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. Anna and June: Recruiting an inner city athlete

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Black Pine Diaries, May 27, 2018.

. Anna and June: Recruiting an inner city athlete 5 5 12votes
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  1. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    The Black Pine high school tries a bold, progressive plan to recruit the best athletes to come play for them. A married woman and her daughter are asked to help convince a star athlete to move to Black Pine and play for the school's football team. It will take more than an open mind and heart to welcome him.


    "Is my daughter in trouble?" shyly asked Anna. The nearly forty year old woman had no clue why Miss Violet, the assistant athletic director of the local high school asked her to visit. Sitting in an air-conditioned trailer at the edge of the campus, Anna sat in a wooden chair across from a metal desk hosted by Violet on the other side.

    Anna was a housewife and mother of one. Anna was very fit for her age having taken care of herself. Recent years had enlarged her breasts to size of honeydew melons. Nature had made extra efforts to attract mates to impregnate her regardless of her marital status. Anna was modest but quietly thankful for her firm, tight hips. With brown hair to her shoulders, she looked great in a bikini but worn them no further than her backyard to tan. Her daughter, June, just turned 18. Anna had long, black hair to her middle of her back but often wore a pony tail. She was svelte and had small, but firm breasts. They would fit in any teenage boy's hand and and they would had love them. Anna was a straight-A student but did not participate in after school activities. Her favorite hobby was going to the library and writing essays for extra credit.

    Miss Violet was a single, white woman in her early thirties. Sporting black hair up in a bun, she wore librarian glasses that made her look nerdy, intimidating, yet very hot. Her wardrobe was tight, yoga short pants and blouse that showed a trace of a black bra. Her style was cross between serious professionalism and an invite for sexual harassment. Thank goodness, she kept out of sight of teen boys and male teachers.

    Violet replied to Anna's worried question with a laugh, "No, she's in not in trouble at all. I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on how well you raised her before we have our discussion."

    Anna was relieved but still confused why she was called to the Athletic Director building, a small trailer, at school. "I'm so relieved. I've never been called to the high school by the staff before. I was worried it was something serious."

    "Well, it is very serious, Anna ... can we jump to why I called you here?" Violet added.

    Anna's smile vanished as Violet's eyes pierced at her through her glasses. "Anna, as you've heard, Black Pine high school is making a massive effort to integrate more African American students."

    Anna nodded and Violet continued, "We've hired a new football coach, Coach Tuggs, from the inner city. He's had a successful history with the state's best athletes. He's been recognized and awarded by many black organizations for his passion for sports programs and building confident, young black men. And it's no secret that our school is not known for winning sports championships."

    Anna nodded in embarrassment. "I've long known that. We've always been terrible."

    "Yes, you've been in Black Pine since childhood. Long when our city was known as White Pine." Violet added, "Well, Coach Tuggs is working to change that. He has a plan to recruit the best athletes in the area by convincing them to move to Black Pine."

    "But ... what does this have anything to do with me and June?" Anna asked so innocently.

    Miss Violet grinned, "As white women, quite a lot Anna. As I look at you and the pictures of June, I want to propose something. You both can do so much for your school's football program. Not to mention racial justice."

    Violet drummed her fingers on her tablet. Its screen black, it was waiting for a finger swipe to reveal dark its dark secrets. "You are a believer in interracial harmony? Raising the black race? Perhaps, letting them stand above us whites? It's long overdue, don't you think?"

    Anna felt cornered into passively agreeing, "Sure, its long overdue." but she didn't sound convincing.

    "Listen, if you're not comfortable with the subject of black superiority, we can end our talk right now." Violet challenged. But Anna was defensive, "No, I'm very comfortable and I'm interested in your proposal."

    "Good." Violet swiped her tablet, turned it to Anna, and showed a full resolution, vivid image.

    Image 1: June in a black bikini sitting in a beach chair. A red, Solo cup in one hand and a cigarette in the other. It was captioned, "Trying to study!". Anna was embarrassed but tried to shake it off as teen rebellion.

    Image 2: June covering her breasts, her black top had fallen to the patio floor. She stood on the balls of her feet as if she was wearing heels. She had a big smile. It was captioned, "Fuck work. Need sex!". Anna was red faced. "Where is this going? I thought you said June wasn't in trouble."

    "She's not." Violet reassured her. "I wanted to point out that June is a beautiful, young woman. A straight-A student, she seems poised and well balanced. It's refreshing that she may be sexually confident. It's necessary for the plan I want to propose to you."

    "What is this plan?" Anna wondered. She was too distracted if there were more images on Violet's tablet.

    "Anna, I'm not just in our athletic program. I'm also the school’s Director of Race Relations. It's important that the we show our commitment to racial justice. It will be very difficult otherwise to convince gifted, black students to move into our district."

    "I see." Anna responded.

    Violet continued, "Now Coach Tuggs have found a talented, athlete from a downtown school district." Violet made a swipe on her tablet and revealed a third image. It was of a young, black teen. He was was topless, showing his muscles and a tight, athletic shorts. Carrying a football, he stuck out his other hand and looked more like a gladiator than someone playing high school sports. Anna's heart instinctively raced with his attractiveness. "This is Dontell. He's 18 and a champion player. He plays quarterback, running back, receiver, linebacker, and corner. He's fast, strong and, I know first hand, has lots of stamina. He has great stamina!"

    Anna had to force her eyes off of the image and return them to Violet. "While Coach Tuggs has done a great job getting Dontell interested in coming to our school, he can't recruit him alone."

    "What ... can we do?" Anna asked.

    Violet explained, "It's hard enough to convince the student but we also have to convince the parent or guardian to go along. Dontell had to overcome many social injustices. His father, once a fifth-round NFL draft pick, was a promising player before a knee injury. But unfortunately now is serving a prison sentence while his mother turned to prostitution and long abandoned him. Dontell now lives with his aunt and uncle and we have to convince his uncle Ty to come here in spite of the lack of black representation in our city. This is where we need your daughter June to cooperate."

    "Of course, we'll do our part for the school and black superiority." Anna asked.

    "I'm convinced you have true passion in fighting racism. Very well, I would like to bring both Dontell and Ty to your home ... to represent the white women in our community. And ... um ... both you and your daughter will show how welcome they are in our district by ... having sex with them."

    "Wha ... what?" Anna was speechless.

    "Yes, Anna. I want you and your daughter to let them fuck you. They need to know their sexual needs will be fulfilled quickly without question, even well after Dontell signs. I'll expect you and June to continue having sex with them and very likely other black men."

    Anna tried to register what she was hearing. Her feet was planted to the floor and not going anywhere. Violet knew she struck a chord and picked the right white woman. Violet continued, "These alpha men have great sexual needs. They require women comfortable with rough sex."

    "Rough?" Anna asked, her curiosity piqued. With her legs crossed, she squirmed in her seat hoping her pussy would not betray her by making brash, unwise decisions.

    "Yes. Aggressive, dominating, and very needy. They get most excited with white girls. Especially married. Gives them a sense of pride, corrupting a married white woman with black cock. We need to use this to our advantage."

    "Oh wow." Anna whispered. Any thoughts to resist the temptation was lost at the idea of having rough, dominated sex. She turned to Violet and tried to ask of her, "Have you ... had ...".

    "Have I fucked them?" Violet interrupted. "Yes, I've fucked them both, many times. In fact, Dontell fucked me in my bed this morning, his cum is still dripping from my pussy. But they're entitled to much more. We want to show married and 18 year old white pussy are easily found in Black Pine."

    "So, let me get this straight." Anna asked, "You want me to invite two strange men into our house. Two black men. Have sex with them. Cuckold my husband and continue giving them pussy. And you want my daughter to join? All just to win some football games?"

    Miss Violet nodded her head, "And for racial justice. I need you to be committed to this. It's time you and your daughter must understand the needs of the black man, don't you think?"

    Anna shrugged her shoulders, "Ok." she agreed. "I don't want to show a hint of racism from our family. But I don't know if I'm able to convince June of the idea."

    "I think you'll have no trouble at all." said Miss Violet who glowed at the idea of helping the football team and racial justice at the same time.


    Anna sat on her living room couch waiting for June to return from school. Having a cup of tea to calm her, she made peace with the decisions she made. Sex with an athletic, young man was a fantasy she had since adolescence. Even better since she's twice his age and a definite MILF. Anna convinced herself this was more about helping the races come together. The thought of serving under the black man touched a submissive nerve in her soul. She relished the idea of being dominated by them. Dominating her life, family, and marriage. The dark, black thoughts excited her. Anna wanted to discover if black men will become the part of her life that went unfulfilled.

    When June arrived home from school, she dropped her purse to the couch and escaped to her room for a change of clothes. Anna took the opportunity to peek into the purse while exchanging a general conversation with her daughter through the bedroom door.

    "Everything good with school, today?" Anna asked.
    "Yes, mom." June answered.

    Anna could see June's phone, a crumpled package of cigarettes half full, a lighter, and a compact. Rummaging further she noticed two unopened packages of condoms plus an opened, crinkled wrapper.

    "What did you do after school? It's been over an hour?" asked Anna.
    "Oh nothing special.", her daughter replied, "Just went to the library. I had something I needed to do. It was very hard for me. But I finished and came ... home."

    Anna put the purse back as she found it and walked up to June's closed door, "Did you ... swallow?" she taunted.

    Without hesitation, her daughter answered, "I did, of course.”

    June realized she gave away the truth behind her mother's sly question. She pulled her bedroom door open and stared at Anna, "What the fu-?"

    "Let's have a talk, June. Mother to daughter." said Anna.

    Anna and June sat down on their living room couch. June clutching her purse, Anna taking a fresh, hot cup of tea. They still had an hour before Anna's husband would come home. Who knows? He may turn right around and go on another flight to some distance part of the country. Anna brought up questions about race relations, school spirit, and the changing times in Black Pine.

    "Yes, mom. Fighting racism is a big part of our curriculum at school", June said to her mom.

    "And you support bringing in African-Americans even if one day we are the minority?" questioned Anna.

    After June nodded, Anna cleared her throat and found the courage to take the discussion one step further. She kept thinking about the image of Dontell. What strong shoulders! What a fantastic male. She was getting excited at the idea of meeting his need for sex and conquest of the white, female race.

    "They're not going to want to move here unless we give them good reasons. We have to show they will get everything they need here from the white community before we become more black. You don't mind if we change to be more black-friendly?"

    After June shook her head, Anna decided to mention Miss Violet's program. "I was called to the school today by the Director of Race Relations. It seems a talented student from the inner city is looking to relocate to Black Pine. The football coach, is wanting to recruit this very special athlete that could turn our football program around."

    "Oh, that's Coach Tuggs." June interrupted.
    "That's right." Anna said, "Have you met him?"
    "No, but many girls at the school think he's very charming and sexy!" June admitted.

    "Well, the school has asked us to entertain the student and his guardian. We need to convince them that relocating to our district will be in the best interest of everyone. It's important that we do this, not just for our athletic program but for race relations. We are stronger when the races come together in many, different ways." said Anna, trying to sell the plan to June. Anna was about to drop the news on her.

    "If it helps the school and race relations, I'll do what's needed." June added.

    "It's most important to black men." Anna mentioned, "It's important that you distinguish the differences. We're doing this to show our devotion to them. They have needs we are obligated to fill."

    "Sure, mom." June replied, "I'm certainly all for it."

    "Good. We're going to invite two black men into our home, Dontell and his uncle Ty. After we meet them we're going to have sex with them ... all night." Anna was quick and too the point.

    June gave her mom the same bewildered expression Anna had with Violet.

    "Whoa, you want me to have sex with one of them?" June asked. Anna corrected, "No, not just one but both. We're going to show how friendly Black Pine is by having sex. Afterwards, they're free to come back for more. Even if Dontell and his uncle won't relocate, we'll have to get used to fucking black men - out of racial harmony."

    June had difficulty finding words at first. Especially after listening to her mom talk about interracial sex.

    "I take it you are sexually active?" Anna wondered.
    "Yes, I am 18, mother." June defended herself.
    "Good. Have you ever experienced a black man?"
    June shook her head, regrettably. "Well, neither have I. This will be new for the both of us. So, what do you think?" asked Anna. Anna looked at her daughter, waiting for an answer.

    "I think ... I think it's a ... it's a great idea!" June said with enthusiasm. "I want to do this! I want to be a part of racial justice." June looked into the distance and smiled. She was going to have sex. Something an 18 year old white girl has always on her mind.

    "Will Coach Tuggs know about this?" June wondered. "I know so." Anna reassured her. "I think he'll want to thank you personally."

    "But mom, why are you doing this? I mean, you... and daddy...isn't this ..." June asked out of curiosity, unknowingly defending the white privilege status quo.

    "It's definitely not cheating if we're taken by black men for a higher, social purpose. We have to show trust and sacrifice our racist, white values. Sexual selfishness, morality, including monogamy are no excuses to deny harmony between the races. Men like Dontell deserve our bodies."

    "You need sex, don't you? Good sex?" Anna asked. June gave a quick nod.
    "See, it's easy to understand them. You can't imagine going too long without sucking cock, can you?" Anna was deliberately prodding into June's sex habits. She justified it by helping her prepare for the visit.

    "Yeah, I suck cock." June said tersely. She figured saying what her mom wanted to hear. "As you heard, I swallow too!"


    It seemed ironic. Moments after Anna agreed to having nothing less than an interracial orgy in her house with her daughter, she got a cold, impersonal text from her "hubby".

    "sry, redirected to east coast for biz, won't be back for 3 days"

    Anna sighed and shared the news with June, "Looks like we'll be without your father for a few more days. I guess we'll need to do something useful until then."

    "So, when are we going to do this?" June wondered as she rubbed her knees together. She was already getting horny even after a half hour of dissatisfied sex. The lucky white boy student did little more than a smile to win her pussy for the 30 minutes. At least she got a small mouthful of cum. But it was just a tiny portion of what she wanted and needed.

    Anna responded to her hubby with an evenly cold "ok". He deserved nothing more. He certainly wasn't going to get her pussy tonight or the next few days. Anna felt compelled to seek alternatives. She then put her attention to Miss Violet and texted her three simple words.

    "June wants in!"

    Anna wouldn't know that Miss Violet was busy on her knees servicing Assistant Coach Dre in her trailer hours after school. Miss Violet was passionate about her position in race relations. Her position would include missionary, doggie, and others. She hadn't had sex since morning. Much too long for her libido.

    An hour and a half passed anxiously for Anna and June. For a moment, Anna thought she was set up on some sort of prank. But a text message came in.

    PING! "was busy ... great news! could we do this tomorrow nite @ 10pm?" Violet texted.

    Anna took a deep breath and replied, "YES!!!"

    They exchanged several more texts. Anna replied with their address, whether or not her husband was compliant. (She told Violet he was out of town for days, but didn't care otherwise). Violet then asked for selfies to forward to Dontell and Ty. Anna hesitated and asked by text.

    "What kind of selfies?"
    PING! "Something sexual. G-string, topless, big smile." Violet asked.
    "Must we be topless?" June asked.
    PING! "Yes. Absolutely part of the deal."
    Anna took a deep breath. This is going into dangerous territory.
    PING! "nvm the G-string. All nude. Shaved pussy. Or else we find someone else."
    Anna did not reply yet, keeping Violet waiting.
    PING! "Or are you racist?"
    Anna quickly replied, "No, we both will take selfies. All nude big smiles and shaved."
    PING! "A picture of you both standing in front of the mirror"
    PING! "Another doggie style showing ass and pussy. Take each other's picture and send."
    PING! "I expect it tonight!!!"
    Anna looked at June, "We have to send pictures of ourselves. Naked and very sexual."

    June heard stories how some girls, mostly sluts, have gotten into X-rated photography and pornography. She wouldn't have thought she would get into it. Her heart raced at the idea. It seemed the most right thing to do. After all, she had a tight, young body. Why not show it off? Especially if it brings happiness and relief to others.

    Anna explained the rules including having a clean, shaven area between their legs. June confessed she was nearly shaved clean already and all it took was removal of a small patch of trimmed hair. It was something she considered if she wanted the title of "slut" before she finished high school.

    PING! "I want another picture. You two kissing, tits touching tits."
    Anna gasped. What else would she do?
    "You got it." she replied.

    Both rushed to tend to grooming their pussy, putting on make up, and adjusting their hair. They met each other in the hallway bathroom and admired each other through the mirror's reflection. In what should have been an awkward moment turned touching. Here were two, beautiful women working to make themselves sexually presentable, sharing the same goals.

    "You look hot, mom! I wish I had breasts as big as yours.", said June.
    "I wish I had your tight, little ass. Besides, if you had my tits you would spend all day on your back."

    Anna turned and looked at the mirror over her shoulders. She hoped her ass wasn't too big. It was round, but tight and lush. Especially when she bent over. "Damn," she thought to herself, "why can't my husband appreciate this? Perfect for doggie style."

    "We look like porn stars!" June claimed.
    "Those whores!" Anna said of them, "We're going to act like them." Anna looked at her shaved pussy. She felt free and liberated.

    "Let's begin taking pictures." Anna said.

    Standing at her mother's side, both June and Anna looked into the mirror and posed. They cocked their heads and smiled. Anna pointed her phone's camera to the mirror. She made sure the camera would capture the both of them from their thighs up. With their breasts proudly exposed, they did nothing to hide their modesty.

    Anna's phone made a couple of clicks. "What's next?" June wondered. She followed her mom to her parent's bedroom where Anna crawled elbows and knees on her bed. She instructed June to take the phone and snap a picture from behind.

    "Really, mom? You want a picture taken in a ... doggie position? Oh my gawd!" June squirmed.
    "It's not like you haven't posed like this. Just take the picture." Anna demanded. She stuck her ass high, parted her thighs, then looked over her right to the camera with an evil "come and get it" grin.

    After a snap, Anna crawled out. "Your turn." she said to June. But Anna thought best to take the picture from June's room. Anna took June's hand and guided her to the bedroom. She directed her daughter to get in a similar position. June held tight a small, stuffed unicorn in her right hand as she pouted at Anna. June arched her back tempting the camera with a beautifully, pornographic look at her pussy.

    Anna couldn't help but to look at June's pussy while taking pictures. "You must have been fucked good this afternoon." she said. June disagreed, "Not that good."

    "We have one pic left." Anna told. They stood face to face and stepped close having their breasts touch. "This is awkward." June admitted. "Relax, sweetie. We're going to get very accustomed to each other in a couple days." Anna held out her phone, shifted her eyes to her right, and looked at the screen, and said "Let's kiss."

    "Oh!" June complained, but shut her eyes and puckered her lips. Anna did the same and leaned in feeling their lips touch. She made a couple snaps hoping one would turn out. A moment went by. Their lips did not yet part. It may have been the sensual warmth from each others breasts that made both feel physically comfortable with one another. They slightly parted their lips and their tongues briefly touched. Simultaneously, they stepped back from one another and pretended that special moment never happened.

    Anna went into hallway pressing buttons on her phone. She stood in front of the bathroom, collected the X-rated images, and found Violet's contact number. With June's hand and head on her mom's shoulder, she waited for the moment. Who knows where the images will ultimately end up? Maybe June will be made infamous at school, forced to leave, and resort to a life of pole dancing and making interracial videos.

    With a "whoosh", it was done. June and Anna parted. June went to put on some clothes, listen to music, and study. Anna went to take a warm bath. It would be minutes when she would hear from Miss Violet.

    PING! "Nice!"


    It was Friday night and the mom and daughter duo was anxious for their "date night". June had skipped school, ending her perfect attendance since her freshman year. Anna condoned her playing hooky and understood she had something to save her energy for. Both of them went on a day of shopping. They wanted to find something sexy, something slutty to wear. High heels, expensive revealing panties, stockings, and skirts. They ended up shopping in the adult section of Black Pine near the strip clubs and adult toy stores.

    While putting on their wardrobe and make up, Violet made a call to Anna.

    "Anna, the men are anxious to meet you and June. They loved the images! But I have to be honest, they're dubious about changing school districts. They told me they just want to fuck." Violet explained.

    "That's unfortunate." replied Anna. June overheard and worried that the evening would be called off. Her fragile self-esteem took a hit and wondered if the images of her weren't good enough. Maybe she didn't come across as not hot enough, not slutty enough.

    "But I think they're still a chance if you and June put on a very good performance. Do you think you can go all out and be perfect, black cock sluts, tonight?" Violet asked.

    "Yes. We'll be good, white girls." Anna answered.

    "Great, we'll be there in a half hour, exactly at 10." Violet said her goodbye.

    Anna explained to June that the plan is going forward but admitted the men may have made up their minds against the idea. "They just want to use us for sex." Anna added.

    "I don't care." said June, "I want to fuck.”

    In the half hour before the arrival, June occupied her time by looking at herself in the mirror. She stood wearing a small, black bra but no panties and in heels. June turned and looked at her ass and thought how good she looked. She was either transforming into a sociopath or a silly, mindless girl only thinking about looking pretty for sex. Her mom, on the other hand, was on her couch touching up her make up. She had decided against wearing a bra underneath a loose blouse that showed much cleavage. She wore a small, g-string underneath black, leather shorts. Her heels, like June's, were a modest 4-inches. Anna did not recognize herself in her compact mirror, neither as a wife nor mother. Her husband had texted without reply from his wife. He later called, 10 minutes before 10. Anna ignored and assigned his number to a special ringtone - ignore. This night did not belong to him. Anna puckered her lips to the mirror and began to imagine what will go between them.

    It was one minute to 10 and both Anna and June could hear a vehicle approach their driveway. The headlights illuminated the living room before sudden darkness. June quickly tied a short skirt, her modest attempt to cover herself. "That's all you're wearing?" wondered her mom. June said with such experience, "It's not going to stay on for very long."

    They could hear the distinctive sound of a car door closing; one, two, three. Deep voices, a woman's voice, high heels approaching the front patio. There was no going back.

    Ding! Goes the doorbell.

    June stood in the living room while her mom stepped into the foyer. She opened the door and first saw Miss Violet's eyes. Standing behind her were too tall, black, masculine figures. Immediately, she felt the lust and power her male guests brought with them. Dontell looked just like his picture. Muscular, more so than any white boy his age at the high school. His uncle, Ty, was a taller man. Roughly the same age as she, Ty could pass as her husband or June's step dad. It was obvious Ty and Dontell shared the same, athletic genes. She assumed they both shared the same passion for rough sex.

    In the foyer, Violet gave Anna a hug and admired her wardrobe. Anna blushed as she shook the hands and hugged Dontell and his uncle, Ty. Anna welcomed them both. At first, the two, black men gave simple hellos and smiled. However, Ty felt he needed to compliment Anna, "You look as lovely as the images." Anna's face turned completely red. The embarrassment turned into erotic euphoria. Her nipples hardened before she needed to say something, anything. "Thank you! I hope you'll see much, much more tonight."

    Anna led the guests to the living room. She strutted her hips and grabbed the attention of Violet and the men. Ty and Dontell exchanged looks. Ty backhanded his nephew's chest and nodded, "That's a fine, white girl." he whispered to her.

    In the living room stood June. Standing there in nothing but her bra, skirt, and heels she greeted them with a smile and her pinky in her teeth. She waved her fingers with her other hand.

    "Um, this is my daughter, June." introduced Anna.

    Ty nodded and gave a wide smile. Dontell grabbed his crotch, his manhood already stiffened. He tried to smile but the excitement and the seriousness of the moment was changing him from a quiet guest to an aggressive alpha male ready to mate.

    Violet walked to June and held each of her hands. "Thank you for going through with this, June. You don't know how happy it made me to learn you and your mom believe in black power as much as I do."

    June smiled. She didn't notice or cared that this was beyond recruiting an athlete or helping to bring the races together. She was surrendering herself to the black race. At least to strong men who deserved her.

    "I want to help out any way I can." said June trying to make like a social justice warrior. Violet whispered into her ear, "There's no better way."

    An awkward silence followed. The entire room understood the night was about sex. Ty made his way close to June. He wanted a piece of that teen ass. Breaking in a teenage pussy with her first black cock Ty felt was his duty. More than simply self-gratification. He was a believer in black dominance, something he wanted Dontell to understand beyond football.

    Miss Violet spoke up to break the ice, "OK then, I'm going to wait in the car for a while and let you four get started. I'll check up on you, if you don't mind, Anna?'

    Anna was about lost into Dontell's eyes, "No, I don't mind. Come and go as you please."

    Violet smiled and winked at Dontell before heading for the foyer. It was such a turn on to set up a young, black man with an older, sexy white woman. "June, why don't you take Uncle Ty to your bedroom and show him your puss-, I mean, show him your room." Anna suggested. With that, June took Ty's hand and disappeared into the hallway. Ty was in love with the girl's ass.

    With the sound of stilettos pacing the hallway, Anna rubbed her breasts against Dontell's chest. "Miss Violet told me what you want tonight." she teased.

    "Yeah, thinking about changing schools, playing football for Black Pine." said Dontell.

    Anna put her two fingers on his lips, "Shhhh, I don't want to talk about football tonight." Anna said before pulling back her hand. She undid her blouse, dropped them to the floor with a quick move with her arms and shoulders. With her breasts exposed, inviting the teen to them, she wrapped her arms around Dontell's neck and said, "You're here because you need this. Pussy. You may do anything you want with me, Dontell." Anna moved her lips ever so close to Dontell's and whispered, "I'm your whore."

    The couple made a deep interracial kiss. A passionate kiss that blows away everything her hubby was capable of. He reached out and grabbed both her breasts and squeezed. He kept squeezing until Anna moaned and yelped. Dontell got a peek of her tongue and was inspired to kiss her again. Their tongues met as his hands moved to her ass. Anna placed her hands on his muscular chest and demanded, "Take this shirt off! I want to see your hot body." As Dontell pulled it over his head, Anna kissed and teethed his nipples. Filled with lust, he reached down to his crotch and felt a huge, wonderful bulge. "Oh my! I can't believe ..." she wanted to say more before Dontell began to take charge and kissed her open mouth, poking his tongue inside just to shut her up.

    Dontell moved to mouth one of her breasts. They were large and yearned attention. Dontell breathed heavily as he filled his mouth as much as he could. His other hand pulled at her leather shorts. He wanted them off. Dontell pulled his mouth off leaving a stain of saliva around her left nipple. "Take off those pants!" he ordered.

    When Anna's pants and panties dropped to the floor, Dontell had unzipped his pants and freed his manhood. Anna did not get a chance to see it yet as Dontell turned her to face the couch and made her stick her ass out. He smacked her ass. Miss Violet suggested to him to treat white girls this way. He pushed down on Anna's lower back to make bend further. A probing finger reached for her pussy. With little warning, he rubbed and forced two fingers inside her.

    SMACK! He slapped her ass and quickly pumped his fingers in and out making Anna gasp in surprise, "Oh, Dontell. Oh! Fuck." She was beginning to get a taste of "rough" sex. Dontell grabbed his cock and slapped her ass cheek with it three times. Could it be as large as it feels? She wondered. As she turned over her shoulder for a look, Dontell's fingers pushed into her mouth. Making her taste her womanhood. "Yeah, show me what a hot mom you are, Anna." She sucked the fingers as he let her stand. She reached for his cock. Anna had to have it. Her tongue circled around and between his two fingers. When her hand gripped his cock, she looked down. An amazing 11 inches looking back at her. "How could play football with this down his pants?" she wondered.

    "Is it true white girls beg to suck black dick?" he asked.
    "Yes, it's true!" Anna answered, "Please, let me suck your big, black cock! I want to be a good, white slut."
    "Get on your knees." Dontell said calmly. Even at 18, he was still surprised how white women never resisted his request to worship his cock. He didn't have to plead or sound angry. Just say it and they do it. His Uncle Ty, some of his lovers, and even Miss Violet at one time or another tried to explain how the size, color, and the pleasure his cock offered gave him so much power.

    Dontell stepped out of his pants, threw off his flip-flops, and let his MILF feed on him. Like a needy whore, Anna licked his shaft up and down, massaging his balls, before taking his stiff rod into her wet mouth. "Fuck, I need this!" Dontell said. It had been nearly a day and a half since he last had relief. It was a Violet's idea to abstain until this night. He normally doesn't go 8 without pussy or at least a blow job.

    "Lick those balls, white girl." her ordered her. Anna did not disappoint him. She fell in love with him. He wasted no time taking control and she started to feel comfortable giving her body to Dontell. Licking his balls made her feel more feminine than she had in a very long time. Slapping his cock head on her tongue, she spat on it before resuming a warm, hot blow job.

    June pulled Ty into her bedroom. When she let go she turned around and sat on her bed facing him. "Do you want me to close the door?" Ty asked. "You don't need to." she replied. "This is my bed where I let ... boys ... fuck me. Do you want to fuck me, Uncle Ty?" June asked in a playful, innocent way.

    "I think so." Ty answered.
    "Did you like my pictures?" she asked, "I'm much more hot than my mom, don't you think?"
    "I think you should quit school and do interracial porn." suggested Ty.
    June laughed, "I've never been told that before." She began lifting her skirt and showing off her bald, shaved pussy. "Do you want to see my pussy up close?"

    Ty undressed, only leaving his boxers on. His hardened cock hadn't yet caught June's attention. June's eyes were locked admiring her breasts as she snapped off her bra. "Ooops, " she said coyly. "Now I've exposed my breasts. You must think I'm a slut?"

    Ty got on his knees near the bed, reached out and grabbed June's hips and drew them forward. With a whiff of her pussy, he lowered his head and began eating her out. June threw her head back and stared at herself in the mirror. She looked at herself as if she was staring at someone else. She saw an uninhibited, young woman enjoying sex and envied her.

    "Ah, lick that white pussy ... you black man!" she told Ty. He would not let up, licking, tasting, pulling at her clit with his lips. He did manage to lift head and speak to her, "You slut." (lick) (lick) (tongue swipe) "You're a white slut for teasing us ... posing like a whore for black men." June began to squirm, she was enjoying this too much. Ty pushed his index finger into her twat, discovering how tight she was. To June, his finger was more forceful and larger than any white penis she experienced before. The penetration drove her to orgasm, soaking Ty's finger. "Damn, white girl! I don't think you fucked a real man before!"

    June grunted and pulled at both her nipples. "Ugh, only ... white boys. Oh this feels so fucking good!" Ty continued to lick June's pussy. But he did it for his pleasure. She tasted that good. A little more attention to her inexperienced twat and she would take any abuse from him. He could go as rough as he needed. "Please! More, Ty. Make me feel this way forever!" she demanded.

    Ty spat on her pussy and gave it a gentle but firm slap and grabbed her bare between her legs. "You're here for my pleasure, girl. Now sit up and suck my black dick!"

    Like a man with a purpose, Ty threw down his boxers and revealed his 10-inch cock. He was most proud of his manhood. The only other he seen larger was his nephew's, Dontell. Ty pointed as his cock, "You come here and suck on this for a while." June was both panicked and in awe. The woman inside her loved what she saw. This was a MAN. Aggressive, confident, not like that little, lucky, white wimp she entertained yesterday. But the girl inside her didn't know how that could fit into her pussy, or mouth or even ... ass? She reached out and grabbed the crooked, vein-bulging cock with her left hand as Ty reached to grab a handful of titties. "Fuckin' fuck, your cock is so fat and huge." said she before Ty took his other hand to the back of her head and pulled her mouth over his cock.

    Ummph! June started to give the best blow job she could. Ty squeezed the hair the back of June's head, slowly pulled back before a short thrust. June gagged and felt uncertain. Her lack of experience paralyzed her and she just sat there with a black dick in her mouth. He gave another thrust. June's reflex was to gasp, exhale, and oozed spit from the sides of her mouth. "This is a man's cock!" Ty explained, "If you want to be called a slut you better learn how to please a black man. There is nothing more important in your life than this black dick." He pulled out letting June breathe, "You understand, white girl?"

    June took a few deep breaths, "There's nothing more important in my life than black dick." Ty slapped June's cheek as hard as he could. It made a soft yet erotic, "thud" sound. He did it twice. She wasn't yet ready for a playful hand slap. "And you want every black man to think of you as a slut?" he asked.

    June nodded emphatically, "Yes. That's what all white girls dream of. I want to be a slut for black cock."

    Ty pushed his cock back into June's eager mouth. She began to bob her head and twirl her tongue. June began to lick up and down and taking his balls into her mouth. She longed to act this dirty with someone but never found any boy that aroused her enough. Now, she had a man that was old enough to be her step-father. She loved it!

    Ty sat on June's bed and let her put her head to his lap. On her knees, Ty reached behind and rubbed her wet, tight pussy. He loved the smooth feel of her skin as she obediently sucked his cock. Ty grabbed one of her titties and gave her nipple and nice pull. June moaned but never slowed her pace bobbing up and down. This is was the longest she had ever sucked a cock non-stop. She wanted more. With a finger in her pussy, Ty cheered her, "That's it girl. You're making into a fine slut."

    On the couch, Anna had her knees up near her shoulders as she stared at Dontell licking her pussy. With no shame, she spread her legs wide and gave her teen lover the most intimate, closest view into her femininity. She all but begged him to take her. She nodded, moaned, and told Dontell how her pussy was his and he can do anything he wants with it.

    Dontell wanted to taste his prize. Miss Violet had told him how a hot MILF was dreaming to meet him and she had a daughter just as hot and slutty. The images Violet shared with him proved how dirty white girls are and best not to fall in love with them. Rather just use them for sex, pleasure, and breeding. Just as how Miss Violet allowed herself to be used. Dontell looked up, "I'm going to fuck your white pussy now." Anna nodded, she wanted to be black-fucked. Dontell grabbed his cock, his mind swirling with lust. It hadn't gone this long without sex for weeks. He rubbed Anna's clit with his cock. Older women loved that. He pushed it in, feeling her stretch open. He manged to push the first three inches in before he felt tightness. By the fourth inch, it felt he met her limits.

    He put his arms underneath her thighs, stood on the balls of his feet and pushed in. Like an experienced bull, he knew how to fuck. Anna was impressed by his skill and assertiveness. Dontell thrust inches five, six, and nearly seven before Anna barked a loud gasp. "Oh wait, Dontell ... you're huge ... so big ... fuck me!"

    "Gotta give you more, gotta give you more." Dontell just wanted pussy now. He found a wet hole to fill and he was going to fuck it. He pulled back a couple inches and lunged forward. "Aaaaah! Gawwwwd Damn! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Anna turned her head away and shed a tear. She then looked at the monster cock that was disappearing into her pussy making home there. "So much cock ... I'm feel so full!" Dontell pulled back and lunged forward again but fell short of an inch before going balls deep. Anna just bit her lip and prayed her womb would open up. Dontell found the strength for a third time before his feet slipped and he laid between her legs.

    Balls deep he made it. They traded kisses. "I'm fucking you." he pumped in and out. "I'm fucking you." he repeated. "I'm yours now." Anna conceded, "Use me. Fuck me." Dontell went ahead and did what went natural for him. He wanted to get off but knew it would take a lot of effort and maybe a half hour of thrusts. He was a superior athlete. He had superior stamina.

    Dontell remembered what Uncle Ty taught him. Always remind a white woman that she's fucking a black man. They want to hear it. Deep inside, white women want to make up for their racism through sex. They fool themselves thinking that fucking a black man makes them better or different. Use them, Ty said. If they're opening their legs, fuck them. Make them share with others.

    "You like getting fucked by a black man?" Dontell asked Anna.
    "Yes, yes..." she answered.
    "Tell me, Anna?" he taunted her.
    "I love being fucked by you ... black god." Anna couldn't finish her sentence.

    Dontell pulled out leaving Anna empty. He stood on his feet and told Anna, "Suck your black god's cock, Anna." Obedient, Anna did what she was told. She had a good taste of her fucked, swollen pussy. She moaned and gagged loudly. She didn't care if June could hear down the hall. Dontell remembered how Anna greeted him. "Tell me you're my whore, Anna." he demanded. She lifted her mouth off, letting spit dribble on her breasts, "I'm your whore. A black cock whore." she returned to pleasing him with her mouth and began licking his balls.

    Ty made June lay on her back and spread her legs wide as he stood between his legs. He pushed back June's knees so she could spread her pussy wide enough for penetration. He tapped his hard, bulging cock on her clit. Electricity shivered up and down June's body. She understood what was happening.

    "You want this?" Ty asked.
    "Yes, I want this!" June answered.
    "You're about to experience racial justice, white girl. You want to guess what that is?" Ty insisted.

    June shook her head and Ty gave her a hint by plugging her pussy with an inch of dick before pulling out. "Guess again."

    "By fucking me." she said. Pleased, Ty nodded. "Tell me you want racial justice." he demanded.
    June stared at him, "I want racial justice. Fuck me. Fuck my white pussy!"

    Ty pushed forward. But he didn't make past a second inch before June begged, "Please, go slow. You're too big." She gasped for air. June felt small, weak, and intimidated. Not since she lost her virginity did she feel so clueless, sexually. "Repeat after me, June. Black is beautiful." He pushed another inch, stretching her inexperienced pussy close to its limits. "Black is beautiful! Black is beautiful!" she chanted.

    Ty was half way but needed more. "We're almost there, June. Say Fuck the White Race and the pain will go away." he suggested. June was quiet, only panting until Ty unmercifully grabbed her hips and lunged forward. June squealed, took a deep breath and yelled, "Fuck the white race! Fuck me! Black is beautiful!"

    "That's it. Beg for my dick and be the teen slut you truly are." said Ty.
    June whimpered as Ty pushed his complete manhood into the teen's womb, "Black is beautiful. Fuck me and the white race." Ty gave her another thrust and it stretched her womb stretched again. She felt being torn in half. "Black is beautiful! Black is beautiful!" But her chants did little to subside the utter discomfort. Physically and emotionally, June was fucked.

    June's eyes began to swell. Her emotions were overtaking her as her body had never experienced such stress. With her legs locked wide and the weight of a strong man on top, she felt helpless. She started to gasp and panic.

    "Listen to me, June. You're fucked. I'm on top of you. You have 10 inches of cock inside your pussy that's going nowhere. Not some tiny, white dick wrapped in a condom. This is how it is with a real man. When everyone at school hears how you spread your legs for black cock, no white boy will look at you again. I'm going to cum inside you ... baby-making seed. You'll learn to love it."

    Ty leaned forward, his lips met her lips and they continued to exchange sex vows as he thrust in and out of her. "Tell me you're a black cock slut."

    "I'm a black cock slut." replied June.
    "Tell me you're a black cock whore."
    "I'm a black cock whore." replied June.
    "No white boys for you."
    "No, no white boys for me. Only black men. Black is beautiful." June whispered before she convulsed into another orgasm, "Fuck the white race! Fuck my white pussy! Black is beautiful!"

    Ty roared in victory and he continued plunging his cock deep into her pussy. Her cunt, stretched, welcomed the manly intruder. Her pussy from here on out would expect cock only this size. June looked into Ty's eyes and smiled. He turned her from a privileged white girl into a black cock loving slut. She loved him for it. "Fuck white men. I love black cock." she whispered. Looking down to see his massive, bulging organ disappear in and out of her, she giggled in amazement before looking back into the eyes of her lover. "I love this."

    Miss Violet, after taking several tokes of weed, thought she waited long enough. Grabbing her small purse, she got out of her sedan. Curious how things were proceeding, she helped herself inside. From the moment she stepped into the foyer, she could hear Dontell and Anna still at it. Dontell had Anna bent over on the couch and he was mounting her doggie style. Anna was panting with a look of bliss on her face. Dontell was sweating. His hands would move from her hips to grabbing a handful of her breast. While secretly jealous, Violet couldn't decide if she was more happy for Dontell or Anna. Dontell got a piece of MILF ass he deserve. Anna discovered the pleasures of black cock. Her deepest wish to get laid by a star football player came to life. Dontell slapped Anna's ass and she responded with a pleased murmur.

    Violet stepped closer. Noticing the spit around Anna's lips and chin, she figured she gave a sloppy blow-job. Good girl! Anna's large tits were hanging, swaying beneath her when she tried to lift herself on her hands. They looked so erotic. Her ass was pink from the repeated smacks Dontell served. Yes, Violet was jealous. She stood next to Dontell and they kissed. Violet couldn't help herself and grabbed one of Anna's breasts. Anna didn't notice another woman in the room. The wife and mother was truly lost to sexual pleasures. Violet than gave a firm slap on Anna's ass. "Fucking slut, you are!" Anna didn't answer back. She just took it as fact.

    Miss Violet whispered into Dontell's ear and gave him more advise, "Tell her she's a whore and this is all she's good for. She'll love you for it."

    Dontell did what she asked, "This is what you're good for Anna. A whore fucking my black cock."
    Violet smiled in approval.
    Anna lowered her head and buried it in the couch pillows. It was true she thought to herself. Her purpose in life was this. "Don't stop using me!" she begged.

    Dontell raced his thrusts harder and faster. He felt his heated balls ache but it still surprised him. A jet of hot cum sprayed deep into her womb. It was a long, extended stream painting the inside of her. Dontell, feeling very dirty, quickly pulled out while tightening his loins. He spun Anna around and pointed his cock at her mouth. Sexual instincts, not experienced with her husband, had her open her mouth and Dontell filled it after missing the first time hitting her cheek. He lasted long enough to feed her three spurts for Anna to swallow. She wiped her face and licked her hands and fingers before looking down at the warm feeling coming from her pussy. She smiled. Looking up at Dontell's cock, she gently touched it and gave his cock head a kiss.

    "I'm so fucked." she said before collapsing on her breasts onto the couch. Dontell sat beside her and helped her guide her head on his lap.

    Violet stepped down the hallway and peered into June's bedroom. There, June was face down and ass up. Ty was fucking her but looked as though he was crushing her. The bed curved towards the floor with each forceful push. Ty had put a knee to the left and right of her ass. His long shaft disappearing into her pussy. Ty couldn't stop making comments about the tight, teen's body.

    "You gotta perfect stripper body. Are you going to be a stripper and dance?" he asked.
    With glassy eyes, June just responded, "I'm going to be a stripper."

    With the sight of a straight-A student getting her perfect life fucked out of her, Violet began to undress. She let her hair down and removed her geeky glasses. Standing totally naked, she rubbed June's back and ass admiring her. Watching Ty's cock push in and out of June made her wet, heart race, and mouth water. "Gawd, I wish I had fucked someone before coming here." she thought to herself.

    "This isn't about football anymore. You understand, June?" said Violet. "This is about your obligation to sexually please black men." Violent bent down and stuck her tongue into June's right ear. She then whispered, "Welcome to your new life." She looked up at Ty, "I agree, I think she has the body of a stripper."

    Violet sat on the bed, raised June's head by her hair, and positioned her pussy underneath her chin. As Ty grunted, she let go of her hair and June's face planted into Violet's lap. Violet looked at Ty and quietly directed him not to say anything. Violet wanted to learn what June would do. Would she look away or would she ...?

    "Oh, yeah! She's eating pussy!" Violet yelled. June didn't wait after her first whiff of Violet's pussy. Lust or natural instinct, she felt compelled to please. She rubbed Violet's twat with her tongue paying extra attention to the clit. Violet stroked June's brown hair, "Girl, you're too good to be sitting in class all day. I want you in my trailer sexing me." It was a long, minute later before June opened her eyes and realized what was happening. She was eating out Violet while a black cock was fucking her. June didn't look up, stop, or say anything. This was her first threesome. While she and her friends sometimes talk about it, they never made the effort to make it happen. With a black lover, everything changes.

    Ty suddenly stopped pumping. He felt his balls electrify in excitement. With all his fucking and preaching to the teen, he was finally going to get relief. Feeling pain near the edge, he pulled back and gave one final thrust, "Fuck ... fuck ... fuck, white girl!!!" Ty screamed at June, almost resenting her for the frustrations she made him go through after her earlier cock-tease.

    June's tongue stopped digging into Violet's pussy as soon as she felt the first load of hot cum splatter inside of her. Never before had she let a boy cum in her. She immediately experienced a deep, satisfying orgasm. Her body gave her a treat for seducing a man to dump his baby-making sperm into her for possible impregnation. In a sexual trance, she chanted, "Black is beautiful! Fuck me!" Ty wasn't done and pushed out several more thick loads deep into June's cunt. June, the transformed slut, cried from relief, pride, and genuine happiness. She took big, black cock to completion, tasted pussy for the first time, and discovered the feeling having her pussy filled with hot, cream. As Ty rested, keeping his cock in June's pussy, June moaned and purred and resumed licking Violet's clit. "That's right, black is beautiful." Violet told her as she brushed June's hair with her hand. The two women bonded as Violet fed the young teen her sex. They had more in common now. "It's OK," Violet whispered, "feel comfortable as a bisexual. My pussy is yours." June took comfort and pulled the clit with her lips and started a new round of licks and kisses. Sex became even more important to June now. This was something she knew she would need to have more than a couple times a week.

    Ty crawled off the bed, pulling his half-hard dick out of June. His legs felt wobbly but he still had a lot of life left in him. Too many white pussy in the house to quit. Violet took a deep breath starting at Ty, naked, his sticky wet dick looking back at her. Miss Violet looked at Ty and pointed into the hallway.

    Ty left the room and Violet felt it was time to switch positions. She rolled helpless June on her back, spread her legs and raised her knees. June's pussy looked awesome! So red and puffy. It was well used and stretched. But most beautiful was its dripping white, gooey fluid. "Dear, what you have in your pussy is priceless!" Violet said. She lowered her mouth and began scooping up every drop of the sticky, salty cum. Her night of pleasure and submission seem to have no end. June moaned loudly again, free to enjoy the moment with a woman. When Violet was finished, she crawled up and gave June an open mouth kiss, snowballing Ty's cum into her mouth. Breasts to breasts, Violet looked passionately into June's eyes and kissed her repeatedly tapping her lips.

    When Anna noticed Ty walking from the hallway naked, his cock proudly swinging between his legs, she knew he had just finished his sexual conquest of June. Anna was still shocked that her daughter "got him off" and likely was made to go through the same, dirty acts his nephew acted with her. She lifted her head and sat straight when Ty stepped right in front of her, placed one hand on her head and the other on his cock. Anna knew what this bull wanted. She opened her mouth and accepted his manhood. Dontell, still sitting beside her, nodded and stood on his feet and began fisting his cock. Did Anna realize what she was tasting licking up and down Ty's slick, sticky cock? When rubbing it across her face, would she care that June's pussy juices coated her face and hair? She filled the living room with loud slurps. A second cock in her evening tapped her deepest, sexual energies. Unrealized with her monogamous life her white husband, she experienced an epiphany. This was going to be her life now. No inhibitions and more sex. Like June's picture, "Fuck work, need sex!"

    Violet was preparing an area to work with in front of June's dresser mirror as June stared at two naked, sexualized women in the mirror's reflection. "Are you sure I should be doing this?" June asked while Miss Violet was lining a line of white powder on a small mirror she had taken from her purse. Violet looked at June with twinkle in her eye, "You do want to be a stripper, don't you? Or was that just talk?"

    "Oh no, I really do want to be a stripper! I hope I can start tomorrow night." June answered.
    "Well all strippers do this. This will make you desperate ... for ... black ... cock." Violet said with erotic seduction. "And nothing arouses a black man more than the look of a desperate white girl ... who will do anything for big ... black ... cock." Violet's voice was worthy of a fetish porn site. She easily manipulated the A-student with an emptied head and a filled pussy.

    Fatigued, her head still spinning from the physical rigor, June complied. With a rolled, crisp bill in her hand, June stepped in front of her mirror, bent down until her nose was to the mirror. June snorted the line of power leaving not a grain of white behind. Violet watched with a most evil, diabolical smile. June stood and looked in the mirror and sniffed as white powdered underneath her nose disappeared into her nostrils. June felt a euphoric rush. Energy coursed through her body as every nerve tingled in power. June could feel her lungs fill with hot air. But her mind saw the world in new, exciting ways. She convinced herself she had evolved and experienced a metamorphosis. June looked at herself in the mirror and mimicked Violet's same, evil smile. She turned to Violet and thanked her with a passionate, lesbian kiss. When they finished, Violet whispered to her, "You're my bitch now and you'll fuck who I tell you to fuck." Violet made clear. June agreed.

    "That's good mamma." said Ty, "Show you're a slut like your daughter. " Anna could do little else but perform cock and ball worship.

    "She loves sucking black dick." Dontell added. Maybe the old Anna would be embarrassed to have sexual secrets spilled so soon. But this is the new Anna. A black cock slut and proud. She pulled her mouth off of Ty, "Yes, I love this. You both are making a whore out of me!" Anna then started on Dontell, making his cock stiff again. Dontell felt a small, soft hand on his shoulder. He looked at June, naked and completely re-energized.

    "Hey, stranger. Do you need some help?" June asked.

    Dontell loved the evil smile on June's face, still worn from her bedroom. He could only silently nod at the sight of a naked, 18 year old. June sat on the couch to Anna's right and both her and her mother shared Dontell's cock. As Ty was having his cock stroked by Anna's right hand, he had to show patience while Anna and June was tending to Dontell. Anna sucked the cock, June licked the balls. Occasionally, their tongues would meet before resuming licking every inch of Dontell's hardened dick.

    Their tongues met once more before Anna returned her attention to Ty. Ty playfully slapped Anna's nose with his cock as "punishment" for making him wait. Both Anna and June bobbed their heads for their lovers. Violet took a front row seat in the reclining chair, her legs open, her fingers busy at work in between. Both men looked towards the ceiling and groaned. Their lust had not subsided since the first few seconds walking through the front door. In unison, both men began violently face-fucking the women making them gag.

    "Racial justice, now." Ty mumbled and directed Anna to turn around, to put her knees on the cushions, and bend over. June soon followed. Both Ty and Dontell mounted their white girl and began fucking them doggie-style. Violet masturbated with passion. The house was properly blessed with good luck, good karma, and good black fucking. Both girls moaned and squealed. Their pussies, already stretched, took their impaling weapons with ease although they still felt discomfort from the stretch with each inward thrust.

    Anna and June looked at each other with open mouths, screaming silently. They held hands, rested on the couch. Each sharing the same, blissful, sexual experience. "Black is beautiful, mom?" June asked.

    Anna replied with a quick laugh, "Yeah! Black is SO beautiful!"

    Ty slapped Anna's ass. Dontell would do the same on June's. Ty bent and firmly grabbed Anna's breast and called her a filthy slut. Dontell did the same to June. But he called June a "white tramp." June orgasmed. No white boy dared to call her dirty names. June understood, to black men, she was as a dirty as she was told. Violet wanted a show, she told the men to switch and have them suck their cocks. All four thought it was a wonderful idea!

    The girls realized they were tasting each other. It made them more lustful, made the men more passionate. They were secretly competing with each other. Each tried to get as much cock into their mouths as possible. When out of breath, they resorted to licking, spitting, and ball licking.

    "Fuck!" demanded Violet.

    Anna and June let their men sit on the couch and they rode them cowgirl. Anna was back into the embrace of Dontell, June riding Ty. Dontell's head was still numb from teen lust. He just wanted sex, sex, and more sex. Ty noticed something different with June. She seemed more confident since he left her in the bedroom.

    "You enjoy fucking up the white race with your big, black dick?" June said to Ty, taunting him.

    "You like getting white pussy, don't you Dontell?" Anna asked of Dontell. He could only nod his head, "I thought so. You can always have this!" said Anna.

    "Fuck her good, Dontell!" said June, looking over at her mother. She was becoming a believer in racial harmony. In her euphoria, she was becoming aggressive, needy, and sexually demanding. "I want to see her become a slut!"

    Violet liked how her little experiment was coming. June would make a great girlfriend! "Switch!" she ordered.

    The girls climbed off. Dontell took June's hand and took her to the thick, shag rug and had her lay on her back. Meanwhile, Ty wanted Anna to ride him reverse-cowgirl and he would grab her breasts with both of his hands. As Anna rode Ty, she had forgotten all about her married life. This was a new normal now. Black men in the house. She and her daughter having an orgy. Ty moved his hands to her ass and wanted to cum so bad. "Show me you're not a racist, Anna. Make me cum." Ty's words were soothing, almost pleading. Anna wanted much to appease him. She replied to him, "I want to make you cum. You deserve this."

    "Yes, I do." replied Ty.

    June yelped as Ty penetrated her. Her voice echoed through the halls. The sound of the fucked teen excited Ty who let go of Anna's ass and let himself shoot jets of cum into the mother. Anna threw her head back and experienced another orgasm from both physical and emotional pleasure. She remained on Ty's lap and both of them stared at Dontell and June while they recovered.

    Dontell and June never took their eyes off each other as the teen fucked. While getting fucked from an older man had its qualities, this was special two 18 year olds of opposite sex and race to share together.

    Anna felt she needed to support her daughter, "Take it, June. Please him. Let him fuck you hard."
    June put her arms around Dontell's neck, "Yes, fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

    June felt a wave was coming through her body. She could sense Dontell was near climax. Her eyes began to swell and almost burst into tears. "He needs to cum, help him cum!" said Violet.

    "Fuck the white race!" belted Ty.
    "Fuck the white race!" Violet followed.
    Even Anna was getting into it. Dontell was black and dominant. June was white and submissive. This fucking was beautiful! It made sense.
    "Fuck the white race!" Anna joined.

    In a chorus of chants, the ritual reached new heights. The ceremony was nearing its finish as Dontell dumped his load of cum deep inside June. June screamed and babbled incoherent words. But you could make out "whore", "cock", and "cum".

    Dontell panted, stood on his knees and looked at Violet who asked him "So, do feel like playing football for Black Pine?"

    Dontell looked over at Ty, raised his eyebrows and nodded his head in a way asking for his blessing.

    "I don't know, son." said Ty. "You have to find a place to live while we relocate. I don't know how long that will take."

    June sat up and gently caressing her pussy filled with more cream. "Can't he live here, mom?" she suggested.

    "Yes, yes, of course!" agreed Anna. "And your uncle can visit anytime he chooses. We'll give him a key."

    Ty knew he scored. He gave his blessing with a silent nod and the room cheered. Violet grabbed Anna's hand and told her she had something to give her - in June's bedroom by the mirror. Anna didn't ask, she blindly followed Violet in the bedroom.

    June just sat on the rug, her knees up, facing the men sitting on the couch. Dontell and Ty just stared between June's legs, not paying attention to whatever she was rambling about.

    Ty's dick was recovering. He wondered if he had it in him for another round. Meanwhile, an important question ran across Dontell's mind. "But where would I sleep?" he wondered.

    "In the master bedroom." answered Anna as she and Violet returned from the bedroom. Anna showed remarkable energy for an older woman just fucked twice. Her face was aglow. "You can have me or June each night. Or both, if you prefer. You will be the MAN of the house, after all." she explained before pressing a nostril to sniff.

    "But where will your husband sleep, Anna?" Violet asked. Anna only sneered, "On the fucking floor, where he deserves!" The room laughed. Even June had trouble holding back giggles.

    Anna went to join the men on the couch. Violet, still very naked, stood at the far end of the living room and smiled proudly. Black Pine had suddenly become a better place. A white family had been woken, introduced to the inner city culture, beset with drugs and insatiable sex. And everyone was happier for it. At least the white women and the black men.

    Best of all, Black Pine could win many football games that year. If they only could recruit a few more good players.
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  2. Becontree2001uk

    Becontree2001uk Member Member

    I hope there is more to this story! Maybe hubby can be introduced and wimp out to the black teen
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  3. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    The story is done. Hubby would be part of the sequel when he finds out what his wife and daughter have turned into.
  4. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    Yes Hubby submitting to a young Black Master that shows him the Proper way to fuck his wife (and daughter) sleeping in a guest room while the teen gets the Main bedroom and the wife. ♠️
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