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Another Kind of Bitch

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lutheran Maid, May 28, 2018.

  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Some of you know that I'm contemplating a further adventure for Claire, Thomas and Luther, 'The Island of Intimacy'. That project is still live, building on 'The Intimacy of Three' (Amazon, both formats). But a further group of insistent ideas has bubbled up too, a collection of short stories that explore the nature of bitch hood. I'm fascinated by the psychology of this (so many of us are). What is it like to get inside the heads of those engaged in the most unequal and dominating aspects of sex? What enables a woman to behave like the ultra bitch? When and how does playing the bitch become living as a bitch? Dominating a weaker man isn't a hobby, it's an attitude, a set of values, an ideology of female right and opportunity. I think that what makes stories erotic is the interplay of mind and sexual acts. Powerful as the black on white interracial sex scene is (for me as well as may be for you) I don't want that to dominate every story. Bitchiness comes in many forms and settings. 10,000 words already written, two stories. One involves a little attitude and friction between sisters and another explores what happens when a woman uses her husband to address family responsibilities that seem beneath her. Any reflections, suggestions or questions are welcome here! I'll write using different voices, third person narrator, the male the female first person, there are different angles to play with. Its a collection Amazon bound, and as always for a reasonable cost. Hope to carry on contributing on Darkwanderer (of course), but may be fewer offerings a week. Some might welcome a rest anyway! Best wishes all. Lutheran Maid.
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  2. 3ballz

    3ballz Member Member

    Keep me up to date with your postings on Amazon Lutheran Maid. Your stories are quite different from the norm in cuckolding terms, in the fact they are so heavily psychologically weighed, and I'd love to read more, particularly if you extend it out with the interracial cuckoldry. You have a talent I'm sure many that read your stories envy, and I can't thank you enough for your contributions on this site. A true pleasure that deserves to be rewarded.
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  3. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Bless you for the kind words! Three stories are now complete in the new collection. In the third a worldly wise blonde teaches her young cousin how to assess the masculinity of male suitors and decide what to do with them. There are some intimate goings on in a hay barn. Why the recurring interest in psychology within my writing? Three reasons I think. First, a conviction that society has rather restricted how women are allowed to think, what they feel, what they are allowed to want or enjoy. The very definition of womanhood has been veneered with cultural expectations of what women are required to preserve and protect, often in the interests of others who would run society in a less liberal way. I'm not proposing that women go wild, that we should become licentious at every turn, this is not about corrupting society at large, I am arguing that women be allowed to ponder, to explore their sexuality at a time of increasing economic empowerment. Paradoxically if they do, then they may liberate too men who are instinctively submissive, who feel trapped inside their unspoken, unexplored world. Second, I like exploring the chemistry of alpha female attitudes and beta male attitudes. That which a woman demands sheds light on what the weak male might then learn, about himself, about masculinity. The coupling with an alpha male is thrilling, I would say righteous in many senses, but it is heightened when we girls subjugate a malleable male in tandem. Third, contexts. There are so many contexts in which this dance of sexuality can play out. Circumstances that permit or facilitate the review of roles and duties. If written well, a story can be erotic even when you aren't describing the coupling. Everything a woman or a subjugated male thinks, or feels, has the potential to be erotic. Kind regards, LM
  4. Frobisher

    Frobisher Well-Known Member Author!

    I often give up on reading fiction from other authors after a couple of paragraphs, but not yours. The subject matter is inventive and the writing excellent, but what keeps me interested is the element of credibility. Although, for example, the events of Brownsea Island (a real geographic place I gather), may seem far-fetched at first, they become believable when you realise that BDSM lifestyle communities do exist and often base themselves in relatively isolated locations.

    Recently I’ve been watching cuckold scenes in mainstream movies and TV shows. Although the sex is never as explicit as porn, the psychology can be far more intense and sexy (we don’t see enough of this in porn – proper scripted scenarios that aren’t just a set up for the sex scene but are intended to be intense and sexy in themselves). Your writing is a something like this. The care you take in setting the scenario and your descriptions of the circumstances add so much to the believability of the story, and thus the overall strength and eroticism of your writing.
  5. The humble cleaner

    The humble cleaner Member Member

    LM, i can only concur with the opinions of both 3Ballz and Frobisher. Needless to say I will be casting an eager eye on Amazon for the new works.
    Throughout your work there exists a reality in the scenarios, but my personal interest was aroused very early on by the presentation of the characters. There is much more to your work than a singular or narrow set of fetishes (e.g. Interracial sex or BDSM). One work of yours that always stood out for me, was one featuring the combination of Female superiority interwoven with social class. "Privilege" was pure Psychology. In this short piece, the mental and physical triumph of the Female character over the (defeated, previously ambitious) subjugated male was/is a benchmark. LM, i could write reams but not now (i have to go to work). Once more, may i just thank you for visionary and outstanding writing.
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  6. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Dear Frobisher and Humble Cleaner, you are very kind. But beyond the pats on the back you see some important things very astutely I think. What really excites us about sex? It is certainly not (I think) repetitive coupling, however well endowed the parties are. That is a limit of visual media. We're aren't inside the heads of the actors involved. If dialogue is used, its often a bit standard, even cliched. Captions on pictures can be a little the same. What seems truly erotic (and I'd argue that rather than pornographic) is the reasoning of the individuals, the ways in which they see each other and their situations. Sex is sexy because it triggers associations in our minds. These may be experiential/remembered, but they may too relate to some deep seated attitudes and instincts. I believe that some men are by nature submissive/beta, they are predisposed to respond malleably to dominant women. I believe that some women are by nature dominant, sexually aggressive, but I suspect that is deeply hidden because of the sexual and social mores about how women are 'meant to be'. So better stories liberate such possibilities. Their purpose is not to corrupt, not to change society wholesale but to admit to readers, those able to honestly reflect, what sex could be, what it is like for some. If we think back to the 50s and 60s and attitudes towards gay people we can identify how repressive social mores must have seemed then. I'm not gay, I'm not bi sexual, but I can empathise with how desperately fed up, how depressed gay people must have felt, because they were conceived as dirty, perverted, sodomists or any other label that did the rounds then.

    In a truly authentic story a woman might want to cheat, to dominate, to humiliate, to be cruel. Provided that these operate within adult consensual boundaries, then that might be legally permissible, but it doesn't mean that it is socially welcomed. Women are as diverse as the stars in the heavens and men so too. So I hope that a good story tells different tales. That is often possible because contexts are carefully planned. The writer creates a conflict, a drama, into which sex can be poured. In the last story I wrote for 'Another Kind of Bitch' a young woman lives in a world where an African regime has blackmailed the western world into submission. Its founded upon a possibility, if for example terrorists could weaponise Ebola. Mix that up with the correction of racism and the military control of a black Colonel in a regional compound that is producing yet stronger viruses to subjugate the world and you have the beginnings of a frisson. Nicola (a research scientist) hopes to save her husband from being sent to die digging diamonds and gold out of the South African dirt. But what might she discover along the way? What if she falls for the Colonel who takes her? What if she is willing to turn a last table on more than one male, that expresses something extra about being a bitch? So you're right, its about imagination and plotting. Add enough real circumstance detail, and even in a shot story the people become tangible, credible, real, no matter how unusual, bold, their sexual lives are. I'm sticking at it because much of what is written on darkwanderer is exciting. Polish varies, focus varies, and sometimes I and others write when we are tired. It seems better to write when we are fresh and a little aroused, by something someone else has posted, a picture perhaps. Then the writing flows and the voice, the way of telling the story improves. Darkwanderer is a great and a honest place to communicate. LM
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