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. Begging Jennifer

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Jun 17, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Today, we are going to stay with my mother in Cornwall, Jennifer, Moses her lover and I. It is part of my 'coming out' process and quite candidly, I hate it. I HATE IT!! A few of her closest girlfriends know about things, of course they do, but coming out to my mother? Sitting around drinking a few glasses of wine whilst Jennifer touches and kisses Moses as though this is the most natural thing the world?! God! Yet, this is truly daft. It is wildly irrational. I have for the past few months accepted that Moses lives with us and that I sleep in a small room down the corridor. Sometimes I am bidden to their room, to lick her clean, to suck him fresh after they have copulated, and sometimes I am not. Listening to Jennifer take his length is just as reinforcing of 'our situation' as being ordered to attend. Moses has a big dick and he uses it in her. He uses it brutally, making her grunt an groan, so that the stud walls of modern houses are simply not equal to it. You hear everything. The coming out process has begun. Last week, I went out to a bar with Jennifer, her man and two or three of her girlfriends. They see me as the gooseberry now, the hanger on searching for a purpose. I coped, just, watching him kiss her, watching him touch her and draw her into his casual embrace. He's very good with her. He makes her feel completely feminine and ultra sexual. He makes her need to fuck, he creates the appetite inside of her. He does things to her mind that I never fathomed out how to do. Moses is good with me too. He doesn't have to hit me. He doesn't have to shout. He just knows that the more I lick her out, the more I suck in that intoxicating scent, the more I will need to please them. I will need to please them a bloody great deal.

    'Fix my choker will you?' she asks handing me the sterling silver multiple chain jewellery that she will wear about her neck. Moses likes her to look pretty trussed up. He likes her to look like a poshly dressed slave girl. I suppose it is a harem look, although he hasn't yet hooked up other married bitches to his cause. Jennifer isn't stupid about this. She knows that she worships him and that this for her is an airing sort of love. She just has to have his cock. But he doesn't love her in any romantic sense. He owns her. She needs to be owned by him. She needs to submit to him and do whatever he demands of her as regards me. The triangle is intimate and dynamic, it changes day by day. But when this came in through the front door, when it barged into our lives, romantic love, the monogamous and forever kind got shoved out of the back. It was allowed to sulk in the back garden, kicking off the dust and hoping that it wasn't shoved out onto the road. So what we are going down to Mama's to represent somehow, some way, is a relationship where sex has been brought centre stage. It's a relationship where sex is as important as breathing and eating and where Jennifer gets cock several times a day and night.

    I fix the choker about her throat and note just how long and sexy her neck is. She is wearing a plunge bra and top, so the neck runs down to a teasing cleavage. It looks as if he can get her tits out and play with them whenever he wants. She looks available, to him. Because her nails have been lacquered and they're still drying the perfect red, I'm required to fix the matching bracelet and watch about her wrists. They're things that he bought her. The things that I brought to our marriage, well they're stashed someplace dusty in one of the drawers. The skirt she wears is tight, indecently short, indecently made in the butter soft calf leather that celebrates her shapely contours. I think about the animal that gave up its sorry skin to give her the looks that cement their affair. A week or two back I'd have said that Mama couldn't possibly approve. She hated girls in those silly tight skirts. She hated that sort of 'provocative fashion'. But then Jennifer ordered me to send her through a few photographs. They were of Jennifer and Moses together, he kissing her, she in a skirt not unlike one she wore today. I was stood beside them. I had a fucking fixed look on my face which Mama mistook for smiling. Mama liked Moses. She said so in the return email. She liked his relaxed and cheerful look. She liked his stature. She said (crazily) that the world was moving along and if this was a life that pleased us, then what was an old lady to disapprove of?

    'You're not going to be 'awkward' are you?' she quizzed.

    I blushed. 'Awkward'. What a dainty little word to use! I thought about it. he agreement was that we would all share the same bedroom. Mama really only had one spare, unless I slept on the sofa. She had asked gently about this and Jennifer had arranged that I would have a blow up mattress and some blankets on the floor beside the foot of their bed.

    'I won't make you suck Moses' cock in front of Mama' Jennifer said as if that would solve everything. 'But she has to realise that you two have a relationship as well. Coming out is about helping others to come to terms with things rather than guessing about what 'making home' really means'.

    I suck cock for Moses right. I suck cock and take a load down if he dumps in me. Jennifer likes it. Jennifer likes it a lot because it shows his mastery and it means that I am something different from a man, a partner who fucks. It makes me 'other'. These days, Moses has started to fuck my ass for me. It's not just the Sunday afternoon length taken on Jennifer's strap on. Moses' makes me ejaculate real easy, my prick spraying semen over the floor. I have been 'eased out' back there, so that he can fuck me briskly without tearing. But being their bitch, well, its not something that I wan to explain. It was one thing Sue Jennifer's friend watch Moses master me that way one time when the girls got tiddly drunk, but its not a detail I care to share in Cornwall.

    'Look' she said patting me on the chest when I didn't answer, 'you'll be fine! Mama isn't stupid. She knows that sex is part of this!' Her eyes are intent. I'm not being allowed to slide out of this one. She and Moses will drive down in his Porsche and I will come down separately in our saloon. We have agreed that she and Moses will have half an hour with Mama first and then I am to arrive 'late' after a problem with dirt in the fuel or something. That way they can establish the right atmosphere first.

    'Where's your collar?' she wonders.

    Please God....no.

    The collar is a discrete band of leather with a silver dog tag hanging off the front. Its not a discrete dog tag, its the size of a big pendant worn by women. It is engraved, 'Moses''. I take it up from a drawer and fix it about my neck. I am she insists to wear it all the time over the weekend. Mama is to see that I am 'owned'. There will be questions and yes that will include those about what owned means. I have been rehearsed to explain this little detail. It means that Jennifer is my mistress and Moses is my master and that sexually, I work to please them. It is profoundly embarrassing and yet that IS what it means. It is what I am. So we shouldn't pretend any more should we? We shouldn't pretend that it is just a game. Its not just something we can leave aside on a Monday morning when I go back to work. I'm still wearing the cock cage and this fucking collar beneath my shirt and tie.

    My appraisal of the forthcoming weekend is way more cautious and cynical than Jennifer's. Checking her handbag for lippy and such she said, 'when Mama gives you the change of will recognition sheet to sign I don't want you hesitating'. Once upon a time yours truly inherited the cottage, and a million or so in mama's under exercised bank account. Now, well now, in recognition of our changed lifestyle, things are split three ways. Eighty per cent of the estate goes to Jennifer and Moses (forty each) and I get the rest. She wouldn't be doing this if the lifestyle wasn't forever. She wouldn't be doing this if Moses was just a shag. She's doing this because Jennifer just has to have the man's cock. She's doing this because they look 'such a sexy couple'. Another email came in last night and as is our rule I showed it to my mistress. Mama wondered whether this was my 'heart and soul' need, whether I really admired Moses that much. Jennifer waited, watching as I drafted a response. it was the right response and she opened up her silk wrap gown and allowed me just a small reward.

    'Take my weekender bag down to Moses' Porsche will you' she said crisply.

    I comply. The bag is stretched with the things she will wear. It includes the fucking strap on, I can feel the contours through the material. Moses is seated downstairs, sipping a beer and watching some game show on the TV. I lug the bag past him and stow it beside his in the sports car. As routine I check the windscreen wash levels and because it is down a tad, I top it up. Afterwards I tell Moses and he says 'good'. Jennifer has come down and she stands watching us for a second. In twenty minutes or so they have to leave, but I've been taught a need. So I kneel quietly before Moses and he casually gets out his cock. It is so powerful, so incumbent with strength and virility, that even semi erect it looks masterful. With an almost bored expression he holds it aloft. I lick around the glans, my spittle making it glisten. When its wet, his helmet looks fucking huge. It is dusk pink and proud. I slurp on it, closing my eyes for fear that I will stare at it.

    'We should go darling' she tells him checking her watch.

    He pushes me away with his foot. I load his cock back inside his chinos carefully and diligently zip him up making sure that I don't catch him in the process.

    'I love watching that' she said to him and kissed his lips. It's a fussing, an affectionate and I'm proud of my man kiss and they step outside. I walk with them to the car, see my mistress into her seat and then master into his. They kiss again and check the satnav, yes its all programmed in form Cornwall. Watching them drive off, slowly at first and then with a sharp acceleration so the chipping stones fly up, I have an erection in my pants and not the faintest clue in my head as to how I could ever explain that.

    [Preparatory interludes are I think sexy. The thought of coming out this far daunting. Still, Jennifer seems to know what she wants.]

    Other writing from Lutheran Maid, 'The Intimacy of Three' a cuckolding novel and 'Another kind of Bitch' (short stories) available through Amazon.
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