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Being blackmailed for sex PART 3

Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by Stella1976, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Stella1976

    Stella1976 Member Member

    I am so sick of feeling like shit. I just want to cry. I just need to vent, this has been eating at me. I feel like a failure. I’m just constantly so stressed, I can’t sleep at night, I hardly eat and I’m just driving myself crazy. I just feel extremely guilty, and a pathetic excuse of a person. I just feel lost scared and mostly just disappointed in myself. I have much blame to bear. I’ m afraid, so afraid. I’ m so ashamed of myself. My actions have placed me in quite a terrible position.

    This awful short skinny extortionist woman keeps threatening me.This pervert hideous woman is seriously trying to blackmail me. She threatens that she will send everyone the video and post it online. Over the past two months she is publicly groping me at every encounter.I mean touching, squeezing, rubbing, and patting my breasts and sllaping and rubbing my ass. This hideous woman is on me every chance she gets. She is feeling up and squeezing my breasts on every occasion and commenting that they are squishy and big and soft.She keeps touching my breasts any time her hand is near them. She is CONSTANTLY slapping my butt in public!She is always slapping or rubbing my ass.One time in the diner she slapped and rubbed my butt so much that people were staring.This repulsive pervert woman doesn’t just touch me or grope me , but she always seem to be out to embarrass me somehow.She likes humiliating me in front of people for laughs. Also i think she is always grabbing,slapping and rubbing my ass to show dominance over me.It is so annoying.She also will kind of…hold me from behind with her hands on my breasts very tightly in a way that I can’t move, even when I’m trying to get away from her. Every other day she waits for me on my office parking lot.

    Since this extortionist woman is so openly groping me,rubbing me, humping me in a joking/playful way in public, people probably think that i am okay with that. I know other women my coworkers probably laugh at me behind my back because of this situation with this woman groper. One woman my coworker said to me that I make stupid faces while this woman groper is groping me and humping me. She also said that it is bizarre that standing next to the groper I look like a giant and I let her get by with it. I just laughed and replied to this woman that we are friends (me and groper extortionist) and just have a weird bond like that. Other women my coworkers probably think that I am okay with it. .

    This awful ginger midget woman says that she is going to publicly feel my boobs and grab my ass when ever she feels like it unless i let her have sex with me when she wants. She keeps threatening me that she is going to post the video online and that she will tell my husband everything about my affair. I feel so harassed, scared, confused. I DO NOT want to have sex with this ugly creepy woman! If that video gets out, not only would I lose my home,my husband and my daughter, my reputation and that of my family would be destroyed.
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