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At The Club...Part Fantasy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeeAnnaMontana, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. DeeAnnaMontana

    DeeAnnaMontana Well-Known Member Member

    So there I was thinking about this guy's BIG BLACK COCK and how LONG it possibly is, as I'm standing there talking to him with a drink in my hand and the music so loud we have to keep leaning closer to each other to hear! I asked questions about the usual things, and flirt at every open opportunity. He is probably the most handsome, well-built man I have seen in years, but I get no obvious response except a few small smiles. At my age, a girl just has to move fast before some young cutie comes along and steals him away! He has on a red jacket, with baggy bluejeans, runners and his eyes and smile are just melting me. I'm feeling little heat waves...and I decide to just reach out and run my hand across that enticing bulge in his pants...He smiled and grinned at me, then licked his lips. <br /> I was kinda nervous, real excited and my heart was racing. He complemented me on my appearance and ran his hands through my hair. He kissed me on the mouth, then on my neck. He whispered in my ear, "you are a very beautiful woman, Dee!" I said thank you and told him how handsome I thought he was, then rubbed his cock and licked my lips, then looked up at him and smiled. All caution to the wind, I just came out and asked him if he wanted a blow job. He smiled and said, "follow me." He took me by the hand and we headed towards the washroom, into the guys stalls and locked ourselves in the last stall in the back. He turned me toward him and kissed me...deep, passionately - I threw my arms around his neck and kissed back with furvor! My stats - 5'10, 138 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes, white, Married, 48 His - 6'2, 200+ lbs., black hair, brown eyes, black, single, 24, hung with about 9.5 He stood over the toilet and pulled out his cock dangling over the toilet. I reached down and started stroking his black cock slowly. I then bent over and began sucking his dick, licking around his purple head. I TRULY LOVE SUCKING BLACK COCK. I worked his dick to it's full erection and realized that it was not only long but thick. Now for the taste I'm guessing he has sweat cum or so but see not to sure at that moment. So I started to lick up and down his shaft, then stroking more and sucking more and finally deep throating his love toy. I asked him to remove or lower his pants. He told me that he's got a surprise for me that I'll love. "Get ready slut for these black BALLS!" Holy shit you wouldn't believe the size of this guy's balls. Talk about your tennis balls, 2 big balls hanging between those legs. I grabbed his black balls immediately holding them with 2 hands amazed at the size. These black balls must have hung by the least 4 inches down and that was his balls not his sack. Incredible I told him, mesmerized at their size and played with them gently then began to lick them all around. I must have licked and then sucked them for at least 15-20 minutes. They were so big I gave them a royal spit shine as my saliva coated his black black balls. I kept on licking then trying to suck on those incredible balls while stroking his black dick fast and hard. I thought about how much this guy can cum, I was getting so horny and hot while working his dick and balls. No lie it was like holding 2 black tennis balls in a black bag. When I finished coating his balls I sucked him with a great intensity that I began to hear echoes in the washroom of suction noises. <br /> I felt his balls jerk and his long pipe throb, his head grew and I knew he was cumming cause he was breathing pretty heavy at this moment. I sucked even harder as if I was trying to squeeze those big black balls through his shaft. I stroked harder and sucked harder till I felt his cum hitting the back of my throat. It felt like he was shooting for distance, the f***e of his cum bouncing off the back of my throat was incredible. I started to swallow as fast as possible as he just kept on cumming. I continued to stroke his cock with long hard strokes, milking him for everything he had. Cum was now leaking out through the corners of my mouth. It felt like a gallon of cum and yet he was still spraying my mouth. I finally was able to pull his dick out of my mouth and began cleaning his cock with my tongue and lips. I used my hand to wipe the cum that was on my chin and then licked my hand. I emptied him out and he filled me up. I was completely happy and I knew that I would have to explain to my husband where I had gotten off to, and what had happened. I gave him my phone number and told him to call any time! Can't wait until he empties those huge balls into my married white pussy!

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