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. Being Caught

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Dec 29, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Being Caught

    by RLM

    The Kellers:

    Erica and Evan Keller had been married for almost 20 years. Evan's job as a regional sales rep for a large firm selling both light and heavy construction equipment was lucrative and challenging. The only downside was the amount of travel it required had made it necessary for him to spend an average of 10 days a month on the road.

    Erica regularly worked at the gym and took aerobics classes. She also played tennis, swam laps regularly, and watched her diet. All of this had paid handsome dividends with respect to her general health and her appearance. At age 39, she still weighed an attractive and somewhat voluptuous 138 pounds and had a great 34DD-24-35 figure. Although it was financially unnecessary, she worked part time in the pro shop of the country club to which the Keller's belonged and an occasionally helped out as a hostess for catered events sponsored by the club.

    The Kellers had two children. Their son, Mark, was 15 and a sophomore in high school. He was an above average student who was athletically gifted. He was already on the varsity basketball and baseball teams, but was too light to compete in football. Traci was the oldest at 17. She was a senior in high school, and an honor student, who had fortunately inherited a lot of Erica's body shape and beautiful face. In spite of that fact, Traci had frequently complained to Erica about her smaller breasts.

    "You have those big 34DD tits, and I'm your daughter. How come mine are only 34B, Mom?"

    "Well, you're not finished growing yet, Honey, and anytime you want to exchange your tits for mine, I'll trade if you'll give me your age of 17 and take mine of 39. How's that for a deal?"

    "Well, if you put that way, Mom. I'll guess I'll stick with my tiny tits."

    "Tiny tits? Now that's ridiculous, Traci. 34B tits are not tiny! And let me tell you something, a lot of men prefer smaller, firm tits like yours. They say "Anything more than a handful is a waste."

    "If that's true, how come the girls in school with the big tits get the most requests for dates?"

    "Because, Honey, the guys in your school are boys... not men. I said a lot of "men" prefer smaller tits. Boys haven't matured enough to realize how sexy small firm tits can be in the right clothes. But seriously, when you're a few years older and in college, if you're still unhappy with your breast size, we have enough financial security to pay for breast augmentation surgery. You can have 36DD breasts if you like and be a hot porn star," Erica said with a big grin.

    "Really? You're serious? I can have that done and you and Dad will pay for it?"

    "I'm serious about paying for you to have breast augmentation surgery if you want it... I am definitely NOT serious about you becoming a porn star."

    "But think of all the sex I could have, Mom." Traci teased.

    "But its just sex, Honey... not love."

    "Yeah, I guess you're right Mom. It's not love, it's just hot, sensuous, dirty sex with big-cocked guys who know how to make a woman have dozens of orgasms."

    When Erica didn't have a rebuttal to her comment but just smiled, Traci dropped her joking tone, lowered her voice to a serious whisper, and asked, "Have you ever been with a guy who could get a woman that hot, Mom?"

    "You shouldn't be asking your mother questions like that, Traci. Do I ask you if you're having sex with your boyfriends?"

    "No... at least, not directly. But you did ask me if you should take me to see your female gynecologist and have her prescribe birth control pills for me. I said yes and you took me. So essentially, you did ask me if I was having sex with my dates. And I answered your question... so I think you ought to answer mine. Come on, Mom. I'm not going to rat you out to Dad."

    "How about Mark? Are you going to tell him if I answer your question?"

    "Mark?? Of course not. He's a little boy... he's just 15."

    "Mark's only 15... you're right there, Traci, but don't underestimate your brother. He's going to be a lady-killer in a few years, Traci."

    "Mark?? A lady-killer? What makes you think that?"

    "He's got a trim, strong body... very athletic... a great smile and personality. His dark complexion, deep brown eyes, bushy eyebrows, and dark hair are going to make him a ruggedly, handsome man who just oozes virility and sex appeal. And it that's not enough, your brother is already well-endowed, and he's not finished growing yet, if you catch my drift," Erica grinned at her daughter whose mouth had opened with surprise.

    "Wow! I guess I'd better keep him away from my girlfriends. But seriously, Mom, I won't say a thing to him or Dad or anyone else... so give! Have you been with a man like that?"

    "All right, Traci, the answer is 'yes'. I wasn't a virgin when I met your father anymore than you are right now. I dated a lot of guys and two of them were unbelievably good lovers."

    "Tell me about them... what did they do that made you so hot?"

    "Now that's going too far, young lady! But I'll make you a deal. The first time you're with a guy like that, you tell me and we'll have a girl's night out. You can tell me all the hot, sexy details of what you did with your guy, and I'll tell you about the two hot lovers I had before I met Evan. Ok?"

    "That's a deal, Mom. And I'm going to hold you to your promise. How about since you met Dad? Any hot lovers?"

    "It's almost dinner time. You're father will be home from work soon. You make the salad while I get the meatloaf ready."

    Traci, Wayne, and Mark:

    The following Monday, Evan had to leave for one of his regularly scheduled sales trips for a week during which time he would be visiting customers in two states. Monday night during dinner, Erica informed Mark and Traci that she was going out to a movie with one of her friends.

    "Can the two of you take care of washing up the dishes?" she asked. "I need to leave by 7 PM."

    "I've got a date with Wayne tonight, Mom, but he's not picking me up until 7:30. So, I can help Mark until then. That Ok, Mark?"

    "Sure, No problem. We'll take care of every thing, Mom. Have a good time. What movie are you going to see?"

    There was a slight hesitation before Erica responded, "It's '27 Dresses'. Have you seen it, Mark?"

    "Yuck! That's a chick flick... not for me. But I hope you like it. What time will you be home?"

    "Not sure. We'll probably have a snack after the movie. Don't bother waiting up for me."

    Erica left promptly at 7:00. By 7:15, Mark and Traci had the table cleared and the dishes in the dishwasher. Hurrying to her bedroom, Traci stripped off her shorts and top and put on a blouse and short skirt for her date. She was waiting when Wayne picked her up at 7:30.

    When she climbed into the passenger seat beside Wayne, she allowed her skirt to slide even further up her legs. When Wayne's eyes bugged out, she loved it. She settled down in the seat without pulling down her skirt giving him ample time to check out her legs before she finally raised her ass slightly and pulled the skirt down to mid-thigh.

    "Wow! Your legs are fantastic, Traci," Wayne said in an awed voice.

    "Do you really think so?"

    "Oh hell yes!"

    "I've always thought they were a little too fat... particularly my thighs. Be truthful, don't you think my thighs are a little too fat?" When she asked the question, Traci once again pulled her skirt high on thighs, crossed her left leg over her right and tilted her body to the right to allow Wayne to see the full expanse of her left thigh almost up to her panties.

    "Well?" she asked again while holding up her skirt.

    "Oohh Jezz!" Wayne moaned, his hand automatically moving to his crotch where it squeezed his rapidly hardening cock. "I love your legs. Pull your skirt up higher, Traci. Let me see more of them."

    Immediately, Traci pulled her skirt down. "I most certainly will not! I wasn't putting on a strip show for you, Wayne. I just wanted your opinion about whether my legs are too fat. If you thought so, I'd go on a diet and start doing exercises to trim them down."

    Of course, Traci was lying, but Wayne was too inexperienced with women to realize that. His thoughts were completely centered on his hard dick and ways he could get the dark-haired beauty to show him more of her legs.

    "Where are we going tonight, Wayne?"

    "I thought maybe a movie. Want to go to a movie?"

    "That sounds good. '27 Dresses' is showing. How about we go see that? It's a chick flick but if you'll take me, we can go out to the lake and court afterwards. I might even let you see more of my legs," she teased.

    "Sure. I don't tell the other guys, but I sorta like chick flicks. Don't tell anyone, ok?"

    "Your deep, dark secret is safe with me, Wayne. Don't worry."

    "Ok... where is it showing?"

    "I'm not sure, but it's probably at the Cinemark 20. Let's go there. If it's not showing there, we'll just pick a different movie, Ok?"

    Wayne agreed, of course, and ten minutes later they were parking in the lot of the Cinemark 20. When it turned out that "27 Dresses" was not on the marquee, Traci asked the girl in the ticket booth where "27 Dresses" was showing. After a moment's thought, she replied, "That was playing three weeks ago here and at Meadowlake Mall, but it ended its run two weeks ago."

    "Well, I guess that's it for that movie," Wayne commented. "Want to pick out a different one?"

    "What do you want to do?"

    "You know what I want to do, Traci."

    "Let me guess... you want to forget the movie and head for the lake, right?"

    "Yeah, but go ahead and pick out a movie. There must be something good showing."

    "I'm sure there is, but not as good as what's at lake. Let's forget the movie."

    Traci didn't have to argue the point with Wayne. As soon as they were seated in the car, Wayne wasted no time in driving toward the lake. Traci was as eager as Wayne, but naturally she didn't tell him that. Instead, she said, "You're going too fast. Slow down. I don't want us to have an accident."

    "Are you going to let me see more of your legs?" Wayne asked, unable to restrain himself.

    "I don't understand what the big deal is about my legs. You see every girls' legs at the beach or swimming pool all the time."

    "Please!" Wayne said in a hoarse voice.

    "Well, if it really means that much to you." Traci lifted her butt and pulled her short skirt up to the tops of her thighs just short of exposing the crotch of her panties. She leaned back in the seat and sat like that with her legs together as Wayne's eyes darted back and forth between the road and her legs. As he drove toward the lake, Traci couldn't resist teasing him by slowly opening her legs. The closer he got to lake, the wider she spread until finally Wayne was staring right at the crotch of her red panties.

    A few minutes before Wayne found a parking spot, Traci crossed her arms beneath her breasts and pressed them upward. With her tits bulging out, she thought they looked almost as big as her mom's, and it was obvious that Wayne loved it. She felt her panties becoming moist.

    Wayne realized that he was in the perfect situation to finally get his cock into Traci's pussy. She was already hot from showing off her legs, panties, and a lot of her tits to him on the drive to the lake. After parking the car, he pulled Traci into his arms and kissed her while letting his hands lightly rub up and down her back.

    The feeling of Wayne's tongue inside her mouth and his lips on hers, had Traci squirming in the passenger seat. She pulled him close and returned his kiss with a deep, open mouthed kiss of her own. Their tongues touched and moved back and forth between Traci's mouth and Wayne's.

    Wayne had had a lot of experience kissing girls and did a very good job using just the right amount of pressure, tongue and lip action. He also cupped her breast lightly and teased her nipple through the material of her top. By the time their lips parted, Traci's breath was coming in pants and gasps. When Wayne's hand began to slowly pull her top upward, she helped him by jerking it over her head. Her braless breasts stood out hard and firm. Her nipples were even harder. One of them was immediately captured by Wayne's fingers. The second one was being deliciously sucked and sensuously caressed by his tongue.

    Traci leaned back in the seat and thrust her chest forward. With one nipple being squeezed and pulled and the other one being sucked and licked, she couldn't keep her hips still. The thrusting motions of her pelvis drew Wayne's hand like a magnet. His fingers closed over the gusset of her panties and pressed into her excited slit.

    "Aaahhhh god... That feels soooo damn good," Traci cried.

    The fingers moved upward to a spot just above her swollen clitoris. Even through her panties, Wayne could feel it throbbing beneath his fingers. He rubbed it experimentally to see what reaction it would bring and was amazed when her hips thrust high off the seat and her thighs flew wide open.

    "OOOOHHHH.... AAAHHHH... yeeessss... like that, Wayne. Rub me... aaaahhhh!"

    Wayne had read several articles about what excites a woman, but he never imagined that just a little rubbing on Traci's clit would produce such a response. He did it again, and once again, she humped her pussy frantically against his probing fingers.

    "Ooohhh uunnggh... harder... please, Honey... rub me harder."

    Even with his lack of experience, it was obvious to Wayne that it was time to get Traci into the back seat where they would have more room. But he was afraid that if he just asked her to move, the erotic spell would be broken, and the opportunity to fuck her would be gone. He solved that problem by pressing his hand firmly against her pussy, and said softly, "Open the door, Traci. We're going to get into the back seat." As he said it, his fingers continued their circular motions over her wildly pulsing clitoris.

    "Oh yes! Hurry, Honey."

    In a moment, they were outside the car. With his hand still firmly lodged between the hot brunette's thighs, Wayne opened the door and guided Traci onto her back on the seat. She opened her legs when Wayne's fingers pulled her panties away from her now very wet cunt and slipped inside her vagina.

    "UUnngghhh... OOHH! AAHHH!! MMmmmmmm," the excited teen-ager moaned. She cried out even louder when his fingers now moved over her bare clitoris. As soon as his finger began circling the throbbing organ, Traci's ass rose off the back seat and began to thrust in sensuous fuck motions. She held it high in the air when Wayne slipped his hands into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her legs.

    Once her pussy was bare, Traci spread her legs wide open without any urging on Wayne's part. "Hurry... Please. Suck me! Fuck Me! Anything! Just make me cum!" she begged.

    Very quickly, Wayne's head was locked against her pussy, his tongue stroking her sex slit and then, a moment later, her throbbing, engorged clitoris. Light tongue strokes moved up and down the pulsing shaft and then over the sensitive tip making it contract and sending hot surges of pleasure through her cunt,

    In just minutes, Traci was in the throes of her first orgasm. "OOOouuuuuu... I'm cumminggg! AAahhhhh... you're making me cummmmmmm," the sexy teen moaned as her body trembled, her pussy opening and closing."

    Pausing for moment, Wayne watched her body shudder as her clitoris contracted in hard, repeated spasms. Just when her orgasm began to ebb, Wayne sucked Traci's clitoris into his mouth and applied intense suction until her engorged organ felt like it would burst. When his tongue lashed her clit, she flailed helplessly as her vagina once again erupted in a hard climax.

    When she regained control of her body, Traci pushed herself up and hissed, "Now it's your turn, you hot stud!" Quickly, she pulled off Wayne's pants and shorts. He was still trying to remove his shirt, when Traci pushed him back onto the seat, grasped his rock-hard dick, and thrust it into her open mouth.

    "Oh WOW! Do it, Traci. Suck me!! Ooohhhh god... that's fantastic... uugghhh! god! ungh! unngghh! Gonna cum in your mouth if you don't stop!"

    Traci backed off for a moment but kept his throbbing, jerking shaft in her hand. "Make up your mind, Honey. Do you want to shoot your big load into my mouth or into my cunt?"

    "Your cunt! IN YOUR CUNT! I WANT TO FUCK YOU!"

    Traci again got on her back, pulled her legs up and back, and hissed, "Ohhh yesss... Hurry! Fuck me!"

    As Wayne wedged his hips between her gaping thighs, he informed the thrashing girl, "I'm going to cum inside your hot cunt."

    Traci's hole whooshed air in an explosive contraction when she heard that. She howled, "YESSS! GET IN ME! FUCK ME! CUM IN ME! SHOOT IN MY CUNT! HURRY!"

    Wrapping his hand about his shaft, Wayne fitted the big head into Traci's opening and pushed forward. Two inches of dick entered the teenager’s hot cunt... stretching it. She arched her head back. Her mouth opened wide emitting a high-pitched squeal of female pleasure. Wayne drove two more inches of cock into her cunt producing even more shrieks from Traci.

    Leaning forward to cover her body with his, he hooked his arms under her knees, levered her legs up and back spreading her wide open, and snapped his hips forward sending his full 7 inches of cock up Traci's waiting, dilated cunt. She grunted when the big head thudded against her womb.

    At that point, Wayne began fucking her with hard, rapid thrusts that had Traci's feet jerking back and forth high in the air. Their flesh slapped together in the erotic sex dance of a male fucking an impaled, helpless female.

    "Oooohhhh god! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE! I'm cumming again... oohhhh fuck, I'm cumming!"

    "Me Too!" Wayne shouted as his cum load poured out of his plunging cock in a series of thick gushes that filled Traci's vagina completely.

    After a short rest, Track again sucked his cock until he was hard. As soon as she had him ready, she bent over in doggie position, thrust her ass upward, and groaned, "Get on me, Stud. Stick that big cock back into me. Fuck me again, Baby. Make me cum!"

    Traci shrieked in repeated orgasms on Wayne’s tongue and
    then on his big cock as it jack hammered into her cunt.


    Both Wayne and Traci were silent on the drive back to Traci's house. When he parked in her driveway, he said, "When can I see you again, Traci?"

    "You just want to stick that big cock of yours back into me and shoot me full cum.'

    "That's not the only reason I want to see you. I really like you. How about Saturday afternoon and evening. We can go on a picnic at the lake. I'll see if Dad will let me take the sailboat out, and I promise to behave."

    "That sounds really nice, but Wayne..."


    "Don't behave too much."


    When Traci entered her home, all the lights in the downstairs portion were out except for a small night light in each room. At first, Traci was surprised that her mom wasn't back from the movie until she remembered that she and Wayne had skipped their movie. They had only spent about an hour at the lake having sex so it just 9:30 and she remembered that her mom had said she would probably be quite late and not to wait up for her. When Traci walked up the stairs to her bedroom, she saw that her brother must still be home because of the light coming from his room. Before she reached his door, she heard him groaning, and talking to someone.

    "Oh yeah... You hot dirty Bitch. Spread those legs wide open. Show me your wet hot cunt!"

    Traci was doubly shocked. First, because her younger brother had both the nerve and the sex appeal to get a woman to come to his bedroom and secondly, that he would talk to her like that.

    She tiptoed up his door. It was closed but not shut completely. Carefully, she pushed it open just enough to let her see into the room. Mark lay on the bed alone. He was naked and holding a men's magazine in his left hand while his right hand was wrapped around his hard cock jerking it.

    It was the first time that Traci had ever seen her brother jacking off. The size of his hard cock was not lost on her. She remembered earlier in the evening her mom had told her that her brother was really well endowed. At the time, she thought Erica was either making that up or was exaggerating. Now, she knew differently. Mark's entire hand was wrapped around the shaft and there was still 3 or 4 more inches of cock above his hand.

    His hips were thrusting upward as he jerked his big dick. "OOHhh you big cunted slut...I'm going to shoot your cunt so full of cum.... spread wider and take it, Bitch", he moaned as he fantasized about fucking the woman whose picture he was looking at.

    Traci couldn't tear her eyes off her brother's big cock. The head was bloated, purple, throbbing. When she entered the house, her cum-filled pussy had still been tingling from the hard fucking and stretching it had received from Wayne's cock. Now, staring at Mark's thick dick, she could only imagine how much harder her pussy would be tingling if it had been stretched and fucked by a cock as thick as his.

    Traci slipped her hand under her skirt and into her panties to get at her now throbbing cunt. As soon as her finger pressed into her slit and touched her clit, her pussy contracted in a hard spasm. She began to masturbate along with her brother. Her hand moving over her clitoris as his moved up and down his big cock.

    Wildly excited, Traci wanted to see even more. So she pushed the door open a little more. It was a mistake. The door creaked on its hinges; her brother heard it and stopped stroking his penis, but his hand still gripped it tightly. He looked up and saw his sister looking at him.

    Mark's face flushed with embarrassment. "Ohh god.. I didn't know you were home, Traci. OOhhh FUCK!"

    Since she had been discovered spying, she thought she might as well go into the room. She entered and leaned up against the door. Traci couldn't believe it when she heard herself say, "Don't stop, Mark. It's ok. I want to see you cum. Keep doing it. Make it shoot off for me."

    "Oohhh shit.. I can't. I've lost it."

    Traci saw that he had indeed lost his erection. The soft penis was now less than half its previous size. "Let me see what you're were looking at in that magazine."

    "No!", her brother screamed in even greater embarrassment. But before he could stop his sister, she had grabbed the magazine and had it opened to the page he had been looking at while he jacked off.

    The page was filled with photos of hot women all wearing over-the-knee black boots and usually nothing else. In ever case, the woman was in some erotic, come-fuck-me pose with her legs wide open. Some of the women were spreading the cunts wide open in invitation. All of them had totally shaved pussies with everything on display.

    "Wow!", Traci gasped. "I can certainly see why you were jerking off looking at all these hot women. Come on. Look at them again with their legs spread and their cunts wide open. Just imagine sinking your big cock into those hot holes. Get hard, Mark, and keep jerking your big cock. I want to see you cum."

    I could easily see why my brother was jacking off looking at the women.
    They were all beautiful and erotically slutty.

    "You really think I have a big cock?"

    "Yeah... you really do... a very big, beautiful cock. Come on, Mark. Jack it off. I really want to see you cum. Just look at those hot sluts. Stare at their wide open cunts and imagine fucking all of them. You'll be hard in a flash."

    "I'd rather look at you", her brother said.

    "Well, I'm certainly not going to pose like that for you."

    "You don't have to. Just take off your skirt and panties and let me look at your pussy while I jerk off. I'll cum really fast if you do that. It'll just take a second. You've seen my dick; let me see your pussy. That's fair", Mark pleaded.

    "NO!", Traci said firmly.

    "Ok. Then I won't finish jerking off while you watch."

    "Please, do it. Let me see how big a load my little brother can shoot."

    "That's just not fair that you get to see my cock but you won't let me see your pussy! If you won't show me your cunt, then take off your sweater and bra and show me your tits. If you show me your tits and let me cum on them, I'll do it for you. I'll do it really good. Please. I've wanted to see your tits forever.", he begged.

    After moment, Traci said, "Ok. I'll show you my tits until you shoot on them. How do we do this?"

    "Take off your top, bra, and skirt. Get on the bed and cup them for me while I jack off. When you see that I'm about to cum, arch your back and hold them up so I can cum all over them. You promise not to pull away until I've finished cumming?"

    "Ok. I promise, but I can't take off my bra... I'm not wearing one."

    "Oh fuck! That's so hot," Mark moaned.

    Traci pulled her top over her head and then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of her brother in just her red panties. Looking at his cock, she saw that he was once again hard as stone, big, and thick. It made her body quiver just to look at it. Sitting down beside the bed, Traci spread her legs so her brother would get a good look at her panties even if he wasn't going to get to see her pussy.

    "Oh Man... Traci. Your tits are just gorgeous. Damn! Your panties are so wet, I can almost see your pussy through them. Hurry! Lie down on the bed."

    She did as he instructed. When she was in position cupping her tits for him, Mark moved closer and began to stroke his cock while staring at her tits and panties. Oh Man! I wish you'd let me see your pussy," he groaned as his hand flashed up and down his throbbing shaft.

    Traci felt her vagina and clit throbbing as she held both of her tits up toward her brother. He moved very close. The tip of his cock wasn't more than a few inches from her tit flesh. His cock was rigid... the head swollen and purple. Her excitement rose right along with his.

    "Do it, Mark.. Do It! Cum all over your sister's big tits," she hissed.

    She never took her eyes off the end of the throbbing penis as her brother jerked it hard and fast. His eyes switched back and forth between her big tits capped by the hard nipples and her wet panties. After less than a minute, he groaned.

    "Oooohh gawd Traci... HERE IT CUMMMSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.."

    Traci watched the hole in the tip of the throbbing penis open.. then a thick vicious stream of while fluid spewed out. The thick rope of cum splattered right on her tits. Most of the first gush coated the top of her left tit and nipple. The second load struck her right nipple dead center forming a long cum rope that ran into her cleavage. Another gush splattered over her chest. The next two spurts were badly aimed (or so Mark later said). They arched upward. One hit her left cheek and ran down her chin. When she opened her mouth in shock at getting a cum facial, the next load shot straight into her mouth. Just before the final loads shot over her face and into her mouth, her clit convulsed in hard contractions without her ever touching it.

    They finished almost at the same time. Mark's cock was still jerking, and Traci's clit was still slowly throbbing in and out of its protective hood, but, of course, she didn't tell Mark that.

    "Will you suck my cock clean?", Mark asked his sister.

    "Clean it yourself. You've drenched me. I have to go clean myself up."

    "I loved that, Traci. It was the best!"

    "This is our secret... right?"

    "Right. I promise."

    Traci hurried from his room into her own. After locking the door, she ripped her panties off as fast as possible and flung herself on the bed. Her legs flew open and her hand buried itself into the wet, excited folds of her cunt. Her fingers found the excited knob of her clit and began to frantically rub it. Her hips surged upward as her cunt convulsed in a hard orgasm.

    She was still throbbing when she looked down at her tits. The sight of Mark's cum covering her tits and the slick feel of it on her face, sent new spasms of pleasure through her body. She began to masturbate again.. furiously.. slapping her clit with her fingers, stretching it, rubbing it... again her vagina exploded as her juices spurted out coating her thighs.
    When Mark’s cock exploded, my mouth opened in shock, and my hot brother took full advantage to
    empty his huge load into my mouth. Afterwards, in my bedroom, I couldn’t stop masturbating.


    It was a little after midnight when Traci heard her mother returning. Erica took off her heels to so she wouldn't wake up Mark or Traci, but just as she finished, she was startled to see her daughter standing at the bottom of stairs.

    "Are you Ok, Mom? It's really late."

    "It is. I didn't think you'd still be up. We stopped for a bite to eat after the movie and got to talking. Before we realized it, it was already 11:30. You didn't need to wait up for me though."

    "Did you enjoy the evening? How was the movie?"

    "I was a little disappointed in the movie. Gail had told me that '27 Dresses' was incredibly funny, but I didn't think it all that great."

    "I might want to see it. Where's it playing?"

    "At the Cinemark, but you're too late. Tonight was the last night. You'll just have wait until it comes out on DVD. How was your date with Wayne?"

    "It was fun. We went to Jack's and danced, got something to eat, and then drove out to the lake."

    "Ah ha! The lake, huh? I bet that was the most fun part of the evening, right?"

    "Yeah. It was. Wayne wanted to skip the dancing and the food and just head out to the lake as soon as he picked me up."

    "Of course he did. He's a male, and once a guy is thinking about sex, his brain isn't big enough to think about anything else."

    Traci laughed and so did Erica. "I think you're right. That certainly seems to be the case with Wayne."

    "And so??"

    "And so what?"

    "Don't play dumb with me, Traci," Erica grinned. "That's works with guys, but not with women... certainly not with your mother. Did you and Wayne have sex tonight?"

    "No, but we did court pretty heavily. I'll probably have to use my vibrator tonight."

    Erica smiled knowingly and said, "Those things do come in handy sometimes, don't they."

    Later, as Traci prepared to turn in for the night, she wondered why her mother had lied about see "27 Dresses" at the Cinemark. Thinking about her own lie that she hadn't let Wayne fuck her at the lake, it dawned on Traci that she had lied to conceal the fact that she had been fucked tonight. She wondered if that was also the reason her mother had lied. "After all, Dad's out of town... I bet Mom got laid tonight," she said quietly to herself as she pulled up the covers over her naked body.


    Traci had just about fallen asleep when there was a quiet knock on her door.


    "It's me Traci. Let me in. Please."

    When she opened the door, her bother moved quickly into her room. "God... That was sooo damn good tonight. Can we do it again right now? Please. I want to jack off again. Can I?"

    "No. Absolutely not! It was just a one time thing."

    "Don't you want to see me cum again", Mark pleaded. "Please let me jerk off on you again. That's not really sex."

    "No, I said. Now get out of my bedroom. Go jerk off looking at those sluts in the magazine."

    Enormously disappointed but unable to think of anything to say that might change his sister's mind, Mark went back to his own room. Ten minutes later, he was holding the magazine looking between a brunette’s legs at her open cunt hole fantasizing that it was Traci's cunt that he was looking at. He fired several streams of cum high into the air within a couple of minutes.

    Catching Mom:

    The next morning, I decided to dress in a short skirt and blouse rather than in my usual attire of jeans and a sweater. At breakfast, Mom noticed immediately.

    "You look really nice, Traci, but maybe that outfit's a little too revealing to wear to school, Honey."

    "A lot of the girls wear even shorter skirts than this, Mom."

    Mark didn't say word. It didn't surprise me since he was too busy looking at my legs under the table. "Well, if my horny little brother wants to look, I'll give him something to look at," I thought, hoping he would get so hard he would cum in his pants.

    When I sat down, the short skirt pulled up so high on my thighs that I knew Mark could see the bottom of my panties when I crossed my legs. As I ate my cereal and fruit, I noticed that Mark still hadn't touched his breakfast. On the pretense of reaching for the milk carton, I uncrossed my legs and when I sat back down I spread them enough for my brother to see the crotch of my panties. I thought I heard him moan. I kept my legs open while I finished breakfast.

    By the time Mark had to get up. he had a raging erection. Mom didn't notice it, but I certainly did. When I left for school, my pussy was wet from the knowledge that I had given Mark a huge hard-on.

    As soon as school was over, Mark was standing in the doorway of her bedroom. He had his cock out and was slowing masturbating it.

    "Can we do it now, Traci. Dad's out of town and Mom won't be home for another hour or so. Please!"

    She walked up beside her bother, stared at his rigid erection, and said, "No. I told you it last night was a one-time thing."

    "That's not fair!" Mark growled. "You let me see your legs and panties this morning at breakfast. You got me so hard, it hurt. And now you say it was a one-time thing. That's not fair!!"

    "Fair? You've got a lot to learn about women, Mark. Fair is whatever a woman decides is fair. You're better learn to live with that. Now leave!"

    It was a struggle, but Mark put his raging erection back inside his pants and left. Back in his own room, he cursed under his breath, "Cock teasing Bitch!" He realized that he wanted to fuck his sister.


    That evening, Mom told me that she was going out to dinner with Jean and her husband. "I should be home by 11 PM or so."

    "Ok, Mom. Have fun." As her mother was backing her car out of the driveway, I wondered why Jean and David didn't pick Mom up rather than have her drive her car some where to meet them. "That's sort of weird," I said to myself.

    As soon as Mom left for dinner, I half expected Mark to be in my room pestering me to let him cum on my tits again, but it turned out that he had told one of his friends that the would go to the late movie with him. I spent the evening watching TV until it got so boring I couldn't bear to watch another mindless sitcom. Around 10 PM, I went to my bedroom, took a quick shower and settled down to read.

    Around 11 PM, I turned out the lights and turned in for the night. But after lying there tossing and turning for awhile, I was still wide awake. Deciding to read some more, I got up and walked over to the lamp near the window of my bedroom. Just before I turned on the light, I saw a car slowly pulling up to our house.

    It looked strange for some reason. At first, I couldn’t figure out what was strange about a car entering our driveway. It was a convertible with the top down, but there was nothing particularly strange about that. However, just before the car stopped, I realized that the lights on the car were out, the engine was off, and the car was just coasting.

    My eyes were acclimated to the darkness by this time and there was enough illumination from the large halogen yard light to allow me to see that Mom was in the car's passenger seat. That, and the fact that the car had its lights out and engine off made me more than just a little curious.

    Moments after the car had stopped, the driver moved over and took Mom in his arms. She wrapped her arms around him and they kissed passionately for several minutes. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Mom hadn't gone to dinner with Jean and her husband. She had met some guy and had either already been fucked or was about to be fucked... or maybe she was about to be fucked for the second or third time.

    It was really hard to see much from my bedroom window other than shadowy forms thrashing around on the front seat. Slipping on a robe, I ran down the stairs and went out the back door. The car was parked in the shadows next to a thick arborvitae hedge so it was easy for me to move up to the car on the opposite side of the hedge. When I was even with the car, I moved into the hedge between the trees until I was no more than four feet from the driver's side window.

    With the light coming in from the passenger's side, it was easy for me to see into the front seat of the car without any chance that Mom and her lover would see me. By the time I looked in, the guy had my Mom's blouse off and was sucking her tits. She was holding his head tightly against her chest, her head thrown back, obviously in passion. I could easily hear her moaning: "Ooohhhh yess... like that, Frank. My nipples are so damn hard they feel like they may explode!"

    Then I heard a more guttural, masculine voice: "I'm going to twist and bite your nipples now, Erica."

    "Uuuuunnnnnn! more... more, Darling. Bite them. aaahhh... uummmmm... ooohhh that's making my pussy throb, Frank! OOmmmppfff... uuummppffff"

    On occasion, I had heard my Mom and Dad fucking in their bedroom, but I had never seen them doing it. Now, I was watching Mom about to do it with another man. When he lifted up from sucking my Mom's tits, the light fell on his face and I recognized him. It was one of Dad's friends, Frank Daniels. I had seen him many times at parties my parents hosted.

    Almost without realizing it, I had my hand under my robe rubbing my pussy. Frank took his mouth off Mom's tits just as my fingers found my swollen clitoris and began to stroke it. Apparently, it was now my mom's turn to work on Frank. She undid his belt and unzipped his pants. Working together in the tight confines of the front seat, they managed to get his pants and shorts off. My vagina throbbed when I saw the size of Frank's cock. He was huge! No wonder, my mom was fucking him. His dick looked like it must be almost nine inches and thicker than my wrist.

    Mom bent over Frank's belly as he leaned back in the reclined seat. When she wrapped her hand around his huge shaft, I saw that her hand didn't even cover one-third of its length. She couldn't even get her hand all the way around his prick. She licked the big purple head bringing a grunt of masculine pleasure from Frank.

    "Come on, Erica. Please. Suck it."

    "I'd love to suck your big dick, Lover, but after you pump your load into my mouth, you have to lick me. Deal?"

    "You know I love licking your pussy, Honey... but it's pretty cramped in this seat."

    "Then just spread me out on the hood of the car and do me, Lover."

    "All right...all right! But suck me now. Please!"

    My hips were humping back and forth on my fingers as if a phantom lover were behind me screwing me. When Mom pushed the huge cock into her mouth, my clit went into hard spasms as I came for the first time.

    Every time I heard Frank grunt, I rammed my fingers deep inside my throbbing cunt and rubbing my clit frantically. When I heard him telling my mom that he was about to shoot off, my vagina convulsed for a second time. I was still cumming when Frank grunted and pumped his load into Mom's mouth. I heard my mother's gurgling cries as the thick cum load filled her mouth to overflowing.

    "OOmmmppfff... uuummppffff"

    Frank continued to ejaculate in what must have been thick, powerful jets because she couldn't swallow fast enough and some of the cum shot out the corners of her mouth and dripped down his shaft and onto his belly. But it did look like my mother was able to swallow most of it.

    "Hurry, Honey. My pussy is on fire. I'll cum as soon as your tongue touches my clit... Hurry, Honey. Spread me out on the hood and lick meeeeeeee," I heard Mom hiss as she rubbed her own pussy just like I was rubbing mine.

    While Frank pulled her out of the car, I slipped further back into the hedge to be certain they didn't see me. He quickly finished stripping her until she was naked except for her heels. It was the first time I had ever seen Mom naked and about to be sucked and fucked. I thought she looked incredibly sexy.

    Frank wasted no time in putting my mother on her back on the hood of the car. She pulled her knees up toward her tits and spread wide open. "Hurry... Oh god! My cunt's on fire. Suck meeeeeeeeeeee," she hissed

    Moments later, her cunt was being sucked. Frank suctioned her clit deep into his mouth as his tongue lashed repeatedly over the throbbing tip. Mom grunted hotly as her ass humped against her lover's mouth.

    From the way my mom was thrashing and grunting, I knew that her clit was pulsing and throbbing under Frank's oral caress. Both of her nipples were being squeezed and stroked as his tongue slotted deep into her vagina. His head moved back and forth every time the tongue went in and out of mom's pussy. I looked to me like he was probing every crevice and crease of her cunt.

    Frank moved his tongue off mom's clit and began running it up and down the length of her sex slit bringing more howls from her. I had dropped my robe to ground and was now naked and finger fucking my pussy while watching my mother being sucked off. I had to bite my knuckle to keep from moaning as the spasms rippled through my convulsing clit.

    "Ohhhh god, Frank. You're making me cum again... my clit is just going wild... Please... don't stop... suck me harder, Lover!"

    "Cum, you hot Slut!" Frank growled. When you cum, then you're going to be fucked!"

    "Oh god yes! Your big cock up my cunt... fucking me... hard! Suck my clit... Make me cum... then ram me with that huge dick, Frank... Do it to meeeeeeee!"

    I came from just listening to mom begging him to make her cum. Suddenly, my mother's ass lifted high off the hood of the car. I knew why. Her pussy was being engulfed in one hard spasm after another... just like my pussy always did when I'm about to cum. Frank obviously felt it and began sucking her clit harder to intensify her climax. I could see the muscles of her belly knotting in waves as she surged into another climax. Mom's tongue flashed out and began to rapidly lick against her top lip. Her belly contracted into a hard knot; her mouth gaped open as she emitted a long, tortured sigh of pleasure.

    "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh. MMMMMmmmmmmmm. Ugghh! Ugghh! Ugghh! Oh. Cumming hard..cumming.. SUCKMEEEE. ohhh suck it all out of me, you Bastard! Ohhh yes, Baby, keep sucking your slut's pussy. CUMMING AGAIN! GHHAAAAAA. OOOHHHH YES, YES, YES!"

    I was getting very close to another orgasm when Frank mounted my mother. She was still moaning in the throes of her climax when his body covered hers.

    His hips began to thrust and I knew he was fucking her even though his body blocked my view of his cock actually entering mom's cunt. She was moaning wildly as she took his cock. If I had any doubts, they were dispelled a minute later when her legs shot up into the air and flailed wildly in response to each hard thrust of the huge dick into her throbbing hole. I didn't see how she could take Frank's dick like that... but then I realized she had been fucked several thousand times and was used to accommodating cocks in her cunt. I wondered how long it would be before I could take a cock as big as Frank's.

    As Frank began to fuck her harder, my pussy contracted and I had an intense orgasm with my fingers on my clit feeling it pulse and throb. I pushed three fingers into my vagina and found my G-spot.

    Frank was really giving it to Mom now. She was screaming and urging him to fuck her harder, deeper. Frank's ass was rising and falling between her thighs as he drove his entire length into her pussy. I was very close to cumming again. I wanted to see his huge cock spitting my mom's cunt open and sinking inside, but his body was in the way. At that moment, he moved back and shoved mom's legs high in the air. I could now see it going in and out. Mom's legs were jerking back and forth in the air in response to the entry of Frank's dick. I began to cum watching him fucking my mom.

    He continued to fuck her for about 10 minutes or so... then his hips really started to fuck in hard driving strokes until finally he slammed his cock into her all the way and stopped humping. His buttocks contracted again and again as he ejaculated deep inside my mother's pussy. I wondered if she were on the pill. I hoped she was because Frank was shooting a huge load into her hole. I came again just as they finished.

    Mom grunted and moaned as Frank made her cum several times on
    his tongue. When he spread her legs and rammed his huge
    cock into her cunt, her moans changed to wild
    shrieks every time he pounded it into her.

    While Mom was getting back into her clothes, I made my way back into the house the same way I had come. I was in bed before she came into the house.


    When Mom opened my door to check on me, I was lying naked on the bed frantically thrusting my vibrator in and out of my pussy ... grunting each time it thudded into me.

    "Oh! Sorry. I should have knocked," my mom hastily apologized.

    "Yeah... you...ugh .. ugh... ugh! aaahhhh... you should have... ugh ...uughh... it's your fault... aaaahhhhh god... I'm about to cum!"

    Mom stood rooted to the spot unable to take her eyes off the big vibrator I was pumping in and out of my pussy. "Why is it my fault?" she stammered.

    "Because... ooohhhh fuck....sooo good... because I got so damn hot watching Frank fucking you... OOOHHHHH SHIT! I'M CUMMINGGGGGGG!! CUMMMINGGGG!" I screeched as my cunt erupted in hard contractions.

    "Oh god... NO! You saw us?" Mom said with a desperate moan.

    "I was in the hedge watching almost the entire time," I replied as my fingers continued to stroke my still throbbing clitoris.

    I kept thinking about how Mom howled and screamed as Frank licked her and
    pounded her cunt with his big cock. It was so hot I was
    having explosive orgasms on my vibe and fingers.

    "I don't know what to say, Traci. Are you going to tell your father?"

    "Tell Dad? Of course not! Why would I do a thing like that?"

    "I just thought you'd be so angry with me... so disgusted... I mean... I'm so sorry, Honey.

    Don't feel bad, Mom. I lied to you too when I told you that Wayne and I didn't have sex at the lake."

    My mom grinned and said, "I figured as much. There was just no way that young stud was going to have you all hot and wet out at the lake and not get his cock into your pussy."

    Well, you were right. He fucked me three times. I'm sorry I lied to you about it. I was just embarrassed to tell you how slutty I had been."

    "Thank you, Traci, but I still feel really bad about it. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

    "Yes, there is. Come over here and sit on the bed while you tell me all about Frank and how it feels to have a huge cock like his inside you... I want to cum again while you tell me."

    For the next thirty minutes, Mom sat beside me telling me when she started seeing Frank, how he got into her the first time, how often he fucks her, and all about how she has incredibly hard orgasms whenever he puts his huge cock in her. I never stopped masturbating as she talked, and when she started describing how hard his cock makes her cum, my ass arched off the bed and I had another explosive orgasm with my mom sitting right beside me.

    Even after the intense spasms had ebbed and my butt was back on the bed, the vibrator, which was still buried inside my pussy, was jerking up and down as my vagina continued to twitch and throb. My breath was coming in deep gasps as I moaned, "Ooohhhh god... that's so hot.... so sensuous. Frank sounds like a fantastic lover, Mom."

    I had my eyes closed when I heard Mom say, "He is, Honey... he certainly is. And he coming over on Thursday afternoon while you and Mark are in school." That information and the fact that I again felt the vibrator being worked back and forth inside my pussy had me moaning.

    "Ooohhhhh ... that's soooo hot, Mom. Will he fuck you?"

    "Of course he's going to fuck me. That's why he's coming over." Mom turned the vibrator on and my pussy immediately began to quiver about it. She moved it faster.

    "OOOoooohhhh aaaahhhhh... uuugghhh... what... aaahhhh... what are you doing, Mom?"

    "Fucking you with your vibe... making you cum... want me to stop?"

    "NO! DON'T STOP! What will happen Thursday? Tell meeeee... please," I moaned as my ass was once again thrusting up off the bed.

    "I'll be almost naked when Frank arrives... he likes for me to wear a garter belt, thigh-high stockings, and five-inch heels."

    "Oh my god... what if someone sees you when you answer the door?" I moaned as my fingers squeezed both nipples and the vibrator moved out of my hole and up to my swollen clit.

    "I won't be answering the door, Traci. Frank will let himself in. He has a key."


    "Frank told me to be lying on the bed sideways with my legs spread, a pillow under my ass, and my head hanging off the edge." Erica flipped the vibrator's switch to "high".


    "The first thing he'll probably do is put that huge dick into my mouth, Traci. Would you like that?"

    "GGGGAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!" I began to cum... my vagina going into hard spasms.

    "With my head back, Frank can push his entire dick into my throat ... it took me weeks to learn to deep throat his cock, Honey... but now I can take all of it." Erica pushed the vibe back inside my throbbing cunt.

    "UUNNNNNNNNNNNNN Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Then what?" I howled as my juices spurted.

    "I'll keep sucking him until he either cums down my throat or pulls it out and mounts me. When he mounts me, I'll raise my legs and pull my knees back so he can get that monster prick deep inside my cunt, Honey!"

    "Oh I'm Cumming... Cumming! I'M CUMMING!!!"

    I was still quivering on the bed, my pussy opening and closing in hard spasms when my mother kissed me on the cheek and said, "Thank you for understanding, Traci, and for not telling your father. If you ever need it, I'll cover for you sometime."

    Evan and his Clients:

    Having lunch with Jack and Wilma Fredrick was not the most pleasant part of my job, but it was essential. The Fredricks owned the controlling interest in a major construction company that regularly purchased heavy equipment of the type my company needed and loved to sell. As the regional sales rep, it was my job to persuade them that their best investment would be to obtain their new equipment from our company.

    Jack a pleasant enough guy. He just wasn't the sharpest stick in the pack. When it came to business, he generally followed Wilma's lead. Wilma was a buxom, nice looking blonde in her late 40's, but in her well-tailored business suit, she looked all business and was sometimes unpleasant. And today seemed to be one of those times. She had been giving me a very hard time from the moment we had taken our seats in the upscale restaurant. The prices my company charged were too high... service on the equipment was not always prompt, and while the quality of the equipment was high, so was the quality of some of our competitors... so on and so forth.

    Lunch was almost over. I had already taken care of the check and had just about decided that trying to win the Fredricks over was a lost cause. I was trying to come up with a graceful way to end the meeting when Wilma took over.

    "Jack, I know you need to get back to the site to oversee the pouring of the foundation. Why don't you get back on the job, and I'll finish this discussion with Mr. Keller?"

    "Good idea, Wilma." Turning to me, Jack extended his hand and said, "Nice to see you again, Evan. Give me a call the next time you're in the area."

    "Will do, Jack," I replied.

    As Jack made his way out of the restaurant, Wilma watched him until she saw his car pulling out of the parking lot. As soon as he was gone, Wilma stood up, smiled at me for the first time since we had met for lunch, and said, "Let's get out of this place and continue our discussions where it's more comfortable." She stood up and walked toward the door. Looking back, she again smiled. "Well, are you coming or are you just going to sit there?" By the time I reached her late model BMW in the parking lot, Wilma was already behind the wheel with the motor running.

    The Fredrick's home was expensive and spacious. Once we were inside, I decided to try once more to persuade Wilma to do business with our company. I didn't get more than a few words out.

    "Forgot the sales pitch, Evan. We're going to be buying a lot of equipment from your company this coming year."

    "Really?" I said, actually surprised. "From your comments at lunch, I didn't think you thought much of our firm."

    "That was just for my husband's benefit. He's totally convinced that I think you're a jerk. Why don't you fix us a drink while I change out of these ridiculous clothes?" Make mine a sole gin fizz."

    "Ridiculous clothes? That must be a $1,000 suit or more."

    "More, Evan... more. But I don't think it's gonna turn any heads, do you? Be right back." She vanished down the hallway leaving me to play bartender.

    I was carrying our drinks to the glass top coffee table when Wilma reappeared. I almost dropped both drinks onto the carpet. My mouth did fall open. "Wow!" was all that came out. Wilma's business suit was gone and in its place was a black leotard that she had unzipped to a point below her large breasts, black thigh-high stockings, and a pair of over-the-knee black boots with hot five-inch heels. The leotard was so tight, that there was no way she could be wearing anything more than a thong underneath.

    "Mmmm... I like that response," she whispered as she took the drink from my hand, moved into my arms and kissed me, pressing her body against mine in the process. I kissed her back equally hard and pressed my now hard cock against her mound while my hands explored the lush contours of her ass.

    "Oooohhh that feels hard... and big, Evan."

    "Your husband...," I began

    "Is very busy building stuff. Are you going to keep me busy, Honey?"

    For an answer, I pulled the leotard’s zipper even lower exposing most of Wilma’s tits. At the same times, I slipped my fingers underneath and discovered that she wasn't even wearing a thong.

    "God... you're naked under that hot outfit," I gasped into her ear as her mound rotated against my hard cock.

    "Do you want me to go back and put on some panties, Honey?"

    "No... you're fine just the way you are, except I can't see your sexy ass. Turn around... bend over... show it to me."

    "Oh yes!" she hissed with heat as she turned quickly, pulled her leotard higher on her buttocks and slotted the crotch between her ass cheeks. Wilma bent over, looked over her shoulder, and thrust her butt toward me. "Are you an ass-man, Evan? Am I going to get it in my ass?"

    "You're going to get it every way you've ever imagined, Wilma," I groaned as I began to strip.

    "Oh yeah! Take it off, Honey. Show me that big, hard cock."

    When I pulled down my briefs, Wilma gasped. "Oh god... that's so fucking thick! I love them thick. How long is it?"

    "Just seven inches. I'm pretty sure my wife wishes it were bigger. When we role play, she's always pretending that I'm a stud with a huge 9- or 10-inch cock."

    "Well... I can tell you, Evan, your thick 7 inches is just perfect for me. Sit on the couch, Honey. I need to suck this big fuck stick."

    "Not until I get you out of that hot outfit. I want to see all of you, Wilma."

    "Oh yes! Strip me, Honey. Get me naked and ready, Baby."

    With nothing but her leotard covering her body, I had Wilma naked except for her stockings and boots in less than 30 seconds.

    "Like my big tits, Lover?" she whispered.

    "Oh hell yes. They're gorgeous. Love those big hard nipples of yours too."

    "MMmmmm... well my tits are just the appetizer, the main course is my pussy... I think you'll like it even better once you sink this big prick into me. Get on the couch, Evan. I'm going to suck it."

    I leaned back on the couch and Wilma bent over me, her naked ass thrust high, her knees apart. In my mind's eye, I could imagine her wet, gaping cunt hole that someone behind her would see. It would be open... waiting... eager for cock. Then, I felt her wet tongue moving up and down the length of my shaft. On the way down, it stopped to thoroughly lick my balls. On the way up, the tongue tip pushed into my cock ridge and circled the head of my dick several times bringing hot moans from me. After several repetitions, she had me thrusting my ass off the couch. Several more, and I was begging her to put it in her mouth.

    Raising her head, she licked her lips and whispered, "I want your load in my mouth. Don't you dare even think about pulling it out until you're emptied your balls down my throat, Lover." With that, I watched her mouth stretch wide and descend over the crown of my cock. Her lips closed about my shaft and began to slide down.

    "Ooohhhh god! That feels so damn good," I hissed.

    Wilma took four inches of cock into her mouth. She paused for a moment locking her lips even tighter about my dick and then her head began its descent again. When the fifth inch was in her mouth, I felt it butt up against the opening to her throat. She again stopped and then began to suck hard. The intense suction made my dick swell and pulse. I began to grunt and moan in hot pleasure. When she hefted my balls in her hand and let her tongue lick the head as she sucked even hard, I howled with the intensity of the sensations pumping through my prick.

    "Ooohhhhh Ooohhhhhh! Shit... Suck it, Wilma... aaahhhh... shit... aaaahhh fuck," I gasped. Wilma was older but god, could the hot bitch ever suck cock. It felt like my dick was going to explode she was sucking it so hard. Then... it got even better!

    She pushed another inch of dick into her mouth. The throbbing head butted its way into her throat which closed around it. It was just awesome. When she shoved the last inch inside her mouth and my cock head burrowed further down her throat, I felt like my dick was going to explode.

    My ass was now a foot off the couch, humping wildly. Wilma began to mouth fuck me. Her lips slid four inches up my dick, the head exiting the tight confines of her throat. After sucking the head hard, she rammed her mouth all the way down my throbbing dick until her lips were again locked firmly about the base, the head deep in her throat pulsing wildly.

    Wilma continued to mouth fuck me... picking up the pace with each trip her lips made up and down my rod. My entire body was shuddering with the sensations ripping through my dick.

    I knew I was close... very close. Wilma knew I was close... she also knew that she had gotten me so hot that my ejaculation was going to be huge. Wetting her fingers with her saliva that was now running down my shaft in streams, her finger drove deep into my ass followed rapidly by a second finger just as I thrust my cock up into her waiting mouth, . A moment later, her throat and mouth were fucking my cock; her fingers were fucking my ass.

    I began to cum! The first explosion was huge... a thick stream of semen that went on and on until Wilma's mouth and throat couldn't take it all fast enough and it spurted out of the corners of her mouth, ran down her cheeks, and formed long cum ropes from her chin. With Wilma's mouth still filled with cum, the second stream had no place to go other than spurt out the corners of her mouth and lengthen further the cum ropes now swinging from her face. Several more spurts followed as Wilma struggled to swallow faster. Finally, my cock was jerking and contracting, but it was shooting blanks. My balls were completely emptied.

    I shot one cum load after cum load all over Wilma’s face and into her wide
    open mouth. She looked obscenely erotic as the semen
    ran down her face and swung in
    long ropes from her chin.

    When she pulled her mouth off my semi-hard dick, she looked at me with awe. "My god! What a huge fucking load! Jezzz... how long has it been since you unloaded into a woman or jacked off, Lover?"

    "Over a week. That's the most fantastic blow job I've ever had. Period!" I pushed Wilma onto her back and growled, "Now it's your turn, you sexy Bitch. Spread your legs!"

    "Oohhhh YES! Hurry. I'm on fire, Evan... MAKE ME CUM!"

    Wilma squealed and then shrieked when she felt her legs being lifted and her knees pushed back until they were just outside her tits and she was almost rolled up into a ball. The position lifted her hips and put her ass and cunt in perfect position for oral or regular sex. When she felt my tongue rimming her asshole, she began to grunt. As the tongue slid upward into the bottom of her sex trench, the grunts turned to moans. Further up, my tongue was at the opening to her cunt. I pushed it inside bringing excited wails from Wilma's mouth. Finally, I had my tongue on her clit... circling it... flicking it rapidly over the sensitive tip of her swollen organ. When I sucked it into my mouth and applied the same kind of intense suction to her clitoris as she had applied to my cock, her hips began to thrash and her vagina whooshed air again and again.

    Fifteen minutes and five orgasms later, Wilma was aware of nothing but her convulsing cunt and her asshole. Three fingers had stretched her ass wide open and now it stayed open for my fingers and tongue. All I had to do to make her cum was suck on her engorged clitoris and slide my tongue up and down its throbbing shaft. Saliva was drooling out of her mouth, which remained wide open, her tongue out lolling wildly in the air.

    It was G-spot time. By this time, I had her knees pressed into the couch outside her tits, her cunt hole raised, opened, throbbing, stretched... ready. Thrusting three fingers into her sex hole, I quickly found the mound of raised flesh just inside her vagina and right behind her clitoris. I pressed it hard.


    I rubbed it rapidly in circles. Her hole went into hard spastic contractions as she came yet again. After ten minutes, Wilma's hole had erupted in three hard orgasms, her cunt juices spurting high in the air on the last of the three. She had lost control of her bladder and drenched my face and the couch. Her vagina whooshed air almost continuously.

    I let her orgasm ebb and whispered in her ear. "I'm going to fuck you now, Wilma. First, you get it in your cunt... missionary... then you will turn over on command and pull your pussy open for me to fuck you doggie style. After you cum, the cock goes into your ass hole. You will pull your ass cheeks open when I take my cock out of your cunt and arch your ass for fucking. After that, I will sit you on my cock and you will fuck yourself on it until I tell you to stop. Understand?"

    "Yes... yes... yesss! anything! please... just put it in me... fuck me... please... I need cock in my cunt... give it to me, Evan. Fuck the shit out of me!"

    She screamed and came as soon as I nailed my dick into her wide open, gushing cunt hole.


    As soon as I pulled out of her, she obeyed instantly... turning over, arching her ass, and pulling open her pussy. I rammed it inside her hot hole amid her screams and howls. Her cunt juices spurted out as I pulled my dick out and rubbed her hole. Back and forth... her cunt juices spurting again and again.


    Ten minutes later, Wilma had my cock plunging in and out of her ass. She kept her hips up in the air like a good slut and took every thrust all the way until my balls banged against her pussy. A near continuous stream of sex words and screams flowed from her lips as my thick dick plundered her defenseless ass hole. Her vagina and ass holes both went into convulsions at the same time.

    I gave her no time to recover. As I ass fucked the wailing woman, her anus became more and more stretched. When I would pull my dick out, her hole stayed open... a gaping, deep, black, throbbing hole waiting for cock.

    Wilma was now riding my cock like a demented sex slave. As her hips pumped her pussy up and down my rigid shaft, she would occasionally stop, arch her back, and shake as another climax wracked her body.

    Wilma was a deliciously hot fuck. Before I finished fucking her,
    she was having intense, repeated orgasms.


    At 4:30, I emptied my nuts into Wilma for the fourth time and pushed her off my body. She collapsed onto the couch, her chest and tits heaving, her legs splayed wide open with rivers of semen and cunt juices pouring out. The couch was almost ruined. At the very least, it would have to thoroughly cleaned.

    Going to the bathroom, I took a quick shower and then ran the tub full of warm water. Returning to the den, I carried a moaning Wilma to the bath and lowered her into it. It took me 15 minutes to wash her body as she moaned softly and purred. I let her soak and covered the bed with towels to protect the covers when I carried her to the bedroom and laid her on her back.

    I spent the next ten minutes rubbing her body with a soothing lotion. Finally, I helped her dress. A little after five, she walked me to the front door looking very proper and refreshed. Standing in the doorway, I kissed her softly and then harder. She mashed her mouth against mine, pulled my hand against her pussy and hissed, "This is yours whenever you want it. We'll be buying a lot of equipment from your firm and I'm sure we'll need you to come and check it out frequently. I want you to fuck me whenever you want me. Just call and tell me when. I promise I'll be ready."

    Evan, Erica, and Traci:

    I had planned to spend two more days on the road before heading home, but then I hadn't realized that I was going to make a huge sale when I visited the Fredricks. I also hadn't realized that as a result of my visit, I would now be able to add Wilma Fredrick's name to my little black book's list of available hot cunts.

    Checking the map, I saw that I would be going through Topeka. The last time I had spent a day visiting clients there, I had, as usual, also spent several hours fucking June Waymore. June's a big-titted, sexy blonde who loves sex. I couldn't remember a single time I had been in Topeka that I hadn't screwed her. All I had to do was give her a call, and she always seemed to find a way to get away from her husband for a couple of hours of hot sex. If he was out of town, I would spend the night in her bed banging her pussy and assholes.

    Thinking about her hot box, I toyed with the idea of spending a day in Topeka doing nothing but fucking it. But as hot as she was, Erica was an even better fuck, and I hadn't seen my wife in over a week. The thought of my sensuous wife made me drive right through Topeka without stopping.


    It was about 1:30 PM when I pulled into our circular driveway and parked the car in our garage. After getting my suitcases out of the trunk, I let myself into our house and set the cases in the entryway. Of course, the kids were in school or at work at this time of day, so I didn't expect to see either of them. It also appeared that Erica was out shopping as I didn't see her in the den, kitchen, or in our study where we had our computers.

    That idea was quickly dispelled as soon as I moved out of the entryway into our den. Once I was closer to the stairs, I could hear my wife moaning... deep, excited moans that were mixed with occasional grunts. It was obvious that she was being fucked.

    At first, I was angry to discover my wife cheating behind my back, but then I remembered having spent several hours banging Wilma the previous afternoon. Erica wasn't doing anything that I wasn't doing. I liked sinking my dick into a woman's hot pussy, and obviously, my wife liked having her hot pussy filled with hard cock. Those thoughts calmed me down. I was also amazed to find that listening to my wife being screwed had given me a hard erection.

    My cock got even harder as I quietly climbed the stairs and approached the master bedroom. The closer I got, the more clearly I could hear the man Erica was with moaning and grunting. Since the kids were in school and I was supposed to be out of town, they had neglected to close the master bedroom door. It was open just enough for me to see into the room.

    When I peeked into the bedroom, I was shocked to see that it was one of my best friends, Frank Daniels, who was lying on the bed with my wife bent over him sucking his cock. I was even more shocked to see the size of Frank's dick. It was huge... at least nine inches long and amazingly thick. It was mind blowing to see that Erica was sucking almost all of his huge dick into her mouth and throat. He was grunting with hot pleasure every time my wife took his organ down her throat. The fact that my wife was wearing a skin-tight, black body suit for her lover with her tits sticking out made the scene even hotter.

    For some reason, it seemed even more erotic because it was Frank Daniels pumping his cock into my wife's mouth. It wasn't just a one-night stand with some guy she had picked up at a club... it was someone we both knew well. I was certain that this wasn't the first time Erica had sucked Frank's cock.

    "Suck it faster, Baby. Get me hard and ready to fuck your hot cunt, Erica," Frank groaned as his hips thrust up off the bed, driving his shaft deep into my wife's throat and forcing her lips to lock around the base of his cock. Wilma had sucked me like that, but my dick wasn't close to being the size of the one my wife was deep throating. As she sucked, her big tits jiggled erotically.

    There was no way I could possibly resist taking out my cock... although as hard as I was, getting it out of my pants was easier said than done. I ended up having to carefully unzip my pants to get my raging erection out so I could begin jacking off while watching Erica sucking Frank's big dick.

    I thought he would shoot off down my wife's throat, but it turned out that he had other plans for his cum load. When he dragged his thick shaft out of my wife's mouth, I was again amazed at both its length and girth. The damn thing stood almost straight up... hard as stone... jerking and throbbing as his precum and my wife's saliva dripped from his balls and the tip of his dick. I jacked my cock harder... and a little faster.

    Frank now had my wife in the middle of the bed in doggie position. The bottom of her body suit gaped wide open completely exposing her ass and cunt. This was the first time that I had ever seen Erica bent over, ass arched high, about to be fucked by another man. My cock was iron-hard... so hard, it actually hurt. I couldn't remember being this turned on in a long time... if ever. From my position, I could see every thing.

    Frank held her hips steady and fitted the big mushroom cockhead into the soaked opening of cunt. Slowly he pushed it into her waiting vagina causing Erica to moan louder and louder as each additional inch of cock filled her. My wife gasped when she felt Frank’s balls slapping against her erect clit.

    “It’s all the way in, Baby,” he grunted.

    “Oh gawd I know it is. It’s so damn big… stretching me… AAAHHhhh… Oh fuck! Fuck! FUCK ME!”

    As soon as Frank began to piston his thick shaft in and out of Erica’s cunt, her mouth flew wide open. Each time the cock slammed into the bottom of her vagina, she hissed with hot pleasure. Her tits were now jerking back and forth in time to the deep fucking Frank was giving her.

    As he fucked her, Frank unzipped the body suit exposing her back and thrusting ass completely.

    “Take it, you hot slut! Take my dick and squeeze that wet cunt around it!:

    “Oh gawd yes! I’m taking it… I’m taking it! AAAahhh… fuck me! Fuck me! … don’t stop… aaaahhh… oohhhh shit… I love your big dick, Lover. Ram it into meeeee!!”

    Frank began fucking my wife even harder. Both of them were grunting continuously while I jacked off. Erica’s higher-pitched female shrieks mixed the deeper masculine grunts of a male ramming the tight cunt of a climaxing female.

    “Oh my gawd! I’m cumming… I’m cumming on your big cock… screw me, Darling… ram me harder!”

    “Get on your back so I can really give it to hard, Erica!
    Frank got Erica onto her back. Without being told, she lifted her legs and bent her knees... spreading wide, making her cunt a perfect target for Frank's sex spike. I could see that her pussy was wet and gaping wide open... obviously, Frank had already fucked her at least once before I arrived. As I watched, she sank two fingers into her cunt and fucked herself. Frank fisted his big rod and pumped it as my wife masturbated.

    Moving between her thighs, Frank shoved his hands under her ass and lifted her pussy into fucking position. When he swabbed the head of his cock up and down the length of her sex trench, excited wails of pleasure burst from my wife's mouth. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock when he centered the big head at the opening to her cunt. Erica hissed, "Don't tease, Lover. Stick it in! Stick that big cock up my hot cunt and FUCK ME!"

    Frank gave my wife what she wanted. His hips thrust forward sinking his big cock into her pussy. He pumped her again and more dick disappeared inside my wife's body as she grunted like a hot whore. Every time it sank into her hole, her juices seeped out around his cock. It was so big her pussy was stretched into a huge circular hole. I didn't see how she could take it.

    "Oohhh god... It's so damn big! AAuugghhh... Ugh Ugh Ugh..
    I love it!! Hard, Lover. Harder! FUCK ME HARDER!"

    Frank’s hands gripped my wife’s thighs as he pressed them down on either side of her big, bouncing tits spreading her wide open. Erica arched her hips to take his shaft balls deep on every thrust.

    I had already shot one load against the hallway door, but my cock didn’t even begin to soften. With my wife having multiple orgasms on Frank’s cock as her legs jerked wildly back and forth in the air, I was close to cumming again. Suddenly, my wife shrieked.

    “OOHHH FUCK! I’m cumming again… HARD! SHOOT IT, LOVER. SHOOT IT!”

    As Erica’s cunt throbbed in hard spasms, Frank ripped his cock out of her throbbing cunt and shot a monster cum load all over her pussy, belly, and tits.

    The sight of my wife squirting and Frank drenching her with his load was too much. I exploded another load almost as large as Frank’s. But mine drenched the wall of the hallway while his covered my wife’s cunt and belly.

    I had never fucked my wife as hard or as deep as Frank was giving it to her.
    When he unloaded, the load not only gushed from her cunt,
    he also covered her pussy and belly.


    With my dad still out of town but due back in a couple of days, I was fairly certain that Mom would be meeting Frank again today. Mark would be in school until 4 PM and wouldn't get home until around 5:00. As a senior, I only had to go to class during the morning. In the afternoons, I worked as a waitress until 6 PM. So Mom would be alone in the house throughout most of the day, or so she thought.

    I worked until 1:30 PM that afternoon and then told my boss that I had developed a splitting headache and felt like I might be coming down with the flu. "I'm Ok to finish my shift, but I thought I should tell you."

    He was very understanding. "That's OK Traci. Thanks for telling me, but I think it's better if you take off right now, go home and go to bed. You might be contagious."

    After thanking him, I hurried home, arriving just before 2 PM. There was no car parked in our driveway, but I hadn't really expected there to be. Mom was too careful to let her lover park in front of the house for an extended period of time.

    As soon as I entered the house, I could hear my mom moaning upstairs, which didn't surprise me. I knew Mom wouldn't pass up the opportunity to enjoy Frank's big cock when Dad would be coming home in a couple of days. My pussy was already wet just from the anticipation of seeing him screwing her.

    When I reached the second floor landing, I was shocked by what I saw. I had expected to see Frank fucking my mother; what I did not expect to see was my Dad hiding just outside the master bedroom jacking off while he watched Frank fucking his wife.

    Quickly, I ducked into the guest bedroom. When I peeked around the door, I saw that I had a good view of every thing. Frank was mounted on Mom. Her legs were high in the air jerking back and forth with Frank's hips socked deep into her sex saddle. He was fucking her steadily with hard thrusts while my Dad was pumping his dick.

    The sight was making my pussy quiver. So much so that I could feel my own juices seeping out. Without even realizing that I was doing it, my hand had moved under my short skirt and into my panties. I had to bite my lip when my fingers touched my hard, erect clitoris.

    Frank was ramming it into Mom really hard and fast...all the way in and almost all the way out on every stroke. He was fucking her so hard, her tits were dancing on her chest and her feet were jerking back and forth in the air in time to his thrusts. I found it both incredibly exciting and frightening to watch. It seemed to me like it should be painful for Mom to have to take such a pounding from a cock that large.

    But it was obvious that Mom was far from being in pain. She was moaning and grunting every time he drove it into her. I could even hear the thud of his cock every time it hit the bottom of her pussy. And every time it did, Mom would grunt and howl with pleasure. Her feet and tits continued to jerk back and forth every time his dick entered her.

    "Oohhh god... It's so damn big! AAuugghhh... Ugh Ugh Ugh... I love it!! Hard, Lover. Harder! FUCK ME HARDER!"

    I wasn't the only one excited. Dad was stroking his cock much harder and faster than Mark had when I had let him jerk off on my tits. Suddenly, I heard her scream.

    “OOHHH FUCK! I’m cumming again… HARD! SHOOT IT, LOVER. SHOOT IT!”

    As Mom convulsed in her climax and squirted, Frank ripped his cock out of her throbbing cunt and shot a monster cum load all over her pussy, belly, and tits.


    Although it took an incredible amount of will power, I held back my second load even as I watched my wife thrusting her pussy up to meet Frank every time he drove his prick into her hole. I even managed to hold off when Erica was having another orgasm. My cock was so damn hard, it felt like an iron spike.

    After my wife's climax ebbed, Frank rolled over onto his back and my wife swung her leg over his hips in reverse cowgirl position. He held his rod straight up while Erica squirmed around above him... lightly rubbing her sex slit over the throbbing head... letting a half inch of cock enter her hole and then pulling away with a sexy laugh.

    "You teasing, Bitch," Frank said with a smile. "Put it in, Honey."

    "Why? Does Baby want to shoot his big load into my hot married pussy?" she teased.

    "You know I do! Fuck on it, Honey... hard! Please!"

    "That's the magic word, Lover," she groaned as she pushed her ass downward and engulfed Frank's big shaft completely. "AAAAAHHHHH... SHIT... YOU'RE SO FUCKING BIG! I LOVE IT! NOW IT'S IN ME, STUD. CUM IN MY PUSSY, LOVER. SHOOT IT INNNNNN!!"

    When Erica's ass began pumping her pussy up and down the throbbing shaft, my cock again surged to full erection. She leaned over his legs, and Frank grasped her pumping ass with both of hands, held her in position, and jack hammered a hard series of strokes into her dilated hole. Erica screamed and hooted in hot pleasure when the cock head rammed into her womb.

    "You hot big-cocked Bastard... you're making me cum again... aaahhh uuughhh... sooo good... ram meeeeeeeeeeee... fuck meeeeeee!... shoot me full of hot cum, Lover!"


    When my wife finally lifted her ass off Frank's cock, thick, white streams of semen poured out of her stretched, cum-filled pussy. That’s when I ejaculated for the second time.


    A hard spasm ripped through my pussy when I saw Mom moaning and shuddering in another hard climax. Without warning, my pussy juices gushed out coating my hand and my thighs. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming aloud as the orgasm made my pussy, clit, and ass contract and pulse over and over.

    Obviously, Frank wasn't close to stopping and letting Mom rest. He rolled onto his back and said something to her. I saw her grin and straddle his hips. She was in reverse position so I could see everything as she swabbed the big cock through her wet slit. I loved watching her tease Frank with her pussy until she had him begging to please put his cock into her cunt. It was his turn to groan helplessly when she rammed her hips down and took his entire shaft inside her body on the first thrust. My clit was throbbing like crazy again. Dad was still stroking his cock. It was so erotic, I didn't see how he could keep from shooting off.

    This time I knew Frank had cum in Mom, because when lifted her cunt off his big sex spike, huge globs of semen belched from her pussy, ran down her slit, and formed long cum strands that dangled from her clitoris.

    Mom’s ass was ramming frantically up and down on Mr. Daniels’
    huge cock. Her tits were bouncing like crazy until finally the
    big cock exploded and filled her with more cum.


    At 3:30, Frank again had my wife mounted on his cock this time in cowgirl position. She was wildly thrusting her pussy up and down the huge shaft. I loved the position as much as she did as I could see that thick shaft sinking in and out of Erica's hole, stretching it obscenely wide every time it entered her. I could also see my wife's mouth stretching wide open and gasping on each entry. It seemed to me like she was shuddering in orgasm more and more frequently. It had been years since I had been this turned on. I felt like I could drive nails with my cock it was so hard. I desperately wanted to cum, but I wanted to fuck my wife even more.


    Even though Dad had already at least twice, he was still jacking off as Frank continued to screw my Mom. It looked like Mom must have had a dozen orgasms or more. I couldn't tell how many times Frank had cum in her, but it was several. When she was riding his dick cowgirl, it made my pussy throb to see how widely Frank's cock stretched my mother's pussy. She would grunt and shudder every time it filled her. My pussy was throbbing right along with hers. Finally, my cunt just convulsed and I came again.


    It was getting close to 4 PM, and Frank was still fucking my wife. They had to know that Mark would be home soon, but neither of them seemed to care. He had her in doggie position with his dick against her asshole. I couldn't believe he was actually going to fuck my wife in her ass with that huge dick, but she was moaning with pleasure as she waited for him to stick it in.

    I thought it would take Frank a long time to get his rod into my wife's ass, but after squirting on some astroglide, he just pushed it right into her back passage as Erica thrust her ass back against the plunging cock. Obviously, he had fucked her ass many times so that she was now able to take his entire length.

    As he fucked her, his balls were continuously banging against her clitoris. When she was close to cumming, her hand thrust between her thighs and rubbed her clit furiously. In just a few moments, her ass clamped down hard on Frank's dick, and she wailed in another climax.


    It really didn't matter whether Mom liked the ass fucking she was getting or not. She didn't have any choice. Frank had her bent over, her head on the bed, her ass high in the air. His strong arms pressed her down and made certain that she kept her hips high... not that she seemed to mind. She hadn't stopped groaning from the time he had pushed his cock into her ass. Gawd! He was nailing it into her all the way, on every stroke.

    For the first time, I understood that a woman may get to decide if a man gets to fuck her or not, but once she says yes, the man is total charge of when she gets it, how she gets, where she gets it, and where his cum goes. All my Mom could do was take his big cock into her body and cum again and again until her lover decided it was time to unload inside her cunt or ass... and right now, it was obvious that Frank was going to put his next load into Mom's ass.

    The thought was so thrilling that I knew I was going to cum again. I now had my skirt up and my panties off with my clit between my middle and ring fingers working it... sliding two fingers into my pussy. When Mom told Frank that he was making her cum again, I had another intense climax.

    My Mom came, and then she came again and again. I had no idea that a woman could have continuous orgasms like that. Finally, Frank told her that he was going to cum in her and fill her ass full. She went wild, absolutely wild. She started thrusting her ass back against him trying to get his cock even deeper inside her. Her knees were bent and her heels were pointed straight up... jerking and dancing back and forth every time he fucked into her. She was moaning and begging him for it.


    Toward the finish, he buried his cock all the way into Mom's ass, held it there, and then hit her hard with a series of short thrusts. She screamed that she could feel him shooting it in. I noticed his buttocks were contracting hard and realized that on every contraction, cum was entering my mom's ass. When he did pull out, semen poured from Mom’s ass in a huge gush.

    Mom wailed and screamed as she had one orgasm after another as
    the big cock rammed in and out of her widely stretched ass.

    Finally, Mom rolled onto her back, and Frank again rolled between her legs. She wrapped her legs around his back and held his body against her own. At the same time, her arms wrapped around his shoulders and hugged his chest against her breasts. They stayed locked together like that for a long time savoring the aftermath of their fucking.

    "It's after 4 PM, Honey. We need to stop and get dressed before Mark comes home."

    "You're right, but I really hate to stop. You're such a delicious fuck!"

    "And I love that big fuck stick of yours too, but there'll be other times."

    "You bet! Count on it!"


    When I saw Dad pulling up his pants, I knew he was going to leave, so I quickly dropped my skirt and slipped out ahead of him. As I was leaving the house, I realized even though Dad had shot off at least three times, he was still hard. I could hardly believe it, and I certainly didn't understand it.

    Erica and Evan:

    By 4:30, Erica had bathed and changed clothes. At 4:40, she was in the kitchen preparing dinner when the phone rang. It was Evan calling from a cafe on the other side of town.


    "Hi, Honey. It's me. I made a huge sale yesterday and decided to hell with the last day of the trip. So, I'm almost home and will be there about 6:30. Don't bother fixing dinner. I'm hoping to get a date with my sexy wife and take her to dinner. Any chance?"

    "A very good chance. I'll just fix something for the kids and be ready for you. What are the plans for after dinner?"

    "Well, don't tell her, but I'm hoping to get into my date's panties."

    "You're a guy so she probably suspects that you have something like that planned," Erica giggled.

    "I'll see you in a couple of hours. Love you!"

    As Erica was working on dinner for Mark and Traci, she could still feel the tingling in her vagina from the fierce fucking Frank had given her that afternoon. She wondered if she would have to fake an orgasm for Evan tonight... she hoped not, but it seemed unlikely that Evan could excite her enough to make her cum for real.


    Traci got home around earlier than expected so by 5:30 she and Mark were seated at the table having their dinner.

    "Your father is taking me out to dinner tonight. Can the two of you do the dishes?"

    "Sure, Mom. No problem. Where's Dad taking you?"

    "He didn't say, but we'll probably not be too late."

    "Don't worry. Mark and I are going out too... so just enjoy yourselves."

    "Good. I'm going to go change. Have fun."

    When Erica had retreated to her bedroom, Mark asked, "We're going out? Where are we going? What's up anyway?"

    "It's a surprise, Mark. One I guarantee you'll enjoy. So finish up and go put on something nice for the evening."


    When Evan got home around 6:45, Erica was ready and waiting for him. The white blouse she had on accented her large breasts, but what really got Evan's attention was her short black skirt, stockings, and sexy heels.

    "Wow! You look fantastic! Are those thigh-highs you're wearing?"

    "No. I'm sorry... just ordinary hose with a garter belt. Is that all right?"

    Evan's cock lurched and began to rise rapidly. "Oh god... I love it when you wear stockings and garter belt."

    "I know. That's why I'm wearing them, Honey. Welcome home!" She moved smoothly into his arms and kissed him passionately. A moment later, Erica was surprised by the intensity of her husband's return kiss and the eagerness of his tongue as it thrust into her mouth and caressed her tongue.

    "Wow! What brought that on," Erica gasped when Evan finally released her.

    "You did. You just look so gorgeous... so desirable. I should have been kissing you like that for a long time. Are you ready to go?"

    "Yeah. The kids have had dinner and Traci said she and Mark were going out this evening... probably to a movie."

    Evan's face reflected the surprise he felt. "When's the last time you can remember them doing that?"

    "Well... It was... wait a minute... it was... You know, you're right. I don't ever remember them going out together like that. You think it's ok?"

    "I think it's great. Come on. I have some more surprises for you this evening."


    Erica and Evan had dinner at Rouseau's, an upscale French restaurant renown for both its cuisine and its prices. Although expensive, the dinner was excellent as was the wine Evan had ordered. Erica was beaming.

    "That was wonderful, Darling. You know, if we hurry home, we can probably get there an hour or so before the kids get home. We'll have the house to ourselves... understand?" Erica asked, smiling seductively.

    "That won't be necessary, Erica." The smile instantly vanished from Erica's face and was replaced with worry. "I've reserved us a suite at the Hilton for the night."

    "Oh god," Erica gasped, her seductive smile returning. "That's so sensuously sexy, Honey. What brought this on?"

    "First... I need a lot more than an hour to ravish you the way I intend to ravish you tonight... and secondly... well... I'll tell you later. I suggest we skip the dessert. Take my word for it, Erica, you don't want to be stuffed with food tonight... particularly when I plan to stuff you full of something else."

    Erica felt her pussy throb and juices spurt into the crotch of her panties. "Ohhh god," she moaned.

    "I need to freshen up before we leave, Darling."

    "I've been counting on it."

    "What?" Erica asked with a confused look on her face. "What does that mean that you've been counting on it?"

    "Just go freshen up and you'll understand."

    Erica nodded, still confused, but got up and headed for the ladies room. There weren't many customers as it was still early and the ladies room was vacant. She entered and turned to lock the door behind her. She wasn't fast enough. Just before the door swung shut, it was pushed open again and her husband entered and quickly locked the door.

    "What are you doing in here, Evan. This is the ladies' room. You can't be ..." Erica stammered, her words cut off in mid-sentence by Evan's lips that crushed against hers in a kiss even more passionate and demanding than the one he had given her before they left the house.

    At the same time as his tongue thrust into her mouth, his hands cupped her buttocks and pulled her mound firmly against his throbbing erection. Thrusting his organ into her crotch, he lifted her body so that the shaft was pressed firmly against Erica's pussy.

    When his lips left hers, they descended down to the tops of her breasts, which were showered with kisses as his fingers smoothly opened her blouse.

    "What are you doing, Evan... Ooohhh my god... aaahhhhh... aaahhhh," she moaned as Evan's cock ground against her crotch.

    "Spread your legs wider, Erica, so I can get my cock against your clit."

    Without a moment's thought, she wrapped her legs about Evan's hips and began humping her pussy against the hard, demanding, male shaft grinding into her slit. "What are you going to do, Evan? This is the ladies'... AAAHHHHHHH... AAAHHHHHH... OOOHHHHH," she gasped when she felt her panties being pulled down and her blouse being opened.

    "I'm going to fuck you... right here... right now. I should have been doing this for years. Turn around so I can get your tits out."

    Erica's pussy began to throb. Her entire body shuddered with excitement. She turned around as Evan had ordered and immediately felt him pull her blouse wide open. She gasped when she felt him yank her bra down letting both tits tumble out... jiggling in the air. His hands cupped them and squeezed her nipples. She couldn't suppress her hot moan.

    Erica's body trembled even harder when she felt her wildly excited husband stripping her naked except for her garter belt, stockings, and heels. When she was leaning back against the sink, her tits heaving with excitement, her sexual, lubricating secretions sliding down her parted thighs, she watched Evan removing his clothes. When he pulled down his briefs, she moaned at throbbing rigidity of his engorged, swollen, and throbbing prick.

    It stood straight up... hard as stone... much harder than she could ever remember Frank's cock being. Frank was bigger, but Evan's dick was the hardest she had ever seen... even when she was having sex with 18 to 21 year old guys in college. A stream of fluid was leaking from the swollen head.

    "ooohhhh... it's beautiful," she groaned, her hand moving automatically to rub her pulsing clitoris. "I want to suck it, Darling. Can I suck it? Please!"

    Evan pulled his moaning wife against his body and again kissed her as his hands stroked her ass, his fingers sliding into her sex trench and from there into her throbbing hole. Pressing the iron-hard shaft against her split, he lifted and dropped her body causing the shaft to slide sensuously over her erect clitoris. Removing his lips from hers, he whispered, "Suck it!"

    Erica knelt in front of him, and let her tongue slide up the length of her husband's 7-inch, thick dick. "Oohhhh god... it's so fucking hard! I can't even pull it down enough to suck it, Honey. Help me!"

    Evan leaned over the sink to align his shaft with Erica's mouth. She quickly engulfed it and took five inches of Evan's cock into her mouth. He held her head and moved the pulsing piston in and out letting the big head butt up against her throat on each stroke.

    "Uummmmpppffff... ooohhhh god... it feels so powerful... so hard... soooo hot. Fuck it into my throat, Darling. Shove all of it into me." Erica's fingers were rapidly stroking her throbbing clitoris. Her hips pumped back and forth in time to Evan's thrusts inside her mouth. She opened as wide as she could. A moment later, she had seven inches of meat filling her mouth and down her throat.

    The combination of prick down her throat and her fingers on her clitoris had Erica exploding in an intense orgasm in just minutes. She shrieked each time her pussy convulsed, not caring who heard her.

    Evan jerked his wife to her feet, hiked her leg up onto his shoulder as she leaned back against the sink for support. His rampant cock penetrated her on the first thrust... five inches of dick sinking into her throbbing hole. Her hand flew to her engorged clitoris and stroked as Evan fucked her. After two thrusts, his balls were banging her ass as her cunt took all seven inches on every stroke.


    Evan jerked his cock out of the gushing hole. Again, Erica screamed, "NO! NO! Please! DON'T TAKE IT OUT OF MEEEE! NO! STICK IT BACK INNNN... I WANT IT IN ME!"

    Evan turned his wife around, bent her over the sink, and growled, "Spread your cheeks... pull your cunt open, Erica!"

    Desperately, she reached back and pulled her buttocks apart to make herself available for the Evan's surging dick. Again, he nailed her with it... and again, Erica wailed as it sank into her:


    Again and again, Evan drove his cock into his wife's throbbing cunt. She moaned louder ... then began to gasp... finally she was grunting. Her clitoris contracted hard. Her vagina slammed down on Evan's shaft, then opened, then clamped down again. Her asshole opened and closed. Erica emitted a high-pitched wail when her juices spurted from her tightly plugged cunt hole.


    Slipping his arms beneath her thighs, Evan lifted his wife and sat her ass down in the sink. "Spread your fucking legs! NOW!"

    Erica's legs flew apart. Her knees rose and steepled. Evan thrust his hips into her sex saddle forcing her to grunt and spread wider. A moment later, she hissed loudly as the surging cock drilled her cunt again.

    Erica began to cum... once... twice... three times... again and again. She couldn't stop. Her body was a mass of sexual pleasure. Briefly she wondered how many women were right outside the door listening to her being fucked like a whore. She didn't care... all she cared about was cumming again on Evan's awesome dick.

    Leaning close, Evan whispered, "I'm going to carry you around the room, Erica... fucking your hot cunt. After I've made a complete circuit of the room, I'm going to hold you right in front of the mirror so I can see my cock pumping in and out of your cunt. Then, the cum load's going in. Ready?"

    All Erica could do was groan and thrust her helplessly contracting cunt against her husband's cock. She howled when he picked her. He had made her cum so many times, she couldn't even lock her legs around his waist. All she could do was wrap her arms around his neck and hang on as his prick plundered her pussy again and again.

    When he had her backed up in front of the mirror so he could see his dick plunging in and out of her pussy, he held her steady and drove his cock to the bottom of her vagina, held it there, and then began to ejaculate. The cum load roared into her in huge gushes with such force that Erica could feel it spewing against her womb.

    There was too much semen for her vagina to contain it all. Thick streams ran between her labia and Evan's plunging cock and dripped onto the floor. Evan's wife moaned continuously until she felt her husband's cock slowly cease to pump cum into her. Then, she kissed him fiercely... harder than she had ever kissed a man. Her kisses with Frank didn't even come close.

    My wife was a fantastic, erotic fuck partner. I couldn’t believe
    how hard my cock was as I pumped it into her hot cunt.

    The were both grinning from ear to ear as they helped each other get dressed. Before she pulled up her panties, Erica said, "I have to pee, Honey. It will just take a moment."

    "Leave the door open. I want to watch you."

    "Oh yes! That's sooo hot... making me pee in front of you. Watch me, Darling. Watch me!"

    Erica kept her legs wide open as she urinated, making certain that her hot husband could see every thing. When she had finished, she handed him two wads of bathroom tissue and hissed, "Clean me, Stud."

    Evan took his time sensuously sliding the paper between her lips and wiping her hole and her clitoris. He did a very thorough job. When she stood up, he pulled up her panties, patted her ass, and whispered, "Come on. I can't wait to get you to the hotel."

    When they opened the door to leave, there were four women waiting outside. Everyone of their faces were flushed with excitement and sexual arousal from having heard the sex going on inside the room.

    "Slut!" one of the women hissed, but with a smile.

    "I know, but it's my husband's fault. He didn't tell me what he was going to do."

    "Husband? Bull shit!" a second woman commented. "If you were 20-year old newlyweds, I might believe you, but there's no way in hell that guy is your husband. A man who screws a woman like that is her lover, not her husband."

    "Really?" Erica said with a huge grin. "I'll tell him. He'll be shocked. He thinks he's my husband."

    A third woman said, "I'm not sure I believe you either, Honey, but one of two things is certain. If he's your lover, you picked a really hot one. If he's actually your husband, you're the luckiest woman on the planet. If you get tired of him, let me know." She stepped closer to Evan, handed him a card, and with a seductive smile, said, "If you get tired of her, give me a call. I've never been fucked in a ladies' room before."


    "Why are we stopping here?" Mark wanted to know as Traci pulled into the driveway of a home about a mile from their house.

    "To pick up Joanne, Honey. She's so turned on, she can hardly wait."

    "Turned by what?"

    "By your big cock, Mark. I told her about catching you jacking off and letting you cum all over my tits. I also told her how big your cock is and that you're still a virgin."

    "Why? Why did you tell her that? I'll be the laughing stock of the entire school. Why did you do this to me, Traci. It's not fair!"

    "Laughing stock? I hardly think so. More likely that you'll be the envy of every guy in your class. Joanne's drop dead gorgeous."


    "So... she's going to fuck your brains out tonight, Honey. If I weren't your sister, I would have already done it. But that's my bad luck and Joanne's good luck. I hope you're ready because she's going to want it a lot more than just once."

    At that point, a hot-looking blonde wearing a short-shorts that were at least one size too small and a top that hugged her braless tits got into the back seat of the car. "Hi, Traci... so this is Mark, huh? Hi Mark. I'm Joanne. Traci has told me a lot about you. Why don't you get in the back seat with me so we can get better acquainted. We've got a long night ahead of us."


    My legs were shaking with anticipation when Evan led me into the lobby of the Hilton. I followed him to the registration desk where an attractive woman of about 30 approached. Her name tag said "Judy". She asked Evan if she could be of assistance.

    "Thank you, Judy. I'm Evan Keller. I've reserved a suite for the night."

    "Just one moment, Mr. Keller," the woman said as she consulted her computer. "Ah yes. Here it is. Mr. Evan Keller, 1528 Sunnyside Lane, ..." Judy paused in her reading of the computer screen when she saw that the city was this one. "Eh... eh... is that correct, Mr. Keller?"

    "Yes, it is. Oh, one more thing. When I made the reservation, I failed to inform the reservations desk that my wife, Ms. Erica Keller, would be joining me. So the charge should be for two persons, not one. I'm sorry about the oversight."

    "That's not a problem, Mr. Keller. There is no extra charge for a second person. If you'll just sign here, please."

    As my husband signed the registration, he said, "Would you please have a bottle of Dom Perignon delivered to our suite as soon as possible, Judy?"

    "Certainly, Sir. May I ask if it's your anniversary? We provide a complementary basket to couples celebrating their anniversary."

    "That's very considerate, but it's not our anniversary. I've just been out of town for over a week, and I'm very anxious to ravish my beautiful wife without having to worry about our children... so please ask the Steward to bring the champaign as quickly as possible."

    My face flushed red at the same time as my pussy contracted sending my juices and some of Evan's cum load into the crotch of my panties.

    "I'll alert the Steward as to the urgency, Sir. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

    My husband smiled at Judy for at least ten seconds. Now it Judy's turn to blush. I wondered if her juices were also seeping into her panties like mine were. Finally, Evan replied, "Normally, I would say absolutely... but I think my wife has it covered tonight. Thank you for your... eh... assistance, Judy."

    Once we were in the elevator, I pressed against my husband and whispered, "You sexy satyr. Judy's probably in the ladies room right now rubbing her clit. You got her hot."

    "I know, but not as hot as you," Evan replied at the same time as his hand moved under my short skirt onto my soaked panties. "Mmmmm... you're drenched. Love that."

    "It's your fault, you know," I said softly as I ground my tits against his arm.

    "I know... I love that even more."

    Before the elevator stopped on the tenth floor, my panties were down around my thighs, and three of Evan's fingers were slotted firmly into my excited pussy. When the doors opened, he led me to our suite with his fingers stroking my G-spot and my hips thrusting against his hand.

    Once inside our spacious suite, he embraced me fiercely, his mouth working against mine, his tongue licking my lips and probing inside. I had my arms locked about his neck as my body thrilled to his kiss. Evan kept his lips locked to mine even as he was removing my blouse and bra. When I felt my skirt falling to the floor, I also felt his tongue caressing mine. I couldn't stop my hips from dry humping against his iron-hard erection, nor did I want to. All I wanted was that hard shaft inside my pussy.

    Pulling my lips back, I moaned, "Oohh! Oohh! OOhh!" over and over until I began to beg, "Please... fuck me... fuck me now! I need your cock inside me... please!"

    Evan quickly stripped. When his impossibly hard cock surged out of his briefs, my vagina convulsed at the erotic sight. With one sweep of his hand, Evan cleared away all the stuff on the table in the sitting room and bent me over it. I was quivering with anticipation and need.

    My heels elevated my ass, but not enough. "Stand on tip toes, Erica, and spread your legs," he ordered. I obeyed instantly. A moment later, Evan had knelt behind me and I felt his tongue entering my sex trench, spreading my labia, and sensuously sliding up and down its entire length. I throbbed helplessly as the tongue probed my vagina.


    While his tongue continued to fuck my hole, his hand moved to my clitoris, trapped it between two fingers, and began to stroke the sensitive shaft like he was jacking off a miniature cock.


    Even boosted my ass higher and moved his tongue onto my clitoris. With his fingers working the shaft and his tongue moving over the tip, he had me on the verge of a climax within a minute.

    "OH Fuck! Oh Fuck! I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum... aaaahhhhh!!" My hole exploded... juices spurted... my clitoris went into hard spasms.

    Evan gave me no time to recover. Standing up behind me, he held my arms back and drove his organ deep into my convulsing cunt. All seven inches slugged into me and thudded against my womb bringing wails of hot pleasure from my lips. Evan began thrusting hard and fast... quickly bringing me once more to the edge of another intense climax.

    At that point, the doorbell to the suite sounded, and we heard the bellhop saying, "Your champaign is here, Sir."

    Evan pulled out of me and slipped on his briefs while I moaned and begged... "Oohhhh Please! Don't stop. Forget the champaign. Put it back in me... fuck me, Evan. I'm almost there... don't leave me now... please... FINISH MEEE!"

    Evan ignored me and my throbbing pussy. "Ooohhh gawd! I need to cum," I moaned. A moment later, I heard my husband opening the door to the suite.

    "Ah great! Dom Perignon, right?"

    "Yes. An excellent vintage the bellhop replied."

    "Then bring it in, Carl. Bring it in. Just put it on the desk. As you can see the table's being used right now."

    My ass began to hump spontaneously when I heard the sharp intake of the bellhop's breath when he saw me bent over the table, my ass arched in the air with my legs open, and my wet, throbbing cunt on display.

    "Oh Man! Dat's a fine woman you got. She really looks hot the way she's humping her sexy ass."

    "She is, Carl... she was about to cum when you rang the bell."

    "Did she get off... don't look like it."

    "No.. she didn't."

    "Man! Jist look how those big titties dangle and swing back and forth when she humps dat hot white ass. You put a load in her yet?"

    "Earlier... not since we got to the room."

    As the men talked about me, I could feel my clitoris expanding and then contracting... throbbing... my pussy was opening and closing ... over and over... I was so damn close... Why did Evan have to stop? All I needed was a few more strokes... OOohhh fuckkk... I'm so fucking hot," I thought as my vagina continued to pulse and my juices seep out and run down my legs.

    "Any chance I could fuck her? ... Make her cum. I've got a big dick... I could make her cum really hard for you."

    "I don't think so, Carl" I heard Evan reply as my clit erupted in a small orgasm at just the thought.

    "Come on, Man! Dat woman's ready to cum as soon as a cock sinks into her, and as hot as she is, it won't take me more than a few minutes to shoot off. Just let me fuck her for five minutes."

    "Maybe some other time."

    I was in a firestorm of heat as I watched Evan giving the bellhop several bills. He took one more, longing look at my gyrating body, shook his head sadly, and left.


    I arched my ass even higher... wiggling it seductively. When my husband again moved into fucking position behind me, I stood on tip toes and reached back to pull my buttocks open to expose my throbbing hole. Evan thrust his cock into me, and my pussy exploded instantly in repeated hard contractions. I moaned and grunted continuously for the next ten minutes as Evan powered stroke after delicious stroke in my convulsing cunt. When he came, his dick just seemed to detonate inside me almost instantly filling me with his huge load.

    Somehow, we found our way to the bed. Both of us worked together to rip off the bed covers and fell frantically onto the bed into each other's arms. The two of writhed on the bed, kissing, fondling, probing. Even though Evan had just shot off a huge load, he was already semi-hard. I wanted him hard as stone again. In a flash, I had him on his back and was sucking his cock all the way into my throat.

    Hearing my husband groan as I sucked his dick, made my pussy throb with pleasure. It only took a couple of minutes before his dick was once again hard as stone. It pulsed and jerked inside my mouth like a live, trapped snake. I sucked him harder... faster. As his orgasm approached, he held my head in place and fucked my mouth and throat like he was in my pussy. I loved it.

    "I can't hold it!" Evan screamed. "Stop or I'll cum in your mouth!" he warned desperately.

    I wanted him to shoot in my mouth... I couldn't wait to feel him spurting his load into me. I wanted to swallow every single drop. Cupping his balls with one hand, I shoved two fingers into his anus with the other, and rammed my head downward to take his entire length into my throat. Locking my lips about the base of his prick, I suctioned the load right out of his balls.


    Evan's dick convulsed three times in a hard spasms. Each one pumped a thick stream of cum down my throat into my belly. After the third gush was pooled in my belly, his dick twitched several more times sending smaller and smaller jets of semen into my mouth. When he was finished, I opened my mouth wide so he could see his load filling it... then, as he watched, I closed my mouth and swallowed twice. Licking my lips to scoop up any remaining cum, I opened wide and let him see my empty mouth.

    Abruptly, he pulled me up and kissed me hard tasting his own cum load. When we finally pulled our lips apart, I grinned and asked, "How do you like the taste of your cum, Darling?"

    "I love it... particularly when it's coming from my wife's mouth."

    "Mmmmmmmmm... Well, there's another huge cum load up my cunt. Would you consider cleaning it up for me with your mouth? If you don't want to, that's ok."

    For an answer, my hot stud rolled me onto my back, shoved my legs open, and ordered me to lift my ass. When I did, he shoved a pillow beneath my hips to keep my cunt elevated in sucking position and went down on me. The sheer eroticism of having my man suck his own cum from my pussy made me cum very quickly, but he didn't even slow down. Before Evan declared my cunt to be thoroughly cleaned, I had had two more orgasms on his lips and tongue.


    Around 11 PM, Evan was again hard. I was having a very difficult time believing the staying power my husband had, but I was loving it. I was on top of him riding that powerful, stone-hard dick as he drove it into my hole all the way to his balls on every thrust.

    After just a few minutes, I was having another orgasm. My body was shuddering so hard I was unable to hold myself erect and just fell forward onto Evan's chest. Holding me tightly against his body, Evan continued to drive his rampant dick deep into my throbbing pussy. When he pushed two fingers into my ass, I gasped in his ear, "aaahhh, Honey... I can't believe it... you're gonna make me cum again... fuck me hard, Baby. Give it to me!"

    My husband responded with a fierce, intense fucking that had us both climaxing convulsively moments later. In the midst of our mutual climax, Evan's grunts and gasps were mixing with my higher-pitched squeals of female pleasure. As our orgasms subsided, we crushed our still shuddering bodies together and kissed passionately.


    My husband was screwing me so hard and often, I lost track of my orgasms.
    He hadn’t fucked me like this even on our honeymoon.

    After we had kissed several times, Evan pushed me over onto my back and said quietly, "I have a confession to make, Darling, a serious confession. I would like for you to hear me out completely before you decide if you want a divorce, Ok?"

    I smiled and said just as softly, "I'll hear you out, but I can tell you that there's no way I'm letting you get away... particularly not after the unbelievable sex we've had tonight. Go ahead... what's the confession."

    Over the next 30 minutes, Evan told me about all the women he had fucked on his out of town business trips. Of course, I knew that he was cheating on me... but I was also cheating on him so as far as I was concerned, we were even. But then he dropped the bomb! He told me how he had come home earlier today and had watched from the hallway for almost two hours while Frank fucked me to orgasm after orgasm.

    "I'm sorry, Darling... I'm so sorry. Are you going to divorce me... please don't... please," I cried unable to stop the flow of tears.

    Evan wrapped me in his arms, kissed me tenderly, and whispered, "Divorce you? Hell no! I still haven't finished my confession. When I have, you'll probably be the one seeing a lawyer. You see... ," his voice caught, and he was unable to continue. One glance at his face told me just how distraught my husband was.

    "You see, Erica, it excited me to watch you having those intense orgasms on Frank's huge dick. At first, I was angry. Then, I realized how hypocritical that was since I was fucking a bunch of women who weren't even close to as good in bed as you are. Then, I got jealous... really jealous that Frank could make the woman I love cum so hard and so often. Finally, my cock got hard as iron watching Frank fucking you. It was so incredibly sensuous and beautiful to watch you screaming in ecstasy and cumming on his huge cock again and again.

    "Mmmmmm... you're hard again just telling me about it. God, I love this iron-hard dick of yours, Darling. Go on. Don't stop. Did you jack off watching Frank fucking me? How many times did you cum?"

    "I did jack off... continuously... all the time I was watching him fuck you. I couldn't stop it was turning me on so much... I shot off twice in the first hour, but after that, I didn't let myself cum. I wanted to save all the rest of my sexual energy for you... tonight."

    "And I'm loving it. Tonight has been so incredibly erotic and hot my pussy won't stop throbbing. Right now, my cunt's a swamp you've gotten me so damn hot."

    "I'm pretty well shot down for awhile. I'll need an hour or so to rest. While I'm resting, would you like for me to call Frank and ask him to join us?"

    "MMmm... that's such a hot thought... but I've already had him today, Darling, However...."

    "However what?" my husband wanted to know.

    "Carl was really disappointed. I teased him unmercifully, you know."

    "Oh Man! Have I got a sexy wife or what! Why don't you call the kids and tell them that we won't be home until tomorrow and they should fix their own breakfast in the morning... and while you're calling, I use the house phone to call Carl and tell him you need some service."

    My husband's dick was already getting hard again. I couldn't wait to see how hard he would get when Carl arrived.


    Traci saw from Caller ID that it was her mother calling. "Hi, Mom. Is every thing going Ok?" she asked when she answered.

    "Every thing is a lot more than just fine, Honey. It's marvelous! That's why I'm calling. Your father got us a suite at the Hilton, and we're going to spend the night. Can you fix breakfast for Mark in the morning?"

    "No problem, Mom. Suite at the Hilton, huh? Sounds hot and sexy."

    "You have no idea, Traci... I didn't either. Tonight's been a real eye-opener for me."

    "Dad's a good lover, huh?"

    "Fantastic... just fantastic."

    "Better than Frank?"

    "Amazing as it sounds, he is... Frank's great, but your father is out of this world! He's waiting on me... gotta go. Thanks, Traci."

    "Have fun, Mom," she said, but it was too late. Erica had already hung up.

    Traci walked down the hallway toward Mark's bedroom. As she approached the door, she heard Joanne and Mark talking. When Traci opened the door, she found them lying on the bed, both naked. Joanne looked up and grinned.

    "Boy! You weren't kidding when you said your brother was hung, Traci. And he just doesn't wear out. I'm exhausted."

    "Then I suggest you hurry and get your second wind, Joanne, because Mom just called and told me they wouldn't be home tonight. So you two have the whole night. Have fun."

    As soon as he heard the news, Mark was already on his knees moving between Joanne's legs.

    "Oh god... he's hard again, Traci!"

    "Spread wider, Joanne, so I can get into you," Mark demanded.


    "That's better... now pull your legs back. Now!"


    "Ah shit... that's feels good... your pussy is so tight!"


    "I can see that... he's really got it buried in you... Wow! That's seven inches of meat you've got up your hot pussy, Joanne. Give it to her, Mark. Fuck her hard. She's loving it!"

    Traci pushed her hand down her panties and began rubbing her clit as she listened the hot sounds of the bed springs squeaking and the repeated dull thuds of the head board hitting the wall. When Mark bent Joanne almost double and began driving his dick into her cunt with hard, deep thrusts, Traci shoved two fingers up her vagina while her fingers frantically frigged her throbbing clitoris.

    The bodies of the fucking couple were locked tightly together. Joanne's feet jerked wildly in the air high over Mark's back while his hips pumped rapidly between the hot blonde's thighs. Mark's masculine grunts filled the room and mixed with Joanne's wild cries.

    "OOOMMPPFF... OOOMMPPFF... AH GOD... AH GOD.. UUNNNNN... You're driving me crazy, Mark... aaaahhhhh... let me rest a little.. uunngghhh... uunngghhh.. I've already cum five times... aaaahhhh... shit... aaahhhh... god... I'm gonna cum again!!"


    Traci was cumming right along with Joanne as Mark continued to pound the girl's hips deep into the mattress.

    An hour later, the three of them were in the kitchen with Mark and Traci fixing sandwiches. Joanne was sitting at the table wearing nothing but her panties and a contented smile.

    Mark leaned closer to Traci, and whispered. "Thank you. You know, I'm really glad you caught me jacking off."

    "Me too, little brother... Me too. You're some stud. If you weren't my brother, I'd kick Joanne out of the house and drag you back to the bedroom."


    Carl had arrived in less than ten minutes after Evan had called him. Five minutes after he entered the suite, he was naked and mounted on Erica fucking her in missionary position. It only took a few minutes for him make Evan's wife cum on his thick black cock. After her first orgasm, she had wrapped her legs tightly about Carl's hips and thrust her cunt upward to meet his strokes. She came again very quickly.

    While the couple screwed on the bed, Evan was stretched out in a chair at the end of the bed watching Carl's cock stretch his wife's cunt into a huge round hole. Her labia hugged his shaft as he drove it to the bottom of her vagina and then clung to it as he pulled it out for the next stroke.

    "Oh damn, Woman! You are a luscious piece of ass... shit.. It feels like your pussy's trying to squeeze my dick off."

    "UNNGGH! UNNGGH! AAAHHH FUCK IT, CARL. HARDER! Fuck my hot cunt, Lover... aaahhhhhhhhh... ooohhhh shit... gonna cum again... bang me, Stud... cumminggg... aaaahhhh I'M CUMMMING!!"

    Right in the middle of Erica's orgasm, Carl jerked his 8-inch shaft out of her throbbing hole.


    Quickly, Carl flipped the howling woman over onto her knees, boosted her ass and drove his cock to the bottom of her cunt on the first thrust. Evan's wife screamed with the sheer pleasure of feeling her throbbing vagina once more filled with a huge cock.

    After a few minutes, Erica was babbling in sexual heat. Evan's dick was iron-hard, throbbing on the edge of a huge climax. He didn't dare touch his cock for fear that he would lose it before he could get into Erica's pussy again.

    "Oh shit... can't hold it much longer, Honey. Gonna pump the load into you... take it... ooohhh yeah... take it, Baby!" Erica came again as Carl's load was shooting into her hot hole.

    Carl fucked and sucked my wife in multiple positions for over an hour.
    She had at least seven orgasms, probably more, as Carl
    filled her cunt with two huge loads.


    It was 2 AM. Erica and Evan lay cuddled together beneath the covers, which were moving rhythmically back and forth as Evan slowly fucked her in spoon position.

    "MMmmmmm... that feels so good, Darling... sooo sensuous. Are you going to cum in me again?"

    "Oh yes."

    "So hot... How many times have you cum tonight?"

    "I've lost count... a lot."

    "I know, and I love it! Carl was fun, but after he got off twice, he was done. God, I love the way you fuck me. You know, I'm really glad you caught me with Frank."

    "So am I, Darling... so am I!"

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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