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. Another Man Joins the Club

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Nasty Wives Collection, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. Nasty Wives Collection

    Nasty Wives Collection HMFIC Administrator



    I enjoy reading stories from husbands/boyfriends who claim that they like having their wives/ girlfriends fucked by other men. After reading some of those horny stories, and seeing the contacts ads from men wanting other men to fuck their partner I began to enthuse over the idea of seeing my wife Linda with another man.

    We've been together for a couple of years. She's 24 years old, slim, very sexy and attractive, with a 36-25-35 figure with really good legs and she's always having men coming on to her. I subtly pointed out the stories to Linda and she admitted that she enjoyed reading about women being screwed in front of their men and we usually enjoyed a really steamy sex session as we fantasised about what we'd just read pretending that I was a stranger fucking her and that I was hiding in the cupboard watching.

    It went on like this for a couple of months and developed into a real fantasy which became an integral part of our foreplay. Eventually I came right out with it and admitted to Linda that I would adore seeing her being fucked by another man.

    At first she was unsure about my idea but as the weeks went by and our fantasy became even more elaborate and powerful she admitted that she might try it but wasn't keen on having me watch although she didn't mind me setting it up.

    This really excited me and for several weeks our sex life was fantastic while I tried to formulate a plan to bring our fantasy to life. My very own slut wife!

    When it did happen it was from an unexpected quarter. We went to a party and met a young 19 years old black guy who immediately showed a lot of interest in my wife. They danced together and I became very excited when I saw that his hands were cupping her bottom and he was kneading her buttocks as he nuzzled her ear and rubbed his groin against hers. He was not bothering to hide what he was doing which made me as horny as anything.

    Sterling stayed with us most of the evening and I liked him a lot and he seemed to like me but it was obvious that he was more interested in Linda. When we said goodnight, right there in front of me, he gave her a long hot soul kiss which left her weak-kneed and gasping for breath. Her bosom was heaving dramatically and her eyes were shining with lust.

    When we got home she didn't wait till we were in the bedroom but leapt on me, in the front room, and I discovered that her cunt was soaking wet and we fucked like rabbits as she told me that he had a really large cock and had rubbed it against her pussy all the time they'd danced and that she'd had a small orgasm.

    I closed my eyes and imagined that he had come home with us and was fucking her right there in front ot me. We'd exchanged phone numbers and later in the week he phoned us and invited us to a party. All I could think about was Sterling between my wife's legs, pumping away at her and filling her with his sperm.

    I must admit that on the evening of the party I was very nervous and not at all sure that I could go through with it if tonight was to be the night when my fantasy came true.

    I could see that Linda was equally nervous. She'd had a long bath, shaved her legs, trimmed her pubic hair and was wearing a very skimpy matching suspender belt, bra and knickers set which hardly contained her charms. Black stockings flattered her legs and the high heels enhanced their shape. Over this she wore a short, tight fitting dress which hugged her curves.

    Just looking at her made me feel madly horny and I had butterflies in my belly as we drove to the party. We hardly talked on the way and the atmosphere in the car was thick with sexual tension. There were quite a few people at the party and I saw some people we'd met at the last party. We had a drink, looked around and spotted Sterling walking toward us.

    He looked Linda up and down and said that she looked good enough to eat and kissed her as ardently as he had when we'd said goodnight at the last party. She threw her arms around his neck and returned his kiss passionately. That's when I realised that it was going to happen. My wife was going to be fucked by Sterling that night!

    Sterling whipped Linda onto the dance floor and I stood on the side my eyes never leaving them. His hands were feeling her bottom and he even went as far as slipping them beneath the hem of her dress so that he could cup her buttocks which were hardly covered by the tiny knickers she wore. She was kissing his neck and caressing the nape with her fingers and I could see that she was rubbing her breasts against his chest causing her nipples to get hard and stick right out against the thin fabric of the dress.

    Whenever Linda gets randy her nipples harden to hard stubs and that evening they were as erect as I'd ever seen them, clearly outlined by the top of her dress. There was no doubt about it, my lovely wife was lusting after the black guy.

    Even when they came and talked to me, their hands kept roving over each other's body as if he was her husband and I was just a friend. It was obvious that Sterling had decided that I wasn't going to interfere and he was taking every advantage he could, kissing her passionately and petting her in front of me.

    It was I who suggested that she take him outside and I gave her the keys to the car. I followed them and watched them kissing once again before they got into the car. Instead of making it in the car they drove off. I stayed at the party nursing an aching hard-on as I imagined my wife and Sterling fucking. There were quite a few attractive women there but I wasn't interested. All I could do was wonder how Linda was enjoying herself.

    They came back two hours later and she looked flushed and out of breath. I immediately noticed that she couldn't be wearing any underwear and I saw the lacy trim of her knickers poking out of his pocket. He brought her to me and excused himself and we didn't see much more of him that evening.

    Linda was very clingy and she kept telling me how much she loved me and wanted to go home to show me. Once home she filled me in with all the details of her encounter. She told me that as he drove he told her to take her knickers off and she had. He had fingered her all the way home and by the time they entered the house she was dripping wet. He was very forceful and she had liked that and had taken her dress and bra off when he'd told her to.

    She'd lain on her back on the couch and he had knelt on the floor and had licked her out. She said that he was so good that she'd had three quick orgasms in succession. While she talked she slipped out of her dress and I could see the evidence that my wife had been fucked. Her pussy looked really very red and raw and there was traces of drying spunk in the pubic hair and on the inside of her thighs.

    It was an incredible sight and my cock was trying to bore a hole through my trousers. She went on to tell me that Sterling had stood up, undressed and revealed an enormously thick and long black cock with a pinkish head. He had knelt between her legs and had ordered her to take hold of his cock and place it against the entrance of her cunt. He had been so eager to fuck my wife that he had rammed his thick cock into her cunt in one go and she said it had been painful yet at the same time incredibly arousing.

    Once his cock was buried to the hilt in her cunt he had started fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Apparently he lasted a good quarter hour and she had several tremendous orgasms before his lithe, black body went rigid and he spurted his thick spunk deep into her climaxing cunt.

    She thought it was all over but his cock only went partly soft and he turned her over onto her face and slammed his cock into her from the rear. While he played with her clit he fucked her hard and long and she lost complete track of the number of times she came but it was a lot.

    He refused to let her wear her knickers and said that he was keeping them as a souvenir. I was so horny that I could hardly contain myself and wanted to fuck her but she said that she was too sore however she would suck me off if I used my mouth on her cunt.

    At first I was put off because her cunt was swimming with Sterling's spunk but as her hot, wet mouth slipped up and down my cock I threw inhibition to the wind and plastered my mouth against her cunt and sucked out the black man's tangy seed and swallowed it and had the best climax of my life and spunked deep into her throat.

    For weeks after that we were as horny as hell and fucked every night as we went over and over the events of that evening.

    A few weeks later an older man, a widower who works with me, came home for dinner and I discovered that he had the biggest cock l've ever seen when I walked into the toilet not knowing he was having a slash.

    I just couldn't let an opportunity like that past and I plied Linda with drinks until she was eager and randy and then watched as the man fucked her silly. He might have been older but he had tremendous control and fucked her so well that she was crying and sobbing as she climaxed again and again as I watched, my cock in hand. My eyes feasted on his enormous cock as it flashed in and out of my wife's pussy. It was so exciting to see her taking his horse cock deep into her slippery slot.

    When he came and pulled his cock out, I dove down and sucked his freshly deposited spunk from her cunt and she climaxed all over again.

    He is now a regular visitor and gradually has introduced some really kinky acts into their lovemaking and sometimes I'm required to join in to make it even weirder. I just can't get enough of seeing them together, my slut wife with this older guy, doing such disgusting things together.

    If any man reading this is thinking about going the same route let me assure him that after taking the initial plunge and letting another man fuck your woman you will find it a fantastic experience.
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