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. Bedroom Lessons for a Husband and a Son

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Bedroom Lessons for a Husband and a Son

    by RLM

    Sex Session:

    Marcella Reinfield was down to just her heels and panties, which had been soaked with her sexual heat for last hour. Her husband, Grant, was behind her, naked, his hard cock pressed into the crack of her ass. As she humped against his rigid length, Grant's hands roamed freely over her breasts, her nipples, and her mound. He had both of her hard nipples throbbing as he pulled, squeezed, and twisted them. Each squeeze sent shivers of excitement through her loins... each pull caused her mouth to open in a hissing moan, and each twist made her cunt and clit go into hard spasms.

    When her husband's right hand slipped inside the waistband of her panties and moved downward over her smooth mound to the wet, open sex trench, she could no longer keep her hips still. When his fingers flicked and then began to stroke her clitoris, she wailed and thrust her hips forward against his pleasuring hand. He squeezed her clitoris forcing hot grunts from her mouth.


    Grant's probing hand moved lower. Two fingers plunged into her core while the thumb rubbed her hard clit firmly. Marcella's vagina contracted in a hard spasm causing a spurt of her fluid to shoot against the palm of her husband's hand. Her lover rubbed harder on her throbbing clitoris. She squealed as she ground her pussy into the male hand between her thighs.

    "OOOHHHH Honey! I'm almost there... rub harder on my clit... aaaahhhhhhh!!"

    He followed her instructions and a moment later a much larger gush of her fluids poured out of her convulsing vagina. She wailed in orgasm, her ass hole opening and closing each time another hard spasm ripped through her cunt.

    When Grant felt his wife climax, he quickly knelt and stripped off her panties and pushed her onto the bed on her back. As soon as her body hit the bed, she jacked her legs high and pulled her knees back against her swollen tits.

    "Please, Grant. Please... I'm so hot. Do it for me. Please. Just a little. I'll just explode if you do it to me."

    "I'm going to fuck you, but I'll get you off again. Don't worry, Marcella."

    "I know you will, Darling, but please, lick my pussy... just a few licks. I'm so hot... so ready... just a touch of your tongue moving on my clit will make me just explode... then you can mount me and ram it in. Just think how good it will feel to ram your big cock into my cunt when it's cumming... please."

    "I can't wait. I'm too hot... Gotta fuck you now!"

    "Please... suck me a little first, Grant."

    "You know I don't like doing that. Besides, that doesn't do anything for me. I need to feel my cock inside you... Now!"

    Grant moved between his wife's thighs and mounted her. She kept her legs high and, using her hand, centered his rock-hard, throbbing phallus against the opening of her still quivering cunt. Grant snapped his hips forward sending six of his eight inches of cock surging into her soaked vagina.

    "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHhhh... Fuck it, Honey. Fuck my cunt, Baby. Fuck it hard!" she howled as her vaginal muscles clamped down hard on her husband's surging cock.

    He pulled it back scraping over her G-spot in the process. Marcella groaned with the intensity of the sensation. Again, she felt the thick rod powering its way toward the bottom of her sex channel.

    "AAAAHHHHHHHHHH... Yes... Yes! Like that, Baby. Fuck your hot wife, Honey."

    Grant pulled back once more moving over her G-spot causing even more female squeals of delight to fill their bedroom. This time, all eight inches entered her cunt. His pubic bone smashed hard against her swollen clitoris. Marcella's pussy began to expand and contract... over and over... as her clit danced and throbbed in another intense orgasm.

    Grant fucked his shrieking wife for over 10 minutes before she felt him swelling and jerking deep inside her hole. "Oh god, Grant. I can feel your cock getting ready... You're going to cum in me, aren't you?"

    "UNG! UGH! UGH! UUUNNNNNNN!" came the excited male cries as the prick detonated inside Marcella's pussy sending one huge stream after another of hot cum pumping into her waiting receptacle. Her vagina quickly filled to overflowing with the huge load. As Grant continued to shoot inside her, semen spurted out of her tightly plugged hole drenching his balls, her ass, and the bed covers.

    When her husband rolled off her body and collapsed beside her on the bed, Marcella's legs were still up and back in fucking position, her cunt covered with part of Grant's load and another thick stream of it running down the crack of her ass.


    Grant got Marcella boiling hot and then fucked her like a
    wild stallion. But he did not give her oral sex.

    Erotic Games:

    Cordell and Ginger Arnett had been very close friends of the Reinfields for several years. Both couples were members of the same country club. Cordell and Grant were both mid-level executives in the same firm, and Ginger and Marcella both had many common interests, which they often enjoyed together. As a result, the close friendship of the two couples was a foregone conclusion from their first meeting several years previously.

    The Arnetts and Reinfields frequently enjoyed evenings together. Sometimes they went out for dinner and dancing. On other occasions, they spent the evening together in one home or the other. On two occasions, they had vacationed together. With so much close contact, Grant had often seen Ginger in revealing outfits and on several occasions had seen up Ginger's dress to her panties and once or twice, had seen a bare breast. Cordell had had similar exciting moments with Marcella. For their part, both wives were very aware of the large bulge her friend's husband packed, and they both loved to flirt until they had those bulges very hard.

    Although, they had never had exchanged partners for sex, flirting and teasing were accepted parts of their fun. When they went out dancing, Marcella would always end up on the dance floor in Cordell's arms and Ginger in Grant's. Before their evenings together ended, everyone was always wildly excited so that as soon as they parted, each couple would enjoy wild sex in their bedroom. However, during the present year of their friendship, the erotic activities moved up another notch.

    Grant and Marcella were having dinner at the Arnett's home. During the meal, the two couples finished off two bottles of wine and each had an after-dinner cordial with dessert. After dinner, Cordell brought out a board game called "Truth or Consequences... Adult Style".

    "Are you guys up for some sexy fun?" he had asked.

    "What do you mean by 'sexy fun'? Marcella asked.

    "Well, let me read you the rules, and you can judge for yourselves whether you want to give it a whirl or not."

    Cordell laid out the board, which was something like a monopoly board, and explained the rules: Each player has a token that moves around the board on the throw of one die. When a player's token lands on a square, that player does as instructed."

    Everyone looked at the board and saw squares that said "Remove an article of clothing"... "Select an article of clothing for your right-hand opponent to remove"... "Ask any player a question"... "Select another player to ask you a question"... and so on.

    "When questions are asked," Cordell explained, "the person has to answer truthfully or suffer a consequence decided by the person who asked the question."

    "What if the person lies?" Ginger asked.

    "If the others know it's a lie, the person suffers a consequence. If not, then the person gets away with the lie. The ethics of the game are that lying is cheating... so if we're afraid to tell the truth, we shouldn't play."

    "How is the winner determined?" Grant asked.

    "There are no losers... we're all winners because we all have a good time. The game ends when anyone feels we've gone as far as we should and declares the game over. So, what's everyone's pleasure? Shall we try this game for a bit, or just put on some soft, slow music and dance?"

    "Let's do both," Marcella suggested. "First the game, but we don't let it go too far. Then some slow, sexy dancing."

    "I'm for that," Ginger giggled.

    Cordell set up a bridge table, and the four of them rolled to see who would go first. Grant won or lost, depending upon your point of view. He rolled a three, moved his token, and landed on a square that said, "Ask any player a question."

    "Ok, Ginger, you ready?"

    When Ginger nodded, Grant asked, "When's the last time you masturbated?"

    "Hey! No fair!" she protested.

    "That's why it's called an adult game. You have to answer or we all dream up a really bad consequence for you."

    "Just you wait, Grant. You're gonna regret asking me that question," she said with a grin and then said, "Last Wednesday night when we were having sex. Cordell likes to watch me get myself off."

    "How did you do it? Fingers? Vibrator?"

    "No way, Honey. You only get to ask one question," Ginger replied with a broad grin.

    Marcella rolled and landed on a square that required she remove an article of clothing. "Do shoes count?" she asked the group.

    "No way," Cordell said immediately.

    "Now why am I not surprised that the men would decide that was the rule? Ok. Here goes." Marcella slowly unbuttoned her blouse. When the last button was opened, she turned to Cordell. "How about giving a girl a hand, Honey?"

    "Oh hell yes!" he said as his wife glared at him. He shrugged and said, "Just lending a helping hand, Honey." His wife's glare changed to a grin when she watched her husband strip Marcella down to just her bra. Her large tits seemed like they were about to rip the bra apart.

    When it was Cordell's turn, he had to select another player to ask him a question. Naturally, he chose Marcella.

    "Hummmm... what to ask? ... what to ask? Ok. What's your hottest sexual fantasy?"

    Cordell actually turned pale he was so shaken by the question. "I... I.... I think... "

    "Come on, Cordell, out with it," Ginger demanded.

    "I can't... I just can't tell you."

    "Then you have to have a consequence."

    "All right. The three of you get to decide what it will be."

    "No, Ginger and I are going to decide," Marcella stated. The two of them whispered back and forth and finally Marcella said, "You have to get naked except for your shorts. Unless, of course, you want to tell us your hottest sexual fantasy."

    Cordell shook his head and started removing his clothes. It took less than a minute to take off everything except his pants and shorts. When he pulled his pants down, it was obvious that he had a massive erection. "My god! I knew you were big... but oh my god!" Marcella gasped. "How big is it?"

    "Sorry, you don't get to ask another question. You've already asked your one allotted question," Cordell replied, but Marcella's obvious surprise and pleasure at seeing his size had gotten him even bigger.

    When Ginger rolled, she lost an article of clothing. Naturally, she asked Grant to take off her blouse for her. He took his time. His fingers slowly opening each button, and as he fingered each button, his hands continuously pressed against her large breasts.

    "You're supposed to take off her blouse, Grant, not play with her tits," Marcella complained.

    "You weren't complaining when Cordell was sliding his hands over your big tits when he was taking off your blouse." Marcella's face turned pink.

    When it was Ginger's turn, she landed on a square that permitted her to ask any player a question. She turned to Marcella and asked, "How many different men fucked you before you and Grant were married? And don't tell us you don't know... every woman knows that."

    Now Marcella's face turned a flaming red. "Why didn't you ask her how many total," Cordell complained.

    "Because that would be stepping over the line, Darling," she replied. "Anyway, she's having enough trouble with this question. Just look how red her face is."

    "What's my consequence if I don't answer?" she asked.

    "You lose your skirt, bra, and panties for the rest of the evening."

    "Oh shit! I shouldn't have agreed to play this game," she moaned.

    "Well, you did, Darling," Grant said, "so, answer the question or starting taking off every thing except your heels. Look at the bright side... I'm sure Cordell would love to help you."

    Marcella glared at her husband and snapped, "Maybe I should let him. But I'll answer the question. I hope you're ready for this, Darling. The answer is 32."

    Grant's mouth fell open. Finally, he managed to stammer, "You're kidding. Aren't you?"

    "No. Thirty-two different men fucked me before we got married. Now, let's get on with the game."

    On the next two turns, Grant lost his shirt and pants, then Ginger lost her skirt. When Marcella hit a square that allowed her to ask someone a question, everyone knew who she was going to ask and what the question was going to be. "Ok, Ginger. It's your turn to tell everyone how many different guys got into your pussy before you and Cordell got married. How many? And if you don't tell us, you know the penalty... you get to take off your bra and panties and leave them off the rest of the evening."

    Cordell leaned forward, more anxious to hear his wife's response than anyone else in the room. Seeing this, Ginger said, "You can't wait to find out, can you, Honey. He's been asking me that for years, and I've refused to tell him. Sure you want to know or would you rather I ask Grant to strip off my bra and panties for me?"

    "You know I want to know!"

    "Ok. I'm afraid I can't quite match Marcella's 32... only 26 men had me before we were married, Honey." When the surprise registered on her husband's face, she added, "I don't know why both of you guys are so surprised. You both know how much your wives like sex."

    "Let's play one more round and stop. I'd like to dance," Marcella said.

    "Ok. One more round and we call it quits. Who's next?" Cordell asked.

    Ginger rolled the die and landed on a square that required her to remove an article of clothing. "Ok, Grant. Do you know how to unhook a woman's bra?"

    "I'll have to try various things, but I think I can get it off of you," he grinned.

    "Like hell," Marcella warned. "Just take off her bra... nothing else. Don't let me see you playing with her tits."

    With a quick, one-handed motion that suggested a great deal of previous experience, Grant unhooked Ginger's bra, pulled it down baring her large tits, and then removed it. Cordell stared at his wife's tits. "You nipples are hard... really hard," he said.

    "Not any harder than your dick, Darling."

    When Cordell took his turn, he was allowed to remove an article of clothing from any player. He briefly considered taking off his wife's panties. When she saw him looking at her, she knew what he was thinking and pleaded, "Please... don't take off my panties. I'll be the only one completely naked."

    "You'll still have on your heels, Darling."

    "Please," she pleaded again.

    "Ok. I want to take off Marcella's bra anyway."

    Ginger breathed a sigh of relief and Marcella grinned. "Have fun, Honey." She stepped close and turned her back so he could get at the bra hooks. It took Cordell just slightly longer to get her tits out than it had taken Grant to expose Ginger's. But unlike Grant, he took the opportunity to heft both of Marcella's large globes.

    "Hey... no fair," came the warning from Ginger, but she was giggling when she said it. Realizing that his wife wasn't angry. He pulled and squeezed both of Marcella's nipples causing her to moan softly. For good measure, she sat down and spread her legs wide so everyone had a great view of her panties pulled tightly against her cunt.

    Grant was surprised at his wife's blatantly sexual pose. Cordell just exclaimed, "DAMN... FUCKING FANTASTIC!", which made Marcella blush with pleasure. Ginger stared at her friend and said, "You slut! Two can play that game!" She promptly jerked her panties down below her ass so that her shaved pussy slit was on display. Now it was Grant's turn to exclaim, "You're right, Cordell. It's FUCKING FANTASTIC!" Ginger smiled seductively and pulled her panties back up shutting off the erotic view.

    After three players had taken a turn, both wives were down to just their panties and heels, and the men were both down to their shorts. On the final turn, Marcella hit a square that directed her to choose a player to ask her a question. "I know my husband is dying to ask me something... so, I'm going to give him the chance to ask me."

    Obviously surprised that his wife had selected him to ask her the question, Grant said, "You know what I'm going to ask, don't you?"

    "Of course I know. So does Ginger and probably Cordell."

    "Tell me."

    "No. You have to ask me."

    "Ok. You said that 32 men had sex with you before we married. When was the last time?"

    Both Ginger and Marcella smiled at each other confirming that that was the question they knew Grant would ask. They also know it was the same question Cordell was dying to ask his wife. "It was 13 days before we got married, Darling. Now, I'd like to dance. Cordell? Are you interested?"

    Later, as both couples danced closely, their bodies pressed tightly together, Grant whispered in Ginger's ear, "God, you feel incredible against me in just your panties."

    "I can tell," she whispered back. "Your cock feels huge against me with you in just your shorts."

    "I could take it out and slide it between your thighs. No one could see."

    "Are you kidding? That big thing would be poking out underneath my ass. And I don't think we could dance more than five minutes before I'd have a monster load of cum running down my thighs."

    "Yeah, I guess you're right. I wouldn't be able to last very long with both your thighs and pussy grinding against me, that's for sure." Ginger giggled at the thought.

    "Can you believe my wife let a guy fuck her two weeks before we were married?"

    "Sure. Her last fling. She's a sexy woman. It was even closer to my wedding for me."

    "How close?"

    "You'll tell Cordell."

    "No I won't. I promise."

    Ginger laughed. "Bull Shit. But I know he's going to demand I tell him anyway, so you'll know before he does. It was two days before we were married... at my bachelorette party."

    "Wow. I knew guys sometimes did that, but I didn't think women would."

    "Really? Women like sex more than men. Don't you know that? We have more orgasms and more fun. If I tell you a little more, will you promise not to tell Cordell?"

    "Promise... I really do."

    "Ok. It was at my bachelorette party. The girls hired two male strippers... one white guy... one black guy... both really sexy-looking men and both hung. They both fucked me. The white guy had me twice... the black guy had me three times, and every time he just kept screwing me until I was cumming like crazy... I can still remember how deep and hard he fucked me. Remember... you promised not to tell Cordell. If you do, I'll never let you touch me again."

    "Jezzz... back off a little, Ginger. I'm close to cumming."

    On the other side of the room, Cordell and Marcella were locked in a tight embrace as they danced to the exotic, slow music. Like Grant, Cordell had suggested that he put his cock between Marcella's thighs as they danced, and she had refused for the same reason Ginger had. She knew he was disappointed so she mashed her mound harder against his throbbing shaft and moved it sensuously up and down its length.

    "Who was the guy who fucked you two weeks before you and Grant were married," Cordell whispered in her ear.

    "Promise you won't tell him," Marcella whispered as she felt Cordell’s rigid shaft jerk and swell against her panty-covered pussy.

    "I promise... tell me."

    "It was my previous boyfriend, Hal. He came over presumably to wish me well, but actually he wanted to fuck me one more time before I got married. I had intended to say 'no', but he was very smooth, and he always was very sexy and great in bed. It only took him fifteen minutes or so before he was fucking me on the couch. After that, we spent the rest of the night in my bed. Remember, you promised not to tell Grant. If you do, this will be the last time I dance with you and let you grind that big cock against me."

    "I promise. I won't tell him. How many times did he fuck you that night?"

    "I'm not sure... I know he made me ride his cock twice... maybe five or six times total... and then twice more before he left in the morning... once in bed and a second time with me bent over the kitchen table after we had breakfast."

    "Jezzz... back off a little, Marcella. I'm close to cumming."


    Marcella and Ginger showed it off and the men learned how
    hot and wild they had each been just before marriage.

    After a half hour of dancing, everyone was so close to orgasm, they either had to stop or go to the bedroom. Since, no one wanted to go that far, everyone got dressed, and Ginger led Grant to their front door with their arms about each other. Cordell did the same with Marcella. At the door, Grant said, "Do you mind if I kiss your beautiful wife good night, Cordell?"

    "Not at all. I'm sure she will be disappointed if you don't. May I have permission to do the same with Marcella?"

    "Don't ask him, Honey. Ask me," Marcella said.

    "Ok. May I kiss you good night?"

    "If you don't, I'm going to be one very angry woman."

    Grant embraced Ginger and pressed his open mouth against hers. Their lips moved slowly and sensuously together as their tongues explored inside each other's mouth. A few feet away, Cordell had his hands on Marcella's ass pulling her tightly against his body at the same time as their mouths fused together and their tongues invaded the other's mouth. The two kisses continued for nearly two minutes. Before they ended, both women were humping their mounds against hard cocks, and both men had their hands inside their panties. Finally, they broke the kiss... first Ginger and then soon afterwards... Marcella.

    After Grant and Marcella were in their car on their way home, she thought, "God! I'm so hot and wet... Maybe Grant will go down on me for just a little while... it wouldn't take long. Just a few minutes of a tongue on my clit the way I'm feeling would make me just explode... and more than once. OOohhhhhh god!" Marcella pressed her hand between her thighs at the erotic thoughts, but even as she was doing so, she knew it was hopeless. Grant absolutely refused to go down on her. She knew her pussy smelled sensuous and musky. It had to be an macho thing with him... real men don't suck pussy.

    Aloud, she said, "Come on, Honey," Marcella moaned, "take me home. I need to be fucked. HARD!" She knew that that was all she was going to get. It would have to be enough.


    Accidental Discovery:

    A few weeks after the Reinfields and Arnetts first played the adult Truth or Consequences game, Cordell had to go to an out-of-town conference on Thursday and Friday. He told Ginger that he would be returning late Friday evening.

    Cordell had to leave at 5 AM to catch an early flight so Ginger and Chad, their 17-year old son had breakfast alone. "When did Dad say he would be back," Chad asked.

    "Sometime late Friday night. If his plane is on time, probably around 10 PM. What's your schedule for today?"

    "School, as usual, until 3:30 PM and then basketball practice until 5 PM."

    "Ok. Tonight's my book club night, so I'll have your dinner on the stove. You just have to warm it up. Is spaghetti, French bread, Caesar salad, and cheesecake all right?"

    "It's more than just all right, Mom. You're a great cook as well as other things. Dad's a very lucky man."

    "Other things... what other things?"

    Chad flushed. After a brief pause, he said, "You know... other things."

    "Tell me. It's not everyday that a 36-year old mother hears nice complements."

    Now her son grinned. "Ok. You're a great cook and a drop-dead gorgeous, sexy woman. Like I said... Dad's a lucky man."

    Ginger's face flushed with a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment. "That's a wonderful complement, but I'm not sure it's a proper complement for a son to make to his mother."

    "Mom. I'm 17. How am I supposed to not see what a gorgeous woman my mom is. Every one of the guys comments on it."

    "Really? What do they say?"

    "Well... that you're beautiful and stuff."

    "Stuff? What stuff?"

    "Various things. Most of them fantasize about going to bed with you."

    "They should be having those fantasies about their girl friends, not a woman old enough to be their mother."

    "You're much better looking than their girl friends and the fact that you're older and married makes you much sexier too."

    "Oh that's not true. For example, your girlfriend, Joanne. She's very pretty."

    "She is, but not like you. Gotta go, Mom. When will you be home tonight?"

    "Not before 10 PM."

    "Ok. See you then."

    Chad got up to leave, but before he did so, he came around the table and kissed Ginger on the cheek. "Have a nice day, Mom." Ginger turned her face toward him and smiled. Chad started to leave... then he paused... and quickly kissed her again... this time lightly on the lips. "Bye, Mom." He dashed out the door.

    For several minutes, Ginger sat at the table, her lips still tingling from the kiss, thinking about the conversation she had just had with Chad. When she got up, her body was trembling slightly.

    While I was driving to my book club meeting that evening, I couldn't get my mind off the things Chad had told me that morning. Most particularly, I couldn't stop thinking about his comment that the guys all fantasize about taking me to bed. I knew, of course, that what they had actually said was they all fantasized about fucking me. The thought raced through my head again and again, "All those young guys want to fuck me... fuck my pussy ... fuck it hard!"

    I also knew that Chad had the same desires and thoughts as his friends. I wondered if Chad wanted to fuck me. Part of my brain said, No, I was different... I was his mother... He wouldn't want to fuck his mother. But the other part said 17-year old guys don't think about anything else other than pussy... all the time... and their cocks don't much care whose pussy it is... they just want to fuck it. The kiss Chad had planted on my lips this morning certainly suggested that Chad was thinking about fucking me... wanted to fuck me. Suddenly, I realized that my hand was under my skirt rubbing my pussy through my now damp panties.

    When I parked the car in the library lot, I could smell the aroma of my arousal. The hand I had had under my skirt reeked of it. I knew I needed to stop at the ladies room and wash up before going to the meeting. After taking care of that problem, I walked down the hallway to the room where the book club met. On the door was a handwritten sign:

    "This week's meeting of the book club has been cancelled due to illness of the designated moderator. The club will meet again next week at the usual time."

    With nothing else to do, I retraced my steps to the parking lot and drove home. Once again, I couldn't stop thinking about Chad and his friends wanting to fuck me. At 36, it had been a long time since a 17 or 18-year old boy had fucked me. Searching my memory, I decided the last time a guy that young had gotten into me was 18 years ago at the senior prom when Marty Long had banged me in the back seat of his car after the dance. I couldn't help but grin at the memory. Marty's cock had certainly lived up to his name. By the time I parked the car in our driveway, I could again smell the musky aroma of my pussy on my hand.

    There was no sign of my son in the den or in the kitchen. I was a little surprised as I figured he'd be watching TV in the den. "If he's not home," I thought, "I can go to my bedroom and use my vibrator while I fantasize about all those sexy 17 and 18-year old guys fucking me." I giggled softly at the thought.

    Our master bedroom is at the end of the hallway. I made my way toward it still thinking about teenage cocks pumping my pussy. As I approached Chad's bedroom, I saw door was partially open and the lights on inside the room. Before I reached the door, I could hear my son's voice and the rhythmic sound of the bedsprings.

    "Oh shit, I'd love to get my cock into her... so fucking gorgeous and sexy! Could you take all of my cock? I bet your hot cunt would swallow me whole." The squeaking of the bedsprings increased.

    It was obvious that my son was in his bedroom jacking off ... probably to pictures of some porn slut. He thought he was alone in the house so he hadn't bothered to shut his door. I knew that I should quietly sneak out of the house and come back later so as not to embarrass him, but I also knew that my pussy was now flowing and my clit was tingling with anticipation. There was no way I was going to leave. I had never seen my son jacking off. He would be too engrossed in pleasuring himself to see me in the shadows of the hallway.

    When I was almost to the open doorway, I again heard Chad moan. "Ooohh god... just look at that hot open cunt! Jezzz... I wonder what it would be like to sink my meat into that hot hole. Man... look at her suck that big cock! Fuck he's big, and she's taking all of it!"

    When I reached the doorway, I pressed myself against the far wall in the shadows and looked inside. He was lying naked on his bed jacking his cock as he stared at some photos he had propped up at the end of the bed. He was big... really big! Not quite yet as large as his father, but by the time he had gotten his full growth, I was sure his cock was going to be even bigger than Cordell's.

    I had to get at my cunt... now! Frantically, I pulled my short skirt up around my waist and stripped off my panties. My pussy was already a swamp. The lips were flanged open in readiness for cock. I began moving my hand in time to Chad's strokes. He was holding his balls with one hand while the other was sliding rapidly up and down his shaft.

    I didn't have any balls to hold, but I had big tits. It only took a few seconds for me to get my blouse and bra off. When I was almost as naked as my son, I frigged my clit every time he stroked his cock. When he hefted his balls, I squeezed and hefted my tits.

    Chad's hips were pumping up and down on the bed in fuck motions while mine were snapping back and forth. "Oooohhhhh, here it cums, you hot slut. Take my load up your cunt. AAAahhhhhh.... shooting it into you, Honey!"

    I was shocked when I saw the volume of the load that spewed out of the end of my son's cock. Three huge streams fired at least three feet into the air. The first gush landed almost at the foot of the bed. The next two fell closer to his balls. After those first three cum jets, several more pumped out the end of his throbbing dick. I had to bite my lower lip to keep quiet as my pussy erupted in spasms every bit as hard as the ones that had surged through my son's cock.

    As my orgasm ebbed, I slumped back against the wall to regain my breath. When my breathing had slowed, I started to pick up my clothes and head to the safety of my own bedroom thinking the hot, erotic show was over. As I bent over to retrieve my blouse and bra, I glanced back into Chad's bedroom. His cock was still hard and rigid, and he was jerking just as fast as before. "God! He didn't lose his erection even after shooting off that huge load," I thought.

    I tossed my blouse and bra back onto the floor and once more thrust my hand into the folds of my cunt. Two fingers slipped inside my hot hole as my thumb worked my clitoris. Chad was grunting. "Take it you hot Bitch... gonna fuck another big load into your wet cunt hole."

    Our hips pumped back and forth in unison, Chad's arching high off the bed, mine fucking the air frantically. I had never, ever been so hot from just masturbation. The difference, of course, was I was watching my son jacking off his huge, hard shaft. Again, I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning I was so turned on.

    "Oh shit, are you ready, Honey? I can't hold it much longer," my son moaned as his hand pumped harder... faster. He said something else but my pussy was beginning to throb and that had my full attention. He repeated it again.

    "Mom. Come in here and do it with me, please! I want to watch you too."

    I nearly fainted from the sheer shock of being discovered. My son had seen... he had known that I was spying on him... not only spying on him, but finger fucking my cunt and squeezing my tits while I watched him jack off.

    "Oh my god! I’m so sorry!" I turned to run to my bedroom, when Chad spoke again... this time with masculine authority far beyond his years.

    "Don’t run away, Mom! Come in here. Now. You’ve watched me... now I want to watch you. Fair is fair. Come in here... right now!"

    I stopped in my tracks. The strong, masculine tone of authority actually made my pussy throb even harder. Still, I hesitated.

    "Mom! Come in here now or I’ll come out and get you."

    My legs were trembling, and my pussy was seeping liquid passion down my thighs as I walked into my son’s room wearing my skirt about my waist and my heels, but nothing else. When my tits bounced as I walked, it excited me. I saw Chad staring at my naked cunt when I entered. That embarrassed me but it also made me throb even harder.

    "How did you know?" I stammered. "I’m so sorry. I just don’t know what to say."

    "I saw your reflection in the bureau mirror, Mom. And I’m not sorry. I’m so damn hard and hot, I can’t believe it. This was a million times better than just getting off looking at your pics."

    "My pics?" Chad indicated the three photos he had propped up at the foot of his bed. When I looked more closely at them, I realized that my son hadn’t been jacking off to photos of some porn slut... the slut he was jerking off to was me.

    The first photo was taken from behind me. I was bent over with my ass high in the air. In the pic, I was holding my ass cheeks open to fully expose both my cunt and ass holes to the camera. My face turned beet red with acute embarrassment. I recognized the photo as one Cordell had taken

    "OH MY GOD!" I wailed in despair.

    "Mom! Don’t! You’re just drop-dead gorgeous."

    "Where? When? How did you get those photos of me?"

    "Dad left his computer on one evening and I found them there. I printed off some copies and I’ve been jacking off to them ever since. I never look at other women when I do it. Why should I when you’re so hot and sexy?"

    The second photo was even more embarrassing than the first. It showed me kneeling in front of a guy sucking his very hard cock. He was big and about half of his shaft was buried in my mouth and down my throat. Even though Cordell had covered my face, anyone who knew me could easily recognize it was me in the picture.

    Even though I was horribly embarrassed, I was also trembling with sexual excitement. Chad’s eyes were on my tits... my cunt, and his cock was hard as stone. In response, my hand began moving over my clitoris again.

    In the third photo, I was riding the same guy I was sucking in the second one. His big shaft had my cunt stretched into a huge hole with about six of his eight inches sunk into me at the moment Cordell had taken the photo.

    The photos of me were erotic, obscene, and embarrassing,
    but my clit was hard with excitement.

    "Mom, I’m gonna cum again soon. Sit on the end of the bed facing me so we can watch each other jerking off."

    "Oh god! I can’t. It’s not right," I wailed.

    "Sit on the end of the bed, Mom. Now! Lean back and spread your legs. I want us to cum together."

    "Your father will divorce me. I just can’t!"

    "I’m not going to tell him and you won’t either. Now do it. I can’t hold my load much longer and I know you’ve got to be close too."

    It felt like an out-of-body experience as I got onto the foot of the bed. Facing Chad, I leaned back, steepled my knees with my heels flat on the bed’s surface. He was staring straight at my open, wet, gaping cunt. My clit was so damn hard! It was erect... throbbing... protruding from its protective hood... fully exposed to my son’s eyes. I touched it, and it immediately went into hard contractions.

    "OOOHHHHHHHHH.... aaaahhh!"

    "That’s so fantastic.... so hot! Don’t cum yet, Mom. I want us to do it together. Who’s the guy in the photo you’re sucking and fucking, Mom. It’s not Dad... wrong build."

    My legs flew out to the side... rigid... jerking... as my pussy erupted in intense contractions. Chad moaned in disappointment. "I’m sorry, Honey. I was too hot to stop."

    "I want to see that! I want to see every thing!" Who’s fucking you, Mom?"

    Still gasping, I hissed, "Some guy we met on vacation in Vegas last summer. We had a threesome. Do you hate me?"

    "Hate you? Hell no! I love you, Mom. Can you go again right now? I need to cum... god... do I ever need to cum. Since you’ve already gotten off, will you do it for me?"


    "I want you to jerk me and make me cum, Mom. Please. It won’t take more than just a few strokes, and I’ll cum so many times you won’t believe it."

    "All right, but just this one time, Chad. We can’t ever do this again!" His face fell when I said it.

    "Oh please. I’m a virgin, Mom. I don’t know anything about sex and pleasing a woman. I want you to teach me."

    "You need to ask your father."

    "My father? He can tell me things... he has, but he can’t show me. You can show me."

    "No, I can’t. It’s not right. I’m ashamed that I spied on you. This has to be a one-time thing."

    "Will you at least jack me off?"

    "Yeah... this one time. Considering the fact that I spied on you, I guess I should do that much for you. Lie back and think about whatever you think about when you want to get off."

    "I’m going to think about fucking you while you jack me off."

    "Oooohhh," I moaned involuntarily. My pussy was already throbbing again at the thought... Chad was going to be thinking about fucking me while I stroked his huge cock to orgasm. As soon as I touched it, I knew I was going to cum again when he did.

    I could just barely get my hand around his shaft. When my hand circled him and squeezed, his hips arched high off the bed and he began demanding that I finish him.

    "Jack my cock, Mom. Hard. Make me shoot my big load up your hot cunt. Do it, Mom. Jack me ... Make me cum!"

    I pumped his cock and felt it swelling in my hand... bigger and bigger. The organ danced and jerked like a powerful snake. Then, IT EXPLODED! Just exploded a huge gush of semen and sperm that arched high and shot well over his head. This was followed by a series of powerful spurts of cum. Some hit his face. Some hit the headboard. Another stream snaked down his chest. Two more covered his belly at the same time as my pussy and clit began convulsing in hard spasms.




    Chad’s cock just detonated! Again and again, he spurted
    thick streams of semen three or four feet into the air.

    None of the men I had been with had cum like that.

    I had finally managed to get away from Chad, but only with difficulty. His cock had remained hard even after I had masturbated him to orgasm. He kept coaxing me to tell him about the guy in Vegas who was fucking me in the photos. I finally gave him some of the hot details, and his shaft became so hard it looked painful. He told me it was and pleaded with me to jerk him off again. I kept saying no, but my pussy kept throbbing. Eventually, I did it. Afterwards, he wanted to do me with his tongue. I absolutely refused. Then, he begged me to let him finger fuck me. Again, I refused and retreated to my bedroom.

    Once inside my bedroom, I threw myself on the bed and fingered my swollen, hot pussy twice more before I was satisfied enough to feel that I could get to sleep. I slept nude, as usual.

    Sometime during the night, I felt the covers being pulled down my body. Slowly, I came awake and found myself lying on the bed naked and without covers. There was enough light from the hallway for me to see Chad standing beside my bed. He was also naked, and by this time, I wasn’t the least surprised to see that he once again had a hard erection that stood almost straight up. From my position below him, it looked absolutely huge.

    "What are you doing in my bedroom, Chad?"

    "I’m hard again, Mom. Dad will be home tonight, and we’ll probably never have the chance again."

    "You’ll have to take care of that yourself, Honey. I told you, I can’t keep doing you."

    "Can I do it here?"

    The thought made my pussy throb again. Chad was too excited and hot to wait for an answer. His hand flashed up and down his cock. It only took a dozen or so strokes. "I’m gonna cum, Mom!"

    “ON ME!” I heard myself hissing. The first gush fired over my face, hit my forehead, and shot into my hair. I gasped, and the second stream shot almost straight into my open mouth. The third and fourth jets covered my tits. Chad was leaning over me... his cock only inches away. Without giving it any thought, I reached out and took his jerking organ in my hand and pumped the final three or four spurts out.

    Chad shot his load all over my face, into my mouth,
    and drenched my tits with it.

    Friday morning at breakfast, Chad continuously stared at my legs and tits, grinning. "You just look fantastic, Mom."

    "Thank you, Chad. I hope you understand that you can never tell any of your friends what we did last night. There’s no way they would keep it quiet. For that matter, I hope this is a secret that you never tell anyone."

    "I won’t. Promise. And I really mean it, Mom. Last night was just awesome!"

    "You said that you’re a virgin? Is that really right?"

    "Yeah. I’m afraid so."

    "What about Joanne? I thought the two of you were an item?"

    "I guess we sort of are, but she’s only 16. We pet and she let’s me play with her tits, but that’s as far as she’ll go. Why is that, Mom. Why don’t girls like sex?"

    I had to laugh at my young son’s question. He looked stricken. "I’m not laughing at you, Honey. Just at your question. The fact is that women like sex a lot more than men. We have more orgasms... we have more power. It’s just wonderful. But note I said ‘women’, not girls. Joanne is still a virgin and she’s afraid sex will hurt. It does the first time, but only a little and only for a short time. She’s also afraid she’ll get pregnant or that you’ll tell everyone. Just wait until next year, Honey. That girl’s gonna be all over you."

    "And in the meantime? What do I do?"

    "Jack off, Honey. A lot. Remember, you have some pretty hot photos of me."

    Chad came in from basketball practice at 5:00 PM that evening. He found me in our back yard, sun bathing behind our seclusion fence.

    "Mom, you look hot and sexy in that bikini."

    "MMMmmmm... thank you. I wore just for you. As you said, your Dad will be home tonight."

    "Really? You wore it for me?"

    "Yeah. I thought you’d like it."

    "Oh hell yes! But..."

    "Yes? But what?"

    "You’d look better without tan lines, Mom."

    I smiled seductively at my son’s approach. "Oh Baby... you are going to be one hot lady killer. No woman’s pussy is going to be safe around you in a few years."

    "Take off the top, Mom. Bottoms too."

    "I think my son wants me naked. Do you?" He didn’t have to answer. I could see his cock already pushing out of his briefs through a hole in his shorts. "If I’m going to be naked, you have to be. Take every thing off."

    It only took a moment to pull off my top and the string bikini. I leaned back on the bench as my son stared lustfully at my breasts and my shaved pussy.

    For the next two hours, we sex chatted about the girls my son wanted to fuck. He asked me about men I had had before Cordell and I were married. He also wanted to know how many men I had had since and if his Dad always knew (he did). Finally, I asked him the question that had been on my mind all day.

    "Chad, I know you’re hot for me, but I’m your mother and it can never be... at least not any more than we’ve done and not even that very often. Do any of my friends really excite you as much or almost as much as I do?"

    "Yeah. Mrs. Reinfield gets me hard every time I see her."

    "You mean Marcella?"

    "Yeah... Marcella. She’s almost as sexy as you are."

    As we chatted, Chad had been caressing my tits. Eventually, he moved his hand lower and lower. When it was almost on my pussy, I stopped him. "That's as far as you can go with me... ever, Honey."

    "I want you, Mom. I want to fuck you."

    "I know. You're a man, and you want me... Men always want to fuck women, but it will have to be with someone else. Now, do you want to cum again? I'll play with your cock and jack you off if you like. Or you can do what we did last night... you can cream me."

    "Cream you?"

    I smiled. "That's what it's called when a man shoots his load all over a woman... he's 'creaming' her."

    "Can we do both?"

    "If you can get it up, I can make it shoot, Honey. As many times as you like... at least until 9 PM. After that, I have to stop and get ready for your father."

    "He's going to fuck you, isn't he?"

    "Of course... many times probably."

    "I want you to finger your pussy while you do it to me. Will you?"

    "Do you think I'm going to let you have all the fun?"

    After I had cum three times, and my son once, I concentrated on getting him off again and again. With a young randy stud, it wasn’t hard to do. The second time, he shot off, I was using both hands on his cock. His load just poured out and covered his stomach and pubic hair.

    He got hard again in less than five minutes. This time, I prolonged the sex play. Every time he was about to cum, I stopped. After doing this several times, Chad was begging me to let him cum. "When I’m ready, and not before, Lover." He groaned, and his cock jerked spastically in my hand.

    I kept up the sex torture for almost a half hour until Chad was groaning continuously in his need to ejaculate. "All right, you hot Stud. It’s time. I’m going to lie down and you’re going to stand over me and cream me while I stroke myself. When you do, I’ll cum for you. Ready?"

    "Oh god yes! Hurry... Please hurry!"

    I laid down on the bench, spread one leg off the side and began rubbing my clit hard and fast. My hips thrust off the bench high in the air as Chad stood over me... his primed and loaded cock ready. My cunt and his cock erupted at almost the same time. For the first time in his life, my son saw a woman squirt several times as my vagina clamped down hard. A moment later, his load shot from the tip of his cock... covering my face with stream after stream of semen.

    Chad drenched my face with his load. I kept my mouth wide
    open and my son pumped in several cum jets.

    Lunch with Marcella:

    Luigi's is a great place to have lunch. The ambiance is superb and the little alcoves provide the diners with privacy. When Marcella and Ginger met for lunch, Luigi's was always the place they chose. On this particular day, Ginger ordered the crab manicotti while Marcella, always mindful of her figure, selected the chef's salad with shrimp. After some discussion, the two women decided to share a split of a good chardonnay.

    They were sipping the wine when Marcella leaned closer and said in a soft whisper, "I'm having a problem with Grant that I'd like to discuss with you. It's a bedroom problem so you have to promise not to say a word to anyone... not even Cordell. Is that Ok?"

    "Absolutely! Actually, I'm really glad you brought up the subject because I've got one devil of a sexual problem I need to discuss with you under the same conditions of secrecy. Shall we share and try to help each other?"

    "That would be wonderful! Who goes first?"

    "Since you broached the subject, you start."

    Marcella nodded her agreement. "As you've probably already guessed, my problem is with Grant. Before I tell what the problem is, I want to say that he's an incredible lover is almost every way... gentle when he needs to be gentle.... firm and masculine when he needs to be firm with me... fantastic technique. I always have at least two orgasms when he fucks me... usually more than that. And as I'm sure you know from having danced with him and felt his cock, he gets hard as stone and he’s slightly over 8 inches when fully hard. And he's thick... I mean really thick."

    "I guess you know that you're getting my pussy very, very wet. I frequently fantasize about Grant fucking me. Does that anger you? I hope not."

    "Why should it when I can't count the number of times I've pretended it was Cordell screwing me when Grant and I are in bed."

    "Really? Then why haven't we switched partners when we're having one of our sexy evenings together?" Ginger asked.

    "I've been afraid to suggest it. Men are unpredictable in things like that."

    "You don't think they would agree? I'd be shocked if they said no. I was worried about your reaction."

    "Well, don't be worried about that any longer, Ginger. Of course our randy husbands would agree. But after they shot off three or four times in us and their sexual high ebbed, I've been worried about what they would say later. But that's not the problem I wanted to discuss."

    "Ok. What is it?"

    Marcella hesitated, took a deep breath and said, "Grant will never... ever... go down on me. I want it so bad but he refuses. And the longer I go without it, the more I want to feel a tongue in my pussy and on my clit. I'm to the point that I'm thinking about cheating just in order to get my pussy eaten."

    "Do you know why he refuses? Most men love eating pussy and making a woman cum. Cordell says there's nothing like feeling a woman's pussy explode under his tongue. And Honey, does he ever know how to make my pussy explode."

    "I know... he's told me several time while we've been dancing close and hot that he's dying to get his tongue into my pussy. I have to be honest. If Cordell ordered me to meet him somewhere so he could eat my pussy, I'd be there an hour ahead of time. I know that Grant loves the musky aroma of my cunt... so I think it's a macho thing with him. He got some psychological hang up that real men don't eat pussy ... or something like that. Any suggestions?"

    Ginger thought for several minutes. "I do have a suggestion, but first let me tell you about my problem. Maybe the idea I have will solve both of our problems."

    Over the next thirty minutes, Ginger told Marcella every thing that had happened between Chad and herself while Cordell had been out of town the previous week. When she finished, Marcella had her hand under the table.

    "Are you rubbing your pussy, you hot slut?" Ginger asked grinning.

    "Yeah. I can't help it. That's so fucking hot! Our son Bill is only ten, but occasionally, I've had fantasies of something like that happening when he's in high school. God! So what's the problem? Is he telling everyone?"

    "Oh no. He gave his word, and he's keeping it. The problem is that he's a virgin... his girlfriend Joanne is only 16 and won't allow him to do anything beyond playing with her tits."

    "OH Jezzz! A virgin! Ooohh god!" I feel like I'm going to cum right here in the restaurant. Go on." Marcella's arm was moving more rapidly now.

    "Anyway, as you can imagine... he's just wild to fuck me after I jacked him off and let him cream me several times. Grant went to his weekly bowling league two nights ago, and Chad's cock was hard from the moment he left the house. After an hour, he told me he was so hard it was beginning to hurt."

    "So you jerked him off again, didn't you?"

    "Yeah. Twice. The first time only took a minute at the most. He was hard again in less than two minutes. The second time he lasted a half hour before he couldn't hold it any longer."

    Last night after dinner, Cordell waited until Chad had left the table and then he asked me if I noticed anything about our son. I said no even though I knew what he was referring to. He leaned closer and whispered, "I think our son is finally getting into Joanne's panties. He can't stop thinking about fucking her. He was hard all through dinner. But don't worry. I've given him a supply of condoms and a couple of tubes of spermicidal jelly and advised him to use both."

    "Of course I knew that Chad hadn't gotten close to Joanne's pussy, but I didn't tell Cordell that. It wasn't Joanne's pussy that had Chad hard; it was mine. So my problem is how to get my son to stop trying to think of ways to persuade me to let him fuck me and also to get him to stop begging me to jack him off all the time."

    Marcella's body stiffened. Her eyes closed, and her mouth opened to allow her tongue to flick rapidly over her top lip. Her arm, which had been moving faster, slowed and came to a stop.

    "You came, you hot Slut," Ginger said. Her hand was now below the table and her arm moving slowly.

    "Look who's talking. How many fingers are in your pussy?"

    "Two.... mmmmmm."

    "So stop finger fucking, Ginger, and tell me how we're going to solve both problems at the same time."

    It took her about ten minutes to explain the plan. Afterwards, she asked, "How does it sound?"

    "I think it's going to work. In fact, I don't see how it can fail. Now that we've solved both of our problems, I'm going to finish my salad while you finish taking care of your hot pussy, Honey."

    Ten minutes later, Marcella finished the last bite of her salad just a moment before Ginger's fingers finished taking care of her now slowly pulsing pussy and clit.

    The Plan:

    When Grant came home from work on Tuesday, I asked him if his schedule was already filled for Wednesday evening and for the coming long July 4th weekend.

    "Wednesday evening is fine. What's up?"

    "We've been invited to a the Arnetts for a fun evening. Are you up for that?"

    "Up? Well, not yet, but when the time comes, I'm sure I will be."

    "You know you’re a sexy bastard, don’t you?"

    "Yeah. And I also know that you love it."

    "I do. A lot. How about the long weekend for the 4th?

    "I haven’t made any plans."

    "Good. Don’t."

    "So what do you have planned in that devious mind of yours?"

    "Ginger and I will tell you and Cordell tomorrow night. You’ll just have to wait until then."

    "Come on. At least give me a hint."

    "Fair enough. Two hints for the price of one."

    "What’s the price?"

    "I need a big-cocked stud to service me tonight. Do you know a guy who can handle that assignment?"

    "Well, that’s a pretty high price, but what the hell, somebody’s got to do it. Now give me the hints, you sexy Slut."

    I couldn’t help grinning at the thought of the coming weekend. "Ok. Hint Number 1: I’ve already made arrangements for Carolyn to baby sit from Saturday until late Monday evening." I loved the way my husband’s head jerked up and his eyebrows raised. "Hint Number 2: At least one of your hottest fantasies will become fact this weekend."

    Now Grant couldn’t restrain himself. "Which one? Oh my god! Tell me! I don’t think I can wait."

    "You’ll have to, Honey. Of course, I can cancel all the plans if the strain of anticipation is too much for you to bear. Shall I?"

    "Not unless you want me whip that hot ass of yours with my belt for a long, long time."

    We both laughed, but then I turned serious. "Would you really do that? I mean really whip my ass hard?"

    "You don’t want to know or find out... so don’t cancel any plans."

    "I won’t. I promise... but you know, if you didn’t whip me too hard, I think that might be fun sometime."

    Grant and I arrived at the Arnett's home around 8 PM Wednesday evening. Cordell gave me a big smile when he opened the door for us. After shaking hands with Grant, I wasn't the least surprised when he embraced me tightly and kissed me... lightly at first... then again harder. Not only was his mouth hard against mine, I could also feel his cock pressing hard against my mound.

    Ginger saw what was happening and called out to Grant. "Feeling left out, Honey? If so, I'm available."

    Cordell's tongue was now inside my mouth and his hands were under my skirt with every intention of getting inside my panties. I hadn't been the house more than a couple of minutes and this sexy stud already had me wet. When his hands slipped inside my panties, I couldn't keep my ass still. I throbbed when I felt him separate my ass cheeks and slid his fingers up and down my crease.

    Breaking the kiss, I moaned, "Not so fast, Honey. What if Chad comes in and sees you with your hands under my skirt and inside my panties?"

    "That's not a problem, Marcella. He's out on a date with Joanne tonight. I think he's getting into her panties, but Ginger says no. If not, I know he's trying."

    "You should give him lessons. It certainly didn't take you long to get into mine... I'd say no more than minute or so."

    "Yeah... but just with my hands. I'd like to get under your panties with something else. And speaking of getting into panties, your husband doesn't seem to be having much problem doing that with my wife."

    I looked over and saw that Grant already had Ginger's skirt up to her waist and both hands down the back of her panties where they were slowly caressing her ass. "Come on, Grant. Take your hands out of Ginger's panties."

    My husband backed off and scowled at me. "Spoil sport. Why waste time. Cordell, put on some music and let's dance with these two sexy women."

    Ginger smoothed her skirt and said, "Later, Grant. Later. If we start dancing now, we'll never get your attention off of our bodies long enough to have a serious chat with the two of you. Let's enjoy some wine or something stronger if you guys prefer. I've made some snacks and then Marcella and I want to have a serious chat with our two randy husbands."

    Cordell did put on some soft music while we brought the snacks and the wine into the den. After we were seated, Grant wanted to hear more about Chad. "Cordell says he thinks your son is getting into Joanne, but you don't agree. Why not? He's a good-looking young man, and I know he's been dating her for months."

    "That's true and normally I would have expected Chad to have begun fucking her sometime last spring, but I have it on good authority that he hasn't. I asked him a couple of weeks ago. Our 17-year old son is still a virgin."

    "That's amazing, but if you say so, I guess it's true. Now what's this serious chat the two of you want to have with us?"

    "Well, you and Marcella know that Cordell and I purchased a second home on Lake Haskell this winter. We plan on spending a long weekend there over the fourth, and we would love for the two of you to join us for the weekend. The place is very secluded and we'll have complete privacy. Sound good?"

    "Damn! I'll say it sounds good! Marcella told me I was in for a surprise. She's already arranged baby sitting so I know she likes the idea too. When do we go?"

    Cordell answered Grant's question. "The plan is to drive down together Saturday morning. It's about a two-hour drive. We'll get there a little after noon, have lunch, and relax and enjoy ourselves,"

    "Wonderful," Grant said enthusiastically. "That was a short, serious conversation."

    "We're not done," Ginger said. "Just relax, Grant. Both you and Cordell should have a drink... something strong. You may need it."

    Our husbands looked at each other completely perplexed. Cordell shrugged and walked to the bar. "I'm having scotch, Grant. You prefer bourbon and soda, right?" My husband nodded, and a couple of minutes later, Cordell handed him his drink and sat down to hear what we had to say.

    "Marcella, why don't you tell them the first part, and then if they agree, I'll tell them the rest. Ok?"

    "Sure. Sounds like a good plan to me." I looked at the men and began.

    "How long have the two of you been feeling Ginger and me up when we get together in the evenings? Just give me an estimate. Cordell?"

    "Bout six months or so. I think the first time I got up enough nerve to slide my hands down to your ass when we were dancing was around Xmas last year."

    "Grant, how about you?"

    "Yeah... about six months. When I saw Cordell feeling you up on the dance floor, I followed suit later that same evening."

    "That's our estimate too. So how far have you two guys gotten with us? Six months ago, you were both stroking our asses on the dance floor. You go first this time, Grant. How far have you gotten with Ginger?"

    "The most we've done was that night a few weeks ago when we played that adult Truth or Consequences game. We got both of you down to your panties and heels. Cordell and I were naked except for our shorts. I know I got my hands inside Ginger's panties when we were dancing, and I think Cordell was inside yours. We sort of dry fucked you both. That's it. I think there is sort of an unspoken agreement that we shouldn't exchange partners and have actual sex."

    "Cordell? Your turn. How far have you gotten with me in six months?"

    "Pretty much the same as Grant with Ginger... except... well..."

    He paused. "Go on, Cordell. Tell us."

    "That night we played the adult game... when I had my hands inside your panties, I was finger fucking you and stroking your clit. I think you came."

    "Oh I did... really hard."

    "I wish I had known that," Grant said quietly. "I thought that was out of bounds. I was dying to do the same with Ginger, but I didn't. What's the point of this, Marcella?"

    "Just this. Ginger and I want more. This weekend at the lake, unless you guys object, we're only going to use the king-size bed in the master bedroom for the first part of the night. No more unspoken rules. After we're all exhausted, we'll flip a coin to see who goes to the guest bedroom and who gets the master bedroom. Both have their own bathroom. I'll be sleeping with Cordell Saturday night in one bedroom or the other, and my sexy husband will be sharing Ginger's bed."

    "Why wait until Saturday?" Cordell asked. "Let's start tonight. Right now!"

    "No. Ginger and I have been discussing and thinking about this for a week. We don't want you guys to make a snap decision with your cocks doing the thinking. We want you both to discuss this frankly and before we leave on Saturday, you can tell us your decision. If it's no; we'll just enjoy an erotic weekend like those we've been having for months."

    Both men nodded their agreement, and then Grant said, "Well, I have to admit that certainly qualified as a 'serious chat'."

    "We're not finished, Honey," Ginger giggled. "There's more... lots more. You guys ready for this?"

    Our husbands now stared at each other. Their surprise... even shock... was evident. "More?? There's more? I hope you girls know that I'm already so damn hard that I feel like if there's much more, I may soil my pants," Grant said meaning every word.

    Now it was my turn to giggle. "I've already soiled my panties, Darling. Why should you be an exception? Go on, Ginger. Tell them."

    "On Sunday morning, we'll have a late breakfast and probably play some sexy games or whatever. The bedrooms will be available if we want to continue playing there. On Sunday night, the pairings will be changing."

    "How so? Cordell asked?

    "We're only going to switch on Saturday night," my husband asked, unable to keep the disappointment from his voice.

    "Not exactly," Ginger laughed softly. "We're going to be switching a lot from now on, but on Sunday evening another man will be joining us... if the two of you don't object. I'm going to be taking care of you two guys... any way you want me. You can take turns... or both have me at the same time... any two holes you want. Meanwhile, Marcella is going to be with the new arrival taking care of him in the guest bedroom for the night. The walls are very thin so I'm sure we won't have any problems figuring out just how she's taking care of him."

    Grant's mouth was open, but no sound was coming out. He was too stunned. Finally, Cordell asked the obvious question. "Who's the other guy?"

    "It's Chad," Ginger said calmly.

    "WHAT?" both men said in unison almost as if it had been planned and rehearsed. "Why? What's that all about?" Grant continued.

    "Chad is a virgin... like I told you. He's tried and tried to get Joanne to have sex but she's only 16, and she's too nervous to do it. I don't have the slightest doubt that Chad's going to pay a prostitute for sex just so he can find out what's it's like. I don't want his first time to be with a whore who has no feelings for him. I want him to be with a woman who's going to make it wonderful for him and teach him how a man pleases a woman. I want it to be an experience he'll remember with pleasure all his life. I've asked Marcella if she would help him, and she's agreed if neither of you object."

    The men were silent for awhile. Finally, Cordell said, "Well, I have to say that I think that's a great idea if it's ok with Grant. I don't want Chad's first time to be with a whore either."

    When Cordell finished, Grant gave his views. "I also think it's a good idea. I don't have any doubt that Chad will remember it all his life with pleasure. But I have to ask... Are you sure you're cool with this, Marcella?"

    "Well, having to fuck a randy, handsome, well-built, hung, 17-year old stud who can get it up over and over and over and who Ginger says is wild to screw me is going to be a very difficult, tough job. But somebody has to do it... and after all, what are friends for anyway?"

    Both men laughed and Ginger threw a sofa cushion at me. "Dirty Slut!" she yelled.

    "Look who's calling me a dirty slut! The hot bitch who's going to be fucking two, big-cocked guys all night Sunday."

    Thirty minutes later, we had exchanged husbands and were busy dirty dancing with them. The men had our tits out and all our clothes off except for our heels and panties. Their hands were inside the panties and inside our cunts as we danced. Cordell had already made me cum once and my hips were thrusting against his hand harder and harder as he worked on my throbbing clitoris.

    From the gyrations of Ginger's ass, it was obvious that my hot stud husband also had his fingers buried in her pussy. Her head was thrown back, her mouth open as she hissed in a hot climax.

    "Look at your wife, Cordell. Grant's making her cum right now!"

    "I know. Are you close to cumming again?"

    "Very. Concentrate on my clit, Darling and I'll explode again for you."

    "How about oral sex? Wouldn't you like a tongue on your pussy, Marcella?"

    "I'd love it, but we have to wait until Saturday... That's the plan. We'll all be so hot with the anticipation, the sex will be fantastic."

    "Ok. But after I get you off again, what about me?"

    "Don't worry, Lover. I'm sure I can think of a way to make that big prick of yours shoot off."

    Chad Strikes Out but then Gets Lucky

    After the movie, Chad had driven out to a popular "Lover's Lane" and parked with Joanne. As soon as he had killed the car's engine, she had moved into his arms and received his kiss with her mouth open... her tongue probing.

    Over the next ten minutes, Chad kissed the sexy, 16-year old blonde repeatedly. With each kiss, Joanne moaned louder and more often. When Chad's fingers began opening the buttons of her blouse, she sighed and thrust her breasts against his hands. He squeezed each globe causing her to moan.

    When he reached behind her to open her bra clasps, she leaned forward to give him more room. Very quickly, her bra was lying on the back seat of the car leaving her 34C breasts naked. Hard and firm, her nipples were even harder. As Chad pulled them, she groaned. When he squeezed, she hissed with pleasure, and when he twisted them, she gasped with a mixture of pain and excitement.

    By this time, Chad's cock was iron-hard. The huge bulge was obvious to Joanne who took every opportunity to brush against it, and every time she did so, Chad prick throbbed. Finally, he could stand no more.

    "Take it in your hand, Joanne. Feel me like I'm feeling your breasts."

    "No. It's not the same thing."

    Totally frustrated, Chad moved his hand to the bottom of her skirt and began to move up her leg until he had reached her thighs. Abruptly, Joanne clamped her hand over his. "Don't! You know I don't want you doing that. Isn't it enough that I let you play with my tits?"

    "No, it isn't. I want to feel your pussy. Please. I've never felt one before."

    "Well, you're certainly not going to be feeling mine either. I want you to take me home now."

    Nothing Chad could say or do would change Joanne's mind. Fifteen minutes later he was parked in her driveway. He got out and opened the door for her, but when he tried to kiss her good night, she shook her head. "No! I'm not kissing you again after the way you pawed me."

    When Chad reached his house, he saw the Reinfield's car was parked in the driveway. Obviously, his parents were entertaining Grant and Marcella. He remembered how he had told his mom how Marcella really turned him on. He also remembered thinking that her reaction to that information seemed odd.

    On an impulse, Chad decided to go around to the back of the house and see if they had left the blinds on the patio door open enough for him to see what was happening. Without quite knowing why, he realized that his cock was hard again.

    Fortunately, the curtains on the patio door were only partially closed and the lights were still on in the den. The first thing he noticed was that the couch in the den had been opened and made into a bed. The second thing was his mother who was resting her knees on the bed. She was naked except for a pair of black, bikini panties, thigh-high stockings, and heels. With her body bent forward slightly, her big tits were hanging slightly and swinging seductively with her every movement. His hard cock seemed to get even harder.

    As Chad watched, Mr. Reinfield got onto the bed with his mother and laid down. He was completely naked. His mother said something to Mr. Reinfield who laughed in response. Ginger reached out and cupped his balls... hefting them... playing with them... the same way she had played with him that weekend his Dad was out of town. When he saw his mom wrap her hand around Mr. Reinfield's cock and begin jacking him off, he frantically pulled out his own hard rod and began stroking it... his hand moving in time with his mom's hand.

    Even though he was so hot it was hard to think, he did wonder where his dad was while his wife was jacking off another man. His eyes quickly scanned the room. On the other side, he saw his dad sitting in a lounge chair. His shirt was open and his pants were off. Mrs. Reinfield was kneeling between his spread legs with her hand wrapped around his dad's fully erect dick. She was jacking him off just like his mom was doing to Grant.

    Chad's eyes darted back and forth. Part of the time, he watched his mother jerking off Mr. Reinfield. The rest of the time, he stared at Marcella pumping his dad's big cock. His hand pumped frantically up and down his own shaft.

    Within a span of less than a minute, he watched Mr. Reinfield's cum load spewing high in the air. Ten seconds later, he saw his dad cumming all over Marcella's big tits. As the last of his dad's load spurted, his load shot out and splattered against the glass patio door.


    Chad watched his mom jerk a monster load out of Mr. Reinfield’s cock
    then saw Marcella pump an equally huge cum load from his dad’s dick.
    His own load spewed out against the patio door.

    A Weekend Together:

    As things turned out, Marcella and I didn't have to wait until Saturday to find out what our husbands had decided about the long fourth of July weekend. They discussed it at work on Thursday, and that evening Cordell said he and Grant loved the idea and could hardly wait until Saturday.

    "You just can't wait to get your big cock into Marcella's pussy can you?" I teased, but not in a way he could tell I was teasing him.

    "What that stuff? You and Marcella are the ones who came up with this plan, not me and not Grant. I think you're the one who can't wait to get your pussy stuffed with Grant's 8-inch dick."

    Moving close, I squeezed my husband's semi-hard rod through his pants and whispered, "You're so right, Darling. I've already finger fucked my pussy twice today just thinking about it." His cock immediately surged to full erection!

    "God but you're a hot, delicious slut!" he moaned as his hands hefted my tits.

    "Are you sorry you married such a slutty whore?"

    "Sorry? I love it! I fucking love it!"

    "You love fucking her too... why don't you take me to the bedroom and give me some of this, Baby?"

    On Friday afternoon, Chad came got home early as basketball practice had been canceled for the upcoming holiday. Cordell was still at work when my son came into the kitchen where I was busy preparing dinner.

    "Mom, do you remember how you spied on me when Dad was out of town? Remember how you caught me jacking off?"

    Looking back over my shoulder, I gave my son a very warm smile. "I could hardly forget something like that. I remember ever detail. Why do you ask?"

    "Because I spied on you and Dad last Wednesday night. I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't resist."

    "I thought you were out on a date with Joanne that night."

    "I was but she got mad and made me take her home."

    "Because you tried to fuck her?"

    "Yeah. We were parked and I had her tits out sucking and licking on her nipples. She got really hot... I mean REALLY HOT! I think she had an orgasm. That really set me on fire and I put my hand under her skirt to stroke her pussy. She just blew up! She yelled and screamed and made me take her home. She wouldn't even let me kiss her good night. So I came home early and saw the Reinfields were here."


    "And I went around to the back of the house and spied through the open curtains of the patio door. You were jacking off Mr. Reinfield, and Mrs. Reinfield was doing the same thing to Dad. I got my cock out and jerked off watching. I just couldn't help it."

    "Of course you couldn't. No young man could have... particularly not a young man whose girl friend had just gotten him hard and ready and then left him hanging. Did it shock you?"

    "Not much... it did turn me on big time! I came three times watching you and Dad doing it. But Mr. Reinfield didn't fuck you and Dad didn't screw Mrs. Reinfield... why not?"

    "None of us felt we should actually have sex. We've been playing erotic games... touching... feeling... and now masturbating each other for months. It's just between the four of us. No one else. But this weekend, we've invited the Reinfields to join us in our lake house for the entire three days. We plan to go all the way. And we have a surprise for you."

    "What?" Chad asked as he rubbed his now very hard cock.

    "On Sunday, you're invited to join us. Marcella will pick you up here promptly at 3 PM. Don't make any other plans. I can tell you... this will be a weekend you'll never forget."

    "Oh my god!" My son was now rubbing his cock even faster and harder.

    "Come on. Help me get dinner ready, Honey." I turned back toward the cabinet to finish preparing the salad. I didn't get very far before Chad was behind me. His hands circled my body and cupped both tits. At the same time, I felt his hard shaft against my ass.

    "Nooo... Don't Honey. We've talked about this. I'm your mother. Stop."

    "Oh god... I can't, Mom. I'm so hard... so hot for you!" I felt my skirt being pulled up in the back... then I felt a very hard... very naked cock being thrust between my thighs right below my pussy. "Bend over, Mom. Please. I want... no... I need to fuck you."

    Again I told my son to stop. He didn't hear a word. When I felt my panties being pulled down around my thighs, I figured I was about 10 seconds away from being fucked by my son. His hand was around my hips buried in my pussy where he was rubbing my now very erect clitoris. Briefly, I thought he must have learned some technique from watching Grant doing it to me because he was doing me very well for a 17-year old male virgin.

    Chad was wild to fuck. His hands pressed my upper body downward onto the counter top. I had to push the salad bowl to one side to prevent my tits from being thrust into the greens. As his legs forced mine apart, I felt my pussy gushing in preparation for his cock. As Chad tried desperately to maneuver his cock into proper position to penetrate me, I raised up on tip toes to arch my hips higher and bring the opening to my cunt into position for him. The bloated head of his cock slid through my wet pussy lips to my very hot and very ready open hole.

    The garage door made its usual horribly loud mechanical grinding sounds as the door was raised by the electric motor. "Oh god. That's your father. Stop! NOW!"

    This time the message got through to my son's brain, and he backed away from me as I quickly pulled up my panties and dropped my skirt back into place. When Cordell entered the kitchen, Chad was busy peeling the potatoes as I completed the salad.

    The drive to the Arnett's lake house was difficult for everyone. Cordell let me know in no uncertain terms that he intended to fuck me in the back seat when Grant took his turn at the wheel. He also told me that he wanted me to give him a blowjob when he was driving. My randy husband was already trying to get Ginger's panties off before we even left the house.

    Ginger and I quickly poured cold water on our randy husbands' plans. "Listen you two. You're both going to behave during the trip. We have a wonderful weekend planned, and we don't want every thing ruined by Cordell having a car wreck as I suck his cock or as he listens to his wife being fucked in the back seat. Once we get to the lake house, you guys can take charge, but not until!"

    The men pouted all the way to the house, but they did behave themselves. However, as soon as Cordell parked the car in the house's driveway, Ginger and I knew that we were in for one wild, hot weekend.

    Grant got out of the back seat first and held the door open for Ginger. As soon as she was out of the car, my husband had her in his arms. Quickly, he pulled her sweater up over head and tossed it onto the back seat. My randy husband stripped off her bra baring both big tits. At the same time as his mouth captured one of Ginger's nipples, his hand unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground leaving Ginger naked save for her stockings and heels. Right there beside the car, Grant sucked her now throbbing nipples one after the other as he finger fucked her vagina and rubbed her throbbing clit. If there were any neighbors around, they all knew that Ginger was no more than five minutes away from an intense fucking.

    Grant was carrying a moaning Ginger into the house at the same time as Cordell pulled me from the car. All I had worn for the trip were heels, a micro-mini skirt, and a black, transparent halter. I had loved teasing him during the trip... keeping his cock iron hard, but now it was his turn.

    Cordell thrust his hand into back of my mini-skirt and led me toward the house with his hand on my ass and two fingers buried inside my cunt. I couldn't keep my pussy from humping on his fingers as he walked me very slowly toward the front door. We were almost there when a teenaged boy rode past on his bicycle. He stopped and gaped at my bouncing breasts. Cordell turned me to face him and whispered in my ear, "Show the guy your big tits, Marcella. NOW! He punctuated his order by driving his fingers deep inside my vagina.

    "AAAAAHHHHH... uunngghhh," came my hissing moan as I jerked open the halter and let my tits spill our right in front of the startled boy. I saw him rubbing his prick as I was led inside the house.

    Once inside, I saw that my husband now had Ginger sitting on his cock supporting herself with her hands on his knees as she hammered her pussy frantically up and down his rigid shaft.

    "Fuck on it, you hot sexy Bitch!" my husband ordered, and Ginger obeyed instantly. Her hips flashed up and down as the squishing noises of Grant's thick fuck stick plowing in and out of her soaking wet vagina filled the room. Moments later, Ginger was cumming.


    Cordell didn't allow me much time to watch them. Opening one button and pulling down the zipper, Cordell got me out of my micro-mini skirt in less than 10 seconds. Two fingers entered my vagina and his thumb worked over my clitoris as his mouth pleasured both of my nipples. He had me moaning uncontrollably.

    "You have no idea how many times I've dreamed of doing this to you, Marcella. You're just too gorgeous for words. Get on your hands and knees on the floor right beside Grant and my wife.... That's it... my god! What an ass you've got! Arch it high, Honey, and spread your knees.... Pull your ass cheeks open... show it to me, Marcella."

    When I had opened myself, Cordell knelt behind me and pressed his face into my cunt. An instant later, I felt his tongue probing up and down my sex trench. It was exactly what I had been wanting for years, and now Cordell was giving it to me! "OOOOhhhhh... that feels fantastic, Cordell! Please! Lick me! Lick my clit... I'm already about to cum!"

    Cordell turned me over onto my back, and I responded by jerking my legs up and back presenting my throbbing cunt and engorged clit. Instantly, his mouth covered my near bursting clit. He sucked hard pulling it into his mouth and lashing it with his tongue. The pressure was intense. As soon as I felt his tongue sliding up and down the ultra sensitive shaft, my vagina went into a series of hard spastic contractions as my clitoris expanded and throbbed. I squirted explosively all over his face and the carpet.


    Grant and Cordell were giving us exactly
    what we had been wild to have for months.

    In the background, I heard Ginger wailing in her orgasm ... loud, intense shrieks... followed by grunts... finally moans... after which I could hear her begging my husband to fuck her again.

    Cordell jerked his face away from my convulsing cunt, aligned his iron-hard phallus with my gaping hole, and drove his entire length into my cunt. The big head thudded hard into my womb. I grunted... then cried out as my vagina again went into another hard spasm.

    After that, Cordell fucked me with all the fury and lust caused by six months of my teasing and taunting him. Now, he was in command. His powerful cock was buried up my cunt, and he was using my fuck hole as he pleased ... slamming hard, powerful strokes into me with lightning speed as he growled and grunted. I came again when I felt him spewing his huge load into me.

    Cordell and I kept our sexy wives naked, except for their heels, for the rest of the day. The sight of those two luscious females walking around the house with their big tits bouncing and their naked pussies and thighs wet with semen did a great job of keeping us hard and ready.

    We spent all afternoon until well past 6 PM having what was essentially a non-stop orgy of sexual games and activities. At one point, we had both women on the bed on their knees with their heads on the bed and their asses right at the edge. The sight from behind them was cock-hardening. Both of their wet, gaping pussies were stretched open from previous fucking with thin streams of semen seeping out.

    As usual, we started with me screwing Ginger and Cordell fucking Marcella, but after we had gotten the girls off once or twice, we smoothly switched so that we were each pumping our own wife. When the women realized what we were doing, they both called us dirty, depraved bastards, but they both kept their knees apart and their asses arched high.

    Cordell spent a lot of time giving the women head. He would lick Marcella's pussy and clit until she convulsed in a hard orgasm and then switch to Ginger's eager cunt. He even did this after we had just finished pumping them full of cum. Since that wasn't an activity that interested me, I either watched or used the break to rest.

    By mutual agreement, we all dressed for dinner, at least partially. Cordell and I put on T-shirts and shorts while the girls wore bras, panties, and heels. For dessert, the women got under the table and deep throated us. Naturally, they switched back and forth just as we had done... and naturally, we called them dirty, depraved sluts, but we kept thrusting our cocks in and out of their mouths.

    As planned, we all shared the large king-sized bed in the master bedroom that night. As soon as we had all jumped into bed, the women shoved Cordell and I onto our backs and mounted us. The sight of their big tits bouncing up and down as they rode us was almost as exciting as the feeling their tight cunts produced on our cocks.

    First it was Marcella howling as her pussy exploded about Cordell's rod. Ginger fucked herself even harder and faster on my cock and soon she was screaming as her pussy throbbed and her juices gushed all over my belly and thighs. Neither of them slowed their fuck motions in the slightest. Neither of us could hold off for long. When Ginger leaned over me, dangling her big tits in my face, and whispered, "Shoot it into me, Stud. Pump Cordell's wife full of your hot jizz!", I lost it. My prick just went into a series of hard spasms, each spasm shooting another gush of cum into Ginger's cunt.

    "OOOHHhhhhh... he's cumming in my cunt, Honey... Grant pumping his load into meeeeeeeeeee... right NOW! IT'S GOING UP MY PUSSY, BABY!" That was more than enough to cause Cordell's cock to unload deep inside my wife's pumping hole.

    By 10 PM, both Cordell and I were wasted. I had had seven orgasms since noon. Marcella told me later that Cordell had cum eight times. I felt like it might be a week before I could get it up again. Fortunately, that feeling turned out to be incorrect.

    Sometime during the middle of the night, I felt the bed rocking. Slowly, I opened my eyes. The night light provided enough illumination for me to see a pair of female legs jerking back and forth in the air. Cordell was mounted on one of the women fucking her in missionary position.

    "Ugh... Ugh... oh yes, Lover. Fuck me. It's so damn good. Pump my hot cunt, Honey. OOohhh... uuummmmmm... fuck it... fuck it... fuck it," Marcella chanted over and over.

    As I watched, I felt Ginger's mouth engulf my semi-hard cock and begin sucking me. She caressed my balls as she sucked me all the way into her throat. Even when I had reached full erection, she was still taking the entire 8 inches of cock into her throat.

    Although her mouth felt fantastic, I wanted her cunt. And I wanted her on her back... side-by-side with my wife... taking my cock deep inside her pussy the same way my wife was taking Cordell's cock.

    A short time later, there were four female legs extended high in the air. Four feet and four shapely legs jerked back and forth. Ginger's toes curled backward as I fucked her throbbing cunt. My wife's toes, on the other hand, clenched when Cordell powered his prick into her waiting cunt hole. Marcella reached over and squeezed Ginger's tit as she did the same to Marcella's.

    "Your husband's fucking the shit out of me, Ginger. God... can he ever screw... he's gonna make me cum again."

    "Same here! Grant's cock feels like a baseball bat inside my pussy... stretching meeeeeeeee.... ooohhhh... he's pumping it to me, Marcella. Oh fuckkkkkk... he's cumming! OH! OH! OH! Big load... huge load going into meeeeeeeee!"

    The following morning, while we were all still half asleep and half awake, we were fondling and caressing whatever body of the opposite sex happened to be closest. The girls were in the middle sandwiched between Cordell and me. I heard my wife whispering to Ginger.

    "You're going to have both of these studs all the rest of the day and night. I want them this morning... at the same time. Are you Ok with that?"

    "Of course. I'll go take a shower and clean up. The boys are all yours, Marcella. Ravish them, Honey."

    As Ginger strolled naked into the bathroom, Marcella pulled us both close to her body, her hands holding our cocks. "I want these big cocks in me... at the same time... one in my cunt... the other in my ass. I'll leave it up to you guys to decide who gets which hole. While you're deciding, I'm going to suck and get you both hard and ready."

    Cordell asked if he could have my wife's ass. I nodded and laid down on my back. Marcella quickly mounted me with her tits hanging right in my face. Cordell aligned my hard cock at the opening to her vagina, and she slammed her pussy down its full length. We both grunted when the head hit the bottom of her channel.

    She pumped her hips a few times while Cordell mounted her ass. I held my wife steady as he pressed his cock against her rectum. She grunted. He exerted even more pressure. She gasped as her sphincter opened and his cock powered into her ass, stretching it open as it sank inward.

    Once he was fully into her, we both began fuck motions. Marcella wailed and grunted. When we got a rhythm set up... in and out of her holes one after the other... she was shrieking. Neither of us could tell whether my wife was crying out in pain or pleasure. It didn't matter. All we wanted to do was fuck her fore and aft until we filled both holes with cum.

    Ginger came out of the bathroom and began rubbing her cunt as she watched. "Ooohhh DAMN! You guys are fucking the shit out of her. Lister to her howl! Pump her harder... faster. Really fuck the hot slut! Sooooo fucking hot... gonna cum... oh fuck... I'm gonna cum!"

    Ginger groaned as her pussy began throbbing. Marcella was spurting her juices all over the bed as both holes were contracting in hard spasms. I felt Cordell shooting inside her ass. His throbbing cock caused her ass and pussy to clamp down like a vise about my cock. It was too much. When my load poured into my wife's pussy, her screams echoed throughout the lake house.

    My wife permitted us to rest for 15 minutes or so before she began sucking our cocks… first one, then the other… back and forth until she had us hard again.

    “I think you want to be double fucked again, don’t you?” I asked my wife.

    “Hell yes, I want that, but not until I’ve got these big cocks hard as stone.”

    Marcella deep throated Cordell’s prick while she stroked mine with her hand. Then she switched alternating between our cocks. After another ten minutes of sucking us, she sat back and surveyed her work.

    “Oh fuck! Look how hard they are, Ginger. They’re gonna fuck me with sixteen inches of iron-hard cock! Ooohhh YES! Do me face up this time. Grant in my ass and Cordell up my cunt. Hurry! Please!”

    I stretched out on my back and Ginger guided my cock into my wife’s asshole as she lowered her body over me.

    “Uunnghhh… Yessss… It’s going in… Oh fuck your wife’s hot ass, Lover. Hurry, Cordell! Fuck my cunt!”

    Ginger guided her husband’s shaft into my wife’s cunt, and a moment later we were pounding in and out of her gushing holes. Ginger lay on the bed beside us, her eyes a foot away from Marcella’s cunt and ass. She finger fucked herself furiously as we double fucked my wife.

    Cordell and I screwed my wife in both of her sex holes:
    face down with Cordell in her ass, me in her cunt,
    face up with me in her ass, Cordell in her cunt.

    Exactly as planned, Marcella pulled up in front of the Arnett's house at 3 PM. As she had expected, the excited teenager was waiting for her on his front lawn. He had packed a small suitcase for the two-day stay at the lake house, and as he hurried toward the car, Marcella could easily see that he already had a fierce erection.

    When Chad got into the front seat beside Grant's wife, he said, "Hi, Mrs. Reinfield. Thank you for making a special trip to pick me up."

    Marcella began to laugh. "Chad, call me Marcella. Unless addressing me as Mrs. Reinfield gets you hard and hot. In that case, you can call me Mrs. Reinfield anytime you like."

    "It doesn't matter what I call you, Marcella. I'm already so hard, it hurts."

    Marcella grinned, put the car in gear, and sped away toward the lake house. Fifteen minutes and 10 miles later, they were on the highway. Chad hadn't taken his eyes off Marcella the entire trip.

    "I think you must like the way I look, Chad. You've been practically fucking me with your eyes ever since I picked you up."

    "Oh god," the young man moaned, his hand squeezing his cock as he pressed his thighs together in an attempt to avoid cumming in his pants.

    When Marcella realized that just her using the word "fuck" had been enough to almost make Chad shoot off in his pants, she felt her vagina gush and her clit throb. "Oh fuck!" she thought. "This is going to be incredibly sexy." Aloud, she asked, "Do you like big tits like mine? Are they too big?"

    "I can't take my eyes off of them. Are you wearing a bra? You must be."


    "They're so big... how can they be that firm without a bra?"

    "Young women have firm tits, Chad. Your mother tells me you've played with Joanne's a lot. So you already know that, right?"

    "Yeah... she lets me play with her tits, but that's all. And hers aren't anything close to being as sexy as your tits."

    "How do you know? You've seen hers... played with them. You haven't even seen mine."

    "Will you take them out so I can see them?"

    Marcella regarded the wildly excited teenager for a moment before she spoke. "Chad, you need to be more firm with a woman. Don't beg. Don't plead. You're the man. Be firm and positive. Tell her what you want in no uncertain terms. She may say no... that's her prerogative... but even if she refuses, she going to know that she's with a strong, aggressive male. The chances are that even if she says no, she's excited and wants to say yes... so don't give up. Now... would you like to try again?"

    Marcella quickly found out that Chad was a very fast learner. "I want to see your tits, Marcella. I've never been with a woman with such beautiful breasts. Take them out."

    "Oh god! That's a hundred times better." She hesitated... waiting.

    "Take them out. Just pull your top down. Do it now!"

    "Is this what you want, Honey?" Marcella kept one hand on the wheel while she slowly pulled the bodice of tight green blouse down over her large breasts. She had to pull hard to get the tight garment over her tits, but once the bodice cleared her nipples, it quickly slipped downward fully exposing her thrusting mounds and their hard nipples.

    "God!" Chad hissed in awe. "They're not only big, they're perfect! Just absolutely beautiful! Keep both hands on the wheel, Marcella. I'm going to feel them."

    Chad moved close and cupped first one and then the other breast. Slowly his hand moved upward over the surface of each globe in turn... rotating... stroking... squeezing. Next, he concentrated on her turgid, hard nipples... pulling gently... then harder... squeezing and twisting. Finally, he leaned forward and kissed her right nipple bringing a soft moan from Grant's wife. When he sucked the nipple into his mouth and nipped it with his teeth, she gasped with a little pain but mostly with excited pleasure.

    "Please... stop. I can't drive when you play with me like that. Please wait."

    "I thought you said to be firm and positive... not to beg and plead?"

    "A man is firm and aggressive... a woman begs and pleads. The man is charge, Honey. But if you decide to continue caressing and exciting my tits, I'll have to pull over to the shoulder while you do it to me."

    "All right. I'll wait." He moved back to his side of seat, but continued to stare at Marcella's exposed tits.

    "May I cover my tits, Honey?"

    "No. Leave them out."

    "Oh god!" Now it was Marcella who was pressing her thighs together.

    No one spoke for another ten minutes or so. Finally, Chad said abruptly. "I'm a virgin. Did my mother tell you that?"

    "She told me."

    "Why did she do that? It's sort of embarrassing for me."

    "She didn't do it to embarrass you, Chad. She did it to get me hot and wild to have you fuck me."

    "What if I say no?"

    Marcella laughed. "I advised you to be firm and aggressive, Chad... not stupid." Now, they both laughed.

    Just before Marcella arrived at the Arnett’s home to pick up Chad, Cordell and Grant had had enough of Ginger's teasing. The two men carried her into the den where Cordell pulled open her black blouse and removed both large tits and Grant pushed her skirt up to her waist and pulled off her panties.

    "Her panties are soaked, Cordell. I think your wife wants to be fucked. Is that right, Ginger? Do you want us to fuck you?"

    "Not yet, you randy stud. Not until both of you lick my pussy and make me cum all over your faces."

    "I don't eat pussy," Grant said.

    "Man, you don't know what you're missing with this hot woman. Ginger's cunt just explodes when you lick her. And it keeps exploding as long as you continue to suck and lick her clit. After a bit, she'll start begging you to stop. I just ignore her and make her cum again and again until she's helpless. You gotta try it."

    "I'm not sure... not sure I can do that."

    Moving closer, Ginger knelt in front of Grant and began unzipping his pants. When her hand moved inside and circled his hard rod, he sighed with pleasure. She pulled the stiff, thick shaft out of his pants. It throbbed and jerked in her hand... becoming even larger until she was unable to get her hand all the way around it. Slowly, she moved her hand up and down his cock causing Grant's sighs to change to moans. His hips were thrusting toward her mouth in fuck motions.

    "You want me to suck it, Honey? Put it in my mouth and let you fuck me?"

    "You know I do," he growled unable to keep his hips still.

    Ginger moved closer, stretched her mouth wide, and took the first five inches inside.

    "OOOHHHHhhh FUCK! YES! SUCK IT! UGH! UGH! UN-HUN! UN-HUN!" Grant held Ginger's head on his cock emitting grunt after deep masculine grunt as her cheeks hollowed and her tongue swabbed the head and circled the deep cock ridge. She took two more inches into her throat... deep enough that Grant's balls were now slapping her chin every time he pushed his cock into her mouth.

    Ginger pulled Grant's throbbing organ out of her mouth, looked at him, and grinned. "You like that don't you. You really want to blow your big load down my throat, don't you Honey?

    "Oh yeah... at least sooner or later. I also want to put several of those inside your hot pussy."

    "Well, Lover, having your tongue inside my sex trench... pumping in and out of my pussy and making my clit throb and my vagina contract in one hard spasm after another feels just as wonderful to a woman as my mouth feels on your cock or any man's cock."

    "Does it really feel that good," Grant asked, obviously surprised.

    "Judging from the fact that when I suck your cock, you or any man usually cums just once whereas when a guy licks my pussy and clit, I'll have three, four, or more intense orgasms, I would say I love having your tongue and mouth on my cunt far more than you enjoy having me suck your cock. So, if you intend to fuck my mouth and throat a lot in the future, you're going to have to learn how to give a woman oral sex. Understand?"

    Grant nodded. "Are you telling me that if I don't learn how to give your hot pussy pleasure with my mouth and tongue, I can forget getting any more blowjobs from you?"

    "That's a very blunt way of putting it... makes me sound like an extortionist, but basically that's the deal, Honey."

    "How come Marcella has never explained it to me so clearly?"

    "She's your wife. Other women aren't. Truthfully, Grant, I love sucking your big cock and making you cum. When you shoot inside my mouth, I usually cum too it’s so exciting. If you would ever give me oral sex until you make me cum, I think it would be so exciting for you, I wouldn't be able to get you to stop and let me rest." Leaning back in her chair with her legs wide open, she asked, "So what's it going to be, Stud? Cocksucking and pussy from me whenever you want it or just a steady diet of pussy?"

    Grant fell to his knees in front of Ginger's open legs. "I haven't done this before. I hope you'll cut me a little slack while I learn."

    "Don't worry, Lover. You're gonna have me and Marcella begging for your tongue before this weekend is over." Ginger lifted her thigh over the chair arm and waited, her pussy gushing and pulsing.

    Grant pressed his face into her sex saddle and ran his tongue up the length of the pulsing sex trench. As his tongue moved over her opening, he stabbed his tongue into her hole as deeply as possible. Ginger's hips rose off the chair. "OOOOohhh... Baby! Suck meeeeeeee!"

    When his tongue hit her erect clitoris, Grant felt the clit pulse... then throb. It began to dance in and out of its protective hood as he stroked it repeatedly with his tongue. Above his head, he heard Ginger's moans and gasps becoming louder and louder. Abruptly, he pulled his head back from her quivering cunt.

    "I thought I would hate the aroma and the taste, but I LOVE it! It's so musky... so intoxicating. I'm already hard as stone."

    "Shut up ... stop talking, Grant. You've already got me throbbing... Give me more! Please!" Her hips arched six inches off the chair's seat and thrust frantically in the air in an effort to entice the male tongue back onto her engorged and pulsing clit.

    Once more, Grant attacked Ginger's soaked pussy. As soon as his tongue slashed over the surface of her clitoris, she wailed and her vagina contracted in an intense spasm. A moment later, she screamed at her husband who was now jacking off while watching his wife being sucked.

    "Oh god, Baby! He's making your wife cum... OOOHHHH FUCK! I'M CUMMING!"

    Grant almost shot off when he felt Ginger's vagina erupting again and again. Her clitoris contracted and expanded repeatedly as the orgasm ripped through her pussy. Suddenly, she spurted all over his face. What he had previously thought would be repulsive excited him so much he began ravishing Ginger's pussy even harder. His tongue became a blur of motion over her exploding clit.

    After Marcella had parked in the driveway of the lake house, she turned to Chad. "Would you prefer to go in the back way? I left the back door unlocked so we can if you like. The guest bedroom is ours for today and tonight. It's right next to the back door."

    "Why should I want to go in the back door?"

    Marcella shrugged. "I just thought you might not want to see my husband and your dad fucking your mom."

    "They're both fucking her? Right now?"

    "Probably... at least one of them will be on her... that's almost certain."

    "Then let's go in the front door. I've never seen anyone fucking before... I mean for real. I've seen video porn."

    "Ok. Let's be quiet so we can see just how slutty Ginger is when she doesn't know her son's watching."

    Marcella unlocked the front door as quietly as possible, and the two of them heard the sounds of sex coming from the den. Ginger was groaning rhythmically while one of the men was grunting with the same rhythm.

    "Your mom's being fucked, Chad. Do you hear how her groans immediately follow the man grunts? He's grunting every time he rams his cock into her, and she groans in response. Come on... let's get closer."

    From the hallway, they saw that Cordell and Grant had Ginger on the couch on her knees. Chad's dad was seated with his wife bent over licking and sucking his hard cock. Grant was kneeling behind her pounding his cock in and out of her upturned cunt. On every stroke, his rod was sinking all the way into her and his balls was slapping her wet cunt. From their position, Marcella and Chad had a perfect of the cock disappearing inside her vagina

    Grant and Cordell fucked Ginger’s cunt and mouth. Chad’s
    cock got harder and harder as he watched.

    "My god... your husband's fucking my mom in her ass," Chad whispered. "And she's sucking Dad at the same time!"

    "Doesn't she look hot and beautiful? Are you hard, Honey?"

    "She does, and I'm so fucking hard!"

    "Come on, Chad. Let's take this to the guest bedroom and do something about that hard problem you've got."

    The two of them hurried back to the bedroom, Marcella actually beating Chad there. Mounting the game table on her elbows and knees, she bent over and thrust her ass high. "Like my pants, Honey?" she asked knowing that the garment showed her every crease.

    "Oh fuck yes! But I want them off!"

    "The zipper's in the back, Honey. Strip me, Baby."

    Even after he had opened the zipper, the pants were so tight, they both had to work to get them over her flared hips. "You'll have to take off my heels to get the pants off, Chad."

    "But I want you to wear your heels," he protested.

    "Of course you do. You're a man... or soon will be. You can put them back on me after you get my pants off."

    Once Chad got the pants down around her thighs, he said, "Stand up, Marcella. It will be easier to get them off." When she stood up, Chad thought he was having a wet dream. With her big tits still out and her pants down around her thighs, only the tiny G-string concealed her pussy.

    "Oh damn! You're so fucking beautiful and sexy! Oh god... I'm about to cum," he moaned.

    "Of course you are, Honey. There's no way you could possibly hold your big load. You're a virgin. I'm really amazed that you haven't already shot off like a cannon."

    "I'm about to... I don't want to cum in my pants!"

    "You're not going to cum in your pants. Come here!"

    As soon as Chad was within reach, Marcella stripped off his pants and shorts. His 7-inch cock was standing nearly straight up... hard... ready... precum flowing from the tip. "Now sit down," Marcella commanded.

    When Chad was seated, Marcella knelt between his knees, bent over, and held his cock near her mouth. "I'm going to suck you off, Darling. I want you to enjoy every minute of it... just hold my head and fuck your cock into my throat... don't worry about choking me... your won't. And don't you dare pull your cock out of my mouth when you cum. Just pump your huge load into my belly, Lover."

    Marcella bent over and took Chad's throbbing, swollen member into her mouth. The teenager groaned with the intense pleasure of his first blowjob. Following directions, he held her head in place and thrust his ass upward driving his entire length into her throat. She grunted but took every inch. Chad began to fuck her mouth as she sucked him hard. It took less than a minute before his monster, pent up load gushed out. The first jet almost filled Marcella's mouth. She swallowed but couldn't get all of it down her throat before the second gush emptied into her.

    When Chad's cock had finally stopped shooting sperm and semen into her mouth, Marcella swallowed the last of his load and pulled her mouth off his now semi-hard rod. "My god! Talk about a huge load! I know you're a virgin, Honey, but don't you ever jack off?"

    "Sure, but you're just so hot and sexy. That's the first full blowjob I've ever had. Now, I want another. But first, get up on the table... on your back this time."

    Marcella laughed. "I don't think your sex gun is loaded right now, Honey."

    "You're right, it isn't, Marcella, but I've never licked and eaten a woman's pussy before. Get up on the table on your back."

    The thought that she was to be the first woman this hot teenager had ever eaten made her vagina contract and her clit throb. She hoisted herself onto the game table and rolled onto her back. "Hurry, Chad. EAT ME, HONEY!"

    When his hands took hold of her ankles and spread her legs almost straight, Grant's wife heard herself moaning... then begging, "Oooohhh hurry, Honey. Eat me, Lover. Make me cum... hard!"

    A moment later her ass arched off the table top, her eyes clenched shut, and her toes curled back as she felt the tongue stabbing deep into her core... again and again. Each thrust forced heated gasps of pleasure from her lungs. Then, she felt the tongue on her engorged and swollen clitoris... stroking it... sliding up and down the hard, erect shaft. Hard spasms rippled through her pussy when he sucked it hard... into his mouth where he lashed it repeatedly.

    She lasted no longer than Chad had. Her pussy slammed shut... then opened, her juices gushing in an explosive stream. The first hard contraction of her vagina had just finished when two fingers were pushed into her convulsing cunt, pulled out, and then driven into her ass. Both of her holes contracted again and then again... harder and harder with each spastic contraction. Chad was fingering fucking her asshole at the same time as he was licking her to repeated orgasms. Once again, she sprayed Chad with a huge ejaculation.


    Chad kept at her for another 10 minutes or more until the hot blonde wife was beating her fists on the table and shrieking with the hard, continuous orgasms that were forcing her cunt to expand and contract, to pulse and throb, and that were making her squirt so many times only tiny dribbles were being ejaculated each time her muscles tried to squeeze out more of her juices.

    "OHHHHH Gawd Damn you! Stop... you're killing meeeeeee... can't take any more... please... don't aaaahhhhhh... stop! Stop!" Another orgiastic convulsion wracked her cunt. "UUNNGGHHH!! DON'T ... DON'T ... STOP... OH PLEASE... DON'T STOP... MORE... MORE... I'M CUMMING... AAAHHH!"

    "Now my sex gun is loaded and ready again, you hot slut... I'm going to fuck you!"

    Marcella's cries had now become unintelligible gasps and shrieks. When Chad moved his hips between her splayed legs and aligned his rampant cock, she arched her ass to make her cunt a perfect target for his cock.


    Marcella howled and screamed as Chad licked her pussy and
    then fucked her hard. Her husband got iron hard
    listening to his wife being screwed.

    Out in the den, Grant's cock throbbed as he listened to the wild shrieks his wife was making while Chad was eating her pussy. When he heard her screaming that she was being fucked and begging Chad to fuck her harder, he had to get his raging cock into Ginger's cunt.

    Before she knew what was happening, Ginger was pushed onto her back on the couch. She felt Grant's arms under her legs forcing them up ... up... and then back until her knees were on either side of her cum-covered tits. The position elevated her ass and cunt. Grant mounted her and slammed his sex spike straight down into her gaping cunt hole. She wailed as it raced down the length of her vagina and drove hard against her womb shoving it back and allowing the full 8-inch fuck stick to bury itself inside her now throbbing cunt. Grant fucked Cordell's wife with the sound of his own wife's cries ringing in his ears as another cock was plowing her cunt.

    "Fuck her hard, Grant. Fuck the slut harder," he heard her husband urging. Ginger immediately began urging the same thing.

    "Do what he says, Honey. Slam the prick to me, Baby. Fuck my hot hole full of cum and afterwards I want you to eat it out of me... make me cum until I'm begging you to stop. Do it now. Fuck my cunt, Grant. Cum in me!"

    Except for brief moments of rest and silence, the moans of the two women continued until it was nearing 8 PM. Grant and Cordell were exhausted and suggested they take a break and prepare dinner. "Good idea," Ginger agreed. "You two studs have pretty much fucked me into the ground for the time being, at least."

    "Let's go see how Chad and Marcella are doing. They're probably ready for some dinner too."

    From the guest bedroom, they heard the sounds of Marcella moaning. "I think he's still fucking her," Ginger giggled. "Let's go have a look."

    She didn't have any trouble convincing the two men. When they reached the bedroom door, Marcella's moans had grown considerably louder. The door opened to Ginger's hand on the knob, and the three of them were greeted with the sight of the sweat and cum-covered blonde wife howling every time Chad fucked his thick shaft in and out of her widely stretched asshole. Her well-fucked cunt gaped open.

    "Oh Chad... harder... please... harder... I'm cumming again... oooohhhh... ooohhhh... cumming... fuck my ass... cum in me!"

    Ginger was rubbing her clit as she watched her son shagging the blonde's asshole... pumping in stroke after stroke, each one driving his cock all the way into Marcella's ass.

    Abruptly, the young stud jerked his shaft out of Marcella’s ass and rolled onto his back. “Mount me, Marcella. Fuck your hot ass on my cock,” he ordered.

    “Ohhh FUCK YES!” Grant’s wife hissed.

    Ginger and her two lovers watched as Chad’s cock sank into Marcella’s gaping asshole. The wildly excited blonde alternated between pumping her ass up and down the hard shaft and grinding against it.

    “Cum in me, Chad. Cum in my asshole, Lover,” she groaned.

    "Get ready, Mrs. Reinfield... big load's going in!"

    "Yesssss... innnnnn... innnnn.... shoot it in meeeeee!"

    "Ugh! Ugh! UGH! UGH! Cumming... cumming in your ass... NOW!"

    The three of them continued to watch until Marcella slumped against Chad, exhausted and gasping to catch her breath. Chad's cock was still throbbing slowly in Marcella's ass. Each time he throbbed, Marcella's pussy twitched in response.

    "Come on you two," Ginger said. "We're fixing dinner. Both of you put on something and come help us get the meal ready ... no eating dinner naked."

    Ginger retreated to the kitchen, but Cordell and Grant stayed to watch Marcella pulling on her skimpy green thong. Knowing her husband and Cordell were both watching, she put on a show for them. Once she had the thong up around her hips, she spread her legs wide apart, arched her ass, and pulled the thong deep into her sex trench. Looking over at the men, she asked, "Is this enough clothes for dinner?"

    Ginger and Marcella cooked the dinner while their husbands spent the time teasing Chad about losing his virginity. After eating, Cordell and Grant cleared the table and were washing the dishes. In the background, they could hear Marcella groaning softly as Chad fucked her on the couch in the den.

    "How come we're in here washing dishes while my teenage son is banging your wife?" Cordell asked.

    "I would say its because he's got more stamina than we have, and my wife can't get enough of his near virgin cock."

    "Yeah... but let's hurry and finish so we can go fuck my wife," Cordell suggested.

    "Hurry? Why? I'm still wasted from this afternoon. Aren't you?"

    "Well... yes, but I'm sure Ginger can breathe life back into us."

    After finishing the dishes and returning to the den, Cordell and Grant sat on the end of the couch with Ginger in the middle stroking their semi-hard cocks. Across the room, they watched Marcella riding Chad's iron-hard shaft. He was lying on the sofa's seat with his knees extended well beyond the couch's edge. Marcella straddled his legs with her feet on the floor. Using her legs to lift and lower her body, she pumped her pussy up and down the rigid male shaft. On every downward stroke, the cock disappeared completely inside Marcella's throbbing sex hole.

    "Ooohhh... look at that, Grant," Ginger whispered. "Look how hard he is... and how deep he's fucking her. Can you hear your wife moaning every time that big rod sinks into her pussy?" Grant's cock throbbed in her hand as she spoke.

    Turning to her husband, Ginger said, "Oh my! What a stud! Just look how our son is making Marcella cum. I'm going to be fucking you like that a lot from now on, Honey." Cordell's cock surged to full erection.

    "You hot Bitch," her husband hissed as he pushed his wife onto her back. Grant held her legs open while Cordell mounted her. As soon as his cock powered into her cunt, Ginger was moaning right along with Marcella.

    The double stimulation of watching his wife wildly fucking herself on a teenage boy's cock and seeing Cordell's prick hammering in and out of Ginger's pussy had Grant's rod throbbing with need. "Hurry up, Man. Put a load into her. I need to fuck her!"

    "Do what the man says, Darling," Ginger grunted as her feet jerked back and forth high over her husband's back. "Pump the load into me, Baby. There's another hard cock that needs to use your wife's hot pussy."

    Cordell grunted loudly as he pumped his semen into his wife's waiting cunt. As soon as he stopped shooting, Ginger pushed him off and keeping her legs wide open, said, "Your turn, Stud. Fuck me full, Grant. Hard!"

    Grant screwed the hot wife steadily... his thrusts becoming harder and faster as his orgasm approached. Ginger's mouth was wide open... her tongue out. She had her ankles locked about Grant's back trying to pull him even deeper into her convulsing cunt. "Oohhh... you're making me cum, Grant... can you feel my cunt throbbing? OH.. OH... OH!"

    From the other side of the room, they heard Chad yell, "I'm gonna shoot, Marcella! Get off! Gonna cum in your mouth!" Cordell's eyes immediately left his wife and Grant and looked over to see Marcella kneeling in front of Chad. She had her hand wrapped about his swollen cock. The head was purple and bloated. Cordell could see his shaft swelling and throbbing. Grant's wife was rapidly jacking the rod while pointing the head right at her open mouth. When she felt Chad's rod swelling and jerking harder, she moved her mouth even closer and extended her tongue.

    Suddenly, Chad's load exploded! The first gush fired almost straight up in the air over Marcella's head. She quickly adjusted her aim and pumped the shooting cock harder and faster. The second cum jet hit her upper lip and nose... the third and several more thereafter shot straight into her wide open mouth. Some of the cum ran down her tongue, and she quickly pulled her tongue back inside her mouth to avoid losing Chad's load. Another stream hit Marcella's lower lip and chin. A moment later, there was a long rope of cum swinging from her chin.

    Seeing his wife take Chad's load into her mouth like that propelled him over the edge. His own load pumped into Ginger's pussy in three large spurts before ebbing. When he finally withdrew, thick, white sperm belched from her widely stretched channel.

    "Clean me, Grant. Suck me. Make me cum again!" she yelled. Marcella turned and was both amazed and enormously pleased to see her husband thrusting his head between the blonde's thighs and covering her gushing hole with his mouth. He sucked and licked for several minutes before Ginger's ass rose a foot off the couch. She emitted a shrill wail as the orgasm ripped through her cunt. Her hard contractions forced the remains of the semen and sperm into Grant's mouth. Marcella's pussy throbbed when she saw him swallowing.


    A week after their long, erotic weekend at the lake house, Grant and Marcella were relaxing in their den after the children were asleep. Grant was watching the TV news without much interest. Marcella was reading a novel. Gradually, Grant's attention moved from the TV to his sexy blonde wife. She was sitting on the couch with her legs curled under her. The position had caused her skirt to ride high on her thighs.

    "I know something we could do that's a lot more fun than watching this news program or reading that novel, Honey," Grant said softly.

    "I'm pretty tired to tonight, Grant. Cleaning up the kitchen... particularly that dirty oven... really exhausted me. I'm sorry."

    "That's all right, Darling. I understand." Marcella's attention returned to her novel. She adjusted her position and her skirt rode higher... almost up to her panties. Grant's cock slowly hardened as he watched.

    Sliding out of his chair, he crawled over to the couch until he was kneeling in front of Marcella, his eyes at the level of her knees. Naturally, his wife noticed him. She smiled and again said, "I'm really sorry I'm so tired, Darling."

    "Not a problem, Honey. Just relax and read your novel." His tongue slowly licked up the length of her calf and then onto the outside of her left thigh... back and forth... again and again... very slowly... very erotically. After ten minutes of licking her leg and thigh, Grant looked up and saw that his wife had dropped her book into her lap and now had her eyes closed.

    Gently, he lifted her left knee into the air to expose her inner thighs and her panties. His tongue moved to his wife's right thigh, which was lying on the surface of the couch. For several minutes, his tongue caressed its length... gradually moving higher and higher until the tongue was only an inch from the crotch of her panties. The musky aroma of her cunt had his cock rigid with lust.

    Grant switched to her left thigh and for another five minutes treated it to the same sensuously erotic tongue bath. As he moved higher, this time the tip of his tongue just touched the edge of her panties. Marcella's hips began to undulate... the tongue continued to lick her... coming so tantalizingly close to her now wet and pulsing pussy, but not touching it.

    Her book fell to the floor, unnoticed. Marcella groaned and straightened her legs out so that they spanned her husband's head that was still deep between her open thighs... still caressing each one with his tongue.

    "My panties! For god's sake... my panties!" she moaned.

    "Yes... your panties... I see them, and they're gorgeous, and they smell delicious!" Grant's tongue lightly traced the panty crotch directly over his wife's sex slit.


    The tongue moved higher... right over her now erect clitoris. It pressed against it... licking... stroking."

    "OOOOoohhhhh! AAAaaahhhhh!"

    "Your clit... it's so hard... I can feel it throb under my tongue."


    "I think it wants to be licked too... it's jealous of your thighs. I'm sure it wants my tongue."


    "I know you're tired, but I think I'll take off your panties anyway, Darling." When Grant's hands moved to the waistband of the panties, Marcella's hips arched high to allow him to slip them over her ass. When they were down to her thighs, she lifted both legs. Grant pulled the sodden garment off and threw it aside. His wife's body fell back onto the couch, her legs gaping wide... the hot hole of her pussy open and wet... her clitoris protruding from its hood and already pulsing in anticipation of what was to come.

    Forty minutes later, Marcella was moaning and wailing in the midst of her fifth orgasm. The covers on the seat cushions were soaked with musky her cuntal juices mixed with Grant's saliva. Marcella's ass, which had been pounding up and down in a frenzy during her first four orgasms, was now just quivering as her body shuddered, too exhausted and tired to do more.

    As her orgasm ebbed, Grant pulled his head from between his wife's thighs and kissed her belly ... then upward to her still heaving breasts... and finally to her lips. She opened her mouth to allow their tongues to caress.

    "That was just out of this world, Darling. I've never... ever... not in my whole life... had anyone make me cum on a tongue that hard and that many times. You were wonderful!"

    "I'm sorry it took me so long to learn, but I intend to make it up to you for the rest of our lives." Marcella's body shuddered even harder.

    "You'll kill me," she moaned as she worked her pussy up and down her husband's iron-hard phallus. "But I'll die in ecstasy."

    Grant smiled. "I'll run you a warm bath, Darling."

    "Bath? I don't want a bath... I want this big hard cock up my cunt... and right now!"

    "But you said you were too tired," Grant teased.

    "Your fantastic tongue changed my mind. Now shut up and fuck my brains out!"

    At 11:50 AM the following Tuesday, Cordell stuck his head in the doorway of Grant's office. "You ready to head out for lunch?"

    "Yeah. I'm done here for the morning. Let's get some lunch."

    The two men walked together to their cars in the parking lot. As they walked, they discussed the upcoming contract negotiations. Upon reaching their cars, that conversation ended and the two men headed out for lunch.

    Ten minutes later Grant and Cordell were having lunch. At the same time, four female legs were high in the air jerking back and forth with their toes curling back. Suddenly, two of the legs went rigid as the woman vibrated in her first orgasm. A minute later and a half mile away, the other two female legs shot straight out as her tongue flicked rapidly over her top lip and her vagina convulsed in hard spasms.

    Both cocks fucked the two pulsing vaginas even harder... deeper... making both women grunt as their asses were driven deep into the mattress. As the cocks rammed the waiting pussies harder, male hands pushed underneath to grasp each female ass and keep it elevated in perfect position.

    As their first orgasms abated, the women regained sufficient control to allow them to wrap their legs tightly about the thrusting male buttocks that pounded between their thighs. Both women locked their ankles and pulled their lovers deep into their sex saddles. Female moans again filled both bedrooms.

    One woman howled loudly as she felt two thick, male fingers sinking into her ass. Her hips went into overdrive immediately forcing those two fingers deep into her contracting ass. When the fingers were replaced with hard cock, she came again.

    A half mile away, the woman was abruptly turned over so that she was mounted on the man's pile driving phallus. He pulled her body downward until her tits dangled close to his mouth. A long, protracted moan escaped her lips as she felt the intense suction of his mouth on her rock-hard nipples. At the same time, the male shaft plowed in and out of her vagina faster and harder.

    "Oh god! Fuck It! Fuck It! Fuck It! Cumming... I'm fucking cumming again!"

    Both women were now moaning continuously. Their lovers put them on their knees and pushed their heads onto the bed. A half mile apart, both women were ordered to spread and hike their asses higher. Almost simultaneously, two iron-hard dicks slammed into their stretched vaginas thudding into their wombs with masculine authority. Both women began begging the man fucking her to do it harder...deeper.

    When the women began to cum, the two cocks pulsed and jerked deep inside their contracting cunts. Thick streams of sperm and semen fired into the women... filling each pussy to overflowing. The thick, escaping cum slowly ran down their thighs.

    Grant and Cordell both thought “lunch” was great.

    Forty minutes after first receiving cock, both pussies were covered by male mouths their tongues torturing their sensitive, swollen clits as they sucked the cuntal juices and cum from their throbbing holes.

    Shortly before 1 PM, Ginger stood in the doorway of her home kissing her lover passionately. When he finally pulled his lips from hers, she sighed. "I loved that, Grant. Did you like the lunch I gave you?"

    "Oh hell yes! I loved the box lunch you prepared for me."

    "Same time on Friday?" Ginger asked.

    "Count on it."

    A half mile away, Marcella's lover was both kissing her passionately and finger fucking her cunt. "MMMmmmmm... better be careful, Cordell, or you're going to be very, very late getting back to work.

    "I loved the lunch you provided," Cordell said grinning. "I hope you enjoyed it just half as much as I did."

    "Are you kidding. I loved it. I can't even begin to tell you how filling it was and I really appreciate the way you cleaned up the mess."

    "Anytime, Marcella... anytime."



    Grant finished the contracts by 4 PM on Thursday and was home by 5 PM. When he entered the house, he was surprised not to see the kids. Then he remembered that today was the first day of their summer camp.

    Walking into the kitchen to kiss his sexy wife and see what she was fixing for dinner, he found the kitchen empty with nothing cooking on the stove. "Where the hell is Marcella?" he thought to himself. With the glimmering of an idea forming in his brain, Grant walked quickly to the master bedroom.

    He found his wife sprawled on their bed. She was naked, and the bed was a total wreck. The bed covers had obviously been quickly stripped and tossed into the corner. The bed sheet was loose at two of the corners and rumpled. Marcella lay in the middle of the bed, her legs wide open with a stream of cum leaking from her widely stretched pussy. Her tits and belly were covered with it. There were several wet spots all over the sheet, the biggest one being beneath her ass right where she was lying.

    "My god! You've been fucked!" Grant exclaimed.

    Marcella opened her eyes and smiled seductively. "You noticed, huh? How can you tell?" she asked mischievously.

    "What happened?"

    "Just what you said... I got fucked... hard... a lot."

    "Who... when?"

    "First, it was Cordell. He came over at 1:30 and stayed until 3:00."

    "But it's not Friday. It's Thursday."

    "He said he just couldn't wait, Darling. Don't be too hard on him. When he was here for "lunch" on Tuesday, I suggested that he might consider stopping by at other times too."


    "True, but I can see your cock is hard... so I don't think you're too mad at me or that you intend to put me in a convent."

    "Who else? You haven't been lying there since 3 PM."

    "Chad cut basketball practice. He came by at 3:30 PM. I was still in bed. When he saw that I was freshly fucked, he was on me and in me in a flash. He just left... about 15 minutes ago. Take your cock out."

    Grant quickly unzipped his pants and hauled out a rigid 8-inch, throbbing erection. "Oh fuck, you're big, Baby. Do you want sloppy sevenths right now or do you want me to get up and fix dinner?"

    Grant went to Marcella's closet and selected the shortest skirt he could find along with a matching low-cut blouse. He tossed the two garments onto the bed along with a pair of sandals with 4-inch heels. Walking over to her bureau, he selected a thong and a demi-bra and added them to the stack of clothes. "Get dressed, you hot Slut. We're going out for dinner and dancing afterwards followed by hot sex all night long."

    "Oh that's wonderful! Just give me 15 minutes to shower and put on some fresh make up."

    "No shower... no bath... you can put your make up on in the car on the way to dinner. I'll give you five minutes before I use my belt on your hot ass."

    "I'm going to smell like cunt and sex all evening."

    "Mmmmmmm... I know. Every guy who sees you will get hard."

    "And all the cum... it's going to be running down my thighs and legs."

    "You only have four minutes left."

    When Grant escorted his wife to the car, she looked hot as fire... not just a little like the whore of Babylon.

    On the following Saturday, Chad's cell phone rang. He picked it up and saw that it was Joanne calling.

    "Hello, Joanne."

    She didn't waste time with polite conversation. "Why haven't you called me, Chad? It's been two weeks and I haven't heard a word from you."

    "I've been busy, Joanne."

    "I've heard! You've been out with that slut Susan Mallard, haven't you?"

    "I don't discuss or talk about the women I date, Joanne. I show Susan and any other girl the same consideration I've always shown you."

    There was silence on the line for a time. Finally, Chad asked, "Joanne? Are you still there?"

    "Yeah... I'm still here. I was just thinking. Are you ever going to ask me out again?"

    "Probably not, Joanne. It's really best if you find a guy who shares your moral values. I'm not that guy." She
    hung up without another word.

    On Monday, Joanne called again. "Please, Chad. Don't be like this. I really want to go out with you. Will you give me another chance? Please."

    "You're a beautiful girl, Joanne... just drop-dead gorgeous. Every time I've gone out with you, I've gotten hard as soon as you were in the car. If we date again, I'm going to fuck you."

    There was another long silence. This time Chad waited. When Joanne spoke again, she said, "I'm scared, Chad. I've heard that it really hurts. And I don't want to get pregnant."

    "Joanne, when was your last period?"

    "I just finished yesterday. Why?"

    "Because you're not fertile right now. But to be certain, we'll use a spermicidal jelly. You should go to the school's health officer and start taking birth control pills. But for tonight, you're safe."

    "As for hurting, the pain, if any, will be minor and very brief. But I'll make you a promise. If you decide it hurts too much, all you have to do is tell me, and we'll stop."


    "Absolutely. But I can tell you, you're going to love it."

    Chad had Joanne in the back seat of his dad's SUV. The seats had been folded down and a mattress inserted for comfort. The young beauty was naked as was Chad. When she saw his iron-hard, thick, 7-inch cock, she had gasped saying, "I can't take that. It's too big. It's gonna hurt me."

    "Not only can you take it, you're going to love having it in your pussy. In fact, you're going to want it all the time." Joanne shuddered at the thought.

    Joanne was lying on the mattress with her knees up and her legs open. Chad was slowly licking her nipples... sucking them... nipping them... while his hand was rubbing teasingly over her mound just above her clitoris.

    It wasn't long before she stopped trembling from fear and began trembling from excitement. Each time Chad sucked on her nipples, she felt ripples of pleasure flowing through her virgin pussy. His hands were every where except on her pussy. They stroked her legs... her thighs... her tits.... her mound... over and over.

    Her excitement mounted higher and higher. Chad moved his tongue lower and began licking her belly letting the tip of his tongue explore and probe her belly button. Rolling on top of her, he moved her legs wider to accommodate his hips. His hands moved upward to capture her large tits as his tongue made wide circles about her belly to a point an inch above her now erect clitoris.

    Male fingers pulled her nipples... squeezed them rhythmically... and then twisted them just enough to cause thrills to surge through her body.

    "His tongue is so close to my clitoris... why doesn't he lick it?" she thought.

    When Chad began to move lower, she spread hoping he would do it to her. But he bypassed her gushing pussy and began to lick her inner thighs until her ass was arching upward.

    After a half hour of stimulating her, Joanne began to beg. "Please, Chad. Lick me."

    "I am licking you, Joanne... your hot, big tits and nipples... your belly... your mound... your thighs... legs. Tell me where you want me to lick you."

    Her vagina contracted in a hard spasm. "My pussy... please. LICK MY PUSSY!"

    Fifteen minutes later, with a male tongue lashing her clitoris, Joanne screamed as her first orgasm surged through her cunt. Chad didn't allow the shuddering female a moment to recover. His tongue licked harder... his fingers probed just inside her vagina and found her G-spot. When his finger massaged it at the same time as his tongue licked up and down the length of her swollen clitoris, Joanne came again... this time even harder than the first time. She was now moaning continuously.

    Moving to the side, Chad drove his middle and ring fingers into the throbbing vagina up to the point that they encountered her hymen. As Chad's thumb worked her clit, his fingers began to move in and out of her pussy scraping over the G-spot every time they moved inside her sex channel.

    Joanne was now screaming. Her hips were pumping high off the bed of the car. "Lift your legs, Joanne. Elevate your cunt so I can make you squirt."

    The young woman was beyond thinking now. Her legs rose and pulled back toward her tits. Chad took full advantage of her wide open position to rub the G-spot hard and fast as his other hand moved to her sex slot just above her clit and rubbed her furiously. Her cunt contracted in a huge spasm. Throwing her head back, Joanne's vagina erupted in hard contractions sending huge streams of her juices spurting more than two feet into the air.


    Pushing the howling female onto her back, he moved to the side and probed for the entrance to her cunt with his cock head. Joanne jerked her right thigh high in the air and held it there as Chad's cock found her opening and began sinking into the depths of her body. Two inches in, Chad felt Joanne's hymen pressing against the head of his rampant, swollen cock. Joanne's hips continued to hunch in hot fuck motions.

    "I'm going to fuck you now, Joanne. I'll go very slowly. Tell me if it hurts you."

    Joanne's cunt was now so wet and open, Chad's cock easily fucked back and forth inside her pussy. Every time two inches of cock entered her, they both felt the bloated head pressing against her hymen.

    "Oohhhh it's going to hurt... That big cock will just tear me apart," Joanne wailed.

    Chad ignored the wailing girl and carefully pressed harder against the restricting membrane. It gave slightly and he immediately moved back releasing the pressure. For several minutes he fucked Joanne's pussy giving her only two inches of cock... stopping each time the head pressed against her hymen.

    Each stroke worked back and forth over her sensitive G-spot. As he fucked her, his fingers trapped and stroked her clitoris... alternating between sliding his fingers up and down the erect shaft and rubbing her just above the distended pulsing clitoris. Joanne's hips were now thrusting wildly against his thick cock... trying to make it fuck faster... and forgetting about the pain... deeper.

    After ten minutes of stroking his cock in and out of Joanne's pussy, she began to groan... then whine... then howl... "I'm cumming... ooohhh my god... I'm cumming," she hissed.

    When her vagina erupted in the hard contractions of orgasm, Chad snapped his hips forward with one hard, authoritative masculine thrust. Joanne's thin membrane was no match for the surging cock that demanded entrance to the depths of her cunt. Her legs flew apart as her membrane gave way.

    Chad's cock drove down the length of the moaning teenage girl's cunt ... deeper and deeper into her sex channel... stretching her open... making her ready for fucking. When the head thudded into the bottom of her pussy, Joanne grunted as women do, but did not shriek in pain.

    Her eyes snapped open. She stared at her lover with awe. "You made me cum again. I came so hard!" she gasped. Then she realized that Chad's cock was deep inside her cunt... all the way up against her womb. His pubic bone was grinding against her sensitive clitoris sending waves of intense pleasure through her body. "Oohhhh god... that feels so good." Chad continued to grind against her pulsing clitoris bringing the moaning girl closer and closer to another climax.

    "OOoohhhhh ... your thing is in me... all the way in me."

    "It is. You're no longer a virgin. Did it hurt?"

    "No... not at all... How did you do that?"

    "I've had two incredibly good teachers. Are you ready to cum again?"

    "You can make me cum again?" Joanne asked, obviously stunned.

    "As many times as you want... but one thing... don't ever call it "my thing" again. It's a cock. Call it that."

    "Ohhhh yes sir! Please... fuck me with your big cock and make me cum again."

    Chad pulled his shaft out of Joanne's vagina... she moaned with the loss. "It feels so much better when it's in my pussy," she hissed.

    Moving between the sexy blonde's legs, Chad pushed them high above her head to elevate her cunt. Placing his cock at her opening, he asked, "Ready to be fucked again?"

    "YESS!" came the excited female response. "Fuck that big cock into me!" Joanne sighed ... then groaned in female pleasure as her vagina was again stretched open to accommodate the male shaft. When Chad began fucking her, she began to grunt in time to his strokes.

    Pushing her legs higher and higher, the cock continued to plow the wailing teenager's cunt. "I'm so close... sooo close... can't believe this... gonna cum again."

    Before Joanne had time to reach her orgasm, Chad pushed her up onto her shoulders with her pussy almost right above her head. He was now standing and fucking his cock straight down into the hot, waiting cunt. She held her tits and wailed, "I'm almost there, Chad. Fuck me harder!"

    "I need to cum too... can't hold it much longer... you're just too hot, Joanne. I'm going to pull out and put in the spermicidal jelly I promised."


    "But you said you were afraid of getting pregnant?"

    "That was just a stupid female excuse because I was afraid it would hurt to be fucked. I know I won't get pregnant since I just finished my period. Shoot inside me, Chad. Please. I'll get on the pill as soon as I can and then you can always shoot inside me."

    Joanne stopped talking when she felt the iron-hard male shaft begin ramming her hard and deep. Her eyes clenched shut... her mouth stretched wide open... her tongue shot out... all at the same time as her cunt erupted in a series of hard contractions that again caused her juices to spurt. In the midst of her orgasm, she heard Chad grunting as his cock spewed huge jets of semen and sperm into her hot hole.
    Joanne loved having Chad’s hard cock inside her
    cunt making her cum and squirt.

    They lay side-by-side in the back of the SUV for 15 minutes. No one spoke. Joanne cuddled close...her head on Chad's shoulder... his hand stroking her ass... her hand wrapped around his shaft slowly feeling it... then stroking it.



    "Why did you let me treat you so badly?. Why didn't you just tell me to shut up and fuck my brains out? I can't believe I waited so long. It was just fantastic!"... Joanne stopped talking and just cuddled closer and sighed in pleasure. Then, suddenly... "Oh My God! You're getting hard again! You're going to fuck me again, aren't you?"

    "Absolutely, but first I want you to suck me until I'm hard as stone... then you get it again... not until."

    "I've never sucked a boy's cock before."

    "Rub your clit while you do it. You'll love it. I promise."

    "I believe you... oh do I ever believe you!"

    It was the first week of August, and it was hot. Ginger and Chad had just climbed out of their swimming pool and were sitting side-by-side on beach chairs in the shade beneath a large umbrella.

    Leaning back in the chair with her large breasts prominently displayed by her string bikini, Ginger asked, "How often are you fucking Joanne now?"

    "Whenever I feel like it... four or five times a week."

    "Tell me about it. Is she good?"

    "Later, Mom. On Thursday and Friday."

    "What's so special about Thursday and Friday?"

    "Dad told me that he'll be out of town on another business trip then."


    "So, I think it will be hot to tell you all the details about Joanne while I'm fucking you."

    "We've discussed this before, Chad. I'm your mother, not your girl friend."

    Chad smiled but didn't respond. Ginger waited but he remained silent. Finally, she asked, "Did you hear what I said?"

    "I heard. You're my mother... not my girl friend. But mothers have pussies too. And on Thursday and Friday, I'm going to fuck yours."

    Neither of them said another word. Five minutes later, Chad fell asleep as the warm breeze moving over his wet body cooled and soothed him. Ginger, however, was still wide awake. Her pussy was throbbing too hard to permit her to sleep.

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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