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Being blackmailed for sex - help? Part 2

Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by Stella1976, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Stella1976

    Stella1976 Member Member

    Yesterday on my way home from work i stopped at the super market. This creepy repulsive short skinny extortionist woman came up behind me and full on grabbed my butt with both hands in the middle of the supermarket. I've almost punched her. She grabbed hold of my arm and dragged me to the restroom. In the restroom she reached with her both hands and gave my breasts what I can only describe as a jiggle-squish. I removed her hands to the point of literally "fighting" my hands away with her hands. She got extremely upset and yelled at me. She said that things could get worse for me, and she will show everyone everything.

    This awful woman pulled her phone out and showed me this video of my lover and me having sex on the sofa at his house. She said that he(my lover,her cousin) recorded us having sex. My affair partner filmed me having sex with him without my knowledge. He secretly filmed us having sex. She said that she found USB flash drive while she was cleaning her cousin's house a month ago. Then she pushed me into the stall. She closed the door and she started rubbing my ass with her left hand and with her right hand rubbing my whole front side concentrating on my breasts while i was standing stiff as a board not saying a word. Than she hugged me around my waist from the front and then proceed to hump me while she was pressing her face on my breasts and rubbing my butt with her hands.My back banged into bathroom stall wall. She said that it is a big turn on for her that she is half my size but she can do whatever she wants to me. This pervert woman said that she just can't get enough of me. I didn't try to stop her, thinking it will be over soon. I was like frozen to the ground and paralyzed.Suddenly, i was unable to speak coherently.I was going “ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” ” errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrr” for ages and ages. I didn’t say anything or tell her to stop.I couldn’t talk normal.I couldn’t get words out of my mouth.I was like totally paralyzed while she was humping me,rubbing on me and groping me.Mouth was open but no words came out of it. That lasted for like 10 minutes.

    "Oh my God, are they...?"
    I heard voices from outside the stall. I pushed her off and she grabbed my breasts saying she wasn't finished. I still managed to get away from her and open the stall door. I walked from the stall, past the staring eyes of two other women in the restroom. This pervert awful woman was walking beside me with her right hand resting on my ass. She said "You're going home with me." I pushed her and ran for the restroom door and out into the supermarket. She left the supermarket.

    It was probably the most humiliating experience of my life. I just felt so powerless.I’m so terriby deeply humiliated by her. I was totally paralyzed and numb while she was humping me and groping me.I was just standing there kind of awkwardly.I was like frozen, detached and numb while she was groping me,rubbing me and humping me.Afterwards when i got home I started breathing hard, my legs got weak, and my heart started to race really fast.I have never felt such shame or degradation like this in my life.I am so consumed with guilt. Standing next to me this ugly ginger extortionist woman looks like a midget. I just feel like such a failure. I feel like I am trapped in this situation and I don't know how to change it. I just feel hopeless. I feel like a failure. Should I feel ashamed of myself? I've never been in a fight. I was sucker punched one time in high school by a friend who incorrectly assumed I was talking crap about her but I was with a group of girl friends and chose not to fight back so I told her "let's handle it after school" but we were both pulled in to the office shortly afterwards and she was suspended. Nothing happened to me.

    I can’t go to the police. This woman threatens to send videos to my husband,my parents,my friends and my colleagues. I really feel like i cant tell anyone about this situation. From what this repulsive pervert weirdo woman has told me so far I don’t think she is bluffing. No, I certainly do not want to have sex with this short skinny hideous pervert woman. I know it will cause a spiral. Also i am a 41year old 100% straight woman. I’ve never found a woman attractive the same way I have found a guy; I’ve never fancied a woman, only guys. Lesbian porn does not arouse me, lesbian thoughts do not and have never aroused me, I have only had sexual relationships with men. I’m scared that if I mention the police, she will just upload online whatever she has. I just don’t want something like that out there for everyone to see. I can’t report this awful woman to the police because i don’t want my husband to find out about my affair. Also my parents would be extremely disappointed and disgusted that this has all happened. I feel stuck. I’m scared because I don’t want to have sex with her, but I don’t want my family finding out about my affair either.

    I am completely out of options.I have nothing but negative thoughts flowing through my mind. I am very stressed right now. I’m feeling really weak. I am absolutely and completely powerless. I just feel extremely guilty, and a pathetic excuse of a person. I just feel lost scared and mostly just disappointed in myself. It seems pointless but I don’t know how to not feel so powerless and hopeless about this situation with this awful pervert woman. She texts every two hours or so and leaves me missed calls regularly too and keeps threatening to come and visit me.

    This woman wants to have sex with me. I am desperate not to lose my husband or our marriage. I think he would leave me. I am afraid if I tell him now about my affair that he will not love me anymore or be incredibly angry and look at me totally different. Also i don’t want to disappoint my parents. They have done and still do everything for me. I feel like that for all they’ve given and done for me, the least I could do is to make them proud and ease their worries regarding my well-being.
    They are quite status focused. I don’t have any brothers or sisters.I’m an “only child”.

    My ex lover affair partner literally disappeared since he moved in another state in December 2017. He has changed his phone number. He has changed his email and deleted his Facebook account. I have no way of talking to him. .

    I don’t want to move because of this pervert woman. I am born here in this town and have been living here my whole live. This pervert awful woman moved here in my town a year ago. I’m just scared.

    Never thought I’d be in this situation. While things haven’t been perfect with my husband, I still love him and don’t want to hurt him. He has been verbally abusive to me at times, and I’ve almost left him a couple times. Things have been ok lately though. But, I’m scared to tell him about my affair. All communication with the other man my affair partner has stopped. I broke up with him in November 2017. I told him that my family is too precious to lose and that I can’t sleep with him anymore. He asked me if we could talk. He said we could be together if that’s what I wanted, but I realized how bad of an idea that was. I sat down next to him but all he could do was cry. He just continued to cry and try to hug me. He was devastated. A month later he moved to another state.

    What the hell do i do!? Right now i feel like CRAP! And i don’t know what to do. This pervert hideous woman is seriously trying to blackmail me. She threatens that she will send everyone the video and post it online. I can not give into blackmail as I am not going to reduce myself to some sex slave. However I was up all night I couldn’t sleep because I’m nervous and scared thinking of all the reactions of my husband, my parents,my friends,my colleagues seeing me have sex with this man who I am not married to. This is incredibly embarrassing and stressful. I don’t know what to do and i don’t know who to talk to. What is wrong with people these days.
  2. Gerwina

    Gerwina Well-Known Member Member

    "I am desperate not to lose my husband or our marriage. I think he would leave me."
    Can you be sure? Do you have reasons to fear this? Here are many men who would adore you due to this all.
    Perhaps you shouldn't complain. Not only here lots of women desire for themselves what happened to you.
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