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. Becky pays reparations

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Black Pine Diaries, May 13, 2018.

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  1. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    A successful rally celebrating interracial harmony ends uncomfortably for a white, married couple when a black man expects reparations in form of sex with the wife. His aggressive and dominant approach makes the husband nervous and defensive. Fear of being called racists, the wife quickly comes up with a way to settle the dispute before it grows out of hand.

    Will and Becky were a married, white couple in their late 20's. Childless, they were entering a period of their lives searching for greater purpose. Will was lean but quite nonathletic. Not unattractive by modern standards, he wouldn't grab covers of magazines or sport a second look at the gym or basketball court. He was a typical white-collar worker making too much money and never bothering understanding the sexual potential of his wife. His wife, Becky, was a slender and petite woman. Sporting brown hair past her shoulders, she had nice round breasts and a slender ass that looked beautifully round for any man she bent over for. Becky had lost her job in the pharmaceutical field (due to a corrupt CEO embezzling funds) and looked to pursue social advocacy. She drew interested in the Black Power Movement after they branched into her city of Black Pine and elected its first African American mayor. Becky followed the Movement on social media and was fascinated reading success stories. She was optimistic when she learned the organization welcomed contributions specifically from white women. Her readings opened her mind to the philosophy of the BPM. White women shared as much responsibility and obligation to end racism, bridge the racial divide, and meet the needs of the black race as white men.

    Becky sneaked from her husband to join her first Black Power Movement event soon after the Mayor's election. She was taken back with the crowd's diversity between black and white, men and women. There were news cameras, video bloggers, poets dressed in berets, and rappers singing ballads. While the Mayor was the center of attention he didn't do any speaking. It was her first close look at Akin Kalu, the appointed Head of the Black Pine chapter of the BPM. A tall man in his forties, he was dressed in African-style clothes, and had a voice smooth as a religious speaker. Hearing his first words all but seduced Becky into "the cause". Those words touched on trust and sacrifice. He also warned of the irreversible and unforgivable scars with being branded a racist. Becky feared being labeled as one more than the Devil. She embraced the mission of the Movement putting her career behind her. From that moment, she would drag her husband, Will, to other rallies in and outside of Black Pine.

    It was Friday evening and the Movement held a local summit at the Black Pine headquarters. The Movement moved into an abandoned strip mall in an underdeveloped part of town. Instead of drawing a big box store, it was left rotting while strip clubs, liquor stores, and an adult toy store sprung up around it. The new administration of Mayor Jordyn Sweet quickly approved permits, especially if they were black owned. When in the shadows of the Black Power Movement headquarters, the adult-themed businesses became an anchor in the pursuit of diversity of Black Pine.

    The crowd came to a rousing applause when its final speaker Akin Kalu took the podium. He bellowed his opening line, "Trust and sacrifice are the first two tenets for harmony between the races." The crowd cheered. "Racial justice must come at any price. There can be no justice when white privilege remain. We must fight it, extinguish it. With our heart, mind, and body. Stand up to the white man! You - black men and you - white women, must stand, sit, and even LAY together!"

    Becky put her hands over her head and clapped. She didn't realize the innuendo and was swept up with Akin's determination for togetherness. The crowd jumped up and down as another rally concluded with glowing black pride. As many made their way out of the building, Becky wanted to stay behind, "I want to shake the hands of our guest speakers!" she said. Becky was wearing a brown dress suitable for the heat. Its skirt a little over her knees, she sported a little cleavage. Will thought it was a bit too much but said little about it.

    Akin Kalu was surrounded by his admirers, both men and women. He was nearly impossible to approach when Reggie stepped in between Akin and Becky. Reggie was a 30 year old, black male and member of the BPM. He was one of the speakers advocating reparations for the black race from white peoples. Carrying a bucket, he was hitting up on white couples asking them to donate cash. No white couple declined and no one dropped less than a Jackson. Becky pulled her attention from Akin's chiseled face and stared at Reggie. His eyes were piercing and determined. But Becky smiled and reached out her hand.

    "I'm Becky and I really enjoyed your speech. I'm a huge believer in reparations.", she said.

    Reggie took to shake her hand but stared at her sexually. She couldn't be another silly girl thinking she understands black plight and shows up out of white guilt? "It really makes me feel real good to be part of black pride!" she continued, naively thinking she stood as equals with black men and women. Reggie leered into Becky's eyes and studied her plump lips. He imagined how they look obediently sucking black cock. He then put his hand on Becky's hip and pulled her near. She did not resist.

    Becky was falling into a trance but snapped herself out. Trying to break the awkwardness, she began reaching into her purse for money. "Um, let me get you something for the bucket." Reggie cared nothing for the money as Becky dropped two tens and a five. He stared into her cleavage and even had the arrogance to pull on her blouse to get a better look at expose a part of her bra.

    "Do you really believe in reparations, Becky? I mean paying more than just money?" he asked her.

    Becky looked up and into Reggie's eyes. She had fallen back into a trance again. But Reggie was impatient and getting annoyed at the hesitation from this white girl. Becky cleared her throat, "Yes, of course. I believe in justice and racial equality."

    Reggie corrected her, "Black superiority." he said.
    Becky gave a solid answer, "Yes, black superiority."

    Will had seen enough. He didn't mind the money. He overlooked the hand on her hip. But he didn't like how long they were staring at each other. This man was spending too much time staring into her eyes and breasts. Will hurried to his wife but kept bumping into people trying to get out of the building. He knew every second held away is another second of trouble.

    With a stiff member in his groin, the alpha male made his move. He needed this woman and partly blamed her for arousing him. Squeezing Becky's ass, he told her, "I'm going to fuck you today, Becky. You're going to be my bitch and take care of my needs."

    Confused, Becky could only reply, "Wait, what. You are? I am?".

    Will lost sight of Becky and Reggie when a crowd of three rappers, who called themselves Black Dick Three, stopped right in front of him and began singing. He looked left and decided to go right weaving around a pair of white ladies arm-in-arm with black men escorting them to the exits. He never noticed two white husbands sweating behind them.

    "You good at sucking cock?" Reggie bluntly asked her.
    "Yes ... I think so." Becky replied honestly without realizing what she was getting himself into.
    Reggie followed up with a crack, "I bet you love sucking strange cocks?"
    Becky giggled and nodded her head, "I really do."

    "Becky? What's going on?" Will asked. Finally made his way, he grabbed Becky's arm and pulled her out of Reggie's grasp.

    "Um, this is Reggie." Becky explained, "He's asking for reparations and needs to fuck me."
    "Who are you, white boy!" Reggie barked.
    "I'm her husband!" Will answered in his first and last attempt standing up to Reggie. He was about to go off on Reggie for hitting on his wife before Becky snapped out of her trance and interrupted Will. She realized how sexual and inviting she had been to Reggie. "Wait ... wait! This is my husband. I can't talk about having sex with you ... in front of him."

    Some of the crowd were beginning to take notice of the angst. It didn't help that Reggie was raising his voice, raising the stakes. "What? You're not sexually attracted to black men? Or do you need your husband's permission before you fuck!"

    Gawkers began to form a tight circle. White women put their hands on their mouths in disbelief that a racial incident could happen here. Will was losing his will to confront Reggie in his "house". It didn't matter, Becky rushed her reply, "I don't need his permission and I am sexually attracted..." Becky looked down and whispered, "to black men."

    Reggie stepped closer to Becky and stared down Will, inviting him to interfere. "Then leave with me and pay with that tight body." Becky stammered, she was too busy looking around and hearing the muttering of peers. Desperate, she hoped her husband would get her out of this ordeal. She looked at Will with panic but he looked away as if racial cowardice and denial would make things better. "Will? Say something." she whimpered.

    "We'll make him watch. I insist!" Reggie demanded. Becky was beginning to cry. Her hopes and dreams of social advocacy was coming to a brutal end. The city's most open-minded and enlightened were about to ostracize her. Despair and disbelief kept her speechless. Her silence and hesitation was alarming.

    "Oh my gawd! Are they racists?" she imagined hearing.
    "Can't believe she won't help the black man." a woman whispered behind her, she thought.
    "Damn white people!" she believed someone cursed.

    Was this getting the attention of Mr. Kalu? He looked over his admirers wondering what the commotion was about. Why is everyone so interested in the white couple speaking with his advocate for reparations? Becky made the "number 1" sign with her index finger and pleaded with Reggie, "Please, we can work this out." She took out her phone and shooed her husband away with her hand. Out of fear and embarrassment, Will took a step away. Then another. He could see Becky talk softly with Reggie who did not lose his determination. Reggie only nodded before he and Becky exchanged a deep kiss before Reggie's hands found her ass and a breast. Will would have gone into orbit if it wasn't for the extreme racial tension in the room. He found relief that many onlookers began walking away in middle of their kiss, satisfied at the result of the confrontation. When Will had the courage to look again, his wife was returning to her. Reggie had already made his way into the opposite direction and hopefully out of their lives.

    "Let's get to the car." said Becky. The couple hurried to the emptying lot outdoors and hopped into their foreign-made SUV. Will hoped they would follow the more affluent visitors safely out of the part of the city known for strippers, drug dealers, and prostitutes. Will wanted so much to ask about that kiss Reggie had enjoyed from Becky. "You understand I had to get ourselves out of there?" asked Becky of her husband. "I had to invite Reggie a feel of my body. The kiss was unexpected but I went along with it." Will's heart fell into the pit of his stomach. It got worse, "And then our tongues met." said Becky.

    Will looked forward to the turn up ahead that would head them home. Becky had other plans. "Turn right, go down the street." she told her husband. Past the half-burned pawn shop, between a liquor store, and a porn shop was an ally headed towards a nameless three store building and hotel for transients. "Park at the curb. How much money do you have?" Becky asked. Will's wife was looking into the ally and had her eye on a prostitute with similar height and frame as she. "She will do." she said. The prostitute was white, similar age, with short, straight, blonde hair. She wore heavy makeup with red lipstick. Her wardrobe was as provocative as her profession. She wore a small, gold skirt that barely covered her ass and a thin, white t-shirt too tight for her small, bra-less, perky breasts. It had intentional rips that made her look tacky, sexy, and cheap.

    As Will, being a good husband, took out cash he asked Becky, "What are we doing here? Let's go home."
    "We can't go home and I need something from this slut." she crassly answered.

    By the time Will finished putting every dollar he had into Becky's palm, the blonde prostitute noticed the couple staring at her. She approached the passenger side window, cocked her head and waiting for the window to drop. She posed for the glass with an evil smile and made duck lips. The woman did have nice lips. Becky pushed a button and the door window slid down revealing Becky's smiling face.

    "Hello. Are you looking for some company tonight? Maybe a threesome?" the pro asked.

    Becky laughed, laughing at the very idea of having a three way with her husband. "Just me." Becky said, "I need something. You mind I step out and we chat?" The blonde agreed and Becky stepped out, closed the door behind her, and peered into the SUV. "Wait here for me. It won't be too long." Becky said to husband.

    Becky did most of the talking, most of the bargaining with the blonde who introduced herself as Sonja. Will saw Becky walk arm in arm with Sonja until they disappeared in the ally's shadows. The night was becoming more surreal by the minute. Will rolled the passenger window up, took a deep breath, and hoped no one would notice this shiny SUV parked in one of the most terrible parts of Black Pine.

    The sun had disappeared over the horizon bathing the city in a dark, purple hue. Will was tempted to phone his wife but found it awkward to interrupt her session with a prostitute. He turned to his right again and saw a womanly figure in a brown dress. The way she walked in her shoes, reminded Will of Becky. She approached the SUV and Will dropped the passenger window. The woman lowered her head and waved, "Hi, sweetie." It was Sonja dressed in Becky's clothes. "Thanks for the clothes though the bra is a little large for me. Your wife can call me any day or night." The prostitute smiled and walked away. Becky, dressed in her whore t-shirt and small, gold skirt walked up to the SUV in her new high heels and crawled into the seat.

    "I needed a change of wardrobe." Becky explained to her husband. "So, do I look fuckable?" she asked.

    Will was speechless. His eyes couldn't leave her breasts, pressed tightly into her shirt. Her nipples were visible through the thin material. Because of Becky's larger breasts, her shirt was raised exposing her belly button. The gold skirt was tiny and obscene. "I gave her $200 and we traded everything we wore, even our dirty panties ." she confessed.

    Will started the engine and pleaded, "Can we go home now?"

    But Becky's phone pinged an incoming text message. She looked into her phone and gave her husband new instructions. "We need to go to the Black Power Movement building now. Reggie is waiting for me."

    "Why?" Will asked with a raised voice. Disbelief, denial, anger was driving his emotions.

    Becky stared back with a look of steely daggers, "You know why."

    "You're not really considering ... giving in to him and doing this? Are you?" he wondered.

    "Duh! Look at me. " answered Becky, "If I don't let him fuck me, we can never attend another Black Power rally or event."

    Will liked that deal. Wanting to protest as he drove the SUV into a U-turn and back to the BPM parking lot, Becky never gave him the chance. She began to show signs of a new, dominant self. "Reggie is a black man only looking for sexual relief. I'm going to be part of the solution and let him dump cum in me." Will could not argue back. Being pussy-whipped was an understatement. "Sacrificing our monogamy is an insignificant price to satisfy a black man's needs for an evening." she added.

    Will drove back to the strip mall and Becky instructed him to drive around in back and look for suite number "4". Will parked the SUV near a trash dumpster, turned off his lights and engine. Becky took a deep breath and looked into the visor mirror and said in a tone of voice that sounded like she really didn't want to do this, "OK, let's go inside and get this over and done with."

    Defiant, Will retorted, "I'm not going inside. I want no part of this. It's bad enough that I'm ...."

    Becky snapped, "Fucking don't be racist! If you don't come watch Reggie fuck me, we won't be welcomed in the black community!"

    The couple stepped out of their vehicle, closed their doors behind them, and made their way to the back door as the SUV chirped twice. From behind, Will couldn't recognize his wife. She walked strangely awkward in Sonja's heels. The way she swung her hips made the skirt dance showing more of her ass. The shirt was riding up exposing her lower back and he had visions of a view doggie-style. Becky pulled on the handle of the door spray painted in black ink, "BPM only". The door wasn't locked and they both stepped into a orange lighted room with shag carpeting.

    It was a small lobby, if you can call it that. The walls were made from veneer panels. There was a couch and a love seat around a small coffee table in the middle. Sitting on the couch was a black male with a blonde sitting on his lap. Her name was Zara who was finishing giggling to whatever her male friend was saying. On the loveseat was another black male, late teens. Will recognized him as one of the rappers he bumped into earlier. While there was a television against the far wall playing basketball, nobody was paying attention. The three stared at the white couple and aroused by Becky's entrance in her whore's clothes. The orange hue made everyone in the room look devilish and almost evil, certainly corruptible.

    Becky cleared her throat, "We're here to ..." she mumbled. Looking embarrassed and shy. Zara gave her a closer look and saw the inexperience regardless of her choice of clothes. "What again? Speak up, sweetheart?" Zara asked with a pleasing tone.

    "We're here to pay ... reparations." Becky explained.

    The black men nodded in agreement of Becky's racial and social awakening. "Last door to the right." said Zara. Becky thanked them and proceeded off the shag carpet and down the hall on cold, oyster-colored tile. A longer walk for Will who just wanted to be invisible. The hallway was 20-feet deep, lit with a single, low-watt florescent bulb emitting a cold light and a hum. The wooden, six panel door was without a door knob. Just a hole where one should have been. Becky softly knocked on the door.

    Reggie's deep voice commanded, "Come inside."

    Pushing the door open, Becky and Will stepped into a room lit by lava lamps. No windows here, the lighting made the room more of a cave and a gateway to Hell. Reggie, barefoot and shirtless, stood in the middle of the room in front of a couch. Wearing nothing but black, nylon pants, draw strings were inviting Becky to pull them. Reggie liked what he saw, the change in Becky dressing more for her role in society. Becky unintentionally teased him by standing two paces away from her soon-to-be lover.

    "Damn! You look good." Reggie complemented. He was pleased. So much he complimented a white person. "I see you made good use with the time I gave you. And I thought you might chicken out."

    Becky took a couple steps so she could be nose to nose with Reggie. Responding to him, she shook her head, "I wouldn't lie to you. And I wanted to look appropriate. White girl appropriate." Reggie reached for one of Becky's breast and they kissed. A deep kiss with flickering, eager tongues. Will looked away and closed the door behind him, giving him something to get distracted with. Reggie wanted more and reached under her shirt and grabbed the flesh on her firm tit. His other hand on her ass under her skirt. Their hungry tongues never slowed their dance. Each took heavy breathes through their noses. Their lips parted and he helped her out of her tattered shirt dropping it on the floor. Reggie reached out both hands and cupped each breast and they kissed again before Reggie spun her on her stilettos to where she was sticking out her ass. Reggie reached underneath her skirt and grabbed her butt. "Bet you excited every black man in the rally to a hard-on with this fine ass."

    Reggie slapped her ass before bending over and giving her three gentle kisses there. He never let go of one of her breasts, kneading them. He slapped it once more before standing straight and grabbing Becky's chin, lecturing her, "You're ready to start paying for the sins of the white man?"

    Becky closed her eyes and surrendered with a nod. She put both hands on Reggie's firm pecks and eagerly awaited for the X-rated sex acts to begin. She was ready to do her part for the Black Power Movement and she started to find the "payment" very pleasing. Becky wanted this as badly as Reggie. Here was a strong man, a strong alpha male who demonstrated his unquestioned dominance. He taken her from her husband. All for the need for sex. She needed sex too. At the moment she had forgotten about Will. All she wanted and needed was a man, his cock, and his cum inside of her. They kissed. Kissed again. Becky whispered, "I'm willing to do anything, I want to be your whore."

    "Look at your husband." Reggie said, "He's just standing there. He wanted me to take over and watch you pay for his racism. Fuck him, right?"

    Becky kept her eyes closed, in a trance while rubbing Reggie's chest. "Yes, fuck him. Fuck him by fucking me and my pussy."

    "Tonight, you'll call him 'white boy'." Reggie insisted, "Tell him I'm going to fuck your marriage up."

    Becky opened her eyes, turned to her husband as Reggie was necking her and massaging her left breast. "Did you hear that white boy? He's going to fuck up our marriage! And I don't care." she shut her eyes again when Reggie sucked on her nipple giving a gentle but firm bite. "Fuck me. I want racial justice!" Reggie lifted his head and told her, "It's gonna take a lot of black dick in your tight pussy to fuck out that white racism." Becky nodded her head in blind agreement, "uh-huh."

    "Get out of those clothes." commanded Reggie before stepping to the sofa, throwing off the cushions, and pulling out a bed. Will realized this must be common practice here. Meanwhile, Becky swung her hips back and forth pulling her panties and skirt to the floor. She waited for Reggie to step back when he told her to pull down his pants. "On your knees, Becky."

    She obeyed and dropped to her knees. With her back to Will, she pulled on Reggie's draw strings and began to pull the nylon pants past his knees. "Let's see what I have to work with." she coyly said. Her eyes popped wide open when his black cock, firmly erect was staring at her. She was surprised, scared, then excited and proud. "It's so huge!" she commented at the ten inches of manhood which had one primary purpose; to fuck as many white women as possible.

    Becky didn't wait to place the cock into her mouth. She could barely wrap her hand around it as she stuffed her mouth, flicking the head underneath with her tongue. "Mmmph, ugggh, mmmph." she forced his shaft as far as she could. She bother to hold back the spit and slobber running down her chin. Never keeping her eyes off of him, she was excited at the idea that this cock had seen many white women's mouth, pussy, and ass. This turned Becky on more. Reggie turned so Will could see what she was doing. He placed his hand on her head and gave few thrusts just to let the room know who was in charge.

    "We're entitled to your white ass, mouth, tits, and pussy." Reggie told Becky. "Always be ready to fuck and be used by black men." Becky lifted her mouth and began licking his balls, lapping them up like a hungry puppy, "I'll be a white slut and never refuse a black man." she promised. She returned to sucking cock, giving it a big naughty spit, and resumed bobbing her head back and forth. Never had she experienced something so feminine. The years of giving oral sex to only white men who couldn't make her feel this good. A tiny penis didn't compare to this monstrous example of masculinity. She needed to give all her womanhood to please him. She tried to take more and began gagging and trying to get air. Her sloppy blowjob filled the room with loud gasps of desperation. She wanted so much more from him. Her tongue felt every pulsating vein as she licked up and down the shaft while cupping his balls. Becky gave them a kind massage trying to coax more cum. His firm hand on the back of her head made her feel she had purpose. She knew she was at the right place at the right time with the right man. A black cock in her mouth enlightened her. She had a whole new perspective into racial harmony.

    "Look what a racist slut you are sucking my cock." Reggie taunted her. He didn't have to be nice and sweet to this piece of ass. He had Becky right where he wanted her. Where she needed to be. Becky let Reggie's cock slurp out her mouth to look up at her lover, "I've been such a racist. Put in me in my place."

    Reggie took Becky's hands and lifted her up off her tired knees and tossed her to the bed on her back. With her legs spread, Reggie removed each high heel and tossed him at Will. Intentional or not, he missed each time. But Reggie made his point. Will's wife was completely naked, vulnerable, and ready for more. The strong, black male turned passionate and gave Becky's feet, ankle, and lower legs kind, slow kisses. Running his tongue to underneath her knee, Becky purred with the gentle attention. But never did she close her legs. Always keeping her knees near her shoulders, she was giving herself to him. Reggie's lust and need to sexual conquer his prey wouldn't let him treat Becky softly any longer. He took a deep breath and buried his face into her pussy. He needed and the flavor of white pussy, not yet corrupted by black men. After tonight, he'd guess that pussy would be filled with cum. Lapping and licking, he stuck his fingers into her and feeling how tight he was. He rubbed her clit with his thumb and breathing hot air on it.

    Will was jealous. He found himself yearning to be between his wife's legs and give her the same oral attention Reggie was giving. Becky moaned and arched her back. Her hands on Reggie's head, she was in sexual euphoria. "Oh Reggie! Eat me. Take me. I'm yours. My pussy is yours." said she. Will wished his wife would show such enjoyment and sexual approval with him. Instead, her new lustful self, open and slutty was for only Reggie. To a total stranger who had qualities a little more than a large black cock and pushy arrogance.

    Reggie wins, easily.

    Becky twitched at her first orgasm with Reggie. "Ahhhh, oh! Fuck me, Reggie! Eat my cunt." she said to him. Will's stomach was hit with an emotional punch. He started to loathe his white self for being a fool for walking into this trap.

    Reggie crawled up for a french kiss. Becky and Reggie shared tastes of cock and pussy. Reggie lifted his head and spat inside Becky's mouth. Not giving Becky any chance to think what was happening, returned to kisses. Becky's hands ran down to his ass, approving. Reggie growled and said something to her. Becky acknowledged with open eyes and a look of deep, serious lust. Her lover went on his feet near the sofa bed's mattress and pulled Becky's ass near. Rubbing his cock head on her clit, Becky turned to the side and clenched her teeth. "Oh my gawd, I'm going black!" she muttered.

    He didn't need to indoctrinate her any more. Reggie pushed his cock into her. To Will's disbelief, Reggie pushed in her first two inches past his head. Reggie needed to cum. He hadn't found relief all day and went through hell watching the white women tease all the black men in the rally. Watching the wives standing by their white men only frustrated him. No, it made him sexually angry. His primal instincts kicked in, producing its volume of semen and coercing him to release. He must sexually compete against other, inferior white males. Not even half way, Becky begged, "Wait, wait, it's too big. Please ... be slow ... oh ... my!" Reggie wasn't listening. He only needed to get his engorged, steel hard, dick inside her. He grabbed each of her legs below her knees and gave an aggressive thrust. Becky yelped like a helpless animal with the penetration. This was the greatest thrill and discovery she ever experienced. More than the moment she lost her virginity.

    Reggie leaned in and put his entire manhood into her. He grunted and begin steady strokes. Becky opened her mouth letting out a silent scream. Clutching the bed sheet, she couldn't believe how deep his cock made its way into her womb. Every pull out made her feel both relief and regret. Every push made her feel pleasure and discomfort. With her pussy being stretched, Becky's eyes glared to the ceiling and moaned as Reggie grunted. "Your pussy feels so good." , said Reggie truly enjoying this. He gave her steady thrusts and was feeling less aggravated and more pleasure. He began to like Becky as a woman, a lover, and as a person. She was willing to lay down with him and let him do what alpha men must do with a female body.

    Reggie leaned into Becky, his nose touching hers. Becky looked into his eyes, "I've wanted to be your slut when I first laid eyes on you." she whispered and begged, "Please don't stop. Make me into a black cock slut! I want this!" While she was getting spiritually high on racial justice through sex, Reggie snapped out of his brief infatuation and was reminded this seemingly nice girl was a cheating whore betraying her husband and race. He pulled out and spun Becky into doggie style before slapping her ass.


    "Tell me you need me to fuck you, white girl!" Reggie demanded.
    "Shit, yes, fuck me!" Becky replied.

    Reggie returned his cock into her pussy and pushed balls deep. She was wet and the push was easier. Reggie needed to fuck and started with furious thrusts. He slapped her on the ass again to wake her up from her trance. This was for his pleasure. Grabbing her hair, he lifted her head and turned to her weak husband.

    "Is she enjoying this, white boy? Is she smiling?" Reggie asked.

    Will didn't want to answer but Reggie gave a strong, possessive pull on his wife's hair making her gasp. Reggie sneered at him while giving a special, angry, thrust into Becky's hips. Even with both hands and a cock occupied, Reggie had a commanding presence. Reggie gets want he wants.

    "Yes, she's smiling and enjoying it." Will confessed.

    Becky laughed at him, "Look at me, white boy! I'm paying for all the white man sins." she looked over her shoulder to whisper to her lover, "Fuck me, Reggie. That's it. Fuck my white pussy." Becky turned back to her husband with a look that was partly lustful but partly hateful. And in a playful voice, told him, "Get used to this. I'm now a sex toy for black cock."

    "It's going to take a lot of black dick to fuck your racism." Reggie reminder her.

    She squeezed her eyes tight as Reggie picked up his pace. Becky felt near another orgasm, "I've been a racist for not doing this earlier. I'm sorry." she begged in tears of joy and regret. Her racial confession drawn her convulsions.

    Arching her back and thrusting her hips, excited Reggie. He was getting near what he needed. "White slut! Take my cum is what you're good for!" Becky threw her head up at Will but did not see him. "Cum in me!", she begged, "Fill my pussy! I want to be black owned!"

    "Tell me you love black cock and I'll cum inside you." Reggie threatened. He could feel his balls ready to explode.

    Becky would not call his bluff, "I'm a stupid white girl and I love black cock!" Her scream pushed Reggie over the edge and filled her womb with streams of black, sticky seed. The was Becky's first blackening of her life and was rewarded with a powerful orgasm to remind her the joys of fucking a strong male. With a firm grip on her hips with both hands, Reggie panted and waited to recover. Becky understood her place in reparations. She whispered, "Fuck white men." This white woman will do her part.

    Reggie pulled out. Becky spun and kissed his cock on the head and put it in her mouth for a deep kick. Taste of cum filled her mouth. Reggie took control of his manhood, rubbed it across her cheek, and stepped back. He bent over to grab his pants and walked out the door. The man who seduced her. The man who she lusted for. The man who convinced her to fight racism in new ways, walked out on her without another word to bond.

    Will closed the door left ajar by Reggie and returned to his wife and helped her into her whore-clothes. She smelled of sex and cum. He helped her to sit up in the sofa bed before dressing her in her shirt. He struggled putting her in the small dress and wound up pocketing the panties. He carried her heels like a man carrying his wife's purse, escorting her to the hallway. Becky looked drunk, bouncing wall to wall barefooted until they made it to the lobby with the shag carpeting.

    The lobby was busy with the blonde woman, Zara, bent over the sofa as a black man was fucking her from behind. "Yeah, use me. Fuck me!" Zara cheered. Will wanted quietly to make it to the door leading to the lot. He had enough live porn. But he didn't see the naked rapper from Black Dick Three sitting in the other loveseat. No older than nineteen, the excited performer grabbed Becky's hand and pulled her away from her husband. "You're not going anywhere, girl. You need to get busy with this!" he said while grabbing his cock.

    The rapper sat on the couch and silently directed Becky to suck his cock. Playing the obedient whore, she obeyed. Mindless, she bobbed her head up and down on the strange dick. It was hard, black, and throbbing. That was all that needed for her to submit. She opened her eyes and began licking the rapper's balls. Meanwhile, Zara had mimicked Becky's pose and went to her knees between her lover's legs. Both blondes bobbing as if they were sisters or best of friends. Will really wanted to leave. But where would he go? Not daring to interrupt this orgy, he leaned against the wall and stared at the television with its boring sports news.

    It didn't take long for Becky to climb up and ride the rapper. With her pussy wet and slick, it took little effort to force his cock into her. Becky exhaled with the feeling of being full again. She raised her hips and dropped. It felt natural to get into a sexual rhythm, even with a total stranger. The rapper began to say dirty things to her. Will could hear him mutter but couldn't make out the words. But Becky replied, "I'm a slut and love black cock." Her ass was gripped tight as her new lover raised his loins and tried to impale her sitting down. He grunted and dumped his seed into her. Becky rolled off, panted, feeling dirty, slutty, and used.

    Will stepped towards Becky, grabbed her hand, and raced her through the door. The rapper was half asleep, recovering from his relief. Zara was busy riding reverse cowgirl. No one noticed Becky and Will escape the back offices of the Black Power Movement.

    Will's hands were shaking at the anxiety of getting out of that part of town. He managed to push Becky into the passenger seat and buckle her in. During the surreal drive home, Will kept looking over at Becky who was fast asleep. He wondered what sort of woman she would be when she woke up. He would never look at her the same since she experienced fucking black men.

    Parking their SUV into the garage, Will carried Becky to the living room couch. He dropped her there and wondered what to do next. It was nearly two in the morning and she needed a shower or bath. Becky simply moaned, tilted her head back, and slipped flat on the couch. She slowly spread her legs and her tiny skirt raised up her hips exposing her wet, oozing pussy. The gentle light from the kitchen gave Will a good peek between his wife's pussy. He remembered how jealous he was when Reggie tasted her there. Will was drawn closer and went to his knees. He caressed her knees making her spread them wider and lifting them on the couch. Will wanted sex but he wanted his wife's pussy the most. He couldn't help staring at the sticky cum out of Becky's swollen pussy. The semen of two black men dripping out seducing him for a closer look, a closer smell. A closer taste.

    Will couldn't believe he was going to do this. He wanted to experience it. The taste. He wanted to be part of the sex that everyone was experiencing that night. Closing his eyes, he put his head between her legs until his nose rubbed her clit. The scent was unnatural to him, partly off putting but inviting. He felt, this wasn't for him but it could be. Sticking out his tongue, his first taste was cum, semen, and sperm. Will froze and brought his tongue back into his mouth to think about the taste. Should he stop and pretend this never happened?

    He returned for more, careful not to touch Becky's pussy. He just wanted another drop to make sure about the flavor. Will wasn't able to understand his weakness, nor understand his new urges. He buried his tongue into Becky's pussy and lapped up any fluid his tongue could find. This was black cum, dumped into her by two men. Will felt no guilt using his wife to feed himself. He never remembered Becky tasted so good. Will thought to himself if could he convince her to keep fucking black men? Wanting more, he began to clean her pussy mound with his mouth before he pulled on her clit with his lips hoping to keep her lustful.

    Will didn't notice Becky's hands on his head when he was making her squirm. But he did feel the sudden jolt, the hard pull on hair raising his head from her pussy. Their eyes met. Will looked stunned. Becky looked surprised and angry. With drool running down his chin, Becky sneered at him.

    She spat on his face before giving him a deep, passionate kiss. With their tongues meeting they shared the taste of pussy and cock. When their lips parted, she yelled at him, "You sissy, white-boy, cuckold!"
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