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. An Extra Mistress

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, May 24, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    We all knew why Rachel was being packed off on a 3 week holiday to Kingston Jamaica. My pretty wife had been going with Marlon for nearly five months now and taking a lot of black cock. But she wasn't opening her pretty legs to brothers quite as wantonly as Marlon wanted. When you get yourself a white bitch, you like her to accommodate brothers that you invite, so to overcome her lingering diffidence Marlon was packing her off. Cousin Rafa in Kingston had associates shall we say. They did their own sort of deals. They were no nonsense. So my wife was going to stay with Rafa, she was going to smoke a little, drink a little and fuck a lot. Marlon smiled as he told me. 'She gonna come back home a whole lot different man' he warned. I'd seen pictures of Rafa and shuddered. He was a big framed man. His face was hard. His eyes looked mean. Marlon showed the pics to Rachel and got them talking on line. Then a month on the holiday was booked and I and Marlon took her to the airport. Holding her shoulder bag I watched my wife, dressed in her skimpy ra ra skirt kissing Marlon goodbye. It was a sweet kiss, a lingering kiss, his hands all over her arse. But she knew it was time to go and do everything that Rafa told her to. Marlon had insisted on that. She would be a 'sweeter bitch still' when she got home and he was soooo looking forward to seeing her turned out well. I watched her wave to Marlon as she went through the check out area and winced thinking about what she had said before we left that morning. 'You must do everything Marlon says, he has some adjustments for you to make too.'

    Driving Marlon back into London I fretted. The thought of my wife taking a whole load of arrogant rough black cock in the next weeks sickened me. I'd slipped into this life style. Marlon was so smooth, so stylish. I couldn't hardly deny Rachel his company. He was so desirable, and i got that. But the cultural thing, the way sex gets hooked up into relationships was all different. No one warned me about that. A black man's white bitch is there to be shared as and when he wishes. She is there to pleasure black men, to remind them just how desirable, superior and alpha they are. She has to learn to be skilled and of course, she has to open her legs. One of Marlon's brothers had tried her out, and she had anxiously taken his load. But now she had to learn that creaming on those cocks, orgasming like crazy was a requirement too. Being owned by Marlon wasn't just cosy and submissive, you had to fuck like a little whore with his brothers. You pleased your man by pleasuring his friends.

    'It sicken you huh?' Marlon whispered coldly as we drove back through the streets of south London.

    'Yes sir' I answered meekly. We both knew what he referred to.

    'Well she ain't yours man, so i decide what to do with her' he warned darkly.

    'Yes sir…I know, I accept' I murmured. Marlon taught me the phrase. I'd learned to rehearse it, in front of Rachel too. So she knew that i was completely defeated too. It had become part of what made her climax. Marlon would ram her whilst I knelt on the bed beside them, my head bowed. I would say the words and my wife would climax all the harder. Black cock supremacy.

    'I got a new mistress for you to meet when we get home cuckers' Marlon warned. He called me cuckers, and i fucking hated the term. I gawped at him. For a moment I thought that he had sold Rachel or something. I thought that I'd seen the last of my wife. But then there had been elaborate discussions about her return and the parties with brothers.

    'She's called Lisa, a married piece who binned her husband today and who is moving in with us'.

    I hadn't a thing to say. Move in with us. How? There was room, but the neighbours? I tried to keep all of this discreet.

    'Lisa a nice bitch, well hung paps, ' Marlon intoned, 'she told her husband his fortune and he wouldn't bend like you did. He begged her not to leave but she said he had to bend or go. He lost. She kicked him out, selling her house and moving her sweet ass in with us. '

    I tried to imagine the husband made homeless. I tried to imagine him on the streets. His wife ruthless about requirements. Marlon knew how to fuck a woman. He knew how to fuck her hard.

    'Rachel, she still gonna be my No1 bitch, but Lisa she number two. You treat her as mistress too man. You gonna serve her nice, in that way her husband should have. May be he come crawling back. I get a bed set up in the shed if he do. '

    'Yes sir, I accept' I rehearsed and gulped.

    Twenty minutes on I am turning the key in the front door. A BMW roadster is parked outside so Lisa is here already. Lisa is another posh bitch, like Rachel. The sort that Marlon likes. The sort of conquests that he really savours. An ample chested, auburn haired and well dressed woman in her early thirties smiles shyly as the pair of us step inside. She is looking eagerly at Marlon. She needs to kiss him, desperately. I have seen the look before.

    'You kick the fucker out babe?' he quizzed her.

    'Yes, your friends pushed him down the road. He was crying, but he went. Then I had the man change the locks.'

    'He never learn. May be later babe, may be he learn after a few cold nights' Marlon answered and he took her to him, necking his bitch in front of me.

    'You ready now, you ready to live with Rachel and me?'

    'Yes….please' she nodded.

    He kissed her again, using his agile tongue like he does. She capitulated to it. Opening their mouth, kissing like I wasn't there. I realised that i was still standing. Thank God he hadn't noticed. So I dropped silently onto my knees and waited whilst they touched and kissed. She barely noticed me. There was a brush as I went to my knees, sliding against the back of her tight black leather pencil skirt. Then I was just down there.

    'Dat Cucker Thomas' Marlon explained, gesturing towards me. He rarely speaks in that patois way. Only for effect, only for fucking effect.

    Lisa glanced at me. It was like she was looking at a fucking dog.

    'Show him your hand' Marlon instructed.

    She did. It had expensive rings on. Her Rolex slipped down chic onto the heel of her hand.

    I started to lick it, like a fucking dog. I licked it lightly, eagerly and smelled perfume on it from what she had sprayed on her wrist.

    She wasn't used to it, you could tell but she left it there, receiving my laps.

    'We gonna get on fine babe, first i put you in the family way and then Rachel, we do turns hey?'

    She moaned softly and sought his kiss.

    Fuck. That was the purpose of all this. I shook. My body shook and I had to stifle a sob.

    'You chuck the pills like i told you?' he asked sternly.

    I stared up at them.

    She nodded.

    He smiled.

    'Unzip your skirt, show him your cunt' Marlon ordered. I glimpsed Lisa comply, sliding the full length zip up. Immediately I unzipped my masters fly as I had been taught to. i surfaced his very fine and handsome manhood. I sucked a quick wet sheen on to it whilst Lisa watched me. it was what her husband would do. If he ever came crawling back, this is what he would be bent to. When I then turned to my new mistress's sex I jolted. Mistress Rachel is neatly shaven, but Mistress Lisa was not. Her luxurious bush awaited me. Of course it smelled of him, he took her often. But it smelled of a different female musk too. Like Rachel she was always in season for him, always on heat, but she smelled saltier, more urgent somehow, now at least. She looked down startled, surprised, aroused, terribly aroused. Marlon was making a weaker man lick her cunt. It made her feel superior, owned, alpha in an instant. I licked once up between her pouting lips and she shuddered. Sick swelled in my gullet and rose to my throat. I forced it back down and i licked again. She shivered with pleasure.

    Marlon chuckled. He could see that it was stirring her, arousing her, frightening her all in one.

    'Pull his mouth against your cunt babe, you'll feel the control'

    She did it.

    She did it and rubbed her oozing cunt against my mouth.

    Yes, that was better. It was easier. It was so fucking hot.

    'You use him whenever you like bitch…I like him down on his knees that way'

    She moaned and pumped her sex against my mouth.

    She was aching for it now.

    She needed to be fucked.

    This whole scene, God, she needed him to fuck her.

    I licked her button and she gasped.

    'Slap him' Marlon said quickly, 'slap him when he gets greedy'.

    I took a sharp slap across my cheek. it smarted. i winced. I was allowed to lick a moment more and then Marlon barged me aside. I rolled onto my left shoulder and there in the hallway of our home, Lisa was pinned up against the wall and I watched Marlon jerk his prong up my new mistress.
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