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. BBC Sleep Over

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by JohnnyShoe, Oct 29, 2016.

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  1. JohnnyShoe

    JohnnyShoe Member Member

    My name is John and I enjoy sharing my wife. My wife Amber and I have been swingers for 10 years (starting in our early 30's) and over time our tastes have morphed more towards threesomes and independent single play than a full couple swap. I especially enjoy the MFM threesome where a lucky guy and myself get to shower Amber in attention and orgasms. She is my rockstar, and both Amber and myself consider ourselves lucky to be able to share this interest.

    We had an experience just this week that I'd like to share. I was going away on business and decided to bring Amber along on the trip. It's a destination that we visit often and we have a male friend there that we've met with a couple of times. He's 6 feet tall, black and built with a great big cock. Mark is his name. He's a super nice guy in public but dominant in the bedroom - a trait that my wife finds irresistible. Oh and she can't get enough of his large cock, always holding it or sucking it or wanting it inside her. She's insatiable!

    We'd also been talking with Mark about not using condoms during our next encounter. All three of us got STD tested in preparation for this night, and the results were negative across the board. This would be the first time that my wife would have an unprotected cock inside of her other than mine, and it was exciting for both of us. For her because she wanted to feel that skin on skin contact with Mark, and for me I really wanted him to release inside of her, and then reclaim her for myself right after. There is something kind of animalistic about that, that really appeals to me.

    On this particular night I had an idea about something (besides the bareback) that was driving me wild. Ever have a scenario in your head that is a bit out there but makes you so horny? Ya, that's where I was and I decided to try to make it happen.

    In the past Mark had always stopped by to participate in our threesome fun and then went home. The first part of my plan was to get Mark to spend the night with us, convincing him of which wasn't very hard. He's the kind of guy who can cum and cum and then cum again, so I knew he'd be up for spending more time with Amber. That was step 1 of the plan.

    Second stage was to book a hotel room with 2 Queen sized beds. The reason for this will become apparent in a few minutes. Normally we book a King size bed as it gives us more space for play, but I was very specific in booking the room. Step 2 complete.

    Mark arrived around 9PM and was his usual charming self until it was time to get down to business. What followed was a number of hours of pleasure for Amber, being taken by two men and being brought to climax multiple times (Amber is multi-orgasmic and probably came 50 times during that span). Even though we talked about going without a condom, Mark put condoms on during this time - I thought maybe he was not comfortable with it but we found out later he was waiting for a cue from me or Amber. In any case, it was much fun and the fact he was using a condom did not take away from the threesome experience.

    But that's not the part that I think readers of this site will find interesting. Here is where my plan was put into motion.

    The fantasy that had been driving me wild for a number of months was one that I think many will relate to. I pictured myself sleeping in one bed alone and my wife in the other with her lover Mark. I wanted to be woken up to the sounds of them having sex. I did not want to be invited as is our normal custom, I wanted her to quietly take her lover inside her and fuck him until they both found release.

    As there were 2 beds I suggested that I would sleep in the one closer to the window and they should have the one closer to the bathroom. Amber objected at first thinking I'd feel weird about it but I was adamant that's what I wanted. We were all very tired so I tucked her into bed and said goodnight to the two of them. Before jumping into my own bed I said "Mark, you can skip the condom tonight if you want". I think I actually heard Amber's heart skip a beat when I said that - she was so excited.

    She was facing my way as she prepared to sleep, he had his left arm wrapped around her and they were sleeping soundly very quickly, probably because of the marathon sex that we all just went through. I looked at her, my beautiful wife being embraced as she slept by this large black man, as I too dozed off to sleep.

    It was probably an hour later that I heard some stirring. Might my plan be working? Still half asleep but filled with excitement, I could see that Amber had switched positions and now had her back to me. They were whispering and moving slowly under the covers. I surmised that she was playing with his dick again. More whispering and then I see her rise up and straddle him. Now I'm fully awake and taking this in. My fantasy was coming true. She was quietly mounting him and there was no messing around to find a condom, I was pretty sure of that. They were going for it. It was so sexy to hear her soft moans as she worked her way up to orgasm.

    Of course while this was going on I was edging myself. I found it extremely erotic to be there but not a part of the action. It could be that part of my fantasy is that she's actually cheating on me and I have a front row seat (hence the fact that I was happy she quietly went about her business). It's a mental image that I won't soon forget. Once she was finished she fell back into bed and after a time they nodded off to sleep again. I decided not to cum at this time, but to allow myself to enjoy the experience fully. Edging but not cumming just seemed like the right thing to do in this situation - almost like I wasn't worthy of cumming.

    It was probably 20 or 30 minutes later that I finally fell asleep. I'm sure if someone had looked at me, they would have seen a huge smile on my face.

    Imagine my surprise when a few hours later I was awoken again. This time there was no hiding the fact that they were having sex, and no attempts to be quiet about it either. I kept my eyes closed at first in order to listen and take it all in. What a rush! When I opened my eyes to have a look she had her legs spread wide and he was giving it to her roughly. I learned later that he didn't cum during the first nighttime episode so he was letting her have it as he wanted and needed, with no regard for me in the bed next to them. I have to say that I found this to be extremely hot. Waking up to their activity will no doubt provide me with many years of wanking material.

    Mark commanded that Amber get on her knees so he could fuck her doggy style. The moonlight shone into the room just enough that I could see everything. It must have been 5am, although not one of us cared. When he finally released into her, he said "Oh I'm gonna cum, are you ready?" and her response that pushed him over the edge was "Yes Daddy", which is a term she had used in the past with him but was extra hot in this situation. I watched as he drove his large black dick as far inside her as he could, pulling on her hips to go even deeper, and growled as he shot his load into her.

    A couple of minutes later, after they had collected themselves, Amber noticed I was awake and that my cock was standing at attention. Her eyes were sparkling with excitement - it was clear she had really enjoyed taking Mark's cumshot inside her. She laid down beside me and, knowing that it was a fantasy of mine to reclaim her, asked if I wanted to fuck her. "Hell Ya" was my response of course. I spread her legs and stuck my dick into that sloppy wet pussy, enjoying every minute. Unfortunately, it didn't take me long to finish because I was excited about the events of the night, but I have no regrets. Amber wasn't that upset either as she was pretty tired and ready for bed.

    Once we were done Amber asked if I wanted her to spend the rest of the night with me. I let her know that I was perfectly fine with her sleeping in the other bed with her lover, and that I actually preferred that. It was exciting going to sleep not knowing what I would wake up to next.
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