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. Another Day in Suburbia

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by sharonsmif, Nov 2, 2016.

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  1. sharonsmif

    sharonsmif Member Author!


    It was a beautiful day to be alive in Colorado, or at least in our part of it, which is along the Front Range. We live in a city on the south edge of Denver, which truth be told is just another suburb of that huge place. Our home is part of a subdivision that has close to 100 McMansions in it, with winding streets designed to slow traffic and make it safer for the children which many families have, although my wife, Sharon, and I aren't in that group.

    I was mowing the front yard early one Saturday afternoon when I saw a FedEx truck pull up in front of the house just down the street from ours, which is owned by a black couple considerably younger than my 48 years and Sharon's 47. They had bought the house just that spring, and so far we had never interacted with them, other than the occasional wave and "Hello" in passing, but both of us had commented more than a few times about how handsome the man was and how beautiful the woman.

    The driver of the truck unloaded a huge box from his vehicle and after putting it on his hand cart he wheeled it up to the front door. As I casually watched when I was mowing in the right direction, I saw the homeowner answer the doorbell, and then sign for the package. The driver tipped the box off his cart, then hurried back to his truck and drove off to his next destination, leaving the homeowner standing there looking at the package, obviously wondering how he was ever going to get the thing inside.

    Having nothing better to do, I decided that would be a good time to strike up an acquaintance with our new neighbors, so I shut down the mower and strolled across the yard between our homes. As I walked up to their front entry, I called out, "Hello, neighbor. Can I give you a hand with that thing? It looks like it's more than one person can handle."

    He looked up as he heard my voice, then smiled while saying, "Jeez, man, that'd be great. We went overboard when we ordered a new TV, and I had no idea this thing was going to be so huge. About all I need to do is drop the damn thing, and Nicole would be all over my ass."

    So, I put my fingers in a handhold on one end and he did the same thing on his end, and between the two of us we were able to manhandle the heavy box through the door, then down the hallway to the entertainment room. Once we got it in there, he pointed to a wall where a mounting bracket had already been installed, and said, "We can just lean it over there, then when my wife gets home I think the two of us can get it hanging up there where it's supposed to go."

    Well, as any manly man knows, that was nothing but a test of my manhood, and I said, "Let's just unpack it and the two of us can do the job right now. That way it'll be all done when . . ., uh, is 'Nicole' your wife?" At his nod I continued, "When your wife gets back. If she's anything like my wife, she'll appreciate being left out of the installing part."

    He laughed, and said something about me "having that part right, damn straight," and then took out his pocket knife and cut open one end of the box. After that it was the work of about ten minutes to get all the connections made, and then to lift their new flat-screen TV up to the bracket and drop it in place.

    A quick check of the installation, batteries put in the remote control, and voila CNN was blaring away on the screen. Job accomplished.

    That was when he turned to me with a big smile of thanks, and held out his hand as he said, "That was above and beyond, neighbor. My name's Jamaal, by the way, and I'm pleased to meet you."

    As we shook hands I introduced myself as "Glenn, from the second house up from yours," and said something about being glad to help, and it was no big deal.

    He said, "You know, I was raised to offer a new friend a cold beer on a hot day, and there's a six-pack of Coors Light in the fridge, and I'd consider it a real favor if you'd have one with me."

    Well, what could I do but accept, and as he told me to have a seat on the couch, he hurried from the room. The kitchen must have been close by, because in just a few seconds he was walking back in with a beer in each hand. He sat the bottles on coasters on the coffee table in front of the couch, then twisted off the lids before handing one to me.

    His toast of, "To good neighbors," was met with my own of, "And cold beer on hot afternoons," and we each drained about half of our bottles before we started telling each other about ourselves, like new acquaintances usually do.

    At one point I mentioned Sharon and said she was doing the grocery shopping. He asked me if she was the "beautiful Hispanic woman we've seen jogging by here almost every morning?" I nodded in answer, then told him that was her, and said she'd been doing that sort of fitness stuff since before we were married, more than seventeen years ago.

    He took the last sip from his bottle, then seeing my own had been drained, too, he said, "Hold that thought; I'll be right back."

    It took just a few seconds for him to return holding two more bottles of beer, and as he gave one to me, he said, "She's really something, man. Your wife, I mean. You lucked out there for sure, to get a woman who looks like that. Aren't you afraid to let her go out by herself? I mean, guys would stand in line for the chance to steal her away from you. I'll bet she get lots of offers when she's out by herself like today."

    Well, that took me aback more than a little, but I could see he didn't mean to imply anything offensive, so I just smiled and came back with, "Oh, I'm sure she does. I mean, even when we're out together I see the way lots of men just can't get enough of looking at her. As far as I know, nothing's ever happened, though. I'm sure she'd never do anything like that, anyway, even if some guy did proposition her."

    He was pensive for a few moments, as he tipped up his bottle and swallowed about a third of it. Then, as he looked at the TV screen he said softly, "That's the difference between our women, then. With Nicole, she's always on the lookout for strange, if you know what I mean. Course I can't blame her, since I'm the same way. We talked about that even before we got married, and finally decided that we were going to have an open marriage, and that's the way it's been right from the start. If she sees someone who interests her, it's okay with me if she goes after it, and if the same thing happens with me, then I do, too."

    I have to say I wasn't shocked by what he'd told me, because I read newspapers and magazines and I watch TV programs, so I know our society has different standards than it formerly had. Still, I had trouble accepting that Sharon would ever agree to such an arrangement, and I said something like being unable imagine that she'd want such a thing for our own marriage.

    He chuckled before continuing his thoughts, "Man, you shouldn't ever try to read a woman's mind. I mean, I thought when Nicole and I made our own plans that what she'd be wanting was another man, and she does on occasion. But, she's 'bi,' man, and most of the strange she's chasing after is other women, not men. Now, I don't know if your own wife is that way or not, but it's not something you can discount entirely, because women think differently than we do, and that's for sure."

    Well, that did take away my ability to even come up with a reply, because I was more than a little shocked to not only hear him tell me that his wife was bisexual, but that it didn't bother him in the least. Of course, I was secure in my own belief that Sharon had no similar interests in other women, so I just brushed off any implications his words might have for our own marriage. I had to admit, though, that way down deep inside I felt a thrill at the idea of Sharon making love to another woman. I'm sure I'm not the only guy in the world who thinks like that, so lots of people who are reading this know what I was feeling right then.

    We sat there in silence as we each drained our bottles, and then before I knew it he was handing me another full one as he asked, "So, you ever thought of Sharon going out with another man? I know for me it's just the most-exciting thing I can think about with Nicole. I mean, just the idea of another man doing her gets me really hot. I suppose you think it's strange I don't get more turned on by the idea of her making love to another woman, and that's exciting, too, but just thinking about another man riding her really gets me high."

    I suppose it would be expected for me to try to blame the three bottles of beer I'd just swallowed, and they were having a noticeable effect on me because I rarely drank more than one or two a week. However, I certainly wasn't drunk, so no one should credit that as an excuse for why I answered him as I did.

    "Well, I think it's probably pretty normal for lots of men to think of their wives doing that sort of thing. It's been going on for thousands of years, and I'm sure people today aren't all that much different than their ancestors, in that respect. So, yeah, I've thought about it, about wife-swapping stuff, but I'd be scared half to death to ever mention it to Sharon. She'd probably pop me a good one, then kick my ass out of the house."

    We chuckled together at that, then he added, "Don't be so sure, man. Women are strange creatures, for sure. Nicole teaches in the Psych Department at the university, and she's always said there's something called the 'biological imperative' in women. That means they like to spread it around, probably to improve the gene pool, or something like that. Course, that doesn't explain Nicole and the way she picks up other women, but still . . ."

    When we had first sat down on the couch, we had started out about six feet apart, and it took me a while to realize that Jamaal had been very slowly moving closer to me every time he brought another beer from the kitchen. By the time he'd said the words about the gene pool, I realized his hand that had been casually resting on the back of the couch was on my shoulder, and not only on it, but softly caressing it. I'll never know why I didn't jump up and run right then, but there was just something about the whole situation that held me in place, as if my rear end were glued to the cushion.

    I guess the fact that I didn't object to his touches encouraged him, and before I knew it his hand was on my far shoulder, and he was scooting even closer to me. I actually did think of protesting what was happening, but then his question doubled the effect of the old memories that came flooding back as he pulled me closer to him.

    He whispered, "You ever been with another man, Glenn? Are you just as bi as Nicole and me?"

    My head turned slowly until I was facing him, and as I stared at his handsome face, some part of me other than my brain forced my mouth to say, "We were just kids. I haven't done it for a long time."

    "Once is enough, man. If you were doing it when you were a kid, then that means you still want to."

    And then he moved even closer to me, and he lowered his mouth to me as I raised mine to him. I hadn't kissed anyone of my own gender since my high school days, when my older cousin and I were engaged in a four-year affair, but the memories were still just as strong as ever, and when he pulled me to him, we kissed with all the passion that my cousin and I used to share.

    That was the last time either of us spoke for a long time. As we broke the kiss, he stood up, pulled me to my feet and led me out of the room and up the stairway. Our destination was their bedroom, of course, and even though I knew what was going to happen, I couldn't protest, I couldn't resist, I couldn't even force my feet to stop walking toward the bed.

    It was entirely his doing that we came to a halt a few feet from the bed, and when he pulled my T-shirt over my head, I knew I was committed.

    And I wanted it to happen. I wanted it with every fiber of my being. All I could think of was how wonderful it used to be for me, and how very much I wanted to relive those wonderful times. And so, when he dropped to his knees and untied my shoes, I lifted one foot at a time so he could remove them, along with my socks.

    When he unfastened my jeans and pulled them down my legs, I didn't protest, but meekly lifted one foot and then the other so he could slide them off. At last his fingers found the waistband of my undershorts, and again I had no ability to resist, and then I stood there naked as he fondled my penis and then my balls.

    It was only when I was fully erect that he gained his feet once again, then put my hands on the front of his shirt. By that time I was literally out of my mind with lust. I opened each button with fumbling fingers, then peeled the shirt over his shoulders so it could join the pile of my own clothes on the floor. Then, as he had done, I fell to my knees in front of him.

    Removing his house slippers was the work of two seconds, helped by the fact that he wasn't wearing any socks. Then my trembling fingers moved to the waistband of the sweat pants he was wearing, and in another second they were on the floor. Last of all came his own undershorts, and I simply have no memory of pulling them past his cock, because as soon as it was revealed in all its glory, I had no other interests at all.

    I suppose I could blame his hand on the back of my head for pulling my face to his crotch, but I know better, and I'm sure you do, too. It was something I had done more than a few times each week for more than four years when I was a kid, and I had loved every minute of it. All it took was the sight and the scent of Jamaal's throbbing erection so close to me that made my head move forward and my mouth to open.

    And then I just went crazy with licking and sucking and moving my lips up and down along his wonderful cock. Both my arms were around his hips to keep him from escaping as I did my best to give him all the pleasure I could, and the only thought in my brain was focused on pleasing him just as much as possible.

    I felt my hands being peeled away from his hips, and opened my eyes to look at his face so far above me. His throaty whisper of, "Let's get on the bed," was the answer to my prayers, and with his help I was soon on my feet, and then we were lying side-by-side on the bed, our arms wrapped around one another, and our lips hungrily kissing.

    At last he pulled back, and once again I heard the exciting words my cousin had used all those years before. "Turn around," was all he whispered, and those two words were the exact ones my cousin had whispered to me so long ago, on that fateful night when we first sucked each other.

    I don't even remember lifting my head and shoulders and moving them toward the foot of the bed, but I must have, because in a split second I was lying on my side facing him, and his cock was once again buried in its rightful home. Then, thanks to all that's good, I felt my own dick being enveloped in wet warmth, and I was lost in the sensations of the exquisite softness of his head as my tongue explored it, while that same part of my own organ was being excited by his tongue licking it.

    Faster and faster I bobbed my head up and down along his shaft, loving the way he groaned deep in his throat in time to his thrusts that tried to drive his organ deeper into my throat. The taste of his cum blossomed on my tongue, and I silently begged for the first spurt to flood my mouth, so I could send it to its rightful home in my stomach.

    And at last it happened. With his final thrust forward, I felt the head seemingly doubling in size, and felt his balls against my chin. With a final groan, his spasms began, and my mouth filled with his wonderful gift. And I swallowed, and he spurted, and I swallowed again, and he . . . Well, I'm sure you get the idea.

    It was at that moment that my own need overcame my efforts to delay my ejaculation until he'd had his, and my body imitated the movements his had so shortly before been making, and my penis returned his gift to him. Then, as we both rested, and did our best to locate every drop of what we'd shared so it, too, could be swallowed, a voice rang out from far behind me.

    "Damn you, Jamaal! I should have known you'd find the best-looking guy in the neighborhood and climb in bed with him before I had a chance at him! You knew it was my turn to go first on the next one, now didn't you?

    My head spun around so fast that my neck hurt, and when I saw a woman standing there behind me shaking one finger at my bed partner I was quite literally in shock. It took my lover's words of, "Oh, hell, Babe, you know how horny I get when a new cock walks by. I just couldn't resist him. You can have the next two in a row to make up for it."

    That must have satisfied her, because she laughed as she sat down on the edge of the bed, then said, "How about introducing him to me, Babe. Surely you asked his name before you crammed his dick in your mouth, didn't you?"

    He laughed in answer, then said, "Glenn, this is my wife, Nicole, as you've probably guessed. Babe, this is Glenn. He's from the second house up the street, and came down to help me get the new TV in the house and on the wall so we can use it to watch the new porno tapes next week."

    She smiled down at me, then extended her hand while saying, "Hi, Glenn. I'm glad you and Jamaal hit it off so well on your first date."

    For my part, I had to roll over on my back before I could use my right hand to shake hers, and as I did that my left tried to cover my rapidly-deflating organ. That made both of them laugh even louder, and then she said, "Shee-it, Glenn. I've been standing there watching you suck off my husband, while he was doing the same thing to you; surely you don't need to hide your dick from me, do you?"

    She then lifted my hand away from my crotch, and to my intense embarrassment began to caress that part of me that was by then a mere shadow of its former self.

    Jamaal began to help her get me hard again by pushing my legs apart, and then moving his head back to my crotch. I felt his tongue licking my shrunken balls, and then in an instant he was inhaling them into his mouth. The combination of his questing tongue on my balls, along with his wife's hand on my penis, soon had the predictable effect, and I could feel the stirrings in my crotch that meant my second erection was beginning.

    And my new-found arousal led to the second entrancing conversation of the day, and that in turn led to a drastic change in lifestyle for both Sharon and me.


    Chapter 2

    As my two new friends continued to fondle my genitals, Nicole assumed control of the conversation.

    "You know, I could tell by watching that you knew exactly how to suck cock, Glenn. And judging by how quick Jamaal got his rocks off, I'm betting you're pretty fucking good at it. Right, Babe?"

    That made him pull his head away from my crotch, which I didn't like, but at least his wife continued to caress my package, so I didn't complain.

    "You're right on the money, Babe. I'm not saying he's the best ever at wienie slurping, but if he ever gave it up it'd be a fucking shame, 'cause he's damn good at it."

    She continued by saying, "Yeah, I think after all these years of watching the guys in the club doing it with each other, I can tell when a guy's doing it like Mother Nature intended. So, I want to hear the whole story, Glenn. How'd you get started?"

    I suppose it must sound odd to anyone reading this story that I would answer such a personal question, especially given that I hadn't even known Jamaal until a couple of hours earlier, and his wife less than a few minutes. However, her hand caressing my dick was something I wanted to continue, so I told them the story, which began one night when I was barely twelve years old.

    "I was raised on a ranch east of here, which has been in our family for more than 100 years. My dad's brother also lived on the ranch and he was the foreman. He had a son who was about two years older than me, and since we were raised so close together, it was more like we were brothers than cousins.

    "One Saturday night, as was usual, our parents drove to town to watch a movie at the drive-in theater. My cousin and I stayed home, as we usually did, because we liked to play Monopoly and other games, rather than sit in the car and watch a movie.

    "After a while we started getting sleepy, so like we'd been doing for years we went to my bedroom where he'd sleep for the night, rather than going home to an empty house. Like we always did, we undressed down to our undershorts, then lay there talking about all the stuff kids find to talk about, but that night was different than any other had been.

    "All of a sudden, with no warning at all, I felt his hand resting on my crotch. The only thing between his hand and my penis was the thin cloth of my shorts, and I loved the sensation of his fingers caressing that part of me. I'd been playing with myself for more than a year by that time, but it had never felt as good as his hand did when it stroked my growing hardon through my shorts.

    "Neither of us said anything while that was going on, and that didn't change when he picked up one of my hands and placed it on his own crotch. He was already hard when I first felt his penis through his shorts, and I'll never forget how exciting it was for me to be touching one of those things that wasn't my own, even if there was a piece of cloth between us.

    "All of a sudden he whispered, 'Turn around,' and even though I'd never in my life done anything like what was going on right then, instinct took over and I reversed my body and slid my head under the covers. I heard him whispering, 'Take them off,' and again my hands knew what to do, even if my brain didn't.

    "As I slid his undershorts down past his feet, he was doing the same thing with mine, and then there was nothing else left to do except take him in my mouth. It just had to be instinct that made me do that, because I'd never, ever imagined doing it. It just happened.

    "Right at the same moment I felt my own erection entering a little slice of heaven that was warm and wet, and had the most wonderful tongue in the whole world in it. I knew right away that he was doing a better job of sucking me than I was sucking him, so I began to imitate what he was doing.

    "It surely didn't take any more than a minute before he started groaning, and then he tried to shove his penis down my throat. I felt something hot and salty flooding my mouth, and was so surprised that I stopped sucking and licking. Before I could pull my head away he put one hand on the back of it and pushed me toward his crotch where he wanted it to be.

    "I heard him saying, 'Swallow all of it, or I'll cut your nuts off.' I'll never know if that's what made me follow his orders, or if it was again instinct that made my throat keep working. Whatever it was, I must have done what he wanted, because I still have my nuts today."

    That made the two of them chuckle, and I felt Jamaal take the objects in question in his hand and give them a squeeze. For her part, Nicole asked, "How long did the two of you do that?"

    "It was a little more than four years. Actually, when he graduated from high school he moved to Denver to work on his degree at D.U. After that I was left to my own devices, I guess you could say, and I never did have any sort of affair with another man until today."

    There was a short period of silence in their bedroom before Nicole asked, "Was your cousin the only one you used to suck off?"

    I could feel my face blushing red hot as I fought with the desire to answer her question and the need to shield myself from further embarrassment. At last the wonderful way the two of them were caressing my now fully-erect organ overcame my reluctance.

    "One day that summer my cousin and I were down at a stock pond on the ranch, swimming to cool off. He had invited one of his friends from town to swim with us, which was a first. Always before we'd just peeled off our clothes whenever we wanted to cool off, but with his friend there I was really embarrassed to get undressed in front of him.

    "The two of them were naked in about a second, and then they ran for the water and jumped in. When their backs were turned to me, I got undressed as fast as I could and ran and jumped in before they had a chance to come up for air, because I was feeling really strange about letting my cousin's friend see me naked.

    "We swam around and splashed water on each other for a while, and then when we were all feeling cold the two of them swam back to the bank and climbed out. They stood there yelling at me to come on so they could get going, but I was feeling embarrassed again, and didn't want to let them see me naked.

    "Finally my cousin used the only threat that ever worked on me, which was that he'd go get his little sister and all three of them would watch me until I either got out or drowned. Well, just the idea of her being there was more than I could stand, so I finally waded out of the water, holding both hands in front of my crotch all the way.

    "Before I could make it to my clothes, they both grabbed my arms and pushed me down to my knees, and then my cousin said he wanted a blow job before he got dressed, and I just about died of shame right then and there. My face was just a few inches away from his crotch by then, and I could see he was almost fully erect, and when he pulled my head toward it my mouth just opened from habit, and then he was inside it.

    "He climaxed right away, and again habit took over and I swallowed everything he'd given me, and then I heard his friend say from behind me, 'Hurry up, damn it! It's my turn!' That was when my head was pulled away from one erection, and before I even knew what was happening another one was in my mouth, and I was sucking it.

    "The same thing happened with that one, and without even thinking about what I was doing I swallowed every drop of cum.

    "For a couple weeks after that, every day we went swimming the two of them were there and I sucked them. Then, two more of my cousin's friends joined us, and it got so I was spending more time on my knees that anything else. So, I have sucked more than one penis, but that came to an end when both my cousin and his friends moved to Denver after they graduated from high school."

    Again there was silence in the bedroom that lasted for a long time. Then it was Jamaal's turn to say something.

    "Well, what do you think, Babe? Is he bi enough for you?"

    She answered, "We both know he is, Babe." Then, looking directly at my face, she said, "Glenn, Jamaal and I are part of what could probably be called a 'wife-swapping club,' but for us it's lots more than that. We don't swap just wives, but instead think that everybody who's a member is fair game for any other member. That means if a woman wants to fuck another woman, then she can. By the same token, it also means that if a man wants to fuck another man, then that's what happens. In other words, no member can refuse to have sex with any other member who asks for it."

    She hesitated for a couple seconds to gauge my reaction to her words, and I guess what she saw on my face reassured her enough to continue.

    "What Jamaal and I want to do is invite you and your wife to a party here at our house next Saturday, one week from today. There'll be three other couples, all married, and already members of the club. We'd like the two of you to meet them, and if we all hit it off, you'll be invited to join the group. Do you think you'd like to come meet everybody?"

    Jamaal added, "She didn't mention that we'll be having a cookout on the patio in back, so there's a free meal for you in the bargain."

    Somehow that just struck me as really funny, and I couldn't help but laugh, and they immediately joined in. In the space of a couple seconds the tension that had been thick enough to cut with a knife was completely gone, and after I'd caught my breath I answered her question with, "I'll ask Sharon if she wants to do it when she comes home with the groceries. I think what I'll do is just say that you guys are having a patio party with three other couples, and I think it'd be fun to meet some new people. Would that be okay?"

    Nicole answered, "Hell, yes, sweet cheeks. Anything to get her here. It doesn't matter whether she knows up front why she's here, because I'm betting once she sees how nice everyone is she'll loosen up enough to seriously think about swinging. And once she does that, then she'll be less than a minute from being between my sheets."

    They both laughed at that image, and while I didn't laugh, I certainly couldn't banish the thought that it would be beyond hot to watch my wife and another woman making love. And if there were another man in the mix, than that would be hot, too.

    So, I gave the only possible answer.

    "Okay, I'll talk to Sharon when she gets home, and given how she loves meeting new people and talking to them, I think you can count on us next week."

    She said, "Sounds good to me. You tell her I'll call her tomorrow morning so we can talk about some girl stuff. There's not a man alive who can understand that the first question she's going to have is, 'What should I wear?' but I guarantee that's the first thing she'll think of. I think I can put her mind at ease about coming over to meet everybody, so just remember to tell her I'll be calling, probably at 11:00 tomorrow morning. Okay?"

    So I told her that sounded good, and then she told me to undress her, and Jamaal and I took off her blouse and her bra and the short pants she was wearing, and then she was naked because she hadn't been wearing shoes when she entered the room.

    In a deep, husky voice she said, "Now, sweet cheeks, I'm going to make your face smell real good when Sharon gives you a kiss after a while. Don't you dare wash when you get home, because I want her to smell what I'm sending her. Understand?"

    Well, whether or not I understood seemed to make no difference, because in a split-second she had swung one leg over my head, and then settled in place on my mouth, facing backwards. As force of habit made my tongue begin to lave her pussy, I again felt a wet and warm mouth engulfing my organ, and Mother Nature took over and kept both of us busy until the inevitable outcome of that sort of coupling.

    And then I got dressed and went home to finish the mowing and wait for Sharon's return, all the while smelling the wonderful scent of Nicole's pussy with every breath I took. When I went inside the house about half an hour later, it was almost more than I could do to prevent my hands from washing my face, but at last Nicole's insistence that I not do that won out, and her scent was still on me when Sharon's car at last drove in the garage.


    Chapter 3

    I hurried out to the garage to help get the groceries to the kitchen, and luckily Sharon's arms were already full of sacks loaded with food. I was really unsure about kissing her with another woman's pussy juice on my face, and anything that could be done to delay the inevitable was good.

    At last, though, everything had been carried in and put in the cabinets and the refrigerator. That was when she walked up to me and took me in her arms as she said, "The yard looks really nice, Honey. I always like to see it like that when I come home."

    She then raised her face to mine, expecting a kiss of welcome, and having no other choice I lowered mine to hers and we did just that. I couldn't help but notice that she was breathing much deeper and more rapidly that she should have just because we were kissing. I guess I knew right then that she had caught Nicole's scent, and I had no doubt, whatsoever, that when she identified its origin, I would be in deep shit, to be frank about it.

    When we broke the kiss she pulled her head back a short distance, then stood there in silence for several seconds as if she were trying to solve a problem. At last she leaned forward again, but instead of kissing me, she inhaled deeply and then almost sighed as she whispered, "God, Honey, you smell really, really good. Did you get a new aftershave lotion? I just love the way it smells."

    My throat was completely incapable of speaking right then, so my empty head took over and nodded its reply. Again she pulled back and looked deep into my eyes, then once more leaned forward and sniffed my cheeks. Then, to my utter shock she began to lick all around my mouth until at last we were kissing again and I was getting so turned on that I returned her kiss with every bit of passion I possessed.

    At last she pulled away from me, and as she walked to the sink to begin preparing our dinner, she said over her shoulder, "I think I'm going to fuck you silly tonight. Be sure to shave and use more of that special lotion before you come to bed. Okay, Honey?"

    Well, what else could I say but, "Okay."

    And then I rushed out the door to start mowing the back yard so it'd look nice, too.


    It had been our habit for at least the past ten years of our marriage to have sex on Saturday nights. I have no idea how that came about, because had it been my choice I'd have voted for at least three nights per week; however, Sharon had been in charge of that part of our lives even before we were married, and the one night per week stuff was her choice.

    By the time we both climbed into our bed, I was very worried about my ability to perform, given that I had already climaxed twice that afternoon. My penis had other ideas, evidently, since it had been hard almost continuously since I got home from our neighbor's house. Still, I didn't know if I'd be able to ejaculate three times in not much more than seven hours, but that part, too, proved to be no problem.

    Sharon was in bed waiting for me, and as usual she was totally naked as she lay there with the covers thrown back. Just the sight of her beautiful body has always been enough to drive me crazy, and that night was no exception. In a split second I as lying beside her and leaning over her for our first kiss of the evening.

    She had placed both hands on the sides of my head, as usual, but when I expected her to pull my lips down to hers, she instead held me in place a couple inches from her own face. She tilted her face closer to me, then inhaled deeply a couple times. At once she said, "Did you use the new aftershave? I can't smell it now."

    I had already been thinking about what I was going to say if she asked that question, so I immediately answered, "It's all gone. It was in a tiny packet that came in the mail a few days ago, and I decided to use it when I shaved this morning."

    She pulled away and looked directly at me for a long time, and I could tell she had immediately known I wasn't tellling her the truth, but apparently she decided to not press the issue, but said only, "That's okay. I'd really like it if you smelled that way all the time, so if you see it in the store, be sure to buy it for me."

    And then she drew my lips to hers and we kissed with far more passion that we'd shared for many years. My overused penis responded, and in a matter of seconds it was standing proud, as it always seems to be when my wife is naked and lying beside me. The next step was a repetition of many Saturday nights before, and after our lips parted she moved my head down to her magnificent breasts, and then when she tired of that, even further down to the treasure chest all women hide between their legs.

    At last she signaled her readiness for me, and she began to pull my head back up to hers. With one hand she guided my body atop hers, while with the other she guided my erection into the hot, moist home it loves more than anything else in the world.

    As I thrust my hips back and forth in the age-old manner of males everywhere, she held her nose close to my cheeks and inhaled deeply, just as she had in the kitchen earlier that afternoon. Never breaking the rhythm of her own thrusts, she whispered, "Your face smells lots better now. It's closer to what it smelled like when I came home from the grocery store, and I just love that. I didn't know anybody made an aftershave lotion that smells like pussy."

    She then chuckled deep in her throat, but soon quieted as she once again inhaled the scent of her own pussy that coated my cheeks and lips. And then her eyes closed and her thrusts became more frantic than they'd been for a long time, and when she climaxed she cried out her pleasure, which was something she hadn't done in years.

    At last I moved off her, and we lay there side by side kissing and caressing each other. She was the first to speak, and in a sleepy voice she asked, "What was her name again, Honey? The woman who's going to call me about the patio party."

    I was barely able to answer, "Nicole. She said you'd want to know what to wear, and that's why she's going to call tomorrow."

    She chuckled again before saying sleepily, "We women always know what's important. I can't imagine anything I'd need to know more than that."

    She became very still then, and just as I began to drift off to sleep, I heard her tiny voice whisper dreamily, "I think it's . . . going to be a good . . . party."

    And then she rolled over on her stomach, and by the sound of her breathing I knew she was fast asleep. As for me, all I could do was think about the upcoming party, and wonder just exactly what was going to happen there. There was no question at all that both Nicole and Jamaal had implied, if not explicitly stated, that they were interested in having sex with the two of us.

    As images of that happening raced through my brain, I began to drift off, and when I recalled my dreams the next morning, I knew all of them were about Jamaal on top of my wife with his penis buried in her pussy, or of Nicole lying on top of her in reversed position, their tongues busy between each others legs.

    To say I got very little rest that night would be an understatement.


    The next important part, and it was very important, came on the following Thursday night, when it was time for us to go to bed. I was already lying between the sheets, and since it was a warm summer night, the covers had been rolled down to the foot of the bed. I was wearing only my undershorts, because that was the way I'd slept since I was a small child. My penis was already hard, because the only subject I had been able to think of ever since leaving our neighbor's house kept it that way most of the time.

    When Sharon came out of the bathroom she was wearing her usual nightgown, and I fully expected her to climb in bed and sleep in it, because that had always been her habit. Then, to my utter relief and further excitement, as she stood beside the bed she pulled down the gown's zipper, then let it fall to the floor, revealing her entirely-nude body to my bulging eyes. It had been her habit to do that only on Saturday nights, and it was her way of telling me that she was ready for sex. To have her do it on any other night was completely out of the ordinary, and given my mindset right then, it just drove me crazy with lust.

    As she flipped back the sheet that covered me, her eyes went to my crotch, and I saw the sly way she smiled as she looked at the tent in my shorts. She said in her most-sultry voice, "I see you're ready for me, Honey, except for your underwear. Let me help you with them." So saying, she reached down to my waist and pulled down my last vestige of modesty.

    As she lay down beside me I thought to remind her to turn off the lamp sitting on the bedside table, but never got the chance because she wrapped her arms around me, pulled my body to hers, and kissed me with more fervor and strength than she ever had. I did my best to return her kiss with even more passion, and never again thought of the light still being on. That night, believe it or not, was the first time we'd ever had sex in our bed when the room wasn't completely dark. Of course, given that the next minutes held even more strange things in store for me, the part about the lamp didn't matter in the least.

    As we broke the kiss, she nuzzled my neck and kissed it before she said in a soft voice, "I saw something on TV this afternoon that really caught my attention. There were several people on 'Dr. Phil,' and all of them claimed they were part of the wife-swapping lifestyle. Not only that, but they said that so many people are now doing it that it's 'the new normal,' in their words.

    "Dr. Phil said it was his opinion that the trend was definitely upward, but that he thought people who were thinking about getting into it needed to think about the consequences, such as marital difficulties and jealousies, not to mention pregnancies and even STDs.

    "Well, every one of his guests said they hadn't started swinging without first investigating those aspects of it, and once they'd become comfortable with the situation, they'd jumped in with both feet. They also told him that in their own cases, their marriages had been strengthened, not weakened or destroyed, by what they did at their club meetings."

    Sharon then moved her lips back to mine, and our second kiss was even more passionate than the first. Then, she again pulled away from me, but just lay her head on the pillow and gazed deeply into my eyes for a long time before she at last spoke.

    "Seeing that show got me to thinking about us going over to the neighbor's house Saturday night. Nicole told me there're going to be three other couples there, and ever since this afternoon I've been thinking about . . . well, what if . . . maybe that's what they have in mind, and if they're going to ask us to join their club. Do you think that's possible, Honey?"

    Again I had to force the words from my constricted throat, but at last I said, barely above a whisper, "Well, I suppose anything's possible."

    She wasn't at all put off by my lukewarm answer, but just continued by asking, "Do you think you could ever want us to do that, Honey? Do you ever think about it?"

    You have no idea in hell how hard it was for me to not blurt out something like, "I've thought about it every second of every day since I helped Jamaal get their new TV installed." However, since I was scared to death her only response would be to kick me out of the bed, my answer was a quiet, "Yeah, I've thought of it in passing a few times."

    She barely hesitated before her very-enthusiastic answer to her own question came bursting out.

    "I think about it lots and lots, Honey, and I always have. Every time I see a good-looking guy in the grocery store I just can't stop myself from imagining how good he'd be in bed. Especially is he's got a huge bulge in his pants."

    I guess she must have thought she'd said too much, because she amended her words with, "But that doesn't mean I don't love you, Honey, because I always have and always will. I guess it's just a case of the old saying that, 'Variety is the spice of life.' Dr. Phil said today there's something called the 'Biological Imperative' that makes human beings want to screw everything in sight so they can pass on their genes, but I don't know about that part. I think it's more that sex feels so damn good that everybody wants to have as much of it as they can."

    I must have made some kind of agreement that encouraged her, because the next thing she asked was even more to the point.

    "Do you think you could ever stand to see another man making love to me? I read on the Internet today that tons of men get all hot and bothered when they see another man on top of their wives, fucking her for all they're worth. Could you ever be like that, Honey?"

    She'd been playing with my dick almost continuously ever since she got in bed with me, and by the time she asked that last question I was no longer listening to the brain in my head. Instead, I was being totally controlled by the one between my legs, and it made me say something that was evidently the answer she'd been waiting for.

    "If you want to have sex with other men, then I want you to do it. If you want it, I'd never tell you that you couldn't."

    Again she kissed me fervently, and it went on and one. I was literally less than a split-second from cumming by then, but she solved that problem by vigorously pinching the skin right beneath my glans, then pulling and twisting it. The sudden jolt of pain that gave me cancelled the onrushing spurts of semen that were threatening to come boiling out, and my attention was again on what she was saying.

    "So, what you're saying is that if we're asked to join a wife-swapping club Saturday night, I should tell them we want to. And you promise to not throw a fit if the men tear off my clothes and start raping me until the sun comes up?"

    All I could say in response to those supremely-exciting words was a simply, "If you want it, then I want it to happen."

    Her equally-simple reply said it all.

    "I've wanted it for a long time, Honey, so if it's up to me, then it's going to happen."

    Again we kissed, and again she pinched, pulled, and twisted my tender flesh to keep me from emptying my balls.

    When that kiss also came to an end, she took a deep breath before extending that exciting night by saying, "One other thing I read on some of the cuckolding sites I visited today was that it's almost a universal thing for a woman's husband to want to clean up the messes other men make in his wife's pussy. Do you think you could ever do something like that, Honey? I'd understand if you didn't want to, but I think that'd just be the hottest part of the whole thing to me. Could you lick my pussy after I'd fucked someone else? Bare?"

    The only thing I could do was to parrot the answer I'd given just seconds before, and it was, "If you want me to do that for you, then I will."

    She quickly sat up, and before I even realized what she had in mind she had lifted one leg over my crotch, then impaled herself on my raging erection. As she reached bottom and our overheated flesh joined, she whispered, "I think we need to practice before the meeting, don't you, Honey?"

    She then started moving her pussy up and down, in effect using it to masturbate me, and in the fullness of time (which was actually just a second or two) the expected thing happened, and my balls emptied their load as far inside her as my penis could reach. Then, instead of continuing to fuck me until her own orgasm exploded, she merely lifted up and moved forward in a continuous motion.

    As she squatted above my face I could see her still-open pussy waiting there for me, with a string of my semen just beginning to run out. The only thing she did was to look down at me with a questioning expression on her lovely face, and I did the only possible thing I could: I reached up with both hands, held her waist tightly in my fingers, then pulled her down to my mouth. Then, as she sighed with pleasure, my busy tongue began to perform the duty every cuckold has toward his wife.

    As Sharon sat tightly on my mouth, feeding my own cum to me, she leaned forward until her engorged clitoris rubbed against my nose. I heard her whisper, "Suck it out of me, cuckold. My lover filled my pussy with his hot, delicious cum, and you have to suck it out before it puts a baby in me. Hurry, cuckold! Eat all of it, or you'll be sorry!"

    And then, with a final wordless cry, she climaxed. The semen I'd so recently put in her began to fill my mouth with every violent pulse of her pussy, and I knew that even Jamaal's orgasm in my mouth hadn't forced the slimy stuff so far down my throat. After that brief thought, my mind went blank as I licked, sucked, and swallowed until at last she fell forward, propped up by her arms.

    After she stretched out beside me we turned toward each other, hugging as tightly as possible as we struggled to regain our sanity. At last she sighed deeply, then said, "You gave me the best orgasm I've ever had. I climaxed so hard I think I broke something, it hurts so bad. I've never in my life loved anyone as much as I love you right now, Honey. You're the only man for me, forever and ever, no matter how many other men I fuck from now on."

    Then, as she turned over to lie on her stomach, she sighed again and whispered, "Now rub my back like a good little cuckold, so I can fall asleep."

    She lay there sighing contentedly as I lightly massaged and scratched her back, and I expected her to fall asleep at any second. Instead of doing that, though, she turned her head back toward me, then said something else that not only surprised me, but also left me with another raging erection, even though it had been just a few minutes since the last one.

    "Honey, there's something else you need to think about before you tell me it's okay to fuck other men. It's probably not ever going to be an issue, since I've been on the pill since long before we got married. It's just that no method of birth control is 100% effective, and that includes the pill. It's supposed to work 99% of the time, but there's still that 1% that you need to think about.

    "You need to know there's a tiny chance I could end up pregnant if I fuck other men, and if that happens . . ., well . . . I guess it means we'll have a baby in the family, because I'd never have an abortion. So . . ., do you think you could stand for that to happen? Because if you can't . . . well, we just need to think it all the way through."

    Her words brought me fully awake in an instant, and I did think about what she'd said, but for less than a second or two.

    "If you get pregnant by another man, then all it'll mean is that we'll have a baby in the family. As long as she's half you, then she'll be the most-beautiful, smartest, nicest little girl in the world, and I'll be proud to be her daddy. So you don't need to think it'll be a problem, because it won't. No matter who the father is, I'll always be our baby's dad."

    She took a long time to consider what I'd said, then with a final sigh of contentment, she whispered so softly I almost couldn't hear her voice.

    "I just knew you'd . . . feel that way . . ., Honey. You're just the . . . best husband . . . any woman . . . ever had. You'll be the best . . . daddy, too."

    And then she fell asleep and when I heard the tiny snore she always makes as she does that, I kissed her shoulder and promised myself that no matter what she wanted, no matter what she asked of me, I'd do it because she was the only woman in the world for me, and my only goal in life was to make her as happy as possible.

    As I lay there trying to compose my mind for sleep, it took me a long, long time to come to terms with everything we'd said and done that night, and the implications those things had for our future. Most of all, though, I thought of the upcoming Saturday night, and whether it really would hold the delights we were both looking forward to experiencing.

    Only time would tell.


    Chapter 4

    The next day, Friday, did not hold the excitement we'd had the previous night, but in its own way it was also important, because it revealed how much our relationship had changed.

    When I walked out of the bedroom after getting dressed for my day of teaching, I could hear Sharon singing loudly while preparing our breakfast in the kitchen. The song she was singing was, "Guantanamera," which I've learned to sing along with her by memorizing the Spanish words, even though I have no idea what they mean.

    When I was several feet away from the kitchen door, she began again at the top of the song, and I quickly joined in, knowing it'd make her happy to know I wanted to share the moment with her. Still singing in harmony, she turned up the heat under the bacon and scrambled eggs she was cooking while I put the silverware on the table, along with the glasses of orange juice. I held the two plates beside the skillet as she ladled the food onto them, and then we sat across from one another as we ate. It was as we sat there eating that she stunned me all over again with her next announcement, showing me there was no question our former lifestyle had come to an end.

    "Honey, I've decided to get a wax job today."

    Well, like a typical male, the first thing I thought of was that she was going to take her vehicle down to a car wash and have it waxed. That idea hit the wall when she continued her thought, saying, "The salon I'm going to has two options, and I'd like your opinion on which would be the best for us. The first one is called a 'Bermuda wax,' and it removes the hair just on the front on my crotch. The second is a "Brazilian wax, or a "Bikink wax,' and it takes off all the hair down there, front and back. Which one do you think you'd like best?"

    I don't know if I actually answered with, "Urk!" or not, but I do know that was exactly what I was thinking. It had never occurred to me that Sharon would want to have her pubic hair removed, but the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like a good idea, especially if she actually went ahead with her plan to take lovers like she'd said last night. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more turned on I became by the thought of how smooth her pussy would be when it came time for me to do my part in my own cuckolding.

    I answered, "I vote for the Brazilian. I think that would be incredibly sexy, and I hope you do it that way."

    She smiled in that evil way she often does when she's put one over on me, then said, "Glad you agree with me, Honey. I already have an appointment to get that style this afternoon. If you're a good little cuckold-to-be, maybe I'll let you have a peek tonight just to get you prepared for what you'll be seeing tomorrow night when it's time for you to serve me."

    Then she added, as if an afterthought, "Oh, by the way, I'll be shaving your crotch after dinner tonight. After all, I don't want to be the only one at the party who's naked down there, do I?"

    And with that I left for the University and all the classes I'd be standing in front of, trying my best to hide my hardon. I thanked god for giving men suit coats to wear, and that mine was long enough to hang below my crotch. I kept reminding myself to leave my jacket on all day, or I'd probably be arrested for the pervert I was.

    As for Sharon, she was still giggling about what she'd just told me as I walked out the door.


    At last the fateful afternoon was upon us, and as I dressed in a pair of new undershorts, clean jeans and a sport shirt, Sharon was buttoning a new blouse that showed her lovely breasts to the best advantage. I've never known her to wear a bra except when she'll be in a professional meeting, and like usual, her magnificent breasts and their huge nipples were doing their best to force their way through the thin fabric. She completed her ensemble by putting on her favorite slacks, socks, and then shoes. One final check of her appearance in the mirror and we were on our way.

    It was a short walk to our neighbor's house, and by the time we arrived the sun had nearly disappeared behind the Rocky Mountains to the west of us. When I rang the doorbell, Nicole opened it right away, telling me that she'd been watching for us from their front window.

    I introduced her to Sharon, and vice versa, and then she said, "Jamaal's out back getting the barbeque grill ready for the meat. Let me introduce the two of you, Sharon, and then Glenn can stay out there and talk to him. You and I can go in the kitchen so you can help me with the fixings."

    So, that's what we did, and I was soon sitting at a picnic table on their patio with a Coors Light in my hand, while Sharon and Nicole headed to the kitchen. Jamaal was sitting across from me as we talked about our respective jobs, and what had happened at work since the last time we'd seen each other.

    At last he got right to the point, asking, "Well, did you talk to your wife about swapping? Or is she going to need to get used to us a little bit at a time? Either way's fine, but I need to know what to tell the other guys when they get here. Lots of times everyone strips as soon as they get inside the house, and then we have a group fuck before we eat dinner. Of course, there's lots of 'eating' going on during the fucking, too, if you know what I mean."

    He thought that was uproariously funny, but all I could do was chuckle a tiny bit. I tried to find the courage to tell him what Sharon and I had talked about Thursday night, but I simply didn't know what to say it.

    He told me he understood how hard that part had been for me, because he could remember when he wanted to do some swapping, but couldn't think of any way in hell to broach the subject with his wife. After chuckling again, he added, "Believe it or not, the second I even hinted about swapping, Nicole jumped right in and said she'd been thinking about it forever and ever, and she wanted to get started right away.

    "So we did, and we've been doing it ever since. Based on what she told me they talked about on Sunday, I'm betting Sharon's going to be just like Nicole." Then, after taking a huge swallow of his beer, he added, "When the girls come out here, see if your wife will let you smell her fingers. I'm willing to bet you'll recognize what's on them, because Nicole is a fast mover when she sees a woman she wants, and she's already told me she wants Sharon real bad."

    Well, that shocked me so much that all I could do was sit there in silence as I emptied the bottle of beer, and then had to drink about half of the next one before I could even think straight.

    Just as I thought of a reply, the glass door into the house slid to the side, and Nicole and Sharon came walking out carrying stacks of dinnerwear, with their pockets stuffed with knives, forks, and spoons. Jamaal and I hurried over and helped put the things on the picnic table, and I was again reduced to stunned silence as Jamaal lifted one of Nicole's hands to his face, and then winked at me while sniffing and licking her fingers.

    Sharon had been busy placing the things on the table, so she didn't see that exchange between our host and hostess, which I was thankful for. But then, what she did next made me think that she knew what was going on, because she walked up and kissed me, and then before she barely had a chance to pull back, she held the fingers of her right hand up to my face, and I couldn't stop myself from inhaling so deeply that I thought my lungs may burst. Not satisfied with that, she then wiped her fingers on my lips so I could experience again the incredible taste of Nicole's pussy.

    From behind me came the sound of Nicole and Jamaal laughing, and then my face began to burn as she said, "You remember that, don't you, lover? Bet you never thought you'd be smelling and tasting my pussy on your wife's fingers, did you?"

    Then came the sound of all three of them laughing at my burning face, as well as at the stunned expression that was undoubtedly there, also. At last Sharon said, "I forgot to tell you I came over here Wednesday afternoon, Honey. Nicole and I spent most of the time in her bed, reminding me of all the times I've made love to women. I'm sure you never even suspected that about me, but it's true. When I told her I recognized the scent of pussy on your face last week, and how you tried to pretend it was aftershave, we just about passed out from laughing so hard."

    She gave me a couple seconds to come back to total consciousness, and then added, "I kept waiting for you to tell me about the swapping club, but I guess you couldn't do that. So, that's why I worked so hard at getting us to talk about it Thursday. Like I said then, I've been thinking about swapping for years and years, and when the rest of the members get here, I'm going to fuck their brains out. And I want you to do the same thing, Honey. I think it'll be just as exciting to watch you having fun as it'll be for me to have my own fun."

    Luckily for me the doorbell rang right then, because my brain was totally vapor locked, and I couldn't have said anything intelligent even if forced to.

    Nicole hurried to the front door, and then accompanied by the sound of several voices she came back to the patio, leading three couples. It was totally beyond my ability to remember the six new names, or to associate them with the appropriate faces, but Jamaal helped me with that problem by handing out name tags with each person's name printed on them. Soon all ten of us were displaying our first names, and it actually took me less than five minutes before I could recognize the six newcomers by sight, and actually conduct a halfway intelligent conversation with them.

    All of us sat around the table as Jamaal carried over the platters of hamburgers, hot dogs, and small steaks that he'd grilled to perfection, and then we did our best to eat everything in sight. I'll always remember that hour sitting with my new friends, chatting non-stop and eating until there was no room for more.

    And then we all helped carry the dishes and silverware into the house while Jamaal cleaned the grill. Just minutes later the outside door was closed, along with the curtains, and then Jamaal made the announcement that I had been both anticipating and dreading.


    Chapter 5

    As soon as our host came into the house to join the rest of us, he stepped out of his shoes and lined them up beside the door, as everyone else had done just minutes before. The others stared at him, as if awaiting a momentous announcement, and he didn't disappoint as he said, "Folks, I think you all know why we're here, especially since the name of our group is the 'Littleton Swappers.' "

    That brought a round of nervous chuckling, and it also directed every eye in the room right at Sharon and me, where we were standing front and center, right beside Nicole. Then, when Jamaal raised his hand for silence, he continued.

    "As you were all told during the week, our very-special guests today, Sharon and Glenn, are both interested in spouse swapping, as are all of us, and that's why Nicole and I have invited them to come to this month's meeting of our club. You all know, of course, that we have only two requirements for membership." He paused for a moment, as if reflecting, then added, "Well, three actually, but the one about the applicants being alive goes without saying."

    That brought louder laughter, and even Sharon and I joined in. It was startling how that tiny bit of humor lessened the tension in the room, and how it made the two of us feel more welcome and accepted.

    He continued, "I can tell you unequivocally that today's guests meet both the main requirements. First: They have each expressed their desires to sample the delights of having sex outside of their marriage, and both have told us they've been thinking about that idea for a long time."

    Well, I certainly couldn't dispute that what he said applied to me, because I'd been having thoughts like that for a long time. Also, judging by what Sharon had told me a couple days ago, I knew she felt the same way.

    Jamaal was already continuing with his announcement when I again tuned in.

    "Second: We have always had the requirement that all members be bisexual, at least in a small amount. On that score, I'm happy to tell you that Glenn has already sucked me to completion, and never hesitated in the least to swallow everything I fed him. Not only that, but he told me about his introduction to sex with other guys when he was quite a bit younger, and he's always wanted to have that experience again.

    "As for Sharon, she came to our house on Wednesday, and Nicole said the two of them were in bed just a few minutes after she walked through our front door. Nikki also told me that Sharon is an accomplished carpet muncher, and I'm sure you all know that coming from her, that's just about the highest compliment there is."

    Again there was laughter, accompanied with applause that seemed to be directed to the two of us. Given Sharon's brown skin I couldn't tell if she was blushing, but I know for damn sure I was, and it felt like my face was on fire. Actually, I guess my wife's acceptance of our new friends' recognition didn't involve any sort of embarrassment at all, because as she stood beside me she stuck her tongue out of her mouth as far as it would go, and then slowly and sensously circled it over her lips. Her lewd demonstration brought nothing but renewed applause, accompanied by some pretty raunchy comments from everyone in the room.

    Our host continued by directing questions to each of us.

    "Continuing with our tradition of 'ladies first,' I'm going to pop the first question to Sharon by asking her if she really and truly wants to fuck other men and women while her husband watches. Sharon?"

    Answering his question with the same words she'd used at our marriage ceremony, she said, "I do." Then, as if she thought that hadn't been affirmative enough, she added, "I think about fucking other guys all the time, and I've lost my ability to deny it any longer. So, . . . yes, I want every man in the room to fuck me tonight."

    In the ensuing stillness in the room, everyone seemed to be holding his or her breath, until Jamaal said in a soft voice, "Tonight we're going to make all your dreams come true, Sharon. And I hope you're sure about wanting that, because from this point on you belong to all of us."

    Again she said, even more surely than before, "I am. Do whatever you want to me, because I'm yours. Do anything you want to me, and I'll never tell you to stop."

    In the continuing quiet, I could hear him draw a deep breath as his eyes tried to penetrate her skull, almost as if trying to see if she were telling the truth or not. Apparently, he decided she was, and with a look of total lust on his face he added, "We're going to take you at your word, girl. I hope you know what it is you're asking for, because you're going to get it."

    He then turned to me, and asked basically the same question he'd asked my wife. Parroting her answer to his question about my wanting to share my wife with other men, and women as well, I said only, "I do. I think constantly about seeing her doing that, and I want it with all my heart."

    That brought a round of applause from the other people gathered around us, which our host brought to an end by raising his hand over his head. In the quiet that brought, he said, "Okay, guys and gals. You've heard it from both of them. There's no question they're speaking from their hearts, and now the question before the membership is this: Do you accept them as full-fledged members of the "Littleton Swappers" from this day forth? Raise your hands if you do."

    And just like that we were voted in unanimously, because every one of the eight people raised their right hand to signify their approval.

    Jamaal brought that part of the evening to an end by saying, "Now it's time for us to adjourn to the other room. We have a new DVD you'll probably like, and I know all of you are going to appreciate the new TV that's hanging on the wall in there."

    So saying, he led the way to the room where the two of us had installed the huge TV set just one week earlier.

    As soon as all ten of us were in the room, Nicole took over the job of club leader.

    "Okay, everyone. I want to see naked bodies . . . RIGHT NOW!" Then, looking directly at the two of us standing there holding hands to give each other reassurance, she said, "That includes the two of you. From this point until it's time for everyone to go home, I don't want to see even a single scrap of clothing on anybody, and I mean any . . . body in this house. Now STRIP!"

    Suddenly hands were flying everywhere, opening buttons and snaps, jerking down zippers, shrugging blouses and shirts over shoulders, and sliding trousers, jeans, slacks, undershorts, and panties down legs, until in a matter of seconds there were eight naked bodies standing there with their eyes staring at Sharon and me as we hurried to catch up.

    That was when I saw that every crotch was just as bald as Sharon's and mine, and I no longer felt any embarrassment about mine being in the same condition. Just seconds later, we, too, were just as naked as everyone else, and I blushed bright crimson as all those hungry eyes looked me up and down, pointedly smiling as they looked directly at my shrunken penis. It was only when Sharon placed both hands under her breasts and lifted them to her face, sensuously kissing and licking both nipples in turn, that they suddenly lost all interest in my pitiful display of manhood.

    I saw Nicole looking at each person in turn, assuring herself that her orders had been obeyed, then holding up her hand to draw attention to her next announcement.

    "As you all know, whenever a new couple joins our club, we have an initiation ceremony that must be followed. Today, we're going to do that once again, and I'm sure all of you know what it is."

    She then cupped her hand behind one ear, as if listening for a response, and six throats yelled out, "Fairy ring! Fairy ring! Fairy ring!"

    Over and over they repeated that refrain, until Nicole once again held up a hand to call for silence. As the room became quiet, she took my hand and led me to the open space in front of the TV, then placed both her hands on my shoulders. All it took was a slight downward pressure to make my knees respond, and soon I was kneeling on the carpet.

    The last word she uttered for several minutes was just four letters in length, but the result was so emotional for me that I simply could not breathe for a long time. You see, her word was, "Guys," and nothing more. I'm sure everyone except my wife and I had been through that same initiation themselves, and they knew what was required. As for me, I had experienced very much the same thing when I was a teenager, and my cousin and his friends had required the same type of service from me.

    All four of the men surrounded me, with their rapidly-hardening organs pointing directly at my head, and I felt such a thrill in my chest that I knew I was on the verge of crying. Luckily, Jamaal saved me from that humiliating display by placing one hand on the back of my head and pulling it toward his by-then-throbbing erection. Having no other choice, I opened my mouth and welcomed him once again into it.

    I was unable to control my arms, and before I knew it was happening, they were around his waist, almost as if afraid he'd get away if I didn't hold him where I needed him to be. My tongue went crazy with licking the silken texture of the head and tasting again his wonderful pre-cum. My lips closed tightly around his shaft, then began bobbing up and down, begging him to give me what I so desperately needed.

    And he did. It couldn't have been more than a minute or two before I heard him groan deep in his throat, and then my tongue was flooded with his gift as his balls emptied. Again and again he filled my mouth, and just as often I swallowed what he had given me.

    I don't know how long he continued to ejaculate, but I do know that at some point in time he peeled my hands away from his hips, and he was replaced by one of the other men. I repeated what I'd done to Jamaal, which was exactly what I'd been taught to do all those years before, and once again I was given the reward I so desperately needed.

    It seemed no time at all had passed before all four of the men had experienced what I had to offer, and then Nicole was pulling me to my feet.

    Saying not a word, she looked toward Sharon and pointed to the floor. I heard several sighs of pleasure as her own knees bent, and then she, too, was on her knees. I expected Nicole to say, "Girls," but that wasn't necessary, because responding as one all four women walked over to where my wife waited for them, her eyes glazed with lust.

    Nicole was the first to stand directly in front of Sharon's face, and she barely had time to move her legs apart and reach down with both hands to spread her pussy lips before there were two hands around her hips, and her crotch was being pulled tightly against the beautiful face and the flicking tongue waiting for it.

    There was complete silence in the room then, broken only by the tiny sound of slurping as Sharon licked and sucked Nicole's pussy. Then, after only a few seconds I heard our hostess begin to softly moan, accompanied by tiny thrusts of her hips as she became more and more aroused by what was obviously a very-experienced tongue.

    At last I heard the same, "Fu-u-u-u-c-c-c-k-k-k," from Nicole that she had uttered just one week before when she was sitting backwards on my face. Given that it had taken me almost five minutes to give her the same reward Sharon had given in only two, I knew there was no comparison between my abilities and hers. I suppose many men would think it very strange, if not disgusting, that I reacted in that manner, but it was how I felt, and I still do whenever I watch her pleasuring another woman.

    In the fullness of time all four had enjoyed Sharon's services, and then Jamaal asked me to accompany him to the kitchen to get drinks for everyone, saying as we left the room, "I suppose you and Sharon need something to drink after eating so much cum, and everyone else would probably like to join you."

    We brought the ten bottles back to the room just a few seconds later, and as Sharon carried one tray to the two couples seated on the couch, I served the other three people, including Nicole and Jamaal, who were reclining in front of it, as if ready to watch the upcoming movie. Holding my own bottle, I reclined beside Sharon on the floor, and soon everyone was sipping. I have to admit the beer was the perfect thing to wash down the four loads of cum I was still trying to swallow.

    After a couple minutes Jamaal announced, "Okay, folks. Time for the first movie. I think you'll like it, even though it's a pretty routine suck and fuck flick. If someone will dim the lights, it's time to watch, 'The Visitor.' "

    One of the men was already standing by a light switch on a nearby wall, and as Jamaal finished his announcement, the guy turned the knob on the dimmer and the illumination in the room diminished more than halfway. That was Jamaal's cue to press the power button on the DVD player, and then all eyes were riveted on the TV screen as the credits rolled.

    The movie opened with a pretty woman sitting at a table and dreamily staring at a flowerbed outside the window. The voice-over narration was supposed to be her thoughts to herself, I guess, and she was saying, "God, how did I ever get into this mess? When I married the man of my dreams it never occurred to me that after only five years I'd have long since lost any interest in his little dick. To be truthful about it, I guess I'd have to admit that he acts like he's become bored with me, too, and when we do have sex once or twice a month, it takes him a long time to cum, and most of the time I never do. How did this ever happen to us? It seemed so perfect when we were dating, but now . . ., well, it's just not working."

    The telephone sitting beside her on the table chose that moment to ring, and after she'd answered with, "Hello," she continued by saying, "Oh, hi, Hon. I was just sitting here thinking about you. Did you need something?"

    She paused while the caller, evidently her husband, said something, and then continued her side of the conversation.

    "Oh, sure. Bring him over. I'd be glad to have a dinner guest tonight, and maybe talk about some new things. It won't be any problem to make dinner for three rather than just the two of us."

    She paused again while her husband said something else, then in answer said, "That won't be a problem, as far as I can see. The guest room's ready for anyone needing to use it, and all I need to do is open the window to air it out. Just tell him he's welcome to stay the night here, and not have to try to find a taxi to take him back to town after dinner."

    She said her good-byes, then walked up the stairs to the guest bedroom, where she opened the window, then with a quick check of the room, went back downstairs. The next scene showed her working in the kitchen, and again her thoughts could be heard as voiceover.

    "God, what'll I do if he's handsome and packing a bulge like a stallion? I know Jim would just kill me if he ever found out that I dream all the time about some guy like that breaking into our house while he's at work, and having his way with me. I just wish there were some way we could lock Jim in the guest room, and his friend and I could fuck each other silly. He certainly couldn't be a worse lay than Jim."

    The scene then shifted to the interior of a car, with two men sitting in the front seat. The driver was saying, "You're gonna like the heck outta Michelle, Ray. I just guarantee she'll be the hottest babe you've ever seen. Boy, you just wouldn't believe the rack on her. Tits out to here and an ass better than you ever dreamed about, for sure. Just try to control yourself when you meet her, 'cause I wouldn't want her to have to deflate your ego by refusing to have anything to do with you. She's a one-man woman, for sure."

    The man in the other seat smiled at his friend, but his thoughts told a different story.
    We could hear his words in the background, saying, "Dream on, my American friend. I've heard that same story from lots of other husbands, and every one of their wives has spread her legs for me sooner or later. If yours is as good looking as you've been telling me, she'll be dancing on my cock right after dinner. Maybe I'll even let you eat my load from her twat if you play your cards right."

    The scene then changed to that same car coming up a tree-lined driveway toward a large, two-storey house. We saw it park in a large, paved circle in front, and then the two men got out and entered the house. The next shot was of the interior, and the woman was walking into the front room, wiping her hands on her apron.

    Her husband said, "Honey, this is my friend, Ray. His name's actually 'Raimondo, and he's from Spain, believe it or not. He's in town to negotiate a huge contract with my company, and when he told me he was getting tired of eating out, I offered to bring him home with me for dinner." Then, indicating his wife, he continued, "Ray, this is the little woman, Michelle. How about it, buddy? Did I tell the truth about her, or did I tell the truth?"

    He then chuckled while digging his elbow into his friend's ribs, causing his wife to frown, but nevertheless holding out her hand toward the guest.

    For his part, Raimondo took her hand lightly in his, then bowed low over it and softly kissed its back. His voice was saying softly in the background, "Jesus H. Christ, she's beautiful! She will be in my bed tonight, no question about it. Madre de Dios, her pussy will be so sore in the morning she won't be able to sit down for a week."

    What he was actually speaking, though, told an entirely different story.

    "It's my honor to at last meet you, Michele. Jim has been bragging about you all day, but I have to say that his descriptions pale beside the reality of your beauty."

    She blushed as he kissed her hand and complimented her, then said haltingly, "I'm glad to meet you, Ray. I hope the dinner I've been working on is good enough to justify your coming all the way out here in the sticks just to eat with us."

    Her thoughts, though, were entirely different.

    "My god, he's absolutely gorgeous! What a hunk he is, and that bulge can't be for real. Surely he stuffed a pair of socks down his pants just to impress me, but then, why would he bother. I'm just an old married woman, hardly worth his time to court."

    The camera cut to what was obviously the dining room, showing the three of them walking through the door and towards the table. Michele was saying, "Why don't the two of you have a seat, and I'll start serving you. Now don't you start eating without me, because I'm really looking forward to having a real conversation during a meal."

    That scene faded to black, then opened again with the three of them seated at a large table. The remains of their meal on the plates told us that they'd already eaten dinner. The wine in the glasses they were holding, along with the two empty bottles and one with less than half its contents remaining, sitting on the table set the plot.

    The woman's husband drained his glass, then with a huge burp announced, "I think I had too much to drink. I guess I was celebrating the huge contract Ray signed with my company, but I overdid it. I need to hit the sack before I pass out and you have to carry me upstairs."

    He was shown staggering from the room, then climbing the stairs with great difficulty, as Michelle and Ray watched him and shook their heads in disapproval.

    The two of them piled the dirty dishes and silverware on a nearby cart, then wheeled it to the kitchen where everything was placed in the dishwasher. The woman rinsed her hands in the sink, then stood there drying them on a hand towel as she said, "Well, that's taken care of. Thank you for your help, Ray. It's a rare thing for Jim to do anything to help around here, so I'm glad you came for dinner."

    The guest took her hand and kissed it again, but much more sensuously and slowly than before. Then, standing there close to her and staring deeply into her eyes, he said softly, "May I suggest that we also retire, beautiful one? I've seen it in your eyes all evening, and I think you want this as much as I do?"

    I guess she was beyond any sort of equivocation, because all she did was take a deep breath, let it out very slowly, then whisper to him, "I do want you, Raimondo. I want you more than I can possibly say." Then, taking his hand in hers, she led him up the stairs where they disappeared through one of the open doors.

    The next scene showed the two lovers-to-be entering what was obviously the same bedroom the woman had been shown preparing for their guest, and the camera zoomed to the bed in the background. They walked with their arms around each other, stopping only when they were standing beside the bed. That was when their arms wrapped tightly around each other, and they shared their first kiss, one filled with all the passion common to first love.

    And then I heard a tiny whimper from Sharon, who was lying beside me in the dimly-lit room, and when my head turned to look at her what I saw removed all thoughts about the movie.


    Chapter 6

    Sharon was lying on her back beside me, but her head was turned toward Nicole, who was lying on the opposite side. When I saw Nicole's head move to my wife's breasts, I knew why she was whimpering, because she has always been immediately turned on as soon as I pay attention to those parts of her lovely body. And Nicole was definitely paying attention to them, because as I watch enthralled, her lips closed over one nipple and sucked it deep into her mouth. I didn't need to hear Sharon's frantic moan to know she was aroused, because the way she arched her back as if trying to force the nipple deeper into her lover's mouth said everything.

    I was distracted from watching that extremely-erotic display by Jamaal, who had been lying behind his wife, raising his head up and looking at me as he said, "Glenn, I'd really like to lick your wife's pussy. Would that be okay with you?"

    I don't know if I would have been able to speak if he'd demanded an answer, but apparently the eager way my head nodded was sufficient for him. As he made his way around Nicole, then crouched at Sharon's feet, he said softly, "Move over a little bit, so she can spread her legs for me."

    So I did, scuttling out of the way so quickly that I probably looked like a crab at the beach, trying to escape an onrushing wave. Instead of laughing at my eagerness, all he did was push Sharon's legs apart, then kneel between them enjoying the sight of her pussy, glistening from all the juices flowing from it.

    He ran his tongue in and out of her opening for a second or two, until it was completely coated with juice, then very, very slowly worked his way up to the clitoris that was already standing proud above her pussy lips. Sharon's moans and gasps seemingly redoubled in intensity as soon as his slick tongue worked its way around her love bud, and as if in answer to his efforts, her hips started to buck up and down.

    Two more times he moved his tongue back to her dripping opening and then licked his way back to her clitoris before I heard my wife cry out in a hoarse, ragged whisper, "Fuck me! Please! Help me!"

    Rather than just ramming his throbbing erection in her pussy, Jamaal turned his head toward me as he asked, "Is it okay with you if I fuck your wife, man? Please?"

    Again all I could do was nod my empty head, and again that was all the answer needed. He moved farther up her body until the head of his cock was close to her opening, and Sharon's right hand gripped it and pulled him the rest of the way. As she guided him inside her body, she gasped, "Fuck me, damn it! Fuck it as hard as you can! Hurry! Please fuck it hard!"

    I don't know how Jamaal ever found the strength to resist her pleas, but somehow he did. Instead of ramming his organ inside her as fast as he could, he very slowly pushed a tiny amount, then withdrew that same amount before pushing twice as far the second time. Over and over he did that to her, until at last he was inside her more than halfway.

    Her hips were thrusting frantically by then, and she kept demanding that he fuck her as hard as he could, but all he would do was continue teasing her by entering as slowly as possible, then withdrawing almost all the way before once again thrusting forward.

    At last his full length was inside her pussy, and that was when he began to thrust his hips from side to side, which I had never even thought to do when we were having intercourse. That Sharon needed that sort of movement was very obvious when she began to cry out in time with his sidelong thrusts.

    Again and again she cried, "Fuck it! Hurry! Oh, god, please fuck it hard as you can! Make it hurt! Oh, please! Hurt it!"

    At some point in time her hand found mine and gripped it with all her strength. The fact that she knew I was lying there beside her, watching another man having sex with her, just made the whole thing ten times hotter than it had been up to that point. And it was right then that my whole understanding of cuckoldry changed dramatically.

    Always in the past, when I had thought of my wife making love to another man, it was an exciting and delicious thing to think about. At that moment, it was as if a previously-hidden door had opened, and I suddenly understood that seeing another man's penis breeding my wife was so far beyond exciting that there was utterly no comparison. At that moment I truly became a cuckold, and I loved it far, far more than any other part of my life.

    At last any resistance she had to being bred by another man was completely overcome by her arousal and lust, and with one final thrust upward to meet his cock, she squeezed my hand with all her strength and cried out as she climaxed. I had heard her do that many, many times during our marriage, but never before had I heard such passion, such primal excitement as she gave voice to while another man gave her an orgasm. And again, I loved that far beyond anything I'd ever before known.

    I hadn't even known that Jamaal, too, had climaxed until he began to withdraw his penis from where it had been buried deep inside her pussy. It had already deflated a noticeable amount, which was not surprising, given that he had also climaxed in my mouth less than half an hour before.

    He pulled back and knelt there to catch his breath, then when he had he moved beyond her feet and said, "Sharon, clamp your legs together so it doesn't all run out." Then as she did that, he looked directly at me as he said, "Glenn, get my cock cleaned up."

    I bent my body almost double so my head was where it needed to be, then my mouth opened and took his softening penis inside. My tongue went to work, and my throat swallowed and swallowed until at last he pushed my head away.

    It took me several seconds before I realized that Sharon had been talking to me from far, far away, and I turned my head toward her. When she saw she had my attention, she patted the carpet beside her crotch as she said softly, "Honey, I need you, too. Please?"

    Once again I moved, and as soon I was lying on my back where Sharon needed me to be, Nicole helped her get up on her knees. Jamaal lifted one of them over my head, and my only response was to put both hands behind her bottom and pull it forward and down until she was sitting on my mouth.

    I had given her oral sex after intercourse just two days before, so the texture and taste of what was filling my mouth was nothing new to me. What was new was the sense of overwhelming lust that immediately filled my entire body as I licked, sucked, and swallowed Jamaal's semen that kept seeping from my wife's pussy. To say that his cum tasted better than mine would be nothing but an understatement, because in truth is was far, far superior to any other I'd ever eaten. To this day I don't understand why that was, but I assume it's just another facet of the process of being cuckolded.

    While I was lying there on my back, with Sharon writhing on my mouth as I cleaned her pussy, I felt the sensation of a hand stimulating my raging hardon. I could tell from the size of the fingers that it was undoubtedly one of the women doing that for me, but I had no idea who she was, since Sharon's body was blocking any view of that part of my body.

    The strange fingers caressed the head, then worked their way down the shaft before finally reaching my balls, and then they, too, felt the wonderful sensations that literally drove me crazy. By that time, I had been experiencing lots of stimulation, both from sucking four cocks and swallowing their loads and from watching my wife being aroused and then fucked by our neighbors.

    In other words, I was desperate to cum, and when the fingers at last tightened around my shaft and began to stroke it with increasing vigor, I was helpless to resist the overwhelming urge to ejaculate.

    So, having no choice in the matter, that's exactly what I did. I've always believed that the orgasm I had then was the longest lasting of my entire life, and that the amount of semen that spurted out of my penis was the largest ever. Given what happened just a few moments later, I've never had any reason to doubt that assessment.

    It seemed to me at the time that my climax went on forever, but I'm sure it couldn't have lasted more than a few seconds. What I do know is that it eventually came to an end, and the pain shooting through my entire crotch told me that it had been my strongest ever.

    I felt Sharon lifting off my face as soon as my spurting came to an end, and when I opened my eyes I saw it was Nicole's hands that were helping her move. Her unresisting body was pulled forward until she was on her bent knees and her head was resting on the carpet.

    At that moment Jamaal's strong hands rolled me over, then pulled me to my knees. He said, "Man, you made a hell of a mess on your wife's back. Why don't you do the right thing and get her cleaned up?"

    He then pushed my head down to Sharon's back, and my tongue automatically started doing what needed to be done. I had evidently spurted my cum as high as her shoulders, and that's where I started, moving my head down her back as soon as I'd cleaned up my mess above that point.

    In just a few seconds I had reached her waist, which is when Jamaal told me to, "Get over here between her legs, bro, so you can get the rest. Sharon, spread your legs so he can do what's needing to be done."

    Her feet moved apart, followed by her knees, and then last by her thighs, giving everyone there another look at her beautiful pussy. As he told me to, "Get busy licking her crack clean, man. You made a hell of a mess all up and down it, so take care of it," I saw two hands touching Sharon's cheeks, then pulling them as far apart as they would go. I was concentrating my attention on the widespread crack right ahead of me, and the only thing that told me one of the hands belonged to Nicole was its color. Whose hand was pulling the opposite cheek was a mystery, and to tell the truth I truly didn't care; my only thought was to lick every bit of my cum from that enticing part of my wife's body, which was something I'd thought of many, many times, but had been afraid to do for fear of making her angry.

    Down and down my tongue licked, with Sharon seemingly spreading her legs farther to accomodate it. The helping hands also moved along with my mouth, drawing the cheeks farther apart so I wouldn't miss any hidden mess.

    And then at last I reached the part I knew was waiting for me. I felt conflicting emotions warring with each other as my tongue at last reached her puckered opening, with one telling me to stop what I was doing because it was beyond shameful to lick that part of my wife's body. The opposite emotion screamed, "Lick her right there, cuckold! She's your wife and she owns you, and if it gives her pleasure to feel you licking her butthole, then you have to do it!"

    Of course, the second voice won the day, and as everyone in the room urged me on with their shouts of encouragement, my tongue stiffened and I licked her bottom with every ounce of my strength. I heard Nicole's voice most clearly, since she was leaning over me as she urged, "Make your tongue as hard as you can, lover. Try to get all of it inside her, so you can find out what a real woman tastes like. Get it up there all the way, you wimp!"

    And I did. I pushed and pushed my stiffened tongue until at last my lips touched her muscular ring, and then I moved it from side to side just as fast as it would go.

    It took just a few seconds before Sharon was once again locked in the throes of her orgasm, and I had no doubt it was stronger than the first, which did nothing but make me proud. I knew right then that it had become my role in life to give her as many of those as I could, no matter what I had to do to help her find that sort of release.

    Everything that came after that part was anticlimax, to coin a phrase. I was pushed from my knees to my side, soon joined by Sharon as she lay there, too. We held each other close as she whispered in my ear, "That was wonderful, Honey. I'm so proud of you that you could do that for me, even with everyone watching. I just know all the other girls are so jealous of me they could spit nails, and that just makes me love you all the more." Then, after giving me an even-stronger hug, she whispered, "Now go wash your mouth. It smell like you've been licking someone's butt."

    She then stood up and helped me to my feet, and I rushed from the room to find the nearest bathroom. Actually, I had two urgent reasons to do that, because not only did my mouth need to be washed, I also needed to empty my bladder, which by then was struggling to hold at least five bottles of beer.

    Luckily there was a bathroom right down the hallway, and even more luckily there was no one in it. I rushed inside, hastily closing the door behind, then lifted the seat of the toilet and stood there literally dancing from foot to foot as I tried to make my bladder empty itself through my still-hard dick. I guess I don't need to explain why that's a universal problem with males, and as for women, well, ask your husbands. I know every one of them will agree with what I said.

    At last my stream started, and the immense feeling of relief that swept through my entire body almost made me laugh. Then, as it came to an end and I shook off the last drop, the bathroom door opened just as I was flushing the toilet.

    My head snapped around to see who was coming in with me, because I was sure I'd locked the door after closing it, but I guess the urgency of my need had made me forget about that part. When I saw it was two of the women walking through the door, Sara and Anna, I was so embarrassed that my face started burning as I blushed.

    Sara, who was leading Anna by the hand, smiled when she say me blushing, and said to her friend, "Isn't it nice to see a man who can actually blush? Our guys are far beyond doing that, and I wish they could still do it. It somehow makes a guy seem more innocent when he can blush, don't you think?"

    I hurryed to wash and dry my hands so I could give the pair their privacy, but just as I was about to leave the bathroom, I was stopped by Sara's words.

    "Glenn, I just wanted to tell you that all of us are really jealous of your wife. We've tried for a long time to get our own husbands to be as enthusiastic as you are when you do the cleanup part, but if they'll do it at all, there's no question they're reluctant about it. Sharon must be so proud of you."

    As I turned to look back at her before trying to think of some way to respond to her words, I saw her settling in place on the toilet seat. My face must have turned bright red again, because she smiled as she said, "That's another thing you do that we all love: blushing. That makes you seem like such a nice guy, and we all wish our guys could do that, but I guess they're all beyond that."

    Again I tried to think of something to say, but was completely stunned by the sight of her spreading her legs as far apart as they'd go, giving me the best view I'd had all night of her beautiful pussy. Even more stunning was the sight of Anna dropping to her knees between Sara's widespread legs, and then leaning so far forward that her face was buried between them.

    Sara seemed to think what Anna was doing was completely normal and expected, because she never said anything about it, let alone even looked away from my face as she talked to me. Suddenly I heard the rush of her stream hitting the water below her pussy, accompanied by a quiet moan of pleasure from Anna, and again my face felt so hot I was afraid it'd burst into flames at any moment.

    I had by then become so captivated that all I could do was stand there and watch the two women, and in the stillness of the small room I heard the stream diminish and then come to an end. Sara then reached behind herself and flushed the toilet, which seemed to be the signal for Anna to sit back with a blank look on her pretty face.

    Sara placed both hands on the toilet seat, then smoothly slid forward. As if the two had done that many times before, Anna placed her hands under Sara's knees, then lifted them up and onto her shoulders. When they were in position, Sara slid forward even more, and is a split second her pussy was pressing against Anna's face.

    Again Anna showed she knew what to do, and I saw the arousing sight of her tongue darting from her mouth, and immediately heard Sara sigh in pleasure as her pussy was licked clean. That part was over with far too soon for me, and as Sara put her feet back on the floor she said to me with an evil smile on her face, "Anna's a real eco-freak; a champion tree hugger, fact be known. She always does her part to save the trees by licking us after we pee, so we don't have to use unnecessary toilet paper. Isn't that wonderful of her?"

    My brain had by then completely shut down, and as had happened so many times before all my mental processes were controlled by the things between my legs, one of which was extremely hard while the other two were being drawn upward to prepare for battle. In other words, I was really turned on, and all I could think about was sex.

    Sara stood up, took her lover's hand in hers once again, and they had to actually touch my frozen body before it could even think to stop blocking the door. However, just as I stepped into the hallway I saw Nicole approaching, leading Sharon by the hand.

    When Sara and Anna saw who was coming, they both stepped back into the bathroom and to the side so the new couple could enter. As for me, I made it about three feet down the hallway before I heard Nicole's voice, and I was sure she was by then sitting on the toilet, as Sara had been just moments before.

    "Okay, Sweetie, get down her on your knees and you can help me with this part," I heard. My immediate reaction was that Anna was once again preparing to perform her special service, but at the same time I also wondered why she would need instructions from Nicole, when she had just served Sara with no direction at all.

    Again Nicole spoke, saying, "Now lean forward and put your face between my legs. Try to get your nose as far down there as you can, Sweetie."

    Thanks to my excellent hearing, I was able to hear Nicole's stream splashing in the water below her pussy, and after a few seconds also heard it come to an end. The sound of the toilet flushing covered any further words until I heard Nicole saying, "Lift my knees up and put them on your shoulders, Sweetie. That's right. Get your face right in there and lap it up. Get me nice and clean."

    Again, I couldn't understand why Anna needed such specific instructions from Nicole, when she had serviced Sara just moments before without any help. Surely all women peed the same way, didn't they? What could Nicole possibly be doing that would make the process so different?

    That train of thought was broken by the sight of Sara and Anna walking out of the bathroom, again hand in hand. I hurried to get back to the living room before Sharon caught me eavesdropping, which would probably embarrass her in front of our new friends.

    When I entered the room, the others were lounging around as if waiting for the next event to begin, which proved to be the case. As soon as Nicole led Sharon through the door, she announced, "Okay, everyone. It's time for the final act in tonight's production of 'How to Fuck and Suck.' "

    That brought the expected laughter and catcalls, but I was distracted by Sharon coming to me for a kiss. As Nicole spoke, Sharon took me in her arms and raised her face to mine, and I didn't need her whisper to, "Kiss me, Honey," to know what to do.

    As our lips met I was struck by the renewed scent of Nicole's pussy on my wife's face, but that thought didn't linger because what I was tasting on her lips was very sharp and almost bitter. I'd never known her mouth to have that taste, but before I could spend any more time thinking about it, Nicole explained what the "final act" was to be.


    Chapter 7

    "Okay, folks," she began, "three of the guys haven't had a chance to fuck Sharon yet, but since it's already past midnight and Jamaal and I need our beauty sleep, what say we have them do her with a triple?"

    Again there was applause, along with several even-more crude comments, but I didn't have time to react to them because at that moment Nicole took my wife's hand in hers and mine in the other, then led the two of us to the center of the room. Once there, she instructed us to get on our knees, and as if that was the sign everyone had been waiting for, they gathered around us.

    Again acting as the Mistress of Ceremonies, our hostess looked at the three men standing close to us, then after a few seconds of consideration, said, "Okay, Jack, why don't you get down here on your back so you can have her first?"

    That made me think Sharon would soon be sitting on Jack's cock and fucking him in that position, but rather than instructing my wife to do that, she held out her hand to Sara, who was standing there holding what looked like a tube of toothpaste. Then, when the tube was passed to Nicole, I saw that it was identical to the K-Y Jelly we had used for years, and that's what it proved to be.

    I was kneeling on one side of Jack's crotch, with Sharon on his other, and it was plain to see that he was excited by the thought of at last fucking her. His cock, which was clearly the smallest of all five of us who had that sort of thing between his legs, was standing at a 45° angle toward his head, and his pre-cum was already glistening on its tip.

    Nicole passed the tube to me as she said, "Glenn, get his dong all greased up so it won't hurt your wife when he fucks her. Do a good job, and maybe she'll let you eat her out again after awhile."

    That brought forth more smiles and some chuckles, and then as I squeezed some of the lubricant onto my fingers, several of them cautioned me about rubbing too much, because poor Jack was desperate to cum. Actually, given that I was spreading the stuff on his organ with just one finger, I didn't think there was much danger he'd become aroused more than he already was.

    When Nicole pronounced him ready, she told Sharon to straddle his body, then impale herself on his erection. She at first tried to swing her left leg over him, which would mean she'd be facing his head, but Nicole quickly corrected her with, "Not that way, Sweetie. Sit on it so you're looking at his feet."

    It was easy to see that both of us had no idea why she had to sit that way, but, since we weren't in charge, Sharon did as told, and then quickly settled to her knees, hovering above the eager thing bobbing back and forth below her. Nicole instructed me to guide his cock into my wife's hole as she lowered herself to accept the thing into her body, so I crouched over so I could see under her.

    Nicole was watching what I was doing, and when I aimed Jack's organ at Sharon's pussy, she quickly corrected me as she said, "No, not that hole, Glenn; the other one is the one Jack always wants. He's got a real thing about ass-fucking, for some reason, so we always try to humor him when we have a new woman join the club. Of course, he seems to like fucking men there, too, so I guess you have something exciting to look forward to, don't you?"

    That brought a smattering of light laughter from the watchers, which stopped when I moved the thing I was holding until its head was in contact with the part of Sharon's body where it was supposed to enter. Nicole told her to keep lowering her crotch, and when the invader began to enter my wife's puckered opening, she put both hands on Sharon's shoulders and pushed downward.

    Sharon groaned in such a way that I knew she was feeling more arousal than pain, which I thought was odd, since I vividly remembered when my cousin and his friends had fucked me like that. I know it took me about half a dozen times to get used to being penetrated in that manner, and when Sharon didn't react as I had all those years ago by struggling, I thought it odd.

    Still crouched over, I watched in fascination as Sharon lowered her body more and more, until at last none of Jack's cock was visible. Nicole, who had been watching just like me, then said, "Okay, Sharon, now it's time for the second part of your triple. We need you to straighten your legs out in front of you and put them outside of Jack's."

    She did, although she was very careful about that part, which I could certainly understand. At last, though, her legs were sticking straight out in front of her with her heels resting on the floor and both feet outside of Jack's. He had evidently been waiting for that to happen, and immediately moved his legs to the sides, opening not only his own crotch, but also Sharon's. At the same time as that was happening, he pulled her upper body down until it was lying on top of his. He then wrapped both arms around her, and then his hands began to caress her breasts.

    Nicole chose Michael for the next part, and all she had to do was say his name and he was immediately on his knees between the joined couple's legs. Again Nicole told me to guide a stiff cock into my wife's body, and I took his organ in hand and aimed it at her pussy as he moved his crotch forward. Given the glistening highlights on her pussy and thighs, I was sure there was no need for lubricant, and that proved to be correct when he quickly buried his organ inside her as far as it would go.

    As his cock reached the bottom of Sharon's pussy, she began to thrust her hips to help him get in even deeper, and he helped by timing his thrusts to hers. In just a second or two they were synchronized in the oldest rhythm the human race has ever known, and all I could do was sit there in total fascination as I watched the two men breeding my wife.

    Her impassioned voice came from millions of miles away and interrupted my reverie. She gasped, then cried out, "Oh god! This is the best feeling in the whole world! I didn't realize how much I missed this until right now, but now I know I have to have it all the time! I can feel their cocks rubbing against each other through my cunt wall, and I love it! Love it! LOVE IT!"

    It took a sudden movement close to Sharon's head to draw my eyes from the spectacle in front of me, and as I turned I saw Stan kneeling by her head, his throbbing cock pointing directly at her face. I saw her eyes open wide as Nicole spoke her name, and then with no hesitation at all, her mouth opened. Stan pushed his cock into the warm, wet home she was offering, and then her lips closed around it and she resumed moaning deep in her throat.

    It was then that I at last understood what Nicole had meant by "giving Sharon a triple," and my eyes struggled to watch every wonderful part as she was bred by three cocks at the same time. It didn't matter where I looked, because whatever I saw was more exciting that the last, and I don't know that I breathed even once during the time those three rampant organs were inside my wife.

    At some point far, far in the future, Jack said a simple, "Ahhhhh, shit!" and lifted Sharon's crotch even higher with his final thrust and his climax. As if he'd been waiting for that signal, Michael rammed his own cock deeper into her pussy, groaned, "Fuuuuccckkkk!" and then emptied his balls into her womb.

    Stan's climax came next, drawing my eyes away from what was happening below. His gasping, "Eat it, bitch!" followed by his own final thrust made me think that Sharon would soon be spitting out his semen, as she had always done with mine, but that didn't happen.

    Instead, all she did was begin to swallow in time with his spurts, and as I watched her throat working time and again, I was more jealous that I'd ever been in my entire life. But, rather than my jealousy causing me to beg the men to get off her, it made me aroused beyond anything I'd ever thought possible. It was at that moment that I knew what was happening to the two of us that night had to be, simply must be, repeated again and again for the rest of our lives.

    And that was when I truly became a cuckold, and I've been one ever since.

    After the four lovers ceased their frantic coupling and either lay or sat there struggling to breathe, Nicole gave her final order of the night.

    "Okay, guys, get off her so Glenn can take care of the messes you made in his wife. Glenn, get on your back now so you can do your part."

    As I lowered my body to the carpet and rolled to my back, I saw Stan pull his shrinking cock from Sharon's mouth, and then Michael pulled his from her pussy. She very carefully pushed herself up Jack's body until his cock was free, then got her feet under her body and sat up. Last of all, she moved off him and knelt beside me, where she sat on her knees facing my feet. As she turned her head over her shoulder, the questioning look in her eyes told me everything that came next was up to me.

    There was not a single doubt in my mind what her question was, and rather than trying to force my throat to speak, I let my hands speak for me. I lifted one of her feet over my head, then when she was crouching above me with the cum of her two lovers slowly appearing from her two openings, I locked my fingers around her waist and pulled her down to her rightful place on my mouth.

    I first guided her pussy to my lips, then as I had done so shortly before, quickly licked up every drop of Michael's semen that had already leaked out. My nose was busy pressing against her puckered opening, inhaling the wonderful scents of her body mixed with Jack's, and trying to force myself to go slowly enough to give my wife the pleasure she'd earned by agreeing to make me her cuckold.

    As much as I tried, though, I simply could not resist sucking her pussy with every bit of force I could muster. My reward was a mouthful of Michael's seed, and then I became frantic with the need to remove ever drop of it from my wife's body, almost as if afraid that if I didn't hurry it would find her eggs and put a baby inside her.

    From far above my face, I heard her cry out with arousal, and that precious sound told me she had not climaxed while the three men were using her body. Instead, she had saved that part for me to give her. So, I did my best to help her reach that reward, and licked and sucked with every bit of strength I had.

    I heard the sound of whispering above my head, and as my eyes opened I saw that Nicole's mouth was pressed against Sharon's ear. I strained to hear what was being said, and then as clear as could be, Nicole's words reached my brain.

    I heard her whisper, "Hurt it, sweetie. Teach it a lesson it'll never forget. Hurt it."

    She barely had time to move away before I saw Sharon's right arm move straight out from the side of her body. Then, with no hesitation, whatsoever, she swung her arm back to her front, and at the same time as I felt a sudden pain in my erect organ, I heard the sharp slap as the palm of her hand impacted it, sending it flying to my left hip. It actually hit my abdomen with enough force that I could hear that sound, too, but there was no time for me to even think about it, because by then her left arm had been extended, and then it, too, flew forward and sent my dick flying in the opposite direction.

    Over and over again she slapped that part of me, and the double-slap of her hand striking it, followed a split-second later by the sound of it hitting my hip, rang out time and time again. By the time the second series of slaps had sent my dick flying, every throat in the room took up the chant of, "Slap! Slap! Slap!" in time with Sharon's hands impacting that pain-filled part of my crotch.

    It took me several seconds to realize that she had moved her body down my face a short distance, stopping only when her second cum-filled opening was pressing against my lips. However, that realization did nothing to make me stop what I was doing, and as I had done with her pussy, I licked and sucked with every ounce of my strength.

    And in the fullness of time my efforts were rewarded, and as her crotch clenched tightly around my head, her wordless cry rang out, and I knew she had at last found the reward she had earned.


    I was still trying to give her pleasure when I saw her being pulled to her feet by Nicole and Jamaal, and it was only when my questing tongue could no longer reach her body that it returned to its home in my mouth. Then, as soon as Sharon could stand unaided, I, too, was pulled to my feet, and the two of us stood there with our arms wrapped around each other as the others applauded what we'd done.

    It was Jamaal who brought an end to that part as he said, "Okay, friends and lovers. It's time for the awards ceremony, and then you can get your fucking clothes on and go home. I'm so fucking tired I'm about to fall asleep on my feet.

    "Sharon and Glenn, at the end of every meeting the women award their panties to the man who did the best job of getting everybody turned on. The men then award their undershorts to the woman who did the same. We're going to do that part now. The only requirement is that no one can give their undies to their spouse."

    It was then that I saw all eight of them were standing there holding their own underwear, looking directly at the two of us as Nicole smiled and gave us our panties and shorts. I have to say that it was no surprise when the four other men presented their shorts to Sharon, because she would have been my own choice if I'd been able to choose her.

    For my part I presented mine to Nicole, because she'd been the one who had guided the two of us through that extremely-exciting night. As I did that, I was very, very glad I'd had the presence of mind to wear a brand new pair of shorts, so I didn't have to be ashamed of anything as she held them above her head and accepted the plaudits of the others.

    Sharon went first when it was time for that part, and as she gave her panties to Jamaal she said, "Now, I don't want anyone else to get all jealous, because the only reason I chose him is that he's the first man other than my husband to fuck me ever since we got married. I'll make it a point to give you other guys your own rewards in the meetings to come."

    Surprisingly, or maybe not so much so, the other four women gave their panties to me, and as I stood there blushing in appreciation, I thanked them for everything they'd done to introduce me to the world of cuckolding.

    And then it was time for us to get dressed, and in the space of just a few minutes everyone was heading out the door amid cries of good-bye and references to the next meeting, which would be held in two weeks. After that it was a short walk to our own front door, and then to our bathroom for a quick shower before we collapsed in bed.


    Chapter 8

    As soon as we were in the bathroom that's part of our bedroom, I reached into the shower room and turned on the hot water at full blast. That part of the bathroom is actually a separate, small room, measuring about six feet in each direction, which is just the right size for two people to bathe at the same time. The reason I almost always start the water first is that the tile walls and floors take a few minutes to warm up, and not be a shock to our bare feet.

    When I turned my head back to Sharon, I saw her clothes were in a pile on the floor, and she was sitting on the toilet with her legs spread as wide as she could get them. My heart began to pound violently at that moment, because all I could think of was what it had been like to watch Anna serving Sara just about an hour earlier. The look on Sharon's face as she sat there, and the way she raised her eyebrow in question told me all I needed to know, and with that understanding came renewed pounding deep in my chest, and the sensation of my throat becoming so tight that it would be impossible for me to utter even the smallest sound.

    So, instead of trying to answer her unspoken question, I dropped to my knees in front of her, and then sidled closer. I saw her hand slowly being lifted toward my head, and felt the tiny pressure it exerted when it came to rest there. Again there was no need for me to speak, because I knew what was expected of me.

    With no other urging my body bent forward, and my face buried itself between her widespread legs, and I forced my nose as close to her pussy as it could possibly get. That must have been the signal she'd been waiting for, because I barely had time to nuzzle her stiffening clitoris before I heard her stream begin to flow, and then the sound of it striking the water below her body became so loud that it overwhelmed the water from the shower heads.

    The wonderful aroma of her stream invaded my nose, and completely on their own my lungs inhaled it as deeply inside my body as possible. I inhaled as much of the aroma as I possibly could, then quickly let out the air that filled my lungs. With no hesitation my lungs again filled with her scent, and I was completely lost in the wonder and the magic of that moment.

    It took the sound of the toilet flushing to being me back to full awareness, and since I already knew what was to come next, I forced my upper body to abandon her wonderful pussy and sit up. I had barely reached that position when she placed both hands on the toilet seat, lifted her bottom a tiny bit, and then slid forward.

    That was my signal to place my hands under her knees, and as she continued to move closer to me, I lifted them onto my shoulders, and then was lost as I stared and stared at that part of a woman's body that can drive men crazy. For her part, all Sharon did was to slide forward a tiny bit more, and then my tongue did its part by licking her pussy, just as I had seen Anna doing while I watched.

    Neither of us spoke or even made a sound as I licked up every drop of that exciting liquid. Finally, at some point far in the future she grew tired of my efforts, took her legs off my shoulders and stood.

    I hurried to undress as Sharon adjusted the water temperature and then stepped into the shower room. Just seconds later I joined her, and as we stood under the twin streams, letting it soothe our overworked bodies, the only sound in the room was that of water striking the walls and floors.

    After both of us were thorougly wet, we took turns soaping each other, and then letting the hot water rinse us clean. Then, the night's exertions having washed away, we kissed, and the fervent way she ran her tongue in and out of my mouth told me everything I needed to know. What she was doing told me that it had not been Anna who served Nicole in the bathroom, but Sharon. And that did nothing to disgust me, as it probably would have many other men; instead, it just gave me a deeper understanding of the new roles the two of us were destined to play from that night forward.

    The proof of the accuracy of that understanding came during the following weeks and then months of those wonderful Saturday nights spent in the company of our fellow members of the Littleton Swappers. Over the course of the next year, we were slowly introduced to the ecstatic excitement we learned to crave as we were taught to serve others, no matter what they required of us.

    Now, one year later, both Sharon and I are completely accepting of our dual roles as lovers and slaves to all our friends. We have been told that tonight, which is another of the Saturday nights we cannot live without, the meeting will be held on the farm of one of the member couples. Although what is to happen has not been explained by anything more than veiled references to what they all call "the pleasure/pain conundrum," I think we both know that our slide into depravity will accelerate markedly tonight.

    I know I speak for Sharon when I say, "We can't wait!"


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