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. Bazaar drama: White wife, black student Part 3

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Black Pine Diaries, Sep 2, 2018.

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  1. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    Bazaar drama: White wife, black student Part 3

    With the bazaar kicking off there are a lot more happening than bargain sales. As the school celebrates racial diversity within their athletic program, racial harmony is being celebrated in locker rooms, offices, and the teachers' lounge. Recovering from her latest seduction, Nancy tries to resume her volunteer work. But the event has too many handsome men tempting her.


    If you had put your ears on the doors of Coach Tuggs' office, you would hear lustful sounds behind the locked door. Heaving breathing and the recognized sounds of flesh slapping together in a frenzy. Jamal was thrusing into Nancy, his cum dump for the day. The white girl was a good slut for young, black males. He needed this moment more than winning any football game. Nancy, told herself how badly she needed this too. A real man was taking her pussy, something she understood she quietly craved.

    When Jamal's cock stiffened and twitched before he poured several hot streams of cum into Nancy. The wife, now certainly a cheating-wife, gave a silent yell. No words were able to come out. She had been fucked stupid. Nancy lowered her head and panted, not understanding how fucked and used she was. Jamal, breathing hard himself, leaned forward and whispered into Nancy's right ear. "White slut."

    Trying to catch air, Nancy's eyes were wide open. But she was unable to see anything. Jamal's words went buried into her soul. As Jamal lifted his weight off her back, releasing his grip on her breasts, Nancy felt withdrawal when Jamal left her. Nancy imagined the dripping goo exiting her pussy and covering the expensive couch seats. Jamal's cum felt heavy and potent. She was beginning to think clear again.

    "Oh shit ... I'm a slut." she confessed.


    Getting what he needed, Jamal's great stamina gave him the energy to dress and leave. He didn't bother to say a word to Nancy or gave thought to close the door behind her. When the room stopped spinning, Nancy got to her feet.

    "Who's going to clean this fucking mess up?" she asked herself. There was quite a drench on the coach's leather cushions. She frantically looked around but found nothing to help her. In her panic, she used her own blouse to wipe the mess up. She quickly dressed and felt sticky, wet, and filled with cum. Locking the door behind her, she convinced herself nothing had happened.

    "I can't walk around feeling like this!" she thought. She needed to shower. Nancy was still mentally "fucked" and not thinking straight. She returned to the boys locker room where she last saw showers for her.


    Nancy's plan was to take a quick shower to wash the odor of sex off her body. Walking into the boys lockers, she noticed two pairs of wet footprints from the shower stall. They had led into the bench between the lockers where a used, white towel was left behind. A small puddle of water was left behind on the bench while a small pool was on the floor next to two footprints. She had imagined this is where June and Dontell finished their sex. June had her hands on the bench, bent over while her lover was fucking her white pussy from behind. She was happy for the two oversexed teens and hoped to see them again at the bazaar.

    Nancy undressed and purposely chose the same shower stall she caught June and Dontell in. She felt a connection with the teen. They had something in common, she felt. Hopping in, Nancy couldn't help but to rub herself between her legs. Her pussy was swollen, puffy, and very satisfied. She stepped out and grabbed the same, wet towel June had used. Choosing to dry her pussy first, she imagined June and Dontell drying their privates there. It gave her very dirty thoughts. But the wife realized the trance she was falling in. She threw the towel down and reminded herself, "Nothing happened."


    Nancy rushed to the rec room. She had a story for Miss Violet. She looked for Couch Tuggs but wasn't able to find him. She searched throughout the campus but had no luck. Nancy smelled fresh from the shower but her dirty blouse had a slight scent of semen. She wouldn't understand it would signal others to sexual availability.

    When Nancy ran into the rec room she saw a crowd all facing the back stage. There Couch Tuggs was making his appearance. Coach Tuggs was a black man in his mid thirties sporting a tight, athletic shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt that exhibited his toned muscles. He wore a black ball cap with a simple insignia, a tight fist. He was escorted by his assistant coach, Dre. Dre was a slightly thinner and younger man. Coach Dre had been a loyal assistant for Tuggs since the years in the inner city.

    The crowd roared and applauded as Coach Tuggs was finishing his speech, "... and I believe in power. It takes determination, confidence, and aggression to win in sports and in life. That is what I teach by black men in the inner city. And that is what I plan to bring here in Black Pine."

    The crowd nodded and shook their fist. The white women, unaccustomed to strong alpha men, cheered the most. They genuinely wanted the most for him. Coach Tuggs continued, "I call the philosophy 'Black Power'. Though this school is mostly white ..." he paused as the crowd laughed, "There is no reason to change the phrase. Help me by embracing the idea of Black Power!"

    The white crowed of do-gooders cheered and pumped their fist. The white girls in the audience fell in love with him. Wives, mothers, and daughters all chanted, "Black Power!". Even Nancy began clapping. Why not? She too had first hand experience in the idea. Miss Violet thanked coach Tuggs and his assistant Coach Dre who eyed the crowd.

    As the energy subsided, the bargains began. So many affluent white people was purchasing used clothes, toys, video games, and other junk not worty of ebay. But it raised money for the athletic program. That enough made it a wonderful cause. Nancy felt a little useless. There were enough volunteers behind the tables and she had nothing to go home to. Where was Jamal? Did she really want to see him again? "Nothing happened, Nancy. Nothing happened." she reminded herself. She caught a glimpse of June standing next to her mother. They were speaking with Coach Tuggs and his assistant, Dre. Nancy eyed the ever so-innocent looking teen. "I know what a slut you are." she whispered. The four were laughing and having a great time. "How can you just stand there and tease them with your tight, little body?" The wife was quick to judge the teen and notice every gesture and move. She didn't realize experiencing her first lesbian feelings. "Hmmm. She needs to be over my knee." Nancy was rubbing her lips. "How can she fuck a black teen and flirt with other men so easily? Maybe, I can learn something from her?" Nancy's feet started picking themselves up off the floor and pull her across the room. She needed a closer look. Nancy started to come up with ideas and plans. Maybe, she can pull her away from her mom and have a casual talk? She should introduce herself and bring up the topic of volunteerism. Perhaps, they could have some private time back in the locker rooms? Nancy's heart was racing. She needed to get close to June.

    But Nancy felt a tug at her shirt, it was Miss Violet. "Hi, Nancy! I see you found Couch Tuggs." she said. Surprised, Nancy was taken out of her trance. "I sent Jamal after you but I haven't seen him since."

    Nancy laughed it off. "Um, yes. I ran around campus for him." she said. Violet handed a green key to her. "Can you give this to the blonde woman at the Black Power Movement booth? I promised them access to the teacher's lounge." Of course, Nancy agreed and stepped out of the rec room.


    "Hey, girlfriend! Do you want to sign up and be part of the black culture?" Amanda asked as Nancy was approaching her tent. Amanda, a dark-blonde women in her mid twenties was smiling at her. She wore a white cut-off shirt sporting the words, "I WANT BLACK POWER".

    "Hi, well ... actually I'm here to give you this key. It's from Miss Violet." Nancy explained. Amanda took it, thanked her and continued her "sales pitch". "You look like someone who appreciates diversity wants racial justice." Amanda said.

    "Thank you. I think I do." Nancy replied.

    "Well, if you want to be free of white privilege and help the black race, may I suggest some programs for you?" suggested Amanda.

    "Do you have programs for a married, white woman?" Nancy asked.

    Amanda was glowing, "Yes we do, white girl! We have special events and get-togethers for white wives. The Black Power Movement welcomes all. By the way, I'm married myself." Nancy was relieved when she heard that. But she was quickly shocked when she saw Ali sneak up behind Amanda and gave her a close and wrapped both arms around her. Ali buried his nose into Amanda's neck and muttered, "My gawd, you are a hot, white 'ho!" Amanda looked at Nancy and smiled. "See, there's a place for us married women."

    Trying not to blush, Nancy looked up and waited for the moment between Ali and Amanda to be over. "Oh, this is my new friend." Amanda said to Ali. Ali held out his hand and Nancy took it. "I'm Nancy."

    "I'm Ali. I think we bumped earlier."

    Nancy blushed again. His African accent was so alluring and seductive. She couldn't blame Amanda at all for welcoming his embrace. His embrace in the bedroom must be so strong and euphoric. "Nancy, here, was just about to sign up for our programs, specially reserved for progressive, open minded women." Amanda told him.

    Nancy was too intimidated to refuse. Amanda took out a pink paper from underneath a stack of brochures. She instructed Nancy to give her name, email address, and mobile number. There was a series of check boxes if she was interested in any of the topics. Wanting to leave before falling in love with Ali, she blindly checked them all.
    "Black studies program"
    "Understanding your need for interracial sex"
    "Paying reparations and disavowing the white race"
    "How to participate in adult-oriented businesses"
    "How to host a racial harmony meeting as the only white woman"

    When Amanda shied away, a young lady waited patiently to step up to Amanda's booth. Her name was Ellie. She was 18 years old, quickly pushing 19, with brown hair. She was part of the last graduate class of White Pine High School before they had changed their name. Ellie was attending the City Community College. She wore tight jean shorts and a black shirt that exposed an inch of her bare tummy an inch over her waist. When Ellie had caught Ali wrap his arms around Amanda, she fell for him. From her vantage point, she saw something Nancy did not. A hand had took a good grab of Amanda's ass. And she just took it!

    "Hey, girlfriend! Do you want to sign up and be part of the black culture?" Amanda asked as Ellie.

    "Hi, yes ..." Ellie tried to find the words explaining why she chose to walk up to the booth hosted by a black empowerment group. "I'm interested in joining The Movement?" she said so naively, so innocent.

    Ali stood behind Amanda and eyed the teen. He nodded and smiled. Amanda took a serious tone, "Well, young lady. Have you participated in any of our rallies lately?" Ellie shook her head in shame. "But I really want to fight racism." she said and looked up and made eye contact with Ali. Her heart melted. Ali smiled back and purposely undressed her with his eyes. Ellie caught that. She spun on her heel, turned sideways, and stuck out her ass. Ellie had learned much during her high school years about cock teasing boys. However, Ali was an African man and not to be toyed with. Amanda caught wind of Ellie's lust. "Are you interested helping our African migrants in our community?" Amanda asked.

    Ellie eagerly nodded her head. Amanda walked around and took Ellie's hand. "C'mon. The three of us are going to have a heart-to-heart discussion about race." The two walked across campus. Amanda knew where to go for a private conversation. Ali, his cock stiffening, followed with his eyes on Ellie's ass. He had quite a smile on his face.


    Uncle Ty was looking for his nephew, Dontell. Ty was a tall, black man nearly 40 years old. He was athletic and had always been. His good genes was shared with his nephew. Ty wanted a good look at the schools' overly white culture. But this is where Dontell wanted to play and was getting a lot of pussy for it. Hell, so was he! He found Dontell's "foster mother", Anna. Anna was hosting Dontell at her home while Ty was busy looking for an affordable place to relocate in Black Pine.

    Anna was a 39 year old housewife with brown hair to her shoulders. She had large breasts and firm, tight hips. Overly attractive, more so since getting a steady diet of black cock. It was only recently she was a faithful housewife. But her husband was neglecting her. Anna had school spirit and decided to give her body to lure Dontell to move out of the inner city. Anna had convinced her beautiful daughter, June, to join. June had a naughty streak herself. Ty did not like nor trusted white people. Anna and June were "proper white girls" in his eyes. Respectful to black men's lustful needs and good for little more. As long as they made he and Dontell sexually satisfied, he would put up with them.

    Ty visited the bazaar because he needed pussy. He wanted to find Anna or June for a quick fuck. He deserved it. There was a lot of nice, white pussy around. Many mothers and their teen daughters were shaking their asses, inexperienced to a black alpha male and prime for conquering. He snaked through the crowd and bumped into Coach Tuggs. They shook hands and hugged each other, celebrating their masculine powers. Tuggs had whispered something in Ty's ears. The words didn't depress Ty. But it was news he had to accept. Ty nodded and shook Tuggs' hands again. As Coach Tuggs walked away Ty was rubbed the side of his head in extreme frustration. He wanted to rub something else between his legs. But he wasn't giving up.

    While in the rec room, Nancy caught the handsome Uncle Ty walk up to June and her mother, Anna. Nancy was becoming easily attracted to black men. Ty had that "hunting pussy" look in his eyes. Nancy couldn't hear what they were saying. Too many bargain hunters were squealing over junk. "Is that a teddy bear? A teddy bear." June was acting excited. Anna, was nodding in pride. Ty didn't say much. He just gave a nod and understood. His attention was on other women and looking at their bodies.

    June had pulled her mother away. She looked anxious and in a hurry. Nancy decided to clear her head. After all, she did a good job giving it earlier in the day! She peered the tables and asked the volunteers if everything was alright. Walking backwards from one table to another she felt the body of a firm, athletic man.

    She had bumped into Uncle Ty. Ty sneered at the careless white girl. But she sported a look exactly what he was looking for. Blonde, young, and white. "It's okay, white girl, I mean miss." he said as he leered at her and breathing heavy. It was an awkward stare. "Uh, I'm Nancy." she introduced herself. "Ty." the tall, black man said.

    Nancy cleared her throat, "Hello, Ty. How do you like the bazaar?" But Ty just stared at her and reached out his hand and grabbed the side of her body to drag her closer. He asked her right there noticing her wedding ring. "You have a sexy body. You married? You like black men?" Something about her was making him very horny. Perhaps it was the odor of sex still lingering in her blouse. Nancy loved how forward he was and started to answer, "Yes, I am married. And I do ..."

    Then came Miss Violet. She helped herself to Ty's attention. Miss Violet was getting suspicious of Nancy's perculiur attention to the black men. She was beginning to think this white girl was trouble. "Nancy?" Violet asked, "Do you mind if I take this fine man away? We have something to discuss." Miss Violet took Ty by the arm and led him off.

    Frustrated, Nancy retreated to the bathrooms in another building nearby. The booth to The Black Power Movement was still empty. She stepped into the girls room and took the furthest stall. She sat quietly on the toilet, her pants down around her ankles. "This is a fund raiser. I'm acting like its a swingers club, whatever that is." she lectured herself. She tapped her clit. It wanted more attention, "Damn! I like black men." she admitted. She shook her head, "Jamal is a good lover." With her hand on the flush, Nancy noticed the door had hurried open. Someone had rushed in. It was the sound off two pairs of feet. Nancy didn't move a muscle or made a sound.

    "June, had you had enough!" Anna had warned her daughter. Nancy peered through the cracks between the stall and got a glimpse of June. Now she knew her name. Her mom was keeping close distance but June whispered back, "I don't care. I'll make more money when I strip at the club!" Anna huffed, "You heard Coach Tuggs, mom. He wants to fuck me!"

    Anna responded, "He and Couch Dre wants to fuck us both." But June added, "I fucking need this. I'm so fucking horny." The two women went into the stall two away together and Nancy heard someone rustling through their purse. By the snorting sounds, Nancy figured they were up to something. Both of them. Anna, sounded like she was recovering from a sudden, mental jolt said, "And to think Ty is walking around with a dick as hard as steel. I feel for the woman who gets it."

    When Nancy heard them step out and felt it was safe, she flushed the toilet. Pulling up her pants she stepped out to the sink. She washed her hands, splashed her face, and looked at herself in the mirror. "Well. There is only one thing to do."

    Nancy marched back to the rec room and hunted for Ty. But there was June, standing alone by the rec room's entrance. She was tapping her feet and constantly looking at her phone. Her mother, Anna, was within earshot but busy on her phone. She was waving her hands in the air. Only a woman would act that way talking to her husband. Nancy gathered her courage and approached June. The teen looked agitated, impatient, even short tempered. Nancy figured she was probably under the influence of something but she wanted June and her flaws.

    "Excuse ... excuse me." Nancy asked for June's attention.

    June looked up from her phone and to Nancy. She raised her eyebrows wondering what this strange white chick wanted. Nancy felt her heart race and she was determined to go through with this. "I'm Nancy. I went to school here."

    "That's nice." said June, albeit coldly.

    "I was wondering ... if we could exchange phone numbers and maybe get together soon." Nancy asked.

    June widened her eyes, "Wait, are you asking me out? Like, on a date?"

    Embarrassed, Nancy tried to explain otherwise but she found June ever so cute! "I don't know if we call it a date. But I've noticed you today and really want to get to know you."

    June smiled, "That's so cool! I would love to get together ... somewhere we can be alone ... in the dark." Both of them smiled and nodded. Nancy exchanged names and numbers with June. Nancy couldn't believe what she had done. She felt alive and bisexual! But she wasn't done whoring around.

    Walking into the rec room, Nancy looked for Ty. There he was lurking around the large room. Mentally grading each potential mate, he hadn't yet made his move. Nancy was half way through the room when her phone buzzed. Looking at her mobile, it was her husband. Without emotion or hesitation she ignored it and went into "Do not disturb". The cheating hotwife, very much attracted to Ty, approached him. She took his hand and they exchanged racially suspicious stares. "We need to talk." she told him.

    Hand in hand they marched out of the busy rec room. No one noticed the interracial pairing. No one but Miss Violet. Frustrated how busy she was, Miss Violet couldn't help but to shake her head at what she had just witnessed. "That slut!"


    Nancy knew she had to lead him somewhere. Coach Tuggs' office was locked and was too far away anyhow. They walked into the large, darkened and empty cafeteria. Nancy took Ty towards the kitchen where they made themselves a little privacy behind a cooler and stacks of chairs.

    Nancy looked at Ty and wanted to come across as serious, almost angry. "I think we should talk about how you were talking to me. After all, I'm a married woman."

    Ty smiled. He saw past this silly, white-girl act. "Do you want me to fuck you." he bluntly asked her. "Excuse me?" Nancy retorted in defense. "How could you ask me that?" Extremely aroused at Nancy's game, Ty stepped up, He groped Nancy's breast and kissed her. With open mouths and dancing tongues, she pushed him back. "How dare you do that."

    Ty kissed her again and Nancy kept her eyes open in disbelief. But her tongue joined in on the dance trying to wrap around Ty's. She pushed him back again and Ty undid her blouse, her bra until she was topless. "What are you doing to me? Why are you undressing me?" She looked at him into the eyes, impressed by his aggressiveness. "Take off your pants." Ty demanded. As Nancy did what she was told, she told him, "Okay. I'll do what you say. But I just brought you here to talk about how you, a black man, was looking at me, a white, married woman."

    After removing his shirt, Ty helped himself to kiss both Nancy's breasts and then her mouth again. Catching her breath, Nancy continued her tease. "I'm not here to have sex with you. I'm naked because I don't what you to think I'm racist."

    Ty kissed Nancy's neck and had a finger from his left hand into Nancy's pussy and a finger from his right hand into her ass. "You're not a racist, huh?" he asked her. "No." pleaded Nancy, "I'd do anything than be called a racist. Anything. That's why I'm naked and helpless. Oh, your fingers feel so good in my holes!"

    "I don't play games." Ty warned. Looking over his shoulder and convinced he had privacy, Ty undid his pants, pushed them down, and waved his hard cock at Nancy. "Do you want this black dick!"

    Nancy covered her mouth in awe. Hard as steel, as rumored. Impatient with her hesitation, Ty taunted her, "Or are you racist?" The wife shook her head and dropped to her knees. She took his manhood into her hand, looked up and begged, "I want this." She helped herself and pushed his cock into her mouth. She gave it a few short bobs then pushed it deep into the back of her throat. She gagged and pulled it out bringing a stream of spit with it. Nancy told him again, "I'm doing this because I'm not a racist." As she resumed giving Ty his blow job, he told her, "And I'm going to fuck you."

    Nancy looked up, "If that's what it takes."

    With a hand on her head, Ty thrusted his hips and gently face-fucked Nancy. He needed this. Ty didn't care where or how. He had another married, white woman. They made the best fucks. "Suck that black cock you married, white girl!" he demanded. "Suck my cock the way you won't for your husband." Nancy admired Ty's fearless dirty talk. So confident to compare himself to her husband. He was right, of course. Ty was better in every way. Bigger, harder, more handsome. More deserving. Nancy licked his balls, "You deserve this." she told him, "For no other reason you're black and beautiful!"

    Ty brought Nancy up to her feet again. They spent minutes kissing while she was jerking his cock. He gave her tits attention before he spun her around as she stuck out her ass. Ty reached and pushed his cock into her pussy. He gave a forceful push and Nancy's body accepted it. Her clit was on fire at another well-sized organ mating her. Feeling a hand across her breasts, she bit her lip anticipating the cock to completely fill her. Ty wanted to fill her before starting full thrusts. He loved looking at Nancy's ass. It was beautifully shaped and perfect for sex. When he had filled her, Nancy gasped and gave a helpless whimper. "Look at you, white girl. Fucking a black stranger." he told her before giving his full push into her. Nancy whimpered again and kept quiet. She knew he owned her. "Just because I'm black, you wanted me to fuck you." Ty scolded her again. Nancy didn't want to confess but her submissiveness wanted to express itself. "Yes. It's true." she whispered. Ty slapped her ass and gave his second, sudden thrust. He squeezed her right breast and huffed into her ear, "Racist slut! Think you deserve black cock." he said and gave a few thrusts before stopping. He so much wanted to give her a good fucking but was angry at Nancy's racist attitude. Ty counted to four, he couldn't hold longer. He started to fuck her again. A minute went by and then another. Nancy was euphoric.

    "Fuck! Fuck me!" Ty cursed himself. He was being used by this white girl, taking advantage of his sexual needs. He stopped and pushed his body into Nancy. "You think you deserve black cock?" he demanded an answer. Nancy nodded, "Yes. I need this. Please fuck me."

    Ty pulled out leaving his hard dick hanging in the cool air. He stepped back and told Nancy, "If you believe you're not a racist, then pick up your clothes and leave. Otherwise, suck my cock." Nancy turned feeling desperate. She knew if she dropped to her knees, she would admit to Ty her racism. Nancy showed no hesitation. She dropped to her knees and placed both hands on his thighs. She opened her mouth and took his wet, pussy stained cock into her mouth. "I knew it. A racist."

    Nancy lifted her mouth and spat on Ty's cock, "Yes. I'm a racist." Ty blessed her several more minutes of cock sucking before instructing her back on her feet. They returned to the wall and she pushed out her ass. Ty slapped it and the two had new understandings. Nancy never thought so low of herself. She felt dirty, primal, and without regret or remorse. She accepted her racism when Ty said to her, "Good that you're honest with yourself. You deserve this now."

    Ty began to fuck her with full thrusts. "Fuck me. Use me." Nancy begged, "Fuck my racist, white pussy!" Ty replied, "This is all you're good for." Nancy understood that this older man was very experienced with white women. He wasn't to be teased and was entitled to anything he wanted. "Look at you. Lovin' black cock. You love my black cock?" he asked her.

    Nancy had to answer, "Yes ... I love your black cock. Fuck me." And she had her first orgasm with him. She squealed. Her pussy had no guilt only need for a large, sperm-spewing member inside its womb. Ty teased her, "Tell me you don't love your husband. You love this!"

    Nancy didn't want to but her pussy made her otherwise. Without this confession, he may pull out again and she won't cum. She relented, "I ... don't .... love .... my .... husband ... I love this!" Nancy's betrayal was rewarded with another orgasm. Ty pushed in and held. He started squeezing out one stream of cum after another. "Take that, white girl. I'm fucking your race and your marriage!"

    "Thank you! Thank you!" said Nancy.

    When Ty pulled back, Nancy took his cock into her mouth. She looked into his eyes with devotion and love. "Please, I don't want to be a racist anymore. What do I have to do?" Ty looked down, "Give me your number and promise you'll see me tomorrow."

    "Yes! Yes!" she answered emphatically.

    "You'll still be a racist. But you're going to get well fucked." he explained. Nancy nodded her head. As Ty dressed and hurried out, Nancy scooped the cum from her pussy and put it into her mouth. As she watched Ty disappear out of the cafeteria, she told herself, "Damn, I love black men!"


    Nancy found a restroom and a water fountain to clean up and wash her mouth. She couldn't believe what she had become in a few short hours with sexy black men in the same room as she. What would become of her when the city achieves full integration? She gathered her composure knowing full well she had dates set up with an older black man and a 18 year old girl. Then there was her "relationship" with Jamal.

    Nancy made her way back to the rec room where the bazaar was starting to wind down. Few items were left but broken microwaves, out of fashion clothes, and plasticware better off in a recycling bin. Miss Violet was no where to be seen. Truth was, she was out looking for the slutty Nancy. But Nancy had no way of knowing that. Nancy had thought she had enough and figured she would leave for home. But she felt a strong hand gripping hers.

    "Let's go." It was Jamal. Jamal was horny. Nancy knees weakened. She didn't know if she could go through with this but her pussy loved the idea and she had that special "feeling" again. If she followed Jamal, this would be more sex she had ever experienced in a day. Her husband, Brad, could never show the same stamina or strength. Jamal pulled her by the hand out of the rec room and across campus. "Jamal? Jamal?" Nancy pleaded the teen to listen to her. But Jamal only whispered, "I need pussy." That settled it for Nancy. She felt obligated to have sex with Jamal again.

    Jamal mentioned how he had the key to the coach's office. They would go there. They rushed across the campus, through the gymnasium, and straight to Coach Tuggs' door. But as Jamal put in the key, he and Nancy heard the obvious sound of sex from inside. Moans and squeals echoed the hall before Jamal quietly pushed open the door. Nancy only had a quick glimpse of June, naked and bent over doggie style. Coach Tuggs was furiosly fucking her from behind.

    "Oh fuck me, coach! Anything for you. Fuck my white pussy!" June squealed. Nancy grabbed her heart. She loved her! Jamal eased the door shut after Tuggs had slapped June's ass and called her a "good white slut." Nancy could hear June mumbling "I love black cock!"

    Jamal then led Nancy into the boys locker room. That seems the go-to place to have sex in the school. But as they rushed in and peeked around the corner, they caught a peek of Anna and Coach Dre. Dre was sitting on the bench and his back against the wall. Anna was straddling him and rubbing her breasts into her face. "I want a winning football team." Anna cheered. Both Jamal and Nancy covered their face and tried not to laugh. They both rushed out. They never considered the girls side, opting to find another building for privacy. One door after another was locked until Jamal figured they could hang out at the teacher's lounge. But as they approached the door, the opaque door window tipped off the lounge was occupied. They heard the whines of a teenage girl and the growl of a man.

    "Let the African fuck you. That's it, Ellie. Give up your white pussy." it was Amanda. Nancy recognized her voice. She could only presume they were with Ali having an interracial threesome.

    The last words Nancy would hear from Ellie, "It's so big."

    Jamal, getting extremely frustrated, took Nancy outdoors across the grass to Miss Violet's trailer. His only hope was the door was unlocked and unoccupied. As the stepped to the trailer's door, Jamal crossed his fingers and turned the knob. The door was unlocked! He peered inside. No lights were on. He rushed Nancy inside and closed the door behind them.

    "Quick! Get out of the clothes. We have to be fast." Jamal advised. Nancy wondered what was "quick" for Jamal considering his stamina. "How much time do you need?" she asked.

    "It will take me about 30 minutes, at least." he answered.

    Nancy took off her clothes and sat on Violet's couch. She took Jamal's cock into her mouth and gave him a blow job to start. Jamal grabbed her hair in relief he was scoring pussy again. "Suck that cock, girl. Suck that cock." he demanded. Nancy was loving how the men were talking to her. She loved having a cock in her mouth. She spat on it and licked his balls trying to coax the lust out of him. Jamal tapped her tongue with his cock before rubbing it against her nose and cheek. After a few more moments enjoying it, Jamal knew he had to start fucking and finish. He needed to get off and get out of the trailer.

    They started in a doggie style position for a while. He pushed his cock in and didn't realize how much easier it was since the hours earlier. Jamal started fucking her and slapping her ass. "Fuck me, Jamal. Fuck that pussy." said Nancy. Jamal noticed the change with his married lover. Nancy had become more vocal since their first encounter. "Love getting fucked, Nancy?" he asked. She answered, "I need this. That simple."

    Nancy was looking to orgasm again but Jamal pulled out and flipped Nancy over. He climbed on top of her. When Jamal penetrated her again and pushed his entire length into her, Nancy had her orgasm. It was a mild wave of pleasure that encouraged her to open her legs wider and her knees higher. Jamal got into a comfortable position and told Nancy, "Just lay there. I'm going to fuck you until I cum."

    She laid and felt Jamal push in and out. He was grunting and working his cock hoping for a good, quick release. Nancy was unable to count the minutes; was five becoming ten becoming twenty? Jamal, at times, felt cursed he needed to fuck so often. It took a lot of work and a lot of stamina to release. He said openly "I need pussy. I need pussy." as he tried to force his semen to jet out. Nancy just smiled and nodded, "Oh yeah, fuck me. Feels so good."

    It took another few minutes before Jamal felt that feeling in his loins. They kissed and he asked her, "You attracted to black men now, Nancy? You like black cock more than your husband's?"

    Nancy nodded, "Yes! I'm so attracted to black men. I want only black cock for now on!" Jamal needed more to get off, he demanded, "Say fuck the white race. Tell me you're a black cock slut!"

    And Nancy followed, "I'm a black cock slut. Fuck me! Fuck my husband!" Three more wild thursts and Jamal popped out. He wanted to see Nancy eat his cum. Nancy took direction well and greedily opened her mouth. Streams of cum coated her tongue and face. Nancy swallowed and said loudly, "Fuck the white race!"

    The lustful stares between Jamal and Nancy was broken by Violet's words, "Beautiful! Fucking beautiful!" Nancy turned her head and saw Miss Violet holding up her cell phone. With cum splattered on Nancy's face, Jamal's cock was still in the video frame.

    Miss Violet just kept her smile.

    To learn more about the city of Black Pine and its characters, read the reference guide under the Author's Den found in the forums section.
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