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. Anthro Wolf Supremacy: Breaking Elves

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, May 16, 2018.

. Anthro Wolf Supremacy: Breaking Elves 4.7 5 3votes
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  1. White Extinction

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    Wolf Supremacy: Breaking Elves


    Anthropomorphic Wolves have usurped humanity as the primary species on the planet. Lesser races have been reduced to a purely subservient role to their their new lupine gods. Humans, elves, foxes, felines, rabbits, and deer have found themselves to be a steadily declining minority and have been stripped of citizenship and all rights.

    The new dominant religion has become the Temple of Lupinia. Non-wolves are indoctrinated in the teachings of the goddess - that they are a stain on the world. Canines, possessing dominant genes, are able to create new offspring by breeding lesser species females. This has led to a campaign of non-wolf male sterilization and breeding programs designed to slowly snuff out the non-wolf races forever.

    New non-wolves are indoctrinated into the Temple each day, offering their lives to serving their canine gods. Converts wear the tattoo of the divine paw print on their bodies, advertising their complete capitulation to the canine race. Human life has been fundamentally transformed...

    Vice Mordaci sneered, having the elf cornered in the elevator... She always came home from work the same time, the big bad wolf waiting for her each day... Weeks went by with just lewd remarks and lecherous staring, but he had grown bolder... Groping her round perfect bottom and nipping her pointed ear. Taking the stairs would have made things even worse for her. Vice licked his fangs as the doors closed on the elevator... The moment it began to rise he put the 'stop' button and backed her against the corner... Towering over the poor girl. One of his large powerful hands grasped at her hip as he stared down... The day before he won a kiss before releasing her. "Mmn... Where is my kiss, knife ear...?"

    Mia Selwen once again felt the heat rushing to her cheeks, tinging her pale flesh with a reddish hue as those large hands grazed against her body, feeling the outline of her buxom hips that lay just beneath the form-fitting contours of her outfit. She'd grown used to the treatment, to the vile remarks and the stares and the incessant groping. But her heart skipped a beat as the elevator came grinding to a stop, left alone in that confined space with her harasser. "G-get back," she muttered, eyes staring in the direction of the elevator console as she tried to reach around his massive physique and get it started again. "That was one time. Only once."

    Wicked Vice chuckled sadistically at her, licking at his thick black canine lips as he stared down with dominant eyes. The console was just out of reach... His free hand sliding up her skirt and down the front of her silk panties. Sneering from ear to ear, he locked eyes with her as he began to rub at her swelling pearl... His other hand moving from her hip around to her cute bottom, giving it a playful slap before kneading at it... That large torso pinning her back against the corner.

    "I bet you've been dreaming about it, haven't you...? Heh... Lil' elf chew toy..." The brute uttered, the thick fur in the center of his toned chest pressed to her cheek... His pheromones flooding her nostrils.

    Poor Mia let out a desperate groan as she struggled in vain to touch the console, finally abandoning the effort and instead pressing those digits against his ebony-furred chest in some vain attempt to try and push him away. She let out a soft gasp as that large hand of his pushed against her crotch and violated her privates; her words and expression might've suggested resistance, but the subtle wetness of her privates suggested otherwise. Between the hand down her panties and the one groping her ass, Mia didn't know how best to squirm away from her aggressive harasser. Her reddened cheeks pressed hard against his chest, forcing her to inhale that powerful scent that brought a softer tone of voice to her lips when she muttered, "S-stop..." The sting against her nostrils was powerful, her eyes beginning to lid. Miles -- if she could just reach her phone, could just get away from him for a moment...

    The wolf began to rub at her swollen pink nub even harder, the wet nectar making it hot and slick... With a handful of that round bottom, he kneaded at he breathed hotly against her neck... That large tongue leaving his maw and licking the sensitive side of her neck... Bathing it in his hot saliva as he forced pleasure on her further. "Mmn... You think you got a choice here, knife ears...? Ever since you and that pathetic cuck moved in nextdoor, you became mine. You're going to look so cute with a paw tattoo on this thick rear... And, your tummy swollen with my pups..." The savage told her. Wolves were steadily outnumbering all other species... Six wolves to every one human... Three dozen wolves to every elf. Every corporation and important government position led by them or their acolytes. "You're so wet... You've been thinking about me, haven't you...?" The evil creature asked... The dreams of her being taken by wolves flashing in her silly elf mind... The moment the wolves moved in her ability to orgasm with her fiancé began to vanish... What was happening?

    The elf’s defiant groans were slowly shifting to something far softer, something bordering on pleasure. Try as she might to deny him the privilege of seeing her succumbing to his vile attentions, her body seemed to respond to his with ever-increasing compliance. When his tongue came to drag against her neck, she gently craned it to the side and gave him greater access; when those rough digits started to apply greater pressure against her needy pearl, she let out a soft, appreciative moan. And the words he spoke seemed to remind her of what she'd done; only a night prior, Miles had found her in a whimpering state, fingers rolling against her swollen, slick pearl as she brought herself to another intense orgasm. She'd managed to convince him that it was because she'd missed him that day at work, but that wasn't nearly the truth. She'd felt guilty, of course -- but part of her had enjoyed the thoughts that motivated her to spread those legs and pleasure herself. Thoughts of the wolf that now had her in his grasp, and of all his kind. "N-no," she groaned, squeezing her eyes closed as the imagery flooded into her, "W-what... are you doing to me? Please... Nngh..."

    The Big Bad Wolf snickered, playing her like a harp... Knowing each delicate string to pluck as he rubbed her swollen soaking clit, his fingers against her wanton sex... Breathing against her craned neck, he gave that cute ass another playful slap. "Mmn... You lie so prettily... You're so bad at it..." The bully told her, seeing her as fair game... Wolves only respected the property of other wolves, lupine society based around hierarchy. Alphas always took what they wanted before sharing it with the pack... Before sharing her... Nipping her ear again, he gave a heated snarl to her... Her dreams haunted with beastly snarls, growls, grunts... "I'm claiming what is mine... Say it... Say you're mine and I'll let you cum..." The cruel creature instructed, his dominant eyes staring hypnotically into hers... Willing to edge her within an inch of her sanity.

    She curled her lower lip inward, biting down on it as those dexterous fingers rolled and pushed just as they needed to draw out another soft moan. She let out a low hiss as the hand smacked her once again, back arching and chest pushing against the massive physique of the dark-furred wolf before her. Her breath was growing shakier, her nipples pushing hard against the restrictive fabric of her form-fitting blouse. Her sex was well slicked by now, each stroke and grind of that digit against her gliding against her needy pearl with ease. She felt her eyes pulled up to his, those silver-grey orbs of hers made to connect with lupine gold above. Her lips hung open, as if the words were seated on her tongue and merely needed the right amount of motivation to be spoken. "C-can't... s-shouldn't," she whispered, whimpering to herself as though even she knew the words to be lies.

    The swamp wolf stared her down, her dominating stare enthralling her deeper and deeper... His fingers retaining the same pace... Enough to keep her aroused, but not enough to grant her release. Her pretty Miles unable to make her cum for close to a month now... Giving the side of her neck a small nip, he threatened to leave a mark... Would she have to wear a scarf around her fiancé for a few days? She definitely would have to hide the bruises inflicted by the big bad wolf on her poor bottom. "I own you now... Say it... Say it, or I'll push you out of this elevator without cumming..." The vulgar beast threatened, his power sense of smell coupled with the heat her body emitted... Elves were so easy to predict when it came to agony and arousal... Another beta species that would be brought to extinction by their canine gods.

    Poor Mia was growing anxious with the need for release, the powerful desire to cum beginning to outweigh her desire to continue resisting this bully in some small way. Her tongue had begun to push out of her mouth, cheeks flushed with reddish color as her body bucked and squirmed against the wolf's rolling fingers. And all the while, her eyes were locked with his... the periphery of her vision seemed to blur, her focus leveled entirely upon that hypnotic stare. Whispers of defiance had faded into soft, whimpering groans, her cunt aching to be satisfied but finding no such release under the constant attentions applied to it. What could Miles do compare to this, if even the mere touch from this alpha wolf was enough to bring her to the brink of orgasm? "Y-yours," she sputtered, her voice shaky and barely audible as she blurted out what he wanted to hear,

    "I-I'm yours, nnhn... you... o-own me..." She swallowed hard with the words, breath turning to panting. "P-please, l-let me...," she begged, tone soft and submissive as it trailed away. An idle hand shifted between their bodies to grasp at his forearm, some feeble way of holding onto him as his fingers worked between her legs.

    The great beast sneered from pointed ear to pointed ear... His large wolf ears standing erect as his pace increased, groping at that sensitive bottom as he intentionally began to push her to release. "Mmn... That's a good lil' chew toy... Tomorrow... When that fucking beta goes leaves for work early... You'll be ready in something cute..." The malicious lupine insisted, his maw just an inch from her full pouty lips. "You're going to be a good girl... I'm going to use you in the bed you share with him..." The brute insisted, knowing the unconscious scent of him would always be on her sheets... Never letting her have any real escape from him mentally. "If you don't...? I'm going to smash in your fucking door and fuck that faggot beta of yours to death..." He threatened... Vice alone...? There was no doubt he was powerful enough to do such a thing without even the slightest difficulty. Wolves were the only 'real' men that existed... Elves existed to carry wolf pups, lick shewolf cunts, or be played with until discarded...

    Staring into her silvery eyes, he gave her mind and body the instruction it needed. "Cum."

    Little Miss Selwen seemed to acknowledge her shift in demeanor as the wolf spoke, chewing on her lip and nodding to his commandments with eager, quick bobs of her head. Her breathing had grown jittery and frenetic, lengthy groans escaping her loose lips as Vice laid out his plans. The idea of letting this bully into her home, of spreading her legs for him and letting him breed her as he'd promise he would... part of it seemed cruel, to finally be forced to acknowledge that the wolf had been right all along about her. But there was also excitement, an anxious feeling welling up within her that would keep her up tonight with thoughts about what outfits of those Miles bought her would be best for Vice to see her in. Only the violent warning that the wolf delivered was enough to make her falter for just a moment, her expression wincing with the idea of Miles suffering such a fate.

    But she didn't have time to linger on it; the command had been given, and she couldn't resist the need to follow any longer. Her lips parted in an ecstasy and heated series of moans, buxom thighs quivering and squeezing together in a tight vice as her body convulsed with the rhythm of one of the most powerful orgasms she'd yet experienced. Try as she may to keep her gaze leveled on that alpha wolf, they couldn't help but roll back into her head as she groaned and moaned against his nimble fingers. The rough pads against her pearl and whetted cunt would be slicked with feminine honey, her body's reward for the both of them for his impressive skill -- and for her inevitable submission, as if reinforcing that she'd made the right choice. It lasted for felt like an eternity, her knees growing weak and struggling to keep her lithe frame standing.

    Her new owner was pleased... Bringing her through her release, he did not falter... Stalwart in his demeanor of owning both her and the situation. As her orgasm subsided, he pulled her nectar-soaked fingers from between her wet heated thighs... Breaking his elf honey glazed fingers to the pert lips he did not need to give her a verbal command - lick them clean. Her tongue would routinely clean the mess she made from his fingers and that throbbing knotty canine godcock... The truth...? Miles would be between her bruised thighs, his tongue buried deep inside of trying to lick out every drop of that intoxicating virile seed. Vice would take everything from her... Next target of his coveting...?

    Her fertile womb... Deep inside of her, the wolf pheromones were already making her ovulate and drop a fertile egg in preparation for insemination.

    Even worse? Once a woman had been with a wolf, a very faint smell would remain on them from the lupine's seed... Every wolf that she came within 100 ft of would know she was a chew toy. And, until she had her tattoo, she would be free game.

    "Tomorrow." He repeated, licking his fangs.

    Corrupted Mia looked a mess, her lengthy chestnut tresses spilled out to frame around her glowing, rose-tinted cheeks. Her lidded eyes finally opened once again, directed toward the sight of the wolf's glistening digits. "Mmhn," she moaned, swallowing hard and leaning forward to close the distance between those glazed fingers and her plushy, full lips. She wasted no time in parting them away to let her tongue slide out, her slick muscle starting at the bottom-most knuckle and slowly dragging upward. She kept her eyes opened and focused on the alpha in front of her, her occasional moans breathing onto his digits as she rode the aftermath of her climax. She tasted of herself at the tips of his fingers, moving where needed to allow her tongue to collect that nectar against it and blending it together with her warm saliva. And all the while she stared out toward him, once again nodding her head obediently at the one-word reminder, shivering ever so gently at the way he licked at those razor fangs of his. What had she gotten herself into?

    Vice was finally pleased enough with her. Leaning over, he hit the resume button on the elevator... Giving her one last grin, the dominant alpha walked on to his apartment... Leaving her disheveled behind him. In the apartment, she would find Miles had made them dinner and was eager to see her... Surely to enhance her feelings of guilt. Would she be a good girl...? Vice could picture her trying on lingerie and cute outfits in preparation of her 'wolfing' the next morning. Bright and early, cheerful Miles awoke and got ready for work... His job starting much earlier than hers. He took the time to leave her some breakfast and come in to kiss her on the cheek before she went to shower. Vice told her he would be there not long after Miles left... Her sweet naive beta boyfriend had left the apartment, the sound of their apartment door closing alerting her it was time to ensure she was ready.

    She had spent the hours that followed her encounter in the elevator struggling to truly comprehend what had happened. She had managed to collect herself enough to present herself as normal but disheveled, doing what she could to reciprocate Mile's warm and loving demeanor as best as possible. Thoughts of Vice lingered on throughout the night, the scent of him still fresh in her mind and nostrils, even as she climbed into bed alongside her lover, eyes scanning over the many garments that she'd laid out on the pretense of 'organizing her things'.

    She watched him drift away, the sight of him sleeping beside her bringing back some semblance of guilt... but what truly was she to do? Should she defy Vice, Miles would suffer as a result; the wolf had proved himself correct about her once already, and she had little doubt that he'd make good on his promise to harm Miles in return.

    Once the two had awoken and Miles was preparing to leave, the knot in her throat began to build anew. She'd have but a precious few moments once that door closed to prepare herself; after a quick shower -- still not quite enough to wash the scent of Vice from her -- and a cursory glance at her various choices of luxurious lingerie, she settled on a skimpier number: a dark lace bra and thong set that, while doing precious little to hide the buxom assets beneath, clung to the curvature of her full figure with thin cords of black fabric. The material looked as if it had been made for her specifically, fitted just so and ensconcing her body with enough visible beneath that it would reward those whose gaze lingered longer than appropriate. Once settled into her things, the knot in her throat grew a tad tighter... She didn't know whether he would knock or simply come bursting through, and so she remained poised and standing...

    And she waited.

    Vice truly gave her little time... Only ten minutes after Miles left did the big bad wolf find his way to her door... The large beast knocking, wearing his usual leather biker get up. Upon answering the door, he would torment her further.

    "Kiss me..." He instructed, standing there sneering... Neighbors might see, but he would test her obedience. Staring down at her, the black wolf seemed even larger for some reason... The brute eager to make use of the little elf. Humans, fox, and even two elves found their way into the apartment nextdoor... Mia and Miles forced to listen to their earth-shattering cries while they were used that echoed through the walls. Yet, the menacing wolf and his pack seemed to keep Miles from daring to say anything... Even to management... The wolves' parties getting louder each time.

    Standing there, he leaned in expecting his kiss before he would enter... Licking his maw...

    Little Mia took slow, hesitant steps toward the doorway as the hand rapped against it, swallowing hard as her fingers wrapped around the doorknob and twisted open. Her cheeks were tinged with a soft pinkish hue, her eyes darting this way and that as she peered around the early morning halls... and then to him. She took in the sight of him, the reminder that yesterday hadn't simply been a dream -- or perhaps a nightmare. He was more than Miles ever could be, and the presence of him was already enough to give her a helpful reminder of that powerful scent of his. Her lips pursed together at his command, and she visibly winced... She knew some of these people, as did Miles; the thought of them knowing before even her boyfriend did made her uneasy, as if it was yet another betrayal piled onto the many laid at her feet. Some of them were wolves, sure, but others weren't. But what would he do if she refused? The thought of Miles being harmed crept back into her head, and she swallowed again.

    She needed to push herself to her tiptoes, even while he was leaning into her. Her plushy, full lips grazed against him, molding into a quick peck -- it lasted barely half a second, and unless Vice had something else to say about it, she'd try and coax him into their apartment, behind closed doors.

    The brute wrapped those large surly arms around her... Both hands grabbing at her exposed ass, groping her as he forced that large canine tongue into her little mouth... Holding her on her tip-toes as a few neighbors passed, their gazes shifting downward... A few lecherous wolves... A few elves... The entire building would know within hours that she was now a 'chew toy'. Of course, none would have the courage or decency to tell her fiancé just yet. Pleased with her, he pulled his tongue from her little mouth and practically shoved her inside before closing the door... Shamelessly, he entered her apartment and walked straight into the couple's bedroom. Sneering, he peeled off his leather vest exposing that toned upper torso... His black fur having a healthy sheen and smelling very lightly like sweet cigar smoke. Without hesitation, those domineering golden eyes fixated on her... His hand extending and pointing to the floor in front of him.

    "Unbuckle my belt... Take it out..." He snarled viciously, licking those ivory white fangs... The throbbing 12" of canine godcock awaited her... A thick bead of precum forming at the tapered tip of the red monolith.

    The upper-class elf certainly predicted that he wouldn't spare her the perceived humility of being taken from her lover, wincing against the invasion of his warm, slick tongue but not daring to fight against it. Once in his grasp again, Mia felt herself suddenly sliding back into that submissive, welcoming demeanor that she'd been introduced to at the end of their encounter in the elevator. Cheeks burning with embarrassment as neighbors passed by, their gazes downward but silently judging, Mia stumbled back into her apartment and followed behind Vice with soft footfalls.

    Mia and Miles certainly weren't one-percenters, but they enjoyed a life of luxury that many of those, even among their own high-rise apartment, couldn't claim to have. Their bed was spacious and cushioned, with plenty of pillows and vibrant bedding laid across it, though still messy from their latest sleep. But a strange thing seemed to happen: almost as soon as Vice took his first steps into the room, the air about it seemed to change. It was as if a transfer of control had been made, as if those things which the couple had worked so hard for were suddenly under threat of being made the property of this alpha wolf...

    He turned to face her again, that lupine gaze forcing her to address it. The finger pointed downward, and her body seemed to follow where it directed. Her knees met the clean carpets below, hands coming out to place her in on all fours. She kept her head dipped low, crawling toward him with enough sway to her hips that her buxom ass shifted from side to side. And once she was beneath him, those slender digits of hers worked with a certain hesitation at the front of his belt, sliding it through the loops and loosening up his pants enough that she could tug them down to reveal...

    She gasped. It wasn't a dramatic one, nor one that seemed planned. It was sheer, utter surprise. It wasn't that she'd never seen a cock this big before, though that much was true... it was the shape of it, the way it looked. It was all foreign to her. She swallowed hard again, her eyes gazing ahead at it with a certain... interest. A curiosity. She'd heard the stories, of course... but never seen one herself. "Mmhn," she breathed, eyes growing wide. "It's... so..."

    Vice snickered. "There isn't an elf alive this gifted... The weakest wolf is still superior to the strongest elf..." The cruel wolf insisted, the lupine member throbbing... Her fingers would barely be able to fit around the girth of it as thick precum drooled from that tapered hip... An intoxicating musk emanating from it... Ready to end her elf bloodline forever and create a new generation of wolves inside of the new elfish chew toy he acquired. The alpha's tail wagged slowly behind him... His muscular form before her as he stepped out of his leather pants and boxers.

    With little effort, he grasped the back of her head... His fingers coiling into her luscious nutmeg hair. So easily, he had the very tip against her bottom lip... A single drop of precum touching her lip and giving her a rush of tingling from the virile musk... Wolves... Are... Gods... Elves... Are... Toys... W...What?

    His vicious predator eyes gave dominance to his words. "Lick... Get me ready... I'm going to breed you right here on the bed you share with your cuck..." The beast snarled. He would bask in her things later... Soon, the sadistic creature would be selling their things... Emptying their accounts... Draining their assets... Tormenting them and using them... The wolves would take everything from them... Ruin them.

    Poor Mia seemed almost afraid to take the fat prick into her hands, mouth hanging open as she studied the thing from the short distance she had to it. Her head was swimming in the overwhelming presence of those pheromones, that powerful body over her merely adding to the deprivation of any resistance or guilt she had left. She watched as the thick globule of precum collected around the tip, her first instinct to lean in and taste it. The hand at the back of her head was the not-so-subtle push she had needed, her plushy, full lips moving forward to greet the tip of that impressive length. Wolves are gods, elves are toys...

    The words formed in her head without her thinking them, drawing momentary confusion to the surface before Vice's lupine gaze quietly silenced it. Her tongue slid out from between her lips, tasting of the wolf's reddened tip and drawing that first globule of precum into her mouth. It was enough to make her want more, and her tongue and lips were quickly set to work on that fat length, licking and slurping against it with a growing rhythm. She'd occasionally moan or hum out her enjoyment, eyes closing as her tongue began to lather him in a layer of her warm drool.

    Wicked Vice growled hotly in pleasure, staring down at the thick doggy dick throbbed as her little pink tongue bathed it... Those eyes were always watching her... Commanding her... Always reminding her of her inferiority... Her place... Her species' place. The pheromones flooding her senses from his musk were euphoric... Each drop of cum able to make her love for Miles die a little... Each drop making her body only able to be attracted to wolves... Changing her into a race traitor slowly.

    He kept her there... Needing to be absolutely dripping with her hot drool to make her body accommodate him... The lupine's knot truly the largest thing she would ever take into her tight little elvish cunt. Vice would be making her pretend to work late soon, taking her out to get those pert nipples pierced with silver studs... A belly button piercing with a paw print on the silver stud... Even a studded tongue ring for her and soon enough her cuck... Able to help them pleasure their lupine gods more easily while they were skull fucked by them. What would Miles say...? Well, that barely mattered... Soon 'Wolf Cock Only' would be tattooed above her little mound along with the paw print on that perfect ass of hers.

    After a few minutes, he felt he was ready for Mia's 'conversion'... There was no going back the moment he was inside of her... Pulling her head away from the virile precum and musk, he snarled to her.

    "On the bed..."

    Mia Selwen had to wonder how she'd gone as long as she had without tasting wolf cock like this, her lips and tongue now hungrily setting to their task of drooling and bathing that pulsing prick with warm, glistening drool. She could

    feel Vice's eyes on her, even if she wasn't capable of looking up at him herself; they spurred her onward, encouraged her to divulge into slurping and lewd suckling, her nostrils flaring with the sting of pheromone-laced musk as she slipped deeper and deeper into that wolf-drunk stupor. Any glimpse of glossy precum at the tip of that reddish prick was enough to pull her from whatever inch of him she lingered, hungrily closing her lips around it and letting the taste of it run against her working tongue. "Mmhn, yes!" she cooed, breathing warmth against his spit-slicked member, eyes opening after that massive hand pulled her quite reluctantly away.

    There she knelt, her lips stained with the wolf's heady drool and her own messy spit, their plushy surface curling upward into a soft smirk as he commanded her once again. She felt compelled now, as if her body wouldn't even entertain the idea of resisting. Her limbs were eagerly moving toward the bed, pulling her buxom physique atop of it and swaying her hips to the side, ass raised in a sort of alluring dance for the massive wolf. Her thong left little to the imagination with her ass, the cord sliding deep between the valley of those pert cheeks of warm flesh, their front only doing a slightly better job at hiding what was becoming a well-slicked and eager cunt. She rolled over onto her back, breasts practically spilling out of her revealing bra, and peered up at him. Her heart was racing, eyes staring up at that hypnotic golden gaze, both eager and nervous in equal measure. She knew what this meant just as much as he did... Or did she?

    The wolf climbed onto the bed, the massive creature shifting weight on the bed as he prepared her... Putting down Miles' pillow in the center of the bed, he grasped Mia by her hip and laid her out on her back... Staring down her body, he licked his fangs as those lecherous eyes showed their most wicked intentions. Vice placed her ankles on his shoulders... Her firm bottom propped up with her love's pillow to ensure she had the perfect angle to view her breeding.

    Grasping the base of that thick canine monolith, he rubbed the tip up and down her soaking little cunt... Sneering, he would torment her just a bit more as he ensured she was fully ready. Laying that turgid 12" of wolf cock on her sex and lower stomach, she'd see how deep he'd be buried inside the tight little wanton elf. Locking eyes with her, he let out a vicious snarl.

    "Beg for my pups... Lift your bra and show me those tits..." The vulgar brute insisted... The Alpha in full control.

    The elf girl kept those silver-grey eyes of hers firmly planted on all parts of Vice, drinking in the superiority of his physique and the sheer difference of size -- not just between her and him, but between him and Miles. The slab of red dick that was laid onto her toned stomach showed where it was capable of reaching, the depths to which he would move inside of her -- depths that Miles had could never have hoped to reach. Her thighs were lifted, her back laid against the memory-foam mattress. She peered down between them, the softest of whimpers escaping her as that weeping tip pushed and rubbed against her whetted petals. At the wolf's commands, her eyes returned to his; his words felt compulsory, as if it was in her nature to obey them.

    Her fingers moved with obvious intent, hands running against the lace of her revealing bra to lift it away from her restricted breasts. They slowly spilled out from behind that material for Vice to examine and enjoy, pink nipples erected with evidence of the obvious need that her body displayed, even if her eyes suggested a certain anxiety. "Please," she whispered, the words finding a quiet but audible voice, "F-fuck me... fill me up..." The words seemed... lacking. As if she'd never had to use them like that before. As if the concept of begging to be fucked were foreign. As if something was holding her back -- was it fear, or guilt, or perhaps a bit of both? Either way, her body was certainly ready for him -- even if her mind wasn't.

    Hulking Vice rewarded her minor capitulation with a thrust of those powerful hips. With a loud grunt, the beast impaled the tiny elf... His vicious dominant eyes glazing over with pleasure as he stretched her unlock any other man ever had... Let alone Miles. Pushing forward, inch after inch sank deep into the lithe elf... Growls of pleasure coming from the wolf as the pulsating crimson member throbbed within her... His black fur covered sack below hanging there, swollen full of wolf godseed. After a few shallower thrusts, two-thirds of him was inside of Mia... That was when he reached her twitching cervix.

    The Alpha locked eyes with her once more... The intent to go forward burning in them. She knew the cruel act he was about to do by that gaze... With a further thrust, he easily pushed passed the fragile barrier and entered her fertile womb! Grunting, the bareback canine cock was buried in her... The tapered tip kissing the wall of her womb as their hips met... Those large balls resting against her as he hot nectar and saliva leaked down them. Pausing a moment, he enjoyed the sight of her taking all of him...

    "Look, chew toy..." Vice snarled.

    Corrupted Mia was wide-eyed as that engorged cock pushed between her slicked petals, stretching her eager cunt wide around that reddish shaft and forcing a powerful groan from those plush lips of hers. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her back arching against the bedding and squirming beneath Vice's powerful physique. She was tight, tighter than most, and that made the process of being stretched so wide all the more difficult. There was an obvious discomfort there, a pain to her expression that let Vice know he was pushing her to limits that she'd not yet experienced until now. She could feel each and every inch of him as he pushed deeper and deeper, her warm, vice-like walls clamping around his invading prick in a tight embrace.

    Her silver-grey gaze met with his after a moment of delirium, fighting back the welling tears as she was once again caught in his gaze. And in the moment that he sealed her fate, pushed into that most sacred of places, her lips parted in another shrill, shaky yelp. There he was, having barely begun and already poised to lay claim over the deepest parts of her, doing what no male had yet had the capacity to do. She bit the lower of her lips, eyes fluttering and chest heaving with a frantic rhythm as she struggled to compose herself.

    Her gaze was directed downward at the command of her alpha, peering between their joined bodies and down to the sight of that fat prick lodged between her spread thighs. She swallowed again, a soft murmur of a moan escaping between her lips as she acknowledged that he'd finally, despite her protests and her defiance, gotten what he wanted. A hand idly traveled to his chest, fingers running over his thick, ebon-furred physique, her lips whispering soft groans as she struggled to adjust to him. "Mmhn," she breathed, eyes raising back up to him, "So... full..."

    Vice remained still just another moment... Her sex gripping him like a well... Like a vice. Gasping, the brute slowly began to move his hips once again... The alpha's confidence overpowering... Miles? He was nothing compared to this... Vice owned Mia... Owned her with little effort. Miles' clumsy lovemaking? She was truly ruined for him now... How could she ever take Miles within her again without comparing his meager skills to an alpha like Vice? There wasn't even a thought of making Vice wear a condom, despite how strike she had been with Miles insisting he did.

    Alphas didn't wear such things... They poured their virile seed where they desired. The small dainty Mia forced to accept the girthy canine shaft deep within her. Slowly, he would pull all the way out... Only for his hips to slam back forward again to the hilt, banging against her wall as he kept his eyes locked on her's... Those large balls hitting against her, reminding her of what was to come. Beside the bed, a happy picture of Mia with Miles' arm wrapped around her... Yet... Why... Why did it feel like trading an entire life with Miles for just a single breeding was easily worth it?

    She felt a sudden relief as Vice evacuated her womb, and soon after the rest of his body. She took the momentary relief where she could, all too aware that things were far from over. When his fat prick surged forward again, she let out another shaky but powerful cry, fingers curling inward to take some of that fur on his powerful chest into her grasp, a way to both support herself and keep connected to the alpha's musky physique. The way his dick filled her up, the strength with which those heavy nuts, surely loaded with untold amounts of heavy, potent seed, struck against her... Mia found herself slipping into a place that she feared she'd never return from.

    "Don't stop," she begged, her lips quivering as she peered up into his lupine gaze to reinforce her request. "Please... breed me..."

    The big bad wolf leaned his torso forward, that large canine tongue lapping at her full chest... Bathing her pert pink nipples in hot saliva as his powerful hips bucked against her, their pace increasing as he made her accommodate every inch of him... An aroused grunt came from the bully as she declared her desire to be bred... To surrender her elvish bloodline forever to her new lupine gods. She was to give them everything... Her service... Her boyfriend... Her womb... Even her life if they demanded it. Pleasing her alpha would be the only thing that mattered as the musk rewired her pretty little brain... Changed her forever...

    Those hips began to crash against her, fucking her hard into the bed as he looked up to lock eyes with her once more... Drool coming from the edge of his maw and leaking onto her chest and neck as he used her... The knot beginning to slowly inflate inside of her, locking them together... "Fuck your boyfriend... Say it..." Vice snarled. "Tell me who... Aaah...! Owns you, chew toy..."

    The broken elf felt a powerful shiver surging down her spine as the wolf's warm, slick tongue dragged over her perky nipples, her own tongue nearly lolling out of her mouth as those thrusts between her legs began to establish a rhythm. The musk and its pheromones were seeping into the deepest parts of her brain, her mind whispering words and thoughts that she'd never had considered before today. Wolves are gods; elves are toys. The only good elf is a bred elf. Whore. Breeder. All of these and more were announced between her ears with as much authority as if they were her own thoughts. Were they? The lines were beginning to blur...

    Something strange was happening between her legs; there was a growing discomfort, a swelling object plunged into her well-fucked cunt that was straining against her slick, warm walls. She groaned against it, recognizing it as that bulbous knot at the base of Vice's incredible dick; it was a feeling unlike any other, something totally foreign and yet at once completely enjoyable. She barely had the chance to recognize it, her body being drooled upon and fucked into that bed she shared with her sweet Miles. Her moans were turning frantic and loud. No longer was she the woman who had to hear Vice fucking others next door, headboards slamming against walls; she had become that woman, legs spread, and body submitted to his superior wolf cock. Her body was rocking to the rhythm of his strong thrusts, breasts heaving and bouncing to their tune.

    "F-fuck my boyfriend!," she cried, her voice near hysterical. "I-I'm your chew toy, your whore, yours to breed! Y-you own me!," she moaned out, her body squirming beneath him as she was once again made to endure an overwhelming climax, quivering thighs clamping tight around his waist and lubricating his invading prick with plenty of warm nectar. She knew it would be the first of many, the initiation into her new world...

    The lupine was making her into the perfect race traitor... Discarding her species, her boyfriend, and herself... Wolves were gods. They were bigger, stronger, and more cunning than inferior elves... It was simple biology, favoring the greater species. Her baser instincts... The need to breed with the men with the best genetics... They called to her as that knot swelled to full mast, the lupine brute fucking her violently into the bed... Each thrust ruining her more and more... Each thrust murdering the old Mia and replacing her with the cuckoldress... The wolf had made her into a dishonest woman with little effort. Elves were so pathetic.

    Her tight little sex grasped at him... Flooding her with her hot nectar and trying to milk him of every drop of his cum. After a few minutes, the beast was approaching his release. Growling... Snarling... Grunting... Every muscle on that muscular body of his began to tighten. Arching his back, he let out a howl of pleasure at his release... Shot after shot of thick virile wolf godseed filling her... Overflowing her fertile little womb and leaking lewdly from her sex onto Miles' pillow... Holding her, he emptied those heavy balls into the elf.

    Deep inside of her, millions of little alpha swimmers swarmed her egg... Seizing it... Conquering it... Six of them impaling into it to give her her first litter of pups... But, far from her last. Panting softly, the brute looked down at her with a wicked grin... The way a predator eyes its prey.

    Poor Mia Selwen convulsed and squirmed against Vice's powerful physique as the wolf continued thrusting into her, riding what remained of her intense orgasm and struggling to keep up with the wolf thrusting between her spread legs. She had turned into a mewling, moaning mess, a light veneer of sweat coating her buxom features as her body was made into the latest wolf breeding ground. The knot pushed into her cunt swelled to untold girth, pushing out inside of her and locking the two together in an inescapable embrace. Even if she wanted to -- and the pheromones had insured that she didn't -- there was no escaping now, no turning back.

    Heat flooded her womb, her cunt clamping tight around that invading cock as it pulsed and drained out in the deepest parts of her. Her whimpers and moans were nothing compared to the victorious howl above, her body at last conquered by the superior race. Her fingers dug into him, nails raking at his body as she endured the swelling of hot spunk within her that filled her womb to the brink. Once it was all said and done, Mia peered up at her conqueror with a drunken gaze, her rosy cheeks and lidded eyes struggling to compose themselves. "I-It's done," she breathed, her lips parting in a soft groan, hips rolling up against that fat prick as it stirred the contents of her womb inside, "I-I've finally been bred... Nngh..."

    The beast chuckled darkly... The throbbing wolf member inside of her was semi-erect but awakening once more as he sneered. "Done...? Heh... It's only begun, chew toy..." The big bad wolf told her, his hips beginning to slowly buck again to allow her body to milk him of every drop of seed. Her entire morning and early afternoon would be use by Vice... The alpha intending to leave her pregnant and sore from head to toe.

    The week would be much of the same... Mia letting Vice in when Miles went to work for him to use her throat or elvish cunt for his release... Sometimes she would sneak out of the apartment while Miles was sleeping to ride that wolf cock. The pack even began using her mouth for their pleasure, none of them permitted to use her sex until they were certain she was knocked up by Vice. The wolves pierced her nipples, tongue, and belly button with silver studs... One of them even tattooed above her mound 'Wolf Cock Only' before giving her a spade tramp stamp. Any protests from her about how she would hide it from Miles were pushed aside by Vice telling her that Miles 'wouldn't be a problem' soon enough.

    Sex was forbidden with Miles... Even kissing on the lips. That beta male no longer had rights to Mia... And soon? He'd know it.

    Vice had ensured the night was perfect. Miles was anticipating his birthday... The last four weeks of suddenly no sex was getting to the usually docile Miles.

    The poor elf cuck did not know his fiancé was the property of her new Alpha. The wolf seemed to sneer even more menacingly at him in the hall... So intimidating. Vice insisted she have the cuck buy her some sexy lace lingerie for the occasion and dismiss herself to 'get his present'. The apartment had become so strange... Expensive items disappearing... He didn't yet know Vice was running up his credit cards.

    Miles was left in the livingroom while Mia changed for his 'present'. The Big Bad Wolf and two of his packmates quietly entered... Mia would hear Miles holler something before Vice slapped him so hard with an open hand it knocked him over... The slap easily heard from across the lavish apartment.

    "Hey, faggot... Time to celebrate your birthday..." The brute said, the other two surly wolves chuckling at how pathetic he was. Vice stood there, towering over the elf male on the floor... Awaiting Mia to come to his side to tell the cuck how things were going to be.

    Mia couldn't help but feel a slight moment of guilt when she heard Miles cry out, having just finished slipping her intricate bottoms over those curvy, buxom hips of hers. But she could practically breathe in the presence of Vice's musk, even from here... whether it was lingering on her sheets or merely because the alpha was simply that potent, it helped to dull that anxious feeling building up inside.

    She strolled out into the clearing at the front of their apartment, silver eyes taking in the sight before her and wincing down at Miles as he turned to face her. "M-Mia, don't come closer," he advised her, starting to push himself from the ground again. "These fucking assholes were just leav–"

    His voice trailed away as those emerald eyes fell to her side, to that inky-black trio of paw prints on her sides. It took a moment to process things, his adam's apple bobbing up and down as he tried to open his mouth to speak. Things boiled between rage and betrayal, a moment passing before he turned back to the trio. His fists balled up at his sides, but he made no move to try and lash out at them; after all, they were three... and despite his anger, they still intimidated the fuck out of him.

    "You fucking animals," he snarled, voice trying to achieve something that sounded like intimidating. His voice cracked under the pressure, eyes fluttering for a moment as his nostrils took in that scent between the three. "F-fucking beasts. Get the fuck out!"

    The Alpha Wolf grabbed Miles by the collar of his shirt, the lupine giving him a vicious snarl as he stared into him with his dominant canine eyes. "Say another word... I dare you." The beast told him, murderous intent in his eyes... There was no doubt he could easily just snap the dainty male elf's neck with little effort. Throwing him backward onto the ground, he motioned Mia to come close while the other two wolves chuckled harder.

    "Mia, come here... Kneel down... Take it out... Show this beta exactly who owns you... Tell him who does... Say it..." The sadistic creature insisted, licking at his fangs.

    The two wolves with him were gray and white furred. The gray one that was a tad bigger than even Vice came around and grabbed Miles by his hair, lifting him to his knees to make him watch and observe.

    The race traitor watched with a startled jump as Miles was tossed haphazardly backward, the male elf collapsing against the polished wooden floorboards with a low thud. He let out a low groan, but otherwise remained quiet -- for now, anyways. Mia's attention was pulled away as Vice called her forward, her throat bobbing for a moment as she nodded her head obediently and sauntered forward. It did appear that she was clutching something small in her hand, clutching it close to her side as if her life depended on it.

    As the distance between her and the Alpha closed, she once again felt that intoxicating scent overwhelming her nostrils. She found herself sinking down to her exposed knees, lips pursed tightly together as she lingered closer to the wolf's side. She was facing away from Miles, looking over her shoulder to watch while the gray-furred one took Miles's chocolate locks into his hand and pulled.

    A low groan was pulled from between the elf's gritted teeth, reluctantly following the powerful grip upward to kneel.

    She felt her breath catching in her chest as she finally pulled her fingers back from around the unassuming white stick, revealing the contents as a pregnancy test. It wasn't difficult to read -- she'd read it one more than a few occasions since, obsessing over what those two vertical lines meant for her. The text beside them was quite clear: pregnant.

    "Y-you own me," she managed to stammer out, motivated by the sheer size of him and the scent that flooded her flared nostrils. "Nngh, Vice... my alpha," she continued, breathing in with a slow, steady rhythm. "M-Miles, I'm sorry, but..." She turned to face Miles again, who at this point was fighting back tears, yet not willing to give anyone present the privilege of seeing them fall. That made it harder, but it was far too late now... "V-Vice owns me now," she finished, swallowing hard as she turned the display toward her boyfriend. "He's bred me... I-I'm getting the privilege of... of carrying his litter. Mmhn..."

    Despite the reluctance that made her voice stammer, she couldn't help but feel aroused by it all – as the wet between her thighs and the way her nipples seemed to fight against the lacy, revealing lingerie might suggest. And there was a sense of relief, too. As if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

    Vice licked his maw, enjoying the utter devastation of her pretty boyfriend. It was time for her reward... Unbuckling his belt, the metallic noise of it would fill her pointed ears... So familiar after weeks of being used by her Alpha. His wolf cock never seemed to get soft... Texting her at any random time to come pleasure him nextdoor or using his key when Miles was not home. In four weeks he had visited almost every other day... Usually leaving with something expensive to pawn. The process of taking everything from the couple had begun. Only now were they to be aware of it.

    Opening the front of his leather jeans, he reached into his boxers and fished out the turgid canine godcock that converted worshipers into little race traitors. There was never a chance of Mia having an elf baby ever... That large hand of the swamp wolf's grasping a thick handful of her luscious chocolate mane of hers... Pulling her to the extremely throbbing and erect monolith before her... Hurting and humiliating others made the Alpha the hardest... Violence and erotic sensations the same feeling in wolves. The intoxicating musk was too much... A thick bead of precum licking from the tip...

    Wolves... Are... Gods...

    Lesser creatures could barely think around such potent intoxicating musk.

    Reaching down with his other hand, he took her dainty left wrist and carefully pulled the engagement ring off her hand... The expensive diamond ring two months’ salary... Now Vice's. His eyes shifted to Miles, wanting him to watch Vice put it in his vest pocket and giving it a pat to say 'mine' subtly.

    "You will never touch Mia again unless you are cleaning her with your tongue... She's mine now... Disobey, and I could easily murder you, cuck... And, Mia...? She'll watch and just get wetter... Chew toy, tell Miles he is to never... Ever touch you again... You're 'wolf only' now..." The beast instructed, insisting she obey before she could taste that godseed.

    Chew toy Mia seemed to subconsciously register the subtle sound of shifting metal, her silver-grey eyes turning away from a pained Miles and to the sight being unraveled beneath Vice's leathers. It was some sort of sick conditioning that had been drilled into her over the past few weeks, a kind of Pavlovian response that soaked her panties at the mere promise of seeing that god-cock, let along to touch or taste it. Her cheeks were tinted with a fiery crimson, half-humiliated and half-aroused as Vice's hand came down to guide her toward that impressive monument to wolf superiority.

    Miles struggled against the wolf's grip as that dark hand came down over Mia's head, guiding her plush lips toward the crimson prick that had conquered the woman he loved. He said nothing, but he didn't need to -- his eyes were burning with rage, his teeth pushed together, cheeks aflame with humility. He watched with a soft whimper as that ring was pulled from her dainty fingers, the ringless digits now resting around the alpha's oversized prick.

    Mia chewed on her lip, willingly taking in a thick helping of that intoxicating musk. Wolves are gods. Wolves are gods. Wolves are gods. It was the mantra that she'd repeated in every waking moment since she'd been claimed so many weeks ago. At the mention of her assumed title, Mia's ear twitched. While casually stroking that fat member, she looked over her shoulder with a look of drunken arousal, watching Miles as the enraged elf grunted and struggled against his wolf captor. "I'm all his now, Miles... Y-you lost out. I'm fit to breed with wolves now, that's it. They own me..."

    The alpha wolf grinned impishly... It was time for her reward. Forcibly, he turned her head back toward him... Her perfect full lips getting the first dab of superior wolf cum... The intoxicating flavor enough to make her entire body warm and tingly all over. With no words, the little elf was well trained... The turgid crimson pillar pushing against her lips and into her wanton mouth. The wolves took turns raping her gag reflex from her... The beta wolves only permitted to use her mouth for now. Holding her head, his powerful hips began to buck as he fed her more and more... It was important for Miles to see that despite their cruel treatment, pleasing her Alpha was more important than anything... Miles was nothing compared to her new God.

    Soon, he was fucking her throat... Giving her little chance for oxygen as he growled viciously in pleasure... The beta male made to watch as the superior species seized his beloved... Vice's new pup factory...

    The Alpha was not letting her have much oxygen... Threatening to force her unconscious soon enough. However, her tight little throat was just enough... The canine cock only just beginning to inflate as he came... The ebon black wolf pulling out and bathing her mouth, face, and chest with the hot torrent of canine godseed. Panting, the wolf stared down with those dominant eyes... His member already twitching, the semi-erect wolf cock ready to go again...

    "Give your boyfriend his birthday kiss..." The wicked lupine insisted. It has been weeks since she let him kiss her... The taste was addicting, even to beta males like Miles...

    The elf fucktoy was turned back around, her vision at once filled with turgid god-cock and how poor of a job her hand seemed to do at wrapping around it. Her lips parted around that sample of spunk, eyes fluttering and breath catching as she was once again rewarded for her obedience. Miles let out another defiant grunt as Mia let out an audible moan, eyes raised up to peer at those lupine orbs bearing down at her.

    However, when he started face-fucking her in earnest, all of the time Mia had spent around this prick still wasn't enough to truly prepare the elf for just how much it would take from her. She turned into a choking, sputtering mess, her discomforted groans only matched by the sloppy slurp of spit and tight-sealed lips as Vice once again laid claimed to her throat. She squeezed her eyes closed, spit and drool staining her lips and chin as Vice used her mouth.

    The periphery of her vision had begun to fade, and her slurps were coming out as sporadic sputterings, when Vice finally gave her the oxygen she so desperately needed. Mia was wrenched from his cock, mouth hanging open as she gasped for breath and spilled drool over her features. Her eyes opened and peered up at her Alpha just as he unloaded on her face, that hot spunk blasting over her perfect features and staining her with rich, intoxicating god-seed.

    She leaned forward, running her drool- and cum-covered lips over that renewed length for a moment, eyes opening again to peer up at her alpha and offer him a quick wink. At the wolf's command, she turned around to face Miles -- who couldn't fight the urge to weep anymore, having lost any will to fight against it after hearing those sloppy slurps and witnessing how willingly Mia seemed to be used and abused. She dropped to all fours before the four men assembled, crawling toward Miles with an almost intoxicating stupor to close the gap. "Ssh," she whispered, taking either of his cheeks in her hands even after he tried pulled away, stopped short by the wolf grasping at his hair. She leaned inward, lips molding around the other elf in a sloppy, deep kiss. Miles twitched for a moment, fighting against it... but after a moment, he stopped. Instead, he simply sat there, doing his best to imitate something like resistance... even as that musk, that god-seed that Mia exchanged from her mouth to his, began affecting him in a way he didn't think possible...

    Sadistic Vice peered at the 'couple' kissing... All of them staring with their predator eyes... Their prey before them defeated... Yet, Vice had so much more to take from Miles. He would erase any dignity the patrician male had... He'd ruin him. He'd break him. Eventually...? Dispose of him.

    The large wolf knelled behind corrupted Mia... Those large hands grasping the sides of her hips... His eyes staring at the tattooed paw prints, sure to mark her as pack property. Giving her perfect bottom a stinging slap, he watched the couple make out... Knowing the reluctant Miles would bulk eventually. All betas did. Cum filled kisses, licking Mia clean, or tasting her on his cock was the closest he would ever come to intimacy with her again.

    Grasping the base of that throbbing doggy dick, he rubbed the 12" tapered tip over her pantie covered sex. After pulling aside the thong and exposing her wanton elvish cunt, he traced the tip up and down her hungry opening... With one hard thrust he let out a deep beastly grunt, burying almost half of his length inside of her tight little sex... She would always be extremely tight to their cocks, but there was little chance Miles would even be able to feel it if they were intimate again... Pathetic little beta species cocks would not find relief in her body... Mia's sex adapting to her wolf gods.

    Vice doubted Miles had ever even made Mia cum with how pent up she was... It was time for him to see why she was wolf only now.

    She had kept herself pressed to Miles, eager to share in her newfound devotion with the man whom had cared so long for her. The warm, thick spunk was transferred freely, her slick tongue sliding between his lips and delivering that tingling spunk into him. Miles had ceased struggling at that point, his trembling lips beginning to mold around Mia as the two of them enjoyed a perversion of something that was previously so common between the two of them.

    Mia let out a soft gasp against Miles's lips as she felt those hands on her hips, a sensation that had become all too familiar in the past weeks. She groaned against her boyfriend as a powerful hand clapped against her jiggling cheeks, forcing her to lean forward and drive her tongue deeper between Miles's lips. Her soaked cunt was revealed only a moment later, her eager body leaning backward now to grind against that crimson prick as it loomed larger behind her.

    "He's so big," she whispered, lips never leaving Miles but forming the words nonetheless. "Bigger than you. Bigger than any elf. Mmhn..." Her voice trailed away in the moments leading to her impalement, a soft shiver creeping up her back as that tip brushed against her. And then came the thrust, the sheer force of it pushing her forward and back into those cum-lathered lips. She let out a howling groan against them, her tight walls clinging against that invading god-cock with a vice-like embrace. Even with how many times she'd felt it between her legs, she still struggling to cope with just how massive it was.

    "Nngh, yes!," she breathed, eyes closing and lips sweeping over her lips to collect yet more seed and deposit it between her lover's lips. "F-fuck, he's making me his again," she whispered, voice shaky as she bucked backward against Vice's half-hilted prick. "Don't you see? Wolves are gods, Miles..."

    The wolf bucked against her, the big bad wolf not knowing the meaning of 'gentle' as those powerful hips crashed against her, burying that swelling doggie dick to the hilt... Stretching the tight little elf as she kissed her whimpering and pathetic elf cuck. Giving her ass a stinging slap, he left a red hand print on her flesh as he rutted her violently... That gifted knotty godcock beginning to inflate inside of her as he panted, snarled, and growled... Hot drool leaking from the edge of his maw onto the small of her back between the two tattooed paw prints. The knot was inflated enough to lock them together... To deny her any escape as the brute made the high-class elf his.

    Wolves... Are... Gods...

    The steady stream of precum inside of her kept warming and tingling her body... Making her drunk from its potency and virility. The other wolves watched, sinister lecherous grins on their canine faces as they helped break in the cuck... They would take everything from him over time before they disposed of him... Two proud elvish bloodlines ending thanks to superior lupines. Move stared down, his vicious eyes fixated on the musk drunk elf bucking back at him and confessing who new true self to poor Miles.

    "Watch her... Aaah... Cum, boy... Mmn... Close your eyes and I swear you'll never fucking open them again... Aaah!" He grunted out, violence and erotic euphoria intertwined in their species.

    Broken and corrupted Mia found herself slammed forward into Miles's lips with each successive crash of Vice's powerful hips, her cunt stretched wide around that invading god-cock as it once again laid claim to the deepest parts of her. She felt the pressure building within her, that all-too-familiar swelling within telling her all that she needed to know: even if she wanted to escape, a possibility that she wouldn't even entertain now, that was simply out of the question.

    Miles had grown docile in the moments following Vice's taking of his love, his seed-stained lips and throat tingling with an unfamiliar sensation that dulled any sense of anger or betrayal. It was still there, laying just beneath the surface, but it felt... suppressed. As if it wasn't as important as whatever other feeling Mia wanted him to feel. And he was forced to swallow that divine seed, the salty mixture flowing down his throat and into the pit of his stomach. The taste of it, the scent accompanying it... Miles was finding it hard to fight its influence.

    Mia pulled back from her lover, peering up and into his sky blue eyes as they locked to each other. They were both glazed over, though for different reasons.

    Miles was practically drooling from the corner of his lips, trying not to swallow but finding it difficult. Mia's moans were coming with a genuine bliss now, her breath in a series of short bursts as her body once again succumbed to the wolf's god-cock. It was as if his simple words were enough to bring her to orgasm; her voice grew shaky, her thighs trembling and cunt clenching tight around that massive prick within it.

    And though her eyes rolled back into her head, Miles looked onward -- regardless of whether he wanted to or not, he couldn't pull away... couldn't close his eyes.

    The lupine used her cruelly, likely to bruise her cute full bottom and make it difficult to sit down for a couple days... The beast's cock rarely going soft for very long... Her throat and tight little cunt used daily by her owner... By the sire of the pups within her elf body... By her new God. Inflating to full, he lasted only another minute as he shook wildly and snarled viciously... That hot drool leaking onto her lower back, the primal nature of it intoxicating. The glazed eyed beast's muscles all began to tense as he arched his hips and erupted inside of her with a loud howl of pleasure... That torrent of canine godseed overflowing her used little cunt and gushing lewdly down her thighs and legs and onto their expensive carpet...

    Resting against her a moment, he panted... His heartbeat so loud even their pointed ears would hear its beast... For another minute her little sex would milk him of every drop of that musky potent drug that flowed from him... That pacified all resistance... That re-wired her silly elf brain to only crave more. Finally, the knot was deflated enough to pull out... A thick spring of wolf cum and elf nectar connecting the tapered head to her sex as virile seed poured from her when the pressure was released.

    Reaching out, Vice grabbed Miles by the hair and pulled him close... His eyes staring down with a murderous threat as the inferior elf male was face to face with the tool that robbed him of his love and removed him from the genepool entirely. "Lick it clean, faggot..." The beast snarled... Would Mia move in to coax him and show him how...? Or, would he bulk and accept a beating or possible murder from the wolves?

    Miss Selwen began pushing her teeth together as Vice's thrusts grew rougher with her, enduring the smacks against her jiggling ass that reddened her cheeks and sent a surge of sharp discomfort up her spine. For as much as he liked to bruise and dominate her, Mia had grown into an obedient and willing pet -- each of his harsh smacks were met with a hoarse moan, a familiar sound that had grown easier to announce as the weeks had passed. Mia was working to her own submission, hips bucking backward to meet with Vice as he pushed forward; the clap of their colliding frames echoed through the apartment -- and beyond -- alongside her blissful cries.

    Then came the howl, and with it, that intense sensation of heat rushing between her legs. She bit on her lower lip, eyes clenching shut as she felt the spasm of that fat cock pumping more of that potent god-seed deep enough to ensure it would be put to good use. She had turned into a panting, gasping mess, her abused body shining with a veneer of sweat that betrayed how much effort it took simply to endure her new Alpha's conquest. She was ready to slump down, her body exhausted and filled with an uncomfortable amount of Vice's hot spunk.

    But she couldn't rest now, not when she heard Vice moving to grab hold of Miles. Miles... Had she, in the throes of her Alpha's orgasm, forgot he was there? Her eyes opened slowly as Vice began to pull back, her stretched cunt beginning to drain of his god-seed and slide down her abused thighs. She watched as Miles, a whimpering mess of what appeared at face value to be a man, was yanked away from her front and pulled back to be presented before Vice's drooling tool. She managed to turn and face the two of them, eyes widening as she took in the visual of her lover staring straight at the pillar of superiority between Vice's legs.

    Despite the dominant grip on his head, Miles hesitated. The smell of the wolf's musk was stronger here than anywhere else, stinging his nostrils and forcing him to hold his breath for a time. The male elf panted and groaned against the male's grasp of his chocolate locks, trembling beneath him and yet finding a momentary sense of courage to resist.

    But then a presence, just behind him. Mia's lips were pressed to the lobes of his pointed ears, her smooth, plushy lips grinding against him. "Just look at how big it is... Go ahead, lean in," she cooed, her voice soft and supportive behind him, "It's the only way... It's our place now." She peered up at Vice from behind and offered him a quick wink -- she was on his side in this. "Wolves are gods, Miles," she whispered again, nudging him forward. "They own this world... and everyone in it..."

    Miles nudged forward, spurned onward by the love of his life. His lips were pursed tight, but grazed against the drooling tip of the Alpha's god-cock. He tried to pull back, but Mia didn't give him an inch. She pushed him onward, lips whispering words of encouragement into his ear. "Just a taste... that's all you'll need..." The poor boy groaned, but eventually relented -- his tongue pushing out from between those quivering lips and dragging along the underside of Vice's lengthy, shiny length. There was an instinct to gag, to fight against the taste of it -- not just of him, but of his lover's own nectar... But he didn't. He forced that impulse down, opening his nostrils up and taking a great, big whiff of that intoxicating musk. He felt... inferior.

    The superior male sneered, grunting hotly as the lesser beta species male licked at him... The tapered tip drooling out more cum as he emptied those swollen balls of his. Holding Miles firmly, there was not a chance the boy would be pulled away until he was licked clean... The next phase of Miles's time with them would be as a fluffer and clean up toy... The occasional toy for the other wolves to use while they awaited Vice's permission to use Mia. They were going to ruin the poor boy...

    The virile seed and musk were already going to work... The lupines had evolved in such a way that their musk encouraged fertility in females, but create sterility in lesser males... Soon his own dreams and need to be used by the wolves would haunt his mind... His small elf cock refusing to every fully harden again from the rewiring of his hormones. Even his seed would become fully sterile... Elves, like all non-wolves, were in decline... They lost the genetic lottery.

    Vice's dominant golden eyes connected with Mia's... Subtly telling her she was a 'good girl'. Contentment from the cruel sadist was all that would ever matter again... Her womb, her relationship with Miles, her possessions, her career, her family... All were sacrifices to her new god. Now Miles was being ruined, all to please Vice... Would she trade Miles's life just, so her Alpha could cum a little harder? Wolf pleasure was the only thing that would ever matter again.

    Elf lives were meaningless. Only wolf lives mattered.

    When Vice felt the beta male cleaned him well enough, he instructed Mia to lay on her back and spread her legs wide...

    "...And now it is your turn to clean up my chew toy, beta... Thank me for taking your fiancé from you... Say it..." He beast growled viciously.

    Mia watched from just behind Miles as his lips worked against the slicked length of Vice's god-cock, the silence between them only broken by the Alpha's grunts and her lover's quiet, timid slurps. His lips weren't quite yet committed to the task, their stained surface merely gliding over the task with the gentlest of touches that the grip on his head would allow. Miles felt that sticky, warm fluid smearing over his features, incapable of escaping the touch of it against such a massive member as it slicked his lips, cheeks and chin with plenty of the potent, musky cum. His features burned with the humiliation of the task, incapable of avoiding the comparison of this superior pillar to his own inferior member.

    But much like with Mia, the mere touch of that potent spunk was enough to begin a process that Miles didn't yet realize was occurring. His trade of Vice's seed from Mia's mouth was one thing, but this was another entirely -- the raw source of it: the fat, drooling cock that was pushed against his struggling features, the smell of those massive, drained balls. His mouth and tongue occupied in their task of cleaning Vice, his nostrils were forced to open for breath... and the musk, intoxicating even to Miles, forced itself inward.

    His sky-blue eyes fluttered, his head leaning into that cock and slurping with a greater intensity -- not much, but enough to notice a difference. He choked, sputtered, gasped and panted, his mind at war with itself as he seemed to fight for control of his own thoughts. Was this what had taken Mia? He felt a moment of relief once the wolf pulled him away, his eyes lowering to acknowledge that he'd dragged his tongue across every inch of that fat prick... the taste of the Alpha lingering on his lips.

    His eyes widened at the wolf's latest command, and he raised his head to peer up at the towering male as if in disbelief at what was being asked. "N-n...," he started, but caught himself -- what would possibly be gained by saying 'no', save for potential bruises? He swallowed hard, his throat tingling with the sensation of the Alpha's spunk. And then he turned toward Mia, who regarded him with something bordering on pity as she pushed herself backward, resting her back on the carpet and, in a slow motion, parting away her abused thighs to reveal that oozing cunt, stretched and slowly draining out with the Alpha's potent spunk.

    Miles swallowed again at the sight of it; at her front, he hadn't truly seen all that Vice had done to her. There was more seed there than Miles to ever hope to produce, and that was just what was coming out of her. And he was to thank the wolf for that? Miles let out a soft whimper, eyes closing for a moment as he struggled to find a voice. "Th-...," he started, teeth pushing together, his tone one of reluctance. "T-thank you," he muttered, his voice quiet but audible as he slowly lowered himself to Mia's spread legs.

    Unless the wolf had other ideas, Miles's tongue -- after a long moment of hesitation -- found his lover's stretched cunt. He tasted of her nectar and of Vice, his tongue stained with the sticky, thick byproduct of their joint orgasms. He wanted to pull back but found himself locked in place -- not by the heavy hand of a wolf, but those slender fingers that were familiar to him. Mia let out a soft sigh, chewing on her bottom lip as Miles got to work between her legs, her fingers sliding into his locks and encouraging him onward.

    The black wolf sneered at the pathetic beta male. Putting his hand on the back of the cuck's head, he pushed his face forward into the used and abused elf cunt of the woman he loved. His eyes moved back to Mia's... The wolves knew that despite pity, any respect for him was beginning to vanish... It would decline over time as the wolves abused Miles more and more... At his capitulated and let them bleed him dry... As something awakened in Mia that made her disgusted at the thought of him and any Elf male. That night he would be fitted with a chastity belt... The key on a chain around Vice's neck. Denying him the ability to ever cum again from his little elf cock being stimulated would keep him perpetually aroused... So much more compliant than he would be with a sober mind.

    "Lick up every fucking drop, cuck... This is what elf faggots are for... This is the only way you're going to get a taste of her tight little puss again... From my cock or her flooded lil' cunt... Thank me...? Thank me for what... Say it..." The sadistic Vice insisted, giving the poor boy's own round ass a stinging slap, pulling his head back enough to speak for a brief moment. The other wolves snickered, eager to get their own turn using him. Both seemed to have nice luscious cock sucking lips...

    The curvy elf lifted her head from the carpet to peer down at the sight between her legs, watching as Miles -- with closed eyes and burning cheeks -- used that tongue of his to quickly lap away at the excess of thick spunk that flowed out from her strained, claimed sex. She bit her lip, eyes peering up at Vice with reverence as the larger male aided her in pushing him into her used cunt. Miles was squirming between her legs, but that tongue of his was working wonders; he knew that the only way to escape was to do as Vice demanded, and so used that tongue and set of lips to slurp and drink of their sloppy finish.

    Miles let out a choking gasp as he was pulled by, his lips drenched in the result of his work; the scent of Vice's prick was heavy on his lips, his breath stained with the whisper of the Alpha's masculine scent. A long string of the male's spunk dangled from his chin as he peered down at his work, incapable of looking at either of them in the eyes. "T-thank you," he choked, repeating himself for a moment, hesitating... "F-for t-taking her from me." He would say what was asked of him, but that was about it -- aside from the sudden yelp that escaped his cum-stained lips as the smack against his unclaimed, tight ass landed against him.

    Mia was mostly quiet, her silvery eyes moving from between Miles and Vice. He'd actually said it... he'd thanked this great wolf for stealing her away, showing her the true path of their race. She let out a soft scoff, barely audible... but smiled, nonetheless.

    Wicked Vice made him lick her clean inside and out... The wolf certain half a pint of cum filled the abused elf male's stomach. His birthday did not go as he fantasized... His fiancée was supposed to surprise him in lingerie he craved to make love to her in, but the surprise was so different as the Alpha took her from him with ease. A cock cage was forced on him, Miles told that if he tampered with it or dared to displease Mia that it would be put on its next tightest setting as punishment.

    His handful of expensive gifts...? A new iPhone and MacBook? Vice and his packmates took them. A beautiful small vase, a family heirloom sent by his mother...? Making eye contact with Mia, he pushed it off the table for it to smash on the floor, sneering at her. The cruel wolves took a few more expensive items and two of Miles's credit cards.

    "You try and run... You call the police... And I'll fucking murder you while my chew toy watches..." Vice promised, nothing about the wolf's dominant gaze telling Miles he was bluffing. The wolf even snapped photos of the cum covered face of Miles with his brand-new iPhone.

    "Tomorrow, you'll have whiskey ready for us, faggot..." Vice insisted before reaching down to grab Mia by her upper arm and pull her to her feet. "We ain't done with her yet... Time my boys got a shot at that pussy... You got clean up duty when she's done." The evil creature insisted, hauling Mia out of the apartment in her torn lingerie dripping of cum... Leading her into their apartment as patrons tried to look away.

    They were wolf property now... And even the neighbors knew it now...
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