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. Betty Lou Pt 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by CarolCollins, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. CarolCollins

    CarolCollins Member Author!

    BETTY LOU Pt 2 By Carol Collins

    Saturday Evening:

    Betty Lou Turner lay on her back on the chaise lounge on the sun deck beside the pool. Her voluptuous nude body glistened with a combination of suntan oil and perspiration as Becky Hamilton spread the blonde's legs to lie between them. Becky's long curly chestnut hair was in a pony tail down her shapely back to keep it out of her way as she French kissed the newest member of the high school cheerleading squad. Betty Lou's long blonde hair was fanned out around her head and draped to the concrete paving stones as she returned the passionate kisses.

    The alcohol and aphrodisiac drugs that Betty Lou had been given the previous evening and all day today had converted the devoutly religious teenager into a teenage slut who loved getting her pussy eaten so much that she was willing to reciprocate. After eating every other cheerleader's hairless pussy, Betty Lou was quickly becoming an expert at cunnilingus.

    Earlier that afternoon, Debbie had gotten Betty Lou to lay on her stomach on the chaise lounge so Debbie could rub suntan oil on the blonde's lily white skin so that she would not become sun burnt. The mixed drink that Mrs. Jill Fuller had just given Betty Lou kept her obedient as she turned over. As Debbie slowly massaged the oil into the tender flesh of the sexy young blonde, she also untied the bikini strings.

    The other cheerleaders had formed a circle around the chaise lounge where the tall curly haired blonde cheerleader was seducing the short longhaired blonde cheerleader. Diane Sutton held a video camera in one hand as her other hand played with Hazel Morris's pink swollen left nipple. Debbie told Betty Lou to spread her legs and she obeyed. The newly lasered vagina lips were smooth and hairless, but were visibly moist as Debbie moved her fingers to play with the gold clitoris hood ring. The still virginal blonde gasped as the ring pressed against her sensitive clitoris, causing a miniature orgasm. "Roll over onto your back." Debbie had told her and she did.

    Lying on her back, nude on the lounge put Betty Lou Turner's incredible body on display for each and every other cheerleader, as well as the video camera, to admire. Her massive D-cup breasts defied gravity to stand straight up in the air. Her long thick pink nipples were sticking up like a pair of thumbs, begging to be sucked on. Debbie slowly kissed her way to Betty Lou's pussy, pausing to pay homage to the huge succulent nipples. As Debbie took the clit ring into her mouth and began licking on Betty Lou's clitoris, Betty Lou cried out, "Oh! My God!" as a huge orgasm racked her young and previously innocent body causing it to bow upwards.

    Jill Fuller knew it was time to introduce the teenager to the wonderful world of eating pussy as she swung a leg up and over Betty Lou's head. Betty Lou's eyes were tightly shut to keep out the bright sunlight and she never saw her coach's hairless crotch being lowered onto her face. As Mrs. Fuller's shadow blocked out the harsh light from the sun, Betty Lou cautiously opened her eyes. What she saw was a hairless vagina with a gold clitoris hood ring similar to her own recent addition that was only a few inches above her lips. Her coach asked her, "Betty Lou, you love having us eat your little twat, don't you?"

    Debbie was still licking on her clitoris and the poor little girl could not lie. "Yes! I love what Debbie is doing to me. It is evil, but I love it!"

    Mrs. Fuller said, "Okay, Betty Lou. Tell us that you love having your twat eaten. And, say it in those exact words."

    Betty Lou had never uttered the word, "twat," or any other inappropriate words, before in her entire life. However, the alcohol, the drugs, the gold ring through her clitoral hood, the suctioning lips around her swollen clitoris, and the older vagina posed only inches from her own mouth combined to break the religious girl's will. "Yes! I love having my twat eaten! I never want it to stop! Eat me! Please!" As she called out the word, "please," Debbie sent her into another orgasm and Jill Fuller lowered her married pussy onto Betty Lou's mouth and nose. Before the young girl could recover, Diane Sutton and Bea Sims each had dropped to their knees and were sucking on her sensitive swollen nipples.

    "Eat me!" cried Mrs. Fuller as she had sat on Betty Lou's pretty face. "Stick your tongue inside me and lick out my cunt juices! Wrap your sweet lips around my clitty and suck on it until you make me cum! Do It!" Betty Lou did exactly as she was instructed. Jill Fuller was so excited by the fact that her twat was the first to be eaten by the previously innocent religious teenager; she had a major orgasm in only a minute. Her body shook for about a minute, until her legs became too weak to support even part of her weight. She slid off the face of the young blonde only to be replaced by Debbie Rainey. Hazel Morris, the little redhead who had just been standing there, playing with her own clit ring, dropped to her knees and took Debbie's place eating Betty Lou's pussy.

    By the time the sun had begun to set, Betty Lou had eaten six pussies and her tongue felt worn out. Jill Fuller gave her another drink and she obediently drank it as they all went inside to take a shower to wash off the suntan oil, perspiration and pussy juices. They took showers two by two to conserve hot water. Betty Lou and Becky shampooed each other's hair, washed each other's back and managed to caress each other's erogenous zones in one bathroom shower as the other cheerleaders did the same in other bathrooms.

    Betty Lou stood in front of the bathroom mirror as she blow-dried her long luxuriant hair. What was unusual was the fact that she was completely nude, which was something never done in her own home. Her mother had raised her to be a good girl and good girls did not stand around without any clothes on. Also unusual was the fact that Becky Hamilton, also in the nude, kept reaching over to lightly twist a sensitive nipple or flick her finger across Betty Lou's clit ring. The non-stop sex was something totally new to Betty Lou. She had been such a "good girl" that, before last night, she had never even masturbated nor had she experienced an orgasm. She kept telling Becky to, "Stop that." Or, "Quit that." even though she actually enjoyed what her friend was doing to her and never wanted it to stop.

    It was six o'clock when Becky led Betty Lou into the bedroom, opened her luggage bag and laid out two sets of very skimpy underwear, two pairs of strappy high heel sandals and two obscenely short dresses. Betty Lou went to open her own bag but was ordered to wear what was already laid out for her. The alcohol, the drugs and the events of the last twenty-four hours made the younger teenager pliable.

    Betty Lou followed Becky's example and sat on the side of the bed as they each wrapped a garter belt around their tiny waists. Becky's thin garter belt was made of black silk while Betty Lou's was made of white silk. Next, Becky demonstrated how to roll her black nylon seamed stocking up and slide it up her smooth shapely leg. Betty Lou had worn pantyhose, but never regular stockings, as she did as her friend showed her as she rolled the cinnamon colored seamed nylon stocking up her even shapelier leg. Each girl attached the metal garter clips dangling from her garter belt to the reinforced stocking tops before reaching for their other stocking. The darker stocking tops came to within an inch or two of each teenage girl's hairless crotch. Next, they took turns making sure that each other's seams were straight as they went up the back of their stockings.

    Betty Lou wanted to put on her panties next, but Becky insisted that they put on their shoes first. Becky strapped the black high heels to her feet and Betty Lou buckled the ankle straps of the white high heel sandals to her own dainty little feet. Betty Lou was not accustomed to wearing high heel shoes and had to have a little help balancing on the four-inch heels.

    "Now for the panties," Becky said as she passed Betty Lou the white silk bikini panties and picked up the black silk bikini panties for herself. Betty Lou's panties had been purposely chosen two sizes too small. As she slid them over her high heel shoes and up over her nylon covered legs, she noticed that they were very snug and that when they were finally in place, they put extra pressure on her clitoris hood ring, forcing it to rub against her clitoris with every movement she made. This had been planned to keep the newest cheerleader horny and ready for action.

    The tingling sensations from Betty Lou's clitoris were very distracting as she was given a white silk brassiere to put on. It was not until it was hooked around her waist, turned towards the front and she slipped her arms through the shoulder straps that Betty Lou noticed that there were actually no bra cups in the brassiere. What were there were two shelves to lift and support her breasts leaving her nipples and aureoles unprotected. Every since her breasts had first developed, Betty Lou had worn minimizer brassieres to make her breasts appear smaller. Her mother wore them. So had Betty Lou. Before yesterday, she would never have even considered wearing such an obscene garment. Today, she stood still as Becky adjusted the shoulder straps to make the cut out bra lift her boobs even higher.

    Becky wore a black silk shelf brassiere, which made her C-cup tits stand out proudly. She stepped in front of her new friend to take her into her arms and rub their stiff nipples together before kissing the younger girl. A soft kiss naturally increased in passion until Betty Lou actually had an orgasm as Becky rubbed her panty covered crotch against the new cheerleader's crotch, forcing her gold ring to rub against her hard little clitoris. Becky wanted to take the mostly inexperienced girl to bed, but that was not part of the night's scheduled activities. Instead, Becky broke off the kiss and gave Betty Lou her dress to wear for the evening.

    Betty Lou had never even seen a wrap dress before. It was made of a single layer of fire engine red silk and Becky had to show her how to put it on like a house coat, wrap it around her body and tie the sash like belt into a pretty bow on her side. It was low cut with a plunging neckline that exposed the inside slope of each large breast. Her huge nipples, although technically covered, could be plainly seen poking out the red silk fabric. The hemline went less than half way down her thighs, leaving only three or four inches of coverage before the darker tops of Betty Lou's cinnamon colored stockings were displayed. Becky's mini dress was made of black leather and exposed as much as Betty Lou's dress. Next, it was time for hair and make up.

    A few brush strokes had Betty Lou's waist length blonde hair shimmering. Becky's long curly chestnut hair was also easy to style. Becky had Betty Lou sit as she applied her cosmetics. Betty Lou's clit ring made itself very known as she sat on the edge of her seat and watched in the mirror. Becky painted on much more make up than Betty Lou had ever worn before. Yesterday, she would have considered any girl with this much paint a slut. Betty Lou watched as Becky duplicated the same make up on her own face.

    The clit hood ring was pressed against Betty Lou's clitoris by her very tight white silk panties with each and every step as they descended the stairs to join the other cheerleaders. She almost orgasmed before she reached the den. Mrs. Fuller and each teenager were wearing sexy mini dresses and looked like thousand dollar a night hookers. Their coach made an announcement, "Tonight, in honor of our newest member, we are going out to a club to dance and flirt with some hot men." All of the girls, except Betty Lou, cheered as they jumped up and down. She had never been dancing before.

    Becky and Betty Lou rode in the back seat of Mrs. Fuller's sport utility vehicle as Jill Fuller drove and little Hazel Morris rode in the front passenger seat. The other girls rode in Debbie Rainey's sport utility vehicle. Betty Lou asked where they were going dressed up as they were but was told it was a surprise. Becky reached over and took Betty Lou's hand in hers. Betty Lou smiled at her friend as she shifted in her seat, trying to find a position where her clit ring created less pressure on her stiffened clitoris.

    The ride took over half an hour as they drove to a town thirty miles away. When they arrived at their destination, it was an old three-story brick warehouse on Martin Luther King Boulevard that now served as a combination supper club and dance club. As the girls stepped out of their vehicles, Betty Lou began to feel self-conscious about being in public dressed in such a revealing dress. The other cheerleaders surrounded her and ushered her into the building before she had much time to look around. What she did notice was that about half the women were Black and half were white. What made that so unusual was that almost all the men were Black. The few white men she saw seemed to be escorting a white woman although most white women were escorted by a Black man. Before Betty Lou could comment on the interracial aspects of the club, the other cheerleaders herded their new member into the club and past the two huge Black men who guarded the front door. Betty Lou felt as if the Black men were undressing her with their dark eyes as she was led past them. Inside the club, it was no better.

    As the seven very pretty white females walked through the big room, an almost hush feel across the club. Poor little Betty Lou felt like running out the door but knew she was too far from home to walk nor did she know the way home. Becky took her hand and led her to a large table with about twenty chairs, over half of which already had a Black man sitting in it. Mrs. Fuller surprised Betty Lou when she went up to one of the bigger Black men and kissed him in a very passionate manner. Then, the Black men also kissed each of the cheerleaders, including Becky Hamilton.

    Betty Lou was almost in shock as she saw how the other cheerleaders behaved. Then, she looked up to see a tall older Black man standing beside her, looking down into her big blue eyes. "Hello," he said in a deep baritone voice, "the cheerleaders from your school keep getting prettier and prettier." He smiled as he added, "My name is Samson. Since your coach and friends will be joining us at our table we would be honored if you will sit at our table, too."

    Mrs. Fuller and the other cheerleaders paired off with the Black men they had kissed and everyone sat down. Samson pulled out a chair and held it for Betty Lou. She decided that it would be impolite to not accept the offer, so she sat down as gently as she could to minimize the effects of her gold ring rubbing against her stiff clitoris. Samson slid her chair forward before taking the chair next to hers. "Tell me, Beautiful, what is your name?" Samson asked her.

    "Betty Lou," she told him as she saw Becky being kissed by the Black Man sitting next to her. She looked around the table to see everyone engaged in whispered conversations or kissing.

    "What a lovely southern name, Betty Lou. Last week, when they said they would have a new recruit, they said you were beautiful. The word beautiful is not sufficient. You are absolutely gorgeous!" Betty Lou felt a tingle go up her spine as the Black man heaped compliments on her. When the Black waiter delivered drinks to the table, one was set in front of Betty Lou. Samson encouraged her to drink up and smiled as the girl with waist length blonde hair took a sip of her drugged mixed drink.

    The drink went straight to Betty Lou's head and the room began to swirl. Her new friend offered to take her somewhere to rest until she felt better. Betty Lou was not too worried about being alone with a Black man because Becky helped to support her on the left as Samson supported her on the left as they went to one of the private rooms behind the bar. As long as Becky was there, she thought that the Black man would not try anything when they reached the room.

    Even with the extra support, Betty Lou's extra tight silk panties kept pushing the gold ring against her swollen clitoris. Unknown to her, the aphrodisiac in her drink was making her vagina and nipples itch. Her red wrap dress was gaping open, giving several people a glimpse of her huge breasts as they went across the room to a hallway. Betty Lou's gold ring had given her several mini orgasms by the time they reached the private room.

    The room was about twenty feet by twenty feet. In the middle of the room was a king sized bed without a headboard or footboard. It had a fitted sheet but it was not all that clean. Fortunately, the lighting was low enough that Betty Lou did not notice the soiled sheets. There were sofas against the walls, as if spectators would sit and watch what occurred on the bed. One wall had a large mirror.

    Betty Lou stood unsteadily beside the bed as Becky stepped in front of her and said, "Poor little Betty Lou. Are you feeling dizzy?" Betty Lou could barely nod her head in answer as Becky leaned forward, took the blonde into her arms and kissed Betty Lou's soft lips. Betty Lou's stiff nipples only had a single layer of silk covering them as they were pressed against Becky's black leather covered breasts. Her too tight panties continued the pressure on her clit ring, causing the teenage virgin to have a series of mini orgasms. The aphrodisiac in her drink was almost unnecessary as her body shook in orgasm and her trembling arms went around Becky's neck.

    Becky pulled the loose end of the bow holding Betty Lou's wrap dress closed. A pair of large Black hands helped Becky open the dress completely. Betty Lou did not care as her fire engine red silk wrap dress was slipped off her shoulders and was tossed onto an empty sofa. Betty Lou was a virgin white girl and her lingerie was virgin white. She had never imagined that sex was so fantastic. Her Bible studies had never prepared her for what was happening to her body.

    A pair of older Black hands unzipped the back of Becky's black leather dress and if fell to puddle around her shapely ankles. Her lingerie was black silk; otherwise, it was identical to the lingerie worn by the short blonde teenager. Becky's breasts were not as large, nor were her nipples and areoles as swollen, but they were still quite impressive. Both girls wore open cup brassieres, which allowed their stiff nipples to duel with each other as they kissed. Their silk panty covered vaginas rubbed against one another, causing their clit rings to ignite orgasms in both girls.

    A pair of Black hands reached around from behind and slipped into the waistband of Betty Lou's white silk bikini panties. Betty Lou was too busy being kissed by Becky to notice as her panties were slowly lowered. The moist silk panties fluttered down around Betty Lou's nylon covered legs until they were around her tiny ankles and high heel shoes. A very happy Samson moved behind Becky and lowered her black silk bikini panties.

    Becky guided Betty Lou to lay on the king sized bed. Both girls still wore their shelf brassieres, garter belts, seamed nylon stockings and high heel shoes as Samson stood and watched with bated breath. Becky was on top of the blonde teenager as she stopped kissing Betty Lou's lips to move to her swollen nipples. Becky's fingers massaged the younger girl's clitoris as she suctioned her nipples until Betty Lou had a major orgasm. Then, as Betty Lou came back down to earth, Becky moved down to suck on her clitoris. Betty Lou had her eyes closed as she enjoyed Becky's tongue and suctioning lips or else she would have seen the pair of older Black hands as they fondled her huge sensitive breasts. After a couple of minutes, Betty Lou had another major orgasm. She felt the lips pull away from her vagina for a moment, then return. She was almost to another orgasm when she tried to entwine her fingers in Becky's long curly chestnut hair. What Betty Lou's fingers encountered was short course kinky hair.

    Betty Lou opened her eyes to see Becky standing next to the bed with one hand playing with her nipples and her other hand flicking her clit ring. Betty Lou's eyes became wide open as she looked down between her heaving breasts to seen the top of Samson's head as he ate her pussy. She thought about getting up and running from the room, but, as the man's tongue licked on her sensitive clitoris, her quivering legs stayed open and her fingers encircled the Black man's head to hold him there as she closed her eyes and had another major orgasm.

    As Betty Lou came down from what seemed an endless series of orgasms, Samson stood up and quickly removed his clothing. His big Black cock was nearly a foot long as he climbed onto the bed and moved between the young girl's still spread nylon encased legs. Betty Lou was still panting as she tried to get control of her body when she felt a very large object spreading the lips of her extremely moist vagina. Betty Lou reopened her big blue eyes to see Samson, the older Black man, on top of her as his big Black cock nosed its way to the opening of her vagina. "No!" Betty Lou cried as the huge Black tool sank an inch into her pure white virginal body.

    Becky climbed onto the bed to grab Betty Lou's hands as they tried to push the Black man off her. "Betty Lou, just hold still and it will all be over in a few minutes. Once you get a big Black cock inside of you, you'll love it. Trust me." Betty Lou stopped struggling as Becky leaned over and kissed her tender lips. Betty Lou cried out as Samson forced his long Black cock through the blonde's hymen. Samson willed himself to remain motionless for a minute or two to allow the ex-virgin's cunt a chance to expand before he shoved the rest of his foot long cock into her tight little teenage twat.

    Mrs. Jill Fuller, the other cheerleaders and their Black dates had quietly come into the room just before Samson had taken Becky's place between the new cheerleader's shaking thighs. Black hands and fingers slipped into and under dresses to play with willing white female flesh as everyone watched Betty Lou being deflowered by an older Black man. Becky began whispering into Betty Lou's ear about how great sex with Black men was as Samson slowly forced his Black tool deeper and deeper into her pure white belly.

    A gasp from Betty Lou's startled lips told every one that Samson's foot long Black rammer was all the way inside of her and his course pubic hair was pressing her gold ring into her clitoris. "Oh! God!" Betty Lou practically screamed as her insides were moved around in ways she never imagined. The older Black man grinned as he slowly withdrew most of the length of his cock only to reverse direction and feed it back into the young blonde's forever-ruined vagina. Within a couple of minutes, Samson had established a steady rhythm as he fucked the white girl for the first time. The cinnamon colored stockings on Betty Lou's legs felt great on his waist as the girl wrapped them around his middle as he fucked her within an inch of her young life.

    Thick soft lips kissed Betty Lou and she responded passionately. Her eyes were closed again but she knew that she was being kissed by an older Black man, however, considering that she had just surrendered her virginity to him, being kissed by him was a minor issue. All the time, Becky kept whispering into her ear about how much she would learn to love Black cock. Almost every two minutes, Betty Lou experienced another orgasm. Samson managed to last for twenty minutes in the extremely tight cunt of the beautiful white blonde girl before he felt his own orgasm approaching.

    Becky had been whispering about how great it was to feel a Black man shooting his sperm deep inside of a white girl's body where no white boy's tiny little dickette could ever reach. Betty Lou, in a lucid moment between orgasms, pulled her lips from Samson's as she gasped, "What if he makes me pregnant? Please don't let him cum in me! If I become pregnant with a Black baby, my Daddy will disown me. Please, Mr. Samson, don't cum in me!" Then, Betty Lou's body betrayed her as she had another major orgasm, which sent the older Black man over the edge.

    Samson felt his Black baby making seed boiling up from his over sized balls and firing up the under side of his big Black cock to shoot deep inside of the blonde girl's fertile womb. Spurt after spurt of his thick potent sperm was pumped deep inside Betty Lou's body as she had a rolling orgasm that kept going on and on. She had thought that sex with Becky and the other cheerleaders was better anything she would ever experience. As the old Black man filled her womb with his seed, she discovered that she loved having sex with Black men and feeling them cumming inside of her was the ultimate sex act.

    After Samson had finished cumming inside of his latest white teenage conquest, Betty Lou kept her nylon covered legs wrapped around his waist and her slim white arms around his dark skinned neck as they slowly kissed. Betty Lou felt that she was in love with the Black man that had taken her virginity. A part of her mind was thinking about what it would be like to be married to an older Black man as she held her white body open to him. After all, she might now be pregnant with his baby. Maybe, she could learn to love a Black man. She knew that she could learn to love the orgasms that he could give her each and every night!

    "My turn!" said Becky's date as Samson was pulled off of Betty Lou. As Samson's soft, but still full sized Black cock was pulled from her body, there was a slurping sound and Betty Lou suddenly felt empty. She looked down to see another foot long Black cock moving into position. She tried to close her legs but felt other hands grasp her nyloned legs to hold them open as a second giant Black cock was slowly fed into her white teen body. Betty Lou gasped as course Black pubic hair hit her clit ring. She really did not want sex with any other Black man than Samson but found her legs automatically encircling the waist of Becky's Black boyfriend as he fucked her.

    Betty Lou returned Becky's Black friend's passionate kisses as he stroked his thick Black tool deep inside of her belly. Samson's sperm lubricated her vagina and Betty Lou's new lover's tool moved in and out very quickly as he worked towards his own orgasm. Betty Lou had another orgasm as she was being fucked. That was when she felt his big Black cock jetting his own sperm deep into her womb. She did not want him to cum inside her because it might make her pregnant, but the possibility of pregnancy made the sex far more exciting. The fact that it would be a Black baby if she became pregnant drove Betty Lou almost out of her mind with a high intensity orgasm.

    When Becky's boyfriend pulled his cock from her stretched vagina, Betty Lou did not object this time when another Black man took his place. Between her own orgasms, Betty Lou would glance around the room to see that a Big Black Cock was also fucking each and every white girl at least once during the evening. Even Mrs. Fuller was participating as she sucked one Black cock as another stroked into her from behind. Betty Lou had never seen a woman performing oral sex on a man before. A few minutes later, she accepted a wet Black cock into her own mouth as another man was fucking her. She eagerly sucked the mixture of Black sperm and white girl vaginal juices from the big Black cock being pushed past her mouth and into her throat. The video camera behind the two-way mirror recorded each and every act as Betty Lou went from a virgin to a Black Cock Slut in a single evening.

    To be continued.
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