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. An expensive fuck

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    John doesn't realise it, but he needn't have paid a cent for me to go with Bruno. The man has the most fantastic come to bed hazel eyes and a torso that promises power and strength. I would have dumped John for Bruno had the handsome mechanic indicated that that was what he wanted. still, it worked out another way for John, a much more expensive and finally a mentally ruinous way. John liked to watch me flirt with men. He liked the frisson of that. He liked the way I sent signals to them, teasing them until their cocks pointed and they just had to have me. He liked me to have a siren power over them. After a while, he admitted it. He would like to watch another man fuck me and then to reclaim me. He liked, I supposed, the idea that I was something like his expensive little whore, making other men come to me. There was a Saturday night when I wore the most provocative cavalier black leather boots and a tiny pleated skirt and he watched me put my make up on. We kissed and petted and he could feel how creamy wet I was between my legs. He could feel that I needed a good fucking.

    'You're needing it aren't you, to have some other guy's dick up you' he sneered at me.

    I could tell how that both riled and aroused him.

    I nodded. 'I need a fuck. I need to fuck casually' I told him.

    'You do that' he breathed, 'and I am going to give you such a fucking for acting the slut.'

    I looked at him petulantly and painted my nails. I looked at him like I resented the constraints that he placed on my life. I must have looked like an errant student to him when he was the master.

    'You're just dressing up to get your cunt filled' he observed.

    I gave him my dumb insolence look. The lacquer on my nails were dry and I was choosing the right perfume to attract men.

    'You misbehave and there will dues to pay' he warned, watching me brush my lustrous hair.

    'Fuck off' I said to him and he left the room, glaring at me.

    Bruno serviced my car. He knew everything there was to know about a BMW Z4. He was smiling, cheerful, confident and utterly utterly charming. I liked the looks that he gave me when I went to collect it. Perhaps he thought my jeans ridiculously tight? Perhaps the pull of snug denim across my buttocks caught his interest? I would pay for the work on the car and give him just a little, closed lips thank you kiss. That party though, down at the sports club, Bruno was there. It was an autumn night, one where the lamplights made the changing leaves look like copper. It was a very sexy kind of night, whispering promises in my ear.

    John and I arrived soon after nine and I pointed out the man who looked after my car. I said that he was to buy Bruno a drink. That night there was a cabaret act on at the club and the singer and band were doing a pretty good tribute to Blondie. So we lingered with Bruno and I gave him all my attention. It was as if we were playing a little game. I was the song bird in the cage calling to a mate outside. I was there to lure the other in. I knew just how sexy that was for John. I knew that he wanted to make Bruno ache for me. I knew that I was to get Bruno rock hard. But I resented John at the same time for doing it. I thought, you my friend are going to realise what an absolute whore I can be with the right man!

    Thumping out the Blondie songs, the cabaret act made us feel pretty sexy. I could tell that Bruno was turned on and especially as I wore the boots and the skirt hem was up around my arse. The bitch with the midnight blue Z4 needed her cunt filling. The looks that Bruno gave me shouted that. I whispered in his ear,

    'Do you want to kiss me?'

    He shot me a look. There was a quick glance John's way and then the gaze came back to me.

    'He doesn't count' I said firmly. I felt such a thrill saying it. I felt such a buzz coming on to Bruno like that. John was watching the band although he must have been stupid not to notice how close I pressed to our companion.

    'Really?!' Bruno eyed me greedily.

    'Really, ' I whispered, 'he's a tosser. But if you don't have the nerve to check it out...' I started to look away as if I was despairing of the moment.

    Bruno kissed me. It was open mouthed and it lingered. Right beside John he kissed me and put his hand on my hip as our mouths move together. It was amazing, liberating, wonderful! John looked as though he had been trapped in amber or something, running down over him so that he couldn't object.

    'Fuck off and get us some drinks' I told John.

    Bruno listened and then watched as John made his way off to the bar.

    'I want you' I said to him calmly.

    He kissed me again. There was another glance in the direction that John had gone.

    'If he objects... hit him' I whispered and we started to kiss very intimately indeed. His hands wove around and into my bottom.

    We didn't wait for John's return but made our way out into the car park between the silver birches. Bruno paused en route to kiss me again and admitted that seeing me at the garage always got him stiff.

    'Good' I murmured, 'I dressed that way on purpose.'

    We wandered over towards John's car, a large nondescript saloon. I had the keys as I was driving us home. I unlocked the car, and Bruno drew me inside and onto the back seat. I felt him slide his hand between my legs and feel the wet and succulent cunt that awaited him there.

    'You're fucking needing it ain't you!' bruno breathed, pushing his fingers inside me. 'You're so fucking wet for it!'

    I gasped. His fingers were so hard and three of them pushed into me. I felt them curl up and hook me, his finger tips roving over my G spot.

    'You're getting a fucking every time you come to the garage' he growled.

    'Please, yes' I moaned.

    Against the backdrop of the lit club windows John stepped out. I could see the vague outline of his bulky figure pausing, look around and then walk towards our car. I clicked down the locks of the car. John could look but he couldn't touch. He could yearn but he couldn't interrupt. I needed Bruno by then. My suitor grinned.

    'You don't respect him so much do you!' he laughed.

    'I don't respect him at all' I answered.

    Bruno smirked. Fuck the husband. Bruno wasn't bothered. The bitch needed a length and that was what she was going to get! He unzipped himself and pulled out his bull headed cock. It looked like those medieval battering rams with a dirty great head on it. John was nearing the car, staring, and Bruno deliberately did it. He looked at my husband and pushed my mouth down onto his cock. he gripped the back of my neck and thrust my mouth up and down its shaft, so that there issued out of that car the dirtiest sucking sounds.

    'Suck the fucker bitch!' he demanded, his face creasing with intent. He knotted his fingers through my hair so bob up and down on his tumescent cock was all I could so. His prick was thick and it smelled of salty lagoons, it tasted of semen as though he had fucked another bitch recently.

    Moments later Bruno dragged up my head to show my husband the spittle that dribbled out of my mouth. The next time John kissed me he would know where my unfaithful slut mouth had just been. John was staring at us and he had, honestly, it shocked me, he had his cock out and he was masturbating.

    'Show me your cunt!' ordered Bruno. He leaned back against the front seat and glancing triumphantly at my husband allowed me to wriggle around and spread my legs on the back seat of the car. I pulled up my skirt and with trembling fingers pulled my thong to one side. There, in the neon glow of the street lamp, both men could see my wet and slimy interior.

    'Hold your fucking flaps open!' Bruno snarled.

    John was jerking.

    I did as I was told. I held my cunt open so that he could push his cock up me. John's face when I glanced that direction was so intense.

    'A sheath?' I stammered.

    'No fucking sheath bitch, you're taking it bare!' Bruno growled at me.

    He pushed his fingers back up me, grinning gleefully,

    'Feel that bitch, that's how my cock is gonna fill you too!' crowed Bruno.

    I groaned. His touch was superb, his touch as arrogant mastery. He played his thumb over my clitty and I ground down against him.

    'Please Bruno....please!' I gasped.

    'OK bitch, you got it coming to you' he warned and he pushed his bulbous glans inside me. It felt as though I would rupture!

    Bruno smirked at my husband. Look man, do you see dat, do you see how that fucking prong is going up the bitch?!!

    John for a second looked lost. Then he seemed to compose himself. He'd fantasised about this. Provoking his wife into whoredom. He was turning her into a slut and would retrieve her later.

    Bruno pushed to the hilt inside me. A gush of my juices squirted out and wet the cloth seat of the car. Bruno started working me.

    'Yeah, nice and tight bitch, you's so fucking tight bitch, but you won't stay that way!' He gyrated as he penetrated me, his cock drilling around and around within.

    I kissed his neck. I was grunting. I was grunting like an animal! God!

    I looked up at John. One second I wanted to taunt him and then another emotion flooded me. I wanted him to know that I was doing this because he demanded it. I wanted him to realise what a slut I'd be because that was what he demanded. I both wanted Bruno and wanted to see John smug as I performed in front of him. The parallel emotions, the thrill of both, woven like a folk dance, took my breath away! I saw how John was stroking his dick, saw the pleasure that this gave him. I was a performing bitch, dressed to tease and complicit in sex.

    'Please Bruno, please....give it me' I begged and checked John's expression.

    Yes, he liked that.

    I pushed my chest up at Bruno, my breasts in their bra pushing apart the wrap top that I wore. I pushed my breasts at Bruno and he kissed them.

    John watched, John watched with a savage look of desire across his face.

    'Christ, please, take me' I begged Bruno.

    Bruno obliged.

    I watched John as he did it, my suitor's cock spraying inside my cunt. I watched John staring at me, my body bucking as Bruno rammed into me.

    See John, I'm a bitch. I'm just a little bitch. Do you want me now? Do you want to take me back?

    I thought that I would climax. I didn't. I simply waited for Bruno to finish emptying into me. There would be other times to climax, other times when we were alone. For now I was just taking his huge dump and watching John as he registered my submission to the man. He's bigger than you. He's bigger...but I'll fuck him if that's what you want. He'll ruin my cunt. He'll drill the fucking thing out.

    At last....seemingly an age later, Bruno was done.

    I felt him pull his hawser cock from me and then the sudden rush of semen out of my body. His deposit had been massive!

    Bruno ran the window down.

    'You gonna cause problems man?' he barked at John.

    John shook his head. Why would he? Bruno had shown him how to fuck a woman.

    'I'm gonna see Fiona when I choose understood?'

    John scowled.

    'Understood!' bruno shouted and John nodded.

    Bruno got out of the car and his cock was still free. It was almost comical! Finally he put to away, with difficulty. It was so stiff and swollen that it would barely go back in his pants. I watched him wag his finger at John, he was to behave nicely towards me. We watched him stride away, back into the club, back to the refrains of Blondie.

    It was such a strange moment then. The evening was cool and I had stepped out of the car beside John. I felt awkward. John looked awkward. His cock was stiff. I could see him dragging down breaths. He was scenting me, sensing what I had done. I touched his cock. I touched his cock and John stared.

    'Are you going to forgive me?' I asked shyly.

    His eyes boiled with desire. He was aroused, angry, greedy and increasingly territorial.

    'You're a bitch' he said calmly.

    'Yes...I am' I admitted.

    'You want him'

    'Yes' I said. 'But do you forgive me?'

    'Yes' he insisted.

    'You'll have to show me' I whispered, 'I need you to lick me out and then fuck me'.

    He winced. The second bit of that fine, but the first?

    'You'll have to fight for me, to buy me nice things. I can't stop fucking with him, so you'll have to compete.'

    John went down on his knees and he licked me. He licked me with a uncomfortable gesture, his tongue running against my sex. Now I wanted to climax. I wanted to climax hard! It was lovely that John licked his whore.

    'I loved him fucking me John, I have to have him. You'll have to reclaim me. Show me that you love me!' My voice sounded husky.

    He rose and stuck his dick straight into me. I felt his cock glide inside me, sliding smoothly on the glaze of Bruno spunk.

    You want me don't you...you want me even though I'm a bitch'

    'Yes!' he growled loudly.

    'You want your spunk in me, because of I'm full of his. He didn't wear a sheath John, he didn't!'

    John pumped up me, forcing me against the car. I felt like a little trollop, taking all the cock that I could outside the village dance hall.

    'I so fucking want you Fiona!' his thrusts were now brutal.

    'Show me John, show me that you like a bitch' I taunted.

    The car rocked. He was pushing me against it rhythmically.

    'You're fucking mine!' he snarled.

    'You'll have to show me darling, you'll have to teach me. My cunt wants Bruno.'

    He spunked.

    I felt him jolt, just the once and another spunk fountain shot into me.

    I feel his cock pumping, but in truth I was stretched. It was as if all his loving was facile.

    'That a little better?' I soothed.

    He grunted. He grunted like an animal in pain, tethered in some way.

    'Women like triers John...we like men who try. Have you finished yet?' I whispered.

    He nodded.

    I felt him slip out me. I felt him slip out of me very easily indeed.

    'Shall we go home? You don't want to see Bruno again just yet do you?' I kissed his forehead. He was frightfully hot and worked up.

    He nodded and we took the car back towards the Eastbourne road, back towards our cottage by the mill pond.

    Driving back at last John started to speak.

    'You're going to see him again aren't you?' he said hoarsely.

    'Yes, for sex' I said, 'I want his cock.'

    He grunted. That hurt a little I suppose.

    'You going to have him contribute to us, letting me see things?'

    I giggled. 'Yes, OK. I think he's arrogant enough don't you!? I'll tell him that you licked me out afterwards.'

    'Christ Fiona!' he started...

    'You did. don't be ashamed. He fucks better than you, he's bigger. You saw that.'

    'I'll always forgive you, you're driven to it aren't you?'

    I nodded and glanced his way.

    'But you'll have to prove it' I said calmly, 'you'll have to show you accept that I'm your whore and his conquest.'

    His expression quizzed me...how?

    I smiled.

    'There is this Jimmy Choo pair of boots John, they cost an absolute fortune.'

    I listened to his sharp intake the breath. I'd shown them to him before, a couple of thousand pounds.

    'you'll wear them down to that fucking garage' he observed bitterly.

    'yes John' I said.

    [Lutheran Maids collections of short stories, 'Another Kind of Bitch' and the new collection 'Measuring Men' are published via Amazon. His cuckolding novel 'The Intimacy of Three' is also available there.]
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