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BBC shocked racist white woman/wife

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bihubsuck, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. bihubsuck

    bihubsuck Member Member

    saw a clip online! would love to find the name of the movie,the scene shows a white woman in her house when a Black guy walks in to get something she sees him and says to get her something in a very nasty demeaning way ,he started to walk out as he does she heads to the living room? he stopped turned around went back in ,she says where is the thing she asked for ,he pushes her over a couch , pulled up her dress ripped her granny panties off and shoved his BBC into her,we see the veiw from the front her face in shock and agony because his cock is huge,she begging him to stop,he fucks her harder,her face goes from pain to lust,I guess he cums in her, awesome vid Don't know the name,but I cam
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  2. Sweet Sarah

    Sweet Sarah Well-Known Member Member

    i have fantasised that my next rape will be like that ...its so beautiful when a man just "TAKES" what he wants ....his dominance overpoewring
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  3. hiflyerdana

    hiflyerdana Well-Known Member Member

    Totally agree!
  4. srxwat4

    srxwat4 Well-Known Member Member

    Sweet Sarah,who would have thought such an innocent looking girl would be lusting after BBC,wanting it forced upon her,can i be seconds.
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