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. Big Dick Joe Tries My Women

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Feb 12, 2017.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Big Dick Joe Tries My Women

    by EroticWriter

    Note readers: The photo is not of the real gal from my past that I have named Donna, but the gal in the photo is a close representation. The real Donna was stacked just like the gal in the photo, but Donna was maybe just a little slimmer. It is hard to tell from the photo but if the gal in the photo were to stand up straight, she MIGHT look to be a little on the heavy side. The real Donna looked perfect from every angle.

    This story has been on here before, but I have re-written it some and hotted it up. Nothing has been changed though from the TRUE story. You will read about what really happened with 'Donna' and me, and also you will read a fantasy story I have done about her.. When you get to the fantasy portion, I'll let you know.

    Pookie held her breath and slowly pushed her body down. She held it there, pushing down steadily. I saw Joe's cock bend a little despite how hard he was. I could see her body, those lips, easing ever so slowly wider and she struggled to go lower

    Then her pussy, reluctantly perhaps, suddenly stretched open just enough, and Pookie amazingly was able to lower herself entirely over Joe's thick head and before she could stop, she was three inches past.

    Joe was about six inches into her, just like that! Pookie stopped with a gasp before going all the way to the bottom, and I saw her body shake.

    I could clearly see it, her pussy bulging all around his cock, and even her anus was bulging out a ways.

    “I did it. It hurts a little but now, don't ask me to, I can't go any deeper.” She waited perhaps another 20 seconds, her breathing coming in gasps. “Can I take it out now that I've done it?” You could hear the strain in her voice, but also, there was the hint of excitement.

    “Not just yet baby. You'll adapt, and Joe needs to cum. And you haven't felt what it is like to fuck a cock like that. Give it a few strokes and let's have Joe blow his load first.”

    “Oooh...OK. But it hurts..”

    Rather than do a 'part two or chapter two' I have decided to just use the last half of a story already online that I wrote, and elaborate. This is a enhancement of the second half of the story called Two Woman Came To My Door And Changed Their Lives.

    This is a story with sex, lot of sex. This story will consist of a true phase first, and then go into, and I will announce it first, a fantasy phase. First I must bring you up to date.

    Fantastically beautiful and stacked Donna had posed for me for the first time today. In the recent past, she had posed for other photographers in the Hollywood area, but I had been the first one to get pussy shots of her, that is, unless some other photographer had snuck one.

    Those other photographers had taken photos of her wearing garter belts, brassieres, high heels, etc. Had I found Donna first, I would have submitted her to Playboy. Then if that did not work out, I would have used her for the so-called 'glamour' or some called them 'girlie' magazines as described above.

    But Donna had posed for others before I had found her, which had ruined her chance for Playboy and pretty much my chance to do a quick sale of her for the glamour books. As a result, I had been shooting Donna totally nude, the only photograper to do so, because I was going to use her in my nudist magazines, the only type of magazine that could show pubic areas in 1968 and get away with it.

    Then, as the shooting phase at my pool neared the end, and when two Mormon Missionary women had came to my door, I had invited them in. Donna had lingered to see what might happen. Readers, as I stated before in that story, this story about the two women coming to my door is true.

    In only a few minutes, aided by their seeing Donna nude and looking relaxed, I had managed to get those two women naked around my pool, and Donna had ended up aiding my seduction of the younger woman, a virgin, and the older woman, twenty years married.

    While I was taking photos of Donna around my pool, those women had stripped down, laid with their legs opened to the sun while Donna and I could be looking at them, and then they had joined us in bed. I believe it was Donna, just by her being there, that had aided in my seduction of these two women.

    Donna had helped me, and I believe that possibly those two women helped me also, in my seduction of Donna. Other men, photographers had seen Donna naked before me, but she had told herself that no photographer was going to fuck her just because he had her in various stages of undress. But I got her. Donna ended up staying with me for the rest of that day, night, and a good part of the next day.

    And for almost two months after that.

    That phase of the day, these two women, was covered in my story called 'Two Woman Came to my Door, and it Changed Their Lives.' The rest of this particular story is my enhanced still true relating of what happened later with Donna. You readers that have read the Two Women story will have to re-read some of that before you get to the hotter stuff.

    I have gone in and added the story of a young gal I have renamed Pookie. The story of Pookie is true, and I include her because she was in a modeling turned fuck session with a man named Joe that I was involved in.

    In the last part of this story, I use the same real man I have named Joe in a fantasy version of Donna posing for porn and ending up actually being fucked. Real man, real cock. Real woman, fantasy fuck.

    Now to finish the updating so I can go on with the rest of this story. I had seduced two reluctant, shy and dedicated women when they had came into my home. Taken a young (18 and engaged to someone back in Utah) girl's virginity with the encouragement of her older companion, and then fucked the older woman, who had been faifhfully married for twenty years.

    Then, after the two women had left, to be heard from later in the mail but never in person, Donna had stayed over that day and night. We showered and I took her out to dinner. On the way I dropped the film I had exposed today through a window slot at Charlie's photo development in N. Hollywood. I had marked 'Rush' on the envelope.

    “If you stay over, I said to Donna, “I might be able to show you the pictures we did today if you wait until noon or so tomorrow.”

    I was giving Donna further incentive to not only stay overnight with me, but to also stay half the next day or more as well. Fucking in the morning is always nice. I had photographed Donna nude in my yard, I had fucked two women in front of her while the four of us were on the same bed, but until now I had never fucked Donna.

    We came back from my stop in N. Hollywood and then dinner and made love. Yes, made love. When you are as turned on and attracted to a woman like I was to Donna, saying 'fucked her' just does not seem right. This feeling, perhaps shared by both of us, might have been enhanced by the fact that I had spent two hours with Donna doing photography while both of us were nude, and then she and I had 'fucked' other women together.

    Also, we had several hours to just talk with each other and create a genuine attraction. Then I had made love to her. I hate to say it but it seemed Donna was more woman with a pussy than I was man with a cock.

    Oh, she fit me nicely tightly and all that, but there was so much of her located in the exact correct places from brain to body that it seemed like I also should be able to offer her more, like maybe a big cock. I had a fairly nice looking bod, with muscles in the right places and proportion, but you don't do your fucking with just muscles.

    But Donna seemed to like my medium-sized cock just fine since she was able to achieve those multiple orgasms I enjoy giving so much. While I would be lying on her and pumping, she loved wrapping the fingers of both hands around my biceps which would be nicely flexed if I was using my arms to stay partway off her body to avoid flattening those wonderful breasts.

    “They feel like baseballs,” she said with a sigh. I stopped pumping, raised up so I wouldn't fall onto her, then I raised and bent my arms slightly to pump my biceps to their largest, and she reached up and felt them again. “Oh, she said giggling, “maybe more like softballs.”

    I had almost 16 inch arms at that time. I don't know how that measurment compares to a softball, but my biceps definitely were larger than a baseball. Am I bragging readers? All in the mind. I just got done writing that I 'only' had a medium-sized sock, and then I told you of my big biceps. So take one,, and put it with the other, am I bragging? You decide.

    But getting to spend so much time with Donna, and coming right after I had broken in an engaged virgin while also giving her a first orgasm and in the same bed fucked a faithful wife in front of that young girl plus Donna? Yeah, I guess I am bragging about that. Shame on me.

    My medium cock? The stories you read on the net talk about big cocks, big tits and tight pussies, but never the rest of the body. We men have much to offer, even without the giant cock. When all else fails, use that tongue, and don't be stingy with it. The best fuck of all can still be a mind fuck. Some women readers will understand that statement.

    Around noon the next day, and after having lunch at a Tommy's Hamburger stand of which there were several to eventually be established around the Los Angeles area, I had Donna with me as I went by Charlie's to pick up my black and white contact sheets and the color transparencies.

    The black and white photos could be viewed 12 to a 8 x 10 sheet, and the color film could be held up and viewed like slides measuring two and a quarter inches square. 12 photos stored under clear plastic to protect them from oily fingers, and dust.

    “These are really beautiful,” breathed Donna as she sat beside me in the car and studied them. For the black and white contact sheets she was looking down, but it was those color rolls she was really eyeballing as she held them up to the light.

    “Your yard makes a really nice backdrop, and you truly are a good photographer. I don't see one photo that is bad, out of focus, or me with a bad pose, or blinking or...anything.”

    “What else are you seeing,” I asked, because I knew what she might be thinking?

    She skimmed them again. “I see lots of shots of my pussy, and in most of them, I have it open.”She looked at me like..'why?'

    Yes. Do you mind?”

    “You had me so relaxed, and you were naked at the same time. Maybe that was it because I've never let any other photographer get shots like these.”

    I knew that was true. I had already had seen photos Donna had posed for with other men, and most were like the photo I used of her standing in a pool for this story. Full tits, big smile, and no hair below, let alone a slit showing.

    “Well, I have a plan. Want to hear it?”

    “Yes, please do. If anyone is to have photos of me like this, I would prefer that it be you and only you.”

    She knew, the pussy shots would end up in magazines, but I gave her a little surprise. “I mentioned it to you briefly yesterday, but I plan to publish my own magazine, and I intend to have about 25 or so of the photos just be a special feature spread on you.”

    Then I added, “and I'll put you on the cover too.”

    “How many shots will there be of my pussy?”

    “Most of my nude magazines are around 60 pages with eight in color. For this one I intend to make it 16 pages of color. I'm guessing that maybe half of those 16 shots will be showing your pussy to some degree. There's a good chance that two of those color pages will end up being the centerfold.”

    (Note readers: When printed pages are run off the press, if they use more than one page of color, the separate color pages are printed on one long sheet. Then, when the page is inserted into the magazine, it is folded in the center and stapled, with, unless it is the centerfold, other pages in between. Thus, a 16 page color magazine would be just eight pages printed in color and laid into the magazine).

    Since in those days making a four color transparancie for publication cost $100, creating a magazine with 16 pages of color would cost $1600 just for those pages alone. That would be my end of the cost because then I would them provide to the publisher. But if Donna was the featured woman, and her pussy was showing in living color in many of the pages, the cost would be worth it, because the magazine would fly off the racks.

    Oh, just a side thought here. If I used a color photo and turned it into a centerfold, that would be just one photo made larger, and would be cheaper to do than two pages using color shots. Got it? Read my stories and read about sex. Read my stories and sometimes you learn other things as well.

    So I explained to Donna how it would work. “When I publish the magazine, I have to lay out some of the costs up front, layout, color separations, printing the black and white eight by tens, etc. The magazine distributor usually pays for the paper, the presses and the binding to create the magazines, and he also does the distribution around the country.

    He takes his cut of that out of the sales. If not, I, and many guys like me, could never afford to publish a magazine. I might get an advance, then I have to wait for the sales to come in to get all my money back and make a profit. The trouble is,” I confided in her, “those guys who own the publishing companies are sometimes secretive as to how many were sold, and I might get cheated.

    So what I usually do is just take an advance cash payment up front, and the guy that prints and distributes the magazine then owns it and keeps all it brings in. That's what I plan to do with your magazine, just take the cash up front, but since it is you on there, and so...revealed for the first time, I am going to make the up front price very high.”

    “I see,” said Donna. I could see that in her mind she might be thinking, 'he and they get all the money and I just get my modeling fee.” That might sound a bit unfair readers, but you need to know, the photographer always gets more money for setting up and doing the job than the model does.

    In the early 60s, models were being paid $5,000 if they made the Playmate of the month centerfold. The photographer got closer to ten, but he had to take hundreds of photos and sometimes 're-do' photos already sent in and returned with 'suggestions for improvement' from Playboy. The photograper earned his money, believe me.

    Donna, though, as I have already stated, had been 'screwed' out of chance for Playboy. One of those lower class Hollywood boys had already shot her semi-nude and sent her to some other magazines for quick cash.

    Playboy wanted exclusivity, and once a model had posed for their centerfold, she had to sign a contract agreeing to not pose nude for any other publications for a full year, unless authorized by Playboy. During that year, a Playmate also got paid for personal appearances, might get offered a movie contract, etc.

    Also, there was the strong possiblity that a Playmate of the Month would end up beng invited to the Playboy mansion, where, unless she became the apple of Hugh Hephner's eye and he tried to take possession for himself, she would be exposed to all kinds of Playboy hangers on. Poets, philosophers, cartoonists, people on the edge and wanting to be inside, movie actors but usually never the really big stars, all kinds.

    Have a girlfriend or wife in those days and she models for Playboy? Color her gone. All those big names, the lights, the glamour, so many interested in her, good chance you would lose her. I saw it happen to a young husband more than once.

    Donna was worth more than a monthly centerfold, she was a probable Playmate of the Year candidate and she had been screwed out of all that. My best hope for her now was to again be screwed, and this time by me.

    Then I surprised her. “You'll get more than just a modeling fee. When I collect my fee, I plan to give you a portion of it.”

    “Really?” She brightened. “How much would that be, my percentage?”

    “Several hundred dollars, maybe over a thousand.” It wasn't Playboy, but that was very generous. I wanted to keep her around, you see.

    “That would be nice,”she said, taking my arm in hers again. If I had that much, along with what I have already saved, I might go home and go back to college.”

    “You would get out of modeling,” I asked, surprised?

    “Yes. You will be the only photographer to have photos of me like that. I'll bet you would like that.”

    “What I would like to do,” I said smiling, “if you plan to leave the industry, is do some more, exclusive photography with you, this time on a beach and in the mountains so I could do future feature spreads on you.
    We can do some lingerie and garter belt poses, some really sexy stuff. I also might have you pose with another gal, you brunette, she blonde for contrast and playing on the beach together or something.”

    Also, I was thinking, on those trips I would have Donna to myself, or maybe in a threesome situation, and this time in motels if I took her out a ways. Motels are fun. Seedy to some perhaps, but I like getting a woman in a motel, even my own wife if it's not someone else's.

    Readers, take a look at my logo up there beside my name. See that old 'motel' sign?

    Motels to me are more than just a bed, they ARE a bed. Get it?

    I had Death Valley in mind as one location. There were two motels in Death Valley at that time, Stovepipe Wells, and Furnace Creek. I had used both, and been laid in both. In one motel, Stovepipe Wells, I had been with my first wife in one of the little cabins, and the gal who gave me a blow job in front of my wife and then fucked me later got into movies. No, not the porn kind, regular movies.

    I don't remember the exact date, but it was in 1966 because I was driving my brand new '66 Ford wagon, ten passenger if you raised the back floor and raised the two sideways facing seats. That was a great vehicle for hauling models, but only for short trips to places like a nude beach.

    For that trip to Death Valley, I had my wife and five models, two male, three female. You can see the arrangment there. Three couples, one extra female model, three motel units. Obviously the excess female needed to stay in one, hee hee.

    And she was the best looking and best built female of the bunch, excluding my wife of course. That model must have been pretty decent looking since she ended up in the movies.

    Truth in advertising folks, and in story telling.

    “I've just decided,” said Donna. “I am now officially done with modeling, except for you. Anything you want to take of me, we can do over the next two or three weeks. Fair enough?”

    Donna had just told me that I had found the pot at the end of the rainbow. She was going to stick around, model for me only, and then leave for home.

    “Are you kidding? That's more than fair, and I'll pay you well in the process.”

    It was already going around in my head. 'Can I absorb all those costs in the meantime until the money rolls in?' I would find a way. Models were plentiful, though not always of the same quality as Donna. I could and would shoot other girls in the same time frame, sell their photos, and besides, I had some money always in the loop from previous submissions.

    “And fuck me on all those trips,” Donna added, smiling an ornery smile as she squeezed my arm. Oh yes, I wanted that, but I needed to say the expected to make myself seem the nice guy. Of course, it would all be true. Heh Heh.

    “Baby, giving your body to me is not a 'requirement in order to have me taking photos of you.” I truly meant that, but of course I wanted to fuck Donna as much as possible. Take this woman on trips and not fuck her? It could be done, but what a bummer that would be.

    “I know,” said Donna with a smile, “but I want to.”

    This gal sure knew how to stoke my ego. I reached out and held her hand. “Why don't we call it 'make love' all the while, until you head home?”

    She stared at me as if thinking. “I might do that.”

    I took it a bit further.. “Also, why don't you come and live with me in the meantime? You'll save on having to pay rent on that apartment of yours, and I'll take you along with me on any trips I take with other models.
    Hell, your food, anything you need would be provided for. I might even buy you some clothes and we can choose some lingerie from Fredericks of Hollywood for you to model in if I do some glamour spreads, and you can keep the clothes.”

    “If I was living with or taking all the trips with you, you might not get to fuck some of your models. I wouldn't mind if you did, but they might feel uncomfortable with me being around.”

    “Baby, I don't care if it messes up my love life if I have you along on trips or living in my home. While you are here, you would be my number one gal.” Inwardly I was thinking, 'and also for threesomes.'

    “No, I'll keep my apartment because I am afraid that I..that I would become too attached to you. Then I might not leave this shithole of a town." Yes, she called it that, and I think she was talking about the Hollywood area, which at that time was infested with hippies and drugs.

    Not so much Sunset Boulevard but Hollywood Boulevard and many of the side streets had become infested with lava lamp and blacklight stores and tattoo parlors. Walk down the street and young men or women would hit you up for money.

    “But if you like,” she went on, “I'll spend a lot of time at your place in the meantime.”

    She had planned to leave within a couple of weeks, but by keeping Donna around, supporting her to some degree and taking her on trips, I managed to hang onto Donna for almost two months. I also lucked out on having a couple of threesomes with her, and both were with another woman.

    Fucking a new woman? Variety is nice, yes, but I was careful to never let Donna think I was more interested in the new gal then I was her. I am pretty sure that had I wanted to, I could have 'locked her in' for me, I mean in a serious mode, if I had gone that route and maybe cooled it with the other women.

    I still wonder sometimes what might have been. We could have grown old together. No, wait, She'd be old while I'm staying young. That would not have worked out.

    Besides that first day we had met when the two missionaries had came to my door and Donna had sort of shared the women with me, we had also shared two women during those two months I had her exclusively.

    Donna wouldn't allow me to take photos during those threesomes. I could not have used them in a magazine in those days in any case though the time was soon coming with the importation of erotica beginning from places like Sweden and Denmark, where porn was now legal.

    Matter of fact, the most famous of those imported porn magazines at the time was called, 'Swedish Erotic,' and it had some beautiful women being fucked in it.

    No, any porn photos of Donna with a woman I might have taken if allowed by Donna would have been for me to jack off too. Though to be honest, I think I might have enjoyed having photos of her with another man even more, maybe a well-hung larger then me man. A few shots of a long cock between her tits while she lies on her back and looks down at that cock as she squeezes her breasts together? Fantastic.

    But it was mainly her pussy in my fantasies, that pussy that in many ways was still mine exclusively, and in photos being spread by some incredibly lucky man with a huge cock. But the hottest shots would be the ones that show her face in the same photo. What a spread that would have been, of Donna being spread and enjoying it.

    Donna, so far, had never been posed in any illustration with another man. Women, yes a couple of times, but only in innocent gals on the couch in garter belts and bras shots by other photographers.

    Being the male model who gets selected to do the honors for a fuck photo session with Donna would be like a dream come true. To get to even be close to this woman while she is undressed would be prize enough. But to be naked with her, to touch and be touched by her, and then to be allowed to make penetration into some of her lovely assests would be the equivalent of winning a national lottery.

    And then get paid to do all this to boot? There were men in the world, and probably some women that would pay big money to be, even in limited amounts, intimate with Donna. But getting paid for the honor? Unbelievable.

    You want to be that male model? Your ticket, the entry into the entry of Donna would be simple enough. All you have to do is to have been fortunate enough to be naturally blessed with the qualifying equipment, to have a nice personality to go along with that equipment, and to sometime in the past have met and then when the time comes, to be chosen by a certain photographer, me.

    To go along with what would be an ultimate prize, if the photos came out in publication, you the lucky selectee would have those magazine photos to prove forevermore, that you had been the lucky man to be the only one ever to have fucked Donna on film.

    Want to read a sex story about Donna? I mean with another man? Donna was proud of her reputation. She might model for you, but forget trying to fuck her just because you are there. Also, she was careful with her body and what she does with it.

    It is maybe unlikely that she would have gone right into a threesome with me and another man, but maybe if I were to photograph her? It never actually happened but I'll make up a story based on events that could have happened and using real people that existed at the time.

    Readers, these internet porn sites are filled with stories using imaginary people doing imaginary things. Sometimes you read the real thing, but I'd bet that only a small percentage are real to fact. So, knowing in advance that I am using fiction in my fuck story with Donna, but knowing that she was a real person and not made up, wouldn't that be more fun?

    This is the way that I would have done the session knowing myself as only I could.

    First we have to select a male and yes he has to be a model. I knew many male models, and like Donna I am going to use a real person. I'll call him Joe for illustrative purposes. Joe might have seen Donna's photos somewhere, or maybe even had heard about her, the beautiful new gal that would show tits face and ass when modeling, but little else.

    I would have called Joe a day in advance and ask him to do a fuck session on film while not telling him who the model would be. Joe would tell me on the phone that yes, he was free tomorrow afternoon. Knowing me, Joe would know in advance that whoever the gal was to be, she would undoubtedly be pretty nice looking, maybe even beautiful.

    Having been to my home at least once before, he would reliably show up at my door, having driven himself.

    For their first meeting, I had told her to sit up, with her back against the pillows. There she would be, Donna on the bed, already undressed, and ready. I had not told her what to do with her legs, so I would be finding out at the same time as Joe.

    I would invite him on in, and anxious to see the expression on his face when he saw Donna, lead him to the bedroom. Joe would stop at the door to the bedroom and stare, his mouth agape.

    Knowing Donna, she would be sitting there with her legs folded at the knees and up so that her breasts are hidden, but still, there would be no mistaking that face, and the tits that, even while being hidden by knees, would still be visible from each side since her legs are shoved up against them.

    “Her? I get to do it with her? Far fucking out!” I see a look of surprise on Donna's face upon his comment of 'get to do it.' This has now become more than just, 'I will be modeling.' No, now it is 'do it.' and we know what 'it' is.

    Here she is, Donna, this fantastic woman in the flesh, and Joe can not believe that he is going to be doing fuck photos with her!

    “Have you two met,” I would ask?

    As Donna shakes her head 'No.' Joe says, “No, but I have heard about her. There's no mistaking that face and body I have heard so much about.”

    “Donna,” I would say looking at her, “the word is around about you. Seems you have a following now.”

    “Her names Donna?” I was right. It's her.”

    Still, they need a casual introduction, a handshake as eyes look into one another. A totally nude womon on a bed leaning forward to shake hands with a standing man that is still totally dressed. This would supposedly be a work session, but to me it would be much more. I would want to build the suspense, the excitement of such a significant coupling.

    Donna is still seated on the bed, her back against the backrest and supported by pillow, and her knees are still up and hiding her breasts. But look under her legs, and her pussy is showing. She might be unaware that not only is her pussy showing, but it is spread a little from her having pulled her legs up.

    I see Joe sneak little glances and sense the thrill he must be experiencing.

    'Wow. If things go as planned,' he is maybe thinking, 'I'll soon have my dick stuffed into that. Fuck fuck fuck!'

    A big sigh from Joe might be heard as he hears that Donna has never before done this, and though there is no need to say so, I would tell him in front of Donna that her experience with men sexually is limited to just three brief lovers before she had met me.

    Knowing Donna, she would also find that my telling Joe of this, her personal history or lack of same would further create an interest, some enthusiasm perhaps for her to be doing this.

    I would go on to tell Joe that because Donna knows and trusts one certain photographer, she has agreed to do this, and since she plans to get out of modeling soon, she is doing this only for me. This would further enhance his excitement, this knowing that she is doing this once only, and he gets to be the lucky man.

    Remember readers, though this story portion is fantasy, the man and woman are/were real. I had used Joe in a photo session once before you will soon read about, and you already know about Donna.

    Donna, already naked and sitting on my king bed, would be watching, her eyes wide as his pants hit the floor. Exposed now would be a huge dangler, uncut, and normally around six-and-a-half when soft and because of his seeing Donna now closer to seven-and-a-half inches long, soft. It is also thicker when soft than most men are when hard.

    Donna probably might not say it out loud, but she would suck in her breath, then frown slightly and look at me as if to say; 'Bob. I know you want to photograph me having sex with a male for your magazine, but isn't this a bit much?

    I mean, come on Bob, I've only fucked three guys before you, and when you asked I told you that only one of those men was larger than you and that was only by a little bit and yes it had felt good but I still enjoyed you in bed more.

    I know you need to have the man be large so his cock shows better in photos when his body is up and close to mine, and I know that men have this fantasy about women and big cocks so you want me to pose with a man like that.

    But come on! That guy I fucked that was larger than you was nothing like this guy you have chosen for me.'

    “On the bed,” Joe would ask?

    “Yeah, we can start there.”

    Donna would watch with apprehension as his semi-erection would be moved over and carried along as that lean, tanned and muscular body transported that cock onto the bed. If it sounds like I am starting this fuck photo session off 'cold,' you will soon learn my thinking.

    "OK Donna, we'll start off by you sucking his cock while he lies on his back."

    “Wouldn't you like to do a few making out shots first,” she would ask? That would be the romantic portion of her womanhood speaking.

    Kissing? Yes, I had every intention of showing them kissing while doing fuck photos, but I figured that at first, her maybe not yet turned on to Joe, I might get better kissing shots once she had been involved with him sexually. Then the kissing might be desired by her. But, it would appear, she wants to kiss first.

    “I had been thinking of getting to it eventually if you get turned on, but yes, kissing first would be nice.”

    I half expect Donna to say something like, “Oh, I don't plan to be turned on,' but she says nothing while still looking at that cock.

    I look at Joe. “OK Joe, lie alongside Donna for a little while and we'll get some shots of you playing with her titties.”

    Joe wastes no time as he reaches out and gently at first, wraps the fingers of his right hand partially aorund a tit that measuere two hands in size.

    “These are great photos I'm getting. Donna, you're looking beautiful. I like that sweet look of innocence you are putting out. Now as Joe lies turned towards you put your hand on his cock. Yes, I saw that look on your face, it is thick, isn't it?

    Your fingers won't go all the way around him and he's still soft? That'll make for some good photos. I want to be sure to get some closeups of your hand and show that when you are sucking him while holding his cock.

    Joe, move your hand down and place it on her pussy. You know what to do. Don't hide her entire pussy behind your hand. Then with your hand there, we'll get to some kissing shots.”

    I see Donna's legs open slightly as his hand moves onto and over her outer lips, and then slowly moves to just the inners. But Donna has asked to kiss, and I need to go up to that end of her body first.

    “Now, just for one shot and I'll get in close so that just her face and tits show this time as you do it, I want you Joe to put your mouth close to hers and stick your tongue out a little ways.”

    I'm directing the action to be happening with their faces but down below I see that not only is Joe caressing her pussy, but now Donna is moving her hand and taking strokes long enough to be tugging Joe's foreskin almost all the way off the head.

    Already they are preparing themselves for the fucking to come. Caressing each other on the genitals, getting them hard, and wet.

    That's it. Donna, do the same as they touch. That's it, no real kiss, just making it look that way for the photos.”

    “Now put your lips together. That's it, nice. Joe damnit, close your eyes. Yes, I know you like looking at her.”

    I would have to do that, get that 'kissing' photo because Donna would already have told me in advance that she would do this session and yes, include some kissing, but be treating it as no more than work, with no real personal involvement with the selected model.

    'No personal involvement?' Donna had told me that in advance, she would only be posing with whatever guy I have chosen but posing only because she won't be involved with him from a mental standpoint. That is what she had said, but now it looks to me like she is involved to some degree by the way she is loving on his cock with that hand.

    I know that I have pleasantly surprised Donna with my choice of a man to work with her. His appearance is very appealing, and his personality I know, will suffice if he says or does nothing to ruin the mood. The only obstacle might be his cock.

    My challenge will be to get her actually turned on, but not too turned on as I take these photos. I would want the fuck photos yes, and acting or for real, they will be fantastic in the magazine. That magazine would be forever remembered and talked about by the buyers who have been lucky enough to have purchased one..

    But what if I personally knew that for real, at some time during that session, Donna had lost control and given in to the sheer pleasure of having a big cock in her wielded by a man who is taller, better looking in the face, and better hung than me?

    This shooting, this fuck session could affect us all in different ways. The money he would earn might be gone in a day, but Joe would always have his memories.

    Donna might look back at it and remember it as the day she had lost control, the control over her feelings and body of which she was so proud when working. If she has truly intense orgasms with Joe, those memories will be planted in her thoughts forever. A big cock really does it for me.

    But me? These photos would always be a significant turn on for me when I pulled that magazine out and used it for my personal pleasure.

    Now I see, Joe has his fingers inserted halfway into that lovely snatch. I look down, no, it's just one for now. Because I know Donna's pussy from a personal standpoint and know how it feels, if he had tried to place two fingers in there, she might have squirmed away since she's so tight.

    “Alright, it looks like you two are sufficiently turned on now in these photos to begin the real action. Donna, let's have you loving on his cock now with your tongue and mouth, and oh yes, don't forget your eyes. Love on his cock with your eyes as you do so.”

    I would get shots of Donna holding that cock with one hand, with space between where her fingers could not touch her thumb. Then two hands on it, with the entire head still showing above, and maybe with just her mouth on it as she opened wide, very wide at times and followed my directions.

    As she handled it, stroked it, sucked on it, loved on it for her favorite photographer, that cock, the cock that soon would be making penetration would become fixed in her mind.

    'This is the cock that is going to be spreading me wider than I have ever been given, and going deeper.'

    “Fuck Joe. She's keeping that cock of yours nice and hard, that's for sure.”

    “Oh yes,” Joe might say. “Even if she wasn't touching it, just being near her and naked would be keeping me up.”

    “Ha ha. I am sure Donna feels complimented to be hearing that. Donna? What do you think?

    “It's nice to know that I'm making his job easy for him.”

    A male model's job, when he is doing fuck photos, is to get an erection and keep that cock up. In later years, during professional fuck sessions for movies, some directors might even have a girl or two on set that might not actually be in the movie that day. Their function, and they would be getting paid to do so, would be to suck the male model before the next scene and get him hard.

    But that would be way in the future. Today, here and now in my house, fuck photos were not quite safe to publish. These photos would be for me to keep, and maybe use sometime in the future. That's the nice thing about taking shots of faces, tits, asses, pussies, cocks, etc. They never go out of style or look old in photos as long as you watch the hair do on the woman.

    Long hair not put up is always a safe bet, and I had Donna in bed with her hair long and not put up. Also, I had nothing showing in the bedroom that would 'date' my photos. I was thinking ahead, you see.

    “Donna? Need a break? Need to go to the bathroom or anything? No? How about you Joe, you OK? Alright, we're all ready to move on. Now Joe, let's get some of you eating Donna. Donna, lie back and spread those beautiful legs. Joe, get in there and go to work.”

    “Don't hide her pussy completely from my view.”

    Joe would be moving between her legs even before I said it. As he spreads her lips, both Joe and I can see that she is already wet. “Pull her lips open Joe and I'll get a couple of photos.”

    I get the shot from behind and past Joe's head. “Now one more, in close.” This time I move in close and get a head on shot of Donna's lovely pussy being tugged open by two sets of fingers.

    “Now Joe, go to work with your mouth. Stay back a little so that I have room to get the shot and your tongue and her pussy shows.”

    “Mmmmmmm.” Donna has reacted.

    “Feel good Donna? Good, now hold onto his head, his ears maybe if you can reach them and close your eyes. That's it, a big smile...Now raise your legs, higher, higher still.”

    I had forgotten to tell Joe in private to keep eating Donna between shots. But Joe was thinking along the same lines as me and he was doing it on his own. He would hear me take the photo, and still keep his tongue moving.

    “Ooooooh,” That's great Donna, I love that facial expression. Now Donna, if you feel the need to cum while he does it, let me know and I will be ready to get your face in the photo.” I'm not sure she was listening at that particular time.

    “Oooooh gawwwwwddddd.” Shoving her hips, Donna rose Joe's face into the air.

    “Damn! Click. Shit Donna, you didn't warn me in time but I still got a good shot of your facial expression. What? Yes, ha ha, your face is all red.”

    Did she cum fast? Yes, surprising me since Donna had told me this would all just be for the purpose of posing, and no more. Donna had climaxed, and I still had more eating photos to take. Her rapid, unexpected orgasm is a good sign though for what I hope is to come, his entry with his monster cock into her tight loveliness.

    That session might go quicker, but I would be hoping that in the process of taking closeups of Joe's tongue running over her tight inner lips, her clitoris, and even her anus, that Donna would be enjoying the touch, his touch, and be getting ever more turned on to Joe, the man.

    Having involuntarily had an orgasm does not necessarily mean she is turned on to Joe, the man.

    15 minutes later, after a few photos of Joe eating Donna gently so she won't cum again have been taken, not all that many because there is more to see with a gal's mouth on a cock then there is when a man's mouth is on a snatch, we get down to business. "OK Donna, need a break? No? OK, now we do some fuck shots."

    She doesn't say anything but I am watching Donna's face and from the look, I can't be sure if she is excited or scared.

    “Want me between her legs first?” Though he is trying to act professional in front of Donna, I can detect the excitement in Joe's voice.

    “Yeah Joe, we can start there.”

    “How about a pillow under her ass?” Joe is trying to be helpful and suggestive maybe, but I see Donna look worried and sort of shake her head 'No.'

    She knows, we all know, that a pillow under her ass might aid in Joe's driving his long cock even deeper into her pussy, and for sure, nobody at this stage knows if she can even take him. My objective, besides getting these photos, is to have Donna feeling relaxed, and trusting.

    “No pillow,” I say, “Not for now. Let's see how it goes for a while first.”

    "Do you have some lubricant," Donna might ask as she lies on her back, legs wide and looks down at Joe as he prepares to take aim and go in a little ways for that first photo?

    Both Joe and I know that Donna is already lubricated naturally. She has been having her pussy and anus licked on for the past few minutes, has recently enjoyed an orgasm, and her inner lips look visibly wet and shiny. But Donna, knowing Joe's size in intimate detail having stroked and sucked on that pole for so long, is worried.

    "I have some baby oil honey. That gives everything that shiny slightly gold color, but first, let's try just using his pre-fluid. Look at how much he's dripping.”

    I, of course shooting while nude, would have also have been dripping, and Donna, knowing how I am, would have noticed. My cock is still soft and dangling, but looking slightly larger than normal, and of course I have shiny fluid showing on the tip.

    Joe, knowing his cock is about to make entry into his dream woman, has started flowing pre-fluid, and in large quantity.

    Donna is not staring at my cock though, because the subject is Joe. “Oh! Yes tee hee. I can see that. Joe, bring it up here and spread that juice all over me, all over my lips while I hold myself open."

    Donna might have said something like that, but she was so sweet, so innocent sometimes that more likely I might have ended up being the one making that suggestion. As I watch, Donna sort of quivers as Joe runs that fat head all over and around her lips, concentrating on the inners, where he hopes to go.

    I can not help but to notice how much wider the head of his cock looks compared to her opening.

    I am clicking away. “Wait while I reload.” They wait, but I notice that Joe continues to rub her lips with the wet tip of his cock. Donna is not objecting. As a matter of fact her eyes are wide, very, as she stares down at his cock and where it is touching.

    “Rub it over her clitoris too,” I direct. Donna looks at me funny. Her hole is almost an inch below the clit. She knows that lube on her clit will not help his cock make its entry, except for having her maybe more turned on as he does so.

    Now, as Joe uses his dripping head to coat her clit, Donna sighs and yes, even raises her pussy a ways to meet his cock. It is obvious, Donna has become aroused. She is going to need arousal in order to better accept a cock that is too big.

    Me? The time is at hand. Joe will soon be making his penetration, or trying to. I get my photo and an erection at the same time.

    I am standing right beside Donna on the bed, and she sees my hard on. She knows now as she looks at my rigid manhood. If she gives in mentally and starts going beyond just posing, I won't be objecting. Also, I am wondering. 'She can see my cock up close now, within maybe two to three feet of Joe's mighty pole, and she is able to make a direct comparison. I wonder what she is thinking?'

    "Wow Joe! Look at how shiny her pussy looks now. Let me get this shot of your cock right at the entrance.”

    Then I say something I shouldn't be saying because I know that Donna is worried and apphrehensive at having to take Joe inside her little snatch. But I want to build the suspense for them, and of course for me.

    “Fuck Joe, your cock lookis a lot wider than her little hole. I'm not sure it is going to fit, but we can give it a shot!" That is what I might have been saying, and the intent would have been to maybe get Donna excited about this, because I certainly would be. Joe? He is excited enough.

    “Touch the head of your cock against her hole.,” (click. 'Just one more..' .click)

    "Now Joe, slowly, very slowly, start putting it in... “

    This is it, the real beginning for Joe. Donna being nude in front of him? Great. Donna stroking and sucking his monster pole? Really great. Getting to eat her and having her orgasm under his touch, fantastic. Getting to stick his thick and long log of human flesh within her beautiful snatch? Beyond belief.

    Trying to appear businesslike, I watch and move around with a dripping dick while I take photos. Joe is grinning with joy as he starts to spread those inner lips, his head so wide and long and having to go in three full inches before it will be past her lips and drop inside.

    Donna I can tell, is maybe feeling discomfort from his stretching, but I know that combined with that feeling of being opened wide, she is also sensing if not enjoying a hint of pleasure, Pleasure now, and more to come. Still, she is not making any sounds as she tries to be brave.

    I had purchased a firm mattress, but I notice that the mattress is sagging ever so slightly under her ass and his weight and it probably would be better to have a thin pillow (I had several of various sizes) under her ass. But not just yet. If Joe manages to fully penetrate her this first try, a pillow might make his length feel too long for her. Better to go with this for now.

    I would also notice out of the corner of my eye how Donna's legs tremble a little as he starts to spread her. But the view is fantastic. Hot hot. I need to stop him now, while the widest part of his head is spreading her the most of any part of his cock.

    “That's it Joe. Just hold it there partway in so I can get some shots at different angles.” I move behind him to get a shot from up and under his balls. “Raise your hips up a little higher Donna. That's great.”

    "Uuuuuuh! Oh shit." Until now she had been quiet. Now she was not only making noise, but swearing. Normally, never a swear word to be heard from Donna. What gives?

    I raise my head and look over his ass and up to her face. "Baby, will you be alright?"

    She is looking up at me, her eyes wide. "Joe is so big and he's just holding it there, that head partway in. Can you get these photos quick so he can put it in past the head please? Maybe it will feel better once it's in a ways."

    By her taking the time to talk to me in protest, Donna has already increased the amount of time Joe will be spreading her the widest. I am encouraged though. She is not going to stop this. No, she has already said that she wants to get him further inside so 'maybe it will feel better.'

    "OK baby. I'm sorry. Just a minute more until I get this last shot or two of his head opening you up. Donna, can you reach down and wrap your fingers around his cock like you are helping to guide him in?

    That's it, this is really a wild shot! Now let me get it from the side as well. Fuck yeah, that's beautiful. Now let me get back a ways and while you hold his cock in place I'll get a shot including your face while you look up at him.”

    These would be especially hot photos, Donna being spread the widest Joe could make her go. I needed to hurry, but not too fast. Donna was being spread way out, and she needed time to adapt to his cock. I was providing that time by forcing her to wait.

    Click. “One more...while I get up here...” Click. “Donna, I like that expression on your face. Is that pleasure I see? No? Discomfort? Sorry about that. I'll try to hurry it up. Now Joe, take it just a bit deeper. Just a little. That's it, keep the head from going all the way in for a minute."

    My heart is pounding from the sights I am seeing. My camera is locking those moments in for all time, but my mind is doing it in real time. Finally, as I continue to drag this moment out, Donna complains.

    "Do I really have to (pant pant) keep doing this, letting him keep it in me and...and stretching me so far while you take these photos? I never dreamed the guy you pick would be so big."

    Again, though not meaning too, Donna is delaying his entry past the thickest part, and my answer will take still more time. Besides, though she is 'protesting,' the tone of her voice indicates that she is not adamant about it.

    I would tell her a little white lie. “Donna? I didn't know. I saw Joe's cock once before, but he was never hard. I knew it would be sizeable, but not this much. Most guys with big cocks when they're soft don't grow that much more.”

    Oh yeah, I would act concerned as both Joe and I enjoy her predicament. "I'll try to make it fast maybe, while Joe, you make it last. Can you hold back?

    Yes, I know she's beautiful and has a tight pussy, but I'm, no, we are counting on you to keep from cumming so we can get these shots."

    "I'll just have to hold back best I can,” Joe says, excitement in his voice very obvious. “She's so fucking hot. I've never had to just keep it in a woman like this before without pumping. But I think maybe I can keep from cumming as long as I don't move it much."

    Poor Joe, having to suffer like this.

    Of course I had told Donna a little fib.

    The preceding section is fantasy, and now we go to a true story phase. This is why I am able to use Joe in a fantasy portion, because I am familiar with the man I have named Joe. I had known in advance how large Joe was.

    Right now in our fantasy session we have Joe on a bed with Donna, but I had used Joe once before, with a model that had not known she would end up posing with a man that day.

    I'll take you back to that real day.

    For today, this was supposed to be a one woman photo shoot. I had gone to Hollywood to get a gal I shall name 'Pookie' and brought her to my home. She was cute, very. Naive and perhaps innocent? Very.

    Pookie was tiny, not just in the pussy, but everywhere. Her tits were tiny, her ass, all of her, but in all the correction proportions.

    Pookie looked like a miniature goddess when standing next to someone so you could compare the relative sizes, but alone and with nothing in the photo to show scale, she looked like a normal, nicely built woman.

    I couldn't wait. Pookie had a tight pussy to go along with that tight little body.

    I did all the usual, taking time to turn her on, except I think she was already there before I started. I ate her, gave her that make sure she cums first orgasm, allowed her to study my cock in great detail but not cumming in her mouth, and finally, we fucked. It was romantic though, almost like lovemaking.

    With her, this little gal less than five feet tall, I was a big man, both in appearance with clothes on, and with a big cock when the pants came off.

    Size, yes, size. One thing I especially enjoyed about Pookie. When I stuck it in and looked down, she made my cock look big. It was nice going in, no struggle, but a definite tight clasping of my cock as I slowly went in, and on a gal looking this good, my entry was always slow.

    If something looks and feels this good, why hurry?

    After fucking Pookie and getting some great photos, we were enjoying the sun. It was then, while we were lying by the pool and caressing each other that I asked Pookie if she wanted to earn a little more money. I had talked to a male model earlier in the day and informed him to sit tight, because I would call one way or the other.

    “Pose with some guy? I shouldn't do that because I know my boyfriend wouldn't want me to be doing that. He doesn't want some naked guy being around me.”

    Her boyfriend Pookie had told me knew she was doing nude modeling, but what he didn't know was that this particular photographer made it a point to be nude when shooting all his models.

    I smiled inwardly as I laid naked beside her. All day so far we two had been naked together.

    I had seen Pookie's so-called boyfriend when I had picked her up, and no way did I want to be using him. A pimply face. Long dirty looking hair and a scrawny body with who knows what he might have in the way of a cock? If I transported him in my car he might be carrying drugs. Probably just grass, but that was still a serious arrest in those days, for all occupants of a car maybe.

    Besides, if I brought the boyfriend along, I wouldn't score on Pookie. This was her very first modeling session, and as far as I knew, I was only one of maybe two or three guys to have ever seen her naked.

    According to Pookie, the other guys had only seen her while having sex in the dark. Me, I got to see her in the sun, looking happy and yes, downright beautiful.

    “It won't hurt to pose with some guy. It'll just be standing and sitting around the pool, tossing a beach ball in the water, things like that.”

    “How much will I make?”

    “Depends on how much time we take. He'll need forty-five minutes or so to get here. You are already here and have two hours in counting the fuck, so your next time will start when I pick up my cameras. It would probably be one to two hours, and if it goes over one, I'll pay you for two.”

    “Another fifty dollars?”

    “Yes, for two hours and you giving me some nice shots with him. Since you are posing naked with a man I will want you to act and look friendly with him on camera, you know, like he is your boyfriend or maybe, husband.”

    “Will he be touching me?” These were going to be straight nudist shots of course, so no need for touching except to show what nudists do in real life at the nudist camp. I was thinking of having Joe touching her, but not necessarily for family friendly photos.

    “Probably not, except maybe when I have him rub tanning lotion on your body or something.”

    “On my tits?”

    “Probably, but just rubbing lotion on and not squeezing them.. Also I might shoot him rubbing some lotion on your ass.” While saying that, I was caressing her as we laid in the sun, and my hand was moving to a vital area. “Besides baby, I'd also have you rubbing oil on him.”

    She gave out with a soft little sigh as I carressed her clitoris. My timing might have been perfect as she asked, “On his cock?”

    At a nudist park, you might see a man rubbing oil on his woman, and vice-versa, but rarely on an intimate part unless no one else is there to see. But I wasn't going to tell her that because I wanted to have some fun for both me, and Joe. If she rubbed lotion on Joe's cock, she would need two hands, two times.

    “If you want. I might just hand the lotion to you and say, “Go at it.' Where you go from there would be up to you.” I was timing my conversation as I carressed her pussy..

    “That would be alright, I guess,” she said as my finger penetrated while she stared off into space.

    “And besides,” I added; “the shots won't be showing up in a magazine for probably three months, and by then you'll have two more boyfriends.”

    “Oh, I doubt that, We're in love.

    'Sure you are honey, as long as you keep giving your money to him.' I was thinking that, but not saying it. Yes readers, since this conversation actually happened, it is easy for me to remember and write the previous few lines about getting a gal to pose with a different man, and having him touching her, etc.

    I say easy to write because even if it was fiction it would be easy to write because it is locked in my memory it happened so many times, over a few years.

    Just like I had fucked not dozens, but hundreds of women who had boyfriends at the time, or who had a husband, I also got a high number of young usually but not always young women to pose naked with a total stranger.

    Quite often it would be with another woman, but at times, I made it a point to put a man with her, a strange man. This was especially exciting for me if the woman I was using was married. This didn't happen very often, but a few of my models were married and I managed to shoot them alone.

    And yes, if I could work it right, I'd have them fucking by the end of the session even though I couldn't take any fuck photos, except sometimes, if the gal wanted, I might take a few Polaroids, and it would be up to her if she wanted the man fucking her, me, to keep any.

    That happened I think, four or five times, where I fucked an older but very attractive woman who was married and she ended up taking some Polaroid photos with her. I don't know how mamy, if any of those wives showed the photos to their husbands at a later time, but somewhere out there, maybe even today, there might be women who pull them out and remember. Or maybe a husband, maybe even a divorced husband, who happened to obtain and keep them.

    A lot of the time I might have desired the gal for myself, but even then, I encouraged a newly introduced couple to play around with each other if they seemed so inclined. Once in a great while I arranged for or allowed my male model to fuck my female model and I did not go ahead and get some for myself.

    I didn't want to fuck all the gals you see, just most of them. Oh, by the way, don't get the impression that because I keep talking about the sex that sex is all that went on at my photo sessions. My people had fun, and we talked about a lot of things besides sex, like...well...like...give me a moment.

    If I took a pornographic Polaroid photo and gave it to one of the models, I was always careful not to have anything else showing in the photo, like identifying features in a bedroom or by a pool that could be used in court to pin down the location, and the photographer who had taken it.

    That scenario with the polaroids and the woman wanting them maybe only happened a dozen or so times with me, but in every one of those sessions, the woman also fucked me.

    Want to read one of my stories about Polaroids and sex? Try Nude Photographer Confessions, Session Three.

    Now it was Pookie's turn if she wanted. Of course Pookie did want that extra money. I had interviewed this new male model at his place and wanted to use him now if I could get him on the phone. No cell phones in those days. You catch someone at home, or you don't. Joe had told me he would stay home until two.

    One of the main reasons I wanted Joe. He had his own car and I did not have to go pick him up. It's a long way in traffic from the west end of the San Fernando Valley to Hollywood, and then back.

    A call was made, Joe was available and could be here in an hour or so. Knowing what Joe had to display and offer I made make sure to get Pookie again, our second time. Have another fuck before he shows up, and when Joe arrived I would be turning my cute little hippy girl into a couple.

    No fuck shots of them of course, not for publication, but I enjoyed how sometimes Joe would grow, and shy little Pookie, yes, shy, would turn red and pretend not to see. Pookie was freshly arricved in town from a place like Kansas and was not wise to the ways of Southern California.

    Yet, tragically, Pookie had met up with a druggie hippy, maybe he wrote her and asked her to come out, and he would take advantage of her for a month, maybe more, then she would be moving on to the next crash pad and the next guy.

    Why didn't I save her you might say? I did try with some of them. But this was the era of 'free love,' and there were so many young gals from out of town, every week. What was nice about Pookie? I was her first photograper and her pictures would sell, no competition.

    Still looking 16 when she was 18, Pookie was just on the edge of looking mature enough to be wearing the items men like to see in 'glamour' magazines. Girdles,panties, stockings, heels. In real life mid to late 1960s, women, the young ones, no longer wore stuff like this. I was lucky to get a model to even wear lipstick at times and would almost have to force her to apply some lipstick.

    I kept a stock of lipsticks for women to use. They would use a tube one session, and I would toss it if she didn't want to keep it. The next model would have a fresh tube to use. Almost all my colors went towards the dark red side, and the hippies did not want to wear lipstick at all, let alone a red.

    If they came to me wearing lipstick, it would oftentimes be something like pink frosted. In other words, a lipstick lighter than their skin tone, not darker. Stupid, back assward might best describe it.

    “I need dark lipstick in the photos so your lips will show,” I would say, “especially in the black and white photos.” They would argue, saying that girls no longer wore red lipstick, it was either light pink or some 'glaze' or none at all. But when I would show them those darker lips in photos of previous women they would reluctantly agree that yes, those shots came out nice

    Blondes are the so-called classic woman, the woman men talk about. I love blondes, have been married to...well, I'll leave that alone for now. But for photos? In black and white or color shots there is nothing that looks better than a beautiful woman with black almost hair, and bright red lips. Take a look at some advertising shots, and you will see what I mean.

    The hardest shots to get of a naked woman? A true redhead, one who has the red hair at both ends of her body. I had a casual male friend once who told me that he had never fucked a real headhead. This was after I had gotten out of the nude field, but I just happened to have this really cute gal, true redhead, staying at my house for a few days.

    I didn't tell him that, choosing to wait until I talked to her.

    This was in Denver. I told her about my 'friend's fantasy. She said she was willing to meet him and see if she might go along with a threesome. So I took some nude polaroids of her, and showed him to that guy. Know what? He was too chicken to come to my house and fuck her.

    But that gal, that delicious-looking redhead is another story. I have lots of stories to tell of my time in Denver, and some of them are on this site. Now back to California and my women.

    I would take photos with garter belts, hose, bra in some, and place them in some very sexy poses. But never a pussy hair showing. Yes, send those lingerie shots to Topper, Sir, Adam, Knight, some nudie publication, and then use the rest of her modeling time for completely undressed nudist shots.

    I had taken half-a-dozen rolls of Pookie in black and white, four in color, and now I had reloaded and was ready to go with fresh film for my nudist publications as soon as Joe showed up.

    Why didn't I take more shots of her or any model you might ask and send them to all the girlie magazines at once? Not nice. A magazine wanted to feel that they had the exclusive shots of a gal from a given photograper. If I shot a model and sent her photos to the competition at the same time, they would know, and might be reluctant to use my stuff in the future.

    Shots of the same model submitted to a given magazine by another photographer? Well, of course she would be modeling around, and the guy who submitted her first got the dough. A model was usually 'used up' in short time, unless she was truly something to look at.

    Take Pookie for instance Pookie was nice, cute, pixie and child-like and fuckable and because she had a boyfriend that wanted her to model for the money it would provide, she would be used up in a couple of months, maybe less.

    But Donna? Well, Donna was one of those exceptions.

    I used Joe with Pookie first, and I used Joe two or three times later with other women, but not for fuck photos. Joe did not have the control over his cock that I had over mine. Get him close to a cutie and up it would go. I would have to either hide him behind the model, show him laying on his stomach, or have him down in the pool while she was higher.

    Joe was good to use because of his pleasant face, his personality, his lean and tanned physique, but that cock, exciting as it might be to look at, was a problem for me or other photographers when we were shooting. We couldn't as yet show an erection, and a cock like his looked like an erection, even when it was pointing down.

    Believe it or not, during the time that I knew him, his having that cock cost Joe some work. Most of the men I was using, in a couple shooting or single and paired with a girl, had cocks that would hang down maybe three inches at most, and usually no lower than their dangling balls. Some guys only had a circumcised head that would barely stick out of their pubic hair they looked so small.

    “Hey little guy, what are you doing hiding in there?'

    Yes, almost all my models in those days were white in case you are wondering. Black guys weren't usually hanging with whites in those days. Oh, did I just say 'hanging?

    That was how the men looked when I used them in my 'nudist' magazines. The date 1968 was not quite ripe yet for pornographic shooting. Close, but still a year or more likely two years away.

    Now, I was using Joe in his first session with me, and we had Pookie the almost virgin. I got them by the pool, but was being careful to shoot 'down' at them much of the time, or from down low while I had the sky above them.

    I was doing this shooting down or up at them in order to keep the backgrounds out of the shots because I had not purchased any new stuff lately to make my yard look different.

    All the while, Pookie had 'that' to look at. Joe's hanging dick. Yes, I shot him rubbing oil on her back, her ass, and legs. She even opened them a little when he was doing the inside of her thighs.

    I turned her over, and Joe got to rub oil on her tits. Of course it was only rubbing oil on and over, and not squeezing or teasing. Though I wanted to see Joe fuck her if it would fit, I was being mostly business now. This shooting, you see, I was paying two models to do.

    Even so, and you might be wondering since I mentioned it earlier in this story, I had her put lotion on his cock. At the present time in history, no way could I use or sell those photos, but I pretended to be taking pictures as she did it, and yes, he grew, and grew, along with her eyes.

    “Now Pookie, you need to rub some oil under his foreskin.”

    “Like this?”

    “Yes, that's right. Pull the foreskin down and rub some lotion on” Joe and I both watched, holding our breaths I think, as we watched Pookie's little hand run up and over that big rounded head, go all around, and back down again as she spread the slippery lotion, and leaving his head gleaming in the sunlight.

    “That's right, now he's protected all over from the sun.”

    “Gee, my fiance doesn't have foreskin like this.”

    “He's circumcised” I responded, while not commenting on the fact that she had referred to her pimply faced skinny boyfriend as her 'fiance.'.

    “Yes, I guess that's what you call it, my boyfriend's circumcised. Joe here has one just like yours,” she said, with a glance up at me.

    “Joe's cock is like mine.” I asked”

    She glanced up again at me, but this time at my dangling and dripping cock and mainly smaller, cock. “Well, Joe's cock is sort of like yours. They both have skin...”

    I wanted to hear Pookie say it, how big Joe is, but she wouldn't, maybe because she did not want to call attention to how small I looked compared to him.

    “Put some more oil under that foreskin, it needs two coats.” Joe was loving it, and he was the one asking.

    “OK.” And Pookie did it, and this time with no direction from the photograper.

    Joe didn't need sun protection under the foreskin, after all, the skin itself provided that protection for his head. But it was fun watching Pookie, eyes wide as she had to give that huge cock a stroke or two in order to rub that oil on. Her little hands and that big cock. It was like Davidia and Goliath.

    “OK. That's enough photo taking for now. Pookie? Do you want to fuck him,” I asked at the end of the session? Pookie was little, barely five feet tall, B cups and 98 pounds, and a cock like his with a gal like her would be a sight to see, even if she couldn't take it. If nothing else I could fuck her while she sucked him. Of course Joe would go along.

    But Pookie had a hippy boyfriend back at the pad, and waiting for the money she would provide.

    “I don't think so” she said wistfully. “I shouldn't do anyone else since I'm in love with someone.” There would be no mention in front of Joe about how she had been fucking me before Joe showed up

    Sure she was, being faithfully pure after having just fucked me a little over an hour ago, and a couple of hours before that. I wanted to get her and Joe on the bed, if possible.

    “Let's move inside out of the sun and have a drink.”

    Pookie headed for the bathroom through that outside entrance and Joe and I went through the sliding door into the kitchen. “Think we can fuck her,” I asked Joe? I knew the answer as to how it might go better than he, but I wanted to set the mood.

    “I don't know,” Joe said excitedly. “She had her hand on my cock for a little while, and I was this close...” he held two fingers about an inch apart, “from cumming.”

    I laughed. “That would have been a hoot, seeing her face when you shot all over her hand.”

    “It might have hit her face,” he replied. “It was pointed at her.”

    I pointed, “Let's catch her in the bedroom.”

    Taking three pepsis with us, we headed down the hall. “In here Pookie, on the bed.” Pookie had came out of the bathroom and was started down the hall towards us. She turned around, her face looking confused. “In the bedroom?

    “Yes, so we can relax. It gets old sitting on a cement deck or in lawn chairs.”

    “Yes, this is more comfortable,” Joe said as he lifted his cock and balls onto the bed and sat back against the headboard and using a pillow. He looked at Pookie. “Going to join us?”

    Pookie looked at me in confusion, and in response I got up onto the bed without saying anything. With nowhere else to go except to be alone, she slowly crawled up onto the bed, and as I patted the middle between Joe and I, she also placed her back against the pillows placed at the headboard.

    If she knew at that time, she didn't show it. I had placed her on the bed, naked and between two naked men. The plan was obvious, it must have been clear to see, but she went along.

    I handed the Pepsis to her, and thirsty, Pookie raised the bottle and took a long gulp. Then we talked. What did we talk about? Not sex, not at first. But it was right there, the sex. Pretty hard to ignore when three nice-looking and naked people are side-by-side on a bed.

    And then there was that big unknown. Joe's cock, at the moment soft and lying across his right thigh instead of his left since he was turned towards Pookie and me.

    I waited until Pookie had finished her drink. Putting it on the night stand, I turned to her and began to carress. Her neck with my left hand, her pussy with my right.

    Her legs opened, and seeing that, my cock grew in a race to beat Joe to maximum height. I beat Joe in the race to get there, but he had much further up to go. We waited to see if Pookie would say anything as she sat quietly between two naked men with erections, one she met just just today and had fucked four times, and one she had only rubbed lotion on.

    Finally, Joe broke the silence, and he didn't pull the punches.

    “Can she jack me off, just for a minute?”

    Joe was asking me instead of Pookie

    “It's up to Pookie. Pookie, you got him that way, made his dick rise even though you never touched him this time. All you had to do is be here with that hot body of yours and up it went. It might be kind of fun to have your hand on a big hunk of meat like that and this time be bringing him off, don't you think? Want to jack him off so he can go down and get his pants on?”

    “Sure. OK!” Her voice betrayed her excitement. Pookie was willing to get Joe off. That meant she might not have to fuck him. To be honest, I was manipulating Pookie, taking advantage you might say. Planning on getting her to cheat on her boyfriend with still another man besides me. But her boyfriend was a creep and she needed to get away from him.

    Is saving her from a boyfriend who would use her for her money to get drugs sufficient justification for me to manipulating Pookie in order to do some fucking? Yes. Let's say it was.

    I watched as Pookie turned onto her left side beside Joe and giggling as she took his hard cock in hand, began to stroke. I was watching her face as I moved down and around her to better see. Pookie was really getting off on moving that foreskin up and down the shaft, and each time going up almost far enough to conceal the head, and then down again.

    “Tell me what you think about his cock compared to mine. I know what you're thinking and you can say it. We already know.”

    Pookie looked at me funny because I am sure she did not want to hurt my feelings or something. “He's, his cock is really big.”

    I wanted to hear Pookie say it in front of both Joe and me. “And compared to mine?”

    She hesitated. “Well, Joe's a lot bigger.”

    “And compared to your boyfriend?” I was pushing her now, but I wanted Joe to hear this since I already knew.

    “You're bigger than my boyfriend, so of course, Joe is a lot bigger.”

    “Does that get you excited, knowing that we both are bigger than your boyfriend?”

    Pookie sighed. “Have you told Joe about...about you and me?”

    “No. You tell him, if you want.”

    She looked at Joe, in the face. “We've already made love, had sex, before you got here.”

    Pookie had admitted to Joe that she had fucked me before he got here. Now she no longer could keep up the pretense of being faithful to her boyfriend. That was what I wanted because Pookie's having said that would increase Joe's chances of getting go to fuck her.

    “Now tell Joe what you told me baby, about my cock and how it feels.”

    She turned red. “I told Bob that his cock feels better.” Joe smiled at me, and unseen to Pookie, I winked.

    “Now tell Joe why you thought my cock feels better.”

    “You know. Because it's bigger, I already said that.” Then she tried to add something, in an excuse not to place all the credit on my having a larger cock than her boyfriend. “But you also felt better because I'm turned on to you.”

    I know Pookie was trying to de-emphasize her excitement about getting a larger cock by saying that, but I don't think that she realized that she was also saying I turned her on more than her boyfriend regardless of my cock size.

    “So Pookie, maybe you're not as turned on by your boyfriend as you thought.”

    She didn't answer for a moment. Then finally, her face red, “I guess not.”

    “We have a chance here to further test that theory, Pookie. If my cock feels better than your boyfriend, then now much better than your boyfriend would Joe's cock feel?”

    She didn't hesitate. “It would probably hurt, but I don't plan to find out.” Though she was saying no, Pookie's eyes were telling a different story, and her hand was doing some talking too because she was still stroking that hard cock.

    I gave them a minute while watching her face and then winked at Joe. “Hey guys, let's change positions.”

    I knew she was turned on now. I crawled off the bed and began standing down at the foot.

    “Pookie, come over here to the end of the bed. That's it, now get on your knees in the doggy. OK Joe, now lie down in front of her so she can yank you off. That's it Joe, put your legs on each side of her and crawl towards me. Now your cock is right in front of her.”

    I had placed Joe so that all Pookie would have to do was lower her head, and not very far, and her mouth would be over him.

    I was naked and now erect right behind Pookie though she was not looking at me. As she began to stroke Joe's raging hard on, I walked right up behind Pookie and caressed her ass, both cheeks. Then, having warned her that I was there by using my hands, I proceeded to slip my cock into her delicious-looking slot.

    Her wet and now familiar vagina opened for me and began gripping me tightly. I began fucking, but going slow, no hurry slow, and Pookie's claim to Joe of being faithfully pure for someone she loved had gone out the window.

    It took only a few seconds as I stroked into her, and as Joe slid slightly closer to Pookie, she did what seemed natural to be doing in this position. She tentatively touched her lips to his cock, and then, after perhaps another five seconds, began to suck it as best she could with her little mouth.

    “Take your time Joe. You've been anxious to cum, but now Pookie needs to get there with you.” I stroked slowly into Pookie, not hard but gentle because I did not want to be bouncing her body around when she now seemed to be so absorbed in her work.

    I just had to say it, and in front of Joe. Giving Joe a wink, I asked her, “Pookie, that boyfriend you're in love with, tell us more, in better detail how his cock compares to what you're playing with now?”

    Pookie was young, new to all this, and she came right out with the answer. “Jimmy has a skinny dick.”

    I snickered, “You mean compared to Joe?”

    “Compared to you, your cock is bigger than Jimmie's, and this one is way bigger.”

    I chuckled. “Do you think this will have any effect on your love affair?”

    I was doing this mainly for Joe's benefit since Pookie had been claiming she was in love and couldn't do anything. You might think I was being cruel readers, doing this to her boyfriend, but I need to emphasize, I had met him and I knew that he had been using Pookie, taking advantage of her, and that little affair had limited time before maybe Pookie got wise and moved on.

    And then Pookie said something that surprised both Joe and I. “I guess love isn't everything.”

    Iwas right there, ready with an instant response since I was used to things like this. “Having a nice cock in your hot little pussy while you have a huge hunk of meat in your mouth does tend to change your perception of things, doesn't it?”

    Pookie actually turned her head and looked back and up at me. “I see what you're doing now, and I understand. I thought I was in love with Jimmy, but I guess it was just because he was my only guy before you.”

    “Oh,” I asked? “Your only guy? I thought you had been with two or three others.”

    “No, Jimmy is the only one. I just told you there were more so you wouldn't think I was naïve or something. He, we did it just two times before he went to Hollywood, and then he asked me to come out too. Jimmy said he had a job and a place to live, so I took my little bit of savings and came out on a bus.”

    She couldn't get her mouth all the way over that knob, so was using her mouth and tongue to kiss and lick Joe, anywhere she could reach, and at the same time, talk.

    “Then, as you saw, it turns out he is doing drugs and sharing an apartment with two or three other guys and their girlfriends if that's what they are. I ncver know how many are actually staying there because it changes every day. Also,” she added, “the rent is due and I don't know who is going to be paying it.”

    “That's the plan, Pookie. Your money from today is probably intended for the rent, soon as Jimmy gets his hands on it, or maybe he'll use it for drugs.”

    “Maybe not,” she said softly while taking turns placing her mouth over Joe and talking. “The money I get today would more than pay for a bus ticket home.”

    I wanted to keep Pookie around, but I knew the best thing she could do was to get away from this Jimmy character and go home. I was still pumping, slow and gentle, and Pookie was still sucking, slow and gentle

    “Think you can get into the apartment and get your things without him taking your money?” I looked at Joe, and he understood as he volunteered. “I can go with you to get your stuff if you want.”

    You wouldn't want to mess with Joe. Besides that cock, I think Joe had other features to contend with.

    I had nothing else to do today. “I'll go with you too,” I said. “You can get your things, we'll call the bus station and see what the schedule says. Maybe you can be on your way home today.”

    Side benefit readers, besides 'saving' Pookie, I would be the only photographer in town to have nude photos of her.

    I had known this would happen eventually as Pookie became aware of how she was being used. “So Pookie, what do you plan to do about it? Want to go back to West Virginia?”

    She was thinking, thinking while being gently fucked doggy and holding and sucking a massive member of manhood. At the moment, orgasms for three people were on hold. Then Joe made a suggestion. “She can stay with me and my girlfrend for a while if she wants to stay on in California.

    My girlfriend is cool and will understand. Pookie can stay for a few days until she finds some girl to live with maybe and share a place.”

    I was thinking, 'now wouldn't that be interesting? Pookie at Joe's place while he tries to fit his massive member into this little snatch I'm fucking while his girlfriend is there and helping out in various ways?'

    I had been planning on timing things with Joe and trying to make Pookie cum at the same time Joe was cumming and maybe she would be so turned on that she would swallow his load. Now things had changed. Since she might be leaving town, I had something else in mind.

    “Pookie, you've got it in your hand and mouth and we'll never know, you, I and Joe will never know unless you do it now.”

    I didn't have to tell her, not even another hint. It was in her hands. It was in her mouth, sorta. It was right there in front of her face, and all she would have to do is crawl up, over, forward and then...move down..

    She said it on her own, and it might have been out of curiosity, or desire. “OK, I'll try it.” After a glance back at her ass and the man who had a cock inserted into her pussy, Pookie said “Sorry” to me and slowly began to crawl forward on her knees, and as her body held on and then came off my cock, she tried to put her legs on the outside of Joe's as he placed them together

    She was over Joe now, her pussy right over that cock, and this I had to be involved in. “I'll help you aim it.”

    I got up onto the bed with the two of them, and taking Joe's mighty meat in my hand for the first time, I pointed it towards the Pookie pussy. I had opened her pussy up for Pookie, made it wet and shiny, so if she was ever to fit her tight snatch over a huge cock, this would be the time.

    “I'll just try a little bit of it,” Pookie said, her voice shaking

    That was what I wanted to see, Pookie's tight little snatch down over Joe's massive head and maybe just two or three inches of his shaft. If she could take just that much and Joe could blast his load into her, what a sight that would be for me, and to feel for them

    She started over and I saw her thin little lips stretching as they tried to adapt to the almost impossible. “Oh...shit you guys, I don't know if I can do this.”

    “You have to try baby. Just this once. Get it over with before you go to live with Joe and his girlfriend. Enjoy an orgasm together and never have to do it again. I can see that there is no way you can go all the way down on this,”

    I was still holding his cock, “so just take it as far as you can and when you feel him shooting into you, it will be something like you have never felt before.”

    I was being dramatic, silly perhaps, but for Pookie, and maybe Joe and I, this was to be a historic event.

    Pookie held her breath and slowly pushed her body down. She held it there, pushing down. I saw Joe's cock bend a little despite how hard he was. I could see her body, those lips, easing ever so slowly wider and she struggled to go lower

    Then her pussy, reluctantly perhaps, suddenly stretched open just enough, and Pookie amazingly was able to lower herself entirely over Joe's thick head and before she could stop, she was three inches past.

    Joe was about six inches into her, just like that! She stopped with a gasp before going all the way to the bottom, and I saw her body shake.

    I could clearly see it, her pussy bulging all around his cock, and even her anus was bulging out a ways.

    “I did it. It hurts a little but now, don't ask me to, I don't think I can go any deeper.” She waited perhaps another 20 seconds, her breathing coming in gasps. “Can I take it out now that I've done it?” You could hear the strain in her voice, but also, there was the hint of excitement.

    “Not just yet baby. You'll adapt, and Joe needs to cum. And you haven't felt what it is like to fuck a cock like that. Give it a few strokes and let's have Joe blow his load first.”

    “Oooh...OK. But it hurts..” She began to pump, or tried to, going up just an inch or two, and as the bottom ridge on his head started to tug her lips inside out, she paused and went down again. She fucked, using just two inches or so of strokes, and Joe said, “A few more strokes and I'll be cumming.” He was holding her breasts in both hands now.

    I knew that there was no way in Hell that she would be able to take his length, but he was partway into her, stretching her, and I wanted this to go on long enough for them both to have gotten a really good feel of one another.

    I waved my arms so Joe would take notice. 'Hold back, hold back,' I mouthed to him. He nodded, but I knew that if any, he would only be able to delay his orgasm by seconds.

    Pookie was breathing hard. Her eyes were closed and I could see as I looked forward that her face had turned almost red. She gave him three more strokes. Four. Five. She was so tight around him. Six, and with stroke seven she went just a little deeper, another inch deeper. She was taking at least seven inches of him now.

    Joe was further than I had ever been able to go within her.

    For a second, I was wishing I was Joe so I could feel how tight Pookie was fitted around his cock.

    Pookie gasped again, and it sounded like she was about to cry. Bravely, she kept pumping, using short strokes.

    The Joe blew it. I mean, he was going to blow his load, and sooner than I wanted him to. I wanted to see Pookie cum too, you see. When Joe approached his orgasm, his cock would thicken I knew, and she would feel it. Then, when he started throbbing, she would be feeling that too, that feeling of extreme tightness and the friction being created between their genitals.

    “I can't wait. I'm trying to hold back but I'm almost there!” Straining to have more of Pookie around him, Joe raised his hips off the bed, and as he rose up, Pookie involuntarily had to absorb maybe another inch of meat before she could rise with him to prevent his going any deeper.

    Pookie had cried out at the unexpected deeper penetration. I estimate eight inches she had taken, just for a second, and now she had returned to the six to seven range. She sounded again, like it was hurting. But it did not stop the inevitable. Indeed, Pookie surprised us both.

    “Me too,” Pookie excitedly said with a gasp as she increased the length of her up and down stroking. “I'm almost cumming!”

    That was a strange way to put it, 'almost cumming' as compared to, 'I'm going to cum.' But Pookie was new at this, very new.

    Surprised, but pleasantly, I took another look at her pussy and saw that Pookie was taking longer strokes now, maybe three to four inches in length and they going were faster than before. Also,now she was keeping it as deep as Joe had driven up and into her.

    I could tell that she was using what Joe had first taken because each time she rose up and then went back down, she was leaving no shiny area still showing at the bottom. That had to be about eight inches down on his maybe ten inch cock. Her pace quickened further and her tight lips struggled to keep up

    She was making noise, strange little gasps and almost screams, but I'm not going to try and put them into typewritten words. There must have been a tremendous feeling of pressure being generated between them.

    Pookie beat Joe to the ultimate orgasm by mere seconds. As her pussy reddened, Pookie's orgasm began, and instead of watching her face I was watching her pussy and ass, and I saw it at her anus, the powerful twitches.

    I could see those twitches, the throbs, even though his cock was pressing her innards out so far that her anus was bulging out as well. Pookie was cumming, and I knew that there was a lot of conflict going on within that tight hole of hers.

    Joe was deep into his orgasm now, and he was clutching her breasts tightly as he groaned his way to and through the ultimate orgasm.

    While her stroking was going on, her pussy was trying to spasm, to make her inner lips pulse outward and back again around his cock, but it was not easy, because Joe had her stretched to beyond capacity.

    Pussy lips and the muscles that control them, need room to flex. Because of that extreme stretching, her tortured lips had little room to twitch in. But it was happening regardless, and Joe was right behind her, or maybe I should say with, because her orgasm was no quickie.

    Splat! Splat! Splat! More splats! And still more! That is what I was visualizing in my mind happening inside her twat as I watched Joe throbbing and shooting mighty blasts up and into Pookie's little cunt. That cum just had to be banging against the back of her pussy he was cumming so hard.

    He was well over halfway in, almost or maybe the same distance as I had been able to go with the full length of my cock. How much distance had been left between the end of my buried cock and the back of her cunt?

    I had never touched Pookie on the end. Nor was Joe now, so I didn't know how deep her pussy went. So Joe at the moment was using her cunt as a shooting gallery, blasting his load into and back at her, hitting her innards with powerful blast after blast of warm cum, slimy cum, baby producing cum if allowed to do so.

    Splat! Splat! Splat! If sound could be heard from inside, is that what it might sound like when a blast of cum hits the back wall?

    Pookie, I know, is on the pill.

    Joe was grabbing her breasts and groaning loudly as his face contorted and turned red. His eyes were clenched tightly closed, and he was gritting his teeth. I think Joe was having a good one.

    Pookie kept pumping, moving her ass rapidly as the orgasms continued, and then wound down for both of them.

    Maybe ten twitches for her, and I don't know how many for Joe, and it was over. Now I had it in my mind that Pookie would stay on him, maybe kiss him and allow his cock to slowly wither and die within her as it went down, and all the while his cum would continue to run out of him, into her, and eventually, out of her.

    But I didn't get a chance to tell Pookie to give him some strokes, to help drain his cock, because she needed him out NOW as she rose up and off his cock almost immediately, and I heard her sigh with relief as it came out with a 'pop.'

    Immediately Joe's cock snapped straight up to attention, because it had barely finished blasting and as yet, was not starting to soften.

    I was still watching her snatch, and it remained open for just a split second as she came off his head, and as a large blob of cum poured out, I was able to see inside her, pretty far inside that almost red pinkness before it closed up. Shaking now, Pookie allowed her body to go forward as she weakly laid herself down on Joe's chest.

    As she came forward, Joe pulled his arms out from under her chest and his arms went around to hold her. The entire act of fucking, the actual stroking, could not have lasted for more than maybe two-and-a-half to three-minutes.

    I was watching her pussy since her legs were still spread out, and I could see that already, since Joe had shot such a huge load and maybe left some of it only five to six inches inside, that more cum was already starting to run out of her bright pink in color and stretched snatch and onto Joe's abdomen just above his pubic hair.

    Pookie continued to lie quietly, trying to regain her breath, and Joe and I were exchanging looks, and smiles.

    Finally, after perhaps a full minute, Pookie spoke before either man. “I don't want to try that ever again.” She could barely catch her breath, and was quiet again.

    I knew why, but still, I wanted Joe and I to hear her say it. “Why's that baby?”

    “You know why, both of you. He's way too big for me..” she paused, then went on, “but I have to admit, just for a little while, when I first had it inside and then when I was moving and about to cum and when I was cumming, I've never felt anything like that. And I could feel Joe cumming,” she raised her head up to look into his face, “you really came, didn't you?”

    “Maybe my best ever.” And they kissed, for the first time.

    She turned her head to look at me. You could hear it in her voice, the awe. “I could really feel it. I was almost done with my cum and he got so big and hard just before he started, and then it felt like he was shooting bucketfuls of cum into me.”

    She took a deep breath and went on, “Yes, bucketfuls he was cumming so hard.”

    I had never before heard it described in that way. I was visualizing that in my mind, how it must have looked in there. I can try to picture it even today.

    Visualize yourself dear readers. You are a man in miniature, only about the size of a large ant. You are flying a hovercraft, and as you fly along this valley, there in front of you suddenly appears a cave in the cliff, and it is surrounded by shrubbery.

    It looks big enough, and feeling challenged, you fly your hovercraft right into the cave and along the tunnel. You reach the end of the cave as you see a wall before you. Everything looks wet, shiny and strangely alive! You need to get out of here, wherever this is! As you turn your craft, suddenly something huge is blocking your way.

    You can't escape. This strange and huge object, larger than the tunnel was wide, has wedged its way in, and it is knocking those walls to the side as it comes forward, and you can't get out. It is almost like a train coming through a tunnel.

    Suddenly, as you hover in the air, the entire cave around you starts to move back and forth, slowly at first, and increasing in speed. You are struggling to control your hovercraft and keep it from hitting the walls that are moving so far back and forth.

    Then you realize that all the walls of the cave have started contracting in appearance as they move in towards you and outward again. This continues as that huge object, trainlike in appearance, is still coming toward you and back again.

    Then, as you watch in horror, that train seems to widen in size, forcing the cave to open further, and then you see the long and wide crevice in the front of the train-like object suddenly open up, and then SQUIRRRRRRRRRT!

    A huge blast of white liquid suddenly shoots out of the end of the train, going across the cave in a long stream and knocking your hovercraft out of the air. Suddenly you find yourself crashing to the bottom of the cave, but the wet liquid breaks your fall.

    You begin wading, trying to stay on your feet, when suddenly that crevice above you opens again and SQUIRRRRRRRRRT, another long blast of liquid shoots across the cave over your head and going SPLATTTT against the back wall of the cave.

    But you are unaware of all that, because now you are paddling for your life, trying to stay afloat in all this white, sticky liquid.

    SQUIRRRRRRRRRT. Again it happens, and then SQUIRRRRRRRRRT several more. You are in over your head in liquid now.There is no escape. And all the while you are thinking. 'If that train decides to come all the way in, I will be getting crushed between it and the back of the cave.'

    The huge squirts and blast of white liquid seem to have endded now. And then, suddenly and without warning, the train-like object leaves the tunnel, going back and you suddenly see light, but you can not breathe a sigh of relief because you are caught in the flow as the liquid starts pouring out of the cave and you are falling with the liquid as it goes over the edge.

    Now you are part of a waterfall, and you think it is all over. But once again you are saved as you land on a huge cushion of that wonderful life-saving liquid. You try to catch your breath as you look up, and there, way way above you, you see that the train-like object is now pointing straight up towards the sky, and since it is swaying back and forth, you pray that it does not topple over on you. You think of 9-11 and the towers before they came down.

    Their fucking was over, their curiosity and immediate desire satisfied, and now I was still trying to arrange a new home for Pookie.

    “Why don't you do that Pookie, live with Joe and his girlfriend? Don't fuck him while you're there like you said so she won't be jealous and maybe you could just help his girlfriend suck his cock sometimes. That might be fun.” I looked at Joe for confirmation.

    “Yeah, she'll go for that if she knows Pookie is too small for my cock. Then she won't get jealous.”

    “Are you going to tell your girlfriend that you and Pookie had a go at it?”

    “I might as well. It probably won't make much difference since she already knows I've been getting paid to fuck some women while their husbands watch.”

    “Yeah,” I said. “And one of these days that cock of yours can be earning real money once they start making fuck books and movies in the states.”

    “I've already had someone contact me about a fuck film. I think it's going to start happening.”

    “Really? That's great.” I grinned at Pookie, who still seemed to be trying to recover from her pussy stretching. “Maybe you and Pookie could do a film together,” I said jokingly.

    “Forget that! And I need to go to the bathroom.” Pookie rose up, raised her right leg over Joe's stomach and turned around. Then she saw his abdomen and her eyes widened.

    She said it softly rather than excitedly as she took in the sight. “Wow. He cums a lot more than my boyfriend.” Her eyes were bright as she saw the huge pool of cum that had immediately drained out of her and onto Joe.

    “That might be because of those big balls,” I said with a laugh, “and probably because you had him so excited.”

    I could see the way she was looking at his cock again, a cock that while going down had only softened slightly and was still pointing more up than sideways.

    I knew what she had said, but the flesh is weak, especially maybe on a gal that has just had the best orgasm, ever, even though the contractions of her lips might have been restricted to some degree by the tight stretching.

    “Maybe she might do it again,: I said to Joe with a smile.

    I looked at Pookie. “Are you sure you don't want to fuck..” I pointed at his cock, “that, just one more time? He can get it up all the way again, I am sure of that.”

    “No, that's OK,” Pookie said with a sigh as she continued to study that cock, now halfway to soft and dripping “I had fun though.” She looked at it again and reaching out, gave Joe's cock a squeeze. “One time, that's all.”

    As Joe and I watched that tight little ass going away, Pookie went into the bathroom and closed the door. I looked at Joe. “Fuck!” I grinned.

    He grinned back, “You got that fuckin' right!”

    We waited for Pookie, five, then ten minutes. “She must have a sore cunt,” I joked with Joe. He was about to reply when Pookie opened the door and came out.

    “I can give her a ride back to Hollywood to save you a trip if you like.” Joe looked at Pookie. “Do you want me, us to go with you now to your apartment?”

    “That's cool Joe,” I answered, “but I want to have her stay on for a while.”

    It would be a pain in the butt to brave all that traffic back to Hollywood, but I needed to fuck Pookie again, before she went home to the boyfriend she was being faithful to for maybe just a few more hours. Then Pookie made the suggestion, and we knew that she had made her decision.

    “Can I stay here tonight, and then tomorrow, I know Jimmy will be gone during the day, I can get my stuff and go to Joes...?” She looked at Joe. That meant that I would be taking her to town and to her apartment to get her stuff, but that was alright with me. Anything for this gal. Well, almost anything.

    Joe beamed. His cock was happy, he was happy. “That'll be great Pookie. “We'd love to have you.”

    It was arranged, what time I would take her to Hollywood, and Joe would meet us and take Pookie with him.

    A pizza was delivered and was shared with Joe, Then he headed home and Pookie and I spent the night. Though it was just sex, I went through the motions of making love to make it nicer for her. Pookie seemed to be feeling a bit guilty, and I wanted her to forget...Jimmy.

    Though the intensity of her orgasm, one of the two, maybe came nowhere near what she had felt with Joe, the fuck session we had that night was even better than the ones we had before Joe had arrived. I asked her during out lovemaking if she thought she might 'sneak' a fuck with Joe while she was living with him and his girlfriend.

    Pookie was adamant about it. No way. She was turned on to Joe, you see, but aftaid of his cock. She swore to me, though I didn't ask her to, no reason, that she never planned to allow Joe to place that 'huge thing' within her again.

    Pookie was young and only being three guys away from having been a virgin. In size her men had been small, medium, and well beyond large in that order. I knew that there was one size she had yet to try, and maybe the best one for her, who knows, the size just above medium, and that would be large.

    Based on the feel of Pookie's pussy though, and her little frame, I think her best size was me, and medium. For fun, I did talk to her about the possibility of trying a cock that was one size larger than mine to see how it would feel, the size called large.

    She shook her head vigorously and said she loved medium just fine as she held my cock, sucked my cock, fucked my cock. Not all women, readers, crave a big cock. Or maybe not one so large as Joe's.

    Now it was a new day, and I will tell the fantasy portion of this story. My Donna doing the thing with Joe.

    Joe was with Donna, my Donna, and his cock was well on its way to being one of those four hour erections we hear so many warnings about today. We were still in the first thirty minutes of this hard on, so far.

    I think Pookie was even smaller than Donna in the snatch. Pookie had struggled to take a little more than half of Joe for maybe three minutes while they both had intense orgasms, but Poor Donna, tight but maybe not quite as tight as Pookie had been, was having to take Joe for long periods of time.

    Donna was squirming under his body. "Please hurry this up Bob. Get your photos so he can take it out. It feels like he is stretching me more than I should be.”

    That does it. Donna is being stretched out more than she should be. My well-trained to stay soft cock stiffens, and it will remain so throughout the rest of this shoot. Donna sees it as I give my answer. "I'm sorry honey, but he'll need to be going even deeper before it comes out. Maybe I should have picked a slightly smaller guy."

    "Yes, one who isn't so thick, But it's too late now since we've started. Have you taken your photos so we can get on to the next one?"

    Did I just say a while ago in this story that not all women crave a big cock? We'll see.

    "Go three inches deeper Joe so you're over halfway in." I took two more photos from different angles and waited to see what Donna might say next. She was supposed to be just modeling for fucking pictures and not actually fucking. That was the idea, but the effect was still the same. Though they weren't actually doing some pumping, Donna's pussy was still having to do the stretching.

    This had to be turning her on some, wouldn't you think?

    I had Pookie in mind and how she had taken the same amount of Joe, and then, as her orgasm approached had taken just a little more inside

    Will having half his cock inside her affect Donna the same way it had affected Pookie?

    “Oooh, that's better. Still too big but not as bad as when he was first started in.”

    It was sounding positive. I really was attracted to Donna, maybe having her as my steady attracted, but still, I wanted to see her cumming around Joe's massive member just like Pookie had done.

    Click. "Get higher on your knees Joe. Now from another angle. Hold it.” Click. “Now Joe, go almost all the way..."

    "Not too deep!" Donna had spoken loudly and hastily pushed her hand against his lower abdomen to keep Joe from moving forward. I couldn't ignore this cry from her, that was obvious.

    "That's far enough Joe." Click. "Now start pulling it back and let's see...yes, yes, that's perfect. Her lips are turning inside out as you pull them back. Hold there and let me get this shot." Click.

    I was supposedly 'removing' Joe's cock from her tight vagina but in delaying this as long as possible, I was trying to get Donna used to the stretching. "Fuck that looks hot. Too bad you can't see it Donna.

    "I can feel it." Strangely, she had changed from pushing against his abdomen, to having both hands on his ass.

    Every once in a while I give my rigid cock a stroke. Joe has seen it now and knows exactly how much more he can give Donna than I can.

    "Just two more. Now one from under here. Donna, look up at him with your eyes and mouth wide open." That's it, now what shall we try next?"

    I had said 'next,' as in more pictures. I waited to see if Donna would go along. She did.

    "Me on top of him, then I can control how much. But first," she added, “let me go to the bathroom."

    I would watch as Joe would come back, her lips would grip the shaft of his cock, and then be tugged ever further out as the head popped out. She would get up, her knees weak, and sort of stagger into the bathroom. Looking back at the two of us, she would sigh and close the door, and Joe and I would exchange looks.

    Enjoying her," I ask?

    "She has to be the best looking babe, with the best tits and the best...hell I'll say it, with the tightest cunt I've ever had, and this is going to end up so frustrating."

    Joe had just said Donna had the tightest cunt, and I wondered about that since I had been inside both Donna and Pookie, and it had seemed like Pookie might have been the tightest, very close to Donna, but maybe tighter. But first I wanted to hear Joe say why he thought he was going to end up frustrated.

    "Why's that," I might ask, and already knowing the answer?

    "For the cum shot, at the end, I'll either have to do it on her face, or her rear, or on her tits and tummy. This is my third porn shoot, and on both those other two I had to cum on the gal's face or...one of them on her ass."

    Joe had mentioned this while we had been doing his fuck session with Pookie, but I wanted to hear it again and I think he had forgotten he had told me. Besodes. He might have some new information.

    “This is your third porn shoot? Who for? I don't know of any American publishers daring to do it yet.”

    “Not publishers. Joe replied. “Just guys wanting fuck photos of their wife.”

    “You getting paid to do it”

    “Anytime they call me I am. Of course, I'd do just about any of them for free based on how they have looked so far.”

    “Well Joe. I might have a surprise for you. I'm thinking of letting you cum inside Donna, and then waiting around and getting some shots while the cum runs out."

    "Fuck! Are you shitting me? Donna is far better looking than any of those wives I fucked. That would be so fucking fantastic, to get to cum in her. That would be even more exciting than Pookie was, You know for sure Donna's on the pill?"

    "For sure," I would say.

    "Your're fucking her yourself, you lucky dog."

    "I can't say, that would be kissing and telling."

    "Well man, if you let me cum in Donna, I'll be in your debt forever. She's a dream fuck. Shit, I'll even do this shoot for free if I can pump a little bit and cum in her!"

    "I love your motivation Joe, but you'll get your fee. No, wait. I just thought of it. Donna's so fucking hot, maybe I should charge you for getting to fuck her. How much money did you bring with you?”

    "I only have maybe 20 dollars in my...wait, Smart ass, you're putting me on."

    "Yeah (laughing.) I'll pay you as promised, but I still haven't decided where that cum shot will end up.

    "Any consideration would be appreciated. Oh! Here she comes."

    "Hi Donna. Everything alright?"

    "I had to check, and I think I'll survive, but we're going to need that lubricant I'm sure. I did some exploring and already feel tender around the lips." And then she looks at me and says it, the line that confirms to Joe that I am getting some. "You might have to wait a while before you get any tonight."

    I smile. “Baby, if you're too sore to fuck tonight, I'll be more than glad to eat you. Now, what do you want to try next? We've already done the eating and him on top of you."

    "Like I said, me get on top of him, then I can control how much goes in."

    "Perfect. Get on and go for it. Just stop as you go deeper at various points so I can get a photo."

    Ten minutes and ten photos later: "Shit baby, it looks like you can take him pretty good now. You only have maybe two inches more and he'd be all he way into you."

    "You mean; 'and I'll be all the way down on him.”

    “Yeah, that,” I say.

    “It's feeling better. I'm getting used to it, to him."

    "Just for a second baby, pump up and down on him so I can see what your pussy lips do."

    "If I'm moving, won't your photos be a little blurred?" Though she is expressing concern, I can hear a hint of excitement in her voice. 'Yes, I get to fuck!' she might be thinking.

    "I won't be taking any photos."

    "Oh." By her consenting to do this, with no photos being taken, Donna is telling us both that she wants to see how it might feel to actually be fucking Joe.

    She does, she actually starts pumping, and Joe and I exchange a brief smile. As she goes deeper, a little deeper and then rises up, her lips struggle to keep up as they are wrenched out as she rises, and then tucked under and tight as she goes deeper.

    I am comparing how Donna looks, her pussy, compared to my memory of Pookie in the same situation.

    "Aaaaah he's so big and...hard." She pauses, but I noticed that she had taken strokes just a little longer than the ones Pookie had been using. On the down stroke, Donna had been surprisingly close to bottoming out. Maybe just a little over an inch to go. Plus of course, if she 'buried it,' there might be another inch.

    "You said pump up and down for a second. Now what?”

    I could see that she was breathing maybe a little hard now. Was it because of feeling pleasure, or having to endure a cock too big? I planned to find out as she went on to ask, “what's next?"

    "You both seemed to be enjoying that, so go ahead and make that one second I gave you into two seconds, maybe three." She knew that while she was moving, I would not be taking any photos. So her moving meant she would be fucking, actually fucking.

    "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm." As I watched, she was still coming way down on that cock, but still leaving that one or two inches in front of her tortured pussy.

    "Is that enough? I did it six strokes that time." Her face and neck had turned red. I too might have been turning color because I had given my cock six strokes and a little more.

    "Yeah baby. And I could see that you were mainly using the middle part of his shaft.”

    “How much was left,” she asked, frowning?
    “I think there were about two inches to go.”

    “I think I was taking all possible. I hope you don't mind.”

    “No baby, I don't mind. That action was for him to enjoy and maybe you. I wasn't taking any photos, remember?”

    “I remember.” She smiled.

    “Now we can get back to the photos,” I said. “Joe, you OK? Can you keep holding back?" Donna had given him some of those much dreamed about pumps he had wanted to feel, and I was surprised that Joe had not already blown his load.

    "Fuck I want to cum so bad. This is the hardest job I ever had."

    I would laugh. "And maybe the hardest you have ever been?"

    "You got that right!"

    Perhaps some more time would pass under the same conditions.

    I can visualize it in my mind as I put Joe on top again. "That's it Joe, hold it right there with your cock halfway in while I get this shot. Donna, are you doing alright, you seem to be breathing hard?"

    "No, it's alright, it's just that it's so warm in this bed."

    "Let me turn the air conditioning down a little.

    OK, I set it down to below 75, now let's get some more photos. Hey, Joe, what's with that, you were supposed to be holding it halfway in?" I'm looking under him, and can only see about an inch of cock.

    "Ahem. I aaah, I just sort of let it slide in because it was getting hard to keep staying up and off her this way."

    What you might not realize readers, is that when you are seeing photos of people fucking, if the shots are to be good and in focus, they need to be taken while there is no movement going on. So, a still photo fuck session could involve an hour or more, and at no time did any actual 'stroking' take place.

    "OK Joe, since you are almost all the way in now, we might as well get some more. Donna, are you OK with this?"

    "Yes, I don't mind, it's feeling good, sorta. But I can tell, he's not quite all the way in because he is not laying his body onto mine."

    “Joe? Let's find out if she can take you. Let it drop.”


    “Baby? You OK?”

    “It kind of hurts, like he is hitting bottom.” But I notice that she is digging her finges into his ass now, ad not trying to push him away.

    "Sorta feeling good? He's so big are you sure it's not feeling really good?"

    "Well, I didn't want to say anything." Joe and I exchange smiles, and unseen to Donna, I give him a wink “Then I decide to let her know.

    “Joe. Tell Donna how long your cock is.”

    “A little over nine inches,” he proudly says, when I'm good and hard like now.”

    Donna looks surprised, maybe concerned. “He's got nine inches in me?”

    “Maybe a little less than nine,” I answer. “A man needs about an inch just to reach the entrance to the pussy.”

    “I've got almost nine inches inside me. Wow.”

    “Let me put it another way Donna. “You've got roughly nine inches of Joe inside of you.”

    She looks up into Joe's face. “Yes. Joe.”

    They eye each other, and then, experimentally, Joe leans his head down and they kiss. I wait and allow it, while hoping that Joe is not getting into her head while getting into her body.

    "Alright. Since he's in that far, all the way, and I am sure both of you are curious, Joe, go ahead and fuck her for a minute while I reload my cameras. But Joe, don't you dare cum, we need for you to stay hard."

    And there I would be, reloading my cameras while I listen to my favorite gal being pumped and stretched and worked over by a cock that has been waiting while being partially inserted for almost an hour, to do this.

    As out of the corner of my eyes I see Donna's legs slowly climb higher until they are up and around his ass, Joe is able to enjoy her pussy for maybe 20 strokes of about four to five inches in length.. Just long enough for something significant to have happened based on Donna's noise level.

    As I watch her pussy I also take a look at Donna's face. There is no doubt, her pussy is twitching as best it can while being so widely stretched. I look at her anus, now raised higher to better meet Joe's balls. Yes, it is twitching.

    I look at her face. The eyes are closed, her teeth are clenched, she is breathing hard. There's no doubt, Donna is cumming. But I want to hear her admit it, soon.

    "Alright guys, that's enough fucking for the moment. Donna,” I say casually as if it is no big deal, “ it sounded like you had an orgasm. Did you?"

    "Well, you didn't tell me not to,” She says defensively.

    Kicking myself because I didn't get a chance to look under and see how her pussy might turn red because I was watching her face at the end, I go ahead and smile at her. I can see now that her nose and forehead are shiny along with her chest just above her breasts, and she is breathing hard.

    “That's O.K. Baby,” I assure her. “Sometimes the flesh if weak.” I smile at her and turn to Joe.

    "Joe, you didn't cum did you," I would say as I look under to make sure he is still hard?"

    "No, (pant pant) I managed to hold back."

    "Good. We need a few more. Let's see, we already have a bunch of Donna sucking your prick, and we have a few of you eating her, and then we got some of her on top of you and halfway down, and then you on top of her and halfway in, and then finally, all the way in., so what's left? I know...doggy!"

    And I would photograph Joe doing Donna doggy style, and again, with Joe's huge cock with just the head in, or halfway, but never all the way. The cock needs to show, you see, and the more that shows, the larger the cock looks. Still, she is in the doggy, Joe is behind and in her, and I am curious. Can she take him all the way?

    "I've got my shots, now, if Donna thinks she can take you deep this way, let's get just one all the way in. Donna, can you take it?"

    "I don't know. He's, it still feels like he is stretching me so far, and he's so long and it already feels like he is hitting bottom."

    "Try it Joe, go slow and be careful."

    "Aaaaah, that's enough!" There is still almost two inches of his cock showing. Probably that's a good thing for the next photo.

    "No further Joe, just hold it there, I just need one from up here....and one from under here...yeah, I'm getting your balls too. (Click) That's it.

    Donna, all that is left is to get his cum shot. Do you want to fuck him first before I get it?”

    "You mean for real? I know he's been inside me for maybe an hour, but that was just for photos."

    "Well, we need to get some cum flowing out of Joe and into or onto you, and fucking is the easiest way to get Joe off, and besides, I think he might be pretty frustrated by now at not getting to fuck for real."

    "Isn't that what he's getting paid for? To just pose?"

    "Yes, that's true, but you might be feeling that way about this because you've already had yourself a cum, so why not allow Joe to fuck you for real and have yourself another maybe even better cum while he gets his?"

    "Well....OK, I guess..."

    "Do you want to take him doggy or on your back?"

    "On my back. Aaaah, for a better cum for me and maybe Joe, do you mind if he kisses me?"

    "It will be the first time you kissed him while he's pumping, but go ahead." I look at Joe, who is grinning and holding his hard dick. “Joe, this is your chance so make it last for a while.”

    “Not too long,” Donna hurriedly adds. “He's going to make me sore inside.”

    “Just long enough for both of you to cum,” I ask with a smile.

    Donna looks back at me. “Yes, both of us.”

    His body trembling, Joe aims for her pussy and as he looks down at himself as he eases slowly in, Donna gasps.

    "Shit, every time he goes in he feels so big. Aaaaaa aaaaah aaaaah! And deep! Watch it mister!"

    And I would ignore her protest and speak loudly. "That's it Joe, you finally get to do this, so if you can, don't forget to hold back. I know you have been struggling to hold back, but if you keep holding back a little longer you'll get yourself a really good feel of the magic Donna pussy before you get your nut and then we can call it a day."

    Despite her maybe sore pussy, the discomfort she might be feeling as he goes all he way in, Donna does not protest. Instead, she is urging him on with her hands on his ass. Their heads now together, tongues locked, I would get still another photo, then two of them kissing becuase at the level of their heads, they are not being blurred by movement.

    "Uuuuh Uuuuuh UuuuuH!" Now I could hear the sound of his balls it sounds like, hitting her ass. I look under, and sure enough, his big dangling balls are hitting and she is taking him all.

    "Is it hurting baby? You sound like..."

    "N...n...no B...Bob, it's f...feeling...." Joe is fucking her so hard and deep now she can't speak with a straight voice. I see her legs rise higher around him as she starts humping upward to better receive his strokes. Her face has turned red, and for some reason, since I am sure it is happening, I look down, and her toes are curling.

    Donna has become a woman now someone might write at this point. Taking ten inches and fucking back at that cock.

    There is no doubt now, no kidding ouselves. This has turned into a fucking session for not only Joe but for Donna as well. No photos right now, just the objective of getting some cum to show from Joe, and her having herself an orgasm to top the last one.

    I know that when it happens that her orgasm will be the best ever. She might not admit it to me either in front of him or when we are alone later, but this cum will be her best. If it happens before she becomes truly sore.

    I lean down and whisper into her ear. “I want you to cum baby. A really hard one. Let it go.”

    I don't want her to feel the least bit inhibited because of my being here. Her body has turned red, all over the area of her chest. Her nipples are standing tall. “Cum baby Cum good and hard, I want you to.”

    This time I don't plan to miss it. I know it's about to happen and I move away from her head and get lower down and closer to see her pussy. He is dragging them out with each back stroke, and they seem to fold under themselves as he moves in. Now it is happening. Her lips are suddenly turning a bright red. Right through her pubic hair I can see those lips.

    "Ooooooooooooh Gawwwwwddddd." I see Donna's face contort in what looks like agony as she squeezes her eyes shut and digs her hands into his ass. I see that even now, in the midst of what is probably her most intense orgasm ever, Donna is remembering to not use her long nails on him. Instead, she is pushing in with the sides of her fingers. Nice girl.

    Then she does something in the middle of her intense orgasm that she has never done with me. As Donna is cumming and moaning, she starts moving her head from side-to-side with each contraction of her pussy. Joe had removed his mouth from hers so she could breath, and her head movements had started immediately.

    "Wow! She's really cumming Joe, get yours!"

    "I am....fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

    Donna can feel his throbbing, even with and maybe over her own. Her fingers are digging deeper into his ass and with a quick glance up at her face I can see that she is mashing her teeth together along with squeezing her eyes tightly shut. I have no illusions now, this orgasm Donna is having is definitelymore intense than those she had with me.

    Joe keeps pumping, long after I know his throbbing has stopped. Then, finally, he relaxes and I see Donna sort of release her tight grip on his hips. Except fo the afterglow, the fuck is over, and I can tell, they are sorry, both of them, that it has ended.

    The most intense phase of this fuck is over. But Joe is still inside my precious little gal, or maybe I should say a good percentage of him.

    "Donna? Are you crying? I can see tears...” She opens her eyes and looks at me, but she might be staring right through me because they seem to be blank. There are definitely tears rolling down her cheeks, but rather from joy or shame, I don't know.

    “Never mind, “ I say softly, deciding to let the subject of tears slide. I see that Joe has now lost all strength in his arms and legs and is lying with all his body onto hers. Her breasts are flattened under him and she might be having trouble breathing.

    If his cock is still hard, then he still has eight inches inside her. If he has softened, he is probably still giving her more than me when I am totally erect.

    “Joe,” I say softly, “Don't lie on her like that, you're probably too heavy.” Joe starts to rise, and Donna quickly moves her hands from his ass to around his waist and she pulls him back down. She wants him to lie on her, I see. She turns her face to his and their lips meet.

    “Never mind, she doesn't mind your weight and I see that she wants to kiss some more.” It is like I am a newscaster now, announcing to the world what is happening. During the next couple of minutes I continue to talk and the banter between them and I goes back and forth.

    “Now? Yeah, I can wait. OK, ready? Caught your breath, both of you? That must have been a good one, for both of you. Ha! I don't hear any disagreement from Donna, so I guess she enjoyed herself. Good.”

    It would seem that Donna's tight pussy has done its adapting and she is now able to comfortably keep him within. “Now Joe, stay in there a minute more and pump for a while to drain it”

    Joe starts to pump, and I see Donna's fingers again dig into Joe as she slides her hands down his back and onto his ass. “That's it. I can see that she likes that”

    Joe is lying fairly heavily onto her still but I see his knees come forwaitard a little as he raises his hips so he can better stroke into her.

    I think it before I take a look. 'He's getting hard again!'

    I look. I can see his cock again, and it looks big enough to continue fucking if they want to go again.

    “Donna? Do you want to do it again?” There is no need for me to be asking Joe that question, of course he wants to, but it is Donna who has the stretched and tortured flesh. I had thought that he felt just fine to her now, but her answer surprises me.

    (Pant pant) He needs to take it out now.”

    “No? You've had enough? I pick up my camera and show it to her. “Wait a minute more. I want a couple of photos as he comes out. OK, Joe, now come out slow. Stop!” Click. “Now further out, a little slower...there, that's it, hold your head at the entrance just for a second.

    Got it, that last shot of you inside her. Now come further back as you turn her inside out.” I see her lips struggle to hold him within. “Woops! Her lips didn't hang onto your head that time. Too slippery I guess”

    Joe's head is now out of her, and I had seen a quick glance at the insides of her precious pussy before those tortured lips had closed up. Still, I have photos to take. “Now move forward, but just a little ways and hold it. Yes, the tip of your dick touching her lips one last time.”

    All the while as I direct, enjoy, take a photo and rewind my shutter, I am also giving my hard cock a stroke or two

    If I had been a husband watching his wife get fucked, I might not have been able to direct this action. But as the photograper, I was able to not only direct, but be able to control what also my horny mind wanted to see. And in the process, I could be getting their thoughts on the subject. But Donna it would seem, wants to keep her thoughts to herself.

    “Shit, I love that Joe. Your cock has gone halfway soft but it's still almost full size. With that cum hanging on the end and your cock sort of curving down, it makes your cock look like it just had the orgasm to end all orgasms.

    Ha ha. I agree with what you're saying. It looked like the orgasm to end all. Donna? What about you? How was your orgasm?

    You won't say? Come on baby, I won't be jealous. Well, maybe just a little. Not now? You'll talk about it later?”

    Now I know, and so does Joe. Donna doesn't want to let me know, or maybe openly let Joe know, that yes, he had taken possession of and owned her body, and probably her mind, for just a little while. This porn shooting, being her first and last ever, had become more to her than just a photography session, much more.

    “OK. Wait while I get these cum shots.” I am down at the lower end just far enough to see his cock placed just in front of her pussy. This will be a great shot, that dripping cock, her gleaming pussy, and up there under Joe's raised body, her face.

    “Donna, while I'm over at your side, raise your head and look down at his cock while I get your face in this shot. Yeah, I like that expression, looking all satisfied.”

    I must have caught her exact feelings at the moment, 'all satisfied,' because she smiles. I want to delay this moment, hold it in time, because I know it is special for Donna and therefore for me. Joe? He doesn't count in my thinking, though I know this is a very significant event for him as well.

    But Joe has already done porn shoots, and in the future, he will do still more, so to him, this will end up as one of many, even though Donna might have been his most significant fuck of all.

    “Just look at that cock baby, all shiny with both your juices. I know it must have felt really good in the last few minutes, even if you won't admit it. Go on, take another look at his cock and fix it in your mind.” Donna does exactly as told, and with not even a hint of a frown at me.

    All the while, I take more photos as I hold onto this moment for both myself and Donna. I want Donna to know what I am seeing on her body, so my next sentences will reflect that. Joe is a little higher off her upper body now and looking down between his lower half and hers. I have a clear shot of his cock, her pussy, and her face.

    “Yes Joe, like that. Keep your cock just above her hole while it drips on her. Fuck! Can you see how red and sort of stretched out her hole is” Isn't that something? I think what might have just happened is more abusing her pussy than using it. What do you think?”

    Before Joe can come up with an answer, Donna answers for him. “Oh, he was abusing it for sure. I can tell now. In a little while I'll be feellng it and I'll probably be sore for hours.”

    Wanting to get off the subject of soreness, I give more direction.

    That's it. Donna, keep looking down. Now I've got your face and your pussy in my viewer at the same time. Can you push so a little more cum pours out? That's it, got it. Now I'm moving in a little closer, just your pussy in this shot.

    Fuck, he really blew a load. What a mess” My voice had been soft for the past couple of minutes, now I raise it a little as I begin a new photo phase.

    “Joe, since she's so wet, just for a second, see if you can stuff that soft cock back into her since it's still so big.”

    Just like that, because I am the photographer in charge, I am putting Joe back inside of Donna. This is a job you see, and Donna must go along, even though fucking-wise, she is satisfied and in her mind, finished.

    “That's it, you're bending but yes, there it goes, all the way in.” Joe is not rock hard, but firm enough. At the moment, there might be a couple of inches of additional length he could still give if he was completely erect.

    “Man, I'll bet that feels good you guys, all that cum and with that cock in there.”

    I turn my attention from Joe to Donna. “See baby, he's a little bit soft and buried. You can take him all the way now in this position." I had put it out there to Donna, and this time she responded, but though her words reflected anger, the tone of her voice did not.

    "I was doing it before smart ass when he was all the way hard. His balls were hitting me on the rear, didn't you hear them?"

    "Ha ha. I was just kidding baby. I was watching them hit your ass while his cock was going all the way in. I couldn't believe it how you were taking him in. I hope you enjoyed that."

    "I'd rather not say!" It was obvious, Donna did not want Joe to know. But both Joe and I knew how she had lost control and given in to her desires, and I wanted Joe to know how much I had enjoyed this along with him.

    “Well, to be honest baby. I enjoyed it with you. If I hadn't been busy taking photos, I would have been jacking off.”

    Donna was being cute, but when she said it, Joe knew that soon after he was gone, Donna would be taking care of me. “Well, you'll just have to suffer, for now.”

    “Joe,” I began, and my voice was sounding happy, “you've still got it in. Pump for a little while. That's it. Even soft your cock is giving her that delicious look of being stretched” If Joe was pumping, Donna knew that I would not be taking photos.

    “We're fucking again? He's, oh shit, he's going to get hard again..” She was not going to stop this, it looked like, and my heart began to thud. My erection, if she looked down at it, would be fully up again instead of pointing straight out.

    “I know baby, you can feel him growing again. I can see if from down here, and my camera can see it too. It must feel good now, doesn't it, with all that juice in there for lubrication?”

    I had said 'my camera can see it too.' I was not planning to take photos at this exact moment while they were moving, but putting it into her head that I might would keep her from wanting to quit.

    She was not answering, instead Donna had wide eyes as she looked up into Joe's face. I saw her fingers once again begin to dig into his ass, and her toes started to curl.

    “You'd rather not say it's feeling good again? Oh baby, you are so funny.”

    After a minute, then two. Joe has gotten hard as a rock again. I don't have to tell Joe to start pumping with more vigor. He has already begun, and no words of protest come from the lovely and sweating woman under him.

    Joe is on his knees and pumping her a little harder now. Not faster necessarily, just a little harder as he pushes his cock deep into her, making Donna grunt with each inward stroke. I don't know which is the more significant fact about all this, the fact that Donna can take his length, or that she is enjoying his width.

    Before, Donna had not said anything to let Joe know how much she wanted his cock, now, finally, she gives in. She can see that I do not have my camera to my eye, so she can not use that as an excuse. She begins to talk, saying some, enjoying his pumps for a bit, and then trying again.

    “He's Uuuuh, not taking photos Uuuuh Joe, this one Uuuuh Uuuuh Uuuuh this fuck is just for you, and Uuuuh Uuuuh...”

    She has said this fuck is 'just' for Joe, but also, she had said the word 'and' and I am holding my breath, I wait to see if she says the rest of it. She does, repeating the word 'and' and saying still more, her admission of guilt!

    “Uuuuh Uuuuh Uuuuh and yes, for me...” She has said it softly, but all heard. 'She said for me!

    Now this has become a fun fuck. A fuck filled with pleasure for her, with desire, with passion as I see her move her hands off his ass and quickly rise up to his head, to pull it down, and for them to kiss. Then her hands quickly return to his ass and dig in. I see her hips trying to climb off the mattress to better meet his strokes.

    “Fuck me good Joe. I know that you know Bob is watching us and I'm letting you know that I don't care! I really want this now.”

    “Well in that case I'm going to fuck you like never before!” Joe responds with powerful strokes that take the wind out of Donna as he starts slamming against her clit. With that, Donna needed only a minute, maybe less as Joe pounded at her pussy.

    If it was possible for Joe to be giving her more than nine inches by pounding and compressing his pubic mound, it was happening now.

    “Uuhh Uuuh Oww Ooh Uuh Mmmmmh Fuck it's good. Ooomph! Oww, you're going so deep. Oooh Joe, I, I, I'm going to cum! Fuck it, fuck me!”

    Donna is groaning loudly as she achieves another orgasm, quickly and without having to work hard to get it.

    But her pleas to be fucked harder are now a part of history. Donna had said it, never to be denied to me later when I knew that she probably would end up saying that I am stil the better fuck.

    Donna has came over a minute before Joe gets there, and as he starts his own orgasm, it seems like Donna is just finishing.

    “Fuck,” Joe says, breathing hard. “She took it all out of me. I don't think I've ever cum so hard, and she made me do it twice!”

    Again I wait while they recover. I have taken enough photos, but I can not resist sitting on the edge of the bed and studying Donna's pussy looking so red, sweaty and slippery as her stretched lips lie nestled all around his shaft.

    They are kissing again, and suddenly feeling jealous, I move to break that up. There is to be no cover this time. My Donna, and I know that Joe can sense that she has become special to me, has given in to her desires and allowed herself to be taken, and fully, by his cock. His personality maybe, his body, but his cock for sure.

    "Donna, do you need to go to the bathroom?"

    A soft smile she gives me. "No, not now. Soon as Joe gets off, I just want to lie here." She had said it softly, sexily, and while looking into Joe's face, and I suspect that she now feels a lot closer to Joe than she had when this photo session had begun.

    I try to keep it physical and not mental with my answer.

    “Yeah. I was looking at your pussy, and red as it looks, I would venture to say that it needs a break.”

    Taking the hint, Joe reluctantly slips out and weakly it seems, walks backward on his knees to the bottom of the bed instead of just raising a leg and going over the side. Along the way, he has left a couple of drips of cum onto the mattress. Donna continues to lie in place.

    Her body is glistening. Her pussy is wide opened and is shiny with sweat, the cum-soaked pubic hair has become matted against her pubic mound above and in the few hairs down below, and she is still breathing hard as Joe stands proudly looking down at her.

    “Wait!” I grab my camera and take a photo, then two more of Donna lying there with her tortured and well-used pussy, and Joe with his still large and dangling cock straring down at her. .

    I would be willing to bet money that Donna will deny that she enjoyed Joe so much after he is gone. But I can see the proof, her shiny and heaving breasts with the still-erect nipples, that red and abused pussy, the look on her face. The way she is returning his stare and just lies there, allowing him this look at the damage perhaps, that he has done.

    In the future, rather Donna and I have remained together, or if she ends up wih another man here in southern California or perhaps back east if she returns home, she will always remember this day, this fucking she has received, and the loving and understanding man, me, who had enabled it for her.

    There is that familiar expression that a woman might be 'ruined' for other men if she receives a good fucking from a talented man with a really big cock. I am thinking of it now.

    Donna in this case will remember that man and his cock all her life, and throughout any future marriage. The odds are she will never again meet a man with a cock like this, or receive such a fucking, so this, though she might not be thinking it at the time, will have perhaps been her most significant fuck, ever.

    She falls in love with someone in the future? Different thing. Her husband, maybe for life, might never know of this day. If she tells him, he still will never be able to visualize in his mind what I am seeing.

    I am looking at Donna's face now, into her eyes, and wondering. 'Is she thinking what I am thinking?

    Joe and I both stare perhaps too long, and suddenly looking embarrassed, Donna closes her wide-spread legs, but only a little ways. We take the hint and stop staring.

    "Here's a towel Donna, so you don't soak the sheet and maybe into the mattress. And Joe, you can get your shower and while you're doing that I'll make out your check so you can go."

    He is still looking down at Donna as he speaks to me. “I still can't believe that I am getting paid to fuck the best looking woman in Hollywood, if not anywhere!”

    We were several miles from Hollywood, but everyone knew what Joe meant.

    That pretty much rolls it up into a nutshell. Joe has done his duty, posed for photos, pysically and maybe mentally enjoyed the best looking woman in the territory, and he is getting paid for it.

    We watch silently as Joe heads into the bathroom. Then, a minute later, we hear the shower. I plop down beside Donna on he bed and resist the urge to slip a finger into her and feel all that slime. Besides, right now that might tend to be kind of crude.

    "Now we can talk. How was that Baby? I could tell you were getting frustrated, having that cock just part way in for so long probably made you want to fuck for real."

    "It still wasn't as good as yours honey. It was just for the photos. I didn't want to fuck for real when we first started."

    How much of that was a lie for my benefit? We men never know if our woman says something like that after having what was maybe, a superior man giving her what was possibly her best fucking ever.

    "But I wasn't taking photos at the end."

    "I know....giggle."

    Jealous? Yes, I should have been jealous when she seemed to really enjoy the man, the cock part, but that's the risk a man runs when he shares his woman with another man.

    So this ends the fantasy part, the part that never happened but maybe should have.

    Those photos, had I been able to get them, of Donna with her fabulous face and body sucking and fucking with some well built and well-hung man would have been worth a lot of money in coming years.

    They might have been as valuable as the few photos that had been taken of a fantastically built and beautiful blonde named 'Candy Barr.' Back in the early 1950s Candy had posed in a motel at around the age of 16 (some say 15) with a much older looking man, a man who looked to be 35 at least.

    The photos, and the short movie named 'Smart Alec' that came with it, though not of great quality, had been a sensation. Candy herself had ended up doing semi-nude dancing in casinos while hanging with notorious gangsters, and at one point she had done some jail time until the Governor of Texas had pardoned her. Candy's escapades, and bad luck, made national headlines.

    Would fuck photos of Donna have reached that level of notoriety or popularity? All I would have needed to do would be to hold them for a year or two, and they would have been in an American published magazine.

    But as it turned out, Donna was gone by then of course, and I also got out of the nude field. When the hard core American magazines came out of the woodwork, the police crawled out as well, and if at any time some sheriff or politician wanted to make a name for himself, they would go out and bust the publishers, and if they knew who they were, the photographers.

    It would get into the papers with a big splash, the people doing the nudes would later go into court and usually get the case dismissed or be found 'not guilty,' but that end of the story rarely made the papers. No, the authorities would have their publicity to get re-elected, and that would be it.

    The nude books went on, but nudist magazines, the real ones of families in the park died out. Hard core became the norm, and I got out before really getting into it. I took some hard core photos, yes, but for private consumption. I'm glad in a way that I never did those photos with Donna, if she had consented, because she still, in mind, remains special.

    I've enjoyed threesomes while sharing a woman with a man I might like, but with Donna, well, let's just say I was hanging onto her for as long as I could. No, no other men, not with her and I. Plus, Donna indicated that I was the one man in her life, for now.

    Something had been established between Donna and I and it lasted for a long while until she decided to really get out of modeling, out of Southern California, and move back to...well, I won't reveal where. Though it has been many years, someone might recognize my description of her and say, 'that has to be...(her real name).

    Donna was smart, smarter then most of my models. She had actually saved up some of her money before she met me, and all of it after. And she had never lived in a 'crash pad.'

    During the few months that Donna was in my life, I had those other women of course, but she remained special. No, there weren't many Donna's around. And I had her, among the best of the very best. You reader, today, I hope that you were able to take possession of her in your mind.
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