. Without being asked, Bridget rotated her body on the desk so that her head was next to my semi-hard dick, dropped her head back over the edge of the desk, and opened her mouth in invitation. I eagerly accepted.

    Phil changed positions so he could see my cock fucking his wife's mouth. Bridget was fabulous. She alternated between taking me balls deep and sucking the first four inches while jacking off the remainder. With her lying on her back, her tits were perfect position for my hands as she worked feverishly to suck me hard again. It only took her a little more than five minutes to get me hard again.

    Phil couldn't stop jacking off as he asked, "How are you going to fuck her this time, Mr. Ralston?"

    "Would you like to have a perfect view of my cock disappearing into your wife's pussy, Phil?

    He almost ejaculated at my question. In order to suppress his orgasm, he had to press his thighs together and bend over. When he had his orgasm under control, he moaned, "Ohhh yes! Please!"

    Pulling Bridget off the desk, I lifted her right leg high in the air with my arm hooked beneath her knee. She braced herself with one hand on the desk while standing on one leg. Phil was kneeling beside us so that the position completely opened Bridget's cunt to his view.

    "How's the view from down there, Phil?"

    "Oh my god! I can see everything! I can't wait to see your big cock going into her cunt!"

    "Well, in that case, I guess you had better fit my cock into your wife's pussy so I can fuck her."

    When Phil hesitated... shocked at my order, Bridget yelled. "Do it, Phil! DO IT! Stick him into my cunt!"

    I felt my cock throb when Phil wrapped his hand around it and moved it toward Bridget's opening. Before he stuck the head into her hole, he stroked my shaft several times. "Oh fuck! You're so big... so damn hard!"

    "Quit playing with my lover, Phil! Put it in me! NOW!"

    Bridget and I both moaned as Phil fitted my cock into her cunt. Snapping my hips upward, I filled her with seven inches.

    "GGGHAAAAHHHH.... OHHH GOD... YOU'RE FUCKING MEEEEEEE! Dick me, Mr. Ralston. Dick me hard!"

    It was too much for Phil. He ejaculated in several hard spurts... two of them splashing over Bridget's mound and pussy. When my fingers found her clitoris, I used her husband's semen to lubricate her girl cock as I rubbed it sensuously. I felt her juices squirting around my embedded cock.

    Fucking her hard, I made Bridget cum in about five minutes... screaming and howling as her pussy throbbed in hard spasms.

    "I'm going to let your leg down now, Bridget. Get up on the desk and arch your ass high. I'm going to fuck your ass."

    "Ooohhh yessssss," she hissed. Planting her heel on the desk, she arched her ass and hissed, "Ass fuck me, Lover. Hard and deep!"

    Phil's cock was now a bright red he was rubbing it so hard. He jerked even harder when he saw my shaft sinking into his wife's asshole. Perhaps ten minutes later, Bridget had a load of semen in her rectum to go with the one she had in her vagina.

    It was hard to decide whether I liked fucking Bridget's cunt or asshole the best. I spent the night and experimented several times, but by morning, I still hadn't decided.

    "I can't decide which I like better, Bridget... your hot cunt or your tight ass. I guess I'll have to take you home with me for the next six weeks and try to find out. Then when I decide to fuck my secretary, I'll know which of her luscious holes I prefer."

    "You'll have to run a lot of experiments during the next six weeks, Mr. Ralston, to make sure you decide correctly."

    "I know. It's going to be a tough, hard job, but...."

    "someone has to do it," she finished for me.

    A few hours before Dirk was to pick me up for the party at 6:30 PM, a messenger arrived at our suite with a special delivery letter and a gift-wrapped box. However, I had no clue that it could be anyone else other than Bruce... so, I opened the door wearing nothing but my bra, matching thong, nylon stockings, and heels. The young guy with the box couldn't have been more than 18 or 19 years old. His mouth opened to say something, but the words died on his lips as he stared at my nearly naked body.

    I was as shocked as he was, but I recovered more quickly, and when I saw his pants bulging out with his rapidly rising cock, it turned me on. "I sorry about being half dressed. I thought you were my husband. Should I go change? Or is this Ok?"

    "It's all right, Mam. You're... oohh god... you're beautiful," he gasped.

    "That's a very nice thing to say, but I bet you wish I had really big tits.. right?"

    ` "No... not at all... I mean... they look great... I mean... I mean what I can see of them... they look really good," he stammered.

    "So, have you got something for me, Honey?" I whispered. For good measure, I ran the tip of my tongue over my lips.

    "Yes... I want... I mean I do have something for you."

    "Then why don't you come in and give it to me, Honey."

    The guy did his best to conceal his erection when he stepped inside my suite, but he was far too hard and his pants too tight for him to manage it. His pants were obscenely tented. His already large cock began to throb inside his pants when I said, "Well, are you going to give it to me or not, Honey?"

    His face was beet red when he handed me the box and letter. "Is this it? Is there anything else you want to give me?"

    "No Mam. That's all... just the box and the letter."

    "All right. If you say so. How much do I owe you?"

    "Nothing, Mam. The bill has already been paid."

    "Ok. But I want to give you a tip. Do you mind waiting a moment for me to get some money from my purse?"

    "No... No, Mam. Take your time," he urged obviously wanting to prolong the meeting as long as possible.

    "Fine. You just wait right here while I get something from my handbag." As I walked away, I made certain that I undulated and swung my ass seductive for him. Of course, the thong covered none of my ass so he was seeing everything.

    When I reached my purse, I bent over at the waist and thrust my ass right at him. After fumbling around for almost a minute, I looked back at him without raising up. His cock was so hard it looked like it might burst out of his tight pants. "I have $5. Is that enough, Honey, or do I need to give you something else?"

    A more mature man would have picked me up, thrown me onto the bed and mounted me in a New York second, but the guy was too young and too inexperienced to know how to proceed. All he could manage was to gasp, "That's more than enough, Mam. Thank you."

    When he left, I was sure he would find the nearest men's room and jerk off. He had me so turned on, I felt like doing the same thing, but I wanted to save my sexual energy for hard cocks.

    Nevertheless, I could feel my pussy dripping when I opened the letter. As I had suspected it was from Dirk.

    Hi, Sexy,

    Just wanted you to know that I'll pick you up at your suite at 6:30 PM. The party tonight is basically your initiation as an employee of Dynamic Investments, Inc. All the VPs and two of the Directors, including your husband's new boss, Mike Howerton, will be present, as well as myself. There will be one other woman present. You'll meet her at the party.

    The gift-wrapped box contains your attire for the party. Wear it and nothing else. That's an order from the CEO.

    Now, on a different topic, don't worry about your husband tonight. Bruce will be very busy interviewing a hot, blonde slut who is eager... actually wild... to be his companion for the next six weeks and his secretary when he starts work at the corporation. Her name is Bridget Stevens. In case you have any second thoughts about the complete body makeover we have planned for you, take a look at her, and you'll be eager to have the makeover as soon as possible.

    See you at 6:30 PM. Be ready!"


    When I took Bridget's photo out of the envelop and saw the slut's huge tits, voluptuous body, and shaved cunt, a mixture of jealousy, envy, and fear surged through me. It was obvious that I needed more weapons if I was going to compete effectively with the blonde bitch in the photo.

    I tore open the gift wrapping on the box to see what Dirk had selected for me to war to the party. I had expected an exotic micro mini-skirt, stockings, maybe a see-through blouse. Instead, the only things in the box were a pair of four-inch CFM heels and a short coat trench coat that came to mid-thigh and belted about the waist.

    It was a few minutes before 6:30 PM when I heard Dirk's knock on the suite's door. My heart beat faster. I realized my breath was a hot pant. When I had opened the door for the young messenger earlier in the day, I had at least had on a bra and a thong that covered my pussy as well as stockings and heels. Now, I was naked except for the heels. Even so, there was no hesitation in my stride as I moved quickly to the door, and without even checking who was there through the door's peephole, opened it wide.

    Dirk smiled approvingly at my nakedness. I felt my vagina throb and my clit harden when I saw him openly staring at my exposed tits and pussy. His dark blue, short-sleeved knit shirt stretched tightly across his broad shoulders accenting his ripped, powerful muscles. His light linen slacks molded his body and his large phallus that, although still soft, was at least six to seven thick inches.

    Without even been asked, I turned and thrust my naked ass at the handsome, powerful, black CEO.

    "Very nice. You really do have a hot gorgeous ass, Fonda." Dirk stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

    "Bend over," he ordered. "Show me your fuck holes."

    I bent at the waist and pulled my opened my ass cheeks for his inspection. The cool air on my pussy and ass let me know that Dirk could now see both of my openings. My clitoris was already hard.

    "Excellent. You're already very wet. In fact, your cunt looks like a wet swamp. Have you been masturbating? The truth! Have you?"

    "No. I showed off my body to the young messenger who brought your gift and letter. I bent over and let him see my naked ass."

    "Did he fuck you?"

    "No. He was too scared... too young. But he got me hot... really hot. That's why my pussy is wet."

    "What's wet?"

    "My cunt. That's why my cunt's so wet and open."

    "Put on the trench coat. Leave the bottom three buttons open. Belt it tightly at the waist."

    When I had the coat on, Dirk led me from my suite with his arm about my waist. As we approached the front door of the hotel, the black, uniformed doorman eyed me and the handsome, powerful black man who was holding me close. He held the door open for us as we approached, but his eyes were on my naked legs and the flash of thigh I was showing every time I took a step.

    Dirk saw the direction of the doorman's gaze and stopped. Turning to face the man, he smiled and said, "Hi, Bro. Like what you see?"

    "Hard not to," he answered. "If I've offended you or your lady, I sincerely apologize."

    "Not a problem for me. How about you, Fonda? Are you offended because Jack here likes the way you look?"

    "No, not at all. Thank you for the compliment, Jack." Jack just smiled... half in relief and half in envy.

    "Go ahead and ask, Jack. You know you want to."

    "Yeah, I do. But I need this job. If you or your lady complains, I'm gone."

    "I may complain if you don't ask. If you do, no one's gonna say word one."

    Jack nodded and again checked out my half exposed thighs. "It's a warm day for a coat. What's she wearing underneath?" he asked Dirk in a low voice.

    "Fonda's wearing the coat because I told her to. She's naked underneath."

    "You're kidding? Right?"

    Dirk shrugged and turned to face me. "Show him, Fonda. Open your coat so Jack can see that I'm not lying."

    Although I was shaking, I was so turned on there was no way I could have possibly refused. Undoing the belt of the coat, I began opening the coat's buttons starting at the top and moving downward until it the coat spread apart down the center of my body. One glance showed I was naked beneath the coat. My neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair was on public display.

    "Fuck... She's gorgeous!" Jack exclaimed. "Are you going to be fucking her tonight?"

    "Of course. We're having a party. Fonda's the entertainment."

    "Shit. I wish I could join you, but I have to work. Seems like I never have any luck."

    "Don't give up, Jack. Fonda will be staying at the hotel for two more days before we leave. Give her a call."

    I was still standing there with my coat open and my pussy on exhibition while the two men discussed possibilities for Jack to fuck me. When the large corporation limo pulled into the entry lane to the hotel's entrance, Jack turned to me. "Can I feel your pussy, Fonda? I want to finger fuck you so I can smell your pussy on my fingers for the rest of the evening."

    When I didn't say anything, Dirk urged, "Hurry up, Fonda. Make up your mind. The limo will be here in 20 seconds."

    Leaning closer to Jack, I said heatedly, "I don't want you feeling my pussy, Jack." His face fell as disappointment set in. "But I would love to have you finger fuck my cunt. Hurry. Do it to me. We only have a few more seconds."

    In a flash, Jack's hand slipped into my open coat and between my thighs. I spread my feet for him. He spent five seconds swiping his thick fingers through my soaked sex trench making me moan. Then... finding my opening... he push two.. then three fingers into my cunt. As his began to pump me, I ground my pussy against his hand. In the last five seconds, his thumb found my swollen, hard clitoris and rubbed it at the same time as his fingers were working over my G-spot.

    "OOohhhh fuck... yessss.... do it to me. Fuck my hole, Jack. Fuck it... aaaahhhh!!"

    "Shit! She's about to cum. Let me finish her," he pleaded to Dirk.

    "I'll give you 30 more seconds to make her cum," Dirk responded.

    It only took Jack half of that before I had to hold onto his shoulders for support when my vagina and clit went into hard contractions around and beneath his fingers.

    My vagina and clitoris were still pulsing in the aftermath of the climax Jack's fingers had given me when Dirk herded me into the back of the corporate limo. The driver was a white man. As Dirk's fingers stroked my clitoris causing my hips to rise up off the seat, I saw the driver's eyes watching us in his rear-view mirror. As I hunched on Dirk's fingers, I wondered if the driver was jacking off.

    "The driver is watching you finger fucking me, Honey," I whispered in Dirk's ear.

    "Don't worry about Marvin. That's one of his job perks... he gets to watch and sometimes do more. Spread your legs wider, Fonda, so he has a better view of your pussy."

    When I was close to another orgasm, Dirk abruptly stopped and ordered me to get into doggy position with my ass high and my head on the limo's back seat. Rolling over, I pulled my knees beneath my body and thrust my ass high in the air. "Fuck me, Dirk. Please... fuck me! I'm so close," I groaned not caring that the driver could hear me begging for cock. Now I could see his arm moving rapidly as he jerked his dick.

    "Open yourself so I can inspect your holes." Quickly, using both hands, I spread my buttocks. "Did you clean and lube your ass for use, Fonda, like I ordered?"

    "Yes... ohhh yess... feel me... see how slick and ready I am."

    Dirk pushed two fingers against my anus. Both digits easily slipped into my rectum. I groaned and thrust back against them. "MMmmmm... you are wet and slick... obviously ready for cock," he growled in my ear.

    "OOoohhhhhhhh god.... put it in meeeeeeeeeee!"

    I felt rather than saw Dirk mounting me. The feel of his bare flesh against my own let me know that he had stripped. Then, his swollen cock head slipped between my lips and moved up my wet trench to my clit. For another minute, Dirk masturbated my throbbing clitoris with the head of his dick. The driver masturbated even faster when he heard my uncontrolled moans. I was still moaning when Dirk pressed his cock against my anus and entered me.


    With every inch that entered me, I groaned even louder in a mixture of pain and pleasure. "How much cock? How much is in me?" I gasped.

    "Five inches," Dirk growled. For the moment, he stopped... just letting his cock soak inside me as he flexed his sex muscle stretching me even wider. Every time he did it, more gasping moans came out of my mouth.

    I heard myself hissing with pleasure when he slowly withdrew four inches of his shaft. The erotic sensations of feeling his huge cock sliding smoothly inside me were indescribable. When only the bloated head was still inside my ass, Dirk began to enter me again. Very quickly, I was filled with the previous five inches of cock after which I shrieked hotly when he gave me three move inches.

    It took Dirk almost ten minutes to work his entire 11 inches into my ass. Once he was buried balls deep inside me, he began to fuck me with hard, steady, deep thrusts. His big ball sack slapped erotically against my pussy with each stroke, and everytime it did, wild squeals of pleasure burst out of my mouth.

    "Your ass is throbbing around me like crazy, Fonda. Gonna pump my load into your hot hole, Baby. Marvin... why don't you pull off onto the shoulder and park so you can get back here and watch as I fill her ass with my load. Then, you can shoot yours into her mouth. You don't mind opening your mouth and letting Marvin shoot in it, do you Fonda?"

    "He can shoot it anywhere he wants, Dirk, but please hurry. Fuck me hard and make me cum on your big cock."

    Dirk's cock was ramming into me like a pile driver when Marvin brought the limo to a halt. He was in the back seat with us in a flash. His cock was only about six inches. It was hard and so engorged with blood, the head was a deep purple. He was obviously trying desperately to contain his ejaculation until his boss gave him permission to unload in my mouth.

    "OOohhhh Damn! Your tight, hot ass is making me cum!" he yelled as his cock erupted inside my rectum filling me with six or seven thick injections of semen. I came just as he was shooting into me for the third time. Finally, he collapsed across my back, his cock still inside me, pulsing in the aftermath of his orgasm.

    "Can I cum in her mouth now, Mr. Adams?" Marvin moaned. He was right on the edge... one more pull on his cock, and his load would explode.

    For an answer, Dirk hooked his arm around my waist and pulled me to a sitting position with his rod still deep inside my ass. "Tilt your head back, Fonda, and open your mouth as wide as you can." When I was in position to take Marvin's ejaculation in my mouth, Dirk yelled, "Do It, Marvin. Shoot it into her mouth. SHOOT IT IN!"

    Marvin put his hand on my forehead and adjusted my position to receive his cum load. I stretched my mouth as wide as I could. He only had to jack his cock a few time before his load fired out in thick, hot, repeated streams drenching my face and filling my mouth.

    "Oh fuck. I'M CUMMING IN HER MOUTH...SHOOTING ALL OVER HER FACE!" Marvin screamed as he emptied his balls.

    I had just managed to finish cleaning Marvin's big load off of my face and tits when Marvin pulled to a stop in front of Mike Howerton's large home. Dirk opened the door of the limo and motioned for me to step out.

    "Just a sec, Honey, while I slip on my coat."

    "No coat. Just you in your come-fuck-me heels. Out. Now!"

    I scooted across the seat and took Dirk's hand as I got out of the car totally naked. "What if one of the neighbors sees me?"

    "If that happens, he'll either come over and ask if there's room for one more at the party, or he'll peek out his window while he masturbates."

    "But what if it's a woman who sees me naked?"

    "Then she'll come over, pretend to be outraged, but hope to be invited to the party. Come on, Fonda, we've got a houseful of important guests who are waiting for you."

    Dirk held the front door open for me, and for the first time in my life, I made my appearance at a party naked except for my four-inch heels. As soon as I entered the large living area, there was a chorus of male cheers and whistles. The first person to greet me, however, was a stunning, young black woman who wasn't wearing much more than I was. Her bra did cover a lot of her big tits, but her tiny G-string just barely covered her slit. Her white strapy sandals had four-inch heels like mine.

    Sauntering up to me with her hand on her naked hip, she looked me over and then, turning to Howerton, said, "Is this the slut you were fucking all afternoon yesterday, Mike?"

    "Yeah," he admitted with a grin. "That's Fonda Ralston, Bruce's wife. Fonda, meet Gale, my better half."

    I was still standing there with my face red with embarrassment when Gale asked, "You really drained him, Honey. Tell me, did you manage to take all of Mike's huge cock up your pussy?"

    I relaxed and replied, "It took him awhile but after 10 minutes or so, he had it in me."

    "Hot bitch. Ok you black studs... which one of you is going to fuck this hot piece of ass first?"

    "Well, I'm the VP for stocks and real estate investments," Grant Lambert replied. "Her husband works for me so I think my subordinate's wife ought to get her sexy ass over here and suck my black cock. Get over here, Fonda, and suck my dick."

    Lambert removed his briefs as he said it. His thick, 9 or maybe10-inch tool curved upward making it perfect to grind over a woman's G-spot when he had it in her. If his gorgeous, iron-hard cock wasn't enough, his powerful, ripped body finished the job. The sight of the virile, black stud had my pussy dripping.

    I hurried over and knelt in front of his black shaft. "Open your mouth, Fonda, big dick is going in," he growled. As soon as I opened my mouth, he pressed his cock downward and filled it with five inches of the huge male piston. I gurgled when the big head pressed against my throat. Lambert pulled back, held the back of my head, and thrust inward with authority. I gagged a little as it slid down my throat.


    As I sucked Lambert's cock, I saw that Gale had taken off her bra and G-string and was now sitting on the couch with her legs wide open her cunt completely exposed.

    "Do all you guys just want to watch Grant mouth fuck the white slut, or might some of you be interested in some very wet, black cunt?"

    Leon Jacks, the Director of Personnel and Mark Paxton moved toward the couch obviously intending to take Gale up on her invitation. I was going to watch to see if Gale could take all of their cocks, but Lambert's tool was beginning to throb. His hand moved to the back of my head and pulled me down on his dick at the same time as he thrust it into my throat. I tried to speak but all that came out was a gargled series of grunts.


    As I took more and more of Lambert's shaft down my throat, he began thrusting even faster and harder. My fingers were now working feverishly on my clit as he got closer to shooting. Behind me, someone was pulling my hips higher to get my pussy into fucking position. I felt powerful, thick thighs between mine... spreading me. Then a cock was sliding up and down my slit. It moved to my opening and pushed inward... stretching me on its girth. Having already been stretched by Dirk's thick shaft, this one entered my soaked hole easily.

    While Lambert fucked my mouth with his 8-inch shaft, one of the other executive's cock was pumping rapidly in and out of my pussy. It felt like it was about 8 or 9 inches and only moderately thick...so I knew it wasn't Dirt or Howerton fucking me, but other than that, I had no idea who had his cock in me. I was in the throes of my first orgasm from the double fucking when I heard Gale howling on the couch.

    "Oh Yeah, Mark. Fuck that big black cock into me, Baby. Fuck my hole. Watch Grant and Jerome plowing that white bitch while you bang my hot pussy, Lover... Bang it hard! OOohhhh fuck yes! LIKE THAT! UGH! FUCK IT! FUCK IT!"

    From the corner of my eye, I saw Hal Edwards moving beside me. As he watched Jerome and Grant pounding into me, he was stroking his 9-inch, very thick black shaft waiting his turn to fuck me.

    "Oh shit! Gonna hose her mouth hole," Lambert announced as he held my head and rammed his entire length down my throat. I was making unintelligible sounds as my pussy throbbed hard around Jerome's rod and my clitoris convulsed in hard spastic contractions. Then, Grant was pumping his big cum load down my throat and Jerome was pushing two fingers into my ass as he continued to fuck me right through my hard climax.

    Paxton was still mounted on Gale, his hips dancing between her open thighs. Gale had stopped talking and was now just grunting and squealing with pleasure as the black shaft pumped her toward another orgasm. Leon had apparently gotten tired of waiting for his turn inside the hot black woman, and when he saw Grant moving away, he practically ran over to replace him. Once more, my mouth was filled with a thick black shaft.

    Jerome was now hammering himself into me in hard, short strokes, each time grinding his dick against my womb as his balls mashed against my clit. I felt his dick beginning to jerk and throb as he grunted with male satisfaction.

    "Gonna fill your hot cunt, Fonda... gonna cum in ya.... yeah... ohhh fuck yeah... Here it comes, Baby... Take my hot load!"

    There wasn't much else I could do other than squeeze my pussy around Jerome's ejaculating shaft as he emptied his balls inside my vagina. With each spurt, the erotic squishing sounds his cock was making as it fucked me increased. With Leon's cock far down my throat, all I could do was grunt and moan and throb around their dicks.

    As soon as Jerome pulled his dripping shaft out of my pussy, semen began dripping from my stretched hole. Staring at my cunt, Edwards yelled, "Man! You fucking filled her belly with that load, Jerome!" Crawling onto the bed beside me, he ordered me to mount and ride his cock.

    "Ride it, Fonda. Sink that slick, cum-filled pussy down my dick and ride it!"

    Leon removed his cock from my mouth long enough for me to straddle Edwards' thighs and mount his iron-hard dick. He was certainly right about my pussy being slick and ready. As soon as I had worked the bloated head inside me, the remaining seven inches of cock filled me smoothly and easily.

    As soon as Edwards had it all the way in, Leon pushed his cock back into my mouth and both men began fucking me with a steady rhythm.

    "Well, what do'ya think, Hal. Is her cunt as tight as I told you it was?" I heard Dirk ask Edwards as he continued to pump his 8-inch cock into me.

    "Tighter, Man! Much tighter. Can't believe how tight she feels even after Jerome has stretched her open and pumped a gallon of cum into her.'

    "Told you. How about you, Leon. Is she a good cocksucker or what?"

    "Damn straight, Man! Her mouth hole's like a suction pump. Hard to keep from shooting off in her as soon as she locks her mouth over your dick. OOohhh... fuck... suck it, Baby... SUCK IT!"


    "She's cumming! The hot bitch is cumming!!" Leon screamed.

    "FUCK YEAH! Her cunt's going crazy on my dick!"

    "Her asshole's empty, Dirk. Stick yours in her. Make her airtight."

    "Tempting... very tempting," I heard Dirk reply. "But I was waiting for turn between Gale's legs. It's been maybe three weeks since I got my cock into Mike's wife, and he's been plugging Coleen's box regularly."

    "Looks like you waited too long, Man. Grant just mounted her. He's got her legs shoved all the way back and is laying the meat to her. Look!"


    I removed my mouth from Leon's cock long enough to yell at Dirk, "Forget her, Dirk. Put it in my ass, Lover. I'm a lot tighter than she is. Stick it in meeeeeeeee!"

    Getting on the bed, Dirk straddled my hips, bent forward, and pressed his rod against my anus. When about a half inch was in me, he stopped and asked, "Do you really want my 11-inch cock up your ass, Fonda?"


    Pulling back, I felt Dirk swabbing his cock through the churned white froth of Jerome's big cum load to lubricate it. A moment later, it was back against my anus pushing.... pushing. I thrust back as well as I could, and suddenly the big head forced its way into my rectum. I howled in hot pleasure/pain, which Dirk ignored as he drove four more inches of meat into my tunnel.

    "Oh God! You're so fucking big!"

    Dirk slowly worked his length into my rectum while Edwards' continued to plow into my pussy. I was now alternating between screaming at my lovers and sucking on Leon's cock.

    "Oh Gawd Damn! You're all fucking meeeeeeeee.... Do it! Do it! All of you... fuck meeeeeeeeeee! Sink it into my cunt, Hal... aaaahhhhh... Can you feel Dirk's cock fucking me in the ass, Baby?"

    "Oh shit yes, and I'm fucking your cunt, Baby. UUnnngghh.... Do you like this 8-inch dick up your cunt?"

    "Ohhhh god... ooohhhh god... fuck me, Hal. Harder. I’m so damn hot…OOOHHHH GAWD… ooohhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk.... ram that dick into meeeeeeeeee!"

    "Glad you like it, Honey... you're gonna be getting it everyday.... aaaahh... shit... your cunt's so fucking tight... can't hold it.... gonna cum in you.... UUnngghhh.... HERE COMES! TAKE IT!"

    I started to tell Hal to shoot it into me, but just as I opened my mouth to tell him to do it, Leon's dick filled my mouth again so that my words became just garbled grunts. It didn't matter because I obviously didn't need to tell Hal to shoot it in me; his throbbing cock fired spurt after spurt into my pussy. His hard, short strokes driving into my womb and flooding it pushed me over the edge.

    "Oooohhh god.... I'm there! I'M THERE! I'M CUMMING!! UUNNNNNN.. Oohh gawd damn... fuck me harder, Hal... UUnnnghh... Fuck my ass, Dirk... AAaahhh god... sooo good," I hissed as my vagina convulsed around Hal's dick while my rectum was doing its best to squeeze off Dirk's shaft that was pumping me harder than ever.

    My climax seemed to just go on and on with my vagina throbbing harder and harder until finally my entire body shuddered uncontrollably. I heard myself howling in ecstasy as my orgasm peaked and then slowly abated. My body just seemed to melt as Leon's cock continue to probe my throat and Dirk's shaft was now sinking balls deep into my rectum. I felt Dirk turning me onto my side and pulling my left leg up in the air to completely expose my ass for his shaft. Ball sacs were now bouncing off my chin and pussy.

    "You're ass is so fucking tight, Fonda. Pulling the load right out of my balls... Gonna shoot it! UGH! UGH! UGH! HERE'S IT COMES!! UUUNNGGHHH! AAAAHHHH!!""

    Dirk's huge cock convulsed inside me again and again. Each convulsion sent thick streams of semen gushing into my rectum as the erotic squishing sounds of a cock churning semen inside a woman filled the room. When Dirk finally pulled out of me, he again put me on my knees and pushed my knees apart so everyone could see the dual loads running out of my widely stretched holes.

    Leon had now reached the end of his endurance. "Hot Bitch is sucking my load out of my balls!" he screamed.

    "Fill her belly with it, Honey!" Gale screamed from the couch where she was now sliding her fingers through her spermy sex trench and over her still throbbing clit.

    When I felt Leon's shaft began to throb in the telltale signs of a male about to release his load, I relaxed as much as I could to allow him to slide his dick all the way down my throat every time he pushed into me. However, Leon wanted to see his semen filling my mouth. Abruptly, he jerked his now wildly throbbing shaft out of my mouth and yelled at me to open my mouth and keep it open. When I followed his instructions, he held his swollen cock inches from my open mouth and shot gush after gush of semen inside.

    After five of the seven executives had fucked me, we all took a break for some refreshments. Gale even brought me a nylon robe to wear.

    "Here, Honey. Better put this on if you want those randy studs to leave you alone long enough for you to get something to eat and drink."

    "That's awfully nice of you, Gale, considering that I screwed your husband behind your back."

    "It wasn't behind my back, Fonda. He told he was going to spend the entire afternoon doing you. Dynamic Investments, Inc. makes a lot of money and with the help of your sexy husband, they're going to make even more, but the best part is that in addition to all the money, it's the best sex club on the planet. Why do you think Bruce got the lucrative offer he did?"

    "I thought it was primarily because he can make the firm a lot of money."

    "There's that, of course, but I can tell you that if you had been ugly and unattractive or if you had been a conservative prude, there's no way in hell Bruce would have gotten the position. Your hot pussy and ass had as much to do with his success as his financial expertise, and the from the point of view of the wives, the fact that he's hung and a good lover is an added plus."

    "What about the lower-level staff?"

    "Same deal, Fonda. Their wives spread on command and the men had better have talented tongues or they're history."

    "Doesn't the firm ever get sued for sexual harassment?"

    "A few have tried, but its very difficult to get a judgment against a predominately black-owned firm nowadays. For the most part, they can't even find a lawyer willing to take on the case on a contingency basis because the chances of winning anything more than a token settlement are something between slim and none."

    Thirty minutes later, the remaining two executives were fucking me. Mike Howerton had me mounted on him in reverse cowgirl position with his thick cock buried in my ass while Mark Paxton was between my thighs rutting me hard in my pussy. The two black studs were giving it to me in a steady rhythm... one in, the other out... back and forth. I was shrieking like a whore as those two black dicks filled me again and again. Their low-pitched, masculine grunts mixed with my shrill shrieks filling the room with the sounds of hot sex.

    "Ohhh god... fuck me! Fuck me harder, you black bastards! Screw meeeeeeeee!!"

    "Hot fuck bitch! Take it... take my black schlong, Slut! Take it up your white fuck hole!"

    "I'm taking it... oohhhh god... it's in meeeeee... so fucking deep!"

    "Where are you taking it, Bitch?"

    "In my cunt! IN MY WHITE FUCK HOLE!"

    "Where else?"

    "IN MY ASS... IN MY ASSHOLE! GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!" I had repeated orgasms as Paxton and Howerton used my holes.

    The black executives fucked me continuously doing me two and three at a time. Before the party was over, all seven men had fucked me at least twice. Of course, Dirk finished the evening by ass fucking me.


    I spent the last day of my interview signing papers and being loaded up with suggestions for possible investments over the six weeks I would be gone. After having lunch with Dirk and Grant Lambert, I placed a call to Bridget who answered on the first ring.

    "Hello, Mr. Ralston. Is there anything I can do to help today?"

    "Yes there is, Bridget. I want you to go to come by my office and pick up my wife's return first-class ticket... I'll leave it on my desk... and then go to the airport and exchange it for a similar first-class ticket for yourself. I'll already called the airline to alert them that you'll be doing this so there shouldn't be a problem, but if there is, give me a call."

    "I'll take care of it, Mr. Ralston. Anything else?"

    "Pack and be ready to leave at 8 AM in the morning. I'll pick you up at your home in the firm's limo. Be ready."

    "Oh I will be, Mr. Ralston."

    "I think that's about it. I'll see you in the morning, Bridget."

    "Mr. Ralston?"

    "Yes? Is there a problem, Bridget?"

    "No... not a problem, just a question."

    "Yes? What is it?"

    "It's my husband... Phil. He wants to fuck me tonight before I leave. Is that all right?"

    "Of course."

    "Would you prefer me to bathed and fresh in the morning or freshly fucked and full of Phil's load, Sir?"

    "In the last few days, I've discovered that sloppy seconds can be very erotic. Let's make it freshly fucked and full, Bridget."

    After taking care of the arrangements with Bridget, I called Fonda, and we spent the rest of the day looking at homes in the area. Somewhat amazingly, just before dinner time, we found one we really liked. It was expensive... very expensive, but our income was now several times what it was before. By 7:30 PM, we had made a deposit that would guarantee that the realtor and seller would hold the home for us for six weeks.

    I was up and out of bed by at 6:00 AM the following morning in order to give myself time to shower, shave, dress, and have some breakfast before my departure around 7:50 AM. Fonda was still asleep when I dragged myself out of bed, but by the time I had laid out my clothes for the day in the suite's second bedroom, she was awake but still in bed.

    As I had more than ample time, I took a long shower. Halfway through, I thought I heard the door to our suite open and close, but gave it no thought... that is, I gave it no further thought until I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. My wife's hot groans from the bedroom gave me an instant erection.

    "Oh god yes, Baby. Fuck me.... aaaahhh... fuck me with your big, black cock... Uunnghhh... so fucking big... give it to meeeeeee!"

    "UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! Tight, hot fuck hole! I love being in your tight, white cunt! Squeeze my cock, Fonda. UUUmmmm... oh yeah! Squeeze it!"

    "Ooohhh gawd damn! I'm about to cum again... fuck me harder, Grant... ram it... aaahhhh... oohhhhh fuck yeah! Like that! LIKE THAT! Fuck the shit out of meeeeeee... aaaahhhhhhh.... oh fuck... oh fuck... you're making me cummmmmm!!"

    "Cum on my dick, Slut!"

    "I am! I AM! I'm cumming on your cock, Baby. GIVE IT TO ME!"

    “Where do you want it?”

    “In my cunt, Lover. In my white fuck hole! Shoot it innnnnn!”
    The bedsprings were squeaking loudly now as Grant pounded it into my wife. In spite of myself, I couldn't resist stroking my rigid cock as he fucked my wife. Water was still dripping from me as I peaked into the bedroom. Lambert was mounted on Fonda in missionary position. Her knees were bent and her legs up in the classic female fucking position. Her naked feet danced and jerked wildly above Lambert's hips everytime his cock thudded into the bottom of her cunt. He was fucking her hard making her shriek. Fonda seemed to having one orgasm after another.

    I watched them fuck for a few minutes before returning to the bathroom to finish shaving. Even with the door closed, I could hear the deep masculine grunts mixing with the higher-pitched shrieks my wife was making as Lambert's cock filled my wife's convulsing and very receptive cunt.

    When I had finished shaving and applying some aftershave, I again looked into the bedroom on my way to second bedroom to get dressed. Lambert was still fucking her in missionary position. The only change was that he was now riding her high so that his cock was driving almost straight down into her pussy. Fonda's legs were flailing the air high above his back. Everytime his cock disappeared into her hole, her hips were driven deep into the mattress as her legs jerked back and her toes curled. She was making wild, screeching sounds on every entry.

    Using all my will power, I forced myself to stop jacking off. After all, at 8 AM, I would be picking up a hot blonde with huge tits who would be delighted to take care of my problem.

    Turning away, I went into the second bedroom and closed the door behind me. Even with the door closed, I could still hear my wife groaning as I dressed. I was packing the remainder of my two suitcases when I heard the door to the suite open and close again. My wife stopping groaning, and I assumed that Grant had finished and left. However, before I finished packing, the bedsprings began squeaking again. A moment later, Fonda's moans began again... this time even louder and more shrill than before.

    By time I was ready to leave, Fonda was again screaming. The loud female cries were mixed with male grunts and moans, and both sounds were punctuated by the rapid squeaking of protesting bed springs. I had intended to call room service to help me with my two suitcases, but considering what was happening inside the bedroom, I decided to just carry my bags to the hotel's lobby.

    When I entered our bedroom, I saw the reason for my wife's wild screaming. The Director and VP of my division were both screwing her. She was riding Grant Lambert in reverse cowgirl position with his thick shaft embedded deep inside her ass. Mike Howerton was between her thighs hammering his thick rod into her cunt. As Grant pulled back, Mike rammed into her. When Mike withdrew, Grant's dick filled my wife's ass again. I estimated that Fonda was entertaining about 18 or 19 inches of black cock in her sex holes.

    When I walked through the bedroom, none of them even saw me, much less paid any attention to me. As I closed the suite's door behind me, I realized that Fonda hadn't even taken the time to say goodbye. I did, however, hear her squealing loudly in another orgasm as I closed the door.

    Two Months Later:

    It took longer for my husband to wrap things up at the bank and sell our house than we had anticipated. Instead of six weeks, it was two months before he returned to join me in our new home and our new lifestyle.

    As I waited for his plane to land, I wondered if Bruce would even recognize me. Even though I had called him everyday and kept him fully informed of how my makeover was progressing, I was still worried. I was now 15 lbs heavier and much more voluptuous. My lips had been enhanced by collagen injections, and the nose job had changed not only my nose but the contours of my face. My former 34B tits were now 36DD... big, firm mounds with larger nipples. The added weight had fleshed out my ass into the type most black males love. My complexion was darker thanks to numerous sessions in the tanning salon. I hoped my husband liked his new sensuous and very slutty wife.

    When they airport announced the arrival at Bruce's plane, I wondered if the blonde slut he had taken with him had been a good fuck. I hoped so because Dirk, the VPs, and the firm's directors had been banging me everyday for the past two months. When I was having my period, they just used my mouth and ass holes. I had even made the corporation a lot of extra money by balling potential investors thereby persuading them to use the firm to handle their investments.

    As I waited, I could see several men, some with their wives, lustfully checking me out. Considering the facts that my blouse exposed a lot of my 36DD's and my short skirt over half of my thighs, I could hardly blame them. In fact, I was probably enjoying showing it to them even more than they enjoyed seeing it. Their wives were mostly staring daggers at me. But one or two looked like they wanted me as much as the men. None of that mattered at the moment. I just wanted my husband's eight-inch cock to get hard when he saw me.

    I was holding my breath waiting for Bruce to come through the exit from the secure area of the airport. Deliberately, I pulled my short skirt even higher on my thighs making the view I was providing even more erotic. The thought that he would be with his blonde whore really had me worried. What if he had found that he preferred fucking her and wanted a divorce? Maybe he would be so anxious to sink his cock into her that he wouldn't even come home with me. Maybe it had been a mistake to call him several times a week when one of the executives was fucking me and letting him listen. Maybe that had turned him off... maybe he would be disgusted with me.

    "Oh god," I moaned half aloud as I tugged my top a little lower to let my husband see even more of my new, big tits.

    I wasn't oblivious of the fact that even more men were moving into better position to see up my skirt of down my cleavage, but it didn't concern me. All I could think about was my husband and his response to now having a hot, voluptuous slut for a wife. Then I saw him coming through the gate. I was suddenly afraid... really afraid... so much so, I wanted to run and hide rather than face him. I was about to do just that until I saw that he was alone... no blonde slut hanging onto his arm. That was enough to keep me rooted on my seat on the arm of the couch.

    Bruce approached me... looking around... obviously trying to find his wife, a wife who no longer existed. Then, he noticed me, or more accurately, he noticed my exposed thighs and big tits. He smiled in appreciation of my exposed charms, but his pants didn't tent. My heart sank.

    He moved closer, still searching. After scanning the waiting area, his eyes returned to my legs... Bruce had always been a leg man. Slowly, his eyes moved up to my tits, which were now heaving, half in fear, half in excitement. Then, his eyes were on my face. He stopped, dropped his briefcase to the floor, and stared unbelievingly. My long, dark hair was still the same as were my eyes. My face, although different, was still very similar to what it had been, and I had kept Bruce informed about the changes in our phone conversations.

    Leaving his briefcase lying on the floor, he walked rapidly toward me. Stopping a few feet away, he leaned forward to stare into my eyes. He framed his question with a single word: "Fonda?"

    For an answer, I smiled broadly and opened my legs to give him a great view of my thin, almost transparent, black panties. It didn't bother me a bit that other men were getting the same view... I just wanted my husband to see me. "Welcome home, Darling," I whispered to him.

    Instantly, I saw Bruce's pants tenting. When he took me in his arms and kissed me, his hard erection was mashed against my mound, which I ground vigorously into him. Everytime his cock throbbed against me, my pussy contracted. When he finally removed his mouth from mine, I hissed in his ear. "You're about to make me cum, Darling. I need your cock... in me... fucking me. Please hurry."

    "Let's go. I've got the limo waiting outside for me." He took my arm and started moving toward the exit.

    "Your briefcase, Honey. You forgot it. It's still lying on the floor."

    "Fuck it."

    "Don't be silly, Baby. I'm so hot I feel like my pussy is on fire, but I can wait 10 seconds longer while you get your briefcase."

    Reluctantly, my husband hurried back, retrieved his case, and then practically ran back to me. As we approached the airport exit, I asked, "What about your luggage?"

    "I called Carl Phillips and told him to pick it up for me. Let's go. There's the limo."

    The driver got out and opened the door for us. I slid across the seat and then turned back with my legs wide open and my top pulled even further down my tits to greet my husband when he got in. The fact that the driver was seeing everything just made my pussy throb even harder.

    As Bruce pulled the car's door shut, he stared at my barely concealed pussy and my big tits that were sticking out like cannons right in his face. "My god!" he exclaimed. "You're out-of-this-world fucking beautiful... so damn sexy! I'm gonna cum in my pants just looking at you, Fonda."

    "Don't you dare cum in your pants, Lover. All that hot cum is mine, and it's going up my cunt. Do you really like your new slutty wife?"

    "I love it! I can't believe it, but I love it! You're a wife straight out of my most erotic wet dreams, Fonda."

    "I've been fucked a lot, Baby. It was just sex though... for us. But are you furious?"

    "No. I'm so hard it hurts."

    "I know just how to make it all better, Lover. Did that blonde slut take good care of my husband?"

    "She did her best... not up to your skills, but she tried hard."

    "Where is she? I thought she would be with you."

    "I had her stay and finish packing the rest of our stuff. She will be arranging to have it shipped to us. But enough about her. All I'm interested in right now is my gorgeous wife."

    "Can I ask one more question before you ravish me?" I pleaded.

    "Go ahead, but hurry."

    "Did you fuck Bridget before you left this morning?"

    "No. I didn't want her. I wanted you."

    "Dirk wanted to bang me this morning, but I turned him down for the same reason."

    "Enough of this stuff. I want to see those huge new tits of yours, Fonda. Take them out."

    "MMmmmm... I thought you'd never ask, Honey," I hissed with pleasure as I shrugged off my top and exposed my tits for my wildly excited husband,

    "Jesus!" he gasped.

    I loved it! Hefting my globes, I grinned, "I think you like them, Lover. Wanna suck my nipples? They're very sensitive. Makes my cunt throb with they're sucked. Suck them for me, Bruce. Suck them hard!"

    As soon as Bruce's mouth closed over one of my large nipples, I felt my pussy contract in a hard spasm.

    "Oh gawd damn! Suck harder... suck harder! damn you... suck them!"

    His mouth moved back and forth between my engorged and now pulsing nipples. When he began biting them, my vagina went into convulsive spasms. My ass rose up off the seat of the limo, humping wildly in the air, as he made me cum.

    "Get those panties off!" my husband ordered. "Get naked and spread!"

    My clitoris and vagina were still pulsing from my orgasm as I frantically stripped off my panties and threw them onto the floorboard. Hiking one leg up onto the back of the seat while spreading the other wide, I used my fingers to open my pussy.

    "I'm naked, Baby. Mount me! Mount your whorish wife and fuck her hard!" I howled.

    Bruce must have set a record for the fastest strip in history. He had his clothes off in what seemed like seconds. His big eight-inch shaft was hard and throbbing. It seemed even bigger than I remembered. Just looking at it standing straight up... rigid and ready... made my clit throb. The cocks of the black executives who had been fucking me continuously for the last two months were all bigger than my husband’s, but none, and I mean none, came even close to the iron hardness of his gorgeous pussy pleaser. As my hand stroked his rock solid, unbending shaft, I mentally kicked myself for never realizing how much more important hardness is than size. I wanted it, and I wanted it now... up my cunt... fucking me.

    "Hurry, Stud. Get on me! Get that huge, ramrod steel dick in me."

    "it's not as big as the black cocks that have been fucking you for the last two months."

    "No, it's not, but it's harder... a lot harder.. and HARD beats big every day of the week. And it's attached to the guy I love. Hurry, Lover. I want it... I need it! Put it in me!"

    When he moved between my open thighs, my legs came up and locked around his hips pulling him against my body. His stiff organ butted against my pussy and slid through the wetness of my slit sending hot shivers through me. I hunched my hips upward trying to capture his sex spike with my man trap. When the big head again slid over my opening, I thrust upward. The hard cock sank into me bringing a hot, hissing sigh of pleasure. That sigh turned into a hot shriek of passion when Bruce snapped his hips forward and buried eight inches of hard cock deep inside my soaked cunt.

    Bruce fucked me like a pile driver driving in railway spikes. His powerful hips hammered his pulsing organ into me again and again, He couldn't stop grunting, and I couldn't stop squealing with each entry. The hot, erotic smell of sex filled the back of the limo... a mixture of the sensuous aroma of a woman's cunt mixed with the heady musk of a rutting male. The harder Bruce fucked me, the wetter I got until even the driver could hear the sloshing sounds of his cock sinking into my swampy cunt.

    "Gonna cum in your cunt," he whispered hotly in my ear.

    "Oh god yes... I know... fill me, Lover. Shoot me full!" I replied in a voice that no more than a hot moan. "Oh Fuck me! FUCK ME! I'm there! I'M CUMMING! NOW! Cum in meeeeee!"

    For over a minute, Bruce's cock jerked and throbbed inside me while my vagina contracted around his pulsing sex spike. I could feel the hot white froth of our churned juices sliding down the crack of my ass as we lay there panting trying to catch our breaths.

    Finally, I had enough oxygen in my lungs to whisper, "The driver watched us fuck, Honey."

    "Is he still watching?"

    "I don't think he's taken his eyes off of us ever since I flashed my panties at him when I got in the car."

    "I'm still hard."

    "I know... oh god... do I ever know. I love it. Are you going to fuck me again right in front of the driver, Darling?"

    "Do you mind?"

    "You know I don't mind. It turns me on. But this time I want him to be able to see your big cock fucking me."

    "Let me get behind you and fuck you in spoon position. That way he can see your tits bouncing."

    "MMMmmmm... but he won't be able to see your big cock sinking into me."

    "He will if I raise your leg and you brace it with your heel against the ceiling of the car."

    "Do it, Lover. DO IT!"

    Without even taking his cock out of my pussy, Bruce slipped from between my thighs and moved behind me. He hit into me several times making me moan. Once again, I could see the driver watching us in his rear view mirror. When Bruce pulled my right leg up exposing the connection between our organs, I winked at him, he winked back.

    "Fuck me now, Baby. Fuck me with that big hard cock!" Bruce cut off my words with a kiss as his thick shaft plunged into me.

    Without a word of warning, my stud husband pulled his cock from my vagina, moved backward a couple of inches, and drove it into my ass. After a couple of thrusts, he was balls deep in my rectum fucking it hard.

    As I got closer to another climax on Bruce's hard cock, I could see the driver's arm moving rapidly. As he approached his own orgasm, his hips rose off the seat, and I could see the reflection of his hand pumping rapidly up and down his engorged rod. There was a muted grunt from the front seat as thick streams of semen arched high in the air.

    My sexy husband couldn’t get enough of me. Obviously, he loved my “new look”,
    and I could never get enough of him or his iron-hard pussy pleaser.

    On the Job:

    For the next year, I was buried in work at my new job. Three hours a day was spent studying the prospectus and quarterly reports of firms I was considering for possible investments. Another hour or two was spent on the phone talking to my contacts on Capitol Hill whom I had cultivated during my years of work at the bank. Fortunately, I no longer needed to pay for the call girls I used to entertain them when they visited. I now had a large supply of big-titted, hot wives at my beck and call who did an even better job than the call girls had.

    Most afternoons were devoted to making money for our clients who had entrusted vast amounts to the firm. Effectively, I was now in complete command of all that money since my two superiors, Howerton and Lambert, were too busy fucking my wife and a half dozen other wives to pay much attention to investments. Although nothing was ever said, it became very obvious to me that we were essentially doing money laundering for drug dealers and other shadowy groups. Who else would deliver millions in cash to an investment firm.

    With my skills, contacts, extensive study, and some inside information, it was almost child's play for me to make our clients an average return of 15% per year. In fact, the average return was closer to 20%, but more about that later. For our legitimate investors, 15% was more than satisfactory. Considering the state of the economy, it was outstanding. For our more shadowy investors, their money had been effectively laundered so any additional profit was just icing on the cake.

    In addition to all the work and stress of handling millions of dollars, there were other distractions. On this particular Tuesday afternoon, I was working in my office at home assessing price to earnings ratios for several dozen companies and correlating that information with the company inventories, salary and fringe benefits base, turnover rates, and research initiatives to develop new, profitable products. Under the best of conditions, the work was intense, difficult, and tedious. Trying to do it while listening to my wife's passionate cries coming from our bedroom was next to impossible.

    Dirk had come over to our home around 2 PM to fuck Fonda. By 2:20, I could easily hear her groans. At 2:30, she was wailing as her pussy throbbed around Dirk's 11-inch shaft. It was now 3:15, and Fonda was howling so loudly, I gave up trying to do the calculations.

    Deciding to take a break, I walked down the hallway to our bedroom. As I approached, Dirk's hot shouts mixed with my wife's shrill screams in a sexual symphony. As soon as I entered the room, I knew why Fonda was having so many, near continuous orgasms. Dirk had her bent over the side of the bed with her ass arched as he powered all 11 inches of cock into her cunt. I would have been able to hear it thud into the bottom of her hole if the sound had not been overwhelmed by Fonda's wild screams on each entry.


    "You ready to take another load up your hot white fuck hole, Slut?"

    "Yes! Yes! OH FUCK, YES! Cum in me. Cum in my cunt, Dirk. I'm always ready to take as many of your loads as you want to shoot into me... you can fuck me anytime... Bang it... BANG IT NOW! HAMMER ME, BABY!"

    With my wife begging him to fuck her even harder, Dirk saw me watching from the hallway. “Your hubby is watching me screwing you, Slut. He wants to see my monster cock sinking into your fuck hole. I’m gonna turn you over so your on top riding me.” The powerful CEO handled Fonda as if she weighed nothing. “Now lean forward and arch your ass so hubby can see how his slutty wife takes my black cock.” Fonda followed his orders, and a moment later, I was watching 11 inches of black cock moving in and out of her throbbing vagina. The erotic spectacle had me hard… really hard!

    "Come on in here, Bruce. “

    He was the CEO, so naturally I hurried over. “What is it?”

    “One of your slut’s fuck holes is still empty. You gotta be hard watching your wife being fucked by 11 inches of black dick. Get it out and plug her asshole.”

    The thought of fucking my wife’s ass while Dirk was banging her cunt was not something I was interested in doing. Just the thought was causing me to lose my erection. “I’m pretty busy, Dirk, working on investment decisions for the corporation. I lot of money is at stake. I really need to get back to work.”

    “Fuck the money, Man. We’ve got more money than Fort Knox. Time for that later. Get your cock into her ass hole, Man. Let’s double team the hot bitch. Arch that hot ass, Slut. Hubby’s cock is coming in.”

    Fonda turned her head and looked at me. In an instant, she knew I was having an enormous problem. Licking her lips, she hissed, “Come here, Honey, and kiss your sexy slut.”

    Dirk’s cock continued to piston in and out Fonda’s pussy as I kissed her. It was anything but a slutty, French kiss. Instead, it was warm, loving, and passionate. As her lips moved away, her teeth nipped my ear lobe and she whispered, “Forget the black schmuck. It’s just you and me, Honey. No one else. Remember our plan. Don’t give him a clue. Please fuck my ass. Your cock is the only one I’ll feel. Come on… Stick it in me, Lover!” Her lips again sought out mine as her hand unzipped me and extracted my now very hard cock.

    It took me less than a minute to get rid of my clothes. Ten seconds after that, I was sinking a very hard, 8-inch cock into my wife’s very receptive ass. Following my CEO's orders, I timed my thrusts with Dirk’s so that our cocks alternately filled her cunt and ass holes. The double fucking caused her to shudder violently. Every entry of a cock into her body brought shrill shrieks. Her legs jerked wildly back and forth as her hands clutched my buttocks urging me to fuck her even harder.

    It only took only a few minutes to send her into hard, spastic contractions. Dirk was shooting in his load as she erupted in another violent climax. Her convulsions sent me over the edge. Again and again, I spewed thick streams of semen into her rectum.

    I got off my wife and watched as Dirk slowly dragged his cock from Fonda’s vagina. The huge shaft was dripping with my wife’s juices and Dirk’s semen from previous ejaculations. They cascaded down his dick and dripped from the swollen head forming two long cum ropes that swung erotically back and forth

    “Thanks for sharing her with me, Dirk. I’ve got to get back to work. After all, that’s what you pay me the big bucks to do.”

    Dirk ignored me totally. He was too busy getting Fonda into ass fucking position. It was really amazing. He was still hard.

    “Lift your leg,” he commanded as he delivered a sharp slap to her ass. Fonda emitted small cry and quickly hoisted her left thigh exposing her cunt and ass holes completely. Semen gushed from both holes. Dirk adjusted his cock against her anus and pressed inward. Seven inches hard prick smoothly entered her rectum. My wife's body began to shudder as Dirk rammed her even harder sending several most inches of thick cock into her ass.

    Dirk stayed until almost 4:30. Even when he wasn't actively screwing my wife, he kept his dick soaking inside her pussy while he was recovering from his last ejaculation. It was well after 4 PM when I was completing the last of my comparison studies, that I heard Fonda shrieking again... this time from our bedroom.

    As I walked toward the master bedroom, the headboard began banging into the wall he was fucking her so hard. I couldn't decide which was louder... my wife's wild cries, Dirk's triumphant shouts as he buried his rod into Fonda, or the banging of the headboard against the wall.

    Dirk was mounted on my wife with his hands cupping her ass to keep her in perfect position to take his thick shaft. Fonda's legs were spread as wide as she could get them. Every time Dirk rammed into her pussy, her legs jerked up and back. Her hands were clutching his buttocks frantically in an effort to pull him even deeper inside her erupting vagina.

    My wife saw me standing in the doorway watching as Dirk fucked her. She winked at me and howled.

    "OOoohhh god... Dirk's got all 11 inches of his black cock in your wife's cunt, Honey... He's fucking meeeeeeee.... aaaahhhhh gawd damn... he's fucking me with every inch on every stroke. He's already throbbing inside me... he's gonna unload his cum into your wife's pussy.... aaah...aaah... aaahh... aaahhh... He's cumming! HE SHOOTING CUM INTO MY CUNT! RIGHT NOW! HIS BIG LOAD'S SHOOTING INTO ME!"

    Dirk spent most of the day fucking me. Bruce could handle that, but when Dirk insisted that my
    husband fuck my ass while he did my cunt, I knew he needed some help.


    That night was no different than every other night. We had dinner around 6 PM with Fonda wearing only panties, heels, and thin, nylon robe. At 6:45, she was clearing the table and putting away the leftovers while I did up the dishes. The doorbell rang and she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and hurried to see who was calling. She didn't bother putting on more clothes.

    I checked my watch. It was 6:50, and I could hear muted voices from somewhere outside the kitchen area. At 7:02, I heard my wife's first groan. At 7:04, I heard a man grunt followed by a hot squeal from my wife. Then, there was another masculine grunt that was different from the first one. At 7:06, Fonda's squeals changed to gasps and hot shrieks.

    After I had gotten the dishes into the washer, I looked into our den. This time, it was three of the firm's vice presidents who were fucking my wife. They had her on her back in the middle of the day bed with her legs up and back. Mark Paxton was between her legs nailing his dick into her asshole. My position at the foot of the bed gave me an excellent view of his dick disappearing into my wife's body. Her 36DD tits were jerking back and forth in time to Paxton's fucking while Hal Edwards and Jerome Thompson were taking turns fucking Fonda's mouth with their hard cocks.

    In spite of the fact that Dirk had spent over four hours that afternoon screwing her, my wife was having no problems taking care of all three VPs.

    Going back to my study, I spent another hour working on correlating price/earnings ratios to the inventory, salaries, fringe benefits, market strategies, and future product develop for the companies on my list of possible investments. The hour was frequently punctuated by hot female screams and wild grunts by men planting seed in a wet cunt.

    When I took a break to get myself a beer from the fridge, I couldn't resist the urge to look into the bedroom to see what was now happening. Paxton and Edwards had apparently left and Leon Jacks had taken their place. My wife was riding Jacks in reverse cowgirl position with his cock buried in her asshole. Jerome was holding my wife's legs up in the air and spreading her wide so he had a perfect view of Leon's dick entering Fonda's ass. She had her head tilted back allowing Jerome to fuck her mouth. I also had the same perfect view. My cock was rock hard when I got my beer out of the fridge.

    I continued working until almost midnight before I was so exhausted that I had to quit and get some sleep. When I entered the master bedroom to get ready for bed, I found that it was already being used by Jacks, Jerome, and Dirk, who must have come back for a second fuck session with Fonda.

    My wife was now sucking Leon's cock while she rode Dirk cowgirl. Jerome was mounted on her from behind with his dick in her ass. There had to be close to 20 inches of thick black cock in my wife's cunt and ass holes, and another 8 inches down her throat.

    Needless to say, I had to sleep in the guest bedroom that night.

    I had been on the job for about a year when Carl Phillips, one of my junior staff members, made a hideous mistake. I had directed him to place an order for 25,000 shares of a new manufacturing firm that I judged to be a winner. At the time, the stock was selling for $6 per share. It was a simple assignment... no thinking... just place an order. Carl, however, was thinking with his dick instead of his head.

    As I later discovered, Carl had been working for months to get one of the married secretaries to spread her legs for him, and that afternoon, she invited him to spend some time between her thighs in one of the storerooms. Elated by his success, Carl fucked her four times that afternoon before he finally couldn't get it up again. The next morning, he screwed her again and later in the afternoon, he banged her once in her cunt and twice more in her ass. The weekend came and it was late Monday afternoon before I discovered that the order for the 25,000 shares had never been placed. The stock closed Monday afternoon at $17 per share. So, Carl's blunder had cost the firm more than a quarter of a million dollars. The magnitude of Carl's blunder left me no good option but to fire him. Of course, I informed Howerton and Lambert, in that order.

    When I entered my office early the next morning, I found Jean Phillips perched on a table facing my desk. She had her blouse open to a point almost below her tits. Her skirt had been pulled up to her hips, her legs were open, and her panties were sunk into her slit.

    "Please don't fire, Carl, Mr. Ralston. Please! We'll lose everything. We'll be totally destitute. I'll do anything... ANYTHING!... for as long as you want if you will just give him a second change," she begged.

    "Your husband cost the corporation $275,000 by neglect and stupidity, Mrs. Phillips."

    "I know... I know," she wailed. "He's totally stupid. He just wanted to fuck that sexy bitch so bad that when she spread her legs for him, he forgot everything else except getting his cock into her holes. He's a dumb jerk, but we need the income. Please, Mr. Ralston!"

    "The Director and Vice President, Mr. Howerton and Mr. Lambert, know that I've already fired Carl. You would have to convince them as well as me, Mrs. Phillips."

    "Jean... call me Jean. Give me chance to convince all of you. Please," she pleaded.

    The upshot was a meeting in my office Tuesday morning between Howerton, Lambert, Carl, Jean, and myself. As the senior executive present, Lambert ran the meeting.

    "Carl, you're a dumb headed jerk who thinks with his dick instead of his brain."

    "Yes Sir, I know, I..."

    "Keep your mouth shut! If I ask you a question, then you can speak... not otherwise. Your wife has already told Mr. Ralston that she will do anything if we let you keep your job. How about you? Are you willing to do anything?"

    "Yes, Sir."

    "It seems that you think with your dick instead of your brain. We have to put a stop to that if you're going to continue to work here. Understand?"

    "Yes, Sir."

    "We'll soon see. Just be warned... if you even hesitate, you're out on your ass and the two of you can apply for welfare. Strip! Naked. Everything! Now!"

    Carl was out of his clothes in a flash. In less than a minute, he was standing naked in the middle of my office in front of three executives and his wife. Lambert turned to Jean and said, "Ok, Jean. Lock him up."

    Jean nodded and opened the box that had been sitting on the table beside her chair. When she removed the contents, I saw that it was a metal cock cage with a broad chrome ring to fit around Carl's scrotum and the base of his penis along with a chrome-ribbed cage that locked onto the ring with small padlock. It took Jean less than minute to have her husband's penis securely locked away.

    Carl's face was beet red with embarrassment standing naked in front of everyone with his penis securely locked in the cage. The openings in the cage permitted him to pee, but there was no way he could possibly masturbate or fuck. In addition, there was no extra space inside the cage that would permit his cock to expand with an erection. If he did get excited and his penis began to harden, the constricting cage would exert so much painful pressure on his penis, that a budding erection would be short-lived.

    "Carl, that cage is going to be home for your penis for the next few years. Get used to it. No more pussy for you. No more jacking off. No more erections. You won't be thinking of with your dick any longer because it no longer functions as a cock... all you can do with it is pee," Howerton informed him. Everyone in the room, including his wife, laughed.

    "Now, how about you, Jean?" Lambert asked. "Bruce tells me that you told him you'd do anything if we didn't fire your near worthless husband. Is that right?"

    "Anything," she hissed in a sensuous whisper. My cock got hard and I was pretty certain that so did Lambert's and Howerton's.

    Without being asked, Jean unzipped her skirt and let if fall to the floor where it bunched around her ankles. When she opened her white blouse, I saw that Jean had had a body makeover like my wife. Her big tits bulged erotically out of her patterned grey teddy. She mounted the desk, kicked off her heels and sat with her knees steepled and her legs wide open.

    "Lie back, Jean," I ordered.

    "And show us your cunt," Lambert added to my command.

    Jean reclined on the desk with her knees still steepled. With a seductive smile, she reached between her open thighs and pulled the crotch of her teddy aside to expose her shaved cunt. "I hope all of you like my cunt. You can see it and use it anytime you like," she hissed as her fingers moved sensuously through the wet lips surrounding her opening.

    As we stared at her inviting pussy, she slowly raised her legs straight up in the air. "Do you like me better with my legs up in the air and wide open or the other way?" she asked.

    At this point, both Lambert and Howerton began to strip, obviously intending to fuck Carl's wife while he watched. When their pants and briefs hit the floor, Jean stared at the two huge black shafts.... 17 or 18 inches of hard cock dripping in anticipation of sinking into her sex holes. She had seen them before... probably many times... but she still ran the tip of her tongue over her lips.

    "Lose that fucking teddy!" Lambert commanded. Jean practically ripped the garment in her haste to get it off. When she was naked except for her stockings, she again got onto her back and steepled her knees with her wet pussy in full view.

    "Oh Man!" Howerton growled. "I can't wait to sink my dick into her!"

    Our concentration on Jean's hot body was interrupted by Carl's painful moans, "OOohhh god... it hurts... Jesus! It really hurts. Please take this thing off of me. When I get hard, it cuts into my cock... uunnghhh... take it off... TAKE IT OFF!" he screamed.

    "Don't worry about it, Carl. When it gets really painful, you'll lose your erection, and it won't hurt any longer. After this happens a dozen times or so, you'll get to the point where you don't get hard any longer," Howerton advised him.

    "But it hurts! Oh God! IT HURTS!!"

    "Tough shit, Carl. You shouldn't have blundered and cost the firm over a quarter of a million dollars. That cage is your cock's home from now on," Lambert yelled at him. "Now sit there like a good little boy and watch us fuck your wife and knock her up."

    "Knock her up?" Carl asked, obviously shocked. "She's on the pill."

    "Not any more, Carl. Bruce had her stop last night."

    Carl just moaned in response as he tried to adjust his cage so that it wouldn't hurt his semi-hard penis so much.

    "OOoohhh god... I'm so hot," Jean moaned. "Please... somebody fuck me."

    "Bruce, give the lady some tongue, but don't fuck her. She only gets black cock until she's pregnant. Understand?" Lambert asked.

    I nodded as I knelt in front of the desk and stared into the open, wet hole of Jean's pussy. Her musky aroma filled my nostrils. The sight of her bulging, erect clitoris and her vagina opening and closing in rhythmic contractions had me hard as stone. It had the same effect on Carl who again began to cry and moan with the pain of the cage cutting into his penis as he got harder.

    "Move closer, Carl," Lambert ordered. Move closer and watch Bruce make your wife cum."

    "But it hurts... oh god... it hurts," he screamed.

    "If you want to have a job here tomorrow morning, move closer! Now!"

    When I began sucking and licking Jean's engorged clitoris while sliding my fingers into her pussy and stroking her G-spot, she began wailing and arching her hips up off the desk... humping and hunching wildly against my stroking tongue and sucking lips.

    "OOohh god YES! Suck me, Mr. Ralston. Suck on my clit! AHHHHH GAWD DAMN, I'M GONNA CUM!! Move closer, Carl. Watch your boss make me cum! UUNNGGHH... NOW! OH GOD NOW! I'M CUMMING!"

    As his wife howled in orgasm, Carl's cock got even harder. It was now bulging out between the ribs of his cage cutting into his sensitive flesh. If he got much harder, his cock was going to start bleeding.

    I continued licking the hot blonde's clit until she erupted again. At that point, Lambert moved closer fisting his rock-hard dick. "Move away, Ralston. Gotta see how good this bitch sucks cock."

    "Oh yes, Mr. Lambert. Lie down on the couch and I'll suck you... I'll suck your big cock so good... I'll suck you whenever you want it sucked and I promise to swallow every drop."

    Lambert settled down on the couch on his back, his 9-inch, thick shaft sticking straight up in the air. "Take it, Slut. Suck my dick!"

    Jean spread her body on top of Lambert's and took his thick shaft into her mouth. His hips jacked up forcing 6 inches of prick down her throat.


    Lambert forced even more dick down her throat, and Jean's wild grunts became louder and even more frenzied. Carl was now rolled up in ball on the floor. His hand pulled frantically on the cage... either trying to jack himself off or get the cage off.

    "Enough... enough!" Lambert ordered.

    Jean pulled her mouth off the vice president's cock and whispered, "Don't you want to cum in my mouth, Sir?"

    "No. All the loads go up your cunt until we knock you up. You'll be sucking us and we'll be using your ass, but when we cum, it's inside your hot cunt. Understand?"

    "Oh yes... you fuck all my holes, but you only shoot your loads inside my pussy. Did you hear that, Carl? Your wife's going to be taking dozens and dozens of big cum loads up her unprotected pussy all because you're so stupid!"

    "MOUNT!" Lambert ordered, and Jean quickly straddled his hips and lowered her cunt onto his thick shaft in cowgirl position. The big tool split her pussy and started into her hole.

    "AAHHHHHH GAWD DAMN! YOU'RE SO FUCKING BIG!" she squealed. "He's fucking his big, black cock into your wife's pussy, Carl. IT'S GOING INNNNNNNN!"

    Carl's body was now shuddering as his dick tried to expand against the constricting cage. When he couldn't get hard enough to ejaculate, his semen began running from the tip of his cock... not shooting the way a man normally cums, but just running out like water from a leaky tap.

    As Lambert powered his cock in and out of Jean's pussy, Howerton moved close to her face and pushed his dick into her open mouth. Everytime Carl's wife bounced on Lambert's dick, she took Howerton's down her throat.

    "UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! Ooohh yes! Harder, Mr. Lambert. Fuck me harder. Put it all in me! AAAahhhhhh fuckkkk," Jean moaned as her body shook and quivered on Lambert's cock.

    "Carl!" Lambert screamed. "Come closer. Watch my dick sinking into your wife's cunt! Can you see it?"

    Kneeling at the foot of the bed, Carl gasped, "Yes... YES! I can see your cock disappearing into her."

    "I'm gonna cum in her! Watch her take my load!"


    After all the cum had drained out of his balls, Carl's dick had finally lost its erection allowing the pain to abate. But now, as he watched the thick black shaft sinking balls deep into his wife's vagina, he was beginning to get hard again. When he saw Lambert's load squishing out of Jane's tightly plugged cunt, his erection grew and he screamed with the pain.

    The big load continued to fire into the depths of Jean's cunt. As Lambert's dick rammed into her, it was forced out, covering his cock and his balls. Finally, the pain was too much for Carl to take. Lambert shot the last of his load into Jean as her husband staggered out of the room.

    "Your turn, Howerton. Put that big schlong into her and shoot her full. Breed the Slut."

    Howerton mounted her, and I watched as he fitted his hugely thick shaft into her opening. I was shocked when her hole opened easily to admit the monster dick. With Lambert's load providing ample lubricant, Mike's dick pushed into Jean balls deep on the first thrust. She groaned when it thudded into her womb and jarred her body backward on the bed. When Howerton began rutting her hard, her legs rose and locked about his hips. Everytime the thick shaft disappeared into Carl's wife, she arched her hips upward to take him even deeper.

    "Fuck me, Mr. Howerton. Fuck me deep and hard. You can have me anytime."

    Without missing a stroke, he grunted, "We're having a... ugh... ugh... ugh! aaahhh... tight bitch... having a party for some clients... oohhhh squeeze it, Slut... this weekend... and you're gonna be the entertainment....aaahhhhh... FUCKKK!"

    "Ooohhhh yesss... they're all going to fuck me.... all my holes. Will they cum in me?"

    "They're all gonna cum in your cunt... just like I'm going to... Squeeze that cunt on my dick, Jean. Shit... OH SHIT.... I'M CUMMING IN YOU!"

    I watched as Mike's buttocks contracted in one hard spasm after another... each time pumping another thick stream of sperm-loaded semen into Jean's unprotected pussy. When he pulled his 8-inch, thick rod out of her widely stretched hole, semen dripped from his dick and ran from her vagina in thick river.

    Of course I was invited to the client party the next weekend at Howerton's home. In addition to Mike and myself, Dirk and Lambert also were present along with four of the firm's black clients. Gale Howerton and Jean Phillips provided the sexual entertainment for the eight of us.

    Every man present, except Mike, fucked Howerton's wife at least once. Since Jean's pussy was off limits for me, I banged Gale three times during the party. Her sensuous ebony pussy was impossible to resist, particularly when her short mini-shirt, which she was wearing without the benefit of panties, constantly exposed her wet hole.

    One of the clients started things off by stripping Gale naked, putting her on her back on the couch, and then nailing her with his rigid tool. As soon as he finished, another man moved between her thighs and filled her with his hard shaft. I think I was the sixth man to fuck her. I shouldn't have waited so long because I could hardly feel her pussy she was so stretched by that time.

    Most of the men's attention, however, was directed to Jean Phillips and her unprotected pussy. At the start of the party she was tied to a fucking platform with her legs up in the air and far apart. Whenever one of the men felt like fucking her, all he had to do was take it out and stick it into her cunt. Sometimes, the guy would pull out before cumming, but more often than not, Jean was fucked until the guy pumped his load into her vagina. As a treat, I was allowed to screw the moaning blonde but not cum in her.

    After a couple of hours, Howerton took her off the platform and put her in a bondage device that had her arms bound to her spread legs with her head between her legs and her ass and pussy almost straight up in the air. The position allowed the guests to use either one of her holes or amuse themselves by putting a vibrator on her clit until she had cum so many times, she was begging for cock.

    For the last two hours of the party, Howerton and Dirk tied Jean's wrists to her ankles, her calves to her thighs, and then ball gagged and blindfolded her. Across her belly and abdomen, they printed "PARTY FUCK CUNT" in large black letters with an non-washable magic marker. When I left the party around midnight, some of the men were still fucking her. When no one was using her, semen was running from her vagina in a steady stream and pooling on the floor beneath her ass.

    No one knew exactly when Jean was knocked up, but knocked up she was. The only thing that was certain was it was a black stud who had done the deed. One afternoon about seven months after she had locked up her husband's cock for good inside the cage, she came by my area to pick up Carl after work. She looked hot and sexy in her tight, black dress which emphasized her large belly.

    "Damn, Jean. You do look hot and fuckable."

    "I think this big belly tells everyone that I'm very fuckable. Funny thing though, ever since I got pregnant, the executives haven't been screwing me nearly as much. Before, I was taking black cock 3 or 4 times a day. Now, usually not more than once."

    "I know the cure for that, Jean. Lose the dress... get naked."

    "Are you going to fuck me?"

    "Unless you say 'no', I am."

    "Honey, that word's not even in my vocabulary any longer."

    When Jean started undoing her dress, I asked, "How's Carl handling the cock cage? Is it causing him a lot of pain like it did the day you locked him up?"

    "Don't you know? He works in your division."

    "That's true, but the fact is that I haven't seen him since the day we met with Lambert and Howerton. He works at the other end of the building and on a different floor."

    "Well, the week after that, Lambert ordered me to start giving him injections of estrogen hormone twice a day. After a month, he no longer got erections... so no more pain. After four months, he was beginning to develop a pair of nice tits. That turned Lambert on...so he made Carl get breast implants to give him 34B tits. He let his hair grow and I gave him lessons on make up," Jean grinned as she peeled off the last of her clothes and stood naked in front of me wearing just her black boots and matching thong.

    "Damn! You looked sexy before... you look even more so almost naked."

    "Thanks, Honey. Are you hard? Your pants are tented."

    "Very hard. Can Carl pass in public for a woman?"

    "Oh hell yes! When we go out, men hit on him almost as much as they do me. Want to see a photo of him?"

    I nodded, and jean got a photo out of her handbag and handed it to me. The blonde in the photo was stunning."

    "This is Carl??"

    "We call him Carly now, Bruce. Seems appropriate since one guy or another is giving it to him in the ass at least once a day."

    "Why is he not wearing the cage?"

    "He wears it all the time. I just let him take it off for this pic. Here's another one of him in fishnet stockings with his cage on."

    "Enough of Carly. It's you I want to fuck... not him."

    "I'm so big now, you'll have to do me either doggy or side saddle."

    "No problem. Bend over and arch your ass," I ordered as I quickly stripped off my own clothes. By the time I was naked, Jean was bent over the arm of the couch with her head on the seat and her feet far apart. Her cunt had been stretched quite a bit, and it now flared open inviting me inside. Stepping up to her butt, I gripped her hips and jerked her back onto my rigid shaft. She howled with pleasure when eight inches of dick sank into her.

    Contracting her vaginal muscles, she hissed, "oohhh yeah... fuck me, Lover. I haven't had a big white cock in months... in fact, I haven't had any white cock in months. Ram it in, Stud... Fuck me hard."

    I was pounding my cock into her hard, fast, and deep making Jean moan with pleasure when Howerton entered my office. As soon as he saw me screwing Jean, he licked his thick lips and started taking off his clothes. When Jean groaned in a hard orgasm, his cock got rock hard.

    "Finish up in her, Ralston. I need to shoot in a load."

    I was on the verge of cumming anyway, so following Howerton order was not a problem. Jean climaxed a second time when she felt me ejaculating deep inside her cunt.

    As soon as I pulled my dripping cock from Jean's pussy, Howerton moved her onto her side, got behind her in spoon position, and drove his dick deep into her wet hole. Even as wet and as open as she was, Howerton's thick rod stretched her even further bringing groans from the impaled woman.

    I couldn't be certain, but it appeared to me that Jean came two more times before my boss emptied his balls into her cunt, jerked it out, and spewed the last two spurts over her belly and the lips of her pussy.

    After seeing Jean so thoroughly knocked up, I began to notice that quite a few of the wives of the men who worked in my division were pregnant. Even more surprising was the fact that none of them were wearing maternity clothes that would conceal their distended bellies. In fact, it was just the opposite. Everyone of the pregnant women were wearing tight clothes that emphasized rather than concealed their pregnant status.

    Helen Balsinger's belly was bulging out beneath her tight dress. When she saw me staring at her belly, she gave me a seductive smile. Susan Flanders' stomach bulged out like she had a huge watermelon inside. The same was true for both Tracy Williams and Wilma Blakemore. I wondered if all of these women were carrying black babies or if their husbands were the fathers.

    That night my wife was serving as hostess and entertainer for a poker party at Leon Jacks' home, so I had the evening free. At 7:30 PM, I rang Helen Balsinger's doorbell. Her husband, Lennard, opened the door. I had expected him to be surprised by my unannounced visit. He wasn't.

    "Good evening, Mr. Ralston," he said politely and, I thought, somewhat obsequiously. "Helen said you might be coming over tonight. She's waiting for you in the bedroom, Sir. It's right down that hallway."

    "I never said a word to Helen about coming over tonight, Lennard."

    "I know. She told me that too, but she saw you looking at her today. After working at Dynamic Investments for several years, Helen can petty much tell when one of the executives is coming over to fuck her."

    I nodded and walked toward the bedroom. I had only taken a few steps when Lennard said, "Mr. Ralston, can I watch?"

    "Does that turn you on?"

    "Oh yes! I get so hard and shoot off like a cannon."

    "Well, Lennard, if you answer a question for me, you can watch. Did you knock your wife up or someone else?"

    Lennard looked shocked at my question. "No... not me. The CEO and the other high-level executives always breed the wives, Sir. I think the CEO, Mr. Adams, won the betting pool. He still comes over from time to time to fuck her."

    I had no idea what the betting pool was, but I had the information I wanted. But since I was already here... and I had promised Lennard he could watch... I felt obligated to fuck Helen. The duties of the Associate Director of Finance never seem to end, I thought as I entered the bedroom. Helen was naked and obviously waiting for me. She had one leg planted on the seat of her exercise apparatus completely exposing her pussy below her swollen belly. The nipples of her equally naked tits were hard and erect.

    "I thought you might come over tonight, Mr. Ralston. Have you fucked a lot of pregnant women?" she asked while cupping her tits for me.

    " None. You'll be the first. And since we're going to have sex, call me Bruce."

    "Wow! A pregnant-pussy virgin. Come on, Bruce," she hissed as she bent over, spread her feet far apart, and supported herself with her hands on the couch. "Do me, Bruce. Stick that big dick up my cunt and fuck me good, Lover!"

    Moving up to her undulating ass, I steadied her with my hands on her hips while she reached between her thighs and fitted my cock into her eager hole. When I felt her wet pussy sliding over the head of my cock, my hips snapped forward driving 6 inches of dick into her vagina.

    "OOhhhhh you're in her! Your cock's in my wife cunt!" Lennard screamed as his hand flashed up and down his curved shaft.

    "Oh god yes, he's in meee! UNNGHH! OOOHHH! He's all the way in me... 8-inches of cock in meeee... he's so much bigger than you are, Lennard. OOohhhh... he starting to fuck meeee... Can you see his big cock going into my pussy?"

    "Oh yeah... Oh yeah! Oh YEAH!" Lennard groaned as he jacked off even faster.

    "Oh god yes... fuck my pregnant pussy, Bruce. Ram it into meeeeeeeeee!"

    For 10 minutes, I pounded my meat into her hole. Her tits and big belly jiggled and flopped back and forth everytime I drove my cock into her womb.


    "Cum in her cunt! Cum in her cunt!" Lennard screamed.

    "Doing it, Man! Flooding your wife's hole... NOW!" I yelled.

    "Oohhh god... he's cumming inside me, Lennard... he's shooting it in.... aaahhhh... His load's going innnnnnnn!"

    As my load emptied into Lennard's pregnant wife, his cock exploded several thick streams of semen into the air.

    The next day at work, I commented on all the pregnant women to Howerton when we were having lunch. He was obviously surprised.

    "You mean you never noticed that before? How could you possibly miss it?"

    "You guys keep me busy all day, every day, finding profitable investments for the firm. I don't have time to worry about who's pregnant and who isn't. I just never noticed. So what's behind it?"

    "Well, I guess you could say the CEO, the VPs, and the Directors are behind it. It's enormous fun to knock up married white women. We all enjoy it. In fact, when we pick a wife to impregnate, we have a betting pool as to who knocks her up. Whoever does, wins the pool."

    "But with all of you fucking her, how can you tell?"

    "DNA testing, Bruce... DNA testing. It's foolproof. We just test the child when it's born. No problem. So far, I've won the pool six times, but Dirk is the leader with nine. Maybe I'll make it seven if I'm lucky with Jean."

    "What happens to the pool if the father of the child is the woman's husband? I guess the bet is off and no one wins... right?"

    "Partially. The bet's off. You got that part right, but that's not all that happens. The SOB who fucked his wife and knocked her up is fired. End of discussion. All the wives are on the pill... just like Fonda is. When we select a wife to knock up, she goes off the pill, and the husband is told that he either has to abstain from sex with his wife or use condoms. He's also told the penalty if he gets her pregnant. So the guy has been warned. If he's too stupid to pay attention to orders, he deserves to have his ass fired."

    The Plan:

    Two months later, Jean gave birth to a BBBB, a bouncing, black, baby boy, and Hal Edwards won the betting pool for his fifth victory. It was two weeks later when Fonda told me during dinner that we had to have a serious talk.

    "What's up?" I asked when were seated in our spacious den enjoying a glass of a delicious German Auslese.

    "We're running out of time. How close are we to finishing the plan?"

    "I'm taking it very slow so as not to make any mistakes. Our plan was two and a half years, and next month will be two years. So we're about six or seven months from completion. Why? What do you mean we're running out of time?"

    "Well, we both enjoy sex with a variety of partners. In addition, you enjoy watching and hearing the hot details when we're in bed having sex. And I enjoy watching my stud husband dominate all those other wives and turn them into his sex slaves with his big 8-inch, hard-as-stone cock. So our plan was a natural... we both enjoy incredibly erotic sex while waiting for other benefits."

    "So what about that has changed? Why are we running out of time?"

    "Dirk fucked me this afternoon while you were at work. After he had shot his third load into my pussy and was getting dressed, he told me that I was to go off the pill starting tomorrow. The VPs, Directors, and Dirk intend to breed me. Of course, they also have their usual betting pool as to which one of them will knock me up. Tomorrow morning at work, Howerton will tell you to either stop fucking me or to use condoms until I turn up pregnant. So, we're running out of time because while I enjoy fucking those big-cocked black studs, I haven't the slightest interest in letting any of them get me pregnant, and I'm sure you don't either."

    "You're damn right I don't! I knew they did that shit to the employees, but I'm an executive. I didn't think we were included in their fun and games."

    "That's what I thought too, but we were both wrong. You're a white husband with a sexy white wife whom the black executives want to knock up."

    "As much money as I'm making for the firm, we could threaten to quit if they don't back down."

    "I've thought of that too, but if we go that route, you know they're going to be watching you like hawks after we threaten them. If that happens, our plan goes into the toilet."

    "That's true. Shit! Ok... time to go to Plan B. How much time do you think we have?"

    "Not much. A month or two at the most. At least five or six of those nine guys will be fucking me everyday and probably more than once. I might get past a month without being knocked up but not two."

    "You could keep taking the pill and maybe stretch it to two months before they figure it out."

    "Won't work. They take blood tests after a week to make certain that the levels of synthetic estrogen and progestin are low indicating that I'm not taking the pill."

    "Right. I forgot that. And there's no way a diaphragm and spermicidal jelly would go unnoticed. Probably not an IUD either."

    "Look, Bruce. Let's not worry about it. I think I just finished my fertile period. That means we have a full month before I'm fertile again. Besides, If they get me pregnant... so what? Six to eight weeks from now, we'll be gone, and I can have a D and C. Can you handle that?"

    "I can if you can. Are you sure?"

    "Absolutely. You just make sure that Plan B works. Actually, this is going to be a lot of fun."

    "How so?"

    "Don't you know how wildly excited black men get when they're going to shoot a married, white woman full of cum and get her pregnant? Your sexy wife is gonna get her hot ass fucked off this coming month, Honey!"

    "Just don't have so much fun that you lose interest in me."

    Fonda's smile vanished instantly. "You know better than that, Bruce! Did I ever say anything like that to you when you were fucking that big-titted bitch Bridget several times a day?"

    "No, you didn't, and I apologize. Just some male ego and insecurity problems surfacing. Won't happen again. I promise."

    "The only way I'll accept your apology is for you to fuck my ass through the mattress tonight, Lover." Fonda stood up, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She was naked under the dress. Sliding off the couch onto the floor, she cupped her big tits and then steepled her knees and spread them. Her cunt glistened with her excitement.

    "Well? Do you see anything you'd like to fuck, Hubby?"

    In addition to the 9 or 10 hours a day I was already working, the unexpected complication of my employers deciding to impregnate my wife meant we had to accelerate our original plan. This required another 4 hours of work a day.

    As I mentioned earlier, I was actually making about a 15% return on the investments I made for the firm and for our clients at which they were highly pleased. They would have been even more pleased had they known the actual profits were closer to 19% to 20%. That extra 4 or 5% was going into private investment accounts in my name. Now such a return may not sound like much until you realize Dynamic Investments, Inc. handles on the order of $70 million a year for our clients and firm combined. So that small percentage is about $3 million a year. In the two years I had been with the firm, I had skimmed about $6 million.

    Now a small time embezzler takes his $6 million and runs, but "small time" isn't really a very good description of my talents. Although I was making a great return of the firm's investments even with my skimming, I always saved the really great investments for myself... investments like Microsoft in the 70's and the dot.coms in the 90's. In today's economy, the great investments were Select Comfort (SCSS), which scored a 2,508% gain in 2009, Entropic Communications (ENTR), which racked up a 293.5% gain in 2010, and gold, whose price rose from about $700 per ounce in 2009 to over $1800 per ounce in 2011.

    Unfortunately, we didn't have much money to invest in 2009. We did pour every dime we could spare into SCSS. This came to about $100,000 of my huge salary. By the end of the year, that investment had grown to $2.5 million. In 2010, that $2.5 million plus the $3 million I had skimmed went into ENTR. The nearly 300% gain turned that $5.5 million into $22 million. The additional $3 million I had skimmed in 2010 brought our fund to $25 million. With only a month or so left, I bought gold at $1000 an ounce and sold out a month later with 15% profit giving Fonda and me a nest egg of $25.5 million. Making money by using other people's money is a great way to get rich.

    As I said, a small-time crook would take his $25.5 million and run. That was Plan A. That was before the assholes I worked decided they were going to impregnate my wife while I wore condoms.... no fucking way, Jose! It was time for Plan B.

    As I previously mentioned, we were investing ... read laundering... about $20 million a year in mob drug money. With total access to this money, which was always in form of cash, I could do anything I chose with it. An idiot steals this money and runs. With mob money, that's essentially equivalent to shooting yourself in the head. So... instead of stealing the money, I spread a few million of the money over several bank accounts. The next SEC audit wasn't for three months and by that time, Fonda and I would be long gone.

    As I mentioned, I was in charge of investments for our honest clients and also for the firm's funds that came from the vast profits we made from our investment fees. Dirk and the VPs turned this money over to me with instructions to make them at least 10% on the money. They were delighted with the 15% I produced.

    For our clients, I continued to make solid investments in their behalf. They were honest and deserved that. However, the $15 million or so of the firm's money I invested was a different story. This money belonged primarily to the SOBs who planned to knock up my wife without even asking my opinion.

    Gradually, over the next month, I moved the firm's money from stocks into CDs, which were essentially cash deposits paying very little interest, but this wouldn't be noticed in a month or so... particularly not by men whose primary interest was in trying to win the latest impregnation pool by fucking my wife constantly. Those CD's could be converted to cash within hours.

    I was ready.

    As hard as my husband was working during our final six weeks with Dynamic Investments, I was working even harder. For starters, Dirk Adams, his four VPs and the four Directors were taking turns fucking me morning, afternoon, and night... sometimes one at a time, but at other times two or three at a time. On four or five occasions, they arranged for a nine-man gangbang. On an average day, five or six of the nine men would ejaculate in me once or twice. Some fierce competitors would bang me three times.

    When I they weren't making me climax repeatedly on their black cocks, I was busy douching, showering, and doing my best to clean their sperm from my vagina with the shower nozzle before they got me pregnant. But even as I tried to flush the sperm from my pussy, I knew it was probably a losing battle. I wasn't alone often enough to do a thorough cleaning job, and when I wasn't alone, those nine studs kept my pussy filled with a flood of sperm-filled semen.

    The morning they began their "get-the-white-bitch-pregnant" campaign, Dirk called me as soon as Bruce had left for work.

    "Wear heels, bra, and panties... no more... and you can forget the bra and panties if you like," he ordered. "I'll be at your house by 10 AM."

    Dirk was ten minutes late. Since he had his own key to our house, he entered without bothering to knock. I was lying on the couch wearing a red bra, matching panties, and black heels. He nodded approvingly and began to remove his clothes.

    "Open your legs, Fonda. Show me your panty-covered cunt," Dirk commanded as he pulled his shirt off revealing his trim and powerful upper body. He was already hard, and when he wrapped his hand around his erection, I knew it was every bit as big as it appeared, but it was still hard to believe.

    Opening my legs as he had ordered, I ran my fingers up and down the crotch of my tight panties. His cock throbbed inside his pants. I pressed my panties deeper into my sex trench causing his cock surge to its full 11-inch length.

    "Fuck you look hot, Fonda. I can't wait to get my dick up that wet pussy. Do you want this?" he asked as he unzipped his pants and extracted the largest cock I had ever seen or taken up my vagina. Even though I had seen it many times, just looking at it still made me shiver.

    "Want it, Bitch?"



    "My cunt! In my cunt! God... Put it in meeeeeeee!"

    "I can't. You're still wearing panties and a bra."

    I unhooked my bra and tossed it aside allowing my 36DDs to swing free. Dirk squeezed his organ when he saw them. Precum fluids ran from its tip. Raising my legs, I pulled off my red thong. Then I spread wide and pulled my pussy open so he could see deep inside my hole. "Here... Right here," I moaned. "In my cunt. Put that huge dick in me, Dirk. Hurry!"

    Dirk was all over me in a flash. I expected him to ram his cock into me immediately. Having been fucked by this stud dozens of times, I should have known better. He pushed me onto my back, shoved my legs high in the air, and pressed his face against my cunt. His thick tongue raked up the length of my sex slit, momentarily entered my quivering hole, and then moved upward to my engorged clit. The macho black studs might not go down on their wives' pussies, but they certain liked eating mine.


    I knew I didn't have to beg him to suck and lick. Dirk always made me cum at least twice on his tongue before fucking me. My vagina whooshed air when my first orgasm exploded. High-pitched, shrill female shrieks filled our house as Dirk made me cum in hard spasms.

    I was still throbbing when he shoved two fingers into my cunt and began working them over my G-spot at the same time as his other hand explored my ass.


    The two fingers inside my vagina and the two buried in my ass pushed in knuckle-deep at the same time as he sucked my clit into his mouth and lashed his tongue up and down the shaft. Cunt juices squirted from around his fingers wetting his face.

    I opened my mouth to tell Dirk that I was about to cum, but the only sounds that emerged were hissing moans and squeals as my vagina went into hard spasms a second time.

    Moving his face from between my thighs, Dirk screamed, "Your turn, Slut. Suck on my cock! Open your mouth hole!" As soon as I opened my mouth, his hips snapped forward and filled it with black cock.

    "Get on the floor, Fonda. On your back so I can face fuck you! Keep your legs open."

    Rolling onto the floor, I spread my legs and opened my mouth. Dirk straddled my head and drove his dick downward into my waiting mouth cavity. Five inches entered and butted against the opening to my throat.

    I took more and more cock until I had 8 inches down my throat. Just when I thought that Dirk was going to ejaculate in my mouth, he pulled out and rolled onto his back. "Mount my dick, Baby. Gonna flood you."

    "Oh yeah!" I hissed as I straddled his hips and lowered my pussy onto his iron-hard shaft. Reaching back, I aligned his cock with my opening. When I sank down, his cock didn't give an inch... it just plunged balls deep into my hole.

    "AAAahhhhh gawd damn! So fucking big! Screw me, Dirk. Screw me good and shoot in me!"

    "Fuck yourself on my dick, Slut. I'm gonna cum in your hot hole!"

    "Ohhhhhh ... I'm cumming.... I can feel your cock throbbing... you're shooting in me!"

    "Damn right! Unloading in you, Slut... Take it... Take my load!"

    Even after Dirk had emptied his balls into me, his cock stayed inside my pussy... still semi-hard, and still slowly thrusting into me.

    "Oh yeah! Squeeze my dick with your pussy, Baby. Get me hard again."

    Bending over Dirk's body, I ground my tits into his chest as my pussy continued to ride up and down his glistening ebony shaft. The hot squishing sounds of his piston moving in and out of my cum-filled vagina filled our den. In less than 10 minutes, he was again pounding into me with authority... his cock hard as a rock.

    As soon as he was fully erect, Dirk hooked his arms beneath my thighs and lifted both of us as if I weighed nothing. Once he was standing, he was holding me up with his arms and his 11-inch shaft that was socked deep inside my vagina. Slowly, he raised and lowered me on his cock... fucking me as our juices seeped from my hole. Everytime he dropped me on his dick, it sank into me balls deep. I hissed in hot female pleasure with each entry.

    "OOohhh god... sooo good. Are you gonna shoot in me again, Lover?"

    "Of course, Let's get back on the couch." Dirk set me on my feet and slipped his dick out of my pussy. "Now get on me, Baby, and put my cock in your cunt... then I'm gonna roll you over and fuck your sexy ass off."

    Once more, I straddled his hips. The big dick thrust upward between my thighs all the way to my navel. "Jesus! What a cock!" I hissed.

    "Now raise up and put it in your pussy, Fonda. Take it!"

    I followed Dirk's command and began to take his rod back into my pussy. Six inches... seven... then eight. "OOOHHHH SHIT...AAAAHHH... IT'S GOING INNNNNN!" I had nine inches of thick man meat in my hole. Ten. He rammed my hips down on his shaft, and his balls banged into my ass. All 11 inches of cock were buried up my cunt!

    Once he had it buried in me, Dirk wrapped his arms about my waist and put me on my knees with his powerful body bent over mine, his cock still solidly planted deep inside my pussy. Then, he began to fuck me like a wild stallion mounted on a mare in heat.

    Dirk stayed another hour and put a third load into my pussy before he left.

    Dirk hadn't been gone for more than an hour when Hal Edwards came in. He didn't bother knocking either. He was here to fuck me and neither of us pretended any differently. We both got naked after which he put me on the same couch Dirk and I had used earlier that morning. The only difference was that Edwards gave it to me in missionary position.

    The hot stud levered my legs up and back until they were behind my head. I groaned loudly when his dick rammed into my upturned pussy. I continued to groan as Edwards fucked me steadily for 15 minutes. I had already climaxed once when he grunted and began to ejaculate.

    That night, Howerton, Lambert, and Thompson came over. Bruce nodded and retired to his study while the three executive spent three hours screwing me. For the first hour, they took turns. Howerton went last because his cock was so thick, Lambert and Thompson wanted to screw me before Howerton's shaft stretched me so much.

    During the second hour, the men did me two at a time. Sometimes they used my pussy and mouth or my ass and mouth. About half the time, they DPed me in my pussy and ass. When two of them fucked at the same time, one of the men would shoot off inside my pussy and withdraw to allow the other guy to get into my vagina before filling me with his load.

    After a short rest, the three executives all began doing me at the same time so that I was airtight. The men switched positions so frequently, I couldn't keep up with who was in my pussy, or ass, or whose cock I was sucking. However, when my lovers climaxed, it was always inside my pussy.

    Everyday was repeat of that first day. In spite of the fact that the executives kept my pussy filled with their sperm, I still made it through the first four weeks without getting pregnant because they has started their campaign to impregnate me just after my fertile period had ended. However, at that point, I entered my fertile period again, and with all those black studs pumping dozens of loads of sperm-filled semen into my pussy, there was no way I was going to get through the week without being knocked up.

    If fact, during the second day of my fertile period, Dirk organized an all night, nine-man gangbang with all four VPs, the four Directors, and himself doing me again and again and again. I lost count of the number of times someone ejaculated inside my vagina, but it had to be between 25 and 30 times. For the entire night, with no opportunity to douche or clean myself, my vagina was constantly full of semen that the intense fucking churned into a thick white froth.

    I waited until my fertile period ended before peeing on the stick to see if I was pregnant. The result was no surprise. One of the nine black studs had knocked me up. I was very, very pregnant.

    The black studs were determined to knock me up, and after shooting hundreds of cum
    loads into my cunt, they succeeded… but not they way they hoped


    I had tried to get all the arrangements completed before my wife entered her fertile period again, but there were just too many items. It was a few days short of two months before we were ready. Dirk and the other executives were still fucking my wife everyday even though she was already pregnant... just to be sure, they said. Of course, they still had me abstaining or wearing condoms.

    Fonda and I had enjoyed a last dinner in our luxury home and were seated at the dining room table enjoying two bottles of an excellent German trockenbeeren auslese, which I had purchased for the occasion at $275 per bottle. On the table in front of us were our new birth certificates, social security cards, driver's licenses, and most importantly, our new passports all of which contained our new names, Susan and Michael Gardiner.

    "How much did all of this cost us, Michael," my wife said with a grin.

    "A lot, but it was worth every penny. All of these are genuine... not counterfeits. That took a lot of bribes to get it done. Counting everything, $75,000.

    "I think we can afford it. You know Michael Gardiner hasn't fucked me yet. Do you have any plans to change that tonight?"

    "I think that can be arranged, but Susan Gardiner's a virgin. She's never had a cock in her pristine-pure pussy. Do you think she can handle my 8-inch cock?"

    "She'll probably cry and beg you stop, but just ignore her. Fuck her hard. She has to lose it sooner or later."

    I've composed the e-mail to Vincinte Morena. Let me read it to you, Susan."

    Dear Mr. Morena,

    I don't know how to tell you this, but I have to tell someone. I think Mr. Dirk Adams, his four vice-presidents and the four Directors are skimming the money your organization has entrusted to our care. As you directed, I invested all of your money in solid stocks that have performed very well this last year, but some of those stock certificates have been gradually redeemed and the proceeds deposited in the bank accounts listed below that are in the names of the CEO and his executive group.

    When I asked why some of the stock was being redeemed, I was told that my job was pick the stocks. The disposition of the stock was the responsibility of the Executive Board. I think they plan to tell you that the stock market took a nose dive with the unavoidable loss of some of your money. I'm not certain how much, but I think it's several million. Actually, the stock appreciated about 15% during the year. All the money that was supposedly lost is actually in the bank accounts of the Executive Board.

    I am scared ... very sacred, Mr. Morena. I think the Board realizes that I know what they are doing. If so, I'm sure they plan to kill both me and my wife to prevent me from informing you of what is happening. I'm begging you to send some people to protect me and my wife and to recover your money. I don't know where else to turn for help. If I go to the police, they'll blame all of this on me.

    Please... please help us, Mr. Morena.

    Bruce Ralston
    Associate Director for Finance
    Dynamic Investments, Inc.


    "I think that will more than do the job, Honey," my new wife, Susan, replied after reading the e-mail.

    "So do I. Are all of our new clothes packed in the new luggage we purchased?"

    "Yep. Everything."

    "Are you certain... absolutely certain that you didn't take a single personal item other than our wedding rings?"

    "Nothing. I double checked. We're leaving everything... your Rolex watch, my diamond broach, all our clothes, passports, your BMW and my Lexus... everything."

    "All right. We'll walk 10 blocks to the Marriott, call a cab, and head for the airport with our new IDs. We have the tickets for Susan and Michael Gardiner?"

    "We do. They're on top of our suitcases."

    "I'll be carrying two of our suitcases while you carry the third. We have to walk 10 blocks. Can you make it?"

    "I've been working out everyday at the club. The question is can you make it?"

    "I think so, but if I have problems, we'll take turns with the third suitcase."

    "What about the hard drive to the computer?"

    "We'll remove and destroy it as soon as we've sent the e-mail to Morena. Are you ready to draw the blood?"

    "It's no big deal, Baby. Just stick the needle in... draw the blood... remove the needle and compress the wound for five minutes. Ok?"

    "Right. And just before leaving, we'll spread the blood on the tile floor in the kitchen and den... then we let it stand for five minutes and finally clean it up. We'll put the rags and the destroyed hard drive in the small bag and dump it into the lake when we cross the bridge on the way to the Marriott. Did you remember to cut a couple of holes in the bag so it will sink?"

    "Yeah. I took care of it, Honey. What about the money?"

    "I closed all the accounts two weeks ago and executed the wire transfer to the three banks we selected. I received confirmation of receipt of the funds ten minutes later. Over several weeks, I removed $2000 from our accounts for immediate expenses. You have half... I have half."

    "How much?"

    "The $25.5 million we made on our investments of the skimmed money plus another $10 million of the firm's money. A little over $35 million total."

    "What about your monthly pay check?"

    "Peanuts. I'm leaving it unclaimed. Can you think of anything else?"

    "We've been planning this for two years, Darling. I don't think we've missed a thing."

    "I agree. Let's do it!"

    It only took five minutes for Susan to take some blood from the vein in my arm and for me do the same for her. The needles and syringes were placed in a small sealed box and that was dropped into the small bag. Opening the vial containing my blood, I snapped my wrist and splattered the blood across the tile floor. We did the same in the kitchen with Susan's blood sample. Then the vials were placed in the bag. Five minutes later, we "cleaned" up the blood knowing full well that traces would still remain for the police to find. DNA matching would quickly identify the blood samples as belonging to Fonda and Bruce Ralston. The bloodied rags also went into the bag.

    After removing the back cover of the computer, I pressed the "send" button to e-mail our message to Morena. Twenty seconds later, we had the hard drive removed. Five minutes after that, we had smashed the drive into pieces and placed them in our disposal bag. Once all that was done, we wiped the computer clean of all fingerprints.

    After conducting a final check of all our new IDs, we moved the luggage and the disposal bag to the front door, took one final look around, picked up our luggage and the disposal bag, and walked into the night leaving the front door closed but unlocked.

    Halfway to the Marriott, we crossed the bridge over Hanson Lake. We both watched silently as the disposal bag fell into the water with a barely audible splash. It floated for a few moments, and then, Fonda and Bruce Ralston disappeared into the black waters.


    The balmy ocean breeze was exhilarating as Susan and I enjoyed some wine and cheese in the den of our $3 million ocean front villa. We had just listened to the breaking news on CNN that had reported some multiple murders at the corporate headquarters of Dynamic Investments, Inc. The news anchor reported that information they had received from an unnamed source within the police department indicated the murders may have been drug-related mob hits. No names of the victims were provided.

    As a follow up to the story, the news anchor reported that another one of the corporation's executives and his wife were also missing. She said that the police were speculating that the couple may have been kidnapped and murdered as well because all of their possessions were still in the home and traces of blood had been found in the den and kitchen. DNA analysis had shown that the blood belonged to the executive and his wife.

    "Such depressing news. Turn that off, Michael, and come fuck me," Susan hissed as she pulled off her bikini and spread her legs wide open in invitation.

    With a broad smile, I switched off the TV and began removing my clothes. I always do what my wife tells me to do.

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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