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. Anniversary Trip ch.2 - Sex Slave Stripper

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Oct 10, 1999.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Anniversary Trip (II) - Sex Slave Stripper

    This is the second installment of our trip to Las Vegas on the occasion of our 10th wedding anniversary. See the story "Tenth Wedding Anniversary" for the first part of the story. --- RLM

    By the time we arrived in Vegas, it was very late, almost midnight. We were both too tired to do anything but check into our hotel, get a late snack in one of the open restaurants in the hotel and go to bed.

    At 8:00 AM, I awoke with my usual morning hard-on. Paula is usually too sleepy in the morning for sex so I just have to take a cold shower. But not this morning! I flipped the covers back exposing her body clad only in the shortie gown she usually wears. It always turns me on because it covers virtually nothing, particularly when it rides up on her hips, which is where it was when I threw the covers back. When I rolled my wife over onto her back, she moaned, "Not now, Honey. Later. I'm still sleepy."

    "NO! NOW! Right NOW! Remember, you're my sex slave for two days and I'm ready to sample my sex slave's cunt." (For those readers who have not read our description of the first two days of our Vegas Trip, I should say that in return for my letting her seduce and have sex with a 17-year boy in Albuquerque on the trip out, she promised to be my sex slave for two days in Vegas.) I pulled Paula's legs wide open and pushed a pillow beneath her hips. "Reach down and pull open your cunt, Slave", I commanded.

    Realizing that she had promised and that it was only fair, she smiled and did as I ordered. With her lips spread open, her prominent clit was on display. Climbing between my wife's legs, I lowered my lips to her pussy and began to slide my tongue up and down the length of her slit. It took only a few moments for her hips to respond with hunching motions. When the tongue flicked over the shaft of her clitoris, she groaned and I felt the organ pulse. As her hips settled into a steady humping rhythm, I speeded up the motion of my tongue, thrusting it in and out of her pussy and then up and over the tip of her clit.

    After 10 minutes, I felt the spasms start in her vagina. The entire shaft of her clitoris began to throb in hard contractions. My wife started shrieking as her orgasm exploded. While she was still throbbing, I moved up and between her widespread thighs and sank my morning erection into my wife's very receptive vagina. I felt her pussy squeezing my cock as I pushed it in all the way. I began to fuck my slave hard, driving my pubic bone in her throbbing clit on every stroke. Her mouth flew open. Out came her tongue. I met it with my own. We licked each other while my cock drove in and out of her overheated cunt.

    Usually, I ask my wife if she's ready before I cum in her. I didn't bother this morning. After all, I was fucking my sex slave. Pushing my hands underneath her hips, I pushed a finger into her ass.. (she usually doesn't let me do this) and forced my cock all the way to her womb. When I felt myself about to unload, I drove my finger all the way in and pumped out several huge jets of cum. I felt my wife explode in her second orgasm as the load filled her.

    After showering and shaving, I called room service and ordered breakfast for two. My wife had just finished drying off from her shower when I heard the knock on our door. Walking over to the bed, I picked up my wife's shortie gown and carried it into the bathroom.

    "Our breakfast is here. Put this on, Slave, and go let the guy in. Don't forget to tip him." "You want me to go to the door wearing this? It just barely covers my ass and it's transparent. He can see almost everything through it." "Who cares? You're just a slave. He probably won't even bother to look at you. Put this on. or you can answer the door naked if you want.. and get our breakfast. I'm hungry. Hurry up. Slave!"

    My wife slipped the negligee over her head. She was right. Her ass was just barely covered and her big 36D tits were easily seen through the material. Glancing down, I saw that her trimmed triangular bush was also on display. Without looking back, she exited the bathroom. Moments later, I heard the door open. "Bring the food in here and set it out on the table for us, will you, Honey", I heard my wife ask. "Yes, Mam", came the response. I stepped out of the bathroom so I could see what was happening. The bellboy couldn't take his eyes off my wife's body, and he wasn't at all shy. "Damn! Lady, you're gorgeous!", he said while surveying her near-naked body.. "Thank you", my wife said. "Now I suppose I need to tip you. Just a minute. I'll get something out of my handbag." My wife moved to the bedside table, bent over and picked up her handbag. She lingered longer than necessary. In her bent over posture, the negligee had pulled up over her ass exposing the inviting cleft between her thighs. Finally, she straightened up and handed the guy three one dollar bills. "Thank you. If you need anything else, just call me. Ask for Larry. I'll be right up." "Ok, Larry. I'll remember that", my wife smiled. "And here's another tip for you." Looking straight into the guy's eyes, my wife pulled the negligee up over her breasts exposing everything to his gaze. "Maybe later, when my husband's not in the bathroom, you can do more than just look." "Can I touch them now?" My wife lifted the garment even higher. Larry put his hand on her breast, cupped it and then cupped the other one with his free hand. He hefted them and then sucked the nipples, first the left one and then the right. While he sucked, he slipped one hand between my wife's thighs and fingered her sex hole. "God.. Lady. You're so hot and wet. Can I fuck you?" "Maybe another time. We'll be here for a week or so." With that, Paula ushered the panting Larry out of our room and we had breakfast.

    After breakfast, I told my wife to follow me into the bathroom. She did as I ordered. Once in the bathroom, I said, "Now strip naked." Paula smiled, thinking that I was probably going to fuck her again. She took off the negligee and waited. "I bought something for you", I said. "You remember in Albuquerque when you had me waiting for an hour in the adult book store while you were playing with your 17- year old lover?" Paula nodded, somewhat apprehensive about what was coming. "Well, I didn't have much to do so I bought you several special presents. Here's the first one." I showed my wife the large butt plug. "Oh, god! You're not really going to make me use that are you?" "I have it on good authority that all sex slaves wear them regularly. So I'm going to leave it with you while you dress. When you're finished, I will conduct an appropriate inspection. I expect to see the butt plug properly positioned. If it's not, I will have to properly punish you. My wife was mortified. But she had promised and I could tell the whole thing was turning her on. I went to the closet and picked out the clothes I wanted Paula to wear during the day and handed them to her. Carefully, I lubricated the butt plug and then held it out to my wife "Inspection will be in 15 minutes."

    A little more than 15 minutes later, my wife had emerged from the bathroom looking radiant. I pressed my hand between her thighs and felt the flat base of the plug snugged up against her ass. She had put it in all the way. "There! Now my slave is ready. Let's go tour the Strip, maybe gamble a little, have lunch and then see a show."

    "What are you going to make me do for the next two days", my wife asked, not just a little fearful. "Don't worry, Honey. This is our vacation and Tenth Wedding Anniversary. It's going to be fun for both of us. I'm going to have you do all the things you've only fantasized about before. But now, you're going to do them for real." My wife visibly shuddered, partly in fear and partly in anticipation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - We had a great time that morning and afternoon. My wife wore the dirty short shorts she had worn the first day out that exposes part of her buttocks and pulls so tight into her crotch that the clear outline of her slit can be seen. Her blouse was tight, but concealed her breasts. Inside the hot shorts, the butt plug was pressed deep into her ass. We shopped during the morning, had lunch and then went to a couple of lounge shows. Both were very good with young, talented entertainers.

    We returned to our hotel around 5 PM and I busied myself with laying out the clothes for my sex slave wife for the evening. "What are you doing", she asked. "I'm selecting the clothes for my sex slave for this evening. I have something very special planned and you need the right clothes. While I pick them out, strip naked." Off came my wife's blouse and the thin bra. Her 36D breasts swung freely, their nipples hardening in the air. Down came the short shorts. The crotch was soaked. She wore no panties. I had not permitted them. She stood there, naked except for the high heels and butt plug in her ass.

    Paula was surprised at the clothing I had laid out. She expected to be dressed in a slutty outfit. Instead, there was a tight, but modest skirt with a hemline that was only three inches above her knees. The blouse was low cut enough to show her cleavage but was not transparent. The half-bra was conservative given the fact that it was only a half bra. There was a small garter belt and hose lying on the bed along with a pair of thin, but full panties. The only erotic item was the four-inch high-heels that had straps up around her ankles. Four rings and two bracelets lay on the bed. "Get dressed. We're having dinner in the four-star restaurant downstairs. And bend over. It's time for your butt plug to come out."

    My wife was delighted. She bent over and presented her shapely ass for my inspection. The big plug was firmly embedded in her as she had been sitting on it all afternoon, each time driving it firmly into the depths of her ass. I had to exert a lot of pressure to pull it out. When it finally slid out of her, her asshole gaped open, still fully lubricated with the KY jelly I had put in her. I handed her a tissue and ordered her to dress.

    At 6:30 PM, we were having a gourmet meal. It was fantastic as was the 1974 Chateau Latour I had ordered with the meal. Paula beamed. After dinner, I told my slave that we were now going to a local strip club. For the first time, my wife looked apprehensive.

    The club was filled with men and some couples. The dancers were very erotic. Each stripped completely, ending their routines either completely naked or wearing just their high heels. After we had watched two of the dancers, I asked our waitress, a big- breasted young girl, if I could speak with the Manager. Ten minutes later, Frank was seated at our table.

    "Frank", I said, "this is our 10th wedding anniversary this week and we're on vacation. For reasons that I won't describe, my wife, Paula, is my sex slave for today and tomorrow." When I said that, Frank's interest noticeably perked up. He openly assessed my wife, her breasts, her body, her face. "Nice sex slave", was his only comment.

    "Anyway, Paula has always fantasized about stripping in front a huge group of men and I want to make her fantasy into a reality. How about letting her work as a stripper tonight? No charge. I promise you, my Sex Slave will work very hard to please your customers." Frank looked at my wife. "You know, Honey, that all our dancers strip all the way, don't you? If you dance, you strip it all off. Do you think you can handle that?" Paula bit her lip and nodded. "You don't look too sure. I'm very serious. You have to take it all off. My customers expect to see what you have and they can get very rowdy if they don't get what they expect. You can keep the shoes and the stockings if you want, but the tits, ass and cunt are all out in the open. Understand?" This time my wife answered. "I understand. I have to show them everything. I can do it." "Does the thought of showing your body excite you?" "Yes, it does. A lot", Paula responded. "Ok then. You go backstage and get ready. I'll give you about 15 minutes and then announce you."

    Twenty minutes later Frank stepped out onto the stage. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special treat for you tonight. One couple in our audience is here on vacation celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and the guy's wife has always had a fantasy about being a stripper. So, I've agreed to let her fulfill her fantasy with us tonight. This is her first time, so let's give Paula a big welcome!"

    There was some polite applause and then my wife stepped out onto the stage still wearing her normal street clothes. The men saw a turned-on female, her hips undulating in rhythm with the slow, pounding beat of the music. She didn't have on the usual gaudy stripper's costume. This was just a good-looking woman you might see on the street about to strip naked for them. The tight-fitting blouse she wore outlined her big 36D tits. Both nipples indented the blouse with prominent, stiff peaks. She was obviously very excited. Her gleaming hair cascaded over her shoulders framing a face that wore a sensuous come-hither look. Below her waist, the tight skirt seemed to be sprayed onto her body. The thrusting mounds of her buttocks seemed like they might tear the skirt apart. The skirt's hemline was only three inches above her knees, but still her legs and thighs looked full and sensuous in the sheer nylon hose she wore. Her stiletto heels were open-toed and strapped up around her ankles. The heels clicked loudly as she moved sensuously across the stage, her hips never ceasing their swaying movements, which were slowly turning into circular motions.

    The men ringing the runway lost interest in their beer and drinks. My wife had been on-stage for no more than a minute and already many of the men were staring at her. From their attitude, I knew many of them were getting erections. Paula moved to the center of the stage and began to stroke her belly while her hips did a slow, rhythmic grind to the pumping beat of the music. The beat quickened, her hips undulated faster; her hands stroked her belly and then snaked down her left thigh and calf until she was bent almost double. Paula caressed her stocking-clad thigh and calf as she stared between her spread thighs at the men behind her who were straining to see beneath my wife's skirt. Her bent-over posture had pulled the skirt high on her thighs allowing the men nearest to her to see almost up to her thin panties. Paula played no favorites. She rotated on the stage allowing each group of men around the runway a chance to see the lush thighs only partially hidden beneath her skirt. She switched from leg to leg and each time she bent over to caress the other leg, her skirt rode a little higher and the men could see more and more of my wife's thighs. I was sure some of them could see the tops of her hose now. My cock throbbed.

    The chairs around the stage had filled to capacity. Bar patrons were leaving their seats elsewhere in the club to crowd around the stage to get as close to my wife as they could. There was no idle chit chat, only male hands stroking erections inside their pants. Paula danced closer to the edge of the stage. Four feet from the edge, she moved her legs further apart and began to grind her ass in slow, sensuous motions, occasionally snapping her hips forward and back in quick, simulated fucking motions. After each thrust of her pelvis, her ass resumed its slow grind to the tempestuous drum beat of the music.

    From four feet away with their eyes at stage level, the men could sometimes see up her skirt allowing them to catch glimpses of the nearly transparent panties. Some of the men thought they could see her pubic hair; others argued that they couldn't. "Like hell", one man shouted. "I can see her bush.. Look at them cunt hairs sticking out!"

    As the men argued, Paula placed her hands behind her head, thrust her breasts out and pumped her hips as she danced around the stage. Finally, she came to a stop in front of another table. She thrust her crotch back and forth directly in front of them while she lifted her skirt higher on her thighs. The men stared directly at the junction of her legs and hips as they watched the luscious female ass humping in hot, circular motions. One man got as low as he could so that he could see up her skirt. Paula spread her legs wider apart to give the enterprising man a better view.

    My wife moved further down the stage to a group of several black men. They were clapping in time to Paula's rotation of her hips. Each time she thrust her hips forwards, they groaned as if she had impaled herself on their rigid cocks. "Oohhhhhh Yeah! Shake that fine ass, Bitch. Hunch it, Baby.. Give it to us", they shouted as they clapped. One of the blacks decided that he couldn't see enough by getting as low as possible so he laid the upper half of his body out on the runway with his eyes up. His tongue licked his lips. "Come on, Baby.. Get over me.. Lemme see up that skirt. Commmeee on, Baby. Do it."

    Paula obliged. Moving forward to within two feet of the edge, she straddled the man's face and continued her undulating dance with the man looking straight up her skirt. Bending her knees, she opened her thighs wider to give him a better view. The crowd went wild! The light filtering up underneath her skirt was sufficient to permit the man to see the swell of her lush buttocks and stray pubic hairs peeking from beneath her panties. From his position, I was certain that he could smell the sexy aroma of her aroused pussy. I could see his cock getting huge inside his pants. It made a prominent bulge at his crotch. Paula saw it too.

    Slowly my wife made the rounds of the stage and runway. The other men had seen the black guy stretch out on the stage and they duplicated his tactic. Paula rewarded each of them by dancing directly over their upturned faces.

    When she reached the last group, a young boy, probably no more than 18 or19 was lying on the stage waiting for her. She could see his cock jerking inside his cutoffs when she began to dance above his face. Her hips snapped back and forth; the cock throbbed. She fucked her pelvis forward, ground her hips and jerked them back. The boy's penis turned to steel and created a huge bulge in his shorts. Grinding herself to the music, Paula slowly began to lower herself over the boy's face. Her knees bent. Her thighs spread as her ass dropped lower and lower. The couldn't have been more than 12 inches above his face as she rotated and humped her ass back and forth. She dropped even lower! I stood up to watch. Her pussy was almost against his mouth. That close, it was certain that he could smell the heavy musk of her enflamed cunt. The crotch strip of her panties was just barely sufficient to cover her wet slit, but the boy could surely make out most of the details through the thin material. His penis began to jerk in spasms. I watched my wife spread herself wide for him causing the crotchband to slide between her labia and sink into her wet slit. Suddenly she saw a huge wet stain spreading across his cutoffs. He had cum a huge load in his pants without even touching his cock. Paula danced away before the other men realized what had happened.

    Every man in the club was now fighting to get close to the stage. I even saw the manager, Frank, pushing some of his paying customers aside to get closer. The men were beginning to chant: "Take it off.. Take it off." Their feet stamped the floor. They slapped their hands on the stage keeping time to Paula's jerking hips. She was still fully dressed, but I knew nearly every cock was now fully hard.

    She was back to her starting point ready to start her second turn around the stage. This time she concentrated on her big breasts. Again a man was lying on the stage, but Paula had other ideas. "Get up. Get off the stage", she ordered. The other men dragged the guy off for her. From four feet away, Paula bent at the waist and cupped her tits upward. Slowly, she stroked the prominent indentations of her nipples. All the men strained to see down her cleavage. She moved even closer so that she was less than a foot away. One man reached out and cupped her breasts, but Paula batted the hand away. As she held her tits for the men to see, her butt rotated to the music. Reaching back, she pulled the skirt up over her ass so that only the transparent panties covered her.

    Paula moved to the next group of men and repeated her performance, this time allowing the first man to lie on the stage the opportunity to move within two inches of her thrusting melons. The black men were next. Their numbers had grown. Again they clapped and cheered. Each guy took a turn staring down her cleavage while her big globes undulated and shook in time to her humping hips. While one man was ogling her tits, another ran his hand up her leg. She removed it and moved back out of their reach.. Finally, one of the men pushed a ten dollar bill down her cleavage. As a reward, Paula allowed him to unbutton her blouse.

    By the time she had completed her second circuit, she had collected almost $100. She was panting with excitement and the sexual heat building between her thighs. The men were shouting for her to continue.

    On the third circuit, Paula dropped to a squatting position directly in front of the men. Her knees were spread wide by the position, which forced the tight skirt to the top of her thighs. The men in front of her stared between her thighs. They now had an unobstructed view of the entire plane of my wife's panty-covered cunt. I could see the crotchband was partially buried allowing the men to see most of my wife's pussy. Her ass continued to undulate and pump.. back and forth. Every man peered directly between my wife's open thighs. They hardly noticed when she pulled open her blouse and pulled down the half-bra to bare one of her breasts. The huge mound jiggled as her body moved and shook. The big orb soon attracted male attention and eyes began to roam between her thighs and the bouncing globe with the hard distended nipple.

    When she reached the next group, her breast was bouncing up and down with each of her movements. Standing directly in front of them, her hips snapped repeatedly back and forth as if she were fucking them. My wife cupped her naked breast. Her finger stroked the nipple. She moved away toward the black men, her hips hunching in the motions of intercourse.

    The black guys all screamed for a closer look. Paula bent at the waist letting her naked breast hang down directly over their heads. Hands reached for her. She backed up just enough to stay out of reach. The next group wanted even more. Again, she bent at the waist and dangled her exposed breast for their pleasure. A twenty was stuffed underneath her panties and the donor claimed his prize by lifting the second breast out of the half bra and pulling off her blouse. With both tits now naked, her half-bra bunched uselessly beneath them, I watched my wife squeezing her breasts, stroking their hardened nipples and pumping her pussy right at the men. I began to stroke my cock through my pants.

    Paula danced to the edge of the stage. A dozen pair of male eyes were at knee level staring directly up between her thighs. "Spread! Spread! SPREAD", they yelled at her. She moved her feet wider apart as they ordered. Then my wife began to pound her ass back and forth in simulated hard, fucking motions. As she did this, she began to moan and gasp as if she were actually being screwed. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Ugh! Unggh! Ungghh! Aaaahhhhh.. Oh yesssssss." Her hips never slowed their hunching motions as she tantalized the men with her lewd, sensuous moaning. They bean to openly stroke their cocks as she spoke.

    In front of the next group, Paula repeated the performance. Her thighs spread even wider this time. The crotchband of her panties was now completely buried inside her slit. Her secretions had so soaked the tiny garment, it was completely transparent and useless. By the time she reached the black men again, her skirt was bunched around her waist. The effect was much more sensuous than if she were naked. She was dancing with her tits exposed, her blouse off, her half-bra bunched underneath her breasts pushing them up and out. Below her waist she wore only her useless, wet panties, her thin garter belt, the hose and the high heels. Her hips pumped her pussy straight at them. Three men stuffed bills into the tops of her hose. "Come on, Baby. We can't fuck you standing up. Get down on the stage and do it for us.. Come on, Bitch. Fuck us good."

    As if she were their sex slave instead of mine, Paula lowered herself to the stage. Lying on her back with her ass only two feet from the stage edge, she raised her nylon- clad sensuous legs into the air until the spike heels pointed toward the ceiling. She held her thighs tightly together, but wisps of pubic hair still protruded from the dark cleft between her thighs. Slowly.. Her thighs parted. Six inches. The crotchband of her panties came into view, at least that part that had not sunk into the depths of her slit. Another six inches exposed her pubic bush almost completely. When her legs were fully spread, the entire cuntal plane was exposed. It was just inches away from the excited men. Bending her knees, my wife planted her spike heels on the stage with her thighs spread wide. Her hips began to grind in the motions of intercourse. Up and down. Side to side.. rotating to the throbbing beat of the music. Slipping her hands beneath her butt, she cupped her ass cheeks. Now her pumping fuck motions increased in speed and amplitude. Paula's hips arched high into the air so that her body was bowed in an arc. The black men stared at my wife's elevated cunt.

    "Come on, Bitch. Take off the damn panties. Take'em off! Show us your white cunthole", they yelled.

    Paula rose and moved around the stage ignoring their groans of disappointment. Some men tried to move with her, but they were so tightly packed, it was impossible. Two more bills were stuffed into my wife's stockings as she lay on the stage grinding her hips. She rewarded the generous men by lifting her legs into the classic fucking position with her knees pulled back so far they brushed against the big thrusting tits. Her thighs gaped wide open. In this position, all my wife could do was grind her hips to the music. One bold male hand reached between her widespread thighs and ran his finger up and down the slit of her pussy. "Man. She's soaking wet", he exclaimed loudly when his fingers touched her.

    When my wife felt the fingers against her slit, it was like an electric shock. Her cunt contracted violently, so violently, it could not be missed by the men staring at her from no more than away. "Damn! She's throbbing like a jackhammer."

    She was. Her hand slipped between her thighs and pulled the wet crotchband aside to completely expose the excited pussy. Her labia were engorged and open. Moisture ran in small rivulets down each of her cuntal lips. The hard, erect clit at the top of her slit protruded from its protective hood. Paula's finger touched the sensitive organ and hot spasms of pleasure shot through my wife causing her asshole to open and then spastically clench shut. She rolled away.

    The next group stuffed even more bills into her stockings. She sank to the floor, but this time she lay on her belly with her legs extended almost to the edge of the stage. They spread wide open as her ass rose and fell. The men watched my wife's butt rise, higher and higher, her legs remaining spread as her ass arched upwards. Finally, only her widespread knees were touching the stage. With her legs bent, her high heels pointed upward, my wife reached back and yanked her panties off her ass and down her thighs. One man helped her pull them off and they promptly vanished into the crowd. Between her gaping thighs, the men could now see everything, the wet slit, the hard pulsing clit, the swollen lips and dark opening of her vagina. They also saw her huge tits that hung toward her chin, almost touching the stage floor. Reaching back, Paula pulled the big globes of her ass apart exposing her asshole.

    My wife teased them as her ass rotated and hunched as if fucking an imaginary lover lying beneath her. Then, she slid her finger up the wet cuntal slit almost into her pussy. Paula groaned as she pulled the finger back through her cuntal lips. She licked it sensuously, up and down with the tip of her tongue and then sucked it. Moments later, it was pressed against her asshole. She was so wet from her secretions and the KY jelly, the tip slipped inside her rectum with ease. The men yelled as my wife pulled the finger out just before she exploded into an orgasm. Rising to her feet, she snapped her pelvis back and forth while unzipping the skirt and letting it fall to the floor. Only the uselessly bunched half-bra, garter belt, stockings and high heels remained.

    She received $50 from the next group of men. Again she assumed the missionary position on her back, legs raised and pulled back all the way to her tits. Her ass gyrated in circles. The dark hole of her cunt gleamed with wetness. Her asshole opened and closed continuously, her pussy throbbing with passion. The men tried to get close enough to penetrate her with their fingers, but my wife stayed far enough away to prevent it. Her high heels jerked wildly in the air.

    She danced toward the black men. I watched her thrusting her naked cunt right at them. Her engorged labia were wet and swollen. They flared open revealing the hot, pink interior of her cunt. More money was stuffed into her hose. She moved right to the edge of the stage and laid down on her back. Pulling her legs up, she spread herself in front of them. A finger reached out and squeezed the hard knob of her throbbing clitoris causing my wife to explode in orgasm. Hard, spastic contractions ripped through her cunt. Her clitoris jerked back and forth in uncontrolled throbbing pulses of pleasure. The high heels twitched wildly in the air. Paula's eyes clenched shut. Her mouth opened wide in a low moan of passion. The pink tongue darted out to flick rapidly over her top lip.

    Tearing herself away from the men, my wife rose to her feet. Bowed to the crowd and quickly left the stage to loud applause from the men.

    For several minutes, the men yelled for an encore before they finally gave up. My cock was even harder than theirs. Paula's performance was so dirty and hot, I felt like I might cum in my pants. I simply couldn't wait to get back to our hotel so I could fuck her.

    One of the dancers who was not on stage came over to my table bringing two drinks with her. "Are you Paula's husband?", she asked. When I nodded, she sat down without being asked and placed one of the drinks in front of me. "Compliments of the house. In fact, Frank has cancelled your entire bar tab. I'm sure he's going to offer your wife a job. She was incredibly hot up there. Has she done this before?"

    I beamed with pride. "No, this is her first time." "How did you get her to do it?" "Well, it's always been a secret fantasy of hers and we're on vacation so I just told her to go for it." That wasn't quite true, but I didn't want to tell her about the teenager in Albuquerque and Paula promising to be my sex slave for two days. "No wonder she was so hot and turned on. You know that she had an orgasm up there, don't you?" "I thought she did, but I wasn't certain. How do you know she did?" The dancer just laughed. "Honey, a woman can just tell these things. Believe me, your hot little wife had an explosive climax up there right at the end when that black guy squeezed her clit. By the way, I'm Barbara." "Hi, Barbara. I'm Gordon. My wife's name is Paula." "Yeah. I know your wife's name." "How is that?", I asked. "I talked to her before she started her routine and Frank also told me." I looked at my watch. "Where is she now? She left the stage 15 minutes ago." "It's pretty hot on that stage under all the lights. You really work up a sweat. There's a shower in the dressing room. She's probably taking a shower. A lot of the girls do that after they dance." I dropped the subject as I felt Barbara's thigh press against mine under the table.

    "Did it get you hot watching your wife showing her body to all those men", Barbara asked as her thigh began to slowly move against mine. "Yeah, it did." "Did it get you really hot?" "I was so hot that I really thought I might cum in my pants." "Did you", she asked. "No, but I was close."

    "You're still hard aren't you?" "Would be hard not to be with you rubbing your leg against me." Barbara smiled and slipped her hand beneath the table. I felt her fingers slide up and down the length of my penis. Her long fingernail traced the shaft all the way from my balls up to the hard head. Then her fingers closed around me and squeezed. My entire penis jerked in a hard spasm.

    "Wow! You are hard and hot, Honey. I bet I could make this big cock shoot off with just a few strokes." "I'm sure you could, but don't. I really don't want to shoot off in my pants." "I get off work in an hour. We could go somewhere after I get off work. Then you could shoot off in a much nicer place."

    Barbara removed her hand from my cock, but kept her thigh pressed against me. I asked her about her work, how long she had been stripping, if many men hit on her, etc. She responded to all my questions in detail. She even filled in details of some of the men she had fucked. I lost track of the time her conversation was so erotic. Besides her hand had again moved to my thigh and occasionally to my erect cock. She didn't object when I put my hand on her thigh and then moved it under the short skirt to her pussy. She wore panties and I could feel how wet the crotch was. My finger traced the length of her slit. "MMmmmmm. you're making me hot now." Her hips undulated on the seat of the chair. "Go underneath, Baby. Get in my panties", she moaned. I didn't have to asked twice. I pushed two fingers under the elastic leg band and onto the wetness of her pussy. Barbara had a small trimmed bush that was already damp. When I touched her clit, it throbbed and she groaned. I rubbed it up and down the shaft causing her hips to arch upwards. "Don't make me cum yet. Put your fingers inside me." Slipping downward, I pushed and felt both fingers sink into the soft warmth of her vagina. She clenched her muscles and squeezed my fingers. Her eyes closed and her mouth lolled open when I began to slowly finger fuck her. After a few moments, she grasped my wrist and made me stop. "Later, Lover. Later. I want to cum when you're fucking me."

    After I had clamed down, I looked at my watch again. I was shocked. "It's been over an hour since my wife finished. Where is she?"

    Barbara smiled. "Now where do you think she is after a performance like that", she asked.

    When I didn't answer, she leaned closer and whispered in my ear: "She's being fucked, Honey." "How do you know that", I stammered. "I don't think my wife would let a guy she doesn't even know do that." "My god, Gordon. You're really na've. Your wife was boiling hot when she left that stage. She was nearly naked, her pussy was throbbing, she was wet and open and she was still throbbing from her orgasm. Frank, Hammer and two other guys got her as soon as she was off the stage. They didn't ask her if they could fuck her, they just did it." "How do you know that?" "I watched them. They all had their pants off when she came backstage. Frank came up behind your wife, put his hands on her tits and pulled her against his cock. As soon as your wife felt him pushing against her ass, she started moaning and grinding herself against it. Then Hammer was in front of her with his hands between her thighs, rubbing her pussy and clit. He's got a huge cock and he had it pressed into your wife's crotch. The other two guys were on either side of your wife rubbing her tits and ass." "My god.. I can't believe it." "Now don't get mad, Honey. There was nothing your wife could do. She was incredibly hot already. There was no possible way she could resist four naked guys with hard cocks shoved against her and eight hands rubbing and playing with her. She was moaning. Her eyes were clenched shut. Her tongue was out. The whole works." "What happened next", I asked, my own cock now throbbing with excitement. "She bent forward to let Frank get it into her. He put his cock against her cunt. Your wife started groaning when he pushed it in. Hammer worked her clit while Frank was fucking her. She had an orgasm almost immediately. Her whole body was shaking. Then they took her to Frank's office. He told me to come out here and keep you company while they fucked her. So that's what I've been doing. And it's been fun. You're a really nice guy and I love your big, hard cock."

    "But she's been gone for over an hour. Are you sure she's all right?" "Of course she's all right. It doesn't hurt a woman to be fucked, particularly not when she's as hot and wet as your wife was." "But an hour?" "There's four of them. They're all going to fuck your wife and if I know those guys, they all go for seconds. Hammer will probably do it to her three times. He usually does. His real name is Jack. We all call him "Hammer". You can guess why."

    It was nearly two hours before my wife returned to our table. Barbara had left and I was alone, my cock still hard. Paula had on her high heels, skirt and blouse, but I could tell that her bra was gone, the crowd had her panties and now her hose were also gone. I was pretty sure that she no longer had her garter belt either. Her hair was disheveled and her face still flushed, but she had on fresh lipstick. "Well", I looked at my wife with a big question mark in my face. She lowered her eyes. "I got fucked, Honey. I mean really fucked! By four different guys." "Did they rape you?" My wife's blush deepened. "No. Not really. I mean, I just couldn't help it. I was so damn hot from stripping and acting like a slut out there. I even had an orgasm right at the end when that black guy squeezed my clit." "I know. I thought I saw you having a climax." "I did.. Oh god, I had a huge, intense orgasm right there in front of all those men. I left the stage immediately and my clitoris and pussy were still throbbing. As soon as I was backstage, Frank grabbed me from behind and pushed his cock between my legs. And another guy. his name was Hammer.. got me from the front and two more guys on each side. There was just no way I could stop them. They were rubbing me everywhere and that big cock between my legs made me want it so bad. And they knew it. Frank just bent me over and put his cock into me. He fucked me right there. Standing up. I had another orgasm after just a few strokes. I was just boiling hot. I'm really sorry for acting like such an awful dirty slut, but I just couldn't help it." "It's ok. I loved it. One of the dancers told me they were fucking you and I've been hard ever since. Tell me what happened after they took back to Frank's office."

    "Frank has a couch in there. It folds out into a bed. He already had it folded out. Frank told me to get on the bed. When I did, he pushed a pillow under my hips. All four of them surrounded the bed. My pussy was throbbing from my orgasm and I just automatically pulled my legs back. I felt like a total slut when I spread my thighs and waited form somebody to start fucking me." Paula reached over and squeezed my cock. "Mmmm.. you're hard, Honey. This makes you hot, doesn't it?" What could I say? My wife could feel me throbbing. "Frank mounted me and I felt his cock going it deep. I could help grunting like a slut when he started fucking me hard. My legs just sort of wrapped around him. I crossed my ankles and hunched every time I felt him ram it into me. It didn't take him very long to cum. After that, they took turns fucking me and shooting their cum into me." Paula leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Oh, Honey, I'm so full of their cum. I can feel it all over my thighs and running down my legs."

    "Did any of them fuck you more than once", I asked? My wife looked surprised that I would ask such a question. "Are you teasing me? They had me in there on the bed fucking me for over two hours! You think it took each of them a half hour to cum in me? Of course, they fucked me more than once. All of them did." I had to ask. "How many? How many times?" "One guy, I never did find out his name, fucked me twice. Hank, he's one of the bartenders, also had me twice. Frank and Hammer both fucked me three times." "God! You were fucked 10 times?" "I think so. I really don't know. I lost count. I felt like I was having constant orgasms. It seemed like I was constantly feeling a cock shooting off in me."

    In our rental car on the way back to our hotel, my wife told me every detail of how the four men had fucked her. She was sucking me and jacking me off as she told me. When she described how huge Hammer's cock was and he fucked her pussy and then her ass with it, I couldn't stop myself from cumming in her mouth. It took only a few minutes for her to get me hard again. We sat in our car in the parking lot while she finished her story. Afterwards, in our hotel room, I sucked my wife's cum-filled pussy clean and then my sex slave satisfied my raging cock with her asshole. An hour later, she dutifully assumed the missionary position with her knees back against her big naked tits and serviced my masterful cock with her pussy. Before daybreak, I made use of her mouth hole.

    It was a fantastic day. We still talk about it.

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